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ASP Closed for Business

All Posts  November 10 2009

Instead of just a screen, we want people to have access to the archives, so we’re just posting the main screen as a separate post. That way you can also leave your comments.

Blogging is no longer worth the trouble. Everything is fine as long as the stories are happy and positive. The military wants happy stories, not honest stories. Everything must be 100% in concert with the Army spin. If it’s not, you’re considered an “embarrassment” to the Army, the installation, and/or the NCO Corps. Integrity is no longer an accepted method of leadership. If I can’t be honest and open, I won’t write at all. I refuse to allow my private blog’s message to be dictated with threats and intimidation. It’s been a fun six years!


I’ve been pretty absent from writing here at ASP for quite some time. I really appreciate CJ for being a great “boss” for the last few years, and have found an extended family in CJ, Emily, and their wonderful children that I couldn’t imagine not knowing. While I wish the last year was easier for us here at ASP, I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet some amazing people and form friendships that will last for a very long time. Thanks to everyone for the great ride!


Update from Marcus: Thank you to everyone for your comments supporting CJ. I spoke with him this afternoon and I’m going to give one last post for the site. I’ve also made this a “sticky” post so it will sit atop anything else that is written here on the blog. Look for it soon(ish).

Once again, thank you all for your support.

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  1. “The military wants happy stories, not honest stories.”

    Unfortunately, this statement is true, and it extends equally to all facets of war – e.g., not permitting photos of warriors returned in coffins – as well as private battles with the local PTA and school board.

  2. This place will be missed. You’ve been writing a long, long time. :(

  3. We are so sad to see your blog shut down CJ! I usually visit every night to see what’s going on in the military world. You, Marcus and the rest who post here have been a great inspiration to me. I was able to hear what was going on in your world and to pray for you as well. I will continue to pray about all the hassle that you are going through right now.

    Oh and “Thanks” for letting us comment as well! God Bless You Guys and “Thanks So Much” for your service to our country!!

  4. You certainly will be missed. :(

  5. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that all this has happened. Those who think that they have won a victory here because you have stopped writing are simply ignorant.

    CJ you have done a great service to us all with the information that has been put out here on ASP. Information that wouldn’t otherwise be known.

    The MSM only tells the bad things and they are in lock step with the democratic leaning part of our Government. If it hadn’t been for you CJ, a lot of us would never have known we won the war in Iraq because the Dems, and the media wouldn’t give Bush that satisfaction.

    To those who caused this, the principal of Williams Middle School and her cronies, I can only hope that God will reward you in a fitting way for what you have done.

    CJ, there are better things in store for you. I know that you are going through a lot right now, but you know that God has his reasons. I am sure that you are destined for far greater things.

    Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to help us all understand a little better, how the Military works and the world in which the Soldier or Marine lives.

    We are all the better for having had this amazing opportunity and the chance to get to know you. May God Bless you!!

  6. Any way the site can be given to someone else so it doesn’t die? I am not volunteering……

  7. I think I first came across ASP in 2004, influenced by listening to Hugh Hewitt who was heavily promoting the virtues of political and military blogs. After RatherGate, and concerned about the ’04 Election, I started looking into blogs.

    CJ’s stuff back then was very important to me, in giving me a perspective that I wasn’t getting from following MSM sources. Invaluable and made a positive difference.

    It’s a shame you are basically being forced to shut down.

    One of my favorite posts, btw, was your Halloween fat batman costume. I can’t seem to find the photo and post anymore, but that one was one of your finest moments in ASP history.

    The Army doesn’t know how badly it is shooting itself in the foot by coming down on military bloggers, like yourself, who have run disclaimers that these are your personal views and you are not speaking on behalf of the Army.

    I hope this isn’t a permament close; but for the last few years, thank you for the devotion you’ve had to ASP and its readers. Whatever the Army thinks, you’ve been a positive force for the military and the country, and an influential voice in the blogosphere.

