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Wounded Warriors Sued by WWP

Information  October 31 2007
 — By CJ Grisham

I’m more than a little perturbed at Wounded Warrior Project and will never support this organization again because of this one act. The following is an email sent to me by Wounded Warriors, not to be confused with the Wounded Warrior Project. You can also read the lawsuit yourself if you would like. Both organizations were founded in 2003, though I cannot find a specific date for the Wounded Warrior Project (Wounded Warriors was founded on March 20, 2003 – the day we invaded Iraq).

Like the Marine Corps in 1946, Wounded Warriors is in a fight for its existence. Our singular mission is to provide military families with dependent children who had a parent injured, wounded or killed in combat operations the free use of our resort units and tickets to Disney World. As you can see, Minnie Mouse is a great grief counselor for the children who we serve.

Because of a lawsuit, our mission is in jeopardy.

Wounded Warriors is a defendant in the 8th U.S. District Court for alleged infringement of Wounded Warrior Project’s trademark. They have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to forbid the use of our name “Wounded Warriors” in “advertising, marketing, promoting and operating its organization”.

Read the Navy Times article:
Veterans charity sues similarly named group

Should Wounded Warrior Project succeed in its lawsuit, we will not be able to operate our website. That means that we will not be able to receive the donations that make it possible to execute our mission and that the military families who we support will not be able to make reservations to stay at our resorts.

This lawsuit is about one thing and only one thing: money.

That Wounded Warrior Project took in over $10 million during its last fiscal year isn’t enough, apparently. In comparison, Wounded Warriors received a little more than $400,000 in contributions in 2006.

Wounded Warrior Project has also sent letters threatening legal action to another small, yet very dedicated, non-profit organization, Hope For The Warriors

You need to know this because we are going to defend ourselves in this unfortunate matter and a small percentage of your donations will go to legal expenses instead of the families we serve.

We believe that this lawsuit is without merit. If we did not, then we would not fight it.

As General Alexander Vandegrift USMC once said, “The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps.”

We need to use our resources to support our military veterans and their families, not file and defend against lawsuits. But, like the Marine Corps, we will fight to preserve the integrity of our unique mission.

Semper Fidelis!

John D. Folsom
Colonel, USMCR

Wounded Warriors

email: johnfolsom@woundedwarriors.org
phone: (402) 490-7875

(10) Readers Comments

  1. The irony of the legal “war” between these groups is fascinating. My guess is WWP gets the injunction, meaning WW is going to have to come up with a new name. But HFtW has little to worry about – that suit will ultimately fail. WWP should negotiate a settlement acceptable to both sides – dang the lawyers on this one!

  2. What a shame that they are sueing! Couldn’t Wounded Warrior Project just be happy with the money that they are getting. Makes one wonder what their motive really is since they are sueing! Sounds like a money hunt to me!

  3. I’ve decided to take down my Wounded Warriors ads until they come to their senses. Patriot and I will have an update soon on this.

    • what from your face book page

  4. Okay, I take it back. The darn firewall in this hotel won’t let me!! But, it SHALL come down!! somehow

  5. Good for you, CJ !!

  6. Its a shame that two organizations are fighting against eachother over money when essentially they share the same mission. How about, work together? oh, yeah that would mean lighter pockets for certain people.

    The ironic piece of this whole thing, is that the WWP is constantly bashing the government for “fighting against eachother and not focusing on the service member”

    I was a huge supporter of the WWP until I realized how the founder of the organization bought a house on a golf course and bragged about how much money he’s worth–GROSS!
    Question: what are they doing for the veteran population?

    • I agree and down the road WWP will get busted for what they are doing. and that ripping off

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