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New Online Military Scammers

All Posts  December 20 2010
 — By CJ Grisham
New Online Military Scammers

I am inundated daily with emails and comments from people around the world thinking they are being scammed online by people professing to be Soldiers or Marines in a combat zone. I want to reiterate a few points about how to easily determine if the person you are speaking with is a real service member or not.

1) They ask for money, especially through a money service like MoneyGram or Western Union. These are easy, immediate tip-offs.

2) They send you pictures that don’t match the rank and service they tell you they are. I can’t tell you how many times I get emails and comments asking me to look into someone saying they are a Staff Sergeant and wearing Major rank or a supposed Colonel wearing Sergeant Major rank. Educate yourself on military ranks and uniforms and do due diligence before wasting my time with these obvious indicators. You can find US Military ranks here.

3) They tell you that they are assigned to a secret intelligence unit. People really assigned to secret intelligence units won’t say they are assigned to secret intelligence units.

4) Ask them to send you an email from their military email as confirmation. If they send you one, respond to it and ensure they didn’t make it up. You’ll find that most – if not, all – of these emails will come back undeliverable. If they say they can’t give it to you for security reasons, it’s a scam.

5) They need your help with “special leave.” This leave will usually need to be signed by a general officer and will come with additional fees. Military personnel do not need a civilian’s help with processing leave. I’m married and I don’t even need my wife’s help if I want to take leave. It doesn’t cost military personnel a single penny to take leave – EVER!

6) Check the photos. Often time, these scammers are such complete morons, they’ll send multiple pictures of different people and claim to be the same person. If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

7) Uses a sob story about being a widower (usually say widow). Most of the photos these guys steal are from married troops and will contain photos with kids or a woman. To explain these images away, they “kill off” the spouse somehow and pull on the heartstrings with sob stories of having to raise children alone. Most obituaries are published online and a simple Google of obituaries will prove this scam. Hearing all these stories, one would think that the most dangerous place in the world isn’t Afghanistan, but it sounds like the truth is America’s roads.

With that said, in addition to the other names I’ve already given on other websites, I want to add a few here that have recently come to my attention. Please keep in mind that the real Soldiers – if, in fact, these names were real – are not the scammers, but criminals using their names and images.

Sgt Shannon Bruce – Claims to be in Kabul. The scammer claims to be 50 and divorced with a daughter. Lives in Colorado Springs. He is, of course, due to retire soon & wants to be with whomever he is speaking to. He’s asked for money for a phone connection & also to come here on “special” leave to see his “lover.”

Cpt Kelvin Mike – Claims to be in Iraq. Obviously not his real name as one of the pics has “Field” on his name badge! He sends photos of different people claiming to be the same person! Claims to live in Neptune City, NJ. Claims to be a widow who’s wife died in a car crash & has a son “Tony” who’s at school in Nigeria. Asked for £300 so he could make Tony’s birthday “very special” as it is the 1st he’s celebrating in Africa. This guy also uses a fake email claiming to be the son, Tony, and will call you “Mum.”

Sigmund Witt – Claims to be in Afghanistan. Is of Austrian parentage, lives in New York, has a 21 year old daughter. Claims his wife died in a car crash taking his dad to hospital.

Staff Sgt Ryan England Wool – Goes by Ryan but has used Russell, Kenneth & George apparently. He also uses a different last name than his photos. He also wears a uniform that the Army hasn’t worn in nearly seven years. Claims to be in Baghdad. Lives in Cinebar, Washington. Wife died in a car crash, has a 17 year old son “Jude”. Asks for £200 for stuff for his son as he was going on holiday to “Ryan’s” brothers in South Africa. He would of course pay the money back when he retires in a few months and is re-locating wherever you may be soon!

Cpt Patrick Burke Smith – Claims to be in Kabul. The photos are actually Aaron Ramos & he’s aware that his pics are being used, they’re all over the net as an internet scammer. Claims to be divorced, no kids. Lives in Colorado Springs. Asked for money for “special leave” so he can spend Christmas with his victim. Claims he has 5 years left to serve before retiring. When asked for current pictures, he claims his computer is broken (while being able to access the internet with it), obviously because the pics in uniform had Ramos across the chest and he was claiming to be Smith!

Col. Robert Wood This is one of the guys I was talking about where you need to verify rank. D.O.B. 10th November 1949 from Gladstone, Michigan. Says he is due to retire in the New Year. Claims to be widowed with a 17 year old son. Asks for money to pay for appendectomy and drugs, after operation in Ghana. His supposed Diplomatic Friend is a Mohammed Hassan.

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  1. I was talking to that guy (very Loose term) ..
    Sgt. Aaron Ramos.. He did try to scammed me but it did not happen.. No money just time..

    Is there anything that can be done about him???

    • CJ, so sorry for wasting your prescious time. But still you were kind enough to post this wonderful message for all to see. You’re absolutely right, about the insignias are abvious; that’s how I was able to detect that I was talking to a scammer. Also, you’re right that they could be criminals -sad part is, they could be in our own backyard (USA). Thanks again for all your help.

      • hi my name is michelle i have been talking to sgt.parker41@yahoo.com . he has acted so american so funny . we have talked for 8mos . he asked for money for his leave . small amount but i was told to send to agents one in oaklahoma . one and 2 in texas ? how can this be sent to states if he is claiming to be in afgan airforce ?? can ya help me ?? i call him scammers and swears he is not and still contacts me .. so cofused >> michelle

        • I’ve been talking to a Sgt Wayne Spalding for a couple of months now and therehave been times when the information he’s told me doesn’t add up. I’m desperate to know if anyone else has commnicated with him. So far we have only chatted via yahoo messenger and emails as he claims that due to where he is deployed (Kabul) thy are not permitted to use webcam anymore just sat phone.

          Please can someone verify if this is true and whether this person is for real?

        • Jules No it is NOT true they can use the webcam you are chatting with a scammer there is also no such thing as a sat phone do NOT send money and if you have do not send anymore delete and block the scammer and check your security settings on your computer and scan it for viruses and malware ASAP never talk to anyone you do not know nor accept any invites from any Man who finds you on any social site and claims to be Military in the war zone they are almost ALWAYS scammers.Anonn

          US Military takes care of its own and will NEVER need your assistance for any reason and REAL Military members have no time to search social sites and lie and beg for money but scammers have all the time in the world to do just that.

        • Ask him what unit he is in, which base he deployed from and what base is redeploying to. You can call the base to verify that the unit is on that base, then if not, I would ask for someone in Command and report the email as well as the FBI for impersonating an officer.

          Ask for his us.army.mil address. or even his AKO email address as well. If he cant give you one, he is lying.

        • ladies dont do it all a scam my mother got scammed by this guy captinalexsmith@yahoo.com for 2000 bucks dont do it you dont need to give anyone money

        • Hello Michelle
          I just came across this site…and noticed you comment here…I am not sure if you did get many already…but anyone on any site that asks for money for any reasons is a scammer automatically…that is one of the number 1 ways we can tell and know…
          No one is supposed to ask for money on any site for any reason…you can compare a scammer to a real friend that you have on any site..Friends do not ask for money from another friend…they do not ask account numbers, full names, addresses, birthdate, mothers maiden name, passwords, workplaces, how much money you make or have….they do not ask you to send money grams or western unions…or ask for any money help..so you know anyone that does is not a friend even tho they act like your only friend that you have in the world..
          They also immediately ask you to delete your profile…because they have found…or ask you to put married on your status to prove your love to them…Now we all know this is all milarky…(suspect this kind of a person) do not do anything they ask you to do…Just about almost every single Military profile is a scammer just about…so it is not worth taking them on as friends…because chances are there are no real Military men on this site…
          You should read all of this site and click on the informative sites on the top right hand side…do some studying into Military scammers who steal photos whether the Military man is alive or died or was KIA (Killed in Action) these scammers have to be really low life to do something like this….good luck and hope you never allow yourself to fall for the sake of being a victim and used for money…all answers are “NO” I speak to many women who are waiting at the airport just remember they are no shows…they are not here for love …well yes love of your money…not you…I hope this will help you throughtout your journey on sites, social, dating, Facebook, EHarmony, hi5 not leaving out any site …thanks

        • It’s funny that I heard from the same con artist claiming to to need money from one vet to another type of scam. The trouble is I am a disabled vet who happens to be permanently stationed in a wheelchair, and I reported the s.o.b. to the Inspector Generals office! I must have not been successful, seeing that he tried to con you to!
          Don’t ever send money to one of those clowns asking for it!!!
          Good luck

        • i got a friend request from a benard white so i chat with him so i asked to send him a lettr and wanted his address he was in kabul and that he need me to contact the diplomat to get mail and fill out a form for him to get a leave how do u find out if he is real and that he lost his ph he cudnt call me but he was sending me message from a moblie phone i dont belieave him and from the first chat he is in love with me i know this is not real now

        • Hi
          Ask the person what’s there .mil email address. Best way to adopt a solider is by going to this site
          I am on my 2nd pen pal

          Adopt A US Soldier
          Program that connects supportive Americans with deployed soldiers.

          A non-profit organization connecting deployed troops with supportive citizens. We have more than 800,000 supporters from all over the world!

        • Hi Michelle, OMG!! Just noticed your email funny I’ve been chatting with the same man called Sean Steve Parker, tells me he’s a major, asked me for 2150 in pounds for him to get leave, yeah ok what kind of woman do you think I am right? I just can’t believe it – it has to be the same man surely Michelle. His email address is seanparker763@yahoo.com. Been talking for about 6 weeks and just can’t believe that he has tried to scam me too now. Hey we’re strong women and soooo don’t need it. They are an insult to the real soldiers doing a real job how dare they. Hope you’re doing ok just take care of you alright? dont let them get you Michelle EVER!!

        • Here one claims to be in afganistan clains to be 44 single wants to go home to see grandmother in nursing home trying to get money off of women he is not jim hamling dont know how this guy got jim pictures i found out he is in Nigeria he want women send money to Boaka johnson western union in nigeria hope he get caught soon.

        • Yeah…I got A Sgt. Ramos right now wanting money sent to Nigeria and very mad because I said I would talk to brother who is detective to find resources for his daughter, who is supposed to be in Malaysia.
          He is claiming to be widowed….Not much information on dude……this is pure scam

        • Michelle,
          They are not going to admit they are scammers even if you accuse them of it. He does sound like a scammer. I would not send him any money.

        • Hi Michele I’m sorry for disturbing you after all this years but a story in some points similar to yours
          For that reason I hope you don’t mind but I would like to ask you if the soldier was a scamm or not
          Much appreciate your help
          If you don’t mind could you please reply to daniela2419@gmail.com
          Best regards


      • I need help. Has anyone heard of a David LaCount? My story sounds really familiar with everyone else. Thanks

        • please contact me. I met him online recently…hope it’s not the same person…

        • David LaCount…that’s him…on match.com. sweet, sweet, sweet…what a sucker…we texted a ton these last few days… now he’s kind of dropped off.

        • Hi!
          Those who are posting about “David LaCount”, whoever is running that account on facebook and match.com is using my fiancé’s pictures and last name, unfortunately. In the past two months alone, we’ve found about 20 fake profiles using his photos :/

          It is extremely sad that someone would use our service members’ photos to get money or for whatever reason they do this. I really wish there was something that could be done to prevent this from happening to so many military members.

        • dave Edwards is a acammer from south Africa.

    • This person just contacted me yesterday…..and I don’t believe anything ….. so I have started digging….and have found him on facebook…..myspace…..are you interested…. and some other places. I was first tipped because he is out of state…Houston Texas…..then he wanted me to e-mail him…says he doesn’t get on the site much ….well I am sorry but if you don’t get on that site much you probably shouldn’t be on the computer….Wondering if maybe I should play his game…I won’t e-mail him….just through pof…Don’t confuse my kindness for weekness….

      • I have been connected to the military in Kabul but his gonna be deploye next month in illinois he said his Name is Marvin Cruz,but his in Miami,,,well we have be meet in FB than I delete him for something,HE SEND ME MAIL. than when i respond his mail,and were in Contact again and we mostly chat only about 20 to 30 min. than i must go to sleep he was tire and He said he was assign in Radar,that why we could not talk to the phone but he ask for my Phone Number and I give him my number,,but i he never call me only on chat he does but not more than 2 hours and first he never ask me for money,couse i told him before my problem that i delete the other guy couse he wanted to have money from me,But i told him all the story and he said i don’t need your money,but i can only give you if you want, i have now 5000$ if you want i might also need some from you later that if you need i will send this amount,,,,& i respond him No I don’t need anything from you keep yours & i keep mind we can be friend but there is no connected from financial,,,,he said ok than we still continue our chatt,but since i was on business trip he
        asking to send him Photo( he said it is so hard to send me Photo from you??) i said oh i will he asking also if im using cell phone to chat with him,,,i say no im using my laptop,than he said send me your photo, the first one he said no,untill 4 no ] than he said ok i like them both,,, well after in the days we talk,its comming 7 & 4 women request for friend in Ghana Delta,,,,but all of them i delete all,,,,than in second day he told me that after my business trip & back to europe I MUST NOT ON TRAVEL COUSE HE WANTED ME TO SEND SOME PACKAGE TO ME BUT IT ONLY TO RECIEVED WELL OK BUT WHEN I CHAT WITH HIM,,, AS OF NOW HE WANTED TO WAIT TO HIS MONEY FOR PACKAGE,,WELL THAN WHEN IM IN EUROPE AFTER I ARRIVE,WE chatted again he said he let me know ,,,,my friend doesnt have that money ,,,but then he said can you barrow me first money than i give you back,but first you must wait ok he dont tell me how much until now, im on the to doupt ,,even he
        heave tell me to send him,,,,but before in my facebook some the member to military romance Scammer,they told me that he is a Scammer ,,but I told him to that i don’t want to be connected to Scam peaple but if you 1 of them it better to forget it,, i told him this but he was very Peace -off & he asking me where can He fine her ,He will send his Peaple to look for her ,HE SAID IM NOT SCAM HE SAID,,than i told him if you are realy NOT THAN BE PEACEFUL,He don’t promisse me to marry him he will wait for me in his house in miami couse i told him im Busy the month of august than i have time on sptember that all and than please don’t travel couse of the Package you must recieve and i will send you the Address later well ,untill now im still in business trip but i told him i will be right back on thursday and he said ok just wait for my message,well i will just wanted to know if he really connected to the military in afghanistan in kabul,,,his connecting email was in yahoo.com in facebook he won’t anymore to be connected he said,,,but his still there,,as of now i don’t here from him couple days from now ,,,,,I don’t know if its right for me to be still connected to him,,,, he wanted me to come to his house ,,,,please help me what to do now couse i delete him 1 time already ,,,,
        with friendly regards yonie

        • Yonie ,
          please don’t take delivery of anything of any kind from his so called friend. You don’t know him. These Guys are evil. They don’t care about us. at all. Be aware for your safety. Tell you will not take any deliveries. Dump him.

    • Hi Linda,
      Good for you he is now going by Sgm Aaron Raymond. And his story has changed but the same guy and pic’s.
      Ladies beware he is a slick work and is also working with someone that goes by Col.Jason Scott.

      • his name is co Lt jonh now… Aaron ramos peterson partner


    • I myself have been talking to aaron ramos but he is going by the name of captain richard david ramos. he is in iraq. age 42, wife died 6 years ago in a car crash and has two daughters jesse 19 and elizabeth 9. the girls are currently in military school. he was also telling me that he lost his military ID and signed a paper saying all his checks go to his account and he has no access to it. he is living in a tent community with only a few solid building. He finally asked me for some money for food, stuff like hostess cakes and stuff but i can not send anything because there is currently no in coming or out going mail. talked to him the other day and he was complaining about being out in the field for a week and only eating snakes and rabbits. he is looking for 200 dollars. I have more pictures of this person than what is on this site. He also gave me a name of a person (female) that i need to send the money to and when i refused to send it money gram or western union i did get some address for this woman.

      • I also was talking with that same guy but he told me he had a son and he also sent me pict of him and the supposed son but he used name RICHARD RAMOS he ried to get me to set it up with that military site they have to be able to talk on phone He didnt ask for money just asked me to get mine and his phone hooked up to it tms or something like that its a army thing for satelite i did look it up ..but i also have about 5 pic of the guy but i just stopped communicating with him as i was communicating with someone else By the name of MST.SGT HENRY DOLAN has anyone heard of him ?.

        • wow same here but sent 150 to talk to paul robert… damn how stuped can i be… all the names i see here aaron go by wow…

        • i have been chatting to jeffery ramos…with a son…fell in love with me after one time chatting to him……

        • Shirley, I have been contacted by Capt. Raymond Ramos…. and his son Jeff Ramos is in Ghana on a pineapple farm….LOL Yes he has used Aaron Ramos photos…. I feel most sorry for the REAL Ramos who is a victim more then us ladies. Be aware ladies this guy is not genuine. I received several photos and the one with the dark glasses and red shirt sitting in the car was definitely the RED FLAG.

        • I am in ireland and have been contacted by raymomd ramos claiming to be in Bagdad say he has a son and that he is capt and is about to retire from the army this was on a dating site in Ireland he hasnt asked for anything but the red flag went up why would a us solider be on an Irish dating site and tell you that he wants to be with you after two emails. so I looked him up and came across your site and the pictures he sent are there too so thank you

        • I think there’s a twist this Henry Dolan of a man because I got in contact with Carmen his daughter but she claimed to be over thirty and actually one thing led to the other and I started sending her money, I sent her about 3000pounds in loan and then she asked for my bank to pay me back, I never knew they needed my account for Money Laundry. I suspected when she first sent a huge 8400pounds and then again sent about 4000pounds for me to send down to Nigeria when all I was asking for was all I was owed, I had to seek counsel from my mom who immediately informed the Police Fraud Department and now the case is being investigated. I was carrying out a research on her when I found her dad’s name on this site, I think this man and his daughter are up to a lot so people please beware.

      • Hi Debbie can i have copies of all pics and info you may have on this guy as he’s at it again but this time going by the name of Paul Williams,widower from Idaho…

        Kind Regards Amanda

        • This so guy Paul Williams if that is his real name came on to me on IM claimed to be widowed has a son 14 in the military academy. wanted money for food via credit card because he said their food package had been delayed in Afganistan. After the 2nd chat professed he loved me wanted a mother for his son, even got his son e.mailing me to ask me to be his new mum. Now i am 75 yrs of age. figure that out. i told him i had seen him on military scammers, havn’t heard from him for a while.. of course he denied it all. be careful

      • I have been chatting with the same guy for 4 days now, only he goes by the name of Richard Smith. Same kids and age, in military school and wife passed of breast cancer 6 years ago, her name was Cathy. He never asked me for money, but asked me to relocate with him when he is back and retired soon. his email is r.cpt.richard@gmail. Idiot has a uniform with the name Ramos on it and it is the same guy in the pictures above. So sad that we live in the greatest country in the world, with amazing men defending it and people like this would pretend to be one of them for a scam.

        • I am currently talking to richard ramos davis which is the same guy.

      • The scammer who contacted me using the name of Aaron Ramos ” 3 days ago , said his wife Elena and son was killed in a car crash,,,, 2 days before that I was contacted by the same guy, this time he was a General,
        using the name of General George W Casey Jr… same story his wife Elena was killed,, was told he was in Afghanistan, changed his story to Iraq, when asked, said “I am only here for a few days” mmmmmm
        after checking the web,,,, found General Casey’s pics some were the same ones that i received,, but there was a pic of General Casey and his wife Sheila , i sent the pic to the scammer he asked where I got the pics from ,,, told him the same place he did,,,, and how well his wife looked, only her name was not Elena. and perhaps he was a bigamist, he made a hasty retreat,,,,,, today,,,, well hello,,,, same guy,,, same story, this time he uses the name Hennet George… be careful ..girls this guy is a total nut case.

        • Right now I have been talking to a soldier.He claims he is in Iraq and is 55 and is retiring to Miami. He said his wife died of cancer and he has a 17 year old daughter that lives with her grandmother.Just putting the sweet talk on very heavy I only met him 3 day’s ago. He goes by the name DIAMOND HIS EMAIL IS stephen diamond60@yahoo .com I know he is on msn also but do not know his ID. Has any one heard of this soldier please let me know. Thank You for your time we need to stick together…

        • I had been talking to a guy named Ken Ramos for a year not once did he ask me for money until the end Of May 2012 and then it kept going same pics he sent to me he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me and he needed money to get here to me so like a damn fool I sent it.Only Ken told me he was never married and had no family as his mom and dad was killed in a car wreck.Said he was in Kabul Afghanistan and would retire in March of 2013.Man I feel in love with the guy in the pic and it still hurts after all this time.I then talked to an Aaron Ramos boy was he a joke he told me he loved me and then got mad stopped talking to me after I wouldn’t send him 4,500.00.My heart and Prayers goes out to the real Aaron Ramos would love to meet the real Aaron Ramos some day.Keep your chin up Aaron we are all trying to help you.Rose

        • ong this guy aaron ramos is the guy that has been talking to me for about a week now.he is sweet talker hes going by ramos webb his e-mail isandywebb900@yahoo.com.he has sent me the same pictures says its him
          wife cheated on him son l9 yrs old lives with brother in uk has a 15 yr old daughter.looking for his soul mate.one day of talking to me hes in love and wants to spend the rest of his life with me lol.he has not ask for any money yet but wanted me to delate my topface account thats the online dating service and he sent me the same pics as that arron ramos says its him he also wants me to send him pics of me i havent yet and got a little mad because i didnt and said i didnt trust or believe him and hes right about that.can someone tell me why he wants my pics so bad because hes on my fb what should i do he has my phone # and mt e-mail address

      • I have currently been talking to a Steven Ramos…scammer

      • I was taking to him and blocked him when he demanded money for personal phone and money for his ticket home!

        • My problem is a man, good or bad, name Jones Anderson Officer in Afghanistan.
          We were talking a long time Before a packige had come to London. He vanted me to
          help him with a lot of Money and I feel sorry for him and send him 40.000 Pounds.
          Now when I want some Money back he wants me to sen him ticketmoney. to get out
          ou of Afghanistan 1.700 Pounds. Pls help me to find out what kind of man he is. Does not US military pay for them that want to go home. He has a son and his wife died in a carcrash for 4 years.
          Bye and thank y


    • LOL. I have been talking to both of them…sgm aaron raymond AND aron ramos rolland is the names he is going by to talk to me…whats funny is that he was too wrapped up in scamming game to realize that he was talking to me with BOTH NAMES and even sent me the same pics. I called them both on that…LOL that accused each other as being scammers…Now How funny is that….does anyone know anything about raymond daniel?

      • i dont know whats wrong with this scammers they want to spoil our job for us and female beware of them and ask them for cam ok and my email is sgtstephenbeco@yahoo.com if u have anything to inform me ok bye

        • i think am talking to a scammer captain ted kammer troop 109 eggers camp afghanistan he has took me for a rite stupid person 700 pounds i have paid twice,now they want me to open an online banking account so i can get is money for comeing to me,which i have to pay 1000 dollors to open i get it back meant to be,his flights have been changed three times with his commander he has two different ones he was off line for a while he said he got shot now he is back on with the same story his wife died he has a daughter age ten stays with his mum in new jersey what a full i have been so they can pay for themselfs comeing out i stay in scotland what a full thanks so just beware of this one

        • Hello, I will like to informed that I have received comunication from Sergeant Stuart James sgt.james4army@yahoo.com he has been telling me that he is at base Camp Eggers-Kabul Afghanistan and he has been contact me but I really believe that this person is a scamer. He has two facebook account and has been telling me different stories, he also told me that his kid is in a school in Ghana for security reasons but the extrange is that he give me his son phone number and I spoke with a kid but even that seems fake to me becuase the kid sounds younger that the age that he told me 16years old and also told me a story about that he lost his mother when he was a little kid and he doesn’t remember her.

          All this sound very wierd to me, I only talked to this person for about 1 week but I’m smart enought to realized that this is not real.

          I want to share this story to prevent more people about this scammers. He really didn’t asked me for money yet but he has been told me that he will come down to my country soon in his vacations but he has to ask permission to United Nation issue that sounds very extrange to me.

          Any way this is my story…. becareful.

      • I have been contacted recently by a guy saying his name is Roland Smith, from Texas, stationed out of Washington State, currently in Kabul, daughter living with his mother in Nigeria, mother and daughter attacked by robbers lost everything, wanted me to give him info so he can have a direct access deposit made to my bank account…all he got was name of the bank. I have 3 pics that are supposedly him and they don’t look like any of the above guys the one where you can see a face there are actually 2 guys in pic the one in army and thats the one I believe he is to be–can’t see name tag.
        I am calling a number I got from the US Army to report him then I am going to report him to Facebook as well.

        • Hi Paula I was also contacted by a Roland smith who I met on a dating website. We had been talking for about 3 weeks.he told me he was from la place louisiana. I thought it strange after the first week he started to tell me all the things that a girl wants to hear like your special,I will make you happy,my wife etc etc. until week 3 when he said he wanted to meet me & wanted me to pay his way as marines don’t have access to there money.Thinking it strange I started to do some research through the website marine parents,it actually gives names of deployed marines & his name was not there.i also emailed them & they told me to call the number on the site but as i’m from australia it would cost a fortune.so i started to ask him some questionsHe told me he was a Sargeant & combat engineer & sent me some photos which I also can’t see on this site. I also questioned the name as it is the same as the marine author,the name on his shirt was not the same but he told me he swapped with his mate as a joke the more questions I asked the more I felt stupid that I could fall for this guy. The last I heard of him was 5 months ago until yesterday I found him on another dating site called fastcupid.com has the same name & pic Roland smith but the name on site is allywall.

      • Hello Karen what would you like to know about Daniel Raymond?
        I can tell you all there is to know about the scum.. I met him on okcupid in July 2010 as Staff Sargent John William Raymond. And we have been online lovers till now and we still have a relationship, But its only been since about 4 days ago I discovered his profile on many dateing sites plus myspace and Facebook as Sgt Daniel Raymond In the U.K … He is an American and he does have a Daughter Jasmine a sister Megan and his parents.. I have been inlove with him all this time and the list of things and the way he has spoken to me would curl up a snakes tail in fear.. I have persued my realtionship with him because he had me believe he was honest and true to me by coming here to Australia. He had arranged a Transfer and I had an email from someone from the Washington in regards to him coming here.His transfer was accepted But because he was resigning from the U.S Army he had to pay the sum of 20.000 Pounds to receive his 225.000 Dollar pension.
        And he is in the U.K Awaiting for someone to help him pay that amount..Hahahaha i say I am not doing that i told him.But I have payed him $80.000 Australian Dollars since I knew him for taxes food airfares you name it..
        All because I trusted him in believing he was coming here. 3 times I was at Sydney International Airport waiting till the last flights came in..And he never ever arrived. He always had some excuse..
        I was stupid I was gullable and foolish to of sent him a cent in the beginning..I sold my brand new Mazda to help him pay for what I was told was his Hotel Bill in Singapore as he wasn’t allowed to leave there until his bill was met.Because he said he had no money..I got a loan as long as my 2 arms joined together..
        I cry myself to sleep nearly every night from what i did. And even now I am supposedly to be paying 2050 Pounds to the U.K Army for Transportation costs and Legal costs for him entering into the Australian Army. Government fees apparently..BULL SHIT i said..I can tell you so much about him its unbelievable..I have a video of him pushing weights pics galore of him and his family and Jasmine..
        He has literally destroyed mylife my soul my all..I have many a time tried killing myself and then he comes online and says how much he loves me..
        Why do i go on and permit myself through this torture ? I don’t know except for the fact he has payed me back money from time to time and thats what makes me think he’s not a scammer.. Maybe he is maybe he isn’t I just don’t know..I saw his pics on scamwarners 2 days ago but i don’t know who sent them. Why did he change his name Is another story, one he refuses to tell me and still says I’m an idiot for believing stupid storys online..
        But I search and do so much research constantly day in day out on his name , mixing it around and thats how i came across his pics on other dateing sites..
        But when i do dig deep into these sites he hasn’t made any approaches into them for over a year..
        He’s a jealous man and gets into a RAGE When he see’s me online assuming and accusing me of being on chat lines with other men and sleeping with them..His wife wasn’t killed He walked in on her and his best mate..
        Thats why he has so much trouble in trusting women..
        God help me for loving him the way I do, but i do and still do and everyday sometime twice a day we chat we go on cam .. I love him god help me why do I…

        • Hello My name is Wilson and am a police officer who is working on this kind of scam woman and men been scam out of money i can help you get all your money soon so you should not worry e-mail me at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be waiting to hear from you

        • Julie, i would like to tell you how very sorry i am that this happened to you. I, too, have been scammed by
          what i thought was an Army Soldier. I generally do not answer mail from people i do not know, but i think
          the fact that this person was in the military, serving in combat made me want to open and correspond to him.
          I thought at the very least, i would encourage him while away. What started out innocent enough took on a more romantic meaning. This man was so considerate and referred to me as his soulmate. Guess you could say this happened within a month. God has a plan for us, he said. Yes, i bought it. Had just come out of a bad relationship and wanted to believe, since i am a good person, that there definately was a soulmate out there for me. Every day, at a particular time in the day, i received the most beautiful love letter. Letters that were perfectly written with no grammatical errors. When i talked online, the english was strange sometimes and typos. This was the first clue for me. Every time i would ask personal questions, i was told how very much he loved me. Sent pics of wedding rings, talked about getting married and the government would pay for the wedding. Well, i started doing a little investigation. Found out the Army did not pay for weddings. Every time this man would tell me something i would look it up. What i should have been looking for was the page i am on right now.

          I continued to talk to him. Guess i truly wanted to believe in him. Early this week, i received a beautiful letter at 8:00 am and at 10:00 am i received a letter telling me that his son, who i knew about, was in the hospital and needed kidney surgery. Could i help him. Just by the way the son had a Nigerian name that i had looked up.
          i told him that i knew that Army would have benefits that would include the son, and i was not foolish.
          I then requested information from him. What is your address and telephone number, hospital where your son
          is, your boss name. How can you prove you are in Afghanistan. It has been about 5 days now and i have not
          heard from him.

          The unfortunate is i would like to think i am an intelligent woman. I guess i just would never think anyone could be so cruel to another human being. I fell for this whoever it was. I am hoping that the pics that were sent to me were not of fallen soldiers. I guess it will take some time for me to get over this whole thing. The very good out of all of this is that i found you all here. Writing has taken my mind off this whole nightmare. Even after all of this, i still find myself saying maybe he is a soldier. Everything points to he is not. After i told him the game was over, he still had the audacity to write me again saying that i had it all wrong. I have never received one ounce of evidence that i am wrong.

          I am sorry that you went the distance to airport, etc. I am praying for you that you will heal and meet someone that will treat you with respect and love you for you with no strings attached. I pray that for myself as well.
          To be victimized in this way, is truly an eyeopener. We can at least share this with others so they can be aware of what is out there. Thank you for sharing and i wish the very best.

        • add me up we need to talk my email is morganalex997@yahoo.com add me up so we can chat

        • hello julie, my name is teresa,…it’s been so good to read your letter,well in a way, i’m going now thru what you went thru,..i can’t tell you how so very deeply in love i am with Mark L David (that’s the name he goes by),he met me on facebook, i thought i had accepted his friendship because it came ffrom God,yeah, he was my God sent, i’ve been waiting all my life to hear the words he’s told me ,(still does),…i can’t let go of him, i just can’t, i’m in love,and all thou i know it’s probably a big scam,his words fill my heart and soul, i’ve been thru alot in life, and now leaving a man that i just waisted 18 years of my life with, i found in Mark L David all i needed, i thank “him” for that,…i know i’m probably the biggest of all fools, and i’ve cried for him so so much,..this one only asked me for a box of things,like lotions,aftershaves,body sprays,and candy,chocolate and stuff like that, it broke my heart, so i spend the money on the goods, and then $120.00 us dollars in the post office for it to get to Ghana, he’s stationed in Mali, Africa, supposedly,so for him to get it thru the “diplomat” i need to give that diplomat $200.00 us ,for them to give him the box, now i could not do $200.00 so i heard it from the diplomat,so i could make $100.00, but then in money gram they warned me about scams coming from Ghana,and they talk me out of it,which broke my heart cause i really wanted “him” to have that box,..so now he’s not talking to me like before, and that’s killing me, i loved his words,i do love the guy,and there’s alot of things that make me think that he’s for real,(all he ever asked me was for the lotions and stuff) and then the diplomat with the $200.00, and all thou he said he would come see me for at least 3 weeks,he did say in the begining if i could send him the money thru a credit card on my name with 8,000 or 10,000 (still don’t know what he referred to ) but then he told me he knew i wouldn’t do it and laughed,…the thing is, i’m devastated, cause i love this man in the picture so so much,…i know i must need help indeed, to know it might be a scam, and still be there to listen to him,just cause i need to hear him,he’s only talked to me on the phone once,he always sends his african “friend” to message me cause he’s so busy working,he’s a staff sargeant and his name is Mark Lopez, on facebook he’s like Mark L David,…please if anybody can help me, for i’m so confused and hurt,…don’t know how there’s people with out a heart out there willing to do this kind of stuff to others,…however if i can hear a response from anybody, i would deeply appreciate it,…thank you so much…..heartbroken,…Teresa.

        • Hi there .. Can you please send me some pics of this John Raymond guy as I had one contact me on zoosk. Just wondering if its the same one ? Thankyou

        • hi i am going through a similar situation i am in love with a man by the name of sergeant william bryant who is in kabul afghanistan at bargram airfield a long story shot he has not actually asked me for any money yet but he has got me to set up a fidelity accunt to have his pension transfered to which i did set this account he also wants my personal banking information he says that he want to split the money up into both accounts there is one side that really wants to believe everything he says and on the other hand im sceptical about some things what advice can you give me

      • Karen where are you from ? I need to chat urgently about someone you asked about.

        • Hi Julie Im in Australia .Is this about supposedly Captain Henry Repetto…..
          Please contact if you have any information really appreciate it….

        • Henry Repetto has contact me with the same history, ask me to send him money for leave the militar camp in Bulgaria to come to Brazil. A lot of guys have to make this things to get money of women from date sites in Brazil. There are pics on internet of him.

        • “Henry Repetto has contact me with the same history, ask me to send him money for leave the militar camp in Bulgaria to come to Brazil. A lot of guys have to make this things to get money of women from date sites in Brazil. There are pics on internet of him.

        • Tell me more about yourself and i will love to know you better and i do believe that God bring us together for a reason… . and Here we goes nothing: I’m a 56-y/o married but now Div-single professional holding out for the right person, but in the meantime always up for meeting new people and making new friends. I do believe that there is someone out there that is right for me, that gets me and my quirky sense of humor, and that will appreciate all I have to offer. I believe those who have met their soul mate in life are truly blessed; hopefully, I will be as well one day. I have found that timing and fate play a significant role in this game. I’m not in any rush (obviously) as my life is busy, full, generally uncomplicated and satisfying. However, I know the quality of my life would improve significantly by finding the right partner. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do live in Kabul, Afghanistan . Is this look simular to what you ladys are recieveing. Yea just chating to Aaron Ramos photo this guy is on face book going under the name of Lechele Scott. I goggled his photo. what does distube me though is my face book sight is a commity page for a rather seroius illness where people sometimes are very house bond and very lonely, there is sick people on this sight he knows that. Im a bit unsure what to do weither to play him along or not. But yes ladys sorry its a scamer, bugger and yea dont feel fullish if you have been scamed in the past they are very good at there jobs some of them and yea they do even go as far as to give you back some money they lent you to build your confadance in them. So just becarefull.

