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The New Military Dating Scam

All Posts  October 28 2009
 — By CJ Grisham
The New Military Dating Scam

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.



As you know, I’ve tackled the issue of all these Nigerian and foreign scams for quite some time. I get emails and comments almost weekly from people who read one of my posts while doing research about a possible scammer. These people have become quite sophisticated in their methods. They’ve gone from the old “you’ve won a multi-trillion dollar lottery! Just send me $2500 and we can send it to you” to “I’m a Soldier in Iraq who found millions of illegal money Saddam was hording and I need your to bring it back.” The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

I got an email from a reader who came across my Military TELEX post. She told me about a man she met through MyYearbook.com that had introduced himself as Major General (MG) Tim Canny. Thankfully, she became suspicious after reading this “general’s” poor grammar:

I’m happy that you are able to release your email to me and i will like to share with you more information about me that will help us to start knowing each other better ….
I was giving birth to a wonderful family 49yrs ago. My dad was an American man that married a Malaysian woman due to his service and work in malaysia when he was younger, he was in the marine until he left and become civil engineer. I was their only son and child. I’m very simple, caring, honest and self independent..

I got married and enjoyed my matrimonial home. I and my then wife gave birth to a girl and she’s so beautiful and I love her wholeheartedly. Well, I and my wife lived happily and I worked as an Engineer before I later joined the Army 23yrs ago. I fix and inspects Cars and trucks, but I have special interest for the Military because my dad was once in the Military before He retired and started His Civil Engineer Career.

My late wife was dead 5yrs ago due to lungs cancer and I became a widow. Since then, it has been one bad experience after another; I also lost my dad last year. I really loved my wife and dad because of the relationship between us.. …She had loved me with all her heart and she had loved me for me. She was so caring and possessed all of the qualities a woman should possess. She was so much an angel that I treasured her so much but God knows why that happened to me. I also give thanks to God that she gave me a beautiful daughter Monica…
I just need someone that can love me for me and we will love each other for the rest of our lifes, because i know life is too short to play with…

I have learnt to leave my past behind and move forward to the future, though my past makes part of my life and I need to plan for my future. I need love again in my life. I had love once in my life and I need a woman that can be mine on a longterm goal. I hope I will still find love someday soon, that’s all I believe and I’m so optimistic about it.

I am ready to date from any part of the globe. I need to meet my true love, because we don’t know where our love is at the moment and we have to keep searching for it anywhere, any time and any way we can.

Presently, I’m active in the Army and been stationed at Fort Lewis, Barrack Washington State . I live alone on base, while my girl ives with my Mom in Malaysia ….though I planned to retire from the Army soon in order to start a family life
I really need a woman to come up to and be when I will be back to the state, a woman that will be mine forever and that will cherish me for me….

Thank you for spending your time in reading this long note/essay about me….if you think we are still on the same looking page let me know so we can know the waay forward…


Last time I checked, most generals were quite well versed in the English language. The way this scam works is the individual takes some time to get to know the target woman. Once he’s gained her trust and confidence, he tells her that pretty soon he will be deployed to an area without internet or communication services and won’t be able to write to each other. He then sends an e-mail address with something like, “Well to get registered with the telecommunication you will have to email them with gsatcom@programmer.net and you have to tell them you want to use the phoning facility system with MG TIM CANNY presently on deployment in Afghanistan. The service is a way we can talk on phone without no call charges attached, all is 100% free after we get registered and pay the registration fee”

Here’s the catch: if there isn’t service in Afghanistan where a Soldier is being deployed, there isn’t service period! And I have no doubt that a MAJOR GENERAL will ever be sent anywhere that he can’t communicate. That’s where the Army sends peons like Lieutenant Colonels and below! No general officer would ever stoop so low as to be so archaic. To be honest, few LTCs do either.

If you email the company, you’re likely to get a response like this:

Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for the enquiry, our service is to provide phoning and Satellite facilities for civilian and Military Personnel.

Gsatcom provides essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available. Whether at sea, on land or in flight, our services ideally suit the maritime, aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities industries.

We specialize in providing global satellite access services. Gsatcom solutions have been implemented for United States Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Army Corps , Australian Defence Force (ADF), Command of Polish Navy, Special Military Formation GROM Especially for US Army soldiers we ship VSAT equipment within 72hrs in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

Satellite phones are about 3 times more expensive than GSM phones, but have the best coverage. Often they are the only choice for a soldier that is deployed at a remote forward operating base (FOB) that a cell phone network cannot reach.

Basic advantages of our service for Military personnel;

Possibility of communicating freely in 110 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, Asia, and Middle East

- Satellite and GSM connectivity in one telephone
- No prepaid cards needed
- Free Iridium 9555 handheld satellite phone
- Free unlimited calls for Military Personnel.
- Payment incure refundable when the officer leave the war zone

The Facility involves $400 registration fee(s).

In other to register for our phoning facility, you are advice to provide us with the information below;











Once you provide us with the above information you are no longer anonymous to us.

(We) protect your privacy. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.

All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity

The information is what we are going to use to register you with our service.


Satellite Provider – Technologie Satelitarne

First of all, Iridium phones are uber-expensive! Anytime someone mentions a satellite or iridium phone being “free,” ask some serious questions, especially in an austere place like Afghanistan. If you ask too many questions about the service, you’ll miraculously get an email from the “soldier” in question professing his undying love for you. Coincidence? No. More thank likely, the email to the GSATCOM goes directly to the “soldier.”

So, if you get an email from a “Tim Graham Canny” – who doesn’t exist in the Army – send it to your spam box immediately. These people use these internet dating services as the initial opportunity, then progress to Yahoo chat and other methods of email communication. Oh, and here’s the clincher: he made Major General in less than 23 years!!! This guy should be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if he keeps this up. And if that doesn’t convince you, these photos of the good “general” will.

Yes, these are the actual photos sent to back up his story and sucker these women into giving them money. Don’t fall for it!

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  1. The second picture made me laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a general dressed that way! Also, I think this kid isn’t much older than 23 so how can he be in the military for 23 years? And any general I’ve met are at least in their 50s if not older! LOL! Thanks for the laugh although it is a serious story!

    • latest name is John Carrick but with the pictures of Adam Lingo who is a real soldier and again he asked for money $455.00 to connect to him in Afghanistan but I didn’t! oh and the poetic love he spouted lol this was on facebook. Cheek he has photo’s of this poor REAL hero called Adam Lingo!
      same story and bad grammar! lol

      • I dont know who to post in here except in reply .. am talking to a man who says he is a Captain in Iraq .. he said his name is Ryan Scott .. although he uses Scott Ryan on the site i meet him on … he has Relinger or Relingor on his uniform .. he said that Ryan Scott was his first two names when i questioned him .. he has two small children living with an Aunt in Florida .. I have pictures of him and i have traced his IP to California ..I hve pictures of him if anyone can help … my email is teneesha2003@yahoo.com.au thank you

        • omg, i had experienced so similar the past two days, this colonel stephen ownens divorced 2 years, kids, etc. deployed in iraq nearly 2 years wrote to me on datehookup dating site free. then he gave me his email which did not go through so he contacted me and for 2 days oh i love you miss you will be in the states so, i knew a red flag when in his profile he was david i when he wrote me he was steve? and pictures on his name tag was something different i could not make it out. after talking how much he could fall for me and desiring to meet me i should email the general if he could have a pass for two weeks which was another red flag when the general not the insurance general oh the commander general responding within ten minutes if not less and email me this oh yes we are so proud of steve s. owen when on his profile his middle initial was l. and after threee/four paragraphs about we need to cherish these service men and life is hard they have no access to their funds/money and i would have to sign a voucher and pay so much money up front??? that did it i said what? realizing why is a colonel on a free dating site while he is still in iraq, why do i have to contact a general and he responds within a few mins and why military men do not have access to their money oh they are not paid? are they slaves?? and why do i need to pay for someone i do not even know i email the general back later the day and said this is a scam please reply tell me i am wrong or i will take it to the Better Business Bureau and Army Facility in my town and every else i could think of be careful. i did not give this guy any money and i email him back and he said oh really this is happening i do not know any of this ? like they are so blind and stupid??? a person will use the military and we women love a man in a uniform when a real man is hard to find especially a military colonel or not a private or corporal a colonel. big man high ranking. what we poor single women want like in an officer/gentleman. i seen red flags from the straight that should be your first clue and if something seems to good run away. thanks for your time. do not let them play with your emotions. nonono. sometimes i learn if you go out with someone maybe it takes a coupple of times to find someone who will not scam you just be cautious and good luck. theresa

        • I have to say I had a similar experience with a Col. Mark Wikins in Darfur, Sudan. He was divorced with a dependent stateside. Claimed he was low on funds and needed me to help pay for the satellite phone as he couldn’t download Skype.
          Fortunately I had a bad feeling the first time he wrote to say how “lonely” he was. I mean come on. A Colonel in the Army is going to write something that sad to a woman he’s never met? Anyway the IP address was from Nigeria once I checked. His email address was markwilkins25@yahoo.com but he uses the last name of Hall apparently. Watch out ladies!!

        • I am talking to a Sgt Jonathan Laureles. He is starting to ask for money. If anyone else has had any experience with him, he is suspose to be a medic in Iraq, please contact me at maryseitz3@aol.com. Thanks.

        • Hey, this week this guy is Curtis Michael Scaparotti, a Major General, in Kabul on peace keeping. He has 500 men under him, & has his own bodyguard. In April, he will be coming here to Ga. to get me so we can go to his son’s wedding in the U.K.
          His poor wife died 3 yrs. ago in a car accident. Oh and he loves me so!!!
          I could tell that english was NOT his native tongue. I did not get hit up for any money as I busted him before he could ask. I kind of wish that I played along a little longer, but got bored with him. He does not realize that he gives himself away with his grammatical errors, like misspelling his own name. Not knowing his own b-day, even though it is on his own bio! Geez! This has got to be stopped.

        • I have met someone through Facebook for only thre weeks and I just did some oinvestigting. He poses Saying all the right things love quotes and wwants to meet me and marry me etc. As ‘LT general Curtis Scaparotti, but uses “Raymond Scaparotti” as his Facebook name. This guy is very slick Says the right things love quotes, says he loves you etc. Who knows if I continued this what would of happened. ladies beware of the scumbag

        • Maryann, Im getting the same stuff, This ones name is Simon graves Deimel. Wanting to get married, says wife died. Send pictures of him and his son. Wanted me to pay 300.00 to be able to talk to him. How do you find out if this a actual person. Or if its all bull, I of course think its bull. Please get married got to be kidding.Thanks Ali

      • Hi
        Poor old Adam lingos a popular target..(although he is a hottie!!! but unfortuantely married and not in Iraq) I have been talking to a “matthew” lingo but with Adams photos. I wish something could be done about these B***ards as lucky for me they never asked for money ( not sure why) so all I have got is hurt feelings and pride but I will get over that The ones that have lost money – it must be dreadful. I met him on a reputable UK dating site and to be fair his grammar was impecable – thats why I never had suspicions. I did end up contacting the American Embassy in London about it and have since reported it on. So I would advise any woman that gets photos of a Sgt Lingo – its not real-sorry!

        • Hi Nicki
          Yes my friend was talking to “Matthew” lingo too for 5 months and then he asked her to open a bank account for him. Apparently he was leaving the army and going to work in oil in Africa!! Again met on a reputable UK dating site. Yes we agree, what a hottie lol. We did a bit of detective work ourselves but never thought of calling the Embassy. Can you tell me if the real Adam Lingo knows that his identity has been used in this way? Just wondered if you had managed to find him as my friend is very concerned and thinks he should know. Sounds like you were talking to him at the same time as my friend. Good advice Nicki and I just thought I would back it up. Best of luck for the future.
          Carolanne and Liz

        • Hi Nikki, my friend posted a reply on my behalf regarding the “Matthew Lingo” situation, and I have to say I’m so glad that I’m not the only one. Yes poor Adam that poor man is a very popular target.I also used a reputable UK dating site * H**M**Y.
          And yes something needs to be done about thses B***ards, and yes his grammer was very good, although IT didn’t get the easiest of jokes, and many other things. But thats life. I didn’t loose any money but the alarm bell’s rang when he said he need to have access to a English bank account and could he use mine, thats when my suspicions where raised.
          My friend and I have done some detective work and found that it is a Nigerian scammer. They also use the name Raymond as we thought we had found the real one on face book, only then to find out that he was a scammer too. I would like to hear from you again, if you want. I will look on here soon.

        • Maybe a change of name again as today ive been contacted by a Major Jeffery Lingo has anybody heard of him ???Im sure hes a scammer i seem to be collecting them
          i now have
          SGT CHARLES LECAIN OR LEACAIN he spells it both ways
          SGT JONATHAN

        • Dear ladies,

          I am a french woman of 48 and on Meetic for the last 3 weeks.
          After 2 days, I falled totally for a beautiful “General Commander”. His name was Mark, widower, one son in boarding school and peacekeeper in Irak… I can tell you that the first letters were so beautiful, I can’t even remember having received anything like that before in my life!!!!!!!!!
          I’d like to think of myself as a very down-hearted woman as I raise alone 3 beautiful teen-agers. I became a little suspicious as he never wanted to show me his face on webcam and didn’t seem to know New-York very well, quite strange for a new-yorker….
          After a week, he wanted me to receive 650 000 euros in cash and gold… I know I am not that irresistible, lol!
          I called Meetic (He had also stolen my meetic account)and they acted “surprise”, I went to the police but as he didn’t take money for me, nothing…, I called the US embassy, each time I felt more and more humiliated…
          As you, I feel really bad for the “real guy” on the picture, they are fighting for the world freedom and don’t deserved to be dishonored like that. I hope my Mark isn’t your Lingo…I want him back so much!!!!
          Since that, I have been in touch with 3 generals, 2 sargents and more colonels… I have some tiny pictures on msn . Almost everynight 2 or 3 of them. I keep alerting the internet police and yesterday, I sent an email to the US army but I want to do more.
          I am afraid that some girl might not get through such an heartbreaker. We should join our forces! I am thinking of a facebook wall where we could hang the pictures and the fake profiles for ex. We are a lot, believe me! Most women haven’t heard of it before getting caught so it’s really important to share that story with the maximum of people.last week, I told a friend and she called me back two days later with a collegue from her office who was telling her how lucky and in love she was as she just had met the perfect US soldier on Meetic!!! I can tell she was mad at me to tell her the truth but at least, she would escape sooner.
          Also, can you help me to find the true owner of the picture, I think I might have some feelings left… Lol! Good luck to all of you and UNITED WE’LL WIN!!!!!!!!!

        • i am waiting to hear from a sgt matthew lingo at this current time and wondered if you have any photos you can let me have…this oil thing in nigeria really rings bells. unfortunately ive just got over cancer and have spent 3 weeks thinking this guys come to some harm in iraq which has really caused bad health. i only have a ‘pager’ no for him an last had a daily text on 5th june speakin a few days later when he was packin his bags. does anyone know about a robert ankeny an stephen bruce linked in here…photos would hel end this saga since hookin up on ehar***** on the 15th dec…i see hes updated his profile on sunday just gone an if this is the same guy would love to send one final msg ! lol then health and peace can return…earliest reply appreciated THANKS X i believe he may noe be talkin to an ENGELINE TAPERA an have bank xfers namin a maria williams and a major daniel knott

        • Hi, I am an english woman and wanted to let you know I was also talking to A Captain Matthew Lingo until 2 days ago on a reputable dating site. His english was very, very good and he was very believable. He said he was retiring and planning to do something in oil, divorced with one kid and lived in Alexandria, Virginia. He said he had no family, parents died and an only child. I was only talking to him for a few weeks and he did not ask for any money, probably building up to it. Something just didn’t sit right, all too good to be true, so I trawled the internet and found this site, thank God. Adam Lingo, whose photos he uses is now on facebook. I contacted him but judging by the terrible english in his response to me, this might be a scam too. I thought I would let you know. He is still logging on to msn but has not contacted me sine I outed him.


        • Hey Nicki
          I am to here you are putting your information out on this man but he goes by the name Msgt Steven McCabe in the air force aka Charles Lecain/leacain- smiling robert- alex roberts- simon roberts/robert simon- david alejandro walker- major jeffery lingo/matthew- hanks collins- sgt jonathan- adesina ajibola, akinlabi anthony, terry willaims—he is smooth and scammed me big time — i want revenged also

        • He also goes by albert lingo and tons of other names he is on the romancescammers.com website and i have a picture of the real guy. He asked me for money to but i didnt send any i mean why would i send money to someone i dont know i mean honestly. If anyone wants to see a picture of the guy using the real Mark Lingo’s picture let me know i found it.

        • i have photos of a LIngo …. & son
          what do u have ? can u send 2 me Please
          lets see if there the same lingo


        • Can u tell me anymore about him. Im sure im chatting with him at the moment,please email me at my hotmail address thanks

        • Omg, this is crazy, I have been talking to a David Harris on line he is so sweet until one day he asked me if I could pick up a package for him, i told him no, I could not do such thing because I dont know who is on the other side of the screen, it just did not feel right, he wanted to know where I was and who I was talking to and all sort of red flag questions and way I stopped talking to him, there came another Military man Captain Shawn Drew gave me a email address to contact him in Afghanistan, he loves me so much. How could u fall in love with some one so fast and so deep that u did not even know. This is crazy he send me pictures of him in a chopper and and another picture that did not look nothing like the same person. He keep asking why am I asking so many question, all I said just curious. I know this is all a scam. It is too much to say.

      • hi i had a john carrick contact me on face book too,i told him how i knew he was fake as i done a search on the net for another fake persons info and found this in the search. and then he came back and made threats i have proof as you know if your on face book all the message sent to your in box is sent too your email address too there is three on there as i know of .

        • you may contact me at lillywhitton@live.com

        • Ladies, for $1.00 (yes, one dollar) I will check out your beau and tell you if he is in the military or not, plus include a photo of him, if available.

          You can pay after I give you the information, and only if you are satisfied with the service. I take Paypal.

        • Joe Warner’s address is hotproton@gmail.com . He will tell you if your man is in the military or not.

          Pay $1, by Paypal, after service is rendered, if you wish.

      • has anyone been talking to a walter pafford? I have been talking to him for about two weekds. He wanted me to send him money for a phone card too. I know better than to send money to anyone on the internet I don’t know… they try to bully you but don’t let them get the best of you. pafford_walter@yahoo.com I just got bored so I kept it going to my amuzment..

        • same here with me..i’ve been chatting with a man named Steve Brown and he said he is in libya now and also a US soldier for peacekeeping base now in Libya….he asked me if i want to hear his voice..so he instructed me to make a request to their base so that we can talked on the phone..then he also said that i have to pay for the phone cards and call amounting to $250..he also said that he is using laptop for our communication and he said that they are not allowed to use any communications devices…and i’m thinking that how come he is using his laptop if they are not allowed to use phones..and he is insisting me to pay for the fees…he send me also pics in the battle…hahaha..all scammers go to hell….

          i just read your post and i want to share my experience to scammers..it was my 4th meeting with a scammers…and they did not get any money from me….sending expensive things in a package then the courier will demand you to pay for the delivery….see that they will use different kinds of strategies to get money from women…

      • How can you find out if someone really in the Service? How do you know if they are for real or a scammer?

      • CJ, What can you tell us about a John Castillo, U.S Army? Fake or Real?

    • Well gals I know him too and was dating him under the name of Steven Grant ( stevengrant62@yahoo.com ) from November 2009 until march 2010 and sent him over 1800.00. Now you all should feel a little smarter, I stayed with him long like a real idiot!!!
      I would like a list of every name this man hs used because I am going to turn him in. From what I have found so far is that he has used about 9 other names on other scam sites and I plan on listing every name he used, phone number, IP address and anything else I find on a website dedicated just to him! Anyone willing to help me out?

      • I was chatting to a guy Lt Christopher Morris sent me poems etc,,, chatted on MSN then asked me for $350 so we could chat I knew something not right I sent his emails to my friends they could not believe what he was saying, this scam needs to be stopped as some ladies would believe it ,…..

        • I too was almost scammed by a very suave man named Bernard Christopher Morris. He is on a dating site called hot or not.. Ladies beware he tells you everything you want to here. Do not talk to him. He claims to be a sgt. in the us army…

        • I think I found LT Christopher Morris on match.com…or he found me. What else can you tell me? 8 year old son Alex in boarding school while he’s in afghan? Can text somehow but can’t email because he’s away on missions?. Wants money to bribe a reservist to take his place? Thank goodness I’ve only gotten 1 poem. Hokey!

          Thanks, sue

        • I also have been talking with a Steve Morris, Staff Sgt in the Army stationed in Baghdad and due to get out in two months to retire. I have been talking with him for 6 days now with no mention of money but have read some of the things that supposedly other military men have written and have found word for word things that this Steve has also written. He even sent me three pictures and I made him send me a picture of his ID card. Also he video cam me because I also asked to see him


        • Well, I cannot believe that I am reading all this. I met Major Bri (Brian) Yahoo email: gen_bri@yahoo.com
          location: Afganistan, makes good money and is looking for: Am looking for that right woman to start up a new life with and am a US Army presently in Afghanistan for peace keeping,i have been in the military since 21yrs ago and a Major,i lost my wife 5yrs ago and i have 1 son 15yrs old..just joined this site 3days ago looking for that woman to make things right with me..What about you what are you doing for a living?

          THE TOUGHT I WOULD FALL FOR THIS AND NEXT HE WANTED $320 TO SET UP A SPECIAL PHONELINE so we could talk and I would get the money back after three phone calls. And when I said no he changed his tone.

          I hope the the ARMY has better men than that!

      • He told me his name is Garry Hammond – he uses lava life and badoo. I searched his name on the internet. The IP address is 15.1.3099.0211 I believe. He told me that he had a 15 year old son called Alex. His e-mail address is little_alex123@live.com. I reported this as phish and did not get his IP address. But has son had a weird last name like Amanam. It just did not match.

        The bad grammar is a big tip off and the fact andso is the fact that he declares his undying love to you in the first e-mail. Dont’t believe him at all.

        I hope he gets caught and rots in prison for a long time. They should make sure he does not have access to the internet though.

        • I had the same issues recently. The person claimed to be David Edwards. He was using the photos of 1SG Duane Rancourt, US Army. I’m trying to contact him to let him know, but his Myspace.com accnt has been inactive since May 2009. I can’t believe people are doing this. It makes people like my son, who is also an Army soldier, look bad. his email address was dvdwards@aol.com.

        • I have been talking to a David Edwards for 3 months now. He has recently started asking for money for phone privileges and said he could take a personal leave from afganistan but it would cost me $900 because it was a personal leave. He has sent me several pictures and emails with music attached and lots of poems. He must think i’m stupid because i have friends and they said if you get leave it doesn’t cost it is something earned with time.

        • I think I may hv just been scammed by the same guy. He told me he has a son named NIck & that he lost him at 15yrd old & that he lost him in a car crash with both his parents. Grammar was always a bit weird & after many emails of how much love & $$ he wanted to give me spoil me & take care of me, he asked for a 2800$ round trip ticket to come home to the states. Most wld ask for $2800, not 2800$. Said he had a house in Brooklyn, then QUeens & one in Hollywood. Divorced, wife cheated on him. When I told him I cld not help, asked me to borrow & then told me I was not an honest woman. I reported him to the dating site. Hopefully no one else gets scamed by this a..HOLE!!!

        • David Edwards is still doing the rounds. Only tonight I have been contacted by a man claiming to be him on Flirt.com. He claims to be in the US army deployed in Afghanistan on a peace mission, and intending coming to the UK to live when he finishes there. Very quickly he was asking about me and hinting if we could chat and get to know each other we might just be right for each other. Not sure how you can work that out in a 5 minute conversation. I let him know that I believed he was a scammer and that it wouldnt be me that he would be getting together with. His email address was David48s@hotmail.com.

        • hey i think i found other one his name is sgt bryan williams he hasn’t ask me for anything i been talking to him 3 months n so far so good but he did tell me something about talking over the phone but i aint falling for it im giving him a taste of his own med.. but im keep playing along i already found him in 3 dating site god knows how many more but good i found this cuz felt something was off with him he pull the im Afghanistan .. not me baby im on it .. im sorry ladies that yall were victimized to these s.o.b sitting here trying to take the lil bit that we got and take care of THEIR, no baby boy.. well ladies just look out for him his yahoo .. is w.bryan33@yahoo.com dont believe him im pretty sure he just like the rest tell u these lie so u can pay to for him call .. whatever he try to fool this girl .. it aint happen .. but be careful that im pretty sure he just like the rest .. AND THANK TO THIS WEBSITE IM PUTTING ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS ON TO THIS .. THANKZ

      • ye i will…contact is jolee.romano@googlemail.com..id have thought lingo would be sippin pimms somewhere exotic by now..he was a majorl on freedate with a dead wife an ye he hails from alexandria va with a son donald of around 9 thats into martial arts. A staff sgt isnt even a commisioned officer so he cldnt be a captain a few weeks later..what a failure at even scammin these days…its public knowlege and i can trace the last 2 years of him. These funds hes havin to work around the clock in some nigerian boiler room to scrape together could be fundin anti us arms child porn or anything…he wants removin from netlog where hes been adamlingo with no gapsc as this alarmingly is a youth network site..ive had breast cancer an one removed…youd have tgt he was my best friend..an wtg for anther op got quite ill checkin daily us fatalities for his name…then ive had quite a windfall just this week and im glad hes mistimed all of this so badly ! for him..but not for me…also listed as a white nigerian scammer alex lingo alias jizzmonkey..what a high class guy yuk lol

        • hi i have had just the same sort of thing tht happened to me yesterday but i was lucky as he had been chatting to me for 8hrs and i had to go off lie as i only have dial up and you cannot use the ph when you go on dial up wen i went back online this michael adam lingo was hard out trying to get ahold of me and was saying all these lovely things etc and then he said he would like to communicate but ot would cost me alot of money but refundable in 24hrs so i looked up and got an email and as soon as i seen western uninon i knew then tht he was a scammer,he has a son called joe who is 21 and is a widower and that he would ask to relocate to me in NZ which i thought was fishy also.and then he asked me if i owned a hm ,car etc and said tht he had a mate called jimmy and would hook them up so my friend and i played them off we did not ask for money as tht wasn’t our intentions as i am on Are You Interested dating line and he seen me and asked if i was interested. He is a scammer and all should be aware of tht name as if you see western union umo it’s a scam and also i rung our NZ army and spoke to a nice man who said they can set up skype for free over there as well as i could also and they can commincate to u without phoning and funny thing is tht if they cant do tht then how do they chat lol.so be wary of tht dating line also and thk god i wised up he got nthing from me and i am reporting to face book and have reported him to windows llive and are you interested and i will also be going to face book next as i want him barred from the sites and facebook.So all ladies dnt answer any army guys at all no matter where you are someone tht has not even met yo and says they love you straight away is talking shit, thank u and dont be silly and ignore our msgs about the scammers

        • Hi i wish to god id known about this all before as i am in a terrible situation, absolutly devasted, have fallen for a so called Capt Aaron johnson of camp victory Afghanistan, and lost £12,000. believe it all not i have a degree in nursing and didnt think i was stupid and gulable enough to allow this to happen. im on my 2nd kidney transplant have an Autistc boy lost my partner yr half ago in a horific diving accident so was very vunerable. there were warning bells but he always had a legit answer . ihad what looked like official documents form the us verterans and Colonel Watson ect , i even checked them out,! finally went to the plice and they tell me it is a scam, and i have lost it all. i took out an overdraft , a loan , all my savings and now i havent the money to pay the monthly repayments on the loan and overdraft. i feel so violated raped of all my dignity. my self esteem and my pride have gone i feel devasted , and im in a very dark place at the moment trying to survive for my sons sake. what a hell hole and what a evil wicked thing we have in this world.debbie

        • CJ Where can I send you a P.Message? Private Matter

      • I’m with you Kim I also finding to to catch all these bastard —my email is mvazquez4@msn.com

        • please if you could write i need to see if this guy i am talking to is real is says he is in the army/with pics

      • I was scammed by Sgt Mattew Tonsetic who is deployed in Baghdad, Iraq. I met him on match.com His email address is belive_god03@hotmail.com. He claimed to have a 14 year old son, Gabriel Agbeko, living with Mattew’s mother in Accra, Ghana. He told me that he was from Bronxville, New York, and froze his bank accounts before leaving for Iraq. He and his son asked me to help pay for Gabby’s outstanding tuition fees and also the summer IT program. Mattew promised that he would pay me all back once he returned to States in September. Unfortunately, I did wire transfered money to Accra twice. Now, he asked me to help him out of Iraq by paying for the flight ticket. I realized that I was caught in a scam operated by a group of Ghanians. He said that he would marry me and to spend the rest of our lives together. When I refused to pay for the plane tickets, he stops chatting with me. Yes, we should all work together to bust those scammers who stole the identities of the real soldiers.

        • Although i have yet to be scammed by this Mattew Tonsetic, he began writting to me on September 13, 2010. I met him on the Lavalife dating site. He has told me about his son Gabriel and hi daughter whom he does not see because she lives with his ex-wife. He has also told me about his mother who reportedly lives in Accra. I began supicious and decided to look up his name on line when after a couple of days he told me he loved me, wanted to marry me and that i was his world. Thanks for your post as it confirmed what i was suspecting all along. The email address u have listed is the one he uses to communicate with me. He says that he will be retiring from the army in January 2011.

        • I think the man I was talking to are the same man as Linda but different name. I met him at match.com. He claims his name is Frank Rancourt. his email address is Frank_Rancourt@yahoo.com. he also claimed to have a 12 year old adopted son living in Accra, Ghana which he can’t contact with when he is station at iraq. First he wants me to help him contact his son and see how he is doing. I did help him call his son but when the next day, he ask if I could help him get his son an iPhone for his birthday and he promised that he will pay me all back when he get back to the state, i kind of suspicious and I told him that I could not help him because I don’t really know him yet. The next day we chat again, i insist that he show me his face on web cam but he never did. All the pictures he send me that he claimed it was him, I fall for it. I also so stupit to share with him my pictures because we did photo share when we chat on IM in yahoo. Now he had some of my pictures and I wonder what he might do with my pictures. He might use them to scammed other male person.
          Yes I agreed, we should all work together to bust these scammers who stole the identities of the real soldiers.

        • I too have enough information to catch someone, but have turn the information into the CID and the FBI, in Jan, but haven’t heard anything. yet. I am too, for putting all the information we have on FACEBOOK. I have started one, but haven’t put in all the information I have. Lets get together. Lots of scamers on Badoo.com

        • I am chatting right now with a man named Mosqueda James who says he is a staff sergeant in Kabul, Afghanistan. He sent me a lot of pictures of himself and his son. He claims to have lost his wife to breast cancer eight years ago and has just the one son named Bill James. The son is staying with a cargiver in Accra, Ghana and I just sent money for the son’s birthday which is tomorrow. Now he is asking me for more money for the son since he cannot send any from the desert. He said he froze his accounts before going to Afghanistan. This sounds very similar to what you are experiencing. I am hesitating on sending more money and now he is pushing me for an amount and time that I can send it. He writes very loving emails and chats and I have fallen for it, but I am concerned now that I am reading about all these scams that sound so similar. You can contact me at callilu2@gmail.com if you want to compare notes on these guys.

      • I had the same thing happent o me. but I did send money. I’m still talking to hime online. he goes by the name Marcus Swain. Is this name on your list?

        • stop talking to him and don’t send any more money..These people are from Ghana or Nigerians.. They’re all scammers.. Please please please. DON’T SEND ANY MONEY…

        • I am looking for two men…Alex Williams and David James McNamara. I was scammed out of about $400K total sent to Alex Williams in Accra, Ghana over the span of 2 yrs. When I can’t call Alex, I call Zinatu Saeed and I get an immediate phone call from Alex. I am caught up in I don’t know what……I am so scared of what is going to happen to me. I don’t have any family to turn to. I have nobody to talk to about all this. I have received many items that were purchased with fraud credit cards and I turned them over to the police. I have talked to the FBI, but I need somebody I can just talk to. I have no where to turn. I am at my wits end. I am contemplating suicide. I can’t handle this anymore. I cant handle this anymore. Then David McNamara contacted me through Singlesnet,com. He claims he is a Colonel in the US Army located in Afghanistan. I have pics of this man. We talked online for a couple months. He wanted a phone so I sent him an old Blackberry. He claims he will be leaving the Army on May 21, 2011. I am turned to him and discussed some things that had happened with Alex. He said we would deal with things when he came home. In order for him to receive the phone, I had to send it to a Prince in UK. He supposedly delivered the package to Afghanistan. Supposedly he needed to buy airtime for his phone. Well he didnt know I was in the US Army and I know how things work. So I just let him keep talking and carrying on and he is unknowingly burying himself. When he told me he borrowed $2500.00 from this Prince and he needed my help in paying him back, red flags went up. I gave all kinds of reasons as to why I couldn’t give him the money. When he realized he wasn’t getting any money from me, he told me he was going to another post where there wasn’t internet. Now I know better than that. I asked for a number to call him…he said there is no number for you to call my office. that is BS, I know better than that. I just want to find the both of these men. Has anybody else had contact with these two men? I want to know. Email me at randinef@aol.com. Lets compare notes before I end my life on May 1, 2011. Thank you for your time and attention.

        • I am talking to a guy cptn.George Wilson i did send money for internet service twice de 8th of each month then I send money fro his flight 2300 and then 1700 to another flight .Hi did send me the confirmation that the tickets were paid in KLM can this be true or not they offer you the world ,and you just fall in love like idiot i never thoug about scam i just talk to him on Friday ,every day was longer chats that we spend 3 hours last week,how someone have time to do all this.his emails are.
          I have pictures of him with uniforms and also with sport cloths if someone want to see the pictures let me know.
          He said have a daughter in canada 21 years old her name is Lisa Wilson and seh make him sign on plenty of fish dating site.
          if someone get familiar with this name please email me to .

        • Lori, I have a Marcus Burke. Ever heard of him. Infact we still talk but I have so many doubts. I am very mean with money so no money sent to him.

