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[UPDATE] The “Face” of Military Dating Scams – The Wall of Shame

All Posts  July 28 2010
 — By CJ Grisham
[UPDATE] The “Face” of Military Dating Scams – The Wall of Shame

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

UPDATE (29 Jul 2010): Hooboy! That CNN piece has brought in a LOT of information. It did exactly what I think Emily, Abbie and I wanted to do which was bring attention to this. So, I’ve got a LOT of new photos and names and I ask you to be patient as I find time to upload all these images.

This is going to be the most updated version of my exposure of these Nigerian scams that target military personnel on dating sites. If you have a photo that is being used to scam women by using photos of military personnel, send to cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us and I will update this post. Eventually, women will be able to come here and SEE that the photos are being used on multiple women. It may also tip off people to who the REAL Soldiers are so they can understand that their names and/or images are being used illegally. If you are a Soldier in one of these photos, please contact me from your military email address so I know you’re legit.

Let’s get started…This post will be updated as photos are submitted to me. If you are being scammed by someone using these photos, please put your stories in the comments section. And keep in mind that the people in these photos are not the problem. They are victims just as much as those that they scam.

Claims to be Perry Terry Knox. Tells the standard retirement story, with a 11 year old son. Said he was a Sargeant. Asked for an iPhone, but when told it was too expensive asked his victim for a Blackberry. Uses the Datehoodup.com website.

This person is claiming to be Major Mark Collins Ehresman. Now, for anyone that knows anything about the Army uniform, knows that this is NOT an officer’s uniform.

These are supposedly of someone going by the name Tom Curtis. He uses the email tomhcurtis69@yahoo.com. Because of the size of each photo, they were obviously taken from either a MySpace or Facebook page. I’ve seen that last photo used in other scams as well.

These photos are supposedly of a Captain Steven Massingale Barrett. Yet, one just need look at the rank on the second picture to see how dumb this Nigerian scammer is.

Here’s the storyline on this guy, who uses the name Robert Bill Haggard.

My name is Robert Haggard.I was born on the 2nd of August, 1961 at Baptist Hospital of California. I started A & A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field.
I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience.
I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
As you already know, I am currently stationed in Baghdad , the capital of Iraq.I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Iraq and I have already spent 10 months here in Iraq. My first mission to Iraq was in 2003. My mission ended in 2005. When back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years.
My son lives with a friend in Miami. I have full custody of him. I do not want to pay my ex any amount of money again.I will be getting him to stay with me when i come home soon. I was married only once. I am now looking for another woman to involve myself with. I will be home in 3 months. Actually, we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself. A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her too. I will not be able to call you because we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders on phone. Everything is monitored.
My relationship with my ex was like this. I loved her with all my heart. In fact it is true. I wasn’t thinking she can do such a thing. I helped her in her work, support her family, spending much time with her as much as I could. Going with her to the beaches, the movies and a lot of interesting places just trying to make her the happiest woman in life. I know she is regretting it by now. Her parents once called me and were apologizing for her but I already made my mind. I don’t know why she drew away from me. Maybe, she can’t control her sexual desire. I do not get angry. It happens once in a while but I know how to control myself. In the army, if you can’t control your anger, you gonna end up fighting all the time. Will like you to also send me some pictures of you too.Take care.
I am concluding this letter here but remember this am serious about my words
Have a good day.

I highlighted the glaring holes in this guys story, especially the rank. As I’ve said before, Soldiers ARE able to call back home and have contact with “outsiders”. What a weird term they use. Again, judging by the size of each of these photos, they were most likely snagged from a MySpace or Facebook page. Anyway, on to the next.

Meet “Captain James Miniard of the US army”. What a promotion for this guy, huh? I highly encourage you ladies being scammed by these guys to actually do a Google search on military ranks. You’ll knock out 90% of your problems right there.

The first one goes by the name MikeJones@Yahoo.com. The other 3 are supposedly the same person and goes by the name SGT.Oliver@yahoo.com ( full name Oliver Adamson). I’ve heard this name both ways. Both of these men were on HOT or NOT.

These are supposedly of a” Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Lanois” from Cleveland North Carolina…and is presently stationed in Afghanistan in a “very dangerous are” in Kabul and that he is with the Second Falcon Bridge Combat Team 82 SF Base. Again, notice the rank of this LTC!! What a coincidence! I’m in the First Blue Falcan Blog Brigade!

Here is a pic of “MAJ Joseph Morris” aka jose.muriz@yahoo.com. No explanation about why the name and email address are different. Probably tired of creating new Yahoo accounts and keeping up with them. Same story wants ts2 money and transit money. Says he was in 24 years, wants to retire and marry his victims and has money aplenty. Again, if someone says they need you to pay for communications, it’s a scam. Soldiers can pay for it themselves. It can also be taken out of their paychecks automatically if they “don’t have cash on them”.

Here is “John Palmas”. He said he was from CA studied at West Point, been in the Army for 15 years. Now in Afghanistan and will come back in 11 June. They always say they’re coming home soon so that when something goes terribly awry, they can bilk you for sympathy money for hospital clearances and all that crap. The interesting thing about these photos is that the scammer actually took the time to remove the name tags from the photo. Could be anyone here!

The first 4 photos are of a young James Ruddock and his family. He says he is from New York and a widower with 2 daughters and that he also had a house in England that he was going to retire to ‘any day now’. He targets women in the UK mostly, it seems and proposes marriage, using his dead wife and two kids as emotional bait.

He also says to some women that he was supposed to be in Afganistan with a house also in the UK that he was going to retire to a different location. He sends out emails from “a diplomat” whose English and grammer are very poor but his emails requesting money for a package to be delivered to the UK. He also uses the name of Steve Ruddock and Mark Ruddock as well.

This one is funny, but the person using the above photos claims to be a Captain Brown Mark (Mark Brown?). The moron can’t even use photos of people with the right name in his scams!! He uses the email address brown_mark50@yahoo.com. This guy is such a tool, he tries to use General Odierno in his scam. He sent one of my readers he was trying to scam the following email explaining that “CPT Brown Mark” had been wounded and she needs to send him money to leave:

This is to inform you that that tallibiance man as attack the solider mans that they realse for the leave and will are very sorry to let you know that the travel will be in this week………And will are by let you know that you can still make the payment for your solider man capt Brown Mark in two day

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
Public Affairs Office, Camp taji
APO AE 09342

Now, I don’t know if ya’ll have ever had a chance to listen to General Odierno speak, but he sounds NOTHING like that letter. See for yourself:

This is supposedly Lt. Christopher M Morris with Military Number (USArmy/MlL 456378) based with the 32nd Infantry Division camp phoenix kabul in Afghanistan. There is no such person in the Army as Lt. Christopher Morris and we sure as heck don’t have “military numbers”. Oh, did I mention that the Army doesn’t have a 32nd Infantry Division?

Here are the pics that the scammers used on another reader using the name Sgt Patrick Mcdonald. This moron also sent pics using using the name Gen. David Petraeus. Ha! EVERYONE knows who General Petraeus is, but these guys aren’t smart enough to realize that.

The next scammer uses the name Capt. Harry Swain of the US Army, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, MOS 11B Infantry and these photos. When anyone asks him questions, he is vague on the answers – probably because he doesn’t know anything! He only communicates through yahoo and of course is retiring in June. This is so that he can set up the classic Nigerian Retirement pass payments, as if a Soldier needs to pay to retire from the Army! I tried looking into this one, but there are so many Swains in the Army, but none of them with a first name Harry.

The guy using these photos seems to have hit the motherload of images. He calls himself Arena Adams. He even has pictures of his “kids”. It’s beyond twisted when they start to use servicemembers’ kids. The have all come out of Saudi Arabia, but could easily be routed through there from Nigeria and other African nations.. He has a “diploma” (diplomat) contact the victims, Mr. Randolf was his name, and uses the phone number 233543756622. He also had the story that he wanted to open a jewelery store when he got “home” and was going to send a package containing all his worth, $950,000 in gold and $600,000 in money, to hold till he got here. I wonder how much shipping would cost on nearly $1 million in gold? It conveniently gets stuck in customs and after spending $11,000 for the weighing fee (oh, that’s how much it costs!), he still needed another 5,500. Said his birthday was April 30, 1969, and he sponsors children in Iraq, that he has 15 children that he set up a foundation for and provides for them.

Interestingly, the reader who sent this to me said, “When I told him I wanted to send him something for his birthday, he gave me the address 60 mango tree blvd, Accra Ghana, with the name Alexander Ofori Hammond as the person who will be receiving it.” I’m surprised since usually they just claim they can’t receive packages due to “security”.

I’m not even going to create some witty banter for the guy using these photos. I’m just going to copy and paste his intro email. It’s too funny to miss, especially that he calls himself “Mac Donald” as if it’s two names:

I have decide to take my time to write out this message to you and I will expect same back from you.hmm i lived in U.S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of Farmington Hills, Michigan where i had been for so long since the divorced between my Mother and my Daddy. Really before my Dad passed away, we were living peacefully together, but on a official peace keeping mission in Dafur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my Dad and my mother are American. My father was from the Marine Military,My mother is a teacher.They both met on a trip down to Paris, they met each other and were friends till they were finally able to find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me. hmm they both were Christians, just like my Mother would say to me, that if my Daddy wasn’t a Christian, she wouldn’t have agree to marry him when he proposed to her. We all were living peaceful before my Daddy had to divorce my Mom due to some sort of things i don’t know if i should tell you here because i don’t know you yet, so please don’t worry about it, i am only trying to be cautious of who i am dealing with, maybe when i know you enough alright? anyway to make it short, my Daddy and i lived alone in Farmington Hills, Michigan after the divorced between him and my Mother. So Mom couldn’t stand it living in the city anymore, she packed her stuffs and then went back to United kingdom to live on her life right there.unfortunately,I lost my father on the line of duty, he was on the sea as a marine Major when he fell to the bullet of Jamaican Militant.His death made me to join U.S Army because he was given a state of heart burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire from my present job. It was so painful to recall this memory at last i had no other choice than to go live with my Mother in Scotland United Kingdom as i felt needed someone around to help me through life difficulties before i can carry on myself you know what i mean. My Mom and i live together in an apartment here before i travel down to US when i got deployment to Sudan Dafur war region for peace keeping in the country. I am the second child of my parents because we are two in number of our parent. Honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. She treats me sister like every good Mother would treat their beloved children.
I have spent 19 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to my dedication to my work. I have been to some countries, mostly to lead the troop on peace keeping mission and aid relief mission. I am planing ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet through right woman, so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation letter, in order to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong family.Now i must tell you i am looking for in a soul mate, someone i could call my own, a woman in whom i could invest my time, good deeds, seriousness. I know out there lies someone who has the nature of God inside of her, someone who would be ready to give 100% of herself. Of course i am not getting any younger as my age increases by year.I am 6’1 in height .. I do not smoke but drink socially. just looking for the rightful one now.Also this is the quality i seek in a woman,one who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest. One who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant home loving, hard working, reliable, sensual, with a sense of humor. One who will be a good Wife and who can take care of me and my one kids!
I am tired, need some rest. I led the early morning parade for the troop in my Base.
Have a great day and waiting for your message.

Warm Regards,
Sergeant Mac Donald

These photos look familiar. The individual has already appeared on this list, but now under a different name:

Notice how the scammer has removed the name from the uniform? That enables him to use any name he wants while sending out the same photos to other women. Here’s his story (with yet ANOTHER) rank faux paux:

Hello how are you going today ? well thanks a lot for your replyed …
well i have been devorced for 4 years now ..i have been in iraq 2 years 4 month now ..I;m in iraq baghdad now …i have been in the army 21 years …I’m army side …I am an E-7 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the un. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a noncommission officer and I work in the junior management of the military…well i have only one sister living in germany .. i have no kids …My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the .Gold mining company in ghana but as i m talking to you now i lost both of them..i will get back 25th june for retirement , that why i m serious here looking for woman who is can be with me for the rest my life …,I’m pride of myself in being honest and most trustworthy, I seek that in a mate, someone who is compassionate yet understanding who has a calm behaviour and a great personality…I b’lieve there is no ideal relationships, Be honest a relationship is hard work and compromise, It is as good as you make it, What makes a relationship ideal to someone is how much time and effort one puts into it and how committed two people are to it..

I love the grammar from this “senior NCO”. It’s also interesting that a SFC is in a “squad leader” position. BWHAAHAH!

The scammer posing as “SGT David Monfils” is one of the earliest names used for these scams. I hadn’t seen the name in a LONG time, but now it’s cropping up with photos. It used to be part of those “I have a million dollars buried in Iraq and I need your help getting it back” scams. Now, “Monfils” is trolling internet dating sites.

Now, this guy cracks me up. He even sent his victim a “scan” of his “passport”, an obviously photoshopped monstrosity of an attempt. I love the lines through the face. This is supposedly SGT Steven McCabe, but after searching for the person in the passport in the Army database, I came up empty!

These photos are of “Sergeant Heicken Kenneth” of the “US ARMY on mission to Iraq.” However, I’m trying to figure out who in the Army wears German uniforms and drives around in a vehicle with the German flag on it. The scammer using these photos lifted them from a Reuters photographer because he didn’t even remove the embedded code describing the photos. Since they are pretty cool pics of our German brothers in arms, you at least deserve what they are:

Top Picture: German Bundeswehr army soldiers with the 3rd company of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) patrol during a mission in Chahar Dara district in the outskirts of Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, May 11, 2010. It’s actually a Reuters photo by Fabrizio Bensch.

Bottom Picture: German Bundeswehr army soldiers with the 3rd company of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) take cover after detecting a suspicious site during their search for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Chahar Dara district on the outskirts of Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, May 12, 2010. Also from REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

He uses the email address sgt_heicken@yahoo.com.

I’ll just let the dufus (Andrew Sanchez) using these photos tell you about himself, since I can’t seem to make any more fun of him than he makes for himself without realizing it.

I am presently in Afghanistan at the moment and would be back by next month, I have been serving for 11months here now and would be done by next month. I work in the Military and I am a Lieutenant, My work schedule is like a 24hour thing I dont have any schedule as we work round the clock here trying to keep peace here, I just have little time for myself here so you need to see how glad and excited to know that I would be back home next month.

between the 6months I would be off work. I have only lived in Lawrenceville GA and I have really enjoyed my stay here and would always love to stay here. That was where I was given an apartment and I could decline the offer as I also do like my apartment. I am not at all bothered about the distance. Andrew

I keep forgetting when he says he’ll be home!

By the way, a lot of scammers are starting to ask for things like iPods, undershirts, digital cameras, and other items. They are asking people to FEDEX the items to this address:

Wisdom Dome
60Mango Tree
Zip Code…00233
Tel.Num.00233205622258 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              00233205622258      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Again, a moron who can’t read English using the photos of someone with a completely different name on his uniform. Meet “Joe Harold”. He says he is in Iraq on his third tour of duty. He is retiring in July 2010 and is looking for a life partner. He says he is is from Bedford, TX and also owns a home there. How dare he claim to be a Texan!! He, like almost ALL of these scammers, uses Yahoo: joe.harold45@yahoo.com. He is a smooth talker. He claims his mother was a head teacher and died. His father worked in Gold business in Ghana and also also died. He tells women his birthday has recently passed and how he would like to receive a gift. The posting text of Arena Adams is so similar and also includes similar text from Sargent MacDonald. Probably joe harold is also Sargent MacDonald. He asked to send an iPhone, digital camera, 5 packs of Calvin Klein white, round necked tshirts for him and his troops, chocolate, toffees and cologne. He also uses the Ghana shipping address.

I am Ivan Nobile and am with the US Army as an Intelligence Officer (MST SGT)currently serving in Iraq-Baghdad(Camp Taji),although I just got back from Afghan a week ago.I have no kids,I am widowed,lost my wife and parents in an accident 5yrs back.
My late parents were originally from Russia,and since their families never agreed for them to marry they moved to Virginia(USA) to start a new living as no family member back home in Russia knew their whereabouts.I have never been to Russia before and never met any family member of mine as my parents never allowed me,But for sure,I will visit them this year as my dad gave me all info about them before he departed.So I was born and raised in Virginia and I was educated in Arizona(AZ).
I attended my High School Education in Pittsburgh (Oliver High School) and furthered on to Central Texas College in Texas to major in Criminal Justice(Associate Degree) and then to the Cochise College in Arizona(AZ) to major in Intelligence Operations(Associate’s Degree).
I am seeking a woman that I can leave my life and love with.Someone that I can make my partner forever and be with for the rest of my life.A woman with a sense of humor.A caring,loving,faithful and loyal partner who I can trust for the rest of my life,and I hope you have all this as I seek.
I have attached some pics of me too in this email and I will love it if you could attach yours too.hoping to hear from you soon.Take care.
Ivan xxxxx

Sounds like a great guy. Too bad he doesn’t exist!

This is supposedly Kenneth Steven England, who originated from Chicago and was supposedly living in London. As you can see, the photos are small and no nametapes are discernible. Depending on how old these photos are, I may be able to find him since he wears a local patch.

This one is funny. These are supposedly photos of SSG Scott Adams from Fort Irwin, CA. Anyone that knows anything about the military will laugh when I say that the person behind these photos claims to be an ARMY SSG. When the potential victim forced the issue about pictures he changed his tune and stated he is a CSM in Baghdad. These are obviously photos of a Marine Corps Colonel. The fake Scott Adams stalks Facebook and myyearbook.com for his scams.

Okay, this next one cracks me up. Check out these photos:

[click on photo for better resolution]

I love the part on the back in the red little blotch that says “money back guarantee”! If we don’t kill the enemy, we’ll refund the cost of the war!! Here’s the photo that “Captain Cris Kepley” used to make his ID:

a href=”http://asp.militarygear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ano_11.jpg”>

Good thing he brought his dress uniform to Iraq so they could create this wonderful Camp Victory ID badge!!

The douche using the photos above are of a guy who says he is in the US Army in Afghanistan. Don’t they all? He uses Badoo and his name is “Steve Lopez” but the same photos are used on other profiles calling himself Johnson. Same story:

“This Steve contacted me last week and he is a very nice person in his mess. He is an Officer in Afghanistan (though he’s wearing the uniform of a Sergeant) and have been there for 22 years and he will now retire in October. Then he will come to Sweden and marry me. And we will love each other forever. He had pray to God he should meet a girl like me and when he saw me at Badoo he thought God had made his wishes come true. He has a son in Tampa or Miami Florida, Been divorced 5 years ago. He had send me message every each morning and night but hadn’t asking for any money yet. He was telling me he was not allowed to give me his service number or his home address or his military email address cos of security (this is a lie and a classic tactic of scammers).”

He uses the email address stevelopez_27@live.com and will try to guilt you into believing him if you call his bluff by saying he will “kill himself”. Don’t fall for this tactic. Even if it were true, maybe it’s best if he just did it!

This guy calls himself Staff Sergeant Christian Richardson from Miami, FL. Again, ladies, you need to Google military ranks and you’ll see that this guy is not who he says he is.

The scammer using these photos goes by the name Marcus Movic and claims – like all these scammers – to be “a widower with a lovely Son” who’s wife was killed in an ac

cident while he was toiling in Iraq. The problem is that there is no Marcus Movic in the Army.

(3,265) Readers Comments

  1. Cj
    HAHAHA I am in contact with the idiot faker mark ehresman right now. He is coming home as soon as I pay 4000 for his transfer !!! He has a long wait because it will be a cold day in hell before he gets any money out of me. Good job CJ

    • do you know of anyone going by the name sgt henry williams can you please check him out


      • Nigirl,
        What does he look like? I was in contact with someone too but went by the name David Williams…..wondering if it’s the same….please reply…thank you

        • i was in contact with a sargent Tommy williams Barrera he also need money,didnt send any for his leave.or anything else i wonder if we are talking about the same one?

        • I’m Ashamed to say I have been scammed by Tommy Willaims Barrera. his picture is on Fb but he sent me another picture of him in his ‘dress uniform with the name Barrera on one side and US Marines on the other, which I recently found out those particular style of uniform was issued to the marines in 2002. He’s looks spanish decent, claims his grandparents were spanish. His wife died 2 years from Breast cancer he has two son’s Tom and Dan ages 18 & 15. All this information is on FB. Oh he sent me poems and told me how much he love me and all that other B.S. Even threatened to kill himself and General Odierno. Once I told him I would not send anymore money he quickly stopped talking to me.

        • I been chatting with a man name j.j.castilinos. say he in Army…he asking for money…none was sent..email is glasshorse52@gmail.com is he legit?

        • Hello glasshorse52@gmail.com is not a scammer. It was a mistake. Misunderstanding.

      • henry williams is big nigerian scammer i have is video on u tube he tricked me and my friend sherry pretended to be two different men watch my video on u tube go to http://www.youtube.com type in shygirl4u2008 u will see black guy click that video

        • UPDATE ON TOMMY WILLAIM BARRERA, as soon as I refused to send anymore money he terminated his email address which was willaim_Tommy@yahoo.com.

      • I have been speaking with a Sgt. Henry Williams, but he told me that his real last name is Marshall….stated he took mother’s maiden name after she was killed in a car accident. I would be very interested if this is the same person….i have pictures that he sent me….i just don’t know if he is on the up and up with me.

        • well ladies i am currently chatting with this man named greg massingale and he asked me to send him 3thousand dollars so we could communicate through special radio communication.He also said that would cover the cost of his papers to leave the army and come and stay with me for 12 weeks. Well this was just after christmas and i told him no and now i never hear back from him. OH well thats life to bad for him he is the loser on this end.

        • I to have been talking to Tommy Willaims Barrera,he tells me he never asked no ladies for money,but i ended it cause i figured if a man wants to be with any woman the woman should not have to pay him nothing

      • i just to ask if any one of you know the name Lt. Frank B. Smith from Virginia USA, who is assign in Kabul, Afghanistan?

        • With regard to First Lieutenant Frank B. Smith – initial contact information identifies him as US Marine Corps National Police Development in Afghanistan.

          Then, during a chat, he says that he is the Regional Director of Emergency and Trauma Services for a large health system in Afghanistan.

          Date of my first contact was March 1, 2012.

        • If you want to find out about a Military man that you are emailing with all you have to do is put the profile name or how he goes by in GOOGLE and you will read about the real one…then look at his profile…compare the ages, the name of the real one to the one the Military Profile says…the profile about ME and the real Military mans write up….because from what I understand we have no real Military men of ours on this site…
          These are all scammers…who steal their photos, whether they are living still, dead, or KIA (Killed In Action)
          the families of these real Military men do know about their sons , husbands, family members photos being used by scammers….and so do some of the Military men like the Ramos one….the most used Military Photo there is…and I cannot begin to tell you how many profiles and names of this particular Military man…is being abused…there are also videos of Military scammers …search videos of Military Scammers..you will see…it is better to spend more time searching this information out…than time spent chatting with a Military scammer..

        • I am trying to see a 1 Jose Jayden E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) in Kabul is for real. He sounds to good to be true. While he has not asked me for money and just wants to ” marry me”, has said he would take care of me and pay any debt I have, he has asked for credit card # to pay them off and put money on. Today you have to be careful. Can any one tell me if he’s real? I have tried to look him up and have found nothing.

        • Sue he is a Fraud he asked you for your Credit Card Information because he wants to steal your money they will promise you the World if they think they can get your money if you give him your credit card number he will USE it and NOT to put Money on it he will use it to buy gifts for other Women he’s trying to scam which is how he will get their Address Scammers are after ANYTHING of Value even your Identity stop talking to him do not let him know you know he is a Scammer delete and block him.

          Google Military Romance Scams Educate yourself go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and ask Many questions and read there you can share the pics hes stolen and Pigbusters can verify his Location.

          Why would he want to Marry you so fast he doesnt even know you they ALWAYS use the I Love You and want to Marry you line or they want you to request leave so they can come to you to visit you but remember ALL US Military Have access to their own Bank Accounts and will never need your help for any reason EVER.Anonn

      • I have just invented a new game that I believe will go viral…. Its called SCAM THE SCAMMER (STS).

        Ok ladies, we all know now that there’s a 99.99% chance that when a man asks for you to add him on Skype, he is a scammer.
        Then of course, he is usually white, English speaking (but can’t spell and has NEVER heard the term “going to powder my nose”, either in the army or an engineer, usually based in Africa or Mediterranean area.

        At this point, I start playing STS. I give them all false info, end every message with “my dear” and generally have a good laugh.

        Its hysterical when played with a large group of women.

        When you get bored, copy and past your transcript, preferably with their pic on my new Facebook page, then block him and remove from contacts.

        They have invaded our privacy for years…. its now time to strike back!

        Let’s see if we can jam their mailboxes, crash their servers, keep them all running to check the bank for money that will never be deposited, and try to protect other unsuspecting women from being scammed!

        Feel free to start similar projects – the more women who strike back, the better! There’s nothing to gain from this, but a good laugh.

        Have an awesome day now

        Serena in South Africa


        • will you please tell me if Master Staff Sargeant Edward haggard is who he said he is, he is supposedly based out of Camp Eggers, in Kabul, Afghanistan, he is in 3 of the pictures you have posted, yet I did not see anything about his name. He has wired money to my account and I have made some purchases for his daughter who lives in Ghana with a caretaker.?could he have been a victim? also we have been corresponding for over 2 months. he is getting out soon as this is his last mision, he has been in about 16 years. thank you

        • Please tell me if Sergeant Major Kelvin Ethan Ramos is for real. He is 48 and is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He first asked me for $350.00 to set up a telephone plug in. I told him I lived paycheck from paycheck and did ok, but no money for extras. I was told that this was true by our local recruiting office. Now he wants me to set up an account for him to put money in. Was told by my bank that was a scam. Is it. I read the one about a Ramos, but it didn’t have his full name. He’s supposed to have a 13 year old daughter in Texas. I checked his facebook page, but it had so little info that it was almost a joke. However, it did match what he said.
          PLEASE answer soon, and I sincerely appreciate what you do. It is a dirty shame that scammers do this to our military. Thank you very much.

      • I think I been scammed too by the name of Scott Nelson…

        • No these dude goes by the name jossey Nelson and wanted me send him money and buy him a cell phone. And wanted me to book him a hotel in Ghana. Since his leaving Kabul Afghanistan He is from California has a son. He supposed to be in the USA in two weeks. But being from a military family that has travel. I knew something was not clicking I’m my head. So I play inspector gadget with him. I feel bad that these sorry mother f are using our soldiers for these. Jossey Nelson is a black women in Ghana who in Facebook. My English is not the best but these people have terrible grammar And broken down English. That is what did for me. And his attitude I’m laughing because he. Thought he had me.

        • Hi i had this man by the name of Nelson Jackson, and said he was stationed in Kabul, Afganahastian. He claims to be a widow and adopted a boy from Ghana. I have pictures if it is the same guy.. Asked me to send him money, but did not do such a thing. He’s a scammer alright!

        • Did you find out if you were being scammed? Just started to someone with that name and if he is a scammer removing him now!!

      • Johnson graham or Paul Sanchez are out there scamming as well threw tagged.com
        watch out for either one of them

      • John Castillo is not a scammer. It was a misunderstanding. He is a great and wonderful person. He is not a scammer it was a mistake. please post this Thank you. A big misunderstanding not a scammer. 2/14/14 Army(not a scammer)

    • Hi,
      I am trying to post again.
      I was scamed by a bill Pendleton guy from Iraq. I can recognized the pictures here.
      The same story, single father that wants to pleasure his son with a laptop throught a “diplomat” from UK…
      Didin’t buy it. after he gets shot and after he wants to send me expensive jewlery and lots of money to take care till his out of his service.
      I want to send you the picutre. I also found him on facekook with the same email bill_pendleton@yahoo.com
      CJ please let me send you all I have.
      contact me.

      • I have a friend that served in the military and she told me about a website that offers special discounts for military families. What I found surprising was that it not only offers discounts through national companies, they had local restaurants and merchants that offered great deals, some were owned by vets. They also had news, some hilarious jokes, information for people interested in joining the military and so much more! Has anyone else seen this sight and have you gone to some of the businesses listed. Please let me know. The website is: mymilitarypages.com

      • my comment to you is just closed your account and open a new one cause chris knox but he use by name bryan auston he scam me too cause he said his son he was in the hospital and he needs to be surgery but the never start the surgery without money so i send some money to Ghana and he want me to send his son a gadget like Tablet i’m so stupid i do that but anyway i now learn my leason my Advise to you is to change or open a new account okay send me your email if you want have a nice day

      • I been talking to a person who says he sargant Jordan case scott he is suppose to have a 8 year old son staying with people in Louisville ky he done ask for money an for me to write the person in charge to let him come home please check him out it a shame he is using our soilder this way

        • hi bettie I think we are talking about the same man pleas contact we will exchange picture of him is he surpose to live in calf and his son is with the nanny

    • Does anyone know the solider in the above pics with the big green gloves on his hands??? The tagged account had his pic on the profile calling himself sgt.james harrison from rosebud tx. His wife and child was killed in a car accident about 4 yrs ago i was told… will be home from Afghanistan 6/2011 In the last week or so the profile has been deleted… but he uses james_b1950@yahoo.com for his email..His said he has a good friend in Ny goes by the name sgt. Mike Todd… does this story sound familiar to anyone… I didnt stick around long enough for him to ask me for money….. I will always wonder who is the U.S. Solider in the pic and it weighs heavy on my mind if that solider made it back home safely….I think of the family also..