        • Julie

          Unbelievable. I am trying to get back on my feet after falling in love with CRAIG JOHNSON. My story is the same as everyone else’s here. I tried to look up Craig Johnson as I was going through this experience but could never find anything. Today will be about two weeks that we were supposed to have met. Thank God I did not go to the airport in New York as planned to meet him and his daughter Mary. Because I would have been all alone and broke!

      • Sgt. Aaron Ramos, is also Sgt. Steven Ramos, middle name claiming to be Robert, from Fort Jackson Base in Columbia, S.C. Divorced, after 14 years of marriage, 9 year old boy that lives with his mother in California. He claims to be an E6 Staff Sergeant, who also acts as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the sergeant first class. He claims to be home that his troops are in Afghanistan, and that he has been home for two months after being gone for one year. He claims to be the leader of his squad, a non-commission officer and works in the junior management of the military. States he has been in the military since he was 16 years old and that he is 49. He says that he owns his own home in S.C. and he has 3 bedrooms. He claims to be spiritual, and believe in the God Almighty. He says he started A&A school at 6 years of age, and Calvary Baptist School afterwards.States that he will be retiring soon and looking for a babe to settle down with. He dreams of opening his own jewelry business. He says his dad is from the states and deceased and his mom is from Spain. He agrees with way to much that you say, and said if he could live anywhere it would be Singapore.

        • No scam was done, but this was the signs. He talks very fast through e-mail and wants you to get on yahoo chat. He will also give his phone number to you to text, but no calls, military policy. I can type very fast and text, and I could not keep up with him, as if everything was waiting to be sent. He never asked for money, but he wanted to know what kind of car I drove, but I did not tell him. He wanted to know if I owned my home. Another sign is occasionally even in text you can pick up a little accent talking, meaning he knows what he is trying to say, but he cannot find the right English words. For example he was talking about the jewelry business, and referred to white gold, as white jewelry. When asked about his ethnicity, he says white. Through e-mails before you start a chat with him, as I ignored for a few days, he says stuff such as “I hope you have bless day” or “good morning, I wish you had yahoo chat so we could have conversation, have a good day. I wish you had yahoo chat, have bless day”……you get the feeling that something is not right though talking to him, but he is very fast and very convincing. He ask questions very fast such as favorite color, what are you passionate about, if your friends could describe you in three words, and then while your answering occasionally he will answer. But the questions are very like he is reading them off something, and almost immature for not knowing someone or having met them. Honestly, the fast talk was the first tip, he did not want to take a break talking to even to eat. The whole time I am talking to him, I am gogling random information about him, and came across this site somehow thank God! It happened so fast I started talking to him at 3:30 in the afternoon and I looked at my clock and it was 8pm. CRAZY…and what a waste of time!

        • hes also going by ramas webb his e-mail is andywebb900@yahoo.com been talking to him about a week
          this site is a blessing to me what a jerk this man or whoever he/she is

        • I have been speaking with a guy telling me the same story goes by kevin kump

        • I have found this profile and want to submit it here to been seen. This is suppose to be General William Rapp I try to report these fake profiles and get them closed. I have no proof link to support my report so therefore I am submitting it to you for others to view. The scam profiles like to steal military pictures and use them as bait for either women or men. I want to alert people not to chat with these fakes, and also beware of them. To quote “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

          http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5975941048 Gen William Rapp…

      • he has many names he also got in touch with me and didnt know he was tlking to the same person i ask him who u gonna be this week flix or webb lol what a scumbag.ireally feel sry for the real arron romas his pic being used.he also has many yahoo accounts.

    • This guy is now on Facebook and myspace and goes under the name of Mchillary Donnel..
      He sent me an email saying how lonely he was and had looked amy profile on FB….
      If he indeed had, he would have known that I was married….
      Another one is Captn David Mike Phillips..

      • oops forgot this….Id you go inot his profile, you will see he has other so called military friends….they are ALL scammers so please watch out girls

        • has anyone heard of staff sargeant george moose us army……ive been chatting with him 6 MONTHS….what an idiot i am………….he said it was his birthday and gave me an address to send gifts to him via a messenger in louisianna…….and then asked for an iphone….nokia x7……………….he didnt get it….i even told him i had seen him on the scam warners site and gave him the site to check it out……he said he was disgutsed someone could use his name and pics and that he was the genuine george moose……so i kept chatting and then…he asked for his gifts and iphone…so we could be closer and chat more….when asked for him to come on web he said he couldnt for security …when i said the phone would be illegal too he said it would be kept secret and noone would know he would only use it when he got into the town ….he was supposed to be in kabul….anyone else come across him please…………..

        • yes kathleen i have met a few also like a christopher witt, sgt jefferies, now i am talking to someone called sgt nobile cole which i know nothing hardley about only he has one daughter and his wife died, and is in kabul his mission is peacekeeping and its (blackjack) also a james haggard also in afghanistan also johnson ramos all in afghanistan

      • i been talking to aaron ramos peterson been talking to him fo rall most a yeas now and the military help deck wants me to sent 500 dollars and they have imy ssc id omg how stuped now don’t know what to do omg please i need help with my info they have it omg.i’m really scared now how stuped can i be..

        • i have been talking to sgt Geroge Moose for the past almost 4 months now he told me he was in Iraq and i will be retiing soon from the U.S. army he told me he has a daughter 16 in Ghana with a caretaker his daughter was born with a hole in her heart and his wife died in a acciedent…He told me it was his daughter birthday and had no way to send her a gift from Iraq so stupid me send her a gift she needing a ipod it took a few weeks to get to Ghana..But Now i fine out the daughter is the same person Geroge moose how i found out i tracked the ipod # she told me she got the ipod two week ago i got a email yesterday from the post office oct8,2012 the ipod got to the address so now he was a new ipod from me ass hole…..And now he is asking me for money 500.00 dollars to get some documents he was sending me with a Dipolmat from iraq and will be home soon he told me the dipolmat need money to get to me A>S<A<P to my counrty…This man has meaning names here is a few for you Ladys you can look him up on scammer sites Mark Moose David Moose , Braden Moose and i think he real name is Richard he is Nigerian scammer look up a Richard A Wugah from Ghana all scammers///// Yesterday he got upset with me because i told him i have no money to send and stop chatting with me……..I will never go on date sites again man like him gives the U.S. army a bad name are soldiers do so much for us to try to keep peace in the world…..I can go on about this so call man but why he is a lair, cheat, plays head games and the biggest scammer be careful Lady this one on all the date sites still

        • Ann,…please don’t feel stupid,…my name is Teresa, i’ve been as stupid as you, trust me , i’m a full grown woman 47 now, and still have been a fool to believe all i was told,..i’m crazy in love with Mark L David,if anybody knows about him,…we’re just a woman in love,which is capable of doing alot for the one she loves, i’ve been waiting for true love all my life, and when he finally comes, it’s a scamer, don’t need to tell you all how devastated i feel,….just have the need to find the real Mark Lopez….if anyone can tell me how to…please help.

      • I was on skype this morning and met Mike Phillips he is stationed in Iraq. He, has a daughter living with an old nanny in the Uk , needs to see her. wants my emailadress to send some picture so I can see his 13 year old daugther. 25th of december he will go home on a leave to his home at Baltimore. speaks with an African accent somethimes you can hear french. I have fun making a fool of him. so he quit skype.
        so lady’s beware

    • just spotted a new one ladies, guys are using catologue pics of men in suits, yup honestly, same old story tho, you get the gist, if the pic looks like a male model in a catologue, it is lol .
      when i confronted the guy he got quite aggressive, don’t know if its part of the same group but another form of scamming i think.
      blocked deleted n reported.
      and post on here or somewhere else to hopefully warn others

    • I have been in contact with a George Ramos claiming to be from Houston Texas and has an email address of georgeramos41@yahoo.com the picture now say its actually a Aaron Ramos

      • i have also been chatting with a george ramos at g.ramos481@yahoo.com. it appears the email is different than the one u were using but he may have changed it he got caught. i have seen several flags go with this chatting. can u tell me more about this man u were chatting with. i have confirmed he is in army in afghanistan, i know that much is true. appreciate any info u can give me on what u know about him so if it is indeed the same scammer i can call him out on it. thanks, jeanne

        • i too, was scammed by an supposing SgtKirkRamos@yahoo.com and I finally requested after a month of talking (and what a smooth talker he was) hahaha! what he military email address was and he said he didnt have one ! His CO officer (yea right) threaten me if i didnt paid he hospital bill as they had taken he personal military ID and all .and that i was to be responsible for this and that if anything became of their soldierman , i would be held accountable. He seemed upset that i would talk to his CO that way , but dont threaten me ever as i dont take it lightly and he said he would seen me his ID and never speak to me again as i dont trust him he said . Oh well i guess i know the truth now . The goverment would never had done this. I feel foolish but , I vhave also learned to stop trusting people so much on this dating sites such POF until that have presented themself in person to me. and then i will always be leary . If money is requested drop it like it hot and move on. Yes it hurts but only a little while. and yes you do feel ashamed for falling but that just means you have a heart as to where the scammers dont.

        • I have been scammed by sgt Samuel wade and I feel very stupid. He told me that he was in Iraq I send him money because I felt bad for him. Thank you for this site.


        • Has anyone seen the name Thomas Ramos? that is the same picture that is showing of Aaron Ramos that was sent to me….supposedly wife died in car crash…has daughter in Ghana after leaving Afghanistan from Army…wants to get home to his gold and open jewelry store in Texas…

      • I have been in contacted with a man by the name Aaron Ramos his email address is ssgramos47@yahoo.com if any one knows him his pic is the same but he told me his daughter is married and has 2 kids and his son and wife died he lives in texas i got scammed

      • hes got so many differant names and e-mail address

    • I have been online for almost two months with as he calls himself Ramos Aron ” Roy” also he has asked me for money for his birthday $150.00. I did not send it. Then he supposedly left libiya and is now in Nigeria. Then he promised me $1300.00 if I sent him $200.00 the explaination was never clear to me about why he couldn’t send it or why he couldn’t afford it . He said his rank was major then he said SSg staff seargent. I pray to the God I serve that this person will not be able to do this to anyone else.

    • Another one to look out for is John Wallace who states he is a capt. In Kabul Afghanistan U S Army 5th brigade 2nd infantry division. Says he is a widow with a12 year old son. He sweet talks you and asks you to email his c\o asking for leave, if you do that you get an email back asking you to fill out a form send that back then western union money to a person somewhere else. I found him on my yearbook and on yahoo.

      Melissa m.

      • Hello MILISSA i have been chating with a guy named sgt.paulrapp@yahoo.com, he found me on face book said he also was in Iraq and wanted me to set up a yahoo so that we could chat and get to know each other, I feel so ashamed and stupid he also say’s he is in Kabul after several months of chatting he aksed me to marry him said he could get leave if i sent 400 dollors to Major Eddie Ramson but i had to send it western union to Nigeria. so me like an idiot did, well the next day i got a form in my email saying his leave had been started BUT an additional 2,900 dollors refundable to me had to be sent that struck me as very odd got a document also it had no info just first name last name surname reason for leave rank of soilder he claimed if i got the money he would help me fill out the form and told me to send 1,500 money Grom and the rest western union, I did not do it but unfortunatly i had sold my car to get him home. He claims to live in Jacksonvill Alabama, has a 12 year old son wife died in a car accident could you PLEASE send me a responce and let me know if this srt. paul rapp exsits, and if he does is he realy the soilder or a scammer and could you send me a pic of the real soilder who’s name he is using. Thank you so much he found out i was’nt so smart on a compuer but i was smart enough to keep punching in scams and stuf untill i ran across this sight, i feel ashamed and discusted that i could be coned by some one whom i thought was a soilder in love with me and so many promices of a happy family

        • Hello My name is Wilson and am a police officer who is working on this kind of scam army woman and men been scam out of money i can help you get all your money soon so you should not worry e-mail me at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be waiting to hear from you

        • Wilson is NOT a police officer and is NOT working on these scams. Do NOT contact him please! It is another scam.

      • Hej det är ju Tom Witt han har andra namn som Sigmund Russel Carl och han säger att han är kapten för 75 elitsoldater i Afganistan, hans fru dog i cancer , 3 vuxna sönder . Har 2 hus fått set ett kort på ett av dom men strandhuset har han inte visat , sen har han ärvt när hans pappa dog när han var 2 år i svenska kr 5500000kr som han har placerat i guld och ädelstenar, han skrev till mig och sa hans mamma bor i en herrgård ensam
        han ska köpa ett fint hus till oss och går i pension i nov 2012 sen skall han starta ett företag i Stockholm

        Han vill väldigt gärna komma till Stockholm men då skall armen ha 2500 dollar för bearbetning .

        När jag sa att jag har inte dessa pengar blev han hotfull i tonen i sina brev .

        om man nu är kapten så är det sista man är att gapa på sin kvinna som han älskar så mycket .

        jag har anmält honom för Armen , googel och på dejtngsidor , polisen i Stockholm dom kände till namnen polisen berättade en kvinna hade belånat sin lägenhet på en miljonkronor han berättade oxå att dom är en liga och sitter i Sanigal . och plockar ut pengar från West union men tyvärr så har dom inga filmkamera där.sen såg jag att han har kontakt på twitter med 6 Asiater skrev till dom att han är en bluff vill bara att man skall betala för hans flygresa 2500 dollar. var rädda om er jag vet att man kan bli väldigt förälskad i brev och ord , men jag kan berätta jag har gråtit floder sen blir jag jätte arg , han är ett kräk han vet att jag har en dotter som är allvarlig sjuk!

        Jag blir så arg att det är så svårt att anmäla honom , kvinnor anmäl honom så mycket det går kramar till alla från Gunilla

        • gunilla skriv till mig.
          Jag blev lurad av en som hette HOWARD OLIVER

    • Hi, i know the guy on the pictures with the name Staff Sgt Ryan England Wool as Samuel Kirkland. He has a 17 years old son and his wife died of cancer.

      • Jenny, I think I have been scammed by the same Staff Sgt. Ryan England Wool, aka Russell, Kenneth and George. Now you can add Joshua M. Witt to the list. I was heartbroken and in complete shock to see one of the pics he sent to me on this site. He is supposedly a Master Sargent in the Army in Kabul, Afghanistan and due to be back in the states within the next two weeks. He has a 14 yr old son James, who is in Ghana staying with a caretaker who assisted Joshua and his late wife in adopting James about 10 years ago from an orphanage in Ghana. He lives in Washington, DC and reports to Ft. Belvoir in Virginia. He was due to retire on Dec. 15, 2011 but because of an investment he got “us” involved in he cannot leave until the documents are signed. He just asked me today to send him a iPhone 4 so we could communicate while he is travelling back to the states. I already sent him a Galaxy that he said is broke and he needs another phone. I told him no. He has really prayed on my emotions, asked me to marry him, planning our future, being a family with his son. I am so hurt I can’t stand it. These people are the rot of this earth! I am going to play his game a little longer until he realizes I know his game. I have copies of all the emails and IM conversations we have had. They will soon be deleted.

        • HI SANDY,


        • To Ann and Sandy, I was contacted by the person you are talking to he now is going by the name James Witt. Being in corrections he hit on the wrong person, there were too many red flags popping up. I questioned him and he said he was in military intelligence, well I know that any one in intelligence is not going to announce it. But I played the game, in three days he loved me, in a month he needed money to help a person with rent.. of course I questioned this.. So I went on google to images when it pops up you will see a camera at the end of the search box. I took the picture of him sitting in front of a camera down loaded the picture and up he came,, as the following people…

          MSgt. Simon/Sigmund/Glenn /Rick Preze Witt/CeeWee/Carl Witt/Jerry Witt/Steve Parker Witt/Eric Jones/Matt Swain/Michael Swain/Capt. Harry Swain/Spencer Swain/Jason Mcaughty/Micheal Witt/Sigmund Witt (Gelesen: 1776 mal) jameswitt23@yahoo.com

          He is on over 80 dating sites, now on Face book as Troy Witt with the same pic of him sitting on a bunk with a computer on the bed, he is also on face book with another name Sigmund VonWelf… there is a site that is for Nigerian scammers and of course this person who is PRETENDING to be Witt… must have gotten all kinds of pictures of this MIlitary man. I’m not sure that this person WITT, is even aware that his pictures are on the net scamming women. I agree with the person who is writing these articles to protect women from this over sea’s scammers. I confront this scamer and of course he denied it… but COMMON Sense tells you if it is too good to be true it usually. I feel sorry for the soldiers who’s picture is being used and I hope that other women do not become victim to these scammers. The best thing you can do is stop all contact… tell him you know he is a scammer then just block all emails from him. If you have sent him pictures chances are your pictures could be used as well to scam others. If you want to see if your picture is used by these scamers go to google click on images when the search engine shows up look for the camera and click on it and follow instructions. Besides this site you are on there is another one showing pictures of scammers in the military this one is of Witt…
          I hope the person writing Soldiers Perspective will find Soldier Witt and advise him his pictures are being used. I hope this will help other women who have been scammed by this over sea’s jerk.
          Please ladies do not fall for this stuff, they are so easy to spot… Blessings

        • Now going by the name Mike Witt from Illinois, has daughter at uni who lives with grandmother. He’s looking for love & distance no object !!! I had 2 emails from this scammer but knew straight away it was a set up. If a guy sounds too good to be true… he is !!

        • If someone will please help me with this. I think I am yet another victim…… I wonder what you recommend as the fastest way to find out? I am so ashamed of myself, I knew better, but I thought if they were on Match.com they had to have checked something on them….. wrong!
          Thank you and to all, I am sorry that people have played with your emotions like this, how can people be so cruel. And to use our soldiers……
          Thank you

        • Same story, and scam-er call self Michael Schein, you can find in Face book is well, and he put it Ramos pictures is well. He told me he is have adopted son in GHana, and need to help him bringing to UK.
          and some black young male start emailing to me and telling me, he is Michaels son, and he is 27 y.old
          and need enter him to UK, because in Ghana life is bad, and start bagging money from me.
          That man sent to me many pictures with Ramos photos. So I think he is scamer and also he told me he been in Afghanistan and now in Iraq, and bcs if he injured Army sent him to Israel hospitals.
          It is so strange.

      • hi jenny-have been in email contact with sasmuel kirkland for about 10 weeks and of coursde he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his days with me. did he send u a promise letter of how much he loves u and will look after u forever that is in return for u loving him. also emails about him telling the world how he cares for me and how it makes him blush and he gets flutterings in the tummy when he talks to me.
        saw hi photo in the scammer and tasckled him last night- he denies it= i asked for copy of his id card/his military email/and a photo with him holding a card with my name on it. funny he had to go on patrol just sat that moment but he gave me hius address.ha ha the one where they send the leave of absence to multi national corps asfghanistan.
        told me hed been in the army for 27 yrs was 56, retiring march 2012asnd was coming to see me for as few months, mother and father died in car crash only child no family, got married to a woman named rita who ended up chesting on him asnd he has a son 19 yrs old. RING BELLS MAYBE
        neasrly had me fooled but itmwas too fast too soon asnd it made me wary. no money was asked for or sent.
        have hus photos if u want them but need yr emasil kay

        • Please send the pics sounds like the guy I have been talking to , but I have been giving money , so please send

        • OMG! I am going to be sick…. please let me know if I can show you a pic to compare…..
          Thank you and I am so sorry ….

        • I have been in contact with a scammer by the name of Eddie P kirkland and would like to see the photos you have to see if this is the same guy.

      • I too have been in contact with a guy using Sgt Ryan England Wools pictures. The gentleman that I have been talking to states his name is Sgt Chris Wallace Englan agre 50. Is divorced, no children, but ex-wife had an 11 year old son.. This guy advises that he is in the Army and is stationed in Iraq. We have talked for several weeks. Although he has not asked for money he did ask for a Samsung Galaxy ll cell phone. Said he did not have a camera and wanted to be able to talk to me and send pictures. When I asked him the address to send the phone to, I was told that I would need to send it to a military friend of his in West Africa. Stated that mail could not be delivered wher he was. After some investigating the base that he says that he is at “Camp Victory” Bagdad Iraq was shut down in October 2011. Anyone else had contact with this person

        • My Staff Sgt. Ryan England is Christopher Walsh Witt. we started this in September. He added the Witt after my daughter noticed the Witt on his uniform. His wife and son “James” were killed together in a car accident shopping for stuff for him to take with him to Afghanistan 10 yrs ago. He adopted “Michael’ when he was visiting Accra, Ghana 8 yrs ago to help him get over “james’s death. caretaker “David Sarpong” has Michael. He was retiring from the Army after 20 yrs service. He stopped off in Ghana to get his new “son” and get the gold that he bought to help with his retirement. Michaels birthday, he wants a Phone, so stupid me sends a cheap one cause I’m broke.Michael got sick. “Cholera’ David said. needs money for treatment. Chris said he can’t use Army insurance because he’s not in the states (bullshit). Michael got okay and thanked me on text on the Phone. (I cna’t hear well so we text) Chris gets to Ghana and he gets sick with Cholera too he needs treatment (actually it just takes antibiotics).stupid me sends money. then he doesn’t have money for ticket to come and also bring gold. David helps and I help. (dumass me). then on the way to airport Chris is attacted and stabbed. ‘He needs blood” says David. I don’t have any money at that point. so he just stayed at the hospitaland healed slowly. the police ar guarding him from the guys after his gold. This is now the end of March anhe is still at the hospital for safe keeping until he can trick me out of more money. I am out over $3,000 for this asshole. ” will take care of you. you can quit working.” i will be sending the last message when I am through with this sad, humiliating story. Good luck girls. I have sworn off ALL men now thanks to him.

        • Hi everyone
          I am so sorry to hear these stories. I too have been speaking with a man named David P Witt. He was on a dating site called Datehookup.com. He contacted me through there. Very friendly, actually too friendly too fast. Was interested. Then he said he was deployed and at 51 was retiring this month (April 2012). Said he lived in Madison Wisc. Then I noticed he had 2 profiles in wisc. One in Madison and one in Johnson Creek. Questioned that.He had some story that he used to live there. blah blah…
          I continued to text with him…Here’s the story. Single man, adopted a son James on a Charity Mission, he is 11yrs,staying with a caretaker in the UK. David’s Parents died in a car crash on Christmas Eve when he was 15. He wife cheated on him, he then divorced her. Then she died 2 years later. He’s brother also died in the vietnam war. He wants a family to love him, wants someone to love him and his boy blah blah blah.
          Here is the scam. Said he had to tell me something. Said he took care of a lady in his camp in Afganistan, she was 97 years old. Her whole family was killed. Said she died 3 weeks ago and that she left him jewelry and gold bars. But he didn’t know how to get it back to the states. At first i said ,”how about your son and the caregiver?” Of course that was not an option lol lol Then he said that a diplomat from there could bring it here to my home and i would keep it until his return. Which was all fine and dandy. But this morning he says that the diplomat is on his way. That he had to pay him 15,000$ to come here with it. But he said he could only pay him 10,000 because that is all he had there. And that i needed to pay him 5,000$ when he got here. And of course he would pay me back. Well i said, “shit i don’t have that kind of money to just give, although i have it and more in the bank. He said, just pawn some of the stuff when you get it. Well of course i would not do that. So, I did go today and get the money.

          Then I thought i will nap and think about this and hope God gives me a sign or an answer. Got up from my nap and went to my computer and started to goggle his name. And I came across this site!!!! Bam!!! God sent me my sign!! about 2 pages into it , there is his picture!!!! Now I just can’t wait until he texts again. I will not be his sucker this time!!!

          i truly feel bad for all the stories i have read. We all wish to have true love come to us. And it does happen. But we also have to remember to be smart and aware as well.

          Thank you for reading my story

        • I have met Sgt. Raymond Miller on face book. He’s telling me that he’s an American army based in Afghanistan as Peace Keeping Troop, His e mail add that he used for me is raymondmiller71@yahoo.com.,After several weeks he asked 350 $ to have a phone call that will be under by American call department i send 300 dollars to talk to him.later he asked another 500 dollars to continued the call process, i send 500 dollars,before yesterday he told me that he will send to Syria for a mission.He told me that he don’t wanna die. So have to write in their letter department a leave request, for him, and i have to pay 3,500 dollars. i told him , I don’t have money, and he squeeze me to sell my jewelries, he told me lots of options to get this money, Pls I want to make sure if he’s one of this unwanted people. Pls help me

      • hi Jenny can you responds my question obout Marvin Cruz? his cruz.marvin88@yahoo.com,,thank you

        • Oh well.. I knew him very well he is married to maddy and he is not a scammer… We live in the same street in new york, Presently he is deploy to Afghanistan and he has a very good friend pete commesso and rockson and some few we both in broklyn becareful of scammers using his photos to talk to you… I knew him very well and he will never cheat on someone for money or such things like that… if u want to ask more about him i will tell you!!


        • Yonie,
          Do you have pictures from marvin? I talk to a marvin cruz and maybe we should see if its the same person? Email me if you want to.

        • Yonie….Please get in touch with me if u r still here. I think I am talking to same man. And want to know I’d we can compare pics. ladycadira@comcast.net

    • Ladies, don’t fall prey to scams.

      Let Joe Warner check that “special” person if he is really in the military.

      A small fee of $3 by Paypal, on a donation voluntary basis will not be refused.

      Sincerely, hotproton@gmail.com

      • Hello,

        Can you check on someone for me? He says his name is Matthew Brown and his army uniform says brown on it but something doesn’t feel right. His email is Mattbro67@yahoo.com. I have a picture but don’t know how to image it.

        • hi everyone most of these names on here are scammers ,, i myself hve caught many.. death threats alsofrom the old soviet union in the past …the guy you mention is also on my friends list… he is a scammer .as is ramos .and lots of otheres .WALLACE MORENO .JACKROSTON. BRADTURNBULL, MURPHYSCOTT. MARK JORDAN ,CHRISNOVA. FRANKWHITE.ETC.. I HAVE BEEN CATCHING THEM FOR 2 YRS NOW.. HARD TO TRUST ANYONE FROM THESE SITES .JUST BE CAREFULL EVERYONE… JENI N MANCHESTER UK…

        • Am Really sorry for this to happen to you its a shame to we the military men and i always feel bad when i see people do this to women ….

        • Mr Daniel (Not His REAL Name) You said we the military men????? You don’t sound American to me so what Branch of the Military are you in and in what Country? Because I know for sure you are NOT in the US Military.

          And leaving your Email Address Hmm I smell a RECOVERY Scam and Scammer.


      • I dont know if this guy is for real, he has not asked for money,i met him on match.com he is in US millitary, he says he is millitary engineer E6 tank regime Sapper, he is at camp Eggers in Kapul Afghanistan his name is Steve Collins, I have fallen for this guy, so i do hope he is the real thing, he retires in August he has done 25 years. He wants to come to Canada, he said his Dad was from Toronto Canada, his Dad died many years ago.How can I find out, before this goes further, his full name is Steve Roland Collins we did meet on Match.com a paid dating site, i went on paid site because people told me you will get someone decent because they are paying for it. Please help me with this, i do need to know.please email me back. Thankyou Colleen.

        • Colleen…Don’t fall for this guy named Steve Roland Collins. I also met him on Match. Started chatting with him and began falling for him. He is very good at what he does. He told me that he adopted a son while there and his son is living with a friend named Daniel in West Africa. He also told me he was from Andover, IL and he would be returning home this August and retiring from the Military. He was looking forward to being with me and sharing his life and son with me. It all sounded too good to be true. He contacted me yesterday and said his son was in the hospital with a hole in is heart and he needed funds. I asked him what I could do to help. I was totally on to him by this point. He asked me for 10k to help out and to send to his friend Daniel via Western Union. Everything seemed so real with him…stories, pictures…etc…..I asked him several times for a mailing address for him…He could never give that to me and always changed the subject. Ladies beware!!!! These guys are total creeps. Please report him on Match.com….I have…lets put a
          stop to this bullshit!!!

        • Colleen,
          My name is Jean and I am also talking to a man at match.com with the same MO saying his name is Andrew James and he also is retiring in august after 25 years, also is an engineer, and parents are dead,also wants to move where I live… he said he was from Georgia though but sounds to similar for me to not write you…If he has sent you pictures you can contact me at my email and we can compare pictures to see if were being scammed…Thanks Jean….kellerjean56@yahoo.com

        • Colleen,

          This story sounds so similar to my girlfriend’s story….she just met a guy on match.com. Guy is about to retire after 26 yrs, has a son 12 yrs old, wants to come to Canada cause his mom was from here but she died long ago….his english is broken when writing (red flag) among other flags…..dont trust!

        • Sounds like sgt. Kevin James Butterfield or sgt.butt@yahoo.com. widower, has a son, no other family, about to get out of Camp Eggers end of next month. No money asked for but wants me to hold rediculous amount of $ given as gift for saving someones life in Afghanistan. Uh-huh. Felt odd but this request made it official for me. anyone else hear from this guy? Contacted me from dating site.

        • I too met a guy on Match.com who claimed his name was Burke Collins. He even sent me pictures of a guy in uniform with the name Collins on the jacket. He claims to be from Tampa, Florida and is stationed in Kabul working with the UN on a peacekeeping mission. He said his entire family was killed in the World Trade Center attack and that it was too painful to talk about them. He also said he was married for 21 years and while in Afghanistan on his 1st tour of duty he found out his wife cheated on him. He told me he had a 17 year old daughter that was living with friends of his in Ghana while he was deployed in Kabul.

          I feel so stupid because I fell for his line of crap especially his sob story about his daughter having a birthday and she wanted a cell phone for her birthday. He asked me if I would send her the phone, and some candy, & cookies and he would reimburse me when he came home in December. I can’t believe how stuipid I was to fall for this. Worst part is the phone was purchased with a 2 year contract. I also sent money through Western Union. I wish I would have known about this site. I am out $800.

          I never would have thought someone could stoop to this level and use a serviceman’s name that is serving our country by risking his life in Afghanistan and these scammers are taking advantage. I should have known better. My head kept telling me something wasn’t right but my heart kept telling me otherwise. So please be careful & not be taken advantage of like I have been. June

        • Colleen, I just signed up to a site and met a steven collins….do you have pics? Lets talk!!!!

        • Hi Colleen.. I read your email do not trust his guy he is a scammer go on scammer sites man with meaning names.

        • Hi. Just met this week this guy. Similar history of yours. Sent me pictures. Says his name is Joey Robles. E6 Staff Sargent. Pictures very handsome. I right the way thought was a scam. Has been talking to him to see what I can get of information. Met at match.com. Send a email to match.com to let then know it may be a scam. I believe he is using pictures of other guy. I wish could find real guy from picture and let him know someone is using his pictures.

          NUBIA DAGUIA

        • Colleen am sorry to Tell you this But is a big scam you are Putting your self Into email me back and lets Talk more about this he will ask you money soon..

      • could you please tell me if Sgt. James Crouch is a scammer

      • I just confronted my scammer tonight after reading this article. He claimed to be staff sergeant John Carney. I never sent any money. He didn’t ask for it, but he wouldn’t answer my questions about what unit he was in or what his US Army mil address or AKO email address was. Please let me know if you can find out further information about this person, either the scammer or the real John Carney. He might have also posed as other soldiers who contacted me on Cupid dating sight. Staff Sergeant Chris Bowen did ask for money. I have other names of soldier’s from Cupid who IM’d me. Thanks so much. Connie

        • How can you know if they are really in the military?

    • I to was corresponding to the e- ledge Sergent Danny Ramos and after a few emails I knew he was not at all who he stated he was my niece even emailed him said he was a well ! you know he acted as if he was so hurt but after i told him about my family’s connection in the Military and told him how dare he pretend to be be one of our good guys who are dying over there for all of us and now i have someone who claims to be Sergent Kelly Smith looking all over to see if this guy is a scammer to both i met on yearbook.com and i have reported the first one (Ramos) into there contact person if anyone knows if Sergent Kelly Smith from Kansas in Sudan at this time also lost his wife but to cancer please post than thank you

      • Hej är det Tom witt han kallas till flera namn men detta är ett av dom så glöm bedragaren anmäl honom till Amriekanska deras e-post finns på deras hemsida militära och polisen lycka till gunilla

    • I have also been talking to this guy and he is now going by the name kelvin morgan he tells me that his residence is in racine, wisconsin. he has a daughter who’s name is sharon moore age 18. please be careful this mans real name is Aaron Ramos.

      • Hej ! Tom Witt är en bedragare anmäl honom till Amriekanska militära , och polis här i Stockholm ,

        Jag har gjort det !

        Och namnet var många SIigmund Russel, Tom mm .

        Akta er för honom . han skriver väldigt fina brev .

        Hans fru dog i cancer för 5 år sen ,, .han har 3 vuxna söner en av dom är nevrolog , sanningen är att han har en dotter på som är 21 år en 17 årig son bor i New York . Anmäl honom till militära basen och polisanmäl honom såna kräk skall straffas lycka till Gunilla

    • Hej polis anmäl och sänd deras papper som dom sänder till att du måste fylla i och skall sätta in på wester oniun , till Amriekanska militära skriv till dom sänd alla papper till dom och be dom anmäla honom se till att polisanmäla honom detta har jag gjort lycka till dom kräken skall försvinna .mvh gunilla

    • Please do yourself a favour and thank God you didn’t fall for it. He also goes by the name of Sgt JOHN RAMOS, tried it with me, thankfully with sites such as this I researched him and blocked him. I feel for the TRUE HEROES AND THEIR FAMILIES!!! Watch also for a KEN HOOPER, says he lives in ‘Fort Myers, Florida’, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, email address kenhooper5@yahoo.com, very persistant, had a little fun ‘playing with him’ blocked after a week. Stay happy and good luck!

      • I’m curious what Ken Hooper told you as I have been talking to him since may. I have sent him money. But at one time when I was going to send money he said not to to take of my children first. I suspected it but I fell for the sweet talk. Please let me know the information you have and I’ll bring it up to him.

    • Hi Linda , Just wanted to let you know honey ,I’m another one that “almost” fell for the “lairs” tales. I’ve become much wiser and have SERIOUS TRUST ISSUES with the things men say. This is another one of the times that the wisdom paid off. I have been checking things out on the internet yesterday & today on him hoping for the best but fearing the worst but needed to put my mind & heart at rest. It can finally rest now , my suspisions were confirmed today when I found his pictures on here…. by the way he told me he is a Colonel (Richard Ramos) had been in Afganistan until last week , now in Sudan. (He) doesn’t know yet that I’ve busted his game. I don’t know what lies he has told you but has told me his mother died giving birth to him, lived with his dad until he was 16 when his dad died, went into the Army at age 19, had one child , a son named Kevin that died of cancer at the age of 8 then his wife ran off with another man. I’m glad he wasn’t able to cause damage to either of us & I hope there aren’t women that have been subjected to his disgraceful lies and been hurt by him finacially or emotionally. God bless you Linda and any others that he has used and taken advantage of. I pray that Gods peace & comfort will be with you & others he has contacted

      • Dear Sharon, I really thanked God for visiting this site.I was also writing emails to a certain Sgt. John Ramos, assigned to Afghanistan as a commanding officer, he is somewhat a very sweet talker that you will easily fall for him.Im jst happy I didnt entertain his wish of having a chat with him.I met him on a dating site,mamboo.com about a week now.We exchanged emails but never on chat.Im really very thankful God didnt allow me to be in a very uncomfortable situation.Thank u so much ladies for the posts, now we all know that most men on dating sites were, to say not all, are scammers.Be wise ladies, these idiots must know that we are smarter than what they think of us.


        • Bee what is John ramos e-mail, I have been talking on yahoo messenger with a john ramos, he seems very sweet but after reading here I am not sure anymore, the one that I know is johnramos880@yahoo.com

        • hello no one know Brent Gutierrez pretending to be colonel in Darfur.He had daughter who’slive in England. He needs money to come back home to see you and calling you wifey.He speaks english with spanish accent.

