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Campaign Stars For Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals

All Posts  April 21 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

The Department of Defense announced today that campaign stars are authorized for wear on the Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM) and Iraq Campaign Medal (ICM).

The campaign stars recognize a service member’s particpation in DoD designated campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Service members, who have qualified for the ACM or ICM, may display a bronze campaign star on their medal for each designated campaign phase in which they participated. The stars will be worn on the suspension and campaign ribbon of the campaign medal.

The three campaign phases and associated dates established for the ACM are:

(1) Liberation of Afghanistan – Sep. 11, 2001 to Nov. 30, 2001.
(2) Consolidation I – Dec. 1, 2001 to Sep. 30, 2006.
(3) Consolidation II – Oct. 1, 2006 to a date to be determined.

The four campaign phases and associated dates established for the ICM are:

(1) Liberation of Iraq – March 19, 2003 to May 1, 2003.
(2) Transition of Iraq – May 2, 2003 to June 28, 2004.
(3) Iraqi Governance – June 29, 2004 to Dec. 15, 2005.
(4) National Resolution – Dec. 16, 2005 to a date to be determined.

Service members should contact their respective Military Departments for specific implementation guidance.

afghanistan campaign medaliraq campaign medal

(29) Readers Comments

  1. Unlike Morton, I think these medals are wonderful and are well deserved by our men and women in uniform who are so bravely serving in this war on terror!

    Thanks to all of our military for what you have done for our country and are doing each and everyday to keep us safe here at home! God Bless You All wherever you are serving!!

  2. Morton,

    I guess we’ll never know since those “brave warriors” of yours (Al Qaeda) are holed up in a deep cave somewhere eating crickets and collecting morning dew from pine needles for water.

    You’re no veteran, Morton! You were probably kicked out for sexual assault on the unit mascot.

  3. Morton – I’d rather relate to the hero with Chest Candy than a zero that can do little but disparage the institutions that preserve his freedom to do so.

  4. As a recipient of 4 of these stars (1 for Afghanistan and 3 for Iraq) I will be proud to wear them to reflect the time I was forward serving our nation and all our citizens including Morton. It is because of the service of all our Americans in uniform those overseas and those at home that Morton can make the comments above. I don’t need or ask for much, but your thanks makes it a whole lot easier when I put on that kevlar to get into the next Blackhawk headed to the Green Zone. Army Strong!

  5. Unlike “Morton” or is it moron?

    I am a veteran of the Iraq war and its not about the medals on my chest its about my family. If I have ever done anything else for my family, I have done my part in trying to secure their futures. I may have been gone for 24 months of their lives, I may have put them through hell moving from place to place, changing schools, and causing them to leave their freinds behind and for that they may hold a grudge. When it all comes down to it I may have helped them to live a better life, given them a chance at a better future. They wil meet new freinds, we will eventually settle down in one spot, so they can and will adjust and cope. If we can do that in my near future it is because of people like myself that have laid their lives on the line to give them that chance. The chance to work in a tower and not fear a plane will crash into it, or work in an office and not worry that anthrax will be delivered through the mail, or that you wont have a bomb placed outside your office. Im not saying that wont happen, but what I am saying as the chances have decreased.

  6. chad:

    I appreciate your service to our country. But I remind you, also, that the fight in Iraq has not one iota of a thing to do with feeling secure in an office tower. While such arguments stirred the stupid and susceptible among us prior to the invasion of Iraq, the same arguments have, in the end, been proved false. No substantive link between Iraq and 9/11; and no substantive link between al-Qaeda and Saddam. Zippo!

  7. A response to “Critical Facts”…You are correct that there was no tie between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. However, this fact is misleading. Al-Qaeda is very much alive and operating in Iraq. They subscribe to the same radical ideology as the terrorists that attacked our homeland. They follow the same leadership and have the same goals. Their end state is the destruction of western society and the domination of a World Islamic Order. It’s better that we keep them busy in the Middle East, as opposed to giving them free reign to rampage around the world.

  8. Two comments.
    Morton, your comments about Osama laughing about our conduct of the war disgraces those who conduct it. I’m the first to proclaim our Commander in Chief an $%^&%$ for starting this war on the premise that he did. The troops are fighting the tough fight with honor and dignity in kick-butt fashion.

