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Been Scammed By a “Soldier”?

All Posts  March 03 2011
 — By Marcus

With CJ out of pocket for a few weeks, he passed off a media interview to me. They are also looking to speak with another person whom was scammed by someone posing as a military service member. This is a major media outlet everyone in the US has heard of. If you live in Northeast US near New York, please send me an email. My address is marcus-at-youserved-dot-com. Time is short on this, so please get in touch as soon as possible. Thanks!

Update 30 August 2011: The number one question we get day in and day out is if there is a way to let the real soldier being used in a scam that he is a victim as well. Unfortunately, there isn’t a reliable way to track down the soldiers. The time and effort put forth would likely do little good. I feel horrible that the images and names of these brave men are being used for nefarious reasons. Please, continue to share your stories and warn others. The more people we are able to educate on this horrible deed the less profitable it will be for the criminals.

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  1. I,ve got pictures on a military man that exist for real,but he was scam from a scammer who stole his pictures,i need to be in contact with the man in pictures or i can send you pictures from the one that i have,but i really dont know where to post it ,so please help me …thanks

    • send me is picture that he use so that we can know what to do okay thanks

      • would like to hear more about the “soldier” named Randal Nieper he has contacted me recently and when i googled his name this site came up i have pictures in which the last name of the soldier is Napier.please help me find out more about this so called Randal guy

        • does anyone know a john carney and is he also a scammer

        • Hi,I am on Yahoo chat with ” Randal Nieper” TOO ! I keep telling him he has a accent and asking what his nationality is because I can see a accent…I ask him about 6 times in 1 session on chat.He won’t answer me..this time he said it was 2:00 in the morning and he had to get some sleep…about 1:1/2 later he went off line..I hadn’t talked to him more then ten mins. before I knew there was something wrong..
          He said he has an 8 year and 10 year old boy.and his wife died in accident ..I ask him how and he said he did not want to talk about it… his pic is of a soldier..but I thought it could be pics of a dead soldier that he is using ..they are to small to see even with a magnifying glass…

        • Talking to him now!! LOL

        • Hi there
          I ´ve a photo of the guy with the name “Napier” on his uniform., Can we exchange photos to find out if we hav e the same, maybe a scammer

        • Do you have pictures of the guy, I think he is going by other names…please send photo…thanks.

        • I have to been contacting by a Stewart S. Napier , who says he is a Sargent presently in the U.S army asking for money, and telling he loves me and wants us to spend the rest of our lives together. I have pictures of him and some of him with 2 boys he says are his . Anyone please email pictures of anyone saying they are this person or have a last name similiar. He is and was using single match sites to find women.
          Thank you !! We need to find the truth of these people and honor our TRUE AMERICAN SOLDIERS !!!

      • I think I was also being scammed by so called Sgt. Mark Lance serving in Afghan. The pictures are real but I think they were stolen, Im really interested to find out abt the real person on those pictures. I can email you the pictures, he needs to find that his pictures are being used to trap women. The scammer told me he was so in love with me within 24hrs and needed me to western union $375 to an agent below
        Name: Goerge Boye
        City: Subang Jaya
        States: selangor
        Zipecode: 47100
        Country: Malaysia
        He gave me an email address to contact the so called phone company “Getnumber
        US army in Desert” So i started messing with him and really got into his head and called him on his blurf. He could not even figure out some of the military slang. Dumbass! He is currently on Metrodate.com under the name of Mlance. Im really a military suppoirter and just wanted to meet someone who is currently deployed just to make their time fly by. Where would recommend I go. Thanks,Jo

        • Hi Jo…
          I also know of someone right now talking to a Marc Lance….he has a son in London..similar ? JT

      • I am communicating with a Micheal Potals. He says he is a Colonel in Kuwait city..and about to retire and looking for a good woman to settle down with. He has asked that I send him money to get off base 77442 to come visit me and possibly get married.He is connecting with casualink as telecom……it is 1st military.telecom@yahoo.com. . then we are now communicating for monies through–militarypersonelmg@ymail.com His e-mail address is mittype@yahoo.com

        • Hi Alicia,
          I have been talking to a Col who is supposedly in Kuwait in the same base.Do you have a pic of what he looks like.Will send you pic if you would like.He has asked that I send him money to get off base 77442

      • I think I am being scammed also he is using Steven Goslowsky and he even has a facebook page…we have been chatting for a couple of days…he has pics and you might want to check out his facebook page..he said he is uncomfortable on facebook..and he is on badoo so you might check that out also…

        • Hello My name is Wilson and am a police officer who is working on this kind of scam army woman and men been scam out of money i can help you get all your money soon so you should not worry e-mail me at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be waiting to hear from you

        • Wilson is NOT a police officer and is NOT working on these scams. Do NOT contact him please! It is another scam.

        • i have been talking to this steve golowsky, i need to know if this the same guy, does any have any pic s of this man, you can share with me, ty

        • iam talking to steve goslowsky now,is he a scammer?

    • i have the same problem with Chantal… Am talking to a “SOLDIER’ right now, got picture.. he is not asking for anything.. all i want is a verification…. where can i send you the picture? i don’t want here published for now… thank you…

      • hi i have been talking to a US army man name of Stephen Watkins in Kabul is he a scam his email is whitedove878@rocketmail.com i have only seen a few photos and one is in his uniform and has his name on it he also told me of his uncle Alfred Klint his email is alfredklint@live.com please can you find this all out for me?

        • anyone here know jones morris ? he is claiming to be from NC and says he is currently in afganistan kabul.
          he ison FB. he wants me claim a security box from a UK courier company. his email id is jonesmorris72@yahoo.com

    • please send me pics to see if this is the same guy.he told me he had a 7yr son

    • Hi everyone I would like to give you all a very good website to help you identify a scammer. I was scammed and found it. There are multiple pages plus it allows you to post any known scammer. Please be careful out there they dont care about who they hurt. wwww.delphifaq.com/faq/male_scammers

      • Hello I am glad I investigated this sooner than later, a man saying E6 staff sargeant found me on lavalife and then emailed me this long letter looking for a mate when he retires in two months the pictures are of a very handsome man named Kenneth Lopez, born in madrid, I knew it was too damn good to be true! Watch out ladies..
        THX Denise

        • Hello Denice im so glad to have found this my mother been chatting and falling in love with the same name you mention hes been sending her pics could you please send me the pic to finally show her it was a scam hey ill even give you my phone number so you can talk to her we are from Canada and money as been ask now she want to send him a phone ect ect please help ty..Hes a good looking man please send me the pic or ill give you my phone number and we could talk let me know asap ty

        • Hey Denice my mom as the same guy trying to scam her she also as photos can you send the pics at thumb21@hotmail.com please ty soo much……… Jan

        • I want to ask denise can you pls ask Jan if her mother is still in touch with that man ?

        • Denise, I also got contacted by a man saying he is E6 Staff Sgt with the US Army, I dont know if he is the same guy, If you have a picture of him can you sent it to me, I will send you the one I have.

        • I have been talking with a guy, he says his name is Richard Alvarado he is suppose to be in Afganistan…also he is suppose to be retiring in 2 months…he said he has a child that is 10 yrs old also that his wife was killed in a car accident…Please Reply

      • i was also scamed by someone using sgt donnie hunsucker info….the fake one started asking for money for everything,them came the fake forms about his leave that will cost $7.000 uds
        claiming he has no family only a 7 year old son name Dave who lives in NY with a nanny
        but i began thinking why we couldnt be FB friends so i went on the real Donnie Hunsucker FB page and send him an inbox well as you know he was not the one chatting with me for the past 10 months
        so in new years day chatting with the lier i asked how was the weather there he reply hot and sunny…lol
        but in the real Donnie Hunsucker page he was complaining about the snow and how frozen all the was was…hmmmmm. makes you thinh ay?
        but what kind of a person would use those militiry ID in that manner when those guts are putting their life on the line for us all….ladies pls be carefull online

        • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

          Hello… My name is wilson and am a police man who is working on this army scam men coning woman for money if you have been con and you need your money back you can send me an e-mail at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be there to help you anytime

        • I have been talking to sgt.donnie hunsucker through e-mail for the last few days. He found me through one of his friends on facebook where they had seen a comment that I left on a post. I set up an entirely different email for him where we could communicate and chat. He has sent me 4 pics and is supposedly stationed in Afghanistan. The emails that I received come signed… “Donnie xxx” then followed by…
          “Sent from Military Secured Device, Afghanistan”. Can someone tell me if this is the same Donnie Hunsucker that is mentioned on here. Supposedly this man has 20 years in and wants to retire in another year and come home to me. He tells me he has been widowed for 6 years and has a son Dave that is 10 and living in Brooklyn with a nanny since he is an only-child and both parents are deceased too! I will not delete him and continue you have contact so I can help bust him out if a scammer. He sounds like such a total delight… I kept telling myself he is too good to be true. Today he asked if I had a way to get a Blackberry bold phone to him “so he can chat with me any time” and an Armstrong wrist-watch, silver tone (what’s a loaded soldier need that for when over in Afghanistan)? I will keep playing his game. He tells me all shipments have to be scanned through a secretary before being sent to them and it has to be mailed to her first, SO, I will convince him that I have the phone to ship and see if I can’t get an address for shipping! Please respond if there is anything we can do about this! People like that work my nerves majorly! I hope that he’s NOT a scammer but I have a feeling now that this is the same person mentioned before!

        • I was nearly scammed by this Donnie Hunsucker – things got a little serious as I started asking personal questions – he started to get ‘angry’, and wanted to know why I wanted this info – saying if I didnt pay for the calls he couldnot talk to me.
          Luckily once I started asking too much info about family and friends and where he was from he signed off for good.
          Isuppose I was one of the lucky ones to have escaped this pretenders ploy.

        • He hit me up today…and is telling me that he’s a widow with a 10 year old son that is with a Nanny. I knew it was a scam, but I just thought I would make sure and warn others if I found proof. Thank you for posting that!!! :)

      • Does anyone out there know if kev_bert@yahoo.com scammed anyone

      • has anyone else been contacted by a kelvin bert who is in Afghanistan with the marines I think he is a scammer

      • Thank you for the info. James Halladey, Albretch Monroy, Paul Rynca are scammers. These so call soldiers who have asked for money for communication fees, base leave and even medical expenses for a family member. Looked up their names and email address on the internet site, no luck locating them yet.

        These scammers should be in jail for what they are doing to our soldiers and the American people.

      • Watch out for Sgt. Albretch Monroy, Sgt. James Halladey, Sgt. Paul Rynca these are scammers. James has been used for about five different names, James is on his uniform, but five different first names.

    • I have been contacted by a supposedly soldier named Alvin McGarvey Miller. I have good women’s intuition and if you have a picture of this scammer would you please send it to me. He claims he has a 9 years old son, and getting ready to retire soon and his a lt col in army over in Afghanistan. I’m glad I googled before going any further.


      • Barbara, I had his picture… but it was some troops picture he was using.. This scammer sent two dozen roses and candy.
        I dumped him around the time he started talking to you…. it seems like… but if keep reading a soldiers perspective he tried to scam another woman….

      • Just to let you know, I too was contacted between mid to late Oct, 2011by this supposed Lt. Colonel Alvin McGarvey Miller, in the US Army, who lived in California, but is now serving in Afghanistan.. He claims to have already started his retirement papers, been widowed for 7 yrs, lost his wife in a car accident, has a 9 yr old son who lives w/ a caretaker. Yes, I do have photo’s of the supposed Alvin McGarvey Miller, son, and w/ a member of one of his troops. Doesn’t respond much to my questions. Yes, I received red roses twice, stuffed animals, and poetic cards. I really thought something was up though ~ as he’s so hard to understand. Sorry, I wish I knew how to download his photo to you. The sadness I feel, is for the real US Army soldier whose identity he’s stolen ~ he’s also a victim. The real soldier is out there protecting our country, and doesn’t know about this. This man has scammed us big time. I can give you a lot more info too. But, I did have to pull teeth to glean info from this scammer.

        • Hi, Donna.
          Could you, please, send me some pictures of this “army” man? His stories are very similar to other stories, that a man called himself colonel Kelvin Wilson wrote to my aunt. I am very sad, that he bothers her. I want to show her, what a liar he is! I would be very grateful for your answer.
          All the best,

        • It seems that this guy goes “international”.He called me via Skype several times in order to do business via intermediary in Luxembourg(europe).I was not able to upload his photo though it was on the Skype page each time we conversed.Because I did not trust him,he got no truth from me.He referred to himself as General Alvin
          Miller but he was to young to be a general.Furthermore,his office shown in the pictures was not “general”like.It was more that of a warehousekeeper.Hope that helps.

        • hi donna just reading ur post i am in same predictament met this guy on dating site chatted to him couple weeks and he seems really nice said he sent me a gift still not recieved it . he told me his wife died in car accident left him with his son he in us milatry , he got a maid looking after his son etc he told me he retireing after this mth want to be my husband etc now wants money i have not giving him any but he quite determand to get it i have pics of this man available thx x ps he calls himself he calling himself mikael stennberg his son daniel got pics of both them if anyone could help me with this thx

        • Janice delete and block this scammer demand that he pays his own way and stop begging you for money if he were a real US Military member he would have access to his own money and would have access to his own money at all times go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com and remember the US Military takes care of its own and will not need your help for any reason if you meet any man on any social site at any time tells you he is Military and begs you for anything he is a scammer after your Money just like this one delete and block him Now he has no power and the sob story hes telling is the typical same lies they all tell The uS Military does not use moneygram or westernunion nor does real Miltary members have time to sit online and beg strangers for money but scammers do.Anonn

          If he claims he is the Man in the Pics tell him to get on cam and prove it ask him for his APO and google it and ask him to email you from his Military email address it will end in .Mil anything beyond .mil is a scam and a scammer if he wants money or claims he cannot get access to his Funds as scammers call it simple tell him to give you his credit card or ATM and pin number and tell him you will draw the money he needs out of his OWN account to send to him NEVER send money to anyone you do not know.The US Military takes care of its own

      • He is texting me and contacting me on yahoo. He said he will retire soon and coming to see me .Hehas a son now 10 years old.

        • sounds like someone emailing me who say retiring in a few weeks and wife carol died in 2004 and has 10yr old son, name of col. J. caldwell? anyone heard of him. says lives near miami beach and yet stated yorkshire on the site he contacted me from but says in us logistics afghan sounds odd any comments

        • Hey, I have some pictures of a army man that I was talking to…do you want me to send then and see if they are anybody you have seen? I too am real curious to get this problem solved. Thanks Theresa

        • Sounds like the same person I have been in contact with, can u tell me his name .

        • Is his son living with a friend in Africa?

      • I am currently talking online with a Lt.Col. in the army stationed in Afghanistan. He says he has a 10 yr old son who stays with a caretaker who is a childhood friend who was born in California, but now resides in Accra, Ghana.
        The friend’s name is Desmond Mavor. I googled that name and was directed to this website.

        This officer’s name is Warren McGarvey and his email is warrensworld56@gmail.com. Can you send me pictures you have so I can see if this is the same person

        • The man I am communicating with wants to fly to where I am with his son when he retires soon.

        • @ Laurie your guy is a SCAMMER and HE is in Ghana because he is Ghanian the caretaker story is something West African Scammers have came up with IF he were an American Military Soldier why would he send his Child to West Africa? sounds like BS to you sure does to me so unless you have met him face to face he is a FRAUD and him wanting to fly to be with you in your City is the SCAM he will tell you he needs money to fly back to the States yes it is another lie scammers have invented it is best to Educate yourself so that you can know when you have crossed paths with a scammer go to Scamwarners,Romancescam and google Military Romancescams know that ANY Man that finds you on any social site and claims to be Military in ANY war zone then claims to love you or wants to all of a sudden come to your State or city is ALWAYS a SCAMMER.delete and block him asap.

          Know that US Military members NEVER need your help for any reason they have access to their BANK accounts at all times they NEVER have to pay for leave or retirement nor flights to and from the warzone they NEVER need your money nor assistance for any reason.

          Hope this helps.Anonn

    • hi… will u be able to send me one coz im currently chatting to these guy who claimed to be a US military soldier… and he send me pictures though his name match with the clothes that the guy wear on the picture but not sure if he’s just using the identity..

      hope to hear from u soon..


      • anyone been scammed by a jeff lopez, sends lots of pics. of military in afghanistan

        • I have been chatting with a jeff lopez. Says he is in afganistain he has only sent one pic. Says he lives in NY and that his son andd wife were killed in a car accident

        • I just started talking to jeff lopez. Of course he sounded too good to be true. Ex-wife and son killed in car accident, parents deceased, all by himself – Army Captain in “secret place” in Afghanistan. If somebody wants to share pics he sent me for comparison – let me know.

      • If he is jason as he was when talking to me or James Caldwell to others he has a uniform saying caldwell with 3 stars and if you google the name ja caldwell a scammer site will come up with lots of same photo. A fake. check his ip address by clicking on reply and source and the coding from his message appears, send it to abuse@yahoo.com he is using ja.cald@yahoo.com and on msn and yahoo messenger as that. IP is from Ghana and California says he has an adopted son and wife died 2004, has another older daughter. Likes to ride his harley when home and is planning to travel after 32 yrs in army. col. in logistics afghan. ring any bells. report to the friendhipe site you found him on also

        • S Freeman what are you talking about? we know this is a scammer but your English is kind of suspect could you please clear up what you are trying to say? Anonn

        • Please can someone perhaps confirm if they heard of a soldier by the name of Jason Adams. I always went searching for him as I also believed his too good to be true but another person appears as Jason. He says his currently in Afganistan. He says he does not have any famiy at all.

        • I ment a guy I really really like on mate 1 an we have been talking for
          A month I have thowed every curve ball at him
          He said he is a staff sergeant in Afghanistan
          An I told him he was a scammer . He said that I can
          Check him out he never ask me for nothing
          Then he said a few days ago he had to move his
          Men to western afica an he Said his ph got broke
          On the journey an I he sent me a pic of it
          Any way he said as soon as he could he get a nother I
          Said I had one . But I told him I could help
          He said ok . So please let me know if he’s
          Legit please . He said his deployment end dec
          He told me his birthday and his full name an call me
          My son said he sound afican . He did have a cute
          Voice . His name is kelvin j dodson.

        • Katie you ARE speaking with a Scammer There is NO US Military Base where this Scammer has claimed to be he has not asked you for anything YET because they know now not to beg for what they want to soon and IF he sounded like an African it is because he IS An African clearly from West Africa he is in West Africa because that is his home not because he is a US Military Member the best thing to do is Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam you will find out a lot of information as well as support there.

          If you speak with him long enough he WILL tell you exactly what he wants but first he has to hook you meaning make you fall for him and his BS,Never send money nor give personal information NOR take pics or get on webcam or you may find yourself being blackmailed the key to avoid all of this is to Educate Yourself hope this helps Anonn

      • I am talking to soldier in Afghanistan and hes supposed to come home this week but got shot last week..I’m madly inlove with him but im not sure if hes for real or not. His parents are from UK and he had send some boxes to uk and he wants me to get it for him and it will cost me over 5k.because it has to be transfer to my name in order for it to be sent..i dont have that kind of money but I was gonna borrow my family..I have his pic can someone respond back…im really stress cuz im sincere and he said he is too and when he comes back in 3 months . he will pay me back.. He got shot in the leg and the DR wont release him till 3 months . Hes in karat, Afghanistan..I kinda believe him and the other half not…he also have pic in FB too…his name is Matthew Faries, born in illionoise. Hes 40 years old…been in the army for 15 yrs..if any one got any info please contact me..thanks

        • don’t do it. scam!

        • Valerie – this person is most likely in prison and has been in prison for 15 years… a soldiers life and a prisoners life (not county but state prison) are hauntingly similar. They are very cunning and believable. I have experienced this. Does he have an APO address? If he doesn’t then question it.. If he is asking you for money.. why? when they make money on their own… I fell for this scam. Where are you sending him things to? If you have sent him dirty photos you can guarantee they are being sold.

        • Hi Valeria,
          I know that name matthew faries and his email add is matthewfaries41@gmail.com. Let me know if this is his email too.I google his name and email and I found out this scam forum site for scammer soldiers.I have pics for him too.

        • Hello Valerie..I am chatting with the same guy named Matthew Faries,he is also in Afghanistan,he will be turning 40 this year..Can you please give me your email info here so I can send his pictures to you and tell me if he’s the same guy you are talking to…Thank You..

        • and Matthew Faries email add is matthewfaries41@gmail.com I found him on CherryBlossoms then after he sent me a message there and gave he’s email add,when I checked his account again,it was already gone..