      • Hi did someone know how to get CJ email I would like to send some pictures i was scam with $5000 just last week ,i have pictures and I still talk to this guy ,he does not know that I have found out ,he may want to ask for more money.
        my email silvesy@hotmail.com please help with this information

      • I was contacted by a guy claiming that he was Jeff Haggard telling me how much he loved me and all the other bull crap. I am on match.com and I’m not an idiot. I don’t believe anything anyone has to say unless I meet them and learn for myself what type of personality they have. I’ve been stringing this guy along for about a week now. I’ve been tryiing to find a way to educate women out there just incase someone can be duped by this supposed born and raised New Yorker stationed in Bagdad who doesn’t have a grasp on the english language. Hahahahaha I asked him who the custodial parent of his non existant 15 year old son was and he didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. He also ended up contacting a friend of mine telling her simular stories but with a different twist.

        Jeff Haggard sent me a picture of a man in uniform with the name of Lopez he then changed his story and said it was Jeff Haggard Lopez hmmmm…. I asked him his nationality and a week later repeated the question. He said Hispanic/Dutch the first time then told me Spanish the second time, I sent hin a hearty hahahahaha and told him the he needed to memorize his lies. I got him to send me several photos that he is using, told him it was a shame that he was ot the guy in the picture because the guy in the picture was hot hahahahahaha.

        I want to know how to post pictures here. I would like to share this most handsome guys pic that this scammer is using.

        • Hey I ve been Scamed..

          I too was on a datting site

          But lucky i realised before any money was given
          Gosh this man is good in his writting… But i know somw women may not know this or unfortunalty be a lil desparte….

          I want to warn Women…Come on we must be able to do something to stop this or at least warn others

        • The Lopez guy is atill at large – he is on Wayne website now with the name Lopez Jacques, claiming to be in french army but then sends photo with US uniform, Lopez on breast pocket. Son of 14 in US for schooling, wife died, caretaker looking after him. I also found another of his photo’s on Wayne with another variation of Lopez stating 34 yr old from USA. Then there is a 3rd photo, same guy name of Lopez Collins.
          Also cant seem to post any of the photos.

        • Ann – I think I have him now – darling and HOT photos – not smiling in any of them. Dressed in black with sunglasses with what looks like Greece in the background. Sigh…..

          I let him sweet talk me a bit – stare at the HOTTIE pics and then quiz the hell out of him. Not a smart dude!!


        • This Haggard person is also going by the yahoo account of thomashaggard70

          And gives the first half of the scenario listed in the other Haggard profile.

      • His name is Mark Pendleton, has an email of mark76110@gmail.com. I too have now been scammed and am embarrassment to my family. For that I am deeply sorry.

        • I spent over a year chatting to a scammer who called himself TONI THORNS. I didnt know he was a scammer and money was exchanged, alot of money, when i found out i was deverstated, i feel for his lovely words and strong character, more fool me…….every one told me i should get rid of him, but i was in to deep, he promised to come and take me to America, and get married, i was head over heals inlove, or at least i thought i was………i was sincere and faithful to a stranger i never even knew, but when i woke up to his games i and listened to the people that love me, i got rid of him, only to be harrassed by emails and phone calls, threats of death and abduction, i was terrified and ended up in a phyciatric hospital with a mental melt down, it took me a good year to get over it, now i find it hard to trust people, so i keep to myself and take every day as it comes, these people are evil and they have to be stopped, to many lonely woman out there are being treated like dogs by these animals, i will never go on another dating site as long as i live.

        • I have been scammed by an army man that goes by bolen fregson. but his real name is scott frefson. he said he is Syria. I lost 2500 dollars by bad checks. and he promised me the world. so be careful and do not talk to him on line. he will say his mother is sick and has a daughter in Nigeria. so could you help him by sending money western union. so she can eat. Just be careful all of you

      • To Rebecca: Maybe I had a contact with the same scammer during Dec 2012-Jan 2013. He used name “James Gordon”, age 47, origin from Texas and at the moment doing his military service in Israel. The scammer sent me about 30 photos both on duty and on holidays. I think the scammer was Nigerian, because he asked me to send money for “basic traveller’s allowance” before his travel to meet me. That request opened my eyes and I did not send anything. His email address is gordonjames007(at)yahoo.com

      • OMG yes I have talked with him a few years back. He even called me. I had even instant messaged Mike Todd. I haven’t heard a word from him in over 2 years, said he got in trouble for going awal trying to come home to the states to me and he was going to prison????? I haven’t heard from him since and got sick t my stomach when I saw his pictures here. He was very convincing that’s for sure

    • I think that someone is trying to scam me. Sgt Noell Burton. He said he loved me the second day we talked, i was ready to tell him off then and there but decided instead to investigate. Tonight I asked him what his MOS was and he said it was on his uniform and i could see it there. I also asked him where the planes landed in the desert. For fear of scammers on the site I will not post the real answer as it IS a way to see if a solider, whose overseas,is real or a scam. If you need to know he answer Facebook me.
      I agree with some of the people on here, learn you’re military insignia,MOS,and learn just what questions to ask. NEVER send money. If you want to send a care package, get an APO, if they don’t have one, it’s a scam.

      • Hello
        I was reading your comments and I think that I may – well know that I am currently neing scammed .. Afghistan and all that and rescue missions and payment from a diplomat who had his daughter kidnapped.. got the girl back and then for being so grateful he was given jewels for a thank you . So it then goes that he cannot them back to the camp as it against secirty …ect ect… this guy is Bryan Anderson … so convincing . What do you ask to see if they know where they land ?? I have been asked for money as this diplomat is supposed to deliver the package in return for $8000-USD…,,,hahahah I dont think so . I said fine – you take care of it and then contact me …so far as expected .. lots of back peddling …

        • Hi Ausree: I also was told the same story you were about sending a trunk full of gold that had been inherited for rescuing someone’s daughter. Fortunately there were too many red flags and the scammer never got $1200.

        • I have found out the scamer who were trying to scam me
          He uses the pic of the politician Doug Heckman. Terrible how many names he uses, I didnt give money for him, but he was trying to send me a “package”with 600.000 dolars from Afeghanistan.he says he is Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army and is now in Kabul, Afeganistan he will retire at the end of March, but before that, will send me a packet through the UNITED NATIONS DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE AIR CARGO and I must save it because once he retires, he is coming to meet me and pick up the package. His name is Sergeant Major Eddie Harrison, someone knows him? he STILL not asked me money, but asked for information (address, name, ID number, etc..) To send that package, I was naive, yes, but my intuition said that something wrong. A man who says love with me, who wants to marry and we have spoke just by e-mail, he says for security reasons.

          Read the e-mail from the “diplomat”who intend to deliver me a package on friday now (28th february) Maybe you have had the same e-mail.

          We are glad to inform you that we have concluded arrangement with Sergeant Eddie Harrison to deliver one consignment to your nominated house address information in Brazil. We have also confirm your address and your identification as required

          Below is our itinerary Information

          Today Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

          Middle East Airlines – Flight 571 Confirmed
          Middle East Airlines Reservation Number: D/11 FIIB Confirmed

          Depart: Kabul, International Airport, Afghanistan. LB (SDA) 11:55pm
          Arrive: Abu Dhabi International Airport Dubai, U.A.E (DXB) 02:30am

          Thursday, February 27th, 2014

          I have some packages to deliver in Dubai, U.A.E tomorrow morning which after that, i will fly immediately to London,UK. For some delivery and after my assignment in London, I will be in Brazil to deliver your package on Friday, February 28th,2014

          Please check this telephone number (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and make sure the number is correct and keep your telephone close to you, because I will be communicating with you always through E-mail and telephone communication. I hope that you will find this arrangements most suitable for you, I also look forward to your cooperation in making sure that you do not keep me waiting when i get to Brazil to deliver your consignment. The arrangement we made with your husband Sergeant Eddie Harrison is that your consignment will be delivered to you personally at your house address, but i will call you on telephone once i arrive to your International Airport to notify you of my safe arrival before coming to your house

          Please find attached my Identity card for you to know who you are expecting, thank you for your candid co-operation

          Yours faithfully
          Diplomat. Henry Brown

      • Does anyone know a really good looking guy named Barry Cox? 22 yrs in the Army, Captain, ready to get out of the service and come marry me immediately…

        • I just started talking to a “Barry Cox” describing everything you have mentioned. Something was wierd, so I decided to do some reseach on him and i was right. He’s a fake….

        • Look at the pictures of Haggard, I have been involved with a guy that is a Captain Mark Haggard, Iraq, that went to Accra, Ghana to get his son that was living with a friend. His wife was a bad woman ( she had slept around and from some of the things he said, it must have been with a friend of his) his son is now 12 years old. his name is James. His parents died in 2003 and 2008 if i remember correctly. Father was in medical field (supposedly in military) mother was a head master in a school. he was sent to boarding school, only saw family on special occasions, has sister in Canada named Vera. He claims someone has used his photos and used them in the scams. I have sent him money, the more he gets the more he wants. he owns a house in Orlando and Boston. A business in Orlando. Won’t give me an address. imagine that. He is stuck in Accra and can’t get home. He is in trouble with the military and needs to get home to get it straightened out and start his retirement. he is 57 years old.

    • I think that someone is trying to scam me. Sgt Noell Burton. He said he loved me the second day we talked, i was ready to tell him off then and there but decided instead to investigate. Tonight I asked him what his MOS was and he said it was on his uniform and i could see it there. I also asked him where the planes landed in the desert. For fear of scammers on the site I will not post the real answer as it IS a way to see if a solider, whose overseas,is real or a scam. If you need to know he answer Facebook me.
      I agree with some of the people on here, learn you’re military insignia,MOS,and learn just what questions to ask. NEVER send money. If you want to send a care package, get an APO, if they don’t have one, it’s a scam.

      • please tell me how to research sgt jordan phillips says wife died widow 2 kids us air force

        • Doesn’t exist, Chris.

        • if you find a way to look into these guys lemme know
          I have been contacted by a Patrick Jason Hasby–recon sgt in Afganistan
          wants 350 for his sons school excursion
          I told him to send me the letter from the school and then I will send the school the $
          If hes a fake its too bad as hes very handsome
          email me at tigger0859@yahoo.com

        • google this name;- darrly Jordan and see if he is the person you are looking for,beware his is a scammer

      • I have been talking to a guy online said i had to buy out his leave he claims to be coming home October 13th i have not heard from him since last Friday said he would send me flight details all i got was a booking number and that he was leaving from Tehran i want to know if he is a scam if you can help me in any way would be greatly appreciated. he told me his internet was down all weekend when i spoke to him Monday he kept stalling about sending the details I will not log onto chat he has my email he needed a place for his benefits and refused to use my account opened up one at a different bank they sent a check that i was supposed to use to bring him home well the check was fraud I hope you can help me his name is StephenMoore012@yahoo.com

    • I was just contacted on match.com by one of the guys pictured above, at least he used one of those pictures and calls himself Steve Robies. He sounded very real. His story had too many similarities to others these guys have told. Fortunately I did a google on him immediately and found this.
      Thanks so much for putting this up. I wouldn’t have sent him money, but I sure could have gotten my heart broken.
      I did the google because I KNOW there are scammers out there looking for victims.

      • when I met him he called himself Dave Robies. We started talking on June 8th He still contacts me. And he is just getting ready to ask for money. I have a surprise for him.

        • Hey Teresa i got shoked when i saw ur comment. I am talking to this guy also, since oct 6th
          He already asked me for gifts and I had sent to him…like T-shirt, underwear and cookies.
          But he didn’t ask me for money yet. but he asked me to receive a package for him with a
          valueble things…but of course i said no bcz i didn’t buy it… that was 2 days ago and we haven’t talked
          since. after that i started looking up online and i found this website, and i saw ur comment.
          what storie have him told you? plz if you want to talk more about it, email me to klaudinha_usa@yahoo.com.
          thank you

        • I have been contacted by KEVIN ROBIES who is supposedly from Kabul, Afghanistan. He says he is only child and his parents died in car crash when he was 9. He mentioned an uncle. States he lives in Tampa, FL in big house. He says he is divorced 4 years because his wife cheated on him. I did send a gift package of t-shirts, underwear and a valentine. I had been keeping track of every thing he says and asking him more and more questions, which he will ignore or change the subject. So far he has asked me for an expensive phone, camera and laptop. I found him on here and it confirmed my suspicions. I too have surprise for him so I’ve kept in touch. His email address is kevinrobies@ymail.com.

        • TERESA:

          I forgot to mention that he (HIS PICTURES ARE POSTED IN OUR DIFFERENT PLACES ON HERE!) I know what he is up to and I too have a surprise for him. Could you please email at pmweir10 @gmail.com

        • I been talking to a James Samuel Robies. interesting that his uniform has James on it rather than his last name. i asked him about it and he did not know what i was talking about. i asked him for his militiary email and he claims that he doesn’t use it because he can’t remember the password. i told him i did not want the password just his email address. i also asked for a photo with his CAC, nothing yet. his email is srobies@ymail.com.

          these scammers all have the same story, my wife died in childbirth with my only child who also died. no living family, parents died while they were children, raised by friends.

          James Robies alleges he is a SSGT, E-6, stationed in Afghanistan, 28 years of service, turning 50 this month and retiring in 5 months. wants to come home and open a jewelry store. the other person trying to scam me is Daniel Robles, allegedly serving in Tora Bora base, claims he found gold bars from Osama and jewelry, wanted to send to me to hold till he got back, but customs is holding it for 4,100 – then it dropped to 400. of course all this has to go through a diplomate cause of the high security. no phones or cams so can’t skype or talk, but he wanted me to send him a iphone and computer because his a destroyed in a terrorist attack. he proposed 2 weeks after communicating. plead undying love, yadayada yada….when i refused to send the money he rthreated to kill himself, well he still hasn’t. also claims because of high security they do not have .mil emails. his email is s_basecamp@yahoo.com.

      • ATTN to all people contacted by a man with last name ROBIES. I have been researching him and so far have found the following other names he is using: eddie_james54@yahoo, Johnsonsmith201117@yahoo, Kevinrobies@ymail.com, Dave Robies and John Palmas. I have found who has been contacted too and don’t know what to do ~ do I email these ladies? Some have phone numbers too. If you want to talk you may contact me pmweir10@gmail.com

        • Hi i was also in contact with Kevin robles. He asked for a laptop and then a blackberry..i told him i cant afford that for my kids why would i buy it for a stranger..he would send me songs and poems and told me he loved me. he then said he need to buy some candies and shirts and crap and i asked if he gets them on base..he said no i was hoping you could get them for me and send the. yeah right..told him to get lost and never heard from him again. wish i had kept his picture on him on the beach. Its really sad as we are on these dating sites hoping to find someone but damn I’m glad im a skeptic.

        • Well now he is going by Keon Robbies. Imagine that. Today he asked me if he could send me 16 gold bars his team recovered from and underground cellar in Afghanistan that they raided. He said I was the only one he trusted to keep them for him until he came home in May. WOW. I am SO glad I found this site thanks to searching tineye with his photo. This site popped right up. Now I just don’t know how long to string him along for…could be alot of fun!!! Beware ladies…he told me he loved me in just 4 days…was never online at the same time, didn’t have an APO because his mission was secret and had to use a diplomat for receiving packages or sending the gold….has an 8 bedroom condo in Fort Lauderdale…wants me to be at the airport when he gets back, but doesn’t know the exact date…parents died when he was 8 and left him lots of money, which his uncle didn’t spend. I could go on and on…what gets me is that he isn’t even smart enough to change the story….or search for the picture he is using himself!!

        • Patty,

          I have been chatting with a man who fits all the criteria for a scammer. He is going by the name of Chris Robles…large home in Miami (4 bedrooms)…born there but raised in Germany…married 14 years…after first mission in Kabul he came home to find his wife cheating on him. Now on 2nd mission to Kabul. The name Christopher Robles, when googled, pulls up a Hispanic Army officer. However, the pics this guy posted on Match.com were of a white male in a white golf shirt. However, his yahoo messenger account posts a picture of the same white male in what looks to be an army-issued green t-shirt. In less than 24 hours he asked me for my phone number so he could text pics and bluntly asked for my “full postal address.” When I told him no and explained why he said “forget about it”…and that he only wanted to surprise me. He was also very much disjointed in his conversation with me…asking lots of questions but not responding to my responses or questions…just MORE questions. BTW, he told me his birthday is April 30th but who knows. After this afternoon’s conversation, I could not longer access his account info on Match.com AND there is no longer a picture posted with his yahoo messenger account. I am worried because he knows my phone number…could anything come of that?

        • I have been in contact with a Daniel Robles. Grew up in Germany. Only child. Both parents deceased. Mom died when he was 13 dad passed away about 7 yrs ago. Divorced after 14 years. Said his ex-wife killed his only daughter (age13) in a drunk driving accident. Supposedly in army for 26 years. due to return to us end of July 2110, and retire.
          Used the name of a diplomat in accra Ghana Edward anthony. Does this sound familiar to anyone else????

        • I’m thinking that a man named Dave Roland is either one of these scammers or an undiscovered one. We chat on FB but met thru MeetMe. I’ve contacted his other 3 lady friends on FB asking if hes asked for money. I shared this site also and we’ve agreed to keep in touch on his activity as we suspect him. what gave me the idea he was not what he claims is his grammar and hes so easily confused by what we chat about. says hes only child parents dead, in Afghanistan but getting out soon. Wife cheated on him. Always say to ask him anything and very interested in my financial standing and if I live alone. I don’t but just him asking that makes me wary. has just 1 pix on FB says he lives in Colorado Springs….I just bet I’m right about him. Tells me is bd is Xmas so I’ve asked him for an address to send a card…after viewing this site if its Ghana we will have our answer

        • Just started chatting with a j j castilino says he in the army wants money….glasshorse52@gmail.com…Is he really in the army in Afghan…Thank u

      • James Haggard has a facebook page with these pics so if his uniform says haggard and his facebook says haggard would he not be haggard? Any way I have a guy from match.com using haggard photo with the blue and white dress shirt as well as two other pics from the scamwarner.com ( page 36 with the carhartt cap) site and he is going by Michael Lovely. on match.com he was Culguy11. haggard pics were used on match.com

        Michael is supposedly coming to canada this coming week if i will buy his ticket and then he pay me back because he can’t use his own money for fear of funding terrorists so he says. no web cams allowed either. he is supposedly a chief warrant officer. retiring soon after this last deployment. 15 yr old son in georgia with his mom. parents deceased, family owned a jewelry business. he sent me designs he made so he says. i have asked for more photos but he cant find them. i have written to AKO which is the military site for scammers. He is good and the military photo he sent me I can’t find yet on any site. the name does not say lovely but i can not read it either. his uniform is way outdated according to a military wife i friended on facebook. I am trying to string him along as long as I can to get more info. He says he is from Boston. He wants me to buy the ticket through an agent who uses a yahoo.com email for his business email , ya right! the company is called trakmakagency@yahoo.com and supposedly according to mr. solomon the agent they have offices in several countries, none are usa of course. head office in africa. SCAM! when i asked for proof of his agency he got hostile in his email. wants $1,500 for return ticket from kabul to canada. online it is $2,200 but military do get better rates but I am not stupid either. It is fun to have this attention but really sucks when you find out they are scammers. I will enjoy it a bit longer to get more info on him and hopefully AKO will catch him.
        I met a scammer on facebook : Paul Sapienza -designor/contractor and another one on Match.com : Mark Fuller – supposedly an engineer working on roads in africa but lives in usa. his usa address was in the middle of a field according to google earth and mapquest yet he says he lives in the city. both wanted money in the amount of $2,000 for different stories, fancy the coincidence there, lol! Scumbags.

        These crooks are not even smart crooks, thankfully for us.

        Take care and caution ladies.


      • I guess you can say I’m another victim of this scamming! People beware of a SGT. Joey Robles. He also said he loved me within the 2nd day. During a conversation, which by the way was always very short and strange sounding, he said he had just been in a bomb blast and lost his cell phone and computer at his quarters, but strange enough, when he sent pictures, there was a phone & computer sitting right there next to the bed, which by the way look like an apartment with nice curtains and doors. Also told me his birthday is this coming Sat. & what was I going to send him for his BD. I asked what he wanted and in a long list of, undershirts, boxer shorts, socks, cereal, cookies, candies, he did mention a cell phone & laptop. He even had the nerve to send me the exact website to order this Samsung Galaxy which by the way was $865, and told me I could get him the other “stuffs” at Wal-mart. Did I know of that store……..Really!!! In reading some of these scams, the same introductions about themselves was exactly what I received. Almost word for word! I started suspecting something wasn’t right and started questioning him, and the only reply I could get out of him was “Hi”, “Hello”, “How are you doing for me today”. Never answering any direct question I asked. Silence, then suddenly, he had to go to sleep. Time difference and all!!!! He was definitely the smooth talker. I wrote him and let him have it and told him, shame on you for using these guys unknowingly and taking advantage of women. Plus, using God as a sympathy tool. I wanted to jump through that computer and tear this person apart….LOL. He was coming home in 2 months but couldn’t say exactly when, had an ex that went for another man while he was away, etc. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Ladies, please beware, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, most likely it is a DUCK!!!!! The people are good, but not that good. I saw immediately things that didn’t add up. He was in the Army, but standing atop a USMC vehicle. If and when you get this, email me back and I’ll send you all the pictures he scammed me with. Once over, all he could say was Best Regards, then offline. I’m a newly widow and first time on any dating site and this is what happened to me. I’m so glad I did this research and found this site. It made me sick to think these guys are taking so much advantage of our country. I knew it was too good to be true because he told me he was 50, but the pictures of him looked more like a 20-30 year old soldier, which by the way was very handsome. It overwhelmed me that this beautiful man wanted me. PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!

        • Hi Vicki can you send me the photos of Joey Robles so I can see if it is the same guy am talking to,since October 6-2013 E.Mail me at meubonitoamor@yahoo.com

    • Scam in progress with Army Lt. Nathan Deren, stationed at Camp Victory, Iraq. he is the guy in the big green boxing gloves…this is terrible that they are using our soldiers for this scam. he asked for money for leave and the red flag came up!!! He will be surprised when he emails me again!!!! Please post this so other people will not be taken in. thank God for you and this site!

    • This mess makes me want to vomit!
      Sgt Fred Marculy is another scammer. Too much broken English and the way he spoke of deployment…LOL; was a military wife and from a family of all branches to know better. He will tell you his wife died in 911 but he is ‘over it now’…really? Over it?? WOW and has a son who is staying with his mother in law in the UK. Said we could get to know each other better talking through email….i sent him mine to see what other BS he could bring up…then reported him to yahoo and other sights as a scammer/span ass! Email he is now using is : fmarculy@live.com He is also on ‘Tagged”. Looks like Tagged already removed him than God. These are sick people. If you ask the idiots to give you an address to mail them a care package, they generally avoid answering that.

      • Fred Marculy just sent me a “meet” request on Plenty of Fish. Luckily he is dumb enough to put a name so I was able to google him and find this site.

      • Indeed Sgt Fred did the same to me…has never asked for money but wont answer questions and uses the my wife died in 9/11 story….says he is in Afghanastan. has a son who lives with mother in law in UK…I had a feeling he was not legit…as he would never add me as a friend….he found me on WAYN.com….I finally gave him my email….His letters are always brief, and overly romantic..pushing for a “real relationship” all was well till I asked a few questions, like when did you join the army? What did you do before that for work? What was his sons name? I have not heard back from him since the 21st of November I believe…I asked to add him on another email site I have…that is where the letters go from him…asked to add him on the messenger…no response..The picture is different from the one of WAYN..(I have that one also)….He deleted that WAYN account…..NOW ladies…BE ADVISED….HE is back at it on WAYN.com under walker Benson…doesnt say anything about being a soldier, etc…HOWEVER….His picture is the same picture used on Sgt Freds messenger..I have both….Also another one isPederson Watson (army of course)….so so so sad…I love our soldiers and pray and support them 100%…however…this stuff is GARBAGE!!!!!! BE CAREFUL….!:D

      • I too heard the same story from SGT Fred Marculy!! He is wanting me to help him get transit leave right now!!!

        • @ Regina this is a scam and he is a scammer NO ONE can apply for military leave but the military member and it does not have to be paid for tell this scammer to drop dead and leave you alone he is a fraud a BEGGAR a CON a Thief get the picture YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Anonn

          for support go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com for support

        • Hi All

          I have been talking to a Staff Sargeant Josey Clark who is in the Spanish Army attached to British Army,or so i thought ,we had been chatting for 6 weeks when he said his sons laptop was broken,he said he is a widow and his parents were dead.Now he has gone for the scam where he has a box to get out of afghanistan which contains loads of money, then i knwe it was a scam,but the picture i hhave of him looks like a real spanish soldier,how dare they use these brave soldiers for there dirty scams. The email i have for him is joseyclark111@hotmail.com i have checked this out and ip address is Redmond Washington.

      • I’ve already posted my story once, but I kept reading and it brought to mind the same thing regarding where I could send this care pkg. he was asking for. He even gave me the email of a “Retired Major” Christian that would make sure it got to Sgt. Joey Robles safely. This man emailed me saying that he knew Sgt. Robles very well and would be glad to take it to him. Only not to put Sgt. Joey Robles name on the pkg. Put his name on a piece of paper on the inside and he would want to know exactly the contents of the pkg. no matter how large. Customs and security and all. A name like Retired Major “Christian”, and to insist on sending it EXPRESS MAIL. Red flags were popping up all around me. I even asked for an address to write a personal letter and he wouldn’t give me one. This carrier used stupid words like “coz” and “blow”, etc. The pkg. was to go to Ghana first & he would take it there personally and took his job seriously “madame”. These boys mean the world to him and he didn’t want things mailed directly to them due to soldiers being poisoned in the past and poor Joey had managed to survive a poisoning. Duh, doesn’t our postal system check for things like that already! In just the 4 days of communicating with the “Love” interest, he did nothing but keep asking about when I’d send his “stuffs” so he could share with his mates. Thank you so much for whomever has set up this site, because I had already spent an entire day trying to google this person to find out if he was for real and couldn’t find anything about his existence at all. Thank God I never sent anything, but I did order the phone, but in the nick of time, cancelled the order. That also, he wanted rushed. They use words like “Love”, “Baby”, “I love you so much”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, “Grow Old together”, ……lol, I’m already old!!!!!!!!! They prey on vulnerable women who so want to be loved (like me) and we fall for it. No one falls in love with you that fast from just a few messages to start.

        Ladies beware……listen to your mind, not your heart. You’ll be swept away so fast your head will spin around. Look for the little things that are contradicted and make no sense and also the spelling, our soldiers are much more intelligent than that and being a Texan, we have a way of saying things and this “Joey” didn’t know what I meant when I said something about that. He also was a Texan and didn’t have a clue what slang words we use. I think the word “stuffs” is what stuck out the most with me. An intelligent soldier wouldn’t use words like that. Thanks again for whomever is responsible for trying to save women like me and you!!!!

    • Hi,
      It appears I have been scammed by someone who claims to be “Tim Lingo” and says he is a Seargant in the Marine Corps. He says he lives in Houston and has a 14 yo daughter. He said all the sweet things women like to hear. He promised marriage and happy ever after. He then proceded to ask 0me for money to help get this retirement papers processed. Stupid me, I gave in–I sent him $550.He told me he would be home by or beofre December 17th. Then all the sudden he disappeared from my friends list on Facebook and his profile disappeared too. A friend of mine suggested I look at this site–I did, and he is on here, but as “Steven Lingo”. So I looked him up on Facebook and there he was. The pictures were exactly the same. He listed his hometown to be somewhere in Mississippi and he is a widow. He says he is in the Army. When I confronted him about this he got upset and said he was hurt that I didn’t believe him. He said someone stole his pictures and that is why he took that profile down. The one his daughter had is gone too. I feel so stupid and ashamed. I had a feeling he was too good to be true, but I didn’t want to believe it. I believed he was who he said he was. It broke my heart knowing he was sweet talking other women and promising them the same things he promised me. Look out for him–he may use “Steven Lingo” and “Lingo Franky”…one of his email addressed is tim.lingo@yahoo.com

      • This Tim Lingo could he also be Captain Lingo Parke? He wanted me to send him a cell so that he could call me. Then he told me that the phone had to be bought from a military store and for me to send the money. Then he wanted me to apply for his leave but I had to pay a huge amount (which i did not send) i then got an email supposedly from his C.O or leave office telling me that if i did not pay the military would arrest me. Please tell me has anyone been scammed or is chatting to a Sgt Mateo Kelvin stationed in Kandahar Afghanistan? Please ;et me know

        • this “Lingo” person has many face book account he goes by Mark Lingo and Terry Lingo and a few others but some of his profile are deleted off of facebook….he uses the same pic on all profiles …

      • I have a question I have been talking to a
        Solider for a month . Was in the army. Planning
        To retire when he arrives to the states. He was
        Also In Afghanistan . He went Nigeria because
        His mother was caring for his son while he was
        Fighting for our country. He mentioned to me ,
        That he wants to come to the U.S. but that his
        Ticket doesn’t expire just his sons. So he wanted to
        Borrow money for only his son. It wasn’t much.
        He told me once, i am a man of my word and I won’t
        Let you down. I will pay you back every cent. I promise
        You. The question I have is can someone tell me
        If this John m fletcher really exist ?? Please
        Help find out. I don’t have a computer just a phone.
        He also told me if you didn’t have money that’s ok,
        I still wanna go home to you. Michael is his middle
        Name but on FB he used m.