      • Oh, I’ve run into Richard Ramos aka Aron Ramos aka Richard Steele aka Kelvin Sidal several times and he is one weird customer, Steer clear of him.Told me he was 50 from Dallas, Texas

        • hello, i just get in contact with man called KELVIN SIDAL, he says he is 47, one son of 18 years old and the most strange thing he asked me if i am the owner of my home, he has several facebooks, not too many of his pictures, he don’t want to give me his phone number at all, and I google him and I found your post, he also told me is a militar doctor. Could you help me to see if this is the same guy?Rosa

      • Hi there. I’ve been reading all of your stories as I too have met a man 3 weeks ago. He says
        his name is Master Sergeant Richard Grahek. He says he is in the US Marines and currently deployed in Afghanistan. Within 4 or so days he’s telling me how happy I make him. Saying things like we are a couple. I was a a bit shocked at first but his sweet words and poems along with the pics he’s sent I quickly fell for him. He claims he has a house in Melbourne and he can’t wait to come home to be with me. We just started skype chatting. Over the weekend I did not hear from him. Then on Monday he contacted me said his computer had frozen. Asked if could send $300 for him to get a new one and he would pay me back ASAP. I said I couldn’t as I am moving and Need money for bond. He says he’s applying for early release to be with me. Don’t you want me to be there he says. I need the money I can’t go without talking to you babe. I have put him off a few times but he’s continually asking. Don’t worry I will not give him a cent. He is saying he is using the military’s computer and if he gets caught he will get I to big trouble and would I want that to happen. He has even said he wants to buy a house with me. That we will be one big happy family. I’m so confused. Do the military allow them to use their computers? Do they supply them with personal computers? I’m waiting to see if he gives up on me as I won’t give in and send him the money.

    • Has any one came across Sgt. Hector Rodriguez? He claims to be adopted and never been married, just broke up with girlfriend and got deployed to do some construction as that is his field.
      I’ve sent him a few photos of myself and he proceeded his love to me, which is very common to these scammers.
      He said he wanted to hear my voice but he needs a permit. I need to request the permit to usarmycallingunit permit@usa.com
      I obviously sent an email and hot an email back requesting for my details and advised that the will be sent after information is sent.
      After a day, I received an email advising me to pay via western union to Deborah Marx in Long Beach. . Mind you the call will be. $350 for 15 days and $550 for 30 days.
      I immediately felt that this was a scam. I just told him I couldn’t afford it.
      I’m still playing his game in the hope that he will reveal his real identity.
      He is very polite and seems genuine but when money is involved, I’m sorry that wil, trigger the bells for scammers.
      I hope more women who are subjected to this will learn to be more cautious. I did as in the seal of the letterhead that was emailed to me, punctuation marks, spelling and using of capital letters .
      More power to this site . Thanks

    • HI LINDA
      I just want to let you knowThat the same guy that in your pictur was contact me with the name solomon blake ramos and i seen the pic in plenty of fish wit the name zack_larry:soulman there he got a diffrent profile to he not a militaryman He is a big time scammer and i wish i could do somthing about that if you know away then plc let me know how i can take care of this guy

    • Sgt. Aaron Ramos, is also Sgt. Steven Ramos, middle name claiming to be Robert, from Fort Jackson Base in Columbia, S.C. Divorced, after 14 years of marriage, 9 year old boy that lives with his mother in California. He claims to be an E6 Staff Sergeant, who also acts as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the sergeant first class. He claims to be home that his troops are in Afghanistan, and that he has been home for two months after being gone for one year. He claims to be the leader of his squad, a non-commission officer and works in the junior management of the military. States he has been in the military since he was 16 years old and that he is 49. He says that he owns his own home in S.C. and he has 3 bedrooms. He claims to be spiritual, and believe in the God Almighty. He says he started A&A school at 6 years of age, and Calvary Baptist School afterwards.States that he will be retiring soon and looking for a babe to settle down with. He dreams of opening his own jewelry business. He says his dad is from the states and deceased and his mom is from Spain. He agrees with way to much that you say, and said if he could live anywhere it would be Singapore.

      No scam was done, but this was the signs. He talks very fast through e-mail and wants you to get on yahoo chat. He will also give his phone number to you to text, but no calls, military policy. I can type very fast and text, and I could not keep up with him, as if everything was waiting to be sent. He never asked for money, but he wanted to know what kind of car I drove, but I did not tell him. He wanted to know if I owned my home. Another sign is occasionally even in text you can pick up a little accent talking, meaning he knows what he is trying to say, but he cannot find the right English words. For example he was talking about the jewelry business, and referred to white gold, as white jewelry. When asked about his ethnicity, he says white. Through e-mails before you start a chat with him, as I ignored for a few days, he says stuff such as “I hope you have bless day” or “good morning, I wish you had yahoo chat so we could have conversation, have a good day. I wish you had yahoo chat, have bless day”……you get the feeling that something is not right though talking to him, but he is very fast and very convincing. He ask questions very fast such as favorite color, what are you passionate about, if your friends could describe you in three words, and then while your answering occasionally he will answer. But the questions are very like he is reading them off something, and almost immature for not knowing someone or having met them. Honestly, the fast talk was the first tip, he did not want to take a break talking to even to eat. The whole time I am talking to him, I am gogling random information about him, and came across this site somehow thank God! It happened so fast I started talking to him at 3:30 in the afternoon and I looked at my clock and it was 8pm. CRAZY…and what a waste of time!

    • hi i think the person goes undert general allwell kingston as well he says he is from kansas birthdate is 21 february 1962 i hope you can help

    • This Ramos guy was just messaging me last night and using the name Charles Ramos…His story is that he is widowed, teenage son and papers to retire in 3 weeks..very nice…very charming….very busted. Reported him to the dating site with a link to this site

    • I have been conned by ramos who is also using the pictures of ssg Massingale…. fortunatly found this web-site before too much damage was done. If you look on facebook he also uses these names with the Massingale surname…. James, James S, Andrew, Garry, George, Steven, Frank, Morris, Massingale Smith, Smith, Massingale Calvin, Carl, Massingale Petry, David, Massingale Marcus, Sgt Daneil, Michael.
      These are just the ones with pictures!

    • yep he tried desperately to get $550 outta me…i strung him along for awhile for fun and than turned him into fbi authorities eventually they’ll get him.. share your story at every opportunity …there are a few of working on spreading the news..

    • Linda I don’t know why men take advantage of us I have been reading all of this and its making me think really hard I met a guy on the web site call out time he ask me to cancel the site and I did he has told me some of the things that I have read in this site he in the army, master sergent he has a son which is 8 years old now I am afraid I have fallen in love first time in 9 years he has ask me to buy him black berry phone I couldn’t my credit bad then he ask me to send him 200.00 for his son he school kicked his son out for failing so I sent him 100.00 and he has never ask me for nothing elsa he nows know that I have no job and no money but he still emails me and chat with me I have cry all evening I am very afraid he not real how can I find out please help if can are send me to the right person thank you melody

    • well glad i found this site i have been talking to this one guy April will be one year i already sent him money when he was in Afghanistan he was going to come and see me then his co told me he was in a car wreck in a coma well he is all well now says he is in Ekiti wants me to send money again if you know this one his name is Michael Robert Gray he has a son he is a widow looked up the zip where he wanted me to send the money the zipcode 23430 Smithfield virginia . Also there is another one that i just started talking with says he love talking for about one month wanted me to pay money so he could call me but i have to send the money to some dada base his name is Capt. Fulbright Chris i am a much older lady but i am far from losing my mind i think these scams are just ungly pure guy that are really fighting for this country this needs to stop i will never get on another site.

      • i also had a thing for chris fullbright he asked me to send money so he could call me i then found out he was a scammar and i deleted him and blocked him.. there is also another guy i have talked to his name is thill joseph or joseph t his a scammar too and his very good his using pictures of a guy who is named is Joseph Thill, his on my facebook , i chatted on line with thill for almost a year and then i found out who he was , with the help of a real investagtor please be aware of him. his very good real good …..






    • This is another scam – on Facebook:
      The impostor also claims to be serving in Kabul with details of his assignment, says he is widowed, one child etc.

    • On Nov 12 2013 I was contacted by a person claiming to be Capt. Lawrence Ramos. I thought nothing of it as he contacted me through Skype. He started off wishing me happy birthday and proceeded to Chat a bit more seemed like a noce man. Divorced has three children a daughter that is married and a set of twins of her own and two sons which apperantly is not his and was proven through DNA. We conversed for a few days but then being a woman I got too nosy and decided to be a facebook stalker lol come on ladies we have all done it well much to my surprise their was 10 accounts opened all using this poor mans photos. So I sent a message to Capt. Lawrence Ramos and he quickly told me my Identity has been stolen so please dont go to those accounts and to Stop snooping on him because I will find too many lies. Well come on ladies when a man tells you to stop snooping you are always going to do it even more :) that is when I found all the info on google this poor man has just been put through the ringer so of course I called this guys bluff and looked on line for a flight leaving Canada where I live and wrote down all the atinerary and sent it to him in a message telling him my flight leaves on the 23 of nov and I will be in Kabul on the 24 and not to worry because I know that I have to cover my self proper from my hair down. Ladies all he did not even realize I said I was going there all he was worried about because I implied he was a scammer with something he had said in an email about me being his missing rib and funny enough I had just read that in one of the emails on the online romance scammers. He actually emailed me a message in big bold letters saying I have the nerve to call him a scammer in such a short time, I replied and told him this is what happens when you mess with smart women we mess right back at you then I shared the video of Arron Ramos showing he is suffering from Identity theft and also sent him a video called 360 so fake off of youtube you should go listen to it because I think it has become my atheme song for scammers I would post it here but it has graffic language and not suitable. I have not heard any more from him today but he usually emails me between 12 am and 4 am he must have a busy schedule and if he is in skype it is usually around 7am to 10 am mnt time. I guess ladies we just need to keep our chins up smile and keep our money in our pockets I wish each and every one of you the very best and lets be safe ladies these are real life predators God Bless you all

    • im linda i have over 5000 scammer all saying there military i post then all on my fb page i been to the military they tell me there nothing they can do that bull shit they done care and it makes so dam mad i have women who been scam out of money and other things i like to know why the military dose nothing about this i help people i run all there id i dont get pay for this not even a thank u the military needs to do something …..put in the news on the web …..

      • Hi,
        I was contacted by a scammer claiming to be staff sgt. Ethan Iovine in Afghanistan. I was lucky to know he wasn’t for real. I was wondering is there anywhere to report this so these soldiers can know their identiy and pictures are being used. Thanks for any help.

        • Dear Christina,
          I’e been contacted by the same person and I wonder how did you discover he’s not real.
          Thank you!
          Cheers, I.

    • I received a letter from him myself.He is going by the name of Richard Ramos now.Only he isn’t going to have the chance to scam me.I searched his info before further contact.In my line of work, I’m very cynical. Glad I am. I am sorry for the ladies who get strung along by these predators.Be safe and remain educated. Best of luck.

    • ive been talking to a lt gernal john nagl for 18 months we talk every day,but ive been getting emails from well wishers or so they say .but now I don’t know if hes for real anymore cos people are putting doubts into my head ,he said he retired from the army jjust before he left afganistan ,hes now supposedly stuck in Dubai since 12 December 2013 ,I just need to be sure he is who he says he is .thankyou

    • hi
      I have been communicating with someone called authur james ramos a smooth talking claims he wife and child were killed in a car crash have been using yahoo mail cause when we were talking on facebook his account kept getting shut claims he wanted to adopt a child in Syria where he was based the has now now moved to Kabul he niece also got in touch with me he asked me for £3500 I refused he then said he paid for it already just the other day he said he was sending this child to me via a diploma tby the name of ahmed tawfik Mensah when this man called me sunday he said they were coming on Monday got an email on Monday to say thay they would not let him pass from accra airport unless I paid £1000 . unbelievable how these people could do this if anybody has had any dealings with this guy would love to hear from you the girls name is celeste kacy I have seen her on webcam

    • everybody look out for authur james ramos he is a scammer

  2. Those impersonators need to be shot,.. Some say that is harsh, but personally,.. I don’t think so. Scum bags like this, take away from our Soldier’s (which is some of our family members) and also it makes good decent caring people hesitant to give. Grrr Shame on them !!! Thanks for the great red flags to look for I will surely be passing this post around.

    • I agree with you. they are giving our military a bad name. I was willing to help out our soldiers in anyway I could, Now I don’t know if I can trust them. That is going to hurt the good ones, but I don’t know who to trust anymore.

      • I hope the man on facebook claiming to be Mike Eastmond is in someone’s cross hairs right now. They are giving our soldiers a bad name. I wish I knew who this young man really is, so he could go kick his @$$. I have pics but I couldn’t get them to post. I would like to let him know someone has stolen his pics and using them to do harm to people he is fighting to protect.

      • ‘ New Military Dating Site for True Honest reliable Soldiers ” How can we Trust a man we meet online that says there in the Military ?
        What are we suppose to do to find a True Legitament soldier if thats what we want?
        The Military should make a site thats legitametly for Male Soldiers and only women apply to them at first.
        Or Better still The Military makes there own site for the male soldiers to search for a women there wanting. And us women just set our own profiles on them and wait for them to contact us. Its legit above board and no civillian men can apply to be on it only Military personel only. And it’s run bye someone from the Military If we have to pay to join thats fine and at least it’s a donation to the Military. ?? Does anyone have any ideas’s about this? What do you think ? And does anyone know if it could be done?

        • I love your idea. I’m afraid i was scammed and lost alot including my heart, which makes me feel like such a fool. I don’t trust any of them anymore and thats sad.

    • To all that are interested the website posted above in another site that includes other pictures of Ramos and names he has used and is still using. Do I understand right that his real name is Aaron Ramos? I would like to let him know after finding out he was being scammed I made it a passion of mine not to let the person who is doing this to him to get away with it. This infuriates me to think that someon is defacing our military men and women who are out there defending this great nation of our along with giving our nation a bad rap.

      • I am in contact with an Aaron Ramos..
        He says he is stationed in London and I don’t think this is correct as I’m not aware of any US soldiers being deployed to London..
        there are also anothr 4 Aaron Ramos on FB..
        Which is the real one ???
        Does anyone know..


      • i am also in connection to aaron ramos since april 2011,and the sad part i wasn’t able to see this sight..i was victimized by this evil person…but i still thank God,i know He will still blessed me.
        i was also falling for him till i found out in the end that he is a scammer..i lost a lot ..if there is a way wher you can help me get back my money..plsss help me..

        • i to took ramos johnson daniel as he went by he looked for me to pay medical bills for his father he is a disgrace to his family army and friends contact till 22 july then he delete me scum beware so sorry you gave money please take care lol

      • Gwen,
        I would like that other website you mentioned. And this is my understanding also his name is Aaron Ramos

      • Well now it’s David Ramos, I have been talking to this man since Dec of last year. It’s now 2012.
        and he wanted me to send $553.00 for travel fee to come back to the states. For I know no one that’s in the
        Military have to pay for anything. For two I know they get paid there while they are there or they make special
        arrangement to send their pay home. I also have quite a few pictures of this imposter claiming to be David Ramos. He says he from Salinas, CA. He is divorced with one son named Paul. That his parents were killed in auto accident and they left him a home in the UK.. Boy I knew he wasn’t who he said he was but I played his game until I found in formation that a real soilder sent to all us Ladies especially in USA. That it is all just BS..lol so I sent the information and now he gone no nothing. If you like the pictures I will forward them to you so you can post. Also his website are daivd_ramos221@yahoo.com and david_ramos221@live.com. So it really is Arron Ramos, well I really would love to meet him and share this pictures that he has of his. Also his buddy he shares a room with is James…

        • HI Ladies, bad news..I am from Germany, I do stay in Kontakt with Michael Ramos, on email called Sergio Ramos. I got a few pictures right the one, you are been talking about, red shirt, sun glass or Arme pictures. I cannot belief it! What a joke. I will got out of service in two month, he did not ask me yet for money, so I will keep moving to catch him..I feel sorry, for the real US Soldier and yes if you go to start to talk the guy on email or skype..I do now the feeling. He is giving hell of being in Love with me, it is incredible. If everyone need more information, just contact because it is not over yet. Maybe we all can catch this guy, just one of them. Good Luck and I hope to get some mail from you ladies. Franziska.

  3. Just looking at the pictures of the so called Colonel… the name, service, and some of the badges are obvious photoshops. They’re of a very poor quality as well. Obvious fakes.

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  5. for anyone who comes cross the name William L. Spalding is a scam he told me he was from the military and he was over sea and that he would be coming home and he would but he need to stop first in London and the truth is this were he and a group of people who are doing all of the scam are at in London. And he said he had a son name John O. Spalding and the truth there is no son under that name. and he scam me for the amount of 60,000. so if anyone wants more information on this man my email is chontales5@yahoo.com don’t believe this man

    • can u pls tell me about this man i want to get him i need the pics and contact he use for you

      • @ Dave David you sound a little suspect to me good luck getting what you are asking for lol

  6. What concerns me greatly is even the comments seems to think it’s the military man they are talking too, and not the scammer who stole his name. I’ve been married to a military guy for 21 years and not once have I met anyone in uniform begging for money…at least from strangers. I feel sorry for the real guys who now have to deal with the fallout from this.

    • Hi Envoyette:
      You mentioned that you have been married with a militar man. I admired our military troops, I wish to know a great website where you can date real military man… Do you know anyone that you can suggest me to look up? Thanks. I feel so sad about how women are still vunerable today… But there is the Karma law what goes around comes around.. so everyone of those scum will pay this mess…


    • is the military cant send money to the family while thier on mission and their salary goes directly to thier account and freeze by militayr govenment?

  7. Is anyone knows about staff sergeant Henry Smith ,53 years old,born in Cologne,germany ,mother french and father american ,both dead,living in NY ,in Bronx ,actually in Kabul for a peacekeeping mission for 9 Months and going to have his retiring at the end of January2011,son named Curtis ,Sam ,(14),widowed since 9 years ?
    “General lieutenant Henry Smith”,henry12010@live .com, met on Meetic dating the 25/11/2010

  8. I am scared that this might be happening to me. But Major Kevin Anderson never has asked me for money. And we are supposed to meet at the end of February when he “retires”. I am very emotionally involved. Has anyone heard anything negative about this name? From Ausin, TX. zip code 78731

    • He doesn’t exist. He won’t be there. Just prior to him “coming home” he’ll need money for the trip.

      • Well, I’m setting a trap for the bastard. I’m gonna come right out and offer him money. I’ll play his game and see just how far this son of a bitch would go. My heart is broken and my integrity is bruised. I am ashamed of myself for falling for this poor excuse of a human being.

        • Dont take it out on yourself. These people are good and trained and they dont care about you or your feelings. I know, Ramos captured my heart and then I said I will get the scammer some how.I have contacted all the authorities and hopefully they will do something about it

        • i was recently scammed by Sgt. G. Witt, who claimed to be in Iraq..I have been chatting with him for 4 months on yahoo. I feel so ashammed, betrayed, and stupid…


        • hi i think iam being scammed by someone. but dont no how to find out if this soldier is real have u got any advice u can give me please. where to start looking x or asking . thankyou from lynn

        • I know how you feel! I was contacted by a man who claimed to be Col. Bright Wilson. He stated that he is a widower raising a 13 year son. Bright made all sorts of promises. Said he was in Afghanistan retiring soon. Couldn’t wait to start our life together. Said that his son was on a school sponsored tour of Africa, even allowed me to communicate with his son Prince Wilson. Then came the request for money. Allegedly while the son was in Ghana he needed a laptop & phone for the remainder of the trip. After I refused, next the boy became ill and his caretaker needed $300USD to medical treatment. After I told them that I could not send what I did not possess, He contacted me said that they were being moved to a new location and that it would be awhile before he could contact me. And then…. ALL CORRESPONDENCE CEASED. And I have not heard from them since. “Bright Wilson” first contacted me on Busuu.com language learning site. The email address he used was bright_wilson47@yahoo.com. There is a profile and photo on Facebook. Beware!! I did a background search and I could find NOTHING. He said he lived in New York. The only thing I found was on Facebook. He also sent me photos of him in front of troops also of son.

    • Let me check him out for you.

      $3 by Paypal fee on a donation basis after the service is all I ask for.

      Get some peace of mind.

      • i am talking to sirsig witt now and i knew he was a scammer from the first e-mail, how did i know? i have been scammed before by a mark emeaney. i have sent no money to witt and am not planning on it, just was interested in seeing what his story was, they are scum


        • Lorie ,I am talking with a “Williams”officer in Afghanistan sergeant too,but with a different first name .I saw him in uniform .Can you e-mail me please and send me a picture with him ,if I don`t ask too much.I live a story like most of you girl…and I want to convince myself.Sooner or later the truth will prevail.
          thank you

      • Sounds like another SCAM. You shouldn’t have to PAY ANYTHING to check on this. I’m an active duty Army soldier. I’d be happy to check the Army’s e-mail system for you. Just tell me the first and last name of the possible scammer. Everyone in the US military has a military e-mail address. It’s a REQUIREMENT. If he’s in the US military, I can find out in seconds.

        • I have been talking to a Major Sigmund Mike Dennis Witt since1-2-12 and I have seen him on web cam and i have gotten txt from him on his TS2 connection that is what it says when I receive it..I would like to know if he is who he says he is..I talked to him on phone too and he has an accent but he says he is french..has asked for money and i sent some..he has a sister that i was on web cam with and talked to..he says his wife died 5 years ago of cancer..why isn’t there a way these scum could be put away for this? I would appreciate any information please and thank you…

        • the man i am speaking to is george moose staff sargent us army his email address is georgemoose79@yahoo.com please can you tell me if this is a scam
          cheers margaret

        • The person I am looking for calls himself Paul Graves, and he is in the Army, I know he has scammed me but I want him to be put in jail. I am a military mom, and this is how he got to my feelings. This is the info I pulled out of one of the emails he sent me.
          staff Sergeant (SSG) is E-6 rank in the U.S. Army, just above Sergeant and below Sergeant First Class, and is a non-commissioned officer. Staff Sergeants are generally placed in charge of squads, but can also act as platoon sergeants in the absence of a Sergeant First Class..It has nothing to do with age

          I also have photos I can send you as well he looks like he was at a military christmas party in one.



        • The person i’m trying to find out about is sgt Russell Clowers says he’s in the us army his email is sgt.russellclowers@yahoo.co.uk. Is he for real or scammer.

        • Hi,i just read some of the stories about these scammers.I too was scammed by a certain Capt. David Utterback,he claims to be a member of the US Army.He has an email address:utterback_david@yahoo.com.You can check on his picture on facebook coz he still exists on fb even after he has scammed me of $1500.His name on fb is utterback david.Kindly check if the person i was talking to was really the person behind the picture that he is using.Please check on the real Capt. David Utterback.Thank you very much,hope to hear from you soon.



        • please can you check lingo rolland or rolland lingo supposed army ranger in affganistan lives in moody alabama age 48 his email is sgt.ssslingo_rolland@yahoo.com butwhen he emails it comesup capt.lingo and it says his email is coming from a Ts2 millitary device. he hasent asked me for money yet i was falling for him but i have been doing some checking and ran into this site and need to know if hes legit please help. thank you.

        • i have a couple you can check if you wish to help people the names are as follows

          SGT JEFFERYS

        • Hello Gordon could you please check this person for me? Staff Sargent John William Raymond U.S Army. was in Iraq but now is in the U.K he’s from Louisville Kentucky U.S.A

        • Dear Gordon,
          Well sir my case .. Is the same that you have read?.. The same but I got in Match.com and were 2 guys
          Javier_lopez1@aol.com. Sergeant in Baghdad
          Sam_lopez1@yahoo.com sergeant in Eggers camp in Baghdad
          Both guys asking for money lap-top celular, iPod iPad etc..
          The big problem here is I see almost every single day one or two different profile with this guy pict. I was send to match.com 2 or more complains but they don’t really care !!!
          Thank for you help

        • Gordon, i was recently chatting with a gentleman who says is a Army captain, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, that he is from Brooklyn, NY and has daughter, wife passed.eventually after awhile he asked me to get him a phone but it could only be blackberry torch or the iphone. both od which i cannot afford as i am on disability
          i was to send it to a US military agent in Akure, Nigeria.. when i questioned him and sending him letters he said nothing can go directly to him. I know in my heart he was scamming me, but i would appreciate it if you could check on him for me to see if he is real. lennon_carl147@yahoo.com. i am no longer talking with him, he was quite angry when i started to question his idenity. Born Aug of 1961 he says. thank-you

        • @ Lynn Gordon can check on the Name you have given him but again like Ant and I have told you he is a scammer that has told you where he lives AKURE NIGERIA he is a west African who asked you to purchase an expensive cell phone why does he need a bb torch or the iphone for? to impress the women in Nigeria who seem to be very much about money once again he is not the Man in the pics he is a scammer Anonn

        • there is a guy claiming to be in the military says his full name is Sgt Brian Mills aka brain mills or stg.brain says he cant use cams there for security reasons but opened cam 1 time..when asked to cam chat then he says again i told you its against regulations . he said he is special services…..have been doubting him for a long time says he has a daughter named patricia or patty. i ask him for his APO says cant get ground mail i told him i know that a lie because i have another friend in the military. and so on … then when i confronted him about 1 question any army soldier would know. because i used to be an army wife and any soldier should know the ranks of a general he couldnt answer that….. SO LADIES AND GENTS IF YOUR SOLDIER DONT KNOW THE RANKS OF A GENERAL THEN LEAVE THEM…. THE RANKS ARE…B.M.L.G….BRIGADIER, MAJOR, LIEUTENANT, GENERAL….IF THEY CANT TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE FAKE

        • i gordon can you find out if there is a captain ted kammer troop109 eggers camp kabul afgahanistan i have been sending him money threw western union to get to me in scotland i also got a letter from the gilf investment bank asking me to pay a 1000 dollors to open an online account so his leave allowance and benefits will get payed into my account,and if i dont do it i will lose the money i have paid i think i have been scammed what a complete full thanks gordon

        • I have been talking to a SSGT Jeffrey Livers who also conned my out of over a thousand dollars…. I was able to get $100 back for the “satallite phone” cos he gave me the wrong address to send it to via Western Union…so it never got collected and I was able to get it refunded. Tonight he even sent me a photo supposedly taken by his friend Cox with a notice telling me he loved me. Clearly was photoshopped…. These people have to be stopped. I feel for the real Military whose photos and names these people are using. Ladies beware… they are so convincing…..

        • can u look up Perry Kump (Army) for me?? thanks

        • Hi Gordon the soldier that is trying to scam me is Roland Smith.Says he is a combat engineer & is on deployment in Afghanistan. I would really appreciate it if you could check that he is real or I am being scammed. Thankyou.


        • Hello Gordon ,his “name”is Smith Campbell Williams deployed in Kabul.
          Thank you ,

        • My son is also in the Army and I am aware of the military email addresses. But these people are using Yahoo addresses. Then they want you to set up Yahoo Messenger so that you can video chat. But ever so conveniently there webcam isn’t working either because of malfunction or because of security reasons. The insurgents might view the correspondence and find their location.
          I also know that 4-Star Lieutenant General Lloyd J. Austin III, Vice Chief of Staff also has an impostor. The impostor hacked into his Facebook and is using the Generals photo and information. The impostor tries to get you to send money to a needy, rescued refugee now in a camp in Ghana. Beware, beware, beware! If he sounds to good to be true, he probably is! Do Not Send Money!!!

        • I’ve been chatting with a guy that says he is in the Army and in Afghanistan he has to scam me for R&R wanted me to wire money.The name I have for him is edward weatherholtz,can you please help thank you.

        • I have been chatting and sending emails to a man who claims to be Capt. Frank Butterfield. He claims to be in the Army and has been deployed to Kablu, Afganistan. He also claims he’s a widower
          since April 7 2006.He tells me he wants to take leave and wants to come meet me. Should I believe this man?

        • @ Donna NO you should NOT believe him if you have not had an interactive chat with him and seen him face to face no and if he found you on ANY social site and claims to be Military then he is absolutely a scammer that is the scam take leave as scammers call it and when he does this so called take leave to come to you he will tell you there are some fees which is totally a lie leave is like earned vacation time and cannot be applied for by anyone other than Military members and it does NOT have to be paid for

          Have you checked his IP

          Have you asked him what his MOS is
          Ask him what base he deployed from
          Ask him for his AKO it should end in.mil only anything beyond .mil is a fraud which he is anyways
          Ask him for his APO and google it
          Tell him to get on cam and prove to you who he is not some prerecorded crap
          Have you googled the Name this scammer is using

          go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com there you will find support and someone there to help answer some of your questions also you can go to pigbusters and send them his email address and they will take it from there

          NEVER trust anyone you do not know online EVER never give out personal information
          The Us Military Never needs your help for ANY reason financially or for any other purpose they have access to their own money at ALL times no matter where they are and the wife dying thing is common among those West Africa Scammers cut off all contact.Anonn

        • Donna your guy is a fraud this is what I found when I googled that Name…….1861? Scammer for sure

          6th Vermont Infantry
          Regimental History
          Hon. Frank G. Butterfield,
          (Chief of the Special Examination Division,
          Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.),
          Lieutenant-Colonel Sixth Regiment

          September 16, 1861, in response to an urgent request from the Secretary of War, Gov. Erastus Fairbanks issued orders for raising and organizing the Sixth Vermont Regiment. In less than two weeks the regiment was raised and ordered to rendezvous at Montpelier. The several companies were recruited and commanded as follows:

        • gordon could you please find out if there is a general allwell kingston birthdate 21 February 1962 he says he is from kansas and he is in libia at the moment also could you find out if there is a major general herbert raymond in the army to please

        • Can you please find a Captain Sean Knabe for me please? I know he is a scam. Just want to make sure. Thanks

        • I have been in contact with a Captain Matt Chapman now stationed in Foxpoint Pheonix Kubal Afganistan, he is now aking for money…can you check on him please ? 22nd Infantry

        • please check this email if he is in US army as he claimed brainmiller169@yahoo.ccom, according to him he is gen. brian miller. thank you so much

        • Thanks I found this site although it was already late, for I was scammed by a professed US Army Col.Gareth Samuel from Indianapolis ,Indiana.. with service #UN/AM/422. He first messaged on fb. For over 10 months, we communicated on fb and Yahoo chat. He declared undying love, desperately wanted me to be his wife,for his wife died at the 9/11 tragedy and be the mother of his only 25 yr old son, who’s working in Canada.I’d lost $3000, including a blackberry phone, for a request leave, transit and airfare fees.He stopped contacting me when I refused to send him a galaxy tab 11 or $300 again.His scheduled coming here was delayed for more than 4 months after I payed his supposed travel coming here at my place, so I suspected something wrong. He asked me to mail again the army (infodeptusarmyaol@yahoo.com) withdrawing my request leave for him , it replied , I have to send$500 for the process of supposed refundable fees I had payed.I never contact them again, for I had found this site realizing I was decieved and was fooled by this ruthless scumbag. So sorry for the real Col. Gareth Samuel, he was used for scamming an innocent, poor widow. My dear sir, can the authorities from the army do something to stop this wicked scheme of this wicked members of society, using the refutable soldiers for their greed. Pls inform the real refutable Colonel about this, so he can be aware and make any necessary action.I apologize , Sir. The scammer is using this email add;garethsam1@yahoo.com. He send me pictures but I don’t know how I can post them. He’s still on fb with several accounts but only one has photo. No infornations available .May this serve as a warning to other innocent women who may be in contact with this evil man .Thanks for giving me the chance to relate my sad story and be my outlet of my hidden story from my families and friends. I was really so stupid, so embarrased, so ashamed of what I’d been through. I’m still nursing a broken heart and emotion, still paying for the debts incurred due to this scam. Anyone can help?More power. Thanks again.

        • please check out brian Peterson deployed in Afghanistan army and jerry alex fisher airman same place ! please !

        • There’s a couple I have ran into that says their someone who their not . One is a SRGT Ralph Edwards he’s real bc he’s all over YouTube but a raymanond sharp is using his pics and he told me the to take care if his son James and the other one I’m really wanting to get a hold of bc I want to let him know he’s having his personal information and his pics of him with his kids and buddies I have a email address on him to I sent him money claiming that he wanted to come home to me we been talking for months but I fell for his poems and his love for me. He’s actually in the airforce but this guy told me he’s in the army but stationed over in Afghanistan but one I sent the money to South Carolina I haven’t heard from him again but his email address is still active. Since you are in the military is there a way I can actually get a hold of Henry Jordan . How can I go by doing this because I want to let him know his personal information and his pics are out there getting used. After this guy never showed up I started to get smart and got on military .com and then saying I think I got scamed and it went and sent me a websight and it asked me the email address that this guy has been emailing me from it came up and said it was a scam and it actually had the pics of Henry Jordan and its the ones that I have. The ? I want to know is how can I come I to contact with the real Henry Jordan so that I can speak to him by email.? Thank you very much Patricia

        • Hi Gordon, please check the name DAVID BENNETT & WAYNE REPETTO. Any info would be a great help.

        • Can you find out if sgt Charles Lurther is a scammer, we have been talking for about 5mths now my story is the same as a lot of the ones on here. He wants to come home to aust on leave he is from Wisconsin USA daughter named Ann at military collage wife died in car accident no parents alive, wanted I phone sent also money to get his papers ready he is in Kabul Afghanistan says he is a medic over there wants money sent for traveling over here to me in aust now 6,350 dollars sent to address in winconsen ,I haven’t sent that yet till I hear back from you thank you if you can do this for me Agnes

        • hoverbent@yahoo.com is his mail address, pls check and let me know on my email. Thanks.

        • @Gordon you say you can check any one in the Army to find out if they are a real Soldier. I have one for you, been talking for 7 mos & something just doesn’t feel right. He says he is in Afghanistan but has not revealed the location to me or unit. His info is LTC David Castillo and the military email he gave me today which returned was dcastillo@us.army.mil We have only communicated thru ymail & yahoo messenger up to this point. Says he is from Chicago IL. Single father with a son in boarding school in London where his life time nanny is from. Met on Christian Mingle. But being a victim of a scam that was not military but similar stories, am very Leary of online dating & trusting anyone.
          Thanks for any info you can help me with email me @ terri9330@yahoo.com with any details. I have pictures of this so called Soldier as well.

        • Hi Gordon, there is one Sgt. Williams I would like to verify and know. The one who’s been in contact with me is not the same as those mentioned in any of the comments on here. I know his pics are being used also by a scammer as I have seen his profiles posted in some scammer alert websites already — he always uses the same photos as main pic and the same name too (it could be just an alias or could be the soldier’s real name) . And just recently, his profile in a social network where i met him, got deactivated for the reason that it’s fake/scammer’s profile. I wanna find out the real owner of the photos, but wish to send you these via email attachments. Hope you could help. Thanks.

        • I think I was scammed by Jeffery Kelly. He told me he was in the US Navy in Kabul Afganistan. Send me different pics. His email address is ssgtjeffery@yahoo.com. I get several emails from US Military in New York to demanding fees for his leave for airline ticket, then private jet. He said he wanted his “benefit” he had with the army to be send to my account in South Africa. Head of Military demanding that we have to get married first. I had to pay for the marriage certificate, then it had to be signed by President Barack Obama and then by his “boss” in Kabul, Afganistan, General Joseph Dunford. At first his “boss” was General John Allen. The Military sent me a email with President Obama stamp on it. Military email address: militarymail@emergencymail .com. They refused to send me the Marriage Certificate and just still demanding more fees. I want to know if Jeffery Kelly is really in the US Military. His emails show on my cell phone that it come from Kabul, Afganistan. How can I get all my money back that I had to be send all the months? Please if you can give me advice I will really appreciate it. I send all my money on behalf of this guy.

