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Anatomy of a Military Dating Scam

All Posts  January 15 2010
 — By CJ Grisham
Anatomy of a Military Dating Scam

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

We’ve been getting a LOT of emails and comments here on the blog from women around the world (mainly in English speaking nations) that have fallen for scams that use names and likenesses of military members to lure their prey. I’d like to take a moment to detail these scams. This is an extension of other posts I’ve written on the subject HERE and HERE.

It’s clear in reading these emails and comments that a lot of people just don’t understand the military that well and how it works on a personnel level. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me that we have some morons that wear the uniform, but even morons could write better than the bozos perpetrating these scams from across the pond.

These guys have all the time in the world to convince you that they love you (and I say “guys” generically, because there are scammers posing as female servicemembers too). They takes weeks and months saying all the right things and using stories that will tug on your heart strings. They are typically widowers with young children left behind. They are or are about to be deployed. These deployments are generally of short length, 1-3 months, so as to have as many reasons as possible to bilk money from you. And, most of them are near retirement. None of them use .mil email addresses that ALL military personnel have. These are just some of the tipoffs you should be aware of.

They use sites like 101date.com, match.com, MyYearbook.com, OKCupid, Friends Reunited Dating, and others. They use military ranks and names, most of the time made up but occasionally real troops. They get the photos from internet trolling and other profiles on the dating sites. Blogs, Facebook, MySpace and other social media sites are prime real estate for those seeking photos of military members.

I won’t use the name of the readers that sent their stories, but think that telling them will serve to protect women in the future and show how these guys work. Nearly all of them are located in Africa. Some use IP anonymizers to hide their true location and make it more believable by creating fake IPs in the U.S. Before I begin to dissect these scams, I want the people who fell for it to understand they don’t need to feel embarrassed. By sharing this information, others will not fall for it.

Sgt. Kella sent his first email to me through the dating site OKCupid at the end of August. He told me he was stationed at Camp Lejeune in NC, but lived in Beeville, TX when not on base. His wife died in a car accident 5 years ago and has an 18 year old son. He told me as a teenager, he lived in London with his uncle. He gave me the address as 118 Piccadilly. His son would go and stay with his uncle whenever he was at Camp Lejeune.

I talked a little about this on the You Served Radio Show this week. How many Marines (or other military people for that matter) do you know that commute over 1400 miles to work? That’s how far it is from Beeville to Camp Lejeune. Even a National Guard or Reservist Soldier wouldn’t make that commute once a month. The pay is nowhere near worth it. Then, he says that his son went to live with an uncle in the UK while he was at Lejeune?! Wow. You’ll find that a lot of these scams may also use the UK as part of the scam. They think that if we hear the UK, we’re more likely to believe it than if they tell the truth they’re writing from Nigeria or some other impoverished African nation. As you can see, the standard “my wife died in a tragic accident and we have a small child” bit is played here.

He also told me he was to retire from the Marines in December and was ready to start a new life. After about 2 weeks of exchanging emails and chatting on yahoo, he told me they wanted to send some marines to Afghanistan and would know if his name was on the list by the end of that week. Well, his name was on the list and he then told me that he would be leaving the following Monday night. When he got “there”, he told me he was at the base camp in Kabul and would be going out to field in a few days and would not have internet access.

There are many variations out there, but this one seems an attempt to legitimize their military affiliation. Many of them are already in theater when the scam begins. Once contact is made, they are miraculously going to be shipped to a remote outpost with no internet access, phones, toilets, or even sunlight! It doesn’t exist out there. THe mission is so top secret, even they don’t know where they’re going. But, once they get there, they realize that there is ONE way that the nomads have found to tap into the rocks and dirt to extract internet access:

He got information from his “colleagues” that most marines used amilitary@usa.com as the means to communicate with people back home. He said he would go to field with a pam top but needed a pin code to communicate. I was to get in touch with this agency and apply for a code. When I told him that it would cost $250, he made it sound like he didn’t know you had to pay for the service. I sent the money, but he said the code was not activated and was afraid it would not work before he left. At the time, I was having problems with my yahoo mail going through, so it seemed legit that this was happening. I resent the email through another email account, and after he left, he sent an email saying that the code was finally activated. About a week later, he said the connection was bad and could I help him get a better connection by subscribing to http://pps.nntime.com/signup to change the IP address.

As if changing the IP address will make the connection better somehow! [rolls eyes] nntime.com is an internet anonymous proxy service that is based out of Russia. There are no standards for hosting a “proxy” on the server which is why the scammers are able to use this service. There are literally hundreds used on the site. Some are used simply by people wanting to hide their true origin, which is why some of the email IPs you see appear to come from places like Atlanta or El Segundo. Most Marines use military connections to access the internet, though I think some of the more established camps in big cities of Iraq may be contracted out.

One of the other things you’ll start to notice if you’re playing into the scam is that the scammers will be accident prone and procrastinate a lot. All kinds of misfortunes will befall them as they attempt to suck more and more money out of you. Sometimes they ask for hundreds at a time and sometimes just a few dollars.

It was $10, so I did that. He was only to be in Afghan for 1 month and after about 2 weeks there, he told me it seemed that they were going to make them stay longer and wanted me to help him apply for his retirement account and to request leave since he was retiring. He told me he would then be home in 7 days. I sent an email the the military agency requesting this information. They wanted $450 to open up the retirement account and wanted to know that if he was cleared to leave, would he wait for home flight or did we want the agency to arrange the flight home. The flight home was a month away, so we said to let them arrange it. That was when I found out I would have to pay for the flight. Sgt. Kella kept telling me that as soon as he was home, he would pay me back for all of this help I was giving him.

Here’s where us military people really start shouting at the computer screen. No one “applies” for a retirement account in the military. And we sure as heck don’t need civilians to help us with getting our retirement checks. Funny how the scammer never identifies this “military agency” that supposedly handles retirement accounts. I think we call it the VA! The email address was to a .com email and not a .mil or .gov, which is where any official emails to a government agency will be sent.

Folks, the military pays for flights home, even when there is a family emergency. Do NOT pay for a flight home. At the most, a Soldier will be able to get stateside before needing help, if any. Of course, a scammer will never pay the money back, because he’ll never be “home.”

Well, I couldn’t afford the whole amount, so he had a “friend”, an Andrew Grant (whose email address ends with uk-andrew.grant27@yahoo.co.uk), help pay for part of it. By the time we got the money together, he supposedly missed the first flight on Oct. 15th and would then come home on the 26th. Around the 18th of October, while chatting, Sgt. Kella was telling me if I didn’t hear from him in a few days, he had added my name to the list of people that could get information from the military agency to let me how he was. After a few day, I wrote to them and they told me he was on a special assignment but would be back to his base to make his flight home on the 26th. Around the 24th, I got an email with the flight information for his connecting flight from Kabul to Dubai. With that email they told me they still had not received any word on Sgt. Kella, only that they knew he was alive. On the 26th, I got an email saying he had been injured and he was being sent to Dubai to the American Hospital there for further treatment. After a couple of days, I got an email from Sgt. Kella saying he had been on an assignment with 8 other marines and that a bomb went off injuring his left leg. He was to have surgery on it in Dubai.

Here’s another tip for the non-military types: when Soldiers are injured in combat, they are NOT taken to Dubai. Once they are stabilized, they are taken to Germany. Most Soldiers also don’t leave the theater of operations by way of Dubai. Now, you’re going to start seeing a lot of stuff going wrong here on “SGT Kella’s” trip back. Why? Because he doesn’t exist and isn’t on the way back. So, they invent all these different “problems” that will surface which delay the homecoming. After feeling like they’ve milked it for all they can – or until the scam is realized – they’ll simply stop responding. Or, they’ll fake their own “death” and make you feel really bad. Someone from the family will contact you for help with the funeral. Let’s continue…

Well, they were finally getting ready to release him from the hospital for his return flight home to the states, but we had to pay for his medical bill. I asked didn’t the military take care of that and he told me he had medical allowance, and would be reimbursed from that account. After getting his medical bill and new flight information taken care of, I get an email on the day he was to fly out that he had fallen and reinjured his leg. This was Nov. 10th. We go through about 2 weeks of his staying in the “hospital” going through therapy. During this time, the retirement account comes up in an email from the agency. They needed the information that was given to me back when I opened up the account at the beginning of Oct. I told them that I had never received any account information, that I thought it was sent to Sgt. Kella. I found out the account was never opened and they wanted me to open an etrade account to put his retirement benefits and benefits of services money into. Sgt. Kella told me that his “boss” said that an Ally account would be good to have too, so I opened one. The Ally account was trying to be accessed by an outside bank and was closed by ally. While talking to them, this was when I started thinking that some of this might have been part of a scam. I assumed it was with the military agency and not Sgt. Kella. In the meantime, we asked that the $450 that was sent to open up the account be sent to Sgt. Kella for traveling money. The agency did that, so I’m thinking how many scammers would send my money on my request (never dawned on me that they were all working together!)

Thankfully, the Ally people noticed the scam, but for some reason the individual kept in contact. There’s a part of this scam that is alarming and begins to lend a false sense of credibility to it. The scammers use other susceptible people within many different to unsuspectingly help them. Soldiers do not need help opening retirement accounts. As a matter of fact, it’s a rare troop that doesn’t already have one by the time they decide to make it a career. Many of us use the military’s Thrift Savings Plan to stash away money for retirement as well as Roth IRAs and other investments. We definitely don’t need complete strangers (or even our friends) doing it for us. The most simple advice is that is a troop asks you for money for ANYTHING, dump ‘em! They’re either scammers or freeloading good-for-nothings! Now here is where the water gets muddied through unwitting participants.

Anyway, Sgt. Kella had a friend who had just come back from over seas and was going to help us find out who hacked into the account. I actually talked to him on the phone. He had an accent and when I questioned Sgt. Kella on this he told me he was Latino. I know it was not that kind of an accent, so that raised some questions on my side. This “Michael Williams” was from San Antonio, TX and that is where the call originated from. The number was (210) 591-8707. This person said they would help get Sgt. Kella home for me, as well. Sgt. Kella got extremely upset by still being in the hospital and demanded that he be released. This was the first of December. When they agreed to release him, the bill was outrageous. His friend from San Antonio said he would pay for it, but ended up not being able to pay the full amount. By this time, I was having doubts and told Sgt. Kella I couldn’t send any more money. I held out for a little bit. He knew exactly what to say.

If the phone number is real and “Michael Williams” is located in San Antonio, he is most likely and unwitting participant being scammed as well. He helps facilitate transactions without realizing he/she is being used. It’s usually elderly men and women that are used to assist in these types of scams. As the scam progresses, they’ll begin tying multiple people into the scam. That is usually when it begins to fall apart because Americans tend to be smarter than the average…Nigerian.

At this point, our reader is starting to catch on. But, the scammers know exactly what to say when it looks like they’re losing their prey.

When the agency wanted to add $100 for changing his flight information, I reminded them of something they had said in an email and they made someone else pay the $100. Once the bill and flight were taken care of, he was moved to a “guest house” of the hospitals on a Friday waiting for the flight home on Sunday, December 13th. We sent the money on a Friday and then got word over the weekend that the accounting department of the hospital was not open and this delayed Sgt. Kella’s return home on the 13th. They set up another flight for the following Wednesday, but I later found out it was delayed because of bad weather. I looked on the internet, but couldn’t see anything that would delay flights for him. By this time, Sgt. Kella was getting very upset with all of the delays. His doctor was supposedly helping him get home as well. They went to the airport where I got an email from Sgt. Kella that they (the doctor and Kella) were trying to change his flight over to British Airways because that was the only airline flying out. It took a few days for the agency to transfer the flight from Delta to British Airways. On the 17th of December, I got an email from the agency saying they got the money transferred and he would be flying to London. On the 21st, they needed money to then fly him from London to the US. He then supposedly flew to the UK on the 21st. There was a delay there because the agency told me that the British Airways strike delayed him and he would be able to fly home on the 27th. I immediately wrote them and told them that the strike never happened. (now I was really suspicious) After that, I got very few emails from them (hence my thinking that it was the agency doing the scamming). They did tell me that they put him in a hotel until his met his flight to the US. For a few days, I didn’t hear from anyone. I knew he told me his son and uncle were in London, so I sent an email to Sgt. Kella saying he should meet up with them, but he didn’t want to at first because his son would want to come home with him and he wanted his son to come home a little later on so we could spend time together. After Christmas, he finally went to his uncle’s house. He asked if I could possibly help get him home and I told him I had no more money to send. The agency still had about $1000 that was not used for his return flight from London to the US. He said he was told by the hotel, the agency was having trouble and he didn’t want to deal with them any longer.

Keep in mind that this is only one incident. Not all of them are alike, but by reading this you will understand the basics of how they operate. They all have the same template, just different stories and minor differences. Okay, last part of this email:

He went to the base there in London and talked to the commanding officer about a return flight home but they didn’t have any in the next few days. He also told me he wrote an email to his commanding officer complaining about this agency. His uncle knew someone here in the US and called her and she said she could get him a ticket, but needed money. I was told she worked for some airline. We wrote the agency one more time about transferring the money to her, but that was the last I heard from them. Sgt. Kella told me he was not going to go through the agency anymore, and that when he was back in the states he was going to take care of getting any money back plus have them pay for “damages” done. With all of these delays, this was when I finally went with my gut feeling and started researching dating scams. As you can see, a lot falls under a scam. But he is smooth. When we are chatting, I can bring up a topic that he couldn’t possibly have time to get his facts straight on, and then I think that he isn’t involved in any of this. I did do an IP address check on the amilitary@usa.com, and it came up out of the UK. The website that was sending this, or was a part of this, was connected with some fraudulent dealings. Sgt. Kella did tell me a few days ago that he was to be home soon-that his uncle’s friend would have the money on Tuesday. He is still communicating with me even though he knows I am not sending any more money. He is now telling me his uncle is sick and having to take him to the hospital and all. Another delay…

Again, as a Soldier, I can pinpoint all the absurdities of this, but your average non-military civilian may not bat an eye. He went to a base in LONDON and talked to his commanding officer? I thought his commanding officer was at Camp Lejeune (or in Afghanistan)!! We don’t have bases in the UK. Notice more tragedy in the family – another heart wrenching story to suck more money out of the victim.

This entire post can be summed up easily: if they ask for money, dump them!! They’re losers. Troops are independent and able to take care of themselves. Even privates make plenty of money to subsist upon, but definitely troops retiring are self-sufficient.

Here’s what the email looks like from the “Military Communication Service” that doesn’t exist and wasn’t sent from a military email domain (amilitary@usa.com):

The military communication service offers a reliable and efficient means of communication in the military.

For more than 75 years, we have been a leading manufacturer of dependable, top-of-the-line communication equipment.
More than 70 percent of commercial airline pilots count on our headsets during flight. Emergency dispatchers use our radio dispatch systems to manage clear communications.

Our revolutionary talking book players help people with blindness or learning disabilities enjoy reading. Our antenna code keep troops connected on the ground and in the air.



With our Antenna code and wireless headsets, you can connect to any Military HB in the world to stay in touch with troops.

All you need is Subscribe for an Antenna code and an activation code by applying and providing us with the following informations

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Address
3. Your Telephone Number
4. Full Name and ID Of The Officer You Want To Connect
5.The Department Of The Officer
6.The Base Name Of The Officer

If you get Approved , you will have to pay the sum of 250 usd for the connection.This Amount covers the approval fee, connection and activation.

As soon as payment is made you will be given an Antenna code number from us which you need to send to the officer, He should use the code any time he want to connect to internet no matter any location in the world and follow the instruction .You will be put through withing few seconds.

Lt. John Gerard
Military Communication Service(MCS)

For the record, there is no such person as a Lt. John Gerard.

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  1. As CJ says, IF they’re asking for money, then they’re NOT legit. If they’re NOT using a .mil or .gov email address, yet claim they’re a Soldier then they’re probably NOT legit. If you’re not sure, please forward the email on to someone who can verify if they’re legit. Since I do have an AKO email address, I always check to see if they’re listed and so far, none of them have been. It’s better to be safe than sorry and be taken advantage of by these creeps. ALWAYS check with someone and verify what they’re saying.

    I’ve had a few of these people ‘claiming’ to be Servicemembers contact me through my yahoo email. Of course, having worked for the Army, I know it’s a bunch of bull and will usually use the David Sneakers example and play along with them for a bit, OR I’ll email back telling them that I know they’re just scammers because I worked for the Army and their information is not legit. Either way, I’ve had a bit of fun messing with them.

    • im glad to see this web has I was contacter by a sergeant Travis Carney he left me a message on a dating line ,,, we were chating on msn now he wanting me to get in contact by satelite glb they came back and ask me to go to western union cost 150 usd i told him i taught this was a scam and no reply from him his email is traviscarney@yahoo,com he send me 3 pics even one with uniform i saw the neme carner all three of them was him i realhy feel stupid but thank god i ask for advise and my friend send me to u guys thank god …
      thank you !

      • Goodday my dearest,
        Sorry for distrub you , my name is Annie , I am form Gambia, Original form Mail (Bamako) i am age of 23 years old girl, Well writing this to you, Is that , I want us to be a friend , If you wish and i will introduce you, More about mine,
        Remain Bless, lovename2000@mail.com


        • i think i was the only stupid girl that has fall for this scan i got a sarget mark purdie love everything was beautiful he ask me to open an account and i did he said that his friend owed him money and they are depositing money into the account now i dont know what to do or who should i go to im afraid he has so much information about me!! please anybody i need help how to stop this!!! have friends as police officers and family members and i know that they are going to be piss for what i have done but i need an advice how to stop this!! i dont want to go to them but need help emergency any advice!! his son is John Purdie and his wife pass away in a car accident she was going to visit her mother and die in car accident so if anybody can give an advice i will apreciate!!! thank you!!!

      • Do not! I repeat, do not! Feel bad or stupid! We have all been taken advantage of in our lives once or twice. The thing is here is that you have learned a valueable lesson.
        I too was taken in by one of these ‘SSGT’ and for 1.3 years sending money etc.
        I know it is gone but it took a long time for my heart to heal.
        We are safe and more aware and that is what is important.


        • yea I been scam too, bad part is that I really love and picture myself with this guy I won’t send him money tho …. His story is that his mom and dad die in a car accident when he was a child . Morris John the perfect 36 years old man finishing Army that wants to started his own family, and here I am with a broken dream wanting to fix it but not looking for it ,… and then life brings me this person to deal with , oh well live and learn :) and no lets not feel stupid over here, and think about it who’s the stupid in this case . The devo, will always play love as long we never give up on loving ourselves that’s the most important … God’s love is more powerful .

        • I know now that I was scammed, but I am still dealing with the heart break. I can’t believe how these creeps are able to talk to you with the most tender conversations and loving words and be scamming away. My soldier came to me on Facebook. At first I actually turned him away. He requested a second time to just be friends and we started out like that. He did not ask for money and we chatted every day and emailed every morning and every night. It was my suggestion that I would like to give him a Christmas present. He said he could not get an Ipod sent in a package to the base. That checked out as I looked at the lists of what could be sent. When he told me how much it would cost if I was willing to send the money, the amount was 700$. I thought the way he put the dollar sign after the money was strange….but I let that go and I sent the money via Western Union. He was supposed to get it from someone on the outside of the base in Turkey by the name of Thomas Greg. The money arrived and i got a receipt for it. The only thing i did wrong here was to tell him all the information off my receipt. He had to go outside the wire for a mission and although he was able to email me every day he was not where he could get his Ipod. His spelling was good and he was very intelligent. Now that I know it was a stinking scammer, his spelling was excellent. Tony and i chatted about two hours every day on FB and then before we went to bed for the night, we sent an email which could be read by the other one. Then in the morning before we went to work, we sent a good morning wish. As you can see, the scammers made me fall in love with this man that I though was Tony Massingale. The middle name was Samuel and that is one name that the scammers use. Then about a week before Christmas, Tony needed money for shipping some things home and for me to accept them. I had no way near what he asked for $3000. He could not tell me what he had found but it was valuable and we would be able to live a long time on what the items would bring in the U.S. This was a red flag for me when he asked for the money and I played along with him for 4 days. I was going to sell my car, I told him. All the while I am talking to him and making excuses for why I couldn’t get things done. Then I pulled their own trick on them. I told him my Internet bill was not paid and I couldn’t email any more for a couple of days…That gave me time to hide that I was online and backwards trace the email address to find out who really owned the account. It wasn’t my soldier. I then traced the IP address to Dulles, Virginia. I blocked them from my Facebook, closed out the email, which by the way they had already hacked into, and turned off my computer for a couple of days. I survived the scam, but my heart is broken. One of the sites says Capt. Massingale doesn’t even know about me and that he has been scammed also. I just wish I knew that everything that was said to me was the scammers and that they didn’t tap into his email and add things to what he was saying. Could that be possible?

      • I was scam by a guy from military name Chris Luis 744@yahoo.com he found me through a satin website called skout he is no longer on there now by still on Facebook although I have a brother was in military 23 years ago I didn’t think to ask he questions about it how it works so I believe in every word Chris was saying to me I fell in lovewith him should have known it was to good to be true but I was thinking with me heart at the time I’m not married an was looking for love in my life cause I’ve been single for along time an wanted someone to love me back an then he reply to me a solider in army just like my brother I was proud he was fighting for our country I thought he was a wonderful man then he started saying his wife died 5 years ago an has a 12 year old son an presents died to an a nanny raising his son while he oversea in Afghanistan if I hadn’t talk to my family about this Iwould be broken now.

    • hello im wondering if anyone can help me i have been scamed by a sergeant bradly markus he called himself his mos number that he gave ne to get him a phone through the fake ts2.com@teccenter was e-io3 he told me he was stationed in iraq and is with the airborne he rfuses to give me his ako …number or the name of his unit claiming the militaary have advissed against this wich is crap as the say its imperitive that we have it… im sik to the stomach as im a pensioner and he has got $5000 australian dollars claiming he needed them for fees to get leave the more i reshearched this i found indiscrepcies in his story…. i just want to know why im not lonley i wasnot on a web site by chioceit was wayne .com and i was just looking . he or this guy was so sweet and handsome i hope or wish i could contact the real BRADLY MARKUS HOW DO I DO THIS YOUR SINCERLY LOUISE AUSTRALIA

      • I fear I am trying to be scammed as well. He is using the name Jack Keller. He says he is a Master Sargeant in the Marines and is stationed in Afghanistan. He told me last night he wants to come home for a leave but is required to have a minimum of $5,000 in his account for the Military to verify he has the funds to come home. I told him I didn’t have the money. He seemd to get upset real quick and said, “fine we will just wait until I come home in July.” His email is kellerj65@yahoo.com Can anyone please help me.

        Thank you

        • I’m talking to a soldier course since the end of February, the contacted me on facebook, his name is David Barker, your email address is barkerdavid29@yahoo.com, it is very nice and polite; He is a widower with a son of eight years; two weeks ago asked me for marriage; from the beginning the story found me very strange; follow you the game and sent the email asking for your leave to e-mail Pennjoe@rocketmail.com, exactly at the time I got an email from this address benefitsgrant@benefitsarmy.com asked me where my personal data such as full name, address, nationality, phone numbers; be sent and received another email where indicated me should make a transfer to:
          Name: Angelena Gill
          City: Clarksville
          State: Texas
          ZIP Code: 75426

          Amount to be paid; $350

          Instant Transfer Agency: Western Union.

          Of course such a transfer have not done nor the think do; to regret that I am surprised that you you silly people that fall in this kind of scams not this other post details for which are pending.

          Best regards

        • I forget to comment, this soldier this deployed in kabul Afghanistan

        • could you send me pictures i think we are being scammed by same person …he is using name Jake Keller Renteria thanks …i sent nothing to him ..he asked me for computer telling me taliban can trace the one he has …i guess i must have sounded stupid in my emails…even tho im independent self suffiencent woman…thanks for info

        • If they ask for any money, then their not in the U.S. military. I had been tricked twice and I have gotten smart about how they work. They say let’s speak on yahoo messenger. When they say that I don’t fall for it. Also, they will say hey sweetie, you just caught my eye, I just keep my eyes off of you. That’s a bunch of shit. They don’t even know you and going start off a conversation like that. Their not real it’s a scam when they stuff like that. The first I got scamed the thought I was going to send him so, money. I was and he gave me all the information that I need for a western union. When I got to the western union place that my dad goes to all the time. I asked the lady how do I send money to a person over seas. She told who are you wanting to send it to. I said, I have a person that in the army and overseas he wanted some money for Christmas. Well, she told me do you know this personally. I said, no I met him online. She said, this scam no military person overseas would want money. They would like candy something they don’t have in that country. I told her I thought that he would like something else besides money, but are different so I thought nothing of it. Well, then she said, I am not giving you a western union because she it was a scam. She stopped me from making a be mistake. She told me if I wanted to find out if he was in the army. To go down to the army recruit service. I did to check it out. The army guy that was in there told me this guy scamed a girl out of 5000. I said, WOW!!!!!!!!. He told me stay away from this guy. I said you got Thank you I will. He kept on sending me stuff on my yahoo messenger. We would I love you, I miss you. Where are you at. I got tired of him sending me stuff so, I started lieing to him, because he was lieing to me. It got down to it that he asked me where was the 100.00 dollars I was going to send him for Christmas I lied to him and told I already sent the money. Then, he said he did not receive it. Then, I said we’ll I sent it to you. Then, I pretend that I am upset and mad that it got lost in the mail. Well, he that’s ok could you send me 50.00. I told him I did not want it get lost in the mail and that would not send anymore money. He finally quiet writing and I was so happy. So, what I suppose you do is start lieing to him make up a story like he did to you.

      • I was scammed by Col. Gareth Samuel w/ service # UN/AM/422..From Jan. 25. He said he was a widow for 13 years, for his wife died on the 9/11 tragedy. He was from Indianapolis, Indiana, and has a 25 year old son, working in a mining company in Canada.He was desperately want me to be his wife as he saw my profile on fb , want to marry me , start a new life with him in the state, always sent love messages, poems. so endearing that caused me to fall for him so deeply.SO i finally give a try for this long distance relationship, hoping it’s real love.Then he asked me to send him a mobile phone , blackberry 9360 curve, which i sent him thru DHL. He is deployed in Libya as a peacekeeper, for 15 years.But now he was transferred in Nigeria.H e asked me to apply for his leave to see me here in my place, have to pay for the process.I got an application for leave , scanned and printed from the computer.So I really was hooked. I had sent him $3,200 , inclusive of the cost of mobile phone and transport fees. I have my receipts kept., expecting that all my expenses will be refunded once he set foot in my place.But the army delayed his arrival for 4 months , Dec 28 for Syria’s situation is going worst. Former date is August. He was asking money thrice but , I didn’t send anymore,I’m already suspecting something is wrong.. Then he want me to sent him a galaxy tab 2. I told him I’ll give it to him once he comes , a present. he still want s me to send or another 300 dollars, I refused . He was mad and told me to mail the army again withdrawing my request for his leave.I did, but the army is asking a $500 processing fee so I can refund the amount I sent.I didn’t reply anymore and start to search about this. Thanks I found this link.I was so embarrased,so stupid to believe those lies and pretensions. I’m in my seniors with grown up kids. Why did I have to undergo this heartaches and pain? What a waste of money, time and emotions. I donot know how I could recover my losses,but realize it will not be possible. I have to pay some debts , insurance loan.He even used God for his evil schemes, I was mesmerized, was so fool. I want this to be a warning to other women who may be in contact with this impostor. Thank you so much,

        • Hi Gloria. Sorry to hear about your loss of money. I think the same guy did me in, but under a different name. I see he is currently back under the same name that he scammed me. Is it possible that you can publish a photo of him and have you got his security number, only the last 6 digits. I wish I know where to report this guy to the FBI.

      • Dear Louise, I too am from Australia and have been scammed out of $70,000. He was so convincing and I fell in love with a man with multiple identies. My story is very I depth involving gold, millions of dollars, a shooting, possible ?? Kidnapping and identity theif. I have lost everything and I too am on a disability pension. This man/men scammers took from my family as well resulting in my mothers and my health deteriorating to the point of no return. My mum is stil very I’ll and depressed, as a family with a heart, we fell for his very convincing story. Even receiving legal documentation by registered post of his will, military benifits, and power of attorney. It has distroyed us as a family unit, I owe money I cannot pay back, and now my home has to be sold to repay out standing debts. Some days I do not want to wake up. I only hope that someone will stop this vicious cycle of deception. I was lonely and longing to be loved, and I as well as my family are all victims to a scammer. I am embarrassed and my self worth has disappeared. My only mission in life now is to put the word out their to try and stop this from happening to another caring loving family. My thoughts are with you.

        • P.S this US 11binfantry captains name is Captain Robert Sigfrid. I would love to chat to the real Robert Sigfrid and make him aware of the identity he has lost to scammers. This man/men(scammers) have also taken of other ladies that have contacted me via email. Same photos, slightly different stories, but similar promises of eternal love and marriage. Once the money ran out, so did he/they. I am pending investigation by the fraud squad and other government agencies as I set the money not knowing I had to declare it. My bank is also investigating this situation as they suspected a scam. This money was my whole families savings combined and also alot of borrowed funds. It was so convincing that I put my families money, emotional state of mind and health on the line. I am so ashamed of what I have done and don’t no how to make it up to them but continue my pursuit in trying to stop identity theift and scammers. I am nearly 50, worked my whole life, raised my kids on my own, and I am an intelligent woman. I was clearly very lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places. I would love to hear from you. Tracee.

        • My email is tracee65@hotmail.com. I would love to share my complete hear breaking story if anyone is interested. It broke me completely.

        • Oh boy Please as bad as this sounds please don’t feel foolish I too was taken in by the thought of really finding a decent guy..told this guy about scammers I knew they prey on the internet with all kinds of sob stories I also knew better than to send anything but I did..I sent a phone first and then money…bad thing is I was with a marine so I knew better and I dating an SF officer so how in the hell I gave in was beyond me but I did and I am only mad because I did love this guy if it was a guy…I was being real and I guess I was just hoping that the picture I looked at was real too…even though in my gut I knew better he posed as sgt_raza@yahoo.com gave me the name( mine you two spellings clue)Rowland/Roland Nabs Raza …..I hope he and they cause he couldn’t do it alone get theirs…somehow

    • i have been talking to a us soldier based in Kabul since mid may this yr, he is called Col pedersen joe, seems nice enuf then he asked me to send £85 to moneygramm for the purchace of a phone, which like a total pratt idid, then he said i had to pay more for a sim card…..not a chance i said, so he gets the hump and sulks[whatever!!]…ive had the same story as most, that his wife died 2 yrs ago of cancer, he has one son in the states…blah blah blah!, anyways how can i check this guy out…oh and this will make u laugh…i jokingly said that Brad Pitt had phoned me nagging me for a date…i wish!!..and he asked me who was he, then a few minutes later said he knew who he was he was a famouse actor and producer….this coming from an american who lives in LA….ha ha ha …i rekon he googled him, wat a tit!!…

      • This is for Debbie. Omg I have been talking to a Sgt Mike Pedersen@yahoo.com. We met on datehookup.com He told me he was a Sgt in Kabul and his wife died a few years ago. She had a heart condition and was pregnant when she died. His computer kept freezing when we would chat. He said it was going, didn’t know what to do and needs a new one or fix it, either way it would cost and there are no funds where he is, it would be too hard. I am wondering if this is the same person. I really fell hard for him too. I always hear from him every night and after I said I couldn’t help him now nothing. I got the whole I love you, pictures of himself in uniform with his name and everything. Yet there are two profiles on the datehookup.com, one under Sgt_Pedersen and one lonelymike03. Both have similar information with some variations. When I asked him about it he said he had no clue and that he didn’t have 2 profiles. He told me he contacted customer service, it would be taken care of and he was removing it anyway because he found me. Well, both are still there. Now I need to know the truth. How do I find out for sure. I am so angry.

        • I think we are talking to the same person. Can we sent pics to each other to see what is going on. I am so sad and angry with myself for falling for his lies.

        • My daughter has been talking to a Michael Pederson who says he is a sergeant in Camp Dwyer. He sent he a cheque which cannot be cashed and is looking for her to send him £2500 to get vocational leave. Does this sound like the same man. I am afraid she is getting scammed – please help – thanks


        • I have also been talking on msn and email to a Sgt Michael Pedersen since last June and have pictures of him both in uniform and civvies. I have fallen really hard for this man, and he has spoken to my grandson, who thinks he is wonderful. At each stop of the way i have been sent what appeared to be authentic documents, and have had emails from Iraq state defense. He told me he was leaving for the uk from Afghanistan with UK troops and would be here today sunday 4 march 2012. that his arrival time and place would be given this morning and he would let me know where to pick him up. This man gave me my life back after being a widow for 4 years, now i wish i was dead again. The money that i have paid out, yes of course it matters, but i can earn that, its the damage he has done to my self worth, to my integrity that will be damaged beyond repair. I thought after my husband died that if i could live through that i could take on anything the world had to throw at me , but this journey has been far worse than anything i could have imagined, and not only is my heart broken, but my spirit and my very soul is damaged…….. i felt love like never before but i guess i feel the same hate now ……how do you stop someone from falling in love… its hard …if anyone has photos so we can compare please send to my mail address…. thank you and good luck to everyone ….

        • Well girls, Pedersen is still at it! He’s NOW Mark Pedersen, he’s 46, his “daughter” is named Emily and she’s 5. His wife died 4 yrs ago of Cancer and he’s in Kabul. Oh yeah he now needs someone to recharge his military phone card through the Commissary at Fort Carson, CO. It’ll only be $530 for one month. That way he can communicate with the ones he loves while out on dangerous missions. OH MY WORD! This guy is good! I’m not a complete idiot but it did take me 3 days of communicating to figure out to not only Google his name plus the word “obituary” looking for his wife’s obit but to Google his name plus the word “scam” BINGO! Even the same pic he sent me was on some of the web sites. I met him on Match.com and have let them know what he’s doing. He’s using email pedersenmark@yahoo.com Please let anyone you know that uses online dating or whatever about this creep!

        • Well Rosemarie, your not the only one. He hooked up with me right after you. It is amazing, I find myself to be an intelligent person, good judge of character and normally always cautious. He told me too that his wife had died, guess that is the catch I felt sorry for him. Luckily I did not send him anything, got suspicious when he said he wanted to come home and I had to fill out a form. The for was so suspicious, I told him I was going to complete and fill out, but used my good sense to check it out found out it was fake, then called him on it. Of course normal tactics to turn it back on me, didn’t work. I was smarter than him. The only personal info he got from me was once when we were taking he asked me for my home address, and believe it or it I sent it to him, it thinking, I then asked him why and he became very nonchalant about it, like oh I was updating my computer addresses. I was lucky. Now it is my turn to play him.

        • Similar story here, he says he is captain Leonard Temple, wife died 9 years ago, he is in Kabul Afghanistan, no computer, wanted me to get him one, I said no way, wanted me to get him a phone, I said no, When I said I’ll send the usual soldier care package like I did on soldier. com he made a list of Ipod and watches etc I checked the address of the contact and found this website, one of the picture he had sent me was on there with a different name……the guy is getting nothing. I am glad I have been checking up on him the whole time. Was lovely chat but that all its going to be it was way too hallmark for me and not real enough, I kept all conversations and ask some same questions twice and got different answers, if it is too good to be true it must be. Well it was. Where do I post the the other pictures I got from this guy? By the way I googled him and try to run a background check……he did not exist., the address he sent me to send him stuff was Mr Morgan delivwork.army@militarymailbox.us Teddy Morgan, P.O.BOX AT 1166, ACHIMOTA MKT. ACCRA, GHANA.