        • i have been talking to a Sgt Michael Faries that i am supposed to pay for his travel expexses to come from Pakistan to Phoenix. i am in love with him and i am about to do it but i am searching to find something to back up my feelings that something is not right, i have about 10+ pics he has sent me and i looked up matthew faries on fb and that is one of them. i also found another michael faries using one of the pics. he did tell me his fb profile was stolen 2 years ago in afganistan and he lost access to it and the pics i have found are all from 2 years ago. but i am finding it hard to believe that i have the real one when there are so many fakes. you can also find him on the datehookup.com website in phoenix AZ with the user name faries71. the email he has used with me is faries.michael@yahoo.com and now has the email faries.michael71@gmail.com he created because i youe google talk for IM. i would like to talk to you to get insite on this person or if i can help you in any way. i hope to hear from you. Carrie

        • well looks like I’ve been scammed also, this guy calls himself Philip G Elofson, in Kabul Afg, has a 5 year old son named Johnny. Wife died in car accident, says from Greensburg IN. I do have pics, an anyone help me out to confirm he is not real? Thank You

        • I have been taking to man ( Collins Ivan Macdonalds ) he said he a Lieutant and a trained Marines . He also said that he has been in Singapore for 15 yrs . He told me that his mother passed away two yrs ago and left him 80% of everything that she owned . He has a stepdad and two step sisters. They only got 20% of her money. He told me that his family us very jeously of him. Because his mother left him 3.8 million dollars. He told me that his step has been going thur his money left and right need somebody that he can trust with his money. He asked me to be his power of attorney over everything he own. I was fishy about the situation. But he talked me into going it anyways . Never asked me for any money until a month or later. There so much more . I also have his phone number and e-mail address . Lots of pictures

    • can you please check this name james anthony us soldier serving in afgan- widowed 5 has a 13 yrs old child he is 50 born 16 feb please get back to me

      • Dear FI, I have just read your post. I know James Anthony or Major as he calls himself. We met on POF dating site after my hubby left me so I was pretty gullible then. James contacted me just a week after I joined the site saying he was looking for an older women “Im 63″ as “young ones had nothing to offer him”. We started chatting on Yahoo Messenger and within 2 weeks he told me had strong feelings for me! A week later he asked me would I send £220 via Western Union as he was desperate to get out of Kabul and I foolishly sent the money to the receiver Kelvin Anders,Nigeria. Being on the rebound I thought I had feelings for James and I sent him in total £3,780 over the weeks. He says has a son Mike 14 and his wife died in a car crash and I believed him.I became suspicious when one night on chat he spoke with a different accent? I asked him about it and he said I was finding fault. He’s supposed to be coming to meet me this monday 13 Feb to repay the money I lent him but I doubt he’ll come and I dont want him anywhere near me or my family now.Please mail me on the above address FI. Take care. Josephine.

        • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

          Hello… My name is wilson and am a police man who is working on this army scam men coning woman for money if you have been con and you need your money back you can send me an e-mail at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be there to help you anytime i will be happy to help you i will be waiting to hear from you from

      • I have been receiving emails and pictures of a Alex Marcus in army wear . he has 4 stars on the shirt and cap says he is stationed in Patastain( sp) trying to check him out..He hasn’t asked for anything Can you tell me where to look to find out if he is real Thanks

        • usted puede mandarme las fotos de este señor giovanna.And pictures

    • I to have been almost been scammed by a man posing as Sgt Joe Pederson. He said he was on Baghdad and going to Afghanistan for 6 more months and would be home to Jersey in June. He sent me a pic and what a handsome guy he was. I was some what getting sucked in by this man to be honest. He was such a sweet talker, a girls dream come true. But after about the 3rd e-mail I started to get suspicious. I kept talking with him just to see. And when he told me he had to go to the village because he was having problems with his wages then I knew. I do have a pic and would like to post it so this does not happen to others.
      I googled Sgt Joe Person and BAM there he was. The real Sgt Joe Pederson has been MIA since 1970. But I also got several hits on this man who pretends. I read for hours of these woman who were scammed out of thousands of dollars. Selling their cars and valuables to fly these men home. Anyone who knows the Military, they have direct deposit and never would the Military ask anyone to fly a soldier home. After I told the scammer to leave me alone and he was a fraud, he became very angry and even threatened me. Said he spammed my e-mails and would know of everyone I was talking to. I did notice when I e-mailed a friend a Merry Christmas, he replied and sgt joe pederson was on the e-mail. I did block him from contacting me, let us see what happens. How do I post the pic of this poor man who has been stolen of his identity? I also found out from my research that a lot of these soldiers pictures that are being used have been killed in combat. So sad

    • Chnatal, can you please send me the pictures of soldiers you have, I have been talking to men who are posing as soldiers and have send me pictures, I would like to compare, I will also send you what I have. mgonz78@yahoo.com Thank you.

    • I have been talking to a guy claiming to be a US sgt. in Afghanistan. After some time he started saying he loved me and wanted to marry me. He was claiming he was a single father with two boys. He said his name was Gerald Bellington. He sent me pictures of his and with his boys. After a lot of search I found that the man on the pictures is a real war hero that was badly injured in Afghanistan and he is a single father.
      I cannot believe how someone can through dirt on the name of such a honorable person. I don’t care about scamming me but I do care that for the soldier that he is using for his scam.
      Please someone has to do something about it. Personaly, I found and call the soldier – stupid of me in the middle of the night cos i didn’t knew the time difference – and told him but I think he thought it was a joke.
      The name of the scammer is Gerald Bellington and he is using the face of Brian Eisch a real war hero. Please watch out.

      • Do any of you had contact with a guy he says his name is Richard Alvardo email address al4680@yahoo.com or richard_al55@yahoo.com…this person claims to have a son in Ghana, that is 10yrs old…he also said his wife died in a car accident….Please Reply/

      • Has anyone heard of a Dario Moore? Claims to be 50, yrs old. From New York. I met him on mingle 2. He says he is in Kabul Afghanistan. He has 2 sons. 4 & 6. We started chatting in the gmail chatroom. After one week he professed his love for me. Week 2 he needed $10,000 for some type of documentation to send millions of dollars of gold home. Some of his emails sounded as if i was talking to an American. The next thing i knee it sounded like a foreigner. I really liked the guy i started out with.but in the second week the foreigner took over and ended up getting really upset when i tools him my soon was checking into him. I have 3 photos of him and 1 of his 2 sons holding balloons. Of anyone has heard of this guy please respond. His email is,Darioxxx50@gmail.coml

    • mY Name is Wilson I am Poilce officer who ever get scam and really need your money back should let me know i can help you …. i have help soo many woman before so do not worrry to mail me at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk send me a mail there and i will get back at you soon

      • Wow. I’m only approving this comment because of the blatant scam it is.

    • Person by the name of Antony Andrew delduidce, stated from victory camp, afganistan. Wanting me to get permission from general, to get him home, no money asked yet. Is this a scam????

    • Hi someone sent me a picture of us army. He told me he is lieutenant colonel Philip Miller. he said he is currently in Iraq. he’s email address admiredphilpmiller@yahoo.com. he told he doesn’t have family. if u want i will post his picture he sent to me. Iwant to know who is the real owner of this picture. he got my email address on yahoo directory.

      • the guy that i talk to got no family neither.. His parents pass away a couple years ago.. We message each other every day…can i have his pic?? nakrykrub@hot mail.com,,,,,,thanks

    • I have been talking to this guy says he is a sgt in the US army but now he is working for UN in the UK how will i know if he is real or a scam has anybody heard of John Webb.

    • I have received several pictures of a soldier saying his name is Alex Marcus military officer can you help me in finding if it is who the picture says. I can send copy of picture i will need a email address for you to do so

    • I know this has been so long ago for you but do you still have pics of phillip Elofson?

    • this is to all ladies out there . After been scammed i decided to get to the bottom of things i found out there is a gang ran in Ghana led by a soldier who basically steals his collegues id and passes them on by email .He then receives a cut of the proceeds .he grooms boys who are just coming out of high with fairly good english, but also provides them with scripts. he also has a credit scam going as well. I WENT FOR THE KILL- and scared my scammer into telling me the truth ,he is 22 with no job and his parents are in the nearby village. the main site ladies get caught out are the MILITARYSINGLES .COM .He is on this site under the following names 1)JERRYBOY90 ,2)TRAVS43 ,3)M_GUNN, 4)SPRINGFALLS09, 5)DAVMILL, 6)HARRY091, 7)LIFEISWAR000,
      & 7)98327674 this one person age range is49 -56. I have also notified the company but havent had a response yet please copy and paste this to as many sites as possible his photo is also on there so have a good look -shame that he is a soldier too (how can he do that to his fellow mates ). i will tell the FBI if they would listen . There is also a SGT MAJ EARL RICE ON THE GO TOO IM TOLD HE IS ,HIS FRIEND. If you decide to date a military personnel only accept emails from their AKO EMAILS(HIS USERNAME@USARMY.MIL and ONLY SEND GIFTS TO THEIR APO ADDRESSES EACH SOLDIER HAS THEIR OWN. Please pass this on .Thanks

  2. Wish I lived close enough…I did not lose anything because I figured within a week…but I am sure angry and sad for the soldier that I thought I was communicating with…I wish there was a way to find him and let him know…God Bless

    • I have sent mail to the us military reporting his bahaviour when he contacted me and sent in the photo and coding from contacts so they can trace him but he probably has multitudes of ID and then probably uses our photos and mail we have sent to scam others that is the worry, then our id is trapping others

      • I think i was scammed by a service guy how would i contact the U.S. military to see if he is real? Or how would i find out if he is who he says he is Any help would be helpful.Thanks Deb

        • I wanted to know if the army help you found out the man, I had one to fb me and I felt so sorry for him, his shirt has Arnold on it but he says his name is Steven Matthew, I had tried to find him. he is nice looking and I feel for him fast. I sent him a lot of money, what a fool I was. I didn’t know that people could do this to our soiliers, I really would like to find the real Arnold so he would know , can you help me? thanks

  3. Hi Chantal and Brenda,
    I am in the same situation as you, have photo’s to trying to track down owner of them, not sure how to go about it. Sad thing is, I see the same picture on vaious military single online dating sites, so its been used over and over again to scam with. The photo used has a name on the military uniform. The scammer still is trying to contact me.

  4. I have been scammed by Sgt RANCOURT. His profile is on Face book under 6 different names such as Duane, John, Maxwell, Nelson, Damien, Nash and Larry and not to mention on 2 other wedsites. I have numerous photos of Sgt RANCOURT to pass onto him. My arguement here in all of this is: I would like the REAL Sgt RANCOURT to step forward and be a man and show me/us some respect by thanking the women who have been scammed by his profile as for myself I have done every thing possible by him to try and fight this painstaking ordeal to protect his identity from being attacked again by another low life scammer… I have immense admiration to all soldiers and the work they do so let see some RESPECT given to all. I will continue my fight to help protect these innocent soldiers…

    • To all Concerned I have been recently made aware of the SCAM using my photos from overseas. I have filled out a Police report and continue to try and get the Websites to remove the Fraud. PLEASE Do Not Send Money or any Personal Information.

      • Many thanks Duanne for coming forward with your reply to my comments and I do appreciate the work you do serving your country. But where did I read “Thankyou” for your appreciation and support. I didn’t. But..unfortunately you are not the RANCOURT in questioning with my concerns. There is more than one RANCOURT in the US army and I have seen a photo here on CJ’s link of Sg Duane RANCOURT and that photo does not match the many photos I have and yet no one has asked for these photos for a true identification. The scammmer behind Maxwell RANCOURT (same pictures I have)contacted me 2 days ago demanding to know about this website and the US Soldiers Dating scam page on Face Book so he can defend his innocents. What stopped me from sharing the information was, his Nigerian accent. So I wonder here..I ask. The scammer knows I am putting up a fight to keep RANCOURT’s name from being disgraced any further from this act of crime. In my case the REAL “RANCOURT” still needs to stand up and come forward help take some action here as this is an unacceptable path of distruction.

        • Hey I have beern contacted by a Nash Rancourt…he sent me pics of a male with a 9 yr old son. I can send these to whoever needs them to stop him. I am pleased I googled!!!

        • Jo..Please Be aware all RANCOURTs (profile in US Military uniform)especially on Face Book and on dating sites are fake profiles Nelson has a daughter Nash has a son (using same pics)obviously they are different scammers. Please DO NOT make contact with them Delete and block them. They are “FAKE”.

        • Still at it under Bill James uniform says rancourt. Same 4 pics. Aug.n2013

      • hi sir! i was wondering, could you send me yout picture so that i can se if this ” rancourt ” looks the same as you! it would be a tremendous help to me as he scammed me so much! your´s sincerley maria.

        • Hi Maria,
          I am ashamed to say I was also scammed by a Cpt Michael Daily Rancourt. He sent me many pics and we have been chatting for a while. Not sure how to download photos to this. Site but yes I would also like to see a pick of Sgt /Cpt Rancourt

      • OMG… i just send some money to : one global security in UK for a package send to me from a love one who claims to be a soldier in Afganistan,, cuz he is originally from uk and live in the us for a long time he serve the military..got injured last week – shot in the legs and needs his package out of OGS in uk,,..how can i find out if it’s real…his name is matthew faries..hes 40 this year..Im very sincere to him and is willing to ask for a loan if this is not a scam…please help…nakrykrub@hotmail.com…thanks

    • hi tanja! i`ve also been cheated by nash rancourt and was wondering if you would be so kind and send me photos he sent to you! i just want to compare if it`s the same person! i`m begging you because i`m hurting so much!
      your`s sincerely maria in sweden.

      • Hi Maria

        You can send your pics to tan63@live.com.au I can assure you they will be all the same pics no matter what name he is using. He is out there and needs to be stopped but I can not do it unless the real RANCOURT comes forward to help as well. Look forward to helping you out Maria..

        • hi tanja! thank you very much for helping me! i really appreciate it and will email at once! hope to hear from you again and get more info!
          yours sincerely maria.

  5. I would love to find the soldier that belongs to the pic that i have. The guy that is scamming me is still talking to me. I did not send any money to him but he or they wanted me to except money from around the world it was to help out the fundraiser that the unit in the Army does. I tried to get information about it or about what they want me to do. I am going to try to get that information from him….watch out for these names….sgt Elek Watkins….Cpt. Brandy Lack and Donald Smith

    • hi carol! aman by the name of nash rancourt has sent me several emails where hr declares his love for me and i also received pics of his son alex and himself! please email me so that i can send you the pixs he sent to me so that se can compare! please carol!
      yours sincerely maria in sweden.

      • I have been in communication with a soldier in Afganistan(so he says) and he is been telling me he loves me and when he gets home wants to marry me…But he is going into a dangerous sitution and he may be killed and he doesn’t want to go..There is a way I can request him for him to come home,but it cost..yes Iam sceptical you don’t pay to get out of military.. He is going by Sgt.David Grisham. He says he has a 7 year old daughter and his mother is ill that why she can’t file paper. He said he has been in military for 25 years and in Afgainstan 9months. He said his wife died in child brith of son 5 years ago. I want to see how far he is going to go with this Iam not giving any money to him.

  6. Could someone reply back to me with CJ’s email so I can forward the photos on of Sgt RANCOURT please.

    • hi again! if you send me your emailadsess i`l send his photos to you!

      • Hi Maria

        No need to send me the pics. It is the same scammer using Sgt RANCOURT’s profile I know it all too well. You can email me tan63@live.com.au

      • Could you please send me the photos? I think I know this ‘soldier’ too.

  7. Is there a way of finding out who the really soldiers are????

  8. http://www.facebook.com/login/setashome.php?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001778007974 Now i have a ryan rivera on hotmail msn as well as alvin rivera on facebook

  9. You would think the real soldiers would stand up and come forward like a man should or is there another reason why they won’t. Mmmmmm…I wonder. It is not leaving a good image on the US army. So lets work together to rid this not so good imagine and bring back integrity to all.

    • I’m sure many of the soldiers are aware their photos are being used, but there’s not much they can do about it.There are so many sites the photos are being used on, they just don’t have the time to check them all. As far as the soldiers “standing up and coming forward like a man”, they do that every time they put their uniform on. If anyone basis their image of the soldiers or the USArmy in a negative manner based on this scam, they are very uninformed of the real facts!

      • Look back on my mails. Maybe our photos are being used indiscriminately also to lure men to scams and we are used as bait along with some of the content of our emails … worrying isn’t it

      • Look back on my mails. This can work in reverse with our information being misused also when we are genuine

    • I agree with Tania. If someone is using your name for nefarious purposes and scamming others, then justice and fairplay dictates that you at the very least spoke out about it. It leaves one to wonder why this is happening and there is relative silence from members of the military.

  10. Tania here is CJ’s email….cj@soldiersperspective.us and I do not think these soldiers or there loved ones even know that they are being used to scam people. If i understand from something i read on a website that our pictures might being used to scam soldiers looking for love. I do know that Sgt. Elek got very mad at me that i would go back into the dating web site which was a red flag for me. We need to bring this to light witht he military and the general public.

    • Thanks Carol but I have tired to email CJ on the same email you have given and it bounces back. I have also tried Marcus’s and same thing again..mmmm Many thanks for your help

      • make sure you do it through yahoo that was the only way it went through for me.

  11. I have been contacted by a man on MySpace who is stating his name is Jemmie Lemmons. How can I find out if he is real or a scam? He states he is stationed in Afganistan. Can you tell me who I would contact to find this out? Thanks!

    • hi! do you have any pics of this man! so that we can compare teri your´s sincerely maria in sweden.

  12. make sure you email then through yahoo that was the only way it went through for me.

  13. Would like to see if this army man really exists. Kabul, Afghanistan Camp Eggers. Jordan Ramos email is jordanramos @yahoo.com. Lots of red flags…what do I do? Help.

    • If anyone tells you they are in the military simply ask them for their military email address. If they are in the Army for example it will end with @us.army.mil If they tell you they do not have one than they are not in the military. every branch has their own email system and every service member must have an active one in order to deploy. I know this because I am in the military and have deployed 4 times. It really makes me angry to know they are people out there trying to degrade our names.

      • Thank you for the suggestion about the military email address, I didn’t know about it . So far I have been in contact with at least three , maybe four men who I think were scam . The last one asked me to transfer 1250 US dollars as a retirement fee . He gave me an email address : usa-army-dept@usa.com . The email I got from there must have been a scam as my yahoo account was closed for several hours after I had forwarded it to my ‘soldier’ . The email that they sent to me contained a very official looking form – it seemed to be real , but how could I know for sure ? I am still wondering if the fee is real or not , but I suspect it is not true that you have to pay a fee to get retired from the army before your contract runs out , is it ?
        Thank you , Klara Levay from Hungary

    • It is a scam and his name has been changed please do not send any money or contact him , mine had called himself Parker Scot Ramos and you can find a support group on face book on the real Ramos. Patricia



    • Witt…Dude! You really need to learn how to friggin’ spell dumbass!

      • Witt..you need to learn basic grammer as well or is that a sign of a typical scammer.

      • Another scammer that cant spell

    • How Dare you to tell these poor women to fuck us all.!! are you the almighty and never made a mistake??? I wish i could see you face to face,, these women were hurt and you can’t feel their pain, you are one cold SOB.!!
      We should be there for them, not running them down with your mouth.!! By the way you eat of of that disgusting mouth??? Sounds like to me know it allm, you got scram and don’t want to admit it . LOL.! or you went through the same thing but not woman enough to admit it?? And maybe the women on here are right and you are one of them, Because why would get so mad Huh.!! I am done talking to a un feeling person like you. I hope someday you will know what WE that’s right you read this right.! You don’t need my help because i think you will know my answer right? and if you are going to tell me to fuch myself, do it to my face.!

    • @ Witt,

      NICE and you talk just like they do !!!

    • YOU sound like a typical scammer nice language i bet your mum is really proud of you…..

    • witt,you must be a scammer,you have broken english,i know your type very well:) lets hope that you arent

  15. hi anyone know anything about a sargent daniel grahams he says he is a us soldier, he tried the marriage scam on me when i confronted him,he tried to say he new noyhong about the money asked for and a mate gave him the email address

  16. Hello, i know that i am talking to a scammer. But i would like to know how he got 8 photos of the solider and the child. I would really like to know who this solider is … i have been looking everywhere.. and do they use the real name of the solider or do they make up a name.. plz help here :-) i am not going to give up will i find out who this solider really is :-)

    • I have tried for months to find out who the soldier is in my pictures but haven’t got anywhere just found an other 10 using same picture up to now. Please does anyone have an ideas how to find out who these soldiers are. Will i ever find out the soldiers first real name i know last name is rivera

    • On the pictures check for the type of Uniform, the rank and the Unit patch on the sleve. The patch on the right under the flag is a combat patch the patch on the left is the Unit they are currently with. That may help you track the person down.

    • Was wondering what the name of the guy is that your talking about that has a son and has sent several pic’s…I have been chatting online with someone that has done the same with me…He says he is a major in the army and has a 8yr old son he has also sent me 8 pics some in uniform some not….he even has a Facebook page.

  17. Hey everybody I was on Facebook when a person started taking to me I told him I had a boyfriend but still kept bothering me after a few day started sending messages say he love me and wanted to come and take me away from bf he said his name was sgt. Donnie wells I have pictures I tried to get him to leave me alone but it was no good he said all i had to do was to send 400.00 dollars to help get here and he would pay back I tried many times to be nice about it I finally got my bf to show him on cam what would happen to him if he didn’t leave alone after that I blocked him I had to do it this my bf would beat his ass if was here right now I feel bad for all the women that fall for this jerk ladies please think before u give up your hard earn money to this asshole

  18. I am looking for this person. they are using the name Alex Cone. Has anyone else ever seen this name?

    • robert cone email rbtxcone@skymail.mn
      this is also scammer in africa using american army names and info!!
      i live in spain and sent all info to the police here.xx
      The website above is a genuin website that this scammer used with mr.cones name pretending to want to buy my apartment and offering money deal…………I told him where to go of course!!

    • just was contacted on lavalfe by alex cone…middle name ( henry) says he has a 4 yr old son, the mom passed of cancer when he was 1. long convo and he adores me, love at first sight!! wants me to be his family when he retires in december 2011. haaaaaaaaa. when i told him i want to talk to him. he said i neeeded to order him a special phone for spouses in the military. told him i couldnt afford it on my income…I knew it asap as soon as he asked for something. what a scam artist!!!