          Kind Regards

          Mathilda Jansen

        • I have been talking on messanger and in emails, He has asked me to fill out a form, for special leave so he can come home to me… I have been talking to him for 4 months today, He had me fill out a form for him to request leave from Kubul Afghanistan, He is suppose to be a E-7 in the Army, His name is Bill Cole Wiseman, email bill.wiseman@yahoo.com, He is supposse to be in the 3rd Infantry Division, BD 12/11/1969, Commanding officer is Maj Gen, Robert Abe Abrams, MOS 11b, anyway I got a letter back from Milportal.com where I how to fill out my information, and then he had to give me his information, That’s how I know all this info about him, Or suppose to be him, he is supposably from Sedona AZ, and has a house in NH, But when i got the conformation back from Milportal.com, It did not look ligitamate to me, They said that it would cost $1,395.00 to process his leave, Then they gave me this address to send the western union to. Her name is Cheryl Kuhn Sumiton Alabama, 35148…. I told him that things didn’t seem like that should be done like that, So we kinda got in to a little discussion, about it being scam, Because dumb ass me has been scammed twice but not from military men…. But anyway he has a comeback for everything that I ask him, He even knows a lot of stuff that I ask them that I have researched, He has me really confused… When I told him I didn’t have that kind of money to send for his leave he was fine with that, he said it’s ok. I will be home at the end of 2014 when we all leave here back to the U.S. I argued with him a little more and he said he had an aunt Debbie that was staying in his house in NH, He gave me her phone number, but I didn’t call her . She called me and she said that she would send him the money but she had really been sick, and she couldn’t spare the money, and we talked for a little bit, Then we hung up well a few day’s went by and she called me one morning at 1:15 in the morning and said Bill wanted me to get on line with me, So I did, and then he began telling me please don’t quit talking to me I am sorry about the miss understanding the other night, and not to worry about the money, God would bring us together in his own time, So like a dumb ass once again I let my guard down, and he never asked for any more money for about a month and he said honey I spoke with the officials and they said that we could make payments on the leave money, But they couldn’t honor it until the whole thing was paid in full… So one again dumb ass me say’s ok so he wanted me to send $600.00 for the down payment, and I said ok I will do that in the morning he said ok and told me how much he loved me and he would pay me back just as soon as he got here. But something came up that night and I had to take care of,. So I told him that night that I didn’t have that much , something had come up that I had to take care of, So he said well can you send anything and I said probably $300.00 and he said he would check with them and see if that would be sufficiant, I said ok so the next day I get an email from him and it say’s that will be fine honey.. So he gives me the information, to send it to that Cheryl Kuhn, and so that is what I do.. Then he say’s to send him all the info the MCN number and all that and he will give it to his supperiors, so I sent him all that information, Then he is ok for a little while and he say’s I was summond today to the, officers that run that leave thing and They wanted to know what was going on with us. I said what do you mean and he said that they need another payment and I said I can’t do it this month I have to buy Christmas for my grandbabies, I have 6 and one on the way, and I am on disability for my kidney I had one removed and now the other one is in stage 3 kidney failure so I am not a healthy woman,,, And stress really put’s a strain on it. Anyway he asks well I can send maybe $500.00, and i said there is no way that I can send you any money this month, I am going to be short as it is with Christmas for the babies… He sends me a message back and say’s I understand sweetness, he said it’s ok I will explain to them that it will be Jan, before we can send them any more money… I said i seen on tv where there was an address to send care packages to you all down there, and he said yes I herd that to I will check and see what I can find out. So last night I asked him if he got me that address and he said yes, I need to send it to the same place that I send the money to. I said that doesn’t sound right the address they have on the tv is sent right there to Camp Eggers, Kabul Afghanistan, and he said well they told me that to have it sent down there that the woman makes trips every two weeks to bring the packages to us… It all sounded out of protocol to me…. So now I am asking if anyone is coresponding with this same person, or can someone check out the information on him and see if he is who he say’s he is,,,, because I have fallen for him and I want to find out before I send him anymore money or invest any more time in him, I am really stressed over this,I am already going to have a broken heart and trust issue with any man…. If you can help me in anyway could you please send an email to me at…. vickie_pruett@yahoo.com, all information good or bad would be appricated … Thank you

        • Gordon,

          could you check out

          Michael Blalock Sgt. Major (SGM) E-8
          Steven Rogers 18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

          Thank you very much


        • Hi GORDON,
          My name is Fiona and there is one Sgt. Castillo that I would like to verify and know.
          His email is : sgt.grahamcastilo@outlook.com

          We have been talking since last one month now.
          He says he is 38 years old single, has never been married and have no kids.
          He is from Orlando, Florida

          He says that he wants to marry me and even said that he wants to come to India and meet my parents.
          He also wanted to send a very expensive item to me but I said no.

          I am really not sure if he is real or if this is a scam.

          His complete name is Sgt. Graham Castillo and he says that he is a Bomb Disposable Officer posted in the peace keeping force in Egypt right now.

          His facebook profile is new and has another soidier as friend on the list.
          He has posted around 6-7 pictures of himself. and few pictures include other soldiers as well.

          Before he posted his pictures on his profile ..he sent me an email. he asked my phone number , which i hesitated but then he said that it was security reason.
          I did receive a code that I gave him and after that I got the email in my inbox.

          He said that he would like to talk to me over the phone and he cannot further contact me by any other means except if i subscribe to the military channel card which he said will cost me around $250 (over 15000 in Indian rupees) and i told him that as of now i do not have much money to spare.
          we do talk once in a while but not too frequently as he says his leader has given orders not to contact through online channel because of security reason and also coz he says he is busy. So he says he sometimes sneaks in and read my message that i send him on FB and replies.

          He said I have to send an email to this email address: department_customercentre@usa.com
          and tell them i would like to subscribe the card for a soldier posted in Egypt.

          I want to confirm if he is actually the real Sgt, Graham Castillo.
          Please help me. I have a lot of pictures of him if you want to see.

          I would really appreciate your help, Thank You.

        • please check out ‘jake walker’ saying that he’s in syria with Dyncorp, retiring soon and has a .mil but ‘can’t use it’ for personal as his personal bank was hacked. has given me a KPO address but nothing else. anyone heard of this name? photos/name of him not on here or anywhere else I can see except for others with same name. communicated via POF (both came off), fb and yahoo messenger

        • Talking to a guy name Jeffery Smith (Captain) in Afghanistan. Sent money through a women in New Hampshire ($2,500.00) for me to Western Union to two people in Nigeria and Money Gram another in Nigeria. He told me that it is the only way he could get home. I am confused because it is his money. Is he scamming me?

      • Du googlar du går in på twt, du gå in på den AmrIekanska millitär sänd all mail till dom och bild på honom och fråga dom, sen polisanmäler du honom där du bor .

        an har en dotter på 21år en son på 17 år och säger att han är änka SEN 5 ÅR ena gången så är det canser , el bilolycka anmäl honom han vill bara ha pengar från dig . ANMÄL TOM, SIGMUND RUSSET MM . MVH G

        • SÅ pratar du om detta Sgt. Graham Castillo som jag vill?

      • I am speaking to a Sgt. David Witt on POF.. Claims to be E-6 Staff Army Sergeant (SSF) who also acts as a platoon Sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. Email used is daidwitt95@Yahoo.com.

        Claims to be stationed in Washington DC but is in the Gaza Strip now due to retire in three weeks. Claims to have one son living and schooling in London with a “Care Taker”. Wife passed away from lung cancer eight years ago.

        I’m thinking these stories all sound so much the same.

        Can you tell me if he is a scammer too?

        Thank you,

        • @ Janet YES he is a scammer a Mother on facebook dedicated a page to her fallen Son by the last Name Witt and these Africans have made up every Name in the book to go with Witt same old bullshit same stories widower Son or daughter with a caretaker tell this lying beggar to get on cam and prove to you who he is RIGHT NOW he wont trust me he will find some excuse but JUST KNOW that REAL US Military members have no time to search any social site find you and tell you they are US Military invent alot of dumb ass stories and then tell you they love you and beg you for money but African Scammers do REAL Military Members have a real job to do with real lives and families back home also THE US MILITARY TAKES CARE OF ITS OWN they will not need you help nor money for ANY reason period they have access to their money no matter where they are so tell this lying beggar to drop DEAD!

          think about it if he were a REAL US Military Member why would his Son be in London with a Caretaker sound like BS to you Oh it is Anonn

        • @ Janet , Sorry Janet,but yes he is a Scammer too, I had talked to him for 11 days untill I found this sight I had done a backgrond check on him NOTHING CAME BACK!!
          HE’S the only son born in san jose Ca. son Mike live in England, wife felisia died with lung cancer/meet her at wal-mart. Not want your money but will you send : corn flakes, sweets, candy, hlg phone , white t shirt, polo colone,
          Sorry but yes he is

        • sigmund witt goes by sigmund von welf and IS the guy in the picture .he is trying to scam my friends and their buisness. he is presently in eastern nebraska. trying to find him to fix him. he has bragged that women send him money. want his true identity to bust him to my friends so they will see the light!

      • Can you still verify a miltary personnel , Joe? How does one contact you to do this?

      • How can I contact you Joe Warner.
        I want you to check a US officer for me, named: Melka John Henry
        He suppost to be in Afghanistan right now. He is using ID: melkahenry@yahoo.com

      • Hello do anyone know a guy his used a name Bregman White he call him self Gen. Bregman White
        He e-mail address ( bregnam.white@gmail.com) (bregman.white@hotmail.fr)
        and after that he use another like ( bregman.white@armyforpeace.us ) for a while than one day i try to sent
        e-mail to him and i can’t do it and a few days later i calling him on skype and asking why do his blocking my mail and his said. Oh no honey the authority they bocking my mail and dont know why that what he told me.
        and his gave me again another e-mail address this one ( infordotarmyforpeace@mail2America.com )
        Please if some of you girl know him by this name just help me please because, i have sent alot of money to for his packege but a packege never come and he still asking more money from me now and i’m just to stupid and naive, I just found this site too late please somebody help me i want to know really he is!!!!!!!!

        • I’m sorry i wrote a guy e-mail address wrong this is a correct one

          ( infodotarmyforpeace@mail2Ammerica.com )

          ( bregman.white@armyforpeace.us )

          ( bregman.white@gmail.com

          ( bregman.white@hotmail.fr )

          this is the right one and please help me

        • I have his picture and his ID from army too any one want to see just contact me please!!!!!!!

          Thank you!!!

        • He is a scammer do NOT send him anymore of your money no matter what he says the package is fake and so is he cut off all contact with him block and delete and check your security settings on your computer Anonn

        • Jinda this is the real Name this scammer is using and this Man is NOT in the Military,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Dr. James M. Bregman, MD, White Plains, NY – Internal Medicine ……………..His REAL Name is James and he is located in White Plains NY which means like I said he is a poser also found him on Pigbusters he is from Ghana he is a Ghanian and Not US Military in the future Any Man that finds you on any social site claiming to be Military is a SCAMMER real Military members have no time to sit and chat with total strangers telling them their life story and then beg for money for any reason because they have a REAL JOB to do scammers have Nothing but time on their hands and to them begging is their job.Very sorry you lost money go to scamwarners.com for support and at romancescam.com you can go there and Educate yourself so that this will not happen again.Anonn

        • Hi, i think we are talking about the same man called himself bregman white, i have sent him 2500 euro in order to get the “package”. i was also stupid. i whish i could know how to act and wethere there is any chance to get the money back.

          i whish i could sheare some details with you about that case.

          please contact me by mail.

        • Here you have photos that they use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12lZo88t8XA
          Here is a french site with alot of complaints: http://www.surlering.com/article/article.php/article/coup-de-foudre-sur-internet-avec-un-soldat-americain-gare-a-l-arnaque-
          Here are the adreses of the persons from FBI that have helped to have your money back: lieutenant.kouame.eric@outlook.fr , policeinterpolemondial@live.fr or cellule.cyber.interpol@gmail.com (in France)
          The guys behind the photos are usualy from Africa – Niger, Benin, etc., If you contact the Interpol, they can take contact with the governements of those countries in order to find a solution to your problem.
          Excuse my english please cos i am frenchspeaking.
          I hope that my add can help someone!

      • Joe,
        You have a service where names of “Military” men can be checked out? Please get the information to me at love4seattle@live.com. I have two I need checked, well maybe one you can’t help with, is not military.

      • I’ve been reading through here and think I’ve also fallen a victim to a scam. Any info on a Lt. Col George Sean Sanders, Jr. of the Canadian Army, based in Kabul, AF? Here’s the mailing address he gave me for a care package, which was sent 2.5 weeks ago yet not received yet:

        HHD 7-159th AVN LSA
        APO AE 09320
        Kabul, AF

        Sounds like the same profile: Met on Match (him through Yahoo Match), but couldn’t respond to his profile, sent him my phone #, and I got a text from a joopz account “Seanf944-5216@joopz.com”. Then we have been emailing from Sean955@yahoo.com. No military address, can’t phone because of restricted access and saves time on the phone for his daughter in Canada, can’t Skype or webcam for security issues. Definitely has some weird sayings and misspellings, poor use of grammar at times and then other emails are perfectly written.

        Now the latest is he signed for a 4-yr long-term contract in AF, has been there for about 1.9 yrs yet without a break and won’t get one (hmmm), and wants to get transferred back to the DC area and work from a US base, but needs a $2850 processing fee to transfer his position out of AF to Washington, DC. He told me to use Western Union to do the transfer in 3 installments of $950 each and send to the following:

        Territorial Army Centre
        T.A Centre Seaside,
        Eastbourne BN22 7NL East Sussex UK

        I asked how I could transfer without a bank account, and when I chatted with Western Union, there’s no approved person or agency/office with them.

        So, any way you could check to see if he is a real solider with the Canadian Army? I think I know the answer, but I sure would feel awful if he was for real. Thank you! :)

        • Sean G. Sanders has contacted me as well. He told me the same as you, except that he would be back in Texas in a few weeks. Hasn’t asked for money yet, but this morning asked me to send him a care package. I have a connection in the military that is checking into him for me.

    • this guy sounds exactly like mine…google some of the phrases he writes you and i’m sure you will se word or word on a site called love poems and phrases…He will ask you for money but not out right he will ask you to handle an oil inportation business and you as his future wife can only handle it, its a fishing site and when I confronted him about the money he state he knew they required payment, and never told me..be careful! Do you have a pic?

      • Hej Visst har jag bild på honom det bästa du kan göra googla på Tom witt så får du bilder finns på face book, twitter jag kan hjälpa med dig med bilder men då blir det tidigaste på måndag .Tänk på att han har flera namn Simon Sigmund , Glenn, Rick Prezen , Ceewee, Carl, Jame Witt han andvänder sa som han säkert flera namn .

        Han är ett avskum kräk labil jävel , såna han borde bli bojkottade från Armen sån skam .

        du har min e-post i början av brevet kram på dig Gunilla

    • Kevin Anderson has been talking to me the past 2 weeks. No request for money but all this romantic talk that became so over the top that I was getting suspicious. Whenever I started to ask questions the connection goes bad so he says. He promised to answer my questions in an e-mail but as yet nothing. My husband left me after 25 years and I am so vulnerable at this point. This guy is telling me everything I wish my husband had said but it is BS He told me his wife cheated on him with his friend and was up for retirement in 3 months and where do I want to go to relocate with him. Uses email kevin_a445@yahoo.com. Cut him off. Found this site so glad.
      Good luck and Guard your good heart from these predators.

  9. Hello to all,i too am a victim of a “scammer of love”,thank god for a short time,i am widow for 6 years and one day i decided i should meet someone and i signed in a dating site very “serious”begins with “m” and ends with “c” ,i decided to say “hello,how are you”and there began the love story ever told…with a wonderful man U.S military in Afganistan ,which to beat my heart again and that made me feel how wonderful life again…
    Until one day,come to work eager to see your message…and yes! there was one,asked me in the money,because his mother had no money to buy Christmas presents,and he was in Afganistan and had no means of being able to send…,
    My heart broke into pieces,and although my head told me i was a crook, at the bottom of my heart,would not believe,..and now here i am in love with an American military do not even know….
    Unlike other cases my photos are good and the same,who by the way if a military army institution of this blog,you can contact this person to tell of what happens with your photos,be happy to send ,and incidentally why not say “hello,how are you”.

    “The military in the war trying to survive,and others in his own war also try to survive”

    • i feel for this arron ramos guy to came home from work one day and there was a message asking for money i replyed what the money was for and he said his 12 year old daugher Lynda was in a private school and he wanted to send her something special for her birthday i told him i didnt have the money to send him and he got right down rude calling me all sorts of names



  10. ladies can find help on facebook also :

    Photos and names of most of the found scammers

    • Thank you for your interest in life there are few people who care for someone without asking anything in return..

    • I want to thank you so much for letting everyone who reads this know that there is a place on FB that we can turn too. I have had a number of military scammers try to scam me…but like many women out there…we are not that dumb..but everytime I tried to list them as scammers and warn others I got shut out. it is so ‘funny’ or should i say idiotic that these scammers have free rein to prowl the internet and yet those of us trying to stop them can’t post as we want.
      so thanks again…I will be checking the site out soon

    • I wanted to know if Anthony page is a scammer as some of these stories are very similar to me

    • Hello, where is the place we can put the photos of the scammer we were involved with please? I am out lots of monies and will have to file for bankruptcy. I know i will never see my funds again. However, I wish to let this man or his family know that his pictures were used in a fraudulent and deceitful manner! All the pictures are of the same man….various ages and in both civilian and in military khakis. His last name of “James” is very evident on one of the pictures as well as his badges. He has blonde hair and I do not see too many of them on these scam pages; so I would really like to get these photos posted! Also, I was told by a USAA Fraud Investigator that about 15 women were involved in this scam. They are a very organized and very good (unfortunately) group out of Ghana. The name they used was “Terry Walker James” and his security courier was Andrew Vaughn Woolnough…Thank you….ellen

      • You can add David Woodgate Miller to the list.

        • I am currently talkig to a David Woodgate Miller can u send me a pic so I can see if it is the same man please clascrit@hotmail.com

        • Alora I would really appreciate if you will take the time to reply to me about David Woodgate Miller .

        • do you have pics of this person and does he have a daughter

        • You can add Jeff Kump!! His photos are all over this site – and I am so glad that I found this out before being scammed!!!

    • I could not find on facebook Stop the us army dating scam

      • first go search and then click on groups on the left hand side of the screen and three groups come up

      • hello i have been talking to a sgt. james woodgate in kadal afgahnastain, he is caucasion he says his wife died 2 yrs ago from breast cancer, he has a daughter and wants me to marry him and help raise his child, i wnat to see if anyone else has meet him i he sent me pics of him and his daughter,

        • KÄRA CHSITY !



          han ljuger om allt han är sjuk!


        • I am currently talking to a guy name santiago AKA Santi Guevara who said from Tampa Florida and currently deployed in Afghanistan at Camp Bagram Airfield over the last 2 years and he said that he was about to retire within the next coming months like sometime this september 15 2012, after 25 years in service serving as a Staff Sgt. Santiago Guevara, well unfortunately, I know all about military specially the US army since I have been in a long relationship with ARMY, I know the branches and in short I know a lot about the US Army for me to get scammed. I was just sharing my story if you happen to come across with this name. most of his story matches all the stories of a real scam like; he was 45 year of age, single never been married and he has a 5 years old son named david and living with his Nanny over the time he got deployed in Afghanistan

          this guy seem to be educated and not like a typical person who copy and paste all his conversation with me he seemed to be educated because we talked decently and practically know the timing of Afghanistan and most likely familiar with the place in Afghanistan. He was saying that he works for the EOD and I am not sure what would be his next drama later on. and imagine this is our 1st week of talking and he already said that he is in love with me… gosh… that was fast…. anyway I am just trying to go with the flow until I will come to know the real him…. but will never be a victim.., over the years I became very vigilant and cautious about the person that I dealing with internet since its really scary and I have been once victimized by these people who pretend to be who’s an army or a service man who screw women and ask money…. we being a typical soft, kind hearted women we easily believe them. that’s why boomed….

          US facility and Bases are not really that strict.. I know some friends who got stationed in Afghanistan who got privilege of talking to their family online and seeing them face to face by web or able to call them on phone.. so I wonder how this guy was claiming that he cant do it because base is high secure facility and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his career and his retirement…. but you know what there I times that I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but was asking my self for what? allow him again to destroy me and make money on me.?

          please remember his name is santiago guevarra, he said his mom and dad died form a plane crush not so long ago while on their way back to US from australia. because his mom is australia and his dad from the states… he has a son named David 3 years old and his mom died of breast cancer 6 months after david was born….. so please remember.

          I will keep you posted weather he is a scam or real….

          good luck


    • what is the name of the sites we can check for these us miitary army men to see if they are real or scammers as i am talking to 2 of them claming to be in the us deployment agency army in afghan
      names are richard thompson and chandler raymond

      thanks be good to knw what im getting involved with

      • contact me… i can enlighten you…

        • Would mind emailing me I’ve recently started talking to a man who says he is Kabul never heard of scammers
          Just randomly found it. No one on three sites has mentioned the name
          I know him as. Email me at beautifulady78@gmail.com. I really
          Appreciate any help. Thank you.

  11. When ever I get an email on a dating site from a man claiming to be in the military I always google the name and see what I learn about who the guy is.All of them have been fakes and I tell them that.The latest one was a war hero named Todd Desgrosseilliers and I found who I believe to be him on a social networking site and informed him that someone is using his name and picture on a dating site and gave him the name of it for him to see it for himself.

    • I had the same thing with Col Desgrosselliers and I emailed him on facebook and told him about it.
      The scammer doing it had all of the right pictures and everything… it was amazing. But then again the Col is a Silver Star recipient, so there is a lot of info on him out there. EXCEPT… the scammer said that his wife was dead. On FB his wife is in the photos.

    • would like to now how to google names of the military stating they are in the army how is it done please advise step by step very much appreciated

  12. Hello,ok Rita i try find this soldier in google,thank you.

  13. Do they think we are all idiots???? I recognize 1 or 2 that I figured were scammers-they can’t even put a sentence together properly nor can they spell & they get caught up in their stories!

  14. CJ,
    Thanks for staying in tune; it’s good to get your input every once in a while.

    To all you ladies out there: you know deep down in your hearts you’re being scammed; so listen to your inner voice and stop kidding yourselves. I know, like you, I’m a sucker for men in uniform so don’t get blindsided. If you don’t have a keen sense of intuition, then get educated like CJ says.

    I was inspired by this really cool website that CJ posted on one of his ASP sites; http://www.soldiersangels.org and was able to adopt a soldier. There are over 900 more that can’t wait to be adopted. I’ve been corresponding/sending care packages since last November. Our service men/women are home sick being in those dreadful countries; So if you really want to give back; that’s a good way to do so.

    Thanks again, CJ.
    I wish you a successful 2011!

    • Thanks for that insite. I was leary of communication with anyone for fear of being scammed again. I will try this site
      Thanks again

  15. I caught one this past weekend. He is using the name Jarrel Lopez, Kabul, Afghanistan. Where do I send the pictures? I did not fall for this guy, I knew from the start something was not right, so I played along to see what would happen. Sure enough he asked me to recieve some luggage with clothes and oil contracts? haha. I got an email from a Diploma Smith stating I will receive a package from my HUSBAND! huge red flag…. and I refused. Needless to say, I did not hear anything back from the guy since.

    • Kat, can you tell me more about this? I have a dear friend who is in contact with this same guy (and Smith is the guy “helping” him). I can’t believe I found this. I’m trying desperately to break his hold on my friend. What more can you tell?

    • please send me pictures

    • kat please send me a picture of this guy!!Jarrel lopez

    • I have been talking to a guy name jarrel lopez!! started talking dec.10!!would love to see pic

      • Did you ever get pics from Kat on this guy, Cheryl?

        • no wish she would!! i have pic 2

    • Send us the whole pictures so that we can spread it all over the internet to protect others from falling victim

    • I have a soldier in kabul met online who wants kah smiht, a diplomate to send his belongings to me. No one has asked me for money. any info on this smith guy?

      • is his first name Randy ?

    • Can you tell me more about your experienc as i am talking to a military man that has connected me with a Diplomat that is bring me a pkg from Afganistan…. the guy im talking to is using Ryan Miller,,,

      • Deb, I have had the same experience about calling a dipolmat to bring a package, when you call the dipolmat he will telll you to send E-amount of money for travel expense and to deliver the package, if you send it, he will start and suppose to get stuck in Custom because he don’t have all the paper work,it’ll cost more money please send it to a Western Union, and the address is always in Ghana and he probably will tell you he is in New York being held by Customs until the new documents are released, they will be some but they are fake because you won’t be able to print these. I have got caught up in this mess by a person supposedly being Sgt Paul Graves, and like everyone else has a son with a care giver in Ghana, and a widow, his wife was killed in a car wreck 2 years ago. He has retired from Army after 27 yrs. and can’t get home with son from Ghana and is asking for help in doing so. All these guys who come on to the dating sites should only be allowed on a Military site and not anyother sites on the computer. I have turned in several but for what these guys make in money and gift that are sent to them and their children for preying on US Citizens they are not going to stop. I came across a sight the other day that was 150 of Sgt Paul Graves most popular women, mosty in Brazil and Norway, 1 in Georgia, and 2 in Florida. all under 50, mostly dark hair and brown eyes. Pictures of them and their ages published. These guy are a work of Art. and should be stopped. We American as so proud of the guys who fight for our FREEDOM that we want to help them and believe in them only to find out later they are scam artist. For me to the Tune of $9000.00 last year. Beware of SSGT Paul Graves. Retired now in Ghana trying to get to the States. Supposely home.

        • Hi, I to have been our tried to be scammed, this persons ” name is John Bruce” he’s in the military is MPI his story is he has lost his wife has a son, and he is working in Iraq on some mission and will be leaving in two weeks back to the UK but needed help to have his suit cases dropped at my home, I was fine with that until I had this call from someone called frank saying he could not get hold of John and could I help will i did not know what to do told him I will try to get hold of John, “John” give me his story that frank could not use his credit card I would i help him because “John” was coming home at the weekend and could not leave Iraq until his suit cases were save with me.

          The red flag went up he said he needed me to send a moneygram to frank because he is at the airport and cannot get a. Flight to the UK without the cases the amount was for £3000 I told him NO way . To be honest I nearly did, he is on Skype as well and kept calling me I told him you can go to the bank on the base, he always had an reason excuse I just did not believe him. How sad are these people to pry on us.. I have said photo of this sick man I want it spared all over the net..

          Pxxxxx of Christine…

  16. I have been chatting with a “Military” man claiming to be Cap.Alex Smith Becker on duty in Kabul, Afga. We have been chatting for almost 3 months daily. I have fallen for this guy, but of course have doubts. I have parted with some money much to my disgust. He said he wanted me to claim to be his “spouse” to request for his leave.Now I have had a email off someone claiming to be with the Military of Defense who wishes me to go to the US to claim the monies owed to me as his “spouse” My mind is telling get out, but my heart wants me to hang in their in case it might be real. Please Help!!!

    • this guy is a scammer, search and you will see his picture under a lot of scammer sites.Believe me. The military will never ask you for money to send a soldier home.

      • Do you have some website addresses to look up Cap.Alex Becker? I have looked for his pics but have had no luck.I guess I just need to see it for myself! thank you in advance.

      • I have been contacted by Alex Becker to receive a huge amount of money he found, he wants my details, to receive the package. What does this achive, pls can someone explain it to me,is the package supposed to get stuck somewhere then they ask for money?? I am ignoring him,but he does not give up very easily.

        • yes most likely it will get stuck in customs that is what happened to me and said the fine for no paperwork at customs was $3300.00 didnt respond thougt I got rid of them (I claiming to be two)Just resently he sent a bad message on my phone from Yahoo. They dont give up

  17. I got a guy here claming to be a Sgt McDonald Peterson, he has asked for money and to my stupidity i have sent him some. I have now found his pictures in your site under the name Sgt Patrick McDonald and am very sad to find this. I became aware of this scam because a friend has paid for his best friend to come home and still hasnt turned up to meet her. I wish there was a way to get these Nigerian guys to pay but from what i have found out this is unlikely.

  18. Ive confronted this guy but hes addiment he is the real McDonald but i have no way of proving it is or not… So i am just going to end it and get on with my life.

  19. There is another scam artist going around as sergant first class Smith Michael Brown stating that he is in the army and deployed. Watch out he is looking for money and exspensive gifts. He states that he is divorced and and has a 18 year old son who lives with his parents from Washington state. So watch out

  20. I have been talking to a Steven Gaines now for a while. I know that he is fake and he has even called me and when I trace the number back it is in Africa. Has anyone come across him yet. He has asked for money and I never did send it but yet he still talks to me and now doesn’t even ask for money. I am trying to find the real soldier. This guy has sent me pics of him and his daughter and some of him in uniform. All I can say is watch out and don’t believe everything they tell you. This one had me going for a long time but I never did send anything to him. It’s sad these people are doing this. It just makes me sick.

    • hi Im deb and im very sorry that this has happend to you…somthing very similar is happeing to me currently would you like to exchange the military photos you received from him i would like to know if im talking to the same person although he gave me the name Ryan Brett Miller I feel so stupid

  21. please send me pictures of jarrel lopez!!!

  22. I have been talking to a man of FB and chat how do i find out if he actually who he says he is He states Major Mike Miller 6th ranger battalion with unit no.19081871/Afghan in kabul NATO base in afghanistan
    how do I find if he is a scammer or genuine Please help

    • Paula i live in England and i too have been talking to Major Mike Miller from the 6th batallion. But he has not asked me for anything yet. After reading all these emails though i am even more wary of him than i was.

  23. i have been scammed and the worst of it all is he knew i had a terminally father he played on that aswell

    his name jonny rellinger
    frejik Buglia
    West Ebert
    JONNY Ebert

    • Do you have any photos. I am trying to break this thing to my sister who I just know now is being scammed. Your story sounds a lot like hers.

      • Have her look up details…I found this site by asking google if Camp Eggers Post office is under construction – of course it is not….and I found this site – unfortunately after I had already sent a “birthday” package with a phone to some place in Ghana – to the diplomat! Then he texted me that he was going to hurt himself after I called him out! The attention and romance is addicting, but I will no longer try online dating to try and find love – it is too humiliating!

  24. I have been chatting to James Massingale. He professed his love for me within the first couple of emails. Red flags went up. I signed off before Christmas as it was too much too soon. Then I got bored and resumed.It’was really nice reading from you…i must confess it was indeed wonderful , i want to make sure i write you since you have honored me, I pray you would be honored in all that you do as you move on with life, I am wearing my military uniform,with colorful undies and a black shoe , I hope you are also looking good out there?
    To tell you more about me……..i am James Massingale, I was born in Sydney, Autralia and spent my first child’s age of 2 there until we left for States.
    I grew up in a small town in IL and i was the youngest in a family of 2. We lived on a small land area, but my late dad worked for the State of IL for income. My late mom was a full time mom.
    i have been in the army for over 23years,.I’m a member of the US militar (Special forces) our roles are different from every other uniform military services.we are specially designed to work on the tough duty and secure assignments we do not have any of our information’s on public page .all of our information’s are fully encrypted under the Military Greek Alpha language.

    As i stated in my profile, I was once married….. I lost my ex in an automobile accident a few years back which constituted a major sorrow to my heart and our only daughter was asked to settle down with her mother’s family until I got retired with a good wife for us to spend the rest of our life together
    i joined dating site to find my soul mate…I am looking to settle down and have a serious relationship with someone loving, caring, genuine and affectionate without the head games.
    I am looking for a life long partner who is and wants to be my other half.. I feel like I am missing that something special in my life and I do believe that its a wife/friend/lover to make my life complete. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t need a woman to complete me but I would like to find someone who compliments me not just in telling me how good I look but to complete me in personality, desires, likes and body.. We all look for our soul mate in life and someone to spend the rest life with…
    I’m an incomplete man who needs a woman to make me the happiest man ever… Someone who is my equal…….someone who will love me just for me… my inner me, the man I am inside.. I might not be the most beautiful man in the world but my heart is pure and very loving. I think of myself as a kind gentle person who loves deeply and completely.. If you can be my soul mate then you are one for life…..
    I have no baggage. I’m a very optimistic, healthy and happy person and I’m not desperate to find just any new partner. I’m looking for the right one,someone who will accept my daughter despite not being her biological mother.
    Her name is Dorris ……….
    here are some of my pictures, just let me know if you like them


    Where can I send his photos? This story is just too familiar after reading all your other emails. No money has been asked for – yet!

    • Thats the same excate words that this Aaron ramos used with me at the frist then aftera couple of days then he started asking for money for his daughter theses guys are nasty


    • Randy Lingo just contacted me. I am going to see if I can upload the pics. He claims to be from Canada, son is in UK (16 years old) and he has a house in Illinois. His grammer is pretty good although he does use a gmail address, not yahoo. I have already caught onto his scam as the photos don’t match his story he is telling. His rank is wrong on his uniform and those aren’t AF uniforms!

      • Randy lingo
        he had me fooled .He said he was from canada had a son 16 live in canada he had a house in GB and one in canada i have got pictures he was so loving and careing BUT I SENT ME DOCOMANTS TO

    • I have also been in contact with Randy Lingo who claimed to be half Aussie and half Canadian with a 16-year old son. He also claimed to be a “grunt with the U.S. Air Force” in Kabul. Confusing because I thought grunts were in the Army but I don’t really know that much about the military.

      I first heard from “Paul” Lingo on Facebook but he changed his name to “Randy” for e-mail messages. This was another obvious red flag. His messages seemed to be bits and pieces copied and pasted from profiles from dating sites. He told me all about how he loved to shower women with flowers and gifts and how he likes to spend his evenings. All this was inappropriate because I am not interested in romance but wanted to hear about his experience serving in the U.S. military in Afghanistan. He e-mailed photos of a very handsome man in an Army uniform.

      I am embarrassed to admit I gave him my e-mail address and hope this does not lead to any ID theft or fraud.

      While it is tempting to think women should be able to see through this sort of nonsense, these people are very adept at deception. The photos served to make this man seem real even in the face of all the red flags.

      • I was contacted by Randy Lingo a week ago. We’ve been in touch twice daily and he recently got my cell number to let me know when he’s on line to chat. He contacts me when it seems appropriate for Afghanistan time. I’m so emotionally attached and now confused. This guy seems intelligent told me his education and military history. Writes very well with poetry and such. He’d half Aussie and Canadian and had a 16 year old son.I too received the Canadian health passport and the driver’s license. I just got word from him that he had been injured with three bullets and their group lost three men and four were injured. He’s not ever asked me for money or time. I’m so lost what do I do?

        • Hi My name is Susie Silvea, I was introduced to Randy Lingo by morning Emails of Love & his suffering in Kabul Afghanistan for female love & support in his daily struggles with going out on mission’s , told me also about his son Stephen that was 16yrs old & taking classes in the UK… I was also sent his pictures..So whoever Randy Lingo is he’s pretending real good with everything he’s been writting about…I have his pictures..2 of them actually…One with Photo & ID info/ also license info class 5….No money sent from my end.. He just Emailed me today saying he’s coming to Moncton to meet me & what was the closes airport for him to come meet me….I am to be on line at 8am so he can give me the info that I’ll need to meet up with him??? What a good con he is!!! He had me fooled for a while…My son told me to watch him even when he said he was in the airforce… His attire was not right???
          What do you do with a situation like this??
          He should be stopped before he hurts a woman deeply…. I will erase him & put a block on my Email address or just stay off line for awhile…

        • I have lots of pics of him as well and he reuses poetry he gets from other women. If you what to share pics or information on LINGO email me. gypsy.horses@yahoo.com I still have all of the emails and IM from him. We can share if you like.

