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Convicted Scammer Now Using Military to Target Women

All Posts  December 13 2010
 — By CJ Grisham

{Shoutout to the Facebook Group “Get the Scammer/@$$holes Online” for keying me into this guy.}

On April 16, 1988, Link Joe McCormick enlisted into the Army National Guard in St. Paul, MN, as a member of A Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Infantry. He had impeccable career that ended when he was discharged as a Private on February 1, 1989. His numerous decorations and medals include the Marksmanship Badge with Rifle Bar. Here is a copy of extracts from his DD214:

But, that’s not how his friends on Facebook know him. On Facebook, McCormick (who also goes by “Mike”) is a decorated war veteran of multiple conflicts, including Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. He claims to be a veteran of 3rd Rangers Battalion. He claims to be an Army Ranger who was shot down in a helicopter over Mogadishu, Somalia. The truth is that he served time in Stillwater, Minnesota prison for assault. He fooled a lot of Vietnam veterans, online and in person, who said he was an amazing con-man. He has had many convictions for swindle, felony credit card theft, assault on women, and terroristic threats involving a weapon. He had an Army uniform with patches and medals. He wore a Purple Heart medal. He had a Ranger “coin.” He also claims to be a retired Army Major with over 21 years of service. Here is the shadow box he has on his Facebook page:

It’s impossible to read the plaque because of the resolution, but some of the first indicators that this guy is a fraud is that the rank doesn’t go any higher than Captain. He claimes to have a Silver Star, but doesn’t show up in the Hall of Heroes database under this name. He claims to have retired 3-4 months ago, but isn’t in the Army retired personnel database.

I was first informed of this guy by a woman who has been scammed out of nearly $1300 from this dude. This isn’t your typical Nigerian Scam. It’s an actual American who is using his fleeting experience in the military to befriend woman and convince them to give him money. He claims to be a father whose wife left him and took all his money. While he’s trying to fix things with the Army retirement system, he needs a little here and little there to make ends meet. Women typically send about $40 a week or so to help pay for food and his cell phone bill.

The problem is once women get an idea that he is a fraud, he gets very profain and abusive. When I contact him on Saturday, he went into full rage mode right off the bat.

Mike: Hello?
Me: Hey, Mike, where ya at? (very non-chalantly)
Mike: In Hawaii, who’s this?
Me: This is CJ.
Mike: CJ? Do I know you?
Me: No, but you know [name of woman he scammed].

I cannot print what he said for the new minute of so of his ranting. Something along the lines of “your a ******* idiot. She want your ****** *** in her mess” and on and on and on. Boy, did I send him into a tizzy. He then tries to pull rank on me by saying I better watch myself because he’s a retired 0-4. I asked him why he wasn’t in the database, then, but I’m not sure he heard me over all his yelling. On multiple occasions he asked if I knew anything about the UCMJ as an apparent threat to me for talking the way I was to a retired officer and called me an online commando.

By this time, I had already done my homework and located this guy. So, if you ever come across someone named Mike McCormick, or Link Joe McCormick, or Michael O’Malley McCormick, he’s a fraud. Here are the pictures he’s using:

Keep in mind that these photos are NOT of the real Mike McCormick. These are just the photos he stole from a REAL Ranger who was able to accomplish something the loser pretending to be in those photos could never do. The REAL person in this photo is enjoying his life outside the military in Washington State, enjoying the honor he truly deserves.

To the women being scammed by this guy, you need to contact the FBI immediately with all the information you have. I already have a LOT of identifiable information that is being passed to them already, including his arrest photos. Again, there is an easy way to tell a scammer when dealing with Soldiers. If they ask for money – no matter what they ask for – they are a scammer. And if he really is a Soldier asking for money, he’s a loser and needs to be dropped as well. This one is actually an American, so we can put his rear behind bars – again – for a LONG time.

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  2. Wow this guy is unbelievable. What a piece of work. I hope the authorities catch up to this guy soon and throw him in the slammer where he belongs. Good job on the investigative work.