        • @ Verinica no need to check him out he is a SCAMMER he is from Nigeria NOT in the US Military and he has proven he is a scammer because he has asked you for Money REAL US Military members NEVER need your money for any reason or your help IF he were real he would never beg you for money NOT even for his fake Son he has invented it would be best to cut off all contact with this scammer and go to romancescam and scamwarners leave the scammer with nothing Scammers always invent way out stories to steal your money this one is no different when you go to scamwarners you will see that many have told this lie and they ALWAYS claim it is a loan if you send them a dime they will only invent more stories.
          Ask him for his AKO and ask him for his MOS Ako should end in .mil ONLY they cannot be faked if he sends you an email that ends in .mil send an email back to him I can guarantee you it will return undeliverable .because HE IS A SCAMMER.

          Things to remember

          US Military members have access to their money at all times and they are paid very well
          US Military Members will never find a stranger on ANY social network and start to beg you for loans or any other type of assistance as I said they have access to their accounts at all times

          NEVER send money to anyone you do not know
          US Military does NOT use Western Union nor Moneygram only scammers do that
          Only scammers find strangers on dating sites or any social network pretend to be Military and find a reason to beg for money or anything of Value cut him off you have been warned hope this helps Anonn

    • Does anyone know of a staff sgt. George Kein in Aphganistan? Says he will be home in a couple months and needs me to send money to a diplomat in Ghana, who flies packages to the military. He says he has sent me a package and it is tied up in customs. Customs needs 3400.00 to clear it and send to me. Help online with him now.

      • It’s a scam!!! Run quickly!!!

        • Hi,

          I am not sure if I’m being scammed or not. This guy has not asked for a thing, even when I offered to send a care package. But he claims to live in California, cannot tell me when his mission is done and says its different because he is in SAF. The name I have is Alexander Brown and he told me he is a captain. In the 2 pics in military uniform I cannot see names – the helmet has 2 badges both with 1 on them. I am in Cda and do not know anything about the military.

          Please send me where I can submit the pics/email address to verify if this seems to be a scam.

      • Mary,

        I would so love to talk to you and compare stories.
        He is good isn’t he.. But a scammer none the less.


      • I met George Kein on Match.com last August 2011. We chatted on yahoo for about 10 days. He did not romance me or ask for anything but when I shared with him that I had recently had an on-line dating experience with a Nigerian cybercriminal, the conversation ended abruptly. I never heard from him again. The photos he sent me have shown up four other times on match.com under different user names. I have reported this to Match. I don’t know if they really do much. I came across a blog on yahoo from someone who met him last June and was scammed. If you google: Staff Sergeant George Kein, USMC, about 2 links down from this one, there is link: “calls from ——phone number. If you click on it , the blogger I mentioned will come up. I am going to try to get the photos he sent me, to CJ.

        • Hi on my first day on Match.com Kein Georgia connected me sent me pictures of him but will not show his face on web cam I had a feeling he was a scammer.

    • Unfortunately, I also contact david to someone named it haggard son has a 11 year old and his wife is the sister died in car accident by one and now he is in Syria and wants to meet after 3 to me, he will need but now for his son 5000 € he wants from me but I will give him nothing would be said to I get the money from him again and he would give me the data to send so that I can transfer him the money, and his is alleged son 11 years is and randy he is badoo road skype and email address is your david_haggard16@hotmail.com with which he has reported to me so please be careful all

    • My guy, Sgt James Massingale, was willing to settle for $100 to get a cell-phone, so that we could text while he was out on some dangerous mission and wouldn’t be able to be online. He started out asking for more than that, but when it was apparent that I didn’t have the money to buy him a computer, he was willing to settle for less…..With the amount of hours he put in to chatting and emailing, I figure he was only making about $2.00 per hour. I guess the joke is on him!

    • well i have been chatting with someone and emailing this guy we have been chatting for 8 weeks i think god sent me to this site tonight i found a guy that his picturce is on this site and i guess i am the fool and if i had the chance i would tell this guy in the photo i am sorry for someone out there using his picturce this guy in the picturce is serving out country and keeping us safe and someone is destroy his name and honor trying to scam me out of money and he kept asking me for a black berry cell well they didn’t get shit out of me i was really hoping that i found someone to love me for who i am but he not true this person is using a name gale andy his date of birth is nov 20 he try to get me to send stuff to him but cant do any of the above no job no money when i started seeing that the emails was poems and not telling me sincere thngs i started thinking really hard and i couldn’t send nothing to the base i started thinking but its over now and i will never join another web site this person is a bastard for doing this to me and others he are they will rot in hell

    • i have just stoped one on me, usaf s/s,gt kayla c snow, datehookup,com, screen name teedywantshim, she says she is from kansas city, srving in afganistan, for sure some of her wrtings were copys from others perfils ect,.as wen she wrote any thing basicly bad american english, or solo ok honey, or babe, it got very quikly of her falling in love with me, so i played along ,even asking her to mary me and come to mallorca were i live, very soon she says yes , then says she talked to her CO, and said she had a 90 day vocational leave,sent me a form to make me her fiance and next of kin, next a form from a generals ofice for money garenty back to me, thats wen i peg an past all about love scams in mesenger , reply was were did you find all that , i have some very nice fotos and i will send them in to this web site, and also some mails if it will help others. peter.

      • hi I was on date hook up.. I found one , guy in da military under the id number or name ….davidcharles007 of Greeley Co. he wants me to send him 1500.00 for airfare.. he still has parents and wants to get back to the states. he has no excuse he jus wants to meet me and to thank me for keeping him companied while hes over ther in turkey, he has sent fotos. please peter a. treen help me figure out if hes a scammer.. he submitted his leave and needs help getn back into da states,, he has no package or dead family members or any orphan children….. thanx get back w me asap…


    • I have been corresponding with a Stuart Mason Haggard who needs a new cell phone, a new or used laptop and 50 packages of boxers. They must shit their pants over there ALOT!!! He was so pissed when I offered to send ONE package of boxers, lol! And guess who’s photo I found on this site, funny thing!!! Glad I looked up the name!

    • I am in Conversation with 1 Gray Nicholas Hamilton..he claimed to be w= a widow his wife passed away from lung cancer 5 yrs ago he’s stationed in Kabul..he’s asking me to send $1000,000.00 to make a deposit toward an investment i told him up front that’s impossible. He then resorted to his son contracted Malaria and needed some $ 19,000.00 US for medical Expenses… I played his game unfortunately..I asked him for the mailing address to forward these funds now i have him fumbling He’s calming his son is in Nigeria with his Mom also..

    • can you tell me if a bright andrews based in kabul afghanistan is a scammer or is he real please


  2. Thats wonderful,
    one of the first ones said something about him studying at A and A children’s academy, WELL IT WAS THE SAME place James Rellinger went to MY, MY what a SMALL, SMALL WORLD!!!!!!

    • please say me is james rellinger swindler? help me and please give me a answer thanks deniz

  3. I have pictures of a Capt Brown Mark of US army (FT Rucker Military Base Alabama) currently stationed in Iraq.
    I will send them to you asap. The scammer seems to every detail of Capt Brown Mark if he is real. Please tell me if ever he exists.

    • I wrote to him and many others from the products by the mails, but received no response, most mail vote and the names are not faking, because they can not be found in FB

  4. Thanks again CJ, for giving us a visual for these scammers. Hopefully more women will check out this site before loosing their money as well as their hearts…

  5. My best friend is a war widow and found out a couple days ago that someone was using her husband’s photo to scam women. It has been a heart wrenching experience for her as you can imagine.

    • i have been talking to a man collinsjohn393@yhaoo.com for about 4 months i thought he was a scammer about a month into the chatting but he was not asking for anything then about a month ago he started asking for money so he can get 7 mill from the diplomat i kept putting him off then 2 days ago i ask him if he was a scammer i wanted in on it just to see if i was wasting time and he told me he was a scammer and he wants me to scam with him so ladies do what i did and make him think that you will help him scam other,s his real name YAW from ghana and he said thats how he makes a living

    • can’t there be something done about this…it is so sad to hear this…my heart goes out to her…

  6. CJ you are wonderful! Being from the UK I had no idea that Stephen Barret’s uniform didn’t match up with his supposed rank. Eerily, he has just come on line on Yahoo Messenger! Keep up the good work.

  7. ya me too!! I also have a picture, not sure who it could be. If it is needed for anything I will save it for a while.

  8. Hi CJ

    I have been scammed and would like you to post his picture for me to warn others. I also have emails/chats of how he asked for money for his business.Sadly I did fall for this scam but now want revenge! I have checked IP address and guess what he is not in Afghanistan as he told me but in Sunnyvale CA. I feel so ashamed and stupid.


    • Hi Katy.

      I have just found out that I have been scammed and I also want revenge, I tried the IP address and mine also said Sunnyvale CA. Can you let me have the name of the guy because if he is the same one then I am in contact with the Fraud squad.


      • Carol and Katy, I too have been scammed and he went by the name of SSgt George England. I have already filed all kinds of reports and sent emails as high as the Congressman and Senator from FL…I will get answers!!! His IP address was also Sunnyvale, CA. Sent them a very nasty email about going to the FBI, then a couple of days later (when I knew they had gotten the email) got 2 phone calls, one Thur and one Fri. trying to tell me that I had to come to London with my passport as proof of identity because I was listed as “next of kin” to George England! Told them I did not have the $ for a passport or plane ticket and told them to find England and have him pay for it along with sending me my $ back!!! I guess they thought I was really stupid and gonna fall for them claiming that he was all of a sudden “deceased” NOT!!!

        • please tell me how to cheeck up on his ip adress as i,m being scamed by a guy named james massingale he says he is sf specialist in the us army he asked me for 8,999usd so he could get leave for 12 weeks to spend with me in australia. please help me i have already lost 1900 $$$$$

        • I am also in contact with a man who claims to be Staff Sergeand George England in the US Army. I have pictures of him that he has sent. Email me at luzozzy.dawn@aol.com and I will send you my pictures. See if we have the same person? I just learned of this site today by chance. I have been emailing and yahoo messaging this guy since June. It would really suck to find out it is all a big joke on me! Much of what he told me is so similar to these other stories. He has been in the army all his life. He is a staff seargent. His MOS is engineering. He has been married once. She cheated on him while he was on his first tour. They have an 11 year old son named Charles which lives with his ex in Miami. He can’t video chat with me for security reasons. He can’t voice chat with me for security reasons. He is to retire next month. It goes on an on.

      • Katy please tell me how you checked up on the IP addres.


      • Regarding the guy in Sunnyvale–I was contacted by a Sgt.Jack Kennedy who claimed to be a Ranger stationed in Iraq.

    • hi how do u check ip addressess ive just found out a sgt emmy teddy cole is a scammer

    • I have been scammed I believe from someone who is telling me he is in Libya but on my yahoo favorites it says that the guy I talk to most is from Sunnyvale, Ca also. Could you tell me the name of the man who scammed you or tried to scam you? My guys name is Philip Capt. Williams Nobile..
      thank you for any help you can give me.

      • can you email me and send me a picture man, I think I am talking to him now under another name.

        • I don’t have pictures of him any longer. He demanded that I send him $700.00 and when I refused him got angry and told me he was a scammer and that he had fallen in love with me. Then he wanted me to pretend that I was a soldier and scam others. I told him to go to hell and I would report him to CJ, which I did do. I hope your guy is for real. But I suspect you’re being played.

  9. Steve, the guys in the photos are victims. The scammers are using their images – images of real Soldiers – pretending to be someone they’re not. THe purpose is to get them out there because the same photos are used by multiple scammers but also to hopefully show the victims that their names are being used. I haven’t been able to find them all.

    • können sie mir sagen ob james rellinger zu den betrügern gehört.habe viel mails und er braucht immer geld von mir. soll ich keines schicken möchte wissen ob da stimmt.habe seinen pass gescannt bei mir im net danke

    • Hi CJ,
      can you please find out if Robert Bill Haggard the real name in the picture?
      I deeply appreciate your assistance, because I think somebody is using his picture as scam
      Thank you very much,

      • I have been sent the picture of Robert Haggard by someone that says he is Frank Robles…….he did not use his picture saying it was him he was showing me this picture because he was in a meeting with him. This Frank Robles has ask me for money ….wanting $5000…..and then if I could not send that could I send $2000 and then it went down to $1000 he needs to get a box out of the country and needs the money to stamp the box….it is ashamed that these people use innocent peoples pictures to get money…….so if any one has heard of Frank Robles let me know

        • Kat,
          I had someone named Joey Robles trying to scam me. I could even see from the pictures the name Robles was on his uniform. Couldn’t see first initial but he went by Joey, not Frank. but the name Robles has been hit on google thousands of times lately. These people are fast. This soldier was really young and very good looking and it amazed me that someone like that could be interested in me. We are so vulnerable and so wanting all of this to be true, but be very careful. I searched all day to try and find this person and couldn’t. Don’t fall prey to this person. It was too easy. He had me at “Hello”……….lol……..but I said “Goodbye” within 4 days. I told him he was good, but I was not STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

      • the name robert haggard is on match.com as frank haggard email f_haggard2000@yahoo.com and i have found out the real name behind all of the scamming it is richard osei bonsu 30 yr old south african living in ghana,email beltblinks@yahoo.com also use the email name of milky mcgregor us.carrier78@hotmail.com. also use the name of allard haggard

      • hhmm what’s his name Robert Haggard or Andrew Haggard ? LOL, Anyways, this Haggard sent me an email of word for word under ? Haggard’s picture. Wanting 550 USD to be sent to his son’s care taker in Africa, by doing so he would have money to feed his son. But we all know we don’t know them, the red flag “SCAMMER’ pops up in the brain. So it seems this fellow Haggard is always changing his first name from what I have been reading.

      • I just finished chatting with a “Joseph Haggard” email address t.dpld@ymail.com pictures are shown above as Robert Haggard. He passing himself off as SSG Joseph Haggard from Bedford, Texas, stationed in Afghanistan he hasn’t asked for money, but he has asked me to send items by way of contacting retiredmajor@rocketmail.com that is a U.N diplomatic official. There are few extra pictures he is sending as well, but it is the same guy. Wow. glad I stumbled onto your web site while trying to information on this guy, the last conversation seemed disjointed and the request came out of no where (after 1 week of chatting). Thanks again.

      • https://www.facebook.com/slyvester.haggard?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab is this the guy you talking about you don’t know me but i read your comment about haggard he ask me to send him a money, but his not the only who scam me 2 weeks ago i got scam with chris knox but he goes this name Bryan Auston, a lot of name he used to be he told me that his wife she died 11 years ago and i feel sorry for his son and send him money all the way to Ghana hospital he said his son have a heart desease the other general Carter allen he ask me to send his son money too

    • Sgt. Jmes Ruddock has scammed me he got 150.00 ,Sgt. David Luis Mark tried to scam me….is the address leaveadm.usarmy@usa.com is it real i was suppose to send for my fience to come home to help me put our wedding together i just wanted to see if this was ligit but i’m not sure. I do have the documents that they sent me and pic of both men if you need them here is my e-mail crstalsbiz2@hotmail.com

      • Crustal he is going by bill ruddock now and we are to get married as soon as he get out of the Army in about 2 months.so looks like we both have been scammed he got 1000.00 for me so i am a mess now that i found this out my son checked up on this and the red flags came up all over the place so good luck. i feel so sorry for the real guy we check up on that and there is a guy by the name and pic. and i don’t think that he knows what is going on. Brenda

    • CJ –could you plz email me at tigger0859@yahoo.com and let me know if Patrick Jason Hasby is a scam
      I sure hope not

    • CJ could you please help me look up a guy…SSG James Hurd in the US Army in Kubul Afghanistan right now..I need to know if he is a real soldier…Please contact me…

      • Not real.

        • CJ,
          Please look up SSGT Glenn S. Wilson, I had been scammed! with lots of money . we had been talking for the past couple of months. he had sent me his certificate of retirement copy via email, his itinerary, made an appointment with a realtor…now he claims he is stuck in dubai on his way here in california, got caught in the winter storm, then the next thing was he is being taken as a hostage to get more money. the worse part of this is he claims “GOD” is his guidance pretty much every single time we chat or email, thinking he is very spiritual…the guy is handsome. i have not send any more money…which i should have stop earlier …but now i am out of a lot of money that i borrowed from friends who cares about me…some already warned me but i was too vulnerable and naive…i want to get back with this people who did this to all of us.
          Right now, i have not spoken to him since the threat by this “other person, that they will kill him if i do not comply with their request”
          Please kindly check this name for me…met him online and he said he is from Boston….what did not add up was his rank in the pictures sent to me was u.s. army captain but the logo sign was SSGT Glenn S Wilson. Comfronted him about that but he said he is in special under cover ops that he cannot really give me details..

          anyways, could you please help me…

        • I have not been asked to send any money but to call a number and give them security codes to have a package delivered to me (that has money he was given by the Afghan government for a job well done). I told him I cannot lie and this picture just isn’t right. Wife died of cancer 6 years ago and he needs the money for daughters surgery and so he can resign and come home, note: said he gets our 6/2013 Anyone heard of a James “Jace” Roach?

        • He’s not real

  10. The guys in the photos are innocent victims too. Their photos are being used by the scammers without their knowledge.

    • I have been contacted by several “man in uniform” and unfortunately I saw a picture here for one of them, he goes by the name of markrobben43@yahoo.com, and also sgtmarkcollins@yahoo.com is the same picture he has not asked me for any money as I have not spoken to him that much, but he did mentioned something that he needed a wife to be able to come out which I never understood anyway. Have a scammer of Kenneth Peterson working as an engineer in Nigeria and he did asked me for money and ipod lol, which I have not send and I never will. But now I am a little worried, I have been talking to someone by the name john ramos and now I am worried if he is really a man in uniform or not, his picture does not appear here and he has not asked me for any money yet, he appears in uniform, he says he is a major, but I have not asked if army or marines as I am not familiar with the uniforms and I can not see his name, he is supposed to be in afghanistan. I have others in uniform but I have not really spoken to them to know if they are scammers or not. I am sorry for the guys that the pictures they are using. I don’t trust easily so I am very careful and I will not send money to no one, but is sad that people do this kind of things. If anyone has been contacted by John Ramos, please let me know, only picture I have is the one he used in the dating site that he already deleted and the one on yahoo messenger, he really has not send me any e-mails.

      • I have been contacted by Ramos, he is now James Ramos I’m sure he is the same guy

  11. cj the pictures of james miniard are the same person who scammed me, but with family and his children, i am really shocked to see his picture again. i even have one of his mum, this is all so hurtful as i fell deeply in love with his photo, stupid i now. i will send all the pictures i have of him to you soon, is that his real name and is he involved or is he the victim like me.

    • Messege for Jane B… take heart my dear, and dont beat yourself up over the scammer that tried it out on you, a lot have been affected this way and I know how you feel and I have Real friends also that have been trying for months on end to find closure, ( incl myself ) for some its harder to let go, and accept that you were conned and even if it wasnt money the scammer had, he took a piece of you, Dont worry what others think some of us understand that it is possible to get ” hooked” by a smooth talker saying the right things at the right time, just use this as an experience in life situation, and it will teach you to be more aware and to be “switched on” to the usual “patter”! they use, and there are, lots and lots out there waiting to spring a trap for you try not to fall in again, be astute use this site as a guide line ask the appropriate questions and watch see how quick they disappear as soon as ??? are fired at them. But also beware that not all of them are ” Brain dead ” i have found of late ( right up to the last week in fact ) that some have a very good command of the ENGLISH language. both in spelling and writing, so can fool the most educated persons… because as a nation we all write text too much, and put down poor grammar as an abbreviated form of english(texT)and of course will have typing errors also to exactly that ” a typo error”
      Anyway just wanted to say JANE, that you can write to me if you so wish and i will tell you my FEW stories so you see it was more than once for me !!! so, you see, YOu havent been that silly… and I speak from experience…. Good luck Trish ( UK )

      • I think that I have been scammed also. The name he used was Col. Randy Barrera. How can I find out if he really exsits? And how can I find out his IP address? I am hoping it is not true. He sent some really nice letters. I feel like such a fool. Please if you could help me I would be appreciative. Thanking you in advance and I will be waiting for an answer from you

        • Hi Gail
          I have been emailed by Col.Randy Barrera
          Since the last week of Oct. to date.Jan 02/11
          I have known this is a scam for the past 2 weeks and I have been playing him.Yes I lost some $$$$ and Yes I was so careful not to put my guard down, Very charismatic poetry and letters,all the right things to say,
          His IP address is northeast of Wichita Kansas
          and also Redmond Washington,I checked it out.
          while he was emailing you around Christmas
          he did not email saying he was shot in the hospital,and had lost 3 friends, now a transit group is telling me I have been signed as a beneficiary/benefit funds he transferred to me at this time,
          I have been playing him.I had to put my head/heart in balance ,I still feel sick over this.To good to be true guess what its not. Please email me .I thought I was in love,and all things were answered with exact answers , I was a fool also. Deb (Can.)

        • I think I’m being scammed his email address lockleapdavis100@hotmail.com .He’s asking for lot’s of money have already gave him about 1500.00. I want to stop sending money if he is a scammer. Please find out for me. Thank You, Lolly

          talking to him delete and BLOCK and NEVER send money to anyone you dont know Anonn

      • Hi Just started chatting with fellow Stuart James. British accent he says. Polish/American. Ready to retire in 2 and half months.
        Same sole mates and destiny. 14 year old son maxwell, lost his brother-twin towers. Wife cheated. Son lives with diplomatic assistant in UK. His birthday is coming up and he asked for laptop, and Ipad. He got me to e-mail a diplmatic by the name of “dip_cwilliams@yahoo.com” Have you heard of anything like this.. He uses Stuart_james @yahoo .com. Said his accounts are frozen because he is the war zone. Have not sent anything yet. he said all pkgs have to be sent to Perry Davis Box At 1849,Mkt Achimota Accra-Ghana Mistified.

        • I was also approached from some guy going by the name of Stuart James, or James Stuart. His email address is sergeantstuart@yahoo.com. He had a fake profile on BlackPeopleMeet.com. Had a nice looking black male photo on there. He asked for my personal email and against my better judgement I sent him a message. He claimed he wanted to talk to me and after I see who he really is, he hopes I will continue to talk to him. there he posts pictures of a 50 ish man in camo’s then a blue shirt and slacks. The name on the uniform said James.

          I was initially pissed that he had a fake profile, then when I pressed for confirmation like a military email, he balked, said we were just getting to know each other. I kept searching and could find nothing on this man. Then he slips up and said his name is James and his son is Mark who is staying with his sister while he is in Pakistan. This confirms that he is stating his first name is James which would conflict against the picture with James posted on the uniform as a last name.

          He’s of course offended that I caught him on his crap. I’ve worked fraud for a major phone company and a

        • NO NO do not send. mine wanted laptop, ipad, his son for his 12th birthday. then dad wanted me to ship items to him. forget him. They are all scum of the earth.

        • Lee:
          Stay away from Stuart James as he is a scammer and a very good one. I communicated with him from mid Oct 2012 to January 2013. He used the name of Sgt in Army stationed in Afganistan Stuart Lewis James. Yes at first he seemed very legit saying the security in Army would not allow him to give an APO address and that any care packages should go through a Diplomat by the name of Stephen Clark. I was sent many photos by him some with military uniforms on and eventually got curious. Yes i sent him a care package thinking it was the right thing to do since he said he never had one in the 6 yrs he was stationed in Afganistan. He also had aa person named Darlene Meyer in Virginia take delivery by his suggestion to send the care packages to him to be picked up in Ghanna Africa for him by Mr. Clark. Yes I was told a tariff of $400 was due on the packages by Mr. Clark.I did not fall for that and supposedly the packages got to Sgt. James. Later he indicated he had a package with gold certificaates and a lot of money he wanted to send to me for safekeeping until he retired from the Army in May this year. I checked with the local Army Reserve Unit and found out all of the photos and things these 3 people herein names was a scam. Was told by the locl army Reaserve unit to check the Military Times for an update on the Military Romance Scam. There is more, but it is too embarassing to reveal here. Your scenario and some of the others sound like the Stuart Lewis James who was scamming me. Now the FBI have him to seek. Hope he enjoys a lot of time in prision who he is found as he sure earned it.Do not beat yourself up for not realizing you were being scammed…they are very good at what they do and there are at least 3 of them workingtogether on this scam one of which is supposedly the wife of Stephen Clark who is in one of the pictures in this site.ou may email me back for further details if you wish. Watch your back.

    • what is CJ’s email address so I can send the ones of Tommy Barrera just incase any of you get the same picture.

      • hello! Was scammed by this Tommy Barrera but he was going by the name Mark James when I was scammed by him….looked him up on Facebook and found out what he was really all about!

        • Just a few months ago, an USAA Fraud Investigator informed me that I, along with 14 other women were scammed in a group ring out of Ghana, I believe. The scammers had many, many pictures of the SAME MAN in military khakis and civilian clothing and at various ages. His last name is definitely JAMES as this can be seen on his uniform shirt. If, this Army Master Sargent is not aware his pictures were stolen; then he needs to be told. The Fraud Investigator said many of we scammed women (and scattered all over the US) gave her similar stories regarding the same active duty Army Master Sargent. He contacted me in May, 2011. I have lost about $60,000.00; well that is not true because I did not have that money to lose in the first place! I am being forced into filing for bankruptcy. I would really like to talk to any of the other women that might have been scammed by this group. Their English was excellent; grammar and punctuation; Had very good knowledge of various issues; this was not a simple easy-to-figure-out scam; it was very involved and complex.. He was supposed to have been in Iraq and would be retiring after 27 years upon return to Ft. Benning, GA; he was also supposed to have been a widower. The complete set of pictures if have of the SAME MAN continue to haunt me and i would hope someone/somewhere would have been able to let this person know about is stolen pictures…thank you…I can be reached at ellen.papp@yahoo.com

      • Hi i just found your web site I have been writing to this guy who claims to be a seargent in the usa army I am in Ireland and i know nothing about the usa army but going down through your site the first email I got was the same as one you printed he says he is bagdad and he is an sg something first class his name is Raymond Ramos I think he is part of this scam

        • Hi Suasn, I was just scammed by someone going by Michael C Ramos, if he sent you pictures in uniform with Ramos on it , it’s probably the same scammer. Send me his picture, or I can send you mine to compare. kandrar@msn.com

        • I am talking to a guy who says his name is anthony ramos, sent me pics of him. Had ramos on military clothes out of baghdad said he was retiring where can I send you a pic of him

  12. Hello CJ. well had a quick look at the site again and thought this was great putting up these photos of the Real guys ( who are also being scammed of their identities) you had one up there( a set of 4 actually ) of RUDDOCK I have some others of him still on file do you want that i send them to you.And is there any chance you could put up the ones of the Guy I was looking for ( they are up on another archive site here ,but not under this latest heading, so have probably been lost in the system somewhere I Refer to the person Jakson Adams impersonated for approx 6months with me. soldier DAGNER do you wish for me to send those as well to you. I also have a few pics of the infamous PHILIP/JEFF/JAMES MILLER are but a few of the alias he uses for this poor soul but he can be found on U Tube under the name of Philip Miller thanks hope to hear from you Trish( this is worth one last shot, I do but try !!!)

    • Patricia, I am corresponding with a Jude Ruddock at the moment and I am suspecting that he is a scammer. Can you mail me the photos you have of Ruddock, please.

      • Hi Suzette, i have recently been scammed luckily for only £250 before i realised what was happening and managed to play the scammer at his own game. Typical story widow.. even spoke to him in Afghan lol and his supposed nanny for his son in London. The name used was Capt Patrick Osborne. Has anyone heard of this name? Have several photos of the men used. What does IP address mean. Would just love to know if the man/men used in photo are still alive. Thanks

      • Hi Suzette..this man you are in contact with also goes by the name Maurice Ruddock…I am sorry I delete his pics now.. The pic I had of him is the one of him standing with the army men behind him…He gave me a email.account…commander -maurice @hotmail.com..he wanted me to send him 3500 dollars for a package to Canada where i live..but I did not do that so he took me of his contact on Oct 16 …told me he loved me and going to marry me when he got here…he also said his wife left him for another man and he is raising his daughter by himself

      • I have been contacted by person whos picture is James Ruddock and says his name is Kenneth Cole. His user name on Be2 dating web site is Stars778. He says E6 sgt in Afghanistan with 9 weeks left to go..Email address is kenneth.cole99@live.com. Good luck

      • he is going by bill ruddock now and we are to get married when he get out.boy this guy is real good. but my son was looking out for me and he check up on him. he is real but the guy we are talking to is not the real ruddock drop me a line if you want to and i will let you know what he tells me. i feel bad for the real ruddock i don’t think he knows what is going on with his profile. brenda

  13. Has anyone come across a William L. Spalding?

    • I have and he scammed me out of a lot of money.

    • Hi tammy
      I have been dealing with person I really would like to talk to you if you could please get hold of me. this man is a lier and he is a scam he has taken alot of money from me. please get hold of me as soon you can thank you


      • Hi Marina,
        I am sorry to hear these things but I have been dealing with this man as well and I also send him money. And he told me he was sick and he needed money to help him for medication for him and a family member. I have send so far a total of $2500.00. And yes I send it by western union as you did. And I am still waiting for him to come home and nothing. And he also told me his name was William L.Spalding and now I feel like a fool in believing in him. So yes I also had to file a report with my police dept out here in my state. And I also found out that he don’t live in CA. And I found this out because of people who I paid to do a investigation on him and they showed me the real William L. Spalding how he really looks like. I called Washington to the main offices of the Military and they told me that they have a William L.Spalding but it didn’t match with the picture I had of this man. So you see I have been played as you were. So anyone who reads this don’t be fool by this man.

