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Exclusive: California Capital Ignores Veterans

All Posts  October 31 2008
 — By CJ Grisham

I just finished talking with a friend whom I’ve been working with on getting stuff prepared for Veteran’s Day. He made a comment about Sacramento not having a Veterans Day Parade or any other city observance of the holiday. That peaked my interest and I decided to give the city a call.

land of fruits and nuts californiaI started with the Sacramento Mayor’s office. I asked a simple question: “Can you tell me what the city is doing for Veterans Day.” Immediately, I was transferred to the City Manager’s office. I asked the same question and was transferred to the city’s “Customer Service” department.

I explained who I was and that I was calling to find out what Sacramento is planning for Veterans Day. The gentleman (I’ll protect his name) proceeded to check the calendar. A long, awkward silence permeated the phone line as he performed what seemed like an eternally detailed search of his database. “Oh, here it is. 8-5 pm Veterans Day – Federal Holiday,” he explained. “Oh, that’s just saying that it’s a federal holiday and a day off.” He kept searching. Nothing came up.

While he was searching I told him that it shouldn’t be that hard to find something commemorating the holiday. “Ya’ll do have veterans in Sacramento, don’t you?” I asked. “It’s a Democratic City!” came the response, in a sort of “why would we have veterans here?!” tone. Do Democratic cities not allow veterans within their borders? He then made an innocuous comment that the city got “flack last year for something” related to Veterans Day. The city got flack for recognizing a day meant to honor veterans, I asked. No response. But, they’ll gladly take the day off.

He said he couldn’t find anything but that maybe the City Clerk could help me out and transferred me to their department. “Everyone thinks we know everything,” the attendant responded, obviously frustrated, when I explained how I got routed to her office and what information I was seeking. She proceeded to try and find something, searching the city and state databases. It was obvious to me that nothing was planned.

“It sounds to me,” I noted, “that Sacramento is taking a day off work to celebrate Veterans Day, but isn’t planning anything to actually honor the veterans the day is meant to commemorate. Is that correct?” “This isn’t exactly the right place to ask about that.” I was again transferred.

My next transfer took me back to the Mayor’s office. I explained to the Mayor’s representative that I had come full circle and hadn’t found anything that would lead me to believe that Sacramento cared to honor our troops on a day when they were taking a day off by virtue of their sacrifice. In typical, land of fruits and nuts fashion, she told me, “Well, sir, Veteran’s Day is a federally mandated holiday. We have to take the day off.” Allow me to interpret: “Sir, we don’t care to honor the troops on our own and only celebrate this day because the federal government tells us to.”

Next, she tried to convince me that city government had absolutely no say so in veteran’s parades and that surely I knew that! Veterans organizations like VFW or American Legion plan “those things.” Folks, can you name ONE parade anywhere in which the city doesn’t play a role in a parade happening within its borders? Especially on days like Veterans Day or New Years. She then told me that Sacramento doesn’t have ANY parades at all. Oh, really?

The problem is that Sacramento DOES have parades. There’s the West Sacramento Community Day Parade, an annual Santa Parade, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, the annual Neighbor’s Fair Parade, and finally, we can’t forget Sacramento’s Pride Parade! Sacramento is more interested in celebrating the homosexual lifestyle than veterans who have fought and continue to fight for this country.

The Mayor’s office bold faced lied to me about these parades. I identified myself as a Soldier and advocate for veteran’s issues and was treated like an idiot thinking I wouldn’t know the difference if I was lied to. I urge you to call the Mayor’s office and demand to know why they REALLY don’t have a Veteran’s Day Parade or ANY recognition of our nation’s troops, but have no problem using the day to take time off from work. You all know who the governor is. The mayor of Sacramento is Heather Fargo. The mayor’s phone number is 916-808-5300.

Please pass this along to everyone you know and link on your blogs! This must be known.

