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Military Dating Scams (More Nigerian Scammers)

All Posts  December 15 2009
 — By CJ Grisham
Military Dating Scams (More Nigerian Scammers)

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of traffic to our posts on the dating scams being perpetrated by Nigerian scammers upon unsuspecting women around the world. What makes these scams so appalling is that they assume the identities of military personnel supposedly stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. They troll internet dating sites and reel women along for months before springing the scam and asking for money.

Recently, the name Festus Smith, Kells Kline, Billy Farris, Steven Gaines, and others. After writing about the Festus Smith fraud, he decided to leave a comment on this blog.

You can right-click the image and view separately if you’re having trouble reading it.

Interestingly, a “woman” named Jennifer accompanied Festus to the site and also began leaving comments, in the same broken English that all these Nigerian scammers use. It’s hilarious when they use this poor grammar and spelling but tell their victims they are full bird Colonels. Here’s one from “Colonel Billy Farris”:

Then Talking about my Job…I Graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and held a Degree in Masters of Military Arts and Science from the Army Command and General Staff College,Fort Leavenworth,Kansas .Then I worked for the Military and later Got promotions becoming an Officer..I was Deployed to Iraq and later Transferred to head my Squadron and the Special forces team in Afghanistan. .I was the Former Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division,Fort Bragg ,NC .Which I was Just transferred to the Pentagon and also Active Duty Mission in Kabul,Afghan.
Sending a pic of me also :)

Bill Farris :)

First of all, Colonels don’t command Divisions, Generals do. Second, we don’t “later Got promotions becoming an officer.”

Anyway, this “Jennifer” person is trying to provide Festus with an alibi and make out others to be supposed frauds.

You can right-click the image and view separately if you’re having trouble reading it.

Notice anything interesting about those two comments, other than the terrible English spelling and grammar? Check out the IP addresses! Then, pay attention to what is says AFTER the IP.

Ladies, don’t fall for these scams. Real troops ALL have military email accounts. If they tell you otherwise, it’s a scam. If they ask you for money, it’s probably a scam. If you’re unsure if the guy you’ve been hooking up with online through a dating site is actually in the military, ask him to send you an email from his military email account. There is nothing illegal or wrong with this. If they say they aren’t allowed to use their military email for this purpose, they’re lying to you and you should drop them like a ton a bricks from a Chinook!

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  1. Incredible CJ…You got them..Your the best, at least you gave us the proof, and they can t. God Bless for what you did, I now only hope these women will wake up. Have a very Meryy Christmas xo SUSANNE is this engough proof?? Hope so.

    • My English is disposed of using google, someone who knows something about a Steven Edwards Baker … posing as him ….. I come from Sweden … but never got paid anything ….. this person who tried .. everything and was about to succeed with an IP. 120 141 234 254 Kaul Lump, Malaysia … But says he is in Kabul, Afghanistan, he may ask you to make a telenr … passing through the UK …. a rounernr … +0447031844956 ….. watch out! Out on the google search you can find over 10 dating sites in person as they say … where he presents himself for Taiwi211 … He uses the same profile info on all the pages …. but religions may differ, and economic … details … all 50000-100000 dollar do not know how to get the right person with that name … but he promises you everything you missed in your life .. and gives even the wedding vows are ….. writing, a warning to watch out …. http://www.chummyclub.com/viewprofile.php?id=taiwi211 a google search http://www.google.se / search? hl = en & q = Taiwi211 & rlz = 1I7GGLL_sv I feel sorry for them right, the worst thing was that I could be deeply in love with this man who now written all emails to me … blessing in disguise was that I did not he send things to he that he began to ask …. designer clothes and gold jewelry … hope this can save the rightful person in this ..

      • how did you get the IP address? I think I am being scam by a solider US army afgahnistan…I dont know how to get an IP Address? If anyone can help me I would appreciated it!


        • i have been getting email and istant messages from a eric elberts in iraq proclaiming his love and he ask me to send money to his child at a boarding school in Accra Ghana. I played the games to see how far they would go but nver sebd money. do be careful.

        • I just want everyone tobe informed not to be taken in by a Michael M Boers, he said he is a Major in the US Army,, but he can change that, The thing that upsets me the most about all this scamming is knot knowing if the photos you only see is if this man is alive or dead,, i wish there was some way i could find out,,

        • Hi Rico
          I know how to get the IP address but if anyone need help please email me, :)

        • Did you ever find out how to get an IP address? If so could you tell me.. Thank so much

        • Could you help me pelase ti find an ip adress?

        • I have many pics, pelase some one contact me, mitzy.sidney@yahoo.com

        • This man told me he was in the US military and was a Captain he goes by the address of James_Maco@yahoo.com he sent me all kinds of pictures and one in uniform. Then he asked if I would send him some stuff and gave me an address in ghana for a man named Gavin Wilson and gave me his email address and he would make sure he got the package in Bagdad,Iraq. Luckily for me I had 2 former husbands in the military and new they only use an apo/fpo address. So if anyone comes across a James maco or Mason he is Fake. I just feel bad for the soldier who doesn’t know a scammer is using his picture, still have all the pictures.

        • to get a persons IP if they have emailed you before you open the email right click on sender go to look in the view source in the brackets [ ] will be the ip address

        • Any time you print an e mail correspondence from someone you will normally see the i p address at the bottom of the page. However, it may also be found at the top of the page in some cases.

        • Think I have one trying to scam me as well… Would love to know for sure.He friend requested me on FB,says he’s in the Army in Tripoli,Libya.His hometown is Houston,Tx.Goes by the name Frank Gill,master Sargent,and is in his early 40′s and been in the Army for 20yrs.He is also “widowed”& has a child that loves w/ Franks father.He hasn’t asked me for anything but he has horrible English& is in love w/ me & only txtd 5 times!! Lol HELP ME find out!!! Lol-thanks ;)

        • i can help you trace the IP,contact me through my email:adonisesogban@yahoo.com

      • I have been talking for a while now, to I think is a soldier in Kandahar. I have feelings for this man and want to know if he is real. I have opened all the email so cant hover over it. and now talk on Facebook He has a usa.com email. Can anyone help me please. I found this page and got me thinking?

        • Hi I found out for sure when my sister told me to get on line and start putting in these names. I put in his first and last name and selected images, which brings up the image of the website versus the website. He claimed to be a sergeant so i put in next sergeant XXX and his picture appeared and I almost fainted, when i clicked on the picture and it said internet dating scam with his name on it.

        • Hiya , I think Im being scammed by a person claiming to be a us soldier. Met through match.com. Lots of emails and skyping. Says hes due to retire next year after 30 years of service. Hopes to come to UK to visit me before he returns to his daughter who is in boarding school in the USA. Had lots of photos from him. Photos of him with his daughter and a couple of him supposedly in Kabul. His name is Frank Muller. Ive spoken to him via Skype but not seen him as he says for security reasons they aren’t allowed web cams? Hasn’t professed undying love or asked for money. Told me lots about himself but equally asked me stuff too. He knows Im suspicious of him though. I keep saying I think hes a scammer sat in an internet café in Lagos. He just denies it but says only time will tell!!! Seems genuine enough. Havent done anything stupid yet apart from send him photos of nyself and my kids who are grown up. All contact has been through Skype and his email address which is frankmuller566@gmail.com. Just hope the guy in the photos is safe and well if Im being scammed. Help!!!!

        • Jackie your Frank Muller is a FRAUD that is very much a Lie they can get on WEBCAM and show their face he can’t show you who he is because he is NOT the Man in the Pics he is an UGLY West African inside and out and Maybe even a Woman they do this all the time he is after anything you have of value be it your personal information or your Money.

          If he claims to be Retiring soon he’s either going to try the retirement Scam which Retirement does NOT have to be paid for or he’s going to try the old he needs to ship his belongings to you but there is a Problem with the shipping Company and YOU have to Pay.

          Also you said he skypes with you often and emails ONLY Scammers have all the time in the World to do this REAL US military members have no time to skype or email often when my Husband was Deployed his emails were not daily NOR did he chat with me daily.

          Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and Please go to Scamwarners and Romancescam there you will find an abundance of Information and also help from Professionals very well Versed on Scammers and the lies they tell.

          If you continue to chat with this Scammer he will tell you exactly whta he wants and it is your money,Cut off all contact do not tell him you know he is a Scammer leave him with nothing.

        • Just found out about this scam too. A “Harrison Ramos” contacted me through Facebook. He said he was “Special Forces in Kabul, Afghanstan.” We messaged back and forth for about 3weeks. I offered to send a care package to him. At first he said he didn’t need anything, then after pressuring him he finally gave in and said he would like “Cookies, Chocolates, Axe Spray, a digital camera and a laptop device.” He then said it had to be sent to a diplomat in Ghana. That was the clue that I knew something was not right. Also I felt that two people were writing me…..one with perfect English and one with bad English. So I search the internet and found out about this scam. I was lucky. I NEVER sent anything and now have blocked this person from my account. Be careful. I thought I would never fall for a internet scam and I almost did.

        • Hi, I also have someone that friended me on FB. His name is Brady Sigfrid..he claims he is in the army in Ghana West Africa. He has only imed me a couple times and he’s already calling me babe and says he loves me. He keeps trying to get my phone number,but I refuse to give it to him. He hasn’t asked me for anything yet. I am playing it real safe…i’m glad now after reading about all these scammers. I know what you are going through but I don’t know either how to find out. I just keep doing searches online with his name to see what comes up.

        • This is to let everyone know that John Castillo is not a scammer it was A big misunderstanding a mistake. He is a wonderful person a great person he is not a scammer…Not a scammer..Please post! thank you! Not a scammer.2/14/14

        • Email glasshorse52@gmail.com does not belong to a scammer. It was a big misunderstanding. A mistake. He is a wonderful and great person. Not a scammer! Not a scammer! Thank you! Not a scammer… MISUNDERSTANDING AND A MISTAKE!

    • had that too i have ask hin for emailadres from usa army i got a email but its from a sinllesite hey did very diffelcult too gived itas not the wright emailadres

        THERE IS A PICTURE OF ONE OF THE MEN ON HERE ,,,,THESE ARE THE NAMES OF THE GUYS ;jodan0064.>jordan maxwell>theres a sgtwayn@yahoo.com>>>>AND ANOTHER ONE IS:uzain_benAND A donald.lecain…. THEY ALL WANT SOMETHING TO DO WITH MONEY…

        • the same man is talking to me he is sgt keivn butterfield r sgt butt@yahoo.com and then that sgtwayn@yahoo.com and then there is one out there dcruse66@y,com and he is dave crouse jame and this so sad the they r gaving the army a bad name because im one of them army wife and this sad thank u so much for this

        • Kathleen I have talking to an army man in Kabul , Afghanistan by the name of Jordan Mack Ben. I have pictures of him. He asked for money today so we can talk by phone. Please contact me. Might be the same person u were taking to.


      • J.J. Castillo is not a real person he is a scammer, posing as U.S. military.

    • I want to reply to Lynn who wrote about Mason. I recently was chatting with a Capt. Mason Donovan (I noticed that on his uniform MASON) so that may be his last name? He answered my ad on Craigslist and claimed that he was in Afghan. Just wish I could meet the real man in the pic because he was cute.

      • I cannot believe I read this about a so called Capt Mason Donovan,wow,! Been talking to him via IM and text for three weeks now. Weve been having this “so called romance” until today,when I realized some red flags. So I called him out on it and basically told him to go f himself! I met him on datehookup.com I am blown away about these scammers really,whew ,thank God I never sent him money. And your right ,too bad we didn’t know the real guy in those pictures. It’s going to take me some time to recover from this whole ordeal.

        • Katie, I think I may have been talking to the same guy on datehookup.com. What is his username and do you have picture of him you can send me so I can compare it to mine? I am sick to my stomach. Just the thought of men preying on single women like us is so sickening!! It will take me a while to get over this also…and even trust who I meet online.

        • Donovan Mark Bowen, is a scam artist. All he wants is money, and said he was a E6 SS I have pics of the military man he is acting like he is… Please if u see him delete him. Also, he tries to get personal info. I think he is trying to steal ppl’s identity.

        • i am talking to a man called Edwards Martin and he said he has been to the US military for almost 30 years and will get retired soon. He said he is in Afghanistan, Eggers camp. He said his son is in a boarding school because his wife died of breast cancer. I really do not know what he said is real or not. He has not asked money yet.
          Any body can help to find out if his email address is really from the camp Eggers?
          thank you

        • Yes you are speaking with a Scammer he has asked you for money US Military NEVER need money from strangers for any reason you have to Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam NEVER send money to anyone you do not know any time you are approached on any social site and he claims to be US Military and finds a way to ask you for money and you have NEVER met him face to face he is ALWAYS a Scammer NO EXCEPTIONS.Anonn

      • Gia, I too was just scammed by the same person, Capt Mason Donovan. I met him on a dating website,datehookup.com .his profile is still there. He has tried to text me and tells me to call Washington if I don’t believe him.

        • Oh, and I wasn’t on any dating site, he found me on Facebook.

        • Check out a Micheal Stone Army ….Is he real or fake?

      • theres also a man claiming to be a sgtjmason in the us army in kabul afghanistain hes on facebook and tagged wich he is known as jake mason,i was scammed by him

        • I was messaged on Facebook from a Brian Maupin as well as David Brian Maupin who claims he is a captain in Afghanistan and he was raising his son as his wife died of breast cancer. He didn’t ha e much time to get to know me as I told him about this article….he then began to swear and get hostile in text. His picture was in military uniform as well as him sitting in a US helicopter. His pic I saved that he emailed me and I notice his same picture with differ names on Facebook.

        • I am also talking with one who is claiming to be Sgt. Major Mark Yenter, I asked him to give me his address in the u.s. he told me he lives in New York, but I did a research on Mr. Yenter and found out this persons is in deed a scammer. He told me he have one son and he is not married, the real Mark Yenter is married to two kids a daughter and a son. These soldiers need to be informed. He told me he wants to marry me so his son could have a mother.

        • I too have been talking to a guy in kubal..He goes by the name of captain Blair west..Her asked for money.Said his MRE was about ready to run out and he was hungry..If I would mind putting my on his card .He gave me a web.site..l checked it out..It seem legit..So he gave me his commander name.who goes by john Dominic.I feel so stupid.I love our military so I sent a few bucks just so the guy could eat..I notices discrepancies.He talk about terrioust it scared me.please help me I’m unsure who I should talk about this…

      • I too have just been approached by a Capt Mason Donovan who claims to be in Kabul, Afghanistan. I also met this guy on Craigslist, but if he’s 49 and a Captain in the military, that was the first thing that bothered me, his bad use of language. Declarations of love after only talking a couple of days… no way!! I started searching about his name and email address and this is where it led me. Now I know why! And yeah…cute guy! Too bad! So if you get anything like that, offering proposals of marriage etc without having even met before, know its a scam. The email this guy has been using with me is: capt.masondon@yahoo.com –So ladies…beware!!

        Thanks for the heads up everyone!


      • I was talking with one who claims to be in Kabul Afghanistan, using the name James Milton I would like to let they innocent soldiers know that these scammers are using there identity to scam single women. I would be grateful for any assistance to contact Mark Yenter and James Milton, not the fake.

      • Ladies you must remember, this is their job, all day and night they have these laptops scamming women from all over the world, PLEASE LADIES BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL.

        • I myself was just recently scammed by a man of the name Tyler Chandler. He said he was in Africa, he was a helicopter airman and did patrol. He came on my Facebook site. A few days after we began talking he said the text are going to be shut off if you don’t go to WalMart and pay 300.00 on a Money Gram. Told me to send it to a Wales Peters in Nigeria. He said it only last a week if that long. He said he was a widow of 6 years, his wife died of cancer and he has a 15 yr old daughter being raised by a Nanny in NY. He fell in love within hours wanted to marry me a few days later. He also said he was to retire from the Army in May after 20 years. These people need to be hung by there toes. Oh…also his Facebook is no longer working..

        • I just received an e-mail from the Army Administration informing me that ..the Captain West I’d been talking to is going to kill himself.They wanted to know why I unfriended him and what was said.I realize this must be a fictitious email site..so I’m reluctant to respond.. Because now they have my email..I feel terrible..Also just got another friend request as I’m writing this ..from a Joseph Henry Wertphal. Something like that .I am afraid to respond.Any help would be greatly appreciated..

      • I been chatting with a man name John Castillo. Claims to be in the U.S.Army..Wants help with money…No money was sent please check him out. First sergant in U.S.Army?

        • Email from google site glasshorse52@gmail.com his name J. Castillos

        • Please how can you find out if someone really in The Military?

    • How do I add a picture? I know one scammer Goes by the name Sgt. James Vandyke. he has 2 emails damandatlovxox@yahoo.com & jamesvandyke188@yahoo.com he also has facebook. He uses a picture of Sgt.Edwards as his profile picture. And I want to share the pics he sent me to see if anybody might know who that man really is.

      • I have been talking to a Ron Edmonstone Kells, he cliamed to be a sergeant to US Army in Kabul Afganistan. His email address kellsron2020@yahoo.com. At first i did not care for him cause it seems so unreal, but them he Llmost got me whe told me that his mother has died and his son too…i started to pay much atention to him, he even wrote me a poem..and now he is askin fo an Ipad Mini +64gb+wi fi+ phone , it is value in 750 USD. Told me to send it to Mr Henry Asomani in Alexandria VA. When i check the name of this diplomatic, from Ghana, the adrress belongs to a car dealer and the pic that appear is from a 28 Y old man.
        I guess i too was scamed from this people..just wish the real Ron Edmonstone Kell is fine and safe…
        thanks for all urr information..i feel beter now, i was thinking i was a bad person for misstrusting a US Soldier.
        ligth and love

        • been talk to a guy say in the army in afganistan,asked for money today say name is roger japhet,do you have a pic of you guy.

        • I had a man do this also but I did not send any money. he said his Dad and sister died in Hurricane in Louisanna and his Mom and daughter have no food in Nigera.

    • I am currently corresponding to one LTC. David M. Burchett i meet him in facebook. I dont know if he’s the real guy or a scammer so Please anyOne help me! He said he’s 41 years old, widower with a 10 year old daughter. He said he was supposed to be deployed in the front line but he had a dream that he will die on that mission so he asked another officer to replace him instead. The officer agreed for a sum amount of money to be sent to his pregnant wife in UK. What confused me is that this said officer has a military email address that was forwarded by david to me with his wife’s contact details. But i havent asked for david’s military email yet. How can i be sure if he is real or a scammer? How can i get his IP address? Can anyone please help me?

      • I got contacted by the same person Lt. Col. David Maxwell Burchett. He told me he had a 10yr old by a late wife, but she didnt die from no car accident. It is weird though bc i have a military address from him and his moms email address supposedly. He said she was caring for the child. I was asked for money also but didnt give it. He even sent my parents a email asking for my hand in marriage. He was also getting leave and coming to meet me.

      • this David Burchett have a pic of him? I have one for this Clark burchett claiming his is a col hitting on my friend..claims stationed out of ft Bragg NC..station in afghan Afghanistan or one of them countries that sound like that… but the name Burchett has come up in several of these comments so now I’m curious..well I was to begin with or I wouldn’t been here..I have a gut feeling there is no Clark Burchett from Houston Texas original I have tried to find him n only on Facebook do I find him with 2 accounts same picture of him..

    • I was talking to a man claiming to be in the army name Kenny Purple his email kennypurple46@yahoo.com i Googled this web site scamwarners.com and found the same pics he sent me on that site and they all read FAKE on all three pics, my friend had told me she looked it up for me. I told him about the pics and he claimed some one stole the pics from him.

      • I recently talked to this same man. Only he is claiming to be staff sergeant Carl Terry Purple from Montgomery, Alabama. He is 47 and has one daughter, been married twice. He is an only child and his parents are deceased. He has no other family ties and is currently serving in Libya. He has an account on POF but, deleted it. He has an account on Face Book. I talked to him once and fund his behavior odd. He asked if one could fall in love with someone he had never seen. He never talked about his career or experience and asked if I drive and the make of my car. He wanted t know everything abut me. He was hesitant and vague when talking about himself. I’m glad I didn’t tell him anything r send a picture like he requested. He tried to initiate a conversation on Yahoo chat the next day but, I avoided him. When I tried to find military and other records fr him, there weren’t any. This site came up in my search results and I hope my post can help keep another woman from becoming a victim. He has a friend named Scott something who was talking to my friend. He wanted to meet her and suggested his friend meet me. both claimed to be from Alabama.

    • I am currently corresponding with a Riccky Brown who I met on Zoosk. He said he is a Lt Col about to retire. His uniform insignia said Master Sgt, first inconsistency. Second, he said he’s leaving “camp”. No military stationed Iraq or Afgan. says that, they call it a FOB. Third and biggest inconsistency (by now we’ve been corresponding for like 3 weeks, he’s good looking, wants to marry me. Then he asks me for my address to send his stuff before) scam alert!!! I asked him what his MOS is (I’m former military) and for his FPO address. He said he could not give his FPO address for security reasons— bullshit alert, ALL mil can provide this for letters… The last straw, (sorry I was sucked in by the romance) when he told me about his MOS he had googled “92Y MOS Army” and cut and pasted the first description on a blog verbatim. Like a whole paragraph. So, if I believe the scam artist douchebag by now, I’m the stupid one. Hope he doesn’t suck anyone else in like this.

      • Wendy could u please email me personally. I have met someone on Zoosk also and have for months been talking to him. Falling hard for him honestly. I am worried that it may be a scam and just want to know the truth. I am so nervous. He to has promised me the world and marriage.
        Please contact me and help me to figure this out. Thank u

    • I met the man of my dreams in port at Biloxi. We need help as he is not able to trust that I love him at times, and this causes continuing challenges in our relationship. We are good for awhile, then we make plans to move forward in our relationship, he gets to feeling insecure, and we go backwards again. How will my soldier and I ever move forward if he is not trusting that I love him, only him, and will commit to him to love forever??
      Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  2. They’re not Nigeria. The .gh means from Ghana. ;)

    • Aren’t they all the same?

      • please help in any way possible I to am being scamed from a so called soldier in Afghanisten

        • The Miltary Man or so called one I am being scammed by goes By Keith Matthew Maupin claimig to be stationed in Afghanistan all beware and his General ( Douglas David Stone ) my e-mail is preciousangel40@yahoo.com

        • So have I. First on match.com as Robert Butterfield, a widowed soldier with a young son. Then same photo on plenty of fish searchingheart009 divorced

        • hi iv also tried to get help iv been scammed twice its not nice iv lost some money and still the scamming goes on their good and need to be stopped

    • Could you help me to find an Ip address pelase?

      • Been talking to a Major Kevin Witt the Witt name is on here so am wondering about him gave me an e-mail address of mjkevinwitt@yahoo.com everything looks good, but when I tried to run him thru public records could not find him at all. Can you tell me how to know for sure?

        • I was approached by a Major Kevin Witt..Aug. 30, 2012…stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He says he was born in Dallas, Texas and he is on Facebook. Is he for real…or is he a scammer?

        • If you were approached on a dating site, he was probably a scammer. There’s no way to tell.

        • Hello,
          I am talking to a Sergeant David Mackey that claims to be deployed to Kabul Afghanistan on 10/10/12. Was looking him up and couldnt find him exactly. He gave me some pictures that I have all found on this website. The one picture that made me question him was the one that has Witt on his uniform. I found that the so called David is Jason Mcaughty, Capt. with a bunch of first names Witt but also has Sergeant rank on uniform. Dont know for sure if all these men are the same, but when talking to you dont he use the expression okay baby, yes baby, no baby, or hmmmm a lot? Well if this sounds like him contact me please feel free to.

        • Well Tina my grandmother is currently being scammed by the man who claims to be Kevin Witt he claims to be a pilot of a super cobra and a sniper as well, also he leads her along saying that he is coming home then miraculously gets delayed this has happened about six times, that I know of, so all in all beware of this one he is a fraud.

  3. I’ve also seen emails from scammers claiming to be American troops stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan similar to the “I need someone to hold gazillions of dollars in a bank account for me, and I’ll richly reward you afterward” type emails. Only these claim they are troops who found some kind of treasure / money downrange and are looking for a nice person to hold on to said riches until they redeploy.

    BLECH! Idiots!

    I usually respond with a tirade full of invective, which they likely don’t comprehend anyway, but which makes me feel better for comparing them to monkey jizz.


    • yea these men honestly i am one who was nearly fooled by a so called army US Serg Major in Iraq all the love emails an the promises of a new life then he went on tour so he says to Alfican an didnt hear from for 2 wks an then when i did he says he in Africa an the army didnt know his whereabouts come on some of us women are fools but not that foolish an thats when i knew this one man was a scammer an when i questioned him off this coming form a family in the militarry he blocked me an disappeared mean while asking for money to be sent to Africa how stupid do some of thes men think us australian women are really

      • I know I have had quite a few posing as Military Men and wanting me to send money to Africa! How stupid do they think we are!

        • have you ever ran across the name major wedel thomas?

        • I’m one of those who was stupid enough to send some money to a Kirk Alan Smith (he claimed) who I met on Facebook. He claimed to be in Mali, and then in Nigeria. He knew all the right things to say, and it wasn’t until today that it occurred to me to do a background check. The town in which he claims to live stateside doesn’t exist; in fact, HE doesn’t exist. He also uses a Yahoo email account: kirksmith750@yahoo.com. Interesting that Yahoo has no record of any account in that name, and you can’t email to it. Paint me green and call me stupid….

      • What was his name or the name he used, i have a Srgt Richard Williams doing something simiailar, ols let me know, he states he is in Africa on un peace keeping mission…Thanks

        • I had been contacted by a Sgt James Cox Williams from match.com as many others have. He is in Afghanistan and was to retire in September but needed money for a new laptop that had gotten crushed and or spoiled….Uhmmm…really…said no way and he disappeared. Have 4 photos of a very handsome soldier in his late 40s early 50s. Also had the story of an 11year old son named Charlie and was divorced from his wife who cheated….Sound familiar?

        • He must be there with my guy….Ricky Nathaniel Haggard…lol..what a bunch of freaks…..Please email me if anyone has been contacted by this man…I have pic….Lnnbrush@yahoo.com

        • connie could you contact me i have been chatting with so called tom he is down right nasty he tryed to scam me but dint get what he wanted he was down right mean i have sent money to you that hehad sent to me from a patricia williams he needs to be stopped so all you ladyd be aware he is very good and he is a fake so anyone who has contact with him should stop when i wouldnt send him 1000 dollars he called me all kinds of names that werent nice i would like to talk to any one who has been in contact with him my email is arlenecrp4@yahoo.com please be aware

        • dose any on no any thing about a Catp Anthony Hornback.that said he is on a peace keeper in Nigeria.

        • i was also contacted by an army man in africa on peace keeping missions.goes by the name of frank maxwell scott on face book.I know for a fact he is a scammer because i found the original max franklin by accident.Every picture that guy sent me is off max franklins face book.what a total disgrace to our us military men.

        • I want to know please if this Williams has blue eyes and a tatoo…

        • I have someone similar who is claiming he is a non-commissioned officer in junior peacekeeping in Ghana. His name is Brady Sigfrid…does anyone on here recognize this name. I have my doubts about him. After only a couple ime’s on FB, he’s calling me babe and telling mehe loves me. How do we find out if they are in fact scammers or they are being honest.

    • HI. Something similar happened to a friend. His name is Tom Craig and said he personally saved Gaddafi’s wife and children. He alleges that she rewarded him with 2.5 million. His email asked for the person to set up an online acct in the name of “Tom funds.” The amusing part is that he used the picture of the dad in Major Dad and a different picture of a man in the military. After she blocked his account she instantly received a friend request. Has anyone heard of this story or man??? please email me…torok_melissa@msn.com

  4. Anyone who falls for these type of scams needs to wake up and realize that they are only being scammed for personal information. Sometimes the best thing to do with these scammers is to send them back an email from a phony email account and tell them if you find them you will cut off all their fingers and also drill out their knee caps with drill bits so they may never walk again.

  5. Ummm… isn’t Sandhurst in England? So this person was an officer in both the English and American armies.

    Hrmmmm… interesting. Isn’t Squadron an Air Force unit?

    Isn’t the commander of the 82md Airborne Major General Scaparrotti?

    Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. 8-)

    • Bob you can actually attend Sandhurst if you are from a foreign unit. And if you google Col Billy Don Farris you will find his connection to that unit….

  6. It just breaks my heart when people fall for these scams. Some of my friends that it’s their fault that they’re so gullible. But I wonder, how lonely can these people be, that they refuse to be rational just so they could have someone to love them.

    • I have this guy from face book(who likes u intern et free site,singles group)this parkjames007@yahoo.cm,and james_park18@yahoo.com,messaging me too,with a sob story too.Now gone from yahoo im to me at my email(ccomputerwisenow2@yahoo.com)now to my phone,cell no. email sending fro parkjames007@yahoo.com,very upsettin g,asking for 250 for hosp,med. bills,for him,and son. You cant be too careful,as I am single,65,on ssi.Told that guy,sorry am broke,could use money for dentist.But not asking for someone to help me..Ednajnaugle@facebook.com..Beware of women in USA like this man too. Edna J.N LOL

      • Hi don’t feel bad. I was scamed by a soldier who claimed he was stations in Afghanistan. His suppose to be Commander was asking me for money. I paid out the sum of $ 23, 560 For tis suppose to be Sgt David OBrian. He got real nasty with ne and started calling me names like Whore, Fool,Bitch, Dog, Stupid etc: when I couldn’t send the money.There was also a few more people involved. The Commander was name Robert Nicolas. Lt.Col Anthony Williams. It was a Nother Robert involved I can’t remember his last name. They kept on saying tha he was coming once I payed this amount, Each time I paid it they kept asking for more. Sgt. David Obrian told me he was in UK living on the streets. Everytime he was suppose to come, something went wrong, Than they wanted me to pay his hospital bill by telling the Hospital in Uk that I was his wife. They wanted me to pay more money for his hospital bill and i didn’t. Thanks to a loving caring friend who is also a real soldier in the Army. I talked to him about the situation. I will end there

        • Hello… My Name is Wilson and am a Police man who is working on the scam army men i can help you get all your money back safe for you and i will like to to send me an e-mail at Wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk so that i can see what i can do for you

        • Hey Wilson (Scammer TROLL) Stay da fuck off of this site tryna catch a fish NO ONES falling for your bullshit we know you are a damn African scammer and you cant help ANYONE get their money back all you can do is what you do best lie and BEG for more money it must really be sadistic where you live for you and your sick friends think it is an honor to be a lying beggar or should I say a LYING BEGGING PIECE OF SHIT! Yes Anonn said it!

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  8. I have been in contact with a SGT Steve Lopez stationed in Iraq. He mentioned in one of our first conversations that he would like me to request his leave so he can come and meet me. I asked him why he needed me to request it and he told me because he has only been there for four months.

    He proclaimed his love for me after a couple of days…now to know me is to love me…lol…but come on. I keep our conversation light and his are always filled with love. It’s actually funny…..well except the part where he was going to mass and was going to pray for me. I thought that that crossed the line. A scammer going to church to pray for me…..I think he meant to try to prey upon me.

    I did a check and found out that Sgt Steve Lopez is active duty. I also have asked him questions that have proven true. How is this possible?

    I do believe I may have figured out a way that they are getting pictures and information about REAL soldiers/men. I am going to research it some more on Monday when I return to work. If this is the case then we women aren’t the only target…our soldiers are, as well.

    I plan to contact the real soldier after I get more info….making sure he is in fact real and let him know his identity had been stolen.

    We as women can not only protect ourselves in this, but possibly be able to help protect the true soldiers fighting for us

    • Hi Elizabeth… How did you go with trying to get hold of Sgt Lopez and let him know what was going on? Did you have any luck with reporting this to the authorities? I would appreciate any assistance you can give with regard to directing this info to the right people…
      Many thanks.

      • Ally,

        I have a friend that is an MP in the army and he said because they are impersonating military it is basically a local police department issue. We can notify the Department of Defense to let them know if we choose to.

        I have found the real man and have left him a message to get in contact with me via a couple of websites. I didn’t go into detail because I want to verify they are his and not the scammers.

        I am going to mail him a letter, as well. (he hasn’t checked the websites I left the messages on) He really needs to know that his identity is being used.

        I still get messages from the scammer and he just asked me for money. (we’ve been messaging for about three weeks.)

        FYI- Soldiers stationed overseas CAN call without a Ts2 phone and they DON’T have to be an officer. They have a mailing address through the military. They DO get paid so they should never have to ask a woman for money. If they say US army or US navy take that as a hint….. our soldiers say army or navy. If his grammar is poor…..huge red flag. If he says “am” instead of “I am”… red flag.

        Good luck girl! The best way for us to fight back against these scammers is to educate women and try to notify the soldiers whose identities are being used. The soldiers are victims in this, as well.

        One last thing….Billy Farris IS A SCAMMER! His name has popped up on dating scam websites. Be careful!

        We are woman….hear us roar!