    • I have been communicating with someone telling me theiey were a Sgt. alex Cone for 10 months now. he tells me all the time i’m the love of his life and he wants to come home and marry me. Just yesterday he told mer he was being deployed to Africa and he asked me to come and be with him over there. I would appreciate any information you have and what B.S
      \. he’s telling you. you can personally contact me at mistyhannigan1974@yahoo.com and put Reguarding Alex Cone in the subject so i know it’s you. i’m a disabled woman and i’ll be damned if some dickhead is going to take advantage of me.
      Hope to hear from you

    • I have been chatting with a Sgt Alex Cone for almost a year now. He tells me I’m the love iof his life and he doesn’t want any other woman He says he’s going to comer home and marry me. He has asked me tosend him $500 so he can come home early. He said he was in Afghanistan but now he says he’s been deployed to Nigeria and he asked me to move dowbn there to be with him. he just recenrtlystarted calling me and he has told mme whiklehe was in Afghanistan they were not allowed to recieve or send iout any mail.; He calls me his wife and tells me he can’t wait to make it official and legal
      Do you have any pictures ofhim? What has he bee n saying to you? I would really love to compare notes so please contact me at : mistyhannigan1974yahoo and please put bout lex cone in the subject line so I know what it’s about and don’t delete it thinking it’s ju nk mail.

      • I have met a sgt Alex Cone too, but stopped talking to him, he talked to me the same way as he did you, he also sent pics of himself and his young son,

  19. That man calling himself “Mark Wilkins” and then sends piture of him,in a shirt witch it stands “Hall” on the nametag, I have 3 photos of him. And sure he is a sweet talker.. hes e mail adress are peritweezer@yahoo.com.
    He claims hes in Sudan,but the IP adresses goes to towns in Nigeria.

    • Hi! I have aslo been in contact with Mark wilkins. I am happy to read this so I dont get fooled.

    • I wonder….How to get a IP adress?

      • Hi,
        If you chat on a smart phone and they send messages after you loged off you get the ip adress with their message.

        I was in contact with a colonel Mark Wilkins as well. Now I was contacted by a new on, on are you interested at Face book. I have learned my leasson now and always ask them to write me a mail from their oficial army mail too prove themselves. They seem to disapear……

        I think that this is well known in the US now so they are looking for new markets, and Sweden is one. I have several friends who has been contacted.

        • hej! det skulle vara jätteintressant om du mailade mig och berättade vad du råkat ut för!
          själv fick jag kontakt med en sergeant nash rancourt och det var jobbigt!
          hör av dig är du snäll! ha det så bra!
          mvh maria i småland.

      • You can track an IP address: Go to infomail.com it does cost 9.00 for a month, then cancel it. I was scammed too~ouch it does hurt the name of my scammer is Major General Nicholas P. Carter


        send him a note, he’ll be in love in 2 weeks, guaranteed

    • Hello.

      I have been fooled by this man. I am from Sweden-with. I went to the police today and we will make a report on Monday. they asked me to print all the emails I received from him and they called authorities. we shall make a report. they asked me to check if there are any number of girls in Sweden who had been blown out of him. she asked me to ask you to go to the police and report that he tried. for the more we are entering, it will go better with the investigation and may be able to get this resolved. It does not get solved maybe it greater attention here in Sweden so no more girls to be blown. I have had contact with “Mark” for six months. ‘m Glad you did not fall for his talk, he is an expert on getting one to like him.

  20. Also wants to put out a warning for some Captain Nick Carter

    • I have just been contacted by Captain Nick Carter in the past few days. What did he tell you? The “home” address he gave was the US Embassy in London!! Pat

      • Hello Pat becareful of this person Nick Carter cause he has scam one of my girlfriend with money. She is from the Holland. He still demands from her money but she has stop chatting with him. He is a scam. He came into my profil on skype but I too block him.

  21. I am getting this soldier named Alexander Gabriel Spencer says he is a Captain of the Army and is in Afghanistan. He sent me pics of him and his blond haired son. He has not asked me for anything but tells me he loves me and I just do not trust him. Says he was born in California, only child and he is 45 and a WIDOWER and he was raised in the UK. I hope this is not a scam but i believe somehow it is.

    • Please be careful of anything with the U.K. I was talking to a guy named Steve B Beckly and he unfortunatley was able to scam me directly after my divorce. He claims he lives in Texas but after figuring I had been scammed I did some checking. His facebook says San Antonio Texas. But when you look his name up on google he comes up as from the U.K. He claims he is a Sgt in Afghanistan. He is 37 no kids father died in the service. I feel for his I love you scam lets get married so i can come home…after we supossedly done this I received an email that asked for 1200.00 refundable after he got back to the U.S. This is how I found the scam…the email came from a Lt. Col. Daniel Gonzalez so I looked up the email and all kinds of scam websites came up. So I did not want to believe this so I checked on the supposed marriage license his family friend done in London of all places. There was no court house named the one listed and the family friend had two addresses one was yahoo and the other was the xnmsn.com.

      After contacting the guy I thought that was Steve he informed me that I had to send the money to a Col. Ramos Lingo. When i refused he told me that I did not care for him. He said he was trying to buy a house in texas…he put money down but needed my bank account information so that the bank could send me the money. When I told him that I did not have a bank account he was a little upset with me.

      After claiming that he put money down on a house…he had his family friend send me a copy of the letter to the guy that he bought the house from. Noticing the time on the email and the day matched the moment that I was talking to him. so I contacted the relator for the property and they had never talked to him or the family friend. I have pictures of this Steve B Beckly. His uniform has the name Baleme on it, I would like to find the real Steve B Beckly so he can know what is going on with his name.

      This guy is a real smooth talker. Even after I had blocked him off everything he had my phone number now he is continually calling me. He has mine and my daughters picture up on his facebook page. He just makes me sick….I hope this will prevent anyone from being hurt by this guy again.

      • I just had a run in with Steve Beckly Baleme. I met him on militarysingles.com. He told me the exact same story as you, Angie. I thought he was real because we used video chat to talk to each other. I became curious because the man I was talking to looked a lot younger and more muscular than the picture. He told me it was because he started working out. He asked me to marry him and when I agreed, he insisted we go through his friend in England. He never asked me for money though. I even told him I did not have job or money from the first day. I had asked him if he wanted me to ship him a care package and he told me he wanted some apples because they were his favorite fruit and hard to get in Kabul. So, I am not sure what he wanted from me.

        I also tried to research him online. He has two Facebook profiles, one under Steve Beckly and one under Baleme Raymond. I also checked the Social Security death records, but found nothing. He told me his mom’s name was Marie and his father’s name was Tim. No records for them either. I came across your post, Angie. I was livid! I confronted him in chat and he said someone stole his ID. He said he would show me his ID. He never did. So I told him the only way he can prove to me he is real is to come here. He said he would ask for a leave and fly here.

        And I haven’t heard from him since…..

        Steave Beckly Baleme is a smooth talker because he uses perfect American grammar. The thing that sent up a red flag for me was that he used the word “MUM” instead of mom or ma. I thought it was weird that an American would casually use that word.

        Your post did help someone, Angie! Even though I feel hurt and angry, I am happy there are people like you on the Internet!
        Thank you!


  22. I too have chatted with this Mark Wilkins,although he says somebody is using his name. He has also sent me some pictures,although they do not match any faces on here.

  23. i also was scamedby 2 solders one called col ryan brown the other walterlsharp


    • Marilyn I know this Sgt Rancourt oh too well he is a real trooper this one shortly he will be asking for money so be ware of him he also has 7 other names on face book…and the real Sgt Rancourt states he is helping out to stop it or was he to just another scammer to throw us all off…

  25. I have been chatting to a SGT SEAN MARTEL from the FRIENDS REUNITED dating site who told me he was serving in Iraq. After a couple of weeks I was getting pressured to set up a secure telephone service. I was given an e mail address to contact with is details, and when I received a reply I was told it would cost £227. I found this difficult to believe as I am certain that soldiers are well looked after by their employers with morale calls etc. Anyway, I started doing some research and found several sites like this one with lots of guys names seemingly doing the rounds. I have not come across this particular name anywhere, so thought I’d let you ladies know to beware if you come across it.
    I’m disgusted that these wicked people can use our brave and honest soldier’s identities to snare unsuspecting women, and wonder how they can find them. Obviously I have tried to find this guy to tell him, but to no effect, so after more research I e mailed crimetips@conus.army.mil and left an incident report. I got the e mail addy from http://www.cid.army.mil. Hope this helps…….

  26. I have been talking to a sgt.he’s sent photos. We talked and got to know each other for sometime and then asked if I could send money to help leave. He said he was divorced parents both died in 911 and 2 siblings were not able to help him get out as one of them was into drugs. Born in california. Photos of hisself and other army men. Very legit looking. Can they go as far as giving email of the usarmy and a legal looking piece of US paper stating rules and regulations on what to do to get your “family member” home?? There has been a lot of communication between us and I just don’t know anymore and didn’t know how to find out if this man is real. I’ve been very vunerable because of my situation prior. He also says he cannot call me he’s stationed deep in afghanistan. I emailed the site he gave me and times I got thru and other times it said address not known. Pls I am inexperienced with dating, scamming, and see the best in everyone.

  27. I have been talking to a sgt. he’s sent photos. We talked and got to know each other for sometime and then asked if I could send money to help leave. He said he was divorced parents both died in 911 and 2 siblings were not able to help him get out as one of them was into drugs. Born in california. Photos of hisself and other army men. Very legit looking. Can they go as far as giving email of the usarmy and a legal looking piece of US paper stating rules and regulations on what to do to get your “family member” home?? There has been a lot of communication between us and I just don’t know anymore and didn’t know how to find out if this man is real. I’ve been very vunerable because of my situation prior. He also says he cannot call me he’s stationed deep in afghanistan. I emailed the site he gave me and times I got thru and other times it said address not known. Pls I am inexperienced with dating, scamming, and see the best in everyone.

  28. Please contact me so I can figure out da guy I’m talkin to is for real

  29. Hello , i live in Enland and was contacted by a canadian soldier 50 years old with a 13 year old son . He says he is in camp egger coming out of army july 29 his name is William Preston does this ring a bell with anyone .. i dont know if he is fake or no

    • hi i met a scammer call capt preston a few yrs ago also goes by the name capt joejoe . hope this helps

    • While your guy was at Camp Eggers did he ever mention to send money
      Through Diploma ? He is the one that is the Diplomat there .his name is
      Muhammad Ali ? Diploma Email address is diplomatr15@ymail.com
      And do you know how I can contact the CID .
      Thank you

  30. Yes the name preston is on all the scammer sites. look on us soldier dating scam

  31. Hi can anyone help me. I have been communicating with a Scott Monroy, Alex Monroy,Roland Monroy,Cesar Monroy,Tom David Monroy , James Monroy. He is using so many names on facebook, myspace,christiansingles,migente,match.com , netlog and other dating sites. I was talking to Roland Monroy for almost a year. He did ask me for money. He said he was in Iraq.I have pictures of him.He states he was in the U.S.M.C and now he is in the U.S. Army. Please help me find the real Roland Monroy

    • Hi Silvia. If you have any pics of him can you email it to me? A friend of mine has shared a little bit about a guy that she chats with. Just want to see if that is the same person. Thank You.

    • Hi Silvia. If you have any pics of him can you email it to me? A cousin of mine has shared a little bit about a guy that she chats with and he has asked her for money to get him out of Afghanistan so he can come to her. Just want to see if that is the same person. Thank You.

    • Hi SILVIA, I really need to make contacted with me this soldier LT COLONEL Monroy well I am still talking to him and he is in the US ARMY PLEASE get back to me I am very very interested what you have to say as I also have photo’s of this man and want to see if it is the same photo I have thank you for your time

  32. All these stories are very very familiar. .. .I’m sure I’m being strung along. it’s the exact same MO… posing as a Major Marc Bernard. . stationed in Iraq on a contract assignment.

    I’ve searched the web in various ways and I can’t find out anything about anyone with that name that fits the bill. I also have photos that look very legit and probably are. How do I get these photos to the right person and let him know that his photos are being used. I’m trying to keep the scammer interested so he’ll send me even more.

    • Is there any way to stop these guys or can the military take action? I’ve ebbn scammed by an alleged Colonel Jones Jordan (jonesoniel61@yahoo.com) and am questioning J Proux proulxj74@yahoo.com. Does anyone have any info? I did see Jones on the wall of shame

      • proulxj@yahoo.com……………….. i was talking to him for over a month and he didnt asl for money but he wanted me to give him im banking info and my SSN and all my credit card and pins numbers and my phone number and more info than anyone has asked me before,,,,when I asked him to send me his Military address and his SSN and the base here in the states and in Afghan sge told me he couldnt do that,,,,, THAT WAS THE WRONG ANSWER TO GIVE,,,,,, HE’S A SCAMMER,,,,, HIS IP ADDRESS IS FROM NWE YORK TOOOO

          WATCH OUT FOR THESE ONES TOOOOO,,,,,,,,,,michaelx00011 AND micheal.jhnson AND perezfreddie25 AND proulxj74 AND ,,, kevinp7395@yahoo.comAND majorgencaldwell@miliatrymailbox.us
          ssgt.richard@yahoo.comAND sgtrickkeller@yahoo.com(ricklove14 or joshlove14 this one is the only one i sent money toooooo
          ssgtjeremy_hondo@yahoo.com,,, this person is really bad,,,, he want all your money he will call you and talk for seconds,,,, and he dont care what happens to you at all,,,, also used nelson bowen,,,,, mick bowen (BOWEN ISONE THAT IS USED 9 TIMES AS SCAMMER;S pfc_waynethegunner@yahoo.com

        • Hi I wanted to if any1 has talked to US Army Soldier by the of Richard Satterly? I’m still talking to him, but im very curious to how do I find out if he’s the real Richard Satterly or the fake one?! How can I find out please help me?! I mean he has asked me for money of course thru western union lol. He has send me pics that’s cuz I’ve asked him some. We started talking on MySpace and then I find out he has a Facebook account to. He’s told me that he has a daughter name Hannah and his 32 his b’day is April 20th his lil girl lives w/his aunt in Corona, California. His email address is ssgt.richy@yahoo.com. Please some1 help me I would like to find more information on him or about him. Please help!!! Thank you!!

      • I have some information about proulxj74@yahoo.com and i have photos too, please contact me


          TAKE CARE.

  33. I met the cutest soldier on webdate and we have been corresponding. He didn’t ask me for money, but rather needed me to open a account to send his money. RED FLAG! and that of course I could send through his bank manager so he could purchase oil from Iraq. He claims to be a Marine Captain named Phillip. Yep! all the danger signs and so I quickly did a email to him and told him I moved and that my phone is different. I would not have sent him a dime and Captains don’t need help with money. He claims to have a 4 year old daughter in the states and that his wife died of cancer 3 years ago. Please gals be careful for anyone with the email goldphils@yahoo.com. Let me know if any of you have also been contacted by this guy?

  34. one of my best friends is so happy and in love with a colonel TOMMY FAULKNER who is “about to be go into retirement”. after reading all these posts i am really nervous for her. but i know she is so much in love and will not believe me if i try to encourage her to really question everything.
    i don’t know if anyone else has run into this…but apparently his “friend” (who is his best friend, a guy claiming to facilitate their friendship/romance) has put this Tommy Faulkner on a “list” set up by Obama to allow the soldiers to come home and visit this month. of course many delays. my friend has not been upfront with me as to whether or not she’s sent money. I believe she has, but she would be embarrassed to admit it.
    does this sound familiar to anyone?
    thank you so much

    • I was in touch with a Colonel Tommy Faulker this year. He said he was in Afghanistan about to retire in October. This did not happened. His photo if of a handsome man. His best friend also got on IM to assisted in the relationship. The Colonel did ask for money several times..

  35. I just met a Chris Sturkol @yahoo.com who insists i need to e mail the general in charge of leave and pay so he can come home. I sent him several articles showing this is a scam but he says this is a new procedure. This is still a scam, correct?

    • I have also been scammed through match.com with a U.S. Army Soldier stationed in Iraq. I would also like to find this person and have searched all over and cannot find any soldier with his last name. Melvin_Maritato@yahoo.com is the Soldiers e-mail address. I have several picures that was sent to me and they are all the same person. I can barley see the last name in one of his picures. He said that he has a package he wants to send to me but it was stuck in customs and needs me to pay 900.00 to get it out. I have been chatting with this person for over a month before he asked so I almost believed him but throught better of it and ended all conversations with this person. I have several military family members so I asked them to take a look at the pictures. Melvin indicated that he was a Staff Sergeant E6 but the uniform that Melvin is where is an E-4 Specialist. When I asked about the rank he said that he is wearing his boys uniforms.. I also received an invite to from one of his close friends Master Sergeant Bryan Wallace stationed in Afghanistan who wanted to make sure that I was not going to hurt his friend since we meant on Match.com. I feel really bad because we chatted for several weeks and now I feel like I told someone out there some general personal info that who knows what they are using it for.

    • To Amanda who received an e-mail from a “Chris Sturkol.” Amanda – that was a scam. I am the only Sturkol in the U.S. military. I’m guessing someone got a hold of my last name from my journalist postings for the Air Force. Sorry that happened to you.

      • To Sgt Scott Sturkol.
        Sir, are you sure you’re the only one with this name in the US army? There is a guy pretending to be Sgt Scott Steven Sturkol, currently in Libya, at the US Embassy. Every search i made…I found you. Actually i am not sure he is a scammer or not, but i continue talking to him just to see what happens next.
        Thank you

  36. Pingback: Sad military pictures

  37. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME LOCATE THIS ALLEGED SOLDIER:David King Sat Jul 30 03:41:48 2011
    X-Apparently-To: amcnett84@yahoo.com via; Sat, 30 Jul 2011 03:41:50 -0700
    Received-SPF: none (domain of yahoo.com does not designate permitted sender hosts)
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    Received: from (HELO nm6-vm0.bullet.mail.ne1.yahoo.com) (
    by mta163.mail.ac4.yahoo.com with SMTP; Sat, 30 Jul 2011 03:41:50 -0700
    Received: from [] by nm6.bullet.mail.ne1.yahoo.com with NNFMP; 30 Jul 2011 10:41:49 -0000
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    X-Yahoo-Newman-Id: 44224.78760.bm@omp1057.mail.ne1.yahoo.com
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    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=yahoo.com; s=s1024; t=1312022508; bh=6Gbvm/M9v7wm9lYMGRxt//eCK45Od7HB9/Gj8odXfEM=; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:References:Message-ID:Date:From:Reply-To:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=ShEgfJvjf/qAqD5lWh2ZRZ9MZai7PaoHwe/Vsc+sP4YP7x91HprSk3cg1J7tYdCFeIPbyRnc453iUVeSKDoC3mF9vKTJvHNf3azeGKgiAj6QUZibn/1FSvD96OuGbnMejNBdQF6xFjOEK4yfTPlaw6KpFND9dOXgNvUteZ8ubYI=
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    Received: from [] by web122111.mail.ne1.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sat, 30 Jul 2011 03:41:48 PDT
    X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/
    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 03:41:48 -0700 (PDT)
    From: David King
    Reply-To: David King
    Subject: Re: hi honey
    To: Amanda Mcnett
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”0-47489723-1312022508=:51068″
    Content-Length: 5280

  38. Watch out for a David.King 3209 or David_King3209@yahoo.com

    Hes asking for money to come home before he moves to a different area of Afghanistan and wants me to request leave. He wants airfare, allegedly will make me his next of kin but I will need to open a bank acct for him etc. I told him no way but now he’s playing the I will be killed if you dont do this etc…

  39. Hello Everyone:

    The scammer that befriended me on Facebook goes by Richard Piscal. I thought he wasn’t who he claimed to be and paid $70 to an agent name Richard Osharp at Military.Telecom@yahoo.com Our online conversation lasted for about 6 weeks. The real Colonel Richard G. Piscal probably has no idea this is going on. I have sent letters to Federal Fraud agency, the Army, Facebook, but no one sends me a letter back. So I will post here in hopes that this will help. Last night I saw this bogus person online still, also the bogus telecom site… working his scam on yet another poor woman I’m sure. I’m so angry I just wish I could reach through my computer screen, you know. If anyone can give me a lead on how to stop, or even just slow down this horrible person. I would appreciate the help. pinkypetersen@yahoo.com

  40. could someone help me i am talking to a lieutenant colonel john cater woods in the us army in afghanistan he has not asked for money and says he has his own i just cannot find any information about him he has a son of 14 and has been a widower for 11 yrs please help i don’t think he is a scammer i just want to be sure thanks

    • Scammer.

      • are you sure? what did you find out i can’t find anything about him and his son wesley

        • Just take my word for it. Read the site, this is the classic storyline.

      • is there anyone i could ring to check him out thanks

  41. Hi! Has anyone had contact with a Jim Garnett claiming to be stationed in libya. If so please e-mail me @ wheidi38@yahoo.com. Thanks

    • hi hmw…
      the guy you mentioned goes by the name of nathan garnett also… he told me he was from new york, had a son who lived in london england with his brother and has full custody of him… was cheated on by his wife…. said he was seving in libya lol…
      he’s a scammer… keep away from him no american soldiers in libya patroling the streets… the guy thought i was thick not to know and see on the news what is happeneng in libya at the mo… the english just like the americans are keeping away from there …
      i’m english and when i asked him what area of london his son lived in all he said was north could’nt give me a place! knew from the start he was’nt real but played along to f@*ck him up… the site he contacted me on was forcespenpals going by the name singledad01 and singleman01 they quickly found him out and deleted him as did i…

  42. I met a man on an online dating site claiming to be LTC Jason Paul Spencer… a pediatrician deployed in Afganistan… after only two weeks of emails, he proclaimed his undying love for me and proposed marriage. Then, he asked me for money (so he could purchase a satellite phone in order to hear my voice)… does anyone know of him? Is he a scammer? Please let me know… thanks!

    • I’ve been communicating with “LTC Jason Spencer” since August. We met on Plenty of Fish, where he used the name Harvey15. We chatted for several weeks and then he declared his undying love for me and said he wanted to marry me. He has sent me lots of pictures of his working and his son. Then he started to pressure me into buying a satellite phone which raised red flags.

  43. A man, posing as LTC Jason Spencer, IS A SCAMMER. HIs email address is bourne376@yahoo.com and spencerj.md@gmail.com… he is posing as LTC Spencer (who actually has a different first name) and is sending his pictures to women. BEWARE!