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  1. Thank you CJ. Clearly you see why our great folks at Patriotwatch.com do all we can to honor our veterans 24/7/365 since local government can’t bring themselves to honor them for one day out of the year. Other cities in the Big Valley do have Veterans Day parades and events. Sacramento has become a political suburb of San Francisco and Berkley. I became Public Enemy #1 in the Mayor and Council’s minds in 2003.

    Quoting from Left wing news outlets in San Francisco: “In a jam-packed room filled with hundreds of community members, the Sacramento City Council voted 8 to 1 on November 13, 2003 to support a resolution opposing the Patriot Act. Larry Brown, the First Assistant U.S. Attorney spoke to the council against adopting the resolution.”

    I just happened to be the only citizen in Sacramento to do the same on the record. I was outnumbered 400 to one. The Anti-everything reporter called me names I can’t post here but went on to report, “After the Council voted overwhelming in support of the resolution, many local peace, social justice, immigrant rights and labor activists were elated.”

    Our City’s mayor brags about being a former anti-everything protester. (whose watch seems to have stopped in 1968) It didn’t take long for the next shoe to drop here.

    The Sacramento,CA City Council, by an 8 to 1 vote on November 1, 2005, called for “a humane, orderly, rapid and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel and bases from Iraq.” DEFEAT AT ANY COST!

    Here too, I was the lone voice on the public record to oppose the City’s resolution. Once again, I stood outnumbered by the same crowd from November 2003.

    Let’s not forget the hanging of a soldier in effigy thanks to two publicity seeking bottom feeding lawyers here. In addition to the effigy there was a Palestinian flag and a Pre-war Iraqi flag hanging in the windows. A day or so later, they added a portrait of the America being flushed down a toilet.

    This Berkley couple, Steve and Virginia Pearcy, who obviously have benefited from the freedom of our country both through freedom of speech, the ability to walk the streets safely and hold positions that allow them to own two homes, love the media coverage almost as much as Cindy Sheehan another of the Left Coast’s finest.

    For now, I leave out atheist Michael Newdow, another distinguished Sacramentan, who is out to remove God from every facet of our national heritage. He ignores the commandment “Thy shalt not bear false witness” in front of the highest court in the land while claiming to represent his Christain daughter who doesn’t even live with him.

    CJ, I hope you have an opportunity to have Mary Lou from the Vietnam Veterans of America on the Veterans Day Your Served special broadcast. She will tell you how our city is demanding huge up front “fees” to open a Veterans Outreach Center here. The same politicians demand George Bush do something about homeless veterans while their day to day actions insult every veteran in our city.

    I suppose my humble efforts, fighting these haters for a decade, is what prompted Conservative Townhall.com to name me one of their four Citizens of the Year in 2005. To be included with the likes of Congressman Mike Pence, Minuteman Jim Gilchrist and %u201CThe Iraqi People%u201D was humbling but came with a price locally. Well, then again, I guess you can’t improve on being Public Enemy #1 in Sacramento.

  2. PW – Thank you for continuing to fight the fight there in CA. I had no idea Sacramento had gone so anti-fill-in-the-blank. I learned during my time in San Jose and Santa Cruz that anything “veteran” or military-oriented was met with much resistance and gnashing of political and activist teeth that to get anything done for them is near impossible. Their “I support the troops but not the war” mantra is complete BS. Parents of the enlisted keep a really low profile. I was called really, really brave for wearing my “Proud Army Mom” sweatshirt in public. My “peace thru superior firepower” t-shirt wasn’t too popular either…heh.
    Mary Lou is wonderful! A wealth of info there! (Just a note – she mentioned in the chatroom on Andrea Shea King’s show the other day that the National League of Families (of POW/MIAs) needs support – as a member of Rolling Thunder, this is an especially important area for me.)
    I’m have to say I’m glad I left CA – for all the fighting I did there, I realized in Santa Cruz that I was outnumbered by 90% of the residents. (Angela Davis just retired from teaching at UCSC and the former Mayor Kennedy met with The Puppet of Iran this last trip he made to the UN to show his support.) Besides, I wanted to be nearer DC and the offices of our elected idjits so I could visit them more often. I still check in with “my recruiters” there in Santa Cruz as they are constantly harassed by the anti-everything-but-especially-the-Military folks.
    So keep up the good work, PW!! Being PE #1 is a good thing!! HooAh!
    (you have my email addy of you need any help from VA – not too far from DC) ~;o)