        • Hi Elizabeth, I am living in Sydney and have also been approached by a scammer thought thankfully, I never gave him my personal details. He was very convincing and sent photos through of a high ranking US army officer in his 50s called Henry Weightman. Well I would still like to find the right officer to alert him though I don’t know how to go about it. I read your posting above and note that you were able to to locate the right soldier. I am wondering how you were able to do this. Please let me know as this man appears to be in a very high ranking position, dignified, probably happily married and with a lovely family somewhere. He should definitely know how his photos are being used. Thanks for sharing. I can be contacted on memsahib_millinery@hotmail.com

        • thats funny im having the same issue this army guy requeest me on datepad and i responed back saying hi and then the conversation got further so now we are talking on yahoo.com and it was getting a lil out of control he said alot of things like i love you etc so i knew right away it was bs so i played along with it and then he was asking me for 1500.00 for a cmps phone so i did waited awhile to ask him about the web cam so it was getting further he even said it was classafied and he had to sign a pieace of paper for it and i was asking him some questions but i notice he wasnt answering alot of my questions so i repeated myself but i got some but wasnt enough and then he started to get demanding he was getting mad so i said i sent it and oviously i faked it i made up what he wanted to see and he went for it but,he said he was britsh american i did notice his writing and then he was writing the wasy they do like british is briton and toilet is toiled so maybe that is true but its a shame he is a really hot guy he looks like a mama boy he is 41 he was in there for 18yrs so he went in at age 25 and he is out in 6mths so i copied everything ever conversation it was off the hook but i am playing it safe and i will protect my children but i dont know how far im going to keep up with this bs yes its interesting how these people can do this to us woman and think they can get away with it god forbid he is using this guy pic and he is someone eles what if he is a terrist or this guy is pow im getting worried i dont no what eles to do please email me let me know thank you so concern single mom

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          I have been IMing a soldier in Iraq or so I thought. We had been emailing for about six weeks when he went away to another city in Iraq with some other officers. A week later when he “returned” he announced that they had found millions of pounds in an abandomed store. He wanted to send it to me. I had heard this story before and told him. He got upset. Wanted to know where I had heard such a thing. I decided I had better cooporate in case there was something I could report to the DOD. He had his “assistance” to contact me by email and they used the same strange sort of words. This soldier is supposed to be a SGM. I have kept all correspndence since we first met on Match.com. I have seven pictures of this soldier in different activities in a desert area. I also have three pictures of his room. His last name is very plain on his uniform and it is not a name that I have seen anywhere on the scam lists. I am very concerned about this soldier. The scammer, the one who did all the real emailing, had a very odd way of communicating. Didn’t sound like proper English sentence structure when he was IMing me. But when he wrote emails the wording was perfect. I felt that he was copying from cards or books or something like that. He said they could not have cell phones over there. I knew that story stank because I belong to the group that gets phone cards for our soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan. I just let him think I believed everything he said. When he asked for money to get the package out of customs, I told him that he knew I didn’t have money.He knew this from the start. He was still very insistant. he said he sent the package inside a portable refridge and put a lock on it. When I told him I had no money and no way to pick up the package he got angry. I called someone that does computer security programs. He ran the IP address and the fellow was in Ghana. HE still tried to contact me today when I told him I had run a check on him that he was not employed by the military and was not in the units he claimed to be with, he signed out as fast as he could.

          How did you find out who the soldier was in the pictures that you have. Please give me any information you nay have so that I can contact him and hopefully warn him about what is going on.

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          I had the same thing to happen to me. I have seven photos of the soldier I thought I was talking to. and three photos of his room in Iraq. I would really like to find this soldier inthe pictures. zzzzzzzzzzdo you know how I can go about getting thst done. I fear he may be in danger.


        • Hi Elizabeth, I have just been scammed for over $20,000 USD and more in gifts and mailing things to Ghana, as was not aware of these sorts of scams then I have alot of photos of this guy in Afghanistan US army guy, I need to find him and talk to him as I think he comes from California or possibly Florida I think, can you send me a e-mail address and I can send you some photos as really need to talk to this poor guy His name is Grant Hilson I think? maybe and he needs to know what’s happening as have contacted US Army but not much help as am an Australian retired Soldier (widow)and don’t know ranks in American Army, can your friends PLEASE help me as I know no one to help me as I am in Australia and it is hard to get help from here need to contact guy and he contact me

        • I’ve been in contact with a man that says he’s in Iraq on a “peace-keeping mission”. Says his rank is E6, that he’s a Staff Sgt, and that his main job is to “patrol” the camp. Told me his wife of 15yrs died in an auto accident 2yrs ago…when I asked more details, he told me that she was sick and just died. Uhmm…red flag??? HA Anyways, I asked about sending him a care package/get home soon card, and he told me that they can’t receive anything like that over there, can’t use cell phones there, and can’t use Skype! He’s sent me 3 emails from his yahoo account “donald_james18@yahoo.com, which I have tracked 2 of the emails ISP’s to originate out of Sunnyvale, CA. Now, that’s a far cry from Iraq, or am I that stupid!!! His english is very broken and poor, as well as his grammar/spelling. He has sent me 2pics of himself, which I don’t believe are of him. He wants me to become his beneficiary to his military money, which he says is $2million, and that to get it, I have to contact his commanding officer and then pay for the paper that I need to sign. Of course, I told him I couldn’t do that! He also told me that his Base name is “Ramadi” and his Unit# is “Snipper”. Wow…I thought a unit # meant an actual NUMBER!!! He gets very crabby when I ‘dout’ (doubt) him. Anyway to check out this dude for me? I can email you the pics too. I need help in busting his as*. I’m now just playing along until I can catch him lying to me for 101% sure! HELP! Thanks!

        • hi, I’ve a guy says he is Sgt. Billy Massingale and has all his personal photos… and I know that he really exists and probably doens’t know he is being used by a scammer… where can I contact the real Billy Massingale and tell him or the military police??? cant find it on site.. many thanks Renee and thank God we are not all stupid enough to fall for such stupid people

        • I sure wish I would of known of this information long before I was scammed : ( Now I know and now I can help others, as well. James Ward is a SCAMMER and don’t trust him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s supposedly a Sgt in the Marines…Any info anyone needs or wants to ask, please let me know. I’m new to this, so please be patient with me.


        • Dear Eliabeth ,

          I have been scammed by not one , not 2 but now possibbly 3 men claimming to be Soldiers , one Keith Matthew Maupin from afgh, fake , one say he is in Irq goes by Leo Rolly , and one now claimming to be a Col Peter Anderson in Iraq…. I guess I will never get to talk to a real Soldier , one who is not a scammer, but Ladies beware of the Names posted here ,,


        • I need your help in find the man in the picture that i feel is being used in scamming me

        • I stupidly gave my personal info to a someone I think is a scammer, please tell me who should I contact to help?

        • Hey how do you get a hold of the real service man who is being used in these scams?? I met this idiot on facebook/match.com. He claimed to be an Army captain . His name is supposly aka TOM BARKER. I was ignorant to the facts before, but am now very educated in this scamming business. His supposly friend is named john Lingo. read on this site he is also been used in these scams. Thank You in advance for help you may be able to give me ! I talkd to this fool for 6 mos. ugh !

        • I fell for the same crap ! private leave fees for replacement the welfare etc. I am soooooo educated now its amazing. Thank God

        • Thank you that’s good to know

        • Hi , please help me find the real soldier named Tom Barker. He did scam me. 7 months of thinking I was talking to the real soldier….He is on twoo , mate1 , match.com , facebook , uniformdating , and God only knows where else. I turned him in but am bugged that he continues to use this mans identity and name. I also realize now he could be using a dead soldiers photo. he claimed he was from Chicago Il.but google says san deigo . I can`t seem to find out any real information. This is my first computer and I was so ignorant to the fact that people like this existed. I did not know where to turn for help. I know my money is gone, but I do want him known to all concerned. barkertom1@yahoo.barkertom50@gmail. Thank You . ps if anyone at all can give me any advice please write to me ! Again Thank You ! Lorinda

        • @ Lorinda the name this scammer used is not the Name of a REAL US Military member they make up silly Names all the time it is best to delete and block him if you have not done so and Educate yourself on scammers and their scam attempts go to Romancescam,Scamwarners and Pigbusters sorry you lost money hope this helps Anonn also found the fb page of the real scammer posing as the Man that scammed you using the email address you left.



        • has anyone cross the name of Micheal Hamlett who is currently in Oslo Norway? And the army emailed me but the email add is armydatabase@usa.com? and he wantt me to send money in New Jersey and Nigeria. Geez!

        • How can I find real soldiers I have three men I think their identity was stollen from scammers I was dumb n fell for the scams and sent money I’ve been hurt but would love to find the men these real soldiers to let them know let me know if you can help me thank you Tina in tx

        • Elizabith how can I check to see if my col is real be for I send anymore money for him to come home

      • ive been spoke to by a james lynch and a george gordons anyone heard of them

        • Please be careful of a Dave Edward in South Africa scammer. From N.Y. Fl. daveedward40gmail.com

      • marvin remi corker has scammed me. please beaware of that name

    • Elizabeth if you can provide me any more information on these scams please let me know. My daughter is being scammed by one of those people claiming to be a Browning Christian or Christian Browning stationed in Iraq, She has already sent him money and needs to send him more so he can come home on leave. Supposedly he has thousands in a U.S. bank account but can’t get to it and he will pay her back double when he gets home. He calls he several times and emails her. Call me at 765+832-3453 if you want to. She is desperately trying to raise money to get him home in time for her son’s birthday on Saturday. She won’t believe anything I’ve discovered so far.

      • Hello….I just found this website and am so glad I did. I have also been receiving e-mails from a Sergeant Christian Browning. We started talking December 9th, 2009 and he has been trying to get me to send him money since the first week. He claims to be in Ramadi, Iraq and told me he has a 12 year old daughter named Linda. He said he is from Dallas, Texas. Also said, his daughter lives with his aunt in Texas but as soon as I pay for his leave he is moving here with me. I have not sent in any money because he has given me several different dates claiming to be his date of birth. Please respond to this e-mail I would love to give you more information regarding this person. THANK YOU!!!!

        • Hi Tracy,

          I just read this post from you. I hadn’t seen it before. Yes, you were responding to my father. & yes, I was scammed by Christain Browning (or Browning Christain); however he’s stating it this week. I have been talking to him since June ’09. He claims to have a 19 yr old daughter living w/ his aunt in Texas. But he is moving here as soon as I pay the ‘final’ payment. I know deep in my heart it’s a scam, but I really really fell hard for this guy. I let him into my life & my kids’ life. Please respond to me w/ any information you have on him. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop this one.

        • I found a “Christian Browning” on facebook using a picture of an actual soldier who died in Irag. I’ve already flagged him as a fake, but i can only flag him once. If i could get other people to flag him we could get this jerk off faster. Here’s the facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/help/?ref=drop#!/profile.php?id=100000310495814&v=wall&ref=ts

      • i was scanned out of 35,000.00 before i said no more. these people are bad. my solider was name Sgt. Chris Haggard in Iraq

        • I am the real Chris Haggard, I was stationed in Iraq in 2003 as a Leiutenant) and in 2008 as a Captain. I am a Major now. My photos and name were stolen (“ripped”) from my wife’s MySpace and Facebook pages. I make every effort to write with proper grammer, sentence structure and spelling. Bottom line, never give a deployed Soldier money or expensive electronics. He has access to money and the internet and can purchase anything he wants.

        • I have been communicating with a person that calls himself Captain Dennis Haggard. I have since been reading and investigating everything about this scam involving the Haggard name. I asked this person for a picture of him holding up 3 fingers and I received it. I am wondering if the face has been photoshopped in….. but the body with the 3 fingers up…. could there be a soldier involved in these scams? Can anyone help me?

        • Major Haggard, I think I may be communicating with someone who is using your pictures. I have been talking to him since Jan. 8th 2011 and have made the mistake of sending money to his “courriour” for help getting his belongings through customs, where they are still. Now he claims to need help getting home. Supposedly his commander is going to lend him part of the money and I am supposed to send the remaining $1000 so he can come here to be with me. I don’t know how to go about verifying his identity, but he claims to be Alex Haggard, an E-6 Staff Sergent, but he is wearing captain’s bars in his pictures. When I asked about this he tried to explain, but I could not follow what he was saying so I dropped it. Would love to see if the pics are yours before I get any deeper. So far all the blame looks like it is the other people, but now it is him. Please help if you can or at least tell me how to verify his ID. Please email me at loreadarnell@yahoo.com

        • UPDATE for Major Haggard. I just got a look at the wall of shame and I do have your pictures. In fact I have two that are on this site plus a few more. One the scammer even managed to put my picture that I sent to him up on the computer screen in your picture and make it look like it was your compurter’s wallpaper. This really had me fooled for awhile and I am good at computer graphics. Have to say this guy is good and I feel like a fool. I am an intelligent woman and not usually easily fooled. Tell your wife she is a very lucky woman. I fell hard for this guy’s talk and your pics. I should have known better, my dead husband was a VietNam Vet and he always told me not to trust anyone. Glad I found this site before it was too late. Thanks everyone. Going to get this guy. I’ve got his so-called diplomat’s street address from where I sent a care package. Could prove very helpful to the FBI.

        • 2 days ago I was friended by Sargeant Major Chris Haggard who is an E7 stationed in Iraq. He is telling me that he will be coming home in a month and a half, just doesn’t have the exact date yet. He is coming on REAL strong. I wanted to believe but thought it was too perfect. Something told me to Google him. And this is what I found. Obviously, this creep is still using the same M.O.

        • Hello, Major Haggard

          Just wanted to let you know that your pictures are still actively being used. Thank you for posting to this site so I could confirm my suspicions.

          I wish you the best.

        • To mr haggard can you send me your picture I been scammed I need to see if yours match the soldier pics I’ve gotten and if you know how to get hold of real soldiers to let them know someone’s stollen their identity I thank you I been devistated over this Tina in tx

      • GOOD GOD!
        The list here is endless.
        Unfortunately, I have also already sent money.
        And it´s even worse because I am a relatively poor person in Germany and better could have used the money for something else.
        Just today I have asked mine for his .MIL address and his APO address.
        See what he has to say to that.
        Mine´s name is Sgt. David Robin, supposedly from Texas and stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
        It sounded so plausible and real, f…!

      • well join the party Meet Captain Lewis Clark Jordan only he is widowed his wife dies of ovarian cancer and he has two children living with his only surviving relative his sister Loves me {right} never met me but is so in love with me and wants to be home by xmas so has me write to his boss the colonel walter piatt. The colonel emails me back stating my request is in process that this is protocol next email that I receive is to send 2750 to buy his access card which is refundable of 1750. But 1000 the gov. keeps. Sends me an address of a residence in the USA to send the money to. My first thought is why isn,t this going to a military address. Plus has to western Union and sent immediately to have him home in 48 hours and to state which airport he will go to. Sent me a picture of him and pictures of his two kids. unbelievable and of course the sad story of his parents dying in italy of a car accident and raised by his grandparents who owned a business in south africa both of which died which was really hard for him too.Well unfortunately when I Google him nothing comes up checked his schooling his college to no luck foung nothing and he doesn,t have access to his money but has three homes and two cars but only 50 dollars in his pocket right now
        Ladies what is wrong with this picture he is madly in love with me and wants a home with his children who will love me and wants me to accept them as my own. I only know his emails for about 3 weeks and he has proposed to me U have got to be kidding this man does not exist I am sure but he has pictures of a man sitting in a plane with at least four other men. Word of warning any man who ask for money this early in the game is only scamming us take care I hope this helps the next one beware they are out there looking for us

        • Sounds similar to the one that contacted me. His name is Alex Robinson. email alex.robinson0097119. Says he requested leave, but has no money to get home because the bank says his account is inactive. Stationed in Kabul.

    • Im active duty and in Iraq. Ive seen on T.V. People were saying they were soldiers. But you dont request leave its sloted and given to you once your there for a month or so.


        • there is one that is a fraud but one that is real the real one got married a couple of months ago i saw him on cam he was angry cause i wont marry him i chatted with the scammer and thought he was one also he never asked me for any money but the other did


    • Hi there I have someone going by the name of Dennis Stafford who is asking me for money he said he needs it so he can keep communicating with me. is there anyway you can let the real Dennis Stafford know that he is a victim of Identity Fraud. My name is Adinas Henry Umbra16@bigpond.com He told me he loves me and will marry me etc. I became very suspicious the moment he started asking for money.

    • i was wondering if yiou can tell me how i can find out how to find whos pics i have a sgnt emmy teddy cpole contqcted me obiously a scam but i would like to tell the solider himself that he is being scammed as i dont think thios sort of behavious is right he also prfessess his love for me etc says he wants us to get married as if marion

    • Hi Elizabeth this guy steve Lopez said and did everything you mentioned.He was going to church to pray for us and he asked me to sent mail to transit only after 2 days talking with him and telling me he loved me, I knew something was wrong, his grammer was ridiculous, he never talked about his son Kelvin, sent pics of him in uniform and casual.I was talking with him June 27/2010 till the end of July I would not sent 1500 for him too come visit for 2 weeks

      • Hi, I was reading your blog and I wanted to ask you was the scammer’s name Jeff Nieves Backwood, I have been talking to a U.S soldier that asks for money to be sent to a Nigerian address via Western Union. He said his wife died of cancer and his mother was taking care of his son, KELVIN. Please let me know for this scammer may have many names. Thank you!

        • this J.C. Also has a son name Kelvin 11 years old..Live with a relative.

        • I to am being scammed by an idiot calling himself, boggs napier. He also has a wife whom died two yrs. ago from cancer and his mother is taking care of his son named, kelvin living in nigergia. He says his rank in the army is w03, which is an officer. I have a son-n-law in the army who looked him up and of course he’s not in the data base..imagine that! He asked me to please send his mother $150.00 cause the money he has sent her was stolen and they are starving. Of course I didn’t believe him. He has now taken his facebook page off but his sons page is still up. This is insane what these weirdos are doing to our servicemen. How do we stop this insanity? Thank you for any help you can give me.

        • Who is Kelvin Davies Wiseman?? 12 yr child “Mark”, with grand mother, flashed a check for 1 million and wanted 6oo.oo from me for his mother. Very charming!! Nice Photo… WOW!! Our service men already have done their time and NOW THEY HAVE THIS CRAP TO DEAL WITH??

    • my story is similar but w a sgt james weaver who seems to exist and there was an interview of him in a newsletter this summer i found online. He seems similar to the pics the scammer or whoever he was sent me…but cant tell.

      He also asked me for a phone which i paid, some money for his son, and now he has inheritance issies and needs me to get money for that for taxes. A widower and was going to retire. I looked up and there was a sgt james weaver 38 from south carolina as he said…BUT not w his birthdate and US record office said to run or ask him for social sec number. He wont and he wont send me a milit address and now broke contact save to say he had something happen bc of me…so now i feel guilty, maybe he was shot…

      I traced emails back to US some, others to nigeria…i sent some money he asked to nigeria too…and when he called me, he sounded african…

      Id really appreciate your help. I want to find the real guy and tell him. How they get the info and pics?


      • @ Bea this is a SCAMMER and he is broke because he has no job why do you think he is begging you for money cut him off and stop talking to him he is NOT a real Military member Military will not need your money for any reason also he claims something happened to him because of you why because you failed to send his begging ass the money he has asked you for I assure you he is alive and well and sleeping good at night knowing he was able to scam you be is a beggar a Liar a scammer never send him another dime or he will keep begging no need to feel guilty he is a FAKE and the military takes care of its own they have no need to beg you for money FOR ANY REASON.Now go to romancescam.com and scamwarners.com to find the pics this liar is using and also to share your story he is a scammer and now that you know you can cut him off.

      • @ Bea he wont send you a military address because he has NONE he lives in Nigeria it is his home SCAM CENTRAL and he is an ugly Nigerian with a huge mishaped head not the man in the pics you fell for

        I traced emails back to US some, others to nigeria…i sent some money he asked to nigeria too…and when he called me, he sounded african…

        That is because HE IS AFRICAN a NIGERIAN you have been warned.NEVER send money to anyone you do not know

      • Hello… My Name is Wilson and am a Police man who is working on the scam army men i can help you get all your money back safe for you and i will like to to send me an e-mail at Wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk so that i can see what i can do for you i wil help you fast

        • Hey Wilson (Scammer TROLL) Stay da fuck off of this site tryna catch a fish NO ONES falling for your bullshit we know you are a damn African scammer and you cant help ANYONE get their money back all you can do is what you do best lie and BEG for more money it must really be sadistic where you live for you and your sick friends think it is an honor to be a lying beggar or should I say a LYING BEGGING PIECE OF SHIT! Yes Anonn said it!

          Am a police you sound IGNORANT! you are a SCAMMER and thats your reality! Anonn

          GET A REAL JOB!

        • Do NOT Respond to this lying piece of shit he is a SCAMMER he will beg you for money for his so called assistance but guess what he is ALSO an African based NOT in the UK but you guessed it scam central You have been warned Anonn

        • Ha ha Wilson you really want these lovely ladies who have already been SCAMMED to believe that you can get them their money/belongings back when even the Military cannot???? are you out of your tiny greedy mind? i wonder how much it would cost these ladies for your services LOL what an idiot!!!!!

    • Hi. I am from Manila, Philippines & I was scammed by these nigerian frauders. This person contacted me through my facebook account. He claimed to be a British Army Soldier identifying himself as JOHN BRADFORD, a widower with 1 son.When we started exchanging messages & meeting on yahoo messenger to chat he said that he is currently in kabul, Afghanistan.He’s asking of money begun when he told me that his son was in Accra, Ghana Africa with fellow students from UK & failed to bring enough money for the hotel accommodation. After that his son had an accident on his way to the airport. Then his son had a malaria & needed money for treatment. Then he got shot while patrolling & was taken back to UK. Now, his son needed money again to be able to fly back to UK.Then he suddenly disappeared.These people has really no conscience, while he was missing, his son kept on calling me asking for money for him to go home in UK.I was so blinded that it was already too late for me to realized that all was just a lie. I started searching for website such as this to enable me to at least find out who is the man in the pictures that this frauder have sent me. I am not rich & I am single mom.Please help me find the man in the picture, I believe his a real soldier & his picture is being used to scam women. I believe that this frauder have used the same name & pictures to different women all at the same time.I have posted a warning notice WITH THIS MAN’S PICTURE to my friends at facebook. This is his email add john_bradford2010@yahoo.com
      If you wish to see the picture this frauder used please click this link http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/1193/32963194.jpg
      Thank you & regards.

      • Eleanor that was NOT his Son that was him begging you for Money in Accra Ghana that is where this ugly begging scammer lives be prepared he will reinvent himself and come up with more lies to tell you and beg you for mre money it is what scammers do in the future though Know that Military members will NOT need your money for ANY reason. Go to

        Romancescam.com and scamwarners.com to find support share your story and your pics and emails from this lying piece of shit

        • I have one he calls himself Brig.Gen.Larry Nicholson,says he is Afghanistan,and yes the real one is,but this one has a birthdate of june 8,72 but graduated from academy in 79,says he is rich but not aloud to use atm card there but needs me to send him money for him to send the card to me to withdrawl money and send back so he can buy an item,I was nice and sent the money but now he needs more for insurance to cover the package,now it hits me a Brig.Gen.dont need me to send money on what he makes,tell him I dont have the money and he begs me to sell my stuff and he will replace it once he is back and were merried,yeah right.tell him I dont have anything of value to sell and he calls me a brokeass but doesnt give up,my kids and I started callin him a scammer and now he is hurt cryin smilies all over the screen,mind you we went from Facebook to Yahoo Messenger been on messenger since,so I play it nice and win back his heart but now he has gone to court in one day and to no surprise he is good friends with the judge and the jugde gives him everything in his wallet and now he only needs 600 and then he can get the shipment sent,but again I dont have it but beings my kid called him a scammer he hasnt asked in a day and a half,says he not talkin to no other woman but my best friend is also on messenger at the same time and he is talkin to her she is sending everything to me to read but playin along,he has no clue,this has been on going for weeks now,but the names to send money to are chima sunday and amaku njoku,and when I ask why I just cant send it to him he says that is what they tell him it has to be sent to,he has a hotmail and yahoo address but no military atleast that is what he told my friend but when I asked he said because of terrorist he cant tell me now ,he will tell me everything when we are together,but this man has hit up 3 of my friends for money,the pic I know came off the internet they belong to the real Brig.Gen.and these people half to be stopped,I’ve tried everything but he keeps coming back,his spelling is bad and half the time wording is wrong,and when you make him mad well lets just say no Brig.Gen talks like that and threatens you like this one does,then flips it to, oh hun I’m real sorry but you really hurt me I love you, you re my angel,my dream come true,then POOF go fuck ya selffs I mean really.lately I’ve been having more fun messin with him then anything but I bored of him and just want him stopped,can you help?I hope you got a chuckle out of my message but its all true,unlike him..

    • Hi, i have recently been in contact with sgt steve lopez. After only a couple of days he said that god had bought us together and we were to make plans for our future. I t was all very flattering and romantic, you can see how any woman would fall for it. He said he wanted leave to come and see me, but he didn’t have access to his bank account. The only time he would get it back was on departure. He asked if i would send the flight money to a money agent, then he said he wanted to have farewell drinks with the men. So that was more money, he then said he really wanted to speak to me before his leave. So even more money. It ended up being a total of £1,300 As soon as he said money alarm bells rung. I have connections in the royal navy so i was able to find a few things out. I told him i was unable to send the money. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days, but then he came back. I confronted him and told him to google his name. He replied back declaring this was not him, not the scammer. He said he is now frightened someone will pick him in the street saying he tried to scam them. he insists that he is the real steve lopez.

      • Elizabeth,

        Would you be able to provide me a photo of the real Steve Lopez please. I want to see if he is the same one that’s been sending me emails.


      • Hi- world have any info on this stg steve lopes
        That you can pass on to me,so i can see if this the same guy i am taking to now.
        Thank you.
        katie w

    • Elizabth
      i could do with your help,, on what you have said about research,, my email address is safari_9060@hotmail.co.uk i would love to find out if Michael M boers is alive

    • If you find out to Identify the Solider in the pictures, Please, I would Love to let my “solider” someone is using his Pictures.
      God Bless you for trying to end this.

    • Hi- world you
      have a pic of sgt.steve lopez.
      That you can send to me.
      I need to see if it same guy i am talking to now.
      thank you.

      • Hi Katie, I also talking with a Cap Lopez but the name is Nathaniel , rigith now he asked me for a package, but i know he will ask me for money sooner o later. Would you please send me his photo? I do have several photos and also a fake id. please send me what you have. I also spoke with other scammers with the last name of Edwards and Bruce. Thanks


    • I to have received emails from a soldier in the army I am sure it is a scam. His name is Brett F. Hudson and I would like to find the real Brett to let him know but do not know how. Can anyone tell me how to find the real person so I can warn them that their idenity has been stolen and is being used in a scam?

      • hi…i too have been talking to a brett f. hudson. i would like to connect with you about this and see if it is the person.

      • Hi kim,

        I too have been talkingt to a brett f. hudson and would like to get together on this to see if it is indeed the same person…

        plz email so that we may talk….here is my email…susan_conroy2001@yahoo.com


        THIS ONE REALLY WORKS WITH OTHERS. HE WILL FEED YOU ENDLESS LIES, GIVE YOU A NON WORKING NUMBER AND TRY TO GET YOUR MONEY. HE TRIES REALLY HARD AND HAS LOTS OF PATIENTS TO REALLY MAKE IT SOUND REAL. DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR HIS SICK CHILD ANDREW THAT IS WITH A BABYSITTER. HIS ENGLISH IS PRETTY GOOD, BUT PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HELP SUBTLY MESSES UP. HE HAS BEEN AT THIS FOR A WHILE AND USES THIS NAME BECAUSE WHEN YOU GOOGLE IT IT BRINGS UP THE FAMOUS BRETT HUDSON ANF YOU WILL BE EXHAUSTED BEFORE FINDING ALL THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION. HE WILL PROMISE YOU THE WORLD TO HELP HIM AND HIS SON , SOMETIMES EVEN DAUGHTER AS HE GETS THE GENDERS MIXED UP. DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR INFORMATION OR SEND HIM A PENNY, UNLESS WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM ACCEPT MONOPOLY MONEY. LOL GIRL ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING. HELP CLAIMS HIS WIFE DIED OF BREAST CANCER . ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER. NOW AS FAR AS REAL MILITARY, THEY ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR MONEY. THEY ALSO CAN BUY A CALLING CARD FOR 25 dollars that give them 10 hours of calling anywhere time , there are also phones at every base set up by military. They get 30000 after returning from deployment. They all have a military email which they can send you and email for proof. It will end and have gov. In it . You will never be able to track a yahoo account by reverse look up because it gives you yahoo location which is California. Military get interest free loans and have insurance, health, dental, vision ect. Be very aware of Brett Hudson. He scams with many photos and paces them out. He is a fake and pay close attention he uses”security reasons” as many excuses. ALL THE ABOVE ARE RED FLAGS. HE WILL PREY ON YOU WHILE HE PRAYS FOR YOU. WATCH OUT FOR BRETT HUDSON, BRETT F. HUDSON . ALSO SINGLELADY@yahoo and sexylady@yahoo. Also only a commander can grant leave. I REPEAT ONLY A COMMANDER CAN GRANT LEAVE AND IT IS FREE FROM THE FORMS TO THE GETTING BACK HOME ALL FREE . NO MILITARY SHOULD EVER ASKED FOR MONEY IT IS ALSO AGAINST MILITARY LAW . NO MONEY NOT EVEN MONOPOLY MONEY IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME I CAN BE REACHED AT MICHELLEFISHER41@yahoo.com feel free to share any comments about this scammer or any others or if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK AND REMEMBER NO NO NO MONEY. ( much police history in background)

        • Look out for spannerjax he is a fraud. He says that he is is a captain but the rank on the uniform in the picture he send me was a specialist and he told me his name was spanner Jackson but that wasn’t the name on the uniform. So after telling him that he used another last name. I had the name checked don’t exist. The picture that he is using Military guy in a car with sunglasses and he is is bald and the other photo the soldier is in Iraqi against a wall and he stands about 5’11 or 6’0 with sunglasses on he soldier is an handsome guy. So yesterday you he ask me to send him 275 dollars so I can talk call him I said no and he said I was mean and a fighter. I told him I that the picture was been investigated and then he didn’t want to talk to me anymore, but could I am send the money so western union. I block him off my yahoo instant messaging and date hook up. So ladies be careful I saved the picture he sent to me the other picture my is on the dating site you look for username spannerjaxs

        • Hello ladies and world: I have been chating on yahoo messenger with Sergent Brett F Hudson, but I am not sure if this is the real one. He says he is widower, with one son in Houston who is with a baby sitter. He has written lots of love letters and said and promised love. He did mention that he has no money. He did ask me for an iphone, and his email is from rocketmail, his English writing is so good, and he even said he is about to retire, and that he was raised in Honduras and that he speals spanish. He has asked me to send a request to his commander to send him back on an early leave, he asked to make this request as his girlfriend. I have my doubts but definitely I think Brett is being scammed!

    • Hi I would like to know if you ever got in contact with the real Lopez. He is all over the place and I actually think he is in on it. In some pictures I have he is actually in Ghana. After some detective work on the pictures. Now he is calling himself Parker Lopez and he is on facebook too. I would like to learn the true whereabouts of this guy.

      • Lopez is from Ghana and is in on it. All over. Lots of pictures. I have so much more info but afraid to post.

        • I would like to see some pictures of your lopez

        • Hello Janine,.
          I would like to get in touch with you,., iv’e “met” This man thru Badoo,.i was not there to find my True Love,.,i was there to Chat,.We “talked”,.for about two months,. He is a very smooth talker and he didn’t ask me for Money at first,.I like to get a hold of the real Sgt Morrison Lopez,. That they call him now,.,to Tell him that they still use his Pictures,.I never payed any Money to them,.do they Think i am crazy,.,,:/,.

          I really want to get in touch with you,.,and some more of the women that’s been in Contact with This man who says that he is Sgt Morrison Lopez,Steven Lopez,.Morgan Lopez,.,and i Think that the list is longer that that,.,,:/..

          Iv’e got a hotmail adress. hena1205@hotmail.com

          Best Regards//Helena Kristiansson

      • Hi, I have been contacted with a Capt Nathaniel Lopez, i do have pictures of him with his uniform from the Navy that say Lopez, he even send me a fake id. Please let me know if you have pictures so we can share. my email address is mimaivette@yahoo.com.

    • AMEN to your last statement!!! Please let us know, I too have been trying to find the site where they took the pictures from!! Thanks so much, Wanda

    • Elizabeth
      I really would like to know how you were able to find the real person. I’m in the same spot here and really would like to let the real person know that his ID has been stolen so that he can do the right things about. This guy has his military ID and that is not something that other people should have. So if you could help me out here and tell me how to get in touch with the right people so I can get in touch with the right person it would help me and him out alot.
      Thanks for your help. You seem to know more about this then I do and any help you can give me will help thanks again. OH boy the way his name is Robert Ramos if you see it stay away ok thanks

    • Have you ever figured out how to contact the real soldiers to warn them? Or how the scammers are getting the soldiers info. I was lucky and had my instincts tell me right away that something wasn’t right. All US soldiers know how to write proper English. Then, when I asked for a random pic if him sticking out his tongue (to prove he had a sense of humor (or to catch him)), he told me that he hated me. Wow!! Just two hours before he told me he was “feeling strongly for us”. He claimed to be a Master sargeant (his spelling sucked too) stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission.

      • Hi Tricia, i have been talking to a Sergeant Ron Edmonstone Kells, now i am sadly sure that this is a scam..after just three weeks he is now asking me to send him either 500 Usd or a Ipad Mini64gb + phone+ wifi…
        I am sad cause i did care for this Ron Edmonstone Kells person and allmost feel like a bad person for misstrusting him.. i did not sent anything and I think He wont write me back ever…his email address kellsron20202@yahoo.com.
        i wish Ron was real :( .. But so many thanks to all of you guys, writting about this and making us aware..
        Dont ever give up looking for love….

    • I met this guy on badoo dating site although he asked me get off the site a week after we met, which I did this has been 5 months ago I have pic’s of him and some of his comrades in different places. He is a marine in Ghana. He has asked for money and I have sent him money I have sent him cigars a few personal items that he has asked for. I want to know if this guy is a scammer( He sure does have a lot of patience). How can I find out If the guy in these pictures is real or not, dead or alive ?