    • Karen,
      My name is Cpl Jason L Spencer. I’m currently serving in Afghanistan. I recently returned to my combat outpost from leave and had two packages waiting for me from two women I had never met. The address was to LTC Jason L Spencer M.D. I am not a doctor, far from it. I informed my chain of command. I’m disgusted to find out that my name is being used by a scam artist. Please let everyone on here know, that I’m not a Lieutenant Colonel or a doctor. I’m happily married with 4 kids. I’m sorry for any trouble this has caused.

      • I have ran into Jason as well. The really sad part is that he sends pictures of his dead son who is in a wheel chair, along with many other pictures of himself in a hospital setting. What a scammer….he asked me to purchase a phone almost immediately which set off warning bells for me….

    • I actually dated a man named Jason Spencer in the Army (not on the internet) and am still friends with him to this day. I had met him on match.com…it would be interesting to find out if he has been a target for identity fraud.

  44. He also has a POF dating profile called HARVEY15… he is a scammer!

  45. Has anyone been in contact with Jamie Wallgren. I believe this is a scam.

    • The soldier posted in the pictures of “Jamie Wallgren” is me. I conducted an internet search of my name and was shocked to find some scum bag has been using my likeness to scam people. Please post and I will reply. Maybe you can fill me on on whats been going on. Frankly, I’m a little concerned some a-hole is using my picture.

  46. George Jordan,supposibly in Afghanistan,now has contacted me using Austin Jordan;supposibly this is his middle name, He uses ssgtjordangeo@yahoo.com.austinjordan60@yahoo.com,and lovelydaddy64@yahoo.com,he is very convincing,but his mug is on the wall of shame,he scammed me for $260,and is still trying to get more

  47. On Plenty of Fish (POF) shawshankfreedom is a scammer… he is posing as an airman… Major Derrick Vincent… his email address is tyruss1991@yahoo.com.

    • Hi,
      I have been talking to shawshankfreedom from POF for awhile. What can you tell me about him?


  48. I didn’t even realize this could happen. I have been corresponding with a guy that says he is in Iraq and originally from Georgia. He says he is a captain in a special squad that is working on getting ready to turn Iraq back over to their country. His name is Joe Kepler. He has sent me 4 pictures. He originally contacted me on Facebook. He says he is divorced and has a 7 year old son. I was checking for divorce records and nothing comes up for someone his age, which his Facebook page says is 47. He has been nothing but nice and sweet, but after reading everything here, I’m beginning to question it. His email address is joe.kepler212@yahoo.com. How can I find out if he is for real?

    • Hello,

      My mom has a man named David Kepler and I wanted to compare pictures to see if this was the same man and if this was scammer. I really don’t like people using our military personales to go to these dating sites to pick up women. It’s a sad thing really.
      Please could you reply to me as soon as possible. I’d like to compare notes and see if this is the same person or not.
      Thank you.

      • I am in contact with a man who calls hisself Steve Kepler. Says he is now in Afghanistan.
        And asked me to pay for a fee to get phone calls. He is a scammer!

    • He has been talking to me too. says all the same things as you are saying, but he told me his son is 6 yrs old. named Bill.

  49. Well I found out myself. I did the email trace mentioned on a previous page and it came back as from Nigeria. How do we let the officer know that someone is sending pictures representing himself? I can send the pictures to someone if you tell me who.

  50. One other thing…I sent him pictures of myself…any suggestions as to what I should do?

  51. Found another profile on Facebook with the same pictures of the guy that was chatting and emailing me. In that profile he is listed as Patrick Kepler. Says he lives in Jackson, Mississippi and is from Los Angeles, California.

  52. I think I found who the real guy is that my pictures are of. It is Sgt Scott Kepler. http://www.smdc.army.mil/smdcphoto_gallery/eagle/Archived/Aug04/Eagle_Aug.html

  53. Found my scammer on Facebook.. Fred Marculy after meeting at online dating site. When I went back to site, his profile had been booted for possible fraud. What tipped me the most was when he said his “wife” had died on 9/11 but he was “over the incident now”…Oh yea, also said he loved puppies and Obama in the same sentence…such BS!! Just for the heck of it I checked Facebook and there is a “Amanda Marculy” army service woman listen from same home town in Ohio..Only took me 23 hours to catch on…please let friends know to be careful…Being alone doesn’t have to mean desperate or stupid…

    • Sheila how did you meet him as I am chatting to a Sgt Fred Marculy as well and it sounds like the same person to me that you are talking about. Did he send you photo’s of his son?? Now i am nervouse as I have spoken to my Sgt Fred Marculy on the phone. Please email me and tell me more s.thurtell@ntlworld.com

      • Hi, i just not long have relised that I have been scammed by the same man, Sargent Fred Marculy, we have been talking for months and he has told me about his son james who lives in the uk with his dead wifes mother. I am horrified that someone could do such an evil act , could you please contact me at faithgreen24@hotmail.com it would be nice to speak to someone who has been hurt by this man too. I would also like to know if there is anything we can do to stop this from happening to someone else.. regards Faith

        • Hi Faith i did sent you an email about this scammer SGT Fred Marculy and also what you should do….did not had any response from you on it yet…….??

    • I have been scammed by SGT.FRED MARCULY, he found me on Wayn.com telling me he was a widower had a son 12 years old and looking for a serious relationship, i mailed with him for 1 month and also chatted with him on messenger, after 2 weeks he asked me for money for a satelite phone because he was suppose to be deported to Baghdad (now in Kabul) anyway the only way we could stay in contact was if i would pay for this phone, i had to send an email to militaryphone@ymail.com for a request for a phone, anyway i was that blond and in love to pay for it € 240,50 this money was send to an uk agent named Joanna Snaith. Now i found out that 2 other women were scammed on Wayn.com as well!! I have several pictures from him, so what to do?

      • hi just read comments on sargent fred marculy, he’s still going strong, i meet him on girls date for free, ive been talking to him for 2weeks when i decided to research abit more as he wasnt really answering questions ect, im glad i followed my instincts and looked into it more, what ive read is almost exactly what he has said to me………

        • sgt fred is still going strong he is now on tagged, any one got any pics of him please, so i can warn people on tagged about him

          have a look ladys is this the fred you all know any information please send to my friend who is building up information to get this sod, jadenmitchell10@gmail.com thats his profile link below

      • I met the same person on WAYNE.. Sgt Fred Marculy… everything is identical as to what is being posted by all the women he’s made contact with. on one of his emails..he says his son James is 11yrs old and next email says his son is 12yrs old. I replied to his emails… all his emails are the same as to the ones on here..including the sattlelite phone request…etc..etc…
        I did not send anything…I just wrote a brief email saying I would find out and do my research and I have not heard from him since…. the last email..I think was Sept 18 or 19.. I have tried blocking and deleting but don’t know if that will make any difference…. as I have tried blocking one other person before but somehow manages to get through….

      • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

        Hello My name is Wilson and am a police officer who is working on this kind of scam woman and men been scam out of money i can help you get all your money soon so you should not worry e-mail me at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk i will be waiting to hear from you

  54. I would like to know if this person who he says he is because I have a funny feeling. I deleted him when he asks me for $500 for his daughter. His name is Sgt. Williams Schulz. Please contact me. Thank you. Have a great day. Love Kathryn Truhn P.S. I didn’t give him a penny.

  55. like most of you I have been contacted by a US army sargent Jeffrey Repetto stationed in Iraq. The pictures he sent me are of the man on the wall of sham known as Marcus Movic. He also contacted my through match .com and yahoo. I have been relentlessly trying to find out who this soldiar is and how to let him know that his pictures are being used to lure women. I wonder if he is still alive, after a report I saw on cnn about this same scam. Please if anyone knows how to get the word to this soldiars or there families let me know.

    • OMG, I, myself, have been contacted by a U.S.Staff Sergeant “Jeffrey Repetto” He im’d me on Match.com and then we started communicating on yahoo and skype. Unbelievable. I knew he was too good to be true. Everything was going nice and smooth until he told me he was going to Northern Afghanistan and didn’t have a laptop and wanted me to send him one. Told me he would get it back when he returned home after retiring in 6 weeks. The red flag went right up and I started investigating. I can’t believe I fell for this crap. I am just thankful that I realized something wasn’t right before it was too late…

  56. Hi,
    I don’t know where to begin..All I know is that I am hurt over what this guy did to me…I met him September 13th 2010 and just recently stopped talking to him…He contacted me the day before yesterday asking for more money from me..
    I met this man that claimed to be a Srgt Dr. Jerry Martin Sullivan in the army..He also claimed to be a doctor in the military…
    He has two email addresses that he uses dr.jerrymartin@live.com & dr.jmartin447@yahoo.com…I have pictures of him also..using pictures of this little boy and some wife he claimed to be dead…
    I can’t believe I was so stupid to believe this man…He took almost $5,000.00 USD from me claiming he was in Kabul …I don’t know what else to say at all but that I am hurt very badly and he lied to me…I also have a hard time believing any military man now…I have transactions of the monies and receipts..Of most of them he’s claiming to have this man friend of his collect the money for him because of security reasons…I kept every email he sent to me…I traced his IP addresses to Acura, Ghana…I just wished I did that along time ago…Then I wouldn’t be in this mess
    Please can I get someone to help me? Thank you very much
    Joyce Mayberry

  57. Hi,
    I don’t know where to begin..All I know is that I am hurt over what this guy did to me…I met him September 13th 2010 and just recently stopped talking to him…He contacted me the day before yesterday asking for more money from me..
    I met this man that claimed to be a Srgt Dr. Jerry Martin Sullivan in the army..He also claimed to be a doctor in the military…
    He has two email addresses that he uses dr.jerrymartin@live.com & dr.jmartin447@yahoo.com…I have pictures of him also..using pictures of this little boy and some wife he claimed to be dead…
    I can’t believe I was so stupid to believe this man…He took almost $5,000.00 USD from me claiming he was in Kabul …I don’t know what else to say at all but that I am hurt very badly and he lied to me…I also have a hard time believing any military man now…I have transactions of the monies and receipts..Of most of them he’s claiming to have this man friend of his collect the money for him because of security reasons…I kept every email he sent to me…I traced his IP addresses to Acura, Ghana…I just wished I did that along time ago…Then I wouldn’t be in this mess
    Please can I get someone to help me? Thank you very much
    Joyce Mayberry
    Here is his facebook also http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000949490290

  58. I just started chatting with a William Louis Haggard who says he is a captain stationed at Camp Eggers @ Kabal, Afganistan. He says his wife died 9 years ago, he has 2 sons, ages 16 and 13, and his birthday is 9/12. He sent me a list for a care package (shower gel, t shirts, soccer balls, a bible, and candy. Which doesn’t seem unreasonable at all. However, he had me contact someone (a Mr. Morgan) in Ghana who delivers packages to soldiers rather than send a package to the APO address. Has anyone had any experience with this name?

    • I have been speaking to a “William Buarin Caldwell”, who is going to have a package delivered to me by a “Mr. John Colemen” this Tuesday. “Mr. Colemen” was in Ghana for a few days trying to see a women to give her a package. I feel that “William” and “Mr. John” are the same man because they both have a stutter when they type. I was told what will be in my care package, which is different from the list you were given as to what he wanted. I was asked to send pictures of houses in New York so that I could buy a house for “us” under his name. I don’t live in NY though.. I live in California. He wanted to wait to purchase a house when he returned back from Afganistan. But have me hold onto the money until then. Which the package that’s being brought to me by “Mr. Colemen” will contain of things to sell in order to receive money. He wanted me to have it so that I could be alright financially until his return. He plans on getting married when he returns from Afganistan. “William” says that he’s from London, England, but raised at some point raised in New York by his priest Uncle. Please contact me ASAP to discuss more.

    • I have been talking to some one similar named Leonard Guirao who says he is stationed @ Camp EGGERS and is retiring at the end of Oct., he is 49 his parents and wife died in the same accident 5 yrs ago he has a Ten yr old Daughter living with his siter-in-law in the netherlands . he hadmesend a care package thru a Freeman Apkaglof in Ganna as well this ssems very much the have pics if you want them. He ants me to open an account for him to send money over here and put in there for him ,Definate RED FLAG!!!!!!!! if anyone elase has heard this name please let me know. Met him on Match.Com, and have reported him to them.

      • Hi Beth,
        I have a similar story, pls send the pics or more info on yr story.

      • I met this man, Leonard Guirao this morning through Match.com! All I can say is BEWARE AND PROTECT YOURSELF!!!!! He seemed very charming and told me the same story about his wife and parents dying in an accident in Hawaii. He also talked about his 10 year old Daughter named Eva who is living with relatives in the Netherlands. He knows how to say all the right things and ask the right questions but one thing kept bothering me the entire time you were communicating on Yahoo IM. He kept misspelling the easiest words! Example’s are he kept spelling the work “know” as “no” and many others. At first I thought maybe he was misspelling the words as a means of using shortcuts to words but when he continually misspelled these simple words, my warning bells in my head began to ring. Then in the middle of the conversation, out of nowhere, he decides to tell me to go to these two websites and look at these two articles of merchandise that he wanted, A pair of Nike Tennis Shoes and a pair of Camo Shorts. He then told me his Birthday is November 6th and how wonderful it would be to receive these items from me for his birthday since he never gets anything due to the limited size of his family. A quick note, another thing I noticed was on his Match page, his status reads “Divorced” but he was telling me the story about his wife and parents which would make him a Widower, not Divorced. Anyway, he gave me an email address to find out how to mail care packages to Camp Egger in Afghanistan so I could purchase these tennis shoes and shorts and mail them to im for his Birthday!! I asked him how I was to be paid back and he said as soon as he was State Side, in a month, he would pay me back. He even said to me that if I lived near DFW, he would arrange for his Commander to allow him to fly home to DFW so I could pick him up and drive him home to Houston. He asked me if I was relocatable and when I said yes, he asked me where I wanted to move to. I mentioned the midwest and he instantly began telling me that his tour would be over in one month and he was going to retire and would like to join me in the midwest and live on a small farm and spend our time doing all types of activities. I was really put off about him expecting me to purchase the two items and send them to him on my dime. He never even asked me if I would do this he just started sending me webpages, sizes, email address to find out how to get this stuff to him and that was when I really thought something was up and thats what led me to do a search on Google for his name and lo and behold, there was his name, his story, his Camp Name and my feelings were validated. This guy could really get to someone who isn’t on their toes! He is supposed to to IM me on Yahoo when he “finishes his patrol” tonight. I am afraid I will have to make myself unavailable!!!

        • I have been talking to someone named Guirao also, but his name is Jason. He said his real name is Jason Chandler. I “met” him on Match also. He removed his profile as soon as we started talking. He, too, had lots of misspelled words. I should have known better.

          He, too, asked me to send him expensive “gifts”. His birthday was coming up, so I was willing to send a care pkg, but was suspicious when he said his APO address had been blocked…”for reasons known only to the authorities”. The pkg was to go through a UN diplomat named Martin Apetor, also in Ghana. I actually tried to send the pkg, but it was very expensive and I didn’t send it. I did not get the expensive items, though. He was okay with me not sending the pkg. And I was able to return all of the items that I bought. After a couple more days of talking, he informed me that he was being sent to the RED ZONE. He had a pkg to send to me, again through the diplomat. This pkg happened to contain over $5 million. Surprise, surprise…the diplomat was arrested and needed $7000. He said he was able to talk them down to $4500. Thank God I don’t have anywhere near that kind of money. Just when I thought we were past this and he was the “real deal”, he asked for a credit card. He was going to call an online loan office and have them transfer the money to my credit card. He also wanted me to pay a $150 hotel bill for the diplomat. He had been arrested and yet they let him stay in a hotel because they had possession of his passport. He said he would pay me back out the money that was in the pkg. Yeah, right, whatever!

          Mine was widowed as well, but had no children. I looked him up on FB and found him or at least his picture. When I asked if he had a FB page, he said no. I wonder if the man on FB is the real one and if he knows his picture has been stolen. I wonder if I should message the man on FB and make him aware.

      • I think i know yor scammer, think hes trying his darndest to scam me. Please send me pics would love to compare!

        • can you please email me a picture as well, i just want to make sure, I’m not being scammed as well

      • I too have been in touch with a man with the last name of Guirao but he said his name was Jeffrey. He is an E6 SSGt divorced with no kids serving in Afghanistan at Camp Eggers. He said he would be retiring in 3 months and coming home to Bedford Texas. He also said he joined the Army at 19 and has been in for 20 years but his dating profile said he as 49.. Here is the kicker, I was contacted at the same time by a guy named Anthony with the same story but this time he was a widower with a son. Jeffrey started asking for a laptop and Nike Air Force One for a kid in Afghanistan. It angers me that these scammers use the names of our US Military men.

        • can you send me a picture of Jeffrey

        • I just started communicating with a man named Jeffrey Guirao last night that I met on match.com. He says he is stationed in Afghanistan and lives in Bedford Tx. He has been in the service for 23 yrs, divorced for 8 yrs and no children. Mother is German, father is American and was raised in Germany since his father was military. Has sent me pics in and out of “uniform”. I would like to see if this is the same person. Can you please email me your pictures at slufsey@yahoo.com. Thank you.

      • Can you please send the pictures of Leonard Gairaro.


    • Ramona I have been contacted by the same person, He also asked me to send a package for him to Ghana, when I refused he got very upse. If you have pictures, please send me one or two, I will do the same, Lets compare and see if this is the same guy. Thanks

      • can you please send me a picture as well, thanks

  59. All women please be carefull! I found out that SGT FRED MARCULY is a scam!! Also found out that 2 other women got scammed by the same man!!!

  60. Hiya , I have been reading all these stories and i have one for you all to look out for,
    His email is preston_juli@yahoo.com .
    I think i have had a very lucky escape,
    he told me he was 47 and a widow of 4 years and had a son david who lives with his sister in the states,
    he asked me for £2.000 pounds so he could come to the uk when i told hime i didn;t have that money he said his boss said i could pay half of it,
    I told him i thought he was scamming me but he said it wasn’t true, i dod an email check on him and it came back with the answer bad, Please watch out for him.x

  61. SGT FRED MARCULY has also tried it on with me so before i gave him any peronal details i googled his name and just wanted to sincerely thank all of you that have spoken out.

  62. Could any one please tell me if you have heard of or talk to this person? sgt. Randal Nieper. He has told me he is station in Balad Iraq. He has given informatio that his wife passed away about 5 years ago and he has two sons 8 and 10 years old that are staying with a friend. He also said he is from Dallas texas. And has been in Iraq for 9 months. He has not ask for any money, but has ask me once to get hook up on the Ts2 and I told him I won’t do it. But he still is talking to me but is confessing his love for me which I am also not doing that as well. I do enjoy talking to him, but I am not going to take being made a fool of and after reading these letters and seeing so many of you ladies getting hurt by these men it has really anger me and I want to turn this man in if he is one of these scammers. This is awful what these men are doing and it has got to stop!!!!

    • yes i am currently talking to Randal Nieper even though the photos i have have his name on his uniform as Napier so that make me suspious. he is ver sweet and says all about his undying love for me too wants to marry me when he gets back home…hasnt asked for any money yet but i am expecting it….so ill memtion you to him and see what he says you do the same ok

    • Sgt.Randal Nieper is talking to me too…….i knew something was wrong right at the start…

  63. Could any one please tell me if you have heard of or talk to this person? sgt. Randal Nieper. He has told me he is station in Balad Iraq. He has given informatio that his wife passed away about 5 years ago and he has two sons 8 and 10 years old that are staying with a friend. He also said he is from Dallas texas. And has been in Iraq for 9 months. He has not ask for any money, but has ask me once to get hook up on the Ts2 and I told him I won’t do it. But he still is talking to me but is confessing his love for me which I am also not doing that as well. I do enjoy talking to him, but I am not going to take being made a fool of and after reading these letters and seeing so many of you ladies getting hurt by these men it has really anger me and I want to turn this man in if he is one of these scammers. This is awful what these men are doing and it has got to stop!!!!

    • well susan i just got an ever devotional email from “our” randal Nieper and he facbooked me too. do you have photos of him isf so i would love to swap photos with you and see if they are of the same guy and then really see what he says to the fact we know about each other. or if other women out there know of SGT Randal Nieper. he got me on the dating website mate1 and has been trying to swep me off my feet its nice and hope this guy is real and not a scam but im waiting for the other foot to drop! i have pics of his kids and him and everything

      • Hi MAI TALTON,
        I don’t have The sgt Neiper pics any more, But he is on face book and I recently found a woman he was talking to and warned her about him and she got rid of him. He is for sure a scammer and he gets the woman on dating sites. He is a big time liar and I truly believe he is not a soldier!!! He can easily be look up on face book by his name. The pic will show up with him and his two sons.

        • yes i know all about the facebook page and he just recently asked me to do the phone line payment and now he asking me to email his commander to ask for leave for him to come home to marry me and i think im gonna play along with this game of his and see how far he willing to go. I am not stupid….my last boyfirend who i am still frineds with is in the army here in tennessee and so i know it doesnt cost anything for a phone call and certainly no civilian asks for leave for a soldier they have to ask for it them selves and if they have earned it they get it…..wow i hope no other women are taken in by this guy and no hes not in the military i had my ex look him up on the army roster email thingthey have and could not find him any where under either spelling of his last name……i will keep you guys posted about how long i can keep him on the line and how far he willing to go…its too bad cause the guy i have pictures of is very handsome and i would not mind actually meeting him…i have a thing for military men!lol ha ha

      • You know he is a scammer no need to exchange pics with anyone here just keep it simple and ask this scammer questions he will not have answers to unless he is a REAL US Service Member you can start with these questions trust me by the time you reach the 2 or third question he will be confused as they know absolutely NOThing about the US Military other than to lie and say they are in Iraq or Afghan

        Ask him for his unit address and then research it if he makes an excuse about security and military protocol SCAMMER
        Ask him what his Mos is
        Ask him to send you the last Les in fact ask him to send you a copy of his Les for the last 6 Months he wont cause he has NO idea
        Ask him what base he deployed from and How long hes been in the military and then pay close attention to his Birthdate
        Ask him for a copy of his military Id and his state issued id card or drivers License and make sure those pics match and not some photo shopped bs with the same pic of the soldier hes pretending to be
        Ask Him to take a pic in his uniform holding a note with your name on it
        Ask him to email you from his official military email account I assure you it wont be a free email account if he makes up an excuse SCAMMER which you already know
        And then when you are dont with the lying lazy bum pass him on to a master baiter share his email address and a baiter will go to work asap
        He will be so confused and will insult you or try to change the subject when you ask these questions so just be prepared but he has no power thats what they do when they realize the gig is up and no money for them

        If he asks you for money for ANY reason Scammer or if he asks you to send a Iphone 4 or anything to Africa there you have it scammer.