      • Hi Marina,
        I’m sorry to hear what has happen to you with this man named William Spalding I have been dealing with this man as well and I also send him money. I send him $2500.00 and also did it by western union. He told me he need money for medical services. And he also didn’t have money to get back home. And he would pay me ones he got home here to U.S.A. I found out that the picture I have of him don’t match with the picture they have on file, and the only reason I know this because I had to pay for investigation to be done. So I feel like a fool. So all who read this I can tell anyone who comes cross this person don’t believe what he has to say.

        • This man who is called William L. Spalding who you been dealing with is a scammer and he also works in group of other man who doing this for a very long time and there very well know in London for scamming women out here in the U.S. I really sorry for being played the way they did with you the also used the email or yahoo.com and there under the email of willyspalding yahoo. com or willyspalding.aol and he also asked me for money, and telling me that he was now in London and his son had passed away and he need money to come home and its been now for over 2 years and he still has not come home. He had told me that he was in military and he was sick and he need money for his son at that time they were in Holland but he wanted the money to be send under other people names. and they would send it to him and then he would go to London and now he is in London and he still stay in touch with me and keeps

      • hello marina
        i have been scammed. he send me the same pictures i saw on this site and the picture of the same child
        can you please help me i mean direct me for what to do , i have been sending money by western union in Ghana for the son.plz help me Thanks

        • Blanca there is NO sick son the scammer lives in Ghana the money you sent was for him so now you cut off all communication and block and delete this lying beggar and check your security settings on your computer go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com for support sorry you lost money but he is a Liar if he were military he would have no need for your money and please NEVER send money to people you dont know or never seen before for any reason.Anonn

        • Blanca the first thing you need to do is to call your police department and make a report then notify the fraud department at your post office, also make a report to the place where you sent the money from they will have a fraud department. You also need to notify the site that you meet this person on and make a report.

          I’m a victim of someone claiming to be John Haggard.

  14. Thanks patrica for you kind words you sound like you really understand how i feel,its nice to now i am not alone. How do i ever trust people again,i now the dating sites are full of scammers i have meet many since my experience, and can tell them straight away. so i am a lot more streetwise now and will not be fooled again. i would love to write to you ,i think it would help me a lot, am not sure if i should leave my email or not on here.

    • Hi JaneB… write to me trishwills60@hotmail.co.uk dont worry about leaving your email I am not sure but check by all means that ” outsiders” cant see the email addresses but I might be wrong. ( do please check before you leave yours ) Me i dont give a damn who has mine! I have written it in bloggs here many times, you can check with cj to see if i am legit. he knows I am OK. and you can check the email adress as well he has 2 of mine, Bye for now Trish. (and yes we can compare stories!)

  15. Good news everyone, I have just talked to the real soldier that pictures where stolen. I knew him as Tom Curtis. His last name is not Curtis.

    • can you tell me how you managed to contact the real soldier as i would love to bring to the attention of the real Mark Ehresman (if that is him in the photo) that his photo is being used in this scam.

      • I searched facebook and myspace until I came across the real soldiers site. I am trying to find out who this Mark Ehresman is for you. So far all I have found is the facebook site the scammer setup.

        • Hi JJ, Could you try and find the real Ivan Nobile as well or tell me how to find him. I also have extra photos that is not on this website, maybe I should send that in for the website as well.

        • WOW, JJ can you do that for me too? I have been looking for “my soldier” for about a month now, and still no luck…I am sending pictures of him this evening to CJ for them to be posted out here. My scammer went by the name of SSgt George England. I have already checked with the military and “George England” is a retired Army officer, so his first name is not “George”. His email addresses that he used are georicklove1@yahoo.com and georicklove1@live.com. If you could find him I would be very grateful!!!

        • Forgot to tell you, his name “England” is on his uniform, also on his right shoulder is a patch of the “screaming eagles”, they are based out of Ft Campbell, KY

        • you know, if I could remember everything I want to put here in the comments,I would not have had to do this 3 times…lol. He contacted me through SingleParentMeet.com.

        • Hi JJ I am in Australia and have been truely scammed. His name is “Sgt Jeff Preston” but has call name of Jeff Hewitt. The lead email was exactly the same as Robert Haggard except a slight change in DOB to 9/11/60, all other email info the same. rank etc. Supposidly in Iraq and discharged 22nd June Had a package with large amount of money to be delivered to me via a diplomatic envoy by the name of NEWTON AMMED
          It would appear from the photos and DVD sent that this Jeff Preston does exist but it is not the man I have been chatting to for the past 10 weeks. I have been badly scammed and lost a lot of money
          I would like the real Jeff Preston to be aware of this somehow

      • Hi Jane
        I,too, have been talking to the notorious mark ehresman. I just kicked his butt to the curb tonight. I don’t know if the name is made up or not. If you want to compare notes you can get my email address from CJ. They are reading this site also. Good Luck

        • Hi Donna

          Have you had any luck tracing the real Steven Barrett yet? Email me.

        • Hi Donna, when the so called Mark realised you had sussed him out did he turn nasty towards you? I too confronted him when i found out and since then have had nasty and threatening messages from him. I have tried to delete him but every now and then i get these messages.

    • I would like to talk to that soldier by the name Tom Curtis,I’m in conversation with someone who is using that name. He started using the email tomcurtis69@yahoo.com,then he changed it to captomhiltoncurtis@yahoo.com now.He is in Kabul Afghanistan and about to come visit me here in USA but I need to fill the leave request and pay all the expenses for him,because in the military,soldiers don’t have access to their account until their deployment.I thought that was strange and I saw the video at CNN.I would like to talk to him.I also have the pictures with the snakes and everything.Thanks again

      • Wow, this is crazy! I have been married to a soldier who had deployed 4 times and he has NEVER needed money to come home, call home, or send anything home ever. I guarantee that if a soldier needs money for somethig like thate he is not a soldier. Most of the guys over there want care packages with chips, and candy. I hate that any woman is betrayed like this.

        • HI i read you mail and i have a queStion,i been talking to a sargente name T.W.B. i dont want to make his name public becuse i dont know if his one of then,he sin very sincier,but here we go he wants me to asked for him and i send a letter to his commander,and ater few minutes got a responde back telling me :that i need to pay a fee of 3,500,o00 dolares for his vacacional leave.i have not send no money cours i dont have it.what do you think and what shoot i look for.thank you and excuse my spelling.

      • hey leonie… ive got the same pics as u have but i knew him by james harrison from rosebud tx….. james_b1950@yahoo.com he had an account on tagged that was recently deleted…. ws in afghanistand and be coming home 06/2011 i would love to know who the true us solider is in the pics..

    • Hello there could you tell me how you found out the real soldier in the pictures that were stolen. I have been sent a picture so someone and an trying to figure out who it could be. I would appreciate any help you could give me, he went by the namd Gary Jonh, I would like this persion aware that his picture is also being used on msn messenger.

    • Hi JJ
      How did you go about finding him? Did he know his pics had been stolen?

    • I have also written to him, but got no response.

    • Can someone tell me how to really locate Sgt Marthin B. Allen who is located in Kandahar AfghanstanTHE REAL GUY

      • He’s not.

  16. I bet he ( general odierno) can spell a whole lot better also. Very funny CJ.

  17. i have just had contact from ooowa wait for it JEFF MILLER!!, funny tho bcuz i have VERY GOOD INTUITION :-) and have caught him out in a matter of 2days! not that i would give ANY MAN MONEY! so to all you women out there, WE WERE ALL BORN WITH INTUITION so USE IT, if something doesnt FEEL RIGHT it usually ISANT!

    • well he uses harston miller now so be aware of that

  18. This is getting more insane as time goes on, using soldiers identities that have passed away and tormenting the families, i am saddened to the point of having tears. and soooo angry.
    CJ and all the rest, you guys are AMAZING, PERIOD.

  19. I am an Aussie I was on oasis active when they contacted. thats a dating site. I was chatting to a man who called himself Thomas edwards, supposedly from a sgt in iraq with the E-6.. he said from New Jersey he had two boys, his wife died 5 years ago in a car accident with her drunken friends also. He said he now lived in Florida and the kids were minded by a care taker/sitter. 15 adn 12 years old. when I questioned him about scamming he reared up and got a bit angry. calmed him down. I have just ended up deleting and blocking him from any messages. he was on yahoo and messenger , sent photos too. he used the email. thomas_franknelly@hotmail.com or yahoo.com I hate these guys. I was not looking for true love, just a chat and a friend. they drive me insane. I have another one too. Hi name is meant to be john wilinton a major in iraq. but once I saw the photos I enlarged them and the cloth name tag on this guys shirt was shankovich or shakkovich. I queried him and he said he had swapped in the bar the shirt with his mate as a joke and then went out and posed for the photo. He did not know what an AKO was said ..do you mean my gun… (obviously aka he was talking about) I said no unless your gun can send emails. he then got angry. he told me only immediate family can have the ako. He was indignant with the questions I asked. his chat and spelling getting irregular by the moment. When he first contacted typing had no errors and he was really eloquent in speech. 2-3 days after it was basic. I asked why he had put his son in an NGO as he called it in god forsaken Ghana. did not go down to well. This Aussie girl can be a bit grrr when needs too. The photos of the man supplied are with his son and pals etc,his 4wd and so forth quite real like. I jut hope it not the real major… but I have serious doubt. because the insignia for a major is not only two stripes. his email is johnwilinton@yahoo.com or hotmail dot com. he is on oasis as john 8766 I think.

    just thought someone should know, even if its to help others.

    Regards Shona.

    • Shona I am from Australia too. If you would like a chat about all this feel free to email me : machook7@optusnet.com.au

    • Hi Shona, from aussie myself have just been in contact with john wilinton he has now added shandovich to his last name. thanks heaps for the heads up

      what a work of art.


    • l am aussie girl to contacted on oasis site by general commander no such thing had a son in ghana at school 11 years old wanted money son had run out he had none where he was , like yeh right we maybe from down under but we are dumb he was richard len sir_richard20@hotmail.com. harrassed with many emails declaring love and be together until the end of time ? now l sent no money spelling and grammar poor and doesnt have time to talk has field training , l am be dateless but not that desperate lol
      cheers glenys

      • is there anyway of reporting these scammers to the us miltitary they are using photos of real soldiers

        • Hi i have had a guy talking t me for a few days and then bam he asked me to send money to Canada!!! He is using the name Joseph Larry Lingo or just Joseph Larry, ladies i am in Australia as well and this really needs to stop hey, they are playing with the men and women of the military, taking there pic’s and using them is disgusting. He found me on Oasis.com.au so ladies look out………………….

    • he has scammed me for a lot of money and i think he is going to try to scam me again i am glad i read this he told me his son was in a boarding school in Ghana but what i dont understand i wanted to talk to his son and i did his son sounds like a real American did you ever speak to john on the phone i did

    • I to have been scammed by this same person but it was May this year
      I am in Australia and was caught big time. How does one deal with tihs

  20. hi cj that should of read johnwilinton45@yahoo.com and hotmail.com

    Have now deleted all trace of them from p.c. etc. I do have photos of the soldiers if you want me to submit them. dont know how to send them to you.

    regards shona

  21. Have found the email to send them to you CJ and have sent them today. I hope they get there.


  22. Hi CJ,
    I am so happy that I came across with this website and I found through Google. Now to the point, I have been communicating with an individual that claims to be an Army soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I have all of his emails, chats and pictures please tell me how to send them to you so that I can find out if he is been a scamer or not. The reason I want to find out the thruth is becase he informed me that in order for him to call me I have to pay $500.00 USD which to me it sounds odd plus today in our chat he asked me for $100.00 USD for the reason that he have some bills to pay, which to me it does not make any sense at all. Please find out about him, his name is Sfc James Thompson Ramos. I will greatly appreciate it so thank you in advance for any help that you can give me.

    • Hi Laura i have also been asked to send 500usd to speak with a so called major on deployment in Afghanistan to speak with him using vsat telecommunications,of course i said no,so now he has tried to get 500usd from me for his leave to come and meet me here in Australia,again i said no as i have done some checking.Has anyone heard of a Ash Donavon in there travels,i cant find anything on him.

      • Hi Kaye, I am happy that you got wise on him is just a shame of the extrem these scammers go through just to reach into our pockets.

  23. PS: My offer to Shona also applies to anyone else who has been caught up in this scam.

  24. I have been a complete plonker, talking to Mark Ehresman or at least i thought i was, can’t believe i very nearly fell for this scam but must admit always had my suspicions as he did come on a bit strong, and especially when he asked me to order him a satalite phone for him from a military sight, thankfully i didn’t.
    Can you please tell me is the photo of a genuine soldier that isn’t aware what it is being used for as not quite sure.
    I was contacted by this so called person on the mate 1 dating site and not sure if he was on their as a genuine person and then the details used by others in this scam.
    thanks. Jane

    • Jane b
      The pic is not the major mark ehresman who has been trying to scam us. I am still in contact with him and I know of four other woman who he is in contact with at this moment. he is a liar a thief and a dumb ass. His daughter Rose ia also a fake. His ip tracks back to Nigeria. I also met him on mate1
      tell him to take a hike. he is only trying to scam you.

      • thanks Donna,
        I’m pretty sure this so called major ehresman wont be contacting me again after our last conversation!!!!
        How do i find out who the guy is in the photo , i think he should know his picture is being used in this scam.

        Do these scammers set the details up on the dating sits.

        • I am also wondering how to contact these soldiers in the pictures to inform them that someone is using their identities. Most of the pictures of the man I was chatting with do not have a name on his uniform that is visible, but his friend’s uniforms have visible names. Can they be found and told? to inform the soldier that is being used? I feel terrible, that this is happening to our brave men in uniform. I would be sick and outraged to find this out.

  25. Jane, The photos are of REAL soldiers but the scammers are using the photos and pretending to be them.

    • hi i cant believe all these stories i am hearing!!! Im a aussie girl and im talking to a soldier in kabul…so far he has not asked for money etc but i am suspicous…how can i find out if this guy is real??????

      • hi sharon, u know what ive meet sgt kennedy macmahon milliard from kabul afghanistan in facebook,and i dont know too if his a scammer,he always send mesge in my acnt.he told me to regster to the usmarine so that we can talk in telephone but i did not do it,i hope this man is what you mean,il show you the pic of him

        • That name sounds familiar. “Kennedy McMahon Milliard” asked my daughter many times for money. Once was when he wanted to come visit her at Christmas. He had been granted leave, he claimed. All she had to do was send him money to “pay my superior for the leave so I can come to meet you, my love”. Pure @#$%!!! Careful, ladies. Don’t let loneliness, heartbreak and frustration lead you to making foolish choices. Clearly there are alot of scammers out there ready and willing to take advantage and take your money at the same time.

      • hi sharron, i lost my real wondrful hubby over a year now, i meet a guy who said he was from affganistaine but he has scamed me out of money .he said he loved me & wanted to come & meet me in aussie but he wanted more money sent for his leave papers so he satd. he wanted 8,999 usd sent to him what a big scam he was that i had fallen for … GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN B4 U GET THE BIG LIES & SCAM DONE TO U OK GOOD LUCK

      • Hi Wow I’m glad I found this site I have had contact from Jeff Hewitt can’t see the photo here. Someone else has too. Something was a bit off so I researched. Apparently articulate man in the long letters sent the next day with some English anomolies not right for a soldier. At first I put it down to mis spelling, then details I had said were forgotton, then the name Beauty which is generic and then ‘Dear’ got me. Then firing questions from a list at me to build up what I was looking for, it is analysed by the next day and another letter sent. This has only gone on for three days thank God. Watch for spellos and serious grammatical errors, also tried to get me to talk dirty which really offended me. Simple formula ask questions and give the right answer to mirror what you say. I began to think this guy was a stalker psycho and so searched. Even had shots of his ‘kids’ Funny thing is the photo matched another profile on RSVP. How inconvenienced that they cannot contact us..that stirred up my ire straight away and why choose me when I am in a country town. The pat response bothered me too ‘because you caught my eyes.’ About three or four people do the responding. Go Girls.

        • Hi Edwina
          I too have been approached by this guy Jeff Hewitt on RSVP. I couldnt get over how he had his children posted up as well unbelievable what these guys will do.I also picked up on the language as being inconsistent with the Sargeant title he gave himself.I hope no one falls for his suave but very bad english grammar.Thanks for the post Edwina.

  26. My, my it seems like all of them ask for the same thing, mine had asked for $500.00 for him to be able to get a sattelite phone in order to be able to call me of course I said no. Then he got the nerve to ask me for $100.00 for him to be able to pay some bills once again I said no and besides what kind of bill is there to pay in the middle of the desert is not like there’s a Walmart close to them. I am so livid for it is not fair for the soldiers or for them to prey on women. Ladies we do need to be cautious and not allow for this jerks fill our beautiful heads with trash, I know that been alone or lonely is hard for I am single so I know what is like not to have some one to talk to but at the same time I much rather continue been alone before one of those jerks tries to take me for a free ride. Yes I am angry at this whole situation and please forgive me if I offended any one.

    • laura what was the name of the soldier who asked for money for a satellite phone?

    • i have been commuting with a guy who calls himself Col Milton Robert Clark, who also told me he wanted to hear my voice on the ph. so he asked me to put in a request through his army dept for approval, but i had to pay for subscriptopn. $380 USD. I didn’t havew the money so i said maybe i can borrow it i don’t know. and each day we chatted he kept asking me when i was going to send the money. Then i was not well for a few days and my nephew mailed him to tell hi, he didn’t beleive him. well the story is he wanted to come to australia to marry me. like that would ever happen i am 76 he is 54. how stupid do they think people are. He got very nast via chat. i completely got right out of imesh . he may be genuine i don’t know but i wont take the asbuse he threw at me. be careful ladies. He told me when he first chatted with me 3weeks afgo he had lost the love of his life and missed her badly that was his wife who supposedly died 7yrs ago.comments please

      • Edna this is a SCAMMER you do not have to email anyone to talk to REAL US Military members they can contact their loved ones for free he got upset because you didnt fall for his bullshit he is a lying beggar plain and simple thats why he kept asking when you would send the money he is an African the money was for him if he wanted to hear your voice Im sure he has a Mobile as they call it so NO he is not real

        REAL US Military Members will NOT need your money for ANY reason they have access to their own money at ALL times

        Only a scammer will find you on a social site claim to be military and then invent a reason to beg or to get money from you thats what scammers do they are a lazy pile of shit with no hope of doing anything better they blame everyone but themselves for their problems they claim that US Citizens owe them for enslaving them none of those assholes have ever been slaves and they sold their own people into slavery and they owned slaves themselves

        Long story short these West Africans will scam and beg eachother as well as anyone including their own Mother for the promise of money.

  27. I have been victim of JOHN PALMAS Scam, after signing at http://www.Jdate.com a couple of months ago, JOHN contact me and after a couple of days, he started sending me Poems, lovely emails, in may 2nd, he asked me to mail to his friend MARK RIDINGS in California a NOKIA 6700 Cell phone in order to be able to contact me directly. I mailed it on the 5/12 by Fedex, the package has never been delivered to the address provided, but yesterday at 8:30 PM the package has been picked up at the Fedex store. I am completely in shock seeing his photos today, and I just want to say to those low life creatures that I AM REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR BEING MYSELF AND NOT LIVING IN THE HELL LIKE THEY ARE, THEIR SOUL ARE SO DARK AND WHAT IT HAS TO COME TO THEM WILL COME SOON OR LATER. I just want to ask those stupid people to stop using the GOD’S WORDS IN VAIN AND GET A LIFE. I will submit other photos I got, the address provided and the emails are jp_00@inorbit.com and mridings1965@yahoo.com

    • Hi Monica
      Yes he also contacted me.
      In one of our last chats when I was just going to send a email telling him that I could not go on with “that relationship” that I had to trust my six sense and that if we were meant to be when he was home we’ll meet and see in our eyes if everything was real (it was to fast and it was like very suspicious that he was like saying “I love you” just in one month)…I went again to the internet to check his name and finally found something about him, when Jana posted his name on this site and saw all this scams.
      He never asked me for nothing not even when I told him I wanted to hear his voice, He just told me he was going to buy it on the net and tell a college that was going were he was to take it to him.
      When I found out about this I send the pics to CJ. The day after he contacted me after two days of chat silence telling me he had hard time because one of the servers went down but was ok now I gave him my letter and just told me that please don’t tell him that not a good time he was thru a lot of problems, etc, etc. but then never contacted me again.
      I saw in his skype account that he has put a kids photo …. Hope no one else gets scammed by him.
      The problem is that the photos this scammer is using does not have a name tag so the real guy can be contacted so he can see that his photos are being used.
      Don’t worry Monica, they have to pay one way or another…all falls apart sooner or later.

      • has anyone heard of mike gales? a us army seargent in iraq. i have been ask to buy books from amazon for him, and have them sent to an apo address, with someone elses name.he will send me the money with western un ion. but he says he will want 10-12 books. all about asn.1 complete, and some about how to make millions in the stock market.he is willing to send the money first. sounds like a scam, just not sure the angle.can anyone help me withthis??

        • well, if it is an APO adress then it most likely goes overseas to a military station, BUT, he has internet access… so why wont he buy them himself. Sounds too suspicious

        • That may actually be legit. Amazon.com won’t ship certain things to APOs (my husband would have me ship it to our house then to him). If you’re sending it to an APO, it probably is getting to a military member. However, I would take the money first, and if it’s western union, that should be fine. I wouldn’t accept a check.

        • I just met Mike Gales (US Sgt.Major in Kabul)and we’ve been emailing a few times. He favored me on match.com Before going any further, I wanted to check him out. Couldn’t find him anywhere on internet except here. So I am VERY suspicious that he may not be legit.Claimed to have been hit in the leg this week by grenade.

        • I do know of him , he is a friend of mine we met on dating site long ago.. his a nice army man .. he never had asked money from me , and told me most things about his life .. And told me his engaged .. And told me about his leg , he was hit ..

        • Well, “Janet Quensie”, it’s interesting that you don’t have the best capacity to write in English, etiher, just like “Mike Gales”. I couldn’t find you on Google either. I think everyone needs to be super cautious because the scammers could be here scamming to save their reputations. In any case, if he says “his” engaged, then why is he still actively looking for women on dating sites? That’s a loser in my books.

        • Well am not trying to in a way saving his reputation. cause when we met on dating site.. he was only looking for friends, that’s what he said to me .. just that about him..
          he is a good friend of mine .
          and i believe in him ..
          as he ever asked money from you in any way .
          be honest Mary G..?
          If not why you passing judgment to someone like that.
          you should have your research done before passing false judgment ok.

        • Check the first message about “Mike Gales”. He says to one he is i Iraq, to me he’s in Kabul. He’s asked someone already to buy and send things. I didn’t wait that long before looking into it. He did not ask to be just “friends” with me. Maybe you talked to the “real” Mike Gales, but I will find out if he exists and who is really is and not just from the internet. People who are predators are the lowest of the low. How come you suddenly on this sight supporting only one person? How did you find out his name was associated with this particular site?

        • Sgt Major, Mike Gales in Kabul Afganastan is a con artist ~ I have six pictures for this website and letters.

        • From: lovingsoul009@aol.com
          Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 10:32:40 -0400

          Good Day love,
          I am very sorry i am just having to write you .. i was so into trying to get my self out of here and also work on the document that was all around, so i did not have time to come online to talk to you course of this.. I am glad to say i have been able to get most of the documents filed out .. I also was able to talk to my superior about my leave and there seems to be a way which i can get to have my leave. I would like us to talk online via the messenger so i can explain things to you and we can work on seeing how i can be out of here and we can both be together.. as i really miss you and want you so much in my world..

          USA ARMY

          Sgt Major. Mike Gales

          From: lovingsoul009@aol.com
          Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 20:06:21 -0400

          Hello sweetie.
          I am sorry i am just getting the chance to mail you.The thing is based on resent happenings we’ve been a little short on hands out here and so many of us whom are due retiring are being told that we would have to spend the rest of our service out here. This i sure am going crazy about cos God knows i don’t intend on spending more than a month more out here. I am right now trying to check out alternatives on how i can get my ass out of here. cos things are getting much worse out here as it goes..
          General David Petraeus the new commander sent in by Obama is sure making this though and tight out here for us alittle.I really wish these crazy politicians would have a feel of what its like out here then they would not go around making silly statements about US military withdrawing from Afghanistan,Iraq by mid-next year.

          You are my world and i hope you know that i am so ready to spend the rest of my world with you .. You bring joy in my world every time i read a mail from you .. the thought of having you in my arms so binds me in joy that i am short of words in how i wish to express my feelings for you right now.
          I might not be able to come online for a day more but after that i promise to get online more often as i can.. and i sure want you to always keep me up to date on how things are going with you .cos your mail carries me through.. i print out your mails to me so i can carry them around with me some times just so i can read them again over and over again.. You one thing sustaining me out here and i don’t think i could have asked for a better love than you .. you my soul mate and my heart beat so please don’t you break my heart cos i would never in anyway think of hurting you..
          I LOVE YOU
          I LOVE YOU
          I LOVE YOU
          If I could have just one wish right now,I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine…Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.The words in your mails comes to me in sweet honesty and truth.I think of you each morning,And dream of you each night,I think of you being rapped in my arms and gently kissed with whisper of sweet loving words from me to you.

          I can not but wait and pray that GOD grants us that day for us to meet so i can express this feeling i got inside me for and you can do same.

          I await hearing from you my dearest heart beat.

          USA ARMY

          Sgt Major. Mike Gales

        • ivy dont send anything to him he is scamming you just like my guy did to me please stop now

  28. please can any one help me and answer my question. i have been scammed already so am very wary and need help. i have met a doctor from the states in afghanistan on a dating site, he has never asked for anything of me. i wanted to send him a card for his birthday but he said i am not allowed to is this true, he mails me every day and phoned me a couple of times , have been talking for 5 months. i just need to know the answer to this question. thanks.

    • No, this is not true and is a classic tactic of scammers. Your best bet is
      to tell him if you can’t send him a card or letter, then you are ending the
      “relationship”. If he gives you an address, make sure it’s an APO or FPO

      • CJ

        I emailed u sum pics which was sent to be by this guy who claimed he is lt timothy bills based in afghan. have u by any chance receive it n if u do cud u put it up here pls so all d ladies will be aware of it as well as the real soldiers. another guy contacted me via imesh under d name of staff sergeant james pendleton, based in pakistan but d weird thing now dat he is in nigeria. dis guy use d same pic of dat soldier on d top dis articles. Also is there a real major dunn? he is ft, blue eyes, originally from roxburgh but refusing to give more details n it was thru imesh.
        I lost sum money cos i beleieve in dis lt timothy bill n never realise den dat he is one of d many scammer from nigeria.

        so pls CJ if u receive the pics, please put dem all ere.



        • Hi, I think I am being scammed by the same man puporting to be a Michael Cindrich. Do you have any photos I could compare?
          Best regards,

      • CJ ~ can you please write to my email address so I can update you with the six photographs…. Thank you. DJ

        From: lovingsoul009@aol.com
        Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 03:33:38 -0400

        I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence.
        Each day that passes makes our love for each other grow stronger. Although I know it’s hard for us to be apart, I know there is nothing that can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you.
        You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my love and admiration for you have increased so much since we’ve known each other that it still amazes me.

        USA ARMY

        Sgt Major. Mike Gales

        From: lovingsoul009@aol.com
        Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 04:31:46 -0400

        After a blissful night spent dreaming
        I write this love poem for you
        You have given my life meaning
        And I swear undying devotion to you.
        You are the air I am breathing
        Every thought in my mind
        The reason my heart is beating
        The sweetest rose on the vine.
        My passion for you has no measure
        How can I value what is beyond worth
        I only know you are my heart’s treasure
        And I’m the luckiest guy on this earth.
        My life now is so full of beauty
        You have made my living worthwhile
        And I consider it my duty
        To wake you every day with a smile..
        We are destined to be together
        And what must be must be
        Make this the first day of our forever
        And share life’s happiness with me.

        USA ARMY

        Sgt Major. Mike Gales

        • I received the exact e-mail from a scammer named KennySchultz43@yahoo.com His picture is on here several time. I don’t know if it’s the same person using several names or the scammers use the same messages.

        • Hi Dorothy J

          I remember this email address…. this email address was used by Lt.James Daniel and I still have all his email copies of everything he wrote to me ….

          cheers w.rose

        • I wish to inform that one cold for “jonathan brown” ,
          and a Diplomat named “Steven Jackson” , these are scammers

      • From: lovingsoul009@aol.com

        From: galesca86@hotmail.com

        Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 01:13:22 -0400

        Good morning Love,
        I write you this mail with a bitter heart as i am so hurt right now.
        Just got words from my superior saying i can not leave as we are very short of hands out here in Kabul,and so due to this i would have to stay till maybe sometime in december .Which means the leave of mine has been canceled.
        I have been trying all through since i heard this to work on it but there sure has been nothing i can do.. all i but get is we would need time to find a way to work this out.
        Baby i know in some way you sure would be disappointed about this , But i do hope you willing to hang on with me and pray i work things out here so i can be with you and you with me.
        As i know i have entrusted you with my heart for safe keeping
        Even through the night whilst sleeping

        Thoughts of you constant in my head
        Which gives solace and chases away the dread

        At every possible moment I check my mail
        To see if you’ve sent a message so my emotions can once again set sail

        On this journey of completeness that I would have with you
        All I ask is please, please be true

        If at any time you are in doubt
        Promise me this, that you will speak out

        Don’t break this heart that was once so weak but now beats so strong
        Theses emotions I have feel so right that they can’t possibly be wrong

        For you this special person I barely know
        To let my soul conjoin with yours and grow

        So like minded we are as one
        The day we met online was the moment my life had begun

        You are the morning sun on a Spring day drying the dew that was once my tears
        I in return am the colour green that makes you happy and dispels your fears.

