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Al Qaeda Members Should Attack Iraq’s Infrastructure

All Posts  April 17 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

That’s according the AQ themselves. I saw a great bumper sticker today: “Peace had its chance!” Now it’s our turn to bring it back. Nothing in this post is classified or OPSEC non-compliant. MNF-I has given me permission to share.

We have recently intercepted an al-Qaeda document which provides insight into the mind of one terrorist and provides further evidence about the strategy and tactics of violence that al-Qaeda is pursuing.

During an operation northwest of Baghdad in early March, Coalition forces captured three terrorists and killed three others at a remote farmhouse. In the ensuing search of their hideout, security forces seized a suicide vest, three computers, thumb drives, computer discs and a stack of documents. One of the terrorists killed during the operation was found to be carrying a document intended for Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the foreign-born leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

al qaeda letters iraq

The document was authored by an al-Qaeda terrorist named Abu Safyan from Diyala, and it lays out suggested tactics for al-Qaeda terror operations in Iraq. Abu Safyan’s writings propose a framework to divide the Iraqi people and to incite violence. This document is just one man’s articulation; one terrorist’s views about instigating conflict and turning Iraqis against each other, but it is also quite consistent with the patterns of violence we see from AQI.

The document focuses on the need to battle the Awakening groups – these groups that have rejected foreign extremism and terrorism in Iraq. The author calls for igniting a cycle of violence to weaken the Awakening movement and reflects concern that the Awakening movement constitutes a very real threat to the terrorists… a threat that has to be undermined.

Another part of the document outlines a strategy to create distrust and division and to provoke sectarian violence. The document says that al-Qaeda must attempt to instigate hostility between the Coalition forces, local governments, the population, and the Awakening groups.

Abu Safyan writes, “ We must always leave the economy in psychological conflict… they can never have stability …so that they keep busy with themselves and not be able to unite against us”.

al qaeda letter iraq terrorist

The document continues by providing terrorists with instructions on how to attack the economy of Iraq and weaken the legitimate government. It says that al-Qaeda members should attack Iraq’s gas and oil fields and pipelines, as well as the country’s electrical stations and power lines. This part of the document calls for a heightened war against Iraq’s infrastructure and the economic well-being of the nation…attacks that deprive the Iraqi people of economic opportunity and essential services… basic services they deserve and depend on.

These writings are further examples of the corrupt ideology that Iraqis are broadly rejecting. We have seen about 100,000 men choose a different path and join local volunteer groups like the Sons of Iraq instead.

Nevertheless, there are 53 leaders in the al-Qaeda Iraq terrorist network that have been captured or killed recently. The ten most significant of these terror leaders are listed on this slide and include five Emirs, three cell leaders and two facilitators. A dead terrorist is a good terrorist!

al qaeda terrorist letter iraq

If you’d like to see bigger versions of these slides, click here.

(3) Readers Comments

  1. Great information. It would be great if the news media would tell the public.

  2. Thanks CJ for the info! That shows how desperate these guys are and how sick their minds are to do such things. I’m glad that our military found out all this info and also killed or captured some of those guys. They are just a terrible menace to this world!

  3. Great post. It reminds us that the battle still needs to be finished before leaving!

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