        • Oh and forgot this one ask him to get on webcam and Video chat with you and if he refuses or makes up some excuse as usual SCAMMER I hear the newest one they are claiming to be special Ops but even if they are special ops there is still time to Video chat with Family and Friends if he is the real service member this shouls not be a problem and if he isnt Im sure you dont want to see his scamming ugly face anyways

        • how do we find a master baiter to get this guy? his email is sgtrandalnieper@yahoo.com

  64. Hello,
    My mom was speaking with a man that was named “David Kepler”. The Kepler part is right but not sure about the first name and I’m sure, and she knows for sure, this is a scam. He talked to her about sending a lot of money and even asking for her bank account and stuff like that. I was trying to research this guy kepler but it’s hard to find anything related to him. i’m glad you have this site up and helping those that are being scammed by using their feelings.

    • I have been talking to him for a couple days. He asked for a plane ticket after the first day and said he loved me the second day. He said he wants to be with me forever after the fourth day. My phone died and I downloaded yahoo messenger on my computer and found this. His story was that he was in Kabul for the last 3 months and had an 8 yr old daughter. His ex wife died of a PE shortly after childbirth.

      I am not really desperate for a relationship but he sounded nice. I was kinda humoring him, but was not going to send money for a ticket home. I got really nervous when my phone died, as maybe he hacked it or something. I didn’t give him any real personal information, just vaguely where I lived and what I did for work. Guess I won’t be talking to him anymore.


  65. My guy’s name is Col. Richard Smith from Texas,U.S. Army stationed in Pakistan, supposively. I have photos of him and he says he has a daughter and is divorced. Has asked me for a phone service to help him be able to hear my voice. Already told me he loves me after only seeing me on pictures and chatting online for 4 months. Met him on a dating site. Really need to know if this person is legit and if so more about this so called phone service for soldiers.

  66. I was scammed by a Sgt. Andrew Stookey. I met him on Mingles.com. I shouldve known better. He claims he was in Afghanistan, and that he is from Birmingham, Alabama. He had a facebook acct. which is no longer available. And now I just met a Sgt. Fred Marculy. I havent really talked to him yet, but I now know from this site that he is fake. But I have to say, Andrew is very good at it. I haven’t seen his name appear on this site yet. Send me any info you have on this Andrew Stookey guy please. I have pictures if you need them.

    • Hey who erased this post? someones watching this!!!

  67. This past Thursday, September 15, 2011, I ended a three week “relationship” with a man claiming to be a Lieut. Colonel/General in the Army named Alvin McGarvey (email address is: alvingarvey@yahoo.com) who reportedly is currently stationed in Afghanistan and who was suppose to be retiring next month (October) after 16 years in the military.

    He claims to have served in Korea and Iran previously. He also claimed to have grown up in Long Beach, CA and was married for 9 years. His former wife, Cynthia, (never produced a pik – said she was blonde and blue-eyed) is supposed to have died in a car accident on the way home from a store while purchasing something for their infant son. He claims to have a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, a deceased father (David Miller) who was a architect and wealthy, and a deceased mother (Monica Miller) who owned a ladies clothing store in CA. He claims to be an only child.

    He also claims to be ready to settle down and expresses a strong interest in finding the woman of his dreams. He pulls out all the stops to make a woman feel that she IS it!! He promises to relocate to the area the woman resides and to spend the rest of his life there because he is so captivated. (Yeah, right, sorry but I think I’m gonna puke!!!) :/

    He claims that his son’s name is Jimmy McGarvey Miller and is being kept by a good childhood friend named Desmond Mavor who was born in CA but has married and returned to his native Accra, Ghana with his wife and two children. Of course Jimmy will stay with Desmond until Alvin can finally retire (which a date never materializes) and then collect his son and head to the lucky lady’s home town.

    He will gladly tell you that his son’s birthday is coming up and that he feels bad about not being able to get him something. He will solicit your help in making that dream come true. And then see if you will be willing to give more. Isn’t that how it always goes?? I fell for it once but refused the second time. He got mad and cussed me out via instant chat. He wanted me to close down my profile on the dating website we met on (Plenty of Fish) when we first met citing that he wanted to get to know me and not have other men or women come between us. He pulled the plug on his the same day we met. I must admit that bothered me. Looking back now I can see it was to isolate me and allow him to manipulate further. I have learned a big lesson from this. I only get to know “locals” in Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth area).

    Please feel free to post them and my comments. I don’t want to see any other women be taken for a ride by this jerk!!

    Thank you.

    • Alvin Mcgarvey Miller is alive and well and has stricken again!!!!! His story to me was that he is a Staff Sargent stationed in Kabul Afghanastan. The story almost the same as the previous woman’s story, with the exception is was retiring in Dec. He never asked me for money… but he did send 2 dozen roses and candy.
      Ladies BEWARE…. he is a liar….Oct 1, 20011. He saw my profile on a dating site and is using a soldiers profile to scam women….. BEWARE! I googled his name and came across the previous woman’s story about him

  68. beware ladies, there is a soldier in Afghanistan by the name of allen davis, PLS BEWARE VERY CUTE PIC he is actually in Sunnyvale California . claims to have a 10 yr old son living with his grandma in Colorado.

  69. Hiya, i was talking to an Iraqi soldier, Michael Witt, thank gudness i saw it as a scam,. I would love to locate this soldier nd make him aware that sumone is using him.

    • I also have been emailing with Micheal Witt, he says he has a son in Ghana. I called Ghana and asked to speak to the son, the man said he was sleeping. is he a scam? i could not find anything about him where he told me he lived woodstown, nj. E6 staff sergeant?

      • Virginia, the man that contacted me says he is a Staff Sgt with the US Army and has a son in Ghana. If you have a picture of him, plese send to me and I will the do same. lets see if it is the same guy. thanks

        • I have also been talking to a guy that says he has a son that is staying with a friend in Ghana, this guy said that he is 55 yrs old and retiring June 20th..are we talking with the same person?

  70. Well thanks for the mail reading from you keeps me going reading your profile makes me think you are a very interesting woman and reading from you would give me hope to love again well i would want you to know that i want a serious relationship a woman that i would be able to come back home to meet and be with a woman i can start a new life with well here is a little more about me i have a son but he is with mother in law in the uk i have not seen him since i was deployed down here i have been here for about 16months now and may soon be up for transit i would let you know how things goes with me and when i plan to get back well my son is about 12 year old i lost his mom in 2001 at the 911 attack and that was one of the reason i join the military i have gotten over the incident  now and would want to move on with some one special like you well i am thinking it is high time i get to be redeployed  back home and soon get to retire i am under the special duty division and we do go on special mission it has not been easy but God has been preventing me from so many harms well i have been injured but i have never had any serious injury just minor i hope to find love in you and i hope we get to work things out well i love pets put i do not have any for now . well i do love barrack obama and yes i can cook we as s solider most know how to cook part of the training…
      well i would love to know more about you like
     What do you do for fun
      Have you ever been married
     Do you love kids 
     What do you do for job
     What qualities do you seek in a man 
    what has your expirence been on online dating
    i would love to know all this and much more about you hope we get to fix a time to chat sweety i would be on and offline hoping to chat with you i miss you so much babe please send me mail soon my love 
     SGT Fred Marculy

    From: celia_tate@hotmail.co.uk
    To: fmarculy@live.com
    Subject: RE: HOPE YOU GET THIS
    Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 13:46:23 +0000

    hi.fred ,
    well at the moment i am in my second home in Spain been here since august but going back to the cold  and dam weather of England next week,
    what can i say about myself, well i am  x riot police, served a total of seven years in the police force  four been in riot squad,  but  sadly due to an injury which was caused on a shout, my family made me think,   about my  two children, who are no longer children to be honest i have a son who is 22 and a computer genus  who builds  and repairs  computers,
    a daughter who is 16 at collage  studying  hair and beauty  who is is budding karate star,
    so i am now at uni  doing forensic science, i am now in my second year and love, it to be honest,
    i love marital arts and train with y son and daughter at the local karate club three nights a week,  i am not one for clubbing and  going out on the razz  bit of a home bird, take pride in my home and kids, fav thing is walking my rottwiller dog on the beach,
    i am half Irish half Spanish and love Spain so much,
    i try to spend as  much time out here as possible, England  is not what it was and to brownest i do not like  the people or what the country  has become of there last few years,
     oh i am five foot ten  by the way,   and no size zero , any how that all i can think of  if you have the anything you want to ask me feel free to ask,
    take care .
    lots of love
    hugs and kisses 
    From: fmarculy@live.com
    To: celia_tate@hotmail.co.uk
    Subject: HOPE YOU GET THIS
    Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 12:14:15 +0000

    Hi sweetheart how all is well with you thanks for dropping your email addy well this is sgt fred from the dating site this just a text mail i hope you get this please send me a reply as soon as possible i would love to know more about me … have a lovely day and bye for now 

    • Thats funny cuz Fred Marculy sent me that same first letter and I knew right away he was a scam because I was scammed before and I am not going threough that again. BEWARE of Andrew Stookey too!!

  71. Dear People, I have some across some of the same scams on here. They are on Tagged.com Photos of American Soldiers. Once you click on them and tell them Thank you for serving and God bless you. They want to start talking to you and say they love you and want a relationship with you. They ask you to open up your bank accounts to put there Bonus money in. The ask you to join there phone company and pay $300.00 dollars up ward to a Thousand dollars and more. They ask you to pay for them to come home and once they get home they will get a There Bonus money.
    They all give the same story. There wife was killed in a car accident. They tell the wife died of Cancer. Fred Marculy told me his wife died in the 9/11 twin towers. They all of one child. There child lives with there mother. You must contact your Local FBI agent Now. Now Now. When I was on tagged playing a game a person poped up and told me they were Police form the United Kingdom. They said that Fred Marculy was from Nigeria. Or the Person that was using his information Is from there. Fred and the rest of them that are listed sent me a photo. The photo is of an American Soldier……

    All these are possing as American Soldiers and have photos pretending they are a Soldier.
    The names they are using are as follows.
    Sgt. Fred Marculy
    Calvin Willoughby
    David Cleff
    Sgt. Matthiller
    William Boggs

  72. I’ve been contact by a Sgt Steven Bains..who supposedly sent a package and it was stuck in customs because it has money inside and the parcel service charged me more than $500 saying that they pay for it as customs notice money in the package. Now they’re saying that if I don’t pay more money.they submit my info so Interpol arrest me with charges. And my daughtes will have spies to watch their movements. All this by the parcel service. How they know I have daughters. Because of the soldier… Too late…..the Sgt told me to pay and put a lot of pressure. Because his retirement papers are inside. He send me 6 pictures of a black good looking soldier And the parcel is Aruda delivery service. When I told him about scam..he got crazy .

  73. Anyone heard of a Ramos Woods – same story…. US military widow, working in Afganistan, no family besides his 11 yr old son being home schooled there. After 1 wk has declared that his love via email and has proposed and made 1 surprise phone call even though ‘US Military can’t communicate to outsiders’. I just need to show a friend that this is not an uncommon hoax. Please contact if this name is familiar and please send story to me.
    Thanks a mil :)

    • Ramos is a known scammer this idiot has used so many versions of Ramos in facebook that we know him very well he is a scammer go to romancescam.com and see how many times he comes up

  74. Anyone knows Lance Corporal Sandra Williams? We met on a dating site, after long talks for a few months, I feel something odd about her. She said she is in Camp Dwyer Afghanistan. She called me once, but the network was not really good and I am not an english speaking person, so I couldn’t hear her clearly. I do not know anything about soldier’s life, what they can do and can not do there, but I feel something is not right, especially when she said she sent me a package and a man called me from Malaysia, told me that the package is hold there and need money to pay the insurance. I haven’t give him anything yet. If you know something and need to see her pictures, this is her facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002310710657. Thanks.

    • @ Fifi this is a scammer the pics she is using are not her own and scammers are all over Malaysia do not send any money you are being scammed by a man posing as a woman ask her to show you her last Les she wont ask her to send you a copy of her military id its not green and it will not say id card ask her to take a pic in uniform holding up a sign that says I Love you FIFI and above all ask her why she sent a package to someone she doesnt even know sounds like bullshit to you??? and above all places why would it be in Malaysia tell this scamming piece of shit to get himself a real JOB and that you are not into Men lol YOU have been warned if you send a dime these lying leeches will keep inventing assinine stories like the one he has already told you and why would the military need to send a package to a third party I send care packages to a soldier in afghan and guess what I mail it from my City and it gets to him so this is a CROCK DO NOT SEND THIS LYING SCAMMER A DIME.

      • Thank you Anonn, I do not send any money at all. For the first time I knew her, I already sense something, but I want to know for sure, so I “followed” her for months and a week ago something suspicious came up. I already asked her for her id, until now she or he haven’t give me yet :) and yes she always deny my request to talk by skype with webcam for security reason, I asked her address in Camp Dwyer but she just gave me “Camp Dwyer,Helmand River Valley in the Garmsir District ” that’s not enough for me cause you can look up in the internet for that, so I asked for postal code, she said 4500, but I still suspicious :D. Thank you again Anonn ^_^

        • @ Fifi way to go you listened to me but you already had your doubts so now you need to block delete and clean your computer and spread the word about these lying begging snakes

    • Any package mailed by a soldier from any area will be handled by the US Military until it reaches the US Postal service it will go directly to you if it were sent to you not to some other damn scammer you are wise to cut off all contact with this Man as I said he is pretending to be a Woman.Why would this scammer send you a package and NOT insure it herself to send to you think about it why would it be in Malaysia and the scammer that called you from Malaysia begging for money to insure the fake package I bet he had an accent look deep before you leap this is a scammer ask to see him on cam and yes they can cam and yes they can talk on the phone and you do NOT have to pay for it and you cannot request their leave only real service members can request leave get ready for alot of lies ask questions this scammer will get pissed off real quick

      Ask her about her unit
      Ask her to send you an email from her military email address hint it will not be her name and usaarmy.com
      Ask her for a copy of her Les for the last 6 Months He wont have a clue
      Ask her for her military address if all you hear are excuses you already know if she gives you one check it out
      Ask her to get on webcam and show herself to you she wont all you will hear are excuses

  75. Here is yet another classic story……. Dave Boggs Nathan deployed in Iraq. One 16 year old son who he calls Derik. However, onetime in instant messaging he typed Derek. So, I asked him about the miss spelling and he said he was tired and couldn’t type …..lol. Wife died 7 years ago. Doesn’t explain how. But the son lives in NIGERIA (of all places) with his grandmother. One day, I open up my email only to receive face military papers to request for an emergency leave. The military does not operate that way. Besides, the spelling on the papers were so bad my cat could have done a better job. Then about a month ago, I receive to my email again a copy of a bonus check worth $250K ……lol.. It took me all of about 6 seconds to call Bank of America and ask them to verify the cashiers check…… guess what …..not only was not issued by Bank of America but on the bottom of the check where it decribes the water mark description, the 2nd sentence which should have repeated the 1st sentence was missing a word …lol. Same old story….coming home soon ……please send money to my son in Nigeria for school …….blah blah blah. on his Facebook page Dave Boggs Nathan it appears he has many friends in Wisconsin. Maybe I will message one of his friends on his Facebook friends list. Did I mention the phone call I received 2 weeks ago …..the calling claiming to be Dave Boggs Nathan …. as it turns out, it was a man with a Nigerian accent ……lol. Unreal

  76. It’s good to understand signs to look for, so I am explaining some of them below:
    First, and most important:
    -The US military is a very self-contained world. Requests are made and handled internally.
    -People who are not in the military can not make requests for people who are in the military.
    -Leave is like vacation from your job–you earn a certain amount after the required amount of service, and you don’t pay for it. If you haven’t earned it, you are not entitled to it.
    -A soldier requests his own leave, which can be granted only if he has earned it. He does not pay for leave, replacement officers, or any other “fees.”
    -While certain benefits are granted for families of soldiers, if you are not connected to the soldier by a legal marriage or by blood, in the eyes of the military you have no connection to them.
    The moment someone you met online asks you to fill out any forms for the US military-whether for leave, phone, benefits, or any other purpose-you can know for certain he/she is a Scammer. Just walk away.

    I had been writing a very nice Col Adam Carlin I met on Website Over 40 & Single. He was to retire now after his 20 some years in service. Wanted to get married. I sent away as instructed for a “Leave Request for Marriage” form. Red Flag went up for me! So anyway, if anyone thinks that they had been contacted by this man, I have photos of him and even one with his daughter and copy of phony letter from a General and the phony request form. contact me at topazblue62@hotmail.com and beware!

    • blue your e-mail address isnt working… kicked my message back out.

    • I’m sorry if topazblue62@hotmail.com gives you trouble use topazblue62@aol.com instead, they are both connected to this email address! Ijust try to filter from all the junk mail. Sorry for the hangup!…Blue

  77. OK started on October 1st. He found me on an Irish dating website… he is coming home in 51 days, has a 14 year old son in Ghana on a pineapple farm. Living with a caretaker because the farm manager that lived in the states died suddenly. Wants me to send an iphone4 and cologne and clothes to his son Jeff in Ghana. What? Says his name is Raymond Ramos and is a Capt. In Baghdad right now. I ask questions and that is a big NO NO. Cant contact his son because no phone calls, cant make purchases because restricted… does this sound familiar to any one? I have pictures that I can send to you to confirm same person as your scam artist. Please contact me with photos of your scam artist please. chris.bruns@yahoo.com

    • Wants me to send an iphone4 and cologne and clothes to his son Jeff in Ghana.

      @ Christina the Iphone 4 is NOT for his Son and he is NOT a US Service member he is a scammer a well known scammer using Ramos and the stuff hes asked you for are for him and he lives in Ghana he is an ugly begging african scammer simple as that all us servicemember have access to their MONEY at all times and they are not restricted he is a liar and not a very good one

      ask him for a copy of his most recent Les if he is a real soldier he will know exactly what you are talking about from Dfas but the scammer will have no clue

      ask him for his unit number and look it up

      ask him why if he is an american serving in the US Military would his son be in of all places one of the scam capitals of the world next to Nigeria

      ask him to take a picture of himself in uniform holding a sign that says I Love you Christina he wont excuses excuses and lies are all scammers spit out of their ugly lying mouths

      Also ask him to get on cam and chat with you and not just for a few seconds but for at least 30 mins to an hour excuses guess what SCAMMER

      YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED they only want an iphone to impress the women there in africa the women are easy if they think the guys have money there it is sick but true go to their niraland forums you will find out so much about them there

    • @ Christina PLEASE I am begging you go to romancescam.com and scamwarners BEFORE you become a victim of this scammers lies RAMOS is a known scammer name is EVERYWHERE keep reading but the man in the pics trust me it is NOT Him for if you see the real face behind this scammer you may fall dead from a heart attack many of them have faces only a Mother could Love and no its not a joke it is the TRUTH

    • @ Christina I also found this on this very blog so you are not the first nor last lady this scammer has tried to scam using Ramos


      Anyone heard of a Ramos Woods – same story…. US military widow, working in Afganistan, no family besides his 11 yr old son being home schooled there. After 1 wk has declared that his love via email and has proposed and made 1 surprise phone call even though ‘US Military can’t communicate to outsiders’. I just need to show a friend that this is not an uncommon hoax. Please contact if this name is familiar and please send story to me.
      Thanks a mil :)

    • @ Christina here is another lady that Ramos tried to scam Ramos is KNOWN scammer…

      My mom has been talking to a Danny Ramos with the same pictures but he has actually set her more pics than the ones on here and has asked her to send him $3800.00 for his return flight home because he said the military won’t pay for him to come home and he told my mom that he was supposed to be discharged on nov 5th. he said his wife died 6 yrs ago in car crash and that he had 3 kids. 2 died with their mom and his oldest was in college overseas. He just asked my mom for this money 3 days ago and i got on her phone and told him to go to hell that i was contacting the news stations and i have. I refuse to allow my mother to be scammed. I have made it a point to contact local news stations and tell them about this so that other women will know what is going on and i hope they all get what is coming to them.

  78. Dear Christina: During my research on my guy that almost scammed me, I did run across that name Raymond Ramos many times of other women mentioning. Plus the Iphone scam is one of the largest rings out there that others have fallen. They are not all going to look like the same guy, there are many out there working together and they are good! They are taking names off facebook and using them and they are various nationalities as well. Only you can decide for yourself! When in doubt, DON’T! If you still need to see my photos I’ll still share them with you and anyone else so they can watch out for this one! topazblue62@aol.com Thanks!

    • I encounter one of so called military dirt bag he told me his name was Mark Miles we chat for a month , hetold me he was in Afghanistan he never got the chance to ask for money , he was very nice and everything was ok until I was investigating about a mail scam with instant prizes and by accident it show a picture ,it was the same picture he send me a few days ago following the trail I found out about more about this scam.
      his e mail address is mmiles012@yahoo.com

  79. I am concerned for a friend. She was contacted by a Michael Krause (Major General) from Australia and stationed in Afghanistan. She says they skype, so I suppose he is legit?