        I but only hope you stand by me sweetie

        USA ARMY

        Sgt Major. Mike Gales

        This man was very angry on messenger when I would NOT agree to fill out forms so he could be granted leave . . . to marry.

        • cj, I have received exact emails as Dorothy J. has. I also have many photos of him. I have printed every email, he has sent me since 7/21. I met him on matchmaker.com. He also had me to go on yahoo mesenger. His scam is for me to send $4,580.00 to purchase his leave via western union. The letter of leave paper came from a Col. Susan Croakley. Thank God for western union, the person I was to send the money to, Deborah Cook, Baycity, Tx. was on their fraud list. I did not of course, send the money. His email is lovingsoul009@aol.com. His name on matchmaker was armysoul009.(Mike Gales). His name on yahoo messenger is Mike Gales009. I can send all pictures and email if you want. I want to know the real identity of this man in my photos. Thank You

        • Dear Judith ~ Sgt Major. Mike Gales is a very convincing scam artist ~ what age did he give you? He gave me his age as 59 ~ he also said his was leg was hit in combat and that his leave was cancelled.

          Did you report him to the matchmaker site? He was using date.com when writing to me.

          Do you by any chance live in South Africa?

          You may ask CJ for my email or phone number if you need to talk this through ~ and please place his letters on this site which will help other ladies Mike Gales is trying to scam ~ but he is probably going under different names by now. Dorothy J

        • Sgt Major, Mike Gales lovingsoul009@aol.com

          Loving you and having you in my world is the best thing that ever happened to me. If I could runaway I’ll run with you far away,To a place where there’ll be angels,Who’ll describe to you the way I feel,Feel for you, feel about you,My heart and my soul’s desire.

          If I could pick a day to run away I’d surely pick a Sunday,Cos the angels would be totally there at the disposal of you and me.

          The reason I need the angels to talk to you for me is that you’re my angel,So maybe you will understand the angels when they tell you how I feel.

          Baby we often find love in places we least expect,If i was told i would find my true love from the net i would find it hard to believe ,but here i am saying it to you and not ashamed or shy or scared to say it ,I do love and care about you and i want my world around you.

          Even though we have not meet yet.I know You are the right woman for me.It may sound crazy to us both at times but the truth
          remains thus we do care about each other and that we can not deny that.

          USA ARMY

          Sgt Major. Mike Gales

          A fraud and con-artist ~ he may have many differnt names by now….

      • CJ,

        I desprately need your help, I’ve got emails and pictures of a man stating he is Staff Sargent Tommy Willaim Barrera. Could you please send me your email address so you can post this on this site so no one else can be scammed by this person.

        Many thanks,

    • Jane B…I have been scammed and after doing alot of research and calls and emails, yes all of the soldiers can get mail!!! As a matter of fact “they love” getting actual mail from people…I have not come across anything yet that they cannot receive anything.

      • The ONLY time a guy cannot get mail is when they first get there and whne they are about to leave and that is because they either are not set up for mail yet or they are not set up anymore. You could send it, but they may not get it during these two times

  29. hi cj,
    thanks very much i have done what you have advised me to do, i will keep you posted when i get his reply. this site is fantastic and i log in everyday to keep my self up to date on these scum. i cant thank you enough. big kiss from me.

  30. It is not easy to find them. I found the one whose pictures were used to try to scam me and have been trying to find the other ones, no luck so far, but I will keep searching. Just keep submitting your photos to the site so I have something to go on and if there is a name on the uniform let me know.

  31. I was scammed by a guy who called himself Capt Rellinger brayn clin
    capt.relinclin@yahoo.com also used following addresses ,gen.hush_bryan@ymail.com,gen.leon_ballack@rocketmail.com, found me on myyearbook.com, there are also some on shtyle.fm

    • Sylvia, Donna and CJ,
      OOPS sounds like James Rellinger’s name is being brought up again i smell a rotting fish.

      • Susan
        These guys are like vampires. When they are outed by someone they lay low for awhile only to rise again. The only difference is these are money sucking vampires instead of blood sucking ones.

        • DOnna,
          they are truly sick, and STUPID to say the least.

        • bitte sagen sie mir ob james rellinger zu den betrüger gehört meine email ist leohelgadeniz@hotmail.com

      • Yes the famous James Rellinger is at it again……he has tried to scam me as well although he doesnt know that i know who he is…

        • bitte können sie mir sagen was er von ihnen wollte.das sind alles arschlöcher.schreibe mit ihn schon so lange.er will seinen koffer senden an mich mit 3,800 us dollar.haha das ich nicht lache.bitte um antwort lg helga deniz aus wien

        • auch capt.relinclin@yahoo.com ist rellinger
          nach den fotos der gleiche wie in sgt.rellinger43@live.com why militär nichts unternehmen oder polizei.kann das nicht verstehen.
          mail: leohelgadeniz@hotmail.com

      • yes you have right. have you send money to him. i have the passport from him in copie please say me this was her to you write thanks

      • der hat aber seinen namen an der uniform.ist er ein betrüger bitte helfen sie mir

      • das ist rellinger ich habe schion geschrieben mit ihm.ein arschloch

      • I have been taken for $6700.00 and I want to know if you can confirm his mailing address, does he live in Oakland, CA or in Florida.

        I am not working and will be forced to go bankrupt as i am unable to pay all this money back. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

        Can you please email any information that you might have?

        I am inquiring about JAMES RELLINGER who was recently stationed in Bagdad. any information you have would b e greatly appreciated. Thank you.




        • Dear Victims,

          We are the (IC3) organisation, we are Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and we are in partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), you can get to know more about us on our website: http://www.ic3.gov.
          We got a report about some scam that happened to you akk online, am pleased to tell you that the scammers will be arrested. Please, do get back to our Agent Arold Mike James on msn: usagovernment_military@live.com skype : ic3_agent for more investigation, as HE WILL HELP YOU GET ALL YOU HAVE LOST, and help you get you life back, by arresting this criminals..

          website: http://www.ic3.gov
          IC3 Washington Headquarters :+1-206-317-3407
          skype : ic3_agent

        • I’m approving this comment for Google search purposes and to ensure you don’t fall for this scam. The US Government, no matter what section of the government, does NOT use generic sites like Gmail, Yahoo, and Live.com for email. All OFFICIAL government emails will have the appropriate .gov suffix to their email. This “FBI” comment is a fraud and the IP links back to Ghana.

    • i would like to know if any of u have heared the name Harston miller or leslie miller

  32. Cj,JJ and all the rest,
    this is my question,
    why hasn’t any one from the Military looked into this especially if they know whats going on? you would think it would protect those serving as well as the bases they are deployed in. and maybe have done something to help, or at least try,
    Is this one of those I’ll just sweep it under the rug scenarios?

    • Hi Susan I read your post and have to say that I totally agree with you and ask also the same question as you, and probably many others have asked on this site, WHY the heck dont the government do something about protecting their guys…. looking out for their interests, making sure they arent getting scammed by lo life in these African countries…. that just sit and use a bit of technology to give them a standard of living which they cant have as they have no skills of anything… surely by now the governements of these countries should get together and try and wipe out these SCAM internet places.. and prevent them being used ASAP….. I think the time has gone on long enough with no action…. would love to hear comments from any one… thanks Susan for yours. at least someone had the Nerve to stand up and say it,,,, I am from uk but the same happens with out lads I am sure but i am not aware of any site such as this to go to. But yes its more paramount with USA soldiers…..who ever does the scams. thinks that usa guys have more to offer any lady….well Most, do seem to have a lot going for them I have to admit that myself, that it is easy to fall for one of these brave handsome guys in uniform…. so why not protect the job they do and the role they play in protecting these countries i am sure they would rather be home than in some desolate hot arid country…. best wishes to all Trisha

      • If you feel you are being scammed, go to http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx and file a complaint and let the FBI figure it out, if it is a scam. That is their job and you have to think of the safety of your family as well as yourself. In my efforts to locate the soldier in my pictures, I have been firmly told to let the FBI handle it. They probably have more information and connections to find and prosecute these scum bags better than we can. I just hope that these soldiers are made aware of the use of their photos.

        • Hi Angel, thank you for the information. Nice to know this homepage..www,ic3.gov.

      • I signed onto the WOOME site and got bombarded with USA Military men and being an educated woman I made many inquiries re: Major Mills Cole (Im assuming Cole Mills) and SFC Darryl Lopez who both sent pictures, lovely stories (or scripts) and I also spoke to Darryl Lopez just last night lovely American Man (well at least he sounded like it) then I phoned the American Embassy in Australia and was advised this is a scam and then I reported the website to ACCC in Australia – I feel awful that these soldiers are being misrepresented and believe the American Government should be doing something about it. Good Luck and hope all works will for everyone out there – take care and don’t get sucked in – Fiona

        • Hi Fiona,this is so sad. But can you please tell me is this SFC Darryl Lopez who is currently stationed in Bagdad? He said his son’s name is Jimm Darryl is born 17 Aug 1960.

          He yet didn’t give me reason to believe he is a scammer, though I do have my doubt – he is to good to be true

          Please revert back to me

        • I would like to retract my statement made about Darryl Lopez in the above comment – it appears that this is a very real solider who was upset and offended when his name was listed in this publication identifying him as a scammer

          There was never any intent to harm Darryl Lopez and I would like to again apologise for any problems this may have caused Darryl and his family or his position as a solider with the USA Military in Afghanistan.


        • Hanlie and Fiona,

          I, too have been contacted by SFC Darryl Lopez, who is currently stationed in Iraq and whose son’s name is Jimmy. In his emails and chats he also sounds too good to be true and I’ve had my doubts. Now I see that he’s been contacting quite a few of us. If he’s not a scammer, he’s certainly a serial online dater.

        • Hanlie and Fiona,

          I checked the IP address of Darryl Lopez, and it originates in Ghana!! If Darryll Lopez is a real soldier, I suspect he’s not the one writing to any of us. Fiona, can you tell us how you found he’s a real soldier?

  33. I was also scammed out of money from Charles Ramsy, I met him on the very first dating site that i ever went on, did not know a ting about the military, he and I talked for about 3 months we had even talked about getting married, he said that his wife had died from breat cancer, and he had a 8 year old son who was in military school in south carolina, but he told me that he was from dallas texas and that he also owned his deceased parents home in London, but he never wanted to go back there, he scammed me for transit money, he wanted to come here to meet me, he even sent me emails with general odiernos name signed to them, it took me meeting a real soldier to learn the truth about their procedures, and if you will go to charles ramsys profile page on windows live you will see several others that he tried to scam as well. lieutenantcharlesswansonramsy@live.com.


    • Sandy,
      I am sorry to tell you, but your fiancee is a scammer. The real soldier in those pictures is a very happily married man. I have personally talked to him on the phone and he is state side right now.
      Do not fall for any more of that scammers lies. I wish you the best. JJ


        • Sandy, I am not going to give out his real name. I am going torespect his right to privacy. I only contacted him one time and it was to let him know what was going on. Once we find the real soldier and let them know I think it is only right that we leave them alone unless they want farther contact. I would be honored if any of them that has been the victims of these terrible scams would like to be friends.
          Sandy if you would like someone to talk to I can be reached on yahoo. cajanet43@yahoo.com

        • jj, i know that you have to to respect their privacy, and that is a great thing, all i wanted was a first name, i would never think of bothering him and his family, they have suffered enough already from this stipidity, i guess just for the sake of closure for myself i just wanted a first name, but i understand where you are coming from, thanks anyway

        • Sandy his first name is Tom. I hope that helps you.

      • i will like to see you can please help me, i was scammed by Smith Jordan and i will like to see he is real or not i have some pics i can send to you and see you can found something about this person because i think hi still scamming other girls too, here is the email he is using smith2kidsjordan@yahoo.com, i hope you can help me to found the real person to he know that they using his pic for scam girls like me, i did send him money over 2000 dls i believe him bad and i dont want to this guy do to other ones. Please help me to found the real one…this scammer is on Lagos Nigeria.
        I will appreciate a lot your help.
        let me know when i can send you his pics.

        thank you so much for helping and God bless you.

    • just wanted to add that there is no such thing as a “Master Staff Sergeant”…

    • I am in the United States Air Force and there is no such thing as a Master Staff Sergeant. It is either a Master or a Staff

  35. I wish I would have found this site sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money and heartache. I’m from Canada and am the victim of the scammer going by the name of Robert Haggard. I met him on the online dating website Match.com. This is the first time I used a online dating service and was a little wary about it but decided to give it a shot(Should have stuck with my first instinct). I would talk to “Robert” everyday for hours and things seemed to going along pretty good. While we were chatting he would send such sweet little messages and he would also send me such beautiful emails. He was a real sweet talker and I thought to myself “this guy is too good to be real” and I was right. I received an email supposedly from his son, Micheal, wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day( “Robert” had told me that he and his son have not seen or heard from Micheal’s mother in 5 years). After talking with “Robert” on MSN for quite some time, he wants to send me a package that contains documents, a female army uniform with my name on it(which he said he had made especially for me, he said in the military one can make a special uniform for his love or kids. I don’t know if that is true or not but find highly unlikely), a chain, a ring for me and funds that he had received from a King in Iraq after rescuing his daughter. Right away I did not feel right about the whole thing and told him I could not do what he asked of me. He got angry and did not talk to me for a couple of days. When he did start talking to me again, he made me feel guilty for not trusting him like he trusted me in sending me this package. So being the kind hearted person that I am(too kind for my own good) I decided to help him out even though I did not feel right about it. I had a many sleepless nights worrying about this damn package. It was to be delivered by a diplomat from Iraq, who would go through 2-3 countries with low security before he reaches me. So when the diplomat reaches Ghana, he has not enough funds to pay customs, he needs $2400.00. Again I tell “Robert” sorry I cannot help him and do not have that kind of money. Again he plays the guilt trip on me and sweet talks me till I agree again to help him. The next day I receive an email from the diplomat saying the customs office is closed and that he will have to wait till the next day to pick up the package. So that evening I did some searching on the internet and came across this website and was shocked when I came across the pictures of “Robert” Haggard and the same storyline(with a few minor changes) that he had emailed me when we first met on Match. I had googled Robert Haggard before but came up with nothing really helpful(it was before May 13 when this website was last updated). But this time I put in Staff Sergeant Robert Haggard and it lead me to this website. So I knew I had been scammed and was quite upset because I had really fallen for this guy. The next morning I received another email from the diplomat saying that it is an African Union Day and that they will not be working at customs but that he did talk to the manager and he said he would help him out the next day but he would need to pay him $700.00. The diplomat also told me that he would also need $226.00 to pay for his accommodations and food services. Well knowing that this is nothing but a total scam, you can guess what I told him and where to go. I can’t believe how stupid, gullible, naive, you name it, I was.
    So for everybody out there, go with your first instinct, if it doesn’t feel right than it probably isn’t.
    What upsets me the most is how these people are playing with other peoples lives and also getting away with it. These soldiers are out there putting their lives on the line everyday for these scum sucking scammers and this is the respect they receive. It just isn’t right and something needs to be done!

    • I had exactly the same scam pulled on me, the name was just different… Mst Sgt Ivan Nobile.

      • Gees this Ivan Nobile really got aroud. Its time Match.com was removed from the Internet. The only contacts I ever made were with scammers. Never from normal honest people. Its was easy to recognise them. All the stories the same!!

        • Aileen,

          I met my husband on match.com. don’t give up

      • Sgt Ivan Nobile is also using the name Sgt Kelvin Nobile. I posted it at Stop the US Army Dating Scam on Facebook. I believe his user name is there as well along with his email address.

        • Sgt. Ivan Nobile is also using Lieut. Corp. Kelvin Adam. he claims to have been in the army for 15 years, a widow for three years,and has a 9 year old son and he is 43 years old. He claims to have grown up in Italy and lives now in San Antonio, Texas, but currently stationed in Africa. He even sent me pictures of himself and a little boy that he says is his son.He is on Cupid.com as kelvdam. And his email is kelvdam@yahoo.com.When asked for his APO address he told me it was banned and not allowed and that it was not like that every where.Wanted to talk on the phone and it would cost me $200 that was refundable. I checked out the site for Ts2 because that is what was on the paper to set up the call profile and it says on there under fraud alert that it is a scam. So glad I listened to the voice that kept telling me something was not right. I also had a friend of mine contact a friend who is retired from the army and he found him on this site and sent it to her so she could give it to me. Glad this site is available thanks guys for starting it.

        • Lisa,
          I am stressed. Some one by the name Sgt Greg Nobile contacted me. This is less than a week ago and he is now on an indian website or his scammer or whtever. I gave him my real name and these ppl can find out abt u right??? Is there an email where I can Contact u? Mine is sana786_d@rediffmail.com
          I m so glad I came across this website. I see he has been using Ivan Nobile as his name but with me he used Greg Nobile. He evn called me for a few seconds.
          Does someone by this name exist. He sure is hot. I knew something wasnt right to begin with coz he spoke poor English., this scammer. I would love to know who the real guy in tht pic is though…..))
          Anyways, thanks for this website and alerting us women.

    • with a few minor changes here and there, I have gone through the same thing with someone by the name of _JAMES RELLINGER, and I have been scammed out of $6700.00, and i am not working. I may have to go bankrupt.

      Can you please email me as I need to get additional information? I don’t even have his complete mailing address. He said he lives in Oakland, CA yet when i googled him it shows him living in Florida.

      I intend to not let him get away with this, I intend to prosecute and any additional information, etc. would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

    • I would like to join your club…I just got the same scam from TSg Mac Anthony Wood (Air Force) Have been talking for a couple of months. He went on a mission, came back and sent me copies of some “official” documents commending him for his work saving the son of a sheik. The next thing I know he wants to send me a package the he received as a reward for a job well done. Fortunately, I have not sent anything to him. Just waiting for him to come “home” in six weeks–not waiting anymore!

      I thought I was being careful, used a reputable site, talked with friends who have military backgrounds, asked questions, etc. Confirmed everything as much as I could. Everything checked out until I found out how to check the IP address….Ghana. That was the give away. I confronted him about it and he says he doesn’t know what I am talking about. I don’t expect to hear from him again.

      The thing that makes me so mad is that some poor soldier is having his identity used and may not even be aware of it. If they can use this stuff, what else do they have access to? And why doesn’t our government do something to protect our military from these creeps????

      • I believe I’m being scammed by someone who calls himself Sgt.Marco Anthony. Mac for short. He hasn’t asked me for money but he wants to send packages to my home and he gave my email address to a shipping company. The shipping company wants my mailing address and phone number! I’m not giving them anything. I’m very upset with this.

    • I just found out that Haggard was pulling the same thing on me. He asked if I would accept some jewels given to him by an old woman so that he would take her grandchildren and raise them. When I said no he stopped talking to me for a few days the appologized. Luckly for me I have a friend that told me about this site so I didn’t get too caught up in him.

    • when i met him on-line at benaughty.com he called himself Emmanaual Haggard and used the same military academy story. we talked for hours and days on end. father died and left him his business in precious gems. yea right! the guy supposedly went to Ghana to finalize everything and his briefcase with all the important documents were left in the cab and he needed $3,000.00 for expenses, etc. Needless to say, this guy almost had me hook, line and sinker. Good thing momma didn’t raise no dummy. The pain in the heart sure hurt like hell and the humiliation of it all was pretty bad but at least he didn’t get any money out of me.

    • I recently met this soldier on Cupid thru Facebook , he goes by the name Dawson Haggard Olmstead. He is in Afghansitan and has a son named Chrstiian. He is the man in the pictures in this article i have every picture and a few others. He has not asked for anything yet but like all the others he will. He is full of BS and really does a good job at getting you to trust him. I have not heard from him today , so i dont know what to say to him.
      How come Cupid and all the other sites dont have this article???? If the wall of shame was on each site it would stop these scammers…

    • I have been dating Sgt Chris Haggard AKA Sgt Robert Haggard for the past month. Your story is so funny because that is the same story line that he fed me about the diplomat sending me a package and he was stranded in Ghana until i send him $2300.00. There were a few diviations in his story. He has a 13 year old daughter that lives in London with her uncle. Her name is Mavis and she is bi racial. Mavis emailed me and needed 300 lbs to help with her schooling. Of course I did not send it. I know better. Chris was so sweet always professing his love for me and wanted to marry me when he arrives here in Nov or Dec. He even had me looking for a home for all of us to live in, but after I found the home, he could not get the money because his money was tied up in the US and he didn’t have access to it. He claimed to be in Kabul Afghanistan and after 32 years is retiring. Oh, he never called the real estate agent. That made me look like a fool, but at least he didn’t get any money. His last ploy was that he found gold and diamonds while on a mission and wanted to send it to me so that it would be safe. I played along waiting for him to ask me for money and finally this week the diplomat that was delivering the package to me emailed me and said that he was stranded in Ghana and needed the 2300.00 to pay custom and duty fees and then he would be on to me. Chris became very angry with me and tried to make me feel guilty about not sending the money, but he don’t know me well. You see I lived with a con artist and married him, so I know con when I see it. I allowed him to think that I was really trying to get the money all the while looking for information on him. I even had him checked out by one of my friends in the military and there was no such person. Finally i gave the diplomat my number and told him to call me. Unbelivebly he did call me several times so I traced the number to find out that it was from Ghana. Today I told him that i was going to sell my truck to get him the money, but I was only stalling for time. I knew that if i kept searching I would find out something on this person and low and behold, I googeled his name in and it led me to a cnn website, which led me to this website and there I say his picture with the same story line except for a few deviations like i said earlier. Tonight when I talked to him on Yahoo messegner I had already sent him an email letting him know that I knew that he was a scam artist and he read it and became very upset and asked me what the fuck. I told him I know that you are not who you say that you are and that you are a scam artist. He told me well i just need to let him go and I let him go, so i say bye and disconnected from him. My ex husband was the greatest con artist that I know and he is in prison now. He educated me very well on scams and cons because he scammed me into marrying him. Now that I know i really want to educate other lonely women not to be taken by these predators. Don’t ever give money to people that you meet on a website especially to someone that you have never met. It is just a scam.

    • Im sickend, and worried that the pictures that I have sent of myself to one of these evil Nigerians,or Africans that scammed me emotionally used THOMAS HAGGARD as Sgt E6 from Baghdad IRAQ.. Thankfully no money was exchanged, however I had confided in him about my personal details, ie, single-mum, on benefits, family life in general, and a few other things, but nothing giving my address other than London!.. Can they use this and hurt me, Im afraid as they are so evil and cunning, even dangerous!..I met this Cheat on Tagged as Honesty T, then he quickly removed himself and then we shared both my Yahoo, and MSN windows live account, Iv deleted him, but can he do any harm to financially through this?.. The email add he used thomaslove72@yahoo.com and thomas-4u@live.com… He says he is 54, D.O.B Nov 8th 1956,1 son named Peter 12yrs who is presently been cared for by caretaker friend in West Africa. His home town New York City?… I despise them all that do these things, and Im very angry and hurt,because I deserve only the best,but never recieve it, even when I try!..

      • Joanne, don’t be afraid. I am still alive and nothing happened to me. I was threatned by a supposely associate of Haggard, who threatned to kill me and my family, but I told him that I had turned him over to the FBI, and then he wrote emailed me back to say that he was working for the FBI which I knew was a bluff. When I told him that I knew that he was not with the FBI because they would not threaten my life and that of my family, and advised him that if he knew what was good for him then he would not contact me again and he stopped. So don’t be afraid.

  36. Debbie,
    Do not be so hard on yourself, I too was fooled for a little while until I started putting pieces together, I finally got the whole picture when I had googled and came across with this website. Thanks to CJ we are made aware of what is going on. Yes you are right they do know how to use very sweet words and right away they say “I LOVE YOU.” I have all of the emails from the pond scum that used to write to me I will not delete them just in case they can be used in the near future, it is very easy to fall for it. Take care and try not to beat yourself senseless, I know that it will not be easy to let go for I too was falling for the rat.

    • Thanks so much Laura
      I have also saved all the emails that I received, hoping someday that they will be helpful. I had couple of hard days but I realized that the person who had hurt me doesn’t even come close to being like the soldier in the pictures. He is nothing but a worthless piece of @#$% and isn’t worth a single teardrop. Someday he will get what he deserves.

      • Debbie you are very welcome :) just hang in there things will get easier just don’t pound yourself over it is not worth it, just be strong like a soldier and keep going forward. The %#@!& had the nerve to sent me an email today still demanding for me to send $100.00 USD. Of course I stood on my ground and I said “HECK NO you have your own account so deal with your own money”. It felt great, of course he kept harping about but I did not listen to a word he said for I just simply clicked him off from my yahoo messenger (LOL) he noticed that I was online at the time I was reading my emails. So keep smiling and keep strong.

  37. CJ,
    I received new pictures from Sfc James Thompson Ramos I will send them to you. Thank you for all that you are doing God bless you and take care.

  38. I was just curious but how do you find out what someone’s IP address is???

    • Hi Carolyn

      At the top of the email in the header bar there should be something that says open full header or some such. If you clikc on that it will give you a complete list of computer speak with loads of numbers in square brackets. Go to the end of all the blurb to the last “Received” entry and copy the numbers in the square brackets. You can then copy these into an IP tracker site (I found a great one called aruljohn.com) and it will show you where the email originated from. This site also gives you tips on how to track an IP address, it’s brilliant. You have to make sure you use the last set of figures marked “received” otherwise it will show somewhere like Sunnyvale, CA. Good luck!

      • Thanks I tried to figure that out before with the IP address & have just found out now from the snippit above and OMG the scammer is from Ghana – loving this website

        • Fiona, which scammer are you referring to? What’s his name?

        • Fiona,

          In a post above, you retracted your claim that a soldier named Darryl Lopez is a scammer. However, as he had been emailing me, I checked his IP address, and it shows as coming from Ghana!

          What made you retract Darryl Lopez’s name as a scammer? Can you give me more information? He has been writing me for a few weeks now, and I’ve had my suspicions, so I really need to know how you discovered that there was a real Darryl Lopez, and if he’s the one writing me.

          CJ, any way of finding it if this is the real soldier? I have several pictures.

        • Hi to all these wonderful women who have placed a comment on my section – I retracted this statement about Darryl Lopez under pressure from this person and after further investigation and insight into the matter this person who names himself as Darryl Lopez under sfc_darryl6060@yahoo.com and darryl1683@yahoo.com via the WOOME Site is certainly a scammer, if you confront him he will back down and the one thing you need to ask him is for his military email address which I assure you he will not have nor give (thank you CJ for the direction on that one). So I apologise for any confusion that I may have caused but guard your hearts my women friends as this person is not who he says he is

          Once again thank you so much to CJ & Janet for their help on this person.

          Take care and remember if it is to good to be TRUE then it IS…

      • Hi Caroline,

        I don’t see any such thing on the email I want to check. Which section are you referring to as the “Header bar”?

        • Never mind. Found it.

    • Use a e-mail tracking program there are many out there offering free trials

      just type in free trial e-mail tracking so many ways to find out the truth

  39. Hi everyone. Just thought I would let you know, and especially anyone on here who lives in the UK, that these b******s are now using ordinary civilians in their evil schemes. In the last three days, I have been chatting to 3 guys who contacted me through DatingDirect.co.uk who all turned out to be scammers. One guy went by the name of Karl and said he lived in Bristol. He sent me a message with some photos saying exactly word for word a message I had had from an earlier conversation with someone called Perry who was pretending to be from Wembley, but currently working in New York and ran his own farm machinery company! How dumb can you get?? Perry claimed he was the CEO of his own company, and had been running it for three years. When I asked if the company had a website, he told me it was under construction (very convenient). Needless to say I kicked the other guy Karl right into touch, and reported him to the website, and told Perry in no uncertain terms where to get off! Currently, I am chatting to someone called Rico Murillo who unfortunately has removed his profile from the website as he says too many women think he is a model and only want one night stands with him. I must admit he is gorgeous (at least the photos I was sent show a real hunk, I know it’s not the real guy!). He looks to be Spanish or something but he has avoided answering simple questions like where does he originate from. He said on his profile he was a writer – what sort of writer? He also told me he has a 4 year old daughter who lives with her junkie mother (who is Scottish in origin) in Romania, who he gets to see once or twice a month. I have seen photos of him and his daughter and I have asked him how he can manage to see her that often but have not had a reply as yet. He now says he thinks it would be good if we could talk over the phone but is leaving it up to me as to when I feel ready for that – WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!!!! I will enjoy stringing him along for a while longer yet. By the way, the other two guys were called Perry Larry (!) (email address careyunderwoodlove@hotmail.com) and Karl Khodes (email address khodes_525@hotmail.com).

    I know these guys aren’t using military personnel for their tricks CJ, but I don’t know of anywhere in the UK to post these things. Hope you don’t mind me trying to get the message to any other UK girls out there who read this blog. Keep up the good work. Some day these creeps will get their come uppance!

