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To Give All That I Have To Give (Tissue Alert)

All Posts  March 25 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

I didn’t know SFC Paul Ray Smith, the first recipient of the Medal of Honor in Iraq and fellow Dog Faced Soldier, but I had met him prior to the deployment. His company was behind mine and we shared the same parking lot. I had seen him off and on and said hello a few times. This is great video that gives the viewer a great perspective of how a Warrior is made.

Thanks to Sue for finding this animated video of the day Smith was killed.

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  1. FYI. As soon as the phrase “… hatred of the American Press toward the American Military” flashed across the screen, I turned the video off.

    I find it interesting – and, of course, hypocritical, too – that those who criticize my sometimes overboard expression of disdain for George Bush turn right around and go equally overboard in the opposite direction.

    Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

  2. CF, did you just compare your criticism of George Bush to our criticism of the MSM? Wow. That’s not even apples and oranges. That’s more like apples and silly putty.

    Now, if we were as rabid at calling Clinton an “idiot”, “loser”, “moron”, “insert similar anti-Bush rant here” then your comment would make sense. We’re talking about a generalized media perception versus your very specific verbal darts aimed at Bush.

    No pot. And it I were a pot, I wouldn’t call the kettle black. I’d call it an African-American kettle. Isn’t that what it would WANT to be called?

  3. I disagree, CJ. I said the “overboard” criticism as it relates to either entity.

    It just strikes me as ridiculous to conclude that the MSM somehow “hates” the military simply because various of those within the military disagree with how the war is being reported. That seems like quite a stretch to me.

  4. I guess we’ll have to disagree then. As a Soldier, I think I’m qualified to give my opinion on who I think hates me based on performance, past experiences, and other events that contributed to forming that opinion. If it is the general feeling by members of the military, and it is, that the media hates them, there must be a reason. You touched on that with “the military disagree[s] with how the war is being reported” since we firmly believe that the positive side of our efforts is not coming out. Instead we get stories of 4,000 deaths – not what those deaths have contributed to.

    So, we’ll just have to disagree. You don’t see me making personal attacks against individuals in the press. You don’t see me doing everything in my power to undermine their work. There’s a very basic difference, in my eyes, between our criticism of the media and your very personal criticism of the President, regardless of who he (she?) is.

  5. CF,
    Then what else can you conclude on the MSN? Some of them even go all out to make troops look bad. I think that was what CJ and the video were trying to say. Besides, you can’t deny that all those troops who have served are heroes.

    Thanks for the video CJ.

  6. Isaac:

    Rightfully or wrongfully, I can conclude that the MSM feeds the public – the ultimate consumer of the information provided by the media – with what the public is willing to pay to consume. Starting from that premise, it would be equally plausible to conclude that it is the American public, not the American media, that “hates” the troops. But as I said before, I don’t think either the media or the public “hate” the troops.

    Regardless, I agree with you that those who serve this country (and other countries for that matter) in the military are heroes, particularly to those whose freedoms depend on such service.

  7. This is a great tribute to SFC Smith CJ, and the condemnation of the MSM is definitely warranted. Blaming the American public for consuming the trash that the MSM puts out for its content is like blaming someone for eating the transfat in a McDonalds fry. The consumer is the unwitting dupe at the hands of Corporate manipulation. Not all of us fall for the MSM drivel just as not all of us try to commit suicide by burger and fries at McDonalds. It is your choice what you consume.

    There is actually a large and growing segment of the population, fed by the MSM’s slanted coverage of the war and the goings on about the war that does hate the military. Code Pink is a fine example. Those who hate the military have focused that hatred there as a spill over of their hatred of George Bush which is also greatly the result of the MSM’s slanted bias. One simply cannot deny the political leanings of George Soros.

    I for one would like to know why under a post about such an incredibly unselfish, and brave Warrior, we are yet again discussing the ignorance that pervades in the guise of hatred of George Bush through the liberal left wing MSM? Is it really necessary for this kind of crap to be brought into every single post by the same person?

    God Bless SFC Smith. Rest in peace.

  8. CF,
    Indeed you are probably right that the MSN does feed people what they want to hear, that is probably why news sites tend to take sides on politics.

    Oh, thanks for calling people serving in other countries as heroes too. I don’t really see myself (nor do my brothers) as one although I will be drafted into the Army soon.

  9. Sue:

    I agree that respect should be afforded SFC Smith, and I honor him for his valiant service to our country. Having said that, I might suggest to you that the very video you provided opened the can of worms you so detest. If the video were all about SFC Smith, then my opening comment would have been inappropriate. But the video was NOT all about SFC Smith; rather, the video was equally about the author’s disdain for the media, making my comment appropriate under the circumstances. Nevertheless, out of respect for SFC Smith, this will be my last comment on this top post. May SFC Smith rest in peace!

  10. I had seen the DoD video but not the one Sue provided. Thanks Sue!

    SFC Smith and his family are shining examples of those who cherish this nation, everything it stands for and every freedom and opportunity it affords. I’m glad you had the opportunity to meet him CJ albeit in the circumstances you did. He IS a true American Hero and the ultimate role model in bravery, sacrifice and love for humanity.

  11. This is a story that the news company will not show because it is showing our men and women doing the job right and well they just put out the bad stuff.

  12. CF, I find it absolutely telling how you say that you honor SFC Smith, yet with over 35 minutes of video offered about him and his valor, the only thing you found worthy to say in three posts was something in defense of the MSM and not one mention of SFC Paul Smith till you were called on it.

  13. I can only hope that there are still those like SFC Smith with my brother and father in Iraq. My brother leaves today and my father leaves in the next two weeks.
    What is more surprising is that this tribute makes me want to re-enlist. I think many people still do not understand that the only thing more important than the good we do it the want to protect your brothers and sisters in arms.

  14. Rest in peace, SFC Smith. Your service will not have been for nought. For what its worth, I listen to the MSM because of its prevalance, but I take it for what its worth. Its why I read CJ’s and other outstanding blogs on various topics. I listen to Fox and NPR. The result is my view. Not sure why people get into calling the press “liberal”. It is by its very nature liberal. It jumps on what it thinks its viewers will want to hear and that seems to be scandals and such (thanks, Gov Spitzer…).
    MSM could do a better job at making sure the word is out at what our troops are doing at winning the peace, but like anything else, you must take responsibility for where you get your news from and seek your information accordingly.
    Thanks, SFC Smith.
    Thanks, CJ for this forum.


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