  26. Hi, I am a mexican woman. Some weeks ago I was contacted via Skype for a man who said to be Major General Gary S. Patton. He said he’s a widower, his wife died three years ago victim of brain cancer. He has only one son who is 21 and he adopted him in a rescue mission in Sudan. His son’s name is Aaron and he’s studying in Africa. He sent some pictures and an email address for I can be in contact with him and forma a “big family” together with my own son. His son, Aaron, even mailed me several times calling me Mum. I googled him and found that a General Gary S. Patton does exist and he’s serving in Afghanistan. I completely fell in love with this man. He wrote me twice a day using gary.s.patton@live.com. I really did not have reasons to doubt. Until he asked me to send 1000 GBP to Accra, Ghana via Western Union to a man called OCHUKO ETURHOBORE. Of course I felt something was wrong with this and I did not send any money. He said he was really disapponted… and he disappeared. I found a blog written by the real General Patton and tried to make him aware. I hope he can be, because I know other woman named Maneebongkot Chaumaroeng, in Bangkok, is in contact now with this scammer via Skype. Please, can somebody do something about it? My heart is broken and I need some words to comfort me, but, most of all, I do not want another woman suffers because of him. Thank you.

    • Hi Martha:

      I got your note attention. It is hard to deal with these skunk scum poeple. and because they are in the nasty place of nigeria… abuse a lot to our troops’ imagen soldiers, but do not forget the Karma Law… what goes around comes around… I was wondering how do you check if a militar personnel or militar man is active duty and where is his location… Thanks greetings

  27. jarrel lopez will not leave me alone or who ever he is he could also be davis haggard,james mens hunt he is crazy

  28. jarrel lopez made me think he loved me so much that i was his soulmate now that i have told him i know he is a scammer!!! it has not stop!!!!!!!!!

  29. Tonight I got contacted by the so called Lt Maureen Fisher, just by being spectical about this I checked up on this so called person and it turned out to be a scanner! So any if anyone get contacted by this person be careful, as I did check the uniform and name on the pic

    • I too got contacted by a Lt Maureen Fisher, and the uniform and name on the picture provided did not match. The emails received were all very deep and meaningful, not answering any questions you pose.

  30. Ok, how do you find out if a soldier is for real or not. I was emailing a guy named Jason Williams. I didn’t see his name on any post.

    • Just ask that Soldier to send you an email from his AKO email. If he refuses or tries to claim he can’t because of “security” then it’s a fake. All military email addresses end in .mil, not .com, .org, or .net.

    • so i did you find out how to see if the soilder is real or a scammer i think i might have a scammer need to no thanks

      • CJ you mean email address like terry.porter@us.army.mil ?? I am talking to a guy and he sends email from that email account so he is for real right ?

    • Very easy .

      You write me an email at hotproton@gmail.com

      I will check out the guy against the military’s database, and possibly his picture.

      ** * a $3 donation, after the service, by Paypal, if you are satisfied with the results.
      I’m in your corner.
      Joe Warner

      • Can you find out if a Dr. Jeffery Ramos is true or just a scammer?
        He said he has a 2 year contract with the Red Cross (UN).

  31. hi i am from Australia,recently i was contacted via a dating site by someone claiming to be Sgt Robert Scheels a US airforce man stationed in afganistan i have checked to see if there was such a person and found there is,i don’t know if he is on active duty right now but he served in iraq years ago for which he was awarded a combat metal several years later and the photos of him recieving his metal where sent to me,they even used his real name,they are so convincing its easy to be sucked in by these smooth workers, i came so close to sending money thank god my postmaster opened my eye’s to the fact that i was being scammed before he took my money.I’d already had my doubt’s so i did more research to find out as much as i could,emails coming from south africa,kuwait as well as different parts of america that convinced me and i sent him one last email to tell him what scum they were to use innocent people for their own gain its a crime an i hope karma come’s to them in one way or another.

    • Hi Chris: I am glad you did not fall in his scam… I am wondering how do you find out if a soldier is active duty and where…

    • How do you check if there is such a person ? Also can just anybody use a us militarymailbox .us email acount or a a ( usmilitaryadministrative@militarymailbox.us account ?

      • Diane, I too met my US Army soldier (or scammer) through the dating website Confirio. It saddens me to read about all the many women that have fallen to heartache and heartbreak. They have given in to pay a high price for love and to be loved. I, too have fallen for my soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I met him about 2 months ago and everything had moved quite fast for me..he knew all the things I needed to hear. To have someone to care for me and make me feel loved when I told him that he was moving to fast romanticly..he backed off abit. But still contacted me 2-3 times daily. I have seen alot of names & pictures on here that go back many yrs. I am saddened because I truly believe that my knight in shining armour is most likely a scammer. He told me that he was from Colorado originally, that he has a 12yr old daughter who lives with her mother in Los Angeles, CA. He said that the daughters mother and him never married because once he came back earlier then expected on leave and caught her cheating on him with his best friend. I thought like alot of the women on here that he genuinely loved me..he is suppose to be retiring at the end of this month/July 2012 in about 11 days. He had never asked me for money, but told me that when he comes back to the states that he is only able to bring 2 duffels with him on the plane and that he had an extra trunk that he wanted to know if he could send to me since I was his sweetheart Reluctantly I agreed not thinking what would be in the luggage besides clothing. I thought that he would have to pay whatever shipping it would cost to send it to me, since he told me that he had no living family in the states, other then aunts, uncles & cousins in CO. Since him sending this piece of lugguage to me I have received emails and mobile phone calls from JAT Courier Services in Malayshia stating that his luggage is held up there for Clearance Taxes/Customs and before they will release this luggage they would need me to send $850.00 US Currency through Western Union (that was my red flag)for the last 18 days he has been begging me to pay for the Clearance Tax so his luggage can be forwarded to my home address which I stupidly gave him. Since then I have changed my mobile number and instead of him writing me 2/3 times per day it is more like every 2/3 days now. I have told him that I don’t have the money to help him out and I told him that I had contacted the Courier Service and they have agreed to store his lugguage until he returns to the states for an additional charge and when he gets out he can pay the tax & additional charges himself and then they have agreed to send his luggage within 24 hrs of receiving his pymt. I am a christian lady and I tell him all the time that I and my prayer partners pray for him and the military men & women there. I finally asked God instead of giving me a sign or message (since I am so thick/hard headed) if God would just make my soldier/scammer NOT to write to me if he is a fake. I guess I knew for a longtime that he was a fake..but i guess I will know definitely in 11 days when he doesn’t show up at the military base for me to pick him up. But his name is not listed and his pictures are not posted here that I have been scanning but I am sure that he has been talking to someone else as well..its just a feeling. Thanks CJ – I looked up the military ranking for the Army, my soldier tells me that he is a Major but the stripes on his uniformed picture shows him to be a Sgt. I tried to have his pictures of the name tags blown up to verify his last name and (another red flag)went up its not a clear picture but it sure doesn’t look like the last name that he gave me. The name he gave me is:Luis Mcdonald and his email address is:Luismcdonald48@yahoo.com but doesn’t respond to me thru emails only thru Yahoo Messenger.If anyone else is talking to or has been in contact with Luis Mcdonald I would like to hear from you. I also agree that we should be able to expose these scumbags somewhere so others can’t get hurt emotionally by the BS!
        I would like to Thank all the fine women and men who are fighting everywhere for my freedom because I know that freedom doesn’t come without a price!

        • can you please describe your Luis please in the pics he sent you? I’m in touch with someone spelling name slightly differently but the numbers in email address are the same.

  32. Have any of you heard of Sgt. Mike Eastmond in Baghdad, Iraq? Same story..he needed a phone wanted me to email so he could come home, I did neither. I told him I thought he was fake, so he sends an email about how hurt he is. BOOHOO.
    I told him I had reported him, I really don’t know who to report to. Then he says he is from Johannasburg, South Africa and he is sorry that he lied to me. I feel like this is just another long line of S**t.

    • Now get this..He told me earlier his parents were dead, but he needs money for his sick mother who is in the hospital. I gave him a few choice word, none of which I would use on here, and he still keeps sending email.
      eastmondmike9@gmail.com and eastmondmike9@yahoo.com

      • UPDATE: Mike Eastmond is now Mike Richard Eastmonds on facebook!!

  33. Could you please mark the photos being used by scammers with something like “used by scammers” across the face so they can’t lift them off of this website *again* and use them against people?


    also check http://www.scamwarners.com

    • Alan, Tell me how to do that!!

  34. Yeah, I was checking a dating site for girls from Eastern Australia when up popped this message from a girl in Afghanistan. She says she is Maureen Fisher. I don’t know if it means anything but she uses a Yahoo address. When she wrote she left her e-mail address which was a broken series of dots and letters, so I left her my e-mail address so she could contact me outside the dating service. Sure enough, within three hours she e-mailed me. Maureen Fisher lost her husband and her daughter is being cared for by a her older sister who is a Nun in Italy. When I asked for some casual photos she wrote: “I may not be able to show myself to you on cam or a telephone conversation because i am communicating with you on military server and our dialogue here is being scrutinized.The reasons being that terrorist are capable of hacking our system to perpetrate great evil.”
    These morons need to be deknackered like sheep and banished from society.

    • Hey John im from Eastern Aust and I to had someone saying they was serving in Ramadi, Iraq and can’t use a webcam due to threats of terrorism, but he did call me a couple times but was hard to hear anything, he asked for money as well. Told me he was an only child and both his parents was killed in a car crash years ago

  35. Is there anyone out there that can check the Army to see if someone is actually real? I know the DOD has a website but they need the SS#. I really don’t expect someone to just give me their SS#. Help!

    • Write me with the pertinent details.
      I’ll check out the man for you.


      Donate $3 after the fact, by paypal, if satisfied.

      • @ Joe so basically you are here to exploit the people that have been scammed in other words here to make a profit then you have the nerve to call it a donation and may I ask where these donations go besides your pocket? this sounds a bit scammerish to me and anyone that tries to help anyone thats been scammed for [profit is also a SCAMMER in my book so your empty promises holds no water here and hopefully CJ Bans you very soon you cant help anyone here get back the money they have lost or the hurt and anger they feel so why are you here other than to scam using the donation as a means to do it you and your scamming little business is a crock of bull so get the fuck outta here trying to make a profit off of people that have been scammed.!!!!!! Yes Anonn said it
        GET OVER IT!

        • They are letting others know what has happened to them. Are you kidding me you moron any time something is put out that is bad it is a good thing. Let the world know. The reason i was here before anything happened I was checking thongs out and low and behold I found the Roble name. So oh what someone hear gave me great info. I suggest you keep your stupid comments to your self. Unless you have some kind of scam going your self. That is usually the case when someone gets as defensive as you are. Lady’s I am so sorry you have been taken at a most vulnerable time. Please keep in mind though your heart will lie to you (i know sounds bad but true) so always use you head and your gut never lies always go with that gut feeling. It is hard but place your hearts on the side while search for your soul mate. If there is some way to get these bastards I am on board. Please let me know if I can help I ready to take them all down.

      • @ Joe funny hmmm under this emal address I found MANY profiles and guess what all with different pics Ironic that according to your Hi5 account you reside in Phuket, Thailand yet on your Facebook page it shows you went to North Dakota State University while on your Myspace account it shows a white guy says you are an ENGINEER says you are a bodybuilder and you live in California BUT your other Myspace Account says you are Semi Retired ENGINEER LOL this is where you claim to live yes Im pasting it for all to see Isaan, British Columbia, CA, 98388 Funny thing is the zip code (which my Husband checked) is in WASHINGTON State…Your Youtube account states you reside in Australia wow you are either a well traveled Man or you are a SCAMMER.

        on some of your accounts it says you are 23 and 46 and 45 you know if all of your accounts had the same picture of you I might actually believe you were not a small time scammer but they dont you have pics of a Hispanic Man I wont say his Name because I suspect you stole his pics so at this point your offer to help proves NOTHING but you are a Scammer! Please do say something out of the way I will post links here to every account Ive found for you on spokeo to prove you are a scammer trying to pull a scam on CJs Blog.Yeah Anonn said it I gave it to ya straight no chaser.

      • @ Joe funny hmmm under this emal address I found MANY profiles and guess what all with different pics Ironic that according to your Hi5 account you reside in Phuket, Thailand yet on your Facebook page it shows you went to North Dakota State University while on your Myspace account it shows a white guy says you are an ENGINEER says you are a bodybuilder and you live in California BUT your other Myspace Account says you are Semi Retired ENGINEER LOL this is where you claim to live yes Im pasting it for all to see Isaan, British Columbia, CA, 98388 Funny thing is the zip code (which my Husband checked) is in WASHINGTON State…Your Youtube account states you reside in Australia wow you are either a well traveled Man or you are a SCAMMER.

        on some of your accounts it says you are 23 and 46 and 45 you know if all of your accounts had the same picture of you I might actually believe you were not a small time scammer but they dont you have pics of a Hispanic Man I wont say his Name because I suspect you stole his pics so at this point your offer to help proves NOTHING but you are a Scammer! Please do say something out of the way I will post links here to every account Ive found for you on spokeo to prove you are a scammer trying to pull a scam on CJs Blog.Yeah Anonn said it I gave it to ya straight no chaser.

  36. Many women are victims of the Military Cupid dating site, but don’t exclude men because they are too. To add to the list of scammers, Captain George Wilson. The pictures they use are of a very handsome, young gentleman, but there are so many pictures of him that have been stolen and used on so many different sites. Obviously they were stolen from FB or MS or other dating sites. I hope this poor guy, the real victim in the pictures, is aware of it. These people are disgusting and heartless. wilsongcpt01@yahoo.com and gw7277@yahoo.com are tied to “Captain Wilson’s” name as his email address. Beware!!

    • And just to add to the information above, this is the latest email I just received from “George” :

      How are you doing today and how has the weather been.I hope your mood is better now and I am sorry you seem to be down,judging by your last email but please honey don’t take it out on me cause I do have loads of stuffs to come with here too.

      Darling I can’t wait to share all of my feelings, emotions, wants, desires, and love I feel for you. Thank you darling…the feeling and meaning in your writing jumps off the paper into my soul. You have captured my attention with every word you write, every song you send to me, every email as you describe your inner soul and thoughts to me. You are open and honest describing your feelings and emotions that my heart desires and wants you to be with me forever.

      I am sorry if i dont seem to tell you much about me but years of working in a very sensitive position has taught me to say less and listen more,this is why I have always told you I am gonna tell you all about me when I am home and in front on you,right now there is little I can tell you about my life in the army (cause technically I am still in the army) but be ready for the chronicles when I am stateside……George Albert Wilson is the full name .

      Studied Public policy at Franklin & Marshall College,Lancasta after which I joined the army after much encouragement from an uncle who was a colonel then.Like I said,havent made a final desicion on what I am gonna do when I am finally home,though ranching is what I am thinking about for now,but I do have A masters in International relations and diplomacy and i am sure it wont be hard getting a job with the DOD……

      I am surprised you have not written back since yesterday,even after I sent you the picture,this has got me thinking and I hope I am wrong in my assumptions cause it would really break my heart if that were true.

      She sits by the window staring out in a haze
      Wondering how many more days
      Will she have to wait
      Before she will see his eyes at the airport gate
      She thinks about him night and day
      Longing to show him love in every way
      As her wait becomes shorter
      Her love grows stronger
      And she knows her handsome man
      Will soon be part of the plan
      To live a life full of love and passion
      That no one came imagine
      The love this man has for this woman
      To share his life with her as part of God’s plan
      This love story continues to grow
      Much more stronger than you will ever know
      Hia body longs for her touch
      As he loves her so much
      He shows her love her body can handle
      His heart is on fire as flame on a candle
      Her burning desire is more intense
      As she loves him without any resistance
      They bond their love for one another
      Declaring how much they mean to each other
      Their hearts grow in love and affection
      Knowing they will never be a rejection
      As God has put them together
      To live long, happy and fulfilled days
      His love at last is at home to stay

      Love always

      TOO ADD HERE: I am not sure what songs he is referring to as no songs were ever sent to him and as far as emails go, it’s been nothing but questions, questions and more questions with VERY minimal emails…guess he finds that attractive?? Anyway this is an example,love letter and the Hallmark poem to go with it…GAG!!!

  37. I was scamed by Bill Pendleton.
    his address: bill_pendleton@yahoo.com
    found him also in facebook but just saw that he deleted his profile there…
    I want to send the pictures to uplod it here.
    pls contact me admin…
    take care

  38. aa and there is another one that sent to my friend

    • Hi Adina,

      I have been chatting to a George Richardson Moose. Staff Sergeant in Iraq. Camp Al Adala.
      Have been chattng for 3 weeks. Endless talk of love etc. Could this be the same one? Came through initially on widowdating.co.uk


      • Hi Mandy~
        I, too, have been chatting with a George (no middle name) Moose for 6 weeks now. Up until yesterday I hadn’t found any reason to doubt his story. I have even purchase a ticket to ‘meet his plane’ when he retires at the end of the month. Other than that (which is for me) I have not given or lent any money. I am just curious if we could swap photos to see if we have the same man. I am planning to ask fo rhis AKO address tonight, something I didn’t know about until I read that on this site today. Afterall, who would want to bring a bad light to a good American Soldier? I am floored by this terrible act of cruelty, bring bad light to our Servicemen and humiliating unsuspecting women.

        • Alas, it seems that I have been duped. I asked for the AKO address and he cannot give it for ‘security reasons’!

        • I have been talking to a George R Moose since Feb, due to leave the USA army shortly due to 30 years of service completed. He has only just asked for money. Which I have not sent.

        • I have been talking to George Moose told me his middle name Richardson told he was in Iraq and was retiring and he wanted me to marry him .
          Yes he asked me for money and I did send him some hes a scammer believe me he is .
          I feel bad you buy a ticket he told me he was in London England said customs was holding his luggage needed money for food .please dont be fooled by him Esther

        • To all of you I have been talking to george moose who claims he is here in miami, florida. That he is deeply in love with me. We talk everyday. I was planning on meeting him on march 5. He is retiring from the army and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. My gut instincts have sent red flags up for a while now but I wanted to try to believe in this online dating thing. What a joke. I did feel sorry for him and sent him just a small amount of money but after that when he kept asking for more and got angry so often when i could not I knew something was up. Keep me informed about this. I am going to call him on it and i sent him a copy of every scammer site i have found him on. I want to see his face or see his reaction when he sees he was caught in the act. I am much smarter than he is.

      • I have been talking to George R Moose but have a different yahoo address. if any one can swap pics of their George R Moose I will post the address if found to be the same person

        • I to have been talking to a George Richardson Moose and have pics and I also have a different address

        • i have many photo,s of george and his son!. he say,s he is in Kandarhar! due to leave in 3 moths time (3 months ago).. will swap photo,s to catch this scum!!!!

      • Hi
        I too joined widowdating and had George Moose contact me. Like you – endless talk of love. I was suspicious especially when i found a George Moose on Facebook – mentioned it and he denied it. I also asked him where in the US he lived – he said Florida, Miami but the George Moose on Facebook says he comea form Illnois. He is asking for my tel no to prove he is genuine – what a laugh! Also he talks in a sort of broken english. Am so glad I came onto this site.

        • Hi Diane and co

          I too think I am a ‘victim’ of George Richardson Moose…
          Did he tell you his parents were killed in a car accident, that his wife cheated on him, she ‘stole’ his money making him penniless. claimed undying love for you?
          Regrettably, I only found out about all the lies after being duped into parting with a considerable amount of money that I can’t afford to part with, and he’s still wanting MORE.
          He’s ‘retiring’ at the end of the month and supposedly making a go of things…
          I feel stupid and violated and can’t believe people would abuse the genuine heroes that are in the army. He’s even gone so far to tell me his ‘fellow’ soldiers were seriously injured in a mission they were on.
          If you have any photos of this parasite, could you forward as I want to see justice done where he’s concerned.
          I too am glad I found this site, tho a little to late…

      • hello,girls!!! adina,Janet,LuanneSanndiMichelle,,Loren,Sharon,nikki,,,,George richardson Moose it is scammer,i finde it too. i still on line with him,,, but seems he feel that i know that.He is in London airpor,,,,no… he told to me he is in dubai,,,and hate arabs,,,he have got trubbles with his luggage,,, he is lying.Iam from LOndon.And i am thinking,he is not the same person on the picture…he is using somebody’s picture,He is not brave enaf to show his face,shame on him

        • @ Ziwa

          You spell and speak just like they do…

      • I have to say I am corresponding with the real george moose and that is not his real name. Someone stole his identity so whoever on here has been talking to anyone with the last name moose that i have read from all your responses you are talking to a scammer. There was recently a cbsnews story about scammers and how they take innocent peoples pictures and go behind the scenes and pretend to be military personnel. This man has not asked me for money. He has only offered to do things for me when he gets home in a couple of weeks. We have spoke over the phone and he seems on the up and up but time will tell. Sometimes you do find that diamond in the rough. I have done my research and I know what to watch out for. But i feel I am in love with the real Sargeant Moose and he is in love with me as we speak several times a day everyday. So I do feel pretty bad for the rest of you who thought they were talking to him but according to the news you were probably talking to someone from Nigeria between the ages of 18 and 30 years of age.
        The real Sargeant Moose is going to go to all the online sites and make sure his information is taken off immediately so no one else gets hurt. I told him I would also report this to the authorities and he was fine with it.
        Good luck guys. I know it is hard meeting someone and there is so much fraud on here but there are still good people to so stay positive. I know several of my real life friends who are in very loving relationships that were long distance at first and they are still together. Never give up hope. You will find Mr. Right.

        • i think you are living in a dream world he never asked me for anything but he is not real his real name is edem gbitor

        • I hate to break it to you but that exact same scenario (almost word-for-word) was used on me by a guy posing as an American solider. You should have seen the plans for “us” as soon as his deployment was over in three months and he was retiring. He was going to buy me a big house and travel with me all over the world, spend lots of money on me… until the night he needed money to leave deployment early.

          You are being scammed.

        • Jennifer…….Sorry i hope your not still talking to geroge moose i have been talking to him for the few months now he told me all the same things….I’m begging you please this man is biggest Scammer.DO NOT TRUST HIM>

      • HI Mandy….Yes it the same his name is Geroge Moose also look him up on scammer sites he is also on facebook his is the Big Scammer watch out for him >>>>here are some names also he is use in Braden Moose ,David Moose mark Moose His a Nigerian Scammmer his is on all the dates sites be careful please.

    • I know him as georgemoose79@yahoo.com so he has many email address

      • yes his email addresses is lmoose @live.ca name Geroge Moose

    • i am to being scammed by a guy claimming to be in the military was talking to him for 5mths, i to was smart enough not to send money . he contacts me from time to time. this last time he got real angry with me and was cussing me out so i did cuss him out too and told him i turned him in to my states FBI , he got pissed ansiad he did the same thing to me and that he would press charges agianst me and i told him to bring it . but the bad thing is we both exchanged nude pics . so i guess my ass is all over the internet. oh well. anyway his name is ALAN GUZMAN his email is alanguzman866@yahoo.com hes on facebook in uniform and also on meetme.com claiming to be in afghanistan but lives in bridgeport,ct. also has a daughter and a mother still a live . mths before that i was talking to a mark lopez who also claiming to be in army in afghanistan. these men who are giving our troops a bad name really need to be tortured and hung by their balls and excuted. thanks

  39. This is from SGT roger wade smith sgtroger.smith@yahoo.com. He goes by Wade. “Am Sargent Roger Smith, Am originally from turkey but i spent my whole life in state… Am presently here in Iraq for peace keeping and i stationed in Baghdad’s in Iraq… My work in military is to search for terrorist hide out and to detect bomb areas
    My Hair color: Light Brown
    My Height: 6′ 3″
    My marital status: Single
    have just only one daughter:Tracy she 15years of age and she is pretty, very kind and caring
    My date of birth June 10 1964
    I live in: Baltimore MD
    i have pets: dog and house
    I am most complimented on: as a good listener or something like that
    Favorite dessert: Bread and butter pudding, Pizza
    What i do for fun? swimming, playing basketball, camping, fishing and playing with my family at home..
    My favorite movie or book: Novel, Adventure movies and Romance movies..
    My favorite color is: navy blue
    I love going dress shopping or shoe shopping with my woman
    The kind of music i like most are: country music, R&B and blues
    i can dance, like going to concert, i like traveling, i watch sports on TV and i listen to news and i love going to Cinema..tell me about yours too and if you still have anything to ask me always be free to ask because am a very simple and gentle man…so about you too…and please tell me things you know about military and do you you have any family in army or others?


  40. Beware Sgt. Aaron Ramos profile and pic on
    Also has anyone been contacted by a Senior airman Jeff Greg Hardy age 56, birthdate 12/28 has two daughters, was in Iraq. He says He lives in Philadelphia PA.

    • Betty,

      He just scammed me on that site under the name of Alex Tock. He also has 2 other profiles posted under HAGGERMAN on the site that I have just reported. He goes by the names of Robert William Haggerman, Chris Haggerman, Patrick Burke Smith (the photos in this blog match the ones I received for Alex Tock) but in reality is poor Aaron Ramos.


      • Do you mean ramos or jeff g hardy or are they the same could you please send me the pics that you have
        thank you i have been talking with this Jeff for a year and half.

        • Has anyone been corresponding with a DR. Jefferey Ramos?
          We have been in contact since May 2010.
          I now feel i have been scammed.
          Could you please contact me if you know of this guy.

        • Could you please send me photos of this Jeff Ramos as i think i have been corresponding with the same guy for the last 10 months.

    • This is the best one yet. I’m laughing my ass off.

      56 yrs old and still Senior Airman ? For reference, E-3.
      A person who didn’t advance in the ranks is shown the door rather quickly.

      SCAM SCAM SCAM … Bold face SCAM.

      • @ Joe I see you have placed adds here for your services for a small 3 dollar donation on a blog that isnt even yours so tell us what can you do that CJ doesnt do already Please enlighten us while I go to spokeo and reverse search your email address please let us all know even my Husband wants to see this and he is Military.
        We will wait Lol

  41. i all so am in love wiyh some in army but set up yahoo acount. he has made me dought him when i saw his face book acount. its posted privet he emails mails me every day he said hes in iraq but i queition this please help me find out the truth before it goes any further thanks

  42. This Aaron Ramos has been trying to woo me – says he is Command Sergeant Major Flint Kennedy – but when he sent me a photo of him in his fatigues -it said Ramos on it when I zoomed in on it – he’s the one here in the photos above. Says he is in Baghdad and is going to retire at the end of the month – has a 13 year old son and his wife died 4 years ago. He has been emailing me for approx. 3 weeks. Never asked for money -but he knows I am onto him.

    • Hi Barbara

      I have sent pictures to Tina about the same guy, going by the name of Leonard Raymos, if possible I would be interested in seeing the ones you have and comparing them, have you posted them on here in his military unifom?

    • He also goes under the name of Mchillary Donnel on Facebook…he only has a few friends and everyone of them (apart from the poor female friends) are scammers.
      I have reported them all to Facebook so lets hope that gets rid of a few of them….until they pop up again using another name

    • don’t send him..he is a crazy scammer

  43. Dear Ladies and Men,

    I am writing on behalf of myself for what have happen to me…

    PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION cause I myself was use from a scammer. He took me for $4000.00 and plus meaning all the Western Union cost and etc..

    He was posing as Col. Peter S Petronzino and I fell deeply in love with him. Yes, he was that damn good of a scammer.

    We chat for months and when I went to the airport to pick him up and coming from a family that have and still is serving in the service I had ways to contact to find out if he was on his flight. Guess what?? You got it. He was not on the the flight nor was his name on the list at the airport or any of the airlines in Texas.

    I stood at the airport looking like a damn fool on my bithday holding a sign for him welcoming him home….

    After that, I did not hear from him for a few days and when I did I cuss him out one ear to the other.

    He told me that he was back in the States but because the General and what the other department that does the retirement papers (which I still have all the fake papers from day one, letters from the General and EVERTHING) made a mistake cause it was in my name and they would not release him til I signed a marriage certif. and again I had to pay for it. Question??? Why could he go to the ATM, bank or what ever and pay????

    LMAO, I told him to go to hell.. cause I knew he was a scammer.

    Did I continue to keep in touch with him? Yes, I did cause I wanted to know know about him and I did. He told me he is a scammer and how he does it and why… I was trying to see if I could get some of my money back but what a joke!! He still lied with all his stories and I told him to go to F***ing hell and that I hope a pray that he gets caught and burn in HELL.

    So my point is?? DO NOT TRUST ANYONE on MySpace, Facebook and others including date sites cause they are there and out to get you and me.

    I have learn my lesson and if I get an email the first thing that I do is read and study.. Sure not everyone is a good speller esp me due to my hearing impairment but I learned the hard way and it has cost me deeply…


    As far as calls, I dated a man that is in the Army and we met through Match.com. I gave him my number and it DOES come across on you caller ID United States. AND YES THEY CAN CALL YOU… Do what I did and call the number back and they will let you know if the call is for real or a lie… AND DO NOT fall for a phone service cause it is a scam… Trust me, I know.

    Beware of EVERYTHING…..

    I was raise as a military daughter and because of this I feel I have let my family down and the men and women that are serving for our country…



    P.S. Due to the ASSHOLE that got me I am now working 2 jobs just to get myself out of what he has done to me… IT SUCKS!!!!!

  44. P.S. When reading the the emails from scammers they never use their name but will put their eamil address on the email.

    I now reply back after learning:

    Thanks for the nice email but I know that you are a scammer!!! You can not spell and your email does not relate to anything on my profile. Do not contact me cause you are NOW REPORTED.

    I had one guy who responded and he was very nice..

    Sorry if I have did anything wrong to you who is doing this website but you never returned any of my emails and most of them did not go through due to being busy so I was left on my own to take care of things. But, thank you for getting information out before someone else gets hurt like I did…

    HATE THOSE SCAMMERS WITH ALL MY HEART and wish that there was a way the Government could catch them.. LMOA that is a joke cause they are to busy spending our money and taking care of themselves

  45. Would like to inform all to be aware of scammer using the Title of Sergeant Major Aaron Ramos Edwards. He is using email under ronramos101@yahoo.com also has a 2 pages on Facebook. Under the name of Aaron Jay Ramos and Aaron Ramos Edwards. Has a friend called John Smith both are based in Kabul. These are scammers using US Army innocent soldiers. Please take care!


    • Good Afternoon to all.

      First of all thank you for sharing your victimization. I just wanted to reply because I was also worked by a scammer not to long ago. I believe it was Aaron Ramos,but this is a victim of Identity theft the Real Aaron Ramos has been a victim of ID theft, he claim to be Albert D Ramos a 1st Stg officer, in the IRS Unit. He was righting love letters saying beautiful and I was falling in love,however I was feeling I little odd that I person that just seen my pics was falling so deeply inlove as he said he was. So, dispite the feeling that were growing within me I said to myself this is enough I have to share this with my best friend and this friend helped me discover that it was a scam I googled him and I found his photos, but with the surprise that it was in reality Aaron Ramos a real soldier that his ID was stolen to commit this scams.

      I know that it is very hard to admit that you have been a victim of a scamed because it makes you feel dumb, but your not. People like us that are good hearted can imagine that someone is not so honest. The bad thing is that he trust so easy and we give so much information, out there.

      God bless you and I hope that everything goes find.

      I thought everybody would like to know that what you all doing save me from being totally scamed, or fall commplitely in love with this person.

      Thank you!

  46. Beware Captain Mac Donald Bill captdonmac2000@yahoo.com !!

    He says he is from USA, but in his dating profile he stated he is from Sydney, Australia. There are pictures of him that suggests he is located in Pendleton. He sent me an introduction email including 4 photos. The IP address on his email revealed the email had been sent from Lagos, Nigeria. Folks, if you suspect the location of the person you are communicating with is somethine else, check the IP address in the email! (Google: IP tracer or tracker)

    Here is the intro email:

    Hello Dear,

    I have decide to take my time to write out this message to you and I will expect same back from you.hmm i lived in U.S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of Adams,Wisconsin where i had been for so long since the death of my Daddy and Mum.Really before my Dad passed away, we were living peacefully together, but on a official peace keeping mission in Dafur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my Dad and my mother are American. My father was from the Marine Military,My mother is a teacher.They both met on a trip down to Paris, they met each other and were friends till they were finally able to find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me. hmm they both were Christians, just like my Mother would say to me, that if my Daddy wasn’t a Christian she wouldn’t have agree to marry him when he proposed to her. We all were living peaceful before the death of my parents, Would tell you more when we get to know ourselves better so please don’t worry about it, i am only trying to be cautious of who i am dealing with, maybe when i know you enough alright? anyway to make it short, my parents and i lived alone in Adams, Wisconsin unfortunately,I lost my father on the line of duty, he was on the sea as a marine Major when he fell to the bullet of Jamaican Militant.His death made me to put more hard work in the U.S Army because he was given a state of heart burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire from my present job. It was so painful to recall this memory and after a year later my Mum to died of heart attack. My Mom and i live together in an apartment here before i travel back to my military base when i got deployment letter to join the war region for peace keeping in the country. I am the only child of my parents.
    Honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. She treats me in a very loving way like every good Mother would do.
    I have spent 20 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to my dedication to my work. I have been to some countries, mostly to lead the troop on peace keeping mission and aid relief mission. I am planing ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet through right woman, so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation letter, in order to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong family.Now i must tell you what am looking for in a soul mate, someone i could call my own, a woman in whom i could invest my time, good deeds, seriousness. I know out there lies someone who has the nature of God inside of her, someone who would be ready to give 100% of herself. Of course i am not getting any younger as my age increases by year.I am 6’0 in height .. I do not smoke but drink socially. just looking for the rightful one now.Also this is the quality i seek in a woman,one who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest. One who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant home loving, hard working, reliable, with a sense of humor. One who will be a good Wife and who can take care of me and my one and only child.I will be willing to take care of you with the whole of my heart till death do us apart the moment i discover that you have same motive.Distance as always never been my problem and can also relocate too if need be for us to do that. I am tired, need some rest. I led the parade for the troop in my Base some minutes ago.I will want to read more about you too so we can get to know each other better.Can you send me more of your pictures so i can have that with me in here.
    Have a great day and waiting for your message.

    Warm Regards,
    Captain Mac Donald Bill.

  47. I was scammed by Rick Preze Witt whose real name I just found out is Sigmund Witt. Told me his wife and 2 children were killed in a car crash 3 years ago and that he has an adopted son who is in boarding school in West Africa. His picture is on the web site so please don’t let him scam you too. I met him on Match.com. He supposedly lives in Aspen, Co. Comes on strong, has a birthday coming up in order to get you to send him a present. Don’t do it!

    • hi donna,

      i read you 03.09.2011 blog about rick preze witt aka sigmund wit. there is a lot of scammers around that’s using sigmund witt’s pictures. i have a scammer that has been chatting with me and his name is christopher walsh witt. watch out for this man. he keeps asking me for money and he doesnt take no for an answer, but i never send him anything anymore.

      if you would like to compare pictures please email me. pleas ask annon for my email address. thank you donna.

      beth m.

    • Hejsan!