      • I have landed on a guy who calls himself jack wilson on facebook also facebook.com/csmjackwilson…please get back if same guy

        • Sgt. Jack Wilson deployed to Acure, Nigeria. Contacted me on dating site Confrio.com. He says he lives in Baltimore. His wife died 3 y.o. from breast cancer, son 15 y.o. Henry stays in England with a friend. He wrote long wonderful letters through e-mail. He told me he loved me, I am his soul mate…. Asked me to send $500 for phone service to specific person in Nigeria. used God bless america, God bless you… do u have his picture? I only have one from dating site.

      • Hi can someone help me find if Capt. George A Wilson exist he said is from Las Cruces New Mexico IN US ARMY now in Sangin Adghanistan i have pictures of him very sweet guy involved me like crazy i ended sendin 4 times money total of 5000 to china to pay his ticket and internet service i have all information and saved every single e-mail and chats in my phone.
        talk to him almost everyday until Friday May 27.

        • There is no George A. Wilson who is a CPT. There is a contractor, a master sergeant and a sergeant.

          Sorry, I don’t see your guy.

      • hi my mums talking to a soldier now and he’s blagging her for 1000$. and she wont listen to me can one of you try to talk some sence into her please alan xx
        dumblonde1952@hotmail.co.uk thanks

      • Sorry Joe Warner’s Email address is hotproton@gmail.com

    • I have seen this man on a website called Hot Or Not. I have currently been chatting to a soldier in Afghanistan and he has just asked me if I will send an email to the following email: TS2USmilitaryconnection@usa.com
      I have sent an email but so far no reply. This is so we can chat on the phone.I am wondering if this is a genuine email. With all this scamming going on I am so worried now that he may not be who he says he is.How can we know for sure please?

      • Marlene be careful,I was sucker in and lose some money.It sounds like the same thing i was pulled into.Check with the military inlistment place in your home town and they can give you the info you need.They told me when i called them they furnish our military with stuff they need and when i told them what the people wanted me to do the soldier in the office said it was a scam.The scammers can say all the right things and push all the right buttons,so be carefull.If they are true they will not ask for money,and believe it or not they have tried to contact me again posing ask a Gen David Petraeus,SO GOOD LUCK AND PLEASE BEWARE

        • I forgot to say who the scammers name was that contacted me the first time,it was a sgt Patrick Mcdonald.So ladies beware of that name also and I am willing to help anyway i can to put these scammers out of business.I also have pics of this so called patrick mcdonald.I am sure the pics i have is probably or could be the real pat mcdonald.

        • I have recently been in contact with a John Dodson Perez who is supposed to be a colonel currently serving in Haiti as part of the peace keeping mission. However, I notice that his grammar and spelling is very bad. He says that he will soon be moving into an area where there is no internet service so he wants me to sign up with a special service provider so that we can continue to communicate. However, he says that it is costly and is about USD1,850 but the amount is refundable.
          I am very skeptical and told him that I can wait it out. There are many things he told me that doesn’t add up. Like he says he joined the service at 20 and served 33 years but he is now only 49. So he can add either.
          I have asked a friend to help me look for a private investigator to check up on him. Perhaps all you girls out there should do the same if you are really interested in someone from an online dating site. He is the third scammer that I’ve come across. Is there no real honest person alive anymore ?

        • Hi Marlene,
          My nane is Juliet from Vancouver Canada, its too late for me when I’ve learned that The Gen. Frank Moops I’ve been chatting for almost 4 months is A scammer. I cannot believe it, pretending he is a Christian and a very sweet talking, never in my whole life
          encounter a guy like that, Its like a dream come tru to me. I was scam bec. he said he was In Iraq 3 yrs ago and found a Bar of
          Golds,to make it short He put it in A keep deposit in London. Bec, he was in Afghanistan right now no Acees of money, Ihave to pay first the Security Co. to rrelease the box be. the buyer is waiting, I emailed the Co. and reply me after a day. And I have to pay 14,000 sterling thats 22,000 cAN. I told him give me a proof that you are really Afgh. right now well he send me lots o photos from there. I lost my money
          all in all 46,000 And it too late already I’ve been crying many nights since it happens
          just want to share, He is still in WOOME yahoo.com His picture is fake you can see him

        • Hi,
          lm at this very moment talking to a so called “Sgt Jeff Wilganoski” in Afganistan, he has advised me in order to talk to him l would have to email some communications department, then l get asked to send $250 USD via money gram, prepared to lose the $250, l sent it & now there is a %2750 USD payment required for transit leave & liberty pass. l suspect his full of crap this crafty specimen, l have checked all IP Addresses & all based in America (washington) though still suspicious as l have heard such awful things. what else can l do to confirm he is the bug that deserves to be squashed

        • ———- Forwarded message ———-
          From: GEN. RAYMOND T. ODIERNO military transit depart
          Date: Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 2:03 PM
          Subject: *** Transit Process Of Captain……***

          My name is Gen. David Peatrus and i have been put in-charge of the Transit process of Capt………..by the Transit Department of the US Army.. I promise to guild you through the process to the best of my ability.

          You can now proceed with the transit application of your fiance ”Captain…………….” name will be kept annonymous.
          You should also be aware that, during this transit process, you are going to remit some amount of money($2100 )to our finance department. This will be return to you as soon as your fiance’s safe arrival is confirm.
          You are advise to provide us with your information required below:

          Name :
          Age :
          Work :
          SSN :
          Address :
          Cell number

          Once you provide us with this information you are no longer anonymous to us.
          We protect your privacy and we do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.
          All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity. The information is what we are going to use in registration of your name with the Military Transit Department.

          Gen. David Peatrus

          Multi-National Corps Iraq-Afghanistan

          Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory Kabul

          APO AE 09342




      • well i hate to tell you but ts2usmilitary connection is a scam i talked to a military man that has filled me in on a lot if you send a email to ts2 it will come back and say the a registration fee is 545.00 but the truth its a aol account that it uses and the woman lives in ohio that except the email on aol but the truth its all a scam so beware ..need to know more you can email me just reply to this and i will get back to you with my email

        • I have been asked to send an email to the same address. I live in Ohio. This was to arrange for sending money for phone communication to a Colonel in Afghanistan. Please tell me what you know about this. He seems sincere, but I want to know if I am being set up. Why does the bad grammer seem to be such a common factor. Are they not American or just poorly educated and if so, how do they become so high ranking?
          Thank you

        • To Robin johnson,
          If he’s a COLONEL he’s pulling in 5 to 6 thousand a MONTH. Don’t be fooled it’s a scam.


        • hi i have knowed this guy call,s him self EDWARD PRESTON, saids he is a col. special forces. sarry dont belive him any more.saids he needs money to come home $300 .i have asked miltary doesnt have to pay. still trying to get money wants me to pick up money gram and send to someone in africa. not going to.can someone tell me whates going on my email add. is lindaallison60@yahoo.com ,,need to talk meet him on line. saids he is in afgan. in war zoon here,s his email edwardspreston50@yahoo.com please help

      • I got suckered into the same thing. My Dad works on an Army base so I talked to him about it and he told me it is a legit company. I sent the company my money then they wanted more. It would have cost me about 5000 to talk to a so called SGT Brandy Floyd. I got suckered out of a lot more money because I thought this guy was telling me the truth after that. I would love to get my hands on him and get my money back.

        • Hi I gues we can’t get our money back i wish we coul i spend 5000 to chat and think my self that someone can love me,what is going on with us ,how can we catch this people it would be nice to place all the pictures in the internet from all this people my guy was George Wilson from kabul Afghanistan.
          my e-mail silvesdy@hotmail.com

      • I had someone by the name of Adams chris Melito request I do the same. I did get an answer back asking me to give the rank of the person and other info. I never went through with it because the guy said I had to pay $200. Thank god I had no money, not that I would have done it anyway. When some one says they love you without meeting you is a fraud. You will know when they ask for money. That is a red flag!!I also found out that if they are using a yahoo account instead of an email address in “mil” then that is a red flag too.
        Undying love and asking for money? Walk away!

        • I also had Adams Christopher Melito find me on Lavalife he told me he was a Pediattrician with UNICEF and he is in Africa right and when he comes home wants to start a life with me and that he has a seven year old son and also set it up to were I was im on yahoo with his son and him.Please be aware of this person cause in my situation he was a doctor not a solder.

        • iv been talking to a sgt Brent Cole…and his army friend sgt chris adam…Brent wanted me to send money to ts2soldiers@mail2army.com…when i didnt his friend would try to push me to do it…how i met the guy was thru an adult chat site…his co called lil cuzin (kate howard)…found me and hooked us up on yahoo…then i met his friend…they all 3 tryed working me ..but i’d not send money point blank to nigeria…western Union Only…to sum guy he told me was his friend months ago…a Benjamin Egwim…whom i looked up online…is a young black teen on twitter whom lives in nigeria…likes to brag too…same info…widower getting ready to retire dead wife two boys named kenny an dave….old momma getting bad off…looking for his luv…funny i wrote the ts2 addy he gave me…i got a reply…from a kenny an dave…lol…thought that was his kids names ..yeah yeah…brent cole… allso has a facebook…full of pics of girls..anyone hear of theses birds befor?

      • that e mail is the same I got for a phone he wanted, mine is kraftrichard35@yahoo.com please let us exchange pics of these guys it may be the same person, Thank you and this e mail and guy is a scam dont fall for it!

        • i am being scammed by this name general alex parker miller.. bearing of his email id alexparker_44@yahoo.com

        • Somebody need pics and info about guy- Aaron Quesada (aaronquesada@live.com)??
          Below his letter of leave –it might help somebody.. I did not communicate with him long.. still you could see this is total scam.. Can you imagine to write letter like this, called myself fiancé and I never saw the guy and communicated with him about 3 weeks..
          Baby here is the leave letter i wrote below..i tried to make good of it and hope that our letter captures their attention…so i can be considered to return back home to see you and my family.

          Hello Sir/Ma
          It is with humility and great respect that I pen this letter to your department. While I’m sure that you receive letters of request that come across your desk, it is my prayer that you would afford me a few moments of your time.
          My soon to be husband, Aaron Quesada, is currently deployed in active duty to Paktika Providence, Afghanistan. His rank is as Captain in the US Army and one of the commanders of Regimental Combat Team 6 in Afghanistan.
          Your office would know him as a soldier, an officer, which is highly committed and loyal to the service of his country, our God and his precious Army. It is my opinion The United States Military would be hard pressed to find a more humble servant. His son, his precious mother and I are very proud of his work and his accomplishments.
          Today I write to you with what may seem to you an odd request, yet I am in desperate need of assistance. My plea would be for my soon to be husband to be granted leave. We have a few unique circumstances that I would like to bring to your attention that might qualify my request. I might state that we are new to long distance relationship, but that in itself is not the reason for my letter. I am quite sure there are many new couples in your ranks. However, there are some very important issues and current happenings in our life that I find can only be handled by my husband. Please read our story before your decision is made.
          Aaron and I fell in love and will be married soon. My Aaron has a son Caleb Job (CJ). While I love CJ with all of my heart our relationship was new and Aaron’s deployment to Afghanistan did not allow sufficient time for me to establish the relationship needed to feel confident enough to bring CJ away from his security…his “Granny”(Aaron’s mother) It was decided that CJ be left in the care of Aaron’s mother.

          Unfortunately, our situation will change, because CJ’s lovely grandmother is unfortunately more and more ill. She is a wonderful older lady, but she can´t take care for CJ alone. We urgently need to find a way how we use the situation for our family for good. Our CJ needs a family that can care for him with stable conditions. He is still very young and he needs our protection as more as others. I need my man for all formalities to be able to run, that we can create the basis of our family. Especially since we are still living in separate countries now.

          You see, I am not CJ´s biological mother. His mother passed away . But i will be for him a well-caring, compassionate and loving mother. He is a very smart, polite boy and he needs a caring environment and a beloved home. This is my reason, why i need my Aaron back home, that we can regulate this.
          I plea for Aaron’s release. I hope to hear from you soonest.
          Sincerely & Respectfully,

          Below the letter,You will write your full names,address and phone numbers below.

          Okay baby i have to go now…I love you….don’t forget me Honey.Kisses and Hugs.

          Love always,


        • This e-mail address ( see below) been used by scammer – Aaron Quesada ( aaronquesada@live.com) for me to request his leave..
          Baby I would like you to keep mum and observe what we in the military refer to as the code of silence about you requesting for my leave request.It is classied information…you are not supposed tell anyone about it.Its a backdoor method for me to get my leve back home quickly.The charges that might be requested are for the prompt processing of my leave back home.My boss says my leave could be granted within a few days if you can meet up with the terms and condition for the approval.

          Here is the email transitdepartment@unitedstates-military.us

          Angel i really do pray and hope that the army will acknowledge you requesting for my leave.I do not have an idea of the fees that will be charged for the processing of my leave

      • hi, also I am in the same situation as you to me $200s is a lot of money,at this time of month when bills have to be met…..though I would skrimp by to listen to my love…..also I replied to the email that need details for the phone connection ans have had no responce

        • I have been scammed by someone claiming to be Captain Michael Massingale deployed in Afghanistan. He claimed his daughter was at a military facility in CA. Long story short……I was his soulmate….and a lady with a good heart etc……..I ended up sending him over £6000 to help him get home ! He asked for a further £12000 to facilitate a special procedure to get him early retirement…….fortunately I didn’t send anymore money.
          His email is massinmic@yahoo.com

        • Hi, I am in the same situation with a man calling himself Captain James Massingale, Do YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES.

      • Girls please pay very close attention to grammar and details they are giving to you. If you look carefully into details you can see soooooooo much discrepancies..This is a reason why those guys are trying to blind you with big love words so you will not pay attention about the rest. If you have noticed they will not talk much about details of past life or future life with you. ( or if they do —tons of discrepancies –names, dates..etc..)..They just saying you mean the whole world for them and level of their admiration is totally totally OFF chart..
        And again leave in US military is free.. They have phones all the time and their account are always accessible..Be healthy skeptical and check as much info as you can..

        • alexa pls give me a phone number of us military? ,, pls,, i also inlove to person that i have chated now..he sent me more picture 5 picture,, now im dealing him, i pay 1350us$ for requesition for leave, then 2nd i pay 1,100 for his transit pay,,now he is dealing with his retirement fee benifit, that cost,5,500 usd,,but now im so confused im not have money to pay for that,, thats i think when i got this money,, and i read some letters,,pls help me,,how to identify this person,, he is real in the picture …hope you reply soon melinda

        • Melinda you are in love with a scammer please do NOT send this lying African anymore of your money he is a FRAUD a SCAMMER CON A Liar get it so stop talking to him he has stolen from you do not send him one dollar he does not need any of your money cut him off and go to scamwarners.com and romancescam;com for support do not send this African any more money at all tell him to get off of his lying begging ass and get a JOB you have been warned.Anonn

        • Hello!
          I have read alot here about scammers and now I really worried if I have talk with some also how can I do to check if this person is true or not …. if I was stupid

        • The man in question is named , Tom Barker from Chicago Illinois. stationed in suddan Africa. claims to be a captain in the US Army. To get an early personal leave …..I have sent 500 then 700. now claiming its more. Help me find out about this man please. I am so niaeve to the game they play. I have been talking to him on facebook for 8 mos. he never asked me to do this ? I feel stupid for being fooled. I had to send money to An agent in turkey. 2 different names. How can I check this out ?????I am just pissed !!!!!!

    • I have met someone on match.com who is a captain in the US army, flies military helicopters and is presently in Basra. He is retiring soon and we have developed an intense relationship online. I have confronted him about these soldier scams and he says he is not part of it. Does anyone know of a Captain Travis McFly who is from Pekin Illinois or have you met someone who sounds like the same man. I have pictures of him as well and can make availbe if need be. Because of my deep feelings for this man, I am hoping that he is telling me the truth and that my heart will not be broken. He is set to retire mid June. His deployment ends on May 30th in Mosul Iraq and then he heads bake to US. He wants to relocate to Canada to be with me. Any thoughts out there on this one would be helpful. Thanks

      • Susan,
        You could ask for his service number and his home address for identity verification. Also like they say above, ask him to send you an email from his military email address. If you have a friend in the States, then ask him/her to verify the identity for you. make sure you know which branch of the service he is in eg. Army, Navy or Marines. That’s what I did and the guy refused to provide the details saying that it’s against security. BS.

      • Hi Susan, Please be SO careful. I have just ended an intensely long relationship online w/a supposed soldier telling the same story. He is retiring in June and wants to move to MA to be w/me. He went so far as to say he was sending a package to me and when that supposed day came the person who was to deliver this package was stuck in Africa and needed over $6000 to bring the package because it was in customs. My story and yours seems similar so please be careful..I didn’t lose $ but I did have a tough road to get over the feelings I had and still do for the photos I hold. All my best to you.

        • Kathy, would you be willing to send me the pictures? I had the same story from my man. nic_anel26@hotmail.com

        • Hi there, Thanks to this site so we can communicate with the world. My story is identical to yours, the delivery man got stuck in Ghana airport as customs asking a lot of money.I would like to help a certain Ivan Nobile.In the US army, Baghdad Iraq. People in Ghana are using his photos and personal details in a scam by defrauding women with money. I have a bank account number, cell number in Ghana and 2 email address of this certain delivery man.”Daren Smith”. I have two name that is for the bank account he gave me.”Archimides Dankyi” and the other one is “Jibril Mohammed”
          I also didn’t lose $ but have a tough time to get over the guy who’s photos I have.

        • i had it over a year.can you send me his pictures. i have a lot but he said he was a captain

        • oh my god. this sounds like mine. the soldiers name is jake issac. met on match.com. wife died 11 years ago. did a good deed in iraq, got paid money.decided to have a friend, a diplomat, jeorge abt.bring it to the states. but got stuck in customs in acca, ghana/and then again in england more money needed to be sent for certificate from customs in ghana. i got pictures of jake and family and two months of daily conversations. 2/3 hours long. his email jake_iss@yahoo.com also oon yahoo im. i am so hurt i sent money, but while i was trying to investigate i never found right site hope this helps someone

        • i also have landed on a soldier called jack wilson a diplomat in africa wanting 12000 out of me ithis one on facebook also..get back please suzanne

        • same as my story thats today 6th november 2011 – these guys are still operating – my guy is timothy murphy and said he wanted money to get parcel of money out of gaza via africa with a person named alex daniels – who are these guys – did not give him the money by the way but he has my name, address which is scary now

      • Susan…I live in Central IL & saw your post, so I had a look in the local tri-county telephone book which includes Pekin, IL…I’m sorry to report that there are no families listed @ all with the sirname (last name)of McFly.

        • Susan I would like to hear what happened to you.

      • scammer thats wot thy all say

      • Hi Susan,
        I hope you did not give him money, That story of yours is really similar as mine, Going to retire next year and Deployed in AFGHANISTAN, no access of money overthere, I have to sent money for his son doing research in Ghana. First time I will sent him money in Wetern Union the lady told me if you met this person on line this is scam. So I listen to her and did not sent the money. And I told Gen. Frank Moops that he
        is a Scam. But he denied everything that his not all those e-mail that his was crying and begging me to sent the money bec. his son
        really needs it. Many texting and lots of
        e-mails. Then I believe him and send the money and going on and on. Not until a friend of a friend came from Ontario send me
        this site to read, bec. your story is just similar to the victim. Right after I read the victims story I knew that I was scammed.
        I was thingking
        to send that big amount of money to invest for that Gold of Bars, He found in Iraq 3 yrs. ago. I even e-mailed the Coaster Finance and Security Co. which the safe box keep there. I was so stupid not to check it first. Its too late already that Co. doesnt exist at all are Fake. I LOST ALL MY MONEY… I e-mailed him that he is a SCAMMER but he told me his not, he will pay all my money. But I wrote in his Send Gift in WOOMEE Yahoo profile lots of things so that all the Lady’s will be aware. I thought I found my dream guy bec. really he makes you believe. When I googled him He lives in Ghana Frank Moops not in Afghanistan
        they are in big Group involved, bec. theres somebody will accept the money, and somebody will phone you if you will not response his e-mail. That the General is so worried why I did reply his text and e-mail. At first they will tell you after a week he will go to Afghanistan to finish the papers overthere
        bec. he will retired next year. You really gonna love the Scammer’s love notes they are good on it. They will brainwashed you not to tell your friends, bec. he wants them to surprised. What a fool I am to beleive him,when I have doubts on him. He send me pictures that his in Agghanistan with all these photo very high ranking official. I wonder were they got all those really make you believe. I hope all the Lady’s SAEEKING FOR lOVE WILL BE VERY CAREFUL! GOOGLED THEM

        • I just noticed a man with a similar story on OkCupid. Josh Brown he says he’s 42 about to retire and his 16 year old son lives in Alabama with his parents. He’s looking for a wife because he’s bored with the Military and just wants to meet the right woman to settle down with. His previous wife died in a car accident. I knew right off this was shady…even his name on his Military shirt did not match. And his pictures looked way younger than 42.

          Now I passed that one off… but met another…this one I have been talking with for a Week and little red flags are going off and it makes me sad because he seems very down to earth and aside from a few word flaws he seems normal. (He says he’s half Dutch and is a Sergeant Commissioned Officer for the Marines.) His Name is Mike Turnbull. I found out through a Dutch Customer at work that Turnbull is not a Dutch name..when I confronted him on it he said he goes by his Mothers name and keeps Van Ooijen hidden…which is his surname. We only IM on yahoo…I made a specific account for the IM messaging..the things that caused me to wonder about him is he is almost always free to chat…although his emails do have the address of Afghanistan Military base read after every message… I had asked him if I could send him a Valentine card or possibly a care-package…he seemed humble about it at first saying it may cost too much but then …a day later he said he was asked if he wanted to go to Nigeria and South Africa to fight against the Muslim Radicals…and maybe he would be needing a care pack for Nigeria… I told him to send me a list that I would see how to go about it. The thing that alarmed me was he asked for Converse to be put in the care pack and he had a specific color choice… I’ve never heard of Converse being in care-packages. I thought maybe he needed them for off base but a friend had told me they are not allowed to wear civillian clothes. When I asked for the size he said size 10…but his profile says he’s 6ft. I know that size 10 and 6ft don’t match… So last night when I was asking him all these questions like, why are you so available to be on IM when the Military has strict rules with Internet he said he had sprained his ankle on the field. Then I asked him his Rank, he said Sergeant, and he added that he was a Commissioned Officer, I said what is that…it took a while but his answer looked Copy and pasted because it was different from his normal wording. He said it wasn’t copied and pasted it was saved on his note pad. This man says he’s 36 never married but has a 7 year old daughter. He says the daughter’s mother had cheated on him and once he was outs a lot of money from an online scam. He also sends me poetry, which is a soft spot since I write poetry too.. I want to believe he is real, he has about 5 photos of an attractive Marine, but after last night I started researching a lot. I told him little red flags are causing me alarm. I’m still uncertain about him…like maybe I was being over investigative which actually led me hear…

      • Hi, I chatted to this guy a couple of times about a year ago. Did he end up being genuine? How did it work out for you? Rachel.

      • I would like to see the photos please.

    • Hello
      I believe I am involved with a scammer who purports to be in the military at this present time (6/5/2010). He claims to be a Colonel Edward James McNamara over in Afghanistan at the moment. I think he is using me to get leave. He sent photos and he is in a PFC (private first class) uniform!! He used me as his Fiance to get a liberty pass and leave and I was sent forms from a Col. Susan Croakley to fill in, they all looked official? don’t know? Well I did then I was asked for money to process the leave, which unfortunately I have paid and I have paid for his flight, but then being suspicious I checked out things and am not sure what to do now. I confronted him and he gave me his parents names etc and he says he is going to get funds to pay for the flight fees and try to work something out. Well I am waiting to see all this!!! If nothing happens then deep down I know it’s a scam, but if he comes up with them and actually flies out of there then we will see – I do not think so!!! haha well it will all have been an experience for me but I just wanted to warn everyone about him and this story is different as funds I sent went to someone named Brenda M Burgess, supposedly a military agent and she actually called me on the phone to check out I was indeed his fiance. Now either he’s using me to get out of there or what? I don’t know? Has anyone heard of any of these names? I have photos of him but don’t know how to post them on this site yet… please let me know if anyone has heard of this before, thank you for all posting things so that women can check up, thank you so much.

      • Hi Helen reading what you have written i believe we could both have the same man scamming us plz eamil me at tracybishop_2@hotmail.co.uk and i will forward to you the photos i have
        Regards Tracy

      • Helen..I have a man named McNamara.OMG..was he bald ??? Anyone have this guy ? And do they have to use a Military email address ?

        • David James McNamara has been contacting me from e-mail davidmc2050@yahoo.com. I knew it was too good to be true.

      • helen, try to post the document he sent u and his pics on this website or email it to me at kim.gaglio@yahoo.com we re gonna do some investigations on it.

        • Hi Kim i have a few for you i have a sgt john paul-a sgt john tony-a sgt dennis morisson-sgt jason cardros–a sgt jim landman-a major general john anderson- -a peter who is in the military but don’t remember his rank-a major craig preston-a sgt mike thompson-a sgt james clark-sgt william gernet- sgt dave henderson–general yuri mikhaliv–now i got john anderson dog tags number and his password to most likely one of many e mails and i have john pauls password to his e mail and this major craig preston he seems alright but not sure cause we were talking about phoning him and he told me that if there was cost then to let him know and he will pay for it but the thing is he never once contacted me again after our first talk now this dave henderson tried to get me to accept a package that he said he could not send to his son told me his son was to young to send this package to he stop contacting me for months and today he had contacted me again wanting help even though i had refused him the first time and again this time–i just could not believe he would contact me again —if there is away to find out about who’s pictures they are using i would like to know these brave men should be notified that their pictures are being used to scam their women folk here in the united states –i hope to hear from you soon in letting me know if any of these names are also on the list of military people who are scammers thank you for your time —-kathy

      • I have a “Sgt.” in the Army asking for me to say I am his finance to get leave. I refused then he asked for me to get him a sat. phone at the following web-site. http://www.militaryvoices.net. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have pictures also.

        • please e-mail me cos we’ve as the same story so we’re gonna do someting about it?

        • hello i am on the same situation the person i met he suppos to be a sargeant at the us army, hes a father of 2 girls, i too have pics, pls get back to me. thank you

        • Hi Gwen,

          I might be talking to the same “Sgt” now. Different company for the phone service though…can you email me and tell me what his name is? I am in Canada, I am not sure where you are located. I found this web site today and I feel sick to my stomach now….and heart broken. Thanks, Michelle

        • hey email i need to talk to u i been talking to a sgt robert evert that wants me to pay 500 to army leave section

        • I am chatting with someone now and it sounds like the same story.Can you send me the photo’s so I can check

        • Gwen, you did’t give much info, but I’m being asked by a sgt for money and a letter to request a leave for him too. What’s your guys name?



      • anyone heard of a jordan bratt?

        • Can I just ask Vicky. The person you were talking to with the two girls. Do you have any photos of him that you could email to me at cairns.elaine831@yahoo.com I think I could be talking to the same person. I would really appreciate it please.

        • Well ladies, my scam artist was Bryan Jordan, supposedly retiring from Camp Phoenix, in Kabul. He was trying to get a suitcase of $$ out of Kabul via a private courier service that wanted me to pay $5000 up front and $15,000 more when the package was delivered to me. Never been so happy in my life to be broke…but he broke my heart as he had all the right things to say…

        • Has any body heard of Sgt Lewis Robb.

      • Hi There I just be asked to do the same thing for Sgt Edward John Dwyer and don’t do it …. it is a scam forward me your e- mail address and i will forward you a picture of him.


      • I have been talking to a guy which I have been leary of all the nice things he say, he claim that he wanted to take a leave to see me but I had to email overseasource@usa.com, this just did not sound right to me, I got the leave paper today and the name Susan croakley is suppose to be the authorizing officer, the whole thing does not sound right and the 2 forms don’t look offical plus the email was not written professionally. One of the forms that has policy states on #9 that family or spouse would have to pay for all expenses. Is this what you got also?

        • I was just wondering if anybody had been in contact with a Staff Sergeant Bobby George?

      • I have been talking to a James Edwards for 1 Month. Asking for money to send a package home full of money. Need to send airticket to some diplomat. He said send the money to an Account in Accra Ganha. Do you have a picture?

        • hello,did you know ho is General DENNIS MILLER

        • Dont send any money, Belive me it will be going to Ghana, I will get back to you with more information on this. Please do not send money or anything electronic.

    • I met a man on the kissingate website in feb 10 he toldme he is a soldier serving in Afgainstan he has been in the army over 20years he is called SGT CHARLES LECAIN he is 46 have lots of photos now he is aking me for money i have already lost £1,000 for his TRANSIT GRANT so he can visit me 5 wks later hes still not here now hes asking for £5.000 for his BENEFIT FUND i really fell for this man he send me flowers choc teddies and balloons i really thought he was real he says he has 1 son TOM whos 11 they live in GA but also have a house on OZ i have also spoken to his m8s SGT SIMON ROBERTS and LT HANK COLINS does anybody know of these men …..He has treated me like a queen mention a wedding at xmas when hes on leave in my heart i hoped he was real but guess hes a scammer aswell anybody can tell me more plz contact me

      • OMG Tracy, your story is exactly like mine.This Lt told me the same story, sent me flowers every day since we met. Love letters, flowers, notes…you name it.
        Really captured my heart (I never thought I am this gullible). So he asked me to request leave for him, which I did. It has been approved, but now they are asking me to pay a substancial amount of money for his leave. I said no to him, but I am still doubting whether he is real or not. He refuses to call me, he refuses to transfer his money for the leave into my account so I can pay for it…what a shame that these men are out there playing with inocent hearts and bringing bad name to genuine soldiers looking for love…I am very disappointed…You want to discuss, please e-mail me at ecaterinap@y7mail.com

      • Dear Tracy
        We share the same name and i believe im being scammed also. The name LT HANK COLINS is a man i spoke to to verify his story for transit leave …and is curently going under the name of steven MCCABE and i, have had love, flowers and poetry spoken every day. I want to do anything i can to stop this. i would like to talk to you so please reply.

        • Well Tracy u have now made contact with me and dont we share the same story and now we haev our FACEBOOK GROUP …..US ARMY DATING SCAM anybody please feel free to join and NAME SHAME and add PICTS of these scammers UNITED WE STAND GIRLS

        • where can we post photos for this people who pretend to be in love with Us can you tell me where can i post his pictures Thanks

        • is the page you’ve done on facebook is still exist???? i’m looking for someone who can be a scammer

      • sound like the same scammer as mine and a outher women hank collins jeffrey miller

        • his name ws brian millar andhe was talking to me about money and he was gpoing to marry me i seareched ed his file and found out he was talking to six women i got all thier names and we put a stop to him

        • Hi! My name is Evelyn & the same
          jerk has taken me for $1200!!! But
          I will nip that turkey in the bud for
          sure! Gals, I promise! I am now working
          with the State Police investigators on
          this, & I pray that that scum bag gets
          what is coming to him!!
          Beware of anyone posing as Sgt. Jeff Miller

        • I also started talkin to a guy in the army. At first his bio said he lived in Cali. the next day it said he was in Pertoria, South Africa, which by the way is spelled Pretoria, when i asked what the time difference was he responded “Well, i’m not in South Africa yet, I’m in Iraq and its too dangerous for us,( HUH? ISN’T THAT WHY THEY ARE THERE!) I then looked up the time difference and its 7 hrs not 3. The picture matches that of Mr. Lingo, you can find it on facebook.com, on yahoo.com his name is jefferyroberts44. He is telling me he loves me with all his heart, we started talkin 2 days ago and never at the same time, we just leave mess. and this morning i got up early to try and catch him on line, he was leaving me a mess and when i IM back he said im so busy gotta go, i love you. He also has all chinese ladies as his friends and they are now trying to contact me. I doubt he’ll text back now cause i started fillin in the dots before i even read this, i just wanted to check him out and i ran across u girls. He hasnt asked for money yet and he wont get the chance now! He also says alot of pls or please where they dont belong, so becareful, again his name he contacted me with is JEFFERY ROBERTS. Good luck girls and keep ur purse strings tight!

      • yes i know him follow up with Msgt Steven Alejandro –david alejandro–sgt jonathan–alex roberts — smiling robert–simon roberts–major jeffery lingo–matthew lingo they are all the same bastards—ask him about adesina abijola or akinlabi anthony–terry williams

        • God this sounds so familiar.. this guy is saying he is a Capt. in army…needing a family leave…son in UK with ex parents,,she died in accident this yr. Damn…they talk a good game, we are not gullible…..this guys name is Captain Brian Wood. I am in Spfld. IL. He didnt ask for money the commander did.. sent a request from and all..isnt that against the law…creating false military documents. swears he is not a scam….how do you find out if they are real….militarys not giving out names….Deb @ debi7955m@yahoo.com….

        • I have several encounters with men requesting my financial help on the be2 dating website.The first one told me he was Cassie Wiiliams working for the united Nations and was in Pakistan at the time. He asked me to send money to help his son, which I did not. The same website turned up a Bradford Vancole from Birmingham Uk. He was working on a contract in Mexico when he said his daughter became ill and he had no extra cash for medicines etc. He asked me for £750 again I did not send it. I have recently been contacted by a Steven Berry who says he`s American serving in Afghanistan. He asked me to send a Mobile phone to an Anthony Akinlabi at 20 fanibi layout, Ondo Road, Akure Nigeria Instead of giving me an address for his base which I was expecting. I have told him I will send him nothing to that man and sent him a link to look for himself what people are saying about Akinlabi.

        • So glad I stumbled across Elaine’s post on this site. I too am in contact with Bradford Vancole, allegedly a Dutch national living in Birmingham UK. We have spoken several times on phone (genuine UK mobile no) and by email. He does have some bad luck with his and his daughters health it would seem as he is currently in Benin working on a contract where they have both been hospitalised due to a car accident. Am expecting the plea for money at any time now – bring it on! He also appears on the Match.com website as Donovan8

        • They people have also contacted me……Another person that i was chatting to was…..Daniel West…..He asked me to send him £100,000 to help him with a contract…..I refused…..he also asked me to send him a list of expensive gifts……Laptop, Iphone, Ipad, Gold necklace etc which i refused…….I met him on Tagged ….I soon found out that he was using other profiles……Same picture but new names and locations…….Just want to warn people of him as he is a scammer…..