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  9. CJ- I have been increasingly distressed by what has been happening re: your outstanding and excellent blog. I sometimes do not agree with your opinions but you always have my respect. You always express how much you love our country and your great admiration and respect for those you serve with. I am proud to know you even in this fashion, and proud of your service to us. If not for your service and that of your fellow members of the military I could not sleep at night, for I know someone is on duty, keeping us safe. I hate the fact that your freedom of expression has been stifled and, more so, that it has been used AGAINST you! I have followed your blogging for a long time and you ALWAYS make it crystal clear that what you write represents your PERSONAL opinion as a citizen and soldier. I will miss your posts and hope you will keep me on your mailing list. I know you will disagree with this… but you are one of my heroes…. God Bless and keep you and your family.

  10. Okay CJ, I’m NOT going to be politically correct here. This just flat PISSES me off! It’s NOT right. I know you and know for a fact that you’d never threaten anyone. Seems to me, that if anyone is a disgrace to the NCO Corps, it’s the Garrison CSM, and if he asks, please feel free to give him my name!

    You have and have always had a disclaimer that clearly states: “This is NOT an official military site…. These words are OUR opinions which we have every right to express.” I don’t know how the hell they figure that says that you’re representing the government, or the Army or the Marine Corps, because it clearly doesn’t. I hope that when you PCS you’ll find the command climate MUCH better than what you’ve experienced at Redstone Arsenal. You can bet if anyone asks me, I’ll tell them to steer clear of that hell hole unless they wish to be railroad and NOT supported by the chain of command. In MY opinion, having been around several Army Installations and dealt with command at all levels up to and including Garrison command, the Garrison command at Redstone Arsenal is an UTTER DISGRACE to the Army and should be relieved of their duties.

    Okay, I’m done saying as much as I dare say, because right now I’m pissed and it probably wouldn’t be wise. Love ya CJ and you know that I support you 100%.

    • GO TERRI!!!!! Excellent comments.

  11. I am sad to see you closing up shop at ASP. I found your blog 5 years ago after my sons first deployment to Iraq, and while he was training at Ft. Irwin. I did a google search for Ft. Irwin and discovered you were there training our soldiers in detecting IEDs, and writing about it and also about your experiences in Iraq. I was and still am very ignorant about all things military but you have help me understand much of what my son was doing and experiencing.

    Now after 3 deployments as an infantry soldier he is home in the Reserves and hoping to start school soon. I read about your struggles with PTSD, they mirrored similar issues my son was having. He also is receiving help and seems to be doing better. I guess I am saying thank you for the years that you have written about your thoughts and experiences as a soldier, it has informed me in many ways.

    I am sorry to hear all of the troubles you are having lately, I pray that in the end you will prevail. Romans 8:28 says “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Your presence will be missed here.

    • Thank you, Glenn, and God bless your son as well. If you’d like to be added to my mailing list, send me an email to cj@soldiersperspective.us. Take care and thanks for your comment.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this!!

    Keep in touch my friend!

  13. Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me. Even when I left the Army back in 86, the commands and commanders were more concerned about “diversity” than the troops as a whole… and Ft. Hood brought the results of that clearly into focus.

    I’m ashamed of those leading the Army. I posted a demand for Casey’s resignation on the Army blog, and oddly, it’s still there. The handling of your situation is symptom of everything wrong with the corporate military today.

    I’m sorry those who lead betrayed you, CJ. When they did that, they betrayed all of us, and once again, tyranny has won the day.

  14. So much for America being liberal and free!

    (By the way im British and have only just heard of ur blog though http://frontlineclub.com/news/)

    As of the behavior of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association, right?) it is cowardly and unjust.

    As of the blog, not been able to read a lot of it yet, but the night I found it was the same night the BBC (British Broadcast Corperation) reports on Obama visiting Ft.Hood and 6 more dead soldiers returning to England, I find out that the American Army and other associations in america don’t like true personal opions. This is sad and disheartening that peoples’ voices aren’t being heard.