    • Link Joe McCormick is a very bad and dangerous person. I knew him in 1997 and he lived with me for 10 months and said his name was Mike. I never knew his real name until I finally had him arrested for assaulting me and threatening me with a knife. He loves knives. He said he was a survivor of the “Black Hawk Down” incident. He took me for a Lot of money and subsequently served 14 months in a Minnesota state prison. Please beware of this man. He has assaulted numerous women and is a pathological liar. I fear he will eventually kill someone.

      • I just want to add that at the time of his arrest for assaulting me in 1997, the police advised me that Link Joe McCormick had outstanding warrants for assault and terroristic threats against other women. He also had been convicted of “theft by swindle.” He becomes very agressive if confronted in any way, as I found out. Some military men I spoke with after the fact said he was one on the best con men they had ever met. He was constantly on the Internet, grooming new potential victims, and it seems his process has not changed at all. He also had an army friend named Sheldon whom I met, who seemed to actually be in the Army, but Link Joe McCormick told vastly inflated stories about Sheldon’s rank and military history. Sheldon seemed embarassed by this and may no longer be an associate of McCormick. It would be nice to get the word out to more sites about McCormick, since it seems that prison has not deterred his career as a military impostor and con man. Also, he looks nothing like the man whose pictures he is using, being short and kind of heavy-set and unattractive.

        • Superbabe@myself.com

          Well I’m actually in contact with the idiot at the moment. 
          Who ever thinks he’s a good 
          “Con Man” he’s rubbish
           I’ve been talking to him from the begging of April 
           It didn’t take me long to work him out. 
          It took me longer to track his I.D down
          Well the thing is you got to have a good memory to do what he is doing He Defoe ain’t got one of those 
          Apparently he’s told me he a 
          Sgt Us Army. Deploy to Afghanistan
          His Wife died 7yr ago with breast Cancer, leaving him with a 10 yr old Daughter, who lives with his Aunty 
          in the im the woman which have been brought down from Heaven. Im his Angel He wants to marry me, don’t say much about his poor daughter thou only he ain’t seen her for 2 yrs
          I’ve even received his vacation forms from his apparent “Commando” Hysterically looks so fake unbelievable lol 
          I’m actually enjoying watching him squirm &  plead to me declaring his dying love
          I keep telling him to go away, but he keeps coming back for more
          He is obversely strapped for cash lol Well he wont be getting a penny from me the idiot 
          When I finish doing his head in, I will be more then willing to send any information I have on the loser  
          I sometime wonder who the real scammer is Me or Him lol 

        • is there a way you could provide a real picture of Link Joe “Major Mike” McCormick for us? He was / Is still on a lot of military related face book pages perpetuating his lies… however i have a feeling the profile pic is not truely his. we have reported him to stolen valor and numerous other sites dedicated to frauds posing as soldier. Did you know he lost a leg in Iraq? thats his latest

  3. Oh holy crap, I never really thought that people did that! This is further proof that facebook might be the devil. I hope he gets caught soon!

  4. What I find truly disgusting about this horrible excuse for a human being is the fact that he also borrowed $200 from a woman on disability, never intending on paying her back. Instead, he yelled at her terribly as she said she was going to the police to turn him in as a scammer. He was coming to visit her but had to help a friend in Hawaii. How convenient as he has told another that he was stationed in Hawaii because he was angry at a domestic situation involving his ex girlfriend beating him in the face with a glass beer mug in front of his son.
    I am praying like mad that this bag of filth will be arrested and made an example of by those wanting justice and peace. What I find most disgusting of all is that he used a true soldier’s identity as a smoke screen to steal from female victims all around the United States.
    CJ, you should be commended for your hard work on this case. Let us know the update of when this loser gets arrested and convicted. Thank you!

    • What I find interesting about your story is that I know for FACT you sent this man a birth certifcate to him in Hawaii…so if your so dead set on putting this “scammer” away then why don’t you give them the address you sent the birth certificate too. I mean you know this man…you my dear need a life just like this blogger.