      Hjälp vad jag känner igen dessa namn Tom Witt heter han nu !

      och är en stor bedragare han vill bara åt pengar . jag är så trött att skriva om honom men bojkotta honom i all tid och otid . Han skall inte få en krona av er kvinnor . läs vad jag har skrivit om längre upp om tom witt, simon witt, sigmund witt, ceewee witt, rick perzen witt jame witt kram gunilla

    • Hej det är simon, sigmund, glenn ,rickprezen , tom, carl , jame witt han är en stor bedragare AKTA ER HAN ÄR SLUG OCH BRA PÅ ATT DUPPERA EN , läs vad jag har skrivit längre upp kram flickor gunilla

  48. I met a guy on a dating site. That claims to be deployed in Iraq and needed help to come home to meet me that I was the only one he had is this world to help him and I believed him. Watch out for this guy scott_steven7524@yahoo.com. He isnt in the army when I quit talking to him he claimed to be hurt from a plane crash that went down in Iran. Told me he would find someone else to help him.

  49. Hi Girls A few months ago I also got a letter from Mac Donald !!!! He thought that was one name. His pic and letter ( almost exactly the same as Mimi’s letter ). Check it out on CJ’s Wall of Shame. I will continue to torment them every chance I get.Keep it up girls. We are more of a thorn in their side than you may think.

  50. Been Scammed by this Guy going by the name Sergeant Tom Collins Honolulu infantry team leader with company B 1st Battalion 27 Th infantry regiment Wolf Hounds 2ND Striker Brigade Combat Team Warrior 25Th infantry Division MND Kabul, he uses sgttomcollins@yahoo.com and sttomcollins4000@yahoo.com ….He has asked for money for a computer, Sent to address name:oyelowo babatunde
    19 elmham crescent.,l10 7LH,liverpool
    country;United Kingdom. He has also used armyprotalcall@rocketmail.com..Has asked me to give him my SS# to deposit 40,000. This guy was so good had me believing for a minute. But you can’t break a biker chicks heart we don’t have one to give. Found me on Bikerornot.com

  51. Hi All,

    After reading all these I am feeling much better. Watch out for SGT. Steven Bobby, Combat Engineering Dept, Weapons Repair, stationed in Kahbul, Afghanistan. Lost his wife to cancer 2 years ago and looking to fill his empty heart with love.

    This lowest of lows, scammed me out of $800.00 but I got sus. when he asked for more for flight payments and was able to stop the payment. I was told by the Military Dept. at The US embassy here in Australia that it was a scam.

    When confronted he played the guilt card and told me I didn’t trust him and had broken his heart. Then he got nasty. He uses Yahoo messenger id stevbobby@yahoo.com
    facebook email is stevbobby02@yahoo.com
    The below link will show you the identity he is using.

    If anyone out there recognises him please let me know. I’d be interested to know.

    I want you all to know, that you are all intelligent, rational people who have been scammed by some very clever people. These people are so good at what they do and when emotions are involved all rational thinking and reason goes out the window. So girls (and guys) Stand tall, heads held high and keep up the fight against these scumbags. Keep posting whatever you can find. We need to raise awareness to minimize the damage these lowlifes can do.

    Cheers All
    Too Trusting

  52. Ok All,

    I have another one for you, SGT James Wiseman, stationed in Afghanistan, do not Know alot about this one, but will keep you posted.


    Too Trusting

  53. Hi there my name is Cherie I have been getting emails to my Yahoo account, from a George Ray Colvin. Iam abit worried about if he’s a scammer or not. He said that he’s in the Third Infantry Division USA. He said he was stationed in Nigeria??? I dont if this is to be true. Please help.

    • Thank you so much for replying to my email CJ and for giving me the advice that you gave…May God bless you and your family…Cheer mate :):):)

  54. Ladies, please listen to what I have to say. These scammers on dating sites such as Badoo and Meetic pose as military men. First clue they are generally widowed with a young son or daughter. After a very short conversation they want your email address so they can send pictures, and begin to call you names like honey, dearest, darling etc. Very shortly they will tell you you are the kind of women they are looking for. They send email with pictures and a long description of who they are. The use of the English grammer and spelling is very poor. Do you really think a high ranking US Army officer would talk like that?? They will want to talk constantly but would like to know what is the best time to talk, why, because you are not the only women they are talking to. Ever here “lost my internet connection” in the middle of a conversation that’s because you are not the only one they are talking to at that time. Soon they will give you a sob story about needing some money because their son/daughter has been in an accident or it’s their birthday and could you send some money which they will repay. Or they want to send a package to you containing very valuable possesions, gold, jewlry etc. They have no intention of ever repaying they just want money.
    Don’t give them your phone number, or any personel information. Ever wonder why they won’t appear on a web cam? Simple, because they are not who they say. They are probably black, young in a cyber cafe in Ghana or Nigeria not as they say for “security reasons”.
    I could add a lot more of warnings to this as I have been down this road many times. I bait them using phony pictures and talk with them and when they ask for money I nail them. Why??? if I am talking to them (as a very strong willed women)then they just may have less time to scam women who may be less vulnerable and not have my resolve.
    Any questions? Can I help someone? Sure hope so.

    • Hi has anyone heard of SGT Doug Green
      he is in Afgahnastan i met him on a christian website.
      I am not sure if he is a scammer or not. I am suspicious though. He will not use skype
      or can call it could be dangerous and said he cannot recieve care packages. I am thinking of asking for his ako email.

    • Sorry but i disagree. I have done the badoo site and yes red flags have gone up and not everyone is like that. Just because they may say some of the things scammers may say does not mean they are a scammer to. I am very open minded and far from nieve and I was told some of the things you were describing and they were actually true. So never judge a book immediately by its cover.

  55. My mother was almost taken by this guy on Facebook…Sgt Michael Wells. There’s more on him at: http://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22522

    Re: Sgt Michael Wells – Military Scammer

    Following are some of the emails that will be sent by the scammer pretending to be Michael;

    A prayer for you..

    At this time of the rising tide,Always remember God is by your side,guiding you through that steep hill,while you let him do his will.Place your burdens in his hands,
    though might be as grains of sands,trust in him and he will do the rest,for he alone, knows what is best.

    Joke for you…

    A large, powerfully-built guy meets a woman at a bar. After a number of drinks, they agree to go back to his place. As they are making out in the bedroom, he stands up and starts to undress. After he takes his shirt off, he flexes his muscular arms and says, “See that, baby? That”s 1000 pounds of dynamite!” She begins to drool. The man drops his pants, strikes a bodybuilder”s pose, and says, referring to his bulging thighs, “See those, baby? That”s 1000 pounds of dynamite!” She is aching for action at this point. Finally, he drops his underpants, and after a quick glance, she grabs her purse and runs screaming to the front door. He catches her before she is able to leave and asks, “Why are you in such a hurry to go?” She replies, “With 2000 pounds of dynamite and such a short fuse, I was afraid you were about to blow!”

    Just came back from the patrol,sat on the bed with my short on thinking how it would be to have you lying by my side……

    I know the signal sucks but we can get to know more about each other.

    Your Army Man

    The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,
    I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
    My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,
    My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.
    Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,
    Transforming the yard to a winter delight.

    The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,
    Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.
    My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,
    Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.
    In perfect contentment, or so it would seem,
    So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.

    The sound wasn’t loud, and it wasn’t too near,
    But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear..
    Perhaps just a cough, I didn’t quite know, Then the
    sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.
    My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,
    And I crept to the door just to see who was near.

    Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,
    A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.
    A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old,
    Perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.
    Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled,
    Standing watch over me, and my wife and my child.

    “What are you doing?” I asked without fear,
    “Come in this moment, it’s freezing out here!
    Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleeve,
    You should be at home on a cold Christmas Eve!”
    For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift,
    Away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts..

    To the window that danced with a warm fire’s light
    Then he sighed and he said “Its really all right,
    I’m out here by choice. I’m here every night.
    “It’s my duty to stand at the front of the line,
    That separates you from the darkest of times.

    No one had to ask or beg or implore me,
    I’m proud to stand here like my fathers before me.
    My Gramps died at ‘ Pearl on a day in December,”
    Then he sighed, “That’s a Christmas ‘Gram always remembers.”
    My dad stood his watch in the jungles of ‘ Nam ‘,
    And now it is my turn and so, here I am.

    I’ve not seen my own son in more than a while,
    But my wife sends me pictures, he’s sure got her smile.
    Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag,
    The red, white, and blue… an American flag.
    I can live through the cold and the being alone,
    Away from my family, my house and my home.

    I can stand at my post through the rain and the sleet,
    I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.
    I can carry the weight of killing another,
    Or lay down my life with my sister and brother..
    Who stand at the front against any and all,
    To ensure for all time that this flag will not fall..”

    “So go back inside,” he said, “harbor no fright,
    Your family is waiting and I’ll be all right.”
    “But isn’t there something I can do, at the least,
    “Give you money,” I asked, “or prepare you a feast?
    It seems all too little for all that you’ve done,
    For being away from your wife and your son.”

    Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret,
    “Just tell us you love us, and never forget.
    To fight for our rights back at home while we’re gone,
    To stand your own watch, no matter how long.
    For when we come home, either standing or dead,
    To know you remember we fought and we bled.
    Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
    That we mattered to you as you mattered to us..”

    PLEASE, would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many
    people as you can? Easter will be coming soon and some credit is due to our
    U.S service men and women for our being able to celebrate these
    festivities. Let’s try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people
    stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us.


    • I just saw my spammer Robert Ramis or Ramaris….he is near the top going by the name of
      Captain Buurke Smith..Has sent 3 pics. He is a Ramaris,sp? the pic is definetly him. To me, he had no kids or family, has house in Wiscconsin, and his general sent me leave forms.
      Probably has more aliases. Mary Beth
      General John Allen, in Halmond Base, Afg. (I looked him up–he is realin Service.
      Anyone esle feel as stupid and heart broken as me?????????????
      Jeesh, guess I have lived alone and not savy with scams, until now. How do I upload 2 other pics?
      Mary Beth.
      Blessings to all..

      • i’m not sure if this is just a reply or if it gets posted on the web site…. I too think that maybe i am being scammed, by a guy that goes by johnrepetto@yahoo.com. anyone ever heard of him? please reply.

        • Tamy when I reverse searched this email address I found that the Name belongs to a College Hall of famer in baseball says NOTHING about Military and there are a few profiles with different pics if you have doubts tell him to send you his APO/FPO and google it and tell him to email you from his military email address it should end in.mil anything beyond .mil is a fake and a scammer also when you get the email from him send him an email to that address if it comes back undeliverable you know he is a scammer which I suspect he is anyway.When he sends you an email address check the IP if you don’t know how to do that go to scamwarners.com and go to romancescam.com for support.Anonn

  56. These scammers use pictures of U.S. Military soldiers, indicating it is their picture. This of course is a lie. There is a web site that can identify the real men from the pictures the scammers use. The web site is called Tineye.com. Upload the picture they sent you to this site and if the picture is in the data base the name of the real soldier will come up. Anyone need any help with this let me know I will try to help.

    • please could you help me with this tina

    • Tina can you help me check if there is really a David Drake Honeyman from Fort Collins , Colorado springs

      • Hi Diane,
        Did u find out any information on David Drake Honeyman? I have been talking to him for months now and i dont know what to believe. bren

        • I have been talking to David Honeyman for a few weeks… He was supposed to be divorced for 5 years, have a son in New Jersey, raised in Colorado Springs, but moved to Winnipeg last year… be retired in 6 months…

    • Thank you Tina, I am going to check the photos. can you tell me how and where to go to put scammers pictures on this site we are using now?

      • Tamy you can’t upload the pics here only CJ can do that but you can go to scamwarners.com and they can help and romancescam.com I am sure you will find the pics this scammer is using on both of these sites already.Anonn

    • Hi Tina, kindly check if Commanding officer John Ramos is real or reall a scammer, but I think somehow , he is.thank u and God bless u

  57. Hello tina
    ive got pictures too
    i went on tineyes but they saying that i need to download and suscribe and i dont like it to much.so please if you can answer me and tell me where i could sent you the pic that you can look i will be happy to leave you my msn and give it to you from there .im searching for weeks now and im going a bite crazyabout all this (i didnt send any money by the way)and i really need to find the guy on pictures.thanks a lot

  58. I also have pictures. I tried it on Tineye .. but without results…

    • I have tried tineye as well without results

      • I also was scammed. I have pictures that I tried on Tineye- but nothing was found.

  59. Sgt.Aaron Ramos, aka Leonard Ramos, aka Ron Ramos, same guy operating under all of the above names. Ron Ramos on Military Dating site as well as camp Shelby Singles dating site and undr Military cupid site. I have pictures of him in military uniform, with a friend in military uniform as well, could this be the friend. Not sure how to post these pictures on here for all to see. Definitely looks like the Aaron Ramos photo’s on here. Tried to scam, but I was already onto him, same sob story…What gets me is these dating site all expect you to pay for it but take no precautions to check. Military cupid now has a photo verification which helps. If the guy in the photo is Aaron Ramos and is ok with his photo been used by scammers, surely the military should take action?? Devoting a little more of time only to shutting down this guy for once and for all…

    • I am communicating with a supposed Sgt Major Aaron Edward Ramos says he is in Afghanistan Zone. I have sent my phone numbers as he asked to speak with me says he has a house in Paris and one in the UK, he is suppose to be a widower, a daughter 15 at school somewhere I have sent pictures to him and he has sent pictures to me. Alarm bells rang today when he asked me to pay the 300 dollars to western union for phone connection and it would be refunded once connection was made I have told him I do not have the money and my answer was a definate NO. How can you tell if a genuine person is on the other end of an email or if they are scammers.Can the military investigate these scammers I’m not stupid and would like the military to put and end to this …..

    • hi i have been chatting to an arron ramos , he says hes a widower his wife was killed in a car crash with his baaby son . his 6yr old daughter lives with his mother


        • I also was fooled by this guy. He is know to me as Sgt. Micheal M (Ramos) Johnson, Sgtjohnson1011@yahoo.com. He claims to be widowed 6yrs. with a daughter 18yr. here name is Susan and his home is in Denver Colerado he is also claiming to be going home in March 2012. He asked me for money through western union and when I refused he got mad. I called him on his stuff a few times but he just brushed it off. I cant believe I let some creep see me on webcam. I fell for the army man and I let him know that if he was real that was the guy I had feelings for. I wish these scummy people could get caught and I wish there was a way of making them public on facebook. There should be a flashing post of army scammers on our homepage so we can check them right away, instead of searching stuff after. Not all of us woman think to do this till it is to late. I didnt lose money to hi, but he scarred me for life. I have blocked and reported him on facebook and I will do the same on yahoo but there are still a lot of ladies out there getting hurt as well. I wish I could talk to the real man in the photo, he is hot lol. Thanks for listening to me and all you ladies take care.

    • He is now going under the name of Mchillary Donnel on Facebook

  60. Okay, Chantal, Collette and Pam and anyone else who needs pictures identified you can send them to me and I will try to tell you who they are. Send to Somewhere1941@live.ca.
    Glad to help if I can.

    • Hi again Tina
      if i clic under your name there and send you the image ,it doesnt work ,its always the same error code,so i just send you a email to add you on my contact on msn,had me please just for the time that i cant give you all the pictures.my email started by dauphin……
      Thanks again for your help

    • Oh thanks i will send you some and see if you can tell me thanks .

  61. P.S. best pictures to try to identify are those in their dress uniform, perhaps it is the official army photo.

  62. Thank you very much Tina for your help! I’ll send them.

  63. Is there a way of finding out who the real soldiers are???

  64. I too have been scammed by a guy named William Smith Draper, an Army officer in Afghanistan, I lost my heart but not money…He’s back on Smartdate as Dennis/CMDJoe yahoo messenger this time he has two kids a girl and boy and is from lakeland Florida…watch out he’s good and I hope he gets caught…I found out what to look for from this site and other women like me…

  65. Thanks for your help Tina, it is much appreciated. Will send them.

  66. Update on Aaron Ramos,

    Well I have come across Aaron Ramos on myspace. The photo’s that I have are displayed in his albums. Now I am really confused, Is this guy the real guy in the photo’s and the scammer Leonard Ramos has taken them from him? Or is the scammer this guy Aaron Ramos? Can anyone help…confused…

    • yes i googled him and his pics were the same but what hes was telling me didnt match what was on google

    • but that same guy also goes by richard Ramos ..

  67. update on aaron ramos, cpt patrick burcke smith

    hi, his name now is jason ramos and he told me that he is a colonel of the 12th infantry Regiment in afghanistan. he has his profile on the dating platform “b2″. don’t be confused….. you are not alone!!!!!! just do not think about the person behind any longer!!!!!

    • Patrick is now Robert Kessler

  68. Thanks barbara, good to have another name added, dont think about him at all just curious as to why the site on myspace and where all the pictures seem to be coming from has not been closed down by someone yet??

  69. Hello All, I one of the growing people from the u.k. that has been scammed by men claiming to be a US solider and now i have about 5 on the go trying to get something from me ! I’m sorry I didn’t get to read this before I sent money even when I thought it felt wrong, but I glad i found this site it shows that there are really good people all around the world that have been caught out the same as me and there is light at the end of the tunnel and things get better ! so if you need a list and photos of the men I have chasing for money please let me know and I’ll post them to you
    thanks for being here I’m hoping to stop anyone else from getting hurt

    • Hi Alison,

      I am in contact with a supposed American soldier calling himself George Moose. I have some pictures of him. Could we compare notes please. Would really like to find out if this guy is genuine or a scammer.



      • Hi Alison
        George Moose is a scammer – if you read earlier posts – he is mentioned. I was chatting to him for a couple of months – got suspicious because of his bad grammer.

    • I also have photos of 4 different guys if anyone wants to have a look let me know .

      • Hi maria could you send them to me, i have been talking to one for 3 months but as yet have not seen his picture any where thans karen k.shutt@hotmail.co.uk

      • maria can i see those pictures so i can see if that is the same man whom i chat..he is also asking money from me and be send to ghana via western union.he wants me send to him right away…he has a son with browny hair whose so cute..he promises me too much..actually from the start i have already doubts because he is so fast he has so many promises…but when he ask me money from me i didnt give in..only time i wasted to him..

      • i would like to see the photos that you have, so i can compare them to the guy in Afghanistan that i have been talking to. i think he may be a scammer. bummer, i really fell for him. can you send them to my email? tamyreaves@yahoo.com. Thank you.

      • Maria I have been in contact with a soldier in Kabul by the name of Valentine Townsend who is asking of me my personal information so he can send me a pkg before he deploys and claims I will have to pay money to an AGENT to get his valuables. He claims he is from the UK and also NY. I would like to see the pics you have and would like to send you his pics. He contacted me through Messenger just out of the blue FEB 2nd. Where can I report this? I look forward to hearing from you. Oh and this man claims his mother,father and wife have all passed. He claims to have a son in the UK he has to pick up before he comes to sweep me off my feet and marry me.
        Thank you, Tracy

  70. I am writing again to tell you that the guy who was writing me first said his name was: Kennedy Flint – or Flint Kennedy. When he sent me his picture in fatigues – it was Ramos and now – finally I got him to admit that he was from Accra – Ghana – is black and 27 years of age, his name is Kwame and he admitted he stole poor Sgt. Aaron Ramos’s pictures – which I too found on his My Space page. I told this guy I have never been scammed before – or will I ever be scammed and that I would never give him any money and he decided to come clean and tell me everything because I am a nice person. (yeah right). Prior to me telling him that – he never did ask me for money but I suppose he was gearing up to it. He even sent me a picture of himself and he is a very black young man who didn’t look at all like this Ramos guy. I also want to say that – I am in my mid 50′s and my husband and I split up after 31 years of marriage because he found a young woman. Hence – I got on these online dating sites because I/we are lonely and very vulnerable and want to meet someone fast. Loneliness can do terrible things to ones self esteem and when someone shows interest in you and says nice things to you when you haven’t heard anything like it in a long time – you are prone to succumb to this kind of thievery. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost money and self esteem. So – really what WE have done is fall for a picture of someone because of our vulnerability. I now have spent many hours researching and researching about these scammers and they say this is far bigger money than the drug war. I might also give some advice if I may; inthat when I set my email account— I put my first name as Barbara and my last name as another first name —- so no one but no has my last name. I never give out my last name. (just in case). I own a business and thank God I had enough sense to do that, just in case and I encourage everyone not to give their last names to anyone. I also let people who know when they get in touch with me through on-line dating that I basically require name, rank and serial number before I ever communicate. What also struck a cord with me was that they wanted to get off the internet dating sites to go live on IM and I realized that they were probably allowed to go free for a day on the internet dating site and that’s all they needed to get someone like myself. When I tried to go back on that dating site on their profile – it had disappeared and that’s how I knew they were probably using someone else’s identity. Man you really got to do your homework. It is extremely hard for us woman who face loneliness whatever the reason or situation you are in and I hope that maybe there are other people who read and research sites like this before they are scammed out of their life savings. Please check YouTube as well. I would be more than happy to email anyone who would like to hear from me. Best regards Barbara from Canada

    • hello i would like to hear from you i have a story to
      i am very sad and feel misused
      didn’t know that could existe pleace , take contact with me


  71. Barbara, I would like to talk with you (also, a Canadian).

    • Tina
      Please give me your email and I will email you.

  72. Barbara it’s somewhere1941@live.ca, we got some things in common when it comes to scammers I think.

  73. A photo of a man who said he was Col Robert Wood also goes by the name of Sgt Damian Padmore. Claims he is coming to see you when he is finished in Iraq. Said he wanted to send me a lot of money because he felt I needed it more than him He had my address but i dont live there anymore. He told me the Diplomat would contact me in a few days when he arrived in Sydney. I was contacted by the so called diplomat Mohammad Hassan in Ghana that he needed $3000 for stamps for his passport when i said i didnt have it not that he was getting any money Damaian suddenly arranged that payment then i was asked to pay the hotel bill well i told damian that the diplomat could rot there in Ghana for all i cared. I talked to this man quite often and he showed his face on cam. Also said he had a daughter in the US Sorry I cant remember where he said he lived

  74. Has anyone been contacted by a Captain Philip C. Grishen?

    • Stacy, can you send me photos of Grishen? I have a feeling my photos are being used again.

      • I did send an email to your cj@soldiersperpectives.com email. The subject header reads: Another victim…Captain Philip C. Grishen real or fraud?

        I appreciate your response. I sure had fun tracing all the IP addresses…I narrowed down the source to a place in Slough, England this morning (I think). Lots of IP’s to trace as evidence in my case.

        I appreciate all your help and I hope it helps other ladies as well.

  75. hi i was wondering if you could check out a couple of people claimimg to be us soliders one is a sgt brian ray who is serving in sharna afganstain and he has a son named richard the next one is a sgt mcdonald peterson he is sevring in iraq and has a 12 year old son and then thers lingo martins he is a computer operater

    • Got any pictures of these guys?

    • Jenn, here’s the one who sent me a Facebook request (that I refused to accept, but I did respond to his messages, hoping I could report as a fake soldier; however I finally tired of his ridiculous messages and told him that I suspected that he was a fake soldier and IF I found out that he was I would help the authorities prosecute him. I told him I was NOT interested in him beyond being a pen pal even if he wasn’t a fake soldier. I never heard from him again. I have not seen his name or photo pictured anywhere on line; however, based on his inability to write grammatically correct English, although he said he was from NY, and based on my gut feeling, he is a fake soldier! Check out his Facebook page and photos: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001906247616&sk=wall .

      • Forgot to give you the name he is using on Facebook: John Mc Fletcher. I did write a few of his “FB friends” warning them that they may be contacted by fake US soldiers, without using his name. One wrote me back that this guy had bee professing his love for her and wanting to see her, etc., etc. She, too, suspected that he was a fake soldier. I pray that his FB friends have not been fleeced by him IF he is a faker.

        May God bless the families of the REAL heroes who were killed over the weekend. So sad. I hope our troops are brought home soon. CJ, thanks for the time you are investing in warning these victims about these scumbags.

  76. Can some one please help me i have been talking to a man named Sgt Peter Walker and i have gave 400:00$ to be able to talk with him on the phone i also have been given photos. I just want to find out if he is real.because if he is a scamer he is really good because he sent me a gift can some please help me.

  77. I would like to know if you have any information on a SFC Ryan Dauger. I have been emailing him for about 2 weeks. He claims to be in Iraq and is station in Killeen Tx at Ft Hood. He claims to be coming back to the states in October of this year. He sent me a list of his military career. Please send me an email if you have any information on this soldier if he exist or not. He hasn’t ask for any money, but he did ask if i could help him get a satellite phone.


    • The phone thing is a scam. If you send me the pictures I may be able to tell you who the real soldier is somewhere1941@live.ca

    • My apoligize to everyone who has seen this, he is a real solider and i’m sorry if i brought attention to this solider by mistake. He is a good man and a find solider. He is serving his country with honor.

      • He is a scam he ask women to get him items states if they don’t get them for him then they are not serious about the relationship. he also has some who is working with him to get satellite phone by the name of susan tucker her add is 2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
        Don’t believe anything this guy says to you he not real. I had a friend who does investagation work and couldn’t find anything on this guy at all. No military record, SS# or drivers license. So be careful out lady and gentleman there are alot of scammers that is taking advance of our military soldier both active and fallen.

      • This person is a scammer. He asks women to give him items like satellite phone, iPod, money, etc. He responds back if you are unable to get the items he states you are not serious about the relationship. He is working with some how claims to be ex-military Susan Tucker she give and address to send money to for satellite phone to 2 Jalam Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If she is real the address she provides can be googled, but googles does have that street name in Malaysia. Be careful ladies and gentleman don’t fall for the men and women who are portraying our soldier who are fighting for our country and to maintain peace in the world. This man has tried to scam my friend

  78. Hi CJ,

    Further to my previous comment, here is my alleged Captain’s facebook profile link:


    I hope you can find this guy, if not you and tell him his identity has been compromised.


  79. kevin stewart is in iraq kirkuk and i am already chat with him for a few months
    is every person of this kind a scammer are none one true story of them ????

  80. Got contacted by Sgt Aaron Ramos Peterson uses email sgtramospeterson@yahoo.com hes a lying basterd just after womens money his ip adress is based in NIgeria dont think hes in military i understood abt not having pay for leave live right next a millitary base my sisterinlaw works on sev familys in church i go to are military these creeps give bad rotten name those who are fighting a bad name . Scum like this arent fit to be on face the earth .

  81. he uses 3 same pics even on his yahoo site

  82. The names these guys give you are fake, just like the pictures they use. Everything they tell you is just made up, there are no kids etc.
    They usually start by contacting you on a dating site or Facebook, want to talk on MSN or Yahoo. Send long emails and fake pictures.
    Tell you they are widowers with a child.When talking on MSN/Yahoo they dissappear during a conversation for long periods of time. Then tell you they got disconnected. They are in fact talking with other women at the same time. Don’t think you are the only one they are talking to.
    They have many profiles on many different Dating Sites, use many different names and email addresses.
    Does any of this sound familiar???

  83. Yes it all does. will it never end????

  84. Did the guy you have been talking to give you his phone number?
    The website below will give you country codes and area codes for any country.
    You will be able to tell where the call comes from if he gave you his number or it came up on your call display.

    example Ghana – 011 (country code) 233 (area code for all of Ghana)dialing from Canada or the USA is the same.


  85. is there no possibilyty any one is right
    i am chatting already 3 month with kevin stewart
    and get many pict and also 3 different phonennumbers
    one of a finance man
    one of a care taker of his children
    even his adres in usa
    pleace answer me

    • if the phone # starts with 233 that is Ghana 234 is Nigeria.

      • yes the numbers are start +233
        i did send an email to the school where the children chould go but they don’t anwer
        i am very sat and don’t know anymore what to think or say

        pleace can someone say me if no of those mans are true

  86. ..hi i have been talking to a US soldier Major Benson Tom,deployed in Iraq,i have pictures of him, how to know he is the real man?????

    • Hi did you ever find out who he was and if so how I would like to look up leo bramble….

    • hello to you, yes i was talking to a thomas benson, we talked for about 4 months, but he never asked me for any thing,but i got really concern whrn he said he wanted to come here and visit me. we went through all these different sort of paper works, and the very one that got was you had to send a certain amount of money for how long you wanted you wanted this person to stay. i don’t know if the paper were real or not but i never sent any money. did he tell you he had a daughter, and from ND? hope to here from you.

  87. Ladies:

    With a little more sleuthing, I’ve discovered there is a network of people involved in this…I’ve been able to trace IP’s from various spots in the world that all hone into Nigeria as originating spot for the Soldier Love scandals. In my particular case I have been able to ascertain that IP’s to come from Nigeria and come from AFRINIC. Then if I use readnotify.com, I’ve been able to also find an originating IP out of the UK on a Blackberry with this IP: I’ve also been able to trace other emails, from the same “Captain Philip C. Grishen” to IP’s in the Dominican. If you ever receive an email from darfurusadmindept@mail2army.com, that IP is in New York…so as you can see there is a global network at play. It makes it very hard for authorities to nail just one person, but knowledge is power. Look for the IP’s ladies and you’ll be able to start connecting the dots. I hope this little bit of information helps you all do your own sleuthing. If you add sign up for readnotify.com you’ll be able to verify all this information yourselves. Good luck to all!

    • seems I can’t find IP’s because I run Safari and it won’t work with Safari. Got any ideas. My scammer was from Ghana. I know that for a fact as he has called me from a # 233 (Ghana) These guys are everywhere.

    • met Captain Philip C Grishen there….and was fooled completely by him

  88. Hello I need help as well

    • what kind of help?

  89. They use an agent named Rose Taveras- Markham Toronto

    and an agent named Adelakun Adewole- Osogbo- Nigeria–

    to collect money from western union, and moneygram


  90. Oh so Captain Philip C. Grishen, does get around!

    And to think that they use “God” in their dialogues to get a person sucked in.

    This Rose person has an address of apparently 16 Wickham Court in Markham…I know this because I almost fell for the send money thing. If anyone has done the Facebook search for “Captain Philip C. Grishen” – he was recently removed by request (my request).

    Keri, can you email me the picture of Captain Grishen so we can compare notes? slmatthes@hotmail.com. Thanks.

    • This person Rose was likely being scammed as well. Scammers often ask the victin to send money to another women, who in turn passes it on to the scammer that way you can’t trace the payment. It’s called money laudering.

  91. pleace could you help me if those persons are fake or real
    his name is STEWART KEVIN born 02.05.1970 he should stay at the moment in Iraq , kirkurk

    he is an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non-commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military…

    I am currently stationed in Iraq , the capital of Iraq.I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Iraq and I have already spent 10 months here in Iraq. My first mission to Baghdad was in 2003. My mission ended in 2005.

    SOLOMON,DAVID,MAVIS,MABLE….. those are the names of the kids
    this is the ADDRESS :1685 19th avenue
    CITY :river side , albion california

    this is the HOSPITAL where the children are some times : Trust Hospital, Accra
    this is the SCHOOL off the children from kevin stewart : Lincoln Community School, Accra Ghana i did contact them on email but they don’t answer me if the kids are staying there
    TELEPHONE:+233248929849 the phone nr of the car taker from the kids of kevin stewart in ghanna his name is precious obosseay
    wilhem fritz is the finance man of kevin stewart : phone nr +033248929849

    kevins stewart email is wastydon@hotmail.com

    the care taker man email livingstar22@hotmail.com (name rellinger solomon)

    the finance man email Fritz Wilhelm wil_hem@live.com
    can someone help me


    • Hi Chantal
      Looks pretty familiar …Used to chat with a fack military man ,saying the same thing as you ,as one kid schooling in ghana,him statione in irak for 10 months either,suppose to come back in 3 months,he cought his wife with another man when he came back from first mission ,ect ect he was using name on ocansey1woods@hotmail.com,his son its elijha,his brother supposed to be with his kid in ghana but soon he will go to china for work and gonna have accident …so if its looks familiar to you just reply and i will send you my msn name to check pictures with you ,I past and turn page already coz its not worted but if i can help ive got few pictures..one close to choper ,one in office,one at home etc ect ..so just reply and will see if he is the same military man (Fackkkkkk)..talk to you soon
      regards chantal

    • Similar story
      he is told me his name is frizboy and he s 27 y old and his adopting father is Michael Schein.and he wants coming to UK studying in college, And he start bagging money from me to pay his college fees.
      boy.friz@yahoo.com and he is from Ghana

  92. …Hi,everybody…unfortunatelly, the same story…so similar with others!!!
    Did anybody hear from Greg Howell???…military contractor from Denver Colorado, working for DynCorp International…finacee died being pregnant in a car accident!!!…he supposelly coming back from Afganistan in July…he asked for money for Sattelite phones and scrambler for us to communicate …i didn’t give any…i do have pictures and i wish some advise where to send these pictures so women will know it is a scamm.
    Thank you.

    • send me the pict i will look schmit.chantal@skynet.be

    • Has anyone heard of Michael Dalton posing as a US contractor working for Dyncorp International apparently in Pakistan. He contacted me through Smooth radio dating website. He gave me a phone number to message but not phone for security reasons. Asked me to apply for leave for him via email to rescueteam.com then requested money to be paid into a barclays bank account registered to a female in order to get him back to the UK on leave. He claims to have a son in boarding school in bath and his wife was killed in a car accident.

      Is this a scam?

  93. can you send me the pict i will see if i know him i did already found many

    • Love to send you pic of Leo bramble ….find out who he really is!!!


    • No tina you never got back to me after i sent pictures

  95. The Sgt Major Aaron Edward Ramos I am communicating with at the moment was on Zoosk dating site one day only I have pictures of this person can I find out if this is the SCAMMER who can I email these pictures to?????? I feel stupid because I sent my pictures to him and also phone numbers. I haven’t lost anything money or myself to this person on words and some time.

    • I can try to look at your pictures and identify, not always sucessful though. send to… somewhere1941@live.ca

    • i just went back on dating sites after talking to someone foe three months. I was just checking out his profile when he IM me within 2 minutes checking out his profile. I asked him why he didn’t have any pics yet and he said he was new to the site. He asked me for my email address and I told him because of what I went through I wasn’t going to give it out. After a few minutes he came back and told me I could email him at ramos.arron17@yahoo.com Of course it’s not real. In the morning I checked to see if he was still on Match and he removed his profile.I believe it may have been the same person I was talking to for three months. His questions that he asked seemed like he already knew me. If u can email me the pics of who u have it would be helpful. Like all these women. This needs to stop. It puts a bad name on our service men that r true and serving our country.

      • I am dealing with Aaron Ramos Ssith Now. I wish some one would help me. Im reading all these storys,I cant believe what I am reading! This man told me his wife died in car crash 4 years ago. Has a daughter 12. Lives with his mother, While he is in Afghanistan.(Kabul) His tour is up in June. He wants to get Married! He does not even know me. I dont know whare to turn. Lori

  96. say’s he’s in darfur region peace keeping
    he can’t scype or call me and now wants 1ooo dollars to come over and see me is this a scarm

    • You bet it is, dont send him money. He is likely a scammer.

  97. Chantal, Carol, Helen and anyone else that is wanting to know if the pictures they received are real soldiers or are they being used by scammers. Pictures I received from some of you I can’t identify because I’ve never seen these guys before or wearing sun glasses, face isn’t clear etc. However, on the right hand side of this page uner the heading CATEGORIES there is a page called PHOTO PERSPECTIVE. Go to Photo Perspective and you will find dozens of pictures of the real soldiers that are being used by scammers. Is your scammer’s picture there????

  98. Any one else beside me that went for this one??
    He uses the name Steve England,st.england@live.com
    Sais he comes from Chicago and has a house in London.One son and divorced. Based in Iraq. Had his 50th birthday,the 26th of March 2011.
    Skype id: anaho 11
    Use a diplomat with the name Henry Peterson,
    henry.peterson@diplomats.com as his contact.
    Haven’t gotten any good pictures of him so this one I’m sending to you is the only one I’v got, but it looks pretty familiar with the ones I found on Kenneth Steven England and that info did match.
    Only thing he got from me was an used phone but
    now I’m waiting for an fake Mr Peterson to show up with the fake Mr Englands luggage which will contain 15 piece of goldbars include some of his stuff. In return Mr England wants me to give Peterson an amount for the help he has been
    giving England through the years and of course I’m gonna get that back when England comes and get his stuff.
    All I want to give is barrel of a 45 !!!
    I’m sure there will be nothing more to this and I won’t give away a single penny. So all I gave away was my trust and a used phone, could have been worse but anyways I won’t trust one more single person in my way because of it.