      • @Lolly you have been talking with a Scammer for the last 5 Months they know not to beg for money right away now THERE IS NO US Military Base in Ghana he is NOT a US Marine he is an African pretending to be a US Marine he is in Ghana because he lives there he is a FRAUD I am sorry you lost money but do NOT send this scammer anymore of your money for ANY reason US Military takes care of it’s own and they will NEVER need to beg anyone they barely know and met online for money since they have access to their accounts at all times Pease Educate yourself about Military Romance Scams and go to Romancescam and Scamwarners for support and to share the pics and the email address this scammer is using Leave him with nothing do not let him know you know he is a scammer and do NOT send him anymore money nor anything else he asks for ANYTIME you meet anyone on any social media site and they claim to be US Military and claim to be in Africa and start asking you for money or Electronics they are ALWAYS Scammers no exceptions Scammers never repent they only lie and steal he will try to convince you that he is real and that someone has stolen his ID I can assure you that he is NOT the handsome Man in the Pics he is an African Black with a face only a Mother could love huge misshaped head and a heavy African Accent Do NOT give him any personal information and cut off all contact if you have not done so already.Anonn

    • I have two guy that are emailing me. One in Nigeria and another one in India. i want to know how to get IP address or what i can do. I know the one from Africa is a scammer he just was asking for help. But i would appreciate the help. Thanks so much Peggy Holcomb

    • Yes I found this web page buy accident I guess.The point is I have a account on one of the match finders.I met this very good looking U.S Army Soldier.Says he is close to Akure Ondo Nigeria, in a Peace Keeping Mission.I have really fallen for the guy he seems very humble.He has sent me pictures of him and of him with his colleagues.Which very easily he could of said he was another Soldier from the bunch but the 1 he said he is very much looks like him.He has sent me pictures I guess of the meeting there in the wall it says U.S Army Africa.He has told me about the Red River Army Depot.Bowie County Tx.He is very up to date with the hip hop music from the U.S.He gave me a number where I could call him.Phone works but where I was like huuuh his accent.Sounds French German.But he says he is American I have sent him money.But I have a very hard time trying to figure out is he REAL.1 is cause I know people who are in the service and stuff like not being able 2 get money this that is really true.And Specially reading on here all the BS.Its like is he real or not?? Cause we have been messaging when he will say I have 2 get ready for Patrol.Or have to count or put guns up.He tells me when he doesn’t Patrol and the others go.What they eat, he has explain to me about the terrorist over there that its not true they are fighting for religion he said that is not true its all about taking over the country stuff like that is what makes me go back to say maybe he is the real thing?? Im so confused dont understand how they can get pictures of the real Military Men?? And the meetings and like 20 soldiers posing for a picture with him in it.the pictures he has sent me I have looked on my fone to check details on picture and some of them do have his name??? The messenger account where we talk on he uses his name.On the site we met on he uses the name willylove203 he is white 40 yrs old bald looks very down to earth I just want to know how can I know if he is real?? I FEEL so STUPID, Sick and very PO that sacks of shits pretend to be our U.S Military Men.That should not be allowed permited such less, them acting like dragging Poisoning Sucking Fake Snakes towards Victims like US.If u could please help me get to the bottom of is he real or fake??? LORD knows I want him to be the Real U S Military man on the picture.Not no Nigerian Ugly Freakn thing!!!! THANK YOU My e mail is eskaren98@yahoo.com

      • Esperanza you sent money he IS A Scammer period anytime you are asked for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria or Ghana as he claims he is near Nigeria because that’s where he lives he IS A Nigerian.
        No one is in Afghan on a peacekeeping Mission except for Scammers who know nothing about the US Military other than the crap they made up you say you have Friends in the Military ask them to tell you the truth also Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam for support and help Sorry you lost money but the best thing to do now is cut off all communication and NEVER send anymore money for any reason but be aware he will try again if he has your pics he will use them to try to scam Men if he has your address he will use it in what’s called a rental scam or he will try to scam other Women by claiming your home Address as his own.Anonn

  9. Guys, beware too, they pose as women. Funny enough they’re pretty easy to pick out and all follow a template of sorts, but still.

  10. I have been in contact with Billy Farris (well, ALLEGEDLY!!!)… I dont think Im that desperate to be on a dating site and “fall” for this stuff, but there was certainly a little voice in my head that kept asking questions. Such as the broken English… and the fact that he got promoted to Officer? Yes you CAN attend Sandhurst if you are a foreign officer, but you are ALREADY an officer….
    This person uses very flowery romantic words, but when I ask him about his children, all he can cmoe up with is their favourite colour, for crying out loud. The most ridiculous thing though was a “meritorious certificate” the “Billy” sent me which was given to him only days ago by the White House Chief of Staff! HAH! Shocking grammar and no date. Please. I may be single but Im NOT stupid. We have been emailing for a grand total of 8 days, but apparently he loves me. Yeah right. If you are the calibre of a Colonel in the US Army I’ll put money on it that you arent that stupid either….
    I am going to try and find out how I can report this individual to the authorities. (Any info on this would be most appreciated). I had my suspicions and would like to make this dedicated soldier, one of America’s finest, aware that his identity has been stolen. That in itself is a crime….

    • Hello,I have talking to Billy.dfarris and he is asking for money.Please can help me.I would like to know more.Thank-you

  11. I ‘ ve got letters from a scammer from Ghana (his IP has been investigated). He told me that he was Lt.Gen David M Rodriguez from Kabul. It is a shame! mr. Rodriguez is happily married! Who is brave enough to use the name and photos of high ranks generals? Where is the FBI?

    • The same happened to me: Unfortunately I never had heard of such scammers and was convinced to be an important helper to this General, who seemed to be honest and sympatic.
      I lost a lot of money… my mails to the FBI and other were not answered.
      The Police of my country (Europe) could do nothing. Why? If you don´t pay your rented car, they can persecute you all over the world. These men are real criminals, it is known, that they act from internet cafés in Accra, Ghana, why can´t they be captured?

  12. I’ve thought I was talking with Army Sgt. George William Witte (or so he claims to be) over the last 30 days. Until two days ago he comes up with this fictional story that an Kurdish woman rewarded him for recovering her personal belongings with the sum of $655K. He wanted to send the money to me by a international diplomat to hold for him until he returns from Iraq. This is the second of two scammers I have come across on Match.com, the site is a breeding ground for these predators. Ladies & Men do your research before any personal information is given. It is unfortunate for the soldier whose pictures were used by this Idoit. Someone always gets hurt but educate yourself and let it be the predator that comes away with nothing.

    • I have been talking to this so called soldiers since jan 10th Wisdom Bell..I did a search of the name and apparently this is a local email address for me but he said he was from Miam and in the army for 29 years. But today I got the can I keep a secret email and that he had 2millions dollars that he wanted to send by a diplomat too….He asked me for my name maililing address and and airport…..I gave him the airport never give my address and a fake cell number.
      In the beginning I was always concerned that something may not be right than I look up soldiers scamming women and came up with this site so thankful to nullify my doubts lol….. I sent an emaail back today telling him to send me an email with his military address or don’t ever contact me again. Will see tomorrow what happens no more contact lol….thanks for letting me sound off…..this is pretty low of these men…

  13. I have been speaking to Colonel Billy D. Farris for the past 3 weeks now. If something is too good to be true, it normally is. I have been having a lovely time with the very charming Col. B D Farris. So much so, I decided to Google him. I spent quite some time going through pages of information on him. Looking at pictures etc.

    As I write, apparently the Colonel Farris I have been chatting with is currently in the US accepting an Achievement Award. I asked for pics which were sent to me this morning.

    The pics looked familiar to the ones I had seen on the information I had been reading about Col. Farris the day before.

    I therefore realised that I have been scammed.

    He is very, very good. I was not asked for money but no doubt that would have been in his future plans for me.

    Until now I considered myself a reasonably intelligent person but obviously not.

    I do thank whoever the Colonel Billy D. Farris si because it was a slap in the face to make me realise that I am obviously very lonely and I have to fix that.

    I sure hope Karma gets him good.

  14. I have been approached by “Lieutenant General David M. Rodriguez” on Skype. He wanted to “talk, because I am off duty”. He told me about his children “Jennifer and Andrew” and said his daughter was “on mission in Afghanistan”. I asked why he had selected me from 18 million people on line on Skype, and he said it was “God that told me to choose you”. I am a British citizen, not American, and I have no idea how to tell the REAL David Rodriguez that his identity is being abused. As in other comments above, I questioned him on his dubious spelling and grammar. Terrible, for a Lieutenant General! I have blocked him as a Skype contact, so he won’t bother me again, but it DOES bother me that the real person is being abused.

    • I wished I had been so smart as you! I was scammed!

    • hi I just went thru a week with the same scammer using lt.generaldavidrodriguez, yesterday he asked me to email the united nations for a delivery form that requested payment in advance of 2150 euros, to receive his trunk, immidiately bells went off in my head, I saved the form and all the conversation, this was an emotional rollercoaster ride and I am not the victim, the real victims are the general and his family as well as th united nations, feel free to email me I would love to see these people stopped in order to preserve the honor of these brave men who actually are true heros

      • I have just yesterday, taken D M Rodiguez off my Skype contacts. I was a bit weary,why would such a high ranking officer want to talk to me, an ordinary person. He said he was coming to this country soon on leave and wanted to meet.I have just received an email from him declaring love and happines since talking to me on Skype. I Googled his name and found lots of sites on D M R and one I found his name appear on a cyber crime web site, alarm bells started to ring. How can we let the REAL D M R know that this is happening all under his name. I’m just pleased I did’nt get reeled in too deep.BEWARE. I’ve only had my computor since Oct 2010,I feel I should not have bought one.

      • yo tambien recibi contactos de un general Lt.General carey del Ejército de EE.UU…me dio una nota para mandar a la Naciones Unidas a un tal Eric Anderson y debia pagar 1100 libras esterlinas…..sus cartas eran romanticas hasta que le dije que no tenia plata para recibir un baul con sus valores militares…es un estafador dijo que era viudo y tenia un hijo de edad pequeño en Nueva Jersey este es su mail : Carey kennedy (careyk428@hotmail.com) …lo he bloqueado para no recibir mas notas suyas…es una verguenza que jueguen con la inocencia de la gente…lo conoci en una red social Amor en linea…..

  15. CJ, I for one hope that you still read this blog today, and hope that you can answer my question.

    One of my distant friends has been caught up in what I believe to be someone impersonating a United States Military Officer to scam her. The whole thing is, is her boyfriend wen’t to Iraq. They have been together for more than 2 years now, and one day out of the blue she got word that he was injured in Iraq and was scheduled to come home! Needless to say she was more than happy! Attached to the letter she received were instructions to send money (I’m not sure the method) to some account so he could be brought home. ($2,000) She did so willingly and more than happy to if that meant that she could bring her boyfriend home for good.

    Now apparently on the way to the airport in Iraq his Hum-V was attacked by militants and he was knocked unconscious.

    She has been in correspondence with an “officer” in the US Military who simply and ONLY claims himself to be “Officer Tom”, this person is now requesting MORE money to bring him home.

    I’ve told her how I felt about the situation and she has agreed! She contacted this “Officer” Tom and told him that we believed it to be a scam and if he could offer proof of this Identity that we would be more than happy to send more money to bring him home. However the letter she got did nothing but scare me, this “Officer” Tom is now calling my friend selfish, and threatening to hurt Russel! (Her Boyfriend).

    I Googled the situation and it brought me to this page, I read all the replies and I know they aren’t related but I simply wanted to ask for some advice? Anyone willing to help?

    God Bless America

    • Zach,

      It IS a scam. The first clue is no branch of the US military has an officer rank called “Officer” and no officer would refer to themselves as Officer Tom. It would be a no joke rank.

      Second, the DoD has a huge budget and can afford to fly back wounded service members just fine. They would never contact the family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends of a wounded service member to fund their return to the states for medical treatment. Ever.

      I would LOVE to see the proof that was offered to you and your friend and I’m sure CJ would as well if you wouldn’t mind email it to us. Our email addresses are marcus@soldiersperspective.us and cj@soldiersperspective.us.

  16. I have been contacted by Lt.Gen. David M. Rodriguez few months ago, and he says he is in love with me and he is divorced with three children two girls and a boy and he asked me to pay for him to take over his personal belongings he put me through the e mail of the united nations at the following e-mail address: united.nations@diplomats.com
    after doing my request the united nations send me a form to fill in that I approve to pay the amount mentioned about 1,500.00 U.S. $, so that they could send the trunk to me they gave me Lt.Gen.David Rodriguez Code no.: UN-USA/8655434688/PLK/USA/GH/Ref number 0021190, so I dont know how real are these Numbers and codes they sent me, but of course I didnt fill in any form or sent any money, and I told this guy that I couldnt deal with this, on the matter I havnt received any comment but still he is sending me lovely love letters sayng that he wants to marry me and that stuff, I wish if anybody reading this could help me out in finding the real Rodriguez and I would like to e-mail him to tell him that scums are defamating and ruin his name and also his army career image. I am greatful to have found this web site so I understood how stupid I had been.

    • I was also contacted by the so called Lt.General David M Rodriguez. He was divorced, one son 11 years old; He told me that he loved me and that he had something to say. When I asked what he told me about the UN Scam. He does not speak or write English very well as he did not understand that I have a lawyer in the family and we where able to check. I did play along with him so I could get information, and try to have the SCUM arrested. If you ever get a request from this man, please do not let him in. He does have at least 25 different woman on line. He is part of Lavalife. He has email with every company that offers it free.

  17. I to think that maybe i was going to be scamed a Sgt Kenneth Preston said that he need to get a large amount of money out of Iraq and was going to get a dipolmat to deliver it to me. I started to become suspicious when he asked me how much money I had in my bank account when I started to question this he went offline on MSN. I then went back to the dating site his account and been blocked, Then I had the same thing happen on this site this monring a guy from the US Military called Henry when I asked him was he in Iraq he said yes and asked me did I have MSN i started to get suspicious of him and questioned it he then blocked me so I guess its the same person trying again. I was to clever for these people and didnt lose any money thank heavens so please be very CAREFUL ladies and be smart and play them at there own game maybe we need to string them along till the last minute and take up there time and they will end up with nothing

    • Pat, there is no SGT Kenneth Preston. However, our Sergeant Major of the Army is named Kenneth Preston and he is very happily married. I highly doubt the Sergeant Major of the Army would be on a military dating site looking for love. Just wanted to let you know.

      • Here’s a new name for your list. Capt. Colin Baldwin. I’ve been chatting to him for a few weeks now, No mention of money req’d at all, but just didn’t ring true. I have no doubt there is a Capt. Colin Baldwin in the US Army, but that’s not who I’m talking to, I’m sure now. Have followed your instructions on IP addresses. and the source in Nigeria / Lagos. Thanks folks, We should always go with the gut feeling, shouldn’t we!!

        • Well – I challenged him again tonight. Got the same response as so many others related here, ” I think you might be a spy & I’ll come and get you” blah blah blah!!
          I have all the e-mails he sent me & a number of MSN coversations copied onto “microsoft word”. If you want me to send them to you, let me know at e-mail address above – really want to catch this scumbag now!

        • I have been chatting with a Capt Colin Baldwin through the above website and have given him my email address and also sent him photos of myself and my grandaughter. I now feel sick to my stomach that this is indeed a scam. He does sound very convincing. Can you tell me what details he gave you about his life so that we can cross-reference. Thank you from a very worried lady.

        • Hi Lynda, i am also talking to a Cpt Colin Baldwin have you got any pics of him it would be very interesting .
          Kind Regards Nina

        • hi ladies has anyone heard of a corporal kelvin moffett in iraq

        • Hi I was also contact by this Captain Baldwin using a yahoo address. His stories didn’t ring true either. First he was widowed with two children then he had three chilren. He was first from Glamorgan where I live then he was in London but out in Afganistan. When I pointed outed these discrepancies he refused to contact me further. What an idiot.

        • look out for this one
          Michael M boers
          salt and pepper hair and beard, is wearing a navy T/shirt, with US Army on it,, he is a scammer,, well educated,, i was scammed by him,, his mate is in nigeria said he is a Captain, wish i could show you his photo he is on facebook

      • I have been recieving mail from a supposed Major John Ramos I have been sent pics of this soldier and I feel so bad because someone has stolen his identity. He said he is half English comes from Beverly Hills lol but when I asked him about his ethnicity he couldnt answer me, he also has a 14 yr old son called Alex and is widowed of course he told me of his undying love. He then told me all his assets had been frozen and needed me to send him money which of course I did not do. He also said he is on a secret mission in Iraq and no one must know his identity lol. Well I did fall for it until he asked me for money as I thought match.com is a reputable site I guess you believe what you want to believe up to a point but things didnt add up. He also told me he was a sgt and was promoted to a Major in Iraq I have no idea about rank being British. Well then he told me he wanted me to become a benificiary of his pay or something for ten years lol. I told him he was a scammer and then I discovered this site a warning to all women.


      • This is to Nina,
        He was on a dating site, he had a photo of himself?? probably about 45, dark hair, he was playing a guitar and his face was obscured as he was looking down at it.
        The site I met him was Dating in Wales.

    • I am getting letters from this man called Capt Daivd Mark.He is saying that he to loves me and would like me to become his wife.He said that he is in the navy and said he needs money to get his things to me.And the person he is saying that needs the moeny is called James Brown.I can kick myself over and over again.But i had giving him my phone # and address.By reading all that i have read boy am i the fool to fall for it.He is asking me for 1000pbs and i keep on saying yes i will send it,But after 1 mouth of this i do now know its not real.HE is a very handsome man.He also said that he has two children that lives with his ex wife.And can not talk right.His spelling is out of this world i can not understand him at all.Then one nite out of the blue he calls me on my home phone and he said to me that he was calling from the ship radio that is why he sounds so funny.I have a picture of him on my face book but only one.He told me that he will get more to send to me.I know he is not telling me the whole truth about him.Could you plaz help me to find the right person so i can help him out with this person that he is saying capt David mark.And when i talk to him he can only say fine,okay,love you honey and can not wait to meet me face to face.He also wants me to marry him.I have told him that i am a nurse and i am one thats the truth.But how do i find out who he ready is. There a place were i can go and find out for sure.Plaz help me…Thank you and i hope you will keep in touch with me.again thank so very much.take care.

  18. Oh this is scary! As of last night I realized I was being scammed! I was on a website that I have sonce deleted but that is where this guy found me. He said his name was Jerry Cromwell a Sgt in theArmy at CampSather inBaghdad. Now mind you it took me repeating questions to him several times before he could ever answer them and alot of times they didnt make since. He said his Dad was from Spain and thats why his grammar was poor. He also said he had a daughter living in Europe with his Mom..he even had an email supposedly from his Mom saying how happy she was for us..really? He never asked directly for money but wanted me to send money to Ts2 communications so he would have a phone and we talk all the time and my money would be refunded after connection. So he gave me the email address and I requested info. I had the little voices saying something wasnt right. It would cost $350 to get the phone. I told him i couldnt do it..the chat and emails continued with him saying he was in love. I still was cautious.


  19. Hello, I just wanted to say that I wanted to try and check out the poor guy whose identity has been stolen I hold 5 pics of him ( the scammer sent to me ) saying his name was Jakson Admas jakson)adams@hotmail.com or jakson_adams@yahoo.com first in trosuction came from me being on senior dating site which is supposed to be ” safe as houses ” seems jakson slipped through the net calling himself by Nickname “Niacha” ages 49/50 sergeant first class can see by the uniform had that checked wiht equipment on comp by friend, cant quite see the letters of his name though, have a pic of him standing easy in front of general patton and two flags one stars and stripes other battalion.reginmental flag with 2 other soldiers similarly dressed and one lady plain clothed, can send you the pics if you would like to see them would love to clear this guys name seems to nice to be a scammer ” its in the eyes” he looks nice and honest maybe that why I fell for him been writing to him since end of October til 2+ weeks agao lost contact, heard nothing since wrote to darting site they in formed me he was a Scammer and stripped his personal details though apparently came in from another datin site called TOY BOY US but they say no way contacted them….. I wrote to marcus @soldiers perspecive.com a few times asking him could he do something never received anything back from him said I would pay for the call just to speak to someone about it but no luck, have put his details ( jakso ( Niacha ) on I LS now and this in cludes the first photo which is still on senior dating site ) supposed to be on final days of IRAQ done 3 tours and is supposed to be from Florida can you do anything for me cos if this guy isnt married or hitched I am still here waiting for him, even bought him warm sweaters etc etc to keep him warm after leaving Iraq…. what a dope hey! supposed to be meeting him at airport end of January WHy do they do this he nevr asked me for money but me being a DOPE with a capital DDD……. told him I had been scammed before for the tune of £3000,00 and wouldnt get caught again, but that was way back sent him all the cuts outs and everything to show what happened and warned him about checking who he was talking to as so many scammers about and here was a bloody scammer himself OH dearier dearier what a joke on me ! anyway if you can check anything out please do and tell me where to send the pics to you so you can check him out yourself……. Thanks ever so Trish Williams

  20. Hi have tried several times to write something to you about a soldier,s identity being stolen who has been wring to me since end of Octove til 2 weeks + but then vnaihsed I have 4 Big photos of him would love some in fo if possible so i can clear his name at the moment he is on ILS using jakson Admas as his name email jakson_adams@hotmail.com from Florida and is Sergent ist class from Uniform done 3 tours in Iraq aged 49/50 finished end of Jan ” apparently do get back to me and twll me if I can send phots to be put on here hope he ses them so he can do something about it so some scum bad does take his homours away from him, and if he isnt married or with someone I am still waiting to met him at airport. all the best TRISH W

    • can u plz post pics on this site bcaz i think i no some one alse who is bein scammed

      • Hi JOE sorry only just saw this messege of yours on my above comments on Jakson adams, the pics are already been sent to this site and are there to be viewed by anyone probably under Jakson adams is a fraud,, The real guy is called DAGNER, but I dont know his first name,,,, if you want to contact me still on this issue then write to one of my email addresses telling me who you are. and I will send the pics if you cant find them on the site but they do have 5 of him. including a clear close up so close, you can see the spot/blemish on his face! I apologiaze for not getting back to you. before now, T.W

        • are you the same Patrica williams that i have receive money from a Thomas wedel if you are could you please contact me i like to talk to you if you are i been chatting with him snince july 14 and just now let him know i was on to him and i have been leading him on so he got really nasty with me i like to warn every lady out there about him please if you could get back to me he is now chatting with a kathy please beware email is arlenecrp4@yahoo.com

  21. http://romancelovescams.mysubdn.com/forum/index.php?topic=880.0

    upfront fee scam.
    you may want to check this site
    he has lots of names on there listed under white nigerian.
    lingo martins
    martins lingo
    jack lingo
    sgt scott

  22. Hello, I wanted to give everyone an update relating to the scammer that went by Jerry Lance Cromwell in the Us Army. I remember one of the conversations and he was quite against facebook. I took that as my time to research. I found the Real Cromwell..and discovered where he got the pictures. The Fake was making his age twice the Cromwell. Anyway I could tell a big difference in the two. I sent a message to the real Cromwell ans some details as well. He is a married man and nowhere close to what the fake described his life like.I am proud that I made progress and again sent info the website that the fake found me on and warned them again about this guy.. I will let you know if the real Cromwell is able to see his photos being used. As of today the Fake still has his photos and fake info posted on 2 different websites!

  23. Hi, all these stories sound familiar. I have been chatting with Capt. Chris Johnson, Ada Talil camp Iraq and have been asked to pay phone connection to wirelesstelcom@usa.co and also fees for transit leave authorized by col.bradanderson@usa.com.

  24. I have pictures sent by a Nigerian scammer of a United Air Force man named Haggard..That is the name on his uniform…Nigerian scammer claiming to be white man from the USAF sent real pictures depicting military man on patrol and in meetings obviously in Iraq…Claimed his name was Larry Will Haggard Captain with USAF…This mans pictures are being distributed though a scam and I would like to know how to find out who he is so I can warn him of what is being done…This person wanted me to send money to a diplomat in Guana Airport to purchase Larry Will Haggard a laptop so we could keep in contact…I did not fall for it but I was able to obtain the persons M.O. on Delphifaq.com…If anyone knows how to save this soldier from embarrassment or being used in a scam I would appreciate know how to inform him…

    • Second post from the above post…Left out information the email this man used was kindheartdome@yahoo.com…Also kindmelody@yahoo.com
      He made a mistake and let me see him on webcam he is black nigerian man with nigerian accent…

      • My story is the same as everyone else’s on this page. The “solder” that was completely in love with me after 3 hours used the name Captain Dennis Lopez. He said he was from Florida. He used the e-mail address kindheart62@yahoo.com. I was lucky enough to not get scammed, but I still feel like an idiot for even talking to the guy for 5 minutes.

        • believe me I feel the same way, I put all my energy for the last three weeks with this scammer. I feel fortunate I didnt get scammed out of any money, but I did send a small care package which I regret. this guy is capt.masondon@yahoo.com , if I actually knew the real soldier in the pictures I would love to let him know his idenity has been used..Also,be aware of your scammer telling you to email usmilitarydept@consultants.com if you need any help with matters.

        • I was just going through this site to search for Capt. Dennis Lopez, USNavy and I came across your note. My Capt Dennis is from California and I met him on Match.com I haven’t sent him anything but I figured something wasn’t right just by the way he was talking at times. He fell madly in love with me after one day…..lol Did you happen to receive any pictures from him? He sent me some of some gorgeous guy in the Navy but I’m sure he’s some grimy maggot from Nigeria. Feel free to respond to this.It pisses me off that these lowlifes are doing this to our guys who are putting their lives on the line and we in our goodness want to help them.
          Hope to hear from you

    • I have recently been talking to a gentleman by the name of Garry Haggard. He claims to be stationed in Iraq and has a 15-year old sone in Ghana. His grammar is quite atrocious – he told me that he has a Nissan Match – as far as I can see they are not sold in North America.

      He hasn’t asked for money yet but i am sure that is to come. What an evil person.

      • Well didn’t I get caught in the Garry Haggard/Hardgrove loop! Too bad I wasn’t smart enough to have seen this website before sending pics and personal info – haven’t been asked for money but took the IP address info and wow – what a surprise – Ghana! Will wait to see what is next – like you all, I wish I could tell the person in the pics that they are being shopped around all over the world (I fear my pics will also be now)…

    • I to have pics from a man claiming to be Haggard Robert. He recently asked me to give him my password so he could help me delete something. I refused and he got really mad at me. I already had my suspicions of the man when he told me his first name was Haggard. I kept the conversation going for a few days to see what lie he would come up with next. It is unfortunate that the soldiers they are scamming are using the most beautiful love letters, obviously written by the real soldiers. I would love to find the real Robert Haggard as I feel he has been so violated. I would like to apologize to him personally…..I received a letter from a man calling himself Terry Donald aka “Same Twice”. This letter was word for word identical to one from Haggard. He tried to get money from me. Please be careful ladies.

    • hello josey, think I’ve been scam by same person and noticed few things that wasn’right but always make me feel good all time. would you please send me a picture of him and I would do the same on my end. This man named Alfred Haggard Sgt Major
      good looking man as well

      • I have been in contact with a Sgt Major named Alfred Haggard, and I have several pics of him I was wondering if we are talking about the same person here. Please send me a picture of him and I will do the same.


  25. I too have been getting chat requests from Jack Lingo, scam sounds like it, I looked at your comments especially the one on 4/02/2010. He sent me last night the TS2 web address, He has also said his name is Adam Lingo in Afghnstan. Sent me 2 picts in military uniform. Says he has a 16yr son lingo490@yahoo.com, says he was born in Holland, Limburg, his parents are dead. I have asked just now for his military email address, see what comes back.

    • don’t know if u have any pics but .. i have been talkin 2 a lingo and i have pics .. i sur hope its not the same guy

  26. I have recently been scammed by a Staff Major Stephen Woods, supposedly in his last month of duty after 6 years in Iraq. Photos sent in his uniform, of his son, and in civilian clothing. Not spectactularly handsome, but nice looking. Never answered questions I posed to him in emails. Never sent an email via his AKO, or rang me when I found out that it was definitely possible for a soldier in Iraq to do so. Kept telling me that he couldn’t due to security reasons. Traced the IP address back to Ghana (after visiting this site for the know-how), but not before I had sent money to help the so-called ‘diplomat’ stuck in Swedish customs on his way to bring me a package for safe keeping. I’ve been had. I’ve been a fool. He’s still contacting me via MSN. I’m just stringing him along at the moment to see how long it will last. Happy to send photos to see if he matches up with any of these other bastard scammers . . .

    • this sounds very similiar to the photos I have of this person that claims to be Staff Sargent George Hans with the MP ARMY in Baghdad Iraq would you email me the pics you have to debbaer0910@yahoo.com I would like to see if this is the same person I have pictures of.

    • I would like to see these photos had the same story of wanting money for a package please send pics to paintbysuzanne@msn.com

  27. I’ve met Billy Don . He’s Mad about people using his name Even if he’s single.I also want to correct People about the Army. Billy was the former Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division …Colonels Command Division Assigned to them .So if you don’t know anything about the military Don’t talk about it ..Col Farris is Real and maybe he wants to be online to find someone …I don’t think this is anyone’s business..

    • Ladies and gentlemen, the scammers are now trying to scam me with fake names and email addresses. Don’t fall this Linda’s little comment here. It’s coming from Africa, amazingly enough.

      • Hi i think i am being a victim of a scam, has anyone heard of sergent Frederic Curt or his friend Steven M Clark or even a Edwards Moore? please let me know i have photos which were sent to me along with the most lovely letters and poems, these are supposed to be serving in Iraq.

        thanks Sylvia

        • hi sylvia i have a guy wririting to me says edwards moore from n.y.c one son divorced, parents died plane crash. said american army but photos are iof a soldier i naval uniform and also one of him which has apache helicopter, and another showibg british bafge on uniform. says 54 good looking guy, got quite upset when challenged him about few things. made me fee bad. he wants me to send him aphone so can speak to me. Spoke to him for 3 nights, don’t think so. Is he a scammer.

    • LOL imagine that this scammer actually said if you dont know anything about the military then dont comment on it LMAO the scammers know absolutely NOTHING about the US Military those IDIOTS make this shit up as they go reading from one dumb ass script after the other we have all heard their lame ass sob stories from the wife dying of cancer of the breast from a kid with the caretaker in the UK in Ghana in Nigeria they claim they have no access to their money and they use the fake pics of the Men they secretly are in Love with or with they could be I could go on and on but I wont hope all of these lying pieces of shit go to hell LOSERS.Anonn

  28. The best way to handle this situation is:

    Ask him to write his name on his right hand -then, while holding his hand against his face- to take a photo and send it to you.
    (If they can’t do this – block them immediately)

    Compare this photo with the person he is trying to impersonate.
    (Most of them are well known military officers – google their names to get their photo)

    I’ve got two scammers who tried to impersonate Major General Anthony Cucolo from the US Army.
    (They want me to send money for registration fees on behalf of him – to buy gold in Ghana)

    REMEMBER: Block their profiles as soon as possible.

  29. Dear Staff Member,
    I have been scammed by a Nigerian person. At this point, I do not even know if it is a man or a woman. Please do email me back if you are interested in the case. I did have a report written up for the Grand Isle, VT sheriff’s department. I would be glad to pass it along to you. Please do email me back if it would be appropriate for me to post it here. I am a civilian, the person scamming me did call herself a US soldier.

    Be well, enjoy the sun,

  30. Here is a new name to watch for Johnson smith his email address is johnson.smith66 athotmail.com he is also on ebuddies.

    • Do you have a picture of this person, I have been getting emails from a roblessmith@yahoo.com.. Thank you

  31. CJ – I have been chatting to a Capt Colin Baldwin whom I met through Single50s Dating Site. He told me that he is in Pakistan at the moment with United Nations. There is a Capt Colin Baldwin in the US Army but how can I find out if this is the genuine one? I am worried as I emailed him photos of myself and my baby grandaughter. I would appreciated any help you can give me. Thanks.

  32. yes there is a Capt Colin Baldwin in the Us Army but it is not him have you any pics of him ??? also has he mentioned wanting to go on leave???? yes he has my pic too .

    • Hi Sandy – I don’t have any pics of him unfortunately. There was one on the Dating Website Single50s UK of him playing guitar but he has since removed his profile!! He told me his wife died 9 years ago and he has 2 adult daughters and 1 grandson Jack. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of days and he doesn’t seem to be online anymore. I am just so angry at myself and more than a bit concerned as I shared personal info with this person and also photos. I only discovered this website by accident – thank God I did before it was too late. What is your experience? Regards Anne

  33. yes Anne that is him oh he will be back trust me i was talking yesterday with him then he threw his toys out the pram because he needs $2.200 topay for transport home which is refundable have you ever heard such crap ne says he can’t get to his money and because i would’nt come up with the money he went off line in a sulk.Yes i looked on that sight and he is not there he was also on a sight called pearmatch with the same pic as you described but that has gone too.Slso beware of a Johnson smith he is another scammer. Colin has pics of me too .Yes he told me the same story about his wife 2 daughters one called Suzie ..

    • Hi Sandra – yes this is definitely the same person. He said he had daughters called Suzi and Laura. God I can’t believe I have been taken in like this – it has put me off dating sites for ever! I can’t believe he asked you for money. How do they get all of this information about someone else’s identity? Do you think we should report it to the US Military? Thanks for replying to me. It makes me feel that I’m not alone in being taken for a ride. Anne.

  34. well hello ladies and gents, it seems i may be joining this little club.
    i have been mailing a guy, called or calling himself SSgt Timothy McChystal
    based in Kabul. he has given me a list of numbers etc and four pictures .lovely love letters, widowed, one son etc etc.
    we were getting to the point of wanting to talk to each other… so he gave me this email address to apply to.milsat-20fr@usmilitarymail.20fr.com
    so as i like to know how things work thought id find out a bit about this phone thing and my google search found your site here! so i left a polite message for him, and informed the 2 dating site hes was on. hes still talking to me…. admittitly he had never asked me for money but…… would be glad for any info you have and likewise will pass on any you need. chin up guys x

  35. Anne,please don’t take it too heart . You hav rto play themat their own game beleive me that is when it hurts them.
    Let me know it he gets intouch and i will do the same wait and see if he aske you for money.
    Have you beenon the site call 419 look on there it will tell you all about scammers.

    • Hi Sandy – he hasn’t been back in touch but if he does I will be sure to let you know. If he does I was thinking about asking HIM for money and see how he deals with that!! He contacted me through his hotmail address cpt.colinbaldwin@hotmail.com but he hasn’t been online as far as I know for some days unless he is using different email addresses which is probably the case. Anyway will keep in touch. In the meantime I’m going to contact Single50s Dating Site and report this. I feel so sick that some horrible scumbag has photos of myself and more importantly of my beautiful baby grandaughter. If my family find out they will be horrified. Thanks again Sandy – it really helps to talk to someone. Anne.

    • Well Sandy you were right – he tried to contact me this afternoon but I was out of the house and had left me computer on so he thought I was online and had been trying to IM me. Just sending nudges and asking me to talk to him. I don’t know what to do if he tries again. I’m tempted just to tell him straight that I know who and what he is and what he is trying to do but I really don’t know what to do for the best. Any advice? Anne.

  36. Play him at his own game and see what happens.Has he told you how long he has left if he does ask him about home leave does he ge any and see what happens.
    I have’nt spoken to him since yesterday i sent him an email which i’m sure he did’t like that could be why he has got back in contact with you.
    If you are not sure just tell him goodbye.as we know he is just another scammer.

    • Hi Sandy – he sent me an IM last night asking why I was “denting his personality” and was it a “crime to be contacting you”. I replied no but it is a crime to be scamming me and told him never to contact me again. I have removed all contact details and I sincerely hope that this is the end of it. It’s put me off dating sites for life and I feel ill that these scumbags can try to take advantage of lonely vulnerable people. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman and to be taken in like this certainly knocks back your confidence and belief in your own judgment. My Mum is very sick at the moment and this is just such a horrible thing to have happened. I only hope that this serves as a severe warning to others in my situation. Thank God for this site is all I can say. Regards. Anne.