  5. not only facebook, its all dating sites and social networks. and yes it happens extremely often our grou has almost 2000 members that most of them were scammed some more then once.
    we are trying to identify these @$$holes before they cause damage

  6. I think I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion after reading these articles and reported someone that I now believe to be who he says he is but I am still proceeding with caution. It is hard to know when meeting someone online if they are who and what they say they are and it is a shame that these people are misrepresenting themselves. The name I reported was Charles Schulzes and if I have caused unnecessary work for anyone I deeply apologize. Thank you for being there for those who need you.

    Rhonda Hixson

    • It is best to always proceed with caution and to please do your homework when it comes to meeting people online. You never know who is behind that monitor and keyboard as many killers, rapists and scammers use their online personalities to hurt and swindle those who are vulnerable. Also it would be most wise to make sure you do not give out any information about yourself (online or otherwise) to this person unless you have met them face to face or know them personally.
      Some of us had to learn the hard way on what and who a scammer was/is. Scammers/predators steal our dignity, our money, our self respect and our hearts promising us the moon and the stars..but leaving behind a trail of destruction behind them as they go to the next victim. Please be careful…

  7. Hi everyone, I`m from the uk and I`m a single mum. I wish I had known about this kind of scam before. The guy i`m talking with, calls himself Chris Brad Cordingly, he says he is serving in Afghanistan, but also there was another guy working with him and this guy also contact it me, this one calls himself Mr. Lloyd Henry, I spoke to both on the phone and one has an american accent but the other one sounds african. I have also their email addresses and a few photos from this U.S. American Soldier. I have been through a horrible ordeal and this only happened last weekend. I have lost £9.250 and on top of this they were demanding me to pay another £18.000 pounds, when I told them I couldn`t get this kind of money and that I had no more money left, the american soldier that i was talking to, the one that calls himself Chris, he told me that he was going to kill himself and he asked me to get a loan but by now I got suspicious and talked to a friend of mine who already knew about this type of scams, I just wish I had gone to her sooner. There is a lot more to this story but right now I feel so upset over this and haven`t got the energy to write everything that has happen, I end up spending the night in the hospital because of this. Now I can`t hardly afford to buy my son`s Christmas presents and I will be strugling paying for my bills and my morgage. I still can`t believe that I got myself into this situation,I feel so stupid and ashemed now. I just wish that I could find out who is the real person in the pictures, to let him know that his pictures are being used to scam inocent and vulnerable women. Now I keep wondering if the real person is still alive or dead, I just wish I could find out, if anyone knows a way of finding out please let me know, it will mean a lot to me.

    Thank you and god bless you all.

  8. I just found out that the army man I thought I was emailing for months, is on the wall of shame for scammers. the name he is going by is Brian Wood. Stationed in Afghanistan. Has cute little blonde boy. Wife died in car crash earlier in year. Couldn’t acess his money till he got the states. His son is in UK with wifes parents. He didn’t get anything from me except some dignity. His email is capt.brianwood46@yahoo.com . He’s real sweet talking. He now also has mobile phone. I saw that as I deleted his ass!!!

  9. Would the author of this article please contact me at the given email address. I admin a WWII discussion forum (link is provided) and we have have contact with this individual.

  10. Would the author of this article please contact me at the given email address? I admin a WWII discussion forum (link is provided) and we have have contact with this individual.

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  13. Yes, I have a scammer also. Jeffrey White Abizaid, jeffabi1@hotmail. He claims to be in Kabul, Afghanistan, son Kelvin “Kells”, other names he mentioned are Constance Botchery, Desmond, Alex Schofield, Shadrach Michson-Yeboah. He also is going by James, and Jeff Johnson. He sure is a smooth talker. Love to nail him.