    Please continue blogging!! (Even if it isn’t all about army life)

  15. I’m sorry for all that happened CJ, I do hope you will reconsider, but that being said, I wish you all the best.

  16. We have to agree with everyone else who has written,,,especially Terri. This just sucks!

    Milbloggers have been the only ones that we could count on to give us the boots on the ground point of view. We’ve learned alot from them over the years. We will keep readig what you write,,just wish it was still going to be here.

    God Bless you all.

  17. CJ,

    From the comments above I can see what a difference you have made in all your readers lives. What do they assume with consumers? For every 10 that write to compliment or complain, there are actually 1000 (or whatever the percentage) that feel the same but didn’t write. You have many, many people behind you. I understand shutting down ASP and will be here waiting when the site can come back unencumbered.

    Hugs to you and your staff,


  18. cj:

    I thought when the going gets tough ….

    Come on, man, don’t disappoint so many folks. This is your loyal readership we’re talking about here, including, moi!

    PS. One Utah – oneutah.org – has your back!

  19. Hi CJ,

    Sittin here with Nephi kick’n ass and taking names.

    What the hell? “The military wants happy stories, not honest stories. Everything must be 100% in concert with the Army spin.”

    “You’ve come a long way Baby!”

    Now, place your entire substance and soul into fighting for peace, and you will be saved!

  20. Hey CJ…It has been an honor to frequent this blog. Congratulations on this victory..and that is indeed what it is..A VICTORY for you!

    Your victory is that you hold to your convictions and speak your voice when you see something wrong…In fact there are others like you who spoke their voice. Others who warned. Others who protested that something was wrong. Others who said this a bad situation that needs to be addressed. And they too were ignored. The result being good soldiers were gunned down by a scumbag. I have no doubt that if you were around that situation you would have protested ahead of time as vociferously as you do when something is obviously broken.

    The reason I know this is that you are a damn good Soldier. Too bad we do not have more people like you in leadership positions. People with the B**l’s to do what is right and not what is politically correct.

    Again I am very proud to count you as a real friend. Hold your head high and do not change for anyone.


    Tony Diana
    Former 1LT, USA

  21. Man, that really sucks.

    Good luck all!

  22. I’m not left with any more words than I posted to Marcus on Millbloggers.com. Suffice it to say we love CJ, Emily and his extended family. I would march through hell and back for him and his family. Here is my facebook post: http://tinyurl.com/yjq7u2v if any of you wish to add your thoughts.


    Posted by Patriotwatch
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 03:23 AM


    The volunteers of Patriot Defenders Network, Inc. cannot begin to fully express our respect for 1SGT CJ Grisham. That goes equally for all the upstanding military bloggers whose work gives our citizens a unique and honest perspective the fine men and women who serve.

    It is ironic that CJ’s experience could be seen as a poster child for the discussion we’ve been having in the Bill O’Reilly Premium Member’s “Suggest a Story” message boards. There we explore the role Political Correctness played in the death of Fort Hood innocents at the hands of a suspected enemy collaborator. From Mr. O’Reilly’s talking points the last two days and even Dennis Miller tonight, we’re not alone.

    No question CJ has taken the high road with dignity and respect for his fellow military bloggers. I’m not convinced civilians like me should be so measured in our consternation over the impact PC is having to deter honest dialogue in our nation. I’m doing my best to temper our volunteers outrage over this unconscionable attack on a loyal American and honorable career NCO. If I thought CJ and Emily would approve, I’d be on the phone to O’Reilly’s producers in the morning. The America public needs to know such things happen in our country in a era that promised transparency in government.