    • Tried to send a mail to CJ but not sure if it’s going through. There are a picture in it I really would like you to have.

  99. I am also a victim of Lt.Aaron Ramos of the 82nd SF division of the United States of America Army, Kabul,Afghanistan with the service ID-US273555. He is now a member of http://www.findloveasia.com. He has one daughter. He is telling me that someone needs to write the Headquaters Department of Army Transit Department so that he can visit me in my country. The one who will processed the approval is Col. Steve Smith..

    • That’s a scam, he will ask you to pay for something, don’t do it, no payback ever.


    • these people are evil, please do not put attention with their needs

  100. Somebody became my skype friend a while ago under name Gary S. Patton. We did not talk much for a long time but recently he began to chat very often. His English is awful and he is making tons of spelling mistakes. The way he uses English is also not appropriate for a General! I am coming from a military family as well so it didn’t took me long to figure out that he was fake:)
    But real Maj. Gen. Gary S. Patton is really cute on all those websites, so when women google this name, a charming guy appears!

    • do you have a picture of Gen. Gary S. Paton???

  101. Ladies watch out for a Sgt Rob (Robert) Grey from New York who is currently stationed in Baghdad Iraq…..he is a smooth talking scammer to… along with his friend from Face book Chris Connon who is also in the service. Both are fake and have had their Facebook accounts taken down. These people are evil…..

    • And updated post about Robert Grey is here: http://militarygear.com/asp/2011/03/28/still-scamming/

      • CJ-
        If it wasn’t for you, this site and my friend Erin (reply dated 20 April 2011) I’d still be a victim of Robert I Grey. Not only have I received the same letter/request from Deployed embark us army, I also received the same exact love letter from him! Ha! What a tool this liar is! I have another letter from a satellite phone communications company, I have names and addresses on who funds should be sent to via western union (of course)to help get him home, get him a satellite phone etc.etc.etc. I have additional love letters that read like a Hallmark card that would make any woman melt. I have enough info to make a very, very long comment here-I just wanted to check with you first.
        CJ I’m furious! And I am making it my life’s mission to make sure nobody else gets their heart ripped out of their chest the way I did by this idiot. Please advise on how you want this info sent.

        • Andrea, I’m glad you found us. The best thing you can do is contact your local media and tell your story. I bet there are other women in your area probably being scammed and don’t realize it. The way we can beat this is to educate the public through the media. It’s hard, but your story must be told and it may help prevent someone else from losing their life’s savings.

        • Hi CJ,
          I was wondering if u have any pics still of this Robert Grey or any letters u may have.

  102. Sgt. Robinson James – the same scammer!! He claims he’s a UK soldier in Afgahnistan. His wife died in a plane crash travelling from Malaysia, he has no family he knows.
    First he wrote me on Facebook than we were exchanging emails.
    I’m glad I’ve found this site!!

  103. Parts of my story sound familiar to above posts. Met an “Army” guy through Are You Interested? Says he is statioed in Gaza. No mention of being transferred or sent elsewhere. His name is James Smith and uses james_carter164@yahoo.com. Requested me to sign up with Yahoo Messenger. Initial email through facebook stated his ex cheated on him with his best friend. Also says he has a 12 year old son Kelvin. Said he would relocate for love. Originally said he has 1 month left to come home. Now, it’s five months. We have chatted every day, although he signs on to messenger invisible. Today, he asked how I would feel if he were able to come home tomorrow. He had previously asked me to write his Commander to help him come home. Said it would be better from a wife or fiance, which I told him I am neither. When asked if he was looking for someone to be with or someone to help him come home, he was “hurt” and said he didn’t need me for leave. Today, he asked me to borrow money so he could come home because if he is approved to leave early he would have to sponsor himself home. When I told him I didn’t have it (no way I was sending my hard-earned money), he said it was okay. To see if he was scamming, I asked him if I could come up with the money, how would I get it to him. He said I would have to send it to the Troop Welfare Department. I tried to find the website he gave me “troopswelare@gazatroops.com”. Anyone heard of this site? No way I’m sending money but I need to know if he is for real. Real charming, intelligent conversations, and greatly worded emails. His emails DO correspond to our conversations. Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated.

    • It’s a scam. Ask yourself why since he does get paid, does he not have any money?? The army takes care of his food shelter and clothing so why doesn’t he have any money?

      Were you ever able to determine who’s picture he is using? Why does he have 2 different names Smith and Carter?
      If you send me his pic I may be able to tell you who he’s pretending to be. Somewhere1941@live.ca It helps if the picture is without him wearing sunglasses and is nice and clear. Best ones are the formal army pic in full dress uniform.

      • OOps email should be somewhere1941@live.ca. All small letters.

      • I literally just found this site yesterday. I started looking into it as soon as he asked for money.

        I guess out of stupidity I let my guard down. I just assumed that Carter was his middle name. I did ask what the 164 stood for, and he said his birthday (April 16th).

        As far as pics, I have only seen pics on a facebook site. They are clear, both in uniform and out. I’m sure he would accept your friend request, and the pictures are there.

        • I have emailed the pics off facebook to you. Hope they help to get in touch with the real man in them.

          Thanks for your information and support.

    • Hi sounds like the same guy. Stuart James stories are very similar. He asked me to send him a lap top or I pad, He said his accounts are frozen, He also asked to say I was his wife to be. I sent it to a diplomat Chris Williams. The diplomat responded. But he addressed it as Mrs, not future. He wanted the tracking # to keep on top of it. He called me angel. Has a 14yr son. Living with his diplomat. If i knew how to send pic I would very smooth. Always asks what time it is .. Always connects early in the am. Sends a love email each night before bed.

  104. CJ — I have lots of pictures of military personel that I have been able to find the names of the real soldiers. Would it be helpful to post these pictures in here so people could see them and perhaps determine that the guys they are talking to are actually scammers.

    • Tina, I have been corresponding with a scammer named Terry Walker James for the past 5 months. The pictures of him can be found by typing in the search section “Terry Walker James Scammer.” Go to the links that have “Scammers and Fake Military Personnel.” Click on that link and they are under that link. Please check those pictures to see if the pictures you have of military personnel are related to these pictures. The pictures of this soldier shows a First Sgt, E-8. Has Airborne patch on left sleeve on combat uniform and has Pathfinder Torch, Paratrooper, Jump Master, and Drill Master Sgt medals on the left side of uniform, along with a Bronze German medal over his name plate on the right side of Dress Blue Service uniform. I would really like to know the name and location, if possible, of this real decorated soldier. How do you go about doing this to find out the real soldier? He stands 6′, Hazel eyes, gray well trimmed hair. He has worked with a “diplomat” named Andrew Vaughn Woolnough who is in Ghana trying to help Terry get a consignment box to Knoxville, TN for Terry. Please email me with the pictures you have so that I can match with my pictures along with the real name of the soldier and rank if possible. Thanks so much for your help.

    • i i think i have been scammed not sure i have been talking with a staff sargeantcrothers smith says he is stationed in afghanistan since june 2013 he wanted to come here on leave asked for 1500 for a plane ticket i sent it never did come always some excuse now he wants to come and stay calls me his wife but they need 5000 for his retirement sent 2500 already and he wanted a apple laptop computer sent him one of those can someone please tell me is he a real military man he has sent pics of himself

      • CJ, Please check these people out weedoflife52@yahoo.com,sweetlife52@hotmail.com,glasshorse52@gmail.com Names Mic Stone, John Castillo, James And Mark Jordan….Are they really in the Army or fakes? scammers

  105. Hi! I found this just now on the web. The photo is on the so-called Bruce Collins is the same photo that I have the man I loved for eight months but then named Jenn Smith. http://galerie.dating-fraud.net/index.php?twg_album=Sons_Scammer% 2FFake% 2F1300221568 & twg_lang = the

  106. Bruce_collins@ymail.com and jsmitha1@yahoo.com is the same guy and the same photo I can say that man has been messing with the wrong woman. And Jenn smith I can only tell you I hope you find this. And I will make a hell for you. I will report you on every fucking dating site on the internet.

  107. Hi CJ! I want to add the photo I sent to you on the so-called Jenn Smith or Bruce Collins. I have found evidence of a side that he uses the same photo on both names.

  108. Another Name to watch out for on the Dating web and Social Net works Brad Johnon!!! Total Scam Ladies!

  109. Tomorrow morning some guy in Ghana is not going to be happy. Just sent him a email telling him he is a scammer and it is not going to be payday. Called himself James Wanggla (he’s in Facebook with that name). First he asked me for a Mac Air laptop, then an Armani watch, next was going to send me a box full of gold and $500,000 in cash, apparently the King gave it to him. Never did find out what King it was lol. He sent a picture of a Army officer in uniform with the name “Joseph” on it hmmm said his name was Wanggla. Watch out for this guy, if anything he is stupid. Also using the name Jonny Walker, doesn’t even spell Johnny right.

  110. Hi all! Read and enjoy. Hope they will suffer. http://www.romancescam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=37703

  111. Would you believe my Ghana scammer came on line tonite and asked me to forgive him??? Told me he really is from Ghana, black 24 years old. Not the fine young man in the soldiers uniform at all. Gave him the lecture and that’s the end of him.

    • Yes my scammer did the same. Told me he was 28 years old and his is from ghana. He wanted to know if we could stay friend lol

  112. I please beware of Ist Staff Sergant Peter Draper Smith of Afaganistan he has a guy by the Name of Albert Taylor that will fly from the USA to bring you a package also with a sob story. He contacts his lady friends through Badoo.

    Then Brigadier General GARY S. PATTON.He is also a scammer, he finds you on Skype.

    Please people if they are from they say they are from the USA or UK take note of their spelling and their grammar as that is a big tip off alot of these scammers of from North African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Congo. Their english is very bad.
    Take care and dont give them any personnal details as they us this against you.

  113. Hi! I’m glad I found this site. Has anyone heard of Kelvin Lopez? I met him through Match.com but his profile is no longer available. We chatted once and exchange pictures. One of his pictures showed that he’s with the US Navy. i would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    • There is a lot using the name lopez. look on the scammer sites. Just been looking at a paul lopez

  114. I have been talking to Christian Robson US Army, did not give any kind of rank, just investigative unit. Said he was approved for two weeks leave, but on the day he was supossed to arrive to meet me, he was unable to leave Libya, they required $300. immigration fee
    I told him to contact his commander or some military office, but he can not because they think he’d left. Says he has no money, as his salary is in US account, and he can not access from there..
    he did give me military.com to check him out, and sure enough there is a Christian Robson there, but is he the real Chris??

    • It’s a scam. I copied this from the top of this site.

      5) They need your help with “special leave.” This leave will usually need to be signed by a general officer and will come with additional fees. Military personnel do not need a civilian’s help with processing leave. I’m married and I don’t even need my wife’s help if I want to take leave. It doesn’t cost military personnel a single penny to take leave – EVER!

  115. John Raymond Williams ,he used e-mail
    johny5226@yahoo.com ,but i blocked him ans send the report to yahoo as well.
    He use the soldiers pictures,hes language is very well and he has a american accent.
    But he is a big sccammer. If some one heard story about daughter Jasmin,old parents ,and wife who died in crash .Don’t believe him ,be careful its SCAMMER

  116. Hi! did anybody hear about capt. Steve Miller? He pretended he is widower, has a 17 years old boy after his late wife; he says that he grew in Lexington Park, Maryland, have a home in LA Nevada and he is deployeed in Kabul, Afghanistan! He contacted me on facebook, than chated, than sent me mails on my private mail! He scamed me, too! The story is the same, unfortunatly! I discovered this site too later! But, we have to do something to warning others about it!

  117. My story:
    I am danish met this ”guy” in a danish dating site. He called himself Johan Caswell, but it is the picture of Aron Ramon for sure. He told me, he was American soldier in Afghanistan been there for 8 month now on a peace mission, senior sergeant major, 52 years old – he gave me his rank number too – seems SO handsome, nice and sweet, sending me a lot of very sweet and romantic emails. Soon I was in all his sweet words and believed him when he said he loved me.. thinking of me all the time misses me when we were not chatting and so… I just believed him, and felt I was really in love with this guy. We exchange photos so I have photos of him – both in the Afghanistan, with the other soldiers and alone – and from his home. We have been chatting about 1-2 hour every day and every day there was this wonderful email about me being the sunshine of his life, he had never met a woman like me, we were soulmates, he even asked if I want to get married again, because he wants me. I was his angel, his love. He called me his future wife. I felt so happy. From the beginning he said he would be leaving in a few weeks time and then he would come to Denmark. Last year – he told me – he had been in Copenhagen looking for houses because he wants to start a new life. He got divorced 5 years ago and lost his 16 year old son the same year in a car accident…
    One day when we sit there chatting he just claimed: OMG.. I asked him what was wrong and he said he just got a message from this diplomatic guy who did take care of his very personal belongings – this guy had taken this “package” out of Afghanistan and should take it safely to the USA via Asia or Africa. This guy sent him this “message” via Radio message, Johan should call him immediately – My guy was very very worried and begged me to call this diplomatic guy because he could not call international from there???. He gave me a number and I called – this other guy said that there was problems with the diplomatic stamps –My guy had not renewed them so the custum – in – Ghana -where he was standing needed 6200 dollars for that. I wrote back to my guy and he again said: OMG…. Can you help me sweetie, my darling. I will pay you back with interests –you know I love you so much and I have so many plans for you and I when I come to Denmark but right now I just desperately need you help my love. I have a lot of money and very important documents in that package. I was chocked and said no, I did not have so much money and I got suspicious.. have heard so much of this –he begged me for several times and even though I was in tears and felt like my heart was broken I said no. He logged of messenger with a lot of crying smileys…

    After that I did not expect to hear from him anymore – my heart was broken and I just could not believe all that his words were not true. I sent him an email where I told him what I meant about him – I was really nasty I can tell you that – suddenly after one week he came back and wrote that he could not understand why I wrote all those bad words about him. After he left me a week earlier he was involved in a car accident and I should be happy he was still alive…

    Since that we have still been writing and chatting and it is now nearly 2 month since he wrote to me the first time – he is still claiming his love for me , and that he would never lie to me and never had, he is longing for me , can’t wait to see me, kiss me and holding me in his arms – in the beginning I started to believe him again – I believed that the feelings he had for me was at least true – Every time now when he talked about this package who is still at Ghana International airport, custums, then I keep him going telling him that I would try to ask my bank, and when they said no, I said I have this friend who maybe want so help me – so he is still there – in my mailbox and on messenger.

    Now I found out, by searching the internet that it is him on the photos I am chatting or writing with but a Ghana – guy- I just can’t believe it. I really felt I was in love with this guy. His face his eyes – it all seems so sincere, so nice , so trustful looking at… And even though I will never send him money – A little part of him wants to believe that al least his feelings for me were/are true – even though I know it is only me who is stupid here – and very sensitive unfortunately – But now I know it is not the man on the picture, I am in contact with….
    is the name of the guy for real Aron Ramos or it this name a fake too???? Can somebody tell me that?

    • It sounds all so familier Can you email me and we can exchange photos

    • Are you able to send me his photos. At the moment I have fallen deeply in love with him with the same describtion. I want to believe he is real and stating someone has used his photos in the scam and he will investigate. He said he is real and does not want me to contact any boyfriends I have met in the dating line I’ve sent him many love letters from these guys and he is jealous and does not want to loose me. He told me to delete them all. He promise me he is coming here to stay with me forever and would never let me go.
      I trust and have faith in him so much. he sound very geniune to me and I feel he is geniune.
      Please save me to save others.

  118. I met a man on facebook email is
    sgt_lesleymiller@yahoo.com. He claims to be a solider in afghanistan and that he is divorced and a single parent of a son Daniel. He wants me to send him $250 thru western union so we can talk on the phone. Which I am not going to do. Wonder if u ladies heard of this one? let me know inklover30@yahoo.com

  119. this is horrible. I was contacted too. he claimed to be a widower, wife died on 9/11 and he is in a peacekeeping at darfur. where do they get the pictures from?

  120. wow, I was contacted by colonel james williams, who is in a peacekeeping with the UN in Darfur,central Africa. widower,wife died on 9/11 son in last year of college. very handsome 55 years old man. picture with a beret and green uniform but no visible rank. even thou I felt emotionally with this guy; some RED FLAGS started waving in my head. same story: needed to meet me, i was his angel that filled the void his wife had left, I took him out of the dark were he has been all these year. then came the request, but when i saw Nigeria and the money has to be sent over there more RED FLAGS, why send money over there if the UN is in NewYork? when i told him i didn’t have that much money $550. well, I haven’t heard from him again. it is unfotunate that they use our military men to do such thing. but i’ll really like to know where they get the pictures from.

  121. Colonel James Williams

  122. Well ladies this James Rmaos, Sgt. Robinson James etc, is going by Steven D. Smith pretending to be a medical officer in the US army and he has about four to six profiles on facebook, found me on Meet New People and his friend John Smith is also there lol his email address for Yahoo is captstevsmith22@yahoo.com and he is looking for money for leave and phone lol, there is no man out there should use a military man’s picture to get money from a any woman out there, it makes me sick that these people can do this to soldiers, I am from Canda and this is my third fake soldier I have come across, first was Sgt. Frank Welch, then Capt. Martins Brown and now this one and I have trace them all to Nigeria lol alot of scammers there. Take care ladies hope this will help.

  123. Aron Ramos not sure if he is the real one because his pictures of the same as James Ramos, Steven D, Smith, etc he goes by alot of names.

  124. Goerge Moose strikes again!gmoose200@yahoo.com

    In Afghanistan supposedly. Retiring in July and coming to London. Got the tip off from a very dear friend when I told him the story, checked it out and found this site. Thank you! Hadn’t got to stage of asking for money, but have since changed all my passwords linked to money. Pictures were good though although it was strange he asked to see the picture he sent me through the webcam!! Strangely the military wouldn’t let him use webcam so never saw him in the flesh.

    And his best friend Dave had been shot in the leg!!

    • Hi Janet,

      I am in contact with a guy calling himself George Moose. I wonder if he is the same guy you are talking about. Is there any way we can compare pictures he has sent me? He sounds very genuine and says all the right things but am now wondering if he is a scammer.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


      • Hi there Heike

        I have a pic of George Moose who claims he is in Iraq and due to retire in two month’s time. Email he is using is moosegeorge@rocketmail.com

        I have a pic if you would like to swap to see if it is the same one.

        Sunny South Africa

        • i also was scamm by him email geroge moose email imoose@live.ca from Badoo sites BIG SCAMMER. how can you see his pic i have pictures of him also and his daughter.

  125. Sorry – Read George Moose gmoose200@yahoo.com above. Typing too fast!

  126. I have been told that all army uniforms in War Zones tell you the blood type.
    So when I asked Jenn if his blood type so he answers first AA and when I said that he is lying, so I was told that he is 0 +. Then I told him that the man whom I have the photo and that I loved for eight months, none of these blood types.

  127. I have been talking to a man who calls himself Sgt. Jason Williams for about two weeks. I am so glad I stumbled across this site!! He just sent me the “asking for money” email today. I have pictures of a Sgt. Williams and feel that they need to be added. I also saved all the emails that were sent to me. I would like to pass those on for future reference as two of them do have the .mil address. Thank you for this site, and I hope more people become aware of what is going on. To use information of honest, hardworking military men and women to get money from lonely men and women is atrocious. And it needs to be stopped!

    • Jenn,can you..if I don`t ask you too much , send me a picture with this “Williams”because I chat with one named Williams,officer in US Army,not the same first name but could be the same person

  128. Watch out for Sigmund Witt, met on Match.com didn’t ask for money, left IM for when he logs in that I know what he is, a scammer. States he is widowed for 9 yrs, 2 sons 16 and 13 they live with wife’s sister in the Neverlands. Seemed nice and I told him I was gonna Google seeing I was contacted a week prior by a guy in Nigeria christopherlovingsoul. This is a disgrace to the REAL Men in the Army. Very disappoined, hope they all Rot in Hell for scamming.

    • I was also contacted by a guy on match by the name of christopherlovingsoul recently. Can you tell me more about your experience with him?

    • I was also contacted by a guy on Match by the name of christopherlovingsoul recently. Can you tell me more about your experience with him? I had suspected he was a scammer, but now know for sure. Thank you.



      • i know where she is coming from I have been talking to him now for a month. He told me his wife died and he was raising to girls they are with his sister. Ann 12 and Brenda 15 were even goning to have theam come and stay with me when scool let out for summer. I wanted so much to beleave in this. never did ask me for money. Gave me his address so I could look him up but would not tell me his unit. I just want to ask his camder where he is as if this was right but he wouldn’t tell me . Just somethings about this didn’t seam right so I wanted to ck it out . He said I just didn’t trust him. When I told him what I had found so far he said it was not true somone was out to get him. but the more I look the more I find.


  129. My military scammer:

    EMAIL: “Hirsch Johnson”

    Thanks for the reply am the kind of man that you can trust above all else.I enjoy cuddling on the couch after a romantic dinner, the only lights are from the candles burning, watching a movie or just talking. I enjoy the walks on the beach. Horseback riding in the mountains or visiting the vineyards. Anything is special when you are with the right person.

    I am Major Hirsch Johnson of the united state army presently on deployment to Afghanistan for peace keeping mission. I have been here less than six month now am the major assigned to the sixth ranger battalion with unit no 19081871/afgh in kabul,nato base in Afghanistan.

    I am a widower as i have lost my wife in a ghastly car crash few years back. I have a 3years daughter named Jenny who resides with my elder sister in Italy,Prisca my sister will be taking care of her pending on when my deployment is over. I have spent almost 15 years at in the army.

    I join the army through the R.O.T.C but took some more practical training at Wisconsin in the United State. I am here in search of love and all its vital component like trust love and sincere commitment.

    As for what makes me happy is i love saving people i love my job and i can do anything to make people around me happy,i stay and station in Philadelphia but my whole life now is just me,my sister Prisca and my daughter Jenny left so relocating shouldn’t be a problem to me,meeting the right match is just the problem at the moment.

    I love to laugh,careering and looking for a like minded person who understands the concept of life and living a good balanced lifestyle. Looking for a companion who possess the ability to hold a good conversation…Someone like myself who works hard. Someone who is aware,I’m fun loving, honest, trust worthy, loyal and kind. also like adventure and quiet nites in with a glass of wine!

    I believe the relations between a man and a woman should be based on trust and respect, being able to solve any problem by the way of compromises…That’s the way to keep the sparkle of love burning for many years. I have been looking for a woman to share all the secret things with him and to feel him presence despite any miles between us.

    And please don’t let the distance scare you away from me,we can work it out if we are made to be together,just let us move ahead and get to know each other properly we can break the distance if we are made to be.

    Ooh less i forget am 43 years of age,I will appreciate if you chat on our email(yahoo messenger), my IM is” infantry_hjohnson@yahoo.com ” I have added you on yahoo messenger so that we can have a better and comprehensive communication,please do accept me so that we can chat later in the day…

    Thanks for the time.




    Hirsch Johnson is Offline –
    Hirsch Johnson will receive your Chat message after signing in.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    Hirsch Johnson is Available
    did you get my emails?
    Hirsch Johnson:
    Oooh will checl\k later
    I would check now
    Hirsch Johnson:
    just wanted to stop by and say hi be my patrol
    are you aware that there is an internet scam going on right now that exactly matches everything you’ve told me?
    Hirsch Johnson:
    what are u saying with scam scam scam
    pls am noy into this and am not here for ur mon ey okay
    read my emails – then send proof – otherwise shame on you
    Hirsch Johnson:
    if u don’t feel confortable with me we coulc call everything off
    nothing is on until I get to know you, which, if this were real, I would consider, but, again…
    Hirsch Johnson:
    6th battalion was shut down in 1945. Rangers do not do infantry. No 19081871 is exactly the number used in the scam…
    Hirsch Johnson:
    AND what is a major doing on patrol, when those in his command should be doing it while he supervises…
    Hirsch Johnson:
    so u mean there is no 19081871 right
    i lead the patrol
    I did not say that – I don’t know enough about army unit numbers to tell you.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    do u want to teach me my job now
    You’re funny!
    You have to understand where I am coming from. Widowed, alone, easy pickings, right? Only I’m not stupid and I am very careful.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    it up to you
    i never said u are stupid
    think about it very well
    I told you what I need – how about an email from your official email.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    make more reserch and decided on what u want
    The onus is on you to provide proof, not me
    Hirsch Johnson:
    do u hink am that despirate
    putting my life and job on the line bcos i want a woman to get along with me
    so desperate as to provide proof of who you are?
    How about a photo, an obituary for your wife, etc.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    told u am not at home and i am in afhaganostan now
    you can go ahead with ur life
    if u can’t trust me okay
    it is never a do or die think
    am not here for ur money okay
    so it up to you now
    ur calling
    You actually expect me to trust a complete stranger who has just fed me the same line as scammers, but without any proof of who you are. Denial is tying your noose.
    It’s truly unfortunate, because I am a wonderful person, who is loving and loyal to those close to her and you’re giving me a very bad impression of what is out there.
    Hirsch Johnson:
    am doing my best here to get on with this ..but it seems there is basically nothing within my power i can do
    fine there might be scammers using my pics or some army pics okay
    feeding pple storys on the military
    How about a scan of a photo id?
    Hirsch Johnson:
    but if you think am one of them
    then it okay
    i just said u can move ahead



    Looks to be a 30 year old man with a 3 year old daughter. Only one friend on one site. Same pic for both.

    Graduated Franklin, Virginia, class of 1956, which would make him about 72 years old!

  130. I was scammed out of $860 Aussie dollars, that I do not have I had to borrow. I have never had money. I was sure in my head it was a scam from the begining my heart took over or my curiosity. I came straight home after sending this money and started resurching scamms etc which I had never even heard of I had not been on the dateing site for long it was all new to me. I am sorry for the soldiers who have been used in theses scamms. Also these scum bags will use our photos.
    I would surely love to meet the soldier in the photos that I have. He is probably a married man so this is never going to happen. These disgusting people who do this will get there KARMA.
    I looked the soldier up he was on my space also another site which i dont remember now.
    I found on here when i first started so i thought it was ok. I was still very sus all along… i guess i wanted to believe it my heart tricked my mind. The soldiers name they used was Eddy Monroy. This name has been used a lot i have found a lot of information. To the real Monroy who ever you are I wish you well XX
    KARMA to scum bag scammers

  131. Like all these women I thought the person was real. I meet him first on Robert Cordingly parentsingle.com. He contacted me a week later telling me he was in Afganistan and it was his last tour before retireing and he was trying to find his soul mate. After, talking to him for a while a few other ladies found me. I guess when he signed up to Yahoo he didn’t know there was a comment bar. I left comments and One of the ladies I chatted with said, she was talking to him for a while. Wanted to know how I meet him and I told her on parentsingle.com. She was from Virgina and another from Ohio. I just got a message from the one in Ohio. All she said was to be careful that he not who he says he is. So, I started reseaching. Have a lot of pics of him in uniform holding my pics in front of him.He made a point of sending pics of him with my pics. Everything seemed fine till the end when he said, he was sending a package and a friend was bringing it to me. Then his friend ran out of money in Ghana. His friend he called Dankyi called and said to tell my husband that he ran out of money to give customs for the package to go through. I told him your agreement was to deliever first than get paid.After, asking for money many times.I told him I didn’t have money to give. This went on for a little while then he emailed and said he was getting a bank draft from a bank to my bank so I could pay the Attorney and the Attorney could pay for his friends flight back to Afganistan.All he said he needed was a Trustee.I really don’t see how anyone could get a loan without collatral.

    • It’s a scam, no doubt about it. I have talked with a few of these guys and have heard the story of the package containing,his important doc’s, silver gold and all kinds of sparkly stuff. Somehow they person delivering it runs out of money and they ask you to pay for it, DON’T, there is no repayment ever.

    • hi i believe this story is the same i am currently being told althouh he is using a different name do you think we could compare notes and pics see if hes the same person as mine?
      I fee so dumb

  132. Sometimes these guys mess up and I just caught one doing just that. I met him on Badoo said his name was Wilson Buck, using the pictures of General Wesley Clark hmmm. He sent a email with the same old widower 1 child in the army retiring etc. however, he sent the same letter to about 8 other women all at the same time. So, I sent a reply to his email and included all the other women, told him he was a scammer using the picture of Wesley Clark. Hope the other ladies realize what he was up to, and tell him to get lost.

  133. George R Moose has been at it again – or rather his scammer. He was on Fifty/fifty dating website and is back again. He uses 2 email addresses, gmoose100@hotmail.com and gmoose200@yahoo.com. He is presently British living in Bedforshire for local government on £30,000 – £90,000 a year. When I was corresponding with him he went from being on a peace mission in Kabul to mechanical engineer and finally Staff Sergeant E6. Everything he said was false and obviously a scammer. I wish there was some way that he and those like him could be caught. I kept him online for as long as possible trying to turn the tables on him but he found me out eventually.

  134. I have been communicating with a Sgt Mitchell Dendy and a Jonathan Turley. Both have asked for money. Dendy needed a phone, which I fell for and sent money…no phone has ever been processed. Turley needs money to come home. I continally refuse to send money but he sticks around begging and pleading that I am all he has. We have only spoken a couple of times…but declarations of love abound! Jerks!!!
    Has anyone else dealt with either of these losers?

  135. Been talking to a soldier by the name o Sgt Major James Muller in Kabul Afghanstan. He to has ask for money for phone and money to come home on leave. As fool i sent him money for phone but have not sent money for him to come home. I want to know if this person is for real or not. I do have a couple of pictures he sent. He says he is from Ohio which i looked up and found that he does not exsist. The last e-mail i sent him was to tell if i reveived a letter from the army and that i have not opened it yet. He emailme back and said he was hurt and told me to put it in the trash and dont open it. I never received that letter and when he told me to throw it away that is when i knew something was wrong. I will try to send his pic to anyone who wants them. I did not find them on your site here.

  136. I also thin i have been scam by a soldier in Afghanistan. Did not find his picture on your site. He goes by the name of Sgt. Major James Muller in Kabul. At first he just wanted to have a friendship and later he started to say he love me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Well dumb me i fell for it. We talked for a few weeks and then he asked if i would get him a phone so i could talk to him. Of course i was stupid and sent the money for the phone, a few days he called me and said he just got the phone. We talked for awhile. He does have accent and he said he was polish. We talked for a few weeks and then he wanted to come home on leave and that i would have to request it for him. He gave me an email address of us.deptofdefencearmy@americamail.com. He just sent me a email saying he has told me the truth from day one and he wants me to be on line later to talk to me. I will talk to him and not let him know i know he is not who he says he is. I hope someone can find our for me because i would like to know if he is for real or not. What happen is that i told him that i received a letter from the army(not really get one) and i wanted to know if i should open it or not. He told me to just put it in the garbage and not read it. Red Flag

    • May be same guy. Said he was America, British accent, polish back ground. Do you have a picture

  137. Hi guys, there’re more out there … “Military Officer” Sean M. 49, I also got a mail from Cpt. Sigmund Witt from NY. In my case his wife died during child birth. Then there’s Steffes Jaeson claims to be from Montana, speaks very bad English. Then there’s Sgt. Timothy Hawkins, running through the www on Facebook with another profile Thomas Merrick, even send you the pics with his second name. And I’m not sure about a Sgt. Carbone yet … but I’ll figure that one out as well :) I assume that one is fake oo. Btw … they’re all overseas right now and two of them are widowers. This is just hilarious :) But nobody asked for money … yet ;)

  138. Hi Ladys,
    I am really shocked but deep inside I expected it until the first contact of (he calls himself) Sergt. Jim Bruce (James Ramos Bruce) born on 25.5.1964
    Unfortunatly he made some bad mistakes:
    I checked his schools (with the secretary) and nobody there knows him!
    How it all began: One day a nice hansome guy from the army contacted me on facebook. I dont know why, may be I was excited about, i rode him back. He calls me sweetie and soon he tells me how much he loves me and all that stuff. In the beginning his english was very very bad. (only using words like pix for picture and ending every sentence with “lol”)
    Than (oh what a cuincidance) his english became better. We were writing since more than 2 weeks. Than he asks me to order a cellular phone for him. I had to order it at Tadiran Communications which is a real company but of course not in contact with the scammers. The scammers use a fake-Email: tadirancommunications@email.com and the amout should be 355$- They use the real official email of tadiran and put it in their mail! Of course I informed Tadiran of that circumstance. Jim sended me a lot of photos, of himself (??), his penis, and his son. So if anybody likes to see them, please get in contact with me.
    He told me that his wife died 5 years ago about breast cancer and his son is living in california.
    He is using the jimbruce43@yahoo.com as his email. He told me that his facebook account was deleted because of a f…bitch which contacts him every day, but he didnt want to.
    I hope he will burn in hell because I stopped writing to him thanks good I saw this internetside 2 days ago!!!!!!!!


  139. Forgot to say that he claims to be in Kabul Afghanistan and doing every day 3-4 patrols. But of course he is not allowed to say in which camp he is and because of the war he has no access to his money. Of course he told me, they dont have phones over there.


  140. if he with this e-mail sgtseffesjaeson, he is a scammer/ he has 2 fake profiles on tagged.

  141. can someone explain me, how to upload photos (only faces ;-)))

  142. The following web site from YouTube has some very interesting information on the scammers posing as American soldiers. I f you search on YouTube fro “scammers from Nigeria and Ghana” lots of videos come up and most are very informative. Try looking at this site it was issued by the American Army.

  143. Hello everyone!
    oh my god i am so shocked and saddened at what has happened to all of us!! I joined some dating sites here in australia and I had three encounters with three soldiers two were in afghanistan and one in baghdad!! How gullible and stupid have i been!! I cannot believe how i was so manipulated. The three of them all asked me to apply for leave for them one of them asked me to email a gen.david petraus and the other one asked me to email ts2 rescueteam and the other one who claimed he was a major also asked me to apply for leave with opm with a fellow by the name of Lt.Col. Robert Gonzalez. Have any of you ladies heard of these places? The stories I was told by the three of them all seemed pretty real to me but I did apply for leave for the major I actually called the american embassy before I sent any money and spoke to a military attache there and he said that all of their soldiers serving apply for their own leave and that it was a scam!! It really hurts doesn’t it?? I have just about given up now!!!
    I have lots of pictures from them as well
    Their names are:
    Major Thomas Benson
    ssgt Daniel Lopez
    ssgt James Miller
    I actually went and looked on you tube last night and there was james’s pictures there oh my god what a fool I have been but you know I am sooo lucky I didn’t send any money to any of them
    If any of you ladies have had involvement with any of them can you let me know please?
    Thanks i really hope this helps other women out there stay away from these guys they are poison they are not real!! I know we are all looking for our soulmates these people are such scum bags!!
    God will get them one day!!!


      • I have these names too and the forms and they are fake – says so on the American website. I thought that too sadly I sent some money before I realised and checked out.

        I have been chatting to this guy to – see my last two posts for 4 months. Looks like we have been scammed, two timed, three timed or whatever. His pictures are on You Tube too :)

        Looks like I applied for leave for the same guy too!!! My goodness how much leave does this guy get and how many wives does he have!! I did think that there wasn’t enough information on that form originally and looked suspect and when the other form arrived. What a fool.

        And how many times does the phone, lap top get broken?