  14. I am looking into this guy’s background for a friend. I will share anything I learn of note.

  15. Hi David Bromley is keep contacting me and believe he is also Jonny Rellinger . Jonny Rellinger was writing tome and took me in big and I lost money to him , before hand I was talking to a David Bromley11@yahoomail.com He said he was a art dealer and travelled the world but camed from Australia said he was 47yr old . At 23rd December out of the blue he contacted me asking or money as he had been mucked in china everything had beeen taken but he still had this 17,000 dollar cheque on him I didnt replie the next 24th i had another email asking for help I told him I would get 30 ponds to him, I didnt send it that evening I had a telephone call on my mobile with a man shouting his head off at me asking where davids money was , I asked who he was and he said he was the Manager of the hotel he had a weird accent but not chinese , I never gave my phone no out to anyone . I never heard from him untill tuesday of this week after I had found out about my scammer .
    After I had come on here and read I knew what to look for , (God I wish I d known 6 months ago about it all) When so called David said “hello How is everyone around you”
    Alarm bless chimed !! Jonny Rellinger scammer
    Always used that sentence . I had a conversation with david ?? who said he was still in china , I asked about his sons college and he went quiet for 10 mins he came back and said some one had been at the door I mentioned that I thought he had been in hotel and he said he had a place of his own lol i asked the name of college again in Adelaide Australia and he said what college then quickly said Lincoln North Adelaide I was laughing at him so much I came off line .
    All that has happened to so many people has made me so angry I look after my terminally ill father, and even this has effected me ..
    I have my health and love of my children I am broke lost all my saving and it hurts me to think he will now steal my identity and the photos of some of my family I have sent and even my pets and father , I can only pray that he will one day face the justice System .
    I am a British woman ..I just feel so sad for all those people who have had their identity stolen from these scum bags

  16. CJ,
    Just wondering if there is anything that can be done to idenify these men before breaking off communication with one of these scammers? Can they be traced over the internet or through Western Union? I suppose if that were true you would have done it already but just had to ask the question.


    • If you can get them to email you then you can get an ip address. Easier to track these guys like that.

  17. CJ,
    Can you please send me a email address. I have info on this guy.

  18. Hi CJ
    I know its late in answering but you say you have info on my scammer Jonny Rellinger and David Bromley . I would be grateful if you could email me …
    Even nearly a year later I still am Traumatised by all this its not the money its my Sanity I just carnt have a relationship with any one I just dont know how to get it out of my mind is this Natural .
    Thanks Cj

  19. Please give me info on this man for months I have tried I see as late as June some people knew him well I need to know more. He was calling me again and abruptly stopped, I know his last place of residence some of you ladies please help me out I will return the favor if I can. Thanks

  20. If anyone needs to press charges against this guy, I have him holed up in a hotel room tonight (Sept 22, 2011) in New Jersey. Tomorrow I’m shipping him out of my life….unless I have to go thru legal channels first.

  21. I just found him again on a website called OkCupid. He put the first picture on this page along with another picture of a man who was killed in Iraq named, Michael Cerrone. I’m glad he wasn’t able to get anything from me. So scary.

    • His name on OKCupid is Ranger2014.

  22. I am an actual U.S. Army Ranger (class 07/01) and would love to sit down with this guy to have a nice little “Chat”. He’s obviously lacking in the self esteem department and needs to be validated by being revered as an elite human being. The fact that he is scamming people is just downright evil. Don’t worry, though; what goes around comes around.

  23. i belong to a site called myyearbook.com . everyday i catch a handfull of scammers. most are ones posing as military personnel. i have become very very good at seeking these posers out before they even put on thier show/act so to speak. one right now claims to be a military captain by the name of garces george. he wanted money to pay off his colonel thomas holmes for papers to send him home. he was very angry when i told him that our military soldiers are not wimps and if he was a real u.s. soldier, he is to stay and do his time. so anyways, i have been talking with him for a month now. he thinks i am very much in love with him. such chrm this man expresses. he says he is in afghanistan and will be there the next 5 yrs,if i dont help him get $2000.00 to pay this colonel. he even gave me the name and other infop of this colonels secretery to western union the money to. there are many others whose names i will say like jeff murphy,colin sayers and many more. if you know of a site in which i can get on to help others and post pictures of these people or the soldiers they are posing as, please let me know. i will be glad to give all the information i have.