        • I think am getting scammed by a man stating his is in kabol afganistan going by the name and rank of captain Brian Robies. He never asked for anything and would talk about going through care packages for those who were under him,and never reciving one from anyone In his fmily cuz his parents were killed in an accident when he was 8 and lived with an uncle till he joined the sirvice. Met him on the site Tagged.com .has been telling me he is fixing to retireafter 28 yrs and will be home in two months. I offerd to sendhim something and he asked for chocolates, towels cologne,hygine things and then stated he needed a laptop and phone. Oh and pictures of me in frames. when Iaskedfor the address to send the stuff he gaveme an emailaddress to some diplomat.diplomat@rocketmail.com I went to the U.S postal web site and found out all service men have an APO/FPO address so if any of u ladies know of this man please tell me thank u

      • Ladies, I am SO amazed at the number of men who are referred to here who spell the name Pedersen with a D. I like to think that I’m a pretty good speller, but when it comes to that name, I would be inclined to spell it Peterson. With that spelling, I suspect that it is other than an American spelling. That is a little suspect to me. Secondly, there are so many being used in the same ways with similar stories. The guy who contacted me called himself Jason Pedersen. This slimeball stated that his wife was killed 4 1/2 years ago in a “tragic” car accident. He never went into detail and since I was still buying it then, I didn’t want to be so insensitive as to ask any more. Now, I try to always pray when I find myself in situations such as this and I firmly suspect that the reason he DIDN’T get a dime out of me was God. He has told me everything that I wanted to hear. My first clue was that when we would e-mail, he would use odd phrases and peculiar ways of saying things, yet stated that he’d been born in California. Here are a few examples of the things that he would say that I felt were suspect.
        “what re the things you do to catch your fun?” I don’t know ANY American born person who would refer to “having” fun as catching your fun. It sounds as if he isn’t a native English speaker and is utilizing the incorrect word for the action that he is talking about.
        Here is another example. He sent me this line. “Can you sign up in yahoo so that we can add each other for a lovely chat..” Now, I was born right here in good ole Indiana and I have NEVER heard a full grown American man refer to ANYTHING as LOVELY. It’s just not really heard of for a straight, American born man to talk that way.
        The last example that I want to leave here is this one. At the end of this letter, he wrote this:i really want to chat with you..i am off duty today..i cares.. Now, even the dumbest American would know that I cares is improper English. I don’t care how much slang they may use. This just isn’t an American speaking and I know it.
        Here’s another excerpt from his “life story” that states that he is from the US.
        I don’t know where to start telling you about me and i think i should start from my childhood…We lived on a small land area, but my late dad worked for the
        City of Sunnyvale for income. My late mom was a full time mom. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had a garden and cows so we were never hungry. Almost
        all of my ancestral were American except my great-grandmother on my mom’s side was an Irish.
        So, here, he is still telling me that he is American born, yet he uses these peculiar phrases.
        To wrap it up, here is what he told me about his situation regarding his children and being widowed.
        Note the errors that are just so odd for someone who was born here to make. This is also his story regarding his wife and kids.
        “.i want to know every part of you…your likeness and your dislike.?do you like uniform man?where do you want to see your self in a year time concerning marital life?plz be plain to me….my kids are 5 an 3yrs and there are names are Ryan and lauryn…i love them so much…and they are everything i got.i lost thier mother to a ghastly auto wreck 2 and half years ago,i had only one dates when i was serving at Fort Carson but i got hurt when by catching her red-handed with the same officer that introduced us to each other..i was dpressed and down.any way i will tell you more of that later…you sounds so lovely

        Note where he says that he want’s me to be PLAIN to him instead of using the word honest. I don’t know very many men who would refer to an auto wreck as ghastly as he has here: .i lost thier mother to a ghastly auto wreck. He also states that, “i had only one dates “. Note that this is an improper use of the word dates. He refers to one date in a plural fashion. Then he says, “.you sounds so lovely and concern too.” He uses sounds instead of sound and the word concern where it should have been concerned. In this case, he has taken concerned which is an adverb describing the way that I sound and replaced it with the word concern which would be a noun and should refer to a specific object of concern. While many Americans may not know the parts of speech and stuff like that, they should still know that it doesn’t sound like it belongs that way. To make a long story a little shorter, I suspect that there is a chance that all of these Pedersens are probably the work of one man. I have pics and would be more than happy to share them to find out if we are talking about the same man. I WANT HIM CAUGHT!! There is NO dignity in operating this way and it’s high time that we stand up and be counted. We may need to be ruthless, but I, for one, am going to do whatever I can to try to be sure that this person doesn’t have one more opportunity to exploit another soul. My e-mail address is nikkijordan7191@gmail.com and I pray that someone will let me know if they think this could be the same guy and anything else that you may know about him. I will tell you another thing. I pinged the origin and path of his e-mail and it never, once, went outside of the U.S.. so I feel that this man is in our country. I’m not really sure where all in the country that the signal was, but I do know that it showed up in California and Florida. I believe that with the way the map was set up that the message originate in Florida. I will do more work on it and see if I can pin down anything more specific. I pray that you who have been targeted by a Pedersen will be kind enough to give me some specific info on the person that you have been dealing with. I don’t believe that I’m the kind of person who is going to be able to let this go. I want to take it just as far as it can be taken. I thank you all for any help that you can offer. Nikki

        • I also would be glad to share the 3 photos that he sent to me and to take a look at any of yours so that we can compare them. I want this dirtbag out of commission!! Thanks all!

        • my man in Kabul calls himself Johnson Philips , one fourteen year old daughter in boading school, who had a accident and he needed money from me to send western union to Accru-Ghana,(red flag ) so no money sent, but like you I was surprised at him being American his English phrases were wrong for a native english speaker, I am a english school teacher, and he wasn’t speaking proper grammer

    • Please help me check out a man who states he is a LT. in the Army stationed in Afghan for 8mts. His name is LT. John Aranda Atkinson. Bd 12-17-81?? His email address is jtkinson94@yahoo.com. I need to know if i am being scammed. Thanks

      • Janine, I have been scammed too, can you send me your email, the one who scammed me is using a different name also from a military man, but I know who can help you, all this scamms have to stop, we need to do something about it, at least give them trouble.

        • I think im being scammed too!! I am too embarassed to even admit it to my family and friends. I havent given any money at all! Thank God. I saw that you said you know someone that could help??

        • James_Harrison50@ymail.com

          he is impersonating a soldier in Baghdad…he has too many contradictions.

        • Hi there,
          I was scammed too, but I was on to him fairly quickly. He used a lot of copy and pasting into his messages and different fonts, etc. He got shot in the arm after a week or two. He had an adopted son back in the US. He had no other family. Then he helped an old woman with two grandchildren from a refugee camp, to get their valuables from their home (she was supposed to be related to the ex oil Minister in Iraq) and she rewarded him with $800,000 which he wanted to send to me to get it out of Iraq. I said “Yes – send it” and I then got a pic of a Diplomat that was helping him (so I have that photo, too) and I waited. After a couple of days, the Diplomat said he had passed through Heathrow (I checked the IP address and he hadn’t left Ghana) but the customs officials said the tag on the package was out of date and he needed £4,000 to pay for a new one. I said OK and that I could get the money for him tomorrow. He gave me an address in London where to send the money, and I went straight down to the Police station and gave all the details to them. Sadly, they said there was nothing they can do. The soldier’s name was Brandon Ken Sherman. If there is any way I can help catch these guys, let me know.
          I have since found two more on a Military dating website and had them blocked.

        • Hilda,
          If you have any details that could help catch more of these scummy people, please let me have them as I am determined to catch more…

        • where can we turn for help,do you have anything that could help me??????

        • please help me to learn more i think i may be being scammed by somone posing to be in the military always asking for me please in desperate need anyone how do we stop all these scams so sorry for everone in waiting this guy wants me to send money to be deployed home then its a laptop or money for satelite phone

        • Hi can you help me? I am currently correspoding to one LTC David Maxwell Burchett who is currently stationed at Kabul Afghanistan with email address davidburchett@rocketmail.com. He said his a widower, wife died 6 years ago in a car accident, have a 10 year old daughter.

      • Almost all military email adresses end in .gov or .mil

        • hi all i meet capt. bill daniels on line he was very sweet and aways said the right things he was in kabul & that he would be home real soon then he asked me to send him 500.00$ so we could talk he wanted to hear my voice I said no i did’nt have the money he wanted my account numder so he could put money in my account i said that we could use skype its been 8 days and have’nt heard back his email address is billhaynead@gmail.com I know now he’s a scammer I read all the emails today and he fits right in the sad thing is i realy liked him thank you for been their for me

      • Last Night I had my first ‘chat’ with a Staff Sgt. Jason Anthonio. Oddly in his chat he misspelled his own name twice. Stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan, his spelling and punctuation was horrid.
        This morning I got an Email from ‘Jason’ so grateful to have made a new friend. This time he included pictures. Sadly one was of a real Sgt. Anthonio in a helo.
        Now this really pisses me off for several reasons. To debase the identity of one of our service members should be a crime regardless of the origin of country. Personally, I think that there should be a web site to which we can send these counterfeit photos. I doubt that the men and women serving even are aware that their identities are at risk. It is easy to copy and save photos from Facebook, Match.com and all of the other dating and social sites.
        I had no doubt that this Jason is a scammer…My father was in the Army, my brother was in the Army, and my son in law is now serving in the military-notice that I did not tell you which branch…there is a thing called OPSEC. It is used to remind all of us with loved ones in the military that a slip of the lip can sink a ship as they said in WWII.
        All in all…I shall let this scammer think I believe him for another day or two..then I shall share with him my sad sad story of being abandoned by a spouse and needing money and insurance benefits. Finally I will share with him that I intend to report him to any and every legal agency from the FBI to the APL… and that by following his email acct. people know who and where he is. I doubt it will stop him from trying this again…but if the email address does not end in .mil or .gov…be aware that if they are claiming to be ‘in country’ they are lying. And do not forget to ask what time it is when they chat with you. You can search engine to find the time differences in every country! Good Luck and God Bless.

    • could someone contact me as i have a few questions to ask in regards to this scam,i have a feeling i am being scammed,but not sure as have not been asked to send money,other things are suspicous

      • Lynn the guy I spoke with took about 8 days before he asked me for money. Started with asking for things that a soldier would want.. cookies, bath gel…. then after 5 days he asked for money. I IP’d his email and sure enough it was in Ghana. Pls used this site, copy/paste the entire header from his email and see where it was sent from.

        • I have been talking to a guy that says he is deployed over in afghanistan he told me they are not allowed to get or send mail he has never asked me for money but i would like to find out if this guy is really in the army he said he is a Command Sergeant Major and his name is Paul Williams from Albany, New York his email address is p_williams117@yahoo.com i ran his IP address and it showed up in Ghana, Africa please help me out i want to know if this guy is for real or not

      • lynn this is happening more and more all the time i am talking to a guy that says he is deployed over in iraq when i ran his IP address it showed he was in Ghana, Africa trust your gut if it’s telling you this guy is a fake he probably is

        • I’ve been chating a guy nameCaptain Robert Bowen he is an U.S Army Special Force Command asssigned now in Syria Verginia since we get started chating he say the most inner feelins that he have in me although in returns i like this guy so much until we become close each other. i wonder if this kind of work he had when amilitary going out of the camp for leave is it necessary to pay with their leave ?since he said there is a protocol that they cannot get out when they cannot pay for the token he said they have to pay in order to get an access car for their leave and he is about to ask help money for the token coz once he go out for the camp he wanted to meet me.now my question is is there a proceess like this once they go out for their leave.is it not a scam or this person a real connected in a camp or he is a real military man.?


    • Terri ~ Can you email me please at beckster_38@hotmail.com. I have names that I need to check on. Please and thanks.

    • Hi Terri:
      I am glad that you have experience in the Army and how it works. Can you tell me how to verific or check Army e-mail list to see if the guy who talking with you is a real soldier or is fake? Greetings and please keep the good work… I am a big fan of our Army troops…

      • hi just got me a scammer hes name bon jenkins claims to be army man after reading all this wow this all makes sense thanks alot for information glad know people out there care

    • Hi terry, can you check out for me, Sgt Mike or Michael Kirk at yahoo.com
      I would really appreciate it, he’s trying to get 1300 euros for a flight,
      I’d be really happy if you could confirm if Michael exists

      • Apparently “SSG Michael Kirk” is still out there. I saw a posting on him dated from 2011. I was contacted recently through Plenty of Fish. Have been chatting for about 5 days. There were a few grammatical errors that had me wondering about his nationality when he claimed to be American and my daughter thought he sounded to good to be true. I had tried to search a couple time for info about him, just something I always do, but today found this article. Thank you! you have spared me heartach i am sure. Having been married to a REAL soldier for 12 years if he had asked me for money I would like to think i would have recognized it as a scam right away. But it is amazing how easily they draw poor women in with all the things we so long to hear. For all you REAL soldiers out there it is a terrible thing to have these posers use your identity. Thank you for your actual service to our country. Be blessed!

    • Hi, Terry. I was just recently chatting with 2 soldiers; Sgt Travis carney who asked me to write to his commander at the following email address to request a leave of absence ” armyleaveagencyatusa@hotmail.com ” I did but what I got for the response is was to ask me for $850us dollars to grant his leave. Also a widow with a 5yrs old son. The other one Sgt. Ramons Aron also a widow but his son is 18yrs old and his in Alabama military academy also ask me to write to his commander for him to be able to come home but he needs $750 just to for ” dejust to clear my transit ” What makes this so called ” soldiers ” think that Americans women are crazy desperate to send money to get a man.

    • i have been talking to a soldier who calls himself Eldon j Greg and he contacted me on book of matches. he said he wa based at seymour air force base, that he was a major with the 82nd air borne unit and that he had gotten deployed to kabul afghanistan, we talked for 5 months total and the 1st time he asked for money was back in june or july saying he needed $600;00 to come home as he couldn;t get his moneyfrom his bank.and that he would pay me back. I had no idea that there was any scams going on and so i told him that i could only get $150.00 upand he told me he sisteer had sent the same amount.so i sent a money gram to a Rachel Napolitan 789 New Castle avenue Sharon Pa. 16146. I didn;t fine out until it was to late that it was just a scam, and it really hurt as i had really learned to care for him. his e-mail address is eldon_greg at yahoo .com so please warn others of him as i no longer have any pictures of him as i have taken him out of everything i had on him. I do wish i could get my money back but i realize now that will never happen, i just wanted to tell you my story. yours truly lavone olsen

    • CJ,
      I have recently been chatting with a man who claims to be in Afghanistan right now. He has not asked for money nor has he made false promises about when he’s coming home, although he says his final tour ends soon. His name is Thomas Hueckstaedt and he claims to be a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. army. He is using a ymail address and we chat on Yahoo Instant Messenger. I know about all of the stories and I’m aware of the risk. Is there any way to find out if this person is who he says he is? He claims to have grown up in Houston, TX.

      • If anyone is talking to a person by the name of Thomas Hueckstaedt (Hueckstaedt spelled in different ways and sometimes a different first name) I am here to tell you this is a scam. I am the real Thomas Hueckstaedt and have been retired from the military for 3 years. I am a police officer with the Greybull Police Department in Greybull Wyoming. You are welcome to check out our police department website at http://www.greybullpd.com I have had several women contact me informing me of this scam for about 2 years now. please feel free to email me or check out our website to verify the picture ( thueckstaedt.gpd@wyonet.net) It has been discovered this scum bag is a black male from Africa and is basically untouchable. If anyone is claiming to be me I can promise you its a scam and do not send money, cell phones or computers which seems to be his preferences. I am sorry there are people out there to steal military personels pictures and claim to be that person. I am a retired Sergeant First Class and the pictures of me that are being used are actually quite old. Please feel free to contact me by email

    • I am talking with someone that is trying the same kind of scam on me but I am playing along with him right now because he really thinks he has me fooled. His email address of course is a yahoo address. It is talktojeffrey@yahoo.com. He also has a facebook under adams jeffrey. It shows a picture of a bald man with a greyish blue shirt on. He has asked me about the phone saying that he doesn’t have phone access and gave me a email address for a supposebly phone place. $275 dollars. that email address is armyphoning@aol.com they tell you that you will get reinbursed for the money it has to be sent western union and all this. I have much family that was military and have family that is military now. This guy claims to have a 19 year old son and got divorced 2 years ago. Claims he has been in the military fo r15 years and he is a SSG. E6. My nephew is an E7 and is a Sergeant First Class and I told him what was going on and he asked me did I know it was a scam and I told him yea and that I haven’t sent any money over to them. Now that he has asked for the phone, I have still been going along with him to see when he figures it out that I know what he is trying to do. Now he has told me that he would like to come home on an R & R but it would cost me $2,450 US dollars to help him get his leave papers. Well him not knowing that I already know that the military pays for everything, he still tries to feed me a bunch of crap. He has said that I would need to talk to his commander and the commander is the only one that is allowed to do a video chat and he could explain to me how to go about things but as for himself, he can’t use the video chat and does not have a phone and can’t receive mail. He is trying everything and I am just puling his strings like he thought he could do to me. He says that he is in Ramadi, Iraq. The IP address that I got for him off of his email came out of california, so say. He has a Hi5 account with the same picture but hasn’t been on it for a while, his birthday on there is January 1st. On his facebook account his birthday says march 26, 1967. I just want to know how to turn these people in because I know if they get caught they can get fined and up to 20 years in prison. I love our soldiers and it is just wrong for them to act as a U.S. soldier and try to scam people. Little did he know I already knew his game. He hasn’t gotten a penny and he won’t get a penny. Is there a way you can find out about this person or tell me how I can turn him in?

      • Added to my post. I just want to thank all of you that are letting other people know what is going on. I didn’t know who to tell and I am glad that I found this cite. Could you please email me back at pauleankidd3@yahoo.com about my comment and if you could find anything out about this person? I would appreciate it. He does his thing off of the facebook dating cite just to let everyone know.

        • please i need someone to help my father his is a retire army he s in need of help please some one should help me him for me
          my email is mikeitolo@yahoo.ccom
          thank you

        • @ Mike your comment sounds suspect why on Earth would you be here begging for help for your retired Father IF what you say is true which I doubt you wouldnt have to come here and beg for help for him as he would know where to go and what to do IF he were retired but I suspect you are just a scammer/troll and I noticed you left your email address which suggest to me you are a scammer after a fish here on this blog GO AWAY! Anonn

    • has anyone heard of man calling himself lt.col.james barrera. currently meant to be serving in afghanistan. claims to be 48yrs. old. polish born. but now american citizen serving in militaty forces. says he is an engineer.

      • I have the same description but he said his is name is Lt. Mack G. Barrera. He said he is stationed in Afghanstain and he does not have money to access his account. I told him I have never heard of that before because I was under the impression that the Army pays for everything. He tried to give some crap about needing me to access his account because for some reason he will not say he cant. I told him that I am not putting my name on anything. He said that he has named me beneficiary to get access to his account He claimed that he is retiring soon after 20 years of service. If you still have a picture of him I will be glad to send you a picture of what he sent me and we can compare them and see the idiot for who he is.

        • Please email me soon i been talking to a Richard Barrera i got pictures maybe we could compared them…

        • Is it possible me a picture of this Lt col j Barrera cause it is a different picture on Skype and another on Facebook /and Netlog
          Many thanks fatima

      • I have been on Skype with a person who calls himself Lt col j Barrera with the same profile you mentioned, stars he has an adopted son in Accra Ghana ! Please confirm if he is for real?

        • It’s a scam.

        • The scammer just told you where he is REALLY located in Ghana and Ghana is his home and he is an African a Ghanian Anonn

      • Hi, I noticed your post is older but I just had someone email me with the name James Barrera said was in Military stationed out of Colo. also said his wife passed away 6 yrs ago from a car accident also has a older son. I wish their was a way we could stop them. Its not right using our military this way.

    • After reading all of the above I am getting a bit nervous. I really want to believe the man I met is legitimate. He says he is a sgt in Kabul Afghanistan. We met on datehookup.com. His wife had a heart condition and died a few years ago and she was pregnant. How do I find out if he exists. We have been talking through yahoo.com, emails and IM’s. His computer would freeze in the middle of our conversations. Today he told me his computer would have to be fixed or he would need to buy a new one and there are no funds there to do it. He said he was borrowing someone’s computer to talk to me. I got the I love you’s and miss talking to you it hurts but don’t know if I can get back on so I don’t know when we can communicate. What has me concerned is when he sent me pictures of himself it also contained a picture on another profile on the dating site. I asked if he had two profiles and he said no. He said he checked the site and couldn’t find the second profile but contacted customer service to find out what was going on. He knows what I do for a living and asked if I get paid well, I said no and didn’t offer anything in regard to his computer. Without fail he always contacted me around 7:30pm every night. It is now 9:30 and nothing. He says in order to communicate by phone he would have to subscribe to the network and we would be charged. I asked about sending mail, writing and he said they are not allowed packages but he would have to get the APO address and I haven’t heard anything further. Is he a scammer? I would hate to end it if he isn’t. I haven’t offered any money and won’t. This is his yahoo email : sgt_pedersen@yahoo.com I really need to know the truth. Can you help me please.

      • Please email me becasue this sounds familiar and i am speaking to someone now. and dont know to trust it

        • Please stop communicating with the fake soldiers. I met this fake soldier named Steve Capozzi and his acomplice is Dr.Lucas and Dery in Ghana. they said about trunk boxes to be out of the country and it contains million dollars ..the are asking money and you would notice later that these are scammers.

        • ive been talking to asoldier he calls himself john kepley he got on my facebook claims to be a widower with an 11 year old son he is so handsome and charming he wanted me to get on im to talk to him about 3days he was asking me to send money for calling card he is a sgt in the special forces in kabul afganastan he said he wanted to hear my voice the calling card was 850 dollars well i knew that just wasnt right and he was wanting to marry me all this was so stupid i diddnt fall for it so i investigated a sight called scammers poising as military men and they showed some pic of the soldiers that were being used and there he was his real name is sgt patrick moore i stopped talking to him after i told him i knew he was trying to scam me he tried talking after that and i told him i would report him to the fbi well he is still on facebook and tagged and hi5 using this soldiers pic his address is j_kepley101@yahoo.com i hope no one falls for this stuff please be aware

      • Rosemarie, I just read your posting. I am sorry, but I am sure you know by now, you fell victim of a scam artist. I too was also a victim, luckily I figured this out very early on in the conversations. I never sent any money, but I sure was asked for it…many times. I played along for a while, which I do not think is too safe, so I do not suggest anyone doing it. Ladies, this person has used Pedersen’s name with many first names. He has pictures of an actual Pedersen in uniform. The names I am aware of from research are: Chris, Christopher, Brian, Mark, Mike, Michael, Charles, Jordan and I am sure there are many others. He is either a Sgt. or Major. In the picture on his sleeve you will see a “star” shape that indicates the rank is actually a Major. Please Please Please if ANYONE gets contacted by anyone named ****Pedersen**** rest assured it is a scam!!!

    • Omg I just googled a name and found out for sure it’s a scammer. Beware of Col. Mike Pedersen. Oh he’s a real charmer. He didn’t ask for anything but did say our only means of communication is the computer and it is crashing and needs to be fixed. Mentioned sending it to me to get fixed and return to him. I said I couldn’t and haven’t heard from him. I sent him photos, he has my last name from emails and my cell phone. Do I need to worry? Very nervous. I just deleted my yahoo account because of this.

      • Rosemarie,
        You as well as some of these stories sound like the same guy I am chatting with. He had problems with his computer like he said and borrowed one from a friend. I was stupid I sent him a cheap phone so we could chat using yahoo messenger. We were texting each other as I thought that if I paid the phone company a rate for international texting we would be good. He was texting me from New York which I found out from the phone company just 3 days after I sent him the phone. the phone company was calling me and emailing me in regards to my account. It was not the texting it was the phone calls almost $900.00 worth. They brought it down to about $400 maybe a little more I was in shock when I learned of this. Then and there I had all international calls frozen so he could not make or reiceve calls. Then I went and requested a new number I could not close the account other wise I would have to pay an early termination fee of $150.00. He still is talking to me and has not asked for any more money. He was suppose to come home to me not OHIO on Saturday but on Friday I had an email with bad news they had word that his plane would be shot down if they took off so now the flight would be delayed and on Wednesday he will find out if he will be able to come home. All of these stories have such simularties that it is scary.
        I too would like to know if they can you my email address or any other information that they may have gotten off my emails against me. I actually emailed him from work.

        There has to be away to stop these guys! the guy’s name he uses is Hadi Moro email godiva234@yahoo.com
        From the Nederlands. He was all alone here his parents went back to the Nederlands and he was engaged but she cheated on him with his best friend.
        Any information anyone can send to me please let me know Theresa theresasoto@att.net

        • I am in contact with a mike pedersen through datehookup, he hasn’t asked for any money, though his story is same as what he has told others… There;ve been men whove asked for money before & they all get the same response NO!

    • CJ,

      I have looked up this guy all over the internet and I can’t find him anywhere. His name is Terrell Williams with an email of terrywilliams4luv44@yahoo.com. I have been chatting with him for a couple of days and I am kind of iffy because I can’t find him anywhere. I found him on match.com when i went back to look at his profile it was gone. He told me his with passed and he had 2 daughters. I tried checking his email on different types of searches and can’t find him, He told me he had a come I tried looking up property records and there is a Terrell Williams but not in the section he is telling me. The section of Florida he lives in is really bad but i don’t believe he would leave his daughters there. Can you please advise me on if the man is telling me the truth or not. One more thing, I have requested to webcam with him and he has told me that he is not able can’t everyone webcam in the army. He has sent me pictures and they do look legitate but can’t tell if its him or not.
      Please advise. Thanks for your help and hopefully he is not lying to me.

      • Same here I have also been chatting to a Terrel, I found you post and deleted straight away. Terrywilliams4luv44, his wife died of breast cancer and he left two children here in MIami. He said he has been in iraq for 1.5yrs…. don’t believe a word..

    • Terri,

      Please contact me at satisfyingly.sarcastic@gmail.com. I have two different guys that have contacted me that I suspect may be scammers. However, IP’s track to the US.

    • terri please can u help me please i think i am being scammed please e- mail me i need to know if this guy is a fake he is listed on yahoo.com always wanting money

    • Hi,
      I wanted to know if you could help me out…
      I don’t want to get involved with someone who is going to scam me or use me..
      he claims he is in the military, but when I ask him question he avoids answering…. He says he is stationed in Iraq…
      . Name: Nathaniel J. Edwards I have pictures of him, if you need them….
      I can’t find anything on this guy.
      Please help.

      • beware of the following men as they are identified scammers
        Rolland Wallace england
        Roland kellogg edwards
        wallace mareno
        Raymie Nobile

        • hi everyone,, i have a wallace m.mareno. trying to get me to open a bank account in my name so he can tranfer money to me.. so i can pay for his flights here etc… he sat special forces.atc in afganistan.. i kkep asking for his. personal military addy.. to contact me ..but hey presto.. he says for now he cant use it as ..people have abused it in the past.. so .for now its a NO. ohh i have pesterd him so much for that. military addy..alas .another one bites the dust.. i have caught loads out .and reported themto the sites.. be carefull everyone…

        • I have been speaking to Roland Kellog Edwards for the past month. He tells me that his retirement papers just came in and is trying to get back here to me. He claims to be in Ghana and does not have enough money to pay for his flight. Wants me to send him the remainder so he can be here with me. He claims to be from the Bronx, but is willing to move anywhere to be with me. He says that his wife and son were killed in a car accident and he is now ready to move on with his life. I have looked at all the post on here and did not see anyone else mention him. I am wondering if anyone else has been in contact with him.

        • I have been chatting with a man named Roland Kellogg Edwards for the last 3 weeks. He contacted me on OkCupid and we have been corresponding through texts and yahoo messenger. He told me he was originally from Mansfield Ohio but was orphaned at 9 and sent to live with an uncle in Germany. He came back to America and joined the Army with two childhood friends one whose name is Englund and his wife”s name is Leititcia. He even gave me her phone number but said she was out of town but would let me know when it was okay to call her. He also told me his wife and son were killed in an airplane crash five years ago over the Netherlands as they were flying to Germany. He has sent me photos of himself. He said he has been serving in the Army for the last 26 years, he is 51,and he is a staff sergeant serving in Iraq. He said he put in for retirement and wants to meet me and marry when he gets home. I had only known his first and last name so when I googled him nothing was coming up so I finally asked him his middle name it came up on this site as well as another military dating scam site. So now I feel very stupid because I was believing him. He has not asked for any money.

        • I just put Roland Kellogg Edwards photos he sent me into Google photo and the same photos popped up on many different dating sites but with a variety of different stories. Too funny. I feel like such a fool now for believing what he was telling me. Im not quite sure what his intent was because he hasnt asked for money but I guess that was probably coming. He did ask me if I liked to shop online a couple of times, which was an odd question to me. The story he told me struck a cord in my heart because when he told me the tragedies that supposedly happened to him (death of wife and son) I felt the universe was connecting us because I lost my young daughter a couple of years ago. So I guess I was vulnerable and he glommed onto that.

        • By the way Roland Kellogg Edwards said he is stationed in Baghdad Irag. He said he is a staff sergeant.

    • Terri, I got scammed but it’s a shame those people use name of good soldiers who fight for our country. Is there any way to stopped them? Isn’t that call stolen identity? Those people do exist, at least people that I was sending money to. What’s done it’s done, learn my lesson, found this site little bit to late. But can we do something about this? Someone by the name of officer Brian Cameron from Baldwin NY is using name of Colonel Mark E. Calvert Chief of Staff 1st.Armored Division OPERATION NEW DAWN, IRAQ or Mr. John J. Argodale. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (DASA), they do exist, and it’s not right to them. Please let us know. Thanks!!

    • A “soldier” claiming to be in Afghanistan has been e-mailing me. We’ve chatted for a couple of months. I sent him $200. for”food”. He is going by the name Douglas Sargent and or Douglas Johnson(that is the name on his uniform). He asked me to send money to his son for his b-day, but I had to send it to a military picker(?)and then she would give the money to his son. Her name is Rhonda Kelly,Houston,Texas. If you find anything about him please let me know. Thanks,Peggy

      • See if you can get any information about Rhonda Kelly. I’m willing to bet she has no idea she’s being scammed as well.

        • HI CJ,

    • i have being chatting with a guys that said is in the army, is being about 2 wks he has not asked for any money yet, but will like to know how to check if he just and scam. how could do this,every web that help want to be a member and had to pay a membership payment. could you help me?

      • @ Martha if he is real Military he will NOT need your oney for any reason the Military takes care of its own so you will NOT need to send him money for any reason nor pay for a phone nor let him send you any packages and the best way to solve your question tell him to get on cam and have an interactive chat with you for an hour if he refuses for any reason he is a scammer also do not share personal info with him if he found you on ANY social site he is a scammer real Military members have no time to search for women online and beg them for money but scammers do Anonn You HAVE BEEN WARNED

      • I have been talking to this person, surposed to be in Afganistan, going home in July 2013. Posing as SGT JAMES CHRIS ROYCE email address colt.royce@gmail.com, But on doing research there are other names on facebook associated with the same person, with the same photos. Was really convincing I must say. But a good scammer. Here are the other active facebook accounts: Ladies watch out your heart or your wallet will be broken.
        For surname Royce US Army

        1.Royce Brown, Resides Miami, Florida, birthdate aug 8 1970
        2.Raymond Royce studied at Started Working at US Army Fort Benning
        3.Stephen Royce Works at The U.S. Army Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Salt Lake City, Utah
        4.Bob Royce Worked at US Army Fort Benning Studied at American Military University Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Louisville, Kentucky – June 21
        5.Royce Jeffrey born Hometown — Watertown, New York. Studied at Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy Past: U.S. Army, Department of Combat Medic Training. There’s a wedding ring on in that photo.

        6.Royce Fred Works at U.S Army Infantry, The U.S. Army and US Army Fort BenningStudied at U.S. Army War College Past: Bronzeville From Chicago, Illinois ssgt rank e-8
        7.Smith Royce Worked at The U.S. Army Lives in Baghdad, Iraq profile photo changed 26 June
        8.Raymond Royce Worked at Military (US Army) joined facebbook april 2013 In a Relationship with Mary Helen Flores june 28 See Friendship Worked at The U.S. Army Studied at American Military University Past: Kentucky Country Day School Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan From Louisville, Kentucky

        9.Royce Rick Worked at The U.S. Army Studied at Army Strong Past: University of California, San Diego This one says on probile Dad from Us and Mum from Germany and that you are a US army recruiter from Tampa recruiting from the Melbourne recruiting station.
        10.There is even a profile Rick Royce Lives in Kansas City, Missouri From Saint Joseph, Missouri this dated June 27 not even in uniform? THIS PERSON IS NOT GENUINE

    • hey how do i find out if this person is really military???? is it true that when they are on special assignments they cant access there accounts but the wives if they have one????

      • Regina NO that is a big fat lie they have access to their money at all times no matter where they are this is a scammer you are talking to but the answer to your question ask him to get on cam with you for an hour to have an interactive chat with you excuses he is a scammer ask him to email you from his AKO ask him to scan and send you a copy of his most recent Les

        Ask him to scan and send you a copy of both his military ID and his State ID card dont worry you will spot a fake when you see it and military ids will NOT be green NOR will it say Military ID card and they cannot be duplicated

        if he begs for anything or asks to send you anything he is a scammer and his AKO will end with .mil NOT .mil.com anything extra after .mil is a FAKE good luck but I know from what you typed he is a lying beggar.Anonn

      • i met a man on the oasis dating site recentley,he says he is a widow,,we have spoken alot on messanger,and he has phoned me,he has send me photoes of him self,we get on really well,and he has never asked me for money,he finds it abit hard to open up to me,because of the loss of his wife 9 yrs ago,and he said he is still out in bagdad,and he has told me 3 times he is coming here,but never shows up,keeps telling me,his are changed for leaving bagdad,is he scared of being in a relationship,i have feelings for him,and it would hurt me if he is messing me around,he seems genuine

    • i want a woman to sand her life time with me if you add me on my email you can have a nice man like me not us women

    • i want a woman to sand her life time with me if you add me on my email you can have a nice man like me not us women add me philip_apuri@hotmail.com

      • Philip (Not your name Troll) this is NOT a dating site scammer if you are looking for a date find a dating site these ladies here are NOT interested in some two bit lying beggar like you who cannot even spell to save your life or ours so with that being said GET DA FUCK outta here trolling SCAMMER!

    • hi terri,

      would you please check if christopher walsh witt is the real army man and sigmund burb witt is the fake one. that’s what the header said on “the military online dating the soldier’s perspective”. thank you. i appreciate it.


    • I do know that active servicemen CAN have an email address such as @yahoo.com. My son’s best friend from high school (currently in the Middle East) contacts him through this. The originating IP address, though, links him to his last base he was stationed at. In this case, Germany. It is in your best interests to learn how to track an IP address and then call them on it to find out why the information does not add up. Don’t let them fool you by saying “for security purposes, the IP says it is NYC.” Double check everything.
      If you don’t think that the person you are talking to and the person in the photos you have received are one and the same, ask for a certain picture. Ask them to write a personal message to YOU (with your 1st and last name) on a piece of paper and have a picture taken while holding it up… and send it to you. Tell them that you want to communicate via Skype or webcam chats. If they refuse, they have something to hide. Plain and simple!!

      • Hi Lisa,
        Your post was helpful. I am somewhat concerned that I may be being scammed after reading many of these posts. I have been communicating with a man stationed in Damascus, Syria. The “flags” that I am noticing are: (1) he’s retiring soon (under 2 months), but doesn’t know the date (2) he has a son in the UK (some of the other posts said that there are accomplices located in the UK and (3) he corresponds via Yahoo (both messenger & email address) and not from a .mil address. We have been in touch since early September. He has never asked for money, but he has declared his “love and affection” already, which seemed weird to me, since we have never met in person, nor spent any time together. Can you tell me how to verify an IP address?
        Thank you,

    • Hi, i happened upon this site while researching a man who did contact me through yahoo mail. He says his name is Collins Lopez who is origionally from the Netherlands. his email is just his name. Collins Lopez. He is now also on facebook and tied into my facebook. I have been told he is a widower w a five yr old son who is in the netherlands w the captains mother. I have yet to press him for information regarding his “deceased” wife. He says he is a captain and when stateside lives in denver colorado. i also have a phone # he gave tht im gonna research too. cant find a trace of him thru bing or google which seems odd to me. anyway with the description of himself and questionable email addy and really not knowing how he orgionally got to know me I would like you opinion of this situation

      • I have a feeling we might be talking to the same person. Please contact me when you get a chance and I can send you his pictures so we can see if we have the same man. Mine goes by the name of David Lopez, but he also claims to be from Colorado and has a wife that was killed in an accident. I am already assuming the worst and hoped I might be able to help you as well.