        My advice to anybody is don’t!!

        Re. the poems – guess you have had them all too, the English is crap, spelling bad, says My Queen, OK Baby (that would drive me mad), OK hunnie (a lot!).

      • Military mailboxes in with the following such extension. us.army.mil not militarymailbox.us

    • Please be aware someone using this name in Facebook acoount name :Bradon Howard Garcia, military base in Kabul Afghanistan , lives in Colombia, Washington District. AKA Mark Garcia using a captmcg43@yahoo.com or majorgarcia43@yahoo.com. and his daughter account for yahoo, pat4garcia@yahoo.com…pretending this name i know that this person is widow with two kids Patricia 15 yrs old and Allison 13 yrs old. Mark is only son and his mother is in Malaysia with Allison while Patricia is in Nigeria for school. he said he is a widow for five years, he wants to marry me and i need to send money and he is using also a name of Lt, Capt. Roberto Gonzalez a releasing officer, and i feel stupid because i send money , i feel bad because i know that both these people are innocence, oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God

  144. Dear Dawn,
    yes, I know. It hurts so much and is eating you up inside. I think the resume should be go out to a cafe and meet some “real” guys. I will never again do this via net.
    And if you send them photos of you, than you will find YOUR photos on other dating sites just to attract men and than the scammer is also asking for money for what else!!!They are criminals!!


  145. Guess that George Mosse has surfaced again. Boy I love google lol. Thank you all for writing this page. It has saved me from some emotional hurt yet again.

    Claims he is in Iraq and is due to retire in two month’s time. Email address he is using is moosegeorge@rocketmail.com.

    Guess that’s the end of that…

    • GEORGE_MOOSE60@YAHOO.COM…………………is my scammer…………….he is a real darling with the romantic chat……………………had me for 6 months…can u believe that………………….i even told him someone was using his name for scamming and he told me he was getting it sorted with the authorities when i said i was reporting it myself….told me no dont…..hed do it through official channels…………………..didnt start looking really suspicious until september when it was ‘approaching his birthday’…and wanted me to send gifts and several days later we fell out ..but he came back…………..and eventually a week or so later asked for his gifts for his birthday and also an iphone nokia x7…he had it all worked out…when i said things didnt feel right and we should stop chatting……………………he told me to F..k O.f …………had enough of you hun….haha..hes gone now….but please beware girls hes a real cutie and his pics are gorgeous………..stay away

  146. Hi everyone, I think i am quite good at spotting the scammers on this site, i have been contacted by a Lt Aaron Ramos, yes he exists, his picture is on here, however the person i have been chatting to, can’t spell and his grammer is off, I am sure that Lt Ramos can spell etc; I asked this scammer for his military email he sent me a contact email to confirm his ID, first the military would not confirm his ID to me, that I know, also the email address is wrong, I have reported him and I will continue to report scammers like him, they think just because a single woman is on a dating site that they are desperate or stupid, not so…. mind you a military guy would be nice…. xxxx

  147. Ok i bien talkin to this guyy peter rolland who claims he is in iraq ! I have looked at the piks he has sent they look the same Wut things that he has saids is lagit imi totaly dum wen It comes to this crap pleaser help me

  148. Thank you for taking the time to email me, feel free to call me Henry. I want to be as open as I can be to you I would tell you a little more about me, I was born in Cave City but spent most of my life in London, I did all my schooling in the UK before dad brought us back to the US and my passion for the Air Force was supported then in no time I went to United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, dad moved back to the UK before I was commissioned so I was left back in the US, I later got married to my old London girlfriend who I’ve had back in London many years after and she bore me Carmen, she will be thirteen very soon, you will wonder why it took me that long to raise a baby, I was married to Alice for fifteen years before we had Carmen and complications from the late birth and later cancer of the breast took her away from me, Carmen was just two years old when she passed on so please know that I’m over it, even though I love her more than anyone could imagine and I can’t completely erase her off my mind there’s nothing I could do but to carry on, I promised to give myself ten years of widowhood in respect of her demise but I must confess even though I’ve accomplished, it was never easy, Carmen has not made easy for me at all, she has always asked me to get her a mom, I know if this works out and she find out I’m in a relationship she will be the happiest in this world to know you more and she mentioned that she wants a really big family which means she wants brothers and sisters and cousins and all, I’m sorry that I’m a victim of my dad’s contract work in the US but I’m not regretting it because I love what I’m doing but Carmen has been too lonely in life as the only person she knows apart from me is our maid who bears Alice too.

    Apart from being in the force I have a business inheritance from dad which I want to face at my retirement which I seriously can’t wait to come, he supplies leather wares all over Europe, UK, US and also Asia. At his demise he asked that his attorney let me have 51% of his supply business which would require full time running by me so once this Peace Keeping Mission is over I’m going to retire into that business and settle down with Carmen and the love of my life too. I really want the normal life so please don’t be scared to work things out with me, I will be very open to you so I don’t spoil the idea of getting to know each other and please if there’s any area of concentration you wish to know about my life you can ask so I shed more light on it.

    My job has not allowed me date anyone since my wife died and now I feel its time for me to start a serious relationship as I can’t continue like this plus Carmen is growing into the teenage scene and really needs the tutelage of a mother so I plead with you to have this at the back of your mind when you’re deciding whether or not to give this a chance, I really need you. I love swimming from time to time and I visit restaurants in my free time, I frequent museums and art galleries as I have a strong interest in art and culture, I’m looking to start a serious relationship with the intention of marriage I believe at our age there is no room for games am very serious minded and I remain open hearted, honest and faithful at all times, I’m willing to put in my time and effort for the right woman.

    I’m looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to me, make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need, stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and only me, make me smile, protect me when needed, who is not afraid to receive and give love, a romantic woman, creative, I know you will think what is a man like me doing on here .. Yes the reason I came on to the Internet to find the special person who deserves all the love and passion that makes up my heart and soul is because I do not have the time to meet others out in a public setting and in fact I feel one can learn so much about some other through letters and establish a concrete connection that will stand as a proper foundation for a long lasting and loving relationship, a person has to take there time and think about the words they want to express, it allows you gain a better understanding of each other.

    The most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship, I’d like to find someone who’s open hearted, honest and easy going, a sense of humor is a big addition, Ideally we should have some shared interests and goals as well as some similarities in opinion about what’s important in life. If you love to laugh, travel and appreciate the warmth of a furry coat or the arms of your lover around you as you sleep, a wet nose playfulness, Getting caught with my woman in the rain, dance with her in the rain, pillow fights, Stargaze on a clear night, Watch the sunset together, spend all day with her doing nothing but loving and bonding with each other, be proud of each other, go on a carriage ride through the park, do a crossword together, have a disagreement (it will only make us stronger), go for a twilight horseback ride, Watch a bad or good movie together, spend the rest of my life with her, taking pictures and making photo albums and reminisce special moments together, make love passionately, go to a museum together, talk to each other using only body language, give each other space when needed but not space to hurt each other.

    I sincerely hope we can take things to the next level and share better the days to come. I will prefer we chat online first before we meet up for lunch or coffee so we can get comfortable with each other and establish the connection and chemistry we can build a proper relationship on. I hope am not too forward if I am please forgive my go for it attitude, at your response I will let you have Carmen’s info too so you can contact her and get to know her too if you don’t mind.

    Let me know as I sit here fingers crossed with high hopes of reading back from you real soon .. THIS WAS MY FIRST EMAIL..

  149. I have been chatting to Aaron Ramos on FB..
    When I did a search (in FB) I found that there are 5 of them….Stand up the real Aaron ramos.
    He also went under the Name of Michillary donel and I had that arias deleted in FB.
    Can someone check this hustler out for me…
    I just fronted him and told him he was a scammer. Now he’s gone offline..

  150. I have been speaking to a capaptain sigmund j witt. saying that would i send him money for a hes fare to the usa as he couldnt get to hes bank account as the army as sole control over hes money. he told me that hes wife died giveing birth and that the baby also died. he told me he was the only child and he had no brothers and sisters. i asked for hes address he gave me this. Giz Office Kabul.ISAF-AFG, Fieldpost. D-64298 DARMSTADT. i SEE A PICTURE OF HIM ON HERE. He sent to me. I susted him out myself.

  151. Hes Email address is. cpt.sigmund103@yahoo.com.

  152. I have recently been talking to someone from us military called joshua, he is on a uk dating site and a scammer, he is one of the guys above, he was a bit too ott so i stopped emailing him. Must be a glutton for punishment as i started chatting to a guy called William Glass, give or take the odd word it is identical the one from James massingale above. I only came accross this site by mistake, looking up some info on stuff he told me. He wont be doing it again, how could i have been so stupid. Talk about hitting a woman when she is down. This site is brilliant well done.

  153. I need help i been talking to Aaron Ramos Peterson.. foe all most a year now.. he told me to write to the military help deck and i did i sent my info to the omg and they want me to send 500 I’m not.. I’m so glad i came on here some one told me to check him out… but now he has my info and don’t know what to do… I was threaten by the helpdisk… jezzzz.

  154. Hi Sherrie. Yeah I’ve been talking to Doug green for the past month and he professed his undying love for me. He wanted me to request his leave that’s what made me suspicious and I started investigating things. I called him out and he acted like I hurt his feelings by calling him a scam and he would never hurt anyone.

  155. Someone else who contacted me after joining widow dating was an Alfred White – did not say he was US army but said he worked for intelligence agency for the government. He too talked in a kind of broken english. has anyone else heard of him?

  156. Up until 2 days ago I had been corresponding with a very handsome picture of a soldier in Iraq. Long story as short as possible. He claims to be retiring from the Army after 25 years, but had to stay as a contractor to help repair an oil rig. Yes, I sent the 5K needed so this great guy could come home. security people were shot, so he wanted more $, which I didn’t send, for more security (black water trained). He wouldnt’ provide me with anything real about his identity. No phone # (claims didnt have one), after arguing on IM, he sent me a house address (turned out to be fake). He said he is in a war zone and unable to give out any personal information that its not safe. He claims to be a widower, 20 yr old son in Ireland. I had written to the son, but still not convinced it wasn’t this ‘soldier’ who wrote it. I will admit that the $ was sent to a bank (bank of china in Hong kong), that supposedly was somehow taken by those security people I spoke of. More recently he had asked for money to be sent western union. I would do anything to know who the man in the picture is. Any thoughts on how to do this? Oh yeah, he claims to be in a private camp just outside of camp victory and for a month and 1/2 the military planes were not flying due to repair. Thats when he had originally asked for 5k for a private airline operated by the chinese..or some crap like that. Can anyone help me??

  157. this is the message receive from scammer

    Attention: Mr John,

    We received your request for contact on behalf of Sergent Melissa Wiliams and your request has been initiated. We will get back to you as soon as we made a verification and confirm your relationship with this Sergent.Pls get back to us with the officer deployment number and all this details..

    1. FULL NAME :
    3. SEX :

    Note;make sure you include the officer’s deployment number in any communication with us.


    Multi-National Corps – Afghanistan
    Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
    APO AE 09342

  158. The Aaron Ramos went by “Johnson Ramos” when speaking to my mother, he also had had a courier man named Muller that was going to drop off stuff, I’m sure a pay-now scam. I do not know what all he does entirely, but beware that he often changes his story.

    • I too was chatting with this Ramos person claiming to be a George Ramos when in actuallity it says hes name is Aaron Ramos, This george ramos claims to be a widow and has a son in the UK says his wife died of cancer and that hi. dad is from Houston, TX and that his mum is from the UK, he first asked me to help him with a gift card then selling a laptop next was he need money to send to his son in the UK. I have refused to give him any money now hes asking for money for an airline ticket say hes commander doesnt know hes leaving and has to pay for his own ticket. I thought of the scam and sure enuf found his pictures on here George also has 2 facebook pages with no friend by the way and a Myspace page as well which is where he contacted me thru. I hope this helps anyone in contact with this indiviual and I sorry that this is causing to the actual individual whos pictures are being used,

  159. I have been chatting to an Alex Ramos, there are loads of similar profiles of Ramos on Facebook including Aaron Shaun Ramos, Aaron Ramos. Innumerable ones in fact and yes, if it is the one in the pink shirt in the car, that’s him been chatting to him for months!

    First he was in Qatar, then he was in Iraq and I thought it strange why do I need money to send leave forms and I am coming out of the army- you are my beneficiary. Ha ha. What a fool, I was unwell and taken in by those stories and his promises. Stupidly I paid for the forms then I realised it was a scam because he wanted money for his flights. I thought this is strange, kept asking for money, no access to bank accounts wanted me to open a bank account. Within days, there was undying love, poetry. Will u be my wife? Etc

    But I challenged him on his behaviour thought you ought to get a lawyer and hand yourself in.

  160. The other pictures on Aaron’s Ramos Wall are the same ones that I have been sent and also on Alex’s Walls.

    Claims they are all fakes!! I actually don’t know who I am talking to! Refuses to give address, or in fact where he is based other than Baghdad but Aaron is in Kabul!! They are the same ones that are on You Tube too.

    He wants money for his PDA and also broken laptop yet still manages to use a colleagues one daily.

    The money the initial address was to send to was Nigeria? I am not sending money to Nigeria and then came up with Debra Lucas in Ohio in USA to pick up. The warning bells should have gone off but was so unwell that it didn’t dawn on me that 5 Nigerian friends joined on the day that I transferred money!!!!

    When challenged over the forms, he states they are not – yet they specifically say so on the American Embassy website.

    I also said that he needed to go and see his doctor as this is somewhat odd behaviour to have quite so numerous profiles.

    I actually asked him where was he – in Nigeria or Ghana. But insisted that he was in Iraq. Oh well.

  161. Am sorry about all this am assuring we will take measure in tracking down all online scammers, their as been a meeting with the erupean union and african concerning this issue, a conclution a been made, to pay compensation of $80,000 to all victim kindly contact us if you are scammed and evidence to back it up


    • AU and EU will do – am in contact with said spammer at the minute, have more profiles today still in contact. Suggested he get a lawyer and psych cos I do think he is ill. I have evidence to back it up.

      He said he is in Baghdad at the minute!

      Western Union need to put a stop to all of this too.

      • Please do NOT listen to AU and EU, this person is a scammer and only trying to carry the scam on longer. There is no fund being set up, no compensation for the victims of these scams. This is what we call the recovery scam. You are asked to fill out all kinds of information, basically setting you up for identity theft. If you are asked for a bank account it will be used to launder money through. After all the forms are filed out and they have all of your information, then come the fees. There are fees for everything. I know people who have lost thousands of dollars more in an effort to recover the initial money that was lost.

        This is a scam 100%. Please don’t fall for this also. Oh and an IP trace on your soldier will show that you are really talking to someone in West Africa. I have run a website romancescams.org and a yahoo support group for over 6 years, so I know what I am talking about and I just want to see you safe.

        • Thanks thought it was another scam, wasn’t going to fall for it! Oops and I can have my money back if I pay $150 to Western Union, not going to fall for that one either!!

  162. I had never heard of any of these play with your heart scammers. I thought scamming was like the emails we have all received, send 3000 and help me get my inheritance and you will get 50 million.
    Guess I am naive especially in these times. After reading all these comments. And after realizing the man I was communicating with for months and falling in love with!!!–I received numerous messages from men with the same sob story, some down to the name of their supposed children! This man just stole my heart and made all kinds of plans with me. He started asking for money to help me get a passport. I kept telling him I could get one on my own! He still haa a site on FB. He portrays himself as being in the Military in Iraq, from Ohio. I talked to him on the phone once and he had a beautiful French accent. He also said he is a widow, and that he is a fireman in Ohio!
    To anyone including this person who is a scammer. I Am thinking it is a big money maker for him, LOL or even her! I thought this person was the most wonderful man in the world. Anyone who scams is a low life, but playing with someones heart is the lowest of low. Not only is this person a low life, but obviously he is very mean to be able to fool with hearts and never think twice


    • Please do not accept a package from this guy. He is a scammer. The merchandise will have been purchased with a stolen credit card and you will be in receipt of stolen merchandise. Then you will receive a huge story about how you have to send the package to west africa. Once you accept one package you will get tons because they will see an easy way to get merchandise reshipped.

      The reason that the scammers do this is because merchants will not ship to West Africa because of the scams. You can do an IP check on the emails to see where they are coming from. My advice would be to stop communications with this person and block and delete them out of your life.

  164. I wish I knew for sure if I was being scammed. I will make this as short as possible.

  165. Oops..sent too soon. Anyway, Army guy in Iraq, wife passed away 5 years ago. Needed 5k for transport home because he was retiring but the military planes were in repair. He also needed 5k (started as 10K)to pay for military security as he was contracted by the army as an engineer. Didn’t ask for $ to go by Western Union (Bank in Hong Kong)…only when he claims to have gotten all but the last $1500 did he ask for it to be sent via Western Union..to the UK, then from there someone would supposedly send it to him.. I would do anything to know if the man in the picture is really him. How can I do that? Anyone with a similar story to this? Probably everyone.

    • I know this is late, but in case there are any lingering doubts, you were scammed. I was a contractor for 5 years in Iraq. If the planes were not running for any reason (sand storms, etc) you were STRANDED. There was no other option. I don’t care how much you spent, you were STUCK (and yes, this happened a lot, going both ways–on and off of vaction) Active Duty Military got priority on the planes too, as it should be. Being a retired Marine I often snickered inside as I watched retired Officers, now contractor, try to “pull rank” to get advanced seating on flights. RARELY did this work.

  166. Oh yeah, about my ‘encounter’ that went on for two months. He said he didn’t have a phone number to give me, and when I asked for his address in both states that he claimed to have homes in, he said that he is not to give that info over Instant Messaging due to security reasons. He finally gave me one, and it is in foreclosure and owned by a family who is still living in it. He said to ask ANY person in the military and they will back up the story about giving out any info. He even said there is nobody to take a pic. What is the story with giving out info. He wouldn’t even do it in an email.

  167. Christina – yes, we have probably been talking to the same person for months :(

    There is a group on Facebook with a lot of pictures in there – more confidential!


  168. Has anyone heard of Major Carl Edwards? Supposedly in the US Army as a major, and of course his wife died, has not mentioned any children, did the same thing, enticed, and wrote such beautiful emails, then eventually asked me for money, which I resisted for a very long time because I honestly don’t have it. I was going to send $100.00 to see if I could tell if it was a scam, and my best friend added $400.00 more, and of course, I have figured out all to be a scam. Carl Edwards even gave me a name of a friend, and I have contacted her on Facebook and Yahoo. I am not sure if she is in on the scam. Please let me know if anyone is being scammed by Carl Edwards too.

    • HI Danielle .. I am not sure if this is your guy … but Fred J Morgan – claiming to be Sgt. in US military in Kabul, Afghanistan has sent me photos with the name “Edwards” on his uniform. He told me he borrowed the uniform from a friend as his got covered in blood that day from a terrorist. I have pics if you want to see them. He is on Yahoo.com and I met him through a Facebook site … “Who is Near” … his pic is on FB… under the name of Fred J Morgan.

      Take care,

    • I want to find MY Sargeant, Sapper, Engineer JAMES HEWITZ!! I am just kidding, Ladies BE CAREFUL, thanks God for this website, today few hours before I started to chat with the scammer I found this website but 3 days before we had chatted a litlle and of course he is widow, his wife died of cervical cancer, he raised two kids on his own, they are now 14 and 18 years old now and his son of 14 years old is doing a scholarship IN GHANA??, It was so suspicious for me, so he spoke all that things but I didn’t tell him about me. THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS WEBSITE, YOU REALLY STOP ME, one more thing he said his e mail is sgt_jimhewitz@yahoo.com

    • I want to find MY Sargeant, Sapper, Engineer JAMES HEWITZ!! I am just kidding, Ladies BE CAREFUL, thanks God for this website, today few hours before I started to chat with the scammer I found this website but 3 days before we had chatted a litlle and of course he is widow, his wife died of cervical cancer, he raised two kids on his own, they are now 14 and 18 years old now and his son of 14 years old is doing a scholarship IN GHANA??, It was so suspicious for me, so he spoke all that things but I didn’t tell him about me. THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS WEBSITE, YOU REALLY STOP ME, one more thing he said his e mail is sgt_jimhewitz@yahoo.com

  169. It’s a scam – that’s the going rate for the leave forms and the beneficiary forms via Western Union, Nigeria. Don’t send any.

  170. hi,
    I was chatting with a Philip Nobiler, has anyone heard about him, he is a scammer, it took awhile for him to ask for money but he claims he owes another guy in the military money and the guy is beating him up cause he can’t pay, and he has a son that has to have dialysis and he has to pay for it so that is why he borrowed the money and he needs money to pay this guy back, he says his wife died in a car accident and his son lives in the UK with his sister in law who has custody but he sends his son all his money, he said he would send me a cheque to cash or put money on my credit card that a friend will send him to pay this other guy off. I did not fall for this as I would never send money to anyone I don’t know. Yes he did say he loved me and wanted to be with me and he was getting a leave and would be together soon but soon kept on changing, I caught on soon after we talked and played along with it for awhile then he got mad cause I would not send him money and will not talk to me anymore. Scam,Scam,Scam

  171. I just went on match.com and within less than 24 hours a guy named “Joe Marvin” contacted me. Our IM had a very slow connection so I agreed to “chat” with him using yahoo messenger. He sounded way too good to be true and when I searched his name, this site came up – and there he was. His picture is on your site! I quit match and have blocked his messages. He had poor grammar, asked odd questions, and all of his answers were vague. Thank you for your site!

  172. scum aaron daniel ramos johnson

  173. wow they are on POFso watch out ladies!!

  174. Hi, everyone. Listen, I hate to break to the new and old readers here, but I’m now deployed to Afghanistan. I can’t do anything to update or track down these scammers currently. Please save my inbox and don’t write me for information over the next year so I can focus on making Afghanistan a safer place and bring our troops home. Thanks and good luck!

    • CJ – This guy has so many different profiles on Facebook!!! We are in the process of gathering them on Facebook Group Stop American Soldiers Scamming. There are just so many it is ridiculous. Guy in pink shirt comes in so many different names – Michael Douglas :), Ramos et al. He then suddenly was in Baghdad, Iraq. There are rather a lot of them. Ramos needs stopping once and for all. I have the fake leave forms too and beneficiary forms. At times, I did not think I was always speaking to him. His English is bad. Personally I think he is in Nigeria as that is where all the money seems to go to. On one of his profiles, he is in the Marine Corps, in another profile, he is in Sudan!

      If Ramos is a genuine bloke, I feel sorry for him. Personally I don’t think the guy is very well and needs some sort of psychiatric help.

      But Diane sorry to hear that your friends has been scammed out of a David Drake Honeyman, he just picks vulnerable people and I would class myself as that as he scammed me when I wasn’t very well.

  175. One of my best friends just told me today that she thinks she’s been scammed….does anyone know or has been scammed by a person named David Drake Honeyman from Colorado. He told my girlfriend that he’s in the front line in Afghanistan and yes, in some united nations ally special forces. She has been bilked out of $67,000 of her 401k. She is a recent widow and was very vulnerable. she met him on the site BADOO. Is there any recourse in that anyone knows about to recover her money? I contacted the FBI but not much they can do…Can the military do anything?

  176. I have also been aproached on Facebook by a Captain Larry J. Butterfield, who’s serving in Kabul, Afghanistan. Been corresponding for several months and everything I have read on here describes him to a “t”. I personally haven’t sent him any money but he defiantely has tried. It’s sad because i’ve come to care for the Handsome Man in the pictures and would like to know He’s alright.

    • Tina, I have been in contact with a “Peter Butterfield”. I wonder if it is the same person. This guy is very handsome, the picture he sent me was of one where he is sitting at a table with his hands cuffed, another in a uniform in front of a flag, and another where he is working on somerhing. He says he was on deployment 9 years ago and found his wife in bed with another man. she moved to florida with his son while he stayed in whereever…she died 3 years ago of cancer. now he is looking for love and hasn’t dated in 9 years.

      Has anyone heard of Peter Butterfield from Match.com? sweetpetter0977 is his username.

      • Dear Kandi,
        I have also met a Peter Butterfield on Match.com. Are you still communicating with him? Did he try to scam you? I have just been curious about him. Wondering if he is another one try to hurt us ladies emotionally as well as financially. Thank you for your time. I appreciate any help you can give me. You can also e-mail me at:
        luv2dohair@sc.rr.com Have a great day! Gigi

      • Dear Kandi,

        I saw your question regarding Peter Butterfield on Match.com. Are you still corresponding with him? I did for a time and wondered if you found out anything? Is he like the rest of these men taking advantage of us ladies emotionally and financially? I do hope you can give me some insight? He still contacts me occasionally. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Gigi

        • Sounds all very familiar…Try this one…Sgt Kevin James Butterfield…sgt.butt@yahoo.com. Stationed in Kabul,
          Afghanistan…Camp Eggers… A real romantic talker…broken English…read verses from Bible and also from
          professional literature.Widower..in Army 30+ yrs, son 13 yo…lived in Florida.,
          Read many of these comments posted. What a terrible disgrace to our military gentlemen. Please respond.
          Would enjoy a chance to persecute this idiot, Seriously.

      • i know a Michael Butterfield….with a very handsome picture…he is a scammer too…sorry

  177. Women watch the man from UK ,name Harry Raymond,he is looking for the money,too. He is man with one son. He was on the dat. side “LuckyUSALover.com. Stay far away ,he is scam.

  178. help me steve miller finden please please

  179. Ok,so here it goes.It is about my friend,I think she is being scammed and I am really worried. She met this man on tagged,he calls himself Henry Bryant,Bryant Henry on facebook. He says he is 41 years old,and based in Cardiff,Wales with the Us Army.I myself am a US Soldier Girlfriend,and I know there is NO US Army in Wales,or the rest of the Uk.Only US Airforce.He says he is based out in Afghanistan,has a Uk mobile phone number,which I tried calling numerous times,but no one ever answers. He tells her he cant ring her,cause he can only phone registered family members. Which again is bollocks…. Also he tells her he is a widow,and his son Shawn lives in Cambridge with a Military Guardian. She even had a E-mail of his son,where he asks if he can call her Mum…. I don’t think any 16 year old would say that to a stranger.
    She says his grammar is attrocious,and I have read a few Messages myself,and he calls her *BABIE*,when she told him it’s spelt Baby,he said he invented the spelling for her… O.o Last week,he told her he is running a company with his father,and had to import some goods,but the guy that was taking it across the Border didn’t have enough money for Customs… He didn’t exactly ask for money (Or not that she told me),but that’s when my alarm went off. I just don’t know how to tell her,as she is so loved up. I keep telling her,ask him what FOB he is on,which Batalion he is in,what rank he is,etc,but she is just denying it to herself,saying she isn’t interested in Army Stuff. It is just so heavy on my heart,and I don’t know what to do. He told her on the second day he loves her,and on the third he asked her to marry her. I just don’t want her to get hurt.

    • concerned friend tell your friend she is being scammed this is the same guy thats talking to me.and has been saying the same thing. find out wat his email is and i will tell you forsure. but im possitive this man is who im talking to now

  180. I have been chatting with Steven Ramos, clains to live in Kabul. States he is a widower, has an 11 year old daughter that lives with a care taker. He has never asked for money, but has asked me to buy him an unlocked Apple I-phone 4 (so that we can talk) I have recieded an e-mail from someone claiming to be his daughter (Kathy) wanting me to tell her more about myself as I am going to be her “mum”. Today Steven asked me for my address so that he could send me a package, told me he like to buy, “my wife nice things” I gave my address, then he asked if I could meet with a diplomat at the local airport to recieve a package he was sending me, with 1.6 million dollars in it. For me to keep the money safe, and when he retires (as soon as his deployment is up) we would buy a house……This is when my thoughts turned to wrong doing, and I stumbled apon this site. I have chatted with Steven on Facebook, and my yearbook. As soon as we started chatting on yahoo, he deleted my friendship off facebook. (I had become suspicious when he had posted a pic of his Virginia home, with palm trees surrounding it (having been in that are I have NEVER seen palm trees in Virginia. Stevem claimed this were “planted, “fake” trees.

    I have informed him of being caught, anxiously waiting his reply

  181. okay, here is another name I believe is a scam: Sgt Roland Smith, US Army…. uses myyearbook.com and his address listed as Kabol (sp) should be Kabul…He has a yahoo messenger acct of sgt_rolandsmith… a facebook account under roland smith in Afghanistan… he called his mother Mum which is a very british thing to do, considering hes suppossed to be from Cali.. His wife died in an auto crash 6 years ago and he has an 8 year old son living with his mother…he has football on his fb page as his favorite sport but has soccer as the pictures… not a very american thing to do….. his FB pictures, although in uniform do not show his name….be very suspicious….waiting patiently for him to ask me for something….he has not friends on FB, just started Aug 5th…His YB account is set to private and he wont accept friend… all very suspicious.. has anyone else heard from him?

    • ladies; just heard from him again… he’s def. a scammer… he told me he likes football but gave barcelona and chelsea as his favorite teams… asked him why an american would be calling it football instead of soccer, he cut me off… after telling me he had feelings for me and couldnt see why I was calling him out… says his wife died in a auto accident Sept 25, 2007 and her name was Judith… I cant find an obit anywhere…he also says he likes to play chess, lawn tennis and fishing… his mothers name is Judith and lives in Cali somewhere with his son Larry who is 8…. his email is sgt_rolansmith@yahoo.com
      please be careful, he thinks he’s charming…..he has two sisters…he’s professed his feeling for me every day for the last week… sad individual.. he is scamming but not very good at it…at least not yet…

    • amy if you notice there account will also say not a reciepent also ive tried to send things and thats what pops up be very careful this guy is bad news.if he starts to ask for money for things tell him he makes more money than you do and if he tells you he dont have access to his money then he is lying to you dont get scammed.these scammers needs to be stopped.

    • i had last week a chat with sgt roland smith. he told me he was in afhanistan. Working as a sniper.
      Asking me how much money i get for work He told me he got 35000 dollars each month. He would buy me big presents like a powerbike when we would be eachother. i told him i don t want such big presents. His mum and dad were not alive anymore, they where sick. His wife died in a car accident 4 years ago, he was at the store at the moment it happens. she was burning for his eyes. he had a son 8 years He would meet me, couldnt concentrate anymore at work, he was scared to dying cause he wasn t concentrate, so he told me meeting was the best option. he would come and stay in a hotel. i had to make a request for leave. then he send me a militairy adress, but it ends on hotmail.com. i thought it can t be an hotmailadress. so i send a message.
      he told me he was in camp phonix and his number. few minutes after i send the mail, he was called by his superior. mail was not their yet, but the man told him for leaving their must be payed between 400-600 dollar, but when he was here the money will be received. i wrote his number on google and what did i find??? nike air shoes haha. i didn t chat with him anymore. he is on tagged and facebook. using pictures from millitairy man.

  182. Have been talking with a man who said he is in baghdad and E-6 Staff Sergeant he said he name is Marvin Ramso and has a 15 yr old son. His story is the same as what I have been reading on here. how do I know if he is real or not? he hasn’t asked for money or anything but have had someone else try to scam me so am very careful now.

  183. Hi my military scammer uses the name Lt Col James Hernandez (Kabul) Afghanistan – asking for payment on his special leave request yes, and i fell for it made payment to the agent in Nigeria. If some one can tell me how to add his pictures i would gladly do so.

  184. Paul Graves on SeniorPeopleMeet.com. Said was using a friends acct cause people in the army cannot accerss Dating sites. Well he obviously did. Said in Iraq from Liberty SC has a 9 yr old son who lives with a friend in Ghana. Is 51 yrs old been in Iraq for 8 months and will be ‘home’ in 2 months to retire.
    an excerpt:
    Paul Graves: I am so proud to stand for my nation. I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non-commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
    Professes to be attracted to me. After randomly finding me. Does not use a .mil email, uses paul_graves @yahoo.com. Pictures of him in a nice house with ladies purse in background and picture of him in fatigues holding a little boy looking younger than 9 yrs old. Will post if I can figure out how to,

    • Thanks Cara. You verified what I have thought all along about this guy my aunt met on a senior dating site. Now I have to convince her before she gets in too deep. Beware PAUL GRAVES ladies.

    • can you tell me about Paul Graves since he has been talking with me and I now know he is a scammer and would love to talk about what he has sent you as well as what he has sent me. I am still on line with him but he doesn’t know I know he is a scammer. Love to here from you.

    • well as of this evening he is still using a friend’s senior people meet logon from FL – his yahoo account tonight was sgt.paul53@yahoo.com and he wanted to use yahoo messenger which I refused – seriously if he has access to the site he could use its email also – same pics, 9 year old he is holding in an army fatigue and a pic in the kitchen with a purse behind him – you nailed it. now he is in Afghanistan o a peace keeping mission, sounds like piece of our wallets. ladies, seriously – never ever communicate outside the site – if these guys cant afford the $20 to sign up or tell you they are not renewing are you really interested? many guys are liegitimate and it is unfar to lump them all together here – it is easy enough to google them as I just did with ” Paul Graves army” – he is too oblivious I guess to know we are researching him as he attempts to scam us! note he prefers IM as I suppose that makes you more prome to impulse, yet his frineds profile never showed up as having viewed me so I am sure he was scammed himself………

  185. Has anyone heard of “Peter Butterfield”?

    • Dear Kandi…Peter Butterfield, probably Sgt Kevin Butterfield—sgt.butt@yahoo.com

      Check out Been Verified.com A true blue Scammer Look for Kevin James Butterfield

      States DOB—05/23/1962 In Kabul, Afghanistan Wanted a care package with detailed

      items—expensive watch, special cell phone, AirForceOne Nikes, and clothes, oh & gold necklace.

  186. Latest is James Morris. Uses same lines as Robert Haggard. Email is james_morris2020@ymail.com
    Comes from Match.com latched on to me as I was deleting my account.
    He said his birthday was Sept. 6th. I am sure he was getting ready to ask for money. If a guy tells you he loves you after three days of emails something is not right. Listen to your instincts.
    Here is a copy of the email I sent to him.

    From: Maria Cicalese
    To: Jim
    Sent: Saturday, September 3, 2011 11:41 PM
    Subject: Happy Birthday

    My name is Robert Haggard.I was born on the 2nd of August, 1961 at Baptist Hospital of California. I started A & A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field.
    I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience.
    I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military.
    As you already know, I am currently stationed in Baghdad , the capital of Iraq.I have to let you know that I am on my second mission to Iraq and I have already spent 10 months here in Iraq. My first mission to Iraq was in 2003. My mission ended in 2005. When back to the States, I found out that my ex betrayed my love by going in for another man. She cost me a lost. She misused my properties so I paid her off. I was in love with her with all my heart but she let me down. I was with her for 14 years.

    Hey Jim, sound familiar does to me…I will update the site with your information. Have a nice day…Don’t get shot in the ass!!! Maria

    • James Morris aka Alex Tock aka Calvin Miller aka Patrick Burke Smith aka Aaron Ramos Edwards aka Aaron Jay Ramos! This is all the same person. The picture is actually a poor real person named Aaron Ramos.

      Let’s get this guy ladies!!!

      • Sorry, he is also Robert Bill Haggard!

      • @ Monica are you sure the real persons name is Aaron Ramos because Ramos is NOT a common last name for real scammers in fact I have NEVER heard of an African with the last name Ramos I susspect this is a Nigerian or ghanian or in any case an African Scammer so I dont think this real scammers name is Aaron Ramos

      • @ Monica are you sure the real persons name is Aaron Ramos because Ramos is NOT a common last name for real scammers in fact I have NEVER heard of an African with the last name Ramos I suspect this is a Nigerian or ghanian or in any case an African Scammer so I dont think this real scammers name is Aaron Ramos