  3. Reading CJ%u2019s article brought tears to my eyes. What kind of people can so disrespect the veterans who have made sure we continue to have the freedom our forefathers guaranteed us?

    From the attitude of our city government on this subject, I%u2019d be willing to bet that some of those people might have spent a lot of time behind bars for things they did in the 60s and 70s if not for the freedom their country, by way of those veterans, affords them. Try some of those shenanigans in other parts of the world and see what happens to you. It appears that liberals are the first to scream about their rights being violated and the last to give credit to those who preserve those rights for them.

    The brave men and women of our military do not delight in going to war. They do it because their country asks it of them and they answer the call. They give up much to serve and many times they make the ultimate sacrifice. They leave their families alone and sometimes struggling to make ends meet financially. They miss out on the births of their children or major events in the lives of their loved ones. It is a difficult life for those who serve their country and they deserve the respect of the people whose rights they protect!

    How dare the City of Sacramento ignore them! And how dare the citizens of this city not insist that the veterans are honored on Veterans%u2019 Day.

    I know that the city leaders are anti-military (and anti-many other things including anti-police) but what about the citizens of Sacramento? Can they all be so apathetic as to ignore this holiday and allow what the city leaders are pulling? Apparently so. I have seen no other complaints, other than CJ%u2019s article, about the lack of a Veterans%u2019 Day parade to honor our veterans in Sacramento.

    On a slightly different topic, the organizations that try to honor our veterans by helping our wounded warriors and the families they leave behind are suffering from the apathetic attitudes of Californians, too. Ninety-five percent of donations to Patriot Defender%u2019s Network since last fall were received from people outside of California. Unbelievable, but true! It is tough to run a charity for military families and wounded warriors in California but we don%u2019t and won%u2019t give up trying.

    A 20/20 show recently, Cheap in America, started off with a discussion about which city is stingier%u2026San Francisco, California or Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This unscientific study involved placing a Salvation Army bell ringer at each location for two days. Then they tallied how much money was donated. In San Francisco they were in front of Macy%u2019s. In Sioux Falls they were in front of a Wal-Mart. What they discovered was that even though the Sioux Falls location was not as busy and, in general, the folks living there make half as much as those in San Francisco%u2026they gave twice as much money.

    %u201CSioux Falls is rural and religious; half of the population goes to church every week. People in San Francisco make much more money, are predominantly liberal, and just 14 percent of people in San Francisco attend church every week.” Liberals are said to care more about helping the poor; so why did people in San Francisco give less?%u201D

    %u201CIt turns out that this idea that liberals give more–is a myth. Of the top 25 states where people give an above-average percent of their income, 24 were red states in the last presidential election.%u201D
    %u201CArthur Brooks, the author of %u201CWho Really Cares,%u201D says that %u201Cwhen you look at the data, it turns out the conservatives give about 30 percent more.%u201D He adds, %u201CAnd incidentally, conservative-headed families make slightly less money.%u201D

    Brooks also stated that his evidence shows that people who disagree with the statement, %u201CThe government has a basic responsibility to take care of the people who can%u2019t take care of themselves,%u201D are 27 percent more likely to give to charity. Interesting, to say the least!

    A study was conducted by the San Francisco philanthropic research organization NewTithing Group: Affluent people in the Southern California metropolis gave almost twice as much as their counterparts in the Bay Area and other parts of the state.