  24. Who do i contact if i have information about him?

    • Unfortunately he is still at it, I know because I was one of the women he just recently been verbally abusive to.
      http://www.facebook.com/malhombre.cockroach is his facebook account, and it is still active. He is a very verbally violent man! I never gave him money or anything, but we were friends on facebook. He is a scam, he was supposed to help a fellow model and I out as we were unaware of what kind of person he was. In order for him to have had helped us, he began asking us personal questions, such as our address and such. Well one night I had made a post, it wasn’t inappropriate or anything, and he literally started going insanely nuts over my post and posting very mean things about me on my post. He started making threatening comments and was also trying to make himself sound like he was all high and mighty just because he CLAIMED he was in the military… Ladies watch out. He tried making my model and I go against each other, may I remind you my model and I are good friends as well. This guy is CRAZY AND INSANE.

      From what my co model has told me, that same night Mal Hombre Cockroach attacked me on my post, he was also telling my co model that her husband was fake and a liar. I personally have met her husband, and they are both very nice people. He is just absolutely crazy! He sit there and told my model that her husband had no military background, which by the way is a lie because her husband WAS in the military. Not only did he try and create a wedge between my model and I but he also tried creating a wedge between her and her husband. Which NEITHER of his attempts worked.

  25. I came into contact with this guy via Twitter in the Supernatural fandom, he claimed his name was Tommy. Though he never asked for any money, he held a trivia contest and said the winner would be sent a free pass to a convention, I won it and he said he was going to mail it to me. I sent my address for him to mail it, but so far nothing has shown up, and I have my doubts it will. I’m hoping if this is the guy because the photo above is the one he gave me..that he was caught before he could use my address in any way.

  26. I think I’ve been Skyping with this guy (text only). I met him through an online game. Really volatile temper. Says he’s retired paratrooper…goes by Link McCormick on Skype…Ranger6 in the game…wow.

    • lol. sure enough, the fb profile link he sent me is the same guy you all are talking about. He’s never asked me for anything, but what a creep! Says he’s in Massachusetts, training ROTC at BC.

  27. This man you call Link told me his wife died during childbirth and his ex-girlfriend has custody of him. Claims to be a retired Major. So he’s fed you a totally different story.

  28. hi i need info im talking to a nelson tyson smith i really need to know if he is a military scammer he has shown me a national id for the us but it had hitler on it and a germany symbol wouldnt thingk that woul be on a usa id card he is 51 has lost his parents and wife he has a daughter im not sure what to think i need help

    • I would not believe any of it, US military ID cards have nothing about Germany or Hitler on them.

    • Melissa nelso Tyson Smith is a scammer in the first place from what I understand it is illegal for US Military to scan and send their Military ID to anyone a real US Military member has said it on this blog many times this is a West African scammer after your money delete and block him please as he is a fraud and what Jennifer said is the truth.Anonn

  29. There is a guy named Jason Randall who is out there on the web (in particular, eharmony) pulling off similar cons. I can give you details and photo if you want. He should be brought up on charges too.

  30. wow . 20 years ago i couldnt even convince anybody i was in the army . the town i lived in must be a retirement choice for the special ops community since my bar had 2 green berets and one seal . they would drone on about the people they killed , top secret missions and their medals . ” cowboy ” threw his medal of honor away when we pulled out of ‘ nam …these are the guys who doubted my service . one night , just because their mouths were drowning out wheel of fortune , i asked for proof . there was outrage ! the seal actually had his 214 . it said he qualified as a radioman on a destroyer and served 2 years . he had a vietnam service ribbon . when i said a seal would probably have more stuff , well , of course it was all top secret ! then the bartender told me to stop stirring up the nuts . thats the type of contempt these guys should be treated with . i served 3 years active and 2 in reserves . got an air assault badge , army of occupation medal and an arcom , which i feel silly about because a general just happened to be on the range when i was shooting . i had a great time , but i kept my watch and held my slack , which is something to be proud of . my brothers say i was a good soldier .still ,its pretty boring…i need to re-invent myself ! teaching mixed martial arts to rangers ? as far as scamming money , maybe i should just post pics of my ratty trailer . the donations would pour in .

