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About Those Uneducated Troops

All Posts  February 17 2009
 — By CJ Grisham

Remember this comment from the, ahem, esteemed Senator from Massachusetts:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

It’s with that in mind that I can’t help but think Mr. Kerry had a major part in adding this to the stimulus bill recently signed into law by President Obama:

Any unemployed veteran or disconnected youth who begins work for the employer during 2009 or 2010 shall be treated as a member of a targeted group for purposes of this subpart.

CJ, what are you talking about? The definition of a “disconnected youth” is “any individual who [is between] age 16 but not age 25…as not regularly attending any secondary, technical, or post-secondary school…[and]…not readily employable by reason of lacking a sufficient number of basic skills.” Translation: dumb, uneducated, high school dropouts. Dumb, uneducated, high school drop outs are now on the same playing field as our nation’s unemployed veterans to provide incentives to businesses that hire them.

Now let’s pretend you’re a business and you need to fill a vacancy for a minimum wage job. You know the minimum wage is already going to go up, so you need to save as much money as possible in personnel costs. You know that if you hire a veteran or a high school dropout that you’ll get a nice $2,400 tax incentive. What do you do? Do you hire the veteran who has acquired a skill and will probably be qualified to make more money, or do you hire the high school dropout to whom you can pay minimum wage or lower?

Congress and our Commander in Chief has not only poked this nation in the eye with irresponsible spending, but they’ve also blackened the eye of our veterans. They made it harder for our veterans to get jobs because now we aren’t any better than a high school dropout.

Maybe if we’d have studied harder and done our homework, we wouldn’t be in the position. Maybe if we would have just dropped out of high school everything would have been taken care of for us. What good is accountability for our actions if the government is going to be the ones accountable for them on our behalf? Maybe. Just maybe.

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  1. Top:


    Your comments/blog are the most honest and helpful I had read since returning from Iraq.

    You are the real stuff. I wish well you had been my Top (well, sometimes maybe not!!!)!
    There are a few times you may have (deservedly) kicked my a**. That’s the job!

    That aside, your openness in your journey of healing is the most useful information I have found in my journey.

    Thank You!

    SFC Schalock

  2. Since they knew nobody would read the bill before it was passed, they were honest in their views and definitions… just affirming their disdain for the military, that’s all…

  3. I know this is not quite the same but it reminds me of something that happened when I was in high school. During the summer, I would help my mom watch the kids in her day care and earn 3 dollars an hour. Well her best friend also had a day care and she was talking down to my mom about paying me. Since she did not have to pay her kids to do what she told them to do. When my mom told her that it was the least she could do since I could go get a job outside of the home instead she did not see anything wrong with paying me, again 3 dollars an hour. Well then her friend brought up the fact that her daughter had to go to summer school to make up failing classes. The county was paying students to attend summer school, because it was a farming area and parents of immigrants would not let their kids go to school when they could be earning money. So her daughter did not need to get a job outside of the house. She was proud of her daughter for having to go to summer school and get paid. When my mom never had to worry about me failing a class. And she thought it was ridiculous for my mom to pay me for work that I did for her. That is what is wrong with so many people today. I know this does not quite fit with the topic, but if there were more people willing to pay for good work and less people willing to just take advantage of whatever available then maybe we would see the light at the end of the tunnel of this crisis.

  4. What kills me is that I don’t understand why slackers, losers, and high school dropouts get to earn a business a tax break, period!! What, some hard working single mom is less worthy? A laid off dad who has been loyal and worked for the same company his whole life is less worthy? A returning soldier is equivalent? WTF?? And how the heck do they “prove” their counter boy is a slacker who didn’t graduate high school? Is the federal government gonna double check every business if they claim this $2400? They can’t even keep track of the freakin’ illegals working here!!


  5. I couldn’t have said it better LL!! And it really pisses me off when I hear someone say that people go in the military because they can’t get a “real” job!!! OMG Hold me back!!!

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  7. He was talking about an uneducated failure president, not our troops.

    • Ryan, you’re wrong. President Bush has an education. Don’t try and save your hero Kerry. He said it. He meant it. You can’t put words in his mouth. Who else is in Iraq that the Democrats constantly call uneducated? The Soldiers. Nice try.

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