  37. Sandy yes i have met quite a few on line ,but there are ome nice guys out there .
    I have done the same as you he is a scumbag.
    I am very sorry to hear about your mum hpe she gets better soon.
    Warm Regards Sandy

  38. oh Dear God,
    I too have been approached by Capt. Baldwin. He was so very convincing i had no reason to believe he wasn’t genuine. Everything seemed to fit until he wanted leave and wanted me to pay money to a Nationwide account.Even sent a ‘letter’ from the UN to confim his rank and satus. thank God the bells started ringing. these genuine officers hsould be made aware but how?

    • Jean – I feel for you as I was completely taken in by this person and would never have known if I hadn’t come across this site quite by accident. He does come across as really genuine and very believable. I feel the same as you that the real officers should be made aware of what’s going on but nobody seems to know how.

  39. Hi Jean, so he tried the same trick on you did he i was asked for $2.220 for tansport fees which were refundable what crap.
    Yes same letter here and the account I have wiped everything off my computer after i sent him a letter to go sort it out and pay for his own transport.
    Please keep in touch.

  40. Hi i’m from australia and recently on a dating site ….rsvp i met a ssgt.frank lingo….only problem is when i did some research on the net ….all the photos sent to me was of a man called adam lingo….who was 20 years younger…this guy has stolen a soldiers identity…a pathetic coward… he has probably never even been out of the states…please be aware ….he has sites on netlog…and yahoo and professes to be a soldier….but his photos are of another man…that are quite distinguishable by his tatoos!!! so he is a fool also!!!
    so please all you ladies …..be very careful….ssgt.adam lingo is a very handsome man …..but this is not who you are talking to ….you are talking to a coward who sits behind his computer and pretends in the worse way possible to be this man…i am totally disgusted….that a human will even do this this…after the soldier risks his life to make this a better place for all of us…

    • hi reading what you have i think this guy might be the same person he is going under the name joseph larry lingo he is a E6 staff sergeant in baghdad he has sent me a few photos and has been asking for money told me some story that he was sending his rewards cert and a surprise for me in a package by a guy who is a diplomat for the us army he fly for dubai to ghana when customs pull him over then i get a email asking me to help his friend out cause he couldnt live the package with custom over in ghana they were asking for $2000 to be sent by western union anyway i never send any money over has anyone else had the same problem

    • I need help please,how can I find out if some one is genuine?

  41. hi Jenny yes i agree fully there are some very nasty scammers out there .

  42. Hi, has anyone been contacted by a Sgt. Fred Kells? My gut instinct tells me this is a scammer, but I’m not sure. I would never send money, no matter what, but I don’t want to accuse him if he’s legit. My red flags are the fact that he says he is an only child, his father is deceased, and his mother lives in Australia. He called me via Yahoo Messenger and the voice was hard to tell, but he sounded Nigerian to me. He also tried to webcam then said he was doing it secretly because he’s not allowed to have a webcam, and couldn’t redo it when it didn’t come through. I do have pictures of this person. I saved it on my computer in case he removed it. The other red flag is that he says he has been in the service for three years, which considering he says he is 41, he went in at 38. I didn’t think they took people in past a certain age. He also says he has a 3 year old son that he has there with him in Afghanistan because he had no family to watch him. I hardly think the U.S. Military would allow someone to bring their son to such a dangerous place. They would have refused to take him into the service. When I research the name, there is a Frederick Kells who is 71 years old and was once in Fort Bragg.

    Please email me at cwolf622@yahoo.com with any information. I am going to play this guy along to see what he does in the meantime.

    If anyone would like to see his photo, please let me know.

    • Well ladies i guess i am right here with you .Iwas contacted by Fred Kells also.He told me that he is in afghanstan and he has twin boys.They are suppose to be in hospital with maleria.He needs money so the boys can get better treatment.The twins are going to be turning 4 soon.His mom lives in Australia and his dad is dead.The twins stay wiyh a nanny while he does his job.There are a few more also Stanley Bell SMITH,ONE guy i only know as Joel,now there is a SGT MARK OWEN .i talked with a James Rellinga only a few times.HE never asked for money but everyone of them had kids.And a hard luck story.Needless to say none of them got any money from me.are any of these names legit?

      • Hello della, I also am been talking to a Sgt. Mark Owen, I also was scammed by him, supposedly his daughter’s name is Hillary & his sister’s name is Brenda, I think she’s in on his scam, he’s wearing a blue tshirt, His so called rank is E-7, I’ve been talking with him for @ least 7 months now, the first time I gave him money, the picture he uses clearly shows him handsome, this he knows, I was scammed by him for 880.00…he’s been around he is on fb as marksanchezowen, he found me on facebook. I don’t know the real soldiers picture that he is using. He did give me his facebook account user name and password, which I got into and he talking with others about asking money from them, so I did what I could, told all the ladies that he was chatting with that he is a scammer & fraud, he was furious with me. Be careful ladies…of a Sgt. Mark Sanchez Owen he uses.

  43. Hin Sandra
    Thank god found this site when alarm bells were rnging. After confrounting him he sent 6 emails to me begging forgiveness and asking me to keep talking to him. Even sent me his ‘supposed’ address in Cardiff after i asked for proof. Turns out it was a house recently sold.Checked electoral roll also – guess what ….no Colin surprise. Boy they are so very clever and convincing. Contacted the Nationwide Building society whilst still chatting to him to alert the fraud department and the police. They are going to contact the British MOD and inform them. I also contacted the dating website about it. Don’t know what else i can do. I am so angry with myself for being taken in by ‘him or them’. The poor men who’s names, photos and identites are being used need to know. Never received any futher information today. Guess they now realise that this particular scam and the bogus address for the UN etc are not able to be backed up and have left me alone. Have deleted all records. Really sad thing is like us all wish it were not a lie. Guess we have all learned a valuable lesson. At least they never got any money. Be lovely to hear from you. Jean

  44. ps All the details regarding family ie: Susie, Laura and Grannie are the same for me. Dating web site was UK one for over fifties.DATeof birth for him was 13/11/53 with same hotmail address. Have deleted 2 pctures ‘he’ sentme, and yes i too sent one of me………..

  45. hi jean…..i’m in australia….so totally unaware of this scam of pretending to be a solidier….but i got caught up emotionally ….the photos and the words were really strong but it was all a lie….words are cheap and photos are of a different man…..i met him on a well known dating site in sydney australia ….my first time there….never ever expected to meet a so call american in iraq!!!! he sent me pictures of his son….told me we had a life together….but i was suspicious from day one…
    horrible experience will take some time till i trust someone again
    and yes like you ….i sent photos of me…
    take care jenny

  46. Hi Ladies,
    Yes he has some of me too Jean we have all been taken in by this scammer .I phoned the UN offices in Washinton DC asking about htis Capt Colin Baldwin and about the payment required by the Department of Transport she told me it was all a scam and not to send any money.
    Wheni told him he went nuts saying i did’nt trust him and that the UN offices were wrong more crap coming out of his mouth.
    There is another scammer to beware of his name is Johnson Smith he has already been on a site called smooch i saw his pic and informed the site they took him off straight away.
    I think this is all we can do is if we see a pic and know it is a scammer from past experience then we have to inform.
    Luckly i did not part with any money .
    Another one is Micheal Wood big time scammer a lady i have been talking to lost £3000 to him.
    Please keep intouch.

  47. I think that i was also tryng to be scammed by another person on the Plentymoresilverfish web sidte. Talked to him for a while but bells started ringing earlier seemed to be a little contolling. Said his name was Earnest Tock staff sgt. medical core British Army in Iraq. Noticed he is still on the site.Hopefully the MOD will form the right person of this and something can at least be done about it. By the way did ‘Colin’ tell any of you he was Welsh?Have to agree it has made me a bit to wary to say the least. I rarely letmy guard down but these unscrupulous cheatsmust have a blooody Phd in Psychology.Just remembered when i challanged him he had the audacity to tell me that the Dept. of Defence were aware of the scam site refering to him in particular, and yet they are still tryng it on.One day hope they will get there just deserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. great i will look at this site,yes he did say he was welsh and also the DD were aware of the scam site that had his name sorry crap yes so do i take care .

  49. hi jean,
    yes they will get their just deserts….maybe not tomorrow but one day when they least expect it….what goes around comes around….

  50. Morning girls,
    Hope your all ok!

    A bit of an update for your information. I contacted the fraud department for the Nationwide again today as I was concerned that the person to whose account they wanted to pay my money into was also a victim. In so much as they had used her details to set up a victicious account . Seems this person is as much an innocent victim as ourselves. However, he gave me some good advice In the UK there is a protection site called Cifas which for a modest fee of £14.10 pa will monitor over 300 financial sites and check if there is any input of your personal details not guaranteed by yourself. Maybe worth you all seeing if there is a similar organisation in your respective countries. I have downloaded my application today and will be sending it forthwith!!!!!!!!

    Take care ladies!

    Keep in touch, Jean

  51. I have also been scammed by somebody in Ghana. Told me he was a Colonel in the US Army stationed in Iraq. Was to retire within a month. He forwarded his luggage with a ”friend/Diplomat” who got stuck in Ghana. Needed money to get luggage through at Ghana Airport Customs. I sent a money gram to ”Asante Sarpong” at Customs. (Friend/Diplomat did not have money to pay customs.) Important ”Confidential” documents in luggage, and needed his luggage to reach his home as his ”future depended on it”. Most sentences in mail and MSN messenger ended in ”ok” Wanted more money because luggage contained money and customs needed a certificate of declaration that it was not money laundering. I did not want to send more money, for a ”lawyer” and the ”Court” to obtain these certificates. (He in the mean time ”retired” from the Army and went from Iraq to Ghana himself to ”sort his luggage out”. Scammer was quite irate and accused me of leaving him like a old rag in Ghana. His profile on the dating site: ”Richard York” Colonel in the US Army. Lost his wife in 2004 and one adopted son, Daniel who is in California. Was going to retire in Durban, South Africa. Was born and raised in California. Residence in California, ”La Mirada”. No brothers or sisters. Does anybody else know about his man?

    • Morning ladies. Since I ceased contact with “Colin” my computer has been hacked into and all of my contacts have been taken. They have all received an email supposedly from me with some weird attachment about Viagra products. Also all of my sent email box has been wiped out! I don’t know if this is unrelated but I’m just worried that it might be. Have any of you had anything similar happen? I have reported this to Microsoft and await a reply. It’s going to take me a long time to get over this. Regards. Anne.

    • I also have been speaking with a man that claimed to be a MP from the ARmy stationed in Bagdad Iraq with 29yr of service and due to retire when he came home March 16th 2010. We have been speaking since October and just this past week he has pulled the same story on me, telling me that he was gifted with 1000.00 in cash from a women in Iraq for going into her home and saving her personal belongings, he was adamant that he had to send the money in a suitcase to me to keep from getting in trouble with the Military, through a diplomat named Charles Tyson who just happened to make it to Ghana and got stuck in Customs and needed $1,200 to pay the custom fee, then all the sudden the story changed and Mr. George Hans told me himself that he had been injured due to the suicide bombings and was being sent home early, he told me that he was going over to Ghana himself to retrieve his suitcase and then back home to me, we had planned a wedding purchased the dress and everything which I am now left to sit and stare at, he got stuck in jail in Ghana and needed money to pay the customs to get out and get his flight home. I was one of the stupid ones that fell for this, and sent money in the amount of $1,000 this was just this past Friday March 12th, he called me on the phone and told me he was free and how much he loved me and would be on a flight to home on Saturday, guess what he never showed up, I confirmed with the airlines there was never a flight booked with this name, he never got on a plane. So I have contacted the police department and made a report and hopefully they will catch this person. I wish I could find out who the pictures all belong to, I have so many many of him pictured with troops and with him in military clothing, he is a very nice looking young man, and wish there was a way to let him know what has happen to him.

    • Yes he contacted me as well, with the exact same story – we have not progressed to the money yet, but i got suspicicious and checked him out. Thanks for posting this to warn others.

    • Hello Pia,

      Well think it’s same person with whom I’ve been chatting since last 2 months could you please send me picture and will do the same thing,gosh I hate myself…please forward to me at: valpolicella@ymail.com
      thank you very much

  52. Hi All
    I have foung mark donnelly on mate1 again. He is still using sgtmarkd@ymail.com and sgt.markd@hotmail.com. His story is the same. Beware the guy is a lousy speller but an extremely talanted scammer.

  53. Morn Ladies watch out for another guy who goes by the name of Johnson Smith like Pia he had a diplomat taking luggage back here to the UKbut got stuck in Ghana and wanted £2000 to get his luggage home when i did’nt play ball he is now supposed to be in Ghana trying to get his luggage home with $4 million dollars inside and is still asking me to help him with money no chance his email address is johnson.smith88@hotmail.com

  54. hi it’s johnson.smith66@hotmail not 88.

  55. Hi I am Australian and was scammed as well by scammers who said they were TSgt Hank Colllins who was stationed in Afghanistan. He said he was 45, Native American, widowed, wife died of cancer and has two sons who lived in UK with his brother. It got serious quickly and red flags were raised when he asked me to marry him and needed money to have emergency leave to come home. I was lucky as I have a cousin who has military ties and she said not to believe this guy and to stop talking with him. He even sent fake leave forms which I sent to my cousin to look at, they hadn’t even spelt the United States of America right. I sent him a threatening email and advised the speed dating site, Federal Police and the US Embassy but they have no jurisdiction but would send my information on through the right channels. The scammer also let me into his speed date account which raised more red flags as he was talking to someone the same time he was talking with me and telling her he loved her as well. I just can’t believe the lengths that they go to, I was even emailing his so called son. It’s pretty depressing as that was my first and last online dating experience. I am sure there are nice guys out there but if I can’t meet them face to face, I am not meeting him at all. The photos of the man seem all the same but who knows, I often wonder who this poor guy is and who I had feelings for all this time. Jay

  56. Morning Girls

    You’ll never beleive it but the they have sent me a further 2 emails!!!!!!! Both i have blocked as phising scams. The nerve of them. They even had the audacity to send me the links for 3 scam sites includng ths one!!! The webpage was down over the last 2 days thought they had done something to it!So be aware that they are readng our messages also. Maybe they will get the hint that they are being tracked. They were stll trying to convince me to pay into the bulding society which would explain why the fraud department have not notced any transactions on the account as yet. I do urge you all to find a similar protection body such as Cifast in your respective countres as i mentioned above. This was highly recommended by the Building Society Fraud department as it tracks insurance companies, banks ect for anything in your name unauthorised by you. Another name for you all is somebody called David Walker ‘supposedly’ a buisness man living in Texas ? originally English posing as a car sales (high bracket earner …..as if !!!!) i know its not militery but ….he may yet jon the army lol

  57. Anne,

    Chin up!!! l know how you feel. Its a realy trust thing. These faceless, miserable ugh words fail me are preyng on people like us but hey we are fighting back!!! Don’t let them win! WE are so very much better than they are and never forget for all the B******S like that there are decent, carng and trustowrthy people like us. Its just a question of finding them. Just remember forwarned is forearmed. We are all here to talk to. Don’t have to be alone with this ever!
    Take care andjust smile!!!

    • Hi has anyone got any info on a soldier in Afghanistan name Lawrent John west, I have sent money and now believe I am being scammed
      Regards janice

      • Janice you are talking with a Scammer in fact ANYTIME you are asked for money it is ALWAYS a Scammer cut off all contact with him if you have not done so already and Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also for support and more information go to Scamwarners and Romancescam So sorry you lost money Never send money to ANY Man you meet on any social site that claims to be US Military and begin begging you for your help in any way especially NOT Money if they ask for money for ANY reason they are ALWAYS Scammers No Exceptions Anonn

      • Did he have you sent it to Ghana (thats africa), did he have you go through a diplomat (they don’t deliver), did he have you sent it through someone else in care of him, if so he is fake. Did you send a pkg that cost you once it got there, he’s fake. I feel so stupid that as smart as I am I fell for this. BEWARE! Military men have access to their money, I found all this out after, they have accounts.

  58. Thanks Anne, no one knows what Im going through..Im from a town of 1000 who have never heard of this type of scam..I feel so alone and hurt..I still cry every now and then but its getting fewer every day. I am glad that there are others out there that know what I am going through..

  59. Hallo,

    well, I guess I am in good company: my personal “scam” involved LTG William B. Caldwell IV on my work Skye address. I thought he was responding to an inquiry I had sent to someone else – because I am taking a professional trip to A. in three weeks – how gullible I was! Unfortunately he got my personal and work contact information! It did not click until he forwarded on yahoo the united.nations@diplomats.com address! This guy is really good at what he does …

    • I got the contact with the same person to(ltg William B.Caldwell) in 2011 December…Can you contact with me…?Send me e-mail please….

      • tova e moeto ime ili e savpadenie

  60. Hi Jay

    I can absolutely identify with you.I too felt somethingfor the person Ithought i was talking too. I have taken 3 days of work as have felt so rotten. But iam trying to fight back some how some where these heartless people will get their just rewards. Have faith!There are good men out there. Who knows there may be some being scammed just like us. There arewomen in the mlitery, but they won’t probably let anyone know. Lets all try and work together for asolution. Remember strong women are a force to be reckoned with!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Jean, it just messes with you mind this kind of thing..

    • Hi Jean: Count me in also…have read all these scams but want to see if anyone else had one from the Commadant of the Marine Corps, General James Conway? He contacted me through Chemistry, and used pictures of the general medals and all!!!!! Yes, I fell for it!!!! It has all now been reported…I saw all his You Tube stuff and many pictures throughout the web…well, I believed it was him, and I was like in love big time…Oh please, yes, I too am not a stupid woman…I wanted it to be so true!! Please write if anyone else heard from some claimiing to be the general…

  61. I see some women have found out who the real man is in the photos that they received, I have tried looking but cannot find the man anywhere. Can someone tell me what sites are being used? I would like to know who this poor man is and get some closure and advise him that he is being used. Thanks J

  62. Morning girls,

    I would love also to let the real Captain Colin Balwin know that his name is being used in vain. I feel that somehow i have personally invaded his space. Not true of course, but thats how it feels.

    • Hey..I think if I found out who he is and made him aware, I’d feel so much better about this whole thing. I even wonder if the kids are his or are they some random photo they retrieved off the internet. Mind games, honestly..it gets better tho, by keeping busy and with every day that passes it hurts a little less and seems like a distant nightmare..

  63. Hi Jay,

    Well done you! How did you find out? I too would like to let him know about it. I never saw any pictures of his family just two of him. I am still having some difficulty coming to terms with this. Fell equally stupid and angry and upset for these men and their families.

  64. I think I have been scammed by a person who claims to be in Iraq. His name he uses is sgtjweaver011@yahoo.com. He tells me he does not have access to any of his money because he is in a war zone and he isnt allowed to access his money,and that it is in the united states. He asked me to write to his general and pose as his fiance so he can get early leave out of iraq and that I am the only way. then he asks me to email his general and find out how much it costs for his flight to the US which he wants me to pay for in the amount of $3700,I tell him I only have 1750 so he tells me his commander will pay the rest, I feel so stupid I had no idea and after I paid that his general emails me back and says to send another 1800 for his BTA. Well i should have known because all the letters were in broken english and not proper grammer,I need to report this but I need to know who and where to report this, Any help out there? I really feel stupid for falling for any of this.

    • report it to spam@uce.gov. Also, run a trace on the IP addresses from the emails you were sent. The trrace will let you know exact location that the computer is, that is being used for the scams. The tracking website is: http://aruljohn.com/track.pl. I learned that the AOL emails were originated in Lagos, Nigeria, but the Yahoo emails originated in Sunnyvale, CA. Also, the techie.com emails originated in Kansas. This is a GLOBAL scam, very weel organized…

    • Cindy…can we exchange emails? I have been contacted by a Sgt.James Weaver for past 2 months also claiming he is in iraq…I sent him a TS2 phone and some money for his son. He also had his accounts frozen and was a widower etc. Asked me 2 marry him within a short time….

      I fell for all of it…and now I dont know what to think. I know the real guy exists…i read an article on him, but whether he is the guy who mailed me and the guy in my pictures is another things. Id appreciate mailing you. Im trying to find the real James Weaver. Thanks

  65. oh i forgot to say the worst part that I was to send the money to a person by the name of Daniel Robert who is in London, and they said that KLM airlines that he would be flying out headquarters is in LOndon and the only safe way for them to fly to the US, How bogus,I tried to find out info on KLM airlines and the military but I couldnt find anything. I have really been scammed.

    • Cindy there is a KLM royal dutch airlines, they fly from ghana to Cincinnati. I just made contact with them today to find out if my so called soldier that I had wedding plans for September a cruise booked and a reception hall booked for 60 people. the contact number for KLM is 1-866-434-0320 I hope this helps, of course I found out that this person never booked a flight.

  66. Im sorry Cindy

  67. here is another name Thomas Carlton his emailaddress is thomas199us@live.com i even had a dozen red roses and a teddy bear sent to me he is now going off to Ghana thier favorite place waiting to see how much money he wants to get home.

  68. Beware Michael, 46, single with child, Scientist/Researcher, white..he is Hank Collins..

  69. I was scammed too. Here is a new name for you all….Staff Sergeant Paul Becker…Please be aware!!!….He was supposedly out of Afghanistan and was trying to come home. My sister called Fort Hood. I was lucky enough to get his (fake) SS# and unit/brigade/division/battallion. Fort Hood never heard of him. I traced his IP and found he was out of Nigeria. He also had the broken English and told me that he didn’t have access to his money. His emails are paulos.becker@yahoo.com and paul.becker@co.uk . He too asked for money and was being very persistent that I send it at the same time proclaiming his love. Even after I exposed him, he was still calling and begging to have me back.

    Those scammed need to report this to the US FEDERAL ATTORNEY GENERAL: ERIC HOLDER. #202-514-2000. Email: AskDOJ@usdoj.gov . Mailing Address: 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20530-0001.

    Here is info to trace these scammer’s IP:
    http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/how-about-you It gives you step by step instructions.

    By some info that he gave me I am (by different channels) trying to locate the real Paul Becker to inform him.

    Our poor soldiers.

  70. Re: Lt Col George Patterson

    Here are 2 posts on 101date.com, has anyone else com across this scammer.

    Karen says:
    March 1, 2010 at 1:16 pm
    OMG! How I wish I had investigated my scum-bag before investing any emotion or money. This guy, George Patterson, claimed he was a Colonel in Kabul, after all the emails in which I was called love and baby, asked me about looking into a TS2 satelite. I said no, he then fortunately found a cheaper one through China! Next thing he was sending me fake airline itinaries through KLM (Dutch Royal Airlines)website. Make a long story short sent way too much money like a big fool. I confronted him, he of course denied it all. I finally did an IP search and found he is out of Nigeria. I contacted the dating website, they confirmed that they removed his profile due to other complaints. I did a military search and couldn’t find him. He gave me a phoney credit card number. I called the bank and it was a valid card, but belonged to someone on the East Coast, he is suppose to live on the West Coast, plus it wasn’t his name on the card. But the worse part, is he is still trying to convince me he is real, keeps telling me he will be here. Whatever. Wish he would show up…

    Gail says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    March 13, 2010 at 5:20 pm
    Karen, my friend was also taken in by Lt Col George Patterson. If you search his email address georgepa01@live.com on facebook it comes up Nigerian Scams, If you just put in on bing or google you will find somone else that was taken in by him under Nigerian Scam. My friend is still not convinced, She is supposed to meet him at the airport Tue at 11:20pm, he also sent her a itinerary.

  71. I am writing because I know the real Kells Kline and he is not a scammer he is a Sergent in the US Army stationed in Afghanistan…He was very upset when I told him his name was being used by scammers…He has reported this to his base.I do now there was a person named Frank Black that was using Kells photo..I know this is extremely upsetting to him over there fighting for our freedom. He is my friend and I would like to do anything I can to help him with this…and clearing his name…

    • please tell me Tracy where i report this abuse with photo -i have same situation with Haggard is soldier from usa army -somebody Bismark from accra use his photo and ask some money for differit raisons .thank you -i want to find real haggard

  72. Beware Richard York (scammer) who posted photos of a high profile general in the USA in his profile. Claims he is a Colonel in the US Army stationed in Iraq. He will request money for luggage being held at Customs, etc. He is to retire soon and sent some of his luggage with a ”friend/diplomat” to take home. Friend/Diplomat then got stuck in Ghana and Customs won’t release his luggage.

  73. Like Phia,I was corresponding with a so called Colonel Steve Loman in the us army in Iraq. I had the request for money for his diplomat friend stuck at the customs in Ghana with a gold bar in his luggage!!
    He was due to retire and had property here in the UK ‘and he would be relocating here.
    I did notice on one of the pics he sent of a soldier in his uniforn that he had the name BROOK on it so became suspicious. But I also had a pic of this soldier in a dress uniform with medals and badges which I checked on,and was not Regiment that the scammer had told me he was in. I have several pics of this real Colonel and would like nothing more than to find this man and warn him . So if any one knows how I can let the real Col know what is happening I would be grateful, as he is probably a family man like others and he doesnt know his profile is being used.

  74. I have been contacted through an online dating service by a soldier claiming to be in a highly classified position in the Army. We have been speaking for a bit online and he has now requested that I sign up for a satellite phone through a company called USA MIL. TECHNOLOGIES OR SOLUTIONS. I have been asked to send a check for $750 to a third party – an actual persons name not a company. I have searched the internet and have not been able to find this company anywhere – would you be able to verify if this is a scam or if it is real. The companies email address is cmps@techie.com. Thank you.

    • It’s a scam, Mary. Do not send any money to that person and break off all contact to the person that contacted you.

      • Thank you and I had come to that conclusion. He was on Singlesnet under the screen name ssgtJamesNobile and deleted that screen name and kept the same profile, but went under ssJmes. He originally posted pictures in uniform with the soldiers name present. His email address is ssgt.jamesnobile@yahoo.com. I have contacted the dating site and report him as a scammer and their fraud department had caught up with him and has removed his profiles and blocked his IP from being able to post again. He is good and will probably move on to other dating sites so please be aware if this person contacts you.

    • I was asked to send a WU to someone named Mary Shelton in Igo, CA. $250 so that I can “communicate” with “Cpt. Dennis Stafford, 82nd battalion in Kabul, Afghanistan” – the email address I was given was ts2equip@techie.com… That is amazing! Good thing I kept all of the chats and emails.

    • another one is Wayne” <waynewhunter1967@aol.com asking say thing i refused .. now says sending money order then im to forward it too following Satellite Technology" <satelliteprovidertechnology@rocketmail.com

  75. I have 2 more names for you….sgt.johncalderon@yahoo.com and mehltrettermicheal@yahoo.co.uk…..I was contacted by both…..the second one is still talking to me and notice the name michael mispelled in his email and on Facebook. Lance Cpl Michael Mehltretter is a real person living in Grand Island, NY and I am going to contact him to tell him his name is being used. All of the photos I was sent are available online.

  76. has any one heard of or been scammed by a larry dan or a maffei if so please let me know as i think my mom has and i am trying to get to the bottom of it!

    • I’ve been scammed by a Daniel Mosqueda

      • My little sister also by this man.These men are cowards to say the least. I will fight this with everything i have. she did not deserve to be hurt like this.. no woman does.

      • Im a Australian woman and I have been in contact with a Lt Col Daniel C. Mosqueda who started sending me emails from my network…the contact we have had has lasted over 12 months and in that tiime I recieved about 20 photos of Daniel in uniform and of his family..his Mum,Dad and his 2 sons..he lives in Colorado…he was in a car accident in Ghana and he sent me pics of him in hospital.he then went to do a tour in Afghanistan in Sept 8th 2010..I havent heard from him since…he asked me for money when he was in hospital but I declined…I have had contact with a Sgt David Roscoe from facebook..and he told me that last October Daniel perished in a bomb blast with another officer…he then told me that Daniel was gay…and asked for money for his sons to be sent to a British nurse…I declined and he got nasty so I deleted him…but he said hed tell me Daniels story if I paid the money of $2500aud…Be careful ladies as Match.com is full of scammers..I lost my life savings on a man from there…Im so confused as Daniel has a youtube page with him and his sons in it…hes seemed sort of honest..but now Im getting wise and wont be talking to anyone who says they are from the military….

  77. Hello I am from Kuwait,yesterday someone claimed his self as Gen.Anthony Cucolo contacted me in skype, I googled his name and found out that he is a man with high posistion, the picture he sent me just the same with what i saw in wikipedia, then i understood this is just a scam, how come someone like real Gen.Anthony Cucolo wandering in skype and so open about his identity,. overr..

    • I too have been scammed by a man calling himself Genera Anthony Cucolo I have to admit i was fooled with the way he was talking with me he told me his wife had died 3 years ago and had no children I googled him and found out his position and realised it was a scam he is happily married with 2 grown children I guess as the saying goes there is no fool like an old fool but it has though me a very expensive lesson never to trust anyone again except my children to all of you lonely women out there stay away from websites join groups

      • Anthony Cucolo(caringman4u@live.com)ladies this is his e-mail address and Major Anthony Cucolo photo’s all of them are being used so be aware of this person

        • Sooo glad I found this site… I have been contacted by a Colins Cucolo on facebook with an email of t_cucolo @ yahoo I thought something was fishy about the sentence structure and broken English but decided to carry on a conversation with him for a bit out of curiosity. We have been corresponding for about a week and he is evidently in love with me. I have restored my faith in love. His wife died about 10 years ago… “got late” as he put it… LOL he just messaged me on facebook… this is going to be interesting. He said he has a daughter who is 26. He is from Alabama and born in Arkansas. He also said he was a stg major…. Hmmm wrong rank! He won’t send pictures and his English is broken. Thanks for saving me from this scam…

      • Hi Pat. I too was scammed by this nigerian frauders. Mine pretended to be a british Army Soldier. Please help me find the real identity of the man these scammers used. Where did you find yours?

        Thank you.

  78. I am from canada and have been conversing for weeks with apparently cpt tim khurana in afghanistan.States he is do to retire in June ,1 daughter 13,parents are deceased and originally from Mumbia.He is an only child ,49 years old very hot looking tattoo on right shoulder .A few red flags have gone up for me but I wanna believe him …it will be if he is true!He contacted me through Date hookup.He states he is from the U.k .Do u have any info on him???Email is Cpt.khurana@yahoo.com

    • His other email is matchwithtimmy@live.co.uk I do several photos of him …1 in uniform and 5 or 6 without casual pics.He does have hazel eyes and is 6ft 2 very in shape .

      • Ok ladies is he for real or not,he just a scammer? I to have been conversing with him. He has a lot of powerfull words to say. Only difference is he says parents are still living. He has sent many pics to me. I agree he is a handsome man.

        • Tim has been contacting me twice a day here in Canada. He is going to be online with me at midnight tonight. He is using matches with timmy. I guess I got scammed. I closed access to my Ally accounts – he only got $500 from me but its my rent. I’ll have to be real careful. Says he needs another $600 for Diana. I’m an idiot to believe in finding my “soul mate”. He sends all kinds of poetry and I send it back to him. Maybe he even forwarded some of mine to you guys! lol We could all be falling in love with one another. We did have a scrap when I accused him of scamming me and being from Nigeria and I told him his english was bad. And if he had this big company, why couldnt he just send his own daughter money through his own accounts. We had quite a tiff. Is he still on datehookup, cause he took off his profile as soon as I contacted him. I only have 4 photos of him, one in uniform he calls member of A’s and the headshot, me, and “looking gentle”. I know he has one ear pierced and has one tattoo. But I dont know where. I’ve sent him pics of me and a few of my kids. I haven’t given out info as to their whereabouts and he says his wife stole 5 million pounds from him and ran off with his business partner and then she died later of cancer. And his parents are dead. He has residence in UK and USA and now is going to come to Canada to live with me and set up an apartment and money will be wired to my account in 48 hrs, about $30,000 for our place and the move and furniture. He doesnt answer all questions for sure and I know very little a bout him considering he says he loves me and misses me and I’m his soulmate forever. Yet he is conversing with these other women. hmmm I am sad right now cause I am a poor student and just getting on my feet after a divorce and breakup from another relationship. I am too gullible. What am I going to do now? I actually thought I loved him.

        • LOL

          I sent him my memoirs on self integrity, I’ve been writing a book – really powerful words. LOL He probably sent them to you! Well – they might be good reading material. Go ahead and reach me at ycs16@yahoo.ca and I’m Shayla8 at datehookup.

        • It is unfortunate and I was hesitent about putting his email on here as I read all the stories but didnt see his name or emails!I now know by the response I got here it was the right thing to do …expose him! We should swap emails ladies!!!!

    • Hi – I’ve been talking with Tim Khurana for a month from datehookup as well. He just got me to open two bank accounts and he has access to them to receive money from gold he is buying in Benin Republic. He has a daughter Diana in UK and I just sent her $350 USD and $100 USD to an address in florida. He says he loves me and is getting out of the army March 28 and he is flying to be with me and in 48 hrs he is putting money into my account to pay me back for the money I loaned him for his daughtter. He is hot and has nice pics and he sent me a copy of his business investment company documents and his birth certificate. He uses a different email with me. He has been talking to both of us then. Do you want to get him with this? Yvonne

      • another email is cpt.tim@hotmail.com
        ask him who Mary is. He will freak LMAO
        Take him down girls!! Take him down!! He will not speak to me anymore.I told him my friends were very leary of our relationship.He never ask for money from me either maybe he knew I was onto him from beggining. And I am quit sure I have recieved some of you poetry it’s great!!Here let me share a bit
        This entire weekend,you were loved by someone,touched by someone,held by someone,meant something to someone,loved somebody,touched somebody’s heart along the way you can look back and say,you were loved.You can have diamonds in your hand,have all the riches in the land,without love do you really have a thing.when someone cares that you’re alive,when someone finds their world in your eyes,then you’ll know you’ve found all you need.You’ll hold this world’s most priceless prize,the sweetest treasure in this life,If you can look back and know you were loved.And will be loved forever I promise.


        • i also have 2 phone numbers for him they are
          9739370626 and 22997348000. he only will stay on phone for just like 30 or 40 seconds.This man needs to go down

        • Lori
          May I take that as an invitation to have some fun with him and torment him till he cries like a baby and begs me to leave him alone. I will gladly do this for you

        • We live in a free country live like you want to live say what is on your mind and do whatever you think you can get away with this dirty but head of a person. So sure go right ahead!!

        • Those are the words to Whitney Houston’s song “You are loved”.

