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Meet MSG Mark Ehresman

All Posts  June 02 2010
 — By CJ Grisham

Today, I had a chance to speak with Army Master Sergeant Mark Ehresman. For those readers who have kept up with my posts about the Nigerian (and other) scammers using images and names of troops to scam money out of men and women here and abroad that name probably sounds familiar.

The scammer uses the name Captain or Major Mark Collins Ehresman. I won’t give the correct middle initial, but that’s not even the correct full name of the actual individual in this photo. So, I want you to meet the REAL Mark.

The real Mark has been in the Army for 24 years as an Infantryman. His assignments include two tours in Alaska, Ft. Carson, CO, Ft. Drum, NY, Korea, Vicenza, Italy, California as a recruiter and is now stationed in Norther Arizona as an ROTC instructor whipping future Second Lieutenants into shape! He has two combat deployments: one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

His awards include two Bronze Star Medals (one for Valor), two Meritorious Service Medals, five Army Commendation Medals, five Army Achievement Medals, seven Good Conduct Medals, and the Global War on Terrorism Expedition Medal, among others.

Here’s the sad part, ladies. Mark has been happily married to the same woman for 21 years and has four children ranging from 7 to 20 years of age. He has never been to a dating website, so any profiles with his name and photo are not the REAL Mark. Mark told me the most plausible way the scammers could have gotten his photo could have been from is Classmates.com account.

I’ll be sending this link to MSG Ehresman, so if you want to leave him any comments, please do so and he’ll be sure to read them.

The real Mark is an honorable Soldier who has served his country with distinction and, based on his assignments and rank, has been very successful at what he does. Recruiting duty is not an easy assignment and only very select senior NCOs are selected to serve as an ROTC instructor to future officers. Now that you know the REAL Mark, don’t be fooled by immitators.

(28) Readers Comments

  1. This is great news that this real man has been found. I knew the wall of shame would help us find the real people.Love it!

  2. way to go iam going to send scott schwartzs pictures

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  4. We are very happy that he has been found. All the best to you and your family Mark.

  5. All the best to Mark and his family. To the wall of shame and cj…job well done.

  6. It is so nice to find out that Mark knows how his name and pic has been used. I was not fooled by the fake one. He never had the IQ of a worm. He has been outed as the fraud he is.
    My best wishes to an honorable and courageous man who has served his country with distinction I wish you and your family the very best life has to offer. Thank you for your service to this great country.

  7. Thanks for your story ‘Meet MSG Mark Ehresman’. Reading the real story puts a totally different context and understanding on the whole scam deal and for me has allowed closure.
    My respect to Mark Ehresman and his family.

  8. Great job, CJ! My thanks to MSG Ehresman and his family for all they’ve given. Considering where they’re located, if we ever have the privilege of meeting them, drinks or dinner is on us ;)

  9. Nice one cj,its a sad fact that these scammers are useing real peoples photes and names, my morther in law is still looking for love and still getting emails and is still chating to scammers.We told her million times to stop, i will show her this and hope she will stop what she is doing

  10. It’s so good to find the real Mark, unfortunately having told the scammer that i had been in touch with the real Mark Ehresman he has now turned incredibly nasty, saying that he is coming after me and gonna bomb my home. They really don’t like it when it all goes wrong..

    Best wishes goes to Mark and his family.


    • Jane, don’t worry about those guys. They’re all hot air and unable to do anything but sit behind their outdated computers with dial-up internet in a steaming hut somewhere in Africa. If he has a problem, tell him to email me!

  11. Hi CJ,
    Just wanted to know if you have been able to find the real SFC. James Thompson Ramos, I had emailed you the photos that I still have, if you need for me to resend them to you please let me know.

  12. This scam imposter reminds me of those liberal wimps during the Viet Nam era that still tag onto and represent themselves as having a part in the military when they ran to Canada or college. Mark is married to my niece, we are proud to have him as family and he doesn’t have to validate his loyalty to his family or his country. We should be thanking Mark and all our military for keeping us from the wolves. Our family motto – We’re not sheeps, we’re not wolves, we’re sheepdogs, our family protects and serves, whether military, law enforcement or healthcare…serving those without question

  13. CJ…I am so happy to know that this gentleman is aware…I sent you photos of Sgt. Scott Ludvik…supposedly..stationed at Balad Air Base, Iraq..ask me to send him money via TS2 representative…I sent TS2 the official company the email that was sent to me, to verify the representive and they told me that TS2 would never us a domain such as yahoo, gmail, aol ever..and that the soldiers identity was compromised…Thanks for your blog and again I sent photos of the soldier..

  14. how come there are so menny photos of jeffery miller on site . and wot as this gay in the pics done about it all lt2jeffery miller . ware is the real one to clear all this mess up

  15. I want to know where I can find out if the man I was scammed by is actually in the Army. I have photos of this man, And if it is not him, how do I let this man know what is going on and how someone is using his pictures and information to scam women out of money?

  16. Looking for anyone involved with Sgt Scott Ludvik, states he is in Iraq. Uses scottludvik@yahoo.com. I was scammed by him and just wonder if anyone else fell for this person.
    He claims to be from California, parents deceased, no marriages, no children, age 43.

  17. i love u uncle mark and wat is everybody talking about there glad your found wat the heck

    • I served with Mark Ehresman at his first duty station in ft Richardson Alaska….he is the most patriotic man I have had the honor to serve with PERIODE Off with the heads of those who slander his good name!

  18. That’s my recruiter, (12 years ago), he’s a good and honest man

  19. Dear Sir:
    I am sooo sorry for the pain and suffering this scam has been to you and your family. I have been scammed by nigerian scammer..Unfortunately i did send money i have learned a hard lesson, It will cause me to have to sell my mobile home and move in with family if they dont disown me. I am sooo ashamed. I should have known. WE all need love,,,so stupid..I am hunting for a Sgt. Bill Vickers whom i have pics of..poor soldier,,,i wish i could find him and let him know he is being used just like me. May God Bless us all and thank you for serving and protecting our Country. Thank you!

    Most Sincerely,


  20. supposedly stationed in Kabul Afganistan

  21. any one heard of a Colnel Robert Wood i have a few photos of him

  22. Hi Mark,

    Not sure if you remember me, but your wife and I were friends in Watertown. I would like to get into contact with her. She can find me on Facebook. :) Thank you

  23. Hi All, I’ve been in contact with Sgt Jackson Philips he was in Afghanistan a year in a half. Now his Unit has redeployed to Africa they are dealing with NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization and I have been worried and concerned for his safety while being over there.. :( His email address is jac.phil@yahoo.com and mine is anjopanjo@yahoo.com thank you for everything

    ~Angela :)

    • Angela IF he is a real US Military member and as you say you are his sig other if he wants and when he has the time he will contact you what I am not understanding is why you left both your email and his email address on this blog I mean you do know what this blog is about right? that name sounds suspect to me Jackson Philips very suspect and you didn’t make it any better when you left his email address and your own you are coming across as a troll seeking to catch a fish I mean this is not a site that will check on the well being of your boyfriend Anonn

  24. Anonn, He told me he is a real US Military member and as I say I am his sig other if he wants and when he does have the time he will contact me I didn’t mean to put his email address nor my own on this blog :( sorry if I sound as a troll but I’m NOT 1 thank you GOD and JESUS Christ! ~Angela

    • Looking forward to talking to him again really soon, missing him so much and think about him all the time. ;)
      He is always in my heart and I’m always in his heart also. Hes my first and real boyfriend and I’m his real and true first girlfriend. :)

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