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1st CAV, 3BSTB Update

Information  October 11 2006

Terri posting for SNAFU again:
Just talked to SNAFU on the phone yesterday and got an update on what’s going on there in Kuwait. It looks like they’ll be moving into Iraq soon. So they’ve been doing lots of training at the ranges, with many very late nights and then getting up and starting all over again early every morning. Training is going well though, so that’s a good thing. He said that it looks like they may be doing a bit different job than initially planned, but as with everything else, that’s subject to change. Right now, they only have one computer connected online, and he doesn’t want to wait in the long lines to use it (can’t blame him there!). Hopefully that will change once they get into Iraq and are set up on their FOB. I’ll continue with the updates until he’s able to get online and do so himself.

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