        • Feeling sick! Have been chatting with a Sargent Jeffery Miller from the US Army based in Kabul Afghanistan. States he is a widow and has a 14 year old son (Daniel) staying with a friend in Ghana because there is no family. I was never asked for any money, but the subject of his son’s birthday came up (it is supposedly April 1st) and he stated he wanted to send him a Play Station 3 360 and a Good News Bible but was unable to order these items on the Internet because of where he is at. I stupidly volunteered to help him if I could. He took me up on my offer and provided me an address for his friend in Ghana (P.O. Box) where I could send the items and I should also include a birthday card. I was to let him know what the total cost of the items and Express shipping came to and he would reimburse me. I should also give him the tracking number so his friend could track the item and take his son to the PO Box to pick them up when they arrived. I have not done anything yet. I told him I felt like I was being scammed and I wasn’t feeling very comfortable. He asked me why I would feel scammed, after all I had seen him on the web cam and he had sent me pictures of himself and of Daniel. He had wanted to fly me to meet him when he returns to the US in May, and oh yes, he is planning on retiring upon his return. He provided hisown birthdate as 2/2/1962. Am I being scammed or is he legit? Not buying or shipping anything until I know for sure. I have a bad feeling about this, even though I was the one to volunteer my assistance. Does this ring familiar to anyone? I do have pictures…of someone!

      • Can we sahre photos sound like my guy 46 years old ,retiring in Nov and been for 20 years in the Army.I sent a lot of money.

        • Susan,
          I’m laurie capps of summerville sc. I have just been contacted by a anderson lingo from miami fl. in the army or just retired from it. I was wondering if you had a photo of your guy? I would like to compare.

          laurie capps

        • you know sumone really should do sumthing about theses scammers…if i girl from ohio can track one down an find a skinny lil african teen…bragging on twitter seams like sumthing could be done?i even reported it to yahoo…and nothing happined

    • Im not sure how to post, but I believe I have one of these scammers in my grips now. I met him on Singlesnet, we communicate thru yahoo… states he is in Iraq, his pic on the dating site is normal, and pic on yahoo profile is in uniform… can’t enhance that pic to read the uniform. He just asked me to send an email requesting private communications at USCMPS@techie.com… He is using the name Mark. The red flags came up, since this was not a military email address. So I wrote an email as he requested, but did not put his name or anything on it, to see what response I would get. I know this is probably a scam, so I want to get his pic and his name out there for anyone else. Please contact me at gmb112974 at yahoo for the pics I have of him and his name that shows up. I am not sure how to check the location of an IP address so if you can guide me on that I will have more information. Our military keeps us safe, and how dare these people use that to scam someone especially in these hard times. I want to exploit all these so called military men. If you have been scammed or think you are trying to be scammed contact me. I am playing along with this guy… men don’t realize you can’t play games with a woman who can play them better than you. Please contact me so we can get all the pics and names on one website. Online dating can be very safe, lets get the people who are abusing it off these sites. Several people I know have met online and are married. The scammers need to be exposed. If we get together and start a website with posting their pics, and their screen names, where we met them, then other women just have to log on to that website to see if they are about to be scammed or if they need to add someone. Ladies, lets do this. PS No money required to put this website up… LOL… Just pics and where you have met them. I am so angry about this, I will start the website. This makes me so angry, read a post about a woman who paid for her wedding plus sent the guy money thousands of dollars, just to be stood up. Lets stop this!!!

      • I too have a scammer that I am now playing with him.. he uses the name Lt.Col.Alexandra Daniel Robinson he claims to be in Baghdad Iraq and says he actually lives in the same state I do. Quite a heart breaking tale, he was very sweet, romantic, and very convincing of how he cared. I am very fortunate, I did not have the money to send to set up the telecomm but, if I had of I probably would have. He sent me 4 pictures and the one on this site the one with the glasses is not the same picture but, is the same guy. I just can not believe how good these people are. I had went to the ts2 website and found the scam alert and went completly off online with him. Then I felt so bad we were on webcam and I was tore up crying and he and I made up. Now I am not completly stupid but because the romance was so sweet I didnt want it to end,. Anyway, the next thing I know I have found this website and here it is the truth is here. I am still very sad because as you all have experienced how convincing this guy or group of people are they make you feel very special. Anyway, today he was offline and I came on saying babe I can pay the telecom tomorrow I got the money.. it wasn’t one minute before he was online talking with me. I have told him I had a friend that is sending me 10000.00 from an aunt of hers that i used to take care of. He was wondering why I had not told him about it and I told him that I didnt know about it that my friend was in Niagra or Nigeria or somewhere and she was sending me the money the following day and after paper work was all taken care of another 50000.00 would be sent to me.. He actually said.. babe watch out those Nigerians are fraudsters… I asked him what did he mean and he was all over this with innocence. I will continue this until I get enough or tell him he is busted. Anyway,it is all now about what I plan to do with the money, and I have said I would send the money to the guy in the UK or I will just buy him a sattelite phone. I also put in one sentence that a Colonel had came into my office today and he had told me that deployed soldiers draw their paychecks and get paid very well, and that they can call home at anytime. Then slipped in an I love you. We will see what happens tomorrow however. I want this guy stopped, just to think how much money is being sccammed makes me sick. But what really hurts is that hearts and lives are being toyed with and I would hate to hear of somebody hurting themselves over the heartache these jerks are causeing. Damn it just makes me so mad because they make it so easy to fall in love with…. such a shame.. whatever it takes to help catch just one of these people I am willing to do..

        • the real col alexander left the army 5 years ago

        • Hi please count me in if there is any way to help in catching these people. I’m still in touch with my guy who is calling himself Colonel Brandon Hutton (should be back on tonight).

        • In reply to Lesley.


          Brandon Hutton has been in contact with my friend recently, he’s had a fair bit of money off her already.

          I will be back on later so I will link to some pictures of him. Perhaps they’ll be the same.

          my email is forthingsandstuff@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to contact me or send any pictures you may have.

        • hI jEAN rICE,
          Can you please check this GEN. FRANK MOOPS in WOOMEE yahoo.com just pretend that you like his profile, his still there right now
          I wrote lots of comments in the send him Gift. That picture of him are all fake, his not an ARMY at all. I wonder were he got those photos. thank


        • count me in to catch these scammers!

      • Hi there, I can help with some pictures and many letter etc, I would love to help as I really find if very difficult to get over the guy who’s photos I have. You can contact me at magzhealy@vodamail.co.za

        • I’ve been talking 2 a captain Raymond Lloyd carano from us he has sent flowers to my home address he has wrote to is defence to get leave I’ve got email fr them say he will need a military exit card so hope he is for really anyone help please feeling lost xxxx

      • hai i dont know if i am scammed. but i have serious doubts. I have pics of him. i am not sure to help you. but i want to get in touch with you. i am belgium and try to write “good english” if you can help me i would be glad. because after a year we are still talking, chatting and texting. thanks

        • Hi Brenda, I am talking to a COLONEL DAVID BEN JAMES GARBER (who the Army do not recognise). One time he made a mistake and send a love letter to me addressed to Brenda. When I enquired about it, he reasoned that it is an honest mistake and that he could not stoop down to that level.

          He said he is in Victory Camp, Kabul Afghanistan(which do not exist). I have been talking to him for nearly 2 years. I believe you have fotos of him. Can you attach one to my email please which is stanton.erlinda@yahoo.com. I will share with you his fotos I have on my files. Thank You. Linda

        • Ladies Beware!

          Colonel David Ben James Garber (eng.garber @yahoo.co.uk )is now back on the prowl. He is announcing that he is so happy because he is now retired from the military. Still using the photo that belong to Michael Adam Lingo on his Yahoo IM avatar. The last time he emailed me was 12 October 2011 where he said he was going to war. This was the same day he was due to fly to UK after I paid for his leaving & retirement expenses. He has been offline for 3 months. Noticed him sign on every night and day from 31 Dec 2011. Whoever he is talking to currently is in for a rough ride. Happy New 2012!

      • Is the last name he uses Donnelly?

      • Gina…lets do this…tell me how to help….

      • contact me because I have been scammed for months too, lots of emails, pictures, etc.

      • Gina, whatever we can do I’m with you. I recently chatted with 6 men thinking there would be at least 1 I could begin a relationship with. All 6 were scammers.

      • Is Mark’s last name Hollenbeck? Can you send me the pic of him I am currently talking to him as well.

    • there is 6 jeffrey millers on the scamm
      same photo on fb and unifom dateing site
      wot id like to now is wot THEY ARMY AND THIS

      TWO MENNY PEAPLE HAVE LOST MONNEY TO THE SCAM . lt2jeffrey miller jeffer miller
      jeffrey miller .
      debby hall .
      sharon grant
      janet thophson .
      nita vinson
      so menny scammers

      • hi there
        my room mate and i are being scammed but are trying to prove it
        the 2 gentlemens name are Ben Mixion and ANthony Schaffer
        when i talkd with him there is no way that he is amerian so lets get these bozos we are both from canada

        • Hi there, so glad I found this website and read all these horrendous stories before I too, was scammed for money. You can check where emails are send from by following the instructions on this link.
          If I can do it anyone can.
          Just found our my soldier is not sending his emails from Iraq, but from the US?!! Anyone know a Sgt.EMMANUEL RICHARDSON? I’m still chatting to him and trying to plan how to get the “B” back. Same sob story as all the others, little boy missing his dad, mum died in childbirth, only child, no relatives, but of course he cant send anything to him, could I help etc etc. Anyone know a fitting way of getting him where it hurts!!!?

    • Hi there i did read all the stories i here and would like to know if any of you heard of a Ruddock Schwartz Staff seargeant in Afghanistan in the moment or Morssen Verde also based somewhere in Afghanistan in the moment …they not started asking for money yet but talking to them sound very familiar to some of your storys …love to hear if anyone heard them names or spoke with any of them two also…thank you

      • hi,i have been chatting with a guy name ruddock these stories are just like my story,please contact me

        • I have chatting with a Brian Woods for months. I guess from start it was too good to be true. Have feeling he is going under different names. If anyone wants the photos I have just email me ay tribalgirl1@hotmail.com

        • Dear Nancy Beach,

          just one question: the guy that contacted you does he go by the name of Charles Ruddock Stolzfus?
          At the moment he is sending my wife passionate emails with proposals to marry etc etc.
          Regards, Arend.

        • Here’s my email address:


      • i think i have a scammer i’m talking with. he fell madly inlove with me and vis a versa and now all of a sudden this man who is a pfc after 17 years needs 4000 usd to get leave. i said no way and cursed him out for playing me, now he says he only needs 2000 usd. i am so mad at my self for falling for this man.i found him on a dating site on face book. cannot believe i let this happen. how can you only be a pfc after 17 years? what can we do? i even went on military.com to use the buddy finder and the info on him i have does not pull up any info at all. i’m sure its a scam but how do we know for sure?

        • Candy, I can so relate to your hurt and story ! I too fell victim to this. Bring me home scam ! I even started it ! I wish I could find out who I was talking to.I do not know what`s real anymore ??? I sent 500 then 700 and claiming its more now….. Not happening !!!! I can`t even seem to be able to check this guy out ? Tom Barker, Chicago Illinois. ugh !

        • @ Candy ANYTIME any man finds you on ANY social site claims to be US Military and begins to beg for you assistance in any way shape or form I mean ANYTHING I don’t care if it is a Penny They are SCAMMERS because the US Military takes care of it’s own and Real Military members have access to their accounts at ALL times no matter where they are they have NO time to sit on a computer and beg total strangers for money only Scammers posing as Military does this delete and block this lying poser if you sent one dime he would keep inventing lies to get more leave him with nothing hope this helps.Anonn

    • I have been talking to a military man overseas and there were a couple red flags. I decided I would do a little research and came across this. His name is Parker Graves online name is heffkins@yahoo.com. The story is somewhat the same he was adopted, planning on retiring upon his return, single, 42 years has no means to credit card due to issues from family matters. Very charming, sweet, and love the “perfect guy”. In a couple of our chats he mentioned “transit leave” that I would have to request on his behalf… The one thing I remembered from being a military wife …I was not the one in the military and could not make any official request but only my husband could. Well then Mr. Parker really screwed up he called me Kristy. I want to thank you so much as I did have feeling invest but not to the point I am crying over this man. All of you said you want to be at war against scams well I am your proof it is working and I am very thankful for every person who took the time to post. I took everyone’s advice and asked for his current address, military ID#, military email address and his address in the states. Well that sure pissed him off. I was gracious and responded…”I am worth it and if you love me verifying who you are would not be an issue you would have to do it anyways if we were to get married”. I have not received a response back from him and my prayers to God for wisdom in this situation brought me to your website. Thank you once again and if I was wrong on my judgment of Mr. Parker Graves then I truly apologies. If anyone has heard of Parker Graves please let me know. Thanks

      • Dear Kitty,
        I’m so sorry for your experience with Parker.I am most likely the “Kristy” he’s been courting along at the same time. Met him on the Christian Cafe website back at the end of July. Yes, he is charming but unfortunately lost. Thanks for your posting because I’ve been praying about the situation.

        • Here is Parker’s responding email as he stated I need to correct the impression I made about him. Here you go Parker your words…

          Ok Madam!
          Tell Me ! one good reason why I should not be really mad! and tell me why I should forgive you. I read the post you made of me on a website and it was so heartbreaking. Let me tell you this. I called you KRISTY the other day because she made more sense. She much older than you yet she wouldn’t tell me about how SUCCESSFUL she is. Like I told you before .I do not need your money and you think I am one of these dumb soldiers who would fall victime of Identity theft. You asked me for very personal details. I would never give you these online. I wanted to tell you how dissapointed and mad I was. The other day I tried to call you but the rec eption was quite bad. I need to tell you that you must correct this impression of me yopu have made on that site because I haven’t and never will have a career in scam. I pray that the lord almighty forgives your evil deed because you have just touch his annointed. It is true that I was talking to two people at the same time ..The other is Kristy and she makes more sense to me and by HIS GRACE/.. We will be married next year.. Stay off Please..

          In Gods name

        • I am currently a victim of Parker Graves too!!! Im thankful I have friends that can access information needed to dump him. But first i am going to email that yahoo address given to kitty and shock the hell out of him!

        • Dump parker. We were supposed to be married in July! Dont send money and quit praying about the situation because if it seems too good to be true (and it did) then it probrably is.

        • To Kitty, Kristy Allyson, Carmelle, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, Caren, and anyone else scammed by Parker Graves.

          I too am his latest victim. I am sure he has moved on to someone else. He seduced me for 4 months with 36 beautiful love letters. All kinds of red flags went up with this guy, especially when he became pissed about me asking for proof of his existance. I wanted a current picture of him sitting on the end of his bunk… He wouldn’t do it. He was pissed that he replied in another language. I would like to know this guys real name and I hope he gets caught before someone really gets hurt.

          I can’t help but wonder if the real Parker Graves knows he has all these women falling for him. If this is the real Parker Graves(I doubt it) he is giving the US Navy a black eye with so much disrespect…
          Ladies let’s stick together, keep each other informed. There are plenty of good men out there. Please just be careful and use common sense…
          Keep your head up…

      • Dear Kitty,
        I’m posting this a second time because I’m not sure it posted the first time. I’m sorry about your experience with Parker because I too have been deceived by him. I am the “Kristy” he’s been courting since the end of July.

      • My name is Allyson and I am currently chatting with this man. He also requested 4,650 dollars for his transit leave. Im just finding out about this and am heartbroken. I didnt send any money THANK GOD. I think I am going to email him and mention your name and Kristys name. Just out of curiosity, when were you speaking with him. I am suppose to marry him in July. Thanks Allyson

        • Hi, I’m Carmelle and Parker Graves started sending me emails since about a week ago, he’s already head over heels in love and already planning our wedding when he retires from US Marine, currently stationed in Afghanistan for Peace Mission or something…Has a 9yr old daughter living with a friend in GA, wife died from a car accident, both parents dead and only child. Hasn’t asked me for money yet or anything else so far but he sure knows how to speak about love though, had my head filled with crazy ideas about us together forever after. Yesterday I happened to mention in my email that my son in law is in the Air Force and was also stationed in Afghanistan earlier this year. Last night I had a hunch to check up on him online, just to be sure and I came to this site and saw your posts, well I’m glad for that…guess there won’t be a wedding after all :) Anybody has pictures of this hunk? I could compare with mines. He’s going with captgravesparker01@yahoo.com for MSN chat, haven’t chatted with him yet and his email with me is gravesparker01@aol.com I only received a very short email today stating that his camp’s been attacked by Taliban’s and 3 of his men are seriously injured…as if! Well probably won’t hear from him again since I told him about my son in law…Thanks so much for all your posts about these scammers, we really can’t trust anyone anymore.

        • Well ladies as of this evening, I was Parker’s latest girlfriend/fiance. He told me he’s a Captain of 6 years in the Navy and sent photos which seemed appropriate. He charmed his way into my heart fast and fell in love with me even faster! He said he has a 6yr old son living with his ex. He claims he was born June 19th, 1958… and grew up in the UK. St Marys
          He claims to be ready to retire and wants us to travel once he obtains his Ph.D in International Relations..
          I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it’s been being cared about so deeply by this man. Yes his grammar doesn’t at all match the education he claims he has. So when a flag or two screamed “danger”, I asked for his military address to verify whether or not he’s been honest with me. Trust is something earned; not automatically given. Oh did he ever blow up… he went on and on about trust and how I couldn’t possibly love him if I was doubting him. His behavior was definately another bucket of red flags!
          We made up. I needed more time to figure out why things weren’t adding up. I admit I wanted them to. I had deep and wonderful feeling developing for Parker. Seriously I was thinking about accepting his consistent references to marriage and agreeing!!
          My head kept telling me to wake up and pay attention to the fact that he may not be the real thing. His photos were gorgeous and they made it tough to doubt him.
          But my heart won out. It told me to “follow my heart”. That’s exactly what Parker asked me to do..Follow my heart.
          Love truly is blind isn’t it.
          Tonight out of nowhere, I typed in his gravesparker01@aol.com email address with Google, and up popped this site and all of you who have encountered Parker. My God I’m devastated and humiliated. I’m about to cry knowing all these wonderful emotions were built on a lie. He’s been a fake.
          And my heart is broken. I appreciate all of you sharing your stories in order to help others. I’m glad I found out before I fell any deeper in love with Parker Graves.

      • Hi my name is Stephanie. I met Capt. Parker Graves from a singles connection website about 2 weeks ago. He said he’s a Captain of 6 years in the Navy and send photos of himself in uniform. A very handsome man for sure. He claims he has a 6 yr old son named James who lives with his ex-wife in GA. Parker has sent some of the most romantic emails I’ve ever seen. He plans on retiring very soon and wants to pursue his Ph.D in International Relations (or some BS title)…
        I noticed that his english was very poor and did not match his rather impressive education thus far. Flags began to pop up so I asked Parker for his address so I could send him something for his “Birthday” this past June 19th!!! Wow he blew up. He went on a Yahoo Chat rant about love and trust. He got so angry, he said he wanted to close chat and went offline. I was shocked at his behavior. For a man who claimed so quickly that he was crazy in love with me, and wanted to marry me, he sure turned his back and ran over a simple request to in fact verify his real existence. I explained that many people online aren’t truthfull and that I wanted to be sure I was developing feelings for a man who was being honest with me.
        He has since began chatting with and sending emails to me. I am so hurt to see all these posts about Parker. I can’t begin to tell you how deeply my feelings were becoming and how great it felt to feel alive inside again. Parker claimed his ex wife cheated on him so he divorced her. I was cheated on and find myself being much more sceptical than ever was. But Parker waltzed right into my heart easily and said all the right things. He has not yet asked me for money or anything strangly enough. But after reading all these posts, I’m expecting him to do that. I’m so sad and embarassed right now.. How could I be so ignorant. Am I so desperate that I’d ignore my original gut hunch when the flags went up, and continue being played for a fool by Parker?
        I can’t believe this… I have a painful lump in my throat at the loss I feel right now. What am I going to say to him when he contacts me again.. how do I turn off all the emotions…….
        My head tells me to delete him and walk away.
        My heart says something very different.

        Thank you for sharing your stories. The support and concern I’ve read from everyone is heart warming to say the least. We women do look out for one another.
        I have a website I started to build and was going to post Parkers photos there but it’s still under construction. My email on the page works.. born2care.com

        Feel free to contact me: inxsmph@yahoo.com
        My Yahoo ID is inxsmph91752

        Take good care and keep up the great work!

        • hi their it,s still going on but is now gravespederson and he,s moved to texas fort worth he wanted money for transit money from me no way also a richardjames today,s scam sending his property home to cardiff as he,s retiring also had somone who is supposed to be unworker in selangor malaysia all on connecting singles sight what scams jaredbuckley

      • Yes Kitty. I’ve heard of Parker Graves. I guess I’m his latest victem. I’m extremely upset to learn all the love I thought was between us, was based on a lie.

        • I am yet another woman that has experienced the loving emails, hours of chat time, and promises of spending our lives together as “two peas in the pod”, by our mutual friend Parker. His personal story was quite different than that told to Stephanie, and others, although he maintained that he was a captain in the Navy and had been serving for the last 20 years. Supposedly currently serving in Afghanistan, there came a time in our 7 month relationship where I wanted to send him
          some comfort items, surprises and necessities
          that all soldiers like to receive. When I asked for his APO he said he’d rather go through http://www.shipitapo.com where he had an account and they would secure the arrival of any packages to their destination. Although this shipping business is legitimate-not giving his APO is a red flag-APO’s are used all the time. I took his account info and went to mail the packages to learn that the zip code was wrong for the stateside address of ship it apo. That alerted me to contact ship it apo to ask about the correct address and the account number Parker gave me. Are you all sitting down? The man at ship it apo said the account number I gave him was fake, there was no record of Captain Parker Graves, and the email of Parker’s I had forwarded to them stating his account information had a Nigerian IP address. At that point they warned me I would be a victim of fraud, and that they were reporting it to the FBI. I hesitatingly gave Parker the benefit of the doubt as he said his personal email account had been hacked into-also I had no way of verifying the IP address…but why would a bonafide business make such an accusation? Within the next few months there were also occasions where he would be preparing to come and see me “on leave”, and for different reasons needed some financial assistance. He didn’t receive anything from me. What also spoke loud and clear was his controlling, manipulative, passive-aggressive behavior when questioned. This is the classic personality type of a scammer and I’m sorry I didn’t act on my suspicions sooner, but thankfully I didn’t lose anything. And I gained some wisdom, however painfully. I pray the same for you ladies. And to Parker, if you should read this, I pray that you will make your peace with God while there’s still time. He stands at the door of your heart but the knob is on the inside. He wants you to be able to live the life that Jesus died for you to live. The choice is yours.

        • Well I guess I am the latest victim of Parker Graves. We have been corresponding since the beginning of August and I fell hook line and sinker for him.
          I have never had someone say such nice things to me.
          Suppostly he is coming to visit me in Canada this weekend but needed money for his flight.
          Told me he had been married for seventeen years and his wife died in a car accident three years ago. His son is living in Asia with his grandparents.
          So he is stil on the hunt so what out.

    • I just had a encounter with a Sgt Micheal Messengale..from Barnsley UK..said he was orignally from Spain but now lives in the UK..he contacted me from Afghanistan from facebook just sending me mail..then chatting on msn..didnt take him long to start asking me to send mail to a defence place at gmail address for a pay plan for a phone line so we could talk on the phone at my cost of course…he kept telling me that I could afford it which I couldnt..traced his emails straight to Nigeria…I then told him he was busted and needless to say hes ignored me…his grammar wasnt too bad but Thank God for email trackers..this guy promised me the world in less than a week!..be vigilant and stay safe

      • Thank god for sites like this SGT Micheal curtis Messengale from Barnsley is currently trying to scam me. I have reported him and hope they will put a stop to his games before he manages to get some unsuspecting woman to send her life savings. He is quite the charmer. He wanted me to be his wife and train horses with him when he returned from duty in Afghanistan…….ye righto He obviously doesn’t realise I have a brain
        Good luck to you

    • I’ve got a mail in facebook from a Colonel Mark Wilkins, placed in Darfur, Sudan. Oh what beatiful things he wrote me. He needed me and wanted to visit me in Sweden. He asked me to apply for his leave of absence and to pay his fee. His mail is peritweezer@yahoo.com. He really got to me, beeing in the midle of divorce and in need of attention. I was easaly fooled.

      • i was nearly scammed ..but it smelt fishy from the start.he named himself josh upson cole.he was postd in iraq,then supposedly moved to africa.he said he loved me after only a few wks.which was a big shock .and was askn questions of my family .and that they would be his family soon too.he asked me if i would marry a soldier.he finds a weak spot ,then trys his look.this person needs to be caught.he askd me to contact the transit department of the arny and ask for him to have leave.it was sussesful.but then i was told by army supposedly .to buy a flight stamp thruogh the western union .money transfer.business.so i told him i couldn,t help at all.plus i had a women add me on facebk askn why i added josh upson cole.i told her i never ,and also told her of hid scam,she added that she was going out with this man also,so he nust have been tryn to scam this person as well.after this i got a threat from him on yahoo messenger .telln me he was going to come and shoot me with rifle for telling the other women .this needs to be sorted .

      • Hi Monika,

        I have got a mail in Facebook from a Colonel Mark Wilkins, placed in Darfur, Sudan. He says he is divorced and has a 8 year old son and wants marry me (???!!!!). The email address is the same you got. He says if I am not sending the money for his leave of absence he will cut the contact, thank god if he do it!
        Take care, Armi

        • watch out for a dave Edward he in south Africa scammer. from Fl, N.Y. daveedward60@yahoo.com construction worker. ask for money.

        • Robert Pizarro is he for real US army?

      • hello!i was contacted too from this colonel named Mark Wilkins he has the same mail.he wrote to me that he loves me and i am the only women in his life.He asked from me money but i have told him i don’t have. He is writing me , we are in contact,but i don’t believe him.I considering that like a joke because i don’t think that someone -i mean a really man-is in love to ask money from a women to meet her,specially when is a colonel.I am really sorry for all the women who was fooled and i think that all this cheaters must bee captured.

        • Wow, he has been a busy boy, because he had been chatting with me as well. He doesn’t reply too much to my emails anymore, because I keep asking him about his real job of scamming people. He never did ask me for money, but I am sure he would have eventually.

    • this scam is still going on on uk date sights I was tageted by sgt simon roberts who uses the name bob onthe date sight, lucky I got sus and goggled him .

      • Hi Christina, read your comment, I too am in contact with a guy of this name , has he sent you photos ?

    • I started chatting with Edward Cliff who said he was in the army in Afghanistan. This was his last tour and he would be home in 3 weeks. After quite a few chats he said he found a diamond while on patrol. He had been hiding it but was now going to the desert and wanted to send it to me. This would secure our future. I was nervous about what he might send to me. I told him I work and am not at home to accept a package. I suggested his relative who was caring for his son. He said he could do that but then told me about a safe deposit box which would cost $300 a week for 3 weeks until he returned. Of course he wanted me to pay for the safe deposit box. I said “I have no funds to pay for anything” and ended the chatting with Edward Cliff.

    • have been chatted up by a bloke saying he is a major in us army – name timothy murphy,said all nice things promising to love me for ever promising to make all my dreams come true- said he had a son – on his profile he did not have a son – until he asked me for money – said he had a payment for an injury he received and needed help to get it out of country – gave names of people who i should contact – one the army consultant at the usa army veterans office, another called bright asare – as if – like a mickey taking name dont you think? and then another called alex daniel- who are these people – i wasasked by murphy to send them cash via western union – when i ref;used he went very hard on me – the trouble is he has my name, address and phone number – i have not given him money but can he use the information he has to any detriment – should i report this even though i have given no money over – ladies beware

    • So called General three star in Army .. Heli Miller Christos.. on facebook tried to scam me didnt work professing love and marriage and all of the above. Claiming he had top secret stuff to send me of jewels and money.. I know better as I have friends in the military and his english grammar was broken and awful. He claimed he had to have my address, email. and my full name and he found me on facebook. He professed love within the first two days and marriage too. What a jerk. I asked several times if he had a us citizenship and he claimed he did .. It was so boguss. Claims to have home in Garden City, New York. and put boguss pics of his family up on facebook.. and his vehicles.. lotsa lies.. just total crap. Glad I didnt fall for it.. Karen Jenkins .. OREGON, USA

    • its really not fair…that us girlies cant look up theses guys to see if they really are in the service…the one i’m talking to swears up an down he is..this Ts2 thing… your saying there’s no such thing for any members of the service right?

      • Please post this That John Castillo is not a scammer. It was a misunderstanding. He is a great and wonderful person. He is not a scammer. Please post thank you. 2/14/2014

        • You’re being fooled. He is a scammer.

    • Hi..i have encounter the name of General Gabriel Miller of US Army Peacekeeping Force Mission in Kabul Afghanistan…i communicate with him almost everyday. He said he is widow with 2 sons…one is in UK schooling and the other is in Ghana..schooling. This boy in ghana is adopted child. We’re almost 2 months now communicating. He said his son in Ghana has a problem in kidney and need medication. Because he is hand is tied in this mission he can’t help his son for his hospitalization and medication. Please i want to know is the above name mention is really a General? He has a picture with me in uniform with Miller tag and a Black uniform. He just came across to my Skype.
      Please i need a reply ASAP. He is from Washington D.C

    • Anyone dealt with a Kent Kevin? He is supposedly a Technical Sargent in the Air Force, in Kabul, but from Athens, GA. Widowed, 5 years. Now has a box filled with gold that is being brought through by a Saudi diplomatic person – who, of course, is detained at an airport where they just had elections and are very strict. No papers for the package/box. So – he asked me to send $16,000 and change to an address of an official at customs. This Hassan Muhammad has called me and sounds legit. However, something just isn’t right here -it compares to the things posted by others on this site – didn’t know how to post without attaching it as a reply – sorry. Is this person known? I really think it may, sadly, be a scam. Thanks for any assistance any of you might give – or words of wisdom. No, I have not sent a dime. Thanks!

    • My Name is Franklin..I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster once when i went to Africa to Execute some business..He is really powerful.The woman i wanted to marry left me 3 weeks to our weeding ceremony and my life was upside down.she was with me for 3 years and i really love her so much..she left me for another man with no reason..when i called her she never picked up my calls and she don’t want to see me around her…so,when i told the man what happened.he helped me to do some readings,and after the readings he made me to realize that the other man has done some spells over my wife and that is the reason why she left me..he told me he will help me to cast a spell that bring her back.At first i was skeptical but i just gave it a try…In 2 days,she called me herself and came to me apologizing..I cant believe she can ever come back to me again EMAIL: dodoplaceofservation@yahoo.com …. CONTACT HIM TODAY VIA THIS EMAIL ADDRESS dodoplaceofservation@yahoo.com AS HIS POWERS ARE SO STRONG AND VERY EFFECTIVE AND HAS NO BAD EFFECT INSTEAD IT HAVE A VERY GOOD RESULT AFTER CASTING THE SPELL.

    • Ladies please be aware these scams are happening today 2013. I can provide examples of emails and IM messages that confirm these scams are active today. Met Sgt Jacob Smith on a dating site and he’s madly in love with me. He wants me to help him buy leave papers because the military won’t pay for his flight home. He also wanted me to send my home address, SSN, etc to him. Of course I didn’t send and requested his military address and email address so I could confirm who and where the info was going. He dropped the request after I told him I would only send thru a secured military account and not to a personal email address. I also received an email from Gen Petreaus confirming Sgt Smith was stationed at Camp Victory and would be coming home soon. Please don’t fall for these guys and don’t send them money.

    • These scammers are active, ladies beware and don’t send them money or your personal information.

    • John Castillo is not a scammer. It was a big misunderstanding. He is a great person a wonderful person. He is not a scammer. U.S. Army. is not a scammer. This was a mistake. Thank you please post not a scammer

      • Don’t be fooled. He is a scammer.

    • Has anyone come across a Lieutenant Harvey Lopez in the Army stationed in Kabul?

  2. I must have read this article too much because the bad grammar rubbed off on me in my last comment! LOL!

  3. I can’t believe there are women this gullible. Even an old Alabama hillbilly knows this is a scam. ROTFLMHO

    • maybe it is funny to you but it isnt funny at all. people are being hurt.

    • Ellie u know I couldn’t believe this kind of shit existed either but it’s not a laughing matter, I know guys who’ve been fooled as well as women. So go be a $%#@& somewhere else, people don’t need to be knocked off the hill any harder.

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  5. what a mess ,ladies be carefull every one is becomimg desperate for money no matter what

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  7. I am glad I read this as it completely mirrors the scam I was sucked into by someone posing on a dating website as a British Sergeant Major in Iraq who was also widowed and needed to send money back to his new love of one week who he wanted as his wife. Unfortunately for him his grammar was also pretty poor and he couldn’t give a straight answer about anything, he just kept on asking and then demanding money to be sent to Ghana. All this was communicated by mesenger. Yes, I was a fool to be suckered in but he said exactly what I wanted to hear at the time, and the photos of some poor unsuspecting soldier in Iraq hooked me as well.

    • Im from Indonesia and i met my fiancee from dating site, now he deployed in Afghanistan *he’s sergeant after 20years in army, thats why i agree with this statement: he made Major General in less than 23 years!!! This guy should be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if he keeps this up*. We communicating by internet *yahoo* and mobile phone message *sms*. First time we met, i asked him to use webcam and another time i called him when we chat using webcam…and it works…i know he’s not scammer… I searched his name in internet and i got him in military.com. Well… i made a role with him, dont send me anything and dont ask anything from me…Use webcam it will help you but you must stay sharp also!
      Last thing, we cant communicate with our army spouse or lover as we like, especially if he/she deployed to war zone *afghanistan, Iraq, etc*

      • hmmm…actually you can communicate pretty easily with them, the army has ways…I am happy for you but you should be careful and ask a friend who is IN the army to look him up in AKO just to be sure…if he’s really army you should know his .mil email address.

        • what you mean with his mil email addres,someone said if the email stat with mil is scam my guy email is milgerorge@yahoo.com

    • Beware of anyone calling himself any version of joe0074. He is a phony. I was taken advantage of. Total stupidity on my part.

      Look out. They are clever.

