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Welcome To The Triangle Of Death

Information  July 05 2006
 — By CJ Grisham

Ever wonder what emotions soldiers have when their lives could be taken from them in an instant. What are we thinking when there is gunfire coming from nowhere, mortars falling from heaven, and nothing between us and it? Are soldiers religious people or emotionless robotic creations programmed through nine weeks of basic training and months of follow-on training?

Pat Dollard spent some time in Iraq and compiled of bunch of videos taken by Soldiers, Marines and himself. Some videos were shot in the heat of combat, some relaxing at the computer lounge, and other in their bunks. They aren’t overly produced with elaborate soundtracks and special effects. These are raw videos.

Why would a civilian too old to join the military subject himself to this? “I gave it all up, my life and my income, to serve my country in the War in Terror, with the one weapon a 42 year old civilian like me could use: a camera,” explains Pat on his website. Once there, you can also donate to helping him get these videos more publicity. “Help ‘Young Americans‘ see the Light of Day. Help us battle the incessant anti-war, anti-administration media message, with the balance America needs from ‘Young Americans‘.”

Many people have emailed asking where is our voice in the overwhelming roar of the anti-war movement? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s on that website. The following video is just one of many Pat has put together. Be forewarned: it’s not pretty. If you don’t want to hear a soldier praying to God that the incoming barrage of mortars doesn’t hit him, don’t go any further. There are no pictures of dead soldiers. This project, “Young Americans” is a pro-military project. But, it’s brutally honest and lets you get, at least peripherally, into the mind of Soldiers and Marines. The video is about 10 minutes long.

For those of you still here, Welcome To The Triangle Of Death:

(20) Readers Comments

  1. That was a very powerful video….it really got to me. The fear in those young mens voice while they were being bombed got to me….
    And seeing the Iraqi men being killed because they were helping us….well…I will probably need to take medicine to sleep tonight….and I am not even experiencing the war as our men and women serving in our military are….just makes me respect and support them even more. I had my daughter watch (except for the killing part)as I think it is important for our youth to understand as best they can what our young men and women experience while fighting this war on terror.

  2. CJ,
    I saw Patrick Dollard on Hannity & Colmes last night and Alan was trying to pin the “liberal view” on Dollard and he would not let him do it. I was really impressed with Dollard and the videoes. I wrote down some info about it so I could post today. I will link to yours and Dollard’s site because this needs to be shared! Thank you so much for all you have done for this country and all that you continue to do for our men and women in uniform!

  3. This brings up memories that I do not want to remember. As much as I know people back home need to see things like this, and as much as I would like to watch more, I can’t. But CJ, thanks for bring this to us all. God bless our troops, and civilain contractors, and please watch over them all!

  4. Holy crap. I think I am going to seriously go cry in my freaking cubicle.

    Thanks to those who serve. We are the land of the free because of the BRAVE!!

  5. clips from Iraq make me not want to join the military to serve my country but to protect my brother in arms

  6. We should be going after Bin Ladin, not wasting lives and Money in Iraq.

  7. This clip gave me chills. I grew up not knowing a lot about our military, but then after living in the Middle East for many years, I wrote a book titled THE RAPE OF KUWAIT. That book led me to close contact with various branches of our military. NEVER have I been so impressed with any group of people. While I’ve always supported our military, I have become even more respectful of what they do for all of us. I feel myself fortunate that I was able to visit with our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. I will be forever inspired by the spirit of those soldiers. I’m horrified and appalled when I hear and see them attacked by Americans who should be aware of just how much these good men and women do for us. Iraq is worrying, for sure, but after I visited Iraq in 1998, I knew what the ordinary Iraqi was living through and it was hell on earth. That is why many Iraqis risk their lives to help our soldiers — they remember the terror of Saddamland. Hopefully there will be a time when they can live in peace, and when that happens, we can all thank our soldiers for their tremendous sacrifices. If anyone wants to know what hell those Iraqis lived through, you might want to browse through MAYADA, DAUGHTER of IRAQ. It’s a true story and tells what happened to innocent women in one of Saddam’s prison. I’m honestly not trying to push a book, but I truly believe that everyone should know how Iraqis were living under Saddam. The stories of the suffering endured by those innocent women will make one appreciate our soldiers even more…

  8. I don’t know if that is really author Jean Sasson who posted a letter on this site. However, I’m a fan of Sasson’s biographies, and have read “Mayada, Daughter of Iraq” (about a business woman jailed during Saddam Hussein’s regime) and “Love in a Torn Land” (Kurdish freedom fighters in Iraq) and “Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia.” I can’t recommend them highly enough. Compelling, eye-opening exposes of life under brutal regimes. It’s very odd that we don’t hear more about her books, which are highly historical but captivating. Pat Dollard should consider making full-length feature films from them.