        Thank you

        • I have also been contacted on FB by David Lopez. Claims to be a staff sargent in the Army. Please send me any info you have. Thank you.

      • I have been catching with a man named Capt. Collins Lewis who says he from CO. and has a little boy. And giving me the same lines and has tried to get me to send a computer – phone – etc. and have not done so. What do this guy (s) think all women are stupid. Thank GOD I knew soemthing was up and started to research. He found me online at a dating service, which I just signed up for and now know there are people like this out there. Thank you girls for being honest and sharing this information with others – as I am too.

        Stay away from ———————— COLLINS LOPEZ

    • Terri: I just came across this site. I started emailing and Yahoo messaging a soldier in Kabul about 10 days ago. I have tried to do a background check on him and can’t find his name anywhere – very unusual. I also
      checked Raw Source of his emails sent through Yahoo and they trace back to places like Ghana, Sweden, and one ISP called Hide My Ass where you can’t find out where. I met him on OK Cupid. After we started emailing,
      his profile went away. He has not asked me for anything. He says twice this week he’s had trouble getting
      through because communications were shut down due to security and the crisis over there of the soldier that killed civilians. RIght after that Sec. Def Panetta was there visiting and I know security was high. So…after reading this site, I am wondering if he is legit. I used to have an AKO account but don’t anymore and noticed that you did. Would you be willing to check out his name or if CJ does this for us, can you tell me how to ask him as I can’t find anything on the site to do that. If you are willing, the email comes from a man named Derek Handle. Email address is derekhandle@yahoo.com. Thanks so much in advance if you are willing.


    • I have a new ‘Scammer’ I think, using the name Sgt. Nobile Hook, sgtnobilehook@yahoo.co.uk
      He is on facebook, one of the pictures is on the site Militarygear.com.
      Can you check him out ? or tell me how please?

    • Terri,

      I am talking to a man who claims he is in the Army. How do I verify this is true? He is chatting with me through yahoo and I met him on match.com. I have been through this once already with a scammer who also claimed he was in the Army. I was very straight forward and told him up front about this scammer. I also requested that he not ask me for money. There are major differences between the two so it is hard to tell if this new man is a scammer. If he is then they have learned to play the game well!!

      • I was on match.com for one hour this morning and had 2 scammers immediately want to chat on Yahoo. They are SO incredibly easy to spot, especially with all the copying and pasting they do. The first thing I ask for is an email so I can run the IP address, even though I know it is not always accurate. They really are good at not answering your questions, a couple clues right away…

        If they don’t give you the correct time where they say they are. Google will tell you in seconds, so I always check Google before I ask them

        I had the second one this morning tell me he would get in trouble for making phone calls.

        I am to the point that as soon as they say they are in Afghanistan, I say so long…they don’t even mind if you tell them you know all about military scams…they just keep talking.

        What a shame!!

    • I think i’m being scammed by someone who has hijacked the identity of trobertsteve troxell. He is using a yahoo address with his name and then us at the end before the @yahoo.com. He said he is a reconaissance specialist and I met him on militarycupid.com. He has asked me to pay $300 to connect his mobile and the money was to be sent to Holly Carling in Houston Texas. That was done and now when he calls me he has lost his american accent and is sounding phillipino. He has also asked me to pay $1500 to get him out of Kabul in Afghanistan as he has been requested to now deploy in Pakistan and has to go there if I cant get the money to him or else I wont be seeing him for 1 year. Anyone heard of Holly Carling or Mr Troxell.

    • As like everyone else I have been reading about I think Imight be scammed but I amnot 100%. captain Ronald Jordan works under Commander William Priatt in AF. am going to use the tools that have been suggested, webcam, .mil address, photo with my name and IP address. I have been scammedc before about a year ao. No money was sent ut that one was different. This guy Ronald has very good english…..goes on yahoo morning and around 4-5 everyday. Mornings are rare. Sends me an email every night for me in the mirning. Wants to leave Air Force on a 4 month leave. I was told that they have to pay a price while ion leave for DOD security access cide. I have searched an searched to et an answer in this one but can’t find anything. He has sent uniform pics (his name on uni, other pictures including one in the shower. He seems gentle and not pushy considering it has only been a week. Not asking for any money just wanting to gert out of therer. Seems a bit depressed. Athought this DOD money….is this true? He wants me to pay and wil pay me back and says he cannot access his bank account in States not even his family can. He has told me he received a small amount of money monthly where he is and that is enough to get him thru. OK is this true about the DOD. I received an email from his Commander william Priatt this a.m. with a copy of a letter from the Department of Defense explaining the leave is being processed and blah blah blah and signed by Lt. Col. Tom Joey/Processing Officer. This attachment came aain from William Priatt

      No date on letter but letterhead etc. looks legit and english is oerfect. This makes me sad and i do not want to accuse him or call him scammer if he is not Is this all true? I am from Canada and kjnow nthing much abiut the ins and outs of military. Its unfortunate they play on us and break o9ur hearts. I would never send money. Only if the DOD is true…….. possibly. I have to realy think about this. ronaldjordan110@yahoo.com is his email he uses with me. this is enough to make a woman foret about meeting men. Thank you Wendy

      • Hi Wendy;
        I think we have the same guy……. it would be interesting to compare pictures. My gut is Lloyd Jordan Moore is a fake. And claims to be in the US Air Force in Kabul. He says he is widowed with 2 kids but the ages aren’t adding up. I wasn’t looking to meet anyone and this guy caught me by chance. He writes poems confesses his love but doesn’t say much. He didn’t tell me his job and it was only after a long period he admitted because he knew I was in the military and wouldn’t wish that life on anyone.

        I was in the British military and his claims are starting not to add up esp this CAC his CO wants me to pay as a deposit. The PDF form he sent is for Navy Leave application and stuff he gas sent over a period of time doesn’t add up because the British have mail, phones, Access to accounts, Skype etc and even the food is good whereas this guy is saying the opposite for the US side..
        He hasn’t used a military email but aol one as has his CO. Ive tracked the IP number and its coming from the US.
        So tonight he is going to IM me again and I will be waiting. If he is the real deal, he will video link, show me his military ID live and give me his mil email address. If he does all this I will humbly apologise but if he doesn’t its a scam. He isn’t real, doesn’t care about me, only my money….. which I need for myself and my kids.
        The thing is procedures for leave do not involve outside parties esp family in the UK so that was the big one for me. I was prepared to give the benefit of the doubt as Im not American and know how the system works but I would assume they would be more stringent than the British.
        Im a little hurt he would play with my affections as I have fallen for him but Im not silly. Ive contacted the US and British authorities over this. Its not right. I hope in my heart of hearts I am wrong but my gut tells me I am right.


        • Wendy my guy’s photos all say “Jordan” even though its a double barrelled name and is not on his uniform. It clearly says Jordan, it is AF but this isn’t right (it should say Moore) and makes me think we have the same guy.
          His photo is him standing near a UN Flag with a card saying “I love you Queen Caroline” and one alone holding a rifle. The other it was indoors from his lap top. They are all the same guy but if you have these too I found them flagged up on a site as used before by scammers and highlighted by women. Sorry

    • Can you check ronaldjordan110@yahoo.com based in AF. it has also been said here that they can use their personnal addys. He says he is a Captain. I have seen him in uni with name etc. butthat still doesn’t mean his pics weren’t stolen. Is there a site to go to with biographies of Air Force personnel? Spending wayyyyy too much on this.

      • waiting for replies……is it true you have to WU a deposit to a displlomat for DOD card if you are ion a eave, he has sent me a coy of his military card and itis white, doesn’t say military with his pic and a bar code. Also sent a hoto hoding a note with I love you wendy” but it was photoshopped…………he wants me to pay for DOD which is refundable….what d I do is he a scammer…..he has perfect english and athugh yu begin to fee stupid I want to call him n it but if he isn’t scamming then I look like anass because like everyone else I have fallen in love with him.

    • i need to know are this real a sergent in kabul base kandahar
      sergeant park austin terry from colorado springs – parkterry55@yahoo.com

      and williamssoncollins@yahoo.com aslo in kabul now camp phoenix
      master sergeant mich paul williamsson from irving texas

    • As for the photos pillaged by Gilbertog42@yahoo.com. I traced that to lagos by readnotify.com. I’m horrified they managed so send so many pictures of the same man. Even a false ID. This picture was of Gonzalez a slodier who does IED work in Afghanistan. There 4 more of hte same man. I wish this person could be located as his email or what ever has been seriously hacked.I’ve had a laugh at the scammers. I event sent the report of their location.They still demand money and thought they had a real live one… Me
      They have even doctored the pic of and I love you to me that he had ostensibly written.I wish I knew where to send these pics as you’d be able to locate the soldier..
      They even asked for 2325 us for their leave and I very politely told them about miltary procedure.
      They will not take no for an answer

    • Has anyone had any contact with a Davis Simonos? Claims to be a Sgt. and deployed in Afghanistan.

      • Jessica the Name itself is typical of scammers the Name this scammer is using has been modified from someones real Name he is a poser so please read this………..Ask for his mailing address overseas. If he can’t provide one, he is likely lying. There is nothing secretive about an APO address.
        Ask him to give you his AKO email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. This will be his name @us.army.mil. All soldiers have an AKO account. There is NO reason why he can’t provide it – regardless of what unit he is assigned to, what his mission may be, who he’s working for, etc. And the AKO account is free

        99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

        So let me sum this up:

        If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
        If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
        If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
        If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
        If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
        If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
        If you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

        If he asks for money or for your help for ANY reason he is a scammer the US Military takes care of its own

        go to scamwarners.com there you will find alot of information they can tell you where his emails are coming from and you may even find the pics he’s stolen the name he has made up is NOT a typical American Name.Anonn

        • Omg, I have been talking to a scammer, Davis Simonos for 2 months, really friendly, seemed sincere, I played along with him and then busted him. He asked me to send him an I-Pad, I called him on his scam and poof he disappeared. Women listen up, be very careful. If anyone contacts you saying they are in the Military, DO NOT GO to yahoo messenger to chat. Tell them to send you mail from their military e-mail address, if they won’t do it, then you better delete them and have no contact!!!

      • Jessica also if this scammer gives you an AKO Military email address BE SURE to send an email back to that email address if it returns to you undeliverable there is your answer we already know he is a scammer but just in case he tries this just be prepared and do not assume he is real so make sure if he sends you an email from a .mil email address you send one back anything beyond .mil is definitely a scam and scammer in other words it will NOT be .Mil.gmail or any free email provider this is an example…..his name @us.army.mil hope this helps Anonn

      • He is a scamming scumbag!

    • Terri

      Will you please check if Jake Kemper Renteria (he says hes in afghanistan) is real, I have sent nothing to him but he is asking me for a computer saying that the Taliban can track the one he has…Im pretty smart lady and know Im being scammed but he was so romantic i just have to be sure…thanks for your help

      • Deb are you serious YES he is a scammer he has begged you for a computer HELLO ask him why he cannot buy his own computer REAL Military members have access to their money at all times get the picture if he were real he would NEVER have asked you for a laptop nor anything else BUT what you can do is check his IP address and tell him if he wants a computer to give you his credit card or atm card and pin numbers that way he pays for his OWN Computer Have you seen him on CAM?
        do you have his AKO
        do you have his APO? there is NO reason that he cannot give you either one of these
        DO NOT give him any personal information this is a scammer there is no reason to ask anyone to check him out a real military member will NEVER find you on any social site and tell you they are Military and then ask you for anything NOT even a laptop when this scammer does try to talk to you again if you do ask him where you are to send the laptop to when you purchase it with his credit card you will find it will not be by Mail he will claim he cannot get mail so some diplomat or courier will have to deliver it to him and it will go to some shit hole in Africa he is a scammer you have been warned……scamwarners.com and romancescam.com Anonn

        • Hi, all i can say is that I nearly got done by these bastards and believe me im trying to find them and reporting it to Zoost the dating site I was on. They are cunning. Its really degrading to think that us women get sucked in so easily. My so called man was in the army in Afganistan and wanted me to pay for his flight to Sydney for a 2 week holiday to meet me? and when he gets his deployment he wanted to move to Sydney to have an Aussie chick girlfriend.His profile was made in Sydney apparently.WhenI told him I could not send a money transfer through Western Union for $2660 and wanted to change the flight dates that were booked through his agent!!!!!! janet_s@mil-army.net he did not want to talk to me again and threatened me that the army will sue me and take legal action against me, scare tactic to get me to send the money, he then blocked all email contact. Funny he now has a new profile in Brunswick Victoria. His name is Col Daniel Raymond????? having rung Holsworthy Army Barracks NSW and the Airlines he does not exist. So how do we destroy these creaps. Kath

      • Deb my apologies I did not see that you typed you knew you were being scammed didn’t mean to sound rude just wanted to make sure you knew for sure he is a poser again my apologies Anonn

      • Hi DEB,
        Want to thank you for the heads up!

        2 days ago I was contacted on match.com by SSG Jake Kemper Renteria on a Peace Keeping Mission stationed in Afghanistan.. He sent very handsome pics, however his grammer was not very good and his rank did not match up to years in service. So I googled his name and your post came up. In fact it is the only place his name showed up!

    • Hi Teri i am one of those suckers that got sucked in big time by about 7000.it would have been more until i came across this site..The name the scammers used was Captain Henry Repetto.he was suppose to be stationed at Novo Selo Range in Sliven Province in Bulgeria.You said you had something that could check if this military person is real,i have a photo and the uniform does have the name repetto on it.I just would like to find mr Repetto and let him know that his photo is being used on dating sites and being used to scam money off woman…these are sick sons of xxxxxxxxs.but they are good at what they do…But it is a disgrace that they use photos of the men and woman who lay their lives on the line for us daily….its so sickening.I have tried the different government sites but they are so out of date or have been moved..Ive even tried ringing different military camps etc but i guess different time zones and that as i am living in Australia…I am not having any luck…would really appreciate it if you could help me as this Mr Repetto needs to know..Or if you can give me some information on how to try and locate him so i can actuall y speak with him.. I would be so greatful…….

    • Terri
      I just need you to check on something for me i sat here went and read all the post and did not see the name of the person who I meet on Zoosk.com over 6 months ago i really need to know if he is a scammer or not. I to have google him and have found many names the same he to is in Afgahnistand. If you can check on this for me and get back to me many thanks. His name is Sgt Robert Ramos. I to did a IP address check and it came from Sunnydale Ca and i asked him about that not the IP i asked if he was ever stationed in CA and he said yes, so i figured that is were that came from, but who knows. So if you can help me to find out many thanks to you. Please email me back when u do. I to am a widow who is now rising my two grandkids because my daughter passed way to, so this is very impoerant to me to find out. Thank-you again Eve

    • OMG….I cant believe that I have been scammed myself this guy I meet through chemistry.com his name is James Royce and his email addressed is JamesRoyce750@yahoo.com. We meet on Oct 20,2012 and just like the countess email I have read from many woman he wanted money to be registered. Now he is saying that he is have surgery for his appendix, yea right…I just turn in my information to IC3 complaints and now I open a case against whom ever is behind this…PLEASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN go to an official website and file a complaint with the authorities, they want email address of that person, pictures and even any email that you have received from this person and they will start an investigation…We have to do this to HELP STOP this madness…

      • Thank you Cynthia this is the third scammer I’ve come across. I never sent any money but I knew it from the way he was writing and then when I told him his emails got really short. He said he’s from another country and is in Kabul for the military don’t you have to be a U.S. citizen to be in the military? I found this odd along with some other things he said. He would also avoid questions which was odd and things I wrote. Thank you so much I had a feeling anyway since I had 2 already.

    • Hello, Terri – saw your post and wondered if you could check a person for me. Supposedly, he is deployed to Afghanistan, Kabul, and is a Technical Sergeant. His name and e-mail are Kent Kevin (from Athens, GA) and his address is: kentkevin10@yahoo.com. Thank you – he says he is an MP – and all of what he does is confidential – MP – but assigned to something like the FBI/CIA. A lot of inconsistencies and now the request for money to obtain paperwork to release a “box” containing a lot of gold , by a Saudi diplomat – named Hassan Mohammad, from customs in a country that was his first stop. I have sent no money and really think this is a scam. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Mary

    • Beware of:
      Sgt Daniel Sergio Alberto “stationed in Kabul, Afganistan”
      Fake daughter e-mail: ayalamoellerm@ymail.com
      She sounded just like him yet she is supposed to be American born in a private school age 14. Very poor English.
      Some how he contacted me through Skype on the third day after just learning how to get on it. His hook was that friendships were the rainbows in our life…… under his pic “Peace and Unity” What an ass. IP: Sunnyvale, Ca.
      The beautifuly written love letters are scripted because when he IMs his english is not as smooth. I thought he must have been schizophrenic, multiple personality. Here are a small sample of what he sent in just the month and half when he finally asked for $1,000 for his fake daughter trip to London. When I said no, wow, did he get mean, calling me a fake, lier, maggot, half dead human, etc, etc. from angle of love to hate demon. What a sick f%*k. There must be a book of scripts out there for these scammers to use. He adapted from the bible and used God a lot. He sent me these letters within the first ten days of writing. This was before he even knew how I looked. If I had known better I would have been able to add his pic to the wall of shame before I blocked him from skype ’cause he never gave me another picture. Highly pixelated skype shot. So have a little taste of memory lane:

      3:10 am thursday 5/16/13
      Hello my heart,
           How are you doing darling? Do you still need me? Honestly,  I had a dream last night that you were here with me standing by my side saying those three words that meant everything to me. I know that dream will come true, and until that day I am waiting here for also in my dream I asked God for light, God gave me the sun, I asked for water, God gave me rain, I asked for happiness, and God gave me you.
      Darling my knees start to shake when you are  online, my mind is filled with wonder, my heart with fright. When will this feeling stop? When did it start? How can I listen to my mind without breaking my heart? I am so confused, what should I do? I can not think of anything except you, should I ignore you, or just give it time?… I can not think straight, my heart controls my mind. I wish I could see through your eyes so I would know what you like to see. I wish I knew your wishes, so I could give you everything you want. I wish I dreamed the same dreams you do, and together we could make them come true. I wish I knew what makes you happy, so I could make you the happiest person in the whole world. And lastly, I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Good morning sweetie. Thanks.

      4:21 5/17/13
      hi    How was your night ? Do you dream? Truly, You have no idea how long I have dreamed of the day when we could be together. You truly could not imagine how hard this is for me. I have longed to be with you for years, but never really had the guts to do anything about it. That was until you actually approached me, and Baby, from then on I have been in love – not a crush, not puppy love, but truly, honest-to-God, love. The kind of love that somehow transforms you from one of those people who think that everyone else gets everything, to one of those people who have actually got everything…
      Honey, I guess what I am saying is that before you, it seemed that I had nothing, and now I feel I have it all. And it is all due to you, and you alone. Well, I should probably say that I love you and miss you and that this has got to be harder than anything that I have ever done, being this close to
      you but yet so far away.
      Honey, this is really hard for me cause I want to say to hell with this fucking war, this army, I am coming home to you…….I love you. Good morning. Thanks.
      Really wonderful shit! And you know what, I am married, 25 years with a husband who was a Viet Nam Vet with PTSD and Daniel still persisted. Amazing! Why would he do this to another soldier?
      Why did I write back? Curiosity. Never done anything like this before and wanted to experience this kind of courting. Never been sweet talked so well, ever. My husband can learn a few things. Daniel never answered my questions… never saw him on cam, he saw me… never heard his voice. When I ask why I couldn’t see or talk with him, he had me look up an article about a nurse in Afganistan who was on skype and his wife saw him get killed so the gov stopped skype but only allows IM. I had no idea such scams were happening. I am so greateful for this site. It has been like therapy. We are not alone. Great information on how to check out these guys/gals. Information is empowering. I have joined Adopt a Soldier to do what I actually was trying to do in the first place. I am also on a mission to take people like him down. Thank you so much.

      • same words of love wanted to be buy my side forever i know it is a scam but want to make sure
        he also has a son of 9 years old wife pass away some years ago.his name is John kepley can only fine one picture of him very nice looking .email is through yahoo.com also email address is j_kepley@yahoo.com
        I would like to know if he is the same person. thanks

    • I met a girl on tagged she says shes in special forces and is 32 her name is Rose Concepcion lives in Minneapolis MN. I found 16 names on military site but cant afford to go on further I’m on disability. she too had me go to yahoo messenger i gave her my id not password and we started talking she says shes stationed in Nigeria as a matter of fact she just went back over. Now she wants me to send 400.00 to her so she can pay for a special leave to come back and resign to be with me. This relationship started a little over a month ago. There are no listings for this person in Minneapolis. Because of disability how can i check to see if this is for real and would be of no cost to me.

      please help

    • I was contacted a week ago by Sargent Hardy Stuart James, based in Kabul Afghanistan for 5 years and is retiring this end of July 2013. Has a daughter and his wife died. He didnt specify how she died. . He has not asked me any money, just is chatting with me. However this is the first time I enter to this site and I do not intend to waste my time. Please could you confirm if He is real ? I would appreciate it from you and for all the women who were scammed, please do not feel bad any more, just think in your present and try to thank God you are alive and give the other the best of yourselves. We dont need a man to feel alive. FIrst know you inside and take it as a precious value. Bye, waiting for a response, thank you

    • I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve been talking to a military man, and he hasn’t asked me to send him any money but he is offering to wire me money to my bank account. He knows that I’m a single mother, and that I am struggling to get by, so if he doesn’t have no reason to scam me. He is so romantic and really knowledgeable with his words. He seems legit but it also seems too good to be true. Could you please help me! Thank you.

      • Hi, I’m italian I’m writing with a captain US army in afghanistan ,his name is Robert Reevs, he is so sweet and gentle too. He doesn’t ask me money.I like him very much .
        Did you have answer by someone about your soldier? Pleas coul you help me to know if he is realy a soldier ?thank you very much

        PS sorry for my english.

    • I have a headache this morning after discovering that 5 of the 6 guys that contacted me on the website are scammers… I dont know about number 6 he is probably bogey too…. Is it a case that army guys never use these sites? Why doesnt the army control this as it makes them look bad? Am beginning to wonder is military cupid run by nigerians ? As whats the chances of like practically getting 100% replies from Nigerian men posing as white american soliders? Must be a movie in this? I will play my part in the movie if anyone decides to make one…! ..

    • P.S. The two names associated with the scammer sgt_raza@yahoo.com is Lorrel Sharpe at 15 Third St. Apt #4 Presque Isle Maine 04769 and a Debora Parke in Evergreen LA soon to be investigated

    • Would you be able to check out SGT Justin Bowen, stationed in Camp Eggers, Kabul Afghanistan,
      we met on match .com then we began IM on yahoo.ca, and emailing, he is to retire in November, has not asked for money, his, APO is AA 09394-1900. He is also on Facebook I need to know if he is legit as we have been emailing for 2 weeks now and I do not want to get scammed ..or emotionally scammed, he wants a life with me but I cant get hurt…

      • Justin Bowen sent me emails about how his first wife committed suicide and his parents are dead. He has two boys by a second wife in Cleveland. Is retiring in 6 weeks. His profile on Cupid says he makes a crap load of money and has a masters degree. He says I am one in a million and wants to be with me. Glad I found this site because he is now dealing with the wrong woman.

    • please he is online with me again,,, can u verify if he is a scammer APO AA 09394-1900
      SGT Justin Bowen, Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan

      • Ask for his ako email address. It should be his first & last name (maybe a number if it is a common name) and us.army.mil. If he starts giving excuses, he is a scammer.


    • I read you’re comments and know for a fact I am being scammed by sergeant Nicholas karpo in west afirca..his general address is Raymond todieno13@live.com..he said we can not communicate unles I register and the fee is $1200..but can be sent in portions..i feel so betrayed..lucky I never sent the money to western union..he just emailed me from yahoo awhile ago and asked if I received the info on how I can pay the fee..i feel so gratefull and thank you so much for all this information I read..take care and bless .Sandra p.s. his name on yahoo is Nicholas_karpo@yahoo .com..pls share this…and thank you again..

    • Hi i just started talking to this gut on the internet and his telling me his a solider i would like your help to find out if he is real because iam a single mother trying to servive in this world i dont need problems like that would you plz contat me to let me know if we can find out if his real thank you very much

      • Margarita IF you have never met him face to face and you met him on ANY social site he is a FRAUD No Exceptions especially if he begins to ask you to loan him money begs you for money FOR ANY reason NEVER give out your personal information get the picture ZNEVER send money ffor ANY reason no matter how many times he says he loves you and your kids he is a LIAR and to send him one penny would be taking money out of your Children’s Mouth because he does not care about you nor your Kids all he wants is money he considers it a Job.

        Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams……READ read and read some more

        Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam ASAP,hope this helps.Anonn

    • hello can sonmone help with this email afghasoldier_kthomas@yahoo.com. His name is THOMAS KAMATI PETERSON. He has not asked for any money or to send anything to him. He said he was divorced, no kids or parents. He said he was from PRINCETON TX. But when i tried to search his phone number it is showing in SAN ANTONIO TX. cOULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. I really like the conversations but very cautious.

      • Hello Cathy, yes i think i could be of help, unfortunately, this tom has been playing with me since we met on ok cupid, he propose to me he called me his wife, and that he would be retiring soon from the army, yes he maybe in afghanistan, he uses his private account there is something called ako, he promised to move in with me after retiring in miami, florida, he is a clever writer, but wanted me to open an account to put money into, he will go around until he finds his finances, he was sending a valentines card 2 while talking to you, too please email me at jacqpermuy@yahoo.com, he is a waste of time, it is a shame the military carry these men, that like to play with feelings, i have yahoo conversations and emails that will testify what he has done since we met on dec 26 it was so easy for him and it looked real what he wrote, only to find out that i was no use to put a huge amount of money and open a bank account, when the money thing comes up, waht i have read that unfortunately it is a scam he is soldier, and a womanizer or a player with woman, trust me a heartbreak hurts, send me an email at any time, sorry i have to tell this, better soon than later i was almost for three months, and it is normal i have a feeling of sadness and betrayal, not of what a woman would like faith n loyalty, May God bless, jackie p

      • Dear Cathy, I could help, I met Tom, Thomas kamati Peterson on dec 26, 13 on ok cupid, the conversations lead to a promise of marriage, retiring from the military and moving in to Miami with me and create a family, same info same email, it is really sad, while he send me a valentines card, calling me his wife he was having conversations with you, and he stopped communicating when I couldn’t opened an account here. it is a heartbreak, he is clever, happy go lucky writer, always greeting you, and wishing you have a nice day, it went on with 3 months, the result heartache, as a lady, please be careful, heartbreaks hurt.
        best regards, and wishing you find the companion and love of someone who will be honest and worth of trusting.,
        may God bless

    • terri, where would i send an email to, to see if its legit. thanks, sheralyn

    • How do I find out if the captain I’ve been chatting with from camp dwyer is real? Thank u for your help

    • I have had quite a few of these idiots tryt o scam me and use yahoo all the time, not an idiot at all, never sent money!! this is the first time I heard of usa.gov,son is military and so is most of my family, my question is wherre do I forward these emails?

  2. A few comments on this…you knew I would..lol

    1) Picadilly in London is some of the most expensive real estate and I doubt any could afford it..Just sayin’…

    2) In my more limited experience, some troops do use private gmail accounts.

    3) There is a scammer using the name Perry Johnson who wrote to me a long time back with some ‘offer’. No, not through any dating site. ;) I did not reply, but did post his entire email under the header “Sgt Perry Johnson is a fraud…” Just about every week someone googles that name and finds my post, so I know he is still scamming.

    As you and Terri say, ANY soldier who asks for money is a scammer. If they are an actual troop in the sandbox for example, legitimately in need, there are resources for them that require NO outside money from you.

    In my limited experience, again, no soldier I have ever met has asked for money. To a real soldier, that is being dishonourable (or something.lol)

    One of the first scam emails I got – think it was to do with some “soldier” who had discovered some gold in Iraq that he needed help financially getting out – I reported to an officer I knew who looked into it. As we all know, taking ANYTHING out of a war zone is illegal..

    Like you, Terri, sometimes I mess with them if I am in the mood, but most times I just delete them.

    AND I avoid dating sites..In fact I am totally ignorant about them. ;)But yes, even I know that wounded go through Landstuhl…lol

    Fact is, there will always be scammers, and yes, I have had some with .ru addys which is a dead giveaway..

    One point I wonder? There may be no US bases in London, but I remember US bases in England when I was there.

    Keep up the good work, CJ!

    If anyone is ever in any doubt as to the legitimacy of any supposed military person, there ARE ways to have them verified. ANY military base throughout the US would no doubt be happy check on any of these jerks’ claims, since it casts a bad light on all the other GOOD guys..

    Keep up the good work, CJ!

    • Brat, most Soldiers actually DON’T use their .mil emails for normal correspondence. What I’m stating is that every military member has a .mil email and if anyone is in doubt about the legitimacy of a supposed troop, just ask them to send an email from their .mil account to prove who they are. Then they can go back to using the gmail, yahoo, or whatever.

      • Good point! Hadn’t thought of that one….;)

        • thanks u just saved me for making a big mistake

      • Hi CJ,
        Could you please let me know if anyone has been scammed by Sgt. Leads Basile. He was on match.com when he first contacted me. I have been reading the replies on this website and other websites and have not come across his name by anyone else. Thanks and hope to hear back from you.

        • Hi Mary,
          The same person has also approached me on match.com, but he used another first name Sgt.Andree Basile. And this scammer is also using another name known as Sgt.David Lingo. But he didnt succeeded with me.

        • Have been communicating with a SGT Andre Basile (match.com) who says he is special forces in Mosul. has a 14 year old daughter living in england with his uncle, wife died 3 years ago of cancer. Is this familiar to you? Did he ask you for money? did he send you a photo?

        • he also goes by Andre Basile

        • Hello Deb,

          Yes, he is the one who`d aproached me thru Match.com. exactly same story as he told you.
          Unfortunately he doesnt succeeded with me, as he claims that his father was a Belgian and he says he understands German and speaks Dutch…But when I tested him, his words all wrongs as he got it from google translated.
          I have few pictures of him, pls send me your email address to me: groth_nina@yahoo.com
          I will forward them to you.

        • hey what is the e-mail that Mr basile is using with you deb, just curious cause i can’t locate him on yahoo any more

        • Hi Nina,

          I will email you from my other site. I would like to see what pictures you have of Andre Basile. Thank you so much for the information. This web site is valuable. Did you report to match.com?

      • just a heads up here. there are two sides to this coin. granted there are a lot of scammers out there claiming to be deployed military. i find them all the time and bust them at every opportunity, along with a very close friend of mine in sweden. we have been doing this for several years now! having said that, we have also ran across many females online scamming our troops as well. many looking for green cards and or money or both. this is not hard to do. many of these guys are lonely and far from home and some are quite gullible! i know of quite a few soldiers who got scammed by these women so i just wanted to point that out as well. one to the tune of over $10,000!!! question? why go looking for an american soldier specifically for relationships? can’t these women find men in their own countries to date and marry? just saying…

        • Yes, what Trish is writing it’s all true. I’m her Swedish friend and helped her alot with exposing women taking advantage of deployed personel one way or another. The worst case was actually a UK woman called Amanda that was pretending being a counselor and even had a website on tripod to lure deployed guys. She was exposed and almost ruined a soldiers life, while he was in a warzone. Messed him up entirely! Thanks to Trish and one of his buddies in team, a tragedy was prevented…..So yes, heads up for female scammers in all sizes and shape..

        • Trish, you are correct in saying that there are woman who also scam the military men. But I would corrispond with someone there not to look for a husband but for a friend and to lift them up. Yes woman can find someone in their own country, but it’s these men who usually contact us which is what happened to me.

        • I have been contacted by a Michael Daniel Stennberg, who says he left the british army after being there for 20 years. He claims, he has a 10 year old son and is widiwed, living in Southampton UK. He phoned me up today and I heard a strong african accent. Has anyone heard about such scammers in the british army? I feel very insecure now

        • I have been contacted by a Michael Daniel Stennberg, who says he left the british army after being there for 20 years. He claims, he has a 10 year old son and is widiwed, living in Southampton UK. He phoned me up today and I heard a strong african accent. Has anyone heard about such scammers in the british army? I feel very insecure now. He uses the email account: danstennberg@yahoo.com.


        • You’re being scammed if you paid for a phone connection.

        • thanks cj but how do I no if am communicating with with ssg mason or a scammer pretenting to be him?

      • Hi CJ
        Well my name is Irene and yes, I am sure I have a scammer on line. I guess that I am hoping he is the real deal, but when he suggested that he would like to hear my voice that I could contact him by phone and that it would cost me I said yes, but the email address he gave was Ts2usarmyvoicecall@rocketmail.com I did as he asked, the prob was I recieve a message back saying it fail, so thats when lights came on, he gave me another email address, and when I wrote back and recieved how much this was going to cost me thats when I new sumthing was up.What I am asking is, Could you plez tell me if there is a captain in the us mill who goes by the name Captain Cole Davids Combatant Platoon. Has a daughter name Misty, and no I have’nt sent any money.
        I look forward too your response.

        Very much appreciated

        • @ Irene I’m sorry this is a scammer this name…….Cole Davids is typical of Africans to add an s to the Name for some reason they don’t seem to know any better and the fact that he tried to get money out of you for a fake phone for which you would have then been told to send money via western union or moneygram or a money order it would have went to him the scammer he would have then purchased credits as they call it for their mobile phone he then would have called you and many others and then he would have came up with a new reason to beg you for more money go to scamwarners.com also romancescam.com where you will find pics hes using there and also information about other people he has tried to scam but you know he is a scammer so thats the good news if not you have now been warned he is a scammer.

      • Hi CJ
        Think I am been scammed by lieutenant.aaronguevara@gmail.com. met him on irishtimesdating site. we have been emailing on gmail for a few days and already he has asked me for money for an exit permit. I just told him I could not get the money and just played along with him. I went to check about exit permits when I came across your site. Thank you for the all information, it was very helpfull. Ann

    • Hello! i have been talking to the “love of my life” for over two months now. his name is John Palmas and he told me that he is at the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, in Afhganistan. he asked me for a cell phone last week, and i sent him a used one that i had home to an address in CA. he told me tha his friend was being deployed there and would deliver the parcel to him.

      I didnt make a big deal of it, but then today
      he sent me an email asking me to get some money ($2,300) that has been sent to my name through moneygram and he needed me to send this money to a dude in Ghana…
      well, the money came from CA, so why the person that transfered the money to me, couldnt transfer straight to the guy in Ghana???? (he told me that the person in Ghana works for World vision). everything seemed so out of place, that i came to the internet, and now i am totally upset at myself for being so naive.
      i met this guy through Jdate. has anyone heard of his name? i saw a couple of stories here very similar… widower, ready to leave the military, has to yorkshire terriers… also, he told me that he owns a house in Coral Gables, and this is public information… I cannot find anything.
      Ladies, i would like to compare some pics. he tells me that he is 6’3″, 200 lbs, half british, half spanish. Very handsome indeed…
      let me know if anyone would like to exchange some pics…
      I am extremelly upset.
      Take care,

      P.S: sorry about the English. ESL…lol

      • Jana…plese give me your email so we can exchange photos…this guy has contacted me

      • Yes I´m still reading this and I’m upset too….The phone you gave him was surely to talk to me or other girls ..I told him that i needed to hear his voice and he said that he was going to see if he get a phone on-line and that a colleague of him will be going there so he saw what e could do…
        You know what that show us that we have to keep it real and not go to those pages….when we contacted you for the first time?? Late March beginning of April didn’t he??
        Did he told you that you were his only and true love and that he can`t see a life with out you anymore and that he wants to grow old with you??
        Did he told you that he´s coming back on June 11??
        Ok please reply I think we can write a novel here…what a disappointment is it??

        • Hello Ann,
          This is Jana.
          I would love to talk to you.A friend of mine posted this on my name. He had to come over to stay w/ me for two days after got suspicious about John.
          My friend started doing some research w/ me, and I guess he decided that posting stuff here would help me to understand that i was being scammed. Believe me, i was in denial. I was trying to find whatever reason i could to keep on believing that i was living a fairy tale.