    On the eve of Veterans Day, I would like to share one of the highlights of 2008 when we worked with CJ, Troy and Marcus for a talk radio and Internet first. That Political Correctness and disregard for the First Amendment, would silence quality voices we shared with a million or more radio listeners, is a travesty beyond words. I invite readers to take a few minutes to listen to true heroes past and present on Veterans Day last year. http://patriotwatch.com/V-Day2008.htm

    I also want to thank CJ for having been one of our keynote speakers on a day we did something else that had never been done before. http://patriotwatch.com/7-4-09.htm

    If 1SGT Grisham can be silenced and his First Amendment rights trampled on, who will be next?

    The father I never knew gave his life so that I can speak freely. Today, a young man I think of as the son I never had is facing his second deployment. It’s one thing to worry for him and the troops under his command and quite another to worry his outspoken nature could be a bigger threat to his honorable service in the US Army.

    Speaking only for myself, I’m just a lowly webmaster and volunteer officer in our nonprofit organization. But I would follow CJ Grisham into hell if that’s what it took to clear his name and right this wrong. I know my father and my “adopted son” would expect no less. If readers here agree, we’d be happy to hear from you. We have a small nationwide army of patriots at our disposal we’re there a call to duty.

    Dave Jenest, Webmaster/VP Operations
    Patriot Defenders Network, Inc
    1818 H Street Unit 1
    Sacramento, CA 95811-2146
    (916) 448-2619

  23. OMGosh, CJ and the rest of the ASP bloggers!

    That is so very wrong. You all have done a great service for the U.S. military — in relaying stories of those injured, in standing up for the U.S. military, and countless other ways.

    I’ve only been here periodically the past year, but have visited here often since 2005/06. I’m not ashamed to say that your posts have made be smile and be proud of our military men and women, as well as bring a few tears over their sacrifices.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to resurface.

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  25. I came to say thank you for our relentless service and dedication to our country. I’m a little speechless at present, a feat in and off itself, historical…*regrouping* wow…I’m sorry to see you go and I wish you and yours every good thing.


  26. The fricken PTA took you down! It goes to show we not only have battles overseas but we have major battles here at home.

    You may have done more good on this battle front than you will ever know. By bringing attention to the sadistic evil leaders of our children, you may have saved the lives and minds of millions. You may never know what God has planed and how you fit in with those plans. But CJ you fit in with Gods plan very well, and I know the best is yet to come.

  27. For days, since first seeing the sad and empty, except for one, then 2, paragraphs, white screen, I’ve been at a loss for words, and honestly, still am. Then, I still kept checking back, thinking ok, I know April fool’s day is nowhere near…so this can’t be a joke….hoping, just hoping you’d be back up. Then, Yes! You were back up, (sort of :( ). I instantly felt reconnected to the truth. A truth I have come to rely on, and respect, for a few years, now. So yes, I am just one of your many readers, that Sharon mentioned above, whose life you have made a difference in. I thank you, Emily, and your wonderful children.
    I can’t say enough,this is all soooo wrong on soooo many levels.You do what you have to do,we understand,and you are wholeheartedly supported.
    We already have e-mails, but if your mailing list is different, can I please be added?
    Thank you and God Bless you CJ and your family <3

  28. Well…I have news for the dumb-bunnies that think intimidation and control will stop the flow of information, or the truth that comes from the military community. YOU CANNOT STOP IT! Whether it is CJ, Bouhammer, any of the others, or a military spouse, or whoever…the drum beat marches on.

    I suggest the military “family” concentrates on Major Hasan, and explaining to ALL OF US in the world, how a crazed jihadist lunatic was able to infiltrate our military, make the ranks, and take out our own. Oh yes, you have bigger issues on your hands than A Soldier’s Perspective blog comments.

    Guys…you will be missed. I enjoyed you while you lasted. If you get a chance…shoot the names of the kool-aid drinkers out to the rest of us, so if we ever have the misfortune of being at the same post as them, we can laugh at them and point.

  29. CJ, there are too many people out there that NEED to hear your voice. I really hope that once you get ‘the hell outta Dodge’ so to speak and get to your new duty station, that you’ll get ASP back up and rolling.