      • im so sorry..me too. was suckered in like an idiot

        • ladies, please remember that you do not pay for transit leave. I have checked out the stories with the Homeland Security, and Defense Dept. no real military man will ask you to pay for anything. there are several men scamming women on dating sites: such as, MATE1, DATEHOOKUP, CHRISTIAN DATING, AND SINGLESNET ALSO. I have been tracking these men and contacting official, hopefully one day we can get rid of them

        • Hi Beverley
          I have also set up a FACEBOOK GROUP called STOP THE US ARMY DATING SCAM please join and add any photos and names u may have and we can work faster to stop this happening by these scammers

  8. I was suckered into this too: I met a guy on Facebook who claimed to be a Lt. in Iraq, who of course “fell in love” with me, but needed me to send $500 for the Military phone system so we could talk. I did not, so did not hear from him again. Then I met a Captain stationed in Africa, who needed me to send $1350 for a laptop for him, so we could talk…I did not, and he called me horrible names and stopped communicating. A few months ago I met another guy supposedly in Iraq, whom I unfortunately “fell for”, and this one needed me to pay for his leave of absence so he could come to me…well, I got suckered and sent money, what an idiot I was. I start to wonder, is the entire US army like that???? I hope not…

    • I have unfortunately been scammed before, and have sent money. What an idiot I am! But when someone in the Military “Sergeant Steve Lopez” stationed in Baghdad, Iraq suggested we talk by phone, and his “old mom can handle ordering it because she did with no trouble”, well sure, I can send $400 to Western Union. Seemed a bit strange, but the ts2 website is real, the e-mail address for the info had “usamilitary” in it, so how can it be fake?…foolish me. So yesterday I send it, and today I hardly hear from him. I am swearing off online dating. Wish the word could be spread without having to search for it like I (we?) did. Get the news out there to the public!

      • Becky, do you have pictures of this Sgt. Steve Lopez??? I too have spoken to someone claiming to be Sgt. Steve Lopez. I would like to know if this is the same person. Can you tell me anything else about what he told you about himself? Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

        • This was all a mistake and a big misunderstanding. Please disregard my post.

        • Becky,
          Don’t you find it a little strange that we are both talking to a Sgt.Steve Lopez in the Army stationed in Baghdad Iraq?? The one that I am speaking with also asked to communicate with a TS2 mobile military use phone. He also told me that his mom has one that they use to speak to one another. He also has asked me to request a transit leave for him so that we could meet in person!!

        • I would also be interested to know what your Steve Lopez looks like! And what he has told you about himself. I do believe that we are both speaking of the same person! And it is funny that now you are saying that it was a misunderstanding. What is there is misunderstand? You got him the phone and didn’t hear back from him? Did he tell you that he can’t get a signal now and the the network isn’t working, and that is why he couldn’t call you?? Sound familar???

        • Renee, I have been talking with a guy who says he’s Sgt. Steve Lopez, as well. What kind of pictures did he send you? What did he tell you? If he’s not scamming for a phone or money…he’s at least scamming women.

        • Elizabeth, He has sent me pictures of himself dressed in Army uninforms. And in regular clothes. Sent a pic of him and his son, a blonde hair cute little boy, a pic of him and his mom. He has his arms tattooed!! Very nice looking guy who ever he is!

        • I too, recently am speaking to a Platoon leader in Baghdad, Iraq. He is from Tampa, Fla. He will come home in three weeks time and practically already proposed! He too is a widower. His name on Singleparentmeet.com as BlinkyBlinkS6, and his real name is Steve Lopez. He claimes he has a 13 year old daughter. Very good looking, poetic, perfect. Too good to be true, already expecting phone with internet, and video so we can see each other. I am a skeptic, but wonder if this is a scam. If anyone has anything on this perfect soldier, please let me know before I do something really stupid!!

        • I too have been chatting with Steve Lopez but was told he’s a Staff Sargeant in the United States Navy stationed in Iraq. Originally from Tampa Florida on the singles site “Singlesparentsmeet”, same ID name “BlinkyBlinkS6″, Sounds like same pics (tattooed arms, Navy Uniform, Dress clothes, picture with mama). Says he’s getting out in 3 months….
          He told me his birthday is coming up on May 20th and the present he is most looking forward to getting from me is a new laptop with webcam so we can chat more. I told him with my budget that would be impossible. When I asked “IF” I had the money…where/how would I send it? He told me to send it to a “diplomat” who would make sure he got it. Ummmmmm I worked for the military and know you don’t send stuff to diplomats to men overseas. Playing the game for now to see how far he takes it. It’s a shame….the guy really is Great Looking!!

        • Hi Renee my name is Barb and I have talked to this guy Steve Lopez says he is a field shooter and a peace keeping soldier, he sent me pics of him his son Kelvin and pics of him and his mom he has tatoos we chatted on line and he asked me to request a leave for him that would cosst 1500 he was a christian and went to church his birthday was July 18 so he said we chattted for a month but I knew something was wrong Ionly talked with him a few times and he was telling me he loved me and he wanted to come see me.

      • Guess what the Ensign Steve Lopez of Iraq is at it again. I am so glad i am a smart woman and realized something is not what it should be. All of us Renee, Elizabeth, and Becky i got pictures of him in uniform, with a cute blonde haired little boy and his mom. Tattoed on his arms, lol, oh am i going to have some fun. He does not know i am on to him, but i am, and things are going to get good now. Revenge is going to be sweet girls, let me know your ideas. I have not sent money, having family in military i am on to him. Let me see some replies ladies!

        • Well Dee, I wish you luck with him he is a tough one to crack! I went as far as telling him that I worked for Home Land Security and it didn’t phase him! He kept up with his persistant request that I send in this bogus form for a leave from the transit department for the army!! LMAO!! Until the day that he tells me that one of his friends girlfriends would pay for half of the $2500 that is was supposedly going to cost ME to pay for him to take a leave! And I told him that I would be glad to send in the form and money right after I took it down to the Army Recruiters office down the street to make sure it was legal and I didn’t need to do anything else!!! ha ha ha he got all pissed off and defensive and I haven’t heard from him since!! I hope you get him good!! I have copies of everything that he sent also! so if anyone wants to persue nailing him let me know!!

        • Just curiouw I have been in contact with a solider in Iraq , reading some emails from others and seems this Steve Lopez may be the same guy I have been chatting with. He is divorced about 44 y/o white male with tatoo’s and a son nmaed Kelvin and mom . If u have any pics u can exchange with me I would be so grateful too. He has asked me for money too and I will give not one penny period to anyone so. Thank you will await ur reply too.

      • Hey I “met” the same guy on a Christian online dating service. This Ensign Steve Lopez really gets around although he has been stationed in Baghdad for a very long time:)

        Same pics again – he is very attractive with the tattoos, the blonde son whose name is Kelvin, his mother (who has since passed away), his wife died giving birth to his son and a brother who lives in Spain. When I asked if he was on facebook he said “no” but I think I found the real Steve Lopez there.

        Just got to the point where he sent an email with something like “you are always on the phone” and something told me the guy is a fake.

        You really have to be careful out there … and from what I can gather these scammers are focusing on the Christian sites now.

      • This is strange,I have been speaking with a so called sgt Steve Lopez supposedly stationed in Baghdad Iraq at Camp Victory,he was saying all the smooth talk but he said he wanted me to send an e-mail to the transit leave department to file for a leave for him so he could come see me,I asked him how much it cost and he said he wasn’t sure but when I contact them they will give me all the information I need.The part that is strange is I was just fooling around looking to see if I could find the leave department and I came across this and the same name of the person who I have been chatting too.It is a good thing I found this or I very well may have been his next victim.

        • Hi janet, yes I have talked with this guy steve and we talked for a month I would not sent 1500 for his leave I told him I wanted to get to no him first last time we chatted was July 30

    • Me again. Thought since I went ahead and sent the money the phone was real. Now that I see your current posts, it is the same guy. A very long story, too long for here. But he is scamming.

      • Yes….he is scamming…well the fake one anyway. We need to remember that the real one is a victim of all of this, too. He is serving our country while this “scammer” tries to prey on women. Renee: Yep…that’s him! What gets me is he uses pictures with the real man’s son. Oh what I’d like to say to this person. He did take his pictures off the dating site my friend found him on. I also convinced him to have the profile taken off. I know he’ll just move it, but at least it’s one down.

        • Elizabeth ,
          Almost forgot, my email is patitatron@gmail.com
          Thank you

    • i too was one of those women who fell for it believe me it wasnt hard they were persistent and literally sent over 350 emails and actually called me over 70 times i believed it was real i have pictures of a man yes and his homes and i got emails form his sister and well he sent my family emails and pictures believe me the only thing i didnt notice was the poor grammer becasue i was to interested in the nice sweet things he was saying. well SGT Mark James Winkerson who ever you are kiss my fat ass.

      • HA! Unbelievable. This same guy is writing to my friend right now online. He dodges questions too. And yes, some people just have poor grammar but his is not only poor…he doesn’t even speak ‘poor’ English – if you know what I mean.

        He just started writing to my friend and we are both immediately suspicious. He is saying they are not feeding him in the army over there and that he has had to sell his personal belongings just to eat. He is saying his parents are dead (indicating he can’t turn to them).

        I recently had a bad experience that I was lucky enough to figure out relatively quick and leave it behind. Not everyone is so lucky. If you’re guts are saying it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The sad thing is, how do we recognize when a really good one comes along that also seems too good to be true?

        No wonder I’m happier single. lol

        take care ladies…keep your eyes open and your gut-meter ON!! It is never wrong.

        • yeah well this guy doesnt seem to catch a clue i havent emailed him or anything since and he still keeps calling me all hours of the night telling me he loves me and needs me bull shit ladies it isnt real and the army would never not feed people that is total crap. yes he told me his parents are not dead and his sister is in canada and ladies the guy leaving me messages well doesnt speak english very well how dumb was i anyway if a man named mark winkerson contacts you dont listen to a word he is saying. best of luck girls i too wonder will mr right ever come along and when he does a full back ground check is in order

        • also ladies if anyone knows who i am , um cindy yurich, stacy fogler, and a couple other ladies who took my money and sent it else where i would like it back this is all under investigation adn well i hope no on egets in trouble.

      • Hi Angie I am chatting to Capt Clint Ferris, I have had all the e-mails and phone calls, I have even had an e-mail from his cousin telling me how wonderful he is… He wants to come to the UK and has Requested that I pay a fee for his vacation time, and stating that i have 72 hours to pay the money . Immediate alarm bells went off. Thought I would do my own investigating and came across this web site today and I feel sick to my stomach.

    • I too talking to a Sgt Lopaz…he sent me a pic of a guy sitting on a camel and also one of him looking at the camel with another guy standing beside him…he wanted money for a little boy in Ghana…I found it strange and blocked him from communicating with me again. I deleted the pictures. I hope the descripton of the pictures will help anyone who is trying to find out what they look like

    • Hi Tracy, I will post everything I have on face book but need to inform you that he is on face book too. Under Ivan Nobile, the guy lying on the beach with a hat on this face.

    • I was took for 1200.00. claiming for personal leave cost. now claiming to be more. can you email me ? I need help finding out information on this creep
      I was told there are no fees for leave. he is in US army in sudan . Tom Barker. I am reporting this today !

  9. I was scammed by a person callign him self SSg Christopher L barber. He said he was stationed in Iraq and his home base was Fort Hood TX. I was fooled into receiving the mony from organizations from western union and sending it out. I contacted the FBI and filed a police report with my local law enforcement. I was so afraid of being arrested for what I had done. I am too trusting. I contacted the Real soldiers chain of command and told them about what is happening and the real SSG is now being informed his ID has been stolen. I know I am gullible.

    • Angela u did a great thing, be proud. U can bet the real guy is really glad u reported it, nicely done.

  10. I got contacted by Tim through Friends Reunited Dating. As has been mentioned you don’t get a straight answer. Heard nothing since I confronted him with the information on this site. Have contacted the dating site, but he still seems to be on there. Thankfully I wasn’t taken in, though it’s nice to feel wanted.

  11. Unfortunatly, this just happened to my sister-in-law. She tried internet dating after being divorced for 5 years. And being in her mid 40s she was delighted when a handsome man wanted to chat with her. Bad turned to worse when we found out she had been sending his ‘friend’ in Ghana money to ‘get military documents out of the country’. She is so naive and trusting of people. This was her first time on a computer! And in just a few weeks she has Western Unioned her life savings (10k) away to Ghana. She thought she was doing the right thing and helping someone. I wish she had said something to us beforehand.

    I am so angry that people take advantage of someone with a kind heart. That people out there are giving the internet dating a HORRID name. And that people out there are giving the US Army soilders a BAD name. I wish there was someinthg I could do to help, but its long gone now.

    Beware people, as much as he says he loves you. Have you webcam chatted with him? Have YOU called HIM? Check out the phone number, is it coming from the country he says he is in? But most of all, NEVER send a stranger money. If they needed it so bad, they would ask a family member, not a stranger.

    • Elle,
      I also had same type story, the person said his name was tom pendleton and was blond about 50 and had several pics he sent including one of him pretending to bite a snake, can you tell me if this is the same? used namenick2050

      • I know exactly who you are talking about, but he used the name steve endleton, he most difinitely is a phony, check out the pictures of the real soldier on here.

  12. I am so glad I found this site. Well I have sent 120$ via western union to a marine who is staioned at Camp Liberty Iraq for 3 years??!! His words took my heart, and I was really believing what he said to me. But things are just not adding up. Says he can t have acces to phones,computers,tv etc. he uses the computer in an office there. Sometime he is online everyday and other maybe just once a week. And the money I sent him was via a person who was in London and was going to give it to him personnally. He then chatted me for weeks without asking for anymore money and then asked me again. He needs basic things and to help the kids out there. But if I couldn t send him anything soon he would understand cus he doesn t want me to be stressed. But when I come up with the money, he know whats me to send it to Italy?!!He says i am the love of his life, wants to marry me and move to Quebec. He found me via Zoosk on facebook. How through, if he is in Iraq?? And out of all the women why me in Quebec. He home town is in California. I can go on and on…But do soliders actually stay in the war for 3 years straight?? He always has a way to blow off some of my questions, or comes up with really good answers. He has sent me 3 pics too. I so wish it was true but the little voice in my head is telling me he is a con. He knows I have been seperated after 14 years with a man and I have 2 teens and I work as a nurse aid. Does this story sound too good to be true?? His name is Sargent Festus Smith a marine for 10 years and is 41, the same age as me..Any advise for someone. I feel like such a jerk, and my heart really wants to believe him. If only one could read his emails…but he too, his spelling…I just don t now. And to marry me after no even meeting me, only seeing a pic, never heard my voice and we have been chatting for about 3 month now. I guess you must think I am crazy, but his words blew my mind espically after the terrible relationship I had in the past. God Bless and hope to here form someone please. A women in Quebec, Canada is very confussed here!!! Thanks alot. :)

    • Hi there,
      i cant believe this. I fell for this guy Festus. aslo. Everything i Just read on the this side… he did to me. Exept I did not send anything to him yet.
      I just thought he would be my new love in my life. Im so hearbroken.
      We both share the same things. I really believed him and want to believe.. Because I actuly was the one asking him the questions.
      Im so sad.., confused!!!

      • Hi there!

        Sorry my english is very bad, but i also know this guy! I was a fool and sent him a laptop and he also wanted some pics from me… how stupid have i been…. Ladys we are not alone, he fooled us, but we have to stay strong, even when he breakd our heart. He caled me “his queen” and “his guardian angel”… hope to hear from you soon!!!!

        kathrina from austria

        • The man you are talking about sound justn like the one I was also talking with. Can ou please give me the name he used so I will know if we have the same man. Thank you so much

      • Its ok, The guy have fallen for is going by the name Sgt Oliver Adamson. He has not asked me for anything at all except if I can afford to to try and get the army to connect us by sat phone so as we can chat on the phone. He is on leave in about 4 weeks and wants to come and meet me but now I am hoping he is ok as his english is perfect. I sincerely feel sorry for the real soldiers who are havving there identies stolen. Marlene

        • Marlene, if he’s asking you to pay for a phone or if you can afford it, it’s a scam plain and simple. Soldiers have access to FREE phones and internet. Don’t be fooled by the perfect English. Soldiers make so much money in combat zones, believe me when I say they can afford their own phones and internet even if they WERE required to pay for them.

          Remember my two reasons to dump these fools. If they ask for money they are either: 1) a scammer or 2) losers!


      • I have also had correspondence with Captain Mike harlsey James, tried to scan the hell out of me. The latest was to get him out of iraq. Also phoned me, the man was definately not from Alabama & called himself captain Mike.

        What worries me is;
        1. he still has a blog on My space & possibly other sites, i met him on Mate 1.Why is he allowed to carry on advertising if it is well known that it is a scam.

        2. Is there a real Mike james out there that knows nothing about what this person is doing.

        3.Where do they get the photos from, the photo of mike james does not look nigerian

        Just every one be very careful

        • hi milly ,,is there any way u can contact me,,so we can talk about this man ,,,as I am so bad confused ,,pls

        • Hi elaine, you didnt fall for his scam as welldid you, im so sorry. I know he is still at it. i have tried warning others. how can i contact you?

        • Please ,,ladies ,,don’t be led on by mike james ,,or hharlsey james ,,ok ,,I truely love him and am still in denial ,,He not real ,,and will ask for $ and no end toit ,,he is not using his real name ,,nor he is not usa army ,,this is al to break our hearts ,,pls give up now ,,and beawaer ,,alot of other fake guys out there ,,if u personally don’t know then ,,pls send no money to them as if in the army ,,they got money and will be willing to share there money to be with u ,,not needing our money ,,ok I am a big time looser ,,pls don’t do this to your self ,,it is very hard to pay back ,,beleive me and you will always be alone ,,he is not coming home to u oe me ,,but how I been wishing ,,he would walk through my door ,,thanks mike ,,,for all your sweet promises ,,they will live in my heart 4 ever ,,and I will repaid my money ,,if I die doing it ,,just glad u needed my money ,,more than u thought i needed ,,I cry my self to sleep at night ,,thanks to u ,,my love

        • do you have an email address for this guy mike james please

        • Milly, I am talking to a guy. He says his name is Cpt Joel James. I met him threw someone else also said he was a Capt. I’ve been talking to him now for 1 1/2 years. I have been reading all your posts. And now feel like a complete idiot. He also wants to marry me and he says he has our matrimonial code. I just received a text from supposedly from his base in S. Carolina. But the phone number don’t match up with any of the base numbers. He says he is from Alabama. But when I did talk to him he didn’t sound American. His words are on chat are kind of mixed up. He sent me his picture and he is so handsome. How can I make sure he is real or a scammer? Can you send me an email? I’d like to talk to further. Thanks!

      • I have been in the same satution I have been talking to this. Guy and they ask me a lot of money he in afghtanistan name Chris carney but just so worried. That I made the biggest mistake

    • Laura…does he use webcam while chatting with you? well…i’ve talked my fiancee, that army isnt rich but they arent poor either…i met my fiancee from dating site, i were thought that might be he trying to scam me, but after several months i chat with him till i met him, he never asking me money…*seems too good to be true, but its true!* dont be confused or even get stressed because a guy, i have been falling down many times but i wiped blood on my knees and get up on my knees,till i found him. Dont you ever send anything or accept anything from stranger,because sometimes they will ask you to pay shipping costs. They will make fake shipping company website…dont trust him 100% if you havent see him face to face. Stay sharp lady!

      • I wish now that i haven’t done what i did. I didn’t believe him at one point. Then we become friend and more. So, right now i have no ideal what to do for sure. I am going the army and find out who this person is really. He’s a** is mine.

        • Get’im girl. I hope u burn his @$$.

    • Laura,

      WOW! I almost got suckered by this! Guy is supposed to be at Camp Liberty for 2 years in Iraq. He found me on Zoosk too!!! Said he is widowed, wife died in car accident–2 young boys in London. Said he went to school at London Metro for 4 years in Criminology (guess he learned to scam there). Well, he is telling me he is going to marry me when he gets back–lOL–crazy!
      Said he has been in for 23 years and to get promoted to a Sgt Maj soon. Sent pics–but one has the name Edwards on it–and he said his name is Brewster!
      Well, he writes British and grammar is fairly poor. Ok, he is on a laptop–keys are close together, but. Anyway, one boy needs money to go on an excursion to Amsterdam and Paris–at 5 and 7? Well, his niece (could it be wife) is broke and he cannot access his account. Asks me. I am so tight with money–I get suckered with love, but not money. I was silent. Then, I said I don’t think you are as sincere as I thought. I said he sounds like a scammer. That set him off–bye he says!!
      It was odd–as I asked if he wanted a care package sent. Said he didn’t need anything–odd! Could be a Nigerian or who knows!

      • i all so have a photo of a man who is surpose to be kelvin edwards on his shirt an 2 other photo of him one with him sitting dow on a chair side ways an another one of him standing beside a truck.i would like to see if the photo of him with his name on it is the same man i have been talking to for the last 10 days.he is retiring end of june so he says an coming out here to australia,to be with me an marry me so far he has nt asked me for any money,all so has a son in miame an 1he found in the bushes an he is in ghana,so u u please let me see a photo of him so that i know for sure as i think he is a scamer.john kissi is a scamer so look out for that name he has been reported here to the feral police

    • I am from Ontario, and have been in contact with a Sgt. David E. Roscoe, who is supposedly in Afghanistan, he has done the same thing, supposedly he is 44 and lost his wife int he London Bombing 2005, and child died later. He gives pics, but from a pub like atmosphere and yet they are 5 months old, and the flights onthe darts are canadian, he is supposedly from California.
      I checked him out extensively and this guy is good. There is a real Sgt. David E. Roscoe, he did photos for the Pacemaker Public Affairs Office, but I cant find anything more recent then 2008. I checked out the schools he went to and they are ligit also, but he does the same undying love, wants to get married, needs me to set him up with this military telex and that he is being redeployed soon to an area where he wont have communication. He is good, he has told me of events, like the unannounced visit from the President the day before the news did, etc. His emails are never replies to mine but cut and paste poetry.

  13. also, he said to me that he too fell in love with my words, and since he has such unlimited time, I am the only one he chats with…He doesn t care what I look like cus he says love is in the eye of the beholder. And after Iraq early next year he is going to Washington for he retirment and then coming straight to Quebec…..He also said that the Marines don t get there pay there and when he finally leaves there he will have alot of money??? These are just a few of so many, many words and emails. And when we chat, it is usually at the same time 3am Quebec time, and we chat for about2-3 hours!! And then I can go without days hereing from him, but before I sent him the money we were talking everyday, but now apprently he is really busy since the other day when he asked me for more money. He knows when I am paid, so I guess I will be hearing from him soon. ha ha ha

  14. And has anyone ever talked of heard of SARGENT FESTUS SMITH, CAMP LIBERTY, ARMORED DIVISON VI. but all the rest of the info is confidental apperantly!! And I am not allowed to send any parcels to him out there..Really weird eh?? Say its cus of the bombs in packages, I guess I have been really stupid. In the begining he wanted 650$USD, for his basic needs.He says things are really expensive out there. I am glad I only lost 120$.. And with the 120$, he said he bought 2 pairs of boxers and some body cream that all!!But I so wish he was for real Sorry bothering you with all this..I am just so confussed!!!!!!

    • mine wante vitamin pills and chocolate, and I could not send packages because of bombs as well,
      well its such crap i fell for it but did purchase the vitamins but did not send to the african address i was supplied with.
      i was confused as well as shocked,
      now I’m just mad enough to help any way I can.

      • Sounds like mine, sent chocolate, vitamins. Do you have any pics? He stationed in Iraq. Now asking for money

  15. Laura, yes i have heard of one Festus Smith too. The details that you are describing are EXACTLY the same as what he has told me. We have been chatting for the past month. Yes i believe this guy is certainly a con man. Glad I read what you have written – thanks so much

    • I am glad you read this, I really didn t want to be mean but us women..well wil have hearts too. I have found at least 4 dating sites that he is on. For months and months he has ***LOVED** me, and when I asked him about the dating sites well he told me to f*** Off!! I can t believe it. I don t know if you are still going to chat with him, but please be careful. He was even starting to chat with my son, who is going through a really bad time. He really hurt him too. I still want to believe that want he said it true but there are way too many things that don t add up. Take Care dear and if you talk to him again, tell him his fiance from Quebec say Hello!!!! ha ha. Please give me some news. Did you get the nice emails, so well written that just blew your mind???? And what about his pics. I have even saw him in a Bon Jovi video…but he usually blows the question off of he has a damn good answer. I hope you didn t send any money like I did..I was going to send him more $$ until I started to do a bit of research. How can people hurt us and our poor troops like that. God Bless dear and thanking for believe me. we need to stop these men.

  16. Yeah ladies, I would give up dating sites and the like. I was so naive as to move a predatory sex offender in with me until my kids checked him out and found this info about him.
    I said you have 2 hours to get out of here or my friend, who’s 300lbs and 6’2″ will be over to properly move you.
    I was scammed before about credit card deal too.
    Just remember, “there is no free lunch”

  17. I am giving up dating sites totally….But how ca we stop these guys. Damn this guy possed as a Marine…He really took my heart. I want to stop him before he hurts more women out there. Good luck to you dear.

    • i just cant believe all the things i m reading about Festus.
      He is good Really good. He took my heart.
      I guess all of us ladies are getting the same sweet emails.
      Yes, he needs to be stoppt!!!
      but how???

    • i becoming curious with this guy “festus” is there anyone who wanna give me his chat or email to me?

  18. if someone by the name of Festus Smith, serving as a marine in Iraq for 3 years as a marine, 41 years old contact you – don’t touch him with a barge pole. He is a con and has strung many women along contacting them through dating sites. He wins you over with his sweet talking and his words of love for you, professing that you are the only one. It is a bunch of lies. The trail of women he has left behind is now beginning to be uncovered. Don’t get sucked in by him!!!

  19. RE: FESTUS SMITH **MARINE** I have found now at least 7 websites with him on it, info is never the same from height to location. California, UK, Ghanda…Please gals be careful of him!!! He is really to good to be true, and he sends the same emails to all women, anyways I have the proof that woke me up. And I don t think he is a marine and if he is well he is just one pathick lyer!!! If anyone knows of him please leave me a message cus I really want to stop him.

    • Hi,
      i just started to talk to Festus.
      I m heartbroken. I thought He was too good to be true.
      I started really to fallin love with him.And like you said.. Everything he sais is so sweet.
      He always has these nice explainations..
      One thing what made me wonder by him . Marines dont really stay 3 years in Iraq.
      please tell me .

  20. Has anyone talked to 2nd Lt. Stugart Hill Snips? just curious as to whether this guy is a scammer or not. Would like to check on him before i believe anything he says. I think he is involved in some phone scamming.

    • yes, he is a scammer, he is on scamwarners.com. dont send him any money for anything.

      • google.com shows names of scammers, just google stugart hill snips and see what u get honey.

      • I forgot to mention his name…Stugart Hill Snips….don’t fall for it please……

    • Yes, I believe he is. Last time I heard from him was on 2/9/10 and now I am just realizing he is a scammer. Don’t fall for it……PLLLEEAASSSEEE…..

  21. Hi, honey if its too good to be true than it is. Google in his name do all your research before falling for him please.Where is he stationed and for how long has he been there?? I did alot of research and if I can help you I would be more than happier.

    • Hi
      I am trying to do some research on a Wisdom Bell who claims to be in Iraq. But he speaks with the broken English and I know he is a scammer. He has not ask me for any money but has asked me to pick up a package from some diplomat. I read on the site about that scam as well but don’t know the complete gist of it. He was telling me that he was sending 2 million to a complete stranger come on something definitely wrong with that pic. I would like to know how to reach the real Wisdom Bell to make himaware of the scam in his name. Thanks.

      • Hi Wanda, sounds like you were going to hear from the same diplomat I was to hear from about a package containing a large sum of recovered money from Northern Iraq. The person whom I had been messaging(the imposter) was Staff Sargent US Army, 26 yr vet, male nurse. I waited until I got enough info and am now filing FBI internet claim, also filing a spill report with US Army Counter Intelligence, Ft. Knox KY. I will go to the ends of the earth to find the real person in the photos. Little does he know that his career and security have probably been compromised. These pieces of crap in GHANA, are just that crap. In this case instead of don’t shoot the messenger, quite the opposite applies according to me.

        • Mine is trying to involve into something similar. Who was the diplomat (his name)?

    • where can i do my research? I think i’m gonna be scammed too,but i didn’t do AS he says…Im not talking about the guy you ladies mentioed ,im just curious where i can do some searching on my soldier,he dont know i am doing this but hey its for my own protection.

      thanks pplzz

  22. Hilary, like Laura said do all your research, google him. There is a website ‘Stud or Dud”. When I googled Festus Smith there was no such person of that description living in California. If you think it is a scam I would go with your intuition and steer clear of him. Which site did you meet him on?

  23. Re:Festus Smith – Marine in Iraq….
    This guy is a real peice of work isn’t he? He’s smooth and he knows just what to say.. I agree, he NEEDS to be STOPPED!!! I’m in Calgary, He seems to like the Canadian girls.The Sight I met him on is SugarSugar.com

  24. you all are very wrong about festus smith.maybe someone is potraying himself as smith deceiving you all especial you laura…you must be very stupid to have talking this so personal because of your 120 canadain dollars which you called a scam. the festus that i know is my ex in california and we have been together for a long time before he was deployed to iraq so if you dont have access to the real festus smith f*** you all because the festus that i know is not yet back home even if we are no more together. and you ladies should look for a better work to do with your time than sitting on the computer looking for a younger guy to destroy his life.

    • They are saying tht is the name this scammer is using.

  25. I really want to believe all the nice things festus sais to me.
    I can not say he has asked me for anything exept not to break his heart.. I want to believe him.Im just so confused reading all these things .. And I m not in Canada.. Im right here in California. I guess time willtell.I really like him

    • He said the same to me…sound familiar “I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing more or nothing less than you don’t go breaking my heart.” Please just be careful. This guy is good at his game and he has no remorse. I for one do not want to see him hurt more women.

  26. Has any of you been scammed by a man calling himself Sgt. Steven Gaines?

  27. Also wondering if the men contacted you or you contacted them from the original site. I have someone I am very close to that has been contacted on myyearbook.

  28. Who are you all ladies just got an email from my ex that have been talked about on this blog…yes am station here in iraq but dont know any of you expect for susanne. please if anyone is using my name and information to scam you ladies its better you track him down and find away to report him to the authorities. the blog is destroying my relationship with the only woman i have loved and will need you all to put a stop to it before i report and charge you to court no matter where you all lived. I am not a scammer and God forbid i become one. I have change my email password because of this and dont know who this hacker is that is using my real name and messages in my inbox to scam you ladies and i have also contacted my law over this issue. Thank You.

    • Why don’t you ask a copy if the pictures that this Festus Smith sent to all the ladies before you call authorities and if you are the real one then go along with these girls to track him down,

  29. Sue, Festus said exactly the same to me. Does this sound familiar too …”My love and trust is all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart’s desire.”
    Or does this ring a bell – “This feeling of love that I hold within my heart for you runs deeper than any ocean or sea; I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. If only you could hold me, then maybe you would feel my love for you that burns with a flame high enough to last.” I agree with you Sue – he is good and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. This Festus SMith, whoever he is is a fraud, fake and a liar. Don’t believe him for a second!!!

  30. Ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you definitively that Festus is a fraud and a fake. He does not exist, at least not as a deployed Soldier.

    Festus, if you are indeed a soldier, please prove ime wrong by sending me an AKO email. I anxiously you lack of response.

    Please don’t fall for the Festus scam! You will lose money and have your heart broken. Here’s a tip for everyone: if someone is claiming to be a deployed service member, ask him to send you an email from his .mil account. Every military member is required to have one.

    • Hey CJ took your advice and wrote my scammer asking him to send me an email from his military account he said what is that? But this is a copy of the letter from the diplomat who is brining me in the 2million dollars lol

      Full Viewpackage
      From: michael agornugah Add to Contacts
      To: mamoore4102009@yahoo.com


      Hello Madam,
      My name is Mr.Michael.Am the diplomat your husband Mr Bell told you about.Am to deliver some special package to you that contains some important documents and other stuffs which is important to him as he told me..I have alot to do about this package since he told me that the package seems alot to him and i have to make sure that nothing happens to the package…By so doing i need not to come straight to your location because my flight will be a transit i cant get a direct flight up on the way.Am sure he told you about this.All i have to do is to pass through the countries where i can come to you so that i can be able to make it to your location.For now what i want you to do for me is to confirm some details about you .I have to make sure that i have the correct information s before getting on my way.I will use this to make the trip so i will need your maximum corporation and your assistance so that i can work with you to serve you and your husband to your fullest satisfaction.

      Name:Wanda Moore
      Addressee:Baltimore, Md
      Name Of Nearest Airport:BWI Airport

      Please confirm the above details for me.Let me know if all the in informations are correct so that i can booked my 1st flight and let you know the in formations.As am talking am now having the package with me and will be on my way as soon as i get the confirmation from you.Actually i will be booking my 1st flight to Dubai and from there i will tell you the next country i will be passing through.I will keep you update on whats going on.Well i will end here and i hope to get the final confirmation from you.

      Best Regards.

      Your E-mail and More On-the-Go. Get Windows Live Hotmail Free. Sign up now.

      • Reading Wanda…..Smells like Fesrus Smith words and writing…Really watch out..He has a 1000 personalities women!!Good luck.

      • Wow, this has to be the same guy. Bye the way the imposter who sat up the OKcupid site said his name was OBED WOODEN CAMPBELL, the diplomat was named John. I cut him off at the pass in Kotoka, which is in Ghana. I do believe that Mr. or Sargent Campbell does exist, and that he has relatives in Florida.

      • Hi there, here is my letter that I have received from him.
        From: dsmith@diplomats.com
        Date: 2010/06/13 05:17:15 PM
        To: magzhealy@vodamail.co.za
        Subject: Dip Smith

        Attn: Miss Magda Healy
        My name is Mr.Daren Smith.I am the diplomat that your husband Mr Ivan Nobile told you about.Am to deliver 2 packages to you that contain cloths and some documents as stated by your husband.They are in 2 empty air-condition case with some combination codes.He told me that the packages seems a lot to him and you also need the stuffs in the package really urgent for yourself and for your family.He gave me some information’s about you and i wanted to email you to confirm it from you also,so that I can know that am walking on the right path.I respect your husband a lot and I also know him as a very good man and want to work with you to serve you and your husband to your fullest satisfaction.I hope you will also correspond with me to make my work a very easy one.Your husband gave me the name of the nearest Airport around your area where I need to fly to as East London Airport.I will be flying to that city.I will be very happy if you can confirm the name of the Airport for me so that I can make my research.He also stated your phone number as (+27721244716).Please confirm all the information’s I have been given by your husband if they are all correct.Miss Magda Healy,What I want from you now is to confirm the above details whether I have the correct information’s because I will be keeping you update as am on my way to you.Again I want you to let me know where we will have to meet so that I can deliver the packages to you and find my way home.Okay Miss Healy,I hope you will correspond with me to make my work very easy one.Please confirm the above and below information’s for me because i have to know if i do have all of your information’s correct.