        • hehe. “CPT Tim” is a tool.

      • I have added your email.If he tries to talk I will blind copy u

        • lori I don’t want to do anything to hurt you anymore then you have been already. I was hurt by a fake sgt.mark donnelly so I know how it feels. My sole purpose in this is to bring awareness to other women and men so they don’t go thru what we did. I have been in touch with a producer from CNN and hope they will do a show on these dirtbags.

      • From the word go, our hearts were fused into one heart, beating in unison for destiny found destiny, love found love, future found future and bliss found bliss. It looked like it was not going to happen but from the word go, it had to happen.

        Finding you the way i found you, rather finding me the way you found me could’nt be a coincedence but predestination declared from the beginning by love herself. For love saw our hearts’desires and intervened majestically, finally making us what and who we were meant to be from eternity.

        From the word go, the evolution of our love started on its own, at its own pace, for the set time came where you and I will be WE and WE you and I. From the word go love captured us, melting and fusing our hearts together for eternity, FROM THE WORD GO.

        Tim. Here is one !

      • Well a scammer into identity fraud and money laundering. It is official – do not contact this person represented by Tim Khurana or you can find yourself in big hot water and destroyed credit. I was dumb to give him short access to my accounts. I changed the access info immediately when I realized my folly but it wasn’t soon enough because he did a huge transfer and withdrawal with my name pinned to it. All accounts have been closed and Equifax alerted. Fraud departments have been alerted. All to date some guy on the internet. Geez what was I thinking?

    • Is there a way for us to contact one another to discuss this?

      • Carla (and all), if you’d like me to collect your emails and then send out a distro so ya’ll can talk without publicly giving away your email addresses, just send me an email and tell me it’s okay to share with others. That way, ya’ll can talk amongst yourselves as well and compare notes without sharing your email with the world.

        • great idea Cj you can share mine your a sweetheart for helping us

        • Is he still in contact with anyone?

        • CJ,
          I have several photos and emails from a man who calls himself Stuart Lewis James who o got scammed by for some cash not too long ago. I was given this site by a very nice Sargent at the Beloit Wisconsin Army Reserve Unit. I saw his accomplice Known As Diplomate Stephen Clark in pictures on this site with his name as Morris on his shirt. I tried to send you the story of how I became involved thru Match.com in Oct. 2012 but the mail was bounced because it was too long. Please let me know if you would like the pictures of the Man who calls himself Lewis James and others for his accomplice no doubt stolen of the one on your site with the name Morris on his shirt. They have a female accomplice known as Darlene Meyer who i also have pictures of. They get persons to send her care packages and money to ship them to a soldier as well as western union money they request. Please advise as to whether you would like this information.
          I truly appreciate all you are trying to do to put this bunch of dirtbag scammers out of business.
          Thanks a million.
          Respectfully Yours,
          Betty [Betty, for your protection I removed your last name and email address. - CJ]

        • Betty, I’m no longer taking photos, unfortunately. THere are just so many out there that it would cost me an arm and a leg to host them all. You did what needs to be done by putting his name here. I would ask that you include any identifying information about this scammer as well, including email addresses he used and specific things he said in his email so they are searchable.

  79. Thank goodness i found this site. Be on the lookout for another scammer goes by William Haggard or Bill Haggard. Met on dating site says he in afghanistan but i need to send stuff to an address in ghana. I asked him what unit he was in and requested that he send me a picture with him holding a piece of paper with my name on it. he asked if i thought he was a liar. So when i asked again for tbe picutre, his unit name and his military email he went off line and havent’ heard from him since, I feel very bad that there is someone out there who’s pictures are being used.
    this guy has 2 email address kindheart.haggard1958@hotmail.com and kindheart.haggard1962@yahoo.com I do have pictures as well.
    Thank you again so much for this site.

    • I have been talking to a William Haggard in Afghanistan for a week now. Have three pics of him in uniform. Told me his wife died 9 years ago and he has two sons, 13 & 16, that live with an aunt in the Netherlands. He hasn’t said a word about Ghana yet. Wonder if he is the same one, Sandy? His email is kindheart.haggard1961@yahoo.com.

      • Maybe we could share the pics and see if they are the same ones.

        • I have been talking to someone with the same name but different email…billhaggard60@yahoo.com I have some photos of him, just wondering if it is the same guy. you can email me at: toniesmom@rocketmail.com. thanks

        • hi my name is angi and i was recently talking to a guy named william haggard and i cam across this website and started reading all these women who have experienced this situation. i would like to share pictures of the “william haggard” please email me back.


      • I have been talking to a Bill Haggard, states he is Capt. in the army stationed in Afghanistan. I have pics. email me to see if they are the same guy but this ones email is billhaggard2@yahoo.com

      • yourkindhearteshaggarad is a total fake.I hhave turned my info over to the FBI and the ARmy

        • he also goes as robert.haggard at hotmail.com

    • Hello Sandy,

      Think as well I’ve been scammed with the same person named ALFRED HAGGARD SGT MAJOR US ARMY would you please send me picture and I will do the same, now I do feel more stupid the more I read now….
      send to me at: valpolicella@ymail.com
      thank you again

      • Ladies,

        In 2011, Robert Bill Haggard also goes by Alex Tock, Alex Haggard and Calvin Miller. He has 2 profiles posted on seniorpeoplemeet.com with a picture from one of these blogs! This is where I met him and he scammed me too.


  80. Hi,

    has anyone been given or seen the following information anywhere? I have been in contact with this guy since Dec 09 via email, text and IM:-

    Name: James Grove
    Age: 47 years old
    Birthday: 3rd August
    Birth: Portuguese born, American father & British mother
    Vital statistics: 6’1, Medium build, grey/white hair, brown eyes, no facial hair
    Marital status: divorced
    Sibling: Sister – Canada
    Children: 1 son called Lawry 12 years old – lives with ex wife in Florida
    Rank: Captain, 1st Sergeant or Sergeant Major
    Resides: UK – Acton, West London – Lived approx 7+ years. US – Louisiana
    Army Service: 15 years
    Position: U.S Army assigned to the U.N Military Unit – on both pay roles
    Previous: IT at UCLA
    Currently: Islamabad, Pakistan – since approx 16.1.10; main office is in London
    Job: Nuclear & mechanical engineer; either working in the field or carrying out research into nuclear activities – can fly jets
    Flights home: Gatwick – U.S have a hanger/wing
    Email: james.grove@live.com
    Mobile: O2 – 07955124531


    • YES! YES! And this is a scam too! He’s been MSNing me with exactly the same information etc etc and yesterday asked me for £2500 to get some telecom items through Customs and Excise. Told me his UN office was in London – there is no UN office in London, just the UNA which only has 8 people working there.

      When I told him no money would be forthcoming, heard nothing since!

      • Just FYI, I am in the UK and he came through a UK dating website; lots of the information matches and his picture makes him very handsome. A few small differences – he said he sees his son all the time when he’s in the UK which would be difficult if his son lives in Florida with his ex-wife; asked him for pictures but they were not forthcoming; not available on mobile phone either so thats a new one but I have tried the number from here in the UK and it just rings and rings. Also if he is educated in UCLA, is chemical engineer, and of rank in the Army then he would be able to write sentences in proper English and not the jumbled way he writes them; and is he is only over in Pakistan on a UN tour, then he would have a return date, which he cannot currently give! All adds up to someone trying to scam us.

        He asked several times if I was looking for a “serious, long term committed relationship” etc which I was. Its a shame, the picture is of a distinguished handsome chap and I’d love to know if his picture is being used for this purpose.

        • Hi Louise,

          Seems he’s a busy man and gets about! He is also back on the scene – no real surprise that any information to prove who he is, is not forth coming. Is the email etc you have the same?

          I agree, the pictures are of a distinguished looking man – it is a real shame, as this poor man is having his identity being used in this appalling way. These service men and women put theirs lives on line for us and this is how some low life plays on what they do.

          I know that he has found this blogg!! At least he will see people are getting wise!

    • All the informations Lynda gave was right but this guy never asked you for anything, he simply told you you are not his type and that he needs to move on but you went ahead to spoil and ruin his reputation. Off the internet dating site anyway and doing fine in Acton.

      • Folks, “James” here is typing this comment from one of the two main African nations where these scams originate – Mauritania! He thought he could come in here and try to fake you, but I now have access to his IP.

        • CJ / Lynda

          This is amazing – “James” came back on to MSN with me yesterday and said that he wasn’t scamming me, that Lynda was damaging his reputation because he’d told her it was all over and that I should believe his every word. And he told me he was in London yesterday, back for a 3 day diplomatic mission – thats when I really started laughing and knew it was all over. Well done CJ for getting the IP address and proving he’s one of these horrible scammers for the African countries.

          Pity that these guys do this – it makes us women wary of genuine people looking for relationships, and it puts all people from the African nations into the same melting pot of being untrustworthy.

          Lynda – onwards and upwards, don’t let us lose our faith that love is out there somewhere for us because of one lousy good-for-nothing lying cheating piece of poop! Good luck!

        • C.J – thanks for this. If you need any more IP addresses or other information, please feel free to contact me. It would be nice to have some information on what the authorities can do in the UK.

          I have also received a threatening email from him today – ”You erase the write up or i pay you back with your own coins. I will not hesitate to deal with you, bitch…come and chat with me online.” Which, no surprise the IP shows it has come from Lagos, Nigeria!!

          Ladies….I say one up for us!! Let these scammer’s rot!!

      • James
        Go take a flying leap ! You guys only have one type it’s called money !


        • Wow. This guy is actually from Africa and is throwing it your faces! Let’s put him and his little, coward buddies out of business and send them back to their elephant dung business.


    • James Grove (at least his pictures) are still being used by scammers 2 years later. Harry James is the name being used, but the pictures are the same guy. Have you been able to find his real name? I feel so bad his pictures are being used to scam women.

      • Quiero dejar mi comentario en español por si alguna mujer de mi pais está ahora mismo en contacto con un estafador. A mi me ha pasado. Se puso en contacto conmigo en Skype. Pensé que era un cliente de mi trabajo y por eso le agregué. Empezó presentándose como capital del Ejercito Americano con base en Afganistan. Me pedía amistad porque en misión de guerra se sentía realmente sólo. Me dijo que tenía 55 años, que era de Los Angeles y que era viudo con una hija, Kella de 26 años que vive en Atlanta con su prometido. En semana y media consiguió tenerme completamente obnubilada. Estaba todo el día pendiente de mi. Cariñoso, atento, siempre muy correcto…. Obviamente me parecía increíble que alguien pudiera enamorarse de mi por el chat, pero era tan halagador que me dejé llevar por sus palabras. Sospechaba de él que a veces me comentaba como novedad alguna información que ya me había dado. Me enviaba fotos repetidas, y me hablaba de un futuro juntos en Los Angeles. Según el tenía una enorme casa con piscina, jardín, tres coches, cocinera… Al poco tiempo me dijo que necesitaba pedirme algo muy importante. Que disponía de una gran cantidad de dinero por su “buen trabajo” en Afganistán y que quería que yo abriera una cuenta a mi nombre (sólo a mi nombre) para transferirmelo. Cuando le dije que no, que me sonaba muy raro y que se lo transfiriese a su hija (mayor de edad, por cierto) me dijo que era para nuestro futuro junto, porque quería invertir en una gran casa en España. Que yo eligiese la ciudad. A partir de ahí, comencé a investigar en internet y el mismo día encontré a mi adorado James Davidson en un montón de páginas como un auténtico ESTAFADOR. Me encontré las mismas fotos que me había enviado a mi, con su uniforme de gala del ejército, delante de un helicoptero, en su casa, en Nueva York… eso sí, a otras mujeres se las había enviado bajo el nombre de James Grove, James Walker, James Lopez, John Mensah, Richard Mark, Alfred Draper….. en fin que el angelito no tiene límite. He visto en estas páginas que sus victimas van desde mujeres americanas, a inglesas, portuguesas, españolas… Mujeres no se fien de nadie que les jure amor eterno nada más conocerlas por un chat o una red social. No se dejen engañar. A mi me ha hecho sentir como una idiota por haberme ilusionado, pero por otro lado, me siento muy bien conmigo misma por haberle descubierto en una semana y porque no me ha sacado ni un euro.
        Espero que esta historia ayude a otras mujeres.
        Gracias y un abrazo a todas.

      • Wow, had no idea the pictures could have been being used for so long. His name is now Harry Steele and he has a gold mine in Accua, Ghana. Lots of interesting work going on, but sadly there was a terrible accident where 2 people died and 15 were hurt when something in the mine dropped. Harry has a broken leg and a broken thumb nad had to have surgery in a different city!! His barrister wanted to send me important docs to hold for him, till he gets out of the hospital. Just so sad!!

        I stopped beleiving him when he had come back online after a 5 day absence. Did you know you can go on a business trip without your laptop or your phone?

        oh yes, Harry Steele is Norwegian but brought up in the US. Amazing how growing up here does nothing to your accent. Widow with a son who is now in the US Army but on a submarine in Japan. I thought women were widows and men were widowers. LOL

        Harry found me on Date Hook Up and after finding out, I went back to see what would happen. He started talking to me as Kelvin James. But this time was a LT. COL in the US Army in Afganestane on a peace mission. Will be home in 2 month and wants to retire with me.

        Now I spend too much time trying to figure out how to stop them!!

    • Hello Lynda, I ended up in jail over this man he was using jamesbrc46@yahoo, he talked me into doing a favor for another man, they used me as a mule to do their dirty work, was really bad, I am still going to court to prove to the proscecutor it’s all a great big scam. I turned him in to the FBI. We started talking in Dec 0f 2012 and of course he told me he loved me and wanted to get married we talked for 6 months and then he hurt me bad. I have all of these same pics too and many more. I have a final court date coming up May 20, and I surely hope they have decided this was a scam. I believe he was in Ghana, posing as a military in Afghanastan.



  81. My morther in law has also been scammed in the same way but he said that his name was colonel Randy Brooks stationed in Afghanistan and was due to retire when he came out March 28th 2010 and the couriers name was Jeff Perry <who was stuck at the customs in Ghana with 4 million us dollers in his luggage!! and gold rings for her to keep
    my mum did send the money as she did not tell us until after she sent him £1800 which was left to her after my stepdad recently passed away. My mum now feels really stupid and wishes that she had told us before she did it. My husband has since tracked him down and we have sent him a lovley Email letting him know how we feel we are also going to pass all this information on to the police. Jeff Perry and Randy Brooks is the same person. He won her over with potery and romantic words while she was at vulnerable stage in her life

    • Sorry to hear that Maria there are some rotten people in this world!!!

  82. Thanks karyn, ill post ip addy and picture of them soon

    • You wonder how these guys can sleep at night geeeesh!!!Guess it is like other things like pimps that send the girls out they don’t feel any remorse either!!!

  83. Is there anyway to find the real people that these scammers are using. I have found a couple of sites with pictures of scammers but i don’t know how updated they are. I have 5 pictures of William/Bill and he is insisted he is a real person. He won’t tell me the unit he is in or what his military address is. I know he is a fake i would just like to find the real William Haggard.

    • I wish u could post pics on here it would be a good avenue to have a library of shots on this site!

  84. I think he is back and using the last name Haggard – beware. I found him on lava life.

    He had asked me to communicte with his son in Ghana.

    To steal someone’s photos is just wrong and to prey on people is even worse.

    • Hi Alice, I have been scammed I think and I want to know more about him. So he has son in ghana, Borders school? He is 14 years old?

  85. Hi you can upload your pics to free upload site then post the links here

  86. this pictuer is of the randy brooks my morther in law fell for


    • Who she thought she fell for ,might i just add

  87. Ok im sorry for that link i posted with that picture it seams that there is a redirect add on that page, ill not us that site agina!

  88. Beware Ladies, another scam is out there. A soldier goes by the name of Larry Ruiz is posing as a Four Star General at Camp Lancer, Iraq. Tells a big story about obtaining $63 million dollars that is to be transfered to the US. You supposedly will get a share. Real smooth talker. Follows the typical fall in love pattern. Took his profile off of match.com immediately after contacting me. Beware. He follows the Nigerian pattern. He is lurking.

  89. Beware ladies there is a scammer who claims to be in the military called Ltcol.chriswarnock@yahoo.com supposebly in IRAQ. He wanted me to contact ts2telecomm@gmail.com so that we could talk on the phone and claimed there would be a small token to pay. I’m glad I came to this website to learn that military men can call without having to go through this site and also they have there own military email accounts. I’m glad I know now. Just beware plus 5 minutes after he talked to me he was madly in love with me LOL. Just be safe.

  90. hi ladies Johnson Smith is at it again he is on a dating site called smooch. his addy is links110 i have already informed the site so just waiting to see if he is taken off.

  91. Has anyone come accross a Seyi Druckenmiller?
    Says he’s in Afganastan. I think he is scamming a close friend. The things she tells me seem to follow the patterns here. Funny his last name is a famous sportswriter from the same hometown as he claims to be from. She was really defensive when I mentioned it.

    • Yes, he is emailing me off of match.com and sent me 3 text messages in one day. Says he is in Afghanastan and has very poor English. He is ready to marry me after 1 email. HIs name is Seyi Druckenmiller.

      • Rhonda,

        He has been emailing me also, has he sent you pics or called you? I would like to hear from you ’cause he is still emailing and IM me. He says his name is Seyi Druckenmiller also, how sad!

  92. Hi ladies,

    I would like to post a pic of a sgt. bell james, which whom I have chatted the past weeks. Now I am worried that he also might be a scammer. I have a pic of him. Maybe one of you know this guy? Any help would be appreciated.

    • pleases do post your pics

  93. Here is the latest pic I received from him, if anyone has also been chatting with him and knows that he is a scammer, please tell me, this is just an awful feeling, not knowing… Thanks for your help.


    Just copy it into your browser and you will see the pic. I did not know how to do it otherwise.

  94. Hi Ladies,

    I posted the 2 pics of the so-called Sergeant Bell James. Has anyone of you been contacted by him or chatted with him? He says he is about to return home to Washington, has one son (11 years old – Kern) and is widowed. I would really appreciate if I could find out, if he is just another of these stupid scammers! Thank you all for your help.

  95. Anja
    The guy in the pic has a lot of brass on his shoulders more any sgt. I have ever seen. Do some more checking. Beware send no money. I would say he is a scammer.

  96. well, he says he is now Sergeant Major ….

    • Anja check his ip address. just be careful and send no money. Good luck.

  97. Hello
    I have met Captain Bill William(Haggard)on M,M,P.com ,dating side in march 2010.He was saying that he is a widower with 2 adorable children and he is looking for a woman to spent the rest of his life with and be a mother to his orphan kids ,How touching was that .Is easy to feel in your heart for that kids .It just happen to do some research on here ,and find out that he is a scamer His email kindhearted.haggard1962@yahoo.com,and yahoo mesanger the same .BEWARE LADIES

  98. I had emaling ,and IM on Yahoo mesanger with Captain Bill William(Haggard)he said he is with us army in afganistan ,and will retire soon wihthin few months he will return to US .His email adress kindhearted.haggard1962@yahoo.com Also he gives adress in Ghanna to send him care package to mr.Teddy Morgan with email adres morgins100@yahoo.com.I think he is a scamer,i hope they will catch him

    • I too was given Mr. Morgan Morgan100@yahoo.com to send Bill Haggard a care package. I did send him one at the cost of $100 for everything including shipping. So stupid me. But I did confront him and he still denies being a scammer. I feel like an idiot. He’s a charmer ladies. I would like to meet the guy in the picture he sends.

    • He is a fake and I have enough info on him for the FBI

      • Please let me know what the FBI has to say.


        • I was communicating with get this lt. general david rodriguez, well of course it only lasted four days before he asked me for 359 euros in advance for a trunk the UN was holding for him, it was then I wised up and looked up the general on the internet and found out the truth, I was being a fool and giving my heart over the net to a lying scammer, I then confronted him with every foul word imaginable and accused them of stealing the identities of honourable men. I reporteds it to the FBI I still have the saved messages and IP addresses but havent heard back from anyone, these low life scum will continue to do this until someone is prepared and motivated to stop them, these are not soldiers scamming women, these are a network of people in Nigeria and god know where else

  99. I met a man named Daniel Mosqueda on line, he claims to be a Major in the Army, 50 years old, widowed, with 1 child in Ghana. I have been in touch with him since Dec. 09 and have received emails from his son as well. I did some digging and it looks to me like he is 43 yrs old, has 2 sons, is an Air Force Reservist, Active. Is he really in Iraq right now? He is from MI not MA like he told me and his parents are not deceased they live still live in Michigan. He has recently started chatting with another woman and I found a blog for him and his bride to be, another woman entirely. The wedding is for this June. He told me he wouldn’t be home until December and would be getting his son and coming straight to me and my son. He pretty much lied about everything. Anyone else communicating with Daniel Mosqueda? Watch out, he’s a bad one. His emails and chats are full of grammatical errors and sometimes sound strange. All of the stuff I pulled off the web indicates him to be a very intelligent man and well spoken. Could it be that someone else is using his identity? Really need some help, my son and I were both becoming quite attached.

    • This guy is a scammer or one hell of a liar. Either way drop him like a hot potatoe. He is not the real major. I’m so sorry Deanna.

      • I’ve got it all figured out. I know who the real Daniel Mosqueda is now. I also tracked the IP to Ghana. I wish I followed my suspicions sooner but I’m glad I finally did.

    • I was also approach by a so called Sgt. Paul Becker of the army on heartpool.com he claimed to be from Dallas, Texas and was stationed in a peace keeping mission in Afganistan. When I would ask him questions about his day, he was adamant about telling me and eventually changed the subject. He told me he had no family and lost his wife to cancer.
      After one week, he told me he loved me and requested $5500.00 to be wired so he can file a US Army Vocational Leave to come to the states to visit me. I was very skeptical from the beginning because of his grammer and sentence structure. He even telephoned me, and to my surprise he had such a thick accent, and he did not sound like he was from Dallas. When I called him on it, that he was not American and he sounded Nigerian he immediately hung up, and to this day he has not answered any of my emails or IM messages.

      Ladies Beware !!!!

      • Lissa,

        In mid-March i posted this scammer by the name Sgt Paul Becker. We had been in contact for 3 months. He got some money from me before I became wise to it and ended it. To this day he still tries to “get me back”..even though he knows that i know he is a scammer.
        He also told me he was from Texas. He was planning on coming home and he needed money. He also told me that his wife died of breast cancer but that he had a son who was staying with his uncle in the UK. Ooooohhhh it was all so convincing. and yes….when i heard his voice, I was taken aback at his accent. when i traced his IP it was out of Nigeria.
        I am so glad you got out before it was too late.

  100. i am in the carbbean and think i have been scam by a man calling himself sgt barry dolf but his email is davelanigan he ask he for money to talk to him with ts2 militarycalls i google his name but find nothing his there any else out there got scam by this man and what can i do

  101. Kelly Send no money. ts2 is a scam. Next he will need money to come home to you. Another scam.

  102. Hello, I to was approach by these scammers on heartpool.com. After one week after chatting with this so called Sgt. he told me he loved me and needed $5500.00 so he can file a US Army Vocational Leave so he can visit me in the states. Which after I did some research on the internet this type of leave does not exist. He then went on to say that he is worth millions and once he was in the states he would have access to his “allotments”. I knew that was a red flag because no American refers to his money in that text. Also, let’s be real a millionaire would not be serving in the military he ha such a high net worth.

  103. Hi ladies,

    i just wanted to tell you all that i have notified 2 fakes to an internet site here in germany from whom i got emails – exactly the same sentences etc. It was quite a pleasure to at least have “outed” 2 of those scammers. As for Sergeant Major Bell James, I still have no idea if he is a fake or not, but I have to admit that I am almost convinced that he is one of those… I got pretty attached, but now I am trying with some real men here in Hamburg (Germany) :-).

    • Hello Anja,

      oh yes he is a fake. I have mailed with him the last month. And the pictures….have a look and google for General B. B. Bell. There he is :-) He send me a picture where you can see the four stars of a General and he tells he is a Sergeant Major. And his son Kern is now 14 years old :-) And I can understand you…he is doing a really good job with his mails.


  105. Has anyone heard of a bryan williams I met him on match.com lmao he told me he needed to talk to me on the phone and that i needed to get telex for that i need to apply for a activation code with telex after i found out it was $500.00 (to funny) i told him ummm nope cant do it but if u like send me the cash and ill pay for it, he then tried to give me the guilt trip that soon i would lose total contact with him if i didnt get it, soooooo i was like ok sure like i told u SEND ME THE $$$….and guess what i havent heard from him since. hahaha

  106. Hello.

    I can I find out if the military man that I am dating is who he says. We started talking about four months but we for about 1 month I stopped talking to him because he brought up about money. He just reconnected with me and wanted to know what had happened. I told him that I am not dating anyone who thinks his way is the only way. He did ask about the money, but I told him flate out that I am sending no money. I know that he has facebook. I want to know who I can contact to make sure somone is real. Should I go to my local Army recruiter office? Help me.

  107. Response to Laurie:

    Don’t bother checking he’s scamming you out of your money. No one should be asking you no matter how unfortunate their story is. Be mindful of his spelling and grammar. Also notice he will constantly ask you the same questions over and over again.

    I would double check his IP address this way
    you can find out the origins of his emails.

    • How do you check IP Addresses?

  108. Here is another name Dominic Williams E06 Bomb Specialist.

  109. Met cpt.dennis3x@yayoo.com April 10, 2010. Later he changed his email account to hotmail.com because he claimed someone stole his yahoo ID, aka Captain Dennis M Stafford. No scam took place but, as soon as I let him know that I googled his name and got result for ‘militar dating scam’ I deleted him from my network.

  110. Hi there ladies!

    I too just nearly fell for it- watch out for this fresh one Sgt. Kelvin Bright- based in Iraq, widowed, 44 years old from Texas, one son blah blah blah! They are so clever! The alarm bell went off cos he said he loved me after two days of chatting…….as if!! Feel so stupid! Anyway glad it’s not just me! Have deleted and blocked- hope nothing bad happens to my email accounts! I am normally very sharp on these kinds of things so am kicking myself now- anyway at least didn’t get to the money part and sussed him out in advance! His English was very good too which was surprising!
    He came through myspace just to let you know!

    Let’s keep other women safe by spreading the names and the stories!

  111. I have had and experience with Dennis Stafford as well. He wants $1800 out of me. He is about to give me the email address where I can send it to.

  112. my question is do any of yall know Sgt Alan Smith. alan_smith2414@yahoo.com. i really need to know if anybody knows him. he is from connecticut, has a daughter victoria. H e is stationed in afghanistan at camp marja. he has not asked me for money and he and i have been talking for 4 months.he wants us to get connected through communicationc7@aol.com its like $120.00 to do this. He hasnt preassured me about it nor has he gotten angry and when we chat he sound s american and he is allways nice to me, but i dont know who all else he is talking to. So if any of you know him please let me know.

    • I do I have been talking to him too. I was stupid and sent money and he is supposed to be coming home on sunday. so dont be like me and fall for him.

  113. If he was in the amy then this person would not be uesing a yahoo.com mail account,ONLY way this person can email you is from a amy email account, not yahoo nor gmail, not msn, MUST have a amy account

    • I have two sons in the US military and I can tell you for a fact that you are dead wrong. They can and do use all of those sites. They also have military emails as well.

  114. http://aruljohn.com/info/howtofindipaddress/

    Click on this link plzzzzzz it will tell you how to find where this person,is from you are talking to

  115. army dam its a hot day lol and i cant spell


    • tell him to get a real job ……

    • Adinas, I nearly fell off my chair onto the floor I was laughing so hard about you telling that guy he had a dark face and a white face and the dark face was going to hell. Kudos to you!!! That was brilliant thinking on your part!!

    • OM dear you are funny just like me, I am playing 2 scammers online and they use Gods name so much I am a God fearing person so I know there is JUSTICE for them just for that. But you are right. they are a superstitious bunch.

  117. I must also admit to being emotionally involved. We all have created fantasies around the photos these scammers have sent us. even though I know now that it is not the real Captain Dennis Stafford, I hold on to his photos. It was his eyes that made me fall so madly inlove. He has eyes like storms on the horizon, I have never seen such pools of darkness. I feel like such an idiot, but love makes fools of us all, Kings and beggars have no guard against cupids arrow. :)

  118. Beware of man claiming to be a soldier in Afghanistan.
    Says he is from, Louisville, KY, then Maryland.

    match.com name sagat8000


    names: seyi silvas
    seyi druckenmiller

    Bad grammer, long letter…delete and dont contact

    • Why do you think seyi silvas or seyi druckenmiller is a scammer? Did he ask you for money? Just curious, because he has been emailing me the last few days through match.com and I have been cautious with this, because it doesn’t seem right, but just want to know what happened to you.

      • seyi bruckenmiller has also been emailing me and texting me via match.com. His emails were instantly “in love” with me, thanking me for being willing to give our relationship a chance. He is wearing a sweater with an american flag on the front and sleeves. Same guy that is writing you, I bet. I reported him to Match when I found his name on here.

        • That was supposed to be seyi druckenmiller. Or Seyi Silas. Stationed in Argentina. Mom from Africa, dad Canadian

        • Thanks, Rhonda. That is the same one emailing me. I reported him last week to match.com and found that his profile has been taken off. However, he is still in contact with me. I looked up his IP address as described above and it is coming from Sunnyvale, CA. However, if I look up my yahoo.com address, it is also from Sunnyvale, CA. So, I don’t know what that means. I just don’t know, it doesn’t seem to be someone from Ghana. Very confusing what to believe anymore. When did he start contacting you? He started contacting me last week. Is he still contacting you?

        • Seyi is still in contact with me and has sent me pic’s we have been talking for over a week and he has not asked for any money?? Has he shared his pics with you? I have his phone number because he called me today (6/1/10) lets converse and figure this one out. By chance did he say he has a daughter who is 13? named Nicole?

        • Kris – He is still contacting me and I have only chatted with him by IM or email. He hasn’t offered to call me yet. Yes, he said he had a daughter named Nicole and she is 13. I do have pictures. email me at tdh763@hotmail.com and we will work on this one together because I can’t find anything else on him except for here.

        • I have been talking to Seyi Silvas aka Seyi Daniels for a year now. The man I was speaking with has a firm grasp of the English language. He has a daughter Nicole who is 13. born on 2/12. His ex has her and is living in Canada. His mother is South African, German and something else. Father is from Alberta, Canada and is French Canadian. Uncle Trevor stole his inheritance. He is a LTC US Army officer stationed at Bonny Camp, Lago Nigeria. I had him investigated and he is a scammer. Does anyone know who the real guy is in all the pictures he sends. I feel bad for him.

        • My mom is talking to the same person….His IP address from his email address tracks him to sunnyvale, CA but his yahoo account also tracks to Ghana. This email address is meloncope@yahoo.com “Percy Jones”. He has pulled the package deal…Wanting to send her a package with his reward to hold onto from a special mission in iraq. He is a fake. He sends her lovey emails all the time and its been going on for about three months. I am gathering info to prove he is a fake. she just sent him an IPAD. She met him on chemistry.com but profile has also been removed. I dont know details about his mom/dad other than…he has no family other than his son whom is 17 ish with his aunt in russia or germany! AHHH…help me get details to prove a fake scammer!!

    • ok, tdh I have sent you and email and it is oneclsychk@yahoo.com, let’s nail this guy! I can’t believe he is playing with our hearts!

      • Tami,

        I have emailed you two more pics of him and also 2 of his emails to me. I wonder if you got the same email once?

        Let me know, Kris

        • Oh yea, I traced his phone number and it is “234″ county code which means from Nigeria. How sad this is!

        • I’m Seyi’s Ex..Just to let you know hes of no good to any woman’s Life..Hes a no good son of a Bitch and i just dont see any sensible lady keeping up with him.
          Delete him if he comes your way and get a better Man,..Thanks.

      • My mom is talking to the same person….His IP address from his email address tracks him to sunnyvale, CA but his yahoo account also tracks to Ghana. This email address is meloncope@yahoo.com “Percy Jones”. He has pulled the package deal…Wanting to send her a package with his reward to hold onto from a special mission in iraq. He is a fake. He sends her lovey emails all the time and its been going on for about three months. I am gathering info to prove he is a fake. she just sent him an IPAD. She met him on chemistry.com but profile has also been removed. I dont know details about his mom/dad other than…he has no family other than his son whom is 17 ish with his aunt in russia or germany! AHHH…help me get details to prove a fake scammer!!

  119. I have a new name to throw out there and see if anyone has heard of him. His name Colonel Paul Cora claimed to be with the Marines and stationed in Afghanistan same story as most widowed and has an 9 year old son… Luckily I have not sent him any money but he did have a different kind of scam going on through the bank which I have turned over all information, accounts and paperwork to the proper authorities. I feel like I have had my heart ripped right out of my chest. But now I can go forward and I am going to do all I can to help that this does not happen to any other women I am going to post on every site I can find…

    • hi rose, what is the scam, i have been talking with a guy online, and he sends me money, and then has me send it as payments to others. i can’t figure this out.

      • Ivy…you are what I believe is called a “mule”. I was to “receive” money, keep $200 and send the rest. The “clients” that sent me the money where the one’s that were actually being scammed. Do not accept or send money to anyone anymore! It is all a scam!

  120. there are not from ghana..ithink it will be our own military from the states..new name

  121. stay away from these names and tellphone number its a big scam AGBETY JUSTIN. ACCRA GHANA


    Ghana customs excise and preventive service
    kotoka international airport accra




    • and also Archimedes Dankyi, Accra, Ghana

  122. i love my military man..we met on dating site and we are finally together now..i really thank God for this moment of my life


      • Zero!! What a fitting name. You are a dumb ass. If what we are doing isn;t affective why are you on this site. You are a liar and a thief.You will find out some day who you are toying with. Be a man and get off you lazy ass and get a real job. As for the stuff you say we stole from your country.How long did it take you to come up with that story.This is from me to you( OMO IYA MI ).

      • Check this out fool …. you are the one who is very funny … one god don’t like ugly & you are ugly for sure ..
        two , so u think u were born 2 scam ?
        well I hate to burst yr little bubble all criminals get caught eventually , u r no exception . yr day will come ..
        talk about laugh yr azz off – I will be laughin mine off at u
        …and those fish’s are being warned – so u so called relaxed day of lies & deceptions will come to an end
        may u eat yr own words …
        I say prayer for u Fool ….

    • Hi, you are the lucky one who are not been scammed. I have a connection to one you claims he is SGT Collins Miller. His IP goes to US so.. We will see what happeneds next.