          When i found out that my friend did the posting here, i got very upset… John was online with me going crazy… lol. Now, i am loving it. If wasnt for “John”, i wouldnt have known…hahaha

          This guy really got into my mind, and for the last couple of months i was the happiest lady in town.
          Well, c’est la vie.

          How can we communicate without posting our email addresses or phone numbers online? Any ideas? WE can really write a novel about this…hehehe

          Anyhow, i hope to hear from you soon. If CJ could intermmediate the exchange of numbers or emails, that would be lovely!

          By the way… the phone i sent him is being shipped back to me today. NEVER AGAIN!!! hahaha
          Janaina, your new friend !!!!

        • Hi Jana!!
          I have no problem if you want to contact me so we can exchange the same history lol…CJ can you pass her my email thru hers? Thks
          Wow I thought I was the only happy girl in town too, but had my six sense aware, so I always copy all our conversations and read them later on. I had trouble believing that in short time he was telling me that he loved me and I was his only true love. Then said he could not see a life without me and wanted to grow old with me….I was ajammm, how can it be real? Even when he did open feelings in me I really had a hard time trusting his words, but never told him directly that to see how far he could go.
          It looked like you said, a fairy tail….and that is why I always say there is not such thing as a fairy tale, don’t kiss the frog eat it lol
          I said to my self once this could be a novel a good love novel…you have to see the words, how we talked to each other, you would think that we knew years ago and already a couple…that put my precaution sign on-
          He never asked me for money or any favor, well at least not yet.
          I know people do meet in this sites and are real, and I know that they are fake ones too, but this guys have gone very far.
          I do thank your friend to put the post here for you because I could not find before NOTHING about a John Palmas but a facebook add that was not his photo. So when I had more doubts about him I did again a google on him and there he was…in this blog you have his description and I was OMG that is him
          There was other day that he sayd I love you Maggie and I said what?? (that’s not my name) he told me he was going to pass me his skype ID account and password so I could see that he has no Maggie there (I see now a Maggie has post here something but with another name, I’ll ask her if the day he was talking to her was the same day that he said that, who knows is the same person?
          Other thing I saw is that when we start IM with his msn account (we did with skype and msn) he had in his profile Am in love with Lyn Sisterson…:So I hope if she does exist that she can read this before she gets scammed. Of course he took that out of that profile the third time we talked…we were still “friends” and not in love lol
          Well hope to hear from you and yes we can do a novel :P

      • Oh my God. I am absolutely sick to my stomach. I too have been communicating with “John Palmas” for several weeks now and he has been telling me that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He also asked me to ship some packages to World Vision in Ghana and asked me for $2300 to pay for a courier to ship certain of his personal belongings home because he claims he was due home on June 16. Could I exchange email addresses with you ladies so we can please compare notes? I am so upset about this.

        • Allison ask CJ for my email address. I will compare notes with you

        • Hi Ann,
          This is Maggie, I did have talked to John in the past 2 1/2 months, and it was really incredible his ability to do all of this with all of us. WOW he should go to the Record Guinners. I am really impressed.

          Without knowing anything, yesterday I emailed him Mr. John, I already know who you are….

          but I was just playing around, I didn’t know anything until this afternoon.Thanks for this Blog, I have reserching for the last 4 weeks and I didn’t find anything until today.

          Right now, I am ignoring him, since he has been sending IM’s since 5 PM this afternoon:
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] my love
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] how are you?
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] am here waiting for you
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] love you so much
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] i can’t wait to talk with you
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] xoxoxoxox
          john 5:11pm: [Offline IM sent 7 hrs ago] john

          I don’t really have stomach to talk to this FAKE FAT ASS anymore. This person is completely sick, and the most disgusting part is that he uses so much GOD’S words, ask us to pray for him when going in Patrol. I just need to tell this person, GET A LIFE, SICK….LOL, soon you gonna have yours. Good Luck my love!!

        • I am Maggy,
          Please CJ include my email on the exchanges between us. I have all my conversations on file including a photo he sent me recently saying that it was when was 7 years old, and indeed looks like him, also another photo in Irak, where it says ME FREEZING…
          I still cannot believe it…

      • Jane,
        email me too, this son of the gum, we should find a way to catch those LOW LIFE SCAMMERS.
        Take care girls…

        • Wow yes Guinness for him….
          Yes Maggy he was talking to you at the same time that he was talking to me and by a mistake told me “I love you so much Maggy”…then he was going in sane …heheh. I´m glad you as all of us got to finally find something about this “John Palmas”…
          CJ I have no problem for you to send this girls my email.
          And girls just hope no one else gets scammed

        • Maggy send the photos to CJ so he can put them on the blog… more pics the better
          My mail is fasc45@gmail.com I don’t have any problem to post it here… if “they” (the scammers) want to email me perfect more IP to post here lol

      • He’s been talking to me too under the name of Duke Harold Dash. I met him on Match. When I scrolled through this site and found the pics of John, I got really sick. Thank God I didn’t send him a soccer ball, cleats, etc….

      • Please send me the photos of the guy who scammed you. I am currently chatting with a man posing to be in the Army and wonder if it is the same guy.

        Thank you.

        • please help me..i’m talking to a soldier named Captain Winston Edward Smith..he said he was assigned in Afghan since 2005 till now..then he lost his wife sept 2001..i don’t know if he’s a scammer..he didn’t ask any money from me..instead he offers me to keep his money..he asked for my address so that he could send the money to me..i don’t know if he’s a scammer too..please do help me…

    • Get contacted by a Charles McGee Esquivel last thurs. He’s a 1st class sergeant in the US army. Owns a house in Chelsea(very expensive ) says it’s in greater London lol you couldn’t get more central London !!
      Wife died in childbirth.. Daughter living in Glasgow Scotland with grandmother. Father Hispanic American but mother half Scottish half British ( huhhhh…. U’re either welsh,English,Irish as she’s already half Scottish. His father is late… Meaning dead…. Terminology that’s only African.
      Going on mission for 15 days there’ll be no communication. At the moment he’s strategizing the mission. Asked for an iPhone so he can keep in touch.. I said no … Ask your mother and he said she’s very ill and can’t get out. So incredulously I asked how she could possibly look after his 12 yr old daughter!
      But I must admit he’s quite articulate !! Yet there are lapses .. Where the English becomes influent
      Today I asked where in Ghana he operated from and he said that I would just have to wait until march when he comes to the UK for 3 1/2 month break so I can see he’s for real.
      BTW. He comes home at the end of March, then he goes back to serve his last 4 months then finally retire. When he’s going to start taking me travelling… He read my profile VERY well !!!
      I can’t contact his mother to get news of him while he is on the 15 day . But that’s impossible.
      BTW .. Very interesting … His name on his email was Charles McGee Esquivel Esquire (Huhhh) now the name on his emails is without the Esquire. How bizzare …

    • Got contacted by a Charles McGee Esquivel last thurs. He’s a 1st class sergeant in the US army. Owns a house in Chelsea(very expensive ) says it’s in greater London lol you couldn’t get more central London !!
      Wife died in childbirth.. Daughter living in Glasgow Scotland with grandmother. Father Hispanic American but mother half Scottish half British ( huhhhh…. U’re either welsh,English,Irish as she’s already half Scottish. His father is late… Meaning dead…. Terminology that’s only African.
      Going on mission for 15 days there’ll be no communication. At the moment he’s strategizing the mission. Asked for an iPhone so he can keep in touch.. I said no … Ask your mother and he said she’s very ill and can’t get out. So incredulously I asked how she could possibly look after his 12 yr old daughter!
      But I must admit he’s quite articulate !! Yet there are lapses .. Where the English becomes influent
      Today I asked where in Ghana he operated from and he said that I would just have to wait until march when he comes to the UK for 3 1/2 month break so I can see he’s for real.
      BTW. He comes home at the end of March, then he goes back to serve his last 4 months then finally retire. When he’s going to start taking me travelling… He read my profile VERY well !!!
      I can’t contact his mother to get news of him while he is on the 15 day . But that’s impossible.
      BTW .. Very interesting … His name on his email was Charles McGee Esquivel Esquire (Huhhh) now the name on his emails is without the Esquire. How bizzare …

      • Finally asked Charles McGee Esquivel if he was in Accra Ghana. He’s taken his profile off match.com but by this afternoon he’s on there again. Same picture different name …

      • Hi Rita,

        WOW. I too was in contact with “Charles”. He first contacted me on Plenty of Fish. I have had a few guys try to scam me before so knew some of the red flags (widowed, young child, etc.) but he really had a lot of other things that made me believe him. Same story about wife dying in childbirth. His daughter “Christi” living with his mother in Scotland. I am super cynical and he really sucked me in. Called me three times, which made it even more believable. In my case he was going to be coming home on leave to San Francisco end of February for 3 months then going back for 5 months before retiring. . What is funny, given your remark about Chelsea, is he told me he had a house in Pacific Heights. Like Chelsea, a very expensive area. Last week we were chatting on IM and he told me how Christi was short funds for a class trip. Right away I knew what was coming but played along, hoping against hope I hadn’t fallen for a scammer. Expressed my sympathy, etc. waiting for him to flat out ask. After a few more back and forths he finally said “well, that’s where I am. Any help would be appreciated and since I will be home soon I can repay within a few weeks. ” I immediately said “wow, that was a lot of effort for a typical internet scam” of course he denied and there were a few more back and forths but finally I just said I wasn’t sending money, good bye. Oh, yeah, he also told me he was going on a mission for a few weeks starting last weekend and would be out of touch during that time. I know there have got to be some real guys out there (even widowed with young daughters, LOL) but will probably end up losing the good ones cuz been so burned!

  3. Happens alot outside the military too.

    And I could easily fake a .mil address. Would take me about 3 minutes.

    • You could fake the .mil address, but when you reply to it it’ll get kicked back.

      • Col.Allen F Harrison..Us Army in Afghanistan.Is he a scammer?Never ask me for anything…yet…

  4. One tip we give out is to take elements of the description of the service that the serviceman purpots to give. Put it into inverted commas and place into google search. Scammers usually just take details from existing servicemen and you can find this info on here.

    • ok, can someone please explain this to me from dating on 1/16/2010? I am computer illiterate…kind of…and don’t understand what needs to be done and what information will I get doing this? Thanks!!!

    • Hi, I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I was contacted on Cupid by someone claiming to be a Lt Col in the Air Guard stationed in Afghanistan. He only put one picture on the site and when I asked for more he stated he had no camera and the base photographer had been re-deployed. I became suspicious from day 2 when he was chatting and seamed to copy/paste info into our chat. I Googled the name he gave: Lt. Col Michael Birkeland and found a biographic page on the Florida National Guard web page. It was then I realized he had used this bio word for word in his Cupid profile. More Google entries revealed that the real Lt Col had been in Florida at the Super Bowl in February and at a realtor’s web site it showed he had purchased a house in April with his wife! I have never sent this scammer anything but he has tried to get me to pay for his “baggage handling fees” to come here on leave. I have images saved from emails that I was supposed to fill out and send back that would have given a lot of my personal information. He even stated he found some diamonds in the desert while on patrol. He stated he had an appraiser from DeBeers certify they were worth about 2million but that they would only buy them when he was back in the US.

      If anyone sees anything familiar about this, please reply.

      • I have been contact by a marine in afghanistan his name is Ben Hull he is asking me for money so he can come
        to It aly to see me. Please help me to see if he is a scammer, I saw that he is in Facebook.
        His email is itcol,ben.hull@yahoo.com or itcol.benhull@yahoo.com can you check out for me please

        • Asking for money = scammer. Plain and simple. No further discussion needed.

  5. Thanks for the info CJ… I have been “passionately loved” by Col Billy Don Farris for a grand total of 8 days now, (!) and little things that I put out there just didnt seem to add up. Broken English (for crying out loud, this guy was born in Dallas!!!), flowery claims of love (I mean this guy is a Colonel? I would have thought he had more smarts than that! Lonely as it is out there in Afghanistan!!!) and missing photos of his daughters… Some devoted Dad in a warzone! He couldnt tell me anything more about his children (whom he supposedly is devoted to) other than their favourite color…
    So who can I contact? Who can I report this to? I would also like to let this gentleman know what is being done with his good name.

    • Ally, the interesting thing about Billy Don Farris is that he is a real person, but is married and doesn’t troll internet dating sites. The REAL Colonel Farris is a great leader and articulate man; polar opposites from the “Col Farris” contacting women to scam them.

    • Hey Ally,

      He got me too. Divorced 3 years, older adopted son who works for Shell Petroleum, he got custody of the 3 younger children. You obviously know the rest. I got pics of the boys but none of the girls. You were “passionately loved”, I was “prayed for” and he is my “King”. I have found out how to contact the real Colonel Billy D Farris and intend to send him a letter so he can be made aware of what is going on and possibly stop this scamming. On a personal note, I just cant believe where my brain was over the past 3 weeks. I hope Karma gets this scammer. Good Luck Girl. Kate

      • Hello Kate,

        I have been recently scammed by a “Sgt. Bill Johnson”. In fact, he is still trying to contact me by phone. Funny thing is, he has a strong African accent!!!!!! His scam was that he is in Afghanistan on a secret mission so had no access to money so could I please send an ipod touch to his adopted african son who was in a boys school in africa while he was on duty. The next story was that he helped an afghani woman who was attacked by a suicide bomber and he looked after her while she was in the hospital and kept her safe there! When she recovered she introduced him to her very rich oil company owner husband. “Bill” then helped this husband truck 8 million dollars worth of oil over the saudi border and his cut was 4 million but he needed to keep it safe till he got home in 2 months! Guess where the safe place is…..ME!!!! Oh but when the diplomat who was personally bringing the money to me got stranded in Ghana, he needed $2500 to pay off the customs officer there at the airport. He has sent me many pictures of this army officer, in and out of uniform. When I started really questioning him, he even sent me a picture of this officers passport. I would really like to find the “real” officer and let him know what is being done with his identity. You say that you have found out how to contact your real Colonel…would you please e-mail me back and tell me how to do the same? I have tried to google his name the scammer gave me and also the name on the passport which is a different name but to no avail. Thank you for your time and I anxiously await your reply.

        • Marcia, I think I know who you are talking about when you refer to Sgt Billy Johnson. But I know of him under a different name and have had contact with his son and his sons school for many months now. Would you please mail me any info you have and photos as if my Husbands identity is being used for immoral reasons we would like to know.

          Thanks for you help in this matter, my email address is pixxiesteph@hotmail.com.



        • Well I am saddened to say that Sgt. Bill Rancourt Johnson has been in contact with me too. Started communication on match.com on Oct 17/10. I am so glad that my gut made me keep searching online, and I found this site.

        • Hi – this guy is in contact with me at the moment but I’m onto his BS already!! He sent me a picture of his passport, photos from his travels to Thailand and he is claiming to have adopted a boy from Congo who he will take back to the USA when he “retires” in 3 months. Thank goodness for this site and my instict to “Google” his name.

    • I have been romanced by a guy who is so in love with me that he needs to leave the army and set up home and take care of me.I need to apply for his leave on family matters, which i did and of course it was granted yip he.So then Sgt. John Wellington,who by the way is an intelligence officer, said i would need to pay a fee of a couple of thousand dollars.The bill was converted in to sterling and was £1,850gbp.
      I met John on the dating site Uniform Dating.I was alarmed when i saw where the money had to be paid, it was to a diplomat named Mrs J E Hewitt to an Halifax building society account in Suffolk England, she is a US diplomat.So i milled on this the day the email arrived and i decided to be sure and i rang the American embassy in London they got there military people to ring me back (to which i was very grateful) and they told me this was a scam and that i should not hand over money and that the leave of a serving soldier can only be requested by the soldier and no one else. John is a very good looking guy, that’s if i’m talking to the guy in the photos, which i’m probably not, his email address is
      johnwellington1@live.com. i was daft and put money on his mobile phone so i have lost £60 but that is a small price to pay to be aware of these parasites.glad sites like this are around and with my experience i shall now be more on the ball i hope to spot a fake. I shall also be eternally grateful to the American Embassy in London they were so kind thanks guys.

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    • I have had a us army ssg by the name of Richard Miller who is supposedly in Irag, sent photos and all contact me wanting me to take posession of a parcel from iraq and keep it for him till he comes to pick it up. I live in Australia. I didnt give him the info he wanted. would like to know how to contact the real SSG Richard Miller to let him know what is going on, any one help,

      • Deb, you Richard Miller sounds like my Lionel Miller…… story is very much the same……. I also have pictures if you can let me know if you would like to send them o each other I would like to do the same.
        I also agree, I would like to find the officer who’s name I am only sure is Miller in the photo’s to let him know this is happening to him as well.

        • Hi, my friend is being scammed but not sure how to break the news to her. Sounds like same guy you are talking about. This one is Richard Parker.

          Will you send me the photos please. She left her boyfriend of 20 yrs and is trying to sell stuff to send money to poor Richard.

          Thank you

      • Deb,
        I believe my sister is being scammed by the same Sgt. Richard Miller that had contacted you. The only problem is she believes me. If you could be of some assistance that would be great. She has sent him tons of money for this supposed package, and now there is a group call Arizona Immigration (which does not exist) involved in helping her get this $1200 to Ghana authorities so that this soldier can send this package. Could you get back to me when you have a chance or anyone else being scammed by the same man?

        • hi juliette , I have been talking 2 a matthew watson gunn , he claims hes in afganistan from uk , he claims his wife died in a car crash 5 years ago and has a 16 yr old son in boarding skool , i have been speaking 2 this so called guy 4 about a week now , he mailed me the other day claiming he had been on a mission with his troops and they found a large some of money 6.5 milllion , he wanted sent over here in some urgentcy and i had a call from a anthony amanyo claiming he was matthews agent sending the package over 2 uk , he told me i would have 2 pay 1.200 2 have it recovered with documentation , and that payment had 2 be sent 2 kotoka international airport accra ghana before it could be realeased . thing is i read so much mail from victims who seem 2 have simular stories making me think he is using various names , i would be intersted 2 find out as our mail seems 2 be very simular 2 mine , im not sure how i can find out who this person really is i would be grateful if u knew and could tell me , Dawn

  7. I have been e-dated and loved now for 6 weeks by a Major Henry Weightman. Two lovely photos of a tall greying man in his 50s was sent to me and in both he is wearing the uniform of a major in the US army. Two nights ago he woke me in my sleep to discuss something important. The important thing was that he was being given USD$4m by a Saudi oil millionaire with whom he had become friendly after having rescued his wife from a terrorist blast in Iraq. I was asked for my telephone and address and full name – 2 of which he already had. That was what really made me suspicious, as well as the package he wanted me to received, that was apparantely to be delivered to me via a UN diplomat – the second red flag to go off in my had. I live in Australia and ofcourse would not give my address. He became very angry with me and almost abusive and has been ringing me repeatedly ever since. I have reported this incident to the military attache in Canberra’s US Embassy. If anyone is interested in seeing photos of Major Henry Weightman please let me know how you can be contacted. We might find that we have been romanced by the same Nigeria cyberspace freak. By the way my cell phone displays incoming numbers like +233245893615 and +233272104302.

    • Well Tina I also have been in touch with Major Henry Weightman. Same story he gave me but it happened a few weeks ago. The diplomat can’t afford to bring the package and now wants me to send monies to him. After last night and my phone ringing off the hook I just sent an off line message and told him he was trying to scam me. I so glad I found this website.Thank you very much

    • Please forward some photos, thanks for asking.

    • My man, is Lt-General David Rodriguez, spanish decent and U.S. born. Wooed me for 2 months now, and just recently told me he had been given 1.2 million U.S. emailing me a legal looking document, giving me tha Continental Equity Bank in Accra, Ghana along with contact name there to do the transaction into my bank account. Told me he is retiring in the new year after they send the soldiers home form Afganistan, and wants to retire here in canada with me as his wife.
      the Bank operations manager Lucas mensah contacted me and I needed ot send $2,750.00 to release the funds and have them transferred into my account. Since I do not have that kind of money floating around, and said No, I have not heard from the man, General David Rodrigues, who professed to be so madly in love with me. He has refused my last emais, and disconnected me from Skype and yahoo IM after I emailed him telling him that I thought it was a scam. The person from the phone # 233 541 425215 at the Continental Equity bank so he says, is still contacting me for the money. I am blocking all of my communications.If you go online and google – Lt – General David Rodriguez, up will come all sorts of photos of the real man, and the same photos that were sent to me. David was divorced, parents, dead, two brothers dead, 3 boys and 1 girls grown. Ready to retire, and even told me to start looking for house to buy around 1/2 million dollars. Rad Flags happened as sson as the money and transaction request was asked of me. Too bad we ladies start getting jaded about relationships. Is it any wonder though when shit like this happens?

  8. “+233245893615 and +233272104302″

    Both of those numbers originate in Ghana, West Africa.

  9. Hi Deb and Tina,

    My soldier was Philip Miller……….. basically same story! Wonder if its same scammer? Do the pictures say Miller on the uniform? There was once a mail in which he called me Tina…….when i challenged himon it he said Tina was his Mum. This was when I had already become suspicious!
    You can contact me on heidi.lynn1@gmail.com
    Lets compare notes!

    South Africa

    • I was also scammed by Philip Miller…an Army soldier on a mission in Iraq….

      • Maggie I know that your guy is not mine at least in name, mine was “John Palmas” but he once told me something about a Maggy (did he called you like that? Or Maggie?). This is what he wrote [05/03/2010 11:43:29 p.m.] jp_4950: i love you so much maggy
        So if you remember if that day was you, here it is…if not there must be a Maggy with the same problem we had…

        • No….he spelled it like I spelled it…but one has to compare pic’s….the surname on the uniform pic’s he can’t change, so he uses different first names…

        • I am maggy scammed by John.
          I just find out about this crap yeasterday. I still could not recovery. Yes he was chatting with me that date. He has been day and night since April 1st, what a day to start to be fooled, right? LOL.
          Please girls email me with the big News that this Low Life Creature has been captured.!!!

      • Does anyones pictures with this Miller guy are they at the ST Louis Ball Field???
        Or is he sitting at a desk in front of his computer……….or does he have a son living with his ex in Miami???? Just some of the things he told me. I would love to know anything that would help. Thanks,

        • Oh my gosh this sounds so much like Wagner Ramos (Stevinson) comes from Miami son’s name Peter. Wagner supposedly soldier serving in Baghdad. Sending me his share of $400.000 he earned doing some work for an oil sheik. Diplomat bringing package to me is stuck in Accra Ghana and needs $3000.00 to complete his journey and deliver package to me safely. Wagner will follow shortly after. He is retiring from US military

        • Oh my gosh this sounds so much like Wagner Ramos (Stevinson) comes from Miami son’s name Peter. Wagner supposedly soldier serving in Baghdad. Sending me his share of $400.000 he earned doing some work for an oil sheik. Diplomat bringing package to me is stuck in Accra Ghana and needs $3000.00 to complete his journey and deliver package to me safely. Wagner will follow shortly after. He is retiring from US military. I have not sent any money. Wagner is emailing me when he returns from duty. Yeah right!

        • Hi Karen, I have recently been in contact with a Capt. Miller, USAF, met on dating site marriagemindedpeoplemeet.com. He stated his wife died in car accident in UK and son (12 yrs) is with grandma in Ghana. Wife was from Ghana. We have been communicating about 5 weeks, we also connected by cam. I had problems with my cam, but his came through. He appears to be the guy in the pic he sent, but what bothers me is the comment about “sitting at desk with computer”, that is one of the pics I received from him. He is sitting at a real clean desk, big smile, wearing camaflouge outfit, white computer. Do you have a pic of him that I can compare to the one I received, or does anyone else reading this post? He has not asked me for $ yet, and I have brought the fact of military scams to his attention many times, that is why he offered the cam.

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  11. I too was scammed by Staff Sgt Michael Rancourt, widower, son Ken from NY!!! He asked for 2,500 dollars for transit…….I knew it was a scam as his grammer was really bad in his desperate attempt to get the money. This has to stop, obviously someone is paying these guys to make it worth their while, sooooo many hours on the internet, unbelieveable,
    Louise, Ireland

  12. cj can i send you a name so u can help me

  13. @Louise:”This has to stop, obviously someone is paying these guys to make it worth their while, sooooo many hours on the internet, unbelieveable,”

    I am from Central-Europe, but here are more and more scammers from Ghana and Nigeria too. Sometimes I think that is not just about money, maybe something perverse joy to ask for money under a masque of a us soldier from (mainly us) women. You know those cells in Nigeria are supported by talibans. It is a joy for them to play games with women who want for themselves a us soldier as lover. It is kinda revenge to get money from a us girl and using that money for buying weapons against us/nato soldier in Afgahnistan.
    I hope u see what i mean. (English is not my mother tongue)

  14. Just realized after 2 days of chatting that the Sargeant, the true love of my life, writes with an accent! The tip was he kept asking me what was I going to take for breakfast, instead of eat for breakfast. After the second time I became suspicious. Also I have asked him many time where his family imigrated from. For some reason he can’t understand that, just keeps saying he’s white.Great thing about the American families, heritages are from everywhere. Finally came the request for 375.00 to be able to talk with him while stationed in Iraq. So the love of my life (after a total of maybe 3 hors chat) is probobly a terrorist and would take my 375.00 to by weapons to kill the real Sargeant Marion Walters. I haven’t told him to kiss off yet- think I’ll toy with him abit and let him see what American women are really made of!

  15. Hi did I make a mistake in my contact adresses, well they are at top but will put it here again to make sure so you can get to me who wants pics of their scammer ” Niacha ” calling himself jakson_adams and jakson admas as in proper full name who ever want me to send the pics I have them on file or go to ILS,( Internet love scams ) go on to my thread tickle my tea and look me up, and all will be revealed if not write to me telling me who you are and I will send out the pics, though I have sent them here to MARCUS as well so up to you, a few people have them sorry if I made a muck up ( if I did last time sending in fo best wishes Trish W.

  16. Hi!
    I write from Sweden and I have just been contacted by a E-6 SSG Richard Miller station in Iraq. And live in Falund, Sweden. On the datingsite firstdate.com his nickname is happyguy. I don’t know what made me suspect, but I am. So I went out on google and found this site. And I got my feelings confirmed., when I read about a similar Richard Miller. He also have a son named Peter who livs at his mother place in Miami. But he is going to get him from there when he retierds from the military in 2 mounth. His been there for ten allredy, and this is the second time. He has sent me alots of pictures from the military logement and privates from his life in Miami, and he has also sent pictures on his son.He haven’t been asking for money yet… but we haven’t spoken so long on messenger either. His email is richard_miller2009@hotmail.com. Now when I think things over he sad that he was borne 2/8 -60 but in the profile it stand aquarius. Witch is in january, he is allso bi sexuell. And when I asked him about the time in Iraq he said that the clock was 2 hours before Sweden, not wright. I feel soo hurt. That there are people who is so bad, and take advantage of women who are alone. I’m 47 yers. And I don’t like beeing foold with… I will take this link to my profile in firstdate and warn others.. best regards Annabell

  17. Hi AnnBritt,

    Think your Richard Miller is the same ‘guy’ as my Philip Miller…………..story sounds the same and I have come across another lady being scammed under Richard Miller. Send me a photo so we can see if its same guy.


    • Hedi, I think my Brian Miller is also the same guy. I have pictures also. would love to swap them with you kfhenry45@yahoo.com
      please contact me and we will see if it is the same guy. Thanks Karen

  18. CJ, I recently reported a name to E-Harmony as a potential scammer. I believe a foreigner was posing as a “Captain Mathew Swain” from Plano, TX. The interaction strongly resembles the pattern I found on your website…which by the way is WONDERFUL. While I never would have sent money, I think I was being set up for the approach and this guy needs to be stopped and the REAL Capt. Swain notified that several of his picutres and his identity have been stolen. The yahoo address was cptmathewswain@yahoo.com. I received confirmation today (one day later—yea, E-Harm!) that his profile has been removed after investigation. Thank you for your website. I never would have been as aggressive to report had I not found you online. THANK YOU AGAIN and keep up the good work!!!! Michelle, GA

    • hello michelle well i think could b esame guy who tried scam me his name was max swain email was ssgtmaxswain2@yahoo.combet we hav eall same pics cos i posted him on romance scammers and they also have another swain on there with same pics i had i talke to this guy for about year all great at first he was in iraq he would email talk on yahoo didnt think nothing of it untile on eday he told me he was going awol i thought your what cos he didnt want to die there on a mission this was a so called ssgt again he wasnt married lost hip parents when kid from miami next ti hear from him he is in abuja nigeria lol and i get story needs to get to me so tell him go us embassy help him home they cant help me all time i was oblivious to this guys intentions he sucked me in and i thought i wa sin love with him he then says he has got in heritence his parents ha dfor him i saw the check for $5million i checked check out was stolen number lol so told him that and then i get oh my lawyer is dealing with this now and i get a check from his lawyer from an insurance company for £25,0000 for max so stupidly i bank it cos it looked real etc it bounced my bank told me was stolen check book and they shut my account i went mad i told him he didnt care jsut said never mind etetec i ha dhad enough by then i would avoid him when could then i would get emails texts etc when spoke to him on phone he didnt sound american at all and when i said i am not sending money he would go mad and abuse me say real horrid things and he wasa man of god to i eventually ha denough and told him he was a scammer of cause he denied it to end and i was all he wanted he would die if i didnt want he i deleted him blocked him etc and psoted him on romance scammers site not ever heard from him again i did change my email had to i would love to know who the real guy swain is in the pics sheenaxxx

  19. this people are going to be put to justice pretty soon that is what i know

    • Just so everyone is aware, Rick is writing from the African island of Mauritius and may be part of the problem. This is the same place from which many of these scammers operate as well.

      • cj i have been recieving messages from a “supposedly” army sergeant named Micheal Scott suppose to be stationed in iraq. he hasnt asked me for anything but i think he might be a scammer. how do i find out? I met him on tagged but he has since deleted his tagged account. he supposedly has a brother on there that goes by Henry Scott.

        • Becky, the best way to find out is to ask him to send you an email from his .mil email address. If he says he can’t (for ANY REASON) he’s a scammer.

  20. G’day,

    Has anybody heard of Richard Baloyi using the name of a US army person Captain Harry Smith? He has scanned copy of Cpt Harry’s passport.

    Beware of Richard, it appears that he’s into the scam game…


    • He also goes by the name Richard York and almost conned me out of money too. Luckly I am blonde but not stupid! Apparently he has a home in Johannesburg but I got suspicious as where the house is suppose to be – in an Industrial area! I dont think so. Girls be carful – be very carful- the stories are all to familier with the wife that passed away etc.

  21. Anyone come across either a Sgt DAVID EDWARDS or a Sgt DAVID LINGO for scamming? One has most certainly tried to scam me for Ts2 money/operation for his son and the other may be trying.

    Other scams have included a “Doctor” over in Pakistan working for the UN wanting credit for his mobile phone (DR TOM) and another “businessman” on a business trip to Kabul wanting mobile top ups too. I am amazed at these professional people who can’t even organise mobile phone credit.

    I haven’t partied with any monies but am truly appalled that these things can be run from what we feel should be trusted Dating Sites (I refer to Friends Reunited Dating where these swines have come from). Where the hell is their responsibility in all this. They take our money to register and these guys are free to take advantage and the websites don’t seem to care.

    If anyone recognises the scammers could they let me know.

    Cheers, and well done for helping me realise I am not alone on this.
    If anyone has news of either of the above persons

    • hi my names sandra i,m talking to a david lingo based in chad,he,s all ready got 1000 pounds of me , now he wants for more because he not getting paid over there its going in he,s english account ,he said he come to england in january

      • Sandra,

        This David Lingo is a Nigerian scammer, please read all my comments to others.

        This scammer sits in Sunnydale,USA
        why in the world you sent a man your money?

        Please give me your email address and I will send you his id.

        • hello,Nina.

          I need your help, please.
          I wish to know more about this man,Lingo David…because I think he is now my “lover” under the name Lingo Benson Ken.He was also on fb but strange,when I `ve looked there I was also David Lingo like his friend.I `ve looked there also and,surprise,surprise,the same pics!
          in chat I asked about this and he told me “must be a scammer! lol” soon his fb account was closed and other one also.
          He asked me money for his leave,for his airticket…for all and…I send it! now it`s done,I cannot change nothing but I am angry and I think he is a scam.
          Please,maybe you have time and you can help me.
          his e-mail address is :ssglingoken@yahoo.com and he is in Kabul,Afganistan.

          Sorry for my english,but I hope you will understand me.
          Have a nice day and greetings from Germany.
          I wait you answer,

    • i been talking to a guy by the name of johnny higherman he also sent me a link for the phone they want $750.00 he told me he was from dallas i did some checking no one by that name comes up scammer i just asked him to email me from his work email and said i would reply back so far he hasnt

    • yes Lorraine I have had a sgt David lingo writing me from afganastan he has not asked for money as of yet but knows exactly what to say and im sure it is not far off

    • Hi Lorraine,
      I too was scammed by a doctor from brentwood, tenn. who works at the red cross in Nashville. His name was Robert Bruce was shipped off to work for red cross in Belarus and then off to Nigeria. Then he asked me to open up a checking account for him because the government in Nigeria wouldn’t allow him to send me a western union money order he wanted me to buy him a phone. I told him I wouldn’t open an account for him and I wouldn’t buy him a phone without him sending me the funds. Also, I saw him on the webcam and he wasn’t the same man I fell in love with on his profile on MilitaryCupid.com, I did notify Military Cupid and told them that I thought his profile was a scam and they did remove him for the site. I was pleased, but still want to meet the man in the profile. How can I find the man who’s pics are in the profile? That’s the most frustrating part for me. Is the name even real? Who knows?

  22. I’ve been chatting with someone called Phil Adams that I met on Match. He says he is from New Jersey and currently serving in Iraq. I asked for pics of him in his military attire, but he said his laptop was broken so he couldn’t access them. Then asked me to send him a laptop with webcam so he could take pics and we could see each other will chatting. I told him I would, but when he gave me the mailing address it is to 60 Mango Tree Ave. Accra Ghana. I thought that was weird so I didn’t send the laptop. When I asked him about it he said he could not receive mail where he was in Bhagdad, and he just received orders to go to Western Africa to keep the piece for oil that has been found there. I tried looking up any current information about that online, but have not been successful. His e-mail is Phil_Adams4u@yahoo.com, and Phil_Adams4me@live.com. Told him that I thought this was a scam and he has done everything to convince me otherwise. Said didn’t care about the laptop and wouldn’t ask for anything else. I just recently decided to put myself out there for dating again, and this was the first contact I got. So heart breaking. It makes me what give up. Please someone tell me if this is a scam.

    • OMG I too was approached by this scammer Phil Adams and wanted a laptop, PSP, digital camera then all of a sudden was tranferred to Ghana and needed 450 dollars, and devoted his love to after 3 days after meeting on MATCH…Is there anything we can do….IT IS A SCAM

    • OMG, I just sent a box of tshirts, candy and AXE body spray to 60 Mango Tree, Accru Ghana. He has not asked for money yet but did ask me to buy him an iPhone and digital camera which I DID NOT.
      He goes by the name of Joe Harold. joe.harold45@yahoo.com. He contacted me the first day i was on match.com. I’ve never done online dating before so i was way too nieve. His story is he is stationed in a top secret war zone location in Iraq. He emailed me photos of him in uniform, sitting on his helicopter and one in civilian clothes in Iraq. He is handsome. I guess i lost it right there. He told me he was retiring from Army in july 2010. He said i can’t tell anybody about him or show any of his photos to my friends because he would get in trouble. I foolishly believed that. I don’t know much about the military so i’m a great victim for him. He emails me daily. I googled his emails and they are love poems copied from lovepoem websites. i feel so stupid. he convinced me to buy a webcam so he could confirm i am the same as my photos. i did. i know feel used, disgusting and unworthy. Anybody else had an experience like this from joe harold?

