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Update on Sears’ Heroes At Home Program

All Posts  October 21 2009
 — By CJ Grisham

WHO: Sears is pleased to announce that due to overwhelming interest in the Heroes at Home(sm) Wish Registry they have extended the deadline for military families to participate so that even more wishes can be fulfilled this holiday season.

Eligible military members and their families can register for the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry by visiting www.sears.com/wish. To be eligible for the program, a member of the family must be serving on active duty.

WHAT: The Heroes at Home Wish Registry, one of a number of Sears Holdings’ programs supporting the military and their families, enables Sears’ customers to thank America’s military heroes for the sacrifices they make for our country. Through the Heroes at Home Wish Registry, Sears continues its long-standing tradition of support of the military, and especially their families, whose sacrifices also deserve much recognition and reward.

WHERE: Eligible military members and families can visit www.sears.com/wish and register for the program.

Registration is first come, first serve and will remain open on Wednesday, Oct. 21, until midnight/CST.

Between Nov. 2 and Dec. 31, 2009, Sears will invite America to donate to the Heroes at Home Wish Registry which will provide military families with a Sears gift card.

WHY: The Heroes at Home program provides support to service members, veterans and their families. Sears Holdings spearheaded nationwide fundraising efforts over the past year and has raised more than $16 million through Heroes at Home for several military programs. Heroes at Home has helped hundreds of military families across America and the Wish Registry continues Sears Holdings’ support of the men and women who serve our country.

CONTACT: To find out more about Sears’ Heroes at Home Wish Registry, visit www.sears.com/wish.

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  1. I was just wondering, why the information about the program is always reaching us after the deadline? My husband is currently in Afghanistan and either he or I received any information about the program…

    • That’s not entirely true. Last year, we ran this project for weeks prior to the close. The problem is that it’s hit and miss. This year, we were too busy here to really focus on it. But, I do know that the Sears website has had it up for quite some time for sign-ups. I think we even wrote about it at http://www.YouServed.com prior to the deadline. It’s just a matter knowing where to look. They can’t be everywhere due to costs associated with publicity.

  2. Read Military Times, Army, or Marine Corps Times as well as several other websites and you will learn that the Sears Heroes at Home program is a SCAM masterminded by Sears Holdings Company PROFITEERS.
    Sears makes a ton of money from this and relatively few troops get any benefit at all!
    The Department of Defense asked Sears to stop this program. DoD also asked that Sears contact all military who had registered (and that Sears had collected an enormous amount of info on) and inform them that the program had been cancelled due to ethics violations. All branches of the military contacted the troops informing them that any “gifts” they had received had to be returned to Sears.
    After much wrangling it was finally agreed that the proceeds would be issued to military and their families for one day only in November and one day only in December.
    Well meaning public citizens donate to Heroes at Home either on the website or at Sears in-store cashier stations. Sears eventually issues a gift card redeemable ONLY AT SEARS to pre-registered qualificants. While some have been large enought to require the troops pay taxes on the gift the card is usually such a small amount that it requires an additional purchase once it is redeemed. In addition to this it has such a short shelf life that most are never even redeemed.
    In the meantime, Sears sits on millions of dollars donated by the public, drawing interest, paying bills or who knows what with this money. In the end Sears ends up keeping much of it as pure profit.
    Sears even went so far as to contact recruiters asking for UNIFORMED military personal to be placed in their stores to promote this money-making scheme for Sears Holding Company! Despicable!!!
    If Sears really supported our troops they would issue general gift cards that would be redeemable anywhere, with an expiration date that would give them time to actually use it, or they would donate from their own profits or just give a straight up discount to all military.
    Do NOT DONATE TO THIS SCAM conducted by Sears under the guise of supporting our troops when they are actually only using our troops and our patriotism for sheer commercial profit.
    There are several websites exposing this scam and in addition if you want to know which charities really do help our brave men and women and their families the Department of Defense has a website listing the ones that are on the up and up. Hint, if the donation is not tax deductible (Sears Heroes at Home is not) it very well may be a scam or at least a profit generating scheme.
    God bless our troops.