  123. Hi there ladies,
    Has anyone been contacted by Sgt. Leads Basile. He claims to be in the special forces and is currently in Iraq. We have been emailing for about a month. He met me on match.com. He says he has a daughter 14 that lives in the UK with her uncle. He says that he is from Dubai. Left there when he was 12 and joined the army when he was 21. His parents died in a plane crash 10 years ago. He is very good with the romantic lingo. Swept me off my feet. I feel so betrayed and mad now about falling for him. I was sent a request and authority for leave confirmation form that I was supposed to fill out and return to the department of defense so that his leave process could begin. Please if anyone has been contacted by him I would love to hear from you. I hope that all of these so called men go straight to hell.

    • Hey there…My mom i think has run into the same guy. She doesnt think he is fake as of yet. He goes by percy jones. his IP address tracks him to sunnyvale,CA. He write my mom tons of lovey emails. He has a “son” in russia…i think with his…Aunt. He is in dubai in the special forces. He tried sending her a package he found worth almost $500,00 for a reward for finding jewels on a special mission. had to be hand delived and a third person asked for $4500. she just sent an IPAD to this same third person in Maryland. This person is a fake…very obvious but its been going on for about 3 months now. He also has no family other than son and sister. My mom met him on match.com or chemistry.com…one of the two. :( anyhelp to convince her he is a fake?

    • If anyone knows if jhonso dunn Wilson is a real military person cause he asking me for money I already send money to him almost as 4000 $ he say that he is in Nigeria .pls let me know if he is a real military person thanks a lot.

  124. Hey everyone. I want you to meet one of the Soldiers being used in these scams, MSG Mark Ehresman. Click here to read his story.

  125. I have recently been scammed on almost every web site I have been on! It’s so hard to tell. datingtallmencom, cougarlifecom, sparkscom…and the list goes on.
    I think the websites are all a scam now. It’s sad but true…
    Don’t go to them. You can’t trust anyone on them anymore.

  126. PLEASE READ THIS! Okay ladies, there is a way to get back at these horrible people who are scamming and preying on innocent women. I subscribe to a dating website. Last week I received a wink from this gorgeous looking man. He said he was stationed in Afghanastan, was divorced and had a 13 year old daughter. I knew something wasn’t right because his emails and IM messages were in jilted english. FIRST CLUE! He sweet talked me and reeled me in. I decided to search his name on the internet and I found it – ON THIS WEBSITE! I posted a few things on here. Another woman picked up on the name also and got in touch with me. We swapped emails and pictures of this guy and found that the emails he sent to each of us were word for word and the pictures also. We also found out that he was messaging and emailing us both at the same time. So, we set up a time to be online at the same time. Low and behold he came online at the same time also. While her and I were messaging each other, he was also messaging both of us at the same time. So, we picked a time and each of us sent him a message that was “Tell [our name] I said Hi”. That definitely got his attention. He frantically started messaging each of us asking what we were talking about and denying that he knew each of us. In the meantime I kept messaging him telling him that he was caught and that we knew he was a scammer. He couldn’t figure out how we knew each other. It was very comical. Because I was messaging not nice things to him, he ignored me and kept telling my new friend that I was a stalker that would not leave him alone and that she should change her ID and get rid of me. He then got mad at me and told me that God would be judgmental and punish me. I told him that God would punish him because God did not like liars, cheaters and scammers. He blocked me from messaging him anymore. However, he is frantically trying to still contact my new friend. I have blocked him from my emails and messaging. However, later in the day, he tried to contact me again. These guys are good ladies. You have to be so careful. In the past two weeks, I have had 4 scammers. I am telling you this because if several of you ladies get together and do what we did, to the guy who is in contact with you, you can get back at him. It will empower you. Stay strong because they will try and talk around it and come up with all kinds of stories. My new friend and I have decided to stay in touch and try and take some more of these goons down. I have been chatting with another scammer the past few days and she is going to look him up and wink at him. If he winks back at her and gets in touch with her, we are going to reel him in for a few days and then pounce, exactly like we did with the first guy. No matter how lonely you are ladies, DO NOT LET THESE GOONS GET TO YOU. Be smart. NEVER SEND MONEY. Once they ask for money, block them, immediately. Just wanted to give my two cents worth ladies. STAY STRONG AND BE EMPOWERED TO FIGHT BACK!

    • Laura,

      You go girl!! Love it, LADIES, stay strong and look to your friends for advise and support!

      Laura and I have become good friends and are already working on two men!! The other one was:


      Beware he is a fraud also, scammer, no good SOB, he was emailing Laura and I at the same time also!! These guys are unbelievable!! ONE MORE DOWN!!! How many more to go???

      lol, Miranda

      • I met gemcollector1969 on Match.com. He wanted $200 for a taxi fare while buying gemstones in Africa…he got blocked instead.

    • hi can you help me please

  127. It is insane that some one would believe that an officer could not spell and would need to solicit money. I had a similar thing a woman sent a picture of a 10 and I said then when are you going to ask for the money but continued to talk it was about a month of off and on talking before indeed they said gee I am stranded need money to get home etc what a crock I had been curious how long they would waste time (I am retired now) and ask for the money. As soon as I said HEll no the IM stopped coming which was ok with me. If something is too good to be true it likely is.

  128. kindheartedhaggard1961@yahoo.com is a FAKE. I have enough info on him and a P.O. box to give to the FBI and any other facility who wants to stop these guys. Military men have military email addresses not yahoo, aol, gmail or any other one.
    DONT NOT LET THEM GET TO YOU . I out smarted this one and now they are going after him..

    • Yes my daughter was talking to one of these scammers called sgt frank jean andrew. a real charmer he got a few nice parcel. then he wants money to come home to england . when his demob . 1500 english money. but he never got did he blow his top . but he still never got it thankgod she was topping his phone up and if she didnt top it quick enough he would be like a child; say nomore, now we got a sgt kelly morgan ( his got a name gripper}. because l used to live by US CAMP IN A VILLAGE CALL Ickenham middlesex england and they all had their surname on the righthand side of their combat jackets. after reading this site the photo isnt sgt kelly morgan .its someone called gripper or grippe who knows ? will any one know the truth. l feel very deeply for the families of the true ID of these boys it isnt fair , for these scammers they want shooting. the hurt they are causing isnt right it very upsetting all round. l just wish l could find the true boys. because the stories they are using , ARE SO SAD. AND ITS NOT FAIR . especially if a real us boy has found a english girl and they doubt the chap they are with..

  129. Hi;
    I have been talking for 4 months to a Captain George Frederick Douglas from California. We started out as friends and then we started exchaning personal emails.
    He sent me a dozen roses, teddy bear and chocolates one week, another week he sent me a wine package – 2 bottles of wine and cheese and other things.
    Now he has all my personal information, set up a bank account in my name for him o transfer money into so I can then wire the money to him??? I have not sent any money so far. Im comfused and NOT sure if this is a scam or not? He is not active military (Army) apparently he went AWOL. Has anyone else heard of this as a scam?

  130. I have now met the man Seyi Silvas… He has not and will not scam me. He hasn’t asked for money but did mention about sending money to my account to send to a colleague for him. He is very gorgeous and the pics I have are of him in a sweater and fuzzy hat and him in his dress uniform. I’ve written information down I have seen on here. If you want to contact me do so at mlff96@me.com
    TDH, I would really like that phone # you have and surprise call him and anyone can send pics to me as well. This is nuts!!!!
    There is another guy his name he claims is Michael Stewart… Says he lives in CO, is preparing to leave for london for business soon, sent me a dozen roses and says he loves me. Anyone heard of this guy? Feel free to email me

  131. i just want to say as someone who did this prior to Jamorama online guitar lessons are the simple (and low-cost way) to understand to play guitar like a rock n roll legend. Inside the world-wide-web age no longer do you have to pay an high-priced local guitar teacher (who might not even be that very good or may possibly have an attitude issue) instead you can download substantial high quality guitar lessons (like Jamorama) and learn to perform quick.in my opinion Jamorama comes with GuitEarIt that is an ear instruction pc game that will assist you to identify all types of guitar chords by ear.This will assist you to become in a position to perform songs by ear! Imagine being in a position to hear a song within the radio after which be able to play that song back just like a actual rock star.

  132. Ladies I found me a real sweet talker in love after two days met him a date website.
    Of course wanted money for the TS2 so we could talk, then wanted me to send money for his Vocational Transit Leave. I work for the state doinfg investigation for these kind of crimes. Ladies beware of Sgt Kelvin Harrison

    • I am getting mail from a kelvin moffett i wonder if this is the same guy claims he is in iraq this stuff is making me ill

  133. okay, looks like I have gotta taken also.. Stopped it though before I am out of everything.. I have been chatting with a sgt Dave Robles serving in Bagdad. Been shot in his left arm and has been serving the military since he was 16. He just had a birthday yesterday june 10 ,1964 He said he is from Miami , has a house in Dallas TX. His parents died in a plane crash when he was 18 and his wife cheated on him with his best friend. Great story huh. I made the mistake of sending him a phone, but I have had it stopped and is sitting in Ghana right now till returned on monday. When yesterday he asked that I send money to get the phone flown to him by his APO. He was out of money. I called Fed ex and have the package put on hold till I got verification from him. I was not too happy and felt foolish. I asked him to send Bday pictures which he said he had and I recieved one sad letter about me not trusting in him, but of course no pictures. I sent him the report from the army that is issued still no reply. He is very handsome Black eyes, black hair. I am a very happy successful woman that was caught up. Anyone know this story??

    • Loree…All to well…do i know this story…Sgt. Scott Ludvik…from Las Angeles..parents died in car crash..hates his family members…say’s he’s a mistery…I am his angel and comforter…he asked me to send him money for TS2 provider service so that we can talk..I am him to send me the info…A third party sent me the info to wire to a Kathryn Yardley..in MS..i checked the address with the phone company and the address didn’t exist..then i contacted TS2 the real companyt and they confirmed to me by email that they was sorry and that the soldiers identity was compromised by these scammers…The truth is i almost sent the 250.00 but my gut feeling said to check things out further…I told him that i contacted the State Police..he was furious and said that i didn’t trust…I hate these people and never thought i would get caught up in such a mess..i am too embarressed to even tell my sister because i spoke to highly of him …this really hurts…but i am grateful for these cites and i also sent photos to the wall of shame..to cj…God Bless Us All…for sharing our stories…

      • I know how you feel it really hurts ah ?

    • loree lve just read your note about finding out about these scammers, lve got two names who claim that they are us soldiers. they contacted my daughter, the main one is called sgt frank jean andrew who was surposed to bin born in manchester england . lve got photos of him on my daughters notebook a handsome guy. but he was asking for money. number two . sgt kelly morgan. ask for money to come back to england he is surpose to have A house in hackney how true that is l dont know , the only photo we got is on the computer only one we are going to print them before they disapear off the earth , l would really like to know how l could find out the truth please could you help me find out the truth, l would be very gratefull for any help what so ever,

  134. Beware of another scammer – Timothy Work

    Yahoo ID – tswork7

    Email – tswork7@yahoo.com

    Met him on match.com. Claims to live in New York, but is working over in West Africa as a project manager building bridges and roads. Has a daughter named Kathy. Will eventually claim that she has malaria and he doesn’t have money for her treatment and that his health insurance has been exhausted and his company won’t help him.

  135. To Whom It May Concern.

    Please don’t you fall for those people who say,they has family problems. If you follow me on twitter,you would see my blog under Double Identity Scam.Face To Face With Scamer On line.

    You would not believed this! Unfortunately god is who have me going,I almost went mad when I find out I was a victim of internet scam…

    Falling victim to those people who don’t have a heart or don’t care… Where they come from ?Who are those people ?
    The profile Perry Thomas is the bastard”s right name,The profile of the photograph is wrong.The picture was taken from the OPRAH WINFREY TV show to scam innocent people on line..

    Perry made one mistake with me when he came back on line asking me for more money….. I tricked him by saying to him, I need to see your face…. I saw the face of a monster.Meaning rastafarian … How on earth was I so stupid to let a NIGERIAN scam me on line ?
    May god forgive him.

    I have also profile him on youtube and my next blog will be on the africa sites. Thanks for reading. Sincerely Habakku

  136. I have been in contact with someone who has posted pictures and also of his child, I know it is a scam! I feel like the military should be doing someting about this, is there any resorces to report this. Asking for deployment application fees? Please help!

  137. It seems that people would be too smart to believe in the mail order mate scam but when some one is lonely and desparate they do not investigate the truth.

  138. I am trying to find out who to contact to report a scammer using an army mans information? beware of a micheal scott suppose to be in iraq!!! i didnt send any money and it took a few months before i was asked but i did look up the ip addresses and they did come form nigeria. i have a picture of the soldier and would like to make him aware of his identity being used.

    • Hi Becky,

      Did you find out the identity of the soldier that was used in the scam. I am going through a similar situation myself, and was wondering how to let this person in the picture know his face is all over msn and the net.

      Any help would be appreciated.


    • The guy I’ve been talking goes by the name Lodge Michealcott I wonder It it is the same guy? I would love to see his pic, If you would please e mail it to me..

  139. I feel quite gullible now, I have for the past month been exchanging email with a man who says he is stationed in Kabul. He has told me he loves me, but now wants me to help him pay for his internet connection over there cos he cannot get at his bank account. This is so he can talk to me more, cos he uses his friends connection at the moment. How can I tell if he is genuine? he emails from an aol account. I know what my head tells me, but he has my heart at the minute. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

  140. Here’s another person to add to your scammer roster….Claims to be Sean Koch O’Neil, MP in Iraq, with rank of LTC, yet photo shows E2 uniforma. Uses yahoo IM screen name of shawnoneil10. Says he has 5 year-old-daughter (named Keasha) who is living with his Aunt in Australia. Says he is American, but raised in Thailand. I have photos if you would like to have them as well. In the last couple of days, he’s created new profiles on a number of dating sites. I didn’t send any money, but he sure asked for it!

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  142. Here’s another name to add, and unfortunately he’s a real person, Sergeant Major Kenneth Preston. He’s supposedly in Iraq and will be retiring any day now…

  143. hi ladies I think im being scammed by a guy who claims he is the army in iraq ive really fallen for this guy I really need to find the real guy whos picture it is any suggestions on how i would find it or find him

  144. Clare
    We all fell for them, some have lost alot of money. Please do not fall in the same trap. you can forward your pic to the people who run this site and they do try their hardest when they have time to locate the real soldiers. Do not waste anymore time and certainly do not send any money. It hurts for a week or two, but get on with your life before you end up in debt. x

  145. I found out just in time. Someone is scamming under the name Staff Sgt. Michael Witte and he said he was stationed in Iraq. He said he had been there 7 months and is coming home the end of July. He said he has a son named Freddie. I checked the guys Yahoo profile and another girl was on there who sent him money and had been talking to him a lot longer. He said he was from Maryland…also has a profile with a different picture in Tampa Flordia.

  146. We reported it to Match.com and they said the pictures were taken from Soldier Witte’s Myspace but they could not locate him to inform him that his ID had been taken.

    • I was contacted by a George William Witte – not really who he was. His IP address came back to Sunnyvale CA. He was having a diplomat bring me a case with jewels and money, I just needed to send $4,400. The red flags were going right away. He has even e-mailed me his passport. Said both of his parents died in a car crash and has a 10 year old son living in Tampa FL. Funny his name doesn’t exist in FL. This is really wrong what they are doing, wish there was someway to stop these people. I met him on Match.com.

  147. Has anyone had contact with a Steve Eric Baker… says he’s stationed in Kabul…Same old bullshit…..satellite phone, 1500 needed to leave…. romantic love letters…everything…..he did write very well though…and his spelling wasn’t that bad either….Would love to know if anyone else had contact with him also….sgt.e bakerxxx@yahoo.com……wHAT A HANDSOME MAN WHOEVER HE IS……WHAT A SHAME…

    • I have been contacted by this Steve Baker. We did talk to each other for 2 months. He never came out and asked for money for the ts2. BUT when he gave me the website for the ts2 it was a scam warning that came up. I google his name then and it showed him being a scammer. Now looking at the pictures I see the ebaker. I think the military only use the last names. I feel for the guy in the picture. Wish I could find him.

  148. Here is another one to watch out for. He says his name is Sgt.Garry Draper also in Iraq.His email is garrydraper9@yahoo.com He says he has a son who is 12yrs.old born in England moved to US when he was 12 to live with his father in FL. We met on match.com going by truemanseeking22. He also goes by Thomas Draper, thomasdraper9@yahoo.com I have pictures if anyone thinks they may have already been in contact with this man.

    • I would be curious is it’s the same soldier. Mine was Dennis Draper. So sad.

      • Dennis Draper,has been IM’ing me for months. He did send me pics. Can we exchange pics?
        My girlfriend has turned me on to this site to check him out? He has sent me pics of his two kids, Dora and Tyler and him in a war zone.

        Sound like yours?

        Thank you so much for your help. Lin linkitterman@rocketmail.com

    • Hi Robin…I’d like for us to see if we have the same photo. Mine was named Dennis Draper, however on his shirt…it’s just Draper of course.

      If you want to send…please do at carpenter63@yahoo.com and I’ll do the same. Thanks! however, mine said he had a son and daughter and my photo has both.

      • Hi LC , I think that I may have the same guy your talking about. Can you sendme his photos – laurielady5@aol.com. Thank You!

    • I too was duped by thomas draper and have photos, military ones but figure they are all ficticous
      he had a daughter and sent me pics of when she was like 10 and hime together apparently she is supposed to be 17 now…would never really share personal information and if he did it was vague and void of details…Like having 2 german shepherds…but doesnt share names or ages or anything..id be curious to share photos if you wanted to…d.shelton.silver@gmail.com

  149. I have another possible scammer… Kyle Smyth Miller. He claims he is out of Washington the state and a Sargent Major. He did not ask for money, yet, but mention he has been offered to become a partner in a business. I started asking questions, and when I asked where it would be head quartered he said Lagos Nigeria. Well another guy had already tried to scam money from me from there.. and so the red flag has gone up. It never really was down all the way. His email address is
    kyle.mill_s@rocketmail.com . He contacted me on Match.com. Had a couple of pictures.
    Thank you for this web site… I wish I had known about it sooner, and I plan on sharing it with my single friends.

  150. i have bin contact by a sgt mabel rodgers from IRAQ she sending me several mails,and actuly she wont to leave IRAQ, and of i am willing to make a amount of money transfer to a adres in the UK western union, and i have to fill in a form to get the money back ,and than she should come to me in europe. her email adres is

  151. I have another scammer – Richard Stanford. Except everything he is doing seems to be in Turkey. His friend sent me checks to deposit to cover the $1500 fee to get a replacement officer and i am supposed to deposit them in my account and wire the money to Istanbul. The money orders were made on an Arkansas bank but sent via Fed Ex from a Massachuetts address. I am turning them over to my bank tomorrow. In one of the pictures he sent me – his jacket was vietnam era colors and his pants were Gulf War era colors. The jacket had no US insignias anywhere on it. He contacted me via an online dating site. He started with the satelite phone thing where I was supposed to contact them via email and ask to arrange to speak with him but they wouldn’t tell me the charge upfront. I have a nephew in Afghanistan right now and everything this guy told me is wrong – especially his rank.

    • Hi, I have a scammer I;ve been communicating with for a few days. Where do I report him? I haven’t informed him, I have figured him out. He provided an email address for me to request for his leave. I received an email from a Lt.Col. stating I needed to sent 1500 to secure his leave. Please someone instruct me on how to handle this person.
      Thank you.

  152. Hi

    Has anyone been contacted by John Boers? I’ve been contacted by him & he seems really eager that I ‘sign up’ for the TS2 service so we can talk. I have already e-mailed the company as I beleive the e-mail I received from them asking for detail not to be genuine, if it is, I’m appauld at the lack of professionalism from the company & bad english!!! His story is that he’s a widower, lost his wife during child birth of their second child & has a 12 year old son back in Texas. It’s the first time I have been on a dating site & I am appauld & scared by what I have read on this site. I will not be using these sites again!!I came across this site looking for more information on the TS2 service to ensure what I was being told was genuine

  153. Hi,
    This is a very long and fusteating ordeal, first of I am 16 but I am writing about my mom. Since March my mom has been in contact with a guy called Col. Pedersen Kelvin that she met on Mate1.She has taken out about $30,000 in loans and wired them to Nigeria. He says he is at Camp Victory, spells just like those SOB Nigerians, and even after the CID, FBI,bank, and since I am a military dependent I called the bases and he is not stationed at any of the bases in the U.S. and is not even in the military. She is in denial, she pais for his leave which in the military you dont have to and 10,000 for BTA which does’nt exsist. He also says he was kidnaped and druged and some other gut emailed my mom demanding a ransom, I told her that is absoulutely crap and a hoax. He just keeps sweet talking her and their going to get married and all that BS. To this day the is still emailing and im him even after all the money we lost. I love my mom and care for her so much please help!!! He goes by the e-mail colpeddy@yahoo.com

  154. Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry. An COL or O-6 gets paid about 7086.90 a month give to a few hundred depending on how many years he/she has been in. We always get a pay check, especially when deployed. We make about twice about much deployed as we do stateside, plus practically everything is free. We don’t have to pay for leave and make enough to cover phone call but even then there are morale, welfare, and recreation facilities with phones. If you Google the name you get another site with a post from 2008 by someone who thinks that got scammed as well. Keep your head up and be strong for your mom.

  155. I was recently on an online dating service when a soldier started communicating with me. He said his name was Sgt Christopher S Kirk and was stationed in Iraq. He claimed he was putting in for retirement and wanted to meet a woman he can come home to and share the rest of his life with. He wanted to talk to me on the phone but said it would cost $550 to get on the “network” that allows soldiers to talk to their loved ones. I had red flags immediately with this guy. The way he worded and phrased things just didn’t sound like an American solider. I googled his name (although it is common) and found a Sgt Christopher S Kirk in Kansas and he is a recruiter. I also investigated how soldiers can call home to talk to loved ones and found out it is an easy process. When I told him about my research, he stated that it isn’t like that anymore that it is too dangerous to call home nowadays and this is the new process. Then I started quizing him and asked the simple question of what year did he graduate from high school and when was his birthday….both questions he took too long to answer and the math didn’t add up. He also told me he joined the army when he was 19 after he got out of high school but then told me he graduated when he was 16. I showed some of the e-mails to a friend of mine and she said that English was not this persons first language. I immediately blocked his e-mail and deleted all the e-mails he sent me. I wish I could find the soldier in the picture and tell him what his picture is being used for.

    • Just got done IMing this one now…thanks for the tip! Has a 13 year old daughter that lives with his sis in Vegas? Sheeeeeesh! The noive…lol deleting him now..ty;)

    • I am such a fool…found this info a little too late. Wow the nerve of the guy…the sad part is he would have agreat schedule and we would im untill he would have to report to his commander…LOL…freaking funny now that I see how stupid I was. Wow…Learned a hard lesson….

  156. Well, here’s another one for ya! Michael McNeal. He says he’s been in Afghanastan(sp?) for two years and should be retiring in August (by the way, it is August now), He has a son living with his cousin until he is released. His parents were killed in a car accident just before he was deployed. His wife ran off with another man. He came on the Christian site “Faithmate”. Within two days he was “in love” with me. Sent me pictures of Michael McNeal with army clothes on and sent me a picture of his “son”. He still does not know that I know he is a fraud. So, I didn’t hear from him for about a week or so. He called me and told me he was about to be in the United States in Fort Hood and as soon as he touched down, he would contact me. He didn’t at first, and then he would text me from a real telephone number, but it was a number from Dearborn, Michigan. I tried calling it, but it always went to voicemail. So, we began to text one another, then I didn’t hear from him for a while. He told me he was a drill Seargent and was training the people over there, and learned their language, that was the reason he had such a strong accent. I knew it was some crap then. Then he didn’t text me for a while. One day I decided I would text him and tell him that I had just came into a big settlement and would be signing the papers in the attorneys office in a few days and if he still needed money “to get out of the military” I could send it. I immediately got a text back. He was telling me that he couldn’t really talk because he was undercover and that he was about to expose the U.S. Government because they were very crooked. What a bunch of crock. I guess he thought Anyway, to make this short, He is getting the paperwork together and he would be contacting me to send the money and where to send it. What do you suggest I do once I get this information, because I want this dude stopped before he messes with someone else. He says his son’s name is Rayon and he is in the Philipines with his cousin and his cousin’s wife, who is also in the military. I have pictures and a telephone number. Any suggestions?

    • UPDATE: This “Michael McNeal” has constantly been contacting me and told me he needed $5000 to get out of the military. I told him I would send it to him as soon as the paperwork was done in my attorney’s office, which would be about a week. I didn’t hear from him until a week later, professing his undying love for me, but wondering what was going on with the money. I let him stew for a few days. I didn’t return his text, then I texted him back with one liners. Then I wouldn’t return his texts at all. He finally texted me a few moments ago telling me he was on his way back to Afghanistan in 6 hours and he really misses talking to me. I just text back and said “okay”. I know I’m messing with his mind. I told him I was coming into about $115,000 from a settlement, and I would send him whatever he needed to get out of the military, and he just asked for $5000. I know he had planned to ask for more. I have reported his information to the FBI and hopefully they will do something about these jerks.

      • By the way, if you can avoid it, do not go on Faithmate. These scammers are crawling all over that site. I got four of them last night. All saying basically the same thing. I have alerted that site as these perps on their site scamming people. Faithmate is a Christian dating site.

  157. I was contacted last week via skype by a very high ranking General Major Steven Lanza based in Iraq. We chatted for a few hours over a few days and of course when I googled him … wow…how famous!!…I am an english teacher working in the middle east so the grammar and spelling were a red flag…..Then didnt another high ranking general contact me a few days later…..Lt General Michael Borbello …Then I also remembered another guy had contacted me a while back through another dating site….Mother was german and why his english wasnt perfect?..yeah right.. After a few email exchanges I started getting spammed out with pharmaceutical crap orders etc….My laptop got messed up and I lost all my files… any way this businessman then added me to skype and was in ghana………….alarm bells.?…and needed me to send money to release the crate of goods..I told him to get stuffed……and thats the last I heard…..I am a reasonably intelligent woman as most of the other people in here appear to be. However we are all vulnerable for many reasons and let these cretins manipulate our feelings. I think the best way to deal with them is just to ignore them in the first place……….seeing is believing!!

  158. All, for your information, the IPs linking to Sunnyvale, CA are because that is the base of the Yahoo Corporation. If they are using Yahoo, chances are you’ll get an IP in Sunnyvale regardless of where they are in the world.

  159. Even though “Dennis Draper” was supposedly in Iraq, and his children were supposedly staying with a friend in Ghana. After getting suspicious we found his IP address to be out of Ghana. He also sent flowers, teddy bear and chocolates. I called the company and they were already investigating that account on other deliveries. Luckily I was only out the care package I sent for his children (if he pays the duties and accepts it) however, if they are investing even $50 to send the flowers, etc. they are planning on doing some financial damage. Be careful…I’m still heart broken. I know I really never spoke to the person I had the photo of…however, I still stupidly think about him and read back on how I could have been so naive.

    • Don’t feel stupid. These jerks are really clever and prey on people that are vulnerable. As long as we live, we will make mistakes. But if you will move past it, you’ll be just fine.

      • Thanks Susan… Better now.

        One thing I wanted to mention because I haven’t heard this particular story in my research. He said his dad was in the jewelry business before he passed away and he wanted to open a jewelry business of gold and stones like his dad had when he retired in October. Nothing real suspicous until a couple of weeks later and he wanted to talk to me about his plan…our plans. I said I felt weird, when he started talking buying gold bars in Ghana and shipping to me for us to resell in the states…I immediately said I wasn’t comfortable with that, and he backed down and said we didn’t have to talk about it now. He was just telling me about his goals for us to make money. I then found out the IP address and told him I knew he wasn’t who he said he was…he got made that I didn’t trust him. I said prove to me you can be trusted. And, I never heard from him again.

    • He sent me flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear too. I am heart broken. I sent him $250. Is there a place to report Dennis Draper. I have the name and email of the friend in Ghana that He had me sent the $$ to. This is just mean with a capital “M”. I will keep in contact with him and not let on I know anything if I can help catch him. My email is: linkitterman@rocketmail.com Thank you, Lin

      • I also ans talking to a Sgt Thomas Draper, in Baghdad, supposedly he has been in the army for 28 years. he is to retire in 2 months. he has asked me for 250 to send to a diplomat in ghana, to get a package thru to the us. Please email me his picture so we both will know if this is the same person and we can report him. Thanks for your time.
        Mabel Garland

  160. hi has anyone heard of sgt emmy teddy cole he started chatting on skype he also chatted to me on yahoo but appears to of stopped chatting on yahoo i think he is chatting to soomeone else called merchile that ive seen also asking about him he says hes a snipper and he also flys around in a helicoptor at night around the area he says hes in iraq he says he loves me and wnts to marry me if we get along wt a lugh his english isnt asll that well the sentences arnt proper i thin hes also called teddy cole as well a friend looked him up and found out about the other girl so it looks as thou he could be a scammer also my friend said to me ask for his unit or balltion where he is serving and area so i could write just to see what h e did he he started getting anoyed i think he asked who was i demqnding for i just said well is it not normal for someone u want a realtionshiop with to write he said he woukd twll me later i said no i want to know now he said i said to him u keep telling me you love me so he replied ok thank you for that imneed to go for patrol now byeee he didnt normally go like that so i think he knew i was on to him cause his speling was bad this spelling normally wasnt that bad lol so whqwt do u think i can send you pics if u want to see them i wouod like to tell this soldier in the us army that he is being scammed he is really nice looking to i had a pic of his kids of him and his mum and him qnd a pic of him in his army stuff what do u think

  161. I have been talking to someone I met on OKCupid. After one day he professed his love and he removed his profile from the site. His IMs came from the name James Rellinger. I think someone on this site mentioned that name but I can’t find the post now. I questioned him about the name because he said his name was Blair Brisbane. He said Rellinger was his mother’s husband’s name and he was honoring him. Just the first in many red flags. He sent many pictures of himself in scrubs, his uniform and in the field. I kept on him because the name on his jacket is Blair and I told him they do not put first names on jackets. Finally he admitted his name is Brisbane Blair. I have searched both names Rellinger and Blair. For Rellinger I found a post from someone saying his identity was stolen and to contact him on MySpace but myspace won’t let the messages go through. I couldn’t find anything on the other name. What’s funny is his profile list the same bases as where Rellinger has been stationed. He said he’s from Texas. He has called me twice from a phone he borrowed from a contractor they were protecting, Sahid. He has an accent. I told him it doesn’t sound Texan and he asked me not to joke about it. He also asked me to keep our convos private because my friends were making me ask him for things like a copy of his ID card. He said I should be a detective and he’d think about that one. His English isn’t horrible but his words are not of someone from the U.S. or someone who is 40. He’s never asked me for anything but to wait for him until he returns in December. I told him I can’t put my life on hold that long for someone I haven’t met and when there’s so much doubt. His pic is now off his yahoo profile so I think he’s gone for now. I’d like to hope I’m wrong but after reading all the posts and adding them to the red flags I saw I’m banking on him being just another scam. Stay safe out there.

  162. RE: Becky, June 25 2010

    I too was scammed by MICHEAL SCOTT. Beware, Beware!! He claims to be soldier in Iraq, have a 6 yr old daughter and Mother in London, etc.

  163. This SGT MICHEAL SCOTT (email: sgt_michealscott1000@yahoo.com) may also go by the name VINCENT M SCOTT. He’s using pics of a soldier who could be a victim as well. Located him on yahoo pesonals.

  164. I was contacted by Capt Paul Wells.. from California but deployed to afganistan. supposed at Camp Phoenix Kabul?? wife died giving birth to his daughter Jenny nine years ago. Father died of cancer 5 years ago… mother from depression 1 year ago. Only child. Broken english … wasn’t asking for anything so I let him go on and on… and my goodness he was in love with me within 3 days. exchanged pictures… a daughter ..him eating… him driving… I didn’t hear from him for 6 days (he was out on a dangerous mission) but now he needs to talk to me… his stock brokers are going to convert his stocks to cash and needs me to … not sure what because I told him he should be ashamed of himself and that I knew he was a scammer… paulwells7766@yahoo.com

    btw I asked him about his military email address and he said he couldn’t use it or he would get in trouble.

    blocked and reported…. beware!!!

    • Anita, can you please send me a picture of CPT Paul Wells? He sounds pretty much like my CPT Patrick Timmy Wells – very similar personal story, and supposedly in Camp Phoenix. I have received pictures of him and his 8 yr old daughter, in uniform and civilian clothes. Thank You!

      • Hi Patricia,

        I have been speaking to Patrick Timmy Wells today, he has said that he is an only child born in Southampton UK & moved to the states at 14, he is currently in Afghanistan with the US Army, i thought it was a scam but i’m glad to find out the truth, he has sent me loads of pictures of him & also with his 8 year old daughter Susie, what a croc of s*** lol

        • Good afternoon Patricia!

          I wonder what happened to Patrick Timmy Wells? He showed me the same story and photos.
          You know something of it?
          He is even false? His story is also false? he
          want money of you? He still talks to you?
          I thank for your attention.

        • Good afternoon Mary!

          I wonder what happened to Patrick Timmy Wells? He showed me the same story and photos.
          You know something of it?
          He is even false? His story is also false? he
          want money of you? He still talks to you?
          I thank for your attention.

  165. Well they try it on me as well
    a sgt Mabel Rodgers [sgt.mabelrodgers@hotmail.com]
    has contacted me through Match.com
    But I realised immediately that this was a
    Nigerian shit. the english was bad and the vocabulary they use is not from the US.
    Well I have a little time on my hand and want to beat them in their own game so I planned to ask for money from “her” so I can come to Bagdad and visit here lets see what happens…
    do you advise that? or shall I just cut them off without any further contact?

    • Gerhard make her suffer, play along with her,and injoy every secound off it ,like thay did to my with morther inlaw.Thay took 16000 uk pounds of her. i hate them all black fkers, sorry but i do scamming basteds

      • Sorry for your mother’s loss, but not all of them are black. I’ve been contacted by nigerians, white guys/girls, the whole nine yards. And yes, by the way, I am black. Hate is a very harsh word. I was able to get in touch with the real Michael McNeal just last week and let him know that someone was using his profile to scam women, then I spoke with the scammer, and called him out, and he admitted that he was not “Michael McNeal. He had to admit it because I told him that I had talked to the real “Michael”, whose real name by the way is Craig McNeal. I even told him that I met him face to face. The scammer told me that he hated what he was doing but life in Africa was so horrible. I told him that was not an excuse. He told me his name was Eric. Personally, I don’t believe that either. But it all comes down to this, just be careful who you talk to online. Black, white, green or yellow, there are scammers all over the world, and it has nothing to do with color. Be blessed!