      • Yep. Same guy but goes by Joe Marvin. Exact same pics. lol He sure is a smooth talker too. However, after I caught on that he was a scammer I began scamming him. I got 2 dozen of beautiful red roses sent to my home and $300 cash. hahah! He told me he was coming home from Iraq on Dec 23rd but he wanted to send me a package with his person items. Actually he told me it was gold jewelry he bought in Iraq and was going to come home and sell it for a huge profit ($300,000). He was sending this package via courier so he needed my name &address&cell phone number. While this so-called courier, Isaac Anderson, was in route to Florida he got held up in so-called customs and needed $2,000. Of course Joe told me to go ahead and give it too him and I could take some of the jewlery and sell it to get my money back or just wait until he gets home and he will pay me back w/interest! WFT!….. did he really think I would fall for that?!!! lol
        I told him that I couldn’t give him the money because I had taken $5,000 of my savings and put down a downpayment for a brand new truck for him. It was going to be a surprise. Hahahah! Joe’s reply was…well, go get the money back. LMAO!! After I told him I couldn’t do that he told me I was a heartless woman because I couldn’t not help him. He said there was no way he could ever be with a heartless woman. LOL
        So, he broke up with me. And I reported him to Yahoo as being a scammer. There goes JOEY! lol
        BTW his email was t.dpld@ymail.com (stands for troop deployed). It should stand for “that damn pig lied dammit”!! lol
        Ladies, be careful when dating online. No one falls inlove that quick. And what kind of man is he if he asks a lady for money…. especially if you are respected soldier.

        • Oh yeah, one more thing. After he broke it off with me he still insisted he was Joe Marvin in the US Army and coming home on Dec 23. He said he would be coming to see me just to shake hands and leave so he could prove he wasn’t the scammer that I think he is. I asked him how are you going to see me? He said I have your address, remember. I said…” You mother f*cker, if you come to my f*cking home I will blow your ass away!!” Needless to say I haven’t heard a peep from him.

        • @ Sugar way to go girl glad you realized this was a scam and he is a scammer how did you manage to turn the tables on him and get 300 out of him lol then just like I knew he would this African invented another story (Lie) to try to beg you for money these damn scammers are pathetic.I hope you dont hold your breath Dec 23 will NEVER come his ass is still in Africa or Malaysia somewhere and NOT in the military so don’t worry about him coming to your home if he has your email address get ready for ALOT of spam emails.

  23. Miki
    Sorry Miki but it is a scam. I got the same story as you only he used the name Mark Donnelly.First he wanted the laptop than a sat phone then cash and on and on. When I began to question him he told me he wanted nothing from me but my love. But the funny thing was within a week he was asking me again.I found this site and there were two other women getting the same story from him. They change their name but the story stays pretty much the same. I’m so sorry Miki.

  24. After reading more on here today I would like to say CJ is my hero! I am learning so much about scamming and it is enlightening.

    I do have one question though, being incredibly ignorant of Army life/Army speak, please, what is AKO??

    Am making notes to help me not fall victim to this again and any help would be appreciated. Also, my hotmail account doesn’t show message headers for tracing back… how do I get my hotmail messages to reveal these in the body of the mail??

    For those who have the geographic knowledge, is Sunnyvale CA anywhere near San Jose (apologies again for asking what may seem like a dumb question).

    Is there an address I can contact CJ about my concerns with people trying to scam me recently.

    Thanks again, much appreciated
    Lorraine in the UK

    • Hi Loraine , I am a bit concern as i think I eas scammed too, I traced his e mail and it was in the same place Sunnyvale, aparently he was serving in Afghanistan in camp Tombstone, giving me his name as `Micheal Lynch

    • can you give me your email or my is philip_apuri@hotmail.com add me now

  25. Another question for you: are US Soldiers based in Iraq/Afghanistan able to receive ordinary mail whilst overseas? You know the kind I mean, a good old fashioned hnadwritten letter!

    And whist I am still here, the .mil accounts that all Soldiers have, are they able to send/receive mail to the likes of us Civilans whilst overseas, or is it meant to be for offical communications only??

    Your advice on the above would be appreciated.

    Still in the UK

    • ALL military members love to receive a letter in the mail. Let me tell you, there is nothing like getting a letter in the mail. We send boxes of goodies to our folks that are stationed over seas, and cards to remind them that we haven’t forgotten about them. Also, the .mil e-mail accounts are for use be anyone. My husband e-mails my work “.mil” account from our house so we don’t use our text messages. anyone can write a .mil address

  26. Lorraine, CJ and All.. I have finished comm’s with a Sgt Micheal Travis real photos with Travis name on uniform serving at Bagdad..I IP’d him and located as Sunnyvale CA..strangely talking to another Ltnt Charles Ramsy Swanson who asked if I was talking to any other soldiers(maybe two could not scam me at once!!) How did he know? Are they in a group ‘operation scam’?Charles cuts and pastes love poems etc..slightly outa kilter English at times but limited conversation and default responses completely wrong for the question. Micheal Travis asked for connection charges ..NEVER Pay Money to a man ..No normal man would ask! Ltnt Swanson IP located Redmond. Witchita..
    Question: are there any real military guys looking to date?
    Question CJ: Can’t we start a website that forces Friends Reunited Dating and other sites to be responsible. I have had three/four peoples communications grounded by them and one perve taken off only after insisting that I would report them to a charity involved with those targeted for the abusive comments by a profiler. THEY DON@T CARE ..WAtchdog needs to get onto it or summat. I have played my first scammer..WHY NOT ASK THEM TO LEND YOU MONEY IN RETURN..SAy you were in a desperate hole too..response should be interesting. Ltnt Charles says he has his own money and does not need mine or a phone contact set up..Is he real or have I just not had the bubble burst..wait and see..Heart and mind are played with ..it is difficult.

    • Hi Mary.

      I am at the moment in contact with sgt. MT, who after two days told me that he loved me. Is your MT also latin looking and terribly handsome? Has said that he is leaving for another camp, without any network connection, so he asked me to pay for a telephone service, but I didn’t have the money. He was supposed to have left Thursday, but I caught him on YM today. :-) Is now leaving Saturday. :-) I wrote about him on another page, but as you said they know, what is going on, as he asked me to remove, what I had written. Does your MT also write: It ok, that fine etc?

      All the best

    • Hi Mary
      Writing to you because I think we were scammend by the same, I also was contacted by Travis, but this time his name is Morgan.
      I would like if we could share pics of him so we can see if its the same Travis.
      Did you search for the real sgt. Travis and did you find him? I really would like to let him know his name and pics are used by scammers.
      I’m new at this forum and it’s the first time I met a scammer and also I live in Denmark so my english is not perfect. But can you tell me what I should do now, Where shall I report this?
      I still have contact to the scammer, I keep it for a while in case he can be found.
      Hope to hear from you.
      Best regards from Ann

    • Hi mary,

      Im chatting with Gen. Travis Wallace from Texas for more than 3 mos now and sent me 8pics (4 r in full unform showing his insignia). He doesn’t ask money yet but confirmed my doubts upon reading posts here. He told me he is in Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan but Travis IP is located in Sunnyvale while his lawyer (Barr. James Harry) is in Redmond too. Can we compare his pics… I think wer chattin to a same man. I found him in Baddoo. Here’s my email mhtebib@live.com

      • I’m chatting with the same guy too for more than 6 months, during early days of chat we’re fine, i even find him a nice man but recently, we’re talking about his arrival in my country for a negotiation, according to him he is Afghanistan now. He sent an email containing that he sent something for me like jewelries, $6500, phone and sony vaio laptop the courier is global security finance, he even gave me the username and password to check the transaction status, after the day, somebody from global called me and asking to pay a certain amount for clearance fee and administrative charges of Malaysian Customs which confuses me. I opened it up to Travis and he said he wasnt aware of the charges as he had paid the shipping fee. then i asked him why not in other courier like fedex, dhl, he said, those couriers are not available in kabul. Still in civil manner i advise him to contact his courier since it is his right, and according the courier said it’s the customs charge not theirs the weird thing there you have to send it to someone via western union. I found him also in Badoo

  27. Interesting comments Mary.

    I was fortunate not to give my money away to these guys. Before the “military” scams I was asked for money for mobile top ups and flaty refusde: one of the guy’s did send me flowers and chocolates a week before Valentines Day so I like to think I am £40GBP up on the deal. One of the topup scammers was a “DR TOM” the other was a business man KENNETH PATTERSON from Fleetwood, Lancs England.

    The “Military” scammers were SGT DAVID EDWARDS in Afghanistan, widowed (wife supposidly died of cancer). His emails never really responded to the questions inmine, and the writing from the onset felt to me to come from someone for whom English was not their first language. I did feel that he used a template for his emails and just jiggled about with the details. His emails did make me wonder if he was genuine. He wanted to set up a TS2 account, the response to the “TS2″ request wanted £504GBP to set up unlimited calls. I told him in no uncertain terms could I pay so much. A little later his son Alex (9) needed an appendix op and the hospital wanted payment up front before they would give him this life saving operation. Again I said I couldn’t help because I believed the US Army would help him in that instance (of course he said they wouldn’t). Funny how on the night of his son’s emergency he was deeply worried but his email the following morning made no mention of the child which made me almost sure he was on the take. Funny how a day or two later Sgt Edwards was shot ON the leg (not IN the leg as I would say) and needed hospitalisation for a few days. Funny too how his emails dried up from that point.

    “Military” scam number 2 came from SGT DAVIND LINGO, Deployed out of Fort Hood, Texas, currently assigned to Iraq. His photo’s clearly showed the name LINGO on his uniforms (battle and dress) so I don’t really doubt he may well be a genuine US Soldier out there, and I apologise if this expose upsets him. The real Sgt David Lingo would be as appalled as I am by the imposter who uses his name to defraud women. The photo of the Military personnel I was shown was particularly scrummy (please note real Sgt David Lingo!) and combined with the very smooth and exquisite words the impersonator used he was very convincing as a man with a a beautiful mind. It was easy to get sucked in to believing him entirely. He spent an inordinate amount of time late evening online chatting (making it feasable to believe he had this spare time to chat because it impinged on time when he might otherwise be sleeping with the 3 hour time difference. His emails/chat had some small grammatical errors but this could be attributed to typing quickly on a small PDA. I know my own typing suffers sometimes. Again though, he used the word ON the leg when referring to an accident involving a member of his squad, and the phrase ON bed when IN bed would be more correct.

    My own lack of knowledge regarding Army procedures and protocol did not help. I was told by both soldiers that I could not send ordinary mail to them at their Base Camp. Whilst I thought it a touch odd I assumed that perhaps with the saturation of email/internet access good old fashioned letter writing was considered uneccesary by the Forces. I had no idea each and every Soldier has his/her own unique .mil address (is this also known as their AKO??)

    I was aked to apply for his transit leave and given an address of transit_leave_department@militarymailbox.us to write to, for the attention of a Lt Col Robert Friedman. Naturally, I received a reply early the following day asking me to complete and return a form, and a second email which confirmed his leave had been granted and asked me for the princley sum of £2,350GBP for the Human Affairs Charges, and £1,850GBP Stamp Duty for the returning Officer Sgt Robert Klein. Frankly, money aside, the forms were clearly amateurish in both presentation and content and shouldn’t really fool anybody! Again, my lack of knowledge allowed me to believe that it had to me who applied for this leave, not the soldier. Your website clearly staes it is the serving personnel who must apply.

    Fortunately I found your website and read some interesting details about scamming. I checked out SGT LINGO’s (and his sons) email addresses which both came out of Sunnyvale CA. The Transit leave address came back as ‘spoofed’ and if I can only reveal the message headings I may be able to locate that too at some point. It’s clearly obvious to me now that I was being set up for a scam.

    Unfortunately, as in many cases here, I came to like the idea of the Sgt Lingo with the scrummy face, and to think I was never ever chatting to that man saddens me deeply. I am fortunate not to have lost any money in the process and I will be more scam aware in future. I have your website to thank for that at least. Thank you.

    If anyone out there has had similar experiences with either of these men, or if you are able to look into it with more resources and sucess than I, then I welcome your intervention.

    Keep up the good work and I shall continue to look at this site if only to be entertained by CJ, whose wit, writing and tenacity have made me feel just that little bit better about myself today.

    Happy hunting guys xx

    • Hi Lorraine, thru Match.com I was approached also by Sgt.David Lingo (has son 13th yr.old)email address: David Lingo
      claims live in Decalb, Illinois.
      He has been contacting me every days, and later he told me that he wants to come to visit me and asking me to send an email to General Benjamin Hanks, at
      armyprotocoldept@gmail.com, and telling the general that I need my husband Dgt.David to have his leave permit for 3 months to visit me. But when I googled….the general was already long passed away…and what kind of general has a GMAIL.COM ?
      Strange thing is that he is the one who told me about this links : anatomy of Military scam. So he wanted to show me that he is an hero by saving me from a scamming dating, but I found out immediately that he himself is a scammer. When I copied and paste the message about gen.Benjamin, he excuses himself from the chatting room, and disappeared.
      The point is that I am not looking for a usarmy soldier as a date, but someone in germany , switzerland as I am myself a german.
      I have written to CJ and sent her all the photos of Sgt.David Lingo and another imposter Sgt.Andre Basile.
      I am still waiting for CJ feedback.
      I have been catching so many Nigerian scammers lately, and I can tell you it is so easy to identify and trace them. Always ask them to call you PC to PC and using a webcam,
      best is tell him to call you using the skype
      there will nothing they can hide.

      Good luck

  28. Anyone know who I can get in touch with in the US Army to let the REAL Sgt Lingo know his identity has been compromised??

    I sure would like him to be aware that his name is being used in a such a dishonourable way.

    Many thanks again

    • Good question, Lorraine. I can’t find him. He may be out of the military or, sadly, could have been a casualty and is no longer in the system.

      • Hi CJ, I have been talking online to a man who claims to be a US Army Captain serving in Afghanistan (Camp Pheonix)at the moment. His name is Daniel Grebe, 45 years old and says that he lives in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles when he is not in Afghanistan. I met him on the You Free dating site about a month ago. Could you please look into this person for me as I am not quite sure whether he is who he claims to be


      • CJ,

        I just found this website by accident. I started to talking to a US Army officer Col. Peter Anderson. When I Googled him an immediate scam warning came up. He never asked me for money or to help pay fees for his transit. But he did ask me to apply for his leave. When I found the scam warning I confronted him….He wrote the most pathetic heart wrenching letter of how some creep had stolen his identity and used him against helpless women all over the world. That he had just found out 3 months ago. I met him on a sister site of Cupid.com (girlsdateforfree.com). Could he be telling the truth? It is meantioned a lot on here that these soldiers are having their IDs stolen. Am I just hoping and holding my breath for the other shoe to fall? The story is very close to what is on here. He is a widower. His wife died of cancer. No children or family. 50 years old and preparing to retire. Decided he didn’t want to start a new life alone. Please help…..Has anyone else found this kinda thing?

        And the site I met him on has a lot of ‘military’ men in Afghanistan and Iraq. I talked to a few and yes I said things were fishy with some when they would ask for money. Here are a few of the names I came across, please let me know if anyone else had a problem with some of these guys.

        James Edward
        Derick Brown
        Hires Mike Young
        Bill Lancaster
        Jacob Turner
        Daniel Lawrence_several different scams Micheal David(Dave) Hillman
        John Kent
        Wayne Gunner Walker
        Mike Thompson
        Scott Mills
        Daniel Spanner Burke
        Bismark Mills

        Sorry ladies but these guys are good, very smooth, at the scam but if you pay attention you see it.

        • Hi Gabriella, Im in the UK and ive been chatting to a guy called DERICK BROWN – I noticed that name on your list !! Have you actually chatted to him yourself ? Or has anyone else on here heard from this same guy ? His email address Derickbrown22@hotmail.com Ive got some pics of him in military uniform. He contacted me on Dating direct, but I’m not sure if he is stil on there or not. (I had a month free which is up now, so I cant check) He says he is in the Military and lives in Salford, UK. He give some long story about himself on the email. Says he was born in Miami Florida, to a British father and German mother. Says he has links to the UK via his father, and his 16 year old son is at boarding school. He said he has a house in Salford, which is near Manchester UK. He gave the usual scammer type story! they all give something very similar. Luckily ive caught out scammers before so i have had a bit of experience, and learning to spot them a mile off as they say ! He says he has real feelings for me already, and wants me to wait for him to get back to the UK. He hasnt asked me for money yet, but I think he will eventually. I’ved chatted to a few people like these you ladies describe before. At first i give them a chance, but soon as I get suspicious they might be scammers i start asking them awkward questions. They are very smooth tho and mostly have an answer for everything ! but they dont like it if they think you are questioning them too much, they get irritated by it. And when they start asking you for money – they get very annoyed, even nasty if you cant help them out ! Ive said to a lot of them that if someone I dont know face to face asks me for money its disgusting, but they got an answer for that too ! They do know how to try to make you feel guilty for refusing to help ! But as i say i can see through it all now !! Luckily i havent been taken in to the point that I have actually given any of these jerks money, but it does worry me if there are other women out there who have been taken in by them !! :-(

          I want to warn women on here about another guy goes by the name of ALAN KYLE. He met me on a UK site called Toyboyboutique ! He says he is in Syria working for the UK Army. He has asked me for money for his 17 year old son who lives in London. He says his son is joining the Navy and has to go to Navy camp! he gave some story as to why he cant get the funds to his son, and asked me to send £400 ! He says he actually needs £700 or £800 but i said i havent got that kind of money. He tried very hard to make me feel guilty with his stories like if his son cant go to this camp, he will have to wait a year for the next one ! Oh dear poor thing ! I asked why he cant borrow money off family or friends and ‘Oh dear’ another sob story, he got no family and his few friends dont have the money to help !!! haha I’m playing along with him, but i havent chatted to him for a few days tho. Im going to chat again and see if he asks me for any more money. Has anyone else had any experience with him or anyone of similar name. If you have just be careful !

      • cj i too have been trying to get in touch with the real soldier the pics i have belong to his real name is sgt patrick moore the guy scamming goes by john kepley j_kepley101@yahoo.com he is on facebook and tagged and hi5 i caught on the first time he asked for money no real man asks a woman for money i told him i knew he was scamming me of course he s so in love with me i hurt his feelings so bad saying that and i told him he was probaly black as ace of spades he signed off on me then so far havent heard anything from him

      • Hello CJ, I noticed on one of the posts that you looked up a person to see if they are indeed military personel.
        I have been chatting with a man who goes by the name “James Hendrick” he told me that he is currently working in Mali but that it is such secret work that he cannot stream (when I asked him to skype).
        He has sent a ton of pics, of this man, high ranking I think (?) but some photos are suspect.
        Is there anyway you could find out if he exists? My logical self says….rat…but then my heart got caught up in this and now…confusion reigns. yes he’s asked for funds and I said No, should have let it go then bc no self respecting man would ask a woman he’s just met for funds……Hmm, it’s not the first time I’ve answered my own question. Dammit, he’s good. Anyway, if you have time, and it’s not a huge deal, I’d really love to know.

        • It’s a fake for sure. Not real.

      • Hi CJ I have been contacted by a Sgt,Mathew Belet. Could you help me figure out if i’m being scammed?

    • I’d like to know if there is anyway to get in touch with the real Sgt Pedersen in the U.S Army as well.

  29. hello to all i have been trying to find out if the soldier that i’mpenpalling with is reall because its hard for me to trust poeple,anyways i cannot find any information,that can tell me if that person is real can anyone here help me,th eonly thing we talked about is that latter i coul dapply for an leave of some kind,i sayed i needed more time baceusa we dont really know each other,if there is any info i can give you guys to see if he is real?

  30. Has anyone been approached by Sgt Alan Klein? with the e-mail trumindx@yahoo.com? I have been chatting to him on messenger for almost a month now.

    Each time we seem to be getting somewhere the matter of “money” raises its ugly head.

    He started in Afghanistan in Camp Herat – which raised my suspicions because Google could not find a Camp Herat.

    Then off to to Pakistan and now in the Niger Delta.

    Proclamations and protestations of undying love.

    Has a house in Coulsdon and one in New Jersey. Widowed with teenage son.

    Also, when he rang, he didn’t sound American!

    A warning to all.

    • whats your evidence about this man…has he told you not loving you again…cos i met a man online serving in pakistan and we met few week before xmas..hes back on camp now and we do communicate frequently.he came home for val on compassionate leave.

  31. Michaella and Jane

    I have been spun tales of undying love by two US Soldiers on Friends Reunited Dating, both supposedly located in the UK (where I am from) and trust me both are scammers. big style. Heartbreaking to think they assume identities of real soldiers who are the real deal and probably wouldn’t dream of tricking women in this way.

    DON’T part with ANY money.

    Get CJ to check it out on here and walk away.

    I was spun an intricate web of lies and deceit, misinformed, misled and almost taken in by one of them. In fact 4 of 5 people I interacted with on Friends Reunited tried to scam me in some way.

    Read the notes on this website: it’s worth taking in every word because there are so many out there just waiting to suck you in.

    • Hi Lorraine

      Just read your comments, I too have been scammed by a guy posing as a Capt. in US army. Was the guy you wrote to called James? a very attractive man?

      • Hi Sue
        Just read your mail and my scammer was called James, in US army,Isent him money for his alleged business, can we swap photos?


        • Dear oh dear, I am in contact right now with a man called James (no surname), US Army, it’s all been very slow and has not gone off the dating site to private emails or phone calls, I hate feeling like this about somebody, but after reading all the stories on here, something must be setting off my alarm bells and for once I am listening!

        • Hi,

          Anybody has been in touch with Proulx James(proulx74@yahoo.com) he said that he is a usarmy and he is in Afghanistan, please i want change photos of this guy for to know if he the same person, thanks

    • I have had undying love pronounced by a SSG Henry Smith, wom I met on Friends Reunited Dating.
      Luckily I was wary of all his words of love very early on.
      He did as me for money for his 14yr old boy, because he couldnt access his bank account as they were updating their system, and also that he couldnt get phone vouchers for his phone in Afghanistan and the final thing was he wanted to come home to be with me so i was to write an email requesting leave.
      I investigated and asked many questions, I have not paid out any money, nor have i sent the email.
      So many people preying on intended victims!

      • I have been contacted the 8th november by a sergeant chief staff named Henry Smith,widowed ,the 8/11/2010,on Meetic ,and since he wrote me mails ,ask for chatting every day ,for christmas time he asked me if i could send a gift to his son Sam Curtis,14years old so who is living in USA in a boarding school,he send me a bouquet of 12roses through interflora .He said he was in Kabul for a peacekeeping mission till the end of january 2011 His email adress is henry12010@live.com Is anyone knowing him? He is handsome ,his son too ,he send me two pics of him ,two pictures of Sam .He is no more on Meetic and I am his unique beloved queen since Xmas!!! I am alarmed by all i read ,here ,I am french!Thanks to reply .

      • Hi
        I was wondering if anyone has got any emails from a robertbowen78@yahoo.com. he seem real but is he that’s my problem. Help

    • Met SSg Henry Smith on Friends Reunited Dating.

      He has asked me for phone vouchers as he cant get hold of in Afghanistan, asked me for money so his 14yr old son can go on a trip and finally wanted me to email admin to request for leave.

      I sussed him very early especially when he was saying he loved me!!

      I have not paid any money nor have I emailed, thanks to my investigations and sites like this.

  32. Hello again.

    My ‘Soldier’, after a few days silence has just sent me mail from his ‘@army.mil’ e mail account which I figure may be bogus. I have asked CJ to look at it for me, although my own enquiries to an email checker came out blank. It may look all wrong anyway to someone from the Military who has used such an account in the past (CJ, would I count you amongst them??)

    Someone on here did say a bogus .mil account could be set up in no time.

    I am waiting to see how more convincing my ‘Soldier’ will try to be in the pursuit of this scam.

    Anyone any experience of this able to impart their knowledge to us unsuspecting sorts? Actually, I am very suspecting all the time now: I read dating site profiles with an eye for the possible scam and it has warned me off one or two recently, lol. Maybe I am learning!!

    Good luck everyone.


    • A bogus account is easy to set up, but if you get one, reply to it and ensure the reply is still going to the .mil email address. I bet it gets kicked back as undeliverable.

      • hi, i just found out 3 days ago that also some guy called Rick, Andersen who iam talking the last month for is just a figure and someone else is pretending that is him a 45 years old US ARMY soldier in afghanistan … the same story like all of you living her… my question is how can i find out who the real man on the sendet pics is , i mean the real soldier on the pics he sendet to me ???? sorry for my bad englisch… pls can somon heelp me and give me a idea how i can find out , i just have somany pics from that man….also in uniform ..

        thanks a lot

  33. Any hear of following

    Christopher Walls

    • Yes he scammed me out of a lot of money. I met him on Facebook last Dec. He still talks to me trying to get more money out of me. I’m glad you posted this on here. I told him I found out all about him. I got a call that he is not white, he is nigerean.He probably told you how much he loved you & wanted to be with you like he did me. He is not in the military like he claims & he does not have a son named Adam.


      • hi ann, i just read your mail. and i am so mad that he really lied to most women. i approached him and he said he swear to GOD that wasnt him and that he trully loves me. i told him that his care taker david is the man behind this fiasco. david is from ghana. he said no that david is a computer illiterate. please email me and lets compare notes. he supposedly coming to me next week. pls let me know when he gets intouch with you . as i will do the same when he does to me. thank you.. ann

        • @ Ann or whomever there is NO caretaker he is the scammer he swears to GOD he loves you hmmm if you fall for that you will fall for anything scammers NEVER repent and he has told the same lies hes telling you to nemerous other Women hes right its not him and he is a FAKE a fraud a scammer ever had an interactive chat with him for at least an hour or more via webcam????? let me guess NO right he said it isnt allowed and why are you using the same Name as the Ann above you the words you type sound much like the scammer involved in this mess but good luck maybe your scammer is the real deal and he really does love your money ooops Im sorry I meant Loves you NOT.Yes Anonn typed it

      • @ANN dont hold your breath waiting for him to comme home to you first you have to invite and sponsor him get him a Visa and basically pay his way while he visits you here in the US or wherever you live if you have not had an hours chat with this scammer and seen him face to face I suggest you stop trying to reach CJ only to try to convince him that your scammer is REAL because he is a FRAUD no need to contact Kareb you know that this is a scam and he is a scammer so go to scamwarners.com or romancescam.com or both and let CJ do his job he has NO time to sit and try to convince you this this scammer does NOT love you and he wants your money while at the same time you sit and try to convince him that your scammer is real My God I am so glad this war is supposedly over so that these lying beggars will have to come up with a new scam.

      • @ ANN I went to spokeo where I am a paid member and looked up this email address and found this Man on Blackplanet it says he is 37years old and South AFRICAN with a picture of a white guy going bald wearing a gray shirt with Army on the front of it black shorts and shaking hands with some guy claims his location is Atlanta Ga. the only site I found him on is Blackplanet and I DOUBT that the pictures are his and I surely doubt that he lives in Atlanta more like West Africa because thats his home.

    • HI KAREB

  34. I received and email from S Sgt.Mark Wells,at Tagged.com.It is a carbon copy of what has been said here…I love you,$500 for a phone,three pictures,etc.
    I figured it out,thanks to the info on the net from places like this.Thanks for sharing your stories,and I hope more people get informed before falling for these jerks!

  35. I haven’t let my ‘Soldier’ know yet that I am on to him. He still thinks he can scam me somehow. He is currently working on the ‘I will send you the money for my Transit’ option but I am flatly refusing to have anything to do with it. To help me change my mind I am getting the ‘I cheated death twice on Monday’ and ‘I am tired and weak’ scenario. I am keeping him dangling for as long as I can just to waste his time. His .mil account is false (he doesn’t know I know that) and he has sent me more pictures (where the hell is he getting them from) of the real Soldier.

    I have asked for a pic of him holding a card with my name on it which he has promised and I am never going to see. He wants more pics of me but he can whistle for that.

    His ‘Son’ has sent me his mobile number so I can contact him (the ‘Son’) anytime: another dead end I believe. I am just waiting for the ‘Son’ in distress call to pull on my heart strings next.

    Thank goodness this Site gave me some insight. I must say they have been fabulous. CJ has been most kind and helpful in everything he has done for me on here. Thanks again.
    Lorraine UK

    • Hi Lorraine: I read your information and I want to let you know that I was also scammed but no money was ever sent from me. BE CAREFUL — these scammers can fix pictures of the soldiers so they are holding a card that will contain your name and your picture will be taped to the wall. I rec’d a picture of my soldier holding a big white card saying “I Miss You Elaine.” These scammers know how to scam people really really bad. I am going to post more on this website to see if my soldier really does exist.
      GOOD LUCK to you.

  36. Good news!!

    I have found the REAL SGT LINGO on Myspace and have messaged him to let him know his identity has been stolen.

    I am really pleased to have found him so I can get closure. Hopefully he can take it further if he wants to. I will happily supply him with all the information I have about this scammer (who isn’t fit to lick Sgt Lingo’s boots in my opinion)

    Don’t give up, don’t get sucked in and I hope we all find a decent man on here somehow.

    • Lorraine, be careful that person is also can be a scammer. please read my message earlier to you.

      He also told me that his id. has been stolen
      but at the end I traced and found out that he himself is a scammer.

  37. I have been talking to a man who has claimed that his wife died in a car accident, he has a 2 year old daughter who is staying with his mom and sister in Bridgeport, CT, supposedly where he is from. He is stationed in Afghanistan and wants to come “home” to me. Needed $1050 to get clearance from the UN and to get a liberty pass. He left Afghanistan and is now in London where he needs $400 more to get to the United States. What the heck? Can’t something be done about this!!?

  38. J’ai été contacté par un dénommé lieutenant colonel Chris Chronis par le biais d’une agence de rencontre pour célibataires. Amoureux, entreprenant, très attentionné, en viens à me dire qu’il voudrait me parler par le biais d’un téléphone satellite, mais qu’il ne pouvait avoir accès à de l’argent pour délivrer ce téléphone, j’accède à sa requête, avec plaisir de poursuivre de vive voix…Arnaquée, wowowowow, Une amie a découvert votre site, et merci….aux victimes d’être là….J’ai déposé une plainte à la Gendarmerie ROyale du Canada et auprès d’Interpol, afin de coincer celui qui a retiré mon argent avec pièces d’identité au Royaume-Uni, je sais que les usurpateurs doivent agir du Nigéria…

  39. CJ
    I have been trying to see if there is a Captian Tyler M. Jones Rank 0-3 in the Army. I have not had any luck at all. He is a sweet talker. He hasn’t asked me for money but wanted me to fill out a form for his Benefits and Claims. He put me down as next of kin and before he comes back over to the United States he need someone to Clam his Military Benifits befor he gets back to the states. He also said that is was like entitlement after a very long time. He told me he has been in the Army 20 years. I am really steaming right now. Would you or anyone else help me out.

    • Melisa – I noticed your posting. This guy is now on usmilitarysingles.com – I just chatted with him and noticed right away by they way he was chatting and his very vague answers to my questions he was a scammer. He said his dad passed away a long time ago. Asked him what year. He didn’t remember. Asked him what college he attended he just said Texas. Couldn’t tell me the year he graduated from. I have notified the site about him, and included this website for them to do more research on this guy. I feel bad for whomever the picture is of this guy that he’s using on there! I’m sorry that he scammed you. Hopefully he will get tracked down!

  40. Hi guys, some time ago I was contacted by a sgt billy james chambers? apparently stationed at camp victory Iraq, I got all the normal spool from him, I done much searching through the net, and still to this day I have no idea if he is real or fake. I have told him I dont believe him and told him of all the searching I had done, I even sent an email off to military intelligence but to no avail. I have told him I will not send any money, but still to this day I get the love you baby, I miss you and all that jazz.lol. Can someone pls help me put this to rest. By the way in the meantime I am playing my own game with him, until I know for sure.

    • I have been in touch with a guy from Forces pen pals since Dec 09.

      He says he is Captain James Grove (47), a nuclear & mechanical engineer, in the US Army assigned to the UN working in Islamabad.

      Until a week ago, all seemed fine; communicating via MSN messenger, email (not .mil) and text – then he asked for £2350 to pay for delivery costs on communication items, same day then for £20 top up card for his pager.

      I declined on both accounts. His contact over the next day or so was rather cold – saying he had been testing me to see if i was genuine.

      I have heard nothing from him all this week despite me trying to contact him. He contacted me today, asking if i was ok. Today, he asked if he could send £5500 over to my bank account to keep hold of until he came home. I told him, no, I wasn’t going to give out my details over internet. Again, he said he didn’t need it, just seeing whether I would support him and be helpful.

      Has anyone come across this guy? I have received 9 photos of him – two in uniform; couldn’t make out the name badge to see the name.

      In the meantime, I have emailed all the information to C.I.D, and will play my own game until I’m sure. Is there anyway of finding out if he is who he says he is?

  41. anyone know a sgt mike allen – widower – wife killed in car accident – 2 sons living in NY with a nanny. he is deployed to pakistan.

  42. I have a friend who has been talking to a guy by the name and title “Jason DesJardins of the Special Forces 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment”.. He has not asked her to send money YET, but he has asked her to help with his leave request by sending a letter to someone. After researching it she feels she is being scammed, so I wanted to see if anyone else has heard this name?

  43. ok ladies heres another names to add to your list of fakes inthe military.. Chris England.. clai\oms to be a major in iraq on a peace keeping mission..but in talking to him about his military benfits Iasked what kind of medical ins he has and i told him what i had for coverage and he said he had red cross ins and then called it War insurance..ok anybody knows the real us army persona;l areconnected to Tri -care because that is the gov ins the ,ilitary has for most milirtRY PERSONAL THAT ARE ACTIVE. SO BE WARE Of THIS GUY.. hes a scammer .

    • Hi Kathy,

      I have been scammed by a Michael England. Claims to be a widow as his wife got killed in a motor bike accident. His son is apparently 17 and lives in Erie. Do you have any pictures of this guy? Maybe we can compare notes.

      • yes i think i keep his pics i ‘ll ck and let you know..ok

      • I think I am in contact with this person now. Can you send the pictures he sent you to see if it is the same? appreciate you!

        • I also think i am in contact with this man. Email me pics and i will email u the pics i have. Thank u

    • I was scammed by a Sgt. William England in Iraq. My online relationship started April 19, 2010. If you have pictures of your Sgt. England would you please send them to me and I will send you the ones I have. I lost $4,400 USD to this creep. If the pictures proove he is the same person we need to have the pictures posted on a BEWARE website.

      • hey ladies, anyone being scammed by military using last name of England, can you please notify CJ to give you my email address, so that we can exchange pictures to see if they are the same person? thanks!

        CJ, please give my email address to anyone that contacts you concerning “England” Thanks!

        • Chris England; widower, Iraq, using name now Troy Hitman…scammer is alive and preying on women at dating website; ran into him at Faithful Seniors. What a total idiot; tried to scam me for a cell phone. He works with two other his best friend in Iraq with him, Charles Hutchinson, and his wife Letita living in Irving TX. I have address in Irving and it is not fake. His yahoo is: troyyours@yahoo.com…what a loser.

          Take care,

      • Hi Lorraine – I’ve been contacted by this guy in the last couple of days – he claims he’s in Baghdad, allegedly in the US Army but is intending to live in England when he ends his current tour in a month, for all his 17 year old son (who looks about 8 in one photo he has sent!) lives in the USA??? Have already had a request for a mobile phone. I have 4 photographs of him if you want them, let me know your e-mail address – mine is gillianherbert9597@hotmail.co.uk.

  44. you know their should be a active list of scammers put on here with the e mails they use and the names they use..so we have some form of i dck and can go and ck to see if the guy we are about to have contact with is on this list.. th emore list we get out there the less chance they have of scamming

    What do you all think?

    • sounds good to me, I have a few I would add!!!

    • GOOD IDEA, CJ what do you think?? Maybe on Soldiers Perspectives Wall of Shame??

  45. email ts2.militarycalls@usa.com

    beware of this e mail it is associated with scammers using the military id ‘s and inpersanating soliders
    . the scamers use it to have you buy a sallitite phone to connect with troops in iraq and afghanistan.I got bilked for $4 grand with this scam this group is a slick group and know how to use women and prey on their love.their is a col johnson morelli, a col pam jones, a commandent named john martins wagner, and a westernunion agent named Pauline Jennings out of Grand Island nebraska. These people are all part of an elobrate scam anyone who wants more info cane mail me.

