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If I Die Before You Wake – Tissue Alert

Information  September 21 2007
 — By Patriot

No introduction can do just to this song. I highly recommend my anti-war friends check out the link and listen to the song. It was written by Dustin Evans.

I got some bad poop. Dustin Evans is NOT a Soldier, but the song was written from the perspective of one. Dustin is a singer, son of famous singer Kyle Evans.

Thanks to Mrs. Greyhawk for the sanity check.

(9) Readers Comments

  1. Awesome video!!! To bad I highly doubt it will cause one second of pause for the anti-war loones!

  2. Not sure why it put an Afghan flag next to my name in the above comment, but I’m definitely still in Iraq =)

  3. Patriot you are gonna have to remember to put up a tissue alert with this stuff!! That was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. And to all the men and women who read here and are serving, thank you. My prayers are with you always. Stay safe Tiger!

  4. Cajun,

    I checked your IP and it actually says you’re writing from somewhere completely different (won’t say where just in case). The military servers in Iraq may be getting routed through Afghanistan since they are a little further ahead in that department. I tried to change it, but couldn’t. It’s based off of IP.


    I changed Patriot’s post for you in case he can’t get to it right away.

  5. Patriot,
    just a little FYI. This song was written from the perspective of a soldier, however Dustn is a singer, son of famous singer Kyle Evans. He has never served in the armed forces.

    This is an awesome song though, and pays a beautiful tribute to those that serve.

  6. Thanks CJ!

  7. Patriot, sometimes, it is nice when other people find just the right words to express what is going on in their hearts. The military is very often “busy taking care of business”. The fact of their willingness to serve and sacrifice for this GREAT Nation, makes each and every one of them VERY SPECIAL. This also includes each of the family member of the members of our military.

    Thank you, for this post.

  8. Thanks for the clarification. I’m a Marine Mom who supports our troops and wants them to all come home safe. But freedom – - ours or others – - is worth the fight.
    God bless!
    Proud Marine Mom of LCPL Gabriel

  9. Thanks for sharing.Nice!
    My friend emailed my another soldier video “Tell Me Why” for our group. It is new heartwarming.


    God bless American heroes!

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