    As far as the chicken shit CSM that called you a disgrace to the NCO corps, it’s obvious he’s forgotten what it’s like to be a REAL Soldier and one who fights for WHAT IS RIGHT. Makes me wonder and I’ll say it here….. What exactly are the scum at the school holding over his head? What skeletons are in his closet that are causing him to bow down to these tactics, instead of doing the right thing? It’s obvious that he knows nothing about you and it’s obvious that he doesn’t have the personal integrity, determination and balls it takes to do the right thing. Instead he’s allowing the idiots at the school to tell him how to do his job, which by the way, is pretty damn poor. Kind of makes you wonder….

  30. Sorry to hear about this CJ. Your right about the military and its happy spin. I can vouch for that as a former spinner myself. It and other reasons made me sick enough to walk away at 20. I’m sorry to see this happen to you. It always leaves me with the feeling that “they” just won another victory. Perhaps you will find another way.

  31. Really going to miss this. Take care of yourselves.

  32. I just finished listening to the podcast of you and Troy and Marcus on You Served Radio. Great show. One of the best yet.

    I’m so sad to see you shutting down ASP. It has been a great service to so many. When I think of a CSM, the person that comes to mind is Jeffrey Mellinger. CSM Mellinger spent two years ‘walking the line’ in Iraq and has been the subject of many fine dispatches by Michael Yon. He is the man that exemplifies all that is good and right about the US ARMY. Post Command Sergeant Major Ricky Cooper is the poster boy for all that is bad and wrong in the US ARMY.

    Sad. Truly sad.

  33. I can’t help but to keep being so mad and bothered on how Garrison has handled this. CJ, remember I told you of our little, past,issue with an Alabama school and it’s district? Well, when we went through Army channels, asking for any advice, info, or suggestions on how we can /should handle it, we were told at every stop, (to incl. JAG), that this was NOT an Army issue, and they don’t get involved. (period.)(That was fine with us, we understood, and went on to win without them) NOT an Army issue, is my point, here, they said it! What, has policy changed?

  34. CJ, I have enjoyed reading your blog and it had inspired me to take a stronger stand. Now some see me as a trouble-maker but others thank me for opening their eyes. You have opened the eyes for many and unfortunately, the Army seems to be going PC – no backbone and evidently won’t take the time to stand up for what is right by their soldiers. I am truly sorry for what you and your family have been through. Just know that you have many keeping up the fight for in the political arena and we are behind you 100% in this personal attact against you. Please keep us informed. God bless you and your family!

  35. All,

    I just want to make clear that I still greatly love the Army. It has made me a better person and I’ve had the privilege to work with, for, and over some very talented and patriotic people. I’m not convinced that what I’m going through is an Army issue. Since this whole thing began, I’ve spoken with both Field Grade and General Officers who have said I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m standing up for my kids the way I’ve always stood up for my family and my troops.

    There are always going to be people in positions of authority that don’t necessarily have the expertise or attachment to handle situations like this. Based on my experiences the past 15 years, these people are few and far between. Yes, there is a culture in the military as a whole to move to a politically correct environment and the desire to avoid any sort of potential embarrassment often overrides common sense. I want to also make clear that I’ve never released the names of any military officials involved. It’s not hard to Google who is in charge and where these days.

    This has been the most stressful three months of my life since I was in Iraq, but I will come through it. I will move on and so will they. There are avenues I can pursue if I think this situation has affected my career, like the IG and congressional inquiries.

    I just wanted to be clear that when I’ve debated with school officials at other installations on uniforms and other issues, I haven’t had to deal with this as a military problem. It’s an isolated incident and I don’t think is indicative of the Army philosophy.

    I appreciate everyone’s concern and support as it’s been very helpful. I’m thankful for a wife that is willing to stick her neck out on my behalf and continue to seek justice for this. I may be quiet on the issue, but I’m aware of it! I’m Army Strong!!

  36. Yes CJ you certainly are. You, if anyone embody the term Army Strong! We’ve got your back my friend, even if your current Garrison doesn’t.