    • Maureen, I know many Soldiers who have benefited from this program. Sears doesn’t make any money on this as every penny is given out equally among all the Soldiers registered. All the donations are put in one pot and then dispersed among the registered troops. The fewer the troops registered, the more the individual donations. But, Sears doesn’t make any money on this other than Americans who appreciate their efforts by shopping at a store that supports the troops.

      As for the scam, you’re talking about a different issue. There are scammers out there using the Sears name to illegally collect donations supposedly destined for troops. In order to ensure that a donation intended for the Heroes at Home program is legitimate, donors should use the Sears.com website for any and all donations. Do not respond to email or telephone solicitations.

      It’s a nice conspiracy you have going on there, but you’re just plain wrong. I was a participant last year and had absolutely no complaints with the program and didn’t hear any either until now.

  3. What I don’t get is that in the “who” section, it states that you must be active duty to qualify but in the “why” section, it states “The Heroes at Home program provides support to service members, veterans and their families. ”

    My son, age 24, recently received a medial retirement due to injuries sustained in combat making him a veteran. Because he was injured in three separate incidents & had to take a medical retirement, he no longer qualifies for the Sears “support”. He has 3 children and has a hard time financialy yet he and his family do not qualify according to the 1st paragragh.

    These injured soldiers/veterans need help too!

  4. While some troops have benefited from this program Sears has been the main beneficiary.
    If Sears truly wanted to help our brave men and women they would donate from their own profits or just give a straight up discount to military instead of playing off the patriotism of a well meaning public willing to donate to our troops while using our troops for commercial profit.
    As to the “conspiracy” comment all I can say is check this out yourselves. There are many charities and non-profit organizations that help our troops in many ways.
    Donator beware.

  5. Donor, too. In other words, Bestower beware. Contributor be curious…etc., etc.

  6. Like CJ I also benefited from this program last year. I wanted to get into it again this year but I missed the deadline to register. I received somewhere around $250 from Sears last year and think that this program and Sears is awesome. The gift card that I got from Sears I still have money on it, and still use it. I came across this article when I was doing a search of how much money the service members got this year from the program. While I am sure that there are some scams out there that surrounds this, the actual program that Sears has is totally legit. Thanks Sears and I will be more timely with my registration next year!!!

  7. Maureen…

    I work at a Sears store and have seen customers come in with the Gift Certificates to use. They bought appliances, clothes, whatever was needed. One of the customers had a Gift Cert for almost $1000.

    There is no commercial profit for the program.
    There is NO expiration date on the Gift Cert for the funds available. Use them till they are gone.

  8. My family received money last year from sears as well as 4 other people I know personally. We got it in two separate gift cards. No scam here.

  9. Great program. While some see it as a scam because Sears is making money on the deal.. who cares. Helped me buy my family gifts last year before I went to Afghanistan. Who cares is Sears makes some extra profit?! Haters.

  10. I registered for it this year and have found the program (so far) to be reliable and legit. My husband is currently deployed, but will come home in time for Christmas to presents I will be able to buy with the Sears program. I am thankful for it.

  11. I’m so upset I missed it this year our family needed it so bad :( can someone tell me when they open up again please?

  12. My hubby is a US Army Veteran and we are not qualified becasue he isnt active duty anymore but he been to Iraq, So i think all veterans should be qualified!

    • Molly, I respectfully disagree. Your husband’s service deserves special recognition and appreciation, but many companies cater specifically to active duty troops for a reason. While your husband was active duty, he enjoyed benefits that veterans don’t. Now, he’s one of those veterans. Most companies give discounts to active duty military, but if all veterans qualified for promotions like this, it would negate the effects. The money collected for this program is split equally, so you can imagine how little would be able to be provided to active duty troops if more than twice the number were eligible.

      Please pass along my gratitude to your husband for his service. And thank you for standing by him!

  13. I recieved help last year and it helped a ton! and i’ve been trying to apply our family all day and the page isnt loading for me! I really would love to get our application in! Please help!!

  14. well sure military families do get a card, but true again Sears is the one making money on this, yes it’s a win/loose situation. People donate to Sears sears issues a sears card in return, who gets the money? well sears does. Sears should give a pre paid cc card instead of giving a sears card.
    And like all non proffit they get some of it before it’s issued, have to pay for the cards have to pay for the time vested and so on. It’s a shame

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