        Full Name:Magda Healy
        Address:East London
        Airport Name:East London Airport
        Phone Number:+27721244716

        I will end here and I will be waiting for your urgent respond so that I can start my journey because I have a lot of places to pass through before I can make it to East London.
        Best Regards.
        Dip. Smith

      • Wanda, that’s excatly the same phrase that Diplomat Suley Mohammed use to deliver the parcel for Staff Sergeant Christain Richardson.
        Fool that I was, but I learned a lot from this web site and think I will be happily dating in future!!

    • Hi guys has anyone heard of a so called sgt billy james chambers.

    • Not sure if i’ll get this posted correctly but wanted to say how glad i am to have found this site. I am currently communicating on line with someone saying they are Colonel Brandon Hutton, US Army based in Kabul. I’ve received a request this morning for charges for leave. Had begun to suspect that this was a scam over the last couple of days when i had to apply for his leave. i’ve not seen anyone else show any details about this particular person so it may be a new persona that is being used. I would like some help to confirm that this is a scam and some advice on how i alert the real person to what is happening. I have several pictures and want to put them out there for other woman to see to alert them to the danger of this situation but to do it in a way that does not damage the reputation of the person whose photographs have been stolen and used. Fortunately i have only invested emotionally in this and have not lost any money. Any Help you can give me would be much appreciated.

      • Lesley, I too have had communication from A Colonel Brandon Hutton requesting that I apply for his leave, he also sent me pictures but claimed he could not telephone for correspondence.
        How do we stop this from happening, it is a cruel game on womans good nature and desire to find real love.

      • Lesley I would be keen to share pictures it would be great if you could e-mail me at ytracey7@btinternet.com.

        • Tracey & Tina,

          My friend lost a lot of money to a Colonel Brandon Hutton on match.com. I have made several posts about him now but have still been looking through for anyone ele who has spoke with him.

          I can be contacted at forthingsandstuff@hotmail.co.uk

          Unfortunately my friend is very embarresed about the situation and does not want her family to find out so I will not name her here, but I may be able to put you in contact with her directly via email.

          Here is a link to a couple of the pictures he was using:



          (Obviously everyone here is aware that the man in these pictures is not the scammer himself, he is another victim, but I feel I must reiterate the fact as I am posting his photos.)

          My friend has also been in touch with the US Army and they have informed her that under no circumstances do they ever ask for money regarding a soldier’s leave. So YES, HE IS DEFINATELY A SCAMMER.

        • I’ve put Tracy and Tina. I meant Tracy and Lesley.

          Sorry :/

  31. Festus, for a soldier (which you aren’t) you English sucks! You’re a fraud and I won’t stop telling people about it.

  32. First to THE FESTUS SMITH AND JENNIFER WHO POSTED: I have better things to do with my time, cus I work and I do have a life. And internet scamming is a criminal offence.. So I will contact my lawyer not my LAW as Festus wrote. And If the festus smith is really in Iraq can you prove us all wrong so you can get a piece of mind. But I did not dream this, I was talking to him for over 3 months, damn I didnt send myself the 3 pics and emails. Mixter and Me have been exchanging emails and they are excatly the same, only the name has changed. Festus is on about 6 dating sites. With the same pic and the same words, I am cool and sincere guy.. He too told to never break his heart. And why does he break ours? And why, when I confronted him with this he just vanished?? Never heard from him since. If you watch you tube you will be surprised, as he said that no tvs, cells, xbox, letter,parcel etc are not allowed there, wow you tube confirmed my thaught. He is too good to be true. And the Festus who posted said we are ruining his relationship with Susanne?? Is it the same Susanne who posted earlier cus she never said she was in a relation ship with him.. He even had the never to get close to my son. He says his both parents past away, and has a big house in California and alot of money. But watch out gals cus he must know we are on to him, so he will probably change his way now. Please listen to your mind and not your heart, cus he is one good talker and knows whee to get us. I am wondering what he gets out of this and how can he sleep at night. I trusted him, but in the end he was just a scam. There is way too much proof!! And no, Marine don t stay in Iraw for 3 years straight!! They usually are there for 8 to 12 months, come home and then they go back. Why to fishy this story. And yes he english is bad on the chat but his emails are almost perfect!!! Funny eh?? And why are there so many of you asking abouthim, cus you are wise women and something just didn t seem right eh??? Do want you want to, mixter and I just want to help, so that other women do get used like we did. Sorry if the truth hurts but we are not lying as we both have families and jobs. We were just taken in from a man who said he cared.. ha ha ha yeah right. Be wise gals and get back to me if you want. God Bless you all and MAY GOD BLESS FESTUS SMITHS EVIL SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. sorry for my spelling, I am just so mad. I wanted to say do what you want to,mixter and I just want to help. And FESTUS SMITH show us all the proof, not just Camp Liberty etc..But the way, I think it is called Camp Victory now, as per you tube. Like CJ says you AKO emails. He even said to me that a friend name Colin died in Novemeber, well on CNN site, there is no Colin listed there and unfortunately they show all the names of our fallen heros of war.!!!!! Festus who posted, can you help us stop the FAKE Festus, if it is true. Who says its not you writing on this site… PROOF PLEASE. BUT WE ALL HAVE HAD EMAILS AND CHATS WITH ONE FESTUS SMITH! And the pic is everywhere on internet???? WHY??? Why should anyone believe you or Jennifer when we have so much proof??

  34. I was just re reading Jennifer, who told you the 120$ was canadian?!!! And the way you write reminds me of someone, and ladies ha ha ha Festus smith wrote the same thing ladies..To everyone, re read the 2 posts, dont they look a bit the same, small i and starting senteces without caps… and what with the younger guy thing??? your past and present tense is really bad dear, really minds me of a certain someone, what about you gals?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am french and I write better that both of you ha ha ha ha. Maybe a call to my lawyer for abit of advise will help me.

  35. ha ha ha why would festus say that someone is using his messages from his INBOX????? And thanks alot CJ for the good info, you seem to know what you are talking about.

  36. The Festus I spoke to was very very kind and never asked me for anything. We made plans to be together once he returns home. And yes, my heart is broken right now.

    And if its true all the things the REAL Festus Smith sais, than i really hope HE will proof it to us. OR least proof it to me.
    I m confused why would the REAL Festus Smith telling me that he has to take a break from me now until he comes home and wont just proof to me or all of us someone is setting him up?

    Please Festus if you read this … proof us wrong.. I want nothing more than to continue with our relationship.
    But I cant help but wonder .. Im a EX military wife and YES soldiers get to call home for free while they are overseas, every soldier has a APO address so they can recieve mail. And like earlier mentioned soldiers get deployed for up to a year and than come back home and get sent back later on.

    • Common sense is not your strong point. You are so desperate for attention that you refuse to acknowledge a scammer.

  37. Ah Susanne I don t know you but he is a fake, look good at the way he wrote the post!!Mixter and me believe the same thing! Why does he need a break from you and why did you start to question him and found this site.We too had made plan when he came home, damn he wanted to marry me. Do you have the same emails as all the rest of us?? There is too much proof and he told me that he couldn t call from Iraq, a bunch of bull. He didn t want to call cus I would have seen the phone number on my bill. Did he give you his APO address. I don t get anything out of this, I just don t want us women who struggle so much to get hooked by such a loser. You deserve better. He too broke my heart with his words, there are so many of us out there. You need solid proof dear, not anything that you can get off the news or google. And if Festus is reading this…I really wish you were here right now cus I would kick you sad ass. You are a damn loser and you are a very sick man, you really need help. Remember my email, send me the prof like CJ said and I will let this go, if not I will continue until you get caught!!! How can you live with yourself??? And Susanne, it took him awhile before he asked me for anything. Please be wise girl, he has his hooks in you and I really think you are in for a big surprise. Do you have 3 pics of him?? He is the one who found me on Zoosk. His words blew my mind, and so many other women. He has to my knowledge so far 3 emails, 2 yahoo and a hotmail. If is so easy to be someone else on a computer. It is your choice and I really hope you make the right descion. Why hasn t he left Iraq for 3 years, why does he say that Marines only get paid once they leave the war, so many questions?? How long have you been talking to him?? I am shaking as I am so mad and feel so helpless, but I voe that he is not finished hearing from me. It is now a personal goal for me. He screwed the wrong woman!!! And he will pay!!! I know it is hard for you to believe all this but you must. Emails, pics everything is the same. Help us stop this sick man. And if you don t well wait for him, I think the wait will be very long. Please if you came on this site, it is not for nothing. And yes Festus was very kind to me, I have cancer and I told him my life. I am going for an operation on dec 18th, and his words were so comforting. Too comforting. He always gave me great advise and listened to me..Prayed even for my cancer. What a jerk. How can he do this. The feelings of love are long gone and now it is hate.One day Festus this will be all over. Really awaiting you email you sick bastered!!!!!!!!!!!!! And good luck Susanne and please stay wise, he always has a good answer to everything. Honestly I really don t care if you are with him. It is your choice and please make the right one. FESTUS SMITH THE MARINE JAN2,1968 IS A FAKE FAKE FAKE AND ONE SICK SICK SICK MAN. He should be ashmashed of him self, as the real marines are dying for us.

  38. And when is coming home. Earlier next year, going to Washington first to retire and then he is going to start his live with you?? If he said that, well wake up cus it the same he said to so many. Has been in the Marines for 10 years also?

  39. Thanks Laura,
    yes he told me all of the same things you just said.
    Only son, his mom died of cancer, my dad just passet away due to cancer.
    I contacted him on the singlesnet..
    I dont have a APO mailing from him and I only have two pictures of him. Coz he has all others back state sides…
    I do know about military retirements and you can not retire with only 10 years to recieve retirement. SO YES i agree… things do not add up.
    The secret bank account it not correct. I do know they get some money when deployed ..like i said my ex was in the military.

    He did said he is new to the online dating… but i also found him on another dating side but i got a good explanation for it.

    I guess I m still in shock and need to stop thinking with my heart and start using my head.

    • Hi Susanne…….. I have been talking to an Army Sgt. supposedly by the name Ralph Edwards & he first tried the ts2 phone thing, said he needed 200.00 so we could talk. I googled the ts2 website when the email they sent to me said to Western Union the payment to an address in Nigeria. I questioned him & he got all indignant & hurt that I would question him. I told him that I wasn’t sending any money & that was the end of us disscussing the phone thing.
      Meanwhile,he too also seemed to be the perfect man, everything any woman could ever hope for, & I wanted to believe him although in the back of my mind I knew it was prob. a scam.
      He then started saying how he wanted to retire early & marry me & that I would need to come up with almost 4 Thousand dollars to pay the Military Benifits proccessing fees before he would be able to retire because military men overseas on tour didn’t have access to their income. I wasn’t gonna send 2 Hundred dollars, I certainly would never send 4 Thousand dollars. He has been more persistant & pleeding with me to do this if I really loved him. I feel that this is all a bunch of Bull……..but you stated that your husband really was a military man & you knew about how the whole Military Retirement proccess works. Could you please get back to me & counsil me reguarding this. I like to get educated about things I no not of so I don’t buy into peoples BullSh*t
      I would really appriciate your taking the time to write me back to my email address…….. stcybckly@yahoo.com I could then send you all the photos & corrispondances that I have recieved from him.
      Ladies……Lets not be Dumb Airheaded Victims to these Scandalous Parasites & Cock Roaches anymore. They are playing us on our one vulnerability…….Our desire to have true love. We are smarter than that! Lets stick together & get this told to every single lady on the internet.

  40. First am commenting on laura post which is like a full novel, it shows you dont have anything to do with your time and besides from the begining of this post you are the first person that started calling festus smith a scammer before the rest follow you up. how am sure you are not the hacker we are looking for? confusing other fools about smith just to bring him down. how did you no much about all smith privacy which is so personal to him? just take a look at the blog and see peoples comments how short they are, have begining to suspect you either that you know something about my ex conspiracy and i will investigate you privately. and for you cj or whats your real name asking for a military AKO, i guess you have never been married before and will never be especially to a soldier because no man or woman in the military reveals such account to anybody not even is mother unless he retired finally from the service and the account is never an account for dating because i have learn all this during when i was with my ex. as for you susanne he called his new found love am happy for you because festus is a wonderful man and will advice you stop contacting this frustrated asholes before they destroy you relationship because they wouldnt married you but can only destroy you happiness ever after.Am married and have been bless with two beautiful kids and the festus that can not even hurt a fly.

    • Jennifer, could you perhaps explain to me why your IP tracks back to Africa, the clearing house for these types of scams? I wait with baited breath! Also, you obviously know NOTHING about the military since you have no idea what AKO seems to be. Most spouses and families of troops even have AKO emails, so your assertion that they don’t give them out is absurd to say the least, conspiratorial most likely.

      But, let’s go back to your Africa IP, shall we?

      • by the way nigerians say am happy not I am happy, just a little hint for you there.

      • CJ would you please tell me how to trace a ip address. This is my 1st scammer but quite sure it wont be my last one. thanks

    • Yes I am Late but CJ you did a great Job exposing this fake jennifer great job Busting this scammers bubble they pretend to be Women all the time Lol relly funny about the AKO my husband Military hes NEVER told me that lie about not being able to share it with anyone EPIC Fail on this scammers part CJ once again GREAT JOB of exposing this lying piece of SHYT.Anonn

  41. Also susanne if you that kind of free and you are in cali we can met so that i can tell you more about Festus, i still have some of his pics with me because he is such a nice man to me which i never wants to forget in my life. we can sit down and talk about him and if you need one or two of his pics before he gets home i can spear you that once we meet and forget about this old fools who destroyers life cos i still believes the person doing this is also commeting with you on this blog.

    • Oh, good job changing your IP on this one to hide your location, by the way. But, it still tracks through Europe and back to you in Africa. Susanne and Laura, don’t be worried about “Jennifer’s” so-called investigation on your privately. She has no authority in Africa over you here, if this is even a “she.” You see, Jennifer and Festus Smith are using the SAME IP address. So either your Festus is cheating on you with Jennifer, or Festus – can I call him Festering Puss Filled Nodule instead? – IS Jennifer! You Nigerian scammers are so stupid!!

      • by the way they also say cos. a little hint for u there isnt it?????

      • hooah for CJ…*thumbsup*

    • Jennifer you also write like Festus Smith, bad grammar. Don’t know how to use punctuations… Poor you……….

  42. Everything Laura says is true and Laura and I have exchanged emails that Festus has sent us – exactly the same ones but our names were changed. I would love to know how Festus is going to spend the rest of his life with so many women in so many different countries. f I also found him on numerous dating sites and when I questioned him he said that he had signed up to free sites when he was desperate to find his one true love. When he contacted me on a site, he closed his account from that site as he has found ‘his one true love’!!!! When I questioned him about the other sites he said that he had joined a few and couldn’t remember which ones he had joined but he never goes on them anymore because he found ME – yeah, sure, right. He will never call me baby, angel or my love any more! To scam being a marine when those boys are over there defending their country and putting their lives at risk and there is a gutless jerk who is posing as one – makes me sick!!!! He will eventually get just what he deserves when the authorities catch up with him.

  43. The way I see it, any one of you could be the person who is running this scam. I have been absolutely horrified to watch this unfold as I too was a target for this scam. However, it is too close to Christmas for me want to waste my time and energy on HATE. There are good people out there ladies, it is just very sad that there are also people out there who are without conscience or moral ground. I just want to try to enjoy the silly season with my family and I would like to do that with as little heartache as I can muster. Take care yourselves first and foremost. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  44. Has anyone met a Kells Kline??

    Same type of e-mails, asking for $400 to register to call through usmilitarycomm@engineer.com

    Likely another scam artist.

    • Not a Kells Kline but a Frank Black Kline..but he did send me a pic and the title on the pic was Kell…so I am guessing it is probably the same gem of a person

      • I got a Kells. Sergeant Fred Kells. Usual story. Widower etc.

    • yes a scammer!!

    • Kells Klin or Kline is also using the name Paul or Paulos Zacheus Becker same guy and a scammer. He or they are not soldiers in Afghanistan, their IP showed them to or him to be in California.

  45. Jennifer I know so much because Festus told me. We chatted so much and for 3 hours at a time, plus emails for over 3 months, alot was said ok. So think what you want to, I really don t care. I just don t want other women to get screwed like me. Funny about your IP. And I am convinced that you and festus are working together. Mixter also knows alot too. He said the same things to everyone else. I yes I have other things to do with my life, but taking 1 hours of my life to help other women is well worth it. Thanks alot CJ for your understanding and support. And they can investage as much as they want as I am not worried. I printed all emails and the conversations with Festus as per my lawyers advise, so I am ready for them. Take Care CJ. And Jennifer and Festus you are made for each other.

  46. And Jennifer why do you call Festus by the name of smith??? That is weired and you type just like him. Have you checked all the dating sites. And yes my post were long cus I wanted to give all the info I have on him, to other women. And why did he want the money in London?? Whats with the same IP ADDRESS!!! You are both sick people. And yes I started this because too many things were not adding up, he is on damn good lyer and I am proud of myself cus it took guts to do want I did ok. Leave me and the other women alone.

    • I suspected that there is only one person pertaining to the scammer, He has different aliases. Darryl Lingo, Festus Smith could only be one person.

  47. And Jennifer tell me why do I have the same pics as the dating sites..And and I can hardly understand you writing in your email. And to you Chilly, you are right it is Christmas, must this man must be stoppped, I only wanted to help out the other women. I am not a sicko, it just upsets me to see these scammers get away all the time. Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  48. TO CJ: Really glad for all your help and info and I am sure other women will say the same. Funny Jennifer has not got back to you with the IP address thing. And her post is usually the same time that festus and I chatted on line. And what about her post, hard to understand eh?? A BIG THANK YOU DEAR!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  49. Cj or what is you name? why dont you just tell us your real name if you not hidding anything, i guess you must be one of those old fat fools looking for a younger guy online without thinking of dying someday. i guess you must have been so old that you that you think your [Jennifer, we don't use that language on this site. -CJ]is what festus needs including you and laura. which i can see how ugly you both are and your cancerous faces, can you please send us what my ip address read and its isp network so that i can prove you [expletive deleted]wrong by everything you you have talked about. if you all are in the state why are you afraid of coming around and lets trash this physically because i wont be responding to you stupid comment again as from today because you have no proof and dont know what you talking about. if you CJ says you learn every about the military from festus, how long did you speak or talk with him online to have known everything about soldiers and there ways of life. you old cargo fools should just go get or buy a dog to lick your [expletive deleted]instead waiting and hoping for the so call festus smith that has scam you which definately is not the festus smith that i know. you all can go to hell because i have better things to do with my time.

    • Oh, Jennifer, if I didn’t already know you are a dude, I’d mention how cute you are.

      For everyone else, I’ve just published proof that Jennifer and Festus are from Africa AND the same person. Click HERE to read it.

      • cool, good for you….high five girlfriend…

  50. Hi…have any one heard of,,,SSG MICHAEL RANCOURT,,,,32ND INFINTARY deployed in pakistan,,,widowed.one son ken living with mother,,in Malaysia,,,looking for money for Transit,,,have not sent any,,but he talks the talk,,,How can i check if he is fraud????
    I think so and have told him so.He still continues to mail…can ayone help.

    • Fraud! We don’t have troops deployed in Pakistan yet. There is no such things as a SSG Michael Rancourt in the United States Army, Reserves, or National Guard.

      • dear CJ and all brave intelligent females, I have had known Internet scams ,no money passed though asked, and some revenge by me.. long and slow..as soon as money for any reason asked remember..No decent man would ask a female for money ..your yardstick.
        HOW DO WE AVOID GIVING OUR HEART THOUGH before the scam to sting us is apparent. I am talking to a ltnt Charles Ramsy Swanson..he mainly cuts and pastes lovely poems ..says he is a bit Linear ..doesn’t need my money (I thought he could be a scammer).I stopped talking to him as a blog started with a few women before I started chatting to him one said she was asked for money Anyone know this name? He supplies his full military address in Iraq and have had three photos. Mary..I have stopped a few scams butfriends reunited dating site has only frozen their contacts.They are not interested so play back a painful process by drawing out the yes I’ll send you the money ..run them ragged an have a laugh. It can be so painful who do we believe? Are there any real military boys who are on these sites. Anyone know of Ltnt Charles Ramsy Swanson? TIP: If you google some of the email written to you it sometimes goes to shows a scammer on a ‘known fraudster’ site. Mary


      • hi CJ…just wanna ask if the names below exist with the NATO troops in Afghanistan

        * Col. Roncy Lishore
        * Col. Lishore Bestman

        he’s insisting for me to register to satlinkuphone which cost USD 390 but can’t find his name from any search

  51. Wow CJ…what nice words from a gal!! My last question tothose 2 phonies, if Festus Smith is really in the marines, how come he has so much time to chat with all these women?? Isn t it war out there?? Amd its funny when Jennifer says, can you please send US…Why us??? And did you ever see my face Jennifer, I saw yours when I got those three pics ha ha ha . Take Care CJ!!!! Your great xo And Jennifer, I would rather die alone than to have a jerk like festus with me. And old ha ha He is supossed to be my age. And to you Susanne, its your call, but I hope you can see straight, please don t get screwed by him. And if you choose to continue to talk to him the only thing I can say is good luck. Jennifer, did you ever go to school cus you can t spell for 2 cents and I can hardly understand you??? What a fool you are. I love my life and and so happy that I dont have a loser like Festus in it. Good luck cus you need it you fool.

  52. Laura,
    just want to wish you good luck on your surgery.
    Everything what has happen is just very sad and it makes you wonder can you trust anybody anymore ?

    Merry Christmas to Everybody !!!!

  53. Without Trust we cannot love, but with that trust comes the chance of betrayal. We cannot hide and stop living, because if we do, then THEY win. WE cannot let that happen!!!!!!

  54. Thanks for the truth CJ ugly as it is, hopefully it will be enough to prevent more women from being hurt. God Bless

  55. There is also a person posing as a Army Engineer by the name of Micheal Brail(spelling of MichEal not too common) This person has some poor guys pics and uses words like Commendant..been in the military for a while and we never referred to our chain of command like that. He professes his love and then starts asking for money…Dont do it

    • I fell for this guy. Big time. Sent him the money he asked for and everything. His emails were sweet, his pic is gorgeous, he seems perfect. He also claims to be widowed, with a young son, looking for a woman to complete his “family.”
      Thank you for the wake up call. Even though I’ll never get my money back, I feel lucky to have gotten out sooner rather than later.

      • Micheal Brail is no Army Engineer, he knew I knew what and who is was and was only alerted after a former female soldier found this so called PEN PAL…pls pass the word along, I have had former soldiers with their pics posted on the internet and having no knowledge of it being done…

      • Nan, what is this Soldier’s Name you speak of??

  56. Thanks Susanne and I wish you and all the women on here Good Luck and thanks for listning to me. Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless. And CJ great work!!!You really helped us all.

  57. Hi from Australia
    Has anyone heard of
    Bruce Merritt -Y, Japan.
    Tom Eshbaugh Camp Bucca – Iraq
    Tim Strickland – Kabul, Afghanistan
    This certainly is World wide. I have reported scammers but they still appear on the same sights.
    Men and Women from every corner of the Earth use these sights, we each are looking for the same but different attributes and have have our own reasons for using these sights.I would just like to find (for I know he is out there) the Man I am searching for without then discovering he is either impersonating a Dead Soldier (I felt sick for this Soldier and his Family) Requesting I sign up with this tts2 for $1250USD,telling me does not want me for my body like other Men (he wouldn’t have a clue my body type) send him Money to help pay for a parcel of 1.5mil for me to keep safe for our future.
    I still believe there is a Genuine Man out there for each of us genuine Ladies.
    Goodluck Everyone

    • I have heard of Tim Strickland, He is on Hot or Not.

      • Tim Strickland is definately beautiful and totally full of s**t.
        What about Mark Williams Ruddock or Steve John Ruddock?
        All the same!

  58. help…they are some sick people out there ,,,this ssg michael rancourt i have 5/6 photographs of him,,,how can i check if this man is alive or dead??

    • Ber, there is not now or before a SSG Michael Rancourt in the Army. He’s a fake.

      • gen daouglas owen
        says he is in Iraq,
        does this
        he is a scammer
        han har sendt meg mange bilder og aldrig spurt
        om penger

  59. The fact is most of this scammers always have access to people information friends or close relative using it to scam others, while the people there information are use are held responsible by the fbi for questioning without knowing anything about it. if anyone is making a friend you should be able to trust and believe in your relationship with anyone and be ready to face whatever problems that comes out of it.Good luck everyone.

  60. Hi,

    Has anyone come across a Philip Miller. He says he has been serving in Iraq for 11 months. There are really good pictures of him in uniform with his name attached as well as with other soldiers and friends. Also same story of being due to retire soon and wants to settle down with me in south Africa. Wondering if he is a scam too?



    • yes he is jeffreymiller scamer on face book and all the sites

  61. Hi, I have been scammed by a supposed U.S army Captain James Miniard. Met on a uk penpals and dating site and (usual story it seems) his wife had died 5 yrs ago and he had 2 children. Got photos of “him” in uniform with name tag on etc and ordinary pics some with his children. Then came the sting after a couple of months. He was refused his leave but I could apply for what was termed “transit of leave”. Was told to apply to an email address which was supposed to be the U.S. army admin. dept. Got instructions and “official” documentation etc and told would have to pay for the cost of his transit from Iraq to German U.S medical base where he would have to have a medical before release. I was assigned a U.S diplomat to pay the money to and given the details of the flight times and arrival in Germany etc. Supposedley after the medical then his pay and leave bonus would be paid into my bank account because I would be recognised as his trustee whilst in the country! Fortunately I became suspicious
    before giving my bank details and after “Colonel Steve Clarke” of the “admin dept” had said there would be no more charges and then suddenly came up with more! Only then did I start doing some checking to find out that it was all a scam and ceased communicating with the scammer. Have reported it to all the necessary depts and sites but I know I was a fool to part with the money so am writing this in the hope that it might just stop someone else being so naive. The scammer even had the cheek to ring me wanting to know why I would not reply to him. ( first time had actually spoken as it had only been email and messenger before that because of “security” at the base!)and he was obviously African and could hardly speak english and I think there is a network of them as the emails had always been typed accurately. If any of this sounds remotely like anything you are going through right now then take my words of warning and learn from my stupid mistake.

    • hi rachel your story is the same as mine us military col steve clarke i have lost everything in getting my soldier home who i have been dating for mths not just via internet also phone calls call me stupid but im still not sure weather this soldier is involved as there is no more money but i still have full contact with him .But the us military site and col steve clarke is the same as yours .im in total shock and have no idea what to do .

      • Hi Anna, thank you for the reply. I dont feel so alone now and you are certainly not stupid! I checked out all the info I had with the U.S Embassy in London and sent copies of all the documentation emails to the military section there and the man there who had been in the military for years definately confirmed that they were all fake and seen similar one`s before and so is this department for the “admin” and this “Colonel” and the “assigned diplomat” that I was given!Even the medical base that he was supposed to have gone to was for severe injuries not for that purpose. I have lost everything in the same way and had no more to give but the scammer still tried to keep contact with me and the army NEVER ask for money so it is I am sorry to say definately a scam. The supposed soldier that I was in contact with had given me the details for this u.s military admin dept with this colonel so they make it look like they have nothing to do with it. I know it is hard when you really want to believe it is true because I found it hard to cease the contact with the “soldier” but it is a scam. They will keep on at you until they realise you have no more to give. Mine tried to do everything to get more money and he used to text me as well but when he realised that something was wrong he phoned me and was definately African and has finally realised that I now know as I told him he was a liar and a thief. It is all so convincing with the pics that they send and the things they say but we have actually been groomed into believing them. Please don`t feel alone as I really do understand how difficult it is for you right now but it is a horrible, nasty scam and it hurts so please try and get out now. take care and best wishes, Rachel.

        • hi rachel,

          thanks for getting back to me. I don’t know what to say, This is so hard to take in even though our stories are so nearly the same with the admin, the col, the germany thing. What i cant get my head round or understand is that my “soldier” has had full contact with all of my family, he has rung just for a chat even knowing that there was no more money and i couldnt help him anymore. He still talks to us all. He told me he was from California and his IP address matches California. So im finding it difficult to understand if he is a part of this r if he is just a victim in this like we all are. He knows that all of the authorities are involved and he is still willing to prove he is innocent and that he is who he says he is, he is willing to come to any police station with me to clear this “misunderstanding” up. At this moment i can’t cope with any of it they have taken everything me and my family have and now everyone wants their money back and i don’t know what to do because i have no way of getting it to them, being a single parent of two kids. We have all lost our lives to these people.


        • OMG i think i fell for this scam too. A guy called himself Lt Timothy Bills based in Kabul. Have anyone u ladies heard of him. He gave me his phone number and when I checked the origin its actually nigeria. rather odd and he proclaimed he is from alabama infact he even gave me his service . I am still trying to find out whether he is real or not. How do i enquire this. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  62. Well if this isn’t a shock. I’ve just recently been involved w/Match.com and found what I thought would be a possible ‘forever’. I was a little surprised when he said he wasn’t in Arizona but Afghanistan. I was leary when his words didn’t match those of someone born in the US, when I questioned him about it he said his mom was Irish and his dad was born in Alaska. So I’m thinking why didn’t he say his dad was American. He said his wife died 5 years ago and I asked how, He said ‘cancer of the breast’. Then I’m getting really weirded out, since nobody talks that way. I ran a background check on him and he didn’t show up. When he asked for 1000.00, 4 days ago I told him in no uncertain terms would I give money to someone who could just wait 3 months and come home on a military transport. I told him it was inappropriate to even ask. He said he would pay me back and he wanted to fly directly to my home so we could ‘be together forever’. I asked him what rank he held and he said Sargent Major. I asked his job and he said an engineer, I told him that was interesting because that’s what I do for a job also. He quickly changed the subject. When I asked why he couldn’t get military pay he said they won’t pay him until he gets home, then I asked how long he had been deployed he said 2 years. I asked how long in Afghanistan he said 6 months, I asked what he did with the other 1 1/2 years he said he was in Iraq. I asked if they had not paid him in 2 years? He said no, I’m thinking ok what kind of an operation is this…He also said he was in the US Army. Anyone else would have said I’m in the Army. He kept calling things like Honey, Sweetie, Princess, Baby, any American would know that’s a turn-off to women. I contacted Match.com and told them of the situation but have not heard back from them so I would suspect that they don’t want this getting out. I also sent one more chat to Micheal Brail alias my soldier in Afg. saying that I had contacted the Army Division Securities to have them check and see whether he was in the Army, in Afghanistan and if he was even an American. I also told him about how illegal it is to try and get money over the internet. I haven’t heard back from him since. My only worry was that this could actually be a form of terrorism trying to get passports into the US via unsuspecting lonely women. When I googled his name this site came up and now I wonder should I contact a real Army entity instead of the one I made up to scare him???

    • The same EXACT story…you did your research good for you, this is nothing but a scam preying on women/men looking for love on the internet. One word of advise, the internet is a playground for people like this…one thing you cant beat is going back to the basics, good ole fashioned getting out and meeting people. The internet dating services will gladly take your money because they know that people may be desperate and they will never protect you as long as they are making money off you…PLS BE CAREFULL!!!

      • Could you advise me how to contact the us army as i really want to know if this lt timothy bills gurl is real. he said he is based in 82nd base camp in kabul and he gave me his cell phone number but told me not to call him just text him. he even asked me to get a voucher for t mobile for the cell phone.

        please help and advise

        • Can someone please look up Sgt Oliver Adamson for me and tell me if he is in the army thanks.

        • Marlene, There is no such person as SGT Oliver Adamson in the Army. Just looked him up. There’s not an “Oliver Adamson” of any rank in the Army.

        • can someone look up Wesley J. smith and tell me if hes in the army?

        • Can someone tell me if there’s Gen. Travis Wallace in Camp Eggers, Kabul Afghanistan. He is 45yo and his pic shows he is Brigadier Gen based from his insignia.

    • Hey Kathy,
      yes, we were duped by the same guy. Good for you for catching on faster than I did. I told him I was wise to him after Christmas, but he continues to email me, and ask for more $. Creepy, but probably not dangerous. He even sent me some pictures of himself playing tennis, playing guitar, etc. In the pix he called himself Michael. I asked him if he knew how to spell his own name and he said he was just really tired. How can someone so stupid have outsmarted me? I guess we all like attention from a “handsome man.”

      • How can we lookup if someone is in the US Army. I want to find out if Ivan Nobile is still in the US Army as the photos I have, had his name on. I know iT was not him that I had contact with, but just need peace of mind that this guy is OK and alive. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN. I don’t think the camp name will be right as they use anything to succeed. “camp Taji”

        • Did you ever find him ? He’s been contacting me as of today. Feb. 15, 2011.

  63. Can anyone tell me if there is a real Sgt. Clinton Rellinger stationed in Houston TX. Ive been sent pictures of a full dress sgt. but im a little worried he may not be for real…very nice guy….etc etc

    • Carole, there is no such person in the Army. Just looked him up. Is his name spelled correctly.

      • Can you tell me if there is a real Ivan Nobile in the US Army as an Intelligence Officer (MST SGT)currently serving in Iraq-Baghdad(Camp Taji)Ive been sent pictures of a full dress Sgt. I know it is a “scam” but need to know if there is someone alive with this name. We need to let this guy know what they are doing to his name. I cannot find peace of mind till I have done this.