  37. Understood and agree.
    Army,(hubby) 19 yrs., still going, and wouldn’t have it any other way! HOOAH!

  38. Dear CJ,
    I’m so sorry that you need to close down ASP. I just wanted you to know that I’ve always enjoyed reading what you posted. (Heck, I enjoyed reading what you posted even back when it was “the Henhouse”!) I think my favorites were the David Sneakers posts, the funny posts about your kids and even your running total of the spare change you found on the ground. While I admit I enjoyed your funny posts the most (including the Beef Jerky Wars with the ever goofy JP from Milblogging), I honor you for the times you stood up for your fellow soldiers. For example, I remember you and LT “Smash” standing outside of Walter Reed showing support for the wounded military folks and their families and the times you beat the bushes for supporters for your annual Girl Scout cookie drives for deployed soldiers.

    Thanks, CJ. You’re a good man and a fine NCO! I wish you and your family only happiness and success in the future. Feel free to stop in at AdoptaPlatoon, if you have some time. You know how we always love to hear from our soldiers.

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  40. The opening smart ass statement on this site is definitely not going to help promote a peaceful resolution for sure.

    • Funny part about that, Rodney, is that the statement was VERY needed! I can’t tell you how many times CJ or I were contacted by people who assumed we either represent our respective services or our words were official policy!

      • Plus Marcus if ‘Rodney’ reads any of the military blogs he’d know that they ALL have such a disclaimer.

  41. We have all had our issues with school systems. I have felt my daughter was not done right a few times myself and that the principal at Grissom High was a complete ass when trying to reason with him (several years back) but there is politics in MOST things folks. I agree that Redstone’s “Brass” is about as dumb as they come most of the time. A perfect example is their motorcycle requirements. Also, the PTO or the school has no business calling anybody’s employer. But ot make it sound as if military is the only one that always gets the raw end of the deal is BS. We all get our time in the barrel. As for the lady that called and said she had 4 kids and her husband was deployed thereofore she was kinda handicapped, what happened to the “military families help military families” attitude????

    • Rodney, I have never heard CJ, not even once, say that “military is the only one that always gets the raw end of the deal” and I’ve known him for some time now. If that is what you gleaned from all this then you missed the entire point of all the articles. CJ, is the original “Mr Suck-it-up” if you know anything at all about him. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t whine, he rarely even talks about his troubles. This tore his family apart. Because he stood up to an anal Hun his job was threatened and his family torn apart. I hardly think that him speaking about that gave any hint that he as “Military” was the only one having a problem. HE never made it a “Military” issue. The Anal Hun did. His command did. It was an issue about him as a private citizen that was handled very poorly.

      And as for your criticizing that woman, who ever she is, when you’ve walked a mile in her shoes, then you have a right to your flippant remarks. I suspect that her hubs is in the Guard or Reserves. What happens there is that those folks join, do their weekends, then deploy. But the base they deploy from is often many miles from where they live. There are no other Military families around to count on. What if she has no family nearby? You don’t know the situation. You have no right to pass judgment or be so indignant. I’m quite sure you have NO idea what its like being the one left behind for a year or more to take care of kids and everything else. So lighten up Rodney. It sounds very disrespectful of those who’s sacrifices, including the families of those serving, make it possible for you to come here and speak freely.

    • Rodney, there is nothing different about Redstone Arsenal motorcycle requirements than anywhere else in the Army. It is a DOD regulation that requires the stiff rules of operating a motorcycle on a military installation. You can’t fault Garrison for that.

      What did you do when you had an issue with the Grissom principal? did you just shrug your shoulders and “hope it would go away?”