  80. hello all just wanted to share something with u i met a man a few yrs back we got very close . but he was a scammer with a heart .he admitted to me a was a collage student in africa and was sorry for doing this to me and wanted to keep me as a friend and also sent a real pic of himself. told me to becareful because alot of them are from were he was in africa. i told him its cruel to do this to us lonely women and never talked to him again.

  81. New Scam Ladies And Gents BEWARE………

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Mustafa Zarti
    Date: 2011/3/26

    Hello dear,

    How are you doing today with work and family? Hope all is well?

    Please be assured that this proposal is confidential and genuine.

    My name is Mr Mustafa M. Zarti, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and an old college friend to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (Col. Gaddifi’s son).

    We all are aware of the current crisis in my country, LYBIA. Due to this crisis many assets and money belonging to Col. Gadaffi’s family and government officials are being frozen by western government, as you can see on the following links –




    We have lost a lot and are losing many on a daily basis

    I need your help to secure some of these funds because these are had earned money and not stolen money, most of these money are by contracts executed by the family. Examples are – BP’s $900m 2007 Libyan oil exploration contract, Owns shares in Juventus football club, Italian oil gian Eni, and Pearson, the parent company of Penguin and the Financial Times, Has had dealings with numerous Western financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and the Carlyle Group.

    Due to the fear of our assets freeze, I have been able to move some money to through security means as consignment and deposited it into a security house in London, where I registered them as personal effect. Six consignments with the sum of US$23,500,000.00 in each is safe and now, I want you to help me receive one. Please note that further details will be made available upon proper understanding of the parties involved to avoid misunderstanding and that the money is not gotten from any illegal activities.

    I am offering 35% and you will also help me invest 65% of my share into any lucrative business in your country, where your government will not take much tax from it, if you can, but if not please keep it safe for me until everything goes quiet.

    I guarantee you that this venture is risk free. If you are interest, please, get back to me on mustafazarti3@yahoo.com for further details, and if not, please delete this letter and do not inform anyone about it.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mr Mustafa M. Zarti

  82. I was just scammed by someone posing as a major in the Army. We met on the dating site Datehookup. His profile said he was from the Bronx he was a major in the army at45 years old which I couldnt believe. He also told me he was only in for 5 years,someone he knew got him in at 40 years old. So you know the story I love you after a week,e mails IM chats,then he told me his wallet was lostand I asked him if he needed anything. He said he needed mmoney for food and water. He told me he was stationed in Libya but I could wire the money too his agent in Nigeria. Welll I did,because I believed everything he told me. I saw his picture, nice looking.gave him my phone # but his accent was one I never heard before. I asked what it was said he was half spanish,half Ammerican,that started me thinking, than he told me his birthday was coming,could I send him a laptop,boxer shorts cologne.body lotion. So I finally caught on so I lied and said yes. Finally he asked me to e-mail some weird emrgency leave website so he could get out and we could be together.so I said sure. Well I did a lot of investigating and talking to my girlfirnd who lives at Fort Bragg with her husband and she told me it was a scam. Should I report the agent to someone I have his name address everythin in Nigeria.What about the poor soldier whose name he is using. How does he find out what is going on?

  83. Hi!
    I was contacted by a Sergeant Nash Desmond posting in Iraq. No specific location in Iraq though. Divorced 2 years ago, wife cheated on him with his bestfriend and has remarried currently living in Spain with her new husband. He has a 14 years old son. Living with his mother (Nash Desmond’s mom) in Alabama. He said his mom died 3 days ago. He has accounts in FB, NetLog and MySpace using the same name and pictures. We’ve been chatting twice. He called me Mrs Fraudster because I told him about the online scam/fraud. We even jokes about the Fraud thing. I called him Mr Fraudster and he doesn’t mind. He even laughed. I had a feeling he’s a fraud. He has lots of women as Friends in NetLog,MySpace and FB account. I have blocked him. He asked me to YM and instructed me to Chat via Web Cam too. When I told him I will only switch on my Webcam if he’ll do the same.. he started to sulk and refused to talk to me!! LOL he hasn’t asked for money or anything yet.. He even told me that he has asked $ from an Australian girl, and the girl has sent him the money he but he claimed he has returned the money back to the girl. I guess he told me such things just to “prove” he’s not a Fraudster/Scammer. He’s a good actor. I’ve met several fraudster online and their MO are almost the same. Just becareful.. NEVEREVER send money to anyone. If you’re really in trouble you will turn to your family and your friends NOT TO someone you barely know whom you’ve just met online..

    Sal J

    • I was contacted by the same person Nash Desmond. All the info is the same. I would like to know if this is the same person. I have pics. Recently he contacted me saying he was on vacation in Malaysia and his wallet was stolen…he needed $ 100.00 usd to pay for his trip…When I refused he hasn’t contacted me since. Would like some feedback and compare pics if possible. I care about the person i thought I was chatting with but I am not a fool. Look forward to a response. Thank you!

  84. @MAI TALTON-you can post his name on http://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=13, they know what to do with it.

  85. Has anyone met a guy named Carter Benson on Facebook. He contacted me on Aug 16th and was supposedly a general in Baghdad, Iraq. Declared love and wanting to come home to me within a few days. His FB profile says he lost his wife 6 yrs ago to cancer and lives in LongBeach, CA. Never talked on phone, usually email or yahoo messenger. Sent me pics in uniform sitting with other soldiers at a table. While there he decided to retire after being in 24 yrs. Since he resigned there, They wouldn’t send him home so he traveled to Ghana. Once there found out visa was no good since he was now US civilian. I don’t know much about military so I guess i’m an easy mark. First it was money for hotel and visa, now it’s for ticket home and hotel and food because visa about to expire. He still asks for money and I just tell him I have none, I’m on disability and fixed income . Money I did send I wrote payday loans for so I sent total of $680 and that’s not counting the fees on loans every time I rewrite plus fees on Western Unions. I will not send more because I have none anyway. I was not allowed to know his unit or to tell anyone about us. He wanted to “Surprise” everyone when he got here. I wish I hadn’t been stupid and I wouldn’t be in financial mess. i did tell my son and best friend all along. I would like to find out if Carter Benson is a real soldier and would like to write to him and let him know. Is there any way to find out? Thanks

  86. Hallo,
    leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut. Ich wurde vor 4Monaten bei Finja angeschrieben. Er schrieb, er sei auf einer Mission in Afghanistan und würde zum Jahresende in Rente gehen. Er war ziemlich schnell beim Thema Liebe und ich wäre “eine Königin” etc.! Er gab sich als Generalleutnant aus und ich habe einige Bilder mit und ohne Uniform. Wir haben auch oft gechattet aber immer ohne Webcam. Sein Laptop hätte im Camp Einschränkungen. Dann erzählte er von seinem Sohn Richard. er wäre in England und müsse jetzt nach Ghana Accra fliegen wegen seines Jobs, dort wäre jetzt ein Charityprogramm und er hätte seinen Flug verpasst! Dann kam die Frage nach Geld, ich habe dann auch noch Emails von seinem Sohn Richard Obeng erhalten. Da wurde ich erst misstrauisch.
    Die Emailaddresse war man2pleaseu@live.com , und ri_27@ymail.com

    Nach 2Monaten bekam ich sogar einen riesen Blumenstrauss mit Rosen per Fleurop ins Haus, was angeblich der Sohn aus England organisiert hat….es stellte sich heraus, dass der Auftrag aus der Schweiz kam!! Ich habe den Header prüfen lassen über ein AntiScam-Forum in Deutschland und alle Mails kamen aus Ghana-Accra!!!
    Falls jemand Fragen hat oder die gleiche Story erzählt bekommen hat….
    meine Emailadresse: susan.2002@hotmail.de
    Ich bin entsetzt, was ich alles darüber schon gelesen habe und wie man die Gefühle von anderen
    Menschen missbraucht!!! Alleine die Emotionen und die Zeit, die man investiert mit falschen Profilen! Leider lernt man nie die wahre Person auf den Bildern persönlich kennen…

    LG. Susan.2

  87. I am truly sick as I am reading these. I am afraid I am being scammed and fell into it head over heels. I have been chatting with a soldier over 1 month now and the romance is blossoming, and then the money issue comes. I have been divorced for 7 years and all of a sudden this man who knows nothing about me loves me and wants me to be his wife and wants me to send money for him to send a trunk to me. Yes, sickeningly I have sent money within the last day or so, oh how I wish I had common sense to check this out. This is a scam right? Someone please help me.

    • @ heather you know deep in your heart this is a scammer have you seen him face to face?
      have you chatted with him face to face for at least an hour
      Have you seen a copy of his military id and state issued id card
      Have you asked for his address so you can send him a care package?
      Have you asked him to take a pic of himself holding a sign saying I love you Heather
      have you asked him for a copy of his most recent Les?
      have you asked him whats his MOS and ask him to explain in Detail what he does

      There is no need he is a scammer

      No Military member will find you on any social network and ask you for money for ANY reason as the US Military takes care of its own they have access to their accounts at all times no matter where they are cut this scamming piece of shit off and move on go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com for support where you will find the same pics this scammer is using

      wants me to send money for him to send a trunk to me what damn sense does this make what the hell are you going to do with a fake trunk do you smell bullshit I DO cut this lying beggar off tell him to get a JOB and dont be scared you have been WARNED

    • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

      i can help you get all your money back fast i will be happy if you can send me a mail at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk and i will help you there

  88. Ladies below is the perfect example of a scammer trying to BS a member of one of my anti scam groups just read this but know that NOTHING is trie that this scammer has typed he is a beggar a fraud a filthy lying leech..See How ignorant he sounds as if he has a 3rd grade Education in order to be in the military you must know how to read spell and write evidently this clown has none of those abilities he is a MORON.

    y name is CHRIS KALTWASSER,I Work as an army for united state of america.
    I am divorced with one kid,right now i’m in iraq thats where i’ve been posted and base for over 9 months.
    I’m single right now and i will like to know you better if you dont mind,i will be going back to the state in the next 2-
    3months,so i just wanna use this medium to know you better so when i get back to the state we shall be together.
    I will like to know you better also,where we are located in the usa based camp here is iraq we are not allowed to call anyone and webcam is not allowed cause of security purposes inother to be safe and free from terrorists.
    I love soccer sports and base ball and read also when less busy.i live in topanga,ca.but i move around alot.
    I will like to know maybe you are interested in me also,so that can get to know eachother better.
    I will ike to you if you have yahoo i.m or aol i.m so that we can chat better if you have you can get intouch with me so that i can give you mine.
    Stay blessed and hoping to chat with you better.

  89. I can top all of you. I’ve been talking to a man claiming to be General Sir David Julian Richards, the head of the entire British military. I have experienced all of the same lies that all of these scammers use. His wife. Died in a car accident while on holiday, he is in Afghanistan but is. tired of it and wants to come home. He loves me and wants to buy a house with me, I told him I wanted his address to send him a care package and he told me he wanted Louis Vuitton shoes and a Movado watch, he can’t access his funds and wants me to send him $1500, he found $15.5 million and wants to share it with me. I can’t believe the balls of this guy! This General is very famous and has a Wikipedia profile, numerous posted speeches, interviews with his very live wife, etc…

    • @ Lisa isnt this the most pathetic mess scammers are a hot mess where in the world would he wear something that expensive to in of all places Africa tell him to get a real JOB! Lmao this scammer is to funny

    • Hi Lisa, this Lt General Sir David Julian Ricards is a scammer and also a sex maniac. He told me he is divorce and he feels very lonely in Afghanistan. He is finding someone to go on a holiday with him in December. He has 3 weeks holiday and don´t want to spend the holidays all alone. He was writing love words to me and later told me whether I could undress in front of the camera for him. I told him no and block him straight away. So ladies be careful of this person.

    • He tried to cheat me too… I checked his emails – He is from Ghana !! He has profile on facebook – and facebook do nothing with that!!!!!!!

  90. great information and advice to look out for when approached by a scammer pretending to be Military…

    the scams often involve requests for money from the victim to purchase “special laptop computers,” international telephones and transportation fees to be used by the “deployed soldier” so their fictitious relationship can continue. The scams include asking the victim to send money, often thousands of dollars at a time, to a third party address so the phone or laptop can be purchased for the soldier.

    “We’ve even seen instances where the perpetrators are asking the victims for money to “purchase leave papers” from the Army or help pay for their flight home so they can leave the war zone,” said Grey.

    Officials warn individuals to be very suspicious if they begin a relationship on the internet with someone claiming to be an American soldier and within a matter of weeks, the alleged soldier is asking for money, as well as their hand in marriage.

    Many of these cases have a distinct pattern to them, explained Grey. “These are not soldiers, they are thieves.”

    The perpetrators often tell the victims that their units do not have telephones or they are not allowed to make calls or they need money to “help keep the Army internet running.”

  91. Hey I want to let you all know, which you might that Lt. Brian Rivera is a scammer. He stated to me that he was a Lt in the Army and has to serve 8mths and gets to come home in March. He also stated that his middle name was Shawn. Many red flags went off during the whole time we talked, but than when he asked me for money to get a phone to talk to him, I said no. Nothing else was said about that for awhile, untill he asked me for money to go on a Vocational Leave to come see me and when he arrived I would get the money back. This was the straw for me, because I work for the Federal government and deal with Veterns and I was let in on something.
    There is no such thing as a Vocational Leave and the soliders can call if they need to. What a idiot, please ladies watch out for this Jerk.
    I did some research on the pictures he sent me of this soldier name Rivera and he is not a Lt. he is a staff sargent, stationed in the 4th infantry out of Fort Carson, CO. the person stated that he was in the Army for 21yrs and has a daughter name Cindy (Cinderella). If you look at his picture he has been in the Army for 12yrs when that picture was taken.
    Please if anyone knows how I can get a hold of this Real Solider please Please let me know. I contacted the CG in Fort Carson, but I want to personally talk to Staff Sgt. Rivera or his family to let him know. They fight for us and this is the thanks some worthless peice of shit does to him.

  92. My soldier sent pic of him holding board with my name on ….sent me his home address army address …I asked him to send e mail from his army.mil which he did ……everything added up and genuine ..he asked me to open bank account to pay money in himself for us to use in Dec when he finally gets leave ….so I could access money and book hotel for him …..what do you think ….

    • @ Anon why are you using a variation of my username number one and why are you telling us this if what you say is true which I know it is NOT or you wouldn’t use my username here and I suspect you yourself are just a troll as well as a scammer so if you trust him then by all means open up the account for him except for one thing if he were a real servicemember he would already have his OWN account as well as cards linked to his own account and if he were so interested in having you book a hotel for him or have you access money then wouldnt he have set up an ALLOTMENT for that hmmm what do I think I Think I smell ALOT of BS but nice try and please find your own username something more original Thanks the original Anonn By all means let us know how this works out GOOD LUCK

    • Oh and I left this out NO ONE can open a Bank account for anyone else last time I checked the Bank asks for Pictured Id so as I said good luck with this one and nice try scammer I see you have been patrolling and reading my posts hmmm guess you dont like me very much because I expose you and your scams alot but NICE TRY but do share the pic of him holding a sign with your name on it I’d like to see this otherwise please do NOT waste our time igotmyown00@gmail.com I wont hold my breath waiting for you to send me the proof.

      I just called you out Fake Anon so show and prove your guy is real I’ll wait lol

      • Lol Magically after i called out this FAKE anon I started to receive a Ton of spam emails from Scammers over 500 in 24 hours amazing these lying leeches even live on this blog I am surprised one of them hasnt been foolish enough to try a romance scam on this blog yet they will try it everywhere else so Pathetic

  93. My soldier sent pic of him holding board with my name on ….sent me his home address army address

    What a CROCK of BULL a board with just your Name wow big surprise nothing else just your name I am NOT Impressed home and Army address hmmm sounds suspect to me did you verify that they were correct???? like I said let us know when he asks for “Funds” as they call it for this so called account you will set up for him I won’t hold my breath scam and scammer whoops did I just say that? Yup

  94. Contact to me a Arnold Dash……….same story, they send my a letter like this one:

    From Us-armycommunication@usa.com

    With reference to the request, to receive our military men in Iraq through the airlift, you are to make a refundable payment of Six Hundred And Fifty USD(650$)only Paid through western union money transfer for the airlift processing charges. The processing will take place as soon as you have made payment, Payment should be made to an agent who is presently on deployment to United State Of America….

    NAME: Iris Salazar
    COUNTRY: United State Of America
    CITY: Angeles
    STATE: California

  95. Is a scam too right? He’s on facebook

    • @ Patita are you serious YES it is a scam Military does NOT handle business like this and this email address is NOT Legit it is a fraud and this is a scammer have you seen this fraud yet on Cam more than 30 minutes have u had an interactive chat with him yet let me guess NO

      The US Military members will not need your money for any reason not for leave and not for this lie this scammer is telling you about some airlift that is a crock remember the US Military takes care of its own.

  96. @ Patita all I can say is: airlift processing charges.is straight up bullshit

    He’s on facebook so are thousands of other scammers using fake pics in a perfect world internet access would be DENIED to all of Africa known to to have scammers!


    go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com where you will find the pics that this scamming loser is using!


  97. I tried to comment here before, but I don’t think it went through. Does anyone know if there would be any reason for a soldier to use a fake name? I’ve been chatting with someone for over three years. He has never asked me for anything… Doesn’t give the sob story of children or a wife who died. Family seems pretty stable back home. Only thing is, in those three years, we’ve never met or video chatted. The only times he’s had leave in the states happened to be during times we weren’t communicating (I’ve cut off communication in the past because of my doubts with his identity). The pics he has posted are the ones he sent me three years ago. None of his family are listed as being friends with him on FB or myspace. His IP comes back to Oklahoma. He’s supposedly with MARSOC – 2nd MSOB. He is not foreign…very articulate. And, he has a great deal of knowledge about the military. Online late at night. Sometimes during the day. Supposedly stationed in Helmand, Afghanistan. Cannot find anything on him, with the exception of the social network profiles. Refuses to send me email from military email for fear of sharing information – says it’s not something he can just change the address of down the road if he gives that address out to the wrong person. So…back to my initial question. Is there any reason, maybe for security or something, that a soldier would not provide his true identity? If he’s not asking for anything, why would he lie about who he is? Is there any way to find out?

    • @ Wondering No there would be no reason for a REAL US Military member to lie about who he is and MANY scammers have learned to play the game and Many are well articulate also I have a question for you what excuse is he using for not showing you who he is AFTER all this time they have web cams and are allowed to use them

      Also you typed this as his excuse for NOT emailing you from his military email …….Refuses to send me email from military email for fear of sharing information

      what information that is just a new excuse this beggar has came up with and if he knows so much about the military and if he is so real ask him to send you a copy of his most recent LES

      Ask to see his military id as well as his state Drivers license if he is so real and interested in you this should be no problem
      Tell him to send pics of himself holding a sign that says I am REAL ask him for an interactive chat for 30 minutes to an hour and make sure its not been pre recorded ask him questions ask him to touch his nose as him to smile for you I am sure that the man you will see on cam will change the way you feel about this scammer they have gotten smart but the time will come keep chatting with him he will invent an emergency or a lie and beg soon as he thinks you are head over hills for him

      So the answer to your question which you already know in your heart or you would not be here asking questions 3yrs and still you have NEVER seen him and allegedly goes on leave when you are not talking to him HE IS A SCAMMER he considers this as his job go to scamwarners,com and romancescam.com before you become a victim I am reading to many excuses from Women trying to justify that the scammer is real and making excuses for them it is so ANNOYING and please stop the but he hasnt asked for money or anything yet thats because hes been to busy with his many other scams.

    • @ wondering this scammer is using a proxy to hide his location they do this all the time

      • Thanks, Anonn… I wouldn’t send a dime. I was just stating that I hadn’t been asked for any money. I’m not convinced he’s a scammer located in some other country wanting money. His emails and chats with me are too articulate and unrehearsed. I am convinced, however, that he is probably someone who is sitting in Oklahoma (where the IP hits) and lying about his service. The other day, he was “on the move” to relieve another company over in Afghanistan and said he doesn’t have a laptop with him… Said he’d have to contact me once they reached their location. However, the emails I’ve received since he’s relocated all come from the same IP.

        Cannot get him to do the webcam. First, it was broke. Now, he’s not allowed to show any of his surroundings. Yeah, I know…it’s a crazy excuse. Same with recent photos…

        I haven’t found his name on any scam sites…or anywhere else for that matter… but it’s not worth the late nights I’ve spent online chatting… Too many red flags.

        • @ Wondering……………..Cannot get him to do the webcam. First, it was broke. Now, he’s not allowed to show any of his surroundings. Yeah, I know…it’s a crazy excuse. Same with recent photos…

          I haven’t found his name on any scam sites…or anywhere else for that matter… but it’s not worth the late nights I’ve spent online chatting… Too many red flags.

          This is ALL I NEED nothing else needs to be said this SCAMMER is using a proxy.

          . His emails and chats with me are too articulate and unrehearsed Scammers have evolved they watch alot of Tv and many of them are just as articulate as many of us are and many even know how to speak different languages and so the fact that he is articulate DOES NOT MEAN HES NOT A SCAMMER.

        • @ Wondering …………..you typed this……………but it’s not worth the late nights I’ve spent online chatting… Thats because of the time differences hes NOT in Afghan and hes NOT in Iraq but in AFRICA or Malaysia because he is a scammer PLAIN and Simple Anonn.

        • @Annon… I don’t think he’s one of these particular scammers…but I believe he is a person lying about who he is. His last email was supposedly from an Afghan police camp. That email came from the same IP as all of the others have for three years.