        • hello magda my name is janet am from canada .omg do u what i meant this supose stg noble david ive been in relationship since october 6 2011 . . but everybody told me to be careful . but in my mind i refuse to believe its a scam but since 2 days ago a good friend of mine heard about scamer who use real soldier name .and ive found out that this ivan nobile and compare the pic tures that stg noble david send me omg one of his pic its says noble but am not sure cuz in the pic he has his gun and i can only read the last 2 letters is sound noble or nobile am not sure . and i found out that on youtube that they show real pics of real soldier who as been scams . and omg i saw one of the pic that this man suppose to be noble david appears in it . am very confuse if u have any pictures or anything plz let me know cuz i really fell in love deeply with this man and am very upset . and hes says that he in afganistan kabul and he supose to come home to me . hope to hear from cuz ireally need more info .thank u so much.

      • Hi

        Not sure if you can help me. I’m a british woman who is not sure if she is being scammed by someone who says he is in the US Army. He is going by the name Patrick Coffman with Bravo company of the 82nd Division STB how can I check if he is genuine or not. So far he hasn’t asked me for any money, but then I’ve only talking to him via MSN for 4 days but he did ask me to top up his phone credit today which I declined. Is there a website I can search his credentials.

        Thanks in advance


      • I have just been reading all the horror stories on here. I am one of the many who i assume is being scammed to by a Sgt Major.George Bedell. Hasgot meto send funds on many occassions for one thing or another Leave approval, an accident, for calls, for expenses etc…flights..KLM…Well im here cos i want some answers if anyone can help thats great. I saw someone talking to Emmanuel Richardson he was the one that contacted me when George needed leave approval. either one these men anyoneknows of please get in touch thanks.

      • any one can tell me if anyone knows sgt john wise or wiseman army in kabul he is starting to ask for money

    • Hi from NZ,

      I have had a lovely chat with Sgt.Clinton Rellinger for the past month, says all the right things, knows how to charms a lady that is for sure, but now requesting to be connected by the Ts2 Communication at a cost, alarm bells went straight away, then I found this site, very helpful. I would like to know how you can check if they are in the armed forces.

    • Carole i am talking to a Relinger .. says he is a Capt though .. want to compare photos and see if we have the same man ..

  64. I think Jennifer and Festus where in the same english class at the University of Nigeria !!!LOL!!!

  65. Hi CJ,

    Could you please look up Sgt. First Class Philip Miller with the 502nd infantry regiment stationed at Fort Hood in Austin, Texas? There are some things that do not ring true about him.


    • Heidi, Fort Hood is not in Austin, TX. It’s Killeen. Did he tell you it was in Austin?

    • im looking for a lt2jeffreyseanmiller 3rd armcav afghan . he is all over face book

  66. Has anyone heard of a Sgt. Smith Roy Kella with the USMC?

  67. Isn’t that guy sitting in the truck and standing in front it Ken Reed? I have another pic where he is standing on rocks with a rifle and wearing shorts.He wanted ts2 from me on the second day of chat so I cut him off. We do need to try and get these pics together. I have a feeling we are only scratching the surface.These guys don’t care about us one bit. To them we are like buses. There’s another one coming along every 15 minutes!!~!~ I printed out every word they said. I have pics and receipts. Anybody want to share pics? Damn them!!!!

  68. Hey Jennifer
    How pathedic are you?Your lying for a guy that cons women for a living.If I was you I would keep my mouth shut.These women didn’t know they were being scammed. You know what he is doing and your still hanging on. Women like you give us a bad name.

  69. Hi Everyone, think iv just tried to be scammed by someone calling themselves Irwin Preston, captain in american army in afghanistan, anyone heard of him?

  70. Hi, told this Irwin Preston that he is a scammer, he is adamant that he isn’t and now thinks i am the taliban trying to get him because i am asking too many questions, please can somebody help, although I know I would really like to know 100% if he is a scammer or not

  71. does the name dave gold mean anything to anyone,he tried to con me out of money for a transit from Kabul.He said he was a Major in the US army, widowed one son, blah blah. Excellent written english, well planned scam, using a military.com email address, even a high street bank account( fake so i presume he would of then asked for a non traceable method of payment…i wasnt fooled even tho i really fell 4 it all

  72. I got scammed by a Sgt Timothy Liners in Afghanistan. He was a widower with a 14 year old son being taken care of by his English mother in England.He said he was born in the US and his father was from Mexico.He feel in love withe me in two weeks, ha, ha, and wanted a $600 phone system; I said no. Then he wanted a transit visa to retire, he said he had 20 years in the army, and would cost $11000, I could not afford it, so he said we cold split the cost. I sent $700 to Mr. Worthers the phony Department of Department Representative by Western Union in two payments of $300 and then $400. The picture he had of himself liked like a soldier of 25 and he said he was 50. Neither he nor Mr. Worhters could spell or had proper grammer above fourth grade. He kept calling me Lovebird, and baby and said I was “His knight in shining armor”. How could I be so dumb; I am a 100% disabled navy veteran. Loneliness will make us women blind and sometimes we want sometime to be true so badly we overlook red flags. This web site has helped me realize that other women have had this happen to them to and I hope these scoundrels get just what they deserve.

  73. Hi Helen,

    Use his I.P address to find out where the emails are coming from. There are websites which tell you how to do it. This is how I proved my so-called soldier is a scammer.
    Best of luck!

  74. Thanks Heidi will try and do it, think I already know he’s a scammer really, thought it was too good to be true cos he was gorgeous lol

  75. Hi Helen,

    I know sweetheart…mine too! Its really hard to accept though even when you are faced with the truth!!


  76. Hi All,

    Found a really good article on another site about dating scams. http://www.country-couples.co.uk/datingtips/behaviour-patterns-of-online-dating-scammers

    Man they are clever!!


  77. Hi Heidi

    Did as u said it was an email address in Atlanta, emailed him back asking how Atlanta was, he replied asking why i hadn’t sent the money and that i was a liar and a cheat lol, so i had to email him back to tell him what i thought of him! Not had a reply to that one lol.

    • Has ANyone heard of a STONE BLACKHALL?? let me know ok

  78. I have been in contact with a SGT Steve Lopez stationed in Iraq. He mentioned in one of our first conversations that he would like me to request his leave so he can come and meet me. I asked him why he needed me to request it and he told me because he has only been there for four months.

    He proclaimed his love for me after a couple of days…now to know me is to love me…lol…but come on. I keep our conversation light and his are always filled with love. It’s actually funny…..well except the part where he was going to mass and was going to pray for me. I thought that that crossed the line. A scammer going to church to pray for me…..I think he meant to try to prey upon me.

    I did a check and found out that Sgt Steve Lopez is active duty. I also have asked him questions that have proven true. How is this possible?

    I do believe I may have figured out a way that they are getting pictures and information about REAL soldiers/men. I am going to research it some more on Monday when I return to work. If this is the case then we women aren’t the only target…our soldiers are, as well.

    I plan to contact the real soldier after I get more info….making sure he is in fact real and let him know his identity had been stolen.

    We as women can not only protect ourselves in this, but possibly be able to help protect the true soldiers fighting for us

    • ehhh the words….alais festus smith alais scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Hi Elizabeth

    how did u check if he was a real soldier or not. This scam has really annoyed me and would love to do something about it.


    • Helen, it’s not easy. Being in the military, it’s easy for me to check our internal knowledge database, but your only real option is to ask your “Soldier” to send you an email from his .mil address. Every military member, regardless of service, has one. If they say they can’t because of security or whatever, throw the BS flag and dump them on the spot.

      • Question for CJ. Would there be the slightest possibility that there could be a Staff Sargent Obed Wooden Campbell somewhere in the world. I mean his pictures do exist even to this day on my computer, so there is the real person. Could he be located by military archive pictures possibly?

        • CJ,
          I have a friend that we feel has been scammed (or tried to be anyway). A man named Jason DesJardins of the Special Forces 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment..

          after reading several of the post here I feel she has been dooped but I want to see if there was any way of checking to see if this was a real person.

          Also how do I check an IP address?

      • Hi CJ

        I have pictures of a soldier whose last name is Ingram. It’s visible on his shirt. But the scam is the same as most of the women on here have been describing. I just want to let someone know that their identity and picture is being used. He also uses the name Joe Kelly

        • Sharon, send me what you have and I’ll try to locate the real Soldier.

        • Thats how I feel also. The real people who are having there names and pics used. It is so sad for them really. Marlene

        • Hi CJ, I have pictures of a soldier whose last name is Ivan Nobile It’s visible on his uniform. But the scam is the same as most of the women on here have been describing. I just want to let someone know that their identity and picture is being used. I can forward you some pictures. please try and assist to locate the real Soldier.
          I sincerely feel sorry for the real soldiers who are having there identities stolen. I need to tell him..Where can I forward the detais to?

      • Does this apply to soldiers who are in the intelligent division please?

        • Yes. There is no such thing as the “Intelligent Division” in the Army.

      • Hi CJ,
        Can you check the name Sgt Danny Jordan, suppose to be in the Army, I beleived I am a target as well, the only good thing is I did not send no money, or receive that bogus package!

        • Ang, there is a SGT Danny Jordan in the Army, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually talking to the real one. Can you email me some more information to cj@soldiersperspective.us (where’s he’s stationed, Active Army or National Guard, unit, etc)?

      • Interesting.. I’m a British woman, who has now come across not 1 but 3 on-line dating scammers. The latest one was .. PAY ATTENTION LADIES INCASE YOU COME ACROSS HIM.. Is Gregg McKee… alegedly a retired Lt Col in the US army but who didn’t know that a Lt Col is a higher rank than a Major!! I could sense the scam coming on when he mentioned his 15 year old twins had blocked his credit card .. oh really! Why are twins of that age in charge of a credit card I ask.. Anyhow I’m now on line to an alledged Captain Thomas Anderson Anglo-American serving in the US Army, found on a British on-line dating site.. stationed.. yes you’ve guessed it in Afghanistan. What worries me is that I have an army email address of captainthomas@armymail.com

        CAN AN ARMYMAIL email be spoofed? My friend has been reading up on this and said it can be?! Help CJ.. should it infact be a @mil.com address? This guy has a mobile, and said he’d call when “back at base”.. is this fiction? This one seems to know a bit more about the army than the Lt Col.. but the “affection” seems too much too soon .. oh CJ I have a photo too.. so if you can trace him either this Capt. Anderson is being inpersonated OR this one is scammer no 4 in my book.. I hope he’s not fake but a coule of things he’s slipped into the conversation have the alarm bells ringing..

        All this and still not dating ..what a waste of time..

        Weary of Cheshire, UK…
        Don’t let them get away with it ladies..


      • Can you please tell me what mil address mean.How shoul be an e-mail like.

  80. To Heide
    Thanks for the info. That site really spells out the reality of these scams. every one should read that. What you don.t know is spelled out in detail. Thanks for the help.

  81. Hi Everyone reading this. Only this morning did I get a reply from the darlng SSG Michael Rancourt serving in Pakistan. My reply from him when sayng that I was on to him was ‘ F… O… How lovely! It wasnt true love then! This is the second time this has happened to me and thank goodness I have never sent any money. Something rings alarm bells when the replies declaring love come too soon. Thanks for the replies on this site, otherwise who knows what would happen.

  82. Can someone find out help me to find out if there is a captain richard goode in Iraq and if not let me know and how do you find where the ip address is comming from. dont know much about the ip address and tracking that down any help would help thanks.

  83. Hi Cheralyn,
    I too would like to find out how you get someones IP address. If anyone could help that would be great.

  84. ok i found what i needed to know on ip and you ladies can go to whatismyipaddress.com and read the simple instructions i found out the ip for the “captain” he is in nigeria. but i need a phone number to someone to find out who the man is in the picture and to let him know it is being used for scams to innocent american women for money. thank you for all information on the scams because i would have lost my grant money for college and i only get 141 a week in unemployment and i thought this man would have taken care of me.

    thank you ladies so much for your stories and heroic efforts to save me and women like me

    • hi cheralyn

      do u know a lt timothy bills based in kabul. i have been trying to get to the bottom of it but well dont seem to get anywhere. his pic if that is him actually quite cute.

      i really hope you could help me.

  85. Please can anyone help i have read all the posts on here and i think someone is trying to scam me, he said about the phone charge thats mentioned on here alot.
    can anyone tell me what to do, this is the name and address i have been given…
    Sgt. Paul Kelly E8 Base-Mosul Camp-Liberty Number AA7/19/0407 Unit-Air Assualt.Victory camp base Adder Tallil Iraq

    thank you

  86. Hi Ladies
    There are no US troops in Pakistan.Thanks for the tip to find someones ip. Glad you found out he was a scammer before you lost any money cheralyn.

    • Well, there aren’t any troops in Paki that will readily tell you they are in Paki.

  87. I confronted him on his identity and he got angry yes he wanted me to get the phone too and be carefull that is a scam they actually send the email to you and then you send it to a “liget” email address and it even has pictures on it with military men in or by a humve it looks real but it is not it gets sent back to them at one of their different addrresses. The phone for a sgt cost 680 and a captain cost 150 the email address for the sgt for the phone is ts2tsatellites@aol.com for the captain it is ts2tsatellite@aol.com do you see the differense look closely at the two emails. they are 2 different emails one is for more money the other for less. I think these guys are sitting in a boiler room type of job and this is their job and trust me they get paid to reel us in. This was not thought up byone person pulling a prank this is a sophisticated engineered complex organization. They will fight to protect it too dont think they wont. It hurts like hell and it hurts more when you know the true soldiers are innocent and the innocent soldiers are splattered all over the singles sites. I did tell him to get a web cam and show himself and he said I should not doubt him. Think about it ladies because I did all day, when the men are over there fighting for us and putting their lives on the line for us they seriously do not have time to sit for hours and talk to us each day or every other day. I am an army brat and I married a Navy man and yes I divorced, and I should have been smart enough to know that yes it is top secret what they are doing and sometimes not but go ahead and ask for the military address for them, an email address for any relatives in the states and then ask for phone numbers to relatives of theirs and if they wont give it to you you will know then you are being taken for everything you have including your time and energy and the ripped your sleep from you too. I can tell you a military man wants mom and family to know all about you and if the man you are talking to doesnt want to share that then he is fake. Think about it thes soldiers may die over there and before they go to battle the only people they are going t want to hear is family not us lonley women. If a military man has that much time they are going to talk to relatives not go on dating sites. I did a lot of soul searching and put myself in the military boots and thought if i was able to contact anyone I would not want to sit and take chances talking to a complete stranger in the states I would want to hear my mom and dads voce my sister and brothers and tell them i love them and that i will be home soon not a strangers. I got out of it because I am true to my faith and I prayed for guidence because i was getting lost in hs words over the internet and I couldnt see straight. I ended up on this site and it was an eye opener to read what you women had gone through and i though to myself I almost did the same thing to feel that love from someone because it has been so long since I have felt that way. I think that this site should be on the front lines also, fighting for the identity of our soldiers who have families here and have no idea that some low life is taking their identity in one country while our soldiers are fighting for their lives to get home in another. The other thing I can tell you is look at the pics really good look for wedding bands, maybe signs behind them saying where these soldiers were and investigate and lets start warning each other when we see or have contact with another military man and seriously he doesnt have to be military he can even be a teacher an engineer a dad or minister but lets fight this and yes we have a battle on our hands and hearts as single women but lets start getting greedy too make them prove themselves and who they really are and if they cant then report, report, report. YES I reported him to singles net.com the site where he found me and he goes by goodlookinggoode stay away from him he is definetaly bad news. Good luck ladies and I am in the fight with you. Let me know any other names these losers are using and lets start our own AMERICAS MOST WANTED: NIGERIA


    • Hi Cheralyn,
      two names for you:
      Kells Klin or Kline
      Paulos or Paul Zacheus Becker
      I’ve done my research, he is a scammer using soldiers pics, from the site is “Are you Interested.”

    • Hi Cheralyn

      Staff Sgt James Ruddock is one for your list. I have been incontact with 3 other women on different sites who have been scammed by him. None of us gave him any money though. I’m worried because he has sent pictures of himself with 2 little girls in and loads of pictures of him in uniform with his name on – I think this person exists and his details have been stolen. My emails mostly came from Washington according to his IP but some came from Ghana. This guy is smart though and he speaks almost perfect English in his msn and mail, I think he is a Ghanan who is living in America. I’m in the UK and he was going to move here with his girls to a house he apparently owns here.
      CJ if there is a real James Ruddock I would like him to be warned that his family photos are being used in a scam.

      • Hi Cheralyn, interestingly this name James Ruddock is very similar to the name of the receiver for Western Union I was given, from the false military tel site for the phone connection, James Bullock. I and the Western Union agents realised there was a discrepancy in the address, when the town name did not match the post code, so I didn’t pay, and then found all these sites and futher proof that i had been scammed. The false soldier I had been mailing was CAPT.JEFFERY HUMPREY, E8 ARMY CAMP VICTORY, AFGHANISTAN,and I’ve found a letter on this site which matched mine word for word from a SGT. KEVIN NATHANIEL, same camp. At least i didn’t pay the money, although they now have my name and no. and photo to use to scam someone else, no doubt.


    • Hi Cheralyn i am in one i can’t bellive …i am brasilian . Please get back to me thank you, i have pictures . Did you know a Gen Billy Lopez in Afghanistan …

  88. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone recently met a william spalding with the air force. Don’t know rank but he is 46 years old and in Afghanistan. I first of all would never send money to anyone…I did have one “widow” that was doing contracting work on a hotel in lagos…nigeria? Hadn’t asked for money but his voice did not go with the pic he sent. I requested his address and employers address and phone…told him I had no money and if he was a scam artist he would be very sorry and did not know who he was dealing with…he would be very sorry to have even considered scamming me…and to not contact me anymore if that was the case. I could see he went online without contacting me…meaning reading my email and never tried to contact me after the email. so what do I do next? Hate to think of the desperate some ladies are and those that take advantage of them.

  89. cheralyn heres a name for youon the dateing service mate1.net look for me he goes under nickawsome66 thats what he uses for his nic name but for his yahoo messenger its sgtnickscott66i have been a victim here please get back to me asap please.

  90. hi lori

    make sure I looked for what you wrote on the site and didnt find him so please make sure spelling is correct and i will look him up again.

  91. cheralyn what dose it mean when you cant find him or look him up dode it mean he still is a scammer cheralyn please get back to me ASAP please thanks so much and please tell me what i should do thanks lori

  92. Here is the name of another scammer.Tim Krieger His email addy is tkrieger_imo1@yahoo.com He says he is in Iraq and wants ts2 and transit money etc.

  93. Hi,

    Please add email address moro_tanko@hotmail.com to your list of scammer addresses. He goes under the name of Peter Moro Tanko and he’s supposed to be stationed in Afghanistan as a Sergeant. I, like all these other women, was naive and vulnerable and took this man’s declarations of love very seriously and sent him $14K Aussie dollars within a short period of time. Please contact me and I’ll happily forward other details to support what I say. Cheers, Janice

    • Hi Janice i am so glad i haved found your contact regarding peter with the email address moro_tanko@hotmail.com he recently contacted me through the dating site saying he was a sergeant serving in Afghanistan his words to me were amazing saying how i am the women he has been looking for all his life and that his wife died 13yrs ago and he had a 16yr son in boarding school things seemed to be going ok until he suddenly said that his son needed a laptop as he was going to Ghana on a school trip he said he needed my help as he had no access to money as his money was in the states he gave me a lot of emotional blackmail about how upset he was because he could,nt help his son and foolish me fell for it sending $650 to Gulate Rahman in Ghana who he said was his sons teacher.Then 2 days later he said his son had emailed him saying it wasn’t enough and he needed another $350 i have not sent him the money and told him i have no more which he accepted.i am still in contact with him and have confronted him about what i have found out he denies eveything saying it is not him and that another army colleague gave him the email address and swears its not him but i don’t believe him and i am still playing him along ive told him there will be no more money and he still wants to keep in contact with me and wants to come here to me in Australia when he retires in August does any of this sound familiar to you he has also sent me his so called army pictures do you have any pictures of him cause i need to know if this is the same man who has conned me i’m sorry for what has happened to you and i feel lucky that it was only $650 i look forward to your reply as i really need to know if this is the same man

  94. Hi Donna and Helen,

    Pleasure! Us girls must stick together! Its awesome that we can help one another and protect the soldiers fighting abroad!

    • I am in Australia but I am backing you all the way to help the real heroes the true soldiers. Maybe all these scammer names should be on a website for all women to be able to access.

  95. Hi Janice

    How much is 14k dollars in us money? That would be great to hear more about this man. Ladies we really need to understand that these men are really good at what they do and I just want to say that it is as easy to fall in love with the man over the internet as it is if they stand in front of you. The only difference we cant take them to court to get the money back. I was lucky not to get mixed up in the money situation i stopped before i lost it. Everyone wants to be loved and we really want to believe that these men are being honest but think about it they are not. I ask now when i am on the dating site to email me and if they do i trace the ip immediately as to not waste my time and also I ask if they are in the states and if so they need to email me and then go from there. Those two questions can save you ladies a lot of heart ache. We owe it to ourselves noone is going to protect us so we need to find ways to do it ourselves. Remember ask if they are in this country and then ask them to send you an email make it seem like that would be better way to talk. If they dont want to and they want to go on IM right away get rid of him he is no going to prey on you with no witnesses. Figuratively speaking. Good luck and Janice if you could let us know more that would be great. Again the website for ip addressess is what is my ip address

  96. hi Lori,

    I dont know what to tell you. You can go to email reverse search or if you have city and state where he lives or where he is from call information and ask for him in that city or ask him if you are able to talk to one of his realatives so you can try and get him home faster. Just make it to where he is not suspisious of your intentions but get all information from him as much as you can and then start tracking good luck and if i can help more let me know.

  97. hi cheralyn tyou but i got some info 4 youi have been chatting with this so call i thought soldier who said he loved me but he dissapeared on me last he has now contacted me again just today and then he gave me his friendsemail and he said he would like to chat with you i say ok so he comes back on and starts chatting with me then he says can i send you pictures of my son to you i said sure then after a short chat he says why i gtg now and i left it at that then the other soldier i was talking to email me and started chatting away with me and then he says im aboy of 14years old dont be angry please i need your help i am from ghana i lost my parents in a bad accident i lost them at age 10 iam lonely and i need a good education and now in junior high shcool so if you can please help mebecause i have been sacked from shcoolbecause of my shcool levis so please i am pleadingto you please help so i can have a foundtion to education than i said but john you sent me a picture of you and you look like grown up he says yes i do fraud for a livein please can you help me i say what is it you need john he said i need you to assist me so i can go back to shcool pleaseand i say how do i do that i say to john right out straight i have no money to give to you he said well i think you can send me clothes shirts shoesECT… i saywell ill think about that maybe he says ty
    i said i need a address and then he says cu l gtg mum then he comes back on and i said what and why did you call me mum forhe says i didnt say you were my mom and i want u to take me as your last born cause i told him im all ready a mom of 3 adult boys i said believe in the lord your savoir he will take care of you he says i do believe in the lord i said do not lie to me please send me a picture of you he saysyou may thinkthat i am makingfraud i will open a web cam tomorowto viewme he said to me were are your elder childeren i say 1is at home and 1 is working he works in the investigations department i said im no 1 to play games here and i mean it he said i need a person to take care of me so what are you goin to send me what kind of stuff if only you can see im not a scammerso i said john i have to go now but keep praying to the lord then he comes right out the clear blue im not john my name is daniel i said why do you do this danielha=e says that is the military name i used so i say do you no what the penalty is 4 this he says yea i no and he said to me right out the if a mike twidge1995@yahoo.comcomes on to chat with you dont hes a scammer i said ok daniel thank youhe says just ignore him he only wants your money ok mom he says i like you that is why im telling you this and all his secrets and take care and have a nice day and that was it he went off line so what do you think and what should i do cheralyn yours truely lori

  98. johns email is john.adams@hotmail.com

  99. Hi CJ

    Thanks for the reply, I told my so called soldier…irwinpreston@att.net, that i didn’t believe he was a soldier and that he was getting no money out of me and told him good bye, not heard anything since. I think we all know deep down when something isn’t right and us women need to listen to our own instinct because it is very rarely wrong.


    • Dear Helen

      Cpt Irwin Preston as been a Good and humble member of the special forces who has been faithful with his job During is service year in the US army . Any form to spoil his name will lead US army taking up a case against the person for impersonating him of a crime that he has not committed .we know this handiwork are coming from the hand of the talibans that has been dealt with by Cpt Irwin Preston here in the war zone .we are trying and making it possible for this evil perpetrators to be brought under the law.


      Harry Mark

      • Ladies, the scammers have come home to roost. This “LtCol Harry Mark” is a fake and a fraud trying to ease your fears and cave into the fake Captain. I only approved his comment to show you the lengths they’ll go to. The fact that they’re coming here now shows that we’re making a difference.

        Nice try “Harry Mark.” The Taliban aren’t that smart to know who their enemy is dating! Moron! Where in Europe are you exactly, anyway?

  100. I’m just wondering if anyone has been asked to cash an annuity check from Canada so that the military guy could take a leave and come visit?? I don’t trust this guy.. I didn’t know that you could even request leave at his leasure???

    • Claudia (and others) do NOT cash any checks these guys send. Even if they give you a check for $1000 and only ask for $400 back. The trick is that they give you a fake check that gets cashed by an unsuspecting bank. You send the $400 and spend the other $600. The bank realizes they cashed a fraudulent check and come to YOU for the full $1000. Be careful of selling stuff on the internet too if someone sends you a check for more than the price of the goods and asks you to send the remainder to them.

  101. Hello Claudia

    You can request leave of absence but it woul have to be very important leave when they are over there fighting. Wh would he want you to cash an annuity check.. I mean why also? Iwould ask him a lot of questions. True military men will answer many quetions when it comes to money, pay rate, or rank if you are their girlfriend or wife. If the money has to go into your account dont do it it is a scam and the money is fraudulent and you have toask yourself would you give your annuity check to a stranger to cash and pray they will give you the money? No I wouldnt and I dont think you would either. so be careful. If money is involved then dont touch it and also have him send you an emal and or send me a goofy one one that is not serious and I will trace where he is actually at and I am betting nigieria. My email if you choose to is dallas4868@gmail.com
    Take care

  102. Hi Cheralyn

    When I checked the IP address of my so called soldier it came up with Atlanta, would this just be a con man in Atlanta? as it didn’t come up with Nigeria or anywhere like that.



  103. Helen it is very easy to use and IP anonymizer to create fool computers into being someplace they are not. The bottom line is that even if it were a real soldier, drop him if he’s asking you for money.

  104. Hi CJ

    Iv just been approached on friends reunited dating by yet another soldier who apparently lives in new york. I have checked his ip address and it says it comes from a place called El Segundo in America, does this sound true

    I must have scam me on my forehead or something lol.

    his email address is timothybills@mail.com


    • Helen,

      Do not trust anyone from an online dating site claiming to be in the military unless you meeting them in person and they show you a military ID or they email from a .mil email account. I can’t stress that enough.

      • Hi Marcus

        I been in contact with Lt Timothy Bills who sed he is in kabul and even give me his service numbers and e mail me his photos. hmmm he is quite cute. when i checked his ip address its in sunnyvale california. he sed he went to ramsey hight school in birmingham alabama and when i checked, i cannot find anything about him at all. I did send him a laptop cos he sed his laptop doesnt work anymore.
        i am still in contact with him from time to time. even when i confronted him he still sed he is not a fake.

  105. Thanks Marcus, i replied back to him because I was a bit curious to what his plan of action was i think, any military men that approach me now alarm bells will be ringing straight away.


    • hi helen

      i wonder whether this timothy bills is the same timothy bills that in conact with me. please reply asap


  106. cheralyn can some 1 tell me what IP stands for please i am still trying to find this soldier i mean the real 1 i wont stop till i do

  107. Beware of a scammer using the name Sgt. Marcus Garvey. He had me “meet” him on Windows Live messenger. He sent me a picture of a solider dressed in full desert gear w/o the helmet. I came across him on a very popular dating site. He told me that he was a staff Sargent, had in the US army for over 22 years and would be retiring in in 4 months, also was stationed over in Afghanistan at Camp Eggers. Told me his home town was Tampa and was his home base was Fort Lee NJ.(Fort Lee is in VA). He gave me two different addresses: futprint1z@hotmail.com and futprint1z@yahoo.com. He may use more.. He did mention that he has multiple messenger accounts. He told me that he has no family other than a sister, nephew, and 20 year old daughter living in Germany. He told me of his background that he went to Army-Navy Prep school in California and University of California where he studied marketing and met his ex wife. He also told me that he has an uncle that he does not talk with and that both of his parents, that were born on the same day, 2 years apart are dead. He gave me an address in the UK to send stuff claiming that his APO address is shut because he never used it and is retiring. At first he seemed very charming and convincing, and a lot of the info that he gave me checked out on the net. The first couple of emails that he set, I checked out the IP address from the first couple of emails and it was from the Middle East. So I ran his emails thru a check and found one of them to be from a 14 year old kid in GHANA. But I also ran his name and found out that there is a SGT Marcus Garvey In the US Army that was stationed at one time in England. So wanted to believe that there was a remote possibility, I asked him a few basic questions about his military background and about the camp that he said he was station at. I was able to find the website for Camp Eggers by just googling it. None of the answers he was giving me started to make any sense. Finally he sent a third email, I traced his IP address and found it to be in Ghana. I broke off all communications.. I was one of the lucky ones, I found out the truth about this person, before I was really scammed.

    If you have doubts that the person you are talking with is the person that you think he is, more than likely he isn’t. Google what the person tells you, if it doesn’t make sense then majority of the time the person on the other end is trying to scam you.

    • Hi Kasey! I too was “taken” by one Marcus Garvey, and he told me pretty much the same things he told you. Then he started asking for things…chocolate, “bisquits”, shower gel, a LAPTOP, and an E97 Nokia cell phone and bells and whistles went off. He never asked for money, though. A friend of mine is married to a Major in the Army and he took all the info I had on this guy AND his contact in Britain and is looking into this back in D.C. Pretty tough pill to swallow, isn’t it? I’m grateful I found this site, and I found it through Facebook by searching Marcus Garvey under his yahoo e-mail address.

      • Just for the record, I’m not Marcus Garvey. CJ can vouch for me there. :D

    • I am amused he told he was stationed in Fort Lee NJ that is a city in NJ…I drive by the exit on the way to a friends house..lol

  108. Hi
    Has anyone spken to someone called Moxon Clarke who claims he is col in US army?


    • Hi Helena
      Ihave been talking to a Moxon Clark who also is Wesley Clark COL in the US ARMY I am a bit suspicious can we find out where is E -MAILS are coming from
      yours sincerely
      Thelma Sweet
      Cornwall E NGLAND

      • Hi to both of you. It’s now June and Moxon Clark (still a Colonel) is using the photo of retired General Wesley Clark and still cruising for women. He contacted me through a dating site called Fun at 50.

    • yes,he contacted me,and we have been chatting for several weeks,he told me that he was a widower,and is coming up for retirement.And he is in Iraq.Is he genuine?
      I also have a photo of him.

      • Reading the comments from the ladies above – and my own experience – I know that Moxon Clark is in Ghana and retired in June 2010 – how many times, I wonder, has he retired. So I would say Moxon is certainly not genuine. Vi good wishes to you. Please be careful

  109. Good morning ladies,

    How desperate are we to find love? Me There is a man now saying he is in sports he is on the singlesnet.com. He goes by portableray as his screen name and I had him immedeatley write me in my gmail and then I traced it and it came up Lagos Nigeria and he stated he has never been in Nigeria. well I confronted him on that and told him I traced his computer the one that he is using right now to send me emails, to the city and country. You need to run the full garbled Ip address to get the accurate info. Go to whatismyipaddress.com and go to trace email and it will take you through step by step what to do. You are getting the one here in the states just like mail it has to go through several cities to get here and the same with a computer every computer that sends it through will have an IP address. If you need more help contact me at dallas4868@gmail.com I will be glad to send you links and help you through it.

    Once you do start the IP tracking you will never stop but the key is to get them to your email before you IM with him. The nice thing is it will set your mind at ease and you will never have to wander again if you are being scammed. The IP will tell you immediately. and yes it is addicting and I did it with some of the men on the site that live in spokane washington and there IP came up Spokane Washington.

    Here is what an IP address is
    Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a ‘dotted-quad’) and look something like

    Since these numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers within region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. An IP address can sometimes be used to show the user’s general location.

    Because the numbers may be tedious to deal with, an IP address may also be assigned to a Host name, which is sometimes easier to remember. Hostnames may be looked up to find IP addresses, and vice-versa. At one time ISPs issued one IP address to each user. These are called static IP addresses. Because there is a limited number of IP addresses and with increased usage of the internet ISPs now issue IP addresses in a dynamic fashion out of a pool of IP addresses (Using DHCP). These are referred to as dynamic IP addresses. This also limits the ability of the user to host websites, mail servers, ftp servers, etc. In addition to users connecting to the internet, with virtual hosting, a single machine can act like multiple machines (with multiple domain names and IP addresses).

  110. ok greg on the singles net is not the one i am talking to and the one that is portable ray on there i am still trying to find out if he is legit. bare with me I have so many men and I really need to slow down lolololol

    but the ip address was currect on the greg so that is good and now i know not to write him

  111. Hi

    I am a woman from Sweden, who has been contacted by a military man who is at war in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has been there for 1 year now.

    His name: (C.S.M)Michael Johnson Brown, US Army, 51 years old, a son 15 years old and his wife was killed in Iraq, for about 3-4 years ago.

    I also has pictures of him, a white man, very good looking.

    I wants to know if he is for real or a scammer!!


    • Hi Trine, can you send the pic to dallas4868@gmail.com and does anyone know how to submit pics on here and if so we need to send all our pics of these men on here to compare and then nail the sonsof you know what.

    • Hello,
      Do you have a pic of this man? I would love to see if this is the same guy.

  112. Hi Cheralyn,

    I can assure you I wont be chatting to anyone before I have checked out their IP address etc. Wish I had known that before….wouldnt have wasted time on this scumbag! Just wish I had a way of alerting the soldier who’s photos are being used. Am still a bit puzzled as to how he got on to a South African dating site though. Anyone have any idea?

    South Africa

  113. Hi Cheralyn,

    I will send all his pictures to you, because I want him to know about this. I think Michael is very good looking man!