      As for mom and wife of a deployed Warrior, the Army takes great care of our military families. But they don’t live their lives for them. It’s hard regardless of all the military support we get. What should the military do other than what it already does? She’s handicapped because she has to inconvenience other families to watch kids so she can have a night out or clean the house. Her husband can’t help with dinner, clean the garage, mow the lawn, fix the link under the sink, adjust the hot water heater, etc. She either has to pick up that slack or calls other military folks who are always more than willing to help, but it’s not fun always feeling like you have to ask for help. At some point, we start to feel like we’re imposing. That is what she was talking about – not that she was left out there flapping all by herself.

  42. Hello, Mr. Grisham. My name is Steve Campbell and I’m a reporter for The Huntsville Times. Sorry I can’t communicate with you directly but I don’t have your phone number. Are you planning to speak at the Huntsville school board meeting Thursday night? Thanks, -S.

  43. CJ,
    I’m glad you’re giving yourself the time away from a needlessly stressful environment. Sorry to hear that some people cannot engage in intellectual debate and acknowledge someone else as having a valid opinion. In any case, give Emily and the kids a hello from Ariel and me. Thanks for your efforts here! Jason

  44. You go man! Do what you know it right!!

  45. Darn, I am even disappointed that your blog ended the way that it did. I was hopping for the time to be able to convert you to the Gospel of Stan Goff or the Gospel, or Jeff Huber, or the Gospel of Ann Wright, or the Gospel of Jacob Hornberger. These are the gospels not only of liberals but also of libertarains and true (paleo) conservatives.
    Oh well if I can not convert you perhaps life can.
    Oh well now I can enjoy another football game.
    That Oregon-Arizona game was fantastic.
    The Colts- Ravens game is starting off darn good too.

  46. The invasion, and subsequent occupation, of Iraq was launched by the morally corrupt and bankrupt administration of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Too bad for the families of those members of the US armed forces whose lives were destroyed by Bush’s deceptions and obfuscations.

    May our Republic endure in spite of our politicins…

    • Seriously, JD. You’re about six years and a few thousand blog posts late for this debate on ASP. Way to be completely off topic.

  47. I just read the article about you in the Times. I admit I haven’t read your blog before, but my husband had, and he was sad to hear of what’s been going on.
    You’re a hero, CJ.

  48. CJ,

    I have become acquainted with your situation over the past few weeks. I am a liberal. Well, as much of a liberal as a sane man can be anyhow. I do not agree with everything you say or on a lot of your politics. That being said, I am an American who loves this country deeply and as such I respect and appreciate your valor and honor in defending this nation.

    That is what the military does, in case any of my fellow liberals are out there reading this. They defend this nation. They don’t make policy. The people WE vote into office, when we bother to vote at all, do. They don’t start wars. They go where WE send them and they defend us, pure and simple. It is our duty as citizens of this nation to do the same for them. What happened to CJ can not be allowed to stand unchallenged. The circumstances that CJ is up against are an underhanded attack on not only free speech, but on the public’s ability to object to arbitrary policy changes. Regardless of political affiliation or personal values, anyone who actually values any of the freedoms we hold dear should object to this injustice. Object to it happening now to CJ or later to yourself. It’s your choice.

    I do not know CJ personally, but I am certain that he knows his leadership and how the Army works quite well. I know that he chose, despite most likely knowing how it would turn out, to continue to stand up for his rights when it would have been far easier and less unpleasant just to follow the illegal orders and allow his freedoms to be taken away. The fact that he insisted upon continuing on the path that he has chosen shows that he was aware of the larger issues and that he is now doing what he has always done. He is protecting this nation. And he is doing so against a far greater threat than any group outside our borders can pose. We, all of us, need to back him up on this.

    You have my complete support on this, CJ. I hold you in my thoughts and while I don’t exactly pray I sincerely hope that you prevail and that you and your family come through this ok.

    In case any of the people that I voted into office are following this thread, I have this message for you: Don’t take the moderate liberal vote for granted. It is time to show me and all of those people like me that you do actually support the freedoms that you claim to embrace. This story will get out. It already is beginning to do so. When it does there will be quite the reaction from people upon whose votes you complacently count.

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