  31. Hi im deployed to Mars i need 250,000,000 to make the 3 year trip back home any one wanna help?

  32. I call bogus on info in this story . . .

    There is no 3/3 and hasn’t been since the 3/3 was deactivated. The 3/3 was an Army Reserve unit, attached to the 205th Inf. Bde, as a round out to the 172nd Inf. Bde. Currently, the only BN’s of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, are the 1st and 4th BN which are part of the Military District of Washington, and the 2nd BN, which is assigned to FT Lewis. For those that don’t know, the 3rd Infantry Regiment is known as “The Old Guard”.

    At no time in history, has a unit of “The Old Guard” been National Guard. If he had been 3/3, you would see the buff strap and Regimental crest in his shadow box, as those are not available to non-members.

    I served as WPNS PLT LDR, Co. B, 3rd BN, 3rd Infantry Regiment (TOG) ’80 – ’82

  33. The above photos are of my husband! We were sent to this site and article by a friend. We first heard of “Mike” about a year or two ago. We could not believe someone we have never known somehow got a hold of photos I have never even seen of my husband.
    My husband is present in the two bottom photos only. However we too have seen the first top photo as well. This is beyond CRAZY. I just pray my husband doesnt get arrested one day for mistaken identity…I guess that is what you’d call it?!?!

  34. Unfortunately he’s still at it, this time with a new profile on FB:


  35. Whats funny Cj is youre also being investigated for scamming tons of Money via soldiers angels and i have several articles about youre crediblity…. Remeber youre 30 iraqis ya killed with a frag and an M9.. ya want some real info on CJ grisham how he lies when called on his bs and his Soldiers angels scams check here….

    oh and lets not cjs PTSD claims to get sent home after his 4 months in afghanistan due to his COMBAT STRESS… yet the next day hes at a godsmack concert while he left his comrades at Bagram. and his accusations of SEVERAL who call him out for being a blowhard and an outright liar……… or how he also accused Micheal Yon and Paul Rieckhoff the chairman of the IAVA fakes yet was busted.. see folks cjs crediblity isnt too good hes a bully at least and a liar at best….ya ever wonder how he obtains basicly folks dd-214s or portions of 201 files andd edits them….


    and lets discuss CJS harrassment of a former SF sgt and a journalist… shall we….


    seems youll beleive anything this blowhard puts… bet he wont keep this up… LOL

  36. ad cj dont ya beg for money for soldiers angels…. ya give a total of 28 cents on the dollar to soldiers and the rest is for ADMIN expenses and youre most certinly on the board of DIRECTORS along with several milbloggers and ya basicly buy surplus gear from youre sponsor as a kickback…. check out charitywatch,com and look up soldiers angels ratings.. its terrible and CJ collects along with the daughter or is she a niece or cousin of general Patton… they buy overpriced boots for the troops downrange WHO DONT need them from theyre sponsors. and Cj how many times have ya been forced to stop blogging lol… how many times have ya been called BS.. and ya then call the accuser a fake a fraud a scammer when you and youre chronies took in in 2011 12 million yet only 28% of that went downrange… LOL

  37. Contact me with an email where I can send you his info.

  38. Would a military uniform ever have there first name only? I’ve been taking with a staff sergeant named jolley William, gut says he is not for real , the only major red flag is picture has name on uniform as jolley.

    • No. All military uniforms only have their last names on them. That goes for all service branches.