    • I was taken by this one too. TS2 Satellite. Add to your list of names to watch out for – Sgt. William James – sgtjames56@yahoo.com – Lt.col Chris Hughes chris_hughes36@yahoo.com – Western Union Tabitha Renne Lindsay, Fountain Valley CA, Leann Kieffer, Stryker OH. Now he wants to come home on leave – my nickel – send it to Betty Bergman Youngstown OH

  46. Hi to all,im at this very moment communicating with a military man,who is supposed to be in Afghanistan army camp,met through E harmony,we have been communicating for a month now,there has been no talk or mention of money(or am i yet to wait for it)I have read all comments on this site and cant really pin point any thing suspicious.Im happy that you have this site available for victims of such abuse and needs to be reported,this man may be a scammer,he uses this e-mail ——–@aol.com,this may help to know if he is the real deal or not.Would like your help on this one.Thanks

    • Joanne, was the military guy you were communicating with named John Palmas?

      • Hello, have come across a named by John Mateo Garath.

      • Hello, Have you come across by someone name Sergeant John Mateo Garath, or Mateo Garath

      • hi allison, his name is rafeal david lopez. he said his in bagram afghanistan. we can exchange pics if you want to.

    • yeh joann ask him for his ssn and seeif he gives it or a photo copy of his military id make up some excuse that want to see a copy of it .. if he has one he will show you if he dosen’t then he is a scammer..all military personal have id card issued by the military they also have ssn..if you question his miliatry benefits he should have correct answers for since all miloitary basically have the same kind of health ins but if he tells you he has red cross or something stupid like that he’s a fake

  47. Hi All,
    I just came across the post from Michelle,GA. from 2/10 in regards to cpt. Mathew Swain I too was matched with him trough eharmony and had been in contact with him until about 2 weeks ago. The thing that upsets me is that is that eharmony doesn’t seem to let all the people know if they have been matched then with someone who is not real and there has got to be something that we as single women can do about this. I did report cpt.swain to US Army CID,FBI, and IC3 the thing that I feel bad about is that this soldier who is just an innocent victim in all of this is CJ is there not something that we can do or someway to get stricter laws in effect to help protect not only ourselves but these innocent people who’s ID’s are being taken???? ANY IDEAS OUT THERE or FROM YOU CJ THERE HAS TO A WAY TO HELP OR DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN THIS BLOG. A lot if people don’t even know this blog exists. Thanks

    • Hi Tammy, would it not be good if all these bogus e mail addresses and bogus people were sent to all the dating sites so that they could post them on their site? I came across this site because I was trying to do a check on the guy I am communicating with. Col Richard Bridge. Kabul. We have been typing on skype for a month now.
      He says he is originally from South Africa where I am and that he is retiring end of month. He says he is coming out to meet me and then wishes for me to return to the states with him for his retirement function. Then says he is coming back to S Africa to open a business and set up an orphinage. Has not asked for anything so far.
      I sent a message via skype today asking for his military e mail address and the name of his late wife.
      I have been suspiscous about his typo errors and spelling. putting it down to bad typing.
      He does not seem to adequately answer my questions either. Ignores them and answers what he wants to.
      Says he has an adopted son as they could not have. Says he is an only child of now deceased wealthy parents who went from S Africa to USA when he was young.
      There has to be a way of stopping these guys and I think our only hope is to ask the dating sites to post a list on their site.
      Not sure how we would go about this.
      Any one out there with any ideas?
      Lets fight these sick folk.
      Ps picture of Col Richard Bridge sent to me in Uniform and VERY good looking with a kind face.
      All the best in finding a really great and genuine guy. Ann

  48. CJ can you check on a surgeon, claims his name is “Michael Mona”. We have been corresponding for 2 months now, would like to know if I am being scammed. Need to know even though I told him I would not check into this.

    thank you

    • Sara, I just checked in the Army system and is there is no one named Michael Mona in the Army. I can’t see into the other services, so if he claims to be another service, let me know and I can tap my resources there. You are being scammed and I hope that you didn’t lose any money, time or emotion in this one.

      • CJ

        He is claiming that he is not part of the military that he is a surgeon working through the UN. He claims he has been there for about 3 years and 2 months. No I have not lost money, just emotions and time.
        Thank you

      • CJ can you, if you can check and see if he is a private contractor? With the UN.

        Thank you

      • Hi. My Mom is getting Scammed By a Michael Mateo (email~cpl.micmateo@yahoo.com) His Commanding Officer Major Henry Gobble (email~userusfa925@aol.com. His SGT Matthew Swain (email~swainm45@yahoo.com) Says He’s 44, Stationed Out of Fort Drum, NY and has a 11 Year old Son Named Danny and Danny’s Nanny Had Gotten married And moved to Europe.. Then He Got Flown From NY to Cali and “Corporal Michael Mateo” Is Over Deployed to Ghanzi, Afghanistan. He has Scammed my Mom out Of 5 Grand.. April 23, 2010 My Mother was Told She had to Pick Up “Michael Mateo”‘s Son at The Airport, and that He (Michael Mateo) would be Here the Following Week.. I need Some Info, Please Email Me anything You have on these Guys.. I want to Finally Prove to My Mother that it’s All a Huge Scam..

        • Tell you mom is she wants to get in touch with me….I have pictures, emails….He says he’s from Oklahoma….has 2 kids….his “name” is Capt. Matthew Robert Swain. Even sent me a .mil email address that he has never replied from. He’s been asking me for money and help with bank accounts. How much is he asking from her. He is a of garbage and disgraces the honor of our military personnel. My SON is in the army. I am an army veteran and this sickens me.

          put “Swain” in the subject line and i’ll be happy to share anything I have on this guy.

          Colleen ( dragontear1967@yahoo.com )

      • CJ

        Thank you for your time. I realize that the person calling himself “Michael Mona” is a scammer and I have been corresponding with romancescams.org to get this person reported.

        Please pass this info onto other women to let them know about him.

        Thank you

    • Hi. My Mom is getting Scammed By a Michael Mateo (email~cpl.micmateo@yahoo.com) His Commanding Officer Major Henry Gobble (email~userusfa925@aol.com. His SGT Matthew Swain (email~swainm45@yahoo.com) Says He’s 44, Stationed Out of Fort Drum, NY and has a 11 Year old Son Named Danny and Danny’s Nanny Had Gotten married And moved to Europe.. Then He Got Flown From NY to Cali and “Corporal Michael Mateo” Is Over Deployed to Ghanzi, Afghanistan. He has Scammed my Mom out Of 5 Grand.. April 23, 2010 My Mother was Told She had to Pick Up “Michael Mateo”‘s Son at The Airport, and that He (Michael Mateo) would be Here the Following Week.. I need Some Info, Please Email Me anything You have on these Guys.. I want to Finally Prove to My Mother that it’s All a Huge Scam..

    • Sarah the moment he asks for money say to him BYE BYE SCAMMER he may not have done it yet but he will when that happens block him
      do not get SCAMMED

  49. Yes,I am still shocked,and never thought something like this could ever happen to me,an intelligent Veternary doctor.I am a 43 yr old lady from The Netherlands.About a week ago appears Col.Williams Adams on my msn.I asked him where he got my address,he said on a website(yes I did register)2betogether.But told him that this partner search site is not allowed to give out contact.He implied that he is in the intelligence branch,Bagram Base,Afghanistan.Implying that they could get to any info.Well he send me photos of him,said that his mother is dutch but living in Jefferson USA(married to an american,wife(was dutch also)died 8 yrs ago,son 11 yrs living with grandmother.He said he loves me and would like us to have a future together here.I felt sorry for him(and yes started to be interested and concerned).But when I asked him how he can love me so quickly without meeting me,he said he knows we are meant for each other.Anyway I asked him too phone or write,and he said this was not allowed.In the meantime every night on msn he would say he wants to get out of the hell he was in,and only signed on because he had lost his wife etc.Then a week later,said that we can phone each other only via a secured line,and that a deposit was required,which would be refunded.If we got this line,I could then help him to get leave,and that was the only way to get out of there.This line would cost 1000 dollars.I old him that this was to must money,and to just complete the 8 months he had left there.The very following day received a form from a satelite company for a secure line costing 536dollars.It showed how the whole phone system works for military in combat zones.I had to fill in all my details,and because I did not have his,emailed him,he send his,and told my that was for my eyes only.I thought with the exchange rate it was cheap,only about 280 euros,and completed the form,and send to militarycallsdept.ts2@usa.com.And emailed William a copy of this.The next day I told my boss of this.He said it was a scam.The military can phone and write letters.I said but he is in the intelligence branch,so it is different with him.So not knowing anything about the american military,I decided to post this question on yahoo questions and answers,which I normally participate in.There everyone told me this is a scam.A veteran informed me that I insist that William gives me his APO address and that he could talk to me on skype and can write to me.Then referred me to your website.When I contacted the American Embassy here in the Hague to find out if such a person really is in Bagram,got no response.I googled,and could not find a William Adams,except a commander that was alive in 1955.The very same day I emailed William and told him I knew he was trying to scam me.And insisted that he send me his APO address or phone me.That evening he still had the cheek on chat to say he loves me and have not received any emails.I told him no APO address,no contact,and what man asks a woman for money that he has just met?Well I blocked him now,Also emailed this military dept calls(if it really excists)and cancelled this application for a secured line.But know it has left me wondering who is the man on the photos I have.In combat uniform with what looks like a rocket gun,with a Afghan soldier,and with all his fellow soldiers on photos.I have this supposed secret militaty(for my eyes only)info about him,but how to check it,and I dont know if it is against rules to print it here?At this moment feeling very sad and used,also scared as this person contacted me again last night calling me a b.He has all my personal info and photo.Oh yes funny enough he knows everything about the military and all its terms.From his writing he sounds American,calling me hun.Well to warn other woman,if this helps.His email address williamadams2000@yahoo.com.He is 43 years old,from Jefferson,USA.Currently a colonel William Adams,in intelligence at Bagram Base,Afghanistan.The photos that he sends is a big man,in combat with various rocket launchers,most distinctly is his moustache,It runs in a thin line to his chin.
    hope this helps.from Marcella

  50. Ladies, reading all your blogs I know how you all feel, I just feel totally violated and shocked. I have since found the real Mike Allen and warned him. Something needs to be done about these guys.

  51. Has anybody been contacted by Donald Almond? He claims to be a Surgeon and a captain. Says he’s been deployed to Kabul for a year. He also says he works for the US Veterans Affairs. Apparently, he is a native American, aged 49, father English, mother American, wife died two years ago, he speaks Spanish, was raised in Ohio, has a 15 year old son called Sam living in Spain with his in-laws. He has sent me lots of poetry and declared his love at a very early stage. His English is very poor. He says he wants to set up a private clinic in England. I have two photos of him, one in uniform and one in a white T-shirt. He initially asked me for £2700 to cover port taxes (Medical equipment he has bought!) which I said I couldn’t help him with, O2 phone top ups, and just now has got round to saying he needs my help to apply for his leave, but hasn’t mentioned the money yet!!!! Luckily, I had already had my suspicions and had read the articles on this site (thank you everybody). So, apart from a couple of phone top ups I have not lost anything, but I hate to see scum bags like this getting away with it. Please be wary of this man and don’t give him any money.

  52. Sara, do me a favor and send me an email. It is listed on the main page of the site. If you can, also forward me some of his emails to you.

    • CJ Thank you for your time although I do believe he is a scammer.

      Why did you want me to email you? Along with his emails?
      If it is to check his IP address I have been taught how to and it keeps coming back to USA. The site we met on has also done this and they are coming up with the same thing,USA.

      How can he be over in Afghanistan yet his IP address says he is here in the United states?

  53. Hi
    I have been scammed, by a Capt.James Mcbride supposedly in Afghanistan. he lost his wife to a caar accident 3 yrs ago and has a son who lives with an aunt in allegedly Trowbridge. He claims he is an intelligence officer, but has appalling grammar for a high ranking person. He claimed his account was frozen and asked for money for his timber business. He claimed he was preparing to buy himself out of the forces to work on his business. He asked for £6800, of which I sent £1500 what a wally I was!! I also topped up his pager several times. He sounded plausible at times, and he sent love poems, e cards vying his love for me. He never talked about his son unless I asked him first. I did try checking him out and could not find him on electoral register. He is an attractive 49 yr old man. And I fell hook line and sinker.His email address is mcbride_usmilitary@yahoo.com please if he sounds familiar to anyone let me know. He has severed all ties with me….I wonder why??

    • You should go down on your knees and thank God so far these SCAMMERS have taken over £5000 pounds from my friend whom I am about to lose as I will find this General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson my friend has lost nearly everything because she will not listen like I said Thank God

  54. my name is louisa anderson of scotland i just wondered if you could check up for me if staff sgt christopher elizondo is legit as i meet him on line and he said he is with 32nd infantry division usa which is based in baghdad iraq. He is now at the stage were he has been sent home on leave,and is in london, but he is asking me to sent £300 to an american address for fees to release him home to me. Would be very greatful if you could email me on the address above asap as he is telling me that they will send him back to baghdad iraq if i dont pay this money. yours louisa

    • One word SCAMMER block him and do not speak to him again then thank God for your escape

  55. I put the wrong name into required box. As it was staff sgt christopher elizondo that i was asking for information on.

  56. hi again – just to update you all – Lt charles ramsy swanson is definitely a scammer . uses the email ramsycharles@yahoo.com. after being scammed to supply him with a satellite phone from from ts2 they confirmed it. the have not supplied a phone for him.he says he lives in london is a widower and has an 8 yr old son called mike who is in military accademy in louisiana. he sends romantic poetry and as previously stated on here – says he is not after money he has his own. he attempted to get 1400 pounds for transit leave to come to see me ,from me,but as the us army website states they never request money for leave , only the officer can request it and leave to see a fiance is not a valid reason i refused. not heard from him since !!

  57. Hi i think i have been scammed by staff sgt christopher elizondo 32nd infantry division camp victory baghdad iraq ! i have tried to get information on him and i seem to be getting now were, you are my only hope to find out if this person is for real thanks louisa

    • I have been in contact with Michael Elizondo. He told me he was a single dad with a son named Ryan. I was suspecious because of how he phrased some of his e-mails. He told me he was in Iraq. He will not give me him .mil address. I now think he is a scammer.

      • Hi Dawn have you got any pictures of michael or his son? if so can you e-mail them to me to the above address thanks louisa

      • Dear Dawn,
        I am in contact with Michael Elizondo who is a single father with a son named Ryan. Please tell me, what happened with this contact. He told me he is in Kabul now. Owns some car dealer ship. I guess we a re talking about the same person. Met him on a dating site.
        Hope to hear from you,

        • He is a fake and scammer.

  58. please help me if you can louisa

  59. I met two months ago this men who clams to be Lt. George A. Patterson, 20 years in Army, at this moment in Kabul Afghanistan. Widower 45 years old, daughter who study for medical doctor in Scotland. Very romantic letters each day, love poem, sometimes we can chat. After 14 days he told me he love me… He wants to come to visit me in the Netherlands, he gets his leave for 3 months (?!), but is not any passenger transport from base Kabul, so he needs to pay for it. He ask me to help him with this, to transfer money to leave officer Sgt Kyla Crumb in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the next address: George Patterson C/O Dawn Roziter, 8001 Castor Ave #379, Philadelphia, PA 19152

    • One word SCAMMER block and do not speak to him again

  60. This is a scam lydia. so our the other people mentioned in your email. Kick his ass to the curb. Please send no money. I am so sorry Lydia

    • Hi Donna,

      could you please tell me how I can contact the real men from the picture, can I sent those to somewhere?
      I think this is very bad, this real one is an Lt. of US Army…

      thank you,

      • Lydia
        Send your pic and the fakers email address to CJ. He can help you.

        • Hi Donna,

          I have send it all picture I had, but I have not too much information back :-(

        • So how can I contact Cj, please let me know I need some help, thanks a lot.

  61. hello i am pretty damn sure mine is a scamer too
    i met mine through friends reunited and he goes by the name Robert Winters his email address is rob_wiinters79@yahoo.com he gave me another corrosponding address too to contact for request of leave which is genlarrynicholson@adexec.com supposedly the gens personal address!!!
    also he has a friend by the name of greg_jordan204@live.com who hs just joined lovehorse datin site as i was asked to help set it up be warned ahead of this scammer too
    i have said that i do not have the money even though refundable to get his leave and that if its real he should wait till he is deployed with the others…..he knows i was questioning a scam but he says he will wait as he is real and not someone twisted…. so i will keep in touch for now but see how long it takes for him to stop contact now
    thankyou for all of this and if he is a scammer i would like the real rob winters to know what he is doin

    • I have been emailing Greg Carson, who supposedly is in Afghanistan. I stupidly paid £310 in money gram to a woman in the UK for him to receive a mobile so we can text. He’s been talking about me applying for leave, but it would cost money which is refundable, which made me suspicious so I checked the internet and thank God I did because I came across this site and his name was mentioned. He also uses the email address gregory_carson1964@hotmail.com. He says he’s widowed, his wife died of cancer and he lost his parents in a car accident 3 months after his wife. He says he has 2 children, Trinity and Adam who live with their grandparents in Scotland. I also had a mobile sim activation document sent to me by his supposed General from the amail address genlarrynicholson@ADEXEC.com. I’m so upset about this as I truly believed this man was for real. Please don’t fall for his lies.

      • I have also been e-mailing sargeant greg carson for a few weeks now. He uses e-mail address gregcarson36@yahoo.co.uk. He used the same story after contacting me on friends reunited dating ie two children trinity and adam, his wife had died and his parents too. Then he changed his story to say his mum was still alive. I applied for a text activation and received an email back asking me to scan my passport and driving licence for verification purposes. I did not do this as I was already suspicious of him. So glad to find his name on here as I can now delete him from my contacts knowing that he is indeed a scammer

  62. i find this website so surportive after being scammed recently , its been really helpful as you realize your not alone in this situation.i think back and cant believe i fell for the lies they fed me, but i am getting stronger every day.have now been told they used a dead mans identity which makes me feel sick and i understand how low these people will sink. i also had a massive phone bill yesterday from when i phoned him, so have that to pay, when will it end.but we are all survivors and not let these scum ruin our lives ladys.

  63. I, too, have been corresponding with the above mentioned Lt. George A. Patterson, and basically the same story the lady above mentioned. Also, he did mention Kyla Crumb a friend of his in Baton, Rouge. Supposedly he is sending travelers cheques for me to hold until he gets here next week. I have been receiving very romantic letters from him and today I checked the IP number and it was from Africa. I really got hooked on him, but learned a valuable lesson. I really doubt the pictures sent to me are from the actual scammer….they are probably stolen.

  64. I believe that Soldier/Cowboy on your site is a scammer from Africa and probably the pictures on your site are stolen. Checked his IP address today after falling for this guy and the mail is coming from Africa.

    • Forgot to mention that he was on WesternMatch as Soldier/Cowboy…Lt. George A. Patterson.

  65. CJ

    Is it possible you could check whether a Sgt Groff is real…He is apparently based in Kandahar Afghanistan.
    He has asked me for money for connection with ts2 $450 and has also asked for $1500 as he has to pay for his flight to get him home as military won’t pay as he has asked for 4 weeks leave.
    How can I get in touch with the real Sgt Groff and warn him as the pictures he has sent show a man in uniform and it clearly shows his name.

    • Caroline, I can tell you if he’s asking for TS2 money, he is NOT real. Do you have a first name?

      • He said his first name is Matt.
        His email: sgt.groff@yahoo.com
        He syas the Officer in charge of communications is Delores Tyner, Pamplico, Sth Carolina 29583
        He say’s he’s from Gilbert Arizona and has a son called Dennis (14yrs old)

      • HI CJ



  66. jana says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    12 May 2010 at 4:55 pm
    Hello! i have been talking to the “love of my life” for over two months now. his name is John Palmas and he told me that he is at the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, in Afhganistan. he asked me for a cell phone last week, and i sent him a used one that i had home to an address in CA. he told me tha his friend was being deployed there and would deliver the parcel to him.

    I didnt make a big deal of it, but then today
    he sent me an email asking me to get some money ($2,300) that has been sent to my name through moneygram and he needed me to send this money to a dude in Ghana…
    well, the money came from CA, so why the person that transfered the money to me, couldnt transfer straight to the guy in Ghana???? (he told me that the person in Ghana works for World vision). everything seemed so out of place, that i came to the internet, and now i am totally upset at myself for being so naive.
    i met this guy through Jdate. has anyone heard of his name? i saw a couple of stories here very similar… widower, ready to leave the military, has to yorkshire terriers… also, he told me that he owns a house in Coral Gables, and this is public information… I cannot find anything.
    Ladies, i would like to compare some pics. he tells me that he is 6’3″, 200 lbs, half british, half spanish. Very handsome indeed…
    let me know if anyone would like to exchange some pics…
    I am extremelly upset.
    Take care,

    P.S: sorry about the English. ESL…lol

  67. Do you all realise that these scammers are reading these comments? I know cos my scammer told me!

  68. CJ I as I answerd Jana was contacted by John Palmas…same description he gave her but did not tell me what part of MIA he was leaving or the dogs bread…i think i´d never asked him….how evr he never said nothing about money or ask me for non of that…but I´m giving you his contacts so you can check were they come from…mail:jp_00@inorbit.com his msn jp_49@live.com adnd skype acount it¿ll give it later im not now in my pc and dont remmeber how to enter my skype account…
    also if this John Palmas does exist try to tell him that they are using his name….he sais he is from CA, studied in west point ans is an comunications ingeenier….
    Tell me if you need e to send you the pics I have from him…..and thank you CJ !!

    • Hello Ann.

      I have not received anything from Cj, so I guess i should post it here! Please email me at guimaraesjanaina@aol.com. I also kept all the emails i received from him… now it sounds too funny.
      we will have good laughs.
      Are you in Florida?

      Please email me… and try to stay of trouble! i am trying hard!!!!! :)

      • Ok Jana I just saw this post I’ll email you
        hehehe yes it’s hard to stay of trouble I’m thinking to post an add in all the pages so I can get more scammers caught lol
        There must be a way it’s not only the money and the trust they are breaking they are using others identity with out permission and that must be punished….if by knowing the their location by IP is there a way to know really were they are?…,maybe if they are in the phone with some one, can’t that call be tracked? nothing anyone can do about it? CJ?

  69. ok as i had the details for greg jordan on live.com i have just checked it out and he has now started on some ladies from lovehorse.com and the same convos same photos etc as i was recieving from rob winters so they are definate scams also this greg as another e mail address for a lady!!!! on live.com i copied it and pasted this to facebook and it actuallly came up with an african lady so please beware of a robert winters annd a greg jordan

  70. Forgot to mention that I still have the pictures he sent me if you’d like me to forward. I feel so sorry for the soldier concerned and really feel he ought to know….like all others. This has become such a problem and it’s growing by the hour.

    Thanks CJ

  71. CJ
    hope this finds you well! I noticed back in Feb Lorraine said she found the real “Sgt Lingo” on myspace. Well I have been chatting with someone claiming to be Sgt Lingo, he has stated that his profile on myspace was “hijacked” would like to know if this is the real Sgt Lingo or the scammer. He chats with me using someone’s PDA?
    Thank you

  72. Has anyone heard of Sgt. Steve Eric Baker. Just contacted me off Plenty of Fish. We have been talking for 2 days. Hasn’t asked for anything yet. But I’m very suspicious of this type of thing. He says he grew up in Sacramento, but lives in Brooklyn. He is suppose to be stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. Has a 11 year old daughter. He actually writes pretty good but he has slipped up a few times. Sent me pics, and on the uniform it says E Baker but when I asked for more he gave excuses, actually got a little mad.I thought I would just play it down. Just to see where he is going with all this. Should be interesting. But if anybody has dealt with him before please let me know.
    Thank you

    • Yes… Steven Eric Baker is a fraud. Yahoo Address sgt.ebakerxxx@yahoo.
      He did the same…said the same story but then he went to Pakistan and yada yada…then is trying to come home..can’t take it. He will want you to wire money to Malaysa for plane tickets to come and see you and then when you don’t fall for it and call him a scammer…he does get angry. Tells you it’s not true love…then he waits a couple of days and tells you how bad you hurt him and he can’t live without you and them will try for you to come to Malaysa to bring him home. He has slipped a few times as when you play their game back…they don’t like it.
      Dump him now. He is a scammer.

      • Hi, can it be the same person faith, a Steven Baker, he also uses a nickname Taiwi211 on dating sites too … but always the same profile, but except for small changes is always the same profile picture of all places, see Romance scammer known as …..stevenedwardbaker@yahoo.com and sgt.bakerxxx@yahoo.com

        Now the two sides on Myspace …


        My heart bleeds for the real Steven E. Baker … who may not know what is going on …

        • I forgot to say that I had contact with this man since 5/4-2011 of it that I know personally … these addresses as I have been in contact with at yahoo.com …. and what I find odd is that Yahoo does not kotrollerar their pages with them pages that usually comes to rest .. and not developed …

    • Hello I know a Sgt. Steve Eric Baker. I have been talking to him also however I met him through Facebook site… He told me the we could communicate through a ts2pl communication system and it would be about 510.00 per month… it is the same guy and yes his “daughter” is a redhead… If you would like to discuss him more please let me know..

    • The same story I got, that he was from Brocklyn.Am, 11 year old daughter to be named Sarah, after his father, he was stionerad in Kabul, Afghanistan since two years back … as radar operator and patrol …. I have three pictures of him, one of which is a child with the other you can see the neck where uniforms can be seen … third, he sits in a place out there with umbrellas ….. I wonder what we’ll pull the conclusion of this .. He calls himself Eric sometimes and Edward sometimes think …?
      See links to other comments below ….

  73. Was communicating with johnsinben (45-year-old Male – who contacted me through MacthDoctor.com)

    This man is a scam artist – he falls in love quickly – and proceeded to say he loveed me with in 2 days, sent me wonderful poetry that he had taken from various love poem sites.

    In his Romance of me — He claimed to be a Lt Col in the Army stationed in Afghanistan. His mod of operations is – to talk to you nonstop the first week, good connection, no problems with the internet, no blast limiting or shutting down his access to you.

    He proceeds very smoothly into falling head over heels in love with you sight unseen, cannot stop thinking about you.

    Wants you to send him emails about your life, your days and nights, but will not do the same, just very sweet enduring love poems that are not about your relationship with him but just love poems taken from various love poem sites.

    He will mention a child – the pictures he sent me were of a 14 year old daughter that he has left with a friend in Australia – her name was/ is supposed to be Angel.

    He says he is very devoted of her but other than mentioning her in passing he does not brag about her, or talks about her at all. He claimed that he would send her my email address so that she would contact me to get to know her new mother – first reference that we were to be a couple when he came home on leave.

    When I was agreeable to this the mission or task as he put it was complete on to the next mission – the camping of losing connection – I would see him on line – available to chat but he would go invisible or sign in and out during our conversations which was frustrating to say the least. He only used his yahoo account and never his military address to contact me so he started saying if he could only get his own personal connection that things would be better for us to chat. Less likely that the blasting would interrupt our connections and that he could spend hours on end chatting with me.

    Sounded great, thought he was still on the up and up – then he popped the question – asking me to marry him, the instant I said that it was agreeable – he had great news – a new transport of Texas recruits were coming over and if I could get $598.00 to a complete stranger than he could get an Afghanistan internet company to set up his personal connection.

    I shut him down and started double checking his bio on the internet and came up with this – which is an exact duplicate of his bio on his site – and which was included on the first email he contacted me with.

    Re: Lieutenant Colonel Chris Chronis – Military Scammer

  74. Up date on Sgt. Steve Baker…..finally got him to email me and he sent me more pics, would love to know where he is getting these pics from. I traced his IP address and he is out of Sunnyvale, Ca. Wasn’t surprised at all. I’m am not going to email him back, but I will keep talking to him on messenger. I’ve let him to believe that money is not a problem for me. He was going to mess with me now it’s my turm to really mess with him.

    • You go girl. He was talking with you at the same time he was talking to me. Do you have a phone number. I got one it’s 47031852749…out of the UK.
      I gave him a taste of his own medicine too.

    • Hi, Connie.
      I have some questions to ask you. Would you, please, contact me at nikkijordan7191@gmail.com? I have some REALLY big hunches about these cowards. I’d love your help in nailing him/them.

      Thanks so much!

    • I GOTTA TELL YA, CONNIE!! I LIKE your style, girl!! You really should get a hold of me. We’ll get this guy. I just know it. nikkijordan7191@gmail.com or 765-251-8509. Let’s get him before he gets another penny from ANYONE!! I pray that you and all of the rest of the ladies on here are with me.

      Thanks for your help!

  75. I’ve been in contact with a Capt. Tyler M. Jones who claims to be Airborne since the end of March. My last correspondence was yesterday morning. Everything was going great until he asked for $3500 to fly him and his best friend (name Donald Peterson aka “flyboy”)home b/c they didn’t do what the general wanted them to do and they were stranded. No I didn’t send the money that’s when I started researching. Whatever happened to “Leave No Man Behind”? I’ve dated my fair share of military guys and if I could find a place that’s safe I would continue. I’ve already reported him to singlesnet.com since that’s where we met.

    I would like to know how to find the real Capt Jones to inform him of what’s going on without having to contact my cousin who’s an NCIS agent. I’m humiliated enough I don’t need to bring my family into it.

    Before Jones there was a SGT Toby Carter from Idaho City, Idaho. He claimed to be Special Forces computer intelligence. He tried to get me to send him a Ts2 SAT phone. He stopped talking to me once I mentioned that I had family in the CIA, FBI and NCIS.

    I would like to be able to resolve this on my own and not contact the above mentioned.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I have pictures of both Jones and Carter plus saved emails.

    • i have just been contacted by a SGT toby cater can i see pictures of him

      • I’ve kept all pictures of both Capt Jones and SGT Carter. How would you like me to send the pictures to you?
        CJ any suggestions?

  76. Hey everyone. I want you to meet one of the Soldiers being used in these scams, MSG Mark Ehresman. Click here to read his story.

  77. I have had an Andrew Grant contact me with this same scam. He sent me an e-mail through facebook. Same story, Marine, wife died in motor accident, 17 year old son. He never got around to asking for money, I got bored with the game and blew him off. But he was laying it on thick. Always said I could ask him any questions I wanted, but never really answered any of those questions. I have reported him to Facebook. I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who fall for these scams. There has been enough information out there that people should be aware of it, but they keep falling for it. I just want to shake people and say “What were you thinking?”. We have been taught to not talk to strangers. ALWAYS have your guard up and be cautious of people you meet on the Internet. Good luck to everyone! I hope that someday there will be a way to stop these scammers who prey on peoples.

    • Cheryl how I wish my friend could be persuaded to listen so far she has sent £5000
      lost her flat gave her bank acc details and passport and is still sitting waiting for General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson to come to England and take her to Alaska I am so angry I will have to try and do something at least you had the sense good luck and God Bless

  78. Meet Robert R. Lorenz on plenty of fish. Asked me to take my profile off. Said his wife messed around on him during his 1st tour. Has a 14 year old son in Wichita, Ks. Then his named changed to Robert Minno Lorenz. Birthdate went from August to July! Picture he sent belongs to a Stephen Lorenz in Texas! Said he will be home July 10, 2010 coming into Grand Folk International Airport in North Dakota. Then requested I contact a diplomat named Mark Miller in regards to stuff he is trying to get to the states. Miller needed 4500. To get this sent. Anyone heard this bullshit? He loved me from the 2nd day!!

    • There is only one word you really need to know and understand SCAMMER please do not be caught

  79. Any one ever hear of Cpt. Ryan Scott Redlingers??

  80. I have an update on Sgt. Steve E. Baker…After reviewing his pictures I figured out the person in the picture last name was Studebaker. Started searching, found the real 1st Sgt. Steven Studebaker on facebook.I emailed him to tell him what was going on and someone was using his photos. His sister replied to my email and sadly Steve has passed away in April. I sent his sister the photos and all info I had including his IP address.
    It just makes me sick to think that this family has to now deal with this. I knew it was a scam from the beginning and played along just to see when they were going to ask me to send money. Right after I had talked to the real Steve’s sister the fake Steve wanted me to buy the Ts2pl communication phone. I pretended we were having a storm and it knocked out the electricity so I never replied to him. He still tries to contact me every now and then but I will not contact him again. I will leave it up to the family to do what they need to do.
    I am very well aware to the evil’s of this world but it still amazes me that there are such heartless cold people out there that have no conscience at all.
    I hope the family can stop this but it may be highly unlikely that they can. Who knows how many people they have contacted using these pictures. My prayers are with them.

    • Connie…this is just aweful!
      I did send a complaint to yahoo as well for abuse. I need to send one to myspace as well. I closed all my accounts. Enough for me to deal with…no more.

    • Hi Connie, read what you write, I will be shocked, would you consider that we sent to each other …. if you go with the e-mail write this … I tell you that you can reach me, myself belong in Sweden ….

  81. My story is similar to all the others… The man’s name given in the emails and chats is Major Mike Ramos, age 54, Kabul Afghanistan. He is a widower with a 12 year old daughter, 22 years in the army..

    He wrote to me that he led a raid into a deserted Al-Queda house and that he and several officers found some $96 mil in various currency… that the officers returned most of the money to the Afghan government, but the officers divided the remainder. Major Ramos stated that his portion was $1.8 mil. We’d be emailing and chatting for 4 weeks.. I fell like a rock for his charasmatic messages and promises of love forever. He became very offensive and demanding when I refused to accept a piece of luggage with the money on his behalf until he returned from Afghanistan. He broke off the relationship on Sunday, but he sent an offline chat to me today (Wed) stating that he missed me.

    I have called the JAG and CID offices at our local Army base, and they referred me to the FBI… the agent was able to determine that the messages from Major Ramos were coming from Ghana.

    The photographs attached to two messages show a very handsome, clean-cut man. How can I find out who is pictured? The FBI agent believes that the pictures are someone on the internet, and that the stories (emails and chats) are from the preditors.

    Thanks for your help! I would love to help the photographed gentleman to regain his identity.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Your story is very similar to one I’m being fed at the moment. My soldier is Micky Walinowski (photos show name on clothing, he’s 46 and in the US Marines.(10th Battalion) based in Kabul. Been a Marine for about 22 yrs. Has done his compulsory 3 wars (?) and heading back in April to the US. Is a widower (lost his wife and 2 sons in a car accident) but has a daughter who is (originally he told me 6yrs) but now she’s 8. We have been IM for about 3 or 4 weeks now. He is proclaiming to love me already. Yesterday he had “something important to tell me”. His unit had been on a raid of some Taliban hideout and wow he came across 10 mil. USD. Very conveniently there was a Red Cross officer who happened to be a Base when they returned. Being the “honest” fellow he is Micky declared the money (well most of it) and the rest is now in UK (courtesy of the Red Cross man – something about diplomatic immunity blah, blah, blah.(I’ve had the email from Natwest Sec. regarding me sending them via Western Union $US2700 for insurance and on-forwarding of this box (Micky told me that the Red Cross man believes its some personal stuff that he’s sending home to me (his wife) in NZ. Daughters name is Loretta and he’s inferring that will spend the rest of our days in wedded bliss, blah, blah,blah. Does any of this sound fdamiliar to anyone else? I hasten to add that I have not and will not send the money.

      • Sorry was very tired when I posted last comment. His name is Malinoski (Micky
        )email address is mickyvogel@yahoo.com. He contacted me thru Onsite dating site and his nickname was mickydude.

        • Everything you are saying here is true. My mom and I have been scammed by this guy for all the money Mom had in her savings to retire. This is lots of money to my mom and I would like to know, if she will be able to get it back some how. I feel sorry, that I am such a fool to have my mother back me up and lose all her money.HELP ME, try to retrieve her money back, please. This will kill my mother, plus my father is in an old folks home dying of cancer.

      • This is the same guy, I met on Flirt.com. He said, he had a parcel to send to me from Afghanistan. I also have all the copies of every cent my mom and I have sent his courier friend’s company. This was my mom’s retiring money from selling her farm, not much but it was her money. NEED HELP to get her money back.
        Please call me, 1-306-236-6981.
        Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
        S9X 1G3
        (Please, help me get this guy and mom’s money back.)