    CF – I’m actually going to agree with you on a few of your points. The war in Iraq had little to do with the people who took down the WTC. The broader-based anti-terror effort has kept Osama’s group on the run and significantly underpowered. Occassionally he gives out a tape or video or he loses his “street cred” with his organization, but the fact that he’s very much in hiding shows his fear. He saw the mannor in which Saddam was tracked down by US forces and brought to justice by his own people.
    The war in Iraq will give their people a shot at a new governement. It may give the ability for stablity in the area, but I think this is a long way off and there are too many other factors at play.
    You can’t catch fish if your pole isn’t in the water.

  9. Wow, you guys took this way off base! So, I have a question about the implementation of these stars. Does this mean that people who deployed multiple times during one phase AND people who have only deployed once both wear one star? >:-O

  10. That is correct. You are only issued one campaign star per campaign phase, even if you served multiple tours per phase.

  11. Morton, remember the third time you had to take kindergarten and finally graduated when someone took your math test for you? No? Sorry, I thought with your fuzzy math here that may have been the case.

    You see, you’re just plain and simply dead wrong here and even the Speaker of the Mouth, I mean House, confirms the error in your numbers. Even liberal numbers put the cost at about $530 billion. By your numbers, we would have spent almost $639 billion.

    Ah, but I’m not finished educating you my salty friend. That fictional $350 million per day figure is for both Iraq AND Afghanistan!! The President does not request money for Iraq separately from Afghanistan.

    Now, I realize that the vaccuum evaporation process has salted your brain with excess sodium chloride, but could you take your hate-saturated blinders off for just a minute and be honest once? It’s okay to be passionate about being consistently wrong, but just do it in an honorable fashion.

    Honor: “honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions,” since the word may be foreign to you.

  12. here is my question…..So I was in Afganistan from Jan 02 to July 02. You wear the medal and a star?
    Also I was in Iraq from Feb 03 to Feb 04, and I am currently here from April 07 to June 08. So I wear 3 Stars and the Medal? Is this correct if you can help please e-mail me back or repond.

    • X
      CJ’s response above to you is incorrect as he is getting the campaign stars confused with oak leaf clusters or service stars (as in the National Defense Service Medal) that represent multiple awards of the original medal. So you were eligible for the ACM as soon as you completed your first 30 consecutive days in Afghanistan in ’02, and you would wear 1 campaign star for the Consolidation I phase in which your ’02 deployment resided. Likewise you were eligible for the ICM as soon as you completed your first 30 days in Iraq in ’03, and you would wear 3 campaign stars for the Liberation & Trasition phases in 03/04 and now the National Resolution phase in 07/08.

      • X, if you listen to hiflyin, you’ll look like a fool. This is NOT correct. You only need 30 days to qualify for a medal, but that doesn’t mean it counts as a separate award. I think a First Sergeant knows what he’s talking about. If you take hiflyin’s advice, you’ll be laughed out of any board and it could affect your senior NCO promotions if the board thinks you’re trying to inflate your photo.

  13. X,

    According to your timeline, you will only wear the Afghanistan medal WITHOUT a star. For Iraq, you wear the medal and TWO stars once you complete this tour. Hope that helps. DA has not sent out official implementation instructions yet, but when they do I’ll be sending that out as well.

  14. Again, try to stick to some intelligent discussion, Morton. Try to do a little research for once. Rumsfeld used the Office of Management and Budget estimate of $50 billion and followed that up with the actual cost being “an open question.” The Office of Management and Budget was basing their figures on the prevailing wisdom that Iraq would quickly fold and we’d be home quickly.

  15. I would also add that the assumption that the war would financed by oil revenue was floated by CNN when the war first started. It has always been part of the plan that Iraq would eventually pay their reconstruction costs out of oil revenues as its their number one export. Number two is either opium or dates depending on what numbers you want to use.
    Morton, these are what we call researched facts. Since you seem to need a lesson on this, as well as mannors (and ediquet) I thought I’d oblige.
    You’re Welcome…

  16. Morton said; “Right now they are playing their hand of cards perfectly. They are bleeding this nation to death and it is costing them nothing.”

    -Really, what do you mean by it’s “costing them nothing”? What constitutes “costing nothing” in that “fire of ignorance in between your dirty ears”?

    Morton said; “This war is so costly..no one actually knows the exact figure we are wasting.”

    -So it changes from “350 million dollars a day” to “no one actually knows”? It looks like everytime you post, you shoot before you think.

    Morton said; “Osama Bin Laden loves this war%u2026he has to%u2026 everything is going his way.”

    I doubt he wanted members from his inner circle to turn against him. He also intended to keep Al Qaeda in Anbar province, Iraq, but he failed to accomplish that. They got driven out.