    In closing I%u2019d like to say that I will do whatever I can to support Mary Lou%u2019s issues with the City of Sacramento. Also, Mary Lou, maybe you can tell us all what we can do to insure that we have a Veterans%u2019 Day Parade in Sacramento next year!

    Outreach Coordinator, PDN

  4. Yankeemom…

    I’ll differ to Mary Lou on your offer of help while suggesting this: Rep Doris Matsui is our Congresswoman. She came under heavy fire by the Code Pick camp for not cutting our soldiers off at the knees during hearings, votes and demands for military budget cuts. The Left did a 60′s style “Sit-in” here in her Congressional office. They all happen to be pals with Mayor Fargo to boot.

    Next time you are in DC perhaps you can deliver her milbloggers thanks from all over America for not caving into her Democrat peers and the Leftist here in Sacramento. I think she could help Mary Lou get her Outreach Center up and running since she’s voted for expanding VA Centers nationwide. Our City cannot be allowed to hold veterans hostage to the same backroom and under the table dealings of real estate developers.

    Funny how the “sanctioned” social services for the “homeless” top executives here can make seven figure salaries and no one bats an eye. The City claiming VVA500′s Outreach Center would be a soup kitchen attracting the homeless is a flat out lie to start with. The city has refused to remove the homeless camp under a bridge just a block up the street.

    As a team we have much to accomplish… never never never quit!

  5. I’m just wondering when the tide of all this “we support our troops [by not really supporting them at all]” will end.

    Truly, if Sacramento, and other vested cities across the nation, really gave a damn about the fine servicemembers working and living within their respective communities, you’d think these sorts of honorous celebrations would be funded, staffed, and supported by the city managers office.

    BUT NO. The message is clear. Sacramentans clearly value their homosexuals, their hispanics, their agricultural exhibitionists, and ‘well-travelled, but always unwashed’ protestors OVER MILITARY VETERANS.

    While this should draw my ire, it does not do so completely. I have witnessed this mockery of city management all over the country. Sacramento has been quite apathetic to anything military for a while now, and it is incumbent upon us, given these circumstances, to honor veterans in our own way. Clearly, Fargo could care less, and if she gets reelected, the tide will continue to push and wash against the men and women serving to protect our freedoms. Awesome notion, eh.


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  7. Some of those California cities that have gay parades do not recognize veterans? Why should that surprise me? The land of Fruits and Nuts as I have so often heard it called. They are on a different agenda altogether and it is NOT God’s agenda at all!!! They will all burn in Hell when the time comes and that is so so sad.

    Who do they think have died and sacrificied so much so that they can have their freedom and have their GAY parades? Again SHAME ON THEM!!

  8. Nobody knows how awful California can be like those of us who live here, or those who have left. However, there are some patriotic towns, usually off the beaten path, who are not confused about how important our veterans are. I live in a town called Greenville, and every year we have a Veteran’s Day parade which started small, is still small, but is growing. Some say the light shines brightest in the darkness! http://www.indianvalley.net/veterans-day07.html

  9. Dear PatriotWatch,
    Please don’t confuse the issues. The Patriot Act had noble beginnings, but was a swipe at privacy. If they had expanded the RICO act, it would have been more effective and created less noise.
    What CJ did was simply ask those who adminster a major metropolitan center why they didn’t make it their business to make sure the Vet’s didn’t get an appropriate honor, ceremony, parade, whatever. Its not a Liberal thing, its an idiot thing and they take the prize.
    I’m call their office as well.

  10. I spoke to different people in Sacramento government. They all dutifully told me of no plans. One, appreciating my concern, gave me the number to community group who did a better job at explaining the matter. In years past, they had parades and other celebrations. This year, due to budget cuts (almost to bankruptcy) they cut down all but essential services. The acknowledged celebration this year is in Elk Grove, a suburb of the city. There is also a charity gold tournament over the weekend to raise money to support the vets – http://www.cdva.ca.gov/VetFund/DocsAndImages/Flyer Sacramento 2008 final 1.1.pdf
    Seek and ye shall find.