      • This is the same guy, I met on Flirt.com. He said, he had a parcel to send to me from Afghanistan. I also have all the copies of every cent my mom and I have sent his courier friend’s company. This was my mom’s retiring money from selling her farm, not much but it was her money. NEED HELP to get her money back.
        Please call me, 1-306-236-6981.
        Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
        Canada His courier friend: Capital Cargo Courier:David Vincent phone#(011)447835786923, from Saskatchewan(CANADA)

        S9X 1G3
        (Please, help me get this guy and mom’s money back.)

  82. Hi CJ,

    George Patterson??????

    I was wondering (for now) if you have any information about the real men on those pictures I have send it to you… no answer till now.

    Do you think will be good to give al my information and addresses and conversation and and and.. to FBI and those who are involved with army investigation. I think it may be someone from inside who have many information plus the pictures to do those things…


  83. Has anyone been contacted by Major General Walter L. Stewart, Jr, a four-star Officer (retired). He says that he is working with UN-Iraq. I was contacted by him via Skype and says that he has adopted son in Ghana. This retired Major General is a very influential officer in the USA, based on all the Internet-published documents I have read. However, i wonder if this is also a case of identity theft.

    He says that for security reasons he cannot use cams, mics or give personal information.
    He has asked me to send money to pay his adopted son boarding school in Ghana.
    Thanks for all your help.

    • You send money and you become one of the many women SCAMMED use your head PLEASE block him and give yourself another chance
      when ever money is asked for it is a SCAMM please do not be SCAMMED

  84. I was just notified about the level of damage done to my personality, it saddens my heart to know that my person can be this compromised by an unknown assailant but nevertheless, Nemesis will catch up with whoever it is , because the United States Army will do anything possible under the law to parade and prosecute anyone caught in the act.Please send me any information you have on these people.I Await your response

    • Seriously, dude? You expect us (me) to fall for this? You realize I log the IP of everyone that comes here and yet you still think you can come and pretend to be someone you’re not? Lingo, you’re an idiot. Go back to herding goats. Your scamming days are over.

      • CJ, can you email me so I can send you information on someone I think he is a new Scammer…I haven’t seen his pictures nor name on your site but I think he is one….



      • Hi CJ,

        I believe this is the scammer, who claimed to me that he is the real sgt.david lingo.
        He has approached me and told me same story, that he will hunt the scammer…with what?
        If he is only a Sgt….what is it? He thinks he is from CIA or Fed? LOL…..I have sent all his details to you already.

      • I’ve been talking on MSN with a ‘Colonel Brandon Hutton’ who proports to be in the US Army in Kabul Afghanistan. I have beun to believe that i was becoming involved in a scam. I have not yet been asked for money but have been asked to apply for leave which i now know is not the correct process for obtaining leave. I was reading these posts and talking to him tonight and mentioned what i was reading to see what reaction i would get. Said he would check it out and came back to me saying he had read it and said how disgraceful it is. I need to know if i am being scammed and if i am ensure that the reputation of the person in the photographs i have is not damaged if i post them and show that he is a fake. As there person in the photographs may very well be a serving officer. Can you help please?

        • Be careful! I was talking to someone named “Johnson Hutton” with two small sons “James” and “Brandon”. He will eventually ask you to pay a bill for him. He is using photos of the REAL Col. James E. Hutton. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS GUY!!! I have contacted CID, US Army, and Col Hutton about this guy!!!

      • Hi CJ
        i just looking for Stg. John Williams ,who’s leave from Iraq last jun and still stay in England
        he use e-mail

      • acronym. CJ,
        I am trying to find out if a Nathan Ramos is a scammer. His email is nathanramos73@yahoo.com. I do have a pic with his name on his uniform. But I have heard that means nothing. He says the end of his term is in December around the 10 th . E-6 , staff sergeant, computer engineer in BAGHDAD. DOB:07-31-1960. can you help me?

        • Annie, I would love to see the pic you have of thhis Ramos guy. I think this is the same guy who tried to scam me. I can also send you the pics that I have of this guy. He goes under many names. Be careful.

  85. Hey Lorraine
    My Aunt has been talking to this guy named Sergeant David Antonio Lingo who is stationed in Chad, Africa. He has been buttering her up for a week now saying he fell in love with her picture from match.com and keeps telling her he is going to retire and they are going to start a family and all that. He hasn’t asked her for ne money yet but all this stuff sounds waaayyy too close to these scams u guys are talking about. Do you have ne pics of him? He has sent my aunt a couple and we were wanting to compare! She would never send money to him but she is hurt by the closeness she thought she had so thanks for posting so we could read this!!

    • Hi Casandra,
      the same person has approached me thru Match.com. He said to me first he is 43yrs old and later 50 yrs old..and told me that he madly in love with me..and want to visit me and from there to settle down…dont ever believe it. I have few pictures of him…you can send me your email to me and I can forward them to you.

  86. i am talking to sgt.toby carter who is in afgan, i just want to know if he is real? how do i find out could someone help me? hereis my email add jakramer33@yahoo.com thanks

    • Dear Jessica, if he calling you, then you should use a webcam and ask him to speak using the same. By the way, ask him to send you his photo holding your name on it.
      Then you can see that he is first real, the rest….you should learn that nigeriam scammers are talking with african accent….they just cannot spell properly the word `BACK`; they normally say this word as BUCK! Good luck!

    • Hi Jessica,

      I am sending an email to you today, and give you a hint how to protect yourself from all those nigerian scammers.

      I wish you better luck next time.

  87. Hi,
    I can’t seem to find any flaw on this “soldier” can anybody help? It’s just too good to be true.


  88. Oh by the way my “soldiers” name is John or Johnny Higherman. I also have pictures to compare with. Let me know!


  89. DO NOT REPLY TO HIM, OF COURSE HE IS TO BE GOOD TO BE TRUE, we have all fell for it some of us have parted with alot of money, for telephones etc, not me I had a cheque to cash, fraudulently, whatever they promise you it is all bollocks, you must have your’e doubts!? DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOU’RE DETAILS, PHOTOS, ETC. At the end of the day it’s up to you but you are talking to a scammer. Look at photo’s on here or if not discuss with Tracy. STOP THE US ARMY SCAM on facebook. She is great talk to her or someone on this site first x

  90. I did have my doubts and a friend referred me to this site…thank you and I will def check in with Tracy….

  91. Anyway to verify this?
    He claims he is widowed with 2 small children 3 and 5.
    Doughlas Cooper from Sacramento CA

    He wants me to apply for his leave…I told him I shouldn’t have to do that. Here is his reply:
    The leave is quickly approved when a soldiers wife or fiancee or apply for it..
    and the wife or fiancee has to pay for the leave ..cos the soldier at war doesnt have access to cash..\
    and the army is going to pay the soldiers leave bonus into his wife or fiancee account ..\

    and the army airline is gonna drop him in the nearest airport to his wife or finacee’s address..
    and after three days of notification that he is there with the woman is leave bonus will be paid to the woman’s account..
    you can ask or check for it.

    The Air Cavalry Brigade(unit)
    1st Cavalry Division309th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    Baghdad Iraq.
    thats my base here..

    Anyway to verify this? Not sure if I believe him. Thanks

    • No need to verify. You don’t need to “apply for his leave”. That’s not how it works in the military. He can “apply” for his own leave.

      • who are you CJ???????????

    • the exact same story he spun to my friend and so far he has had £5000 please please do not be fooled you have been warned block him
      and say thanks to God for your safety

    • I just went through a similar scam. Sent the soldier, Robert Miller, $4495.00 so he could leave Iraq on a 12 week Leave in which I was his “fiancee”. But, then he needed $3,000 more to carry on the plane in case of emergencies. I had offered to get him a commercial airline ticket originally since all the military planes were going through maintenance, but he was not allowed to fly on a commercial airline since he was a Captain in the Army and there was always a threat of terrorist attacks. By the way, he was supposed to be retiring from the Army when I met him in late June, but was going to be sent on a very dangerous mission in Afghanistan so came up with this 12 week Leave plan. Not only am I upset about losing so much money that I don’t have, but within the month’s time that I had been chatting with him, I truly fell in love.

      In the past couple of weeks, I have found the same pictures on several new profiles.

      • Glynis,
        I think you have the same guy that I had…….He called him self Lionel Miller, or Brian Miller. Do you have a pic that we can share, I do………my email address is kfhenry45@yahoo.com and I would like to talk more, I am sure that he is the same…….

      • Glynis,

        Let’s trade pictures. I’ve been communicating with Robert Miller as well. So amazingly charming. Reach me at okroxanne@yahoo.com. Would HATE to find out it’s a scam as well, but better to find out now than latter.


  92. I just found a great Yahoo group, with lots of stories on there of ladies who have been scammed, very interesting reading and a lesson to us all to be aware…..


    • that should say

      yahoo romancescams I don’t know why the full address disappeared, probably to stop advertising. And I should have said that men on there have been scammed too, it’s not just us ladies.

  93. Hi Ladies,

    Anyone being approached by these persons
    please contact me as I have all their pictures:

    1. Sgt. David Lingo
    2. Sgt. Andre Basile

    • Nina mine is claiming to be Adam Lingo. email address is alingo74@yahoo.com

      any pics or info would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you
      Sara Skinner

      • Hi Sara, please give me ur email address and will send it to you a.s.a.p.

        • Nina sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. my email address is saraskinner@embarqmail.com or skinnersara@yahoo.com

          Any pictures would be greatly appreciated or any info. Thanks

        • Hi Sara,
          I have already forwarded the pictures to your both email addresses.

          Enjoy viewing it!

      • Sara,

        Thank you for your help. I’m checking out Robert Jeffrey Miller, mtrebor9950410@aol.com. You can reach me at okroxanne@yahoo.com.



        • I have just been contacted by a George Miller, supposedly in Iraq but says “when I get out of Afghanistan”, an
          SSG. His messages seem “cut and pasted”. He definitely isn’t real though.

    • Hi

      I have been approached by major Lingo via GDFF dating website,I have not responded to his mail as I have been bitten once by a scammer and will not fall for this one again, can you send a photo please.

      • Hi Sue, I will send all photos just give me ur email address.

        • Hi

          My email is bluesue53@yahoo.co.uk

          I was scammed by a very attractive man posing to be in the US army, I fell hook line and sinker and now I want revenge.

        • Hi Sue,

          I have already forwarded to you all the pictures you need to see.

    • nina could you send me photos of Sgt. andre basile so i can compare it with the one i have please rebecca_stalker@yahoo.com

    • nina he has e-mailed me a letter,(andre)

    • do you happen to know General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson

    • General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson what do you know about this SCUMBAG he has left my friend destitute at the age of 62 and if this does not show up next to Sgt david lingo&stg andre basile I will smell a rat??????

  94. I’m in contact with the real Lingo and working on a profile of him. he is happily married and does not use dating sights. stay tuned.

  95. I have spent hours today on that Yahoo site I mentioned above, lots and lots of stories that sound almost identical to the stories on this site. There are over 166000 members and it has been around since 2005. I can’t believe I have never heard more of this before this past few weeks.

    I am on a dating site and I believe one has just approached me today, funny how once you know what to look for it is there staring at you right in the face!!

  96. Hi

    I found text on your site from a female scammer which is the exact same text sent to me by “Eric Bradford” allegedly serving in Afghanistan. I was lucky to do my own research before getting involved. I found Eric on the MatureFreeandSingle dating website and he soon passed me a hotmail account instead! I feel I have had a very lucky escape :)

    • Thank God another woman with some sense

      • How I wish I was warned before the 8th July 2010.
        After 4 months chatting and lots of money I lost to Staff Sergeant Christian Richardson & his so call diplomat “Suley Mohammed” what bastards they are.
        I hope they rot in hell!!!
        They don’t deserve to use our Lords name over there lips or fingers.

        • Elizabeth you are not alone I lost a lot of money to a Specialist Richard Lawhord and is diplomatic courier Suley Ibrahim. I feel like a complete fool. I’m going take all my emails and other information to the FBI and the Army’s CID. So they can investigate and find them.
          Lord knows I’m paying for my stupidity.

  97. Here is another name to add to the list. Major General Andrew Salmon

  98. He is a scammer. Major General Andrew Salmon

    • Here is another one General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson I know because right now he is SCAMMING my friend but she will not listen up to date she has sent £5000 please do not be fooled the moment money is mentioned block the B________S and post their name here we should creat a mugshot wall to help out other women caught in this hellish trap

  99. Can somebody please PM who has access to checking out real US Army personnel on a database as I have a feeling a guy I am talking to on a dating site is not all he appears to be, I don’t want to put his name up in public as I may be just being overcautious after having so many emails from scammers on these dating sites who show their true colours early on in the game, I don’t want to get sucked in and waste any more time on this man if he is not the real deal.

    Thank you

    • If at anytime money is mentioned you have a SCAMMER on line block him and do not feel bad about it I am at time trying to save my friend who has sent £5000 to some one called general Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson and she will not listen to her friends she has more than me do all your talking chatting right up till money is mentioned the cut the B______S loose if you do get SCAMMED do not say you were not warned

  100. Anybody have access to a US Army database and could look somebody up for me please?

    Thank you

    • Barbara,
      How did you look him up? I would like to find out if David Haggard is really in the ARmy or if he is a scam? I have been searching for an army database, but no access….can someone help?

      • I met someone on badoo called peter and he was very serious sending me romantic poems we went on badoo his name there is baabana lilina he said he had son and his wife died in plane crash he said he wanted to marry me I asked his real name he said it was haggard peter logan but I have found his picture under frauds and he took photo of military sargeant robert bill haggard luckily I did not lose any money but he wanted to send package with hi money to me so he goes by name peter ,baabana lilino and it has been very upsetting knowing the truth and can anyone help me find the real robert bill haggard to let him know what this man is doing with his photos,there is also a mark brown who in the military who told me he had been burgled and that he wanted to send his money to me because he was frightened it would be stolen I said I did not want to get involved ,but with peter I was very attracted to peters photo so I am disapointedplease contact me with any information and would like the military to know about this

      • A word of warning, ladies, this guy has re-emerged as CAPT Leonard Haggard. Uses the real pics, etc of real US Army officer.

  101. It’s OK, I finally got him to send me an email from his military address as per above instructions and I traced the header and all is OK. Better to be safe than sorry………..

  102. Have a new name to add. Collin Gray. Supposedly from Poland, wife died in a car crash, daughter is in Illinois. I was wondering why he kept wanting me to send a package to Ghana.

    Mentioned my suspicions to a friend who forwarded me the link to this site.

    What’s ironic is I was creeped out by how intimate he was getting in his emails, but I figure, “Okay, he’s overseas, maybe he’s lonely, if I can make his day, blah blah blah…”

    I just spent a ton of money on food and Blackhawks stuff that I was going to send him. I think I’m still going to send it to the troops anyway. It’s Independence Day weekend, so why not thank a soldier…

    • Hi,
      I am interested to know if you have a photo of this guy? I am currently being hounded by a Richard Gray, supposedly out of Iraq. Same thing poor spelling and grammar, he puts it down to a lack of education in his youth. Says he’s been in Iraq for the last 4 years. He is a widower, no relatives living. Has a son who just so happens to have arrived in Ghana in the last week on some student work program. He gave me the kids school name and I have been trying to verify that he was in attendance at the school. Now the kid has no money for food and he can’t get money to him being he is in Iraq.
      Checked out cell phone number for kid and it’s a cell phone in Ghana, spoke to the kid twice but the reception was so poor that I couldn’t make out the accent. No set amount was asked for just help him out.
      Dad is a commanding officer, uses a live.com email address, checked three email addresses two are from Sunnyvale CF and one from Redmond WA, says he was born in Miami Florida, mother American, father German.
      Says he went to a boarding school and then on to military school at aged 17. Won’t give me a mailing address for where he is, nor a phone number.Sent numerous photos, can’t seem to find anyone that looks like this on any of these sites. Sent pictures of the son also. Says that he will be out of the army in September.
      Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

      • sounds a bit familuar…….. I have picutes and would like so compare if you would like to share and see if he is the same guy……

  103. Do we know if anyone of these scammers have been caught yet? I suppose there are too many small fry its the big fry who needs to be caught.

  104. I’ve detected scammers before. Recently, a guy claimed he’s a surgeon and working for US army in Iraq email me. He’s a non muslim but I wonder why he registered for a muslim dating website. Anyway, nothing much about his emails because usually they are quite brief. We mainly chat and he even went on webcam. I’ve checked his ip add, and definitely not in Iraq. I’m actually waiting for him to make his move but my guts telling me he’s a scammer. Will post more of his info once I’m certain.

  105. In case ya’ll didn’t see the main page, it looks as if I have been used in these scams as well. I recently found my ugly mug on the dating site datanta.com:


  106. Ladies there is another scammer who calls himself Capt Cory Robinson serving in Afghan.
    Same MO as post of hte other’s wants to invest money that he has inherited from his late father Gen James Robinson but you must send $2500 to a GV Lowhter to open the vault to get this money…..what a load of crap!!

    • Vikki,
      Please give me your email address and I can show you how to trace his real identities.

  107. Ladies there is another scammer who calls himself Capt Cory Robinson serving in Afghan.
    Same MO as post of hte other’s wants to invest money that he has inherited from his late father Gen James Robinson but you must send $2500 to a GV Lowhter to open the vault to get this money…..what a load of crap!! And the money must be sent to a Rose G de Leon in 314 Nabraska St Texas …..

    • hello lades.sounds like we all have a lot in common. i have a new name to add t your list. morrison williams.widowd 8 year old twin boys in a bording school in texas .no other living relitives. is serving in kabul afghanistan. drained me of 23000.00 canadian dollars for transorting a package he received from a texas oil cmpany for his share invested. never arrived .was supposed to come to canada since easter this year. met him in jan this year was chatting till 2 weeks ago when he asked for another 5000.cdn $ and i said no can do as i have already used up all my retirment money i had saved over the last 20 years.and got nothing to live on now.said he is 50 and ready t retire and would love t come to nova scotia and make me his wife. money was sent through western union t a man named Prince Essor. he also had other names that if necessary to send more are diplomat Harry Swain and Rafheal Quay these three are in accra Ghana.western union says they need ID to collect monies so i thought it was lagit,but as time go by i realize i will never meet this man in persn.he always had some excuse why i couldnt see him on webcam like security.so if he is back on match . com his email was strongtower5050@hotmail.com so beware.if i dont hear from him by the weekend i plan to delete him anyways befor he sweet talks me for ore $$$$$$ seriously heart broken gladys

  108. does any one else have these e-mail addresses
    sgt.landleadsss@yahoo.com or sgt.andreemul@yahoo.com these are the two that andre had used in the past is there any more that could be his?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I have received emails from them, and their the nigerian scammers….their alias is
      Sgt.David Antonio Lingo….and antother alias
      Sgt. Andre Basile.

      • and moreover:

        you used the name Rebecca:
        actually you are the scammers
        and has been using the names of AndreMul
        that`s why you can communicate with him
        as that parasit is your own creator and clone!
        Ladies watch out!!!!

        • Nina is the real scammer everyone. She had me fooled for a little while, but I’m on to her. If you are emailing Nina, stop immediately.

        • CJ, dont blame others, but as I said I have passed all details re. this person per email to you as well as my real identities.

          Now tell me, is this person not a scammer?
          Unfortunately, I have blocked its name and cannot trace the conversation at the archive any longer! I still can remember that this Rebecca said that she comes from Illinois, but when I checked the header it comes from Sunnyvale, Ca. USA.

          Search Results For rebecca_stalker@yahoo.com
          Email: rebecca_stalker@yahoo.com

          Location: Sunnyvale, CA

          Name: Available

          Full Report: Available

          From Rebecca Stalker Thu Jul 15 22:45:50 2010
          X-Apparently-To: nina@yahoo.com via; Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:45:56 -0700
          Received-SPF: none (mta1095.mail.ac4.yahoo.com: domain of rebecca_stalker@yahoo.com does not designate permitted sender hosts)
          X-YMailISG: _CQbnA8cZAo85Xy7lY81zVtTQq_57ueSOGlURzaXFWoAcyzq
          X-Originating-IP: []
          Authentication-Results: mta1095.mail.ac4.yahoo.com from=yahoo.com; domainkeys=pass (ok); from=yahoo.com; dkim=pass (ok)
          Received: from (HELO n11.bullet.mail.ac4.yahoo.com) (
          by mta1095.mail.ac4.yahoo.com with SMTP; Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:45:55 -0700
          Received: from [] by n11.bullet.mail.ac4.yahoo.com with NNFMP; 15 Jul 2010 22:45:51 -0000
          Received: from [] by t8.bullet.mail.ac4.yahoo.com with NNFMP; 15 Jul 2010 22:45:51 -0000
          Received: from [] by omp1003.mail.ac4.yahoo.com with NNFMP; 15 Jul 2010 22:45:51 -0000
          X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
          X-Yahoo-Newman-Id: 318134.49429.bm@omp1003.mail.ac4.yahoo.com
          Received: (qmail 28942 invoked by uid 60001); 15 Jul 2010 22:45:51 -0000
          DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=yahoo.com; s=s1024; t=1279233951; bh=uTsBkCtxvXh/+r+XiPQ8juvZj0+P20JA2j9h2eLdFh0=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-RocketSRV:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=hOZvkIQVDxl2dVfCnOESTy9J4/lANzwO+244MtyEKkxkPNQHWWzz6u6LJzTBNuCU469GiWyVr7AierS2ub3fYrlmkh/hZbWm8jZCrjT5e41L5ypzbQKC4YJcWaRm4HDMoBs8ozh0krZ0mP60eFHERBn1pWzyBrNFEu4U88txoOA=
          DomainKey-Signature:a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
          s=s1024; d=yahoo.com;
          X-YMail-OSG: aLvnuj8VM1l6amLwVXqYIBoFiBbvosPVF4YgOdEVEZYYvxQ
          Received: from [] by web59508.mail.ac4.yahoo.com via HTTP; Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:45:50 PDT
          X-Mailer: YahooMailRC/420.4 YahooMailWebService/
          Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:45:50 -0700 (PDT)
          From: Rebecca Stalker
          Subject: small picture of andre
          To: nina@yahoo.com
          MIME-Version: 1.0
          Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”0-47645569-1279233950=:28775″
          Content-Length: 34433

          —– Forwarded Message —-
          From: Rebecca Stalker
          To: nina@yahoo.com
          Sent: Fri, July 16, 2010 12:45:50 AM
          Subject: small picture of andre

          here is the small picture i am sending, and two e=mail addresses


          but the 2nd one is the one andre was using to contact me with but seems to have disappeared

          Rebecca Stalker

          —– Forwarded Message —-
          From: Rebecca Stalker
          To: nina@yahoo.com
          Sent: Sun, July 18, 2010 11:14:08 PM
          Subject: Re: Andre ´Online chatting with you? When ?

          don’t worry i have a new profile on match and will not make the same mistake as the last time, i have hidden my picture for awhile, i did not mention your last names i put them together to make it look like one name, he has written a e-mail back to me and wants to talk later just don’t know when that is why there are a lot of sos’s in the article i figured you were on line there i was trying to get your attention last night to get help no i did not send him money i almost paid for a dating site for him but cancled it two days later after finding out what a snake he was as for my age that is not nesscary i have learned from my mistake and plan on contiuning to learn from it. i told him that i went full time for work and should be able to get back on my feet pretty shortly just don’t know when.

          Rebecca Stalker

        • Nina, I’ve said it before and I’ll tell you again – Rebecca is NOT a scammer. Sunnyvale is the home of Yahoo which is why most of the IPs will ping to Sunnyvale. If I send you an email from my Yahoo account, it will also come from Sunnyvale if you look at the wrong IP. Now, for the final time, stop harassing Rebecca.

  109. I think my sister is being scammed by Neil Brown – currently posted in Pakistan with the UN. She has sent him a phone, filled in a document for “bonus” payments and has applied for leave for him.
    Has anyone had any dealings with him or can tell me how I can find out more about him? She is totally smitten & will not have anything said against him…..!!

    • Janice,
      Please send me your email address, I will show you how to trace their identities.

      • nina help

        • CJ,

          ALERT …..ALERT ….ALERT

          Please warn all ladies at this forum
          that this REBECCA STALKER with email address


          is a Nigeriam Scammer!!!!

          This monster has IP Addresse at Sunnyvale,CA USA.

          This slut has used a woman name to infiltrate

  110. thanks nina you aRE big help

  111. Hi CJ,

    I have another one for you. His name is Frank Preston. Says he just “wears the uniform” doesn’t have email address. He is from Kent USA & has 2 boys doing their masters.
    Has an adopted African boy but this morning he received an email from the boy telling him his friend was in hospital & could I call his boy to find out what was happening. Wrong, I know this one as it has been tried before. I told him he needs to get compassionate leave to go sort it out & I knew he could get the leave because I am ex defence force. He then decided to say bye.
    Thank you for your website as it will help a lot of other people.




    • ALERT::::ALERT :::ALERT!!!!





  115. nina come and talk with me please

  116. he know that i am on match again


  118. i have a new e-mail address for you to add to the list sgt.landleadsss@gmx.com.

  119. nina i have been talking to andre for over an hour what can i do to keep him talking to me?

  120. I started chatting with George William Witte on 07/04/10. I am beginning to think or know now that this is a scam. I traced the IP address and guess what it’s not in Iraq, it’s in Sunnyvale CA. Is there anyway to see pictures of these poor military people that have been scammed? He sent me 3 pictures and told me he was from FL. and had a son 10 years old living with his ex-wife. Isn’t there something we can do? This is just wrong in so many ways.

    • Lynne,
      I share your hurt. I really fell in love with the illusion of this person. It really does break your heart. When I checked the IP address it was also Sunnyvale, CA then another was Ghana……where are these guys that we got pictures of? It is so wrong.

    • Lynne,

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m quite sure that they got these military pictures from guys that they have scammed before. I was just involved in a military scam on match.com. Actually, I wish I could meet the real soldier!!!!

    • How do I trace a IP address? I have the same kind of story with a soldier calling himself Richard Lawhorn. I would like to verify where he is.


  121. Here’s another e-mail address to watch out for.

    I gotta say these people are a piece of work

  122. nina andre is online chatting with me please help me SOS SOS

    • can anyone tell me if they have heard of a Lt.phillip collins i think this man is scamming my mom but i need proof he don’t ask for money someone wires her money and he has her wire else where he too has a son aged17 and is supposedly in an afghan prison for trying to take a diamond out of the country please if anyone else has heard of him let me know

  123. Nina i do not care for the way you do business i asked for help you told me to go screw him we are two of a kind when u said that you would help me deal with him i have sent a letter to the FBI hoping that they could trace him better then me i do not have the resources that they do sorry for ever asking for your help i will not bother you again.

    • ya ya…you are a stupid fool and a scum!

      Rebecca alias Andre Mul alias Andre Basile alias David Lingo…and other Lingos….names you have been used:
      the last message for you, you should screw yourself and leave the other ladies alone!
      You are the one should be reported to FBI,
      your fantasy world is now come to an end!

      • Nina, I’ve had it with your comments. I have spoken with Rebecca personally and confirmed her identity. Yours on the other hand is in question. If you come in here, be respectful to the other commenters. If you continue with your rudeness, I will ban your IP from commenting again.

        • Hi CJ,

          I am really surprised about yo0ur comment.
          I have this Rebecca Scammer infiltrated my email and SMS Messenger. Once I didnt answer her Messgenger she sent me an email. Which email tracked that it came from Nigeria and redirected to Sunnyvale, Ca. USA!
          I have also sent you all details from those scammers listed as David lingo and Andre Basile as well as the picture.
          I am wondering why cant you disguise which one is the scammer? You can trace my IP Address and location easily! I am commenting and still get in touch with few ladies at this forum, especially the one who was scammed by a nigerian scammer who personating yourself! She and I have been communiting thru Skype and Videocall, because my root came from Spore and am able to speak many foreign laguages. She also passed your email to me. No wonder you didnt react to my email as you think that I am scammer? I think I am wasting my time and what a heck am trying to proof to you that I am the real person? I am gonna send you a separate email where I am located.

        • CJ, I am very disappointed with your misjudgment and fowarding your comment to the other forum.
          You have questioned my real ID? Why in the world didnt you reply to my email? If you did you, you can still see and read where I am located and where I live and where to contact me.
          I am rude not to the real persons, but to the real scammers because they have no emotions neither feeling towards the victims. Since I placed my comments at your Forum to assist the other victims of Nigerian Scammers, my mail INBOX have been receiving lots of the Nigerian Scammers bogus emails and business offers.

          And now you are pointing your fingers to me and telling others that I am the one whose the scammer? Good to me that I surfed into your forum this afternoon, and from here I can see that you are unable to distinguish
          who and who is the scammer. What a pity, am really wasting my times.

  124. Dawn i to have been contacted by Michael Elzondo. He mailed me on datetheuk have been mailing him from 0410 till last night. He sent me 3 photos in uniform & fell for him. He wanted to take things further & wanted me to send 430usd by either Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram am so glad i didnt,cos i had a doubt in the back of my mind not to. The money was for a Thuraya mobile, secure connection. The letter was sent by a Col Jimmy Alexandra which i thought had proper letter heading & to send details back to him. I just feel so sorry for those guys out there fighting for their countries & have their id’s stolen, they need dealing with. If you want to see a photo of him let me know.

    • thank God Debbie someone with sense all you who have doubts??? when money is asked for and it will be block that person from ever getting in contact again THANK YOU DEBBIE FOR HAVING SENSE

  125. I have been talking to a sgt in Baghdad. And like alot of the other stories I have read its to good to be true. Having a weird feeling as to why he found me on a dating site considering he is from US and I am from Canada, I tried to do some research and so far found nothing negative. Coming across this site, I was hoping if there was a way I can find out more info about this man and how do I do it or what do I look for? Just a little nervous as my feelings are turning towards him in a short time. Please respond with any advice. slwljl3@hotmail.com

    • Tina the first time he asks for money and he will cut him loose and thank God for a lucky escape I am trying to help a friend of mine who like you met this scumbag and has up to date sent him £5000 please do not be fooled the first time money is asked for and it will be do not listen block this dirt bag and do not speak to him again surely there must be men in Canada please hear and take my advice good luck and God Bless

  126. I have been recently scammed and am still in communication….he claims to be David Haggard stationed in Baghdad. MOS 11-B Infrantryman Unit 502 Infantry Regiment.

    He contacted me on match.com. His english is bad but he sent alot of pictures. I asked for a military email acct. and he ignored me. I asked him to call me and he said he will ask permission that was a month ago. I did a location search of his IP address and it is in Ghana.

    This has been really hard to take mentally…

    • Dear Bev please do not be fooled my friend is going through the same thing as you she has up to date sent £5000 to wait for it General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson please use your head and your logic and do not let this affect you badly just say Thank You Lord
      for letting me see sense if you want to meet someone find a social club or a church meeting there are guys out there but do not be fooled by anyone asking for money they are SCAMMERS good luck and God Bless from a woman who is trying to save the life of her friend

    • I met a peter on badoo he may be the same as he said his real name is haggard peter logan but saw a picture on apage of frauds military and it is the same but the photo is of robert bill haggard does he write lots of romantic poems

  127. hi im emailingaguy called sgtdouglascooper68@yahoo.com hes in th aircavalty brigade iraq widowed 2 mall children and no other relatives. hes pledging undying love for me and as asked me to apply for leave for him, now he wants me to pay for his reconnection of internet as his pay gets paid into his account at home and he cant access it he says rules , only wifes and fiancees can apply and pay then the army refunds them, alarm bells ave rang is he a scammer , iseven a real person, i noticed sum 1 else and wrote on here 24th june about him . thnx

    • I was contacted by the same person, hes a FAKE!

  128. sorry mispelled his address sgtdoughlascooper68@yahoo.com could you please get back to me asap please need to know if he is a scammer, then ican confront him thnx look forward to your reply, as any1 else in contact with him?

    • Stodhunter you do not need anyone to tell you what you already know he is a SCAMMER block him from ever contacing you again and Thank God For a Lucky Escape

  129. Ladies i would like to inform you that what nina has been telling you is false i hail from the midwest in missouri if any of you doubt me check with cj and if any of you have recieved e-mails from nina check her ip address it will show you who is from where i have checked her’s and it comes back from sunnyvale

    • I am sending all the correspondence I received from Rebecca Scammer to CJ as well as the IP Headers.

      Tell me I am wrong CJ!

    • Rebecca, I dont know if this is the real you.
      Bzut from all emails I received from you, all your IP tagged came from Sunnyvale, Ca. USA!

      Since you are the one who gave the nigerian scammer your Email ID and I believe they have got my email address infiltrate too.
      I have passed all your correspondence to CJ and my IP Tracking, as well as my real address and IP and my contact numbers.

      All I can see now, that this forum has become a nice easy target for the real Nigerian Scammer. And have passed all my experience to the other forum in Germany!
      Where no Nigerian Scammers are able to speak nor write the German language!

  130. This is just advice nothing else something i have learned there are alot of greedy people out there who prey on others especially women who may be searching for someone to spend their lives with who choose dating sites to look for potental men. we need to be more careful if who we choose, its ok to be picky if we want a certain man then we shouldn’t just jump on the first one who my turn our heads or hearts because that could turn out to be dangerous for us and cause a lot of heartache in the long run. so becareful on the dating sites and choose wisely

    • Rebecca,
      You are so right. After feeling like someone punched me in the gut, I contacted msn and gave them the email address the scammer used so they can relinquish their email address. I also contacted match.com

      I’m so glad I found this site…thanks to you all for your help….

      • no problem just trying to help where i can that is my down fall too much compassion for others i scarfice my happiness for other people i am not going to let one man scare me i plan to keep fighting back as long as i can

  131. Yet another name to be added to the growing list. Col. Richard York. Based in Afghanistan. Had me “hook line and sinker!” Found me on an exclusive South African dating site. Same story line as most of the woman were given, Widowed, teenage son, retiring soon etc. Thank goodness I started to get suspisious with his very bad English and questioned him on it. He got VERY ANGRY with me! Also, when I looked up his profile on Windows Messenger, I discovered that the site was owned by a Cyril Tei! When I questioned him about this, he again got very angry with me and promptly diconnected! I have not heard from him since! I still have pictures of him if anyone is interested and I can be contacted at brendarussell@futurenet.co.za. These Pigs need to be stopped!!

  132. Hello my friend is right now being scammed by someone called General Kelly Abura/Thompson/Thomson the usual story hurt in Irac it is unbelieveible that women can fall for such garbage but my friend has up till now she has sent £5000 she is sitting at this moment in time waiting for word to go to of all places Alaska has anyone else heard of these names please I need to help my friend who in the U.S.A can I contact to find out if there is such a person/and no it is not me who is in contact with this scammer it is my friend if you know of anyone else in contact with this person please let me know so I can help my friend

    • In the scam that I was just in, I had to send the money to Alaska. Hope this helps.

  133. It would seem as if CJ is also a SCAMMER or so he tell us so who are all you women sending your photo’s to begs the question who!!!!!!!!

    • This is CJ’s blog. Why are you calling him a scammer?

  134. i have just informed match.com of Andre Basile of his scamming ways any one else who has dealings with him from the same site you need to report it to them maybe we can get him off of there cause he is still on there just hid his profile on there.

  135. Jane Mandara
    I know CJ is not a scammer. As for who all these woman are. why don’t you tell us who you are and what you are doing on a site you think is run by a scammer?

    • Donna,
      Just had to say thank you. I do not know CJ although my gut tells me he is a good man. I was wondering the same thing about “Jane” myself.

  136. I beleive this person to be a scam but he has not asked for money only love haha. Any ideas
    George England

    • Hi Kathy, I did respond earlier but have just found this archive. I am looking for other sites on here for the archive of pictures and cannot seem to find it :(

      Can anyone assist me please?!?!

    • Hi Kathy,

      I too have spoken with George England. Do not give him any money…he is a scammer. Do you have any pictures that you can send CJ to post? He has used different pictures but I have not found any of the soldier that was used in my scam.