          I’m no longer emailing him. And, although my situation was probably a different type of fraud, I hope everyone reads the information on all of these sites so that they may be a little more cautious with their online communications, as there are so many different types of fakes out there. If it walks like a duck…

  98. Has anyone here heard of a Captain Thomas Shirley? He asked for $1500.00 to get flown to visit me after a month of chatting with me.. Thanks to my daughter’s checking when he asked for moneywe found out he is also a scammer. He is from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Has a mansion with 3 sitting rooms ,five bedrooms, pool, another house in Miami etc. His money is frozen in an account because the military does that when he’s away in Afghanistan. *yeah right* He is stationed in Kabul . His wife died 5 years ago from Diabetes and he has 3 sons. One is in school becoming a neurosurgeon. His father died when he was young and his mother is a retired professor who also lives in a mansion.

    • hi. i have also just been scammed by this man.captain thomas shirley..well nearly.. he didnt get any money from me.. he told me the same story as you and asked me to send 2250. for leave papers..i have pics of him if you want to compare..after phone calls and e-mails he decided he didnt want to know.. well what a surprise..this man is a scammer and he didnt like it when i told him so…

  99. He is from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Has a mansion with 3 sitting rooms ,five bedrooms, pool, another house in Miami etc.

    Translation he is a scammer who wishes he had a 5 room anything he resides in a very different environment from the one h has lied about and if he were a real military member he wouldnt beg for anything SCAMMER

    His money is frozen in an account because the military does that when he’s away in Afghanistan. WHAT A CROCK OF BULL good job checking up on this lying piece of shit.

    ? He asked for $1500.00 to buy the latest cellphones and the latest knockoff clothes they see American wear on Tv and the latest shoes so that they can get in their minds the most expensive woman they seem to not be very smart when it comes to managing money which is why they are constantly begging for more money LOSERS

  100. If anyone here wants to see pics of Captain Thomas Shirley just leave a message here and I will gladly send them to you so no one will be taken in by this person. His email was thomas_shirley @hotmail.com or thomas_shirleyjr.@doctor.com but it has since been deleted. Thanks.

  101. The thomas_shirley@ hotmail has since been deleted but not the thomas_shirleyjr@doctor.com so beware. This was supposedly thomas shirley’s son who also emailed me.

    • @ Molly that was not his Son that was him he is a scammer thats what they do they scam and lie they are professional beggars

    • hi again molly. i too was sent a e-mail for his -so called son.and a picture. two mins after an e-mail from his and he said he didnt know he had sent it.. his e-mail address and his so called sons is still working.. as i had been writing with him up till yesterday.. 25-march 2012..

  102. I know this will come to you as a surprise, but please you don’t have to be. I hope that you will be of help to me on something that will benefit both of us. I am an American soldier presently at work station in Afghanistan for more than 8 years now. Why i am contacting you is to seek your assistance and trust. There was a time when i traveled to Africa on surveillance. I was sometime dispatched to Ghana for some surveillance. There i did a business with some Army Generals and made so much money to the tune of $55 Million USD from it. Due to the nature of my job, i was unable to lodge it in my account and not trusting any of the Generals enough to leave my money with them because it was a deal and they could just want to take advantage of me, so i deposited the money with a security company in Ghana as consignment boxes which will now be delivered to you if you are willing to help me receive it pending when i shall return home to the States. I have obtained customs papers for private freight and there are seals on the box showing that it is a private delivery and check performed. But that is not to say that you will not incur some expenses. This is because you will claim ownership of the boxes because i don’t want my name to reflect, you know as an American soldier, my name is in record and can easily be spotted.

    All i am asking for now, is for you to help me contact the security company where i deposited the boxes for shipment, so that it can be shipped directly to you. I have deposited it as family treasure worth $55 million USD. The boxes are locked with a security code only known to me and it will be delivered to you via diplomatic means at your door step so you need not stress yourself looking out for it.

    I hope you can cooperate with me and let us get this done. I will compensate you so bountifully if you are fortunate enough to help me secure the fund with you till I’m back. You know now the government is working seriously on returning us
    home. Get back at me via my personal email… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so that i can share some of my photos with you.

    I hope to read from you soon. Thank you and God bless.

    i have talked to him a few times now. i would really like to know the man in the photos…..very handsome. i bet he has no idea someone is using them. anyways…Frank is a real charmer. and i cant say i didn’t like him. Ive asked for his postal address, and his phone number. he told me he couldn’t do that because of security reasons. and he cant be connected to the money he called it (Family Treasure) worth $55 Million. i asked him if he thought family would be a better choice……he said he has none. says he was from Utah. is 40yrs and never married. gave me a few pics. one being with his Ex-fiancée. told me i looked just like her…similar. that he loved me and wanted to be the father of my children. He like to call me baby. idk. Im still talking to him. i told him i wont be helping him get his money. that is up to him. i did call down to Ghana and a Dr. Chris kuffur or something answered….he had all kinds of info for me. and i was to email him. he would have all the documents in it that i needed. A Diplomat would be bringing 2 metallic boxes to my home. first he told me it wouldnt cost me a thing. then he said he didnt know and i would have to contact the security comp. i got a amount. then he said i didnt have to pay anything again to help him.
    ya sooo i told frank i wasnt interested in doing that for him.
    anyone ever hear of a Frank U. a lieutenant in the army, stationed =Bagram in Afghanistan. ?????
    i have to say i liked him. to bad my gut tells me he is a scam. to bad there isnt a area in here so we can see what all these guys pictures look like. im new to this site.

    • You are 100% correct you called it this is definitely a scammer go to romancescam.com and scamwarners to share the pics this lying beggar is using great job recognizing that this was a romancescam/419 scam had you told him to ship you this fake money then he would have invented a whole different set of lies and some FAKE diplomat or a Fake attorney they call Barrister so be careful but you are going to get an eye opener when you go to romancescam.com you will see pics and read stories but no worries scammers troll this site but they also troll romancescam.com but romancescam.com are great about detecting scammers and deleting them ASAP.

    • I too have been scammed! I can’t believe I am saying this. Watch out for Tom Wedel. Warrent officer/ motorpool in Afghanistan. Tom told me his deceased wife was Africian american and they had one child, a daughter. His mother in law had gardianship over Diane who is 16. Mother in law is Mary Williams, I saw this name on Nigarian scammers tonight. He too is retiring from Army, from Waco TX. you can see his picture on myspace under tom wedel or wedel tom wedel. his last name is on his camos. I asked for mailing address for a couple of months, finally he gave me an address from Leather Neck Education Center. I checked the address, it is true, location in TX. with education centers in Afghanistan supported by University of Maryland. He told me early on that his mother in law had taken his daughter to Lagos, Nigeria to visit family. About a week later he wrote oh yahoo messanger that Diana and his mother in law had been robbed and Diana had been beaten. She was in hospital. Dr. would not work on her until money was sent. and of course he could not send money as his funds were “frozen” in bank in TX. Then about a month later Diana was walking 10 miles in dark from friend house, and was raped. all in all I send over $3000.00 in the course of 4 months. yes money was sent by western union or money gram. In between all this he told me his dad who is deseased, had been in the diamond business in London England. He sold his business and put his money into 2 trunks….sound familar…and if I could send $10,000. to his broker a diplomate would deliver the trunks to me. I told him I could not send/ or even had tht kind of money. He even sent me pictures of the open 2 trunks which were very old and worn out. I looked up security company, it is on scammers list. I sent this infor to him and he said when he got out of service of 23 years he would have to travel to London and meet with his Lawyer, who is from Louisville KY, i checked him out too.. the red flags were not bright enough, or i

      • i would like to finish my letter. Tom Wedel, I asked him to find a fellow soldier for a friend of mine, check out this name too Donald Banks from Miami Fl. He told my friend his daughter Kelly was also in Africa working for UNICEF and discovered she had cancer. Dr. would not operate until money could be sent. this guy had someone send my friend a western union check that she was to cash. and then send to Mary Williams friend who picked up the money. Sometime goes by and this girl dies…
        I still did not pick up but I was getting concerned when some letters were in perfect English and then some were written in broken English. Not letters you would think came from highly trained Army person. my friend is smarter and wiser than I, and looked into this with friends of her husbands who are retired military, they said scam. I would not believe…I guess I wanted this guy to be real, the one who was writing me. I did not see until yesterday when I recieved a yahoo, that he had retired and caught a ride from a friend to the city. where is city in desert of Afghan? he was meeting friend who was to loan him money for plane ticket to London. He had asked me to send to Nigeria $500.00 a day before and I almost did. his friends had credit card and would pay for ticket for him. his friend did not come, and he said in broken english he was in a mess. I asked why he did not tak military flight to US. no answer. He too called me baby and honey . he loved me from the first week on. I too have stored all emails and have converstaions. Also he had a friend go into yahoo messanger and pull up a conversation my girl friend and I had to show me she was nothing but the devil. How can someone go into this ?? I too would love to find the Read Tom Wedel. I wonder if his blog on Myspace is real.

        • i was scam by a tom wedel also would like to chat with kathy please contact me my email is arlenecrp4 @yahoo.com thank you

      • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

        well i can help you get all your money if you really need it back you can send me a mail at wilson010kiss@ Hotmail.co.uk and i will be there to help you

  103. I also have been scammed by LTC Jason Spencer. He was in love with me after 2 weeks of chatting on a dating site. He was calling me ‘wife’ in emails and then asked for money for a sattelite phone. He asked me to send money to Janet Weatherford, 345 Penny Lane, Roanoke, TX 31794. He promised to meet me at Christmas. He also asked for money for an antenna for a sattelite phone–when I did not send money, he stop communicating.

  104. i have a few names if you have any information about these people please reply asap
    Sgt Tommy RIeman
    Sgt Justin Grimes
    Sgt Matthew Zedwick
    Sgt Christopher Logan
    Commander Whitney
    Commander Petraus
    because im friends with all of them and i would like to know if they are real or not

    • If they all met you and initiated it on any social site and you have not seen any of them on cam then yes they could ALL be SCAMMERS if any of them ask you for money for any reason or ask you for your information to send you anything they are FAKE The military takes care of its own they will not need to beg you for anything and care packages do NOT need to consist of the latest cellphones clothes or expensive shoes ans cologne……if they have any excuses as to why they cannot have an interactive chat with you on cam they are SCAMMERS you have doubts so call their bluff also go to scamwarners.com they can tell you if they are frauds also go to romancescam.com you will see the pics they have stolen and PLEASE do not fall for the I know someone is using my pics trick ………Anything in Africa especially Nigeria or Ghana FAKE.

    • If they are on a dating website than most likely they are not the real deal. Just be careful. If they ask you for money DO NOT send them anything. I hope for your sake they are real and not scamming you. Look at the grammar and font of each e-mail you get . If you see an e-mail that has been forwarded then I hate to tell you they are not real. Tell me, do they have you on IM messenger also ?

  105. I have been talking to a soldier for two weeks . He said his name is Tom McDonald His email is mcdonaldtom94@yahoo.com. I just saw his ptctures on this webb sight. what do I do now. I have those pictures plus a couple others. im suppose to email his boss for early release at genraymond01@ usa.com he said he is 44 and from Palo Alto, California and family in South Carolina Made me sick when i saw his pictures. I cant figure out how to send you the pictures I have. to figure out if he is a real soldier with stolen idea or not or a guy dressed up. I really want to know.

    • @ Robin you cut off all communication he is a scammer go to romancescam.com for support and scamwarners.com you would be talking to him he will then send you an email to tell you what its going to cost you and for you to send it via moneygram or westernunion There is NO such thing as Early release also real Military members have no time for this type of rubbush but scammers do ask to see him on cam demand it NOW and make sure it is not prerecorded if he cannot get on cam and he wont because he is an ugly black scammer and not the real Man in the pics he is using to scam you,I hope this helps you have been warned take this seriously before you lose Money Anonn

  106. im suppose to email his boss for early release at genraymond01@ usa.com That is the scam and that email address is NOT a US Military email address none of them would end with .com nor would it end with mil.com get those and it is a scam and a scammer is behind it

  107. I have been talking to a guy that I chatted with off of plenyoffish…He says his name is David D. Jefferson and is from Asheville, NC… Says he is currently stationed in Afganistan…. He says his wife died 2 yrs ago from cancer and he has two daughters that are grown. He has made up excuses about using his webcam says he is in a area where he can’t. Says he is a Cpt. in the army for 22 yrs. He says he is with a special forces unit out of
    Ft. Drum, NY…When I asked him if we could possibly talk on the phone he said I would have to register my number and that would cost me money… So I said I guess chatting will have to do… He said he was possibly coming home in April but that he was going to try and come home sooner. He is already saying that when we talk online that his heart beats faster and he feels that I am the one….. how do I find out if this guy is a SCAMMER????

  108. @ Kelly it is a dead giveaway that he IS A SCAMMER ………..you typed this……….he said I would have to register my number and that would cost me money that is the scam right there he will give you an email address to send the email to then he who is the scammer will tell you how much it will cost you will then get an email with instructions on how and who to send it to through moneygram or westernunion but just in case let me guess he found you on a social site he then asked you to chat outside of the social site he’s lying about the webcam thing they can use the webcam there I mean if he is in an area where he cannot use the webcam how does he use the internet?

    Easy because he is A SCAMMER either in Africa somewhere or Malaysia he is NOT the Man in the pics try scamwarners.com or romancescam.com where I am SURE you will see the pics this scammer is using as well as the Name he is using or maybe you will see the pics hes using with Many other fake names he is using and please do not think that just because he hasnt asked you for money that he is real he isnt he has already pitched the phone scam to you if he asks you for money or any favors or to send something to your home cut him off he is a SCAMMER DO NOT give him any of your information or send him pics because he will then pretend to be you and try to scam Men using your pics.

  109. Hi, i have been reading through all these comments and feel sick. I met a soldier called Gabriel Rivera via a UK dating website called match.com this year. We’d been chatting for months – he claimed to be 47, widowed and a 21 year old son at university in Georgia and was a Sgt based out in Afghanistan on deployment until Feb 2012. I made a big mistake and sent over £5000 via Moneygram to assist his emergency leave application to get him to the UK. The process was handled via Lt Mark Collins who is also probably the same person behind Gabriel. I too have pictures which look real and I too would really like to learn who the real person is in the pictures so he can know the truth. Is there anyway to do this?

    • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

      i am a police officer if you need your money back send me a mail at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk and i will be there to help you ok

  110. Does anyone know a Sgt Bryan Smith Miller I met him on a dating site and things dont add up. I had him check out and he seems he is who he says he is but my gut says otherwise. Email for him is
    sgtmiller.smith50@yahoo.com thanks

    • @ Anita ask him for a 30 minute to an hour interactive chat hes supposedly a Sgt. so there should be no excuses if for ANY reason he claims he cant you already know what the answer to your question is he is a scammer.If he asks you for any type of assistance for ANY reason SCAMMER do NOT give him your personal information and your gut instinct tells you he is a scammer FOLLOW it scammer use proxies to hide their location and they can also call you and hide their location just pay attention he will screw up or the best thing you can do is go to romancescam.com or scamwarners.com for support and to share your story and delete and block him you dont give us much information but if you have NEVER seen him on cam then you are right to feel in your gut that this is a scammer

    • Anita, i was contacted by Sgt Miller. If you have pictures send me one, lets see if its the same guy. I will send y his picture if you want.

      • Annita, Will you please send me the pictures that you have of Miller at mgonz78@yahoo.com, I will do the same as soon as I have you email address. Thank you.

  111. I was scammed also by a solider Agamemnon one he used the name mi ke carman and got me for 200dollar

  112. I have a new one for you. Goes by the name of Justin Ramos, said he was serving in Afg. Showed me photos probably of the real Ramos, his wife, their 2 yr daughter. After reading all this….it is definitley a scam. I’ve lost nothing its only been going on for 72 hours. This person had an add on match.com, saying he was Victoria, Australia…now lives in LA and in the US army in Afg. He has now deleted his file from match.com and thinks he has me sucker in. Have I got news for him. I’m just going to return emails or anything. I will say one thing, I gave him my work email address….THAT WAS A STUPID MISTAKE. I’ve been receiving all scam emails since. So plesae, if the real Ramos reads this, or anyone knows of the real Ramos, I’m sorry to him and his family. Again, they have picked on the christian girl but luckily no money or even feelings have exchanged. Thank you for this website….good luck to all others who have seen the light.

    • Hello Ladies and gentlemen ( men do get scam by women as well)

      I am emailing with CPT Brian Witt…A scammer… Ladies if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is….I use to be part of a support group on line helping people who have been scammed, some of us are out thousand of dollars….and totally humiliated…And I feel sorry for all of you that are heart broken, scammers are just the ultimate lovers, they know what to say to make you fall for them…But how much desperation do we have to fall in love with a total stranger…Basically for me, most of the men hitting on me on the internet have been scammers, some good some better…Brian Witt is good but I had better… The thing that really upsets me is the money they get from us is used for terrorism and could kill some of us…So we get kill with our own money….The irony is at our depends…To impersonate a military person should be a serious crime, and reported promptly to who???? Anyhow life goes on, I just told mister Brian that is email silvermoon13@live .com came up as a scammer emaill on google…I am awaiting his answer…;)mimi.fr78@hotmail.com

  113. @ Aussiegirl Ramos is not new he is a known Scammer the scammer using his name has changed the variations of his name many many times good for you that you found out it was a scam.

  114. Hello!!! I’ve been contacted by a so called US Army soldier deployed in Afghanistan Lucas Abel Milner email address abelmilner59@gmail.com. He states single 39 year father his date of birth April 25th which is my bday don’t know how he got my bday information. Well he was very nice charming man to talk too. He mention he has a 6 year old son named David that the nanny took off out of state and now David is left with his neighbour. Lucas asked me send him 700US to help care for his son. I told him he was a scammer and he got upset and stopped talking to me. I did not send any funds. Then 3 days later he messaged me back on face book stating he missed talking to me and loved me. He send me email asking for marriage. He told me that he ruined his day that he was devasted that I called him a scammer. I told him I don’t know u and ur asking me for money and I don’t have any. Anyways this went on for a month. I did some research and asked him to email me from his military account asking him for his Insignia, Service number and unit information. Lucas told me he was going to do it and never did. He called me a fool and I told I’m not a fool this is the Internet and if he says u love me as much as u do this should not be a problem sending email from ur military account. I told him there’s lots of scams going on. I sent a example of one soldier that got scammed indentity fraud and I told him this is sad and there’s lots of low life’s out there. Anyways been 3 days I haven’t heard a thing. I reported him to face book and some other government sites just waiting to hear back. Forgot to mention I’m from Canada. Scams are all over the place. Makes me feel sad that there are this many bad people out there. If anyone need anymore information bel582@aol.com I have pictures he sent me of him and son neighbour other army personel. Lucas says he was using another army personals cell phone to talk to me. I hope he gets caught

  115. Recently my mother came across a guy by the name of Sgt Mark Lance serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. He is apparently 41 years old and divorced. she met him on metrodate.com with an email address ofsgtmlance@yahoo.com and he was apparently from philly, pa. After doing some digging on things tht did not sound right I came up with a few this that seem really fishy. The only real things I came up with on that name was a Lance Sgt Mark that died who was in the US Military.

    All this seems really weird as just before that she was recently contacted by a Sgt B hunt asking for money. She has recently just come out of a 15 year relationship and is extremely vulnerable and as a Veteran and her son I am very careful and protective of her. Any info on this would be great I also have some pictures of this so called person if anyone wants to compare. I may start a site specifically for this and post all pictures an emails used up on this site. If anyone is interested in helping me please let me know, as a veteran I am disgusted at this and it is really making my stomach turn…the things I would do if I caught these inhumane pigs. logic82@gmail.com

  116. Hi I have been talking with a us soldier named James Pelzer. We have talked several hours a day on yahoo. his email is jpelzer@yahoo.com. He said he was a us soldier stationed in lybia and he was to come home next year. He also stated that he was and e seargant and he delt with explosives. All of his pictures matched to his description and I even went back on all conversations and everything matched up. He was constantly chatting with me and said that he had a son that died but told me he loved me within weeks of chatting. He said in order for us to keep chatting he had to pay the soldier that was in charge of the computer room so the commander would not find out. so I was the stupid one that believed him and sent him 200.00 western union. he then asked for more money becasue he wanted to buy a phone because when he was on patrol he wanted to get a phone so he could call and text me. The more I read this I am believing I was scammed. The only thing I can’t understand is how presice and good and true that he stuck to his story. He would spend several hours talking and I never seemed to catch him in a lie. Then he asked me about early realise so he could come home. I confronted him on a scam and asked for his military id number and he said he will get it for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated because he has wasted time and money on my end and i can’t even sleep wondering if he is as true scam or not. Sounds like it after reading all these posts. :-( Thank you

  117. I am talking to a George Collins Lopez. says he’s in the Army but if you look close at huis pics, you’ll see the man’s uniform says USN! I found this George on anothe scammer site too so BEWARE!!!

    • im interested in knowing how you have been talking to this man because i have pics of him and he asked me to marry him too? send pics please thanks

      • lopez, i have been talking to a lopez too. is it possible that you maybe email that pics to me? you can mail me on


        thank you. joanne

  118. Scam-by-Calvin Clarence

    Recently, I read your column and I am sending you two photos I received from a scammer. In November, 2011, I received an email from a Sgt. Calvin Clarence, calvin_time30@yahoo.com (for texting on cell ph) 111040101 and 111040602 with following introduction:

    My name is Calvin Clarence. I was born on the 2nd of December, at Baptist Hospital of Miami, Florida. I started A & A Children Academy at 6. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works. I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field.

    I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam. I had a pretty bad experience. I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military. (Sound familiar?-Haggard) He goes on to say he is an honorable and God fearing man.