  11. I messed up the link – http://www.cdva.ca.gov/VetFund/DocsAndImages/Flyer Sacramento 2008 final 1.1.pdf

  12. As a disabled American veteran myself, I am angered at this lack of respect. OK, I don’t expect them to fall down on their knees and to kiss my feet. I do, however, expect them to at least go out of their way to give we veterans some sort of show of support at the city’s government level other than just taking the day off. Better yet, why not just give the veterans amongst them the day off, and the rest refuse to take the day off and work for free for a single day to show a degree of thankfulness for the sacrifices the veteran population has made on their behalf.

  13. Mr. Downey,
    I thank you for your great sacrifice. I think your idea is an excellent one. I work for a great state agency that not only gives the day off, but then has a special luncheon for us. At least a dozen reservists have gotten called up to go to Iraq and their jobs are waiting on their return.

  14. California is a tough state but there are many who support our Veterans. I recently joined a non profit group (LC Nat’l Sportsman’s Foundation) that offers free hunting and fishing trips for disabled vets! You can contact me at 4veterans@gmail.com for information or the Calif. DAV knows us and has sponsored hunts through us. Check us out. I’m a Vet but the rest of the guys are just some professional hunters who wanted to do something to thank the guys. Any Vet is welcome but funding is limited and directed to the disabled. Great place to come chill out. We have a ranch house on the Tejon Ranch, the largest ranch in Czalif.

  15. I do know that the 173rd Airborne Brigade Veterans of Vietnam, Western States Chapter, is planning on marching with numerous other veterans groups in the Elk Grove parade this year. They often refer to this event as the parade “in Sacramento” because its so close to the City, even though it is in Elk Grove. I think it is the only Veterans Day parade in the County. But its a good one, because proud veterans come from all over northern California to march. Folks line the streets to cheer them on and it is an incredible display. Let us not denigrate the fine citizens of the entire Sacramento AREA who come out every year to cheer on our courageous veterans in Elk Grove! This should be a day when we express our pride for all veterans, democrats, republicans and independants, not divide ourselves with bickering over who is and who is not patriotic. Anyway, the parade traditionally starts on the 11th day at the 11th hour. Maybe the City of Elk Grove will publish the route, but last year it started at the Cosumnes Community Services District Building at 8829 Elk Grove Blvd. and ended at Elk Grove Regional Park, where food and beverages were served to the parade participants. See you all there!