  114. Hello ladies,
    Just found this site and my mouth dropped open. Just last week Irwin Preston mailed me at a Dutch (!) dating site. Because he wanted me to mail him at his private address (irwinpreston@att.net like I read somewhere earlier in these comments) I googled his name and found all of you.
    Eventhough all he did so far was praising me and telling me he thinks I’m beautifull (he couldn’t see my picture!!) I did inform the dating site. I also cut&paste his mail and picture before he deletes his profile.
    Thank Heaven for Google!!
    So, anyone interested in his picture??
    From the Netherlands

    • i was talking to a man who used a difference name it was kelvin edwards i do have some photos of him but he said goodbye to me one night saying monique .i did ask him about it an all i heard was liers he has nt asked yet for any money.i got scam once an i have learn but now it is so hard to know who is honist out there.

  115. Everyone,

    I’ve written a new post that will flush out a few more details and give you some more insight into these scams. Here is the link:


  116. I have been chatting with a US soldier (well so i thought) for a week and a half now. Had the sob story about him being a single father, no parents or any other living relatives, supposedly lives in Miami, in Iraq at the moment tho, returning in 2 months to the US. Who ever it was even supplied photos, and even sent more when i requested them. Then tonight i was asked by this person to receive a parcel from him which is supposed to contain money that he cant take into the US. So if anyone knows how I can find the real SSG Richard Miller could you let me know so i can inform him. He looks a very nice person. I was sucked in in Australia

    • Hi Deb,

      I have also be chatting to a US soldier for the last six weeks. He is supposed to be in Iraq and calls himself Major Henry Weightman. He has the same sob story about being widowed, lives in Jacksonville Florida, in Iraq at the moment and returning to the US in the coming weeks. He too says he has no parents and that his little boy of 11 has been in a military boarding school in NYC for the last 5 years. I have even been receiving emails from this little boy. He also rang me last night to discuss something important. The important thing was that he said he had USD$4million given to him as part of a business dealing with some oil millionaire who he provided escort to the border and whose wife he also saved from a terrorist attack. He asked if I would accept a package from him that contains this money, via a United Nations diplomat travelling to Australia and that all I needed to do was to provide my full name, address and confidential telephone number. When I refused he became angry on line almost borderline abusive and I felt afraid. I am also from Australia and in many emails he has said how he always dreamed of finding a sweet woman from Australia. He said he was coming here for me and to take me away to the US with him. He also, like a lot of other internet scammers supposedly soldiers from Iraq, has surprisingly bad grammar for someone of his rank. The pictures he initially sent to me are of a very pleasant looking man in his 50s. Can I please cross reference with your photographs from SSG Richard Miller? Can you call me on 02 9663 5887 or 0413 253 672.
      I would greatly appreciate your help and being able to sleep peacefully tonight.

      • how familiar this sounds he is going by capt.brianwood46@yahoo.com with photos and all..hiscommander is Petreous…with his emial address as

        how to check all this out…we are not this gullible….these guys need to be stopped will the military do anything, they are using their men as frauds.

    • Hi Deb!
      Me too, It’s the same story, butI got suspicius, try to finde him too. Iam still talking to him, he doesen’t know that I have checked him up here. Pls write to me so we can compare stories and pictures. annbritt631@hotmail.com. I’m from Sweden.

  117. Hi Monique

    I would be very interested to see his picture to see if it’s the same Irwin Preston that was emailing me.


  118. Hi Monique

    Irwin Preston used the same tactics on me, after calling me his queen and that it was written in the stars that we met lol, he mentioned about getting a secure telephone line so that we could talk to each other without any threat of the taliban catching him, sent an email requesting my info, ie tel no., provider etc etc, and said that it would cost me firstly £900 for this connection to happen and I would get the £900 back within 24 hours! Even if i had £900 to spare (which I don’t) i would never have sent him money and knew something wasn’t completely right. my email address is spookywoo@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to send his pictures, it would be interesting to see if its the same photo.



  120. Hi Monique

    Thanks for that, yes it’s the same person, do these people know their pictures are being used or are they the real scammers?


  121. Hi Deb and Tina,

    My soldier was Philip Miller……….. basically same story! Wonder if its same scammer? Do the pictures say Miller on the uniform? There was once a mail in which he called me Tina…….when i challenged himon it he said Tina was his Mum. This was when I had already become suspicious!
    You can contact me on heidi.lynn1@gmail.com
    Lets compare notes!

    South Africa

  122. Army Generals Apologize for Walter Reed
    Hi Deb and Heidi
    I finally have a peaceful resolution to my debarcle. After some internet research on Major Henry Weightmanm, I turned up a Major General George William Weightman currently living in North Carolina. The images supplied to me by my Nigerian scammer, actually came from transcripts and military news postings from the following story: Read on …….

    Maj. Gen. George Weightman, who was recently fired as head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley apologized for substandard outpatient care at the medical center and vowed to improve the system at a House hearing Monday

    I will be contacting the gentleman in writing to inform him of the fraudulent use of his photos.

    Good luck in your research!

  123. Hi,
    Good news Tina!
    Deb and I have discovered that the photos of both our soldiers are of the same guy. The details differ in places but otherwise word for word the same.


    • Hi Heidi
      I’m pleased for you. DO you have any way tracking the real solider to let him know he is being used in this way? I have actually been able to find contact details for the true identity of the man in my photos, as the scammer was stupid enough to use images and surname of a very high profile military man. I am sending a letter together with copies of the photos emailed and some of the correspondence.

      Maybe you can dig up some information (if you want to take it that far) on people finders.com It’s like a telephone white pages listings for the US. Read your emails carefully for any clues as to where he might have said he lived. I went on facebook also and found relatives who had posted photos showing him in them and found that one of them lived in Jacksonville FL, where this man said he lived (and showed me pictures of his house as well). As I used to be a debt collector and trained to trace bad debts, I put those skills to use again and was able withing 48 hours to pinpoint an exact address. Once you do this, you may purchase personal information at a small cost (usually around $14). This info gives you telephone numbers, relatives, address history for the last 40 years and all sorts of other information, which the scammer may also have purchased into order to create a composite false identify of your lover boy. Good luck if you are taking it further!

  124. Dear Sir,
    Could anyone help me please have been talking to an American in Afg his name Moxon Clark or Wesley Clark says he is an American General Iam a bit suspicious as his grammer is no quite right would be grateful for any information
    yours sincerely
    Thelma Sweet
    Cornwall England

    • Hey there Thelma. If you e-lover is General Moxon Clarke, then I’m the Dali Lama! If his grammar is not right then you are being scammed. Does he use phrases like “I need to know much about you”? Ï surely have to find that angel sent from God above to take away my everyday loneliness, as loneliness has been my everyday worry in life”? Then you are a target.

      Mine forwarded pictures of someone called Staff Major Henry Weightman when in fact it turned out to be Major General Henry Weightman of the US Army, one of Bush’s and Donald Rumsfeld’s cronies. I couldn’t believe this idiot scammer did not do his homework well. He chose to use the identify of one of the most senior members of the US army with all the high powered buddies and access to all the army intelligence known to man. I have reported it and have contacted the real man in question as I thought he should definitely know about this. good luck with yours.

    • Hey Thelma. I just googled a General Wesley Clarke of the United States Army and yes he does exist but you don’t know who the person on the other side of your emails is. Why don’t you invite him to webcam session: see if gives you the same line I got: sorry but cannot because of security reasons. Thought I’d help out.

    • Thelma, Wesley Clark is the former UN Commander. This past presidential election, he was one of the Democratic nominees but dropped off early. I can ASSURE you without a doubt that you are NOT talking to Wesley Clark. He’s a married man and too busy doing stupid things here in our country.

    • Dear Thelma,

      I have recently been in contact with Col. Moxon Clark, who looks suspiciously like Wesley Clark, and I’m getting the story he’s half English/half American, wife and daughter dead in car crash, adopted son he adores in Florida, due to retire soon, blah, blah.

  125. Hi Tina
    many thanks for your reply glad I found this site, thought there was something odd about him from the start
    yours sincerely

  126. Hi Thelma, if your thinking something isn’t quite right about this so called soldier then you are probably right. If you decide to carry on communicating with him it won’t be long before he will be asking you either for money or asking you to do something else “dodgy” for him.


  127. Hello Helen
    thank you for your reply been waiting for him to ask for money, how do these guys get hold of U S army personal documents. many thanks
    yours sincerely

  128. Hello CJ
    Many thanks for your imformation Ithought he was a fraud it will give me much pleasure to tell him so
    Yours sincerely

  129. Hi Thelma, as far as we all now they just go through the internet and get peoples pictures and information and then use the names and photos, the fella who contacted me said he was in the us army but i didn’t get pics of him in uniform, just normal day-to-day pics of him, he was gorgeous looking though so don’t know where he originates from


  130. Hi,

    Have also found out that they use the photos of previous scams on their new victims! Will certainly think twice about sending my photos to people in the future!


  131. Hello,

    I have been chatting with a guy that says he is a SSG Mike D. Graham an E6 n the Army deployed in Afghanistan and goes by the nick name Squiggles…if you have been talking to him and this is a scam, please let me know.


  132. Hi, Anyone heard of Chris Knox? He is also a scammer. “Army Commanda” in Iraq and will be coming home at the end of March. Can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Blah, blah, blah… Ladies, please watch out!

    • Darn…same story but different name, FESTUS SMITH

  133. Hello ladies I just wrote to the Embassy in Nigeria. I submitted a letter and here is what it says:

    There are many of us women on the internet who have been scamed by men posing as U.S. military soldiers and who have been stealing pictures off of Facebook from American men and their families. The one in paticular is Williams Olakunle and he said on Yahoo Intant Messaging that he does this because he said he needs money for food and school. Another one is Jayzaza Onyilo who has threatend me and said he is with the Taliban and that he is going to blow up some parts of the United States and threatend my life and said he was going to come here and find me and make me beg for my life. These members are on singlesnet.com and other dating sites that are free and they are going after the single women if you need more proff there is a web site that women are going to and trying to find out how to stop these people from doing this.
    Please send me a response on what to do and I thank you for your time and I hope you catch them and lock them up as they have hurt so many women in the United States and around the world. Please help us stop the ones we give information about. Here is the web site.

    Thank you again
    Cheralyn McDowell

  134. Hi Lisa and Carrie,

    Check the Ip address and use CJ’s tip of asking him to send an email via his military email!


  135. hi

    has anyone heard of steven mcabe? my mother in law has had a guy email her via a dating website saying hes in the us airforce, his wife died 6 years ago and his two teenage kids live in nyc, after 3 days he confessed his love to her, and unforuntaley shes “fallen” for him, he even sent her flowers. hes promised a life together and has even said he wants to be walking hand in hand with her in heaven, this morning it seems he has asked her for a large amount of money, something to do with getting leave. ive read all the posts on here and the story sounds so simular to everyone else but she wont listen, she wants to believe its true. so if anyone else has had contact with this man please let me know,


    • Mandi

      I have been contacted by someone purporting to be the steven mccabe. He has sent me a copy of his passport (which has been altered along with pictures of “him and his kids”, He first of all asks for $300 for a phone connection and then $2100 to enable him to come over and visit. His story is that his wife was killed by a drunk driver, his kids live in America and he has a house in Kent. He is a FAKE – steer well clear, The real Mr McCabe has had his ID stolen and this person is posing as him.

      • Ann,

        If you send me the photos, I can contact the real SGT Steven McCabe and see if he’s aware.

        • CJ any news on steven mccabe and the real man . He has scammed me too. I have a post nearer to the beginning regarding him
          .Mandi he is deffo a scammer and said the same to me if you want to know more ask away and i can send you some of wat i have for your mother in law…hes making alot of money …change her mind and show her this site ,,,xxx

      • This guy is still going…I am in contact with him, we met on a dating site….what can be done about this?

  136. Ts2 line scam/military dating scam

    This scam(er) uses many different names.
    Jeffery Perez Connell
    Perez Connell,
    Jeffery Connell
    Connell Perez
    Connell Jeffery
    Ricky Gibbs, Ricky D. Gibbs..Says he a 1 star general but can’t’ tell me that a one star general is a Brigadier General)

    What these guys don’t know is that is that I have been talking to them via different yahoo emails. All because my cousin got suspicious of some solider Jeffery Perez Connell. Colonel to be exact.
    She asked if I could check him out. ( military brother who could use AKO) All of these guys have the same story, have the same kid named Ryan who is either 15 or 16 and live in Texas with his Grandmother. The pictures he send are of the same man. He says he is a peacekeeper. Which is usually done by the UN not the US military or so I am told.
    He starts out, the spelling is okay, but then it’s okay baby.. I love you baby… baby baby, baby and when you ask if they know your name they say, of course I do baby. Yeah okay! Needless to say he is vague.
    He will ask you to install a Ts2 line so he can talk you. However he does show up in the mobile available.
    So he does have a cell but will tell you that he it’s not safe for him to call you on it. (but it’s safe to Text to me on?) He might tell you that the money will be refunded. I putting this on as many scam sights as I can, with hopes of alerting woman who might be vulnerable to this scam!

  137. just found out last night ive been scammed his name is sgt matt swain of e8 victory camp base adder tallil iraq pics emails msn and phone calls really knew what he was doing how stupid could i be! very!feel a right prat only got myself to blame so be carefull.shame we cant let the real person in the pic know how they are being used.

    • Dear Lo
      Just read your mail 25 Jan.
      I was also ‘scammed’ by the same guy as you were scammed by, but he used a different christian name. I was on a dating site and he contacted me Dec.’09 Said he was a Captain in US Army in Iraq but for Security reasons, not allowed to divulge exact location…also said he was divorced with one child and due to go back to the US shortly. He sent me pics. and he was also on MSN (chatted for hours every night) and had email addresses on Hotmail. Called me from Iraq a few times. Must admit his English Grammar and spelling weren’t bad at all and he was quite intelligent. I fell for him hook, line and sinker! Strangely enough, my scammer tried a few times to chat with me on Webcam but I’m new to this type of technology (which he knew) and couldn’t set it up properly/got cut off (obviously he must have cut me off deliberately). Needless to say, I sent money to Accra, Ghana, via Western Union, address: 37 Airport Road, and became suspicious. I have spent literally hours on my computer surfing the web/doing research, etc… and lo and behold, on Sunday night I found our scammer’s profile (pic.) on a couple of social network sites. It is the same guy but he has different details in his profile. I magnified the badges on his uniform and his stripes and a T-shirt with a badge on left hand side of breast that he was wearing whilst exercising in the Gym. I found out all I needed to know about his Army Unit, etc…and found out that they were in Afghanistan and had returned to the USA in Nov.’09 already! I found out so much information on Google Free People Search, i.e. his real age, different towns/states he’d lived in, relatives’ names, etc…& boy, do I now know a lot about the USA and Iraq! Lo, I considered myself to be a highly intelligent woman with a College education and a good job and now I feel so ashamed and humiliated for falling for such a ‘Con.’ I’ve spent a lot of time crying recently and now enough is enough. We all have to pick ourselves up and move on with our lives. This has made me a much stronger person and if nothing else, I have empowered myself by learning about computers/websites/searching for info., etc…

      ATTN: CJ – I have a lot more information on hand which I’m not comfortable writing about in this forum in case said scammer’s reading this…If you’d be so kind and give me your private email address (my scammer will know mine if I write it here) I think there’s a chance he/they could be caught. They became careless towards the end and I became very clever in acting very stupid towards the end! I’m sure that most of the scammers’ names I read about here are one and the same person/couple of guys based in Internet Cafes in Accra or Lagos…I see from another lady’s mail herein, a scammer by the name of Miller. I know of this one too…Also, since all this happened to me, I have been receiving emails from dating agencies (I googled their names and found out they are also scams from Ghana/Nigeria/Russia) and messages on my mobile ‘phone from a Mrs Brown in Hong Kong, advising me to collect my Lotto payout of millions of USD’s! I haven’t done the Lotto – and certainly not in Hong Kong – for years, and I don’t belong to any dating agency now!

      I hope that someone somewhere is reading this and when their eyes were once closed, they are now wide open…

      • The email addresses for all of the authors are listed on The Authors page listed at the top of the page. Feel free to grab CJ address from there and email him directly.

      • hello not sure if this is same guy use name ssgt max swain 48 years old sent me pics talked for 4 months now msn etc text on phone seems genuine guy untile i saw his pics on this site thst shows who these people are he saif he comes from miami lives alone parents died when he was a kid does nay one no this guy with any info please

  138. well i just found my scammer tonight useing the IPhe was from nigeria and your right dyan baby baby baby thats what this sgtnickscott66 was saying to me ok hun and then ok babe yes babe i played him like he played me now i need to find the real soldier and i will with some ones help on here i hope. and no he did not get a red cent from me either. i was to smart for him boy i love this IP thing its great thank you all lori

  139. Hi Lori,

    Yes the baby and honey sounds soooooooo familiar. Good luck with finding your real soldier…….I have been trying for weeks. Am determined not to give up till I do!


  140. i feel so stupid now to be sucked in by ssg.michael rancourt i have send money and have lost everything because of him i believed everything he told me im sucker and had poor xmas because he told me he was coming home to me..never happened

    • wao i read all this and i feel the most stup woman i wipe out all my account for sgt trevor scott to come home to me they get me for 3 transacion but the last one the ask 5,000 dollar if any body know something about this sargent please let me know he was suppost home for engagment and becaus i dint send the money he can come and now im in shock

  141. heidi how do we find our real soldier i wont stop till i do lets work together on this what do you say

  142. Just found on another scam website that Irwin Preston is now on dating direct affinity going under the name of irwin 624, he sure gets around alot, ladies be aware.

  143. Helen what is the other site…thanks

  144. Hi Lisa

    “dangersofinternetdating, quite a bit of info on there aswell, if uv been contactd by irwin preston though if you type in google, scammer irwin preston, there’s a few website about him with pics etc

  145. The best thing to stop the scammers to ask them using the webcam!Photo is not enough and Ip adress can be changing and a good IT guy can create a fake .mil email adress too :-)After 1-2 chatting you have to ask for using the webcam! It is allowed for the soldiers in iraq and in afghanistan too.If they dont want it: red flag!

  146. Hi,

    Lori, thats fine with me!

    Lilly, my ‘soldier’ pushed and pushed me to buy a webcam as I didnt own one. By the time I got round to it I was a bit suspicious of him so never did. I am not what the idea why?? It goes against everything I have read.


  147. @Heidi: hmmmmm…it is interesting. webcam is the best to check someone.His face, body, voice etc..

    • but why do they ask u to buy a webcam and they don’t have one…I m confused about this.

      • I think we were both talking with Wisdom Bell, Mr Michael whoever he is ask me the same thing 2 all that u wrote about him he did the same exact scam with me. Just in the past 3 days.

        • I’ve bee chatting with a Phil Adams. Says in the Army in Iraq Bhagdad. Said his laptop broke so needed a new one so we could see each other. Seem OK, but he gave me an address of 60 Mango Tree Ave. accra Ghana to mail it to. Said he would be going to Western Africa within the next couple days. I didn not mail the laptop. I questioned him about everything to include his IP address which was in UK. Said IP is probably a security thing – he didn’t know why. Advised that he would no longer ask for anything since it makes me uncomfortable. I’m not sure if this is legit. I met him on Match.

        • I also have a few picture of him. Would be more than happy to share them to confirm if a scam.

        • The original IP Address comes out of Ghana, but all the others are coming out of Kansas, here in the US. Can they change their IP address?

        • I would be interested in these pictures, please send to nic_angel26@hotmail.com


  149. Hi Lori,

    Mail me at heidi.lynn1@gmail.com. Lets put our heads together


  150. Hi everyone, iv actually found the person in my pics on facebook would u believe, his name isn’t irwin preston and he has put messages on the net saying that his pics have been stolen from a modelling agency site, he knows they are being used by scammers and says he has notified the police about it, just goes to show you can find anything if you try lol.


  151. please let me know if any of you have been ion contact with a Srgt. Justin wrightman.


    • joseph lingo is on netlog a BIG HUGE SCAM SITE!!!!! hes not a soldier.

      • Hi all, just laughing. Ever heard of Irwin Kelly calling himself the Captain in the bomb squad, but actually just a Sergeabt (E-5) rank. After giving me the poem and $ thing, now he’s gone to facebook and trying out all the ladies there. He still e-mailed me tonight. And the spelling is worse. Somehow he is stationed in Kabul and loves me dearly. Wants to leave the army and marry me. Waiting for me on-line, but nothing to see.
        irwin4kelly@yahoo.com. Anyone know him lol?


      • any one have pic s of thre Lingo …
        please send 2 me so i can c if mine is same man

        correction on my e-mail :


    • He is a scammer. Beware…

    • Has anyone been talking to A SGT MIKY REDE ? Based in Afgan Camp ?

  153. Hi Wanda,

    Dont know if he had one or not as I didnt have one……….there must have been some hidden agenda but its unusual as they seem to avoid webcams if at all possible.

  154. Hey Ladies… here is another soldier scam…Soon_In_Ky and McHendrickson on Match.com… he says his hame is McBright Hendrickson, widowed, wife and son died in plane crash, he as a 13 yr old daughter and his parents are deceased, he is a only child…. real smooth writer… wont give out phone number or when he will be on to IM…says he is in Iraq, then says he is taking care of his daughter, then he needs a loan to pay the Generals so he can come back to the states… beware… you don’t pay to get out of the military service other than with your life or doing your signup time… money won’t do it…trust me I was in the military….mchendrickson@yahoo.com or mchendrickson@live.com these are his email addresses… so beware he is lurking…

    • I have recently been a victim of McBright Hendrickson. Sent him money to come home. Big romance. Very smooth talker, Now his son is supposedly in Iraq with him with a possible brain tumor. Money is sent through a Col. Petzel who has a decidedly Nigerian accent on the phone. High pressure moves to get money. Sends very romantic letters and promises. The cost of flying home keeps going up and up. The money contact is a bogus Kenneth Ellison in Vancouver WA. McBright won’t answer questions, all a big secret, tells you his has plans for marriage, family and a future. Does not mean a word of it. Very convincing and talks you into giving money to get him out of Iraq at a very high price. Don’t fall for it. He is a heart breaker and a sociopath. Beware!!

  155. Has anyone come across someone calling himself Jakson admas/jakson adams saying he has done final tour of Iraq supposed to be sergent 1st,class have several photos of him close up in uniform and also civilian clothes says he is from Florida, with son called Stephen aged 15 he is divorced and his son is living with best friend til he gets discharge papers for leaving army. would never come on webcam. reason being is that i have found out today that he is actualy a scammer as i have not heard from him in 18 days and because of the iraq war i wanted to find out if he was still alive and ok i contcat the dating sight that we both joined to find out he was a scammer , he goes the nick name of NIACHA his pictures are quite convincing of a soldier even though they are not of him. if you have heard from this man get in touch or where can i leave pictures of this person for his identity to be know so he knows he is being used as a scam age approx 48-50 please get back to me asap ..

    • Am Jakson adams and it true i had a contact with miss Patricia Williams. Things wear going on well with us and we decided to meet each other when i get retied from the army. i was once chatting with her and some of my friends came in to me room and wear talking to each other. when this woman head their voice, she suspected the language is from an African and am from Ghana because a Ghanaian has scam her because. I explain everything to her until we continue to chat again. i will call her to hear my voice because she always complain i should call her. so i was busy at work and don,t reply her mail all of a sueding this woman write to stating that am a scam because i did not show up on the messenger and don,t reply her mail as well. i was very sad when i read that mail and decided not to contact this lady Trish again but a friend of my told me she hard gone this far to write saying am a scam and am not. I hope this lady will bow her head in shame because she has no any prove about me scamming any body and moreover am not a scam. i hope she will redraw her comment immediately.

      • “Jakson” is writing you from Africa, yet claims he is not African. His internet provider is the African Network Information Center and is writing from the 3rd Floor of the Ebene Cyber Tower. It’s amazing what a reverse IP checker can find out.

        Nice try, Jakson.

        • C.J Gosh you are so clever, to find that out, and here was me feeling so belittled that perhaps I had been given the wrong in fo, about jakson. what a cheeky bugger ! anyway just wanted to say that had two letters in today from to upset ladies better not give their names here but if you want them drop me a line when you get time I dont want to write to in andate you with mail as you have enough to contend with, anyway the 2 ladies in ?? are lloking for their lost loves in US forces and want to try find them. One is an officer ( trainee ) she sent the pics to me and she thought it might be jakson but it wasnt so we have cleared that up, the other one has said that jakson has now got a new profile under OASIS ACTIVE, (doent mean a thing to me sory but you might know of it ) he neds to be locked up give him bread and water for a month…. and a few lashings with the cat o, 9 tails or better still hang him by his balls ! yes I prefer that one ! Ha ha ( sorry brit sense of humour ) best wishes Trish

        • The spelling gives that one away.

      • Hello this is a letter to the gentleman calling himself jakson Admas. I am never too big or too old to apologize to anyone if I have said or done something wrong to them.. IF they give me the proof I need to clear up the subject in question, shall we put it this way it was a long time before jakson wrote to meI kept on writing and received nothing not one line back!!! and the phone calls never came, in the mean while I had a few mails telling me that you were in deed a scam, and just using the pics I had all over my home of you,that were someone else…. in fact I had an email in this morning of someone else using your name and identity so who is right and who is wrong. I never never wanted to believe that any one could do that to me because of the past thing that happend and I had moved on, and was able to send the necessary docuements to jackson for him to see what had happened I do not think I have done anything wrong at all, If Mr Admas is innocent then YES ,I would willingly beg forgivness from him and say to the world that a mistake was made… that I was given the wrong in formation to lead me to beleive he was a scammer but that is how it was sent to me,,,, so its up to you, either be a man and reply to me and tell me why I am wrong and get back on the computer and phone you still have my numbers I would think and put the world to; right… An yway why would the agency write to; me and tell me to cease contact with you? it near broke my heart to read that and then topped with n o news from you and no calls and no mail , what was I to thmink, and as I have been in formed MILITARY can use Web cams and phones and get communication to the people they want to,so I leave it to you I am defending myself so you defend yourself to me, thats the least you can do, after what I have received…. Trish WILLIAMS

        • I would be interested in seeing the pictures you have of this guy, nic_angel26@hotmail.com please?

  156. Hi, every one look out for a Martin Heade, supposed lieutenant colonol in Aghanistan, last seen on friends reunited dating website a week ago….usual story…dead parents…widowed, with 2 young children…Just about to move, he said, so was obviously going to ask for money for the phone scam! Have blocked him..but he disappeared from the website as soon as he made contact with me…probably on others so if you should come across him please report him…thanks.

  157. Wanda
    They want you to send pics and go on web cam in case they can’t get money any other way they will threaten to send these to your friends employers etc. unless you pay up. This is blackmail. So be very careful what pics you send and nothing on the web cam you don’t want the world to see. Good luck and be careful

    • That is so terrible…I told my family that I had come in contact with a scammer. His name was Wisdom Bell he was on yahoo as Wisdom_bell44@yahoo. Ihave reported him to yahoo and I have reported in to Black Singles Connection and he has been taken off that site. I am quite sure he will reappear as someone else. I have learned my lesson. This person wanted me to intercept a package from the airport 2millon dollars to start our life with. That was the red flag for me I told him that I could not do it after given it some thought. I then told him what CJ said about sending me an email from him AKO account and he did not know what that was!!!!! He was so convincing so believeable. I guess I have gauiliable written all over my forehead….

  158. Wanda,

    They will also use your pictures to scam some unsuspecting guy……..a vicious circle. That is one way they get the photo’s of the soldiers……..they have scammed them previously.


  159. got one at the minute going by the name of SGT KEVIN NATHANAIEL says he loves me hes from the U.S.A wants me to regiters with some phone company like all the rest of you but im not fooled did my research and A: it dont cost anything for them to ring B: you cant phone them for obvious reasons C: they have either got a pilgrim number or they have a paradime sim card so i know this mans is trying to scam me for something but i will go along with it for a while longer just to see how far hes going to try it i will find as much info out as i can about him then his ass his mine lol xxx

  160. Hey! you, ve got lovely pics and a bright smile, just want to say hi, and hopin to hear back from you angel hello Kevin, thats nice of you to say so hope your well xxxxI just hope this doesnt piss you off cos most people dont like men in uniform……..

    a little about myself………………..born and brought up in usa by british parent, i got enlisted in the army at the age of 22, am currently stationed here in kabul afghanistan, i have been to UK on several occasion and i intend to relocate to UK soon.
    tell me more about yourself too.singles? thats not possible, you cant be this beautiful and be single, i find that hard to believe. a tattooist? how profitable is that?keep in touch Kevin was nice talking to you xxxxxHi Angel,how has your day been? well i woke up about 2hrs ago, have been relaxing, just came online to check if i gat something from you before preparing for tonite patrol. what you gonna be doing this weekend? am sure you are havin unlimited fun there lol………well as for me am gonna make sure there’s no more attack from the Taliban this weekend, its really nice to hear from you again, hope to hear from you again and get to know you better. keep smiling.Hello Angel, how was your nite? sweet dream i guess……….anyway am just come back to the camp base after a long nite patrol, so tired now and i need to sleep but i could be back online later in the evening to chat with you cos i enjoy doing that, keep smiling angel cos am sure your smile is gonna make another brighter day for me.

    you could come online to yahoo messenger and ask those questions, we can talk about them there
    kevin.nathaniel51 @yahoo.commsn and yahoo both work together am sure, you can still add me in your id. its gonna be a pretty busy week for me here, we got red alert. wish we could stay together on phone.your smile ill take you anywhere.can i ask you for a big favor? i need to print out your pics, post on the wall in my room so i can always look at it each nite am going on patrol and when am back in the morning.wow, thanks for that. its really gonna make my day.have done something today but am not sure you ill like it, i hav just told my friend about you, told him i got someone am datin in uk now eventhough we have not started dating an he really like this. hope you dont mind?baby it ill really makes my day to hear your voice before going out on patrol each nite but everything pass through the admin department and i just asked them about it, the ladies there told me we could talk on phone but there’s a telephone company in charge of the troops in iraq and afghanistan you ill need to register with first and charges fees need to be sort before a call can be set up for us and i can call you anytime i wanna. they already gave me the info of the company but i gotta tell you this first.what kind off fees do i need to pay ? and how do i register with them ? send me all i need to know and i will see if i can do it babe x x x x xshe gave me the into , you ill need to introduce yourself to the telephone company and send these to their email address:

    you will have to send email to the company and introduce yourself to the company as my girlfriend that you ill need to connect with your boyfriend in Afghanistan and you send the company this information so they can use it to locate me in Afghanistan.


    the lady says the fee is for the phone callin registration and it has to be done for security reasons. it ill be an honor to have someone i can always talk to on phone before going out each nite, but angel if you dont wanna do this you dont have to do it, but ill really appreciate your voice on phone.
    I have to go on patrol soon, ill be back online here tomorrow morning.its all a bit complex for a phone call i understand why it has to be but i thought is was just a case of you getting a pilgrim number and ringing anyone you needed to anyway i will have a look into it see how much its going to cost be safe and i will speak to you in the morning xxxxx Thats the story so far lol this guy cant spell has no clue who hes talking to so i will see what hes got to say in the morning when hes finishe is sp called night patrol lmao xxx

    • Hi Charlotte… I had the exact messages and the same story from him. Full of charm, and was indeed taking in by it for a couple of weeks, until his eloborate ” leaving request form “. He was asking for nearly £1,500 to grant him leave !! Played along with it until for awhile to gather evidence and its now in the hands of the Police. But get this , He is a now dead !!! Strange hey !!

      • Hi Charlotte & Rachel,

        Me too! Exact same message word for word. This only happened today. I became suspicious so started searching through google.

        I’m obviosly going to put a stop to it and inform the website he contacted me on.

    • I have just trawled this list for half an hour, and I am so glad I bothered, because I have been scammed, and I actually had the money on the table at the western union agent, but there was a discrepancy in the address for the transfer reciever,so I didn’t pay. I rang the western union office, and she said, this was not the first time she had heard this story. So I searched online for ‘ paying for sat. phone line for military personel, and I got this list.
      And your mail has some of the exact phrases as mine, except it was CAPT. JEFFERY HUMPREY, E8 ARMY CAMP, VICTORY, AFGHANISTAN. He sent me the most beautiful poetry, I sent poetry back to him. I was almost convinced, but his grammer was not perfect, which didn’t sit right, and then I noticed he was still using the date site, even though his poems were …its you and only you etc. Man I did not realise how desperate i was to be loved. Thank God this has only gone on for just over a fortnight. I was only on the datetheuk site for less than 2 mths. I have cancelled my sub, but i will be reporting this guy. And the pictures were so cute. To think he may have robbed them from a soldier who is now dead. Reading your message, I have absolutely no doubt I was scammed, at least I kept my instincts and didn’t actually pay the money. But I said some personal stuff on their to someone who is obviously criminal. What a sucker ! But I would be feeling a lot worse if i’d paid the money.

  161. Trish, could you sent a picture of ths Niacha…….his m o sounds similar to my scammers story………chance its the same guy? He is very active and reusing the photos over and over.

    • Hello Oh so glad had a reply for my plight wonder if its the same guy have you got the lovelt pics then, Yes send me your email and I can forward the pics to you or you can find them un der my thread at ILS ( tickle my tea) what ever is easier in ILS I have the original in trouductory photo of guy calling himself Naicha from Florida and thats on the ILS scam board as well but I couldnt get it offf the dating site myself as well I just couldnt so I wrote to ILS and they did it and put it up there, still cant bring myself to smash all the photos in frames of him as am deep down hoping they will find the real man but will have to come to termw with it soon I know drop me a line you can get me at trishwills60@talktalk.net also and I am on yahoo.com also un der trishannewills so come on over for a chat they say w heads are better than one, how long did you know the guy,,, I go back to October of last year til around 3 weeks agao so I am still a bit raw! but come on down and talk to me all the best TrishW….

  162. Hi Folks, thanks for the heads up. Just started communication with a US staff sgt Rick Rancourt Based in pakistan. Was curious as to why he would be on an Irish dating site. Only a few mails from him so far but follows the pattern – lovey emails, photo, removed profile from website, moved onto yahoo mail and last communication requested I start using yahoo messenger. Time zones got me wary so i was searching the net when i came across his site. thanks folks before I got in too deep. ive sent a mail telling him not to contact me again. maybe I’ll have better luck next time – there have to be some genuine guys out there

    • Hi Susanne,
      I have also been emailing a guy called Rick Rancourt who is supposed to be based in Pakistan for the last month, in fact I have just got off messanger with him. Can’t believe that I fell for it. I was a bit confused about the time zones too and when ever I asked him about it he would change the subject. I’m delighted to have found this website. A pity there are such low lifes out there.