    Morton said; “They should get a medal for lies., with stars and oak leaf clusters.”

    -That is actually the perfect award for someone with your pomposity, Morton. I can picture it know, Morton being awarded the medal of dishonor. Perfect title for you to uphold, no? I think you’ll do fine when defending such a well deserved title.

    Morton said; “Remove the web of illusion from your eyes and visit the US national debt clock website and you can observe first hand the rate at which this nation is sinking into debt.”

    -Hey, I love that website. brillig.com, right? Yeah, if you look into the collection of economic reports that they have, then you would find one report with a graph showing how more than 90 percent of our debt is from social spending, and not military, interest, or other.

    Morton said; “Makes ya wonder, do those terrible terrorists get medals? Do they get a day off? Do they get to go home? Do they get a snappy uniform?”

    - Day off? Neither do our troops. No, they don’t get to come home for the holidays, if that was what you were refering to. As for getting to go home? Well, I hope not because they drive so many people from their homes through bombing threats. As for the uniform, I guess a ski mask and a bomb vest isn’t considered “snappy” in the conundrums of your mind, does it?

    Well, it probably isn’t to the people who risk their lives just going to the market because of these “terrible terrorists” either. However, if you think that America’s tradition of giving war veterans medals is bad, then I take it you vociferously oppose the terror cell’s tradition of branding their killers as “martyrs”, right?

  17. Morton,

    Let the adults handle this. Go back to your video games. Shouldn’t you be in line for GTA 4 or something?

  18. All,

    As a vet, I will happily pin my stars on my campaign medals, and I thank you all who are faithfully supporting us through all of this…as for Morton, somebody just post his address and “forget about it”…since he obviously does not respond well to intellectual correspondence.

    Jarhead out…

  19. Morton,

    As we vets like to say “OIF /OEF” if you haven’t been there shut your mouth. Better yet, let’s just leave Iraq and Afghanistan now so these people buildings these bombs can continue their practice and come stateside with it so we can experience another 9/11. It was those little people hijacking the planes, not Osama smart one. By the way, what is your address???? It isnt the Soldiers that put us there, it is the government, so don’t hate on the Soldiers, but if you had any intelligence whatsoever, you’d know that. SO sit on your fat butt, and keep up with your comments, that’s ok, we protect that right for you so your welcome.

  20. I think it’s a stupid that the Iraq Campaign Medal gets a Campaign Star for Iraqi Governance. The Kosovo Campaign Medal didn’t get a star after the new government came into power. The Kosovo Campaign Medal should have a star for Kosovo Governance then.

    • i disagree since kosovo wasn’t anything near Iraq. I’m sick of people whining about how rough it was in kosovo and all the war stories i hear about that place.. last i checked there were like no deaths in that “peacekeeping operation”. you want a star go to iraq or afghan and see some real action instead making up stories about a “deployment” to kosovo

  21. I have a question if i served in afghanistan in 07 am i entitled to wear a campaing star since its till a date to be determined

  22. Good morning,
    I have one question, i deployed to Iraq from 20030111-20030611 and 20050110-20060109, I was wondering if i am eligible to recieve a star for my iraqi campaign medal. Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.

  23. TIM,
    By the guidance in the article above, you are eligible to wear 4 Bronze campaign stars on your Iraq Campaign Medal. You participated in all 4 Phases of the campaign due to the overlap of your 2 deployments.

    And CJ’s response above to “x” is incorrect as he is getting the campaign stars confused with oak leaf clusters or service stars (as in the National Defense Service Medal) that represent multiple awards of the original medal. So “x” was eligible for the ACM as soon as he completed his first 30 consecutive days in Afghanistan in ’02, and he would wear 1 campaign star for the Consolidation I phase in which his ’02 deployment resided. Likewise “x” was eligible for the ICM as soon as he completed his first 30 days in Iraq in ’03, and he would wear 3 campaign stars for the Liberation & Trasition phases in 03/04 and now the National Resolution phase in 07/08.

    • Tim/X,

      If you listen to hiflyin and go around wearing all these stars, you’ll look like a fool. My guidance was correct. If you go to a board the way hiflyin mentions, you’ll get laughed out on your face and your leadership will get a tongue lashing.

  24. ok just to make sure i deployed mar 08 03 to mar 8 04 then jun 8 08 to jun 12 09 what am i allowed to wear on my ICM just trying to make sure

  25. so i should be able to wear 2 bronze stars correct help me out guy and to my fellow soldiers keep up the good work

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