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Meet Michael Patrick McManus aka General Douchey McChinpubes

All Posts  January 20 2010
 — By Marcus

Please note: This story on Michael Patrick McManus is rapidly developing. Please check the Michael Patrick McManus tag for the most up to date information.

Michael Patrick McManus in an Army dress uniform
Image credit: Mrs. G

Within hours of all the milblogs sending out the alert, we had his name. We then found his Friendster profile, which now seems to have disappeared. But don’t worry, Mikey. We have it archived. Then we found a literal metric crapton worth of stuff about this guy including a Facebook profile under a different name where he is a Buddhist monk and pictures of him with “Steven Seagal”. Also my beating around the bush of him being gay turned out to be true. He couldn’t be any more proud of the fact he is gay if he had it tattooed across his forehead. Consider yourselves lucky you didn’t see the pictures from his Friendster profile.

TSO at This Ain’t Hell has done a great job of blogging everything as it happened unlike me who read the emails with it all and could do nothing but sit back and laugh. Check out the following links to get an idea of what kind of person we’re dealing with.

Michael Patrick McManus Chan, aka General Ballduster McSoulpatch Chan comes from his boyfriend/husband/whatever.
What we know about General Ballduster McSoulpatch (Employment)
What we know about General Ballduster McSoulpatch (Education)
General Ballduster McSoulpatch, The Timeline
Apparently the FBI thinks this is no big deal They do now, just go read it.

Just a bit of full disclosure, I believe there is still a tiny little bit of evidence out there that he may have, at one point in the past, for an unknown amount of time. . .served in the Army. I know this is going to break CJ’s heart that his Army has been defiled by this piece of trash.

Bouhammer is currently down, but Troy passed along a comment via email today that McManus is also well known in the Houston area emergency rooms. I can’t provide a link until Bouhammer comes back up but here is the text of the comment. I also can’t provide independent verification of the below statement so take it with a grain of salt. My personal opinion is that it doesn’t surprise me.

He is well-known among the local emergency departments as a drug addict and pathological liar who presents to the ER with a bogus complaint of severe abdominal pain in order to obtain narcotics.

The road from here will prove to be interesting. Houston media is looking into the story and will likely air something to expose Michael Patrick McManus as the fraud he is to those he sees everyday. The authorities are finally taking the case serious after some dropped balls this morning and even more phone calls have been made to make sure McChinpubes gets what is coming to him.

We’ll update as we learn more.

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  2. Yeah, this guy needs to be in jail.

  3. Seems he isn’t content to be himself, as he also claims to be many other things besides a military man.

    I don’t excuse his disrespect, and he goes the extra distance in that. But for my part, he doesn’t rate anger, only my pity. He is obviously just another misguided idiot, among the teeming many.
    The sheer number of things he lays claim to indicates he craves attention, a real psych case, in fact. I rather doubt jail time will help him.

    On second thought, it might not hurt him any more…

  4. This imposter is violating the military code of honor by wearing the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart, which I am sure he does not deserve. This man should be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act of 2008 and also for impersonating a General Officer. He does a great dis-service to our fellow Soldiers by appearing in public while claiming these volor aweards.

  5. Insanity is a legitimate defense in this case, imho.

    • I hope you’re trying to be funny. Actually, I hope you weren’t because you failed.

  6. Just a note to CYA whoever is giving out this scum-bag’s personal medical information. This can get you and your hospital/clinic in DEEP doo-doo with the Feds with the HIPA act and all the new privacy issues. Just an FYI.

    • At 12:49 Albert posted the above here. At one minute later (12:50 timestamp) he posted the exact same remark at This Ain’t Hell (at the above-linked FBI post).

      Don’t you just love cut’n'paste trolls?

      • Casey,

        I do not know Albert from Adam, but he is NO troll on this issue. SOmeone could EASILY get fined amd or jail time.

        Albert is trying to save someone’s buttocks.


