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Congress Stealing From Troops

All Posts  October 02 2009
 — By CJ Grisham

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama campaigned on a vow to end wasteful spending, but even in a time of war and record deficits, pork still reigns on Capitol Hill.

Funds meant to help U.S. troops at war are instead being spent on senators’ pet projects that are geared more toward helping their home states.

Utah National Guardsmen returning from risky deployments receive a gesture of appreciation, a video scrapbook about their battalion and tour of duty. The video is produced by a business in Utah called StoryRock.

Utah’s Republican Sen. Robert Bennett wants to help his home-state company take their project nationwide, so he’s secured a $5 million earmark in the defense spending bill.

That $5 million comes from the fund that’s supposed to pay for troops’ basic needs such as food, fuel and ammunition.

But Bennett says the project saves money in the end.

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(4) Readers Comments

  1. I hope this is not true, if it is, that’s very sad. I mean the American taxpayers are already paying too much, isn’t that enough stealing, but not the troops.

  2. Excuse me while I go be ill.

  3. It’s shocking and disgusting. I live in Utah and was at a military dinner when DVD’s of the battalion history were given out. A big deal was made about it. Had no idea that may have taken money directly from the troops on the ground. We ship care packages to Afghanistan every month. I am getting requests for cold weather gear, because what they need is not being provided by the military. How did things get so messed up?

  4. Greedy bastards is what I say! The senators only want votes so they funnel money away from the military without people finding out (they think) to do their pet projects so they will look good in the eyes of their constituents! Shame on them all!!

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