    • Hi Kay
      I too am chatting to Rico – got a little further than you on his past – says he lives in Gloucester and has done for last 8yrs, before that Wrotham Park, Herts. Says his mother is Nigerian (alarm bells started ringing…lol)and his dad was a Spaniard. Says he was born in Cadiz, went to college in South Africa and Uni at the Uni of Toulouse while living with his aunt in Paris. Apparently he writes on politics and have some indepth emails on this – i would fill this page……lol what started me getting suspious is that he is a writer and his command of the english langage is not quite right. I too couldnt find anywhere else apart from this site so sorry its not military related but was relevant for kay and vice versa for me

  40. Hi, and thank you for this website. I at least know I have sisters-in-pain. I just posted the following on the blog site (why are there two?), and wanted to post it here, too, since part of it refers to that gorgeous Robert/William/Bill/Mike HAGGARD. I have a little more information I could add, but I would be monopolizing space. Here goes:
    Greetings from a Comrade in Arms. I have been reading your posts and decided I should entertain you with some of my “war” stories. I am a 68 year old woman and won’t go into my reasons for being on dating sites. My first encounter was with a SSG Mike HAGGARD, who was in Afghanistan near Kabul. Had been in the army “all his life”. Somehow I knew from the beginning it was a scam, but got caught up in the sweet talk and his gorgeous smile. I fell for him. I have been married to a man who spent 26 yrs in military so I saw “Mike’s” errors right away, but denied it to myself. Cut to the chase… Finally decided to play. Told him I had a relative at the Pentagon who could help him…Uncle Joe…a Colonel with lots of pull. Everytime I mentioned Uncle Joe, SGT HAGGARD went ballistic. I did waste $200 just because I was curious. Even when I knew he wasn’t real, I felt a deep sense of loss and cried for days. Oh, he had a son, Cecil, who lived with relatives here and there. I did get the satisfaction of telling him he was a TERRIBLE father. The last straw was his asking me to send money so the son could have medicine. Someone forgot to do his homework and didn’t know military dependants get free medical. duh.
    Well, after that, there was MARK COLE, an electrical engineer, who went to Nigeria on business and was mugged and beaten…needed $1000 for surgery. Then (4-star) General George W Casey…yep, US Army Chief of Staff (such audacity), then Gen. Randy Brooks…funny thing, Generals Casey and Brooks had exactly the same dream about seeing me on a pier…blah, blah. They are all Christians (choke, choke) so I witness to them. At the end, when I turned the tables, Brooks was penitent and claimed he had just been “born again”. The latest, a Jack Jordan, who inspected orphanages in Ghana (uh huh) didn’t get to the “I love you” stage. I ran out of time to waste. After I told him, among other things, that he was lower than whale crap and that was at the bottom of the ocean, and that I hoped he had a lot of time when he stood in judgement because God was going to read the list of innocent people he had scammed, he responded, “I am a Scammer.”
    Now I’m on the hunt. I can spot them fairly quickly…now I AM THE ONE who can make up a really delightful life history, friends in high places, lots of money, totally IN LOVE, til I get bored and send them on a trip through shame and stupidity. I’m so busy being vindictive that I don’t have time to want a man. If we all gang up on them, maybe they will quit.
    I am just amazed at how widespread this is. I thought it was just a few, but…wow. They’re everywhere. So come on friends, let’s go get ‘em….it can be fun.

    • Carol,
      Too Funny, I laughed my head off – you made my day I could just hear my scammer going balistic.

      Your right who has time for a relationship when you have a scammer.

    • Hell yea, I’m game. What do we do, lets get this show on the road.

    • OMG I am lovin it…Can’t wait to try it out!!! Look out scum bags, us women are gonna take back our lives!!!!

      • funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing…then I read Carols story and have decided that, hell ya I’m going to do payback. My story is at the bottom, dated aug 7th. I am sitting online right now waiting for Joe so I can play along…..this will be much more fun that dating! hehehe

        • your joe wouldnt be joe gregory would it .. ta kimmy ..

    • hello Carol,
      could you please send me pictures if you do have some of Robert as now maybe changing is name by now as now chatting with SGT Haggard could send me at: valpolicella@ymail.com
      thank you for your reply

      • He is now going by Haggard William Moore. I just caught on today.

      • now going by chris haggard

        • I have met haggard he was peter on badoo and he was on badoo and he sent me lots of poems and told me he loved me and wanted to marry me there was a lot more happening but eventually we went on yahoo as baabana lilino and he was still serious but I said it was very risky as I did not know him enough he said I must hate him and he said I was the one he had chosen and he retired in two weeks and he wanted to send a package with his money ahead then come over to join me with his son of ten years I said what was his real name he said haggard peter logan but he said I was wasting his time but he said he wanted to see me on video cam but I could not see him as they weremt allowed to but then for the first time he came out with a rude sexual remark that he wanted me to do so I said I am disapointed in him and went a friend told me about this sight I was rather shocked I am worried because he had my telephone number and my yahoo email also someone has been trying to get onto my facebook so they asked me to change my password

        • Now going by Robert Haggard says he isin Miami Florida

        • now Emmanuel Haggard

        • Ya he has been going by Chris Haggard for a long time. I had talked to him probley over a year ago. He said he was a doctor.

    • can you send a photo of this guy mike haggard please,

      • He is now going by Haggard Miller. He says he has a son that left the bay area and went to South Africa in the last few days. He even had his son email me, which I now know was the same person acting as both he and his son. He said he needed $3000 for medical attention, his son had been hit by a car. My gut instinct told me to second guess this for more than 1 reason. He immediately asked me to sign off Match and only speak with him. His grammar and spelling lacked a real Sargent’s abilities. He was talking constantly of having to sign of to go to the “Battle Field” then telling me bombs had gone off and there were multiple casualties. The big thing was he wanted me to use my web cam and he said they could not have any pictures, or cameras etc. he had no access to funds for an emergency you name it, it smelled.

    • Carol your comment is hilarious. I was dating Sgt. Haggard and it ended tonight when i let him know that i was on to him and emailed him with this website and the picture that he sent to me. I have turned him over to the proper authorities and I hope that he is caught soon. He is now going by the name of Chris Haggard, but now he has a daughter named Mavis who is 13. She tried to get me to send her 300 lbs to the United Kingdom, but I didn’t do it. Here is his new email address: haggardchris26@yahoo.com
      mavishaggard@yahoo.com and the diplomate that he pretend to be is Williams Debrah at wwdmmdiplomat88@gmail.com. By the way I did get to talk to the diplomat a few times. He has a sexy nice voice, but this scammer will be caught and arrested. Good ridance!!!!!

  41. I am so happy to reoport that my scammer finaly gave up (HOORAYYY) it feels great to be able to go online and not seeing him trying to contact me, I just gained my freedom to be able to be in contact with the rest of the world without been harazed for money and the fake “I LOVE YOU”. Let’s continue exposing the scum sucking b%$#@@! ladies we got the power to either fight them or been victimized the choice is yours. So let’s pull together and beat them to the ground.

  42. i was contacted by a so called american army capt we spoke for months by email and messenger i had a few doubts as sometimes his english was not too good he said he was in kabul then after 5 months he asked if i could except some cheques for him i said no and then checked everything out my concern is he seemed to know far to much about the army serving in afghan and what their doing he even went “away” at appropriate times for things to appear on the news how much hacking are they doing ? not just to try and get money from people and scam them but what else are they up to i think the forces may need to take a look into it all it seems that if they can obtain serving forces id and personel detailit,s all a bit dangerous from a security point of view . and when i told the scammer i knew what he was up to he was very abusive !

    • I agree with you Julie. The “Major” I was talking too told me that their base had been attacked and some of his buddies were killed. This was right after a base really was attacked. At the very least these people are keeping up with the news. From what I have seen of these scammers they only do what will pay them. They don’t do anything that doesn’t bring in money. I feel the government should look closer at these scammers.I doubt if scamming women on dating sites is the only thing they are doing.

      • there must be some way of finding out if they are useing the id,s of the real soldiers and what they are up to lets face it if they can get all this info and care so little about how they use it whats to stop them selling it to anybody and that could be dangerous for the families and the serving forces who would be able to id the names and photos we have???

    • hi im talking to a capt in afghanistan in kubul .. just wondering if you heard anyone by the name of joe gregory ………. thanks kimmy pls help me xx

  43. jj thank you for giving me that soldiers first name, it heped alot, because the guy that i am in touch with that is using his photos calls himself, Steve Endelton, have you heard that name before? his email address is steve_endleton1@yahoo.com. will you see if you can find out anything at all with that name, thank you so much, you have been a help and a blessing, if you would like to contact me, my email address is sandys81@hotmail.com please do not publish my email address….

  44. Well ladies I have finally put to rest my negative experience with the scammer that I was tlaking to, I am finally able to move on for there is no reason for me to keep beating myself senseless. At least all I lost was my heart and nothing else, one thing for certain this was a hard but great lesson to learn for I am walking away wiser.
    From time to time I will stop by to say hello and to see how’s every one doing, please take very good care of yourselfs fo I know that Mr. Right is out there waiting so do not give up hope and do not allow for any one to try to trick you.
    CJ thank you for all of your help on our last email you helped me to bring closure and to be able to walk away wiser, CJ keep up the great work for it is fantastic.
    I say good bye for now, once in a while I will stop by to say hi. God bless you all.

  45. I had joined Match.com. Only to get a person stating that his name is Steve Endleton. email address steve_endleton1@yahoo.com.
    He is also on facebook. He is not whom he claims to be: When I spoke to him by web cam, his photo would not show and his english sounds like a foreigner. Here is a sample of his email:HELLO PEGGY,you sound sooo sweet but all the same i can tell you more bout my self as you do the same.I am master Sergeant steve Endleton, age 55. i am now station in Iraq, since March 28, 2007.
    I was assigned to the 782nd Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. I played several sport in including tennis,i loved to cook, and acted in plays. Prior to joining the military i held several jobs to include,natural minerals(gold and diamond)in which i have share in my with my associates .I joined the Army in September 1990, completed my basic and advanced training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and the Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia.i was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division in April 1993.I have been in the military for twenty years and had two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    my awards and decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Ribbon, the NATO Medal, the Combat Action Badge, the Parachutist’s Badge, and the Driver’s/Mechanic Badge.
    peggy we can be great friends if only you want cos my heart is open for you as a perfect match,i will send you my pics if you like it very much.i wish you do the same ok but with the messenger you have to know how it works ok please so we can have a sweet lovely chat always ok. see you soon with love .

    • Peggy,

      Did you see the pictures above? I think you will recognize some of them.

  46. Does anyone know about Hannett

    • I have been scammed by Dicson Leonado Hannett. Let’s chat

      • Just got one from Robert_hannett1960 thru match.com. Funny thing he is no longer on site.

  47. i have been talking to someone who claims to be a sfc james thomas rammo in iraq and has been there 10 mths want me to send him 100 dollars i knew it wasnt right and he was from ney york is there such a person is he real and could this be him he said his wife died and he has a 10 year old son could you plz let me know

  48. Hi Dawn, yes I know Hannett. He goes by Dicson Leonado Hannett. His email is dicson_hannett@yahoo.com. He is a scammer, please be very very careful. He has been talking to me on messenger. Stating he loves me and wants to come to Canada and marry me. He states he lives in UK and his mom is from UK and dad is from USA. He hasn’t asked for money yet. Please be careful as I was scammed by a man stating to be in the military by the name of Perez Young. Both these men are lurking on match.com.

    • I have also been in touch with Dicson Leonado Hannett. I was scammed before I found this site. I will forward pics if needed.

  49. Dawn, if you have any photos please forward them to me if you don’t mind at paulinepmo@hotmail.com so i can compare and i will let you know. Thanks.

    • I have pics of him…and he can be found on Facebook as Robert Hannett, Michael Hannett and Captainn Hannett – not a typo on my part. He found me on Match.com.

      • Hello, im curious to know if this Captain Hannett first name is Henry Thierry. Can u please send me the pics of him as well so I can compare. Thanks

  50. Has anyone heard of a man saying he is CPO Graves stationed in Iraq?

    • Oh, ya what con artist…reported the piece of crap to everyone I can think of lol…..

    • I am curious what information you have on CPO Graves? I have been in contact with him for about a month now and I hate to say I think I have been scammed. Please give me any information you may have

      • Michelle, CPO Graves is a scammer. Stop communicating with him. He says all the right things at first and sounds somewhat believable. Thing is you aren’t talking to just one person. Several people are “CPO GRAVES”. Some are based in Africa and some in the US. The pics are from some soldier who doesn’t even know his pics are being used to defraud people. No matter what excuse these scammers give you – they are just that scammers. Run and change your email b/c if you sent “CPO Graves” money then your email address will be passed around to other scammers and you’ll be flooded with junk mail. Sorry to be so blunt….

  51. has anyone been contacted by s Lt Kirk Zeccini his email is kirkarmyheart@yahoo.com please need to know if he is a scammer no I have not sent any money nor do I intend to but after reading all these stories how do you know if this guy is legit, h say’s he is in Afghanistan
    and is wanting transit leave I know all the rules no money is required to be paid and an outside person cannot obtain or ask for leave for a duty officer do I have all the details correct please let me know thank you does anyone have a copy of papers that may be sent requesting leave etc

    • Laura
      One sure way to know for sure is to check his ip address. If you do not know how to do this ask CJ for my email address and I will take you through how to do it step by step. Be careful and good luck.

      • Donna may you teach me to scan the IP???

        An idiot try to scamm me too with name Sgt James Hayford. Have pictures from him….an absurd jibber jabber to ask money… For shure I dont take him the ammount…hi just left away hahahahahahaha

        Thanks bout this site!!! It explains alll the things hahhahaha!!!

    • Hi Laura,
      Check out this on facebook:
      Is this the REAL guy?

      • Carol, it probably is the real man, maybe you could get CJ to contact him to check.I feel sorry for the real soldiers and their families and friends who have become caught up in all this. Take care, Marlene.

      • Thank you Carol, to answer your question no that is not the same man. Thank you again for helping me. Take care.

        • Regarding a reply that was posted by a Laura regarding an officer in afghanistan requesting transit leave Kirk Zecchini I did not ask this question as I have no need to I have just found this site as someone pointed out that I had posted a requested also my photo was used As my msn hotmail account has been violated somehow I am now looking to change my msn password as this has happned before. Please CJ I would like that post of my photo deleted as soon as possible. Also I have had to change my security on facebook as my email address had been able to be viewed by all Thank you Laura P B

    • Nice try.

    • Hi Laura,

      I too have been contacted by Lt. Col Kirk Zecchini on the dating site match.com. He was very sweet and genuine until I started doing some research based on my gut feelings. Found his fb page and questioned him on what i found, family and kids. After his original statement was that he was never married and had no kids. He sent me flowers twice….(not my real address). However what got me really cautious was when he was just so anxious to come see and after what he said was 27 years in the army and never applied for leave was a total crap to me. He was very persistent in me sending a request to an email address he sent me. I am so happpy I found this site before i did. Thank you guys…all i have now is a broken heart and two bouquet of dried flowers. O I do have a few pics he sent me and yes it is the same person on the fb page Carol forwarded

  52. If he is hinting about needing money for leave, he is a scammer.If you get photos then send them in here to CJ. Be careful Laura.

    • Thank you Marlene, I do not chat any more online with the scammer, I sent all of the pictures to CJ Iwill be careful.

  53. Hi all

    Just to let u all know the pics rite near d top under name tom curtis, well, he is called james pendellton, he said he is serving in Pakistan and from texas, a widower with a son called harry. He asked me to send him money so he could apply for vacation but i didnt send him any not after what happened with this guy who called himself lt timothy bills n i e mail the pics to cj so hopefully the real guys knbows that they been used to scammed women.

    • He is now going by the name steve endlton, just to let others know, in case of contact.

      • Add Steve Marconi to the list of names being used with this set of photos.

      • He probably goes by many names. He sent me those pictures yesterday under the name Tom H. Curtis. Contacted me via Chemistry.com. I picked him out as a fake right away because his grammar was so poor. I tried to report him to Chemistry, but he’s already withdrawn his profile. On another site, it said his IP address was out of Nigeria.

    • Hey,
      Just wanted you all to know James Pendleton-Tom curtis is now going by Davis Pendleton his email is davispendleton@yahoo.com. I have pictures of him, some are the same as on the wall of shame. thanks CJ for having them up there before I got scammed.

  54. I have been scammed by a Sgt Mark Donnelly supposed to be serving in afghanistan, i sent nearly £2,000 for ts2 phone connection and a vacational visit, i have photo’s where do i send them too

    • Helen
      I also have been talking to sgt, mark donnelly He is a scammer. He told me he was in Iraq. Has he sent you a pic where he is in uniform staring into space with his hand under his chin. He loved to send me poetry and has a daughter named Laura. He ask me for the same things as you. Send your pix to Cj. I tracked his ip address to Nigeria. If would like to compare notes ask CJ for my email address. WE talked for 6 months. He is quite the charmer.

  55. OMG! Just today on lavalife another scammer. He goes by the name Jeff Lingo. Started off by telling me that he lost his wife and his son Sebastian is only 10. I just got rid of a scammer by the name of Michael England. His email is heath.11@live.com. His story was very similar so I could basically pick out this scammer from miles away!!!! I told him to get lost…be careful ladies!! Alot of these guys claiming to be military are actually Nigerians!!!

  56. what about a Craig Henry

  57. Hi,

    I think ive, been luck and stopped SGT John Mateo, frpm the US Army, based in Basra. Meet him through eharmony, chatted for 2 mths, when said he wanted to relocate to the UK, then he told me his daughter who lives with his ex mother in law, because hes a wife died, was in hospital. and he didnt have nayway to pay the hospital bill. When i informed him i didnt have and spare cash, he went quiet for a few days, then he told me the only way he could get leave was for me to send cash to his mother in law so she could pay the Army… he told me this would cost £1400. I told him i didnt have that kind of money, he got pushy. so i checked his ip address and it came back as Lagos. When i asked him, he told me to find another man.. i have photos which he is using..i hope this helps others…

  58. anyone heard of a captain robert wilson???from indiana

  59. donna
    yes same pics sent and has daughter Laura in Colorado, apparently he has been injured in afghanistan in the past week and needs me to send more money so he can come home to me

  60. CJ
    could you please e-mail me donna’s e-mail address we have lots to discuss about Sgt Mark Donnelly

  61. donna
    He got me good and proper 18months we have been chatting

  62. Lady’s the scammers have moved to using US marines pictures. Be careful and stay safe.

    • yes, regarding the scammers using marines pictures…i have been chatting with a sgt. John dooley usmc for about 3 months now. hes in kabul. has anyone heard of him as being a scammer? i pray hes is not , but like all the others, there are days his english is excellent, then there are days its not. like its more than one person depending on the time of day. when he comes online in the wee hours in us time like 2-3am est, he has good english, uses the hearts background on messanger, like it really might be him, then when he comes online around 4-6pm est, wee hours of the am in kabul, his english is way different, so is the font, no background. sometimes dosent remember something from on of my early hour messages on yahoo messanger.
      has anyone heard of him? if so please please let me know its so confusing having what seems to be a marine at one time of day and not the other time of day. am desperate to know the truth.

      • Hi debbie my story is the same as yours except his name SSG james dodson did he send you any pictures i would like to know if they are the same man please email me back

      • Do you have pics sounds like the guy I have been chatting with his name is Stewart James in Kabul

        • Donna,
          I too have been in communication with someone who calls himself Stuart Lewis James a Sgt supposedly based in Kabul Afganistan. If you email me I can send you the pictures i was sent by this person as well as scenario related info. I reported him to match.com where i met him, the FBI Internet Crime Bureau and the local US Armey Reserve Unit. they checked him out and none of the official looking photos or ids of him or the Diplomat he hangs with were real. Good luck.
          Betty @betthenn7350@att.net

    • they are also still using army. Theres one he claims he’s looking for his soul mate..Wifes died & he has 2 kids. Everything says is word 4 word from the scamers emails He hasn’t asked 4 anything yet..He’s going by Sgt. Richardson Villegas..from Los Angeles, California.. I through away the pics he sent..I’ll look again.. email is…richylanry@yahoo.com

    • Hi JJ-I just read this article regarding Nigerian scams using US Military servicemen photos.I live in Australia and was recently scammed by someone posing as MSGT John Alfred from Georgia USA;stationed in Libya.This scammer started chatting to me via Facebook;then emails;and asked me to send money for a phone card(said he couldnt skype and couldnt use his Mastercard to buy one).As Im not rich by any means I sent money via Wester Union to an office in 53 Douglas Rd Owerri IMO State Nigeria(as advised to do via US Army Customer
      Service;Sgt Lillian Young-email: customerserviceoffice@usa.com).”John” rang twice;then after many romantic emails requested that I send money for a special leave request so he could come to Australia.By this stage I wasreally suspicious;and told “John” I couldnt afford it.(He had already said the leave had been approved but that “Quote-there is a small matter of a fee of USD $200″).He emailed back that he had cancelled the leave and that we would just have to keep emailing.I havent heard a thing since.I was luckier than most;as I just lost money on the phone card.However I do feel sorry for the “real” John Alfred who like so many others probably doesnt know his picture is being used in a scam.Thankyou for posting this site.

  63. Donna
    you can e-mail me at helen1367@live.co.uk

  64. Hi ladies, from time to time I still hear from the scammer that goes by name of Sfc James Thompson Ramos, his emails do not have the effect of all the lovely words like it used to, the charming and sweetness is gone for good. Any more I just delete his emails there is no sense to save them since I do not have any use for them. Keep strong every one and keep safe.

  65. Well everyone,

    Wow, I guess I have been living in a box if I haven’t heard about any of this. If any of you are wondering about things you can do to “check” on whether these might be scams or not.

    1. Look at the Rank in the picture. Google it see if it matches with what they are saying.
    2. If they talk about being in a certain unit, google that, find out if it even exists.
    3. There is NO reason that any soldier needs to ask for money.
    4. ALL soldiers are allowed to send and recieve mail. In some instances it may be hard to make a phone call or use the internet, but those are VERY rare.
    5. again there is NO reason that any soldier needs to ask you for money.
    6. Last but not least, if you are unsure after doing all of these, ask someone.

    I was a soldier for 9 years, I think it is disgraceful that these people are doing this. If any of you have any questions you can email me as well, I might be able to give you more info. johnschreck77@yahoo.com

    And so you know, I am not trying to scam anyone, I am happily married, with an awesome family…

    • hi john,
      nice to read from you.
      can you find out the real name of robert haggard?
      i would like to compare what i have. he said to me, he do not know any person named robert haggard.
      He is already in the usa, ge was in Afghan.

      Thank you for your assistance,

    • Hi John. Could you please help me look up a guy…SSG Jordan Brush in the US Air Force, based in Benghazi, Libya right now..I need to know if he is a real soldier…Please contact me… thank you.

      • Caryl he’s a Fraud

  66. just to let you all know Sgt Mark Donelly now on facebook and myspace looking for love

    • Helen Sorry I was gone for a hile but I have some news for you on mark donnelly. here is my email. donnasensen1@yahoo.com. I have lots of tales to tell you. Hop to hear from you soom.

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  68. Mark Donnelly is usually 41 but on myspace he has 2 profiles 1 says he 41 the other says 44, lmao he hates liars and wants an honest and trustworthy woman. good luck to him, he will need it

    • Since you have two of these sites with the same name and pictures one is probably fake and the other one real. If you look closely you should be able to spot the fake.

  69. Helen, Maybe the one on myspace is the real person, scammers don’t usually have a myspace or facebook account. However they do steal photos from there. That is where they steal the identities from in some cases.As for the age differences that is just because maybe the account has been updated.If you have photos and have not yet sent them to CJ please do so and then maybe they are able to be traced, the real person I mean. Marlene

    • What I dont understand is that there is a facebook page for Ivan Nobile and he sends me e-mails from that page often. That means he has either figured out what the original Ivan’s password is, or he opened this page just to try and look legit.

  70. Be sure to remember the sacrifices of the REAL heroes this Memorial Day. I was married to a career military man for years, so here are some clues to look for: check the rank on the uniform with what they tell you; military people do not have to pay for travel home at the end of their deployment; the usual word is deployment…not mission; military family members get FREE medical treatment; military members usually have a stateside bank where their money is direct deposited…if they don’t, they’re too stupid to waste your time on. Can’t think of anything else offhand, but double check every excuse they give for needing money. If you’re not sure it’s legit, it probably isn’t. I’ll be glad to answer your questions if I can. Bear in mind, if they really do need YOU to send THEM money, they’re probably losers anyway.

    • The guy that scammed me,”Sgt Ivan Nobile”, said that they dont have access to their accounts from Bagdad.

  71. went back on myspace and looked at the 2 Mark Donnellys they are both the scammer and he had 1 friend, I then searched the name he asked me to send money to in Nigeria. omg i have found the scammer with the same friend as Mark Donnelly. God I dont know what to do with this information, Help

  72. Sgt Mark Donnelly also using the names

    Col Troy Gilson

    Col Colin Millar

  73. Honestly there should be a site to post all the scammers pics on so that the military can decide who the pics really belong too…Also the military should inform there soldiers that this does happen & these soldiers should check & see if any of those photos belong to them & this should be done on a continuous basis so that the chain of scamming can cease & identity theft becomes less comin… Especially since these scammers are using other peoples photos without them even knowing it mostly they are all soldiers so the military should be involved…The sad thing about this is that the scammers either do or don’t get away with their scamming from certain people but there are those people that they actually scam & they continue to do it…Every email address from a scammer should be reported to yahoo or wherever the email address is through…And/Or have a facebook page & a myspace page with this info put up there so people can put a stop to this…Somewhere this has to stop & unless people are willing to go that extra mile to prevent things like this from happening it never will stop….Yeah scammers are going to continue to scam people one way or the other but we have the upper hand & can start by making it harder for them to do so…This is identity theft since they steal their names & their photos so this should be a military matter…These scammers not only take their names & photos but they also know where these soldiers live, who their children are, what they do for a living…Just my opinion anyways…

    • I completely agree Carolyn, but the problem is that no one knows what they look like! I would DEFINITELY post their photos if I could.

      On another note, I spoke today with Mark Ehresman on the phone and will be posting a story about who is REALLY is and his Army career. Stay tuned to the main page or subscribe to my email list by emailing: cj@soldiersperspective.us and putting “Subscribe” in the Subject line.

      • I am very glad to hear that you have found the real Mark Ehresman. Keep up the good work CJ and that you for giving us a place to send and receive information about these scammers.

        • I met someone on Mingle2.com by the name of Joseph Collins Erisman in early July. He claims to be a U.S. Marine on a 3yr tour in Iraq. He says he’s been in Iraq for 10mos already and needs money to get his honorable discharge papers so he can come “home” to me. WHATEVER!

          He uses the email sgtjoeerisman@yahoo.com

      • Hello Cj.

        You will be surprised what I have sent you.

        I have emailed you to: cj@soldiersperspective.us about a soldier called himself Ruddock, I really hope you have the will and time to check it out and to reply to me. Please.

        Sincerly Cilvia

    • Carolyn,

      I was scammed by someone pretending to be a SSgt in the Army and I have filed a police report, Attorney General report, IC3 report, Federal Trade Commission report, Western Union Fraud complaint report, sent emails to the Govenor, Congressman and Senator from FL and also spoke with the US Secret Service and guess what…NO ONE wants to do anything even though Western Union has video cameras in there locations and the authorities can have them!!! I also have filed reports to the Metropolitan police and Heathrow police in London…now hold on to your seat, you are not going to believe this…before I knew what was going on, I was sent an email from the scammers friend that he was ill and was admitted into “a hospital”. Well after not hearing anything I called the area hospital’s around Heathrow with no luck so I called one of the police stations in London and filed a missing persons report. Well they actually spoke to him on June 30, 2010 claiming that someone said he was a missing person and was calling around to the local hospitals…when the scammer and I chatted THAT SAME NIGHT, he told me about the police questioning him…I told him that was me because I had not heard from him and was worried. The very next day is when I discovered that it was a romance scam and called Metropolitan police in London and told them this. But because the scammer gave the police a different birthdate than I had given them, he was not the same person and they were not going to go any further with it. I said you have got to be kidding me!!! I told them about the chat that we had had that night and he still would not do anything!!! All they will do here is keep alerting people and what to be aware of…well I asked the agent from the Secret Service, what about the people that were scammed, what are you doing for us? He had no answer. So I guess my next step is the television stations…Sorry this is so long, but wanted to put as much info in here as I could! Also i have sent CJ the pictures of the soldier that was used in this scam. I have not seen them out here yet, I don’t know how long it takes but…just wanted you do know that no one is willing to help anyone and these scammers are gonna get bigger and bigger because they know no one will look for them!

      • Hello Debbie

        hmmm. about scammers. its too sad to read your letter, that no one is willing to help us, after I just sent some information about a soldier colled himself Major Ruddock to CJ. I will be very sad if I don´t get help. And then this web.site means nothing to us.
        Since I don´t know what else to do.

        Sincerely Cilvia

      • You can contact me on usagovernment_military@live.com and i will help you take care of this problems, we are the IC3 community,and we want to help you get what you have lost ..ok?

        • I’m only approving this comment so that it is Google searchable. This is another fake email address and NOT from IC3 in any way, shape or form.

    • I SO AGREE on this…WE need to put a stop to this …

  74. Hey everyone. I want you to meet one of the Soldiers being used in these scams, MSG Mark Ehresman. Click here to read his story.

  75. Great job CJ. Thanks

  76. my mum has been talking to a man called demiel agner who is climing to be an american soldier serving in iraq. i have only just found out that my mum has sent money to this man after he told her that he needed the money to request leave from the army so that he could come and see her in the uk. had i found out sooner i would of told her not to send any money but she has now lost all her savings – is there anything she can do as there doesnt seem to be any support in the uk or is her money lost forever?