  7. I ran across this a couple of weeks ago when the posts first came out, but I cant seem to find any updates. Did they find him? Charge him?

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  9. he was arrested by the FBI in Houston on 5 Feb under the Stolen Valor Act. http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies608.htm has all the details.

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  11. As a gay man I am embarrassed by guys like this, makes us look bad. Trust, this one is a lunatic. I actually seen him on some gay websites here in Houston and from his post always thought he was a nutcase. He had a profile on gay.com as I recall.

  12. I found his ebay profile, he is wearing the uniform in the profile pic, look here: http://myworld.ebay.com/budddha5

  13. I don’t understand why this man would want to parade around in a military uniform with the dozens of medals he didn’t earn. Clearly there is something wrong with him. Either way, the military is nothing to be proud of. If only Americans weren’t so brainwashed into thinking the military means valor. The military is stupidity. It’s for anyone who can’t think with a brain or doesn’t have one to use period. Honor is using your brain to help the world not parading with a gun “protecting” our country.

    • You right, Jon. The military doesn’t mean valor. It’s the amazing things that selfless men and women in the military do protecting people like you from the evil in this world that are valorous.

      You say the military is stupidity? I would bet the men and women of the 1940s that saw the Germans bearing down on the world would beg to differ. I would also bet the men, women, and children that have been victims of horrible natural disasters in the last few years (think Haiti right now) would beg to differ as military ships, planes, and helicopters bring in food, water, and first aid supplies.

      Guess what else those ships, planes, and helicopters are bringing in? Men with guns to provide security so people do not try to take more than their share and make a profit in a time where death would easily claim thousands if not hundreds of thousands more than the quakes did.

      You keep living in your perfect world where the military and our guns aren’t needed. You keep dreaming that evil doesn’t want to take your way of life and strike you down in cold blood. I’ll keep reporting for duty each and every day so that you can rest easy at night.

      • Great reply Marcus.

        My bet is Jon is just trying to antagonize here. I can’t believe that there is someone so naive out there to really believe such a thing, especially in this period of time. I’m serving on my 10th month here in Afghanistan and I see stupid people here just as I see them in the U.S. The beauty about that is at least the stupid people serving in the U.S. Armed Forces have courage and patriotism and can unite together to help protect our country from future terrorists. Jon is just a naive pathetic coward.

    • Serving in and of itself is not valorous. In peacetime, it’s usually boring and monotonous. I challenge you to fly to Baghdad or Kabul, and tell any poor bastard serving over there that his service is stupity.

      As for it being for “anyone who can’t think with a brain…” you would probably be quite surprised to find out how many of those “stupid” enlisted people I served with for 20 years had degrees.

      You probably think cops, firefighters, and EMTs are stupid, too. Pity we’d still have to respond if you called us.

  14. Jon, exactly what, if anything, do you do for a living?

  15. “The military is stupidity. It’s for anyone who can’t think with a brain or doesn’t have one to use period.”

    Well crap. I guess I’ll have to turn in my Mensa card and cancel my membership. I’ll also have to use my massive intellect to build a time machine so I can go back in time and prevent myself from learning two languages while in the Army or maybe I’ll just start huffing glue so I can be as stupid as Jon says I must be for joining.

    Jon, if the military was truly an institution for the brainless or the mindless, you would already be in it. I don’t know if they would let you in though… they allow women and soon will allow gays and lesbians but I think they’re keeping their moratorium on pussies.

  16. Check out what he bought on EBAY. He was trying to order even more medals. Guess this answers where he got them from.

  17. I have no idea why I seem to be alone on this, but I don’t see much honor and valor in stalking someone to this degree. We have a legal system and it will take care of this in due course. The law is not ours to take into our hands no matter how good it feels in the short term (an analogous lesson this man is learning to be sure). So lets keep it to the high road.