  9. America (or rogue governmental factions) have been starting wars for ages , merely so that the I.M.C/Government (industrial Military Complex) can make more money. War; the best way of ridding your fine nation of the underacting-lower percentiles.
    Yes, war sucks, especially when you are sent there to die expensively, for oil.
    Other peoples oil, wealthy peoples oil.
    Lest they are liberated now, liberated….into the ground.

  10. Most enlightening. How about Dollard appearing on Genn Beck and calling the Demo media and polititions the lying bastards they are. Nothing keeping the Bush from doing the same thing.
    A Canadian’s perspective on Iraq – Afghanistan as well.

  11. Hi cec! Yes, this is indeed Jean Sasson and it made me very happy to see your note. I’m so pleased that you have read MAYADA and LOVE IN A TORN LAND. Both women were unbelievably courageous and it makes me very happy when someone discovers their stories. I do so enjoy traveling in the Middle East and meeting these amazing women and telling their stories. I try hard to make the reader feel a true part of the story. Anyhow, thanks, again! Jean

  12. I respect all solders fighting for what they believe is a true cause.
    I despise all war.

  13. Most of U.S. have no bawls. Read the signs of the times! God’s a concrete, kick-ass reality! GOD BLESSA YOUSE -Fr. Sarducci, SNL

  14. I support the BRAVE men and women ( Not governments) who daily risk their lives throughout the Middle East doing their very best to improve the lives of filthy UNGRATEFUL Muslims. And that is the very thing that seperates us Westerners from them ,all we want to do is help all they want to do is KILL.

  15. if those American soldiers, who are fighting in Iraq, are brave than it mean that the British soldiers who were fighting against American in 16th century were also brave.Because both armies occupied the foreign territories by force

  16. Thanks for your service in showing us the perspective needed here in the USA. I am so proud of all the men and women who have gone over to Iraq scared, praying for help, and finding out that the politicians at home don’t have a clue what you are going through. I hope that soldiers are writing down the memories of how much they have accomplished as I write this on the very day Iraq is having an democratic election where even women get to vote. You are admired by this American and I will pray for the safety of all of you.

  17. shame on all the whine-assed, crying, bleeding heart liberals. god bless all of our troops!

    god loves the infantry!
    usa 72-79, usar 82-87

  18. All this is [I can't speak intelligently without using profanity - CJ]. Two wars were waged against Iraq (because of oil) and both wars were based on lies. Jean sasson would know best as she wrote all those lies in The Rape of Kuwait which was financed by the Kuwaiti government thru Hill & Knowlton PR co. Every word she wrote in that book was a fabrication. I am astonished that she has the guts to mention that book. As for her other book Mayada, it is another big lie based on rumers and fabrications like the story of the pet dog tortured by Saddam Hussein. Every lie is coming out.

    Iraqi writer and lies detector

  19. A message to C.J.
    Beware! Opportunist Jean Sasson,is a stern supporter of the last two wars against Iraq. She is now in the habit of writing positive reviews on Amazon,as well as on websites and Blogs like yours.
    Why you may ask? Well,I’ll tell you why: She uses peoples sites to advertise her own fake-hoax-books at the end of her reviews, just as she did on yours. Then someone always pops up with a reply, praising Jean Sasson and her books to which she will reply with thank’s, as she did on your site. That’s her clever spiel!

    You might want to order a DVD ID 178781-1 from C-SPAN. It will give you the opportunity to watch JEAN SASSON speaking to young soldiers at West Point, New York, at the Military Academy.

  20. Pat Dollard should not even consider to touch any one of Jean Sasson’s propaganda hoax-books as ‘sec’ (possible a friend of Jean Sasson) suggested in a note above.

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