    • Hi Becky, haha Demiel Agner has been resurrected. I am presently talking with SGT DEMIEL AGNER who is stationed at BASE 3 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN. Thanks for putting up this post as I was wary of him. I googled his name and because of your post, it was confirmed that he is definitely a scammer. They just thrive on lonely women and forget about the consequences. I am sorry for your mum and pray that she will be comforted one day by knowing that this person is caught.

      • Hi.

        LOL I have also been contacted by Demiel Agner today. Because of things he wrote I understood something was wrong and google his name. And see what i found. He wanted me to come back and talk later today. On facebook I found 3 profiles of Demiel Agner. The one that called him self Demiel says he comes from Baltimore, his wife died in cancer and he has a daughter 21 years old study medicine. Becky sorry about your mum.

        • Cici, I just had to write to you as I had been in contact with a man claiming to be Demiel Agner! He never got any money from me but did say if I wanted to talk to him by phone, I would have to buy one from his base for $300. Well I just stopped communicating with him. He was getting weird with his calling me “hunnie” & praying for me! He told me his father was from Germany & he (Demeil) came here when he was 10, but still had an accent! Well thankfully I found some friends on another websight about another scammer named Kennedy Bowden. He was not claiming to be in the service, but he was just as sleazy! Any way they told me about this sight. Thank you to all, I’m learning a lot! Mary

  77. hi becky,
    i am sorry to say she has lost her money forever, i lost a lot of money on one of this scams and kick myself every day over it, but like your mum i fell for it all. i am in the uk and found the police did not want to know, all i was offered was counselling from victim surport which i found really helpful, so give them a ring if you need to talk about it they were brilliant.i reported my crime because it is a crime to who ever would listen but it got me no where.i live with this every day and i am still having to pay a credit card bill for a sat phone i paid for, a loan for his leave, and phone bill for when i phone him. so you see no one wants to help. i have to work really hard for the rest of my life to pay for this. emotionally i dont trust any one , i am 45 now and i just dont believe any a man tells me any more, which has caused me big problems in relationships so what chance have i got, but i survive i have to, whats the alternative. just tell your mum shes not alone in this i now how she feels.

    • Jane, I know it’s easier said than done but don’t beat yourself up over this. That way they will have won all over again. I live in the UK too, and was very nearly taken in by one of these guys, but luckily for me the lady at Western Union refused to take my money and told me to check it out. That’s where I found this site and it has helped me enormously to think I am not alone in this. If you want to email me to chat feel free – kaywilson9@fsmail.net. I am currently stringing another one along who says he will phone me. That’s when I will pounce! Take care and chin up girl!

  78. thanks for replying jane b, my mum was very grateful for your response. this has only happened over the last few weeks is she is still very raw and would love to talk to someone as there is very little support for her and we have not told other members of our family my mums email address is gstorrie@hotmail.co.uk

    • Becky, what I said to Jane B goes for your mum too. If she wants to contact me, my details are as above. Take care. Kay

  79. I am another victim. I joined Fish Dating after it was recommended by a couple of ladies I met on a recent holiday. Within a week, I was contacted by a Stephen Massingale. Stated he was widowed, from Colorado and had a child now living in Canada. After, nearly one month and lots of beautiful emails and poetry. Marriage offer after 10days. A few days ago requested £750 for phone connection. I knew then that something was wrong. I stated that I had no money and if he was a gentleman, he would pay. I contacted Fish Dating yesterday to investigate because when I met him on the site, the next day he was not a member and he had requested that we make contact via his email address at yahoo. Fish Dating got back to me to confirm that they had cancelled his membership because they thought that he was not geniune. Obviously, they know that this scamming is going on. I started to fall for this man. I told him that I had been through breast cancer and had reconstruction, but it didn’t put him off. What evil people they are to prey on single, vunerable sick people.

    I am so glad I came across your site as I have been trying to track this man down. I have learnt my lesson the hard way and feel quite hurt by all the deceit. I thought at last I have someone to love. Silly me. Oh well life goes on. Won’t be joining a dating site again. As they say once bitten…. Would you like his photo?

    • Hi Susanne

      Is his photo not above? This was the Steven Massingale Barratt I was in contact with. He told me he was originally born in Somerset, UK, but moved to the US at the age of 2. He only told me he had a son in his early emails, then slipped up and said he had a daughter as well. His son was with his late wife’s parents in Canada, his daughter was with a nanny, but not where, and when I asked him he became very vague.

      I was contacted by him through DatingDirect.co.uk, and he removed his profile after a couple of days, so I didn’t get the chance to report him to the website. I did find his details on another one (Uniform Dating) and he has been blocked from there. It would be interesting to know if it is the same guy, as Donna from this site is trying to track him down for me. My email address is above if you want to contact me.


    • please help me is james rellinger a swindler? i have sent 900 euro this is much for me please say me this sorry my english no good greet helga deniz from austria

      • he already knows his identity has been stolen, sorry but it’s true.

    • Ladies, thank you, I have finally found the evidence I need. I have just discovered I have been scammed by Captain Stephen Massingale. Same story as you Susanne. Lots of poetry, undying love, marry me all that and more. I began to fall for him, but bells started to ring when a friend of a friend was scammed by a soldier. I decided to do some googling and found out so much info. I am amazed how much of this goes on. I have beem scammed before, and thought it could’nt happen again. I have sent a photo to cj , so hopefully the soldier in the photo will be told his picture is being used. Thanks for this website, its been a great help. Be careful out there ladies!

    • Hi Suzanne. I think I have been scammed royaly by the same man. The photo I have of him is not the one above though. Definately Captain Stephen Massingale, daughter living in Canada, gushing poetry and many requests for money. I paid some but began to realise how ridiculous it was. I feel so idiotic and stupid.

    • Hi Suzanne

      Could you forward me a picture please as i belive i have lso been a victim of this scam

      Kind Regards

      Gaye XX

    • i was recently scammed by greg massingale same info but daughter in Italian school.
      he has the following e mail addresses hunblesmiles@hotmail.com &lovescent01@yahoo.com
      I was subjected week before on same site from bradcoyle55@yahoo.co.uk I have photos from both these people.
      I did tell greg i was scammed before but didnt give details. They did not recieve any money. if you want further info i will be glad to give it.

    • I was scammed by a James Paul Massingale with a daughter Maria Massingale. e mail address was sgtjames.massingale@yahoo.com. If you could send me a picture of the massingale that scammed you so I can see if it is the same slim ball. Thank you and atleastI am alone.

      • in regards to the mail you left on being scammed by a military man well I think I met the same man he also has a daughter.
        But he goes by Cpt.Edward Massingale and he also uses a yahoo e-mail would love to see what he looks like as I think we have chatted with the same guy…
        Don’t send him any money because military personnel don’t have to get anyone to pay for leaves and if you turn them down they get pissed off with you and they call you names and they swear at you and they threaten you I have had it done to me so I no the drill….Just telling you to be careful….

  80. hi becky,
    i will send your mum my email address so she can get in touch and talk because it does help to now other people are in the same position and she is not alone in this.
    i have just reported another scammer from dating site called ken in us army, living in london , very strange. i asked him what he is planning to do when he leaves the army in june, he said he was going to set up a ophnage, what crap. as soon as i told him it would be hard with all the security around kids and i should now i work in a school he went off line on me and hasnt contacted me since. i sent him not a very nice message about how careless he had been, it made me feel damn good. they are so stupid sometimes.so watch out girls for ken, london,48, retiring, in afghanistan nice looking, wearing a checked cap ,with a goatee beard.

  81. RE: Lt. Col. George Patterson
    Beware, Lt Col George Patterson is back on facebook, with a picture, he’s a Nigerian Scammer. Look him up at georgepa01@live.com

  82. I’ve been contacted through the match.com site by a man passing as GEN Stephen Ruddock whose pictures correspond to the ones you published here. His story line is similar to what you have said here. His email address is
    GEN Stephen W Ruddock (survival53@live.com.
    Sounded too good to be true.

    • reply for Sadie. Re Ruddock…. I have a long letter and several pics of the said RUDDOCK ( but going from the ones already on the site ( in his younger days) the pics are real that i have also but using the name BILLY Ruddock…. If you wish contact me on my email adress and we can exchange if you like, This one didnt get any of the cash out of me, I sussed him quite quickly! so he didnt get chance, but Gosh they never give up I have had so many, it just drives me ” up the wall” but I have got a few still on file, in case they were needed havent got all the mails. had to get rid at some point in time.. anyway if you want a chat you can find me easily I am in the UK . best wishes TRISH

      • Hi Sadie and Patricia,
        I have been in contact with a Staff Sergeant George Ruddock for a month now, i have some of the pictures on this side and some new ones too!!!! the e-mail addy he was using with me was lifechance2010@hotmail.co.uk. He is a widower, he has two girls, named Brigitte and Elizabeth! I got a little sus at one point and asked him to take a picture of himself holding a board with my name on it, what a laugh he sent a photo with a super imposed poster in the background, which was obviously typed it was hilarious, i still have him on line as we speak, i just love wasting his time and letting him think i am falling for his lies! He has gone by many names it appears! General! he must have been demoted since his uniform shows only Sergeant now! If anyone want to compare photos and string him a long a little i dont mind! I just feel for the poor soldier whose face he is using and that of his poor children! Some photos have a date of 28.06.10. Some people! Sad sacks! Get in touch if you wish i dont mind. Terri

        • My, my how shocked was i when i came across this site a little by accident but obviously meant to be! I have had Staff sergeant George Ruddock emailing me and chatting to me on msn for 2 weeks now. He has sent photos of himself, his girls, his wife (who was killed in a plane crash in June 2009) and of his home in New York. I have had a marriage promise and invite to relocate to NY. He asked me for money to hire a private jet to come visit me!!!!That he couldn’t access his own millions from Afghanistan.I told him to take army transport home to the States, access his own millions from there then come visit me in Britain. He became upset and said i no longer needed him as i was unprepared to help him…..haha too right!! I feel sorry for the real man and his family in these pictures. Joss

        • Hi
          My god I think I have been scammed,
          by a man called himself Major Robbert Ruddock, Whose pictures he sent me are the same to the ones you published here, and have some more new pictures too. And his story line is similar to al what you have said here. I have been contacted through net log .com website. His email address is: robbert_ruddock77@yahoo.com

          I feel sorry for the real soldier. Please tell me what to do next.

        • I have been in contact with a Staff sargeant Andrew Stephen Ruddock much the same story as is stated on this site. Like you I feel sorry that someone s pain has been exploited and wonder about the real man and his family are they well is he still alive?? it would be awful to think he was killed we must all remember the photos are real soldiers. Luckily for me I wasn’t scammed and never asked for anything but emotionally blackmailed with threats of taking his own life

        • Dear Terri,
          Loved reading your notes above. I am also in touch with him calling himself General Jimmy William Hayward.
          I have not yet been asked for money as we have only been talking for 10 days.
          Like you I think I may waste his time for a little longer. Keep him away from other women.
          Will keep you informed

    • HI Sadie,
      General Jimmy William Hayward is using the same e-mail address survival53@live.com
      He has sent a picture of himself (or whoever) with two little girls.
      Can no-one find this real soldier and warn him not to put picture on sites where it may be stolen as it is a shame for the girls to be used like this.
      Have not sent any money and given him only a few details about myself. Talking to him now.
      He is out on night patrol – what a joke

      • this is a scam. stay away.

        • Hi Kimmy,
          I know for sure this is a scam. He has yet to ask me for money and I have blocked him from my hotmail account. I did not trust him from the offset and opened a new hotmail account with him being the only “friend” on it.
          There must be a way of catching these guys.
          Glad I found this site. It is brilliant and should have more publicity.

  83. I was contacted by a man on Be2.com who claimed to be Sergeant Wesley Traceur 30 yrs old from Colorado Springs and in Kabul, Afghanistan. After chatting for 7 weeks and he sent me 5 military pics of himself, he said he needed me to send him $1,200 usd to get Leave to come see me in Canada. I told him that I don’t have that kind of money to be sending and that he should borrow it from his family or friends. I asked him to talk on phone with me but he said they weren’t Allowed to get calls on the Base and I said I have never heard of that as many of the men have wife and kids that they want to talk to I’m sure and he also said they weren’t allowed to have web cams there either. I found this site after that and told him that I thought he was a scam. He said this was upsetting to him and he went offline as we used to chat on yahoo. His i.d. there is sgt.wesleytrace@yahoo.com Of course he hasn’t come back online in 2 days and ignored my email. I have blocked him and just wanted to put my message on here so other women can watch out for him….It’s very sick how these guys are claiming to be military men and try to lure women for money!!

    • Tammy, Would you please email the pictures he sent you to CJ at cj@soldiersperspective.us

      That way we will have the pictures to see if we can try to find the real soldier and let him know. Thank you

  84. Hi ladies

    I have been in contact almost a month now with a military man by the name James Miller first sergeant airforce, he is serving in afghanistan a red flag went up a few days ago supposable shot and will be discharged from clinic next week, doesnt want to go back to work afraid i will lose him the next time and could i file an application for transist, for me to think about it and i will hear from him again when the nurse can help with computer, anyway i contacted cj it was a scam and i sent a email calling his bluff 2 days now no email, i meet him on mate1 mate1 has since removed him and there is an investigation, i just wish i could find the real person, another from mate 1 today calls him self sgt patterson, usarmy serving in iraq comes from elgin IL, requesting me to contact him beware he cant spell

    • Hello Re JAMES MILLER.. is the the same guy usuing the name of JEFF, Richard, and Philip. I have the pics as shown on U tube( I can send them to you if you wish ) but you can see ALl as shown by someone I know of who had been scammed before, of a HUGE amount of money and LOST HER HOME… made up the port folio of this guy ( well Guy is being shown as a US ARMY Officer ) but obviously behind the facade is a Low life ” GOD FEARING ” Thief and CHEAT. Just google his name under ” PHILIP MILLER” and he should come up for viewing
      Even the guys Kids are seen on this one and the dog! time the military did something….

      • Re James Miller…this scammer is still at it and still getting away with it. Now he is going by ANDREWS MILLER and he found my profile on Plentyoffish.com and has managed to trick me of 1400 and waited until after I had neck surgery and on medication to pull his scam….Ok, now it has become personal with me and I want this guy caught…I have been doing a lot of research of this scammer and it appears he has gone by Jeff/Jeffery Miller, David Miller, Richard Miller, Philip Miller and now Andrews Miller. The photo’s of the military man with the unique birth mark on the left side of his face that the scammer is using now has the military man’s pictures on Youtube, 4 profiles on facebook (Jeff/Jeffery Miller) and who know where else. This scammer needs to be stopped and enough is enough.

        • I still have contact with aka: Andrews Miller and I am trying to keep him hanging on by a string to keep him from scamming other ladies if at all possible. He filled my head with all his “I love you with all my heart, soul and body” crap and now I am trying to get into his head and trick him into giving me some useful information that will help to get him caught once and for all. Wish me luck as it is sucking up many hours of my time.

  85. Just wondering if anyone has been contacted by a Captain Ronald Allyn thru yahoo…his addy thru there is allynronald@yahoo.com….just need to know if he is legit or not…has asked me to set up for ts2 communications….i need info can anyone help me out…please

    • Jenny the TS2 communications thing he is asking for is one of the first scams they pull. Once they get money for this fake item they ask you for more money for medical expenses or so they can take leave to come see you. It would be in your best interest to stop farther communications with this person he is a scammer.

      • thank you so much cj i did stop talking to him what a scammer…it is sad to see that this is what the world has come too…how can you even find a descent guy…you cannot..i am a single mom of three kids who could not believe that someone could have talked soo sweet to me and here i was taking all the bullshit from him….wow…..just to warn other woman out there the guy i was talking to was on hot or not and he does have a pic on there …whose it actually is well i will never know…just very sad that there is people out there like that…thank god i never sent him money …not that stupid just too stupid to realize that he truly was a scammer…..understood it more when i got saw the ts2 communication email and the address where to wire the money thru western union…bingo…was an ass this guy is so just be warned ladies his name is Captain Ronald Allyn he is apparently 45 and it does have his name on his uniform as that too…Allyn….hope this helps anyone else out for getting victimized like i did….will keep u posted…they seem to always strike again if they do not receive an answer back….

        • Jenny,

          got contacted from him as well the last few days – we have been talking for online for only a week and yesterday he send me an email that he loves me – that sounded so curious to me so i checked on his name – and came along to this webpage. Thanks for address this here – it just keep making me so mad that there are people out there and think that all females are naive and stupid.
          I also note hot or not on him. He is also in Lonely Soul – (found him while i was searching his name)

  86. ladies received another email on mate1 as a sgt ryan lane states he is a us soldier in iraq lives in austin texas, cant spell and picture is not military, i did report as a possible fraud to mate1 I also went under the military site and sent an email to the air force public affairs office, for a James Miller if that is his real name told them i Have photos, I guess there is identity problems with soldiers credit card numbers etc, as public affairs states so i am making them aware of there identity on dating sites, waiting to see if i get an email response back.



    • Hey, Gen. Roberts General Jackass, bite me. You’re a two-bit, loser, fraud who couldn’t make a buck selling pubic hair to a whorehouse. If you’re a general, do something about my “disrespect to a commissioned officer”. But, since you’re a fake trying to pretend authority on my site, how about you just fuck off and do something honorable with your life – like removing it from the earth! And please explain why you are writing from Mauritania where we don’t keep generals.

      • Way to go CJ!!

      • You tell em CJ!!!!

      • OMG…Way to go CJ!!!

      • cj please contact me my name is cindy email address is twighlight_unicorn@yahoo.com I to have been scammed by a Col. Peter Pentronzio Stenn,he is trolling in mate1..He had me hook line and sinker.I gave him 600 for bhis leave request.All the documents sent looked official.here is the first letter
        Well let me tell you a little about me.I am Single 5′ 9″ am looking for a friend to love and spend some time with. I would like to learn to.I am a quick learner and enjoy all types of music. I love to work hard but rather play harder.I lost my love and my 2 daughters 2years back.I have a lovely son who stays with his Granny,his 15yrs. I’m looking for a WOMAN that is honest, truthful and loyal who will not hurt me for any reason and will never be hurt by me too and she will be ready to take care of my son. I’m looking to date and see where things may go.graduated from Beverly High School and Norwich University and joined the Military force in 1984.I live at Texas corpus Christi but presently on a to Afghanistan.I was sent there by UN to lead an expeditionary force in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban,And am ready to relocate after my mission in Afghan,But only if my love wants that,Am in the us military.
        I’m not looking for a one night stand or anyone with drama. I just want to spend a few hours with someone from time to time for some relaxing stress free times like dinner, movies, a walk around the park, sporting events, or maybe a weekend getaway.
        Even a nice relationship that includes a good morning email or text to show someone is thinking of you would be nice. If you want someone fun to chat with, maybe more in time.I love swimming,play golf,going to cinemas,camping.I also love Chinese food,pizza,roasted beef,I don’t smoke…don’t drug… a while back i had a zero tolerance for it… however I’ve been getting better about it. At least with smoking… just i prefer if you don’t do it around me.. i don’t like to watch people i care about slowly kill themselves..if you respond, respond with a picture please….. maybe we can start a friendship that grows into more…or perhaps it’ll be love at first sight.. and we fall hard… who knows…what have you got to lose? at worst you still get a good friend and at best you get the love of your life… sounds like Win/Win to me..OH! in the subject line write out Lovely..I feel like I have a pretty good personality, I can be goofy and serious, wild and conservative. I’m very calm, laid-back and drama free. My friends would tell you that I’m extremely dependable, loyal and keep them laughing. I would say I’m pretty fun too I tend to be a bit quiet around people I don’t know well, but I open up pretty quickly.I hope to read back from you too,

        Col. Peter
        hope to read back from you.
        Take good care of yourself..
        Bye for now
        you can pls send me more of your resent pics

        He also has help because i also received some other emails with official looking documents I will attach them.Any input or help from you would be appreciated greatly…please send me a response.sincerley a broken heart cindy

      • you go girl, woohoo its a good job us women are an intelligent species, what a thick fucking prick,do us all a favour soldier boy and put a gun to your own head, LOSER

      • Hello C.J. Can you tell me about Scot Adams from Newark New Jersey who is serving on a peace mission in South Sudan, Nigeria? He is 50 years old and has one son named John.

    • Hey General GOOFBALL, We love to GOSSIP,
      its what we do best

    • das gibt es schon habe schon 900 euro gesendet an einen militär man james rellinger aus irak.an einen mr.ken john der diplomat vom militär.das ich nicht lache was sie da für einen schwachsinn erzählen


    • I just wanted to let you know this is going on, I have been through 3 military soldier so far asking for money and getting ready to take the 4th out, They are curel and need to be stopped, there should be a law against this, then to send have access to a military ID with the name marked out, you need to address this issue. People using a military or government employee information should be stopped and put in jail and made to work for their up keep.
      I have email address, pictures to prove it.

  88. You tell them CJ. Good for you .Losers they are.

  89. Surprise, heres a new one

    Sgt. Jonathan Laureles. The real one knows about it but says there isn’t anything he could do.

    I talked with this person alot and used instruction from a previous post to check IP addresses and sure shit it was from nigeria.

    While like many others i feel like a dumbass, at least i know now. Hope 1 less person will fall for this from my post.


  90. OMG!!! CJ,
    I’m laughing myself SILLY
    Thank you for all your hard work,
    Susan :-)

  91. bitte senden sie an leohelgadeniz@hotmail.com wenn sie mehr wissen über james rellinger.er hat auch mich betrogen.er ist aus panama city florida.danke deniz helga.ich möchte wissen ob er zu den betrügern gehört

  92. Hi CJ,
    Greetings from Australia. What a great site…. No doubt I have given you all the info regarding the alledged Cpt Alexander Swain. I feel so sorry for your US Soldiers who’s identities are being used in such a way, is there anyway of letting the real ones know what’s happening ??
    Also, another idea… maybe you can do something with yahoo that the email address that these scumbags of scoiety use can be deleted via yoruself, and/or maybe we can do a deal with Western Union and Money gram that when these scammers ask for a NTC numebr or something, that we give them a number and it delivers a nasty virus that wi[pes everything off their computer/s ???? Just a thought.
    I’ve managed to find many ladies via facebook using the aliases that this scumbag has used to warn them and I have already managed to find 8 of them.
    Best of luck and keep this website going… it should be advertised on all dating sites.
    Love your work CJ

    • Hi Trish,
      My name is Tricia (Trish for short as well). I’m from South Africa and new on this site. Have been corresponding with a Captain Alexander Swain (says he’s from Pennsylvania USA) and in the military in Iraq)age given as 46 years and divorced and says he has a daughter aged 10years her name is Jodie. We have been corresponding since begining May 2010 up until now. On 25 May he emailed me saying he had been detained in Ghana. And also asking me to help him out financially to get out there. Well he has been there ever since. Dont know if this is a genuine senario or a scam. I dont know what to believe anymore. I need clarity on whether this person is the genuine one in the pics or not. Please refer to my messages further down this site page. One to Eileenn Flanagan her message dated 20 July 2010 and the second one to Jacqui (also of SA) her message dated 20 July 2010 as well.
      Thankyou. I will be grateful for some feedback from anyone of you. Rgds Tricia

      • Have also talked to a guy, Alex Swain, told me he was in Iraq, as a sergant in the E-6 forces.Was divorced with a daughter in 10 with name Christabell. He was from Boston US and his age should be 50. He is the same man as all the Mark pics above and Harry Swain. Met him at frist date and he also hve profiles at facebook as Harry Swain, Alexander Swain and Alex Swain. He used a hotmail. swain508@hotmail.com
        When I connected that adress on facebook with my msn a black guy from Ghana Accra shown with this e-mail. His Name was Nan Kofi kofi. Sent him a note during the time I chatted with “Alex”, cause I still have contact with this guy…and I told Alex about Nana…said I thought it was srange. I got a short answer from Nana that he didnt know me and suddenly the profile was gone. I am now playing with this Alex and tells him he will be found….he dont get it the stupid one.There are more names in this story. Patrick Otchere, Diplomate Luke Jarrel Dary, Gerrald, wich I now know are the same person as obowe, Darryl Lopez. I do have pics on everybody acxept for Mr Otchere. Have spoken to them all over the phone. It is atleast two guys. One african and one american.
        It really would have been nice to know who this Alex/Alexander/Harry Swain is.For real i mean.
        Cecilia from Sweden

  93. Hi there,

    I have also been a victim of online dating scam of someone impersonating a military guy.This disgusting lowlife goes by the name of joe harold. joe.harold45@yahoo.com, IM is joe.harold45. I don’t see his photos on this site yet. He says he is on third tour in Iraq, helicopter pilot, from Bedford Texas. Claims his late mother was head teacher. His late father retired army doctor and owned own gold jewelry business post retirmement. If you want to see the entire story go to the link online dating scams on this site and look for my post. If you would like to compare notes or photos please let me know.

    • Nieve please send CJ your photos so he can post them. cj@soldiersperspective.us

    • I too was scammed by the same person this time going by Joe Marvin (how generic) from Bedford, TX. Same thing happened to me, after meeting on match.com he wanted me to download and chat on yahoo messenger. I saw one of his photos on here and I have more to post if anybody is interested.
      How can get back at these people who are making fools of us??? Luckily I saw this website right before I was ready to mail “him” a package, whew, I dodged a bullet.

      • Hi Linda,
        Yes, I would like to chat with you about “Joe Marvin”…..

    • Hi. I would like to compare notes. Your “Joe Harold” maybe be my “Joe Marvin”. He hasn’t asked me for anything yet,… however, he did send me 2-dozen of red roses to my home to prove he was not scamming me. He’s supposively stationed in Camp Fallujui (?) in Iraq. He supposed to have a meeting today to find out his exact date he will be coming home. I’m anxious to see what he tells me.
      However, the other day he did ask me for my full name, full address, cellphone number, and closest airport near me because he was sending me a package. He told me since he was so close to coming home, he wanted to send me some of his stuff so he won’t have to carry it to the airport when he comes home. He said FEDEX wouldn’t get it to me in-time so he’s using the courier they use all the time to bring it to me. I was contacted by Isaac Anderson asking me to confirm my info because he was on his way. He said he will email me his flight information shortly…. and keep me updated of his location throughout his trip.
      Now I’m worried!~ Your “Joe Harold” (via pics on his site) is my “Sgt. Joe Marvin”.

      Why in the world would he go to such great lengths and send me roses to prove he is not a scam? So really?….. who got scammed? hahah I’m going to play this little game out to the end. Perhaps before its all said and done…. I will be the one receiving $$. LOL I will ask him today if he could send me $300 for Christmas. LMAO!! Jacka$$!!!!

      • @ Sugar lol great job but this you typed………However, the other day he did ask me for my full name, full address, cellphone number, and closest airport near me because he was sending me a package. He told me since he was so close to coming home, he wanted to send me some of his stuff so he won’t have to carry it to the airport when he comes home. He said FEDEX wouldn’t get it to me in-time so he’s using the courier they use all the time to bring it to me. I was contacted by Isaac Anderson asking me to confirm my info because he was on his way. He said he will email me his flight information shortly…. and keep me updated of his location throughout his trip.

        That is the scam next this so called courier will ask you for money when they return home they DO NOT have to pay to get their belongings home my Husbands has been delivered to our home by an Airline not some fake Courier.Keep us posted glad you know this is a scammer

  94. Hi JJ,

    Yeah, i emailed photos to cj yesterday. I keep checking back to see if they have been posted. I’m curious if anybody will recognize the photos.

    • Ok CJ well take care of it.

  95. Hello everyone, well I meet this scammer on online dating service called ZOOSK as june 2009, he used the profile dearestinlove his name Msgt Steven McCabe and in the “Air Force, serving in Baghdad Iraq” now, I have been scammed by him, big time I am a fool and ashamed, I should have known better cos I am a disabled army veteran, but I thought I fell in love with him, how do they do that make someone fall for them, I am ashamed for what I have done to hurt my fellow military families allowing myself to do this to myself. I AM TRULY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!
    Well anyway he told me that his in the Air Force and that he will be coming soon when I send him more money “like that is ever going to happen again” his emails are stevenmccabe1@hotmail.com stevenmccabe01@yahoo.com and stevenmccabe36@yahoo.com as I know them that way, if he had asked anyone to send money to nigeria he goes by the names ADESINA AJIBOLA, AKINLABI ANTHONY, TERRY WILLIAMS, and some other name I dont remember now, but I got all his faked love letters and need to send them to the military press,FBI,CIA and Afica news,

    I have already spoken to the real Msgt McCabe and he is in Texas

  96. He also is in facebook, I will try to get the others pictures he have sent me as soon as I rescanned them into my computer again

    they all should be ashamed of taking advantage of hard working soldiers in the military that helps keeps the world stay safe

  97. Marni, these morons feel nothing. Maybe they should round them all up and make them do military time then they may not be so anxious to pretend to be soldiers.At least they would have their own money as well then.
    The more I hear of their lies etc the more angry I become.Thank heavens for CJ and his help. Take care…Marlene

  98. CJ,
    hi, just noticed mr rellinger has surfaced 2 more times.

  99. Hi CJ,
    I just wanted to know if you got to find out about SFC. James Thompson Ramos, I had emailed you the pictures that I have if you need for me to resend them to you please let me know.

    • James Ramos is a scam. I had been talking to him for the past two weeks. I originally did a Google search and didn’t come up with anything, then I searched again and found out that he’s a scam. One of his pictures is with a cute black and white puppy, correct? I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s a scam as well.