  16. Here is a little history on Veterans’ Day Parades in Sacramento. Some years ago, the Veteran Organizations, produced the parades. Then came a time when they could not afford them due to lack of Sac City support. So a few years passed with out one. Due to Dave Jones efforts when he was a City Councilman, he got the parades started up again with City support. They supported a Memorial Day Parade and a Veterans Day Parade with police services, printing, mailing, etc. But then after he left, it was determined that the total support was too expensive. The Veterans Affiliated Council then took responsibility for maiing, programs, etc., while the City did pay for police, reviewing stand, porta potties. I was Parade Coordinator for a few of those parades. We had excellent support from Teresa Jackson with the City Parks and Recreation Dept. The 2006 year, my chapter, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 500 took the responsibility and the City again supported the same as above. The City also sponsored for several years our Annual “Reading of the Names” at the CA Vietnam Veterans Memorial with chairs, canopies, podium. Due to extenuating circumstances and not much help, we decided not to produce the 2007 parade or 2008. One of the problems is the lack of community support also. Many Sac organizations, businesses, etc. really only speak of supporting Veterans but do not offer to help or contribute funding in order to do the job properly. There will be a parade on Dec. 13th where all Veterans can participate, during the four day anniversary celebration of the dedication of the CA Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I might add that although this event will be of economic benefit to Sac City,as Vietnam Veterans will be coming from all over the state and US, they are not offering any support for the event. We also had to bear all of the costs for our “Reading” this year. Although many cities consider Veteran events as part of their budget, Sacramento does not. As to the Elk Grove Parade, the City of Elk Grove does support along with the businesses of Elk Grove the Parade and they stepped in when the City of Sacramento did not and have had one every year since. It does start at 11AM on Veterans Day and begins at the corner of Elk Grove Blvd. and Elk Grove/Florin Rd., which is really Watt Ave. until it reaches the City of Elk Grove. It’s a great parade with the streets lined with people. It goes to the Elk Grove Park where parade participants are served hot dogs and refreshments.
    In one of the above comments, Dave Jenest has mentioned our “Veterans Outreach Center.” We have been attempting to establish our center since March. If it ever gets accomplished it will be a one-stop shopping center for all Veterans to come for services in regard to claims, VA problems, employment, any issues that they need help with,many other things, along with being a Veterans Hall for our members. Problem is, the building is in the City of Sacramento on Del Paso, all by itself, but in the Special Planning District for Del Paso. Because of this designation, we are considered Social Services and Planning wants $11,000. just to file an application to be able to move into the building. Filing the application of course, does not mean we would be accepted. We have tried since March to get this issue resolved as to the classification of Social Services and the process of getting a waiver due to non-profit status of the application fee. We have written letters to Planning, the entire City Council, attempted to meet with Sandy Sheedy, as it is in her district, called the Del Paso Business Partnership, all to no avail. We get absolutely no response. A person in Sandy Sheedy’s office made the comment that the subdivision Woodlake which is not really near, objected to the project, that we were going to have a Stand Down twice a year for the homeless, etc. She was going to call Planning she said and call back which she never has, nor returned a subsequent reminder message. And of course did not set up the meeting with Sheedy. Rumors have been spread that we will be another Loaves and Fishes,we will have mass food lines on a regular basis, etc. With all of the city’s “Special Development” the area where the building is doesn’t even have curbs, gutters, sidewalks and the owner has had to put in his own septic system, due to no City sewer line as of yet. The City is totally oblivious to the fact that the outreach center can improve the economy of the city, state, etc. By getting Veterans the benefits they are entitled to, there would be federal money coming into the area. Let alone the fact that as a Veterans Hall we would be supporting the businesses in the area. Although we have upstanding, working, productive citizens, even those who were officers in our chapter, it appears that the City and Sacramento businesses think all Veterans are homeless and most on welfare and are not good enough to have a facility in the area. They don’t seem to realize that Veterans buy homes, spend money and maybe more important “Vote”. My Board is at a crossroads at this point, keep trying for this particular building because it is perfect for our needs and cost effective or begin to look for another. No one minds going through the hoops, but the lack of response from the City is totally unacceptable. The City has poured out millions to developers and lost money in many cases. We have never asked them for funding for this project.
    There is another issue with the City. They want to move the Memorial Tablets from the Veterans Room in the Memorial Auditorium on to the street where they will be subject to vandalism. Let’s face it, Veterans are low on the totem pole when it comes to the City of Sacramento and many of the businesses and their organizations when it comes to Veterans.

  17. I just wanted to share this message and ask that you spread it around. It is particularly relevant as we plan the first ever You Served BlogTalk Radio being simulcast on 50,000 watt Clear Channel station KFBK AM 1530 Tuesday night, 7:00 PM PST. To listen in Click: http://kfbk.com/pages/p_maiman.html

    We have mentioned Rep. Matsui before here at Soldiers Perspective. It’s living proof that folks we may see as being on the “other side of the isle” are often patriots. At a time when we seem divided post election, recognizing those who truly appreciate our Troops and Veterans takes on even greater importance. It is precisely that reason, I encourage all of you to members of Congress that have been faithful to the needs of our veterans.