    • Gerhard. well you must do as YOu think best but i would say that many of the ” LOVELY ladies ” one gets photos and communication from are actually men in disguise under a facade, they can have someone to speak on the telphone for them and are very professional, at what they do in all their corruption to try and get cash and equivilent from us… so do please be careful of any thing you do. playing a game can be dangerous for you,and dont think of travelling any where to ” get your own back ” if you have lost out.have a look at the BBC CRIME WATCH on U TUBE on a couple of scams they uncovered, and of course when,in other countries you will NOT be treated fairly or as you would in UK or USA /EUROPE I would cut an run .and be thankful you didnt lose more. but we all are individuals. I just take time out and try and report as many as i can find now ONE LESS is GREAT TO ME thats the best medicine! BEST wishes

  166. Hi i am not sure if i am being scammed, i have been talking to a Capt Robert Jordan Winter, he asked for my drivers licence details to be put on the military data base to approve text and calls. Is this true?? He now says i have to pay for the paper work for him to apply for leave from Afghanistan. Please help how do i check his email robwinter79@live.com.

    What do you think??? Many thanks girls

    • Emma, SCAMMER! Military personnel do not have to “pay’ for anything especially for leave…do not give him any of your personal information. and email is not military either.

  167. All, check out the new forum where you can discuss these guys in a more organized fashion and upload photos: http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2010/08/31/new-asp-forum-launched/

    • Does anyone know Sgt. John A. Roach in Afghanistan in the army with a 15yr.daughter.

  168. When people are lonely they believe whatever will take the pain away and make them feel better. If some one claims they actually do care for a lonely person they will grasp at the straws to find happiness and scammers will ask for money for medical bills or to travel to see them or whatever the excuse is to be.

  169. Has anyone heard of Sgt Major. Mike Gales in Kabual Afghanistan

    He goes under the name: lovingsoul009@aol.com

    • Yes I received a friend request from him on imesh

  170. It brakes my heart to hear these stories. Daniel Mosqueda ripped my sisters heart out.

    • I have been contacted by Daniel Mosqueda in the last week. We talked for one day and the next he was telling me he was in love with me. I may be lonely but I am not stupid. He sent me an email on Saturday, 9/11 telling me he needed all these things (hard drives and a computer, among other things). I deleted the emails and have not been in contact with him since. What I am worried about it is if there is an actual Daniel Mosqueda (he sent me pictures of him in an army uniform) that has had his identity stolen and he supposedly has 2 sons. We must all be careful!

      • Cathy, My sister is still listening to this Daniel Mosqueda. She isn’t hearing me when I tell her or send her these stories.She had confronted him and he told her he was the real deal. She is so lonely and very unihibited I am so scared for her. I do not want to see her destroyed by this pig..But this is going on as i am writing this.Does anyone have any more info on this guy?


  171. Thank you CJ, for all of your hard work in uncovering and exposing these Nigerian scammers.

    Last year I met a few soldiers on a dating website but fortunately have female friends who know the ropes; having a family member in Iraq or Afghanistan. They were able to explain to me what is permissable and not for real-life military guys. Heck, I used to email these guys and ask if there was anything special they wanted in a care package and they always said “oh, you don’t have to do that” – they never asked for money, calling cards, etc.

    These scammers have to be stopped – they are ruining the reputations of military personnel everywhere (dead and alive)by using their stolen identities.

  172. Has anyone chatted with a Davis Pendleton?
    We need to add him the the list of A MAJOR SCAMMER!!!

    • No but so is Craig Dawson. sgt_craig_d@yahoo.com. Beware ladies he says he is in Afghanistan but IP tracker puts him in Nigeria.

      • I have been talking to Craig Dawson and I have been scammed and feel like sh… I have received fake money orders from him and more. I sent him a bunch of personaly stuff.

  173. Hi ladies i am writing to you all to tell you of two more names to watch for: douglas afford and Eric d wright. my mom is talkin to a major eric david wright whom says he’s in africa on special assignment. he wont send any pics and has asked her for money ,which i am just learning of. makes my blood boil! we have pics which we arent sure are even him… then the there is another woman talkin to a man named douglas afford whom is a friend of erics in the same place supposedly…. he has requested 40,000 for i dont know what… however plzzz if you know either man let me know ….

    • Hi Sharie,
      I would like to know more about the man called Douglas Afford. Do you know if there is a picture posed of this scammer?

      I would appreciate the help because I was approached on an online dating site from a military guy douglas afford. He hasn’t asked me for money though.

      Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


    • I am talking to a John Douglas claimed to be a US NAVY from Afghanistan for a month now.. Proposed love on the first day but i have never seem him on cam.. Only pictures sent.. he did not ask for money though…we are getting intimate on cam, him asking to see some sexy pose of me.. will this be dangerous? Im worried…

      • @ Lei you dont even know who you are chatting with NEVER seen him on cam so why would you even think of exposing yourself to this scammer that has found you on some social network the answer to your question is YES this scammer will try to get your information where you work and where you live and will try to blackmail you into giving him money to stop him from sharing what you show him on web cam hello they record this ALL the time and you think that just because he hasnt asked you for money hes real think again….. Also demand to see him on cam demand an interactive chat with him show his face and body and tell him he had better be the soldier he is pretending to be guess what he WONT he will give you an excuse and there you have it SCAMMER you have been warned delete and block this clown go to scamwarners.com or romancescam.com for support and to see the pics of the real military member this scammer is pretending to be he doesnt Love you he doesnt even know you or since he claims to love you so much turn the tables on him ask him for money tell him to send it through moneygram or western union see what happens bet he will come up with an excuse and say he can access his funds for some reason they always have a lie to tell this sounds to good to be true because IT IS

      • @ lei ask him whats his Mos and what ship he’s on if hes in the Navy ask him where his ship is homeported ask him what CSG his ship travels with and what fleet his ship is in and above all ask him who his rear admiral is??? he wont know what hit him if he is a real sailor he will have all the answers to these question.Anonn has spoken Yes I am A Us Military Wife.

  174. Watch out for “Percy Jones” who is scamming my mother! he is in “Iraq”…asked for money to bring his package to her. He asked her for an IPAD. She is still in the “relationship” with this scammer. I tracked his IP address to Sunnyvale, CA not iraq! another search of his email address meloncope@yahoo.com takes it to Ghana! Watch out for Percy and his Love emails!

  175. i think im being scamm by the name of sgt jonny rellinger or ebertt ,i have several pics of him and hes son he seems like a really nice father so im not sure if it is him or someone else but he to ask me to applied for leave and want to marry me after lots of love letters ,so i did fill out forms and pay some money silly me,his email address is jonnyebertt@yahoo.com or he is on facebook as jonny rellinger

  176. Anyone had contact with a Matthew Lingo states Captain in US army – in Iraq ?? Not asked for money but help with business transfering money ??

  177. I think I have become one of the latest victims of this type of Scam. I have been in contact with a Sgt. Kelly Mat Whallen (aka Kyle Whallen) also in afghanistan, wife died 6 years ago in a fire has a 13 yr old son a friend is caring for back in Texas. When I told him I could find no record of him anywhere in public records of Texas I was told I was not searching properly. I told him to look me up if he “finds himself”.

  178. I have been talking to a William (Bill) Haggard, captain.haggard1961@yahoo.com also in afghanistan. His story was his wife died 5 years ago, and after the first time we im he was telling me how much he loved me, but he’s story changed every day, I just went along, first he had 2 boys, then it was a girl in college, then a girl that was going to school in Ghana. this had been going on about a week, well he asked me to send him money to come back to states for christmas, I told him if I had the money I would use it to go see me kids for christmas, he got up set. I haven’t heard from him since

    • I have also been chatting with someone using very similar story, only he says his name is Capt Paul Haggard. He said he is in Afghanistan, his wife died 4 yrs ago, has 2 young sons staying with Aunt in Holland. Question were not being anwsered, seemed like everytime I asked a question he would just all of a sudden by “so tired” and would contact me later. Well I really started getting a gut feeling things were just not right. So I went searching and found this site. Now it all just makes sense. Glad I got out before he was able to get anything from me(other than my heart).

      • I have also been talking with a Cpt. Paul Haggard since October with the same story.
        Did he send you pictures. He has sent me about 10 or so. I knew when he called me that he was not the person in the pictures.
        His email is paulhaggard45@yAHOO.COM

  179. I met on internet a man who says he is in iraq, we chat online he uses a yahoo email, I ask him to sent me email form his army account, he send me an email from a usa.com account, I want to know is this a real email account from the us army, because i`m from holland and don`t know about this kind of accounts. can somebody give me some information about all this?

  180. I met a man who said he is in Afgan, He is ssgkenneth3303 he sign Preston and Kenneth. He hasnt asked for money yet. but i am waiting. I had a bad feeling so i started to look and found this sight. Here is another guy in the uk to and he asked for money he is saying a bad storm messed up some work he did and he has to fix it so he needs more money to fix if so he can get payed his name is James Scott.

  181. I have been victimized by a scammer identifying himself as Chris Lingo, Marine from Holtsville NY, 48, single without kids. The pictures I received appear of possibly 4-5 men. I without words how he made me feel, the special place in my heart untouched, no sleep, not eating totally in love waiting for him to come home in December. Now having confirmed my suspicions, #1 I hope and pray the men’s pictures I have seen are alive and well, I feel in love with each picture. I will begin my crusade of supporting my troops, joining the cause, loving each soldier and thanking god of the choice they made to keep me safe. I did get from this something positive, the feeling my mother had as she always waited for my dad when he was in the military, how beautiful. the second my nephew deployed during that horribly fictious week, my strength to keep him safe as he is doing for us. You —–didn’t get everything from me. His yahoo sign on was chris.lingo@ya.mail and calvin.innocent@yahoo.com. God bless our innocent hard working soldiers.

  182. Hi,

    I’ve had a great experience with Johnson Smith who for the passed month has been emailing me and chatting on Yahoo chat. I was so suspicious from early on, but let him tell me some things.

    Well he is a Sergeant Major in the Army, Royal Artillery, He is a widower, has a son Eric 17, who lives in the states with his granny. He has sent me lots of photographs and could be very plausible.

    However his english is bad and his story a little too good to be true. He has a house in Chelsea, and one in Adelanto, California. He is 54, 55 next week and is about to retire.

    He sends poetry, but never signs an email. He’s not on google etc etc.

    He recently was sent on a mission in Kandahar to rescue an Afghan dignatory’s son, who was kidnapped in 2006. On the way back he was shot in the leg.

    To thank him the boys family gave him gold bars. Could I accept them for him.

    I told him, I thought it was all a scam and guess what, he disappeared.

    johnson.smith222@yahoo.com and johnson.smith222@yahoo.co.uk

    If I knew how to submit a picture I would…


    • Hi,
      He is a thieft!!! I keep without so much money and I don’t know how describe my story. I am still incredible for belive on this thieft! He has someone on Ghana!I am so sorry for my stupidity. His name is Richard Jhonson Smith


    * MR BELL
    * ATAMA



    * AKAjohnny1961
    * JAMES09
    * ATAMA


    I would love to have more info. because this man has no clue that it will be just matter of time before his game is over .

    ** and I know some of you don’t know why I say this but the more information you give the faster it wil be to track him down ( the wonderful scammer ) .. any & all

    * western union drop address
    * your place for money pick ups
    * whom u r sending it 2
    * copys of reciepts
    * the names used for pick
    * dates
    * times
    * pictures
    * even saved letters
    * e-mail address
    * user names id’s
    * sites on ?
    *oh most important is how long u have been talkin to him

    * as I have noticed the scammer edits the dates n times of pictures

    * e-mail dates r at times that r unusual times
    * etc

    If your wondering I have been in investagations for 5 1/2 yrs .. I just happen to catch my scammer before the money went out the door …
    and I know he has been scamming women for up to a year or more ….

    so every thing is important





    • Laurie,

      As much as you want to find the scammer using SSgt Lingo’s ID, you will not be able to find him. I have been talking to a scammer about locating the one that scammed me and he said the only way that the police can actually “find” him is if he uses the same scam name over and over again, and with your list of “aliases” that is going to be impossible to find him. You can forget about ever getting any money back if you gave and if you lost anything else (your heart) just work your way through it and just spread the word about the scammers. All we can do is educate people in what to look for and have CJ post any and all pictures that you have. The scammer I have been talking to, I met through a friend on here. I will not release his real name or locatio, as he never scammed me. I did tell him about what we are trying to do over here and he knows it’s getting tougher and tougher to try and scam anyone. So what we are doing as far as spreading the word, it is working to some extent. We just have to keep it up! He does not know the name of the sites that we have to report these scams. He said he knew of IC3, and the FBI, but none of our particular sites and I told him that I was not telling him any of them. We only email each other, nothing else…no chats, no FB, twitter nothing. He did live in the US for quite a few years before being deported back to his country…can’t find work so he scams, and yes, I have told him how I felt about that…trust me, I cussed him out for it!!! He did tell me that if anyone tries to scam me to give him the specifics and if he can get to them, he will take care of it…just don’t send any money or items to any of them is the only thing he told me and to pass that piece of advice on, so I am passing it on everyone!!! And he did say that all of the scammers were basically out of S Africa.

    • If you know how i can do that for the guy that says he is Craig Dawson let me know. I have pictures of him and his family. I have address and more. i would really like to get him.

    • For the past week I’ve been speaking to “randy Lingo”, stating he is in Kabul. Have to admit I was starting to fall for him, but than I saw pics of the same gentleman on other sites I was searching for…I can’t believe i was such an idiot….I’m usually a very smart woman..

      Anyhow, he’s going on facebook as Randy Cool…he even told me about his son….stated he was originally from nova scotia (I’m in Ontario). He never asked for money, but it probably would have led up to that…haven’t heard from him in 24 hrs….I hope someone catches this creep…..

      Thanks for creating blogs such as these, if not who knows what may have happened….but also thank god for the instincts that made me suspicious enough to search further.

      Also he’s using a lingo882@gmail.com address….thanks again

      • Hi Susan,

        OMG, I’m talking to this guy now. I’ve been burned in the past and I work with computers. I ALWAYS get google proof of someone’s existance. Randy did not exist. I was being cautious.

        There is a Randy Lingo in Texas. This guy mentions a restaurant in Texas. I had many facts to google on.

        But, last night, out of the blue, he mentioned that he has a timber business. I thought that strange.

        Also, he says he’s in Kabul, but his timezone is one hour off of that.

        He seemed pretty normal. His grammer was just a bit off. His grammer is better in email. He doesn’t answer questions.

        He uses real facts about Kabul, like getting guitar lessions. The United State Army page has video reports, and one is of a guy who gives guitar lessions to the troops once a week.

        He emailed me on facebook first with the name joe bo, after his late father. He said he started the account on his late father’s birthday.

        He mostly logs into msn, after you reply to his emails. It’s very important to him that you reply.

        He wants to get to know me better. I told him last night, email me about yourself. This morning, I get a love letter. I google the phrase “Last night, in my dreams, I saw you on the pier” – and boom, dating scammers. Up until then, it was just poetry sites.

        THANK YOU. Now I know he’s not real and that he’s emailing others.

        I wonder how you post pics here. I’d love to see a pic of your Randy.

        • I have pics of this guy but under jack wilson..also on facebook please send me your pictures thanks suzanne

      • I received a skype from Lieutenant General David Rodriguez, the scammer of the century. These morons use the General’s name and credentials to begin an adventure with a woman, seeking money and gifts. I hate them, stupid people. And yes, I had to tell this man that he did NOT impress me with his bad grammar and English, obviously a faker. I also explained right off the bat that an American soldier is not African, and can read and write! Get back to school and Get the Hell off my Skype! I explained that the General would never lie about his children, or mention them to a stranger online, that the General would speak clearly and elegantly, as he as done during his news briefings. This scamming loser reacted as any imbicile would, and told me he did not love me….LOLLLLLL.

        • This is the email address, by the way, of the man claiming to be the Lt. General. He copy/pasted internet information in the letter to me, and proceded to write in embarrassingly BAD English.

    • hello laurie my name is janet theriault am from canada , omg i think ive been scam cuz the name nobile is familiar some how cuz i meant this supose soldier he calls him self by difrent names , like noble david , stg noble david . noble david finely and ive heard about ivan nobile .and my only wish if i could fine this real soldier that this scamer scum bag use i would be so happy . i have some pic that he send me , but can u tell how can you find the real person cuz i really want to talk to the real soldier if i can after this it would be a relief some how . thank u

  184. Help…I think Im being scammed. I arranged for a TS2 phone and I also sent some money over for a bday present. Now Im being asked for money for an inheritance. Pls I cant figure out how to do the IP on a yahoo email address.

    Im a single mom with a very sick baby, I need your help. Regards B.


  185. I need help, i think im being scammed too.

  186. Hi. I am from Manila, Philippines & I was scammed by these nigerian frauders. This person contacted me through my facebook account. He claimed to be a British Army Soldier identifying himself as JOHN BRADFORD, a widower with 1 son.When we started exchanging messages & meeting on yahoo messenger to chat he said that he is currently in kabul, Afghanistan.He’s asking of money begun when he told me that his son was in Accra, Ghana Africa with fellow students from UK & failed to bring enough money for the hotel accommodation. After that his son had an accident on his way to the airport. Then his son had a malaria & needed money for treatment. Then he got shot while patrolling & was taken back to UK. Now, his son needed money again to be able to fly back to UK. To make it short, I have sent $1,100.00 in total. Then he suddenly disappeared.These people has really no conscience, while he was missing, his son kept on calling me asking for money for him to go home in UK.I was so blinded that it was already too late for me to realized that all was just a lie. I started searching for website such as this to enable me to at least find out who is the man in the pictures that this frauder have sent me. I am not rich & I am single mom. I borrowed from the office I worked for the money that I sent for these people. Please help me find the man in the picture, I believe his a real soldier & his picture is being used to scam women. I believe that this frauder have used the same name & pictures to different women all at the same time.I have posted a warning notice WITH THIS MAN’S PICTURE to my friends at facebook. This is his email add john_bradford2010@yahoo.com
    If you wish to see the picture this frauder used please click this link http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/1193/32963194.jpg
    Thank you & regards.

    • this guy tryed the same thing with me but lucky i never gave any details away he tryed it on facebook

  187. hi i have a Phil Bryant claimimg to be in Afghan and he wont go away tells me im the love of his life and tried to get £2500 out of me, please can anyone else tel me if they have herd from him as he is not getting to much to handle who else also can i report this to

  188. I too have been sent emails by this scam man from oct 22 till just last week with the same story,about needing help wanting my details,lucky i never feel for his story but know he will try it again.
    so be very aware out there for this man.

  189. I wonder if its the same one mine is Mike Bryant, only realised it was a scam yesterday

  190. he threatened to sue me yesterday for darkening his name, he got quite nasty with me, checked the IP address and its coming from the USA i got pics of him and his son, well he claims it is his son i can forward them if you want me to

  191. i worded my first mail wrong i should have said he is getting to much to handle and need help getting rid of him

  192. John Bradford at john_bradford 2010@yahoo.com who was making out he was in army with son and his wife has died and gave me story about needing help with all the money and telling me that he loved me please after 2weeks,and was asking for my address phone number and asking me to send money to help him,is no longer bothering me as i told him i am no mug know it was scam,he msg me back saying what are you talking about.so not heard from him since then,think he has moved onto his next victim.

  193. I was so distrubed by the fact that these scammers are posing as our service men. I can’t believe they have the nerve to do this and think they can get away with it. It sadden me so deeply, that these scammers know so much about love and yet are the most heartless as to go so far as impersonating an American Soldier. This is my story, which is real. Has anyone heard of a Sgt Duane Williamson? Beware of him, he’s a scammer. He claims he can’t get access to his funds and needed my help in getting is luggage home. He’s posing as a staff sergeant, E-6, NCO but I caught on to the insigna on his helmet which doesn’t match with staff sergeant. Of course, I didn’t send him any money and have reported him to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Can anyone help me to contact the real American Soldier Williamson or his family? He or they need to know that is photos has been stolen and his identity is being degraded. Us women have to become wiser; once someone asks for money that is a huge red flag. We have to be strong and not become vulnerable as an easy target for romance. Always be selective and skeptical even if he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever laid eyes on. Don’t give out your personal information, money or your heart until you’ve check out all his credentials and have earned your trust.

  194. could anyone please tell me how to upload photo’s I have of a soldier that is supposed to be Col. Robert Wood just left Iraq presently in Ghana, due to retire after Xmas. Similar story to everyone elses. Uses robertwood1@live.com his ip is from the states, Whitewater,Wichita.

    • upload photo’s your pics to http://www.imagehost.org/

      then post link on here its the url one you need ok

    • Hanna, does he sound southern? I believe this is the same man I ran across! Says he is 44 divorced….actually 63 married. Picture was of a big man brown hair and mustache? let me know. He’s a scarey person….I found out a lot after I started to investigate.

    • Have come across Robert Wood using e mail robertwood97@live.com claiming to be a col currently in Iraq was on a UK dating site. Seemed too good to be true only chatted to him for about 3 days via msn but decided to check him out and came across scammers site when I tackled him was very angry but have not heard from him again. In the photos I have looks about 60 Luckily we had not reached of him asking for any money.

      • Hi am trying to ask if anyone knows sgt.angel 1966 or angel sierra…. he claims to be in us army… me a peacekeeping and just went to texas…. he never answers my questions and is now back on site i met him on. he took himself off for me…. and i went back on and he sent me a wink has phoned 2xs… from supposed palm military
        ops phone…. ???? anyone know him??

        • he is 100% a scammer. my friend was scammed by him.

  195. I have this horrible feeling that I’ve been scammed but don’t know enough about how to go about researching my potential guy. We met on match.com & quickly moved to yahoo. This guy says he’s an E-7 Gunnery Sergent (Marines) in-camp at Diamondback, Mosul, Iraq.

    I’ve googled and bing’d his name but find nothing using his middle name. Rudy Roberthe Andrade from S. Whittier, CA, based in Camp Pendleton. He’s supposedly a widower with a 3 year old daughter who’s living with her assigned guardian in London. He had a facebook page but said it got hacked by some guy from Uganda, Emiko Aimufua, so he’s shut it completely down. I did find this Emiko guy on facebook and he lives in San Francisco. I don’t know how to tell if they’re one and the same.

    Rudy’d requested 6 weeks R&R to begin in the middle of Dec. He sent me a pdf of his Approval of Leave Request which is supposed to be from DOD. It’s got grammatical and spelling errors on it and uses the term “vocational leave” when he told me he’d requested compassionate leave.

    I asked about a military email address & was told that he has one but can’t use it without getting into trouble. I then asked him to send me a picture with his name, my name and him all in it but he refuses saying that I don’t trust him since he already sent me one that someone else took saying See You Soon written on a file folder. He says he can’t access his bank account so he needs me to send him $2500 to buy the international traveling stamp and his boarding pass. I’m supposed to contact the Processing Officer and find out how to take care of all this- he’ll supposedly never touch the money himself.

    Has anyone heard this name? And would someone give me some more ideas on who to track down the real soldier (I must have 20 pics of this guy and he’s legit in them) so I can let him know what’s going on? I’m not sure how to check an IP address or who to contact to find the real soldier.

    I really appreciate it- my heart is absolutely broken. Regards… Jessica

    • Jessica, as soon as they start asking you for money, it’s a scam. I understand how you feel about your heart being broken. I too felt the same but something in my gut tells me this doesn’t sound right. Although, he has sent you 20 pics dosen’t mean he’s ligit. You can check out this site http://www.ip-adress.com for his IP address but sometimes doesn’t give you the exact location. If it says, Sunnyvale,CA that’s just Yahoo headquarters. You really should report him. He’s an imposter.

      • Thanks Antonia, for the kinds words. I went to work tonight and found the real Rudy Andrade back in the states, safe. We’re now Facebook friends and have emailed a bit. He’s married with kids which is a disappointment but at least I’m satisfied that I’ve notified him. This is actually the 2nd time it’s happened to him and I have the name of the person I think is the scammer. Hopefully between the 2 of us we can get all the info I have saved to the right folks.

        I also received flowers from “Rudy” last week. When this all broke today, I came home from work & called the florist. She gave me the name of a man in PA whose credit card was used to pay for them. I ran another search and found him too. I called and spoke with both he and his wife tonight. They weren’t even aware that they’d been breached.

        It’s going to take awhile to get over this but at least I can rest knowing the ugly truth and not having shelled out any money.

        If anybody else runs across “Rudy” or sgt_andrade7@yahoo.com, let me know and I’ll send you everything I have.

        • Jessica, that is great news. Consider your self blessed that your were able to track the real soldier. Don’t worry your heart will heal and you’ll find someone that is real and right for you. This online dating thing is not what it used to be, the majority are scammers; you’re better off finding someone through a friend or at work.

          I wish I could find my real soldier too. Could you please share with me how you were able to find the real Rudy? I’m looking for a Duane Williamson, not sure if that’s his real first name but the email address he used is sgtwilliamson001@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate your help or anyone else who can help. ayuso733@hotmail.com Thanks.

        • Hi Jessica, I just came across Rudy Andrade…would you be able to send me the contact information for the real Rudy…I’d like to let him know that this is happening again…also, whatever information you have on the scammer would be helpful…thank you

    • Hi Jessica,

      I just read your post on the blog regarding military dating scams. I have been communicating for about 3 weeks with a Rudy Andrade who is supposedly in the Marine Corps serving at Camp Diamondback in Iraq. I met him on match.com on Dec 1, 2010. He asked if I would download yahoo messenger as it would be easier to chat. He said he is a widower with a 4 year old daughter who is with his uncle in London while he is in Iraq. He said his wife died 3 years ago in a car crash and that both of his parents are also deceased. His email address is sgt_andrade7@yahoo.com. It’s the same email listed in your blog comments. I decided to google the email address today after he said something that made absolutely no sense. He said that a spouse or girlfriend would have to request leave for him in order for him to take any of the 6 weeks that he has during his remaining 10 months in Iraq. Why would a civilian have to request leave for any enlisted person? He didn’t ask me for money nor did he pursue the issue of R&R but I just thought it very odd. He told me he is an E-8 first sergent and that he is from Whittier, CA and based at Camp Pendleton. His grammer/english is awful in his emails. He also said that he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division after his basic training – but I always thought the 82nd Airborne was Army and not Marines. If there is any information you can share on this “Rudy” I would greatly appreciate it. I have several pictures of him. He suggested that we both close our match.com accounts so that we could get to know each other better without the risk of a third party being involved…also very strange! Thanks for your help!


  196. Hi Antonia,

    I emailed you last night with more details so check your inbox.

    • Hi Jessica,
      I received your email and replied.

  197. Hey girls. HELP. I am not sure if I am being scammed or not. I have been chatting with a SGT. Joe Throne. Has anyone heard of him? He has never asked me for money ever…his English is so-so. He claims he is coming home this December and wants to meet me. Says if his battalion is not sent home he is going to ask for leave. He claims he has been in the military for a long time and has sent pictures. Found me on a BBW site. Any ideas? suggestions….Can there really be Military Men actually looking and has ever met any of them that are checking out dating websites?

  198. PS> I have told him a number of times that I am FLAT broke..like WAY FLAT broke..and he keeps writing to me telling me that is o.k. he is more interested in taking care of me and does not need money..but..from reading all these posts..I am very wary now. Claims he has never been married. Has no children. Lives in Austin Texas.


    • Hi Rowan,
      Email me and let’s see what we can find. My address is in my original post.

  199. Hi Rowan, my advice to you is, ask him a lot of questions. If he gets annoyed, that’s a sign that he’s hiding something. Also, long distance relationship doesn’t workout in long run. I met someone in Toronto and it didn’t work out perhaps I wasn’t into him enough. Be skeptical and don’t let your heart be blindsided. Google him, do some research on him. Check his IP address at this webside. http://www.ip-address.com. You many not be able to find his location because they are hip to this and they’ll try to conseal it. Don’t get involved until you know he’s real. Good luck!

  200. Another odd thing…Some of the girls I have talked to say that the fakes talk to them quite often and at length. Joe rarely talks to me. He runs on line and off line. Says they are so swamped he never gets time to sleep. I have never gotten a sob story from him, only that he will see me soon. NOW..if this is true and he is a SCAM..they are getting smarter…if it is not true..I am one lucky woman…

    • I’m kinda in the same boat as you Rowan. I was on Match.com for less than 12hrs and IM’d by 5 men. Two of them had no pic and a “hidden”profile. When i questioned why, they disapeared form the web site. Two of the others with pics deleated there frofiles when i questioned things they were telling me. All four of these men claimed to be US soldiers in Kabul, being sent home in 2months and retiring, widowed with no kids or family to come home to, all four wanted to come home to me and all begged for my yahoo address. The fifth guy is the one i’m seriously in question of. We’ve been chatting for over a week now. He sent me 3 pics (2 in BDU’s) and one in civilian cloths. He emails me early in the morning or around dinner time (my time zone). He’s never asked me for anything but i have had a few red flags come up. He claims to be falling for me after the first 5 days of contact and he got upset when i questioned him “playing” me. I am ex military, i was in desert storm. I do have a brain in my head and know something about what the deployed soldiers can and can’t have. If he is scamming me…HE’S GOOD!!! But how do i know for sure? I understand and symathize with you Rowan. You want to have faith and trust. He doesn’t completly fit the “scammers”profile, but there are a few red flags. My guy’s name is Sgt. James Kewell, stationed in Kabul, married twice, 45yrs old, on his second tour and will be home to the states in 2 months. I’ve been fucked over by every man that has ever entered my life. I’m older and wiser now and playing this one very cautious. If anyone can help me research this guy to see if he’s legit., please help me.

  201. Can anyone tell me does the name of Lt. Valentino Wilson mean anything to you or have you heard of him??? he is station in
    Afghan….. is he from Miami….

  202. I have been getting emails from Brian Smith in Nigeria, who claims to be military and his tour of duty is over and he can not cash his check there, he even sent me picturs of his check and ID. he wants me to open a bank account so he can transfer funds into it so i can send it back to him by western union. Anyone ever hear of that one?

    • It’s called being a “mule”. You’re the account holder for the money that’s coming into these scammers from the folks they’re scamming.



  203. I am an ex 82nd Airbornne enlisted man. I am appalled at the rip offs going on. How can a person on the west coast help with this problem? Please advise. Thank you, Donald J. King

    • Hi Donald,

      You could give us some insight into how the military works and what, if anything, they can/are willing to do.

      Please feel free to email if you’d like to know more about what I and some ladies have been doing.


    • please contact me on the above email. donald . many thanks christine 24.10.2012

      • hi donald who ever you are youve asked me to contact you well here l am . You left me a a site to contact you on l tryed to contact you on there l cannot …………..My question to you why are you contacting me have some news about those scrammers l mention ………………….l hope so …………………l have written a letter to the Grippe family ………..l feel its disqusting that these people can get away with this problem……………………these scrammers are …beyond words that are repeatable……………………….please contact me on my email. then l will answer more quickly . l just hope your not one of these poeple……………….sorry but its just makes me feel……………………………………………………………………………………………….you can quess the rest. …..just takecare

    • please contact me on the above email. donald . many thanks christine 24.10.2012

  204. i am in contact with alexander machiavelli…..stationed dodon barracks lagos…..he has sent a lot of proof of who he is…..but after reading these i am concerned….we have been in contact for 5 months…he has not asked for anything…..does any one know of him….tyhanks

    • Pat, I’ve not heard of Alexander Machiavelli but Lagos, Nigeria is one of the breathing grounds for scammers. I think, he hasn’t asked you for anything yet is, because many women/men are aware of these scammers. You said he’s given you a lot of proof but what exactly does that mean. If you’re talking pictures, that doesn’t mean proof. Have you spoken to him more than once? Have you sent him letters to his physical address? Meeting him would be the ultimate proof and still you’ll have to be leery. People usually know when something doesn’t feel right. Good luck.

      • Have him send you an email from his .mil account. If he tells you he can’t, he’s LYING and is a scammer!

  205. Wow! I’ve been reading all your stories on here and it’s similar. I’m chatting with a Sgt. Frank Mccarthy that claims to be in the US Airforce stationed in Nigeria. He stated that he was with 30 other soldiers. I then noticed that he had two different images on his photo’s section on Facebook. And also he did not post any info of where he lived, age, birthdate, etc. He claimed to be a widower since 2003, said his wife died in a car crash after being married to her for 3 months. His dad is British and his mother is American. He was asking me for money and he gave me this information to send the money, but I told him that I was broke, a starving student and can’t send him anything. He kept saying he didn’t need my money and only my love. But then he would ask again if I could help him out with $100. He said he was suffering from ulcer and that he needed raw milk. He needed money to get him food from wherever he said he could to avoid eating the African food. Things are not matching up here, and he claims that he can’t be on webcam for miliary purposes. Also, I met him on Zorpia, so he told me to close my account on there since he said “I was the one he was looking for”. Well I didn’t care about that site anyways because it was insane, the emails I was getting from all these strange men daily. Right now, I told him I am broke, with no job and no money and barely surviving each week. He said he was coming back to the US in January and said he wanted to marry me and he was very much in love with me. Now after reading all this, I just clearly blocked him from Facebook all together. I’m glad I came upon this site and now I know what these men are capable of doing to get money.

  206. I think I have recently found out that I have been scammed. I have been talking to a guy claiming to be a Colonel in the Army. He calls himself Col. Jason Scott. He found me on the Zoosk network, had a profile and everything. He eventually did ask me for money. I should have realised, but I did send him $60. Then he asked me to help his “friend” send him money, and asked me if I had a bank account. He even sent me pictures. I am strong so I will get through this. I just pray for the women who will collapse in despair when they find out they are being played. He used this e-mail, col.jasonscott@yahoo.com. Do not respond to this guy. He is not real. I have just sent a report, along with the pictures he sent me and the information as where to send the money. If you believe you are being scammed, report it. And be careful on those dating sites. I know I will be from now on.

    • How do you know if you have made a mistake and he’s not a scammer after all??

    • Who do you report it to?

