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The VoteVets Fallacy

All Posts  January 22 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

VoteVets.org advocates that it is a bipartisan PAC whose purpose is to promote the campaigns of veterans “both Republican and Democrat.” So, I found it a bit odd that under their “Our Candidates” section, they only have eight people listed as running or in office as veterans. More interesting is that Major Eric Egland is not one of them. After all, Eric meets the other two stated goals of VoteVets which is to ensure that those “who have failed our troops, Veterans, and nation on matters regarding the war and Veterans’ issues” don’t get supported and to “fight for Veterans in the future”, something that Eric Egland is quite uniquely suited for.

When one looks more closely at the list of VoteVets candidates, one can easily see that the organization is in violation of its own stated goals. There is not one Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, Independent or other third-party candidate anywhere to be found on the list. They are ALL Democrats. So much for “regardless of party”. Even the VoteVets board of advisors is full of Democrats. Heck, one even ran for president! They’re almost as bad at the VETPAC, um PAC. Their list of fourteen 2008 candidates are running for office “regardless of VETPAC endorsment or party affiliation” are ALL Democrats. Then, I get an email today making me aware of “two of the best shots we have at electing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to Congress” just before a request for money:

In 2004 and 2005, Adam Cote served in Iraq as a platoon leader with Maine’s 133rd Engineer Battalion. He led over 100 convoys in Iraq and was in charge of many reconstruction efforts, including building schools and medical clinics. Moved by the extreme poverty and deprivation in Iraq, Adam also took it upon himself to do more. He created and spearheaded the “Adopt an Iraqi Village” program, which distributes school supplies and other items to destitute Iraqis.

Ashwin Madia, the child of immigrants, served in Iraq from September 2005 to March 2006. While stationed in Baghdad, he worked with Iraqi judicial officers, U.S. military and civilian officials, and representatives of the European Union and United Nations to strengthen the Iraqi criminal justice system. He also briefed top U.S. generals on the status of the rule of law in the country.

Guess what? Yup, both are Democrats!! Hey, I have no problem with an organization built for the specific purpose of electing Democratic veterans to Congress. I mean, at least Iraq Veterans For Congress honestly states that “unification of all Republican Iraq Veterans will be a powerful force multiplier” in their mission statement. They don’t claim to dupe Americans into believing that their organization is designed to elect just veterans. Why is it so hard for the left to be honest and so easy to try and deceive?

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  1. I’ll vote McCain!! He is still my favorite candidate. These people don’t know a war hero when they see one.

  2. What do you mean the left isn’t honest? But aren’t they like MSM’s best friends? C’mon TV is ALWAYS truthful!!!! …

    errr…what I meant to say is once again it’s disappointing to see more distorted ish warping the minds of those less educated on seeing through the bunk; however I can’t say I’m surprised (unfortunately). I guess doing my research on my own is still the best way to go, but that doesn’t solve the problem of giving sight to the masses. Rock on all you truth-seekers and true soldiers!!

  3. CJ,

    It’s the platform, not the Party. We supported Republican Iraq War veteran Sam Schultz in his run for Congress in 2006. In August 2007, we ran radio ads in support of Republican Senator Chuck Hagel and Republican Congressmen Walter Jones and Wayne Gilchrest.

    In 2008 we will continue to support veteran candidates with whom we share common goals–regardless of political party.


  4. So Brandon, you only support cut and run veterans? Do you really really believe that turning Iraq over to Iran is the way to go? Do you think General Petraeus is a Liar and a Traitor? Has the “surge” failed already? And do you know exactly how many US Marines have been killed in hostil action in Al Anbar Province since October 2007?

    These should be easy answers if you are who you say you are and believe what you say you believe. I actually want the answers, if you have them. Maybe I can learn something. Try me …

  5. Brandon doesn’t really have the answers. They claim to be pro-veteran, but nowhere in their mission statement does it say “we only support anti-war, veteran candidates.” they want people to believe that VoteVets is truly a veterans organization so they are convinced to vote in cut and run veterans that will help their agenda. There’s nothing bipartisan about that. It’s about misinformation just like every other Liberal front group working off the backs of the veterans.

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