    Rep. Doris Matsui Applauds Veterans’ Service to Our Country

    Vows Continued Support for Veterans Issues in the 111th Congress

    Washington, D.C. -Rep. Doris Matsui (CA-05) released the following statement in recognition of Veterans Day.

    “Our nation’s veterans have served our country honorably, and we have a responsibility to make sure that their service is rewarded with the very best that we have to offer. The 110th Congress has made strengthening veterans’ services and benefits a top priority, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the 111th Congress to continue improving the quality of life for veterans in Sacramento and across our country.

    “Over the last two years, Congress has made significant investments in the health and well-being of America’s veterans. For instance, we passed the largest increase in veterans’ healthcare funding in the history of the VA, increasing veterans’ healthcare funding by nearly $12 billion since January of 2007.

    “I also supported the passage of the new GI Bill for the 21st century, which will help today’s veterans afford the full cost of a college education. Last month, I met with veterans from Sacramento State University to hear about the challenges they face as students. This meeting left me even more convinced that ensuring that our veterans get the education they have earned is not only the right thing to do, it is also a central part of building a stronger American economy.

    “The Iraq War presents unique challenges to our veterans. Post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and other serious combat related injuries are going to tax our veterans’ healthcare system long into the future. The 110th Congress has worked to ensure that the VA is meeting the changing needs of all of our veterans, whether they served in World War II or recently in Afghanistan.

    “The 110th Congress’s accomplishments on behalf of America’s veterans are admirable. Our New Direction Congress has worked to change the level of care and quality of life for those who have served our nation so bravely. My commitment to veterans in Sacramento and across our great country will never waver, and I will work with my colleagues to continue to do more for these brave men and women in the months and years ahead. On this Veterans Day in 2008, we should celebrate all that our veterans have done for our country, and we should renew our commitment to repaying them in kind when they return home.”

  18. I live in downtown in the City of Sacramento, Ca. I am a proud Air Force Veteran that served 8 years. I checked for Veteran Day events in California’s Capital City and found none. The only event in the city is a state event at the State Capitol; which I will attend. It’s a shame and a surprise that this great democratic city, the most diversified city in the nation; would not have a Veterans Day event of some kind. Mayor Heather Fargo would probably have a Gay Pride parade instead. I hope her and her admin. enjoy their paid day off that vets sacraficed for.


  20. It has been a long time since Sacramento has supported and held a Veterans Day parade. It appears the last parade was before Gov Davis held office. There is a great parade in Folsom that honors Nov 11th and veterans, but none in Sacramento, which can no longer claim to be a democratic city due to its elitist, lefist stance for not honoring our American veterans. Afterall no state paid holiday would exist, no freedom of speech, and no freedom of choice would exist if it were not for the sacrifices our veterans have made.

    On Dec 13th, Sacramento, in Capitol Park, will be holding an event that honors the Vietnam era veteran and the sacrifices for freedom they made in the 60′s and 70′s. Come out and support these men and women. You owe it to them even if radical elitist leftist politicians depise the uniform our veterans have proudly worn.

  21. You might wonder why we here at http://www.patriotwatch.com are back posting to this old albeit telling story about the City of Sacramento. It’s the end of Memorial Day weekend and only our local Vietnam veterans honored this day as they have for many years. You’ve probably read MaryLou’s account above from Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 500 from 7 November 2008.

    I hope some of CJ’s readers will take a moment to visit this newspaper’s list of Memorial Day activities in California Capital City and notice there are no official Memorial Day events here. I took the liberty to link back to this page as a way to answer the Sacramento Bee reader who words ring true and echo our own:

    “Why isn’t there a Memorial Day Ceremony at our State Capitol? The Capitol Park is full of war memorials but we don’t honor those who gave their life on the day that the Nation has set aside to honor them? Shameful.”

    Nancy is right! Your thoughts? Please consider adding them here http://tinyurl.com/3zp6m7t

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