  207. Hello I guess we are all single girls in our 30′s 40′s. I feel sick that I was on my way to go through what some of you have gone through.For me, I have a low self esteme as it is,so when LT GEN David M. Rodriguez contacted me I wondered what is such a high flying man wanting to talk to such an ordinary quite and fat girl like me. I googled his name and all these web sites came up about him,alarm bells started to ring. On page 4 or 5 of these web sites this name came up on a cyber crime site wow.I now have an email from him declaring love and a life long commitment,I’m here in tears. Like the rest of you I’m just a decent person looking to get through life the best way,and things like this come along and slap you down.I’ve cleared this man off my contact list on Skype but he has my email hopefully if I keep egnoring them he will go away.By doing this though it only means he moves on to another girl, I’m so sorry

    • Dear Kaye, we all know how you feel. It’s hard to “just move on”, because we so much want to believe that the guy is real. We get attached to these guys, fall in love, and it is so hard to let go. You are not just ordinary. You are a unique, beautiful person and someday a good guy will find you. Just have faith, and have faith in yourself. Together we can all make it through. Believe in yourself and try to be strong.

  208. Dear Karen I must thank you for your loveley words.Happy New Year.I know my self esteme is low and that’s what made me think why does this guy want to talk to me.It’s what made look further into this guy,who is he? I think if I was not so weary and thought better of my self I may have thought I’ve hit the jack pot here and got drawn in further.Thank you I will have more faith in my self,after all I’m a lucky one I did’nt part with any money, got through this luckier than most. THANK YOU

    • Dear Kaye,You are very welcome, and Happy New Year to you too. Be proud of yourself that you cought it in time. For me, I am still going through the greaf of “losing” my guy. But this has also taught me to check them out from the beginning. Also, on my dating site profile, I have added that I am not desparate or lonely, that I am not an easy target, that I will not send money under any circumstances or “help friends” send money, and that I will investigate to make sure they are who they say they are. If you are still on a dating site, you should also add these comments to your profile. This will let them know ‘once bitten, twice shy’. I am glad I could help.

  209. here a name to add to the list: cpt george j douglas works with a friend name ajiboye olayinka aka jummy davies aka okagoke babtunde and if you need help with catching anymore of these S.O.B let me know i would be glad to. they give our military a bad name!!!

    • george J douglas?? im talking to a John Douglas.. i have pics.. can we exchange if we have the same person?

  210. To: cj,
    Hi! I’m here to share something about my experienced in tagged account and ym. He also stated that he is U.S Army named Sgt. Brian Mark Patterson deployed in Iraq. He ask me to have his ts2 satellite phone just to talk us and having our emotional affection and conversation. We met online last aug. 2010 and he add me in tagged aact. after that we’ve talk thru tagged. He told me that he is single and her wife was died for caraccident 5 yrs. ago. So i beleive on what his saying. October 2010 we’ve talk again cause i click him in his YM acount and then we started talking again and he told a lot of sweet nothing mesages then he ask me to sent money for a satellite phone so i research in Yahoo about satellite phone and i saw it its true cause i read all about the satellite phone, and he gave the person name Stephen Watson and i ask why in nigeria send the money, he says because the u.s army is in Nigeria base. so i believe again cause i research about thatin yahoo and google. Then i found out that nigeria is a base where the u.s army located. He told me again regarding his general to email me just to have his vacation
    to come with me in his vocation. After that general answered my email and he sent email regarding his gate pass min Iraq. then it tells i have to pay some amount in their financial Department for Military Transit Department. So i told him both of you guys are scamming me. Cause everytime we talk always money involve for subscribing the satellite phone, then i believe on what he says about me. And now on his gate pass exit through war zone, the General sent me an email regarding an application form for vocation leave of sgt. brian mark patterson. May i ask if that person is a real soldiers in u.s army and its true that he base in Iraq? If his wife is died already and his 2 kids are studying in military school in U.S? named jeff and amelia? Please answer me back so that i can be aware on right away? Please check it out his identity on military services.

  211. Well my story starts 2 days before Christmas. For the first time, I signed up on a dating website call BlackPeopleMeet.com. I was checking my flirts and received an online chat request. The photo was a black man from Chicago. After chatting awhile this man makes a confession that the photo/bio was not his. He was a white man and was using his friend’s access since he no longer uses it because he found his soul mate here. He wanted to send his pictures so I provided him with one of several email addresses I set up just for dating responses. We chatted back and forth about him being in Afghanistan for 2 years, is retiring from the Army in 2011. Is widowed with 2 kids, a daughter in college and son being kept by best friend in Ghana. Having a fraud investigators background, connections in the military; it didn’t take long to catch on. He sent a list of questions to answer. Of course my answers where bull. Just found out so call family business, jewelry, which he misspelled with both parents being deceased. While communicating, with him, I started an investigation on the picture, IP address. I dropped the bomb on him yesterday. During the conversation, I asked by the way ‘are you Simon or Frank today’. It would be so nice to have a webcam for a Kodak moment. You ladies be safe out there. This guy was good and the picture, oh my. Spelling and sentence structure was very good. Wouldn’t that be funny if he was the real deal? NOT!!!!! He goes by the name of Raymond Draper. I went to http://ww.delphifaq.com/faq/male_scammers/f6653.shtml?p=0#211986 . I see a few ladies encountered other Drapers. Check out if same guy.
    PS. Going back to dating the old fashion way. Good luck and be Safe.

  212. PSS. During our last conversation, after the bomb, he said he is leaving for Korea later that evening. Also has a web site at My Space.

  213. CJ
    Can you check the picture out. I’ve got a feeling this could be a deceased solider. I pray not but the family needs to know about the My Space account. Thanks

  214. I caught one this past weekend. He is using the name Jarrel Lopez, Kabul, Afghanistan. Where do I send the pictures? I did not fall for this guy, I knew from the start something was not right, so I played along to see what would happen. Sure enough he asked me to recieve some luggage with clothes and oil contracts? haha. I got an email from a Diploma Smith stating I will receive a package from my HUSBAND! huge red flag…. and I refused. Needless to say, I did not hear anything back from the guy since. The ip address is out of Sunnyvale, California. the time difference is 6 hours which I found in the email reply. When the message is replied to, the time stamp from the original email is the time it was received, you can compare that against the time that you actually sent the email. We can get these guys back, all the ladies out there, let’s do what they are doing. Sign up on the dating site as someone else…we all are aware of what they are doing and we can catch them in the act. Soon they will stop because they will not know who we are either…we all can become private investigators and tell them that once they try to take something from us. i am going to be someone else on the dating site this weekend. make sure you create a new email account each time you become someone else. this will work, I just know it.

  215. oh BTW Kabul Afghanistan is 10 1/2 hours ahead of my time not 6 hours.

  216. I will post this to the facebook website tonight with the pictures.

  217. Its been over a year but i am curious… Has anyone been in contact with the famous FESTUS SMITH!!!

  218. Captain John Detroit – Anyone heard of this guy? He contacted my daughter and another lady via Facebook private message and started conversations with both. Says he’s a captain in the army in Iraq, but changed it to reserves when I questioned my daughter and she asked him. Says his mother is from Mexico and lives in Mexico City, but doesn’t speak Spanish and his father is deceased. He has a 15-yr-old daughter named Jenny and he’s widowed. Asked my daughter for money for a satellite phone “so they could communicate” and also for a thousand dollars to send his mother in Mexico because “Jenny fell down the stairs at Christmas and broke her arm and has internal injuries (a bruised rib) and will have to be in a wheelchair when she gets out of the hospital and he doesn’t have access to his money while in Iraq.”

    He sent me a message via Facebook and his English is atrocious and I told my daughter he may be from New York, but New Yorkers are Americans and they do not phrase their words like this guy. He wanted to send her $7K total through a bank transfer and then have her wire it back Western Union, but the bank closed her account after checking and said it was fraudulent funds. Up until then my daughter was pretty infatuated with this guy, but I had been telling her things were not adding up about what he was telling her.

    Apparently this guy isn’t very good at scamming. I went on his Facebook site and messaged all the women on his list asking about some of these things and one answered and said she had been in contact with him since right before Christmas. Turns out he was sending them the same romantic emails at the same time. The lady sent the one I sent her to him questioning him about it and he messaged my daughter and chewed her out. She told him she didn’t do it.

    I sent him a message and told him not to blame my daughter, I was the one who did it. This is the reply I got from him:

    John Detroit January 14 at 3:11pm Report

    you are a fuck and should be ashame of your actions.mind you, all you do, i will never be sanctioned because i know in me that i did nothing wrong, and this issue with the bank could only have arise due to the location read by the bank on the ip address the transfer is coming from since iraq is a blacklisted country from the US security data base.
    you didnt reason well before taking your actions, but you are an adult who i expect should have a more wider brain, but see your head is packed with the brain fish.
    will see soon

    Well, I’m not sure what my head is packed with, but he was so mad he couldn’t get his English straight and you can tell by reading this that he sure as hell ain’t an American!! I was laughing so hard after I read this! I have a picture which may really be him since he’s sent several and they are an older version of the one of him in military uniform. My husband is retired military and what this guy was telling our daughter just wasn’t adding up. She and the other woman have both blocked him from FB and told him not to ever contact them again.

    Score: Women 2
    John Detroit 0
    The look on his face at getting caught was probably priceless

    Life is good today!

  219. The guy I was scammed by was called SGT SCOTT D ADAMS Email address sgtscotta@yahoo.com . His pics are on here well the one’s he uses.I found out cos I hacked his account lol.. his questions were easy cos of the information he told me. One of the girls he promised to marry was the one sendignthe money from the UK to him .Other’s he left waitng at the airport. He also has a mate that gets talking with you his name is Roy snipeshooter@yahoo.com…..

  220. Here are a list of scammers I have encountered on a website. All fakes

    George Miller — George.miller2000@yahoo.com Claims to be in the military in Kabul. He is actually in Ghana. Complete scammer.

    Chambrel Browning Scammer from Nigeria

    Frank Houle- Uses several yahoo addresses and is from Nigeria. Scammer all the way

    David Cooper- Claims to be from New Jersey and now stationed in England. Not true. Couldnt trace his email but he is a scammer.
    I do this as a hobby to expose these guys. I am a techie and for those non techie women, I want to help you. All scammers.

    • How about these names?
      Leno Brown Haggard or Harrad
      Clark Leno Brown
      CJ identifies him on this site as Robert Bill Haggard.

    • Do you have more information on Frank Houle?
      Any pictures?

      Thank you

  221. Hi
    I am adding to my previous message, My scammer I met on chemistry.com 3 day trial and has going by the name of Sgt. John A Roach and is aol user name is roache6sgt@aol.com.
    This man is a handsome man over in Afghanistan for the last 2 years and is retiring soon so that he can spend time with his 15yr. daughter which he puts a picture of him and her on his yahoo.com acct. Of course he gives me his undying love but I starting to think this is stinky
    and need some help here as he wants me to send him a package of tshirts for the orphans over there and he also has a picture with the orphans. He said his friends will order them on line if I can send the package to his diplomat Mr. Samuel Wellington in Accra, Ghana?????
    has anyone seen or heard of this guy maybe someone is using this mans id as it shows him with army clothes
    thanks Gail

  222. hi i have just done a ip on
    Jonny Rellinger
    west ebert
    jonny ebert
    and they are in the united states

  223. Beware of a guy going around as sergant first class Smith Michael Brown. He states that he is stationed out of the Pentagon and part of the First Cavalary division. He will ask you for exspensive gifts and money and states that he is going between Nigeria and Aftganistan. He is a scammer and he is on the sight Zingle.

  224. Watch out for a nigerian man going by the name of Smith Michael Brown. He states that he is in the army but he speaks broken english. He will tell you that he is currently deployed but does training in Nigeria. He will give you a nigerian address to send money or he will give you the name of Susan Taylor from Branford Ontaria and states that it is his sister. They are scammers.

  225. hi am new to this and i was wondering if you can give advise ,have read everything on here what women have gone through,and i mthink i am being scammed to his name is frank_ audrey1313@ymail.com and hes an american soldier in pakistan a bomb detetive so he told me ,the problem is he asked me to get forms scanned and send back to his army base witch i did but then they asked me to pay for his liberty pass to come home ,by the way he lives in the uk and his son is with his gaurdian at the moment ,hes tried to make me feel guilty because he wont see his son for 8months and if anything should happen to him who is going to look after his son without his money to support him at home ,i so much want to believe him but my gut instinct is telling me diffrent ,he says he carnt get accsess to his bank account over there to get money and wishes he could then he could pay it himself to get home hope to hear from you soon thank you liz ,,,

    • Elizabeth,

      He is a scammer – trust your gut. I also wanted to believe my guy, and did some uncharacteristically stupid things! I did not lose a lot, but am still chastising myself over this. Real army guys have access to their money, can email from their military email address, which by the way ends in .mil, nothing else.

      Another name to add to the list: Raymond Barcinas, aka Richmond Barcinas, aka Ricchmond Barcinas, aka Michael Barcinas. Probably more -these are just the ones I know of for sure.

  226. I am the real Haggard and I wil be the first to tell anyone to NOT send a deployed Soldier money or high-dollar value items. Soldeirs have unprecidented access to the internet and are payed very well while deployed to a combat zone.

  227. Hi I feel my family has been scamed by awon says she is in the army. sgt. samatha Howard or samatha mccalaster or rebeca howard. says she was in Iraq. conviced my husband she didn`t have enought money to surport her grandmother who was taking care of her daught. says she love him and wanted to make a life with him. this started in 2009 and still going on. She told him she wanted to meet him. he sent her money, she got the money. The day she got it, she said she couln`t come because she was being ship to Korea. But would meet him after she got back. She got back to Iraq and qas going to go on leave but didn`t want to wait for fellow soldgers, he sent more money, then she went to Germany. She wanted me to move out of our hourse so she could live here with him. I wouldn`t leave. She said her gram mother and daughter was in a car accedent, her daughter died but she didn`t have the money for funeral bill, he sent her more money. I have talked on here with her and what she called me isn`t worth repeating. He left me for her. never has meet her. She said they would marry and he would travel the world with her. He still is waiting for her.As far as I know he still sends her money. She wanted him to hook up her girl friends with other older men like him. you can find her on pal talk sweetptwo2002@yahoo.com my life has been threaten if I talk about her. but men be wear.

  228. Hello, is there anybody who know a guy named Roger Peacock, lately serving in Iraq, widowed (of course!)a son living with a nanny in Baltimore(paied by US gouvernemnt) ect..beware of him , he scamed me..
    I got 6 or 7 pics of him, if anyone know him

    take care out there..

  229. I have been talking to a Tom haggard from the u.s army..He tells me he is the u.s army and is in Afhganistan.After a few day he prounouced his undieing love for me..I checked him out today on facebook,,I dont know but something came over me to do so and yes he,s on there..I had a gut feeling there was something wrong days ago but did nothing till today..He tells me he has a daughter and a adopted son in ghana.He said he just sent them back to America.He paid for a child minder to take care of them in his five bedroomed house..mmmm He tells me he wants to be a family move to britain with me..I tried to get his address there to send him letters,He tells me they can not recieve them because of where he is but could send them to his peace keeping centre in ghana and they will take them to him when they go to ghana..Which is rubbish..As i know if you want to send a letter to your man it,s called a shoe box mail.Plus it,s free.you go to the post office and tell them where it,s going and they will send it..But anyway I have been recieveing phone calls supposedly from his adopted son who,s in ghana.The neck of it of it he wants to call me mum.This tom say,s a child minderis looking after them and this kid tells me he,s 21..Whats that…I have ignored the calls..But the address he sent me to write to him is…..Tom Haggard,West Africa Peace Keeping Conferance,Tennyson Adjei,Abeka-lapez street,West Africa-Ghana..If your in Afhganistan where does that come from??I have the phone number that this so called son is..So if anyone else gets it or a phone call heres the number..It may be slightly different to which ever area you live at..00233208112349..The only thing i can think of where he got my number was of facebook..Im a learner on the laptop due to my grandkids saying i should get upto date.lol..So this is my first experiance..Oh!! yes he did ask for a Blackberry touch screen,a Watch,a Ipod and a laptop as he was useing his friends and it would be nice to have his own and he could talk to me privately..That was the alarm bells i think..I do hope ive explained myself..Thankyou for reading your experiances now i will know what to watch out for..Kathy.

  230. yes I see I’m not the only ones there’ve been exposed to it here soldier / ofis, etc, but this time it was named Martim one day the other day on Dating, dk, Aktaborn, and so vary it every time he becomes discovered who he really is
    yes he did thank goodness not as long as he wanted with me, nemmelig and get me to and send money to him in gahna
    I got a phone, which I checked and alertness of the visede and every link to traveling and dating company in gahna
    I thank my God that I woke up in it was too late
    for he is very easy and becomes in love with it there martin anderson Nielson, etc, various names, surely it here at a time he would start up a gold company in Dk, but was down to gahna for and buy gold
    he must be happy for, he said the way had a lot of money and buy this for your page come up and build up a life together with me, well one morning he called and said he needed money because he could not withdraw money in the bank after 48 hours , and needed the money for hotel and traveling, o, s, v,
    He got bbesked of me that I had no money
    so here from me, did not produce an ear, Today I got an e-mail and that he still had not heard anything from the bank and needed money
    instead of cash he got a Kope of this page with their own pictures, since I have not heard more begging for money
    Regards from kathja

  231. Beware Sgt Roger Smith goes by Wade. From Baltimore, has 15 yr old daughter, widower.

    He gets angry when you ask questions asking for specific answers. Plays on your emotions like you are really hruting him. All his emails are precomposed. He even had me emailing his daughter. He got mad when I commented that he and his daughter had similar word phrases in their emails. He never asked me for anything. Hi email and his daughter is sgtroger.smith@yahoo.com and daddies.pet90@yahoo.com

  232. Hey SSG James Larry Lingo, such a romantic guy it is worth to write a book about it. You would believe he is a Poet. And right away wanted to marry me. Widower, 17 years married never chiated on his wife until he dieth 1 son 11 years old living in Ohio. Siblings living in Italy and parents long deceased (and he is just 48) Father Italian, Mother American just wanted to come home and MARRIE me!! If it were true I would have hit the jackpot.. went to some friends to find out and there is no James L. Lingo in the Army. When I pushed him for the city where he was deployed he became very angry..and asked if I have ever been in IRAK?? ASked me for an e-mail for “quick release” with payment of $1,670 which is = to the cost of a ticket.. from Baghdad to the US. Always wrote ” when I get back home to the state” or ” my friends in the state”…. and now I find the pic of SSGT Lingo online. My only concern was that the jerk did not use a death officer’s name, that would have been gross.. Lets get together and write a book so everybody gets to know what is going on..his e-mail by the way is linamy6595@yahoo.com.
    His last e-mail said:

    “Wait for the boy who pursues you. The one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical; the kind of boy who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. Wait for the boy who will be your best friend; the person who will drop everything to be with you at any time of the day no matter what the circumstances. Wait for the boy who makes you smile like no other boy makes you smile, and when he smiles you know he needs you. Wait for the boy who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats and have no makeup on, but appreciates it when you get all dolled up for him. And most of all, wait for the boy who will put you at the center of his universe, because obviously he’s at the center of yours. Baby No matter what you need to talk to me i Love you with my heart and there is no one like you, i can never cheat on and i swear i don’t have any or woman am always tell you this but is like you don’t trust me anymore, But as for me i put all my trust in you Honey.To truly love and trust someone is to give them your heart and this is what i have done my heart is with ya Baby .Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.Watch your thoughts; they become words.

    Watch your words; they become actions.

    Watch your actions; they become habits.

    Watch your habits; they become character.

    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    wow if with these one girl would not fall for.. then what.. Be careful it took him just 10 days to write this stuff..

  233. Well, the name Chris Haggard is back into circulation again. States he is in Iraq. I met him on a dating website. After just 5 days of talking, he tells me he Loves me and wants to come home and live with me in 2 months after he gets out. He states he has no Family and Friends. Then he complains his computer is not working well and since his birthday is coming up, can i send him a new computer with a web cam so i can see his smiling face. Of course I knew this was now a scam. I looked him up on Facebook and sure enough his picture is there. He also sent me 3 pictures of himself in his Uniform. Told me he was a Marine. Then I noticed his pictures were all over the dating website, but with a slightly different profile, age, where he was from. I sent e-mails to some of the girls on his facebook, asking if they knew him. They all were stolen identies from other facebook profiles. No one knew him, just accepted him as a friend, thinking it was another friends contact. I feel really bad for the real Chris Haggard, as his name and pictures are being dragged by scammers through these web sites.

  234. His name is SSGT Adam Lingo and is/was 28 in 2008. See his videos in the link above

  235. http://www.spike.com/video-clips/z7pkoj/mtv-news-iraq-uploaded-iraq-uploaded

    here goes the link for anybody who gets scammed by a supposed LINGO

  236. Hi again its Kim, I was just wondering if a George Ray Colvin is stationed in Nigeria as a Sargent, please it would help me so much to know that im not talking to a scammer. He has told me a few times that he is coming to Australia to marry me but im feeling alittle confused and hurried about everything thats happening to me. He has asked me to sign and send a next of kin form to him. He has also asked me for money in the amount of $2500.00 in exchange to send me $100,000,000.00 to invest in australia when we get married. Please help me I feel like something is not right here. I hope to hear from you very soon Sincerely Kim.

    • Kim, if you need to ask if you are being scammed, you are. Please do not send this man any money, I would also say end your contact with him. Your money is hard earned so keep it.

  237. There is a guy saying he has served in the Army for 30 yrs he is in active duty now he said in afgainastan. he said he is from Miami Fl. the only name he gave me was George Moose…. He said after a few weeks of chatting with him that I won his heart and wanted me as his wife. I ask ?s but alot of them he ignores. I have tried to google his name with his home town and nothing,I also went to bing.com to search for him, nuthing there… I tried searching for Army guys and come up with nothing. BUT he never asked for nothing as of yet, He tells me he s do to retire in May… OK people help me out.. Shouldnt I be able to search his name and hone town and he should show up some place… My son was in the Army and my bro in the Navy and if you google their name it comes up that they were soliders… Now that I have read this from you all I have a few ?s for him, he did give me a yahoo address. he ment me through a singleparent site… well PLZ tell me what you all think… THANKS ABBIE

    • Hi again,

      Abby delete him from your profile, he’s a scammer. My Mark Ramos alias Hagard was ONE big ONE. He hit a different girls and we were able to contact each other and realized that all he wanted was $$$ anf gifts to send to Ghana. He contacted me again last Wenesday and I faced him directly by asking direct questions and he did not answer them and when I ask him for his army e-mail well he gout not supply me with it so I told him he was a Ghana scammer and I was not a fool, he cut off the connection. I have deleted him from my contacts and I also reported him on the dating site BADOO so he won’t be able to hit on other girls. From now on I will never accept any invitation from militaries unless I am on a official dating site for military. So watch out for this guy girls!!! It’s a scam!

    • Hi Abbie,
      Beware of George R Moose

      He is a scammer

  238. S.O.S. to all the ladies out there – RAMOS – HAGARD HIT’S AGAIN! I’m a girl from Quebec, Canada and on March 5, I went on a dating site called ‘Badoo’and gess what? E-6 Staff Sergeant Mark Ramos Hagard contacted me.he goes under the nickname Mark from Miami, Florida, age 50. It did not took to long for him to ask me to contact him on MSN at the following: markhagard@hotmail.com stating that it would be more private. After chatting with him for about 2 days, he started to express his love for me and could not wait to meet me as soon as the President called them in from Gaza capital of Afghanistan. Then he ask me for my phone number which I refused to give him for the moment. He then sent me several pictures of him which seem to be realistic. After 3 days, he said that he would ask his commander if he could use the cam so I may see him; which he did and I saw him for a couple of moments, it did seem to be him but we got cut off to fast for me to confirm it. He explained that since the cam was not his he could not use it to long. He then started to tell me all about his life (widower since 2002,wife died in car accident in NY, born at Baptist Hospital in Florida on a Tuesday 6 Sept. 1956, own’s a house in Miami and another one in LA that he rent’s out, single child and parents died in a car crash when he was 31,has a daughter of 17 (Elizbeth Ramos)staying with a retair friend of the army since 5 years; and they have decided to go to Ghana in West Africa and he could not understand why and could not wait to come back so he may go and get her on his way back. This went one for severals days: chatting, love letters and pictures of him and his daughter at the age of twelve. Then on March 09, he wrote to me saying that he felt miserable because he had forgotten his daughter Elizbeth up coming birthday and cold not send her money for now since he was on a mission and was not allowed to receive or give out money for the moment. He ask me, if i loved him enough to help him out and send 500$ to his daughter in Ghana West Africa. It was a big NO from my part so he got upset. But he still insited for 2 days and I kept saying no. He once again appeared on the cam for about 2 minutes on last Friday to try to convince me that he existed and was not a scammer. Again, it look like him but I was still not sure. He then ask me to call his daughter in Ghana to explain to her why i did not want to send money and gave me a number that was a communication center down there and I had to ask for Elizbeth Ramos. I refused, he got very upset and since I have not got any contact or message from him and his MSN (markhagard@hotmail.com on ebuddy is always closed since. So what I thought was a scam seem to finally be one. I entend to communicate with the DOD to report this stolen ID or complete made up ID because it badly represent’s the USA militaries and that is a big shame and insult to them.I kept all msn conversations, all hotmail messages and all pics from him as proof. To bad, I could not inserts some pics here for you to see and check out if you cross him along the way.I cot in contact with some of the girls he had in his MSN contacts to wrn them about them. Please if there is anyway i can send the pics so you may verify if this military doeas really exist and warn him about the scam with his ID i would very much appreciate it. If any one ear fromhim please watch out because he is very smart and surprising, he writes very well for a Ghana scammer!!!

    • Carroll Anne…your story is sounding very familiar but am not sure if this would be the same guy…he was born in a baptist hospital in California…his wife died while he was on first tour in Baghdad..and his parents killed in world trade center…but no kids…I am kinda waiting for the other shoe to fall…can you send me some of those pictures?

    • I think we have the same stories victim of this scam, and i think we have the same man, would you mind to send his photos ,i can compare the photos that he was sent to my email.

      Thank you,

    • There is also a ROBERT RAMIS or Ramaris, and General JOHN ALLen ..both communicate about a leave.
      Who knew heart ache could happen so deeply without meeting the man?
      Watch for Roberto Ramaris, or Ramis, Afg,,Helmund Base. Claims to be from Wisconsin.
      I met him on Big and Beautiful site, them we went to reg email.Is there anyone else who was scammed by him??? Please ;et me know. Mary Beth
      How do I officially repport this to the USArmed Forces???

  239. I recently retired from the Air Force. We get briefed not to put pix of ourselves in uniform on FB or myspace for this reason!

    Do not waste time trying to contact the “real Tom, Dick or Harry” The scammers aren’t taking their money! They are taking yours.

  240. anyone ever hear of Tom Wedel?

  241. James Lingo aka Adam Lingo. He contacted me again to see if I could help him to go back from Malaysia to Nigeria where he is from?? He said he did not tell me his real name as he was afraid of me as I threatened him with giving all the info to the authorities!! I wish I could and somebody would do something. Again I went into Singleparents.com to see what I can find out about military scammers… I would guess out of 20 listed as members at least 18 are scammers, even a picture of a gentleman that looks like on a TV show. The face is familiar but I cannot remember from where. Help me to get this guys out of business.

  242. hiya i have met this man called billy hanson throuhgh facebook.he claim 2 be a captain in kabul afganstian .he has photos up of him self and the camp were he is at. he has started u ask 4 money 2 . but told him i cant afford it. so how do u check this people out then

  243. I met this man in Are You Interested dating site.We start communicating for more than two month and he is a soldier name Alan Moose,he said right now he is in Afghan fighting against the Taliban.He asked me to ask the request form for leave so that he can meet me in person.He gave me an email address where can i write the request,so i wrote the request to the armyprotocolservice@rocketmail.com or armyprotocolservice@gmail.com asking the request form for leave for Alan Moose.They sent me a form paying 450 USDollars for that form paying via Western Union or Money Gram under the name of Jewel Lynn Chidester.State Arizona City Tempe and code 85281. I paid for that Amount believing thats is true cuz i had six photos for him wearing military uniform with his name on it. He filled the form Name Alan Moose A1363625333 that his rank number in military.i sent back the filled up form to them. after couples og hours they reply my request granting Alan Moose for leave, but he need to pay the percentage leave bonus for him to come back home amounting 1365 USDollars to Jewel Lynn Chidester via Western Union or Money Gram.Arizona State only can receive 450 USDollars the maximum. I wrote back to them asking any option about paying the amount.They gave me another name Raymond Johnson .Now he is in Nigeria attending the conferrence meeting about Libya.I can pay under his name Raymond Johnson State Ondo State City Akure Country Nigeria Code 23434 via Western Union or Money Gram.all i wanted to know is who is a real Alan Moose.If happen you know himin person please ask him to verify his name cuz some body using his name for scam. Alan Moose is 51years of age and his birth date is March 10 that the information that he gave it to me.The name of the letter head is under the Desk of General Benjamin Hanks.Please verify this? This is a serious scam.It happened that i am almost a victim for this scam.

  244. Hi hers another name 4 you too look out for Col wayne tompson says stationed in arak… thought things were fishy when asked me for funds send too this company so he could talk –scured line ect ask for address said us embassy kauble(spellings wrong) hummm no military address ect … refused too send $ then he said sending money via money order or cashiers check for mr too cash forward it too this company In UK,, so he could talk to me…..OMG does he think Im that Dumb NO!!!! look out hes smooth writer and you could easily be caught up by him Wayne” <waynewhunter1967@aol.com..wont send $$ but getting kick out of his BS… Just biding my time lol tc everyone

  245. I am reading all of the posts from so many different women. Wow… First of all, I would like to thank you so much for sharing such info. For if it wasn’t for this website, there would be so many more women falling for such lies. These men that poses as military men, are real smooth talkers. And I am sure many of you like myself want them to be real, cos they sure seem to be the perfect ideal men. So I too, have been communicating with a man who claims to be a soldier, who i believe to be a scammer…. sgt. carl craft, or carl douglas… At one point I was reading letters from above and I had rec’d the exact same ones…lol… These men cant even be original… So, I have been looking for his name… but not one of you have listed him… so if any one else is chatting with him…. let me know, thanks….. His deal is trying to get leave, due to sick daughter

  246. It’s the same story as the ones before. I have not sent the money he asked for. I claimed that I was unable to open the confirmaion email that was sent from a site labeled usarmyphonelink. I contacted DOD and IC3 because I was really upset to find that people are using our men and women that already have enough to worry about.

  247. Beware of Charles Johnson Morrison US Army.
    He is a scammer.

  248. Hi
    Have anyone of you had any dealings with or heard about someone called Col. Maxwell Bridge? Please, this is quite urgent.

    • Scammer, Teresa.

      • Cj, could you please supply me with some more info. I am really seriously worried about my mom and just have a gut feeling, but nothing to go on. Please, I need something, because when I tell her something is not right she gets all upset and uptight.

  249. Hi
    Do any of you know off or had dealings with a Col. Maxwell Bridge? please, this is very urgent.

    • Ok, my gut instinct were soooo correct. This so called Col. Maxwell bridge is using photos of General wesley Clark, claiming it as his photos. He even has a Passport card with Genl. Clarks photo on it but with details of one Maxwell Bridge on it. A real sweet talker. My mom was actually supposed to meet him tomorrow on the airport in Johannesburg, after getting his retirement sorted out!!!
      Mom is a bit devastated.
      Could someone please supply me with a means of contacting or notifying the Genl so that he can be informed of his pictures being used? They got the photos from searching on the internet images.

  250. Thanks for this artile, Billy is back with new address, bhillyarry@yahoo.com picture is at: http://badoo.com/01120683216/

    • He has also been on NZDATING … tried to get me to part with £40,000 … in his dreams. Reported him and the site banned him.He also sent an email and forgot that the addresses of others were there … all now very aware of his antics. Perhaps that is why he changed sites.

  251. I have been in contact with a man who said his name was Chris Harggard the name on the uniform in the picture he sent me is Haggard.
    He has asked to send me a care package with multiple items and an Ipod. I told him that I didn’t want to speak with him any more but he is still trying to contact me. He told me that he could not call me due to security reasons, but I am not getting phone calls from area code 233 which is ghana. Watch out for this guy he good he kept me going for 2 months before he asked for the care package. He also said that his whole family was gilled in the world trade center bombing.

  252. okay ladies now I am pretty confused and think maybe i have been taken, his name is paul haggard 48 in Iraq, sent me photos said he lives in burelson tx and coming home in two months, he kept telling me what he wanted in a woman, said some of his family was killed in the towers on 911, hhmm what do yall think

    • Check out my story. Sound familiar. Same guy. He said he was sending me a ring by courier and it would not go through customs and needed $6000.00. I did not send the money and started changing Password etc on my computer and shortly after someone was trying to change my password. I have 2 secret password on my computer. They were trying to hack into my computer.

  253. okay well I found out who he is, the pics he sent me are of chris because chris’s name was right on the bottom of one of the pics, so I answered my own question, the pics I was sent I looked on facebook and its chris, what do you know, freaking people, its so sad they do this to people

  254. I have been contacted by Alex William Barden, like many of you… he contacted he on match.com and asked me to chat with him on yahoo. as soon as i said i would i went back to the site and his profile was no longer available!!! should have been the first clue! Then as the days went on he too started telling me he loved me and couldnt wait to get home to start our life together! I looked up his name on every web site I could and could never find him or his 8 yeard old son… second clue! After the 2nd or so week he started to inquire about my financial situation, then a day later he claimed he need $1200 for a business investment. He needed me to send him the money because he could not get any from Iraq. I told him no so many times… he would get very angry, but insisted I still try. I asked him to have this so called “businessman” to send me an email, guess what? It was from name@diplomats.com

    I have many pics of this guy too if anyone else has been approched!

  255. Think I’m being scammed by someone who says he is a medic – Staff Sargent Joel Pedersen. He asked me to download yahoo messanger so that we can chat! We had been talking for about 4 weeks when he said he put in for leave and was denied! He asked me to email troopsvacation_adm@financier.com to ask if I could ask for a compassionate leave for him! They were asking for $500 to be sent via moneygram to the philliphines as the uk and us offices were too busy processing other leaves! Then they asked again for $1500 for transport for a replacement medic for him! After 4 weeks he asked me to marry him and that he would come meet me! His yahoo email is pedersen.Joel@yahoo.co.uk I asked him to send me an email from his military account but no reply yet! If anyone knows how to contact the real soldier please share with me as I would like to let him know! I can send my email address to you! Thanks for all the posts, seems like there a lot of scumbags out there!!