  39. OMG I can not believe this! Thank you to the blogger for putting this out there. I have chatted with this person off and on for several years. He was separated, has a son. On deployment, ect. We’ve talked on the phone but that is as far as things went. Then I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of years until tonight. I get a message from him. And everything that you posted is what he was telling me. I had known him as Mike, but tonight he said it was Link McCormick. So I googled it, momma didn’t raise no idiot, and low and behold this came up. He was telling me how his wife cheated on him and that he was in jail, and he is retired as a major with 21yrs service and just waiting for his pension. He sent me a picture. States that he is living in Delaware Ohio with friends. And would like to start a relationship with me…lol yeah right!

    So now my question to you all… how can I scam the scammer? What can I do to get this guy arrested for what he has done to other women?

    • There are a few things I’ve done successfully in the past. I lead them along for awhile. When they start asking for money, I appear genuinely interested in helping them. Tell them you want to send the money, but the Western Union or Moneygram office near you wants a fee that you can’t afford. For example, if they are asking for $1500, tell them that you can help them but you ONLY have $1500 and your local office is demanding a $50 fee first to make sure you are sending to a legitimate account. Tell your scammer that if they can send you the $50, you can send them back $1550 – the $1500 they asked for and the $50 “fee” they gave you. Then, walk away knowing you just took them for $50 and move on. I’ve collected about $350 that way and donated it all to charity.

    • do u have a recent pic of lick mccormink i wont to see if its the same guy that i been talking to

  40. I just tried to contact the FBI about this person, and because it hasn’t got to the point of him trying to scam money out of me, they have nothing to do with it. Any ideas?

  41. My friends and I knew Link McCormick in St Cloud around 1992-1993ish. He was arrested (?) with terroristic threats on his live in girlfriend, he raped one of my friends, and was just a complete leech. He was lying about being a Ranger way back then, his story then was that he was in Grenada and his stories completely matched those from the “Eyes Behind the Lines” vietnam biographies from some 101st rangers.

    I have no problem being contacted regarding this sociopath, he’s a danger to women and friends. I wouldn’t doubt if his violence has escalated in his 20 years of victimization.

    • Thanks for posting a real picture of this loser. I can’t believe he’s been at it this long.

  42. I met this guy in the summer of 2010, he only conned me out of the money for a bus ticket, then he went to Hawaii, his next con sprung for a plane ticket, poor girl. I feel fortunate that I was not assaulted as others were. I caught on quick to some of his bull as my father was retired Navy and I know of the benefits military servicemen and women can get.

  43. That is not a picture of Link Joe McCormick. Wrong birth date and name and the picture does not look like him. Link Joe McCormick has a much more angry piggie look. His birth date is 01/25/1971 according to http://pa.courts.state.mn.us/default.aspx which is the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View website. I should know- the case is on there from 1997 when I sent his butt to prison. Happy hunting and stay safe folks.

  44. I cannot believe how much this man has gotten around. He must live online.

    I spoke with him off and on for about a year. Nothing ever came of it, Thank God. I don’t allow men who lose their temper over the dumbest $hit to remain in my life. Nor do I allow ANY man to speak to me in such a demeaning way. He’s lucky he wasn’t in my presence or I would have attempted to castrate.
    I’m thinking the women he’s scammed out of money, or broke hearts of should ban together and lure him to a hotel room where there are a dozen real Rangers waiting for him. I’m sure they would have something to say to this piece of S&it who’s representing them by acting like a complete psycho and pretending he’s one of them. It shines them in a negative way by association – and I respect the HELL out of the Military.

    This is an email I was a part of a while back. I guess an ex hacked his email account and sent the following message to everyone in his address book. I unfortnately was one of his contacts, but I didn’t respond or really care. I thought it was hilarious actually.

    I’ve removed names (except MIKE’S) for respect of privacy.