    • “Stalking,” Steve? Seriously. That’s what you’re calling it? A crime was committed, we reported it, he was arrested. The legal system wouldn’t have known this man existed if we didn’t bring to their attention. Exactly what is your point?

  18. I’m sorry, did somebody mistake this hipster doofus with his regulation soul-patch for a real general? Did he claim to be a real general? Is he a moron with poor fashion sense, yes. But how about we spend the time and money that would prosecute and incarcerate him on something productive like … I don’t know … helping families of soldiers stationed in a war zone? A VA capital improvement? No?

    • The short answer: Yes.

      Unless the a civilian has close ties to the military, they have no clue of our grooming standards. They don’t know how we carry ourselves. They just plain have no clue how to tell the difference between a real general and some asshole wearing a fake uniform and with unearned medals.

      You don’t consider the time and money prosecuting and incarcerating the douche worth it? I do. I don’t want someone thinking they can get away with wearing medals that they haven’t earned. I haven’t earned the right to wear any of the medals he is being prosecuted for wearing, but CJ has. I’ll defer to his feelings on him wearing the Bronze Star without having earned it.

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  20. I had to laugh when I saw this guy, scumbag that he is. He is wearing around his neck the order of the Commander of the British Empire (CBE), which no American would ever receive. I guess he forgot the French Croix de Guerre (not available on Ebay?) or the Iron Cross (with oak leaves)-no I guess someone would have spotted that one. Anyway, hope he does “hard time” in a Texas prison, where they still have road gangs.

  21. Yes…I know this guy. We were stationed in Germany together. Last time I saw him was by chance, he was at Stanford working on a graduate degree…about 8 yrs ago. Mike is a nice guy, but I’m sorry to see this has happened in his life. I can’t imagine what the hell has happened to him.

  22. Roland – are you sure he was actually studying at Stanford or just trolling the campus? He doesn’t mention that he was at IU for a year and was fired from his RA (Resident Assistant) position there. I have trouble believing that he actually got into Stanford the way he bopped from college to college.

    He was also under suspicion for setting fire to his car in the Boston area and claimed to be a backup dancer for NKOTB….

  23. Idots like him need to be taught a lesson.He wants to be in the military ,let him be tried under the UCMJ.Let him get 10 years hard labor at Levenworth,make him bubba`s new bitch.This is unexcusible to the men and women earned the right to wear these medals and most of all the uniform.Make him an example,make sure all news stations show on tv so all these idots see what will happen if they do this.Maybe a lot less of stolen valor will happen.David USAF RET….

  24. I attended the Defense Language Institute, DLI-FLC, in Monterey, CA and was in the same German class as Michael. Not only did he graduate at the top of the class, he also won the Soldier of the Year for DLI-FLC in 1985.
    Anyone who thought he was wearing the costume to defraud or gain access to a secure military installation must be either sublimely naive or endlessly ignorant. His purpose, as he related to me via email, was Satire. His costume was outrageous and over the top, with accessories from at least 4 different countries. Satire and Political Speech have been found time and time again to be protected by the US Supreme Court. Freedom of Speech is not needed to protect speech we like…..it’s soul purpose is to protect speech that we DON’T like.

    Besides, “Valor” is a CONCEPT. It is not Trademarked, Copyrighted or Intellectual Property. It is a concept, and so, can never be stolen. Period. I see the Feds dropping this case, stop wasting tax payers dollars and calling it a day. Michael will end up serving NO JAIL TIME. The DA has already offered him 3 months of probation. But knowing Michael, he will pursue it through a trial, as this issue is much bigger than him. And, this case has the already very good chance to go before the 5th Circuit Court and then off to the US Supreme Court, who have historically ruled on the side of Free Speech advocates.

    More updates later,
    Markus Alan Costanza

  25. My brother (Michael Patrick McManus) passed away on August 17, 2011.

  26. I can understand it it were just a costume and he was wearing them to honour those who had, but to claim he had earned them (and a knighthood) is a disgrace. This man is the very model of a charlatan.

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