      • I too had been contacted by James Ramos about three or four months ago, for except the scammer was going by the name of James Thompson Ramos the picture that you are talking about I too have it. I still have all of his emails and pictures; one thing for certain the scammer knows how to use beautiful words. I am happy to say that he is not longer bothering me the sad part of this is that he just continues to prey on new territories. Good luck and keep safe.

    • Hey Laura, how are you? I think you and I are or were talking to the same guy. RAMOS…. Would like to chat with you about it. I am talking to him now and playing him. I know he is a scam. Thank god I never sent anything, but he also has never asked me for anything YET. But I’m playing. Would love to know if we have the same guy.

  100. hello cj
    please say me james rellinger a swindler?i have her passport in copie.please give me answer sorry my english no good i am frim austria
    greet helga

  101. Hi everybody out there after being scammed by a CHARLES LECAIN also know as CHARLES LEACAIN also SIMON ROBERTS or ROBERT SIMONS and LT HANK COLINS i have today taken the steps of setting up a FACEBOOK page where we can chat and post pictures its u under US ARMY DATING SCAM please feel free to join and leave a photo of ur scammer or name any new scammer
    we will all woru together to STOP this and protect the real soldiers out there

  102. I received a SKYPE message from General Raymond Odierno….AS IF! The SKYPE address he used to contact me is raymond.odierno64 & he has downloaded an actual photo of the General from the internet. General Odierno is the commander for the US forces in Iraq and he would be far to busy to be wanting to contact anyone on SKYPE! I told this guy he was not the person in the photograph and to get lost. I didn’t give him the opportunity to scam me for anything. So girls watch out if you are on SKYPE.

  103. Well ladies I just arrived home from work and decided to check on my emails, I felt bad for the scammer that goes by the name of Sfc. James Thompson Ramos have moved in to a new target, I hope that the person that is been targeted response to a message that I sent her. Hopefully she will and I’ll be able to warn her about this pond scum before she loses her head and turn lose of her money, right now I am praying to God for this woman to answer my message I do hope taht I get to her on time.

    • haben sie schon von james rellinger auch gehört? was sagen sie zu dieser sache danke

    • Yay! I was happy to see that you were able to nip it in the bud quickly!!

  104. Hello all, I caught it bacause of you… I have some more great information for you…it’s another name and photo and paperwork TOO.
    I do not know how to send this to you but, i am scanning it all in my computer if you will email me I will send it to you
    Thanks for all of your help it saved me $1850.00 plus the $130.00 for sending it

  105. bitte bitte brauche hilfe wer kann mir sagen ob james rellinger ein betrüger ist danke von wien deniz helga

  106. Hi quick note to CJ and All….. the girls? I was wondering if any one was getting mail sent to their email adresses ( as Cj knows I have a couple ) well I am getting letters sent to me telling me they found me on ” Soldiers per….. us ” and they wanted to get to know me! I was wondering if others were getting this scum coming on to them from using the site… and are the email addresses clearly visable to all and sundry even the scammers…. Its Okay for me, just wondered thats all… if any others were getting mail wanting frienships etc etc… Thanks Trish from UK

  107. I was recently informed that pictures of my husband (from myspace) are being used in a scam just like these. The man claims to be a soldier in Iraq and tries to get money from women. One of his victims contacted me…

    My husband was killed in Iraq in April 2006 and I cannot begin to explain how much pain I felt when I looked up the name she gave me and there was my husband’s picture. I requested that facebook remove the page but not only is the page still there, but no one has ever contacted me. I have contacted the FBI, but again no one seems to care enough to even contact me, despite the fact that this man has gone so far as to use fake military documents and a fake military ID. I don’t know what to do to make this stop and feel as if I have failed to protect my husband’s memory.

    The name this man uses is Harlem Wilson and I am told he is from Africa, I believe Nigeria. If there is any step I can take to make this man stop, PLEASE let me know.

    LaNita Herlem
    Proud Widow of SFC Bryant A. Herlem

    • I am so sorry about this…I often wonder how many of these soldiers are deceased..my heart bleeds in pain…how can people be so cruel…so sorry…

    • La Nitta, I am so sorry that this low life scammer has put you throught this and please accept my sympathies. We all wish we could stop these nasty people who have no empathy for anyone. Once again I am so sorry this has happend to you and your family. All the best…….Marlene

    • Dear LaNita,

      This is really, truly awful, I am sooo sorry that you are going through even more pain because of these **** scammers.

  108. Hi all
    Has anyone had any contact from a guy name Major Tyron Mattews apparently in IRAQ about to retire?

  109. Ladies please be aware of Sgt. Scott Ludvik..I also sent photos here…so you all can be aware…honestly my heart is broken..the photos seem so authentic..i can’t believe i fell victim..to this

    • I would tell you not to feel bad but if I did you would say “yeah right” I felt bad about it too. I went so far as to pull off all the articles I could about the one I was speaking with and show them to my friends. But after checking out an email address that didn’t seem right, further steps led me to this site.

      Your heart will heal, you were in love with pretty words not a real person…I hope your feeling better soon.

  110. yes LaNitta I am so sorry about your lost my sympathies to you and his famlies. may the all scumbags that are doing rot,
    Has anyone been scam by Msgt Steven McCabe suppose to be in the air force, well I have spoken to the real Msgt Steven McCabe in texas and he tells me that is not his picture

    • das sagen sie alle bei james rellinger nicht anders zeigt in jeden forum sein foto nur die adresse wo er wohnt ist veschieden.kann nicht verstehen warum man das menschen antut,die ehrlich sind, arbeiten gehen,und spass haben möchten,dass man die betrügt.naja man lernt aus fehler.bin enttäuscht aber froh das ich diese seite gefunden habe.danke

  111. Sgt Charles Lecain and Sgt Roberts both active on girls date for free 5 profiles between them all the same photo lol have reported them

  112. Hi, I am so shocked today, I just read the article and realised that Sgt Ivan Nobile who has been chatting to me for a month now and would supposedly have come to South Africa to be with me..is not really the guy on the picture.
    All the warning signs were there…how could I not have picked it up? Love is Blind now makes more sense.
    I even had a phone call from a guy named Suley who was supposed to bring a package with his valuables and docs to me. And an e-mail from a Thomas Brown who said that he is the Custom Officer in Accra Ghana and he scanned the package and that there is over a Million dollars in there, so he was supposedly bribing Ivan to give him 85000$ money. Ivan asked if I could help with at least half of this and I luckily did not have that much money.
    I have the details of the guy that I was supposed to pay the money to… a Jilbrid Mohammed and even the address.
    I am going to our media with this, to stop it from happening to other women in SA.

    • Hi Ester, am glad that I forwarded the info to CJ in time. Yes, you story is the same as mine and I also have the name and bank details.I would really like to help the real Ivan Nobile. These people using his photos are in Acca-Ghana.I sincerely feel sorry for the real soldiers who are having there identities stolen. Am glad that I found this site. Am determined not to give up till I find the real Ivan Noble. I know that CJ will trace him with the photo’s we have. I also forwarded more photos to him and waiting patiently. He e-mail address has been reported to many site by myself and also to face book.

      • CJ has already found and let the real soldier know that he pictures have been stolen and are being used by these scammers.

        • Ask CJ to tell him that the scammer had him as a 51 year old man, and all my friends said : This guy can never be 51!! He looks like he is 38 about. So that is quite a compliment…I think for him. LOL!!! Gotta laugh. Plus the scammers use photos of the most gorgeous soldiers…man!!!!

      • I believe that Ivan Nobile/Kelvin Nobile is now using the name Philip Williams Nobile Captain in the US Army. I have been talking to him for about 5 months and he is always trying to get me to send him money. Change for his pocket as he calls it.

    • Hi Ester,

      Just read the article in the YOU. (I am also from Durbanville). So sorry to hear what you went through…..sick sick!


      • Hi Ester & Tracy,
        Glad that I’m not the only South African with this problem. CJ did post my pic’s and hopefully that bas@%rd will be off line for a while with that soldiers photo’s. I must say, I would like to meet the real 1 if he is single!! Hahahaha
        Enjoy the day!!

  113. die betrüger gehören alle in die wurst

  114. Well ladies are you ready to laugh. The scammer that had stopped emailing me resurfed no other than on my birthday wich it was 21 June. Ladies there’s a new Army rank which it’s Junior Sgt LOL. You see the scammer told me that because of me his Junior Sgt. beat him up for scaming and that his superior put him in jail, the best part of this is that the scammers rank is Sfc. now who goes and figure about this new rank of Junior Sgt LOL. I was rolling on the floor with laughter but the best part is that he went through this because he loves me now he completed the cake not just with the icing but also including the candles.

    • I don’t suppose the cake was a fairy castle with cone turrets Was it?

      • No it wasn’t lol.

        • Thanks for letting me know its just a photograph of one I sent to one of them

        • Wanted to make sure they hadn’t used it

    • LMAO that is just beautiful I am about to seal the coffin on my scammer and I am having such a wonderful time knowing that he will not get one cent from my bank account.

      But I do feel sorry for the poor soldiers who are being used in this awful game and hope that they can also get their just deserts by way of being told that this is happening to them via the wonderful work that CJ is doing

      Cheers Fiona

  115. Since there is another Laura from now on I will sign myself Laura V.

  116. Hi Cj,

    I emailed you last night some pictures of a Sargeant Peter Williams who claims he is widowed with a son living with his dad in Atlanta, whilst he had not asked me for any money or anything he has declared his undying love for me and sent me some flowers which I checked out and were from a texas military base – my concern is that altho he deleted his profile when we started chatting when my friend looked on site there was another pic which looked like his with the profile name of quayreeves, I questioned him about this as he seemed shock and said his identity must have been stolen, I never heard from his for a few days then last night he popped up on my chat and said hi, I asked him if he had sorted anything about his id being stolen and he said his commander was looking into it but he seemed very distant not how he was before, I asked him if I had upset him and if he still felt the same about me and he replied that I had not upset him but he did not feel the same as he was sick of dating sites and was no longer having anything to do with them and that altho we could still chat we would not talk about a relationship but will decide when he gets home what he wants. I would be grateful if you could look into this for me and im hoping he is a genuine guy but unfortunately these days dont trust anyone. especially when you hear so much about these scammers.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Sorry my friend, Sgt Peter Williams is quite the charmer, but he’s also a scammer. Met him on Plenty of Fish dating site July 8. Insisted we close out our sites right away, because we were a perfect match, no need to look any more. Told me he was in Iraq and would be home soon. The first couple of emails and chats were like living in a fairytale. Then he just had to hear my voice, needed me to send him a $800 satellite phone thru some company. The money could only be sent by Western Union, no credit or debit card. I refused to do it, so he told me it was only a test and I was a dishonest woman, but he forgave me. Then he had me chat with his dad on a video chat,this just keeps getting better. Then he just couldn’t wait to get home to be with me, so I needed to send him $6875.00 so he could come home from Iraq. All of this money would be refunded to me as soon as he got home, it would come out of his bank account. I just got tired of his BS and I emailed him and told him he was a scammer and he should get a job and earn his own money, I said a few other things that I won’t mention. Now he says his dad told him not to talk to me any more, but I just keep agitating him when I see him on line, he told me to stop harrassing him. I have all the emails and chat logs to prove what I just said is true, saved them all! All of this and I didn’t even get flowers, damn!

      • I’m Sgt P Williams currently on Deployment to Ira… (7/30/2010 3:24:33 AM): You are so stupid,nobody get a damn money from you so why do you want to die….You are so urgly and stupid infact nobody can move closer to you to say they can marry a urgly stupid woman like you
        I’m Sgt P Williams currently on Deployment to Ira… (7/30/2010 3:24:53 AM): Get lost and die somewhere i know the government would get your corpse somewhere
        I’m Sgt P Williams currently on Deployment to Ira… (7/30/2010 3:27:34 AM): I never get a danm money from you so why do you want to die….You would stay single forever so look no more hahaha

        This is the response I got from the scammer (Sgt. Peter Williams) when I told him he had been busted by this web site.

  117. CJ and all you other ladies…since I last posted on here I hve made it a daily routine to check these people out.. i have found more names and would like for you to know them as they state themselves online. Here are the ones I have cleared with someone from the Army that are scammers… Alex Noble; Billy Kindt; Christopher Woods; David Roberts; Steven Roberts; Rlph Edwards; Daniel Collins; Engle Martin; and James Scott..all of which use these names on Yahoo Messenger. See I do work for the Anniston Army Depot in Anniston, Alabama… I ran these names on their computer and they do not exist as being single men…some of which have passed during the line of duty. The others are simply impersonating an officer and the information I submitted will be sent to these officers and their commanders. It is against the law for me to tell you which officers are dead and which are alive…rest assured I have spoken to 2 of the above named men.. they are married and very happy with thier spouses.

    • Messg for SUSIE,,, Can you drop me a quick line at trishwills60@hotmail.co.uk I would appreciate it, as you may be able to give me complete closure on my dilema, Thankyou

    • Susie,
      Please add a Sgt. David Edwards, US Army to the list. We have been in contact for 8 months, I’ve lost 17,661.00 and his IP address is Lagos, Nigeria & Madenhead, Nigeria.
      Thank You for All Your Help,
      Kathy C.

    • OMG. Not that I havent already gotten my heart crushed over the last year I just got scammed. Luckily only my heart. The moment he asked for money I knew something was not right. Ladies….Martin Engles is a scammer. he may go by Engles Martin. he uses Yahoo IM to sweet talk you. The scum bag had the nerve to ask me to marry him before asking for money. And now he knows so much about me. Do I feel like an idiot. I have been ill for th elast year and on medical leave and this man…no Dog.. has the nerve to ask me for money. I struggle every day to just pay my bills and feed my kid. Susie, Thank you for your persistance. I needed to see his name here somewhere so I could end this farce. Though a good freind of mine and I are already in the process of screwing with him. Can not wait till he IMs me after coming in from “NIGHT PATROL” i n Afganistan. I know I shouldnt feel like a total idiot but it is what it is and I will have to deal with it.

      • yupp… i have almost been scammed.. check out Major Carl Edwards… carl.edwards2000@yahoo i have almost the exact same email to me that was published of this scammer elsewhere… I was taken in by his warmth and affection 9in the email for a week,, he is good…. knows how to pull on the heartstrings..has sent me photos currently and i sent him photos.. when he started asking for a phone and $ i pulled back… another man calls himself lukwesley@yahoo.com also contacted me through match.com and he and i actually talked on the phone! He admitted that he is going to Nigeria with his 12 yr old daughter.. i commented on his Nigerian accent since i am very good with accents.. he actually wants to keep communicating… It was interesting to note that he called me while i was online with Carl edwards… and carl had asked to take a little break… veryyyy interesting.. i will be talking to a buddy of mine in the FBI who did alot of work over in Iraq.. this is so sad… I was almost hooked.. he is so good a scammer i am almost wondering if it was a female impersonating Carl.. google major carl edwards and military scamming. I am going to call match.com and let them know about this too

  118. CJ, I need some help with one that says he is the real deal. Please email me asap

  119. I don’t what to believe..Scott Ludvik claims he is a soldier…can someone please check him out…I will also send pics to you CJ…Thanks

    • Angela (and everyone else), I really want to help more but the truth is that I’m a very demanding and stressful military job and I don’t have the time to check on the dozens of guys being emailed to me. I wish I did, but I just don’t. Every now and then I try to add one or two to this post, but I”ve been working until 7pm or later the past few weeks. There is an easy way to tell if the person you are talking to is a real Soldier or not. Ask them to send you an email from the AKO email. If they refuse or ask you what that is, they are fake. If they give some bogus excuse about security or accessing the system, they’re fake. Bottom line: if they refuse to you an email from a .mil email address instead of a .com email address, they are fake! I can’t make it any easier than to verify these guys.

      • Amen Brother in Arms! And if they ask you to send something to someone else…FAKE. They have APO address over there. They get paid the same EVERY 2 WEEKS. They should not need ANYTHING from you, they have access to a store and most places now adays ship to APO no problem. If he wants a Camera or Ipod, the deusch can afford it!

  120. Understand CJ and thanks for all the help you have already given, You have been great and I am sure I speak on behalf of all the women here when I say a huge Thanks. You stay safe there and all the best…Marlene

  121. Thanks for the work done on this website – I was able to spot a scammer almost immediately. Surprise! No further contact once challenged! The only thing I feel sad about is I am sure that there are genuine soldiers who would appreciate friendship and don’t deserve to have their ID misused.

  122. schreiben sie an yawboat20@yahoo.com wenn sie betrogen worden sind.dort sind sie richtig.ich bin diesen weg gegangen wegen james rellinger und mr.ken john.man hilft mir dort die betrüger zu finden.danke für das forum denn da kann man viel einsehen was sich auf der welt alles abspielt.viele betrüger gibt es was für eine schreckliche zeit

  123. CJ..Thanks for all of your help. Everyday i check your site because i have a connection with women who knows how it feel to be lured in or taked by these guys. I can’t discuss this with my family. They would not believe that this even occurs let alone i was so nieve. I have met woman on this site who i am now friends with and is such a support. You have taken on something that has helped so many of us and I do understand about your demanding schedule but really appreciate your efforts…

  124. who is capt eddy james fouillouse

  125. has anybody came across sgt henry williams email address henrycole555@hotmail.com

  126. cj I understand your busy but I really need your help. My mom went on this dating sight and usually I’m OK with her dating but there just seems to be something off with this guy. he says his name is David Edward and hes 48yrs old. he has a 9 year old son and his wife died of cancer 5 years ago. i read the article and i don’t believe he is who he is but my mom wont believe me. So if possible I would really appreciate it if you could look this guy up for me he says hes in the air force and hes a SGT.

    • Kristy, if she doesn’t believe you, she won’t believe me. I can’t look up Air Force people. My only advice is that you tell your mom to be careful and NOT sent money when he asks for it. That will be the tip-off. But, his story matches almost all of them with the whole sob story of a dead wife and a young child.

    • Does he say where he is suppose to be from? But he is using the same mo as the scammers use.

    • Kristy, that story sounds like one that I was told to by one claiming to be a lietenuant in Iraq, does she have pictures of him?

    • Kristy, Pls. tell your Mom to stop. He has been emailing me for 8 mos. as Sgt. David Edwards from the Army DVDWARDS@YAHOO.COM.Total scammer. IP addresses from all over, Lagos, Nigeria & Maidenhead, Nigeria.
      Kathy C.

  127. ware is the real lt2jefferyseanmiller that ive just sent 2,000 to says he is in afghan

    • Tracy, sorry you lost your 2,000.00 what was it that he wanted it for? And were you engaged to him? Did you talk to him on the phone or just internet?
      Thanks, wondering, if I am in love with the real Miller, or living out a story like yours.


    • he is also jeff haggard davind ramos robert haggargand more

  128. there are 4 jefferymillers on face book . so ware is the real miller lt2 jefferyseanmiller

    • messg for Tracy… Sorry but i think your Miller is same guy as on face book ( but I havent actually seen that one but have been told by a friend from SA she put it there ( she made a port folio of the FAKE,, ( same one as on the U.tube on google under Philip Miller and Alias.. ( he is a crafty one this one and will convince any one with WEB cam as well to try and convince that he is the real Miller ( I and many more have been trying to trace the REAL MILLER for MONTHS… and MONTHS I can send you the pics I have if you want to see them or you can send them to me and i will tell you if its the same guy as I and my friends have come to ” KNOW ” Luckily i didnt lose any cash not with this one… But he is a CON MAN of the “HIGHEST CALIBRE” I had him thown off Badoo and afew other sites but what can we do.. nothing works he still manages to CON any lady that does not ” see him coming before hand ” he has the LOOKs too to attract any women….and uses a FACE insert on web cam of the REAL Miller on WEB cam. you can find me at trishwills60@hotmail.co.uk Bye and good luck

      • Aka: Miller….I have been scammed by Andrews Miller using the same photos. He found my profile on Plentyoffish.com on 6/29/2010. He sent me some of the same pictures posted on the youtube video and the facebook pages of Jeffery Miller. It appears this scammer has now gone by the name of Jeff/Jeffery Miller, James Miller, Richard Miller, Philip Miller, David Miller and now Andrews Miller and still using the military pictures of the real Miller. This scammer needs to be stopped asap.

    • hi think im being scamed by pedrito javier the says hes in love with me he has stared 2 ask me for money dont have any sent 40 pound he now asking 2500 for leave he has asked me 2 be his benifisher 4 his propertys his solisoter as asked me 4 bank details passport etc and he is asking for bank details what should i do

      • could you chek out michael templeton please

      • hi tracy, my mom is also being scammed by pedrito javier, he’s told her he loves her, needs money to get out the army, is a widower, has a sick daughter, says he’s from houston texas, but is infact in richmond, washington, (tracked his ip) ive seen forged driving licence he has sent to my mom, army id that is fake, he is using col.328@live.com, to email, cant find his army leaving papers (supposidly got out the army 6-7wks ago) took him 10mins to tell my mom what time it was in houston, plus other stuff, and then i find your post on here, feel free to email me anytime craig.gillam@hotmail.co.uk, hope he hasnt scammed you, get rid of this person asap, he only wants your money, dont fall for his charm, do some home work on him, if your still in contact with him, ask for his apo for when he was “on tour of duty” (apo = american post office (should b apo then numbers) or his mos, he will lie to you, if i can help you in any way dont hesitate to email, DONT SEND HIM ANY MONEY, NOT A PENNY i have pictures of this scammer, if you would like to see them let me know, take care x


    thanks if you can help and dose the real miller now he as 4 profies on face book alone

  130. thy also have a shares web site so look out for that one . rob stockshares ….web site

    • Tracy more then likely the real soldiers first name is not Jeffery. The scammers always change part of the name to so you don’t run across the real soldiers myspace or facebook page.

  131. can somebody please tell me if sgt henry williams is real or not he is in camp phoenix in afghan

    • Hi Nigirl,
      I don’t know about Sgt Henry Williams but I am communicating with a Captain Tawer Fredie from camp Phoenix in Kabul, not sure if he is real either, so sad how they prey and take advantage of us women, guess it’s the price we pay for being lonely. Thankful we have CJ on our side, I have not sent any money but my man sure had me feeling so good about myself, we are getting engaged in Dec…. so he says. Hate to admit it but my heart is breaking just thinking this is all a scam.

  132. Hi, I also was scammed, if you could email me I will send you photo’s of us soldiers I also would like to know the name of the real person in the photo’s as I am a cancer patient but I’m in remission now and I would like to have closure.

    • Fay, send them to me at cajanet43@yahoo.com
      I will do my best to help you. Sometimes it can be very hard to find out who the real soldier is, but I have been able to find a few of them.


  133. One more to add to the list.
    He is using the name SergentVictor@Yahoo.com Nick name Snake! (I wonder why) I even told him he should learn how to spell Sergeant first clue. He can’t spell worth a %#%^ uses i for I am sentences broken and unfinished thoughts second clue. He started with Hey! when he came on line. Within a day it was Honey! third clue. Call be Baby tell me you love me within the week. fourth clue. With in two weeks it was Ts2 line was needed. BTA (Basic Travel Allowance)was needing to be paid.
    Wife died, son lives with Mother in Indiana. Missing them. Does not want to die in Afghanistan. Needs money to get home. IP address shows Sunnyvale Ca.
    He got very insulted when I told him I knew that he was doing. And you have to answer to your God just like I have to answer to mine. But said he loved me more than the money I would not send him. Again ask for money the next day. Just a text book case. Just what it says in all the web sites. Just read all you can and listen. Believe your head over your heart. These are are fighting men getting a bad wrap from these bums.

  134. JJ…Thank you for helping me find out the truth..

  135. Hi,

    CJ/JJ… Could you please tell me if armymail.com is a legite email address for a soldier serving in iraq.


    • No it is not.

  136. Thank goodness for this site. Was in contact with Mark Brown but nothing added up – his mails did not make sense. He sent me photos and one was of Ruddick sitting inside a lorry holding a gun. I have kept the mails and the photos- one showing his ‘daughters’. please get in touch via my e-mail and I’ll send them on. And thanks again.

    • Think he is the same guy as Alex/Alexander/Harry Swain and also as Mark Brown. Look at pics above.

  137. I was doing some background checking when I came across your web-site. This encouraged me to check further & I discoved the IP address being used was in London.The e-mail addresses used were
    Fortunately, no harm done to me or my bank balance!
    This site has been very useful as I have no knowledge of the US military, ranks or insignia & the web sites for these are somewhat lacking. I’m glad I stumbled across your site as I may not have found out the deception as quickly. It goes without saying that I have reported the IP address to an abuse site & the culprit to Friends Reunited as I was contacted via their site. Anyway, thanks again!!

  138. There is this guy who says he is Bill Haggard 2 on yahoo.messenger, I’ve been talking to who ever this is for a couple of weeks, We met on migenti.com, there his id is santaigo. Anyway, I put in that I was looking for friends only, but we started talking and he sounds like one of those ( to good to be true sayings), so anyway he mentions about sending a care package, so he said his commander gave him this e-mail to get intouch with them and they would tell him what needed to be done, I asked him if he needed to cantact them or would it be easier for me to contact them so I could get the information, inorder to send a care package. the e-mail he gave me is, ( morgins100@gmail.com ) so I sent a note to them asking what needed to be done, I haven’t heard from them yet. Anyway,I was curious about where he was located so I looked it up, Afghanistan, Kabul camp Eggers well I put info in and looked it up on google, I love this site, so anyway this guy I put his name in as well, and the sites come up, so I was looking at one checking it out and guess who’s picture shows up. u got it, the very same person I’ve been talking to. so I keep reading all sounds familiar, except the one I been talking to has a 17 year old son who lives with the sons Aunt, anyway mommy died, and Bill said that his mom and dad were killed in an accident. so supposedly he has no family(Bill) anyway he can’t call me, but he will try, I can’t call him because he’s guarding some wall and u know it could give their position away. I feel stupid cause I kinda believed the part about the son living with the aunt, and his wife being dead, and the part about mom and dad, but everyone I know in the military are allowed to speak with family, I don’t know how it works but I do know they communicate. Anyway like I said I started looking for info and this is what I found, so I am letting you know about this person, oh his birthday is supposedly on July 1st and he was born in 1965 or 66 I forget, but he’s 45, I’m assumming 46 six now. oh he’s Irish American and the profile says he is from Tampa,Fla and he said when he got married they moved to Georgia, but he has to sell his house in Georgia, Well this should be enough to do what u do, warn the people who fall for this and the families that r being used. to give these type of people their ID’s. It really is sad. Thank God I have a curious side and thank you for this site. Have a blessed day and again thank u.

    • hello Dorothy,

      Well seems the same guys I’ve been chatting with except his name is Alfred Haggard I don’t know if you do have pictures of him see it’s same person and would like to exchange as well my picture. YOu can reply to me at: valpolicella@ymail.com

      • Julie,

        I think that we have been talking to the same person. I have some photos if you want to exchange any? You can email me at:

        • FYI ladies, the man in the picture (Robert Haggard) above is now going under the name of Haggard Millar, been chatting to him for about a week, a little different story than previous posts, has a daughter not a son. Just be careful ladies.

    • dorothy,
      i wish i had read this before i started talking to chris haggard 47 parents killed in car accident married 14 years wife cheated divorced last 4 years tampa fl his pictures are listed above as robert bill haggard i feel very foolish and my heart is broken i will never use a dating site again funny tho some of his emails have a little bit of the mike gales? emails this is either the same person with all of us or they have a handbook either way im sorry for the hurt i know all of you have had as im going thru it now myself.

  139. Hello to everybody!I am very gratful to have found this site and there are so many women with bad experience with the scammer,I never thought that such thing could happend to me!but I am not alone,this is good to know!but I can’t come to rest before I’ll find out who is the real soldierEdwards,I don’t know his first name and if he have a family or is he single?please look at this page:http://www.romancescam.com/forum/vietopic.php?t=24076!you will see a lot of photos from this soldier Edwards who the scammer has used!I need an answer please,I know it seems to be crazy but I wanna come to rest,to get this experience out of my head!Thank you for your help!!I need an answer!Thanks again!

    • Hi there… i have been scammed by a certain Sgt. Edwards Smith who said that he’s being deployed in Iraq, stationed in Camp Victory North. Contact me for photos if you want so i can share them with you… he even proposed to marry me…. i am still in distraught!

  140. Hey just to let yall know, Bill L Haggard is also Mike Bill Haggard and he has a new name on Migente.com, it is armylover63 also is 46 and his location is now American Somoa he is now white and other and his sign is Cancer. oh also has the same person in picture, first one he has a blue/white stripped shirt, new one hes has a white shirt, both shirts are collard. Just letting u know.

    • He also goes by by the last name of PEREZ. I asked for his full name to which he stated Wayne Hackert PEREZ. Email address he used is ferraributterfly@yahoo.com. I reported him on match.com

      I have submitted his fake pics to this site, hopefully they will be posted in due time. If anyone was talking to this guy and you need pics for proof contact me at islandgirl@hotmail.ca

  141. hey if u could e-mail me I have more info for u. also look out for a capt. coleman 12 and a frnkluamba this one says his name is frank and he has a son, I was frusrated with this shit that I kinda gave him a piece of my mind.

    • this i know that frank guy dorothy tried it with me said he was mexican in nigeria with his kid


  143. Do we know if anyone of these scammers have been caught yet? I suppose there are too many small fry its the big fry who needs to be caught.

  144. ja das wäre zeit diesen betrügern das handwerk zu legen.wer weiss mehr über james rellinger.bitte an meine email adresse schreiben

  145. Hello!I think it is really difficult to caught the scammer!!but I hope that many women can be warnd not become a victim of the scammer!Is there anybody who know the real Soldier Edwards?I