    (PERSON WHO HACKED HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT):please be ware of mike mccormick

    Ladies please be ware Mike is playing you. he is looking for a free ride use your own judgement. do not send him money if he loves you he will have his own money to come see you he just left michigan as he was talking to other woman he said I was his sister. ok right. not I also fell for his bullshit. he now has left for hawii. you poor lady i know you paid for his ticket please get him out dont allow him to take any thing from you.

    (A CONTACT’S RESPONSE): well thanx for the heads up whoever this is but i have not had contact w/ mike in almost a year nor do i plan to.

    (ANOTHER CONTACT’S RESPONSE): well he told me that he was in iraq right now and has been for about a
    year. he gets mad at me when i dont want to commit to him. like he
    wants a relationship with no effort on his part at all.. i knew
    something was up thats why i didnt trust him. he gave me some sad
    story of his wife passing away. now its just his son and him. and hes
    needing a loving mother for his child. im curious what the truth is.

    (YET ANOTHER CONTACT’S RESPONSE): I received the same story SXXXXXa. When I wasn’t empathetic enough, he became abusive via chat. Spouting off racially insensitive remarks.

    (A CONTACT WHO THINKS HACKING IS NOT COOL): Seriously? You hacked the guys account. What ever the misgivings you had with him should be taken up with him, not all of us. Besides all of that, please got back to the 7th grade and relearn your grammar and spelling.

    (A CONTACT’S RESPONSE): wow im shocked. The lies, he told me that he lived in san diego cali,
    and his son was being taken care of by his dead wifes parents while he
    is in iraq, he got really verbally aggressive with me when i just
    wanted to be friends with him. it was like relationship with him or
    nothing. i always thought it was kind of weird how he never had any
    new pictures. after knowing him for like 5 years ive only seen the
    same old poor quality photos. i thought for awhile that maybe he just
    stole someones pictures. also was curious why he would only try to
    call me late at night maybe 2 am. he added me on facebook then wrote
    me 2 days ago and asked me if i was done trying to be with jokers and
    ready for a real man lol


    (A CONTACT’S RESPONSE): LOL i laughed so hard i almost pissed myself. so he wrote me on
    facebook a moment ago and called me 2 faced and said he was going to
    delete me. lol sounds like hes been playing games with everyone.
    whoever hacked his email thanks for the heads up. We ladies got to
    stick together. he got exposed for his lies and now he can run and
    hide with his tail between his legs. Mike- your getting too old to be playing lil boy games. seek help!

    Oh, and there were over 250 people cc’d on this email.

  45. yes i want to know how old this asshole and what his birthday i if this is the same guy all talking about i have been with him

  46. and dose he live im minneapolis

  47. Link Joe McCormick is short, around 5’5. His weight fluctuates depending on how well he is being fed by the people that he mooches from. Medium brown hair, brown eyes. most of his front teeth are rotted away. Often is unshaven with alot of grey in his beard. He travels around to different states depending on who he can con out of a bus ticket. He grew up in Minnesota. He knows each place he lives is only temporary until people catch on that he is a con artist so he is always online looking for his next victim.

  48. So a guy names Paul Roscioli just friended me on facebook claiming that we knew each other at some point. Everything he said seemed fishy… so I did some reverse searches and took the pictures from his profile pics and searched them in google. I found this site. The picture of the tall soldier standing in the desert is in his collection of photos. He claims to have a brother names Jeff Roscioli, some family living in Doylestown, PA, claims to have worked at PacSun in Montgomery Mall, and to have grown up around this area. I have no idea how he knew about the changes that have occurred in this area without actually being here, but he did. He claims to be a Captain with the Army Rangers and to have 25 enlisted men report to him.

    I only had one facebook message chat with him so I don’t know what he is after, but he claims that he is in Fort Drum now, and transferring to Fort Dix, NJ in 4 months. He says he has 1.5 years left and then wants to be a teacher. He claims to have his masters in education from University of Phoenix. I have reported his account to Facebook, but we all know it won’t do much!

  49. https://www.facebook.com/lj.mccormick.33?fref=ts He is still doing the same things and is still active

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