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Boy Suspended For Talking With Deployed Father

All Posts  April 23 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

Talk amongst yourselves. The topic:

A Texas sergeant and his son recently found themselves separated not only by an eight-hour time difference, several bodies of water, hundreds of miles and a war, but by a high school official who suspended the boy for answering his dad’s call during class.

Cove High School in Texas, where half the students have at least one parent deployed, justified the punishment against Brandon Hill by saying he had violated the no-cell-phone policy when he took the call from his father, who is serving in Iraq.

“I have been going through a lot of stress lately and my dad’s like my best friend, so I go to him for everything,” the sophomore told FOX News on Saturday.

“I needed to talk to him, so my mom got a hold of him on Yahoo and told him to call me, so I answered the phone call in class.”

When he learned of his son’s punishment, Master Sgt. Morris Hill said he was unsettled.

“When my wife told me, I was pretty disturbed by it,” he said in a phone call from Iraq.

“I was pretty shocked, considering that several months before we left I had talked to the … assistant principal and thought everything was fine,” Morris Hill said.

“Since my kid’s been going to the school we’ve had a pretty good working relationship.”

And when his mother, Patricia Hill, tried to contact school officials, she received no response until her son’s story garnered media attention.

The matter has since been resolved, Patricia Hill said, but she added that more must be done to protect children around the country from being punished in similar circumstances.

coperas cove high school contact information

(13) Readers Comments

  1. The student should have been allowed to answer the call and then step out to the hallway to take the call, so as not to disturb the class. These guys call when they can, after standing in line to use the phones or computers and their time is limited and when they finally get a chance to call, they need to talk to their families. This is simply inexcusable.

    Life is hard enough on military families without anal bureaucrats sticking it to them too.

  2. The school needs to discuss a plan for how kids of deployed parents should deal with this. My suggestion: The student gives the teacher a signal to the teacher that he or she has a call coming in from a deployed parent, then the student steps out into the hallway to take the call. Seems common sense to me.

  3. That is absolutely ridiculous. But here in Motivation High School or most public schools in Philadelphia aren’t allowed to even bring cell phones into school ground. It’s not to suspension but they’ll take your phone away and a parent has to come up. Unless the student refuses to give up the cell phone, he/she will be suspended. It’s pretty outrageous, didn’t think the suspension was necessary, the situation could’ve been life threatening..

  4. I agree with both Sue and Tracy, I am a student myself, and while we are allowed to bring phones into class, we cannot use them. While I think that is reasonable, I feel a special case has to be made for such kids.

  5. As a teacher I can definitely say that school officials have their heads in the sand 99% of the time. Kids with deployed parents should absolutely be allowed to talk to that parent. Soldiers & Marines call when they can which is sometimes at 2AM & sometimes at 11AM. The school should have set an appropriate policy in place at the beginning of these conflicts so the kids would have the benefit of the doubt.

  6. Morton, you crack me up you old kidder you! You’re so cute when you get sarcastic. Your oozing, uncontainable love for this war and our troops are evident and we’re lucky to have such a patriot in our midst.

    But, I’m worried about ya. Please put down the bottle and those pills. They’ve gotta be wreaking havoc on your kidneys!!

  7. Morton,
    You are useless, but funny, just the same.
    We’ve had issues here where kids texting test answers to their friends and taking pictures in the bathroom. I have no issue with their current policy of confiscating the phone if the kid is caught using it. Exceptions should be made and with so many kids with parents deployed have some leeway.

  8. Morton said; “Why should the kids of servicemen get special treatment..no reason.”

    Why should the soldier’s son be suspended from school? Why a “special” punishment that is outside the norm when it comes to dealing with kids using cell phones in class? It’s the same answer, “no reason”.

    I understand the “No Cell Phones” policy and respect it to the fullest, but it shouldn’t have resulted in this kind of punishment.

    Suspension is a good punishment for; cheating, fighting, or making threats, but not using a cellular phone. Confiscation would be the most appropriate form of punishment, and if the trouble persists, then detention(maybe), but nothing more.

  9. Don’t you just love ‘jobs-worth’s’. Rules are rules, fair enough but sometimes right or wrong in a democratic country, you need contact with those you love. These teachers arn’t on the front line away from their wifes/husbands and kids, so what do they know.

    In Britian there’s also a ban on mobile/cell phones in schools but I’d like to think if I needed to talk to my kids some jobs-worth teacher wouldn’t take it on themselves to stop that. It is harsh to impose a suspension for this, schools need rules I suppose, but we are at war and I think there should be exception to the rules.

  10. Awwww Morton the picture of you gets clearer and clearer with each and every post you put out. My gosh you are a sad and pathetic little creature aren’t you? Equating one of our Soldiers with Attila the Hun is just priceless. As CJ said you need to get off the hallucinogens and find a little space in reality. In the mean time you sit there and try and impress us all with your completely ignorant statements. The entertainment value is priceless.

  11. America is a feminist-infested cuntry. I’m pretty sure if it had been a girl receiving the call, she would have been excused.

    There is a war against boys, boyhood and masculinity in this ‘cunt’ry.

    There is a Zero Tolerance policy against boys…thanks to the feminist misandrists.

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