  163. Hi my friend is called Jane who lives in the UK. She has been dating a US soldier online for almost a year. He claims his name is ‘KELLY’and is 51 with a 12 year old son called ‘HARRY’. He has told Jane he loves her and they will get married. This marriage has been postponed at least 3 times. She has never seen a moving picture of him. He puts a child claiming to be Harry on the phone every so often, but Harry is suppose to be away at boarding school. Kelly has persuaded Jane to send him £5,000 and a diplomat will deliver all his valuables worth a six figure sum! This parcel has not arrived since (August 2009)because the diplomat was in a car accident and suffered internal bleeding. She has also been sending to Ghana £50 a week! Kelly claims now that they are engaged she can have half of the Farm which he owns in Africa. This £50 a week is to pay the peasant farm workers their wages! She has fallen in love with this idea of getting married to him. He can’t travel to the UK because he is now in New York in a secure hospital. He has been promising to send Jane some money into her bank, but he can’t do this because his branch is in Alaska! I fear that Jane has given out her passport details, bank account and out her home address to this scammer. Please if anyone knows of this ‘Kelly’ or has been a victim of this kind of please contact or psot your story on this site. Jane at the moment has told me not to worry has she hs been brainwashed by this fake dream. Thanks stephen x

  164. Hi Susanne

    iv been on the friends reunited dating site for approx 2 months now and have been approached by about 6 scammers, don’t know where all the genuine guys are lol

  165. I know your pain Stephen. I too am going through this same thing with a friend and feel like beating my head against the wall. I keep asking myself how can anyone be this niave!

  166. My friend has also given money and is claiming undying love just days after chatting! He’s promised that he’s coming to her but never shows up for various reasons. My friend no longer tells me anything about him because I always advise her against it and she does not like me doing this. I am only trying to help open her eyes to these lies! But she is so blinded she can not see the truth.

    supposedly he has so much money that they will be sit for life ONCE he is able to get access to his bank account. where he is in the war in iraq he is unable to get into his bank account.

    I feel so helpless I have decided that for my own sanity I can not speak to her…I know this is weak, but i can not stand to see this happen to her and not be able to stop it.

    • pls pls help her….sounds so so much like festus smith…no access to money until out then really well made….. pls dont let her het scammed because SHE WILL, so sorry.

      • I want to help her but she will not be helped. She gets mad at me if I so much as mention it. I feel so helpless. I’ve been her friend for years and have never lied to her or tried to hurt her in the passed. but for some reason she thinks I am trying to hurt her now…when in actuality I am just worried about her. I know this guy is a fake…I’ve found things on the internet to prove it, but he has her wound so tight that he can work his way out of anything and she is so desperate to believe him that she does. It’s very hard for me to watch! He doesnt use Festus.

  167. Hi Stephen and me

    these men your friends are chatting to are definitely scammers and I feel so sorry for your friend that is sending all her money to him, there are loads of websites about these scammers on the net and the stories they tell follow the same format. Type in google – scammer and the name of the men your friends are chatting to and see what comes up, another good site is – internet-love-scams.org. there are loads of pictures of scammers on this. as you have probably read above the pictures are not really of them, they have stolen them from modelling sites or other sites and used them. Has she checked his IP address to see where the emails are originally coming from.

  168. I mentioned her checking the IP address about 1 year ago but she is not ver computer savvy and has not done so. I offered to do it for her if she’d send me an email but she refuses to do that too. convinced I am ‘jealous’ and out to hurt her. I will check out those sites that you mentioned. I have found this guy on facebook or a guy with the same picture and wrote to him a few days ago but as of yet have not gotten a response. Of course there is a chance that this may be the man who is scamming as well, but if so he would have at least contacted me and told me some boggus story. I feel helpless! and I miss my friend since this has certainly put a riff in our friendship. I think when the truth finally comes out she will need a friend and I will certainly be there. The sad truth is she’s done this before…so it seems very sad that she didn’t learn the first time around. I have tried to reason with her, I have sent it numorous links…but to no avail. This is very frustrating. another sad fact is that these scammers are not only breaking the hearts of these women but also of the children involved with. My friends children are so excited and can not wait for him to finally come to them so they can have all they have ever dreamed of.

    • Can you tell me how to check the IP address?

  169. Hi Me, it is certainly a very sad story, especially if she has been scammed before. I found my scammer on facebook, it isn’t him who is doing it, they have just stolen his pictures from a modelling site, i sent him an email on facebook and he replied a few days later saying that this has been going on for years and that he has contacted the police, but it is neverending because they just put his pictures on different dating sites etc. wait and see if you get an email back from him and then you can show your friend that the person taking money from her is not actually the person she is talking to. You sound like a very good friend, but you can only do so much if she is not willing to listen, as you said, you just need to be there for her when it eventually does sink in. It sounds like it has been going on for a very long time, but if she is sending money it could go on forever. i was lucky because i knew something wasn’t quite right more or less straight away and its sad that she is spending all her attention on this scumbag when she could be meeting someone nice.

    • Does any one know of William Moxon Clark claiming to be a Logistic Officer in the US Army. Widowed and has an adopted son, realized last night he was a scam. I was asking him loads of questions and suddenly he was tired and had to go off to bed hectic day. He asked me to email him today which I have but he has not replied. I think he realizes he has been caught out. I just smelt a rat and then found this site thanks so much.

  170. Hi girls
    I just want to tell you how sorry I am that you got caught up in this. These scammers are heartless and will do or say whatever it takes to get your money. I was lucky and found this site before they scammed me. their english may be poor but they are experts at finding your weaknesses and using them against you. All you can do is be there when your friend needs you and she will. These scams all end one of two ways. You will either be heartbroken and broke or they will move on to greener pastures. Stay strong you are not alone.We need to keep helping each other.

  171. Come on girls and boys havent you been on ILS ( in ternet love scams yet ) go on there and look at the pics that have been stolen Not saying all are legit, but most are stolen and used by scammers to get in to your mind I didnt think I would get caught twice, I was very wary in deed because with the first he asked for money within about a months or so after ladning in Ghanam when he got himself into problems and YES african places are hard places to get help its all cash up front for anything and bribes all the way throug but if youtr guy or any guy is legit they can go to embassy and check out all the help I got photos of the guys sick child in volved in accidnet (HORRIFIC( I never stopped paying for this and that so I thought never again ( found his profile and 5 pics on ILS ) thats what put me on the scent as it said pics used by scammers !!! anyway after 10 months I had had enough as I was broke they will drain every pound out of you at the same time saying how sad they are that they have to ask for help ( BULLSHIT !!!) so I though Okay next time I am gonna be on the ball, met a soldier though I was on safe senior site, but got caught out No money handed out but fell for the ” Military crap ” cant call you COS not allowed cant have web cam cos not secure anyone could be homin in on this they will get away with it each time and I am still GREEN and stupid….. still thinking the real guy could posssibly be found,, really fell for him , must have been the ITAQ thing knwoing what they are going through etc etc the day to day life they have… so Yes fell again at the post… so for the future NO conversation with noone not no how unless they have a web cam no excuses that My son daughter broke it bad connection CRAPPY doodles no way No web cam no talkies,,,,, anyway if anyone wants to know the guy who scammed me do please ask, he was supposed to be USA again…. but the first one not a soldier but gold contractor and precious minerals etc and having to leabe N< CAROLINa for short contract OH the first lot of money was ONLY GOING to be a LOAN for 2 weeks MAX ) BULLSHIT lost 3.000 Grand sterling. so there you go thats how easy it is, lets hope there are legit men out there somewhere,,,, would love to meet a nice REAL guy…. All the best to you all TRISH W…

  172. Has anyone have emails for Staff Sgt.Steven Grant. I found him on Match.com. He Claims he is in Iraq. His email is stevengrant62@yahoo.com. He has not ask for money yet. But ask if he could send me a package by a carrier in the UK. That was wierd. Any comments on this one?

    • Tell him he sounded like the guy everybody here is talking about, he definitely is a scammer.

  173. HI,

    Amen, Donna……….us girls must stick together. The more we spread the word and report these guys the fewer girls will end being heartbroken and penniless!!!


  174. Hi girls
    To learn more on this dating scam listen to CJ and Troy and Marcus on blogtalkradio.com/youserved episode#74
    It was an eye opener I and another woman were on and I would advise any man or woman dating on line or not to listen to this show. It is informative and you can learn new info on the military dating scam. Good luck

    • Stay away from this one,,another scammer girl..Too quick, too fishy!

      • im looking for info on sgt david wayne in afghanistan/kabul camp victory amc

        and pictures of him he has a house in houston texas

        • I was contacted by a Srgt David Wayne in full dress uniform, very vague, says he has never been married, says from taxes, however will not web cam and has broken English. I would not trust it.

    • SGT. WINKERSON MARK JAMES…is another scammer,2 conversations in, he was looking for money and a letter to send to his commander wanting me to say that we were engaged,,yadyada…says he’s in Iraq,the military stopped feeding them a year ago, had to sell jewellry and clothes to eat…good thing I’m smart and a dear friend helped me find this site right away,,,so i played him til he took the bait about asking for money..very pushy,can’t spell worth a damn, until he quotes the poety,good old cut and paste again…after i told him I knew he was a scammer,, i got the go to hell, and God will punish me…bahaha,,I’m so worried..Stay away from this jerk ladies,,HE IS A FRAUD,SCAMMER, JERK,AND LOWLIFE SCUMBAG.. signed a very smart gurl.


  176. My friend has been chattin to a Chris who claims to be in irac and i just knew she has been scammed but she wont listen. I know she has sent money but i dont know how much but now i am even more concerned coz she has just sold her house and has no money left at all. He too claims that he needed money to get out of the army and that he will be escorted to her house. He claims to have a son who lives in london with a relative. Says he has a house thats worth 600 usd. I am just so gutted for her coz she was nearly scammed by the ‘i’m on my way to see you and then gets a phone call to say he’s been in a crash’ scam. so you would think she would be more careful but no. I just dont know what else to do or say to her. She still thinks this guy is coming. Say she is waiting on details of his flight???

    • The flight won’t come. Something will happen and he’ll have some tragic incident take place. But, for $XXX dollars, your friend can help him get home quicker! Don’t fall for it, it’s a scam.

      • Have you shown her this site?? The US Military does not send people home just on a whim of things,if there is truly a family problem,trust me the military will look into it before they pull him out of Iraq,also,the military will pay to send them home..definitely your friend is being scammed..She needs to read this site,,word for word.

    • hi libby
      you don’t maybe have a picture of this Chris?

  177. Wanda
    11 Feb 2010
    I have also had some dealing with Wisdom Bell same MO package but this time Mr. Michal is stuck in Ghana needs $2K to get on plane and get here with $2 mill UDS (haha sending 2 me)
    I let Mr Bell, Mr Michael, or who ever that I just read about him on this blog like he said God will show me and Oh God did just that, on this site, because I was trying to google Wisdom Bell, USA to see if I could find him, ended on this blog, thank u GOD. Someone in the military please tell the real Mr. Bell what is going on with his name or tell me how to. YES LADIES IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN TRUE IT IS NOT

  178. my friend said she has signed a document to release this guy from the army. Is this document known to anyone? Is there a copy on line so i can show her its a scam. She
    has even sent money for a communication phone thing??? I just cant get over it? how can people do this to innocent people? No matter what I say she still thinks he is coming.

    • Libby, no such document exists. Military members do not need signatures from civilians to get out of the military at all. I’d show you a copy, but it’s just not there. He’s not coming. Send me his name to my email, and I send you a screenshot proof that the guy doesn’t exist for your friend.

      • the mans name is supposed to be capt chris kelsey, kerby or kelby. i will try to find out. I thought i had her belieing me and she was really upset coz she has lost everything for this man. But then today she came out with but I have an o2 mobile number for his so called son whonis staying with relatives in london while he is in irac. Although she is not allowed to call him only text until he comes home and explains who she is. what a load of you know what but try telling her that.

        • it is capt chris keply or kepley.

        • Libby,
          I have had the same guy contact me with photos and poems he claims to have written for me first thing in the morning while he couldn’t sleep because he cannot stop thinking of me. He told me his name is Cpt Cris Kepley, a funny spelling for Chris I thought. He claims to have signed up for 4 yrs in camp Victory in Iraq and has served 2 yrs. He says he has a 12yr old son called John living in Shaftsbury, UK with his friend James and his family. He is supposedly widowed for the past 8yrs and his late wife’s name is Jenny. Well, that was his excuse when I told him I was a little confused as to why his email to me started with Dear Jenny. He met me on datetheuk and immediately had me switch to yahoo chat and begged me to delete from the site and be exclusively his. He told me he wanted to subscribe for secure telephone calls but I was not ready to speak with him by phone. He writes to get my attention and one day I told him to stop dinging me! Please, take it from me this man is a fake. I am happy to say I sussed him out before he scammed me. He first made contact march 8th and it has only been a couple of days since I told him I did not think he was real and have had no contact since. I just deleted him from my yahoo chat and I know he was online earlier toady. Did I fall in love? Yes, with the person I thought he was but now I know he is not real there is nothing I wish to hear from him nor say to him. I thank God for giving me wisdom and although I was disappointed, in truth, I cannot miss something that never was. Love and light x

  179. Here is the name of another scammer…Ferris Marshal. he says he is in Darfur. after a few chats he ask for money for ts2 phone set-up and money for lap top. Same old story is a widower with a son staying in UK. beware and be safe girls

  180. Hi all! I’m new to this website but I’m so glad I found it. I recently joined up on ninemsn dating site & shortly after met a Colonel Dennis Gray based in Afghanistan. Not long after he declared his love for me but he started pressuring me to pay for a Sat phone (www.tl5sat.com) which was going to cost me AU $2000.00. I didn’t have that money but he tried every excuse in the book to get me to do it. I was one of the lucky ones & I have ceased all communication with him. Ladies beware…they are smart operators these scammers.

  181. has anyone ever heard or had communication with a guy posing to SSG Mark Burrell stationed in Iraq with a 17 year old son that lives with his ex wife in Arizona? Please respond if you have he contacted me and wanted me to contact the military to find him so we can communicate on the phone via ts2phone@aol.com. I have not and will not set this up and sene money to a scammer. Thanks for all of the posts. It has opened my eyes to such scamming.

    • Yes i have been talking to a mark burrell. exact story. he has not asked me for anything yet. he is on my yahoo messenger as we speak.

      • It is now 12/12/1o and I have been talking to him for a month. He thinks that I am going to send money for airplane ticket home. He will be surprised when that dont happen.He is readdy to get married. Last laugh best laugh.

  182. oh yes, he also says he is stationed in Mosul, Iraq and wants me to send a confirmation after I contact the military with his info of how to locate him.

  183. I know and believe all this con artist imposing to be what they are not are gonna be put to Justice pretty soon.

    • Just so everyone is aware, Rick is writing from the African island of Mauritius and may be part of the problem. This is the same place from which many of these scammers operate as well..

  184. this people are going to be put to justice pretty soon that is what i know

    • Just so everyone is aware, Rick is writing from the African island of Mauritius and may be part of the problem. This is the same place from which many of these scammers operate as well.

  185. My sister has been scammed by a man saying he is Staff Sargent Bill Allyn (He has no middle name, form Tampa, and his parents are dead). She was asked to send computer, and other merchandise, and shipped it to be picked up by a ‘diplomat’ whose name was Robert Arkoh. Since that time I searched and found Bill Allyn on myspace, and we have since realized its the same guy scamming. Any suggestions on how to report this guy?

    • Tina, locate your nearest Secret Service or FBI office and report the details to them.


  186. Hi my name is Lisa, I met a guy on my space he says he is in the army stationed in Iraq. He says his name is Scott Schwartz he is a Sargent. He says he is from Jacksonville Florida a widow with a son he says the son is in the UK because he is there through the government. Well here goes he asked me if I could send 4500.00 to a man named Jessie Bittinger in Tampa Florida he said he was government person and I was to send it western union. And now a week ago he said he was being shipped to Afghanistan and wouldn’t be home until May or June instead of April, then a day later he said he needed money to fill out a form to leave early to come home. He said he needed 7400.00 to fill out the form and I was to send it western union. I need help who can I turn him into. Thank You Lisa

  187. i need help


  188. G’day,

    I got onto this site while trying to track down a scammer, it makes for interesting reading. Has anyone heard of Diplomat Richard Baloyi – South Africa (supposedly)? He is using an army guys name. Calls himself Captain Harry Smith, he even sent a scanned copy of Smiths passport. The passport is current and belongs to George Harry Smith born in Ohio USA.

    I don’t know how to get in contact with the real GH Smith so if someone does know either let me know or contact him and let him know that his scanned passport is being used to work a scam.

    This A hole hasn’t asked me to send cash yet but it’s probably the next step, will post update if worth while letting you all know.

    What a shame I’m not going to get the 30% of the USD$10.3. Buggered if I know how he thinks I was going to get the CASH (seized during a raid on a Taliban group) into the country (Australia) let alone what I would do with it when it arrived… I suppose I could have gone to the casino for a couple of years and cleaned it, but then I’d still be looking after his 7 odd million until he arrived and then what would he do with it…



  189. Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 23:08:29 +0100
    From: e11@army.mil

    Subject: For you

    Hello Linda,

    I just gotta let you know i aint a fake and bad guy like some other people…have never done this for anyone in years,emailing from my work mail. Also have never told you before that i’m a special force cos there are some things we keep to ourself but you let me burst that out now.i’m used to you and it will be so hard for me to go back now…i think you owe me loadssssssss of Apology.


    just an example of another fake!!….

    • This sounds so familiar,,recieved this the other day after I had emailed SSG Rick Rancourt to inform him I had traced his IP address and not to contact me agian. These guys have got to be exposed.

      now that i’ve sent you a email from my army.mil…i leave it for you to decide if you still wanna contact me or not…i’m never a bad or con man and will never be…i was reported to the Homeland security about what’s going on the internet….the ip of the guy disguising as me was revealed from some part of Africa. he can re-direct emails from me,don’t know how he does that though.

      I will be sending the pic of your name written in the banner with date when i’m less busy tomorrow…just doing all this to proof to you that i’m me and no other person can be me.

      I wanna clear myself out and show to the whole world that i’m me

      I tried his mil address and my emails were bounced back. Needless to say I have not replyed to this and have blocked him from email acc. Scam? should be called Scum!

  190. Someone plz help me fast plz!! Has anyone ever talked to a SSG. Ernie Heitman. The e-mail address that I was to Western Union the money for phone service is mtelecomsdept@consult.com.

    • I have been talking to Ernie can u tell me anything he has said to u. i helped him get phone service and we have talked, please contact me asap and let me know what he has said to u.

  191. I have been chatting to someone name Austin George who says he is serving in Iraq, he is from New York has a daughter who is 10 who apparently is being looked after by help at his home. Anyway he said he had to send his documents etc back to New York via a diplomat who apparently went throught Ghana and is now stuck there and cannot move the documents any further without payment. Surely this is a scam….. let me know someone please… there are also lots more men claiming to be soldiers in iraq but seem to be the same as this guy… advice please … thank you….

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      I had the same request. Confidential docs sent from Iraq with Diplomat, got stuck in Ghana at Customs, wanted money to get luggage through Customs for Colonel in Iraq.

  192. Hi Rosemary,

    Check out the IP address from which the emails are coming.There are lots of websites on the net which will tell you how. Am pretty sure you will find they are coming from Ghana even though he says he is in Iraq!! Sorry!


    • where is ghana iam in the same boat

  193. Rosemarie
    I was talking to a guy i thought was a soldier in Iraq. He turned out to be a scammer. He told the same story as yours.He said this diplomat would bring the briefcase to my house. But the diplomat got stuck in Ghana and needed 2500 dollars to help get him out of Ghana. Sorry but it’s a scam. Then he said he needed another 2500 dollars to pay for the release of the briefcase thru customs.

  194. lisa rose
    Ghana is a country in west africa just a hop and a jump from nigera

  195. Hi Ladies,, Sadly enough I was one who was scammed with the Phone Service,,,I was literally hours of sending my daughters wedding money to him as well. Yes flags went of but I guess I just was so desperate for Love and to be loved. Anyway i prayed so hard that night for God to please show me something anything that this man is for real or not. The next morning I woke up so I could recieve all of his info as to where I was to “WESTERN UNION” him 1500.00 dollars. As I was logging on to his “E-MAIL ADDRESS” My eyes just so happen to look at the side to read some of the advertisements that they show my eyes went directly to this site!! My heart dropped,, As I opened the site and started reading I started to cry so hard,,All I could do was cry and Thank GOD for HIS sign. Its true,, if you are reading this site I say to you,,,YES ITS TRUE,, Believe in YOUR INSTINCTS,, they are right. My heart is broke but in time I will heal. Just as you will. May our TRUE HEROES that are serving our COUNTRY know that they will always be loved,thought of, prayed for and in GOD’s Grace. THANK YOU TO ALL By the way his information that he is using is SSG. Ernie Heitman touring in Afghanistan,, the phone service that he is using is mtelecomsdept@militaryconsult.com….. I busted him with all this and thankfully I have not heard from hi again. Please be careful to ALL of you and again believe in your gut instinct. Oh one more thing I found him on PlentyOfFish.com please take care

    • Terrie I was scammed almost by a man who claimed he was in Iraq stationed to and was from Jacksonville Florida. I almost sent him 7400.00 for money to fill out a form but guess what I figured out everything before I did. HE was stupid because he gave me names of people to send it to , so they could go to Western Union and receive the money. I loved him and believed everything he said well what a fool I was. I even had him checked out by my daughter’s Army recruiter and he said he wasn’t in the Army. He was dumb though because I know where he lives now because he sent an email to my cell phone and I figured it out on my own that there was 5 digit number on it and was a zip code he lives in San Diego California. His name he is saying probably isn’t rue but you know what I know the truth now and I think he knows he got caught because last night he came on and said that his laptop was broken and he was using a research lab one. My daughter got him mad on Thursday night to because she was asking questions to and he didn’t know her questions. She knows all the army terms because she is in the reserves waiting to go active but sometimes you don’t want to believe your own children well I learned my lesson well. Well ladies if a Scott Schwartz says he is in the Army and says he is a widow with a son named Joe who is 13 yrs old and is from Jacksonville Florida turn him in . I did and he will be sorry he hurt me ever.

      • hey Lisa can you tell me how you went aboit reporting the western union address .. has i have been given one to .. ty

    • please tell me what he has told u, he found me on plentyoffish, please i need to know.if u have pics please send them so i can see if it is the same person.

    • please contact me about ssg ernie heitman.

  196. This is the latest offering from Rick Rancourt, deployed in Pakistan. Bloody Hilarious.

    I think sending you this picture is the only means i can explain to you that i aint a bad man…someone out there was just imposing to be me and the person has now be tracked to me somewhere in some part of Africa…..i just wanna clear my conscience.

    Maybe God help you for thinking i’m a liar.

    You know where to find me if u still want me cos have promised to always be understanding in every situation i am.

    So help me God.

    Just a pity I can’t post the photo…it’s hilarious!! two soldiers holding a badly photo shopped banner with my name inserted into it. Thank God these guys are not too bright.

  197. Good oul Rick, yep I got that pic too,…all to prove he aint so bad,….got to tell you I aint so stooopid Rick!!!

    banner was a nice shade of blue too!!

  198. I found out something on my own I knew the loser wasn’t in the army in Iraq because I had him checked. He is a real con artist and scammer. I told him he wasn’t in the army and he kept saying he was well guess what he finally is scared some but little does he know he got caught good because he sent a email to my cell phone from yahoo messenger and it came up with a zip code the loser san diego california. Girls if anyone named Scott Schwartz tries to talk to you turn him in he is on a site called bb people a meeting site to ladies he says he is from jacksonville florida to but stationed in Iraq. he is a real loser and he will pay dearly when I get done with him and his gang of scammers.

  199. guys this came back to me when I googled ‘e11@specialforces.us’ it would appear to be a site where you can ‘purchase’ a military mail address,….

    can you help CJ?

    • It’s NOT a military email address at all. Military email addresses end in .mil and nothing more. Why would anyone pay for an email address when so many are offered for free?

      • A sgt Williams James has been saying alot of the same things on yahoo messanger to me please e-mail me and let me know if he is in the marines in Iraq. My gut tells me its a scam but I havent read his name antwhere, he is on myspace and facebook. His addy is williams3667@yahoo.com
        thank you for your help
        Tiyger Ritter
        Iowa USA

        • i have talked to this william james also..

  200. does anyone know a guy by the name of david.a.ward or ssg frank ramos im pretty dure both are running a scam if anyone has any info please let me know

  201. CJ

    Two scammers tried to scam me on skype. They both tried to impersonate Major General Anthony Cucolo. THEY DIDN’T SCAM ME AT ALL.
    I asked too many questions and scared them away by asking certain kind of photo’s from them. (NOT naughty photo’s)
    Well, I should like to warn these army generals. The things these scammers are doing and asking…I should like to make a “comedy” movie…the real Hollywood style!

  202. Hi,

    Think I must have ‘stupid’ written on my forehead LOL. Have been approached by another ‘soldier’ claiming to be in Iraq…but sending emails from Ghana. Calls himself Bryan Maritato. Has photos with the surname on the uniform……the whole 9 yards.


    • Heidi,

      I think we got the same guy. Can you send me a picture? I want to see if it is the same guy.


    • Hi:
      I have been in constant contact with a soldier, “Bryan Maritato” since 1/30/10. He met me via Match IM–warning bells started ringing throughout, but the guy has never asked for anything from me, even offered to pay my expenses for a trip (not for pleasure, for business)!!
      Have had plenty of experience with scammers since before Christmas 2009, when I fell for my 1st scammer, he was the last.
      Any photos of this Maritato so we could compare?? I have 12.

      • Hey i have also been in contact with this Bryan Maritato” guy . i think he wants to play a fast one on me … Suze i have some pics of him send yours so i can compare to tgameli1@yahoo.com … thank God i found this site. I am just prying that no one falls for him

      • Hey suze i was reading about scammers and about this guy bryan maritato ..I had a soldier going by Patrick Maritato emailing me..He sent me 7 picutures…Can we compare please…Thanks Lisa

    • I have a photo of this Bryan Mariato. He has been in contact with a friend of mine.
      How do I send them to you?
      I’m from South Africa and haven’t a clue how to track an ip address but this is the address he is using ” this guy could be genuine” so please be careful with the address.Bryan Maritato <brmaritato@yahoo.com.

      Here is the first email he wrote:
      Like i keep saying, i am interested and will like to learn and know more about you and think we have a great start. Here's a bit about me and who i will like to meet; I am in the US Army and have been in the service for 18 years now. I will say even as a kid. Its a short and wonderful story. Let me tell you, I was 7 years old and use to have toy guns as my favorite toys as a kid but i didn't have any feeling of using guns when i grow up until one day when my Dad took me to the city to see a matching band. As i watch the soldiers match and in uniform, i felt something run thru me. Something i never felt before. Right from that moment i wanted to serve in the army. I wanted to serve my country and started asking my Dad questions on that and here i am. Growing up to be the man i wanted to be as a kid. Tell me what was your favorite toy as a kid? What was your dream job as a kid? what did you wish to be when you grow up?

      I've been married once but divorced and have a 13 year old son. He is the best thing that ever happened to me in this life and i love him so very much.

      I would like to meet someone who is going to like me for who i am, not something I'm not. Be honest about who you are, what you like and look like and be proud of it, no one is perfect (myself included).

      That being said… I am honest (and think that is important), I say what i think and think what i say. Believe in honor and the concept that a man is only as good as his word. I've been called attractive, gorgeous and handsome… but think i am average looking.

      I'm giving/generous, compassionate, passionate, intelligent, very open minded, chivalrous and love animals. I laugh easily and smile often, am funny. Can be silly at times but also have a serious side as well. Make me smile and you'll see dimples.lol.I can guarantee a smile on your face when ever you are close to me..

      I love to ride, feel the wind in my face as well as the feeling of freedom of tooling down a country road or a city street.Some of the things that i find attractive in a woman are; being warm,caring and affectionate, sensual, passionate, feminine, romantic,happy and positive..I believe that being able to communicate openly and comfortably are important to a great relationship.

      I am currently stationed in Iraq and here for peace keeping. My mission here will be ending soon and will be heading to South Africa right after this mission, which is why i thought of coming online to search and see if i will find that special someone i will be coming back home to meet. That way we will get to know alot about each other before meeting and its gonna help, that's if you want to continue with this. I hope this doesn't scare you away as i will love so much to get to know you and possibly meet you when i get back to the states. Let me know if you do want to continue with getting to know each other okay. I will end here and hope to hear from you soonest.


      • Has anyone else been talking to a James Wadsworth in Iraq with diplomat friend in Ghana.

        • Jackie
          I was talking to a fake sgt. wiley baker in iraq who had a diplomat in ghana. The diplomat got stuck in ghana and needed 2500 dollars to get a package out of customs. When that didn’t work he said he needed money to get himself out of ghana. No matter the name it’s a scam. Please send no money. It is a scam.


  203. god is good all the time!im almost a victim of this modus operandi i met lieutenat steve johnson of E8 iraq camp victory and suddenly asking me to subscribe from wirelesstelphone@usa.com in order for us to talk??? hahahaha..suck my deck Lt. steve johnson!!!damn on you!!!

  204. My Mum has been in correspondance with a Philip Charette based in Iraq wife has died one son Harry Aged 12 at boarding school in the States. He has told her he also runs a company in the Uk and lives in Camden. All of a sudden he is having problems with one of his companies deliveries into Dubai as his bank account has been hacked into and the bank have frozen his money!!! My Mum had the sense to say dont ask me for money and he has not replied ( theres a shock) After my Mum telling me all this I thought I would google scams by soldiers and came across this site, cannot believe there are so many similar stories. Has anyone heard from this guy????

  205. question. How do you know if the person you are talking to is real? What are the real costs regarding the TS2 satellite phone if the person is a captain? My friend is talking to this guy and it seems like it’s a great thing. Just kind of worried for her. My friend’s ex was actually in the marines and told her that when he was on his ship, he put in a request for the phone and it was almost $500 for a short call. How do the phones work anyway and what would someone who really wasn’t lying about the costs for the phone etc say so that we know what to believe.

    • Sue, TS2 is a real company but it’s not one the United States Military uses for anything at the individual level. Units purchase plans to provide overall internet service – when used. Soldiers do NOT need to purchase individual plans or phones to talk, that is handled through logistical channels.

      • That is correct CJ…I beat the scammer..I went to the army recruiter office…I told my scammer I have my phone device he needs to get is own someway….You have to use sense with these people..They will slip sooner or later…Thanks CJ…This really helped me….Just makes it harder for the real soldiers….

  206. reading alot of you sounds like the scammer festus smith has simply changed his name. poor english etc…please please he is a scam, scum and loser and a very good lyer. good luck to you all. I have alot to share if anyone is interested, read my post about festus smith. please be wise women, we deserve better. xo

  207. Hi girls,

    my daughter put a blog and told me about this site. I live in the south of england, and was approached via a online dting site, which i have now removed myself from, by a guy Philip Charette, claiming to be a mMjor in the US Army stationed with the peace keeping forces in Kabul, due home, to London, Camden in April/ May. Widow for 2 years wife killed in an auto accident, son Sam age 12 at boarding school in US. Well, have corresponded with him daily, very aarticulate, excellent grammar. The most fantastic letters and of course he’s in love with me. Strange. So started chatting on msn, apparently has a business in UK, where he has lived for 12 years,and is awaiting a consignement of sattalitte equipment to be cleared in Dubai, but can’t pay the agent as his bank account is frozen and can I help. No way, told him if he thought I was stupid or a soft touch he’d picked the wrong cookie. Full of big apoligies, so upset couldn’t sleep cause he’d upset me, but has emailed me again, saying it’s our future etc and wil pay me back asap, even sent me aa copy of the certificate of lading, with name of port, vessel, type of cargo etc on it. Is he is a scammer, then these guys are getting good.
    BE CAREFUL, they are just little s—s. Have said no way to the monies, never.

    • Hi

      I think I may have been scammed by the same guy that tried it with you, He was allegedy an intelligence officer in Kabul and had a business in UK. He also sent letters from his agent and lawyer, they did seem a bit suspect. He was a Captain and I met though Friends Reunited. Have you any pictures?


  208. After being contacted by a scammer from friends reunited dating site, telling him i knew he was a scammer and actually finding the real person in the photos that the scammer was saying was him,(irwin preston) my hotmail account is now being bombarded with emails from various people either asking for money, giving sob stories or saying that they have millions of pounds that they want bringing in the country and if i send them so much of this money I can keep the rest. Don’t these people ever learn! especially when they have been rumbled. These people will obviously try anything to get money out of us.


    Chatted with him on msn, thought I’d reel the worm in!!!. He played it cool to begin with no mention of the money he’d requested, then approached the subject, anything I could help him out with he’d pay back. How much ?I asked Wanted £2,850 sent via Western Union to pay the carrier to release the cargo in transit. Well, faced him out told him I knew this was a scam, was he in Nigeria, and i had saved all the emails he’d sent to forward to MOD, not phased one bit, how could I not believe he was who he said he was, what was I talking about, he could prove who he is, and I’d be surprise,asked him for his name ,rank and number. Well bring on the surprise I love surprises, then he said bye !!!

  210. beware of Capt Ferris Scott…another in a long list of scammers!!!

  211. A sgt Williams James has been saying alot of the same things on yahoo messanger to me please e-mail me and let me know if he is in the marines in Iraq. My gut tells me its a scam but I havent read his name antwhere, he is on myspace and facebook. His addy is williams3667@yahoo.com
    thank you for your help

  212. mmm what a carry on i have a scammer im having fun with ive had flowers choclates teddy bear been chatting for 2 months however the flowers went to a bogus address and also never gave my real name but now the sting is about to come he want to do his transit form be warned girls this guys new Sgt Charles Leacain he even had his profile deleted once only to do it again with a diff picture

    • Hi Anne i have also been in contact with a SGT Charles Lecain i have had flowers choc and a teddy bear delivered have u got picts plz on me email he is spelling is name Lecain has a son Tom 11 plz email me