  137. CJ is a good man i have talked with him personaly and he is not a scammer.

  138. Thank you Jane. After reading here he would not be getting any money from me. Can anyone tell me if they have heard of a Charles Relinger and how do I go about getting any more information on him. I have googled his name, and ran his IP which shows he is from the states but is there something more that i can do? there is another site that comes up after running his name and the similarities are there,although the uniform can be deceiving, the profile says what he has told me.

  139. has any 1 else had contact with a sgtdoughlascooper@yahoo.com in iraq widowed, would love to hear from any1 who as, hi cj can you shed any light on this person please, and jane do you know him? thnx look forward to replies

  140. i am becam email from markigraham@live.com and now another mforester40@yahoo.com.

    i am only douing play!i am know that scams people.
    they man love me hhaaaaaa and i am only play love.!!!!when they are really they have pech haaaaaa.

  141. CJ you do a very good job at helping out the ladies out keep up the good work, you are one honest person i rather turn to then someone i just met on the street thanks for everything you do

  142. Hi can anyone tell if they have been contacted by a Captain T.S.Wills dating site name twills!!!… traced IP addy to London yet hes in Kabul!!!..ive three handsome pictures of him.. he says he belongs to the uksf…he asked if i could make ophone connections of £220 towards communication between us…. CJ do you know anything abt this guy? oh and to send a package first to nigeria!!! alarm bells rang included in this a phone was requested also asked for my PC!! and other items….what next!..

  143. can anyone help me, been talking to Ryan Mcgrath claims LTC 2nd batallion army in iraq.
    has not yet asked for anything and its been 3 months. says hes retiring next month and filed the papers back in feb. doesnt call even when i ask. says he doesnt use his .mil addy but also doesnt give it to me. says he also has apo/fpo but no need to use it. has many pics of himself in uniform and out, with family and friends. tells me he wants to marry me, and will put me on the spouce list, that the army will contact me when he is due to come home and where to pick him up. also claims he will b receiving a great deal of money from retirement settlement. anyone have any help..dont know what to beleive here.has yahoo email of McGrath_army4all@yahoo.com

    • Sounds very similar to the scam I was just involved in. Please don’t fall for this. I cost me $4800 altogether including Western Union fees.

    • brenda its a scam.thanks to you I was able to get my mom to stop talking to ryan this morning because i saw your blog when I looked up his E mail adress. Obviously if He is telling you all the same things he told my mom for three months, he’s scamming more women than just the both of you. There is no man on earth in this day and age that would profess his love to a woman he’s never seen, met, or slept with. and definitely never ask their hand in marriage.

  144. hi cj ive now confronted sgtdoughlascooper68@yahoo.com and told him iknow hes a scammer, told him hewas getting no money off me and to leave me alone,plus ive friends in the forces to help me, hes left me alone, another 1 for you now whos contacted me juanburke21@yahoo.com hes in kabul afghan, any1 know him?

  145. CJ
    do you if a serg Edgar exists in Camp Victory iraq?

  146. yes ladies it is going to say sunnyvale, ca. thats because where yahoo is located. the only way to actually get there IP Address is when chatting with on messenger send them a file as soon as they accept then you can get there actual location. this how you do open command prompt run as adminstrater aas soon as they accept type netstat and keep doing it until file has downloaded. then un forgein there will be the actual IP Address.

    • I have been scammed by nathanramos73@yahoo.com he said her was in the Army stationed in Iraq. When I checked the IP address the original email was from Sunvale , California. Please beware!!!strong

      • Annie, I think I was scammed by the same guy. This Ramos goes under many names. Would love to see any pics you have of him. I can send you the ones I have. dit58@verizon.net thanks

        • hi marie sa, can u maybe send me pics of that ramos guy. im from south africa. think ramos and lopez are the same guy. u can email me on pittjoann@gmail.com. still play along. see what he want next. didnt send anything.

  147. Nina, listen I appreciate your input but I’m not going to allow you to continue going after Rebecca. I’ve personally spoken with her and verified her identity. Sunnyvale, CA is the home of yahoo, so you will find a lot that when using the service. Plain and simple – Rebecca is not a scammer. Future comments directed at or referencing her will be deleted. If that runs you off, nothing I can do about that. I dont play favorites and don’t pull punches.

    • CJ, you have to pull out your accusation
      addressed to Nina.
      This forum becomes a chatterbox and no ones
      get a true help and feedback from you.

  148. Hi CJ,
    I was told to contact you by Tracy Bishop, whom has kindly created a website to stop this kind of thing from happening to other women. I would like to add a name to your list.

    Spc Ethan McNigen with US Army in Iraq…the company is http://WWW.USCMPS.com with an email address of setup@uscmps.com

    Spc Ethan McNigens email is spc_ethan_mcnigen@yahoo.com. Who claims to be part of the intelligence unit with the US Army.

    I would like to know if you can look into this information and maybe see if this person does exist. If so, is there a way you would be able to get in contact with him. I would like to let him know what is happening and how his name and information is being used.

    I appreciate all you have done and I agree with what you say, if anyone woman out there meets a man in the military there is no reason why they shouldnt send you an email from their ako.

    Thank you so much for the information you have provided to us women…..

  149. Hi CJ, I left you a post yesterday and I noticed that it is not there today. I contacted Tracy Bishop and she is a little concerned as well. I would like to know if you did get my post and if so, if you could contact me via my email, which you have.

    I received another email from Mr Mcnigen stating that the company uscmps is a legal company and that he is upset that I have contacted the FBI and filed a report.

    I do need your help, as I do not know if this is a scammer. He has told me so many things about his life from his childhood to adulthood, has emailed me many pictures of himself.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    • Angela, Ask him for his .mil address. If he can provide a valid one then he is real else, he is also a scam.

  150. Ladies, please see my latest post for a call to arms against these scammers: http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2010/08/05/a-call-to-arms-against-nigerian-scammers/

  151. Ladies,

    Please see this ASP post for a possible appearance on You Served Radio, hosted by CJ Grisham and Troy Steward!


  152. i am in shock this morning thinking my experince involved in a scam, with nigerian scum , impersonating capt james minard was over,how wrong was i, i was woken this morning with a text at 1.30 am saying (can you come on line and talk, james), i replyed james who, and got back miniard, it has been nearly 6 months, why now, i have deleted all contact with the scum and now they are trying to make contact again. This morning i found a email on my laptop saying ,(i miss you can we talk), they must keep our details in case they need them again.I just checked my face book account and there is a man of about 20 , from nigeria asking to be my friend, this must all be connected, i just cant believe there cheek

  153. getting scammed once it not enough. am i on a list or what?
    now i get e-mails from woman. can anybody please help me found out who is capt eddy james fouillouse
    retired last summer in dafour. working for the un as peace capt.

  154. where can i see the picture of the scammers? what is the link?
    and where can i send to the picture of my scammer?
    any help thanks

    • Hey brenda dont talk to ryan mc Grath. My mom was talking to him for 3 months too and hes asking her for money and sent her pictures of a nice looking blonde 35 year old army man with family. I didnt like how he wont actually talk over the phone or send her web videos like all her other army friends do. He asked her for 800$ for leave. cutt it off trust me. My mom did.

  155. You can either send you picture to CJ or join the facebook group STOP THE US ARMY DATING SCAM and post them there ! we have over 250 photos that scammers are using posted on the group wall also the name / names they are know by and often the dating sites there active on is added by members

    • Another name to be added to this list of scammers is Sgt. Mike Todd. email address sgtmiketodd@yahoo.com
      I have been communicating with this SOB through emails, yahoo instant messages and phone calls since July 26,2010. He has scammed me out of $2,650.00 supposedly to be used to make repairs to his apartment in Pine City, NY 14871 which was damaged by fire. The money I sent was not wired directly to Sgt. Todd but to a neighbor (Mrs. Lynne Durfee 203 Crestview Dr. Pine City, NY 14871) I have spoken, several times with Mrs. Durfee who seems to be a nice lady and may also possibly be a victim of Sgt. Todd’s scam.
      I have numerous pictures of Sgt. Todd as well as copies of every email and several instant messages he has sent me.
      Shortly after he and I began communicating he was professing his undieing and everlasting love for me. I should have know something wasn’t quite kosher right from the start but was completely taken in and flattered by him. At one point Sgt. Todd confided in me that he was the leader of the group of Soldiers who discovered the massive amount of money at one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. He said he took 9 million dollars of the money and it was deposited in a bank in the UK. Sgt. Todd wanted me to open an account in my local bank so he could make a bank to bank transfer of the money. I would not agree to do this so he suggested using a private courier service to have the cash delivered directly to my home. I was, and sorry to admit, still am hopelessly in love with this man so I agreed to accept the money and hold it for him until his deployment in Kandahar, Afghanistan was over and he returned to Ft. Hood Army Base in TX. Thankfully this money has never arrived. After reading all the posts of other scam victims I will contact the FBI if any monies from Sgt. Todd are ever delivered to my home.
      During the time Sgt. Todd and I were communicating, he was supposedly wounded in his left leg from an IED explosion (even sent me a picture of himself and the Soldier who was killed in this explosion) which entailed a little over a weeks stay in a Military Clinic. Not an Army Hospital just a Military Clinic.
      I will be glad to share any and all pictures, he sent me, with anyone who is interested in receiving them. I also have an APO address for him but it is probably as fake as he is.
      I would never have thought that I could be taken in by a scam of this sort but as I said earlier I was very taken in by and very much in love with this man.
      Beware ladies and be a bit smarter than I was. This SOB will give you nothing but heartache and an empty checking account balance.
      Sgt. Todd originally contacted me through my tagged profile which has since been deleted. He also deleted his tagged profile (Maki M) but has a Yahoo profile as Mike Todd. If he should contact you, beat him at his own game but whatever you do PLEASE don’t send him or any of his “COLLEAGUES”, friends or neighbors one red cent. You may contact me at babybluecrownvic@aol.com

  156. I am talking with a Dan Roberts who claims he is aryy in afghanistan has pictures of someone postd. He has more excuses why he can’t send me more photo’s and can’t get a leave. He needs personal affects, sliipers, watch,shirts and blackberry. he cannot get over there. I don’t believe him but have been playing along. He states no APO box as i have to send to agne that will bring to him with troops. It bothers me to know they scam these photo’s on military men,us the militry to get what they want, send emails declaring their love and then nothing. I am about ready toready to blast this guy. Traced IP address to Niegria and cnfronted him with it. Plus pic that came up on IM was not him. He told me it was his officers. made no sense. Beware of this guy, extremely handsome soldier phot’s but I know it’s not him. I hate that they have used our military guys for their satisfactions…sad very sad.

  157. I had to leave the other face book I had because I closed out all my accounts and started over,because the scammer would not leave me alone,please except me back under this new facebook I added,my picture is the same one as before.I miss talking to all the new friends I found on here,they are alot of help to me.

  158. I too have been contacted by a person claiming to be a Brig.Gen. Michael Brad Lynch who contacted me on the Singles 365 dating website. He says he is a widower with 2 sons (Paul & Brandon, claims he wants to marry an English woman because his mother is English. Has asked me to pay for a sims card for texts to him,foolishly I did, now he wants me to pay $1,000 for a “leave token” so he can come and visit me in the UK as he is madly in love with me – after only 3 chats….please!
    If needs be I am happy to forward the pictures he sent me, I guess they are not og him, but I have no idea.
    Soldiers Perspective has made interesting reading!

  159. Sorry please remove my comment from this site. Many thanks,

  160. hey CJ can u check and see about a ssgt.james walker and let me know if he is real or not please

    Thank you

    • James Walker is fake, contacted me today (7-15-11) on dating site (plenty of fish) as a military man, but wouldn’t answer my questions, clue, and English bad, clue, widow another clue, posted pics of cute daughter, clue (what dad would do this on a dating site, well some stupid ones do). Here’s another big clue as I”ve met others not in military >>> They say they work or live or go to United Kingomd a lot. Look at the world time zone map, just south is Nigeria, Africa, same time zone as United Kingdom, so the work/chat times work well around that for sleeping patterns etc.!!! Big clue if UK time zone is used. What makes me sad, is so many women fall for it, and send money. If their money train was cut off, they would at least stop the love scames. There are sites now to report all of them. And they are so brazen, they continue to use the same name and scam, must be an ego trip for them!

  161. I was contacted by Michael Lynch on a UK dating website called Singles 365.
    He was calling himself Brigadier General Michael Lynch, and was based in Camp Tombstone, Kabul. Not big on emails, but chatted endlessly. Foolishly I did buy him the SIM card ( only a few pounds)! But when he asked about paying for leave permission ($1000) I decided to check him out. I managed to find out via the badges on the uniform in the pictures he sent me the the person was in 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment, so I contacted them for advice and they very kindly informed me that he was indeed a scammer and the pictures (and profile) he had used were of LTG Rick Lynch an actual serving soldier, they also sent me a link to LTG Rick Lynch’s facebook account to check it all out. I sent the link to Michael Lynch, if that is his name, and haven’t heard from him since, I also reported him to the dating site.

  162. I think we should all be sharring the pictures we have of these soldiers. Does anyone know if the U.S. Department of Defense is interested in these pictures? Personally I think the DOD should have a website posting the pictures so to alert the real soldiers, their families and other potential victims of this horrible crimes being committed in the names of American Soldiers.

    I also think the United States Government should take a more serious approach to this network of scammers. For all we know the money we have sent them (unknowingly of course) could be going to the very terrist the U.S., British, Canadian, and other military units are fighting. I was scammed out of $16,000 USD

    My story can be found on: http://101date.com/internet-dating-scam-fake-soldiers

    We are the victims … we need a voice!

    • No there not interested in the photos as they know scammers just copy and pasted them for the internet they are interested in any document that u may of been sent that look offical as it is a federal offence to use these

    • Lorraine,

      I’ve thought about this several times during and after I was involved in the scam a couple of months ago. It sickens me to think that they might be using the money we have sent (I was scammed for $4500) towards terrorist attacks. I even accused my scammer of this at one stage. I think the government or military should seriously check into these scams more thoroughly.

  163. If you see any of the following names and phone numbers come up in your conversations with your “soldier”, DELETE AND BLOCK IMMEDIATELY! They are scammers.

    Sgt. William England
    Staff Sgt. Kessler Grahalm Hargardstaedt
    Staff Sgt. Kessler Grahalm Hueckstaedt
    Emmanuel Kessler Tetteh (PH.#233278313217)
    Sir Agyapong Nyame (PH.#0330273922143)
    Mr. Yussif Karim or
    Mr. Umal Mohamed Yussif Karim
    Liberty Empire Group – Diplomatic Courier Service (libertyempiregroup.com)
    Mark Mills (PH.#704-374-5589)
    John Roland
    Mr. Emmanuel Bentil Owusa (PH.#233542695619)
    Mrs. Desire Idigu

    If you see the words “disappointed” or “byeee” in your communications you probably have a scammer at the other end of the internet.

  164. just to let u know the guy in video on u tube i found out was poseing as two different men to me and my friend sherry and today he got on cam prove he was black nigerian in this video so yeah we caught him finally he confess now he wants our money to tell where he stole the pics from of the real guys I said if anything u owe us liar for scamming us all this time well he really scam sherry somebody mail her over 2,000 to her house she sent it to nigeria cause he said he was doing contracting and construction work down there watch this video u will see scammer that tricked us.
    ok I just wanted to update u later! – shelia

    • Shelia,

      I watched the YouTube clip and I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’m still in love with the real soldier from when I was scammed in June & July. I wish you all the luck in finding your real soldier – he seems so sweet.

  165. I’ve been talking to a guy who contacted me through a website. He is using the name Mark Hannett and the photos he’s sent are of a guy who is quite handsome. He has yet to ask for money but his story doesn’t match. He says he’s a colonel in the army and a Canadian. He says his wife and son died in a car accident 6 years ago but adopted a boy names “Prince” and that the son is in Ghana with his nurse sister…does this sound familiar?
    Anyone else recognize the name?
    I’d be very interested…thanks

    • He’s probably using photos of me that I posted on the Webshots website when I was stationed in Iraq in 2005 and 2006. Apparently, the photos could be downloaded by anyone with internet access. Since joining Facebook, I’ve been contacted by over 100 women about scams involving my last name and/or photographs. I reported the whole thing to the Roanoke, Virginia office of the FBI in April 2009. These scammers need to be in prison.

  166. FYI Pretty much the same scam happened to my great aunt. He wanted $200 or something to set up a phone line as he was posing as an American soldier in Afghanistan by the name of Irwin Petterson or Irwin Peterson. His yahoo email address is ipetterson@yahoo.com (or ipeterson@yahoo.com). She has even spoken to someone on the phone!!!! He then asked her to send thousands of dollars and fill out a form (which can be created easily using microsoft word and copying and pasting army logo) she told my mum who then told me. I googled American soldier scams and got this website. I sat her down and showed her. She has now thankfully deleted and blocked him from everything and told him not to call again. He contacted her on the dating site plentyoffish.

    • Kylie

      or what do you call your self . you are mad ..how dare you call an american soldier a scam foolish fellow ..mad fellow.

      • Iggy, nice try. Are you so stupid that you don’t know I track all IPs on this website. Are you upset that you’ve been caught and you’re losing money scamming people.

  167. I have been talking to this man that calls himself SGT Gary Search. started talking to him around april and after only a week he ask me to get Ts2 and when I told him I didn’t have that kind of money. He tried to get me to send money so he could come home to be with me. etc……. He also said he had yong son and his wife was killed in car crash. I should have been suspicious when he kept messing up his birthdate and that he say he was only 48,but born in 1965, which makes him 44. I fell for his words and I realize now that I told him too much. I just got dumped and then lost two family member in the same week and he knew that. So they do play on your weakness’ Ladies. He has said that I am a mad woman and not a good woman and today he called me a poop woman what ever that is.lol I playing with him and said if you say so. Like Dorothy said don’t go looking for something that you can find in you own backyard. So ppl burn the big bad witches, in this case big bad fake soldiers. btw I found the real sgt gary search on myspace and let him know that his identity has been stolen.
    Be careful out there

  168. Can anyone tell me how to block this guy and maybe find out where his emails are coming from. I talked to him today and he threatened me. He said he wants to look for me and that I am not safe now. He told his friends. So if anyone can tell anything I would greatly appreciate it.
    Is this really anything for me to worry about or should I talk to some offical about it. I have saved his conversations.

    • Report to your local police that you were threatened. Give them all the informations regarding this crook.

    • Sure hope this helps you Leah. I wouldn’t be concerned with the threats as the scammer is most likely not even in the USA.

      At the top of the email in the header bar there should be something that says open full header, details or some such. If you click on that it will give you a complete list of computer talk with loads of numbers in square brackets. Go to the end of all the blurb to the last “Received” entry and copy the numbers in the square brackets. You can then copy these into the IP tracker site (I found a great one http://en.utrace.de/?query and it will show you where the email originated from, at no charge. You have to make sure you use the last set of figures marked “received” otherwise it will show somewhere like Sunnyvale, CA. Good luck!

  169. Leah
    Please take no notice of these threats these man will NOT do anything to hurt u what they are doing is just trying to hurt u REMEMBER they arent even in the same country as u there sat in NIGERIA in the mud huts playing on laptops ……. 8wks ago a scammer told me to STOP THE FACEBOOK GROUP else he would put a spiritual spell on me well im still waiting ….. stay strong just block him on IM and ur emails and he wont bother u again he will move on to his next woman

  170. I too have been contacted by a man calling himself Captain Mark Hannett Law, bomb disposal in Iraq.Says he is from Dunstable UK, where his mother lived and from Conesus where his father lives. As yet not asked me for money, only talked for 3 days so far.He also says he is a widower etc. I will now block him.
    Am also hearing from a Colonel Jerry Randy Walker in charge of logistics and suppilies in Iraq. Widower, been in the army 30 years and is due to retire very soon and he is looking to settle in UK with his ‘soulmate’.Not asked me for money either but he seems very fishy!
    I have pictures if you need them of both.

  171. i have been contact by this man now for 4 days and he has had his soposeably commanding officer contact me telling me they nee 400.00 dollars for his processing fees for leave he is a major in afghanistan. i have picture of hin his e mail address , the e mail address on the commanding officer and the infomation of the name and city of where i am sopost to send western union the 400.00 dollars too which i have not nor am i going too… would like to catch these guys, who can i contact to give all the information that i have too? i have even saved all the coversations that we have had with one another… lol. he is 45 goes by the name of adams schuterz soposeably a major in the army, has a 4 year old daughter, wife died of cancer back in 2008 and is from alpine utah usa. he loves to write poetry which i am sure is not his… lol

  172. I also would like to know where to send all the stuff I have collected on “MY ARMY MAN”.
    He goes by the name Martin Engle and says he is a sergent on deployment in Afghanistan. I know he is a fake but right now I am having soo much funn stringing him along. He really thinks I am going to send him money so he can get his Leave. NOT in this life time. Feel bad for the real soldier Engles and his family.

  173. look on this picture what are used by scammer George Patterson, Petterson


  174. These men just never give up trying look on the FACEBOOK GROUP STOP THE US ARMY DATING SCAM and there u will see over 500 photos that these men are using and lists of names we have 450 members and are growing daily there are also photos ect that members have been sent for leave requests ect !
    And the poems these men send are all from google lol i had hundreds

  175. In the intrest of protecting all of these women from being ripped off by these lowlifes…perhaps someone, with more computer savvy than me, could set up a website similar to: http://www.womenrussia.com/blacklist_summary.htm

    This site has photos and information about people scamming men with the Russian bride scam.

    • There is one it is called ” Stop the US army dating Scam” it is on facebook. There are so many photos and names on there for you to see and you can also add any pics you may have.

  176. Capt Wm Haggard is a scammer and I knew it the minute he asked for money. Also a friend had heard of the internet scamming and told me to go to a page on the web and sure enough his picture was there and many different ones of him dressed in crazy stuff. The US Army uniform was altered and very obviously was photo shopped. I told him I was sending the FBI after him and he disappeared…….

  177. Another person to be aware of- Mark Smith, Atherton, CA poses as a marine serving in Iraq and undergoing treatment after being shot in combat. his e-mail marine4uca@aol.com
    he contacted me through PM on care2.com
    in his first letter he wrote about insurance paid to his mother, 2 month later he offered me to transfer this money to my account and then to transfer it to “Haiti victims fund”. I did not respond to his last e-mail and he did not e-mail me again. I can share more details if someone interested. He still has his profile on Care2.com

    • Hello Elena, This is the same guy that contacted me on care2. Same email/Name but there is another name I found there is is: Paulson Pickens; same picture as the other.This happened to me Aug/2010 with the same as you are saying but it was his Fathers Money and he wanted me to help him and send this to his Mother’s “Haiti Fund”

      • Hello, Susan
        I wrote him last e-mail on August 2010. Well, if he uses different names it’s clear now why he won’t sign his letters by his name, just “Me” or sort of. He e-mailed me 3 photos. I wonder about the real person on photo, maybe he has no idea that some scum(S) use him with criminal intentions.

  178. my name is Brandy and have been one of these jerks scam he said everything i was looking for i sent him 2,00o he needed it to come from hawaii please email me with any more info my email is deneve626@yahoo.com thank you and cant wait to hear from you

  179. Here is another one to add to the list. Anyone heard of Sgt Kenneth S. Hudson? He is portaying himself to be in Kabul and only on a 6 month tour of which 3 have been served. He talks about his patrol and how I needed to fill out paperwork to request leave for him to come home. This included a transit fee and a processing fee of 800usdollars. He contacted me through a dating website and within 2 days, loves me and wants to marry me. Anyone have any info on this schmuck?

  180. Play his little game Kerry but don’t send any money and don’t allow youself to get emotionally involved. He is just feeding you a line of BS and is only after any money he can con out of you. These bastards know how to get to your weak points so please B E W A R E and don’t get suckered in as I and so many others have.
    Good luck and God Bless.

  181. Fortunately, I mentioned this to a friend and that is when this mess started to unfold. I did not send him any money. I played the game for a little while and now that he knows I will not send him money, he does not talk to me anymore. I am completely mad at myself for almost falling for this crap. Its quite embarrassing. Guess I am a sucker sometimes. Just thankful I have great friends to confide in and help me out. Im really glad to have found this website as well as the facebook page about this. Just wish I knew who I had a picture of and could tell them or their family what is happening.

  182. I was sent a message from a us army soldier that claims to in Iraq and we talked a couple weeks and he asked for money for a phone from Ts2 a satilite system over there. So I sent $350 so he was very excited then we started talking and hes confessing how much he loves me and cant be without me, so now he asks for me to request to his commander that i send him a request from me to aske if he can take an early leave and then finish his duty in the states. The amt was 5,000 which i did not send. This is still going on and im going to get to the bottom of this.

  183. I was contacted by a scumbag who claimed to be a Sgt Johnny Lingo, well my instinct was powerful and I did all I could to find out the truth, i got in touch with the real Adam Lino and that was when I found out this was a real problem that has been ongoing for a while now… wow!

  184. Hello girls: I’ve got a potential scammer! His name is Mathew Swain, in the military! He previously claimed to be from Norfolk Virginia, after chatting with him now he’s from Plato, Texas. He contacted me on Match.com. After chatting with him around 900PM, his profile was removed from match.com. Don’t know why? But the conversation with him didn’t seem right or just weird!! Wow!!! They really need to get a life, no heart what so ever!

  185. has anyone heard of Jason Jordan goes by Jay army by any chance

  186. I am being scammed by Richard Kevin Parker or at least that is the name he is using. Or I found a simular story for Adam Arnold Smith he is posing as a NATO pilot with a 3 yr old daughter he says widower is wife died during child birth. I met him on match.com. I was wondering if anyone eles knows of this scammer and has photos of him. I need help I just wired him a large amount of money…please help

    • Hi Ladies,

      I feel like I have been PUNKED!LOL I guess the shock hasn’t worn off..Has anyone ever heard of or been contacted by a Marine by the name of Lt. Col. Jerry Livingstone???? Better yet his friend/colleague contacted me as well Major James Eagan right after I told the LT. I wasn’t sending him money.Has anyone heard of either one of them??? Does anyone know how to go about finding out who the REAL SOLDIERS so we can let them know they are being taken for a wild ride??

  187. Hi Ladies,

    I feel like I have been PUNKED!! I Guess the shock hasn’t worn off yet..Has anyone ever heard of or been contacted by a Marine by the name of Lt. Col. Jerry Livingstone? Or better yet his friend/colleague Major James Eagen???


    Sent pictures of RUDDOCK

    Another name to add to the list of scammers/scumbags. This one is based is Accra, Ghana. Found that out from two ladies on this site. His story is widowed. Wife died in a car crash 8 years ago. Two daughters (sent photo of them). Lives in Florida. Has given me an address in Florida which I googled. Did not use the link he sent me. Maybe I did not trust it,lol. Will see about his retirement when he goes home on leave 12th December which just happens to be his birthday. Wants a long term relationship/marriage. Has asked me to marry him – told him to ask me when we meet as I want to see him on his knees!! (you bet)
    Will play him for a while until I find out what sort of scam he wants to pull or until I get bored.

  189. For scammer going by Jason Jordan i just got my report that his email address comes from california and its registered to Tyra Mythress-he didnt get my money but i did get a dozen roses from him delivered to my work joke is on the scammer :)

    • Hi
      How can you find out where the email address comes from? Can you trace it??..if so..how? I would love to know how I can do it.
      You can email me at pritiladi@hotmail.com

  190. Hi, I see I am not the only one being scammed. WOW….

    Has any one been contacted by someone name “SARGENT SMITH PATRIC GENTHE” – he claims he is in the Military and he is in Afghanistan doing a secret mission there.

    I know he is scamming me because he convinced me that in order for us to be able to talk on the phone I needed to set up a pager system; which I feel for and sent the money – $475.00 US…I got suckered.

    I wish I knew about all this before – but he has since asked me to request a leave for him which I would be responsible to pay for all the cost and would have to send money for him to get his leave approved…NOT!! I am on to him now…but that doesn’t get my money back that I stupidly paid out already.

    If anyone knows where I can take all this to help stop these people, please let me know. I have kept every email and message hoping they will help catch them.

  191. Im crying my eyes out…I had fallen for a Sgt James Weaver…and now, I checked the IP address and its from Nigeria. I really thought I was living a fairytale…finally after all that men had done to me in my life. I had arranged for a phone, sent his son money (well to his maids grandma in nigeria)and he was now trying to tie me up in an inheritance deal. And yes he couldnt get the money and had frozen accounts etc

    Im a single mom with a very sick 2 yr old baby who was beaten to death this summer by his babysitters and ended in coma and lucklily is alive. I really cannot take any more of this and now I have no hope in life nor with anything.

    I really had fallen in love with this guy…I’d really like to find the real James Weaver and tell him this. Im sure he will have a perfect life, wife, kids, the works…I don’t expect anything but at least I’d like to tell him myself what happened and have real contact w him, even if its a first and last time.

    Ive never been hurt so much…. :( I honestly feel like I wanna die right now….we had planned on celebrating xmas with the kids right here as he had been away for 6 months and was ab to come. He was also retiring, this was his last deployment etc etc

    WHY? Has this happened to me…

  192. My heartbreak is Morelli J….Have not sent money nor has he asked but have found his pic on many scam sites!!! Just wonder if these guys r ever told of the injustice being done 2 them!! Mine is a military inteellegence officer in need of a laptop….not 2 intelligent if u ask me!!!
    if anyone else knnows of himor knows how 2 reach the real Morelli pls contact me!!!

  193. Bea,
    I am so sorry about what has happened to you. There are so many ladies like us that have fallen for their sweet words and promises of a great future. BUT there is no real James Weaver. The man you fell in love with does not exist. If there is a man by that name it is not the one that you fell for. It is impossible to meet that man.
    Why has this happened to any of us? Probably because we are nice people and have a heart unlike the scumbags who are doing this to us. Take care of yourself and I hope that you will meet a good man one day.

  194. bea..I am also sorry for u and i know how u feel…my heart feels broken in half…Worse is my 2 yr old..she is sad watching me be sad…she would play doodle art on IM with him and they would type 2 each other…all she keeps saying is heart hurts!!! This angers and saddens me!!! We all need 2 stick 2gether and be strong and hope we help save others from this heartache!!!!
    one day we will find our true loves!!!

  195. Hi. I think that I myself have just been scammed. I fell for a soilder named Sean Anderson Barber. We have been talking since June and he was always telling me how much he loved me and would insert his last name in back of my first name when telling me he loved me. After about a month is when he started asking for me to help pay for him to come home. He said his commander would pay half if I could pay half. Well, when it came time for commander to pay, he didn’t have the money so what do I do…..stupidly continue sending money. I have sent over $2000 and he we suppose to be flying here to see me this weekend. But I got an IM from his friend, John Plate, letting me know that he was shot in the leg as he went to get on the plane so now he is stuck in a hospital in Africa where he was suppose to connect to his flight to the U.S. Even the commander e-mailed me Lt. Col Fred Bayron, to tell me what had happened. I haven’t been asked to pay for the hospital bill yet but I think it’s coming. I am sick to my stomach with this cause I had fallen so hard for him and was sure this was it for me. What a dufus I am. I wish I would of been more suspicious!

    • Hi Nikki,

      Don’t be too hard on yourself…these guys are pros and know how to talk and know just what to say. I got scammed too for $475.00US

      Do believe that his so called commander has emailed oyu because it is an email from someone working the scam right along side of this guy that scammed you. There is a site (that was give to me) to report it.


      - but make sure you report it. A lot don’t becasue they feel embarrassed about it – I am embarrassed about being scammed and I am reporting it – maybe with more reporting and making the complaints they might do more to catch these jerks ad nail they all to the wall.


  196. Has anyone been contacted by a Colin Clark Staff major in the Army. He’s seems sincere. has not asked me for any money

    • They don’t at fisrt ask for any money…but they do eventually, once they know they have you….

      how long have you been communicating with him??

  197. He says he’s in Iraq and will retire in one month

  198. He says he is to retire in one month.

  199. a week

  200. Hello, I was contacted by a Sergeant John Mateo Garath, or Mateo Garath he supposely was station at Fort Drum, and now transferred to Iraq. Does this person exist, is he a real Military personnel?

  201. Has anyone been contacted by a andy salmon or andrew tait, a sergeant general in baghdad, needs money to be given to a mohammed so as to release the 700,000 dollars he has trapped at the airport which he wants me to mind, the diplomat is bringing it to me …ye right.

    i am frightened though he has my address

    • I wouldn’t worry about it…He probably can’t afford the flight…LOL

      The Marine who tried to scam me has my address as well.

      He’s back on my IM and now I’m playing him..LOL It’s the funniest thing..First he says he will never ask me for anything ever again…Now he’s asking me to send him $400 to send to his sister…This guys a asshole..He needs to get his Cities and Zipcodes straight..LOL

    • My girlfriend was being scammed by a guy calling himself Capt. Jeffery Salmo. There is actually a Capt. Andrew Salmo and he is a real soldier working hard and doing good.
      I wouldn’t believe any unless they flew out to see me after 2 weeks.

  202. I don’t know if I am being scammed or not. I traced the Ip address and it’s from Sunnyvale, CA. He says he’s in Iraq, an army major. Won’t the IP address be from Iraq? He hasn’t asked for money, doesn’t want anything but me. Is this true or am I being scammed? Someone help me to understand this.

  203. I traced the received IP address and it is from Ghana Africa, so I guess I’m being scammed. Jerk.

    • How did you trace the IP address. I feel very silly, I’m sure I’ve been scammed but I’d like to know how to find out where the scammer is from. Thanks!

      • If you pull up the email and then internet headers, towards the end of the header will be an IP address in brackets {received}. Go the internet find a site that does IP traces. Punch in the IP address and it will tell you where it’s coming from. Hope this helps

  204. He can’t even tell me his pay grade and he’s suppose to be a major in the army. He gets very angry when I ask him questions, especially if it casts any doubt on him. I sent a package to Baghdad, to a PO Box, the post office asked why it wasn’t going to an APO/FPO. I questioned him on it. It will be interesting to see who actually gets the package, or maybe it will get returned to me. It wasn’t much, some candy and a book, a few cards.

  205. Good day all, Has anyone else heard from a Demiel Agner who claims he is in Kabul, Afganistan and chatted with him thorugh an online dating site. Then we continued talking on MSN Messenger. I was quite foolishly taken by him and his story… He says he is from Baltimore Maryland, his wife died of cancer 5 years ago, and has a 21 yr old daughter in med school. Of course he was so in love with me quite quickly and I was flattered by his supposedly sweet words etc. I then got a tip from a very knowledgable lady who also chatted with him and told me to be careful and check out this site. When I confronted him he of course denied everything, but he is actively chatting with many woman and not military. Money was always brought up in our conversations but I would not bite. His english left me a little baffled at times as he was using words and phrases that just did not fit. I have to thank Carina K. for alerting me as I have found out that he is a scammer and not a soldier. Period. I feel like a fool but am grateful to have this angel come to my rescue and clue me in. Be careful and after reading the proper email information a military person would use, it has surely enlightened me.

  206. DEMIEL AGNER is still at it and has posted a new military photo on facebook and a Are you interested website for online dating. In this photo he has changed some of his bio. but not much. At present he has no friends on his facebook wall as previously I was on there and he had deleted the 5 others who were supposedly friends until he professed his great love for me. PUKE!!!!! In the new photo, he is in military fatigues and in a military jeep with a helmet on. Please be careful as I was warned and feel very sad when I read the above letters from innocent and vulnerable women who get sucked in by these imposters. To the real person in this photo, I hope he can be somehow informed of the misuse of the identity theft. I do not know how to upload his picture onto this site from facebook, so please be ultra cautious when a DEMIEL AGNER requests a chat or requests you as a friend. Janice Kelley

  207. Hi, I was scammed July 2009, my scammer used the name Sgt. Lesley Miller, he also sent me lots of photos of the gorgeous Sgt. Miller and was emailing for several weeks until ‘a large amount of money’ was mentioned, he needed to stash it in my bank account..I didn’t fall for that one! I was sick when I realised that it had all been phoney. He was supposed to be stationed in Iraq, the emails infact came from Ghana. These people are very clever and I hope they get caught.
    I wonder does the real Sgt. Miller know how many hearts he has unwittingly broken…? Maureen