    The soldier goes on to say he is widowed, 57, will be retiring within one month after 27 years of service, and has a nine year old son who will be celebrating his 10th birthday 11/15/11. The son, Elvis, lives with a caretaker, Ebenezer Djanator, 2516 Abelempke St, Accra, Ghana, 00233, phone #011-233547112476. The soldier has not seen his son for 2 1/2 years since he has been stationed in Afghanistan. Soldier’s plan is to retire, bring his son back to the States, find a mother for his son and partner to settle down with. He goes on to make all these plans including living in Lady Lake, Florida where he has a home on 700 acres, and wants to start up his deceased father’s Gold and Diamond mine business (Ghana). There is no record of a Calvin Clarence in Lady Lake or Lake County, Florida and no Calvin Clarence in the US Army.

    After committing himself to you, he starts asking for money for a laptop for his son. He goes as far as to have someone pose as his son to call me. Then all of a sudden the child is hospitalized in Accra, Ghana, where money is needed to run tests as the soldier’s health insurance is NOT accepted by the hospital OR the doctor which is Dr. Francis cell phone #: 01123325489104, who starts calling me for money. Supposedly, the child has a tumor in his chest.

    Well, as time goes on, the child’s condition worsens. Now I have a strong background in the rehabilitation field, ranging from all kinds of disabilities, but not limited to, mental, orthopedic to brain and spinal cord injuries. When I start asking questions, the parties, including the doctor, are not able to provide the appropriate answers such as name and phone number of hospital, types of tests administered, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, medications, etc. All the parties give me the run-around. When I tell the soldier I can’ help financially, he asks me to sell my car, laptop, wants to know if I own my home, etc. anything to gain money. (No way). This scammer is very persistent.

    Now the time has come for the soldier to retire. He has received his date of retirement 12/15/11. He is still pushing for money. He has been telling me since November that he is not able to access his funds and needs help. He leaves for Ghana to meet with his son, who is so ill (tumor in chest and in need of surgery ASAP, but doctor demanding money up front) that he may die before the soldier gets to him. Again, I remind the soldier that I cannot financially help him. Five days later, I receive an Instant Messenger email that the soldier has arrived in Accra, Ghana, and that the child is doing well and is out of the hospital BUT (guess what), the soldier advises me that he is STILL having money problems. He only has $1700 on him AND cannot get back to the States. Now the soldier claims that he had applied and received a $10,000 AER loan from the Army, BUT cannot access the money to date. No matter what suggestions I offer him, he rejects them – such as contacting American Red Cross, waiting until his funds are accessible, sending child ahead since surgery will be performed in the States, airfare websites for checking rates or asking his friends there in Ghana to help him. As you can see, I am not being very cooperative with him. He is not getting what he really wants – money!

    Well, now the soldier and his son are stranded in Accra, Ghana, for how long only time will tell. I haven’t heard from him in several days. Probably, the next scenario will be his son has a relapse. My family and I have come to the conclusion that there are at least two individuals involved in this scam. These guys are good. Ladies beware. He approached me on OurTime.com, & used a friend’s profile, and asked that I chat with him in IM Yahoo.com. My mistake, ladies don’t ever do this no matter how sincere or convincing their request seems. At the time, I was not aware scammers would use US soldiers in their scams. I am concerned that the pictures sent to me are of a soldier and his son.They may not be aware of being used in this scam.

    2 Attached files| 365KB

    Calvin and son.JPG

    Calvin and Son again (2).jpg

  119. I am looking for anyone who has been contacted by an E6 Staff Sgt Samuel Miller stationed in Kabul Afghanistan, claims to have a son in Ghana. He has send me a picture of himself. I need to know if this guy is for real. If not, how or where can I look for the real soldier. these scammers are using his photo.

    • @ Mary No he is NOT real the Son in Ghana is way to scammerish he lives in Ghana he is NOT US Military if he were real he would have no time to sit and patrol dating sites he would be to busy trying to contact his Family this time of the year real military members are only concerned about their loved ones especially this time of the year they have no time for patrolling social networks but scammers do they have time on their hands they are beggars liars and thieves

      Ask to see him on cam for 30 minutes to an hour any excuses=SCAMMER
      Ask him to email you from his AKO hint it will end with .mil NOT .mil.com or.mil.net JUST .Mil anything extra FAKE
      Ask him to send you a copy of his State ID Card and Military ID
      Ask lots of questions they know nothing about the military so they get pissed when you ask to many questions
      Turn the tables on him tell him you need Money sent through moneygram or western union and if he makes up the old I cant access my fund SCAMMER as military has access to their money at ALL times.

    • I was talking to a man from 3/3/2012-3/12/2012 claimimg to be SGT. Sam Miller her was claimimg he has a son in Ghana who is 12 years old and he also claims his wife died from cancer 2 years ago. I start suspecting something was not right when he started telling me he loved me only after about 5 days into us talking. I was telling someone about him and they told me to be aware because these guys are scam artist and soon they would asking for money. He did’nt ask me for money but he said his birthday was would be on 3/12/2012 he said his son wanted a computer but because of security reasons he could not sent he ask me if I could send I told him no he kept trying to get me to say I would send it to him I kepy saying no then he asked me if i could send his son a few dollars from time to time so he could buy things when he needed it. He said he would be home in June of this year and that he wanted to married me mailnly because I am a black woman I asked wasn’t his deceased wife white he said yes but he wanted a black woman because white women are PIGS. He sented me 20 photos of who was suppose to be himself, his platoon sqaud, and his son by the way his son name is supposedly James Miller I sent him 7 photos of myself the only information he has about me is the information I posted on OurTime sociial dating website I did give him my home phone he said he could not call me because he did’nt have a cell phone that made me suspect him also. He asked me to setup a Yahoo Messenger IM account so we could talk things were’nt adding up for me so I asked him some questions about why he would get offline sometimes without sayng he was loggingoff he gave me this story about lights going off ih Kabul Afganstan I’ve heard from him since I told him I would do a background check on him Google his name check the email and messages he was sending for any signs of scamming or game playing I haven’t heard from him since 3/12/2012 I thought it was because of the tradgey over in Kabul but I now know after visiting this website he was a SCAMMER trying to play me. The email address he was using with me is sam_miller@yahoo.com. What a slousy person would say they are a wiidower and use a fake son to try to CON a innocent woman BEWARE OF THE FAKE SGT. SAM MILLER he is a pathetic liar using an innocent solider’s ID. I’m so glad I found this site things just didn’t add up. Ps the military photos look authenic but I’m almost certain rhey are not of him my friend encourage me to check this FRAUDULENT man out I’m so glad I did. The only thing he got from me was emails and IM Messages He”s a LOSER may God have mercy on is soul yes he speaks am ean game a being God fearing right he’s so pirful’ his loss some real honest guy gain!

    • Mary I too was contacted on 3/2/2012 by a man who claims to be E6 Sgt. Sam Miller who is suppose to be serving in the USA Army in Kabul Afgan. He requested a chat with me form the OurTime dating website he claim to have a 12 year old so living in Ghana, Africa and said he is a widower and that his wife dided 2 years ago from Cancer. I suspected him of being a scam artist because after 5 days he said he wanted to marry me and wanted me to be the mother of his son James Miller amd to have a baby from him. I can tell you he is a SCAMMER/FRAUD he stop emailing me when I told him somethings just didn’t add up about him he stop emailing me on 3/10/2010 after I told him I would alert the authories about his scam. This man is using an innocent soliders identity he needs to be STOPPED. He sent me 20 photos of who he is supposed to be which I seriously doubts I viewed this fraud online for about 3 minutes the email address he used with me was sam_miller000@yahoo.com I seriously urge to stop talking to this man and please don’t give him any of your personal information. He like for women to setup IM Yahoo messenger account. If you want to email me my address is jenkins_veda@yahoo.com. He claims he is white looking only for black females because white women are PIGS. We can compare your photo to the 20 he sent me. maybe we can stop this lying thief he got nothing from me except my home phone number, where I live he got that off OurTime dating site, and he has my IM address from Yahoo.com. He’s a LOSER at his worst!

      • Hi Veda, I was contacted by a Miller Anthony and I would like to compare a pic that he sent me with your Sam Miller. Can we do that?

  120. Hey TREVOR! It’s SSSGT. Jeremy Terrazas. U.S. Marines. I just got back from Afghanistan. Would like 2 chat before I deploy again. Hope ur still at this #. Please reply ASAP! Have news of who was killed in combat. Funerals this week!

    Me and several women have been or are currently being scammed by this person. Also uses the names Jeremy Stenberg, Trevor, Jeremy Steinberg His number was 8182036994 then it changed to 8187318308. He may be using a third number the 203 number no longer works. There are recent posts about him.


  121. I would appreciate any information on a American/Australian Sergeant Mark Adams based in Afghanistan at the moment. Profile on R.S.V.P and Badoo as Jack. Have photos. Any information would be much appreciated. many many thanks.

  122. Ask to see him on cam for 30 minutes to an hour any excuses=SCAMMER
    Ask him to email you from his AKO hint it will end with .mil NOT .mil.com or.mil.net JUST .Mil anything extra FAKE
    Ask him to send you a copy of his State ID Card and Military ID
    Ask lots of questions they know nothing about the military so they get pissed when you ask to many questions

  123. Ok I have been reading about these scams and I need some help. I met a guy off Facebook who claims to be a soldier his name is jack stone and he’s 45, he has 10 year old daughter named Jane. He’s really great and he seems too good to be true. Well anyway we have been talking for a few months and I have a few pics. Is there a way to check to see if he’s real or not? I’m worried hes a scam before I actually fall anymore for this guy. The thing that worries me is he said he used to work for a company and they owe him money that he has to pay the tax on. He wanted to have the check sent to me and then me pay the tax. But I told him I wasn’t getting involved. Ithis is such a drama and I want to know if he’s real, also if he isn’t the real soldier needs to know someone is using his pictures. Any help would be great, before I go out of my mind!


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    • @ Richard why are you here with this garbage this is a BLOG about military romance scammers please go fu** yourself with your rants a nd BS we dont care stupid ass TROLL!

      • Speak for you’re self miss out on words that may teach you.Never put people down

  125. Where can I send a picture of a soldier and his details , I want to know where the real soldier is please , it will give me piece of mind after I have been scam .

  126. Yes this Colonel Monroy please get in contacted with me Silvia as i am interested as this Monroy told me he was a Colonal for the US Army and i have photo’s of this man and i wonder if he the same man that contacted you Silvia

  127. I met a us soldier through Flirt, here in the UK.H is name was Sgt Micheal Pedersen [He wasn't the Michael Pedersen killed in 2003 as he did'nt ressemble him at all]He left an email for me saying he would like to chat as he was based in afghanistan and wanted to chat with someone.I tried to put him off as he said he was 46yrs old and 6ft tall and I asked him if he was having a laugh as I am 64yrs old and 4ft 9ins tall.I never heard off him then a couple of days later another e mail came saying he wanted to chat on yahoo so sent my yahoo mail address and thought nothing more about him as I was in a relationship with someone else at the time.This Sgt pedersen contacted me through yahoo a couple weeks later and we started chatting .All the time we were chatting his photo was there and really thought I was chatting to him. he told me was alone divorced from his wife for 5hlf yrs had no children and his mother died just before he was deployed to afghan. For over 2mnths this chat went on how he thought a lot of me and wanted to be part of my life . He then went on to say that he wanted to come on leave to see and meet me and told me to say that I was ill and needed him here to look after me this happened just after the new year. I must tell you I am a widow and my late husband never treated me or talked to me like this soldier did.I had already told him if he thinks I’m one of those rich widows he could think again as all my husband left was a mountain of debts which I was still paying off 7yrs after his death.Last week he asked to for £300 to help him get out of afghan then I knew it was’nt this soldier whose photo I was looking at I was chatting to it was someone in SUNNYVALE CALIFORNIA.Please this soldier who I still have on my laptop can anyone help me find out who he is . He has a beautiful smile the name Pedersen is on the sleeve of his jacket and above the pocket. I typed in his name and this soldier is definitly not the Michael Pedersen killed in 2003.I must mention there is like a gold star above his name on his sleeve. The photo is of him sitting down and a little boy leaning on him wearing this soldier’s sunglasses . the caption used on the flirt site was “where are my sunglasses ….”. I don’t know if this photo was taken in IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN. I haven’t long in this world and would really like to know the fate of this soldier. his lovely smile is with me always and until I know what’s happened to him that smile will never fade and will always wonder if he is one of your fallen or alive and well .
    sincerely yours
    Mrs Rosemarie Bower .
    Prestatyn, North Wales UK

    • Funny that Rosemarie….I just started talking to a Michael O Pedersen that I met on Plenty of Fish….red flags went up when he said he was on holiday in Flagstaff, AZ for 2 weeks, and now today he said he’s been training in FL, and being sent to Afghanistan tomorrow. Read your post here and yep, same picture, thus, the same scammer. Let me guess, email address is either michopedersen2012@gmail.com, or michaelpedersen@ymail.com….Don’t think he’ll be asking me for money beings he knows I don’t have a job!

  128. comigo esta acontecendo a mesma historia ele se chama henry jackson , e diz que o seu pai foi veterano na guerra do vietnan, disse que perdeu a namorada há 5 anos num acidente de carro e sempre manda email dizendo que quer se casar comigo e diz que esta morrendo de amor por mim,e agora inventou que tem muito dinheiro aplicado em banco de dubai e necessita retirar o dinheiro e precisa de mim ,me deu o email de um advogado em dubai para eu negociar a transferencia do dinheiro para minha conta , mas para isso o advogado precisa ativar a conta para fazer a transferencia… percebi logo que era golpistas e me enviou fotos de soldados e tbm usa muito o nome de Deus … então esse suposto advogado que com certeza é ele mesmo com outro email ,me disse que para ativar a conta é preciso fazer um deposito de 2000 dolares ou seja mais o menos uns 4 mil reais… mas eu sou muito desconfiada e não acredito em amor por internet…fiquem espertas porque eles usam fotos dos soldados americanos para fazer esses golpes..

  129. Send me your emails and I have a pic for you to check out.

  130. staff sgnt anderson young….real or scam…would love to know for sure.

  131. UPDATE………just got someone who is in the know about computers to do a reverse ip address search and it came up,LAGOS in NIGERIA..when he had told me he was on tour of duty in pakistan….so to any women being contacted by mrandersonyoung@yahoo.com please be aware he is a scammer….luckily for me i felt insecure about him within 2wks of chattin and gave him nothing….i hope this helps others to do the same.

  132. So my mom has been talking to Alvin McGarvey since July 2011 and today he asked her to send him $1600 to pay for his and Jim’s plane fare after having sent his son money for his “birthday”. I told her that it seemed very strange that the airport had lost all of his bags and documents so here we are looking him up. Thanks for all your help!

    • @ becky tell your Mom it is a scam and this is a scammer tell her to tell him to get on cam and prove who he is for an hour or more webcam chat any excuses it is a scammer also tell her that they can prerecord video chats so tell her if he gets on cam to have him do something like touch his nose or stand or do something to make sure it is an interactive chat

      US Military takes care of its own it has been said many times here they will not need your money for any reason Military members will NOT find you on any social network and ask you for money or for any type of assistance even money for a FAKE flight like this lying African is doing to your Mom if she sends the money she will either NEVER hear from this lying African or he will invent a new lie and beg for more money he is an African not a REAL Military Member Anonn

    • NOTE from CJ: All, these comments by “Police” are a scam. I’m going to approve them so they can be searched as a scam, but do NOT contact them.

      am a police man who is working on this kind of scam and if you need your money back just send me an e-mail at wilson010kiss@hotmail.co.uk and i will help you get your money back

  133. I, was tagged by a soldier by the name of Donald Celestino stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on Jan 16 ’12. A few days later we traded email address but surprisingly one day I received a new email request from Donald Celestino telling me that his email was hacked.
    About 2 days later this person contacted me on yahoo and was talking about doing business in and would like me to send him $24,000.00 but i told him to call me and we can talk about it , he called couple hours later and from the time this idiot started to talk i knew he was an African and was using Donald Celestino pics as his own to scam people.
    I would love to meet Donald Celestino if he is still existing. Please help me find him
    Thanking you in advance


    • CRACE WASHIGTON as u called yourself how are you sure that this person want to scam you as you said. don’t try to be a fool talking wrong against innocent person. please don’t join multitude to do evil so that you will live long. because if u try innocent one u will die so fast.

  134. I have been contacted by a Sgt. Brian Witt, 48yo, deployed to Afganistan, from San Diego CA, has 22yo son. He has not asked me for anything, and he seems like a nice guy. I have been reading all your posts and now I am wondering if maybe he is a scammer too? Anyone know anything? How do I find out. I have pictures too. My email is sle6962@yahoo.com. Thanks for your help.

    • @ Stephanie this guy is a SCAMMER using a Fallen soldiers last Name I have read about this Many times google the Name it will probably send you back here tell him to get on webcam and prove to you who he is for an hour or more also tell him to scan and send you a copy f his Military ID and his State ID Card (Military ID will not be green nor will it say Military ID Card

      If he asks you for ANY type of assistance he is a scammer

      ask him to email you from his Military ID it should end in .mil anything past .mil is a SCAM

      Ask him for his military mailing address and then google it
      Military will NOT be in Nigeria nor Ghana There is NO Military Base in Nigeria NOT even a tent camp.

    • stephanie. i have been in contact with a capt. brian witt. from los angles cali. he found me on mate i do you have a picture. ?

  135. I
    I’ve got a new one for everyone to be aware. RAYMOND TOMAX,, Special forces. don’t have his E-mail. He is so full of shit, by the third phone call, he was in love with me and couldn’t get me out of his mind. Of course, the end of the third phone call he is asking me to pay for some privacy phone $410.00. If he wants to hear my lovey voice to can pay for it himself. I don’t know how many times I told him he was crazy, don’t even know each other. I didn’t realize this scamming was so common. I wish we could stop this so vulnerable hard working women don’t lose their money or their heart.

  136. I did what others have suggested on this site and asked Sgt. Brian Witt to email me via his military email address and here are my emails. He is a scammer ladies, please beware. I have also sent the emails to the dating site…large friends.com to have him removed from there.

    From: Brian Witt
    To: sle6962@yahoo.com
    Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2012 5:53 AM
    Subject: RE: Something on my mind?

    Hello Stephanie,

    Thanks for your email and i want you to know that you have asked a good question and i want you to know that the add is right but we only email the Department Of Defense with this. Its as simple as that and you havent asked for anything much.


    > Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 03:04:04 -0500
    > Subject: Something on my mind?
    > From: sle6962@yahoo.com
    > To: silvermoon13@live.com
    > Hi Brian, I woke up out of a dead sleep thinking about this. So I guess I am going to ask. When I heard the news report on my local station last night, I felt sorry for the woman/women who this has happened to, but it doesn’t pertain to me. Heck you haven’t asked me for anything. So I let it go.
    > Well, now waking up thinking about it, I thought I would ask anyway, no big deal really and I didn’t think you would mind giving it to me. The report said to ask the gentleman in service for his military email address to show he was a real soldier. So, if you would please email through your military email I can get this off my mind. I didn’t think you would mind me asking. Thanks a lot. Talk to you soon. Kisses. Be safe and God bless you and your men. Stephanie
    > Sent from my Verizon Wireless smartphone

    • Stephine

      would like to tell you that I too have been scammed – I am sure that the real Witt, would not like this. I can not believe that I fell for this. Damn the guy doing this is good. When I asked him for his address he told me that they could not get mail because of a bomb that was mailed to the company and they lost men due to it. Wow do I feel like a fool. did he send you pictures? I have 3 that he had sent to me! email me if you want or anybody else who may have been scammed vjpeters@live.com

  137. I would like to send in his photo to you also, but I don’t kow where to send it. If someone would get back to me that would be great. My email is sle6962@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  138. I met this man on a dating website called Badoo..his name is David Watkins says he lives in california, has a 15 yr old son and lost his wife to cancer 6 yrs ago. Is a General in the army..when i saw the pics he sent me i could see his name on the uniform..but i noticed the corporal badge on his hat..i called him on it..and he said that the pics were taken before he went to afgan..and that hes been there non stop for two yrs..hasnt been home. His mom is swedish and dad is american..that they met when they both were in UNISEF. He only get on his gmail name of watkinsd9@gmail.com . Hes been writing non stop about how much he loves me and im his one and only. I offered to send him a care package..like most people do..well he gives me a Ghana address to send it to another man that will give it to him direcetly. Then tonite he asked me if i could recieve a package from him caring 2.5 million dollars in american money even sent me a photo of what this box would look like. Im like a ok this doesnt seem right. He says hes going to hire a diplomat to deliver it too me.. ok im sorry but ive sent care packages to soliders before and i didnt have to send it to africa…if anyone has ran into this man David Watkins..please tell me..ive done a google search even a military search online in the state of california and i found nothing on his man… your help would be nice because ive not given him any information yet..and i have not sent the care package either.

    • @ Dawn yes you are right he is a SCAMMER care packages do NOT need to go through some fake diplomat and NEVER to Africa US Military care packages should be mailed to an APO or Fpo address and it will go directly to the Military member My Husbands NEVER mentioned anything about a diplomat …….Diplomat=SCAMMER Anonn

  139. can you please check on John William Ramos for me and send me any pictures you have, he is kabul and I need to know if he is real

  140. Hello everyone. I believe I am being scammed as we speak. Thank goodness for this website. His name is Steve Goslowsky Captain of US Army deployed in Afghanistan on the war region for past 9 months. His email is stevegoslowsky@yahoo.com He also has fallen in love with me and promising me everything after finding me on facebook . Wants me to write a letter to the US Army asking for a release. He sent me an example letter and a bogus email to the US Army as well… I have a few pictures he has sent me . I have tried to google his name and I find nothing. Also , too many red flags. I believe he is using stolen pictures after some research i have been doing.. If anyone else is in contact with him and thinks its a scam. please contact me and I can send pics.

    • @ Vegas yes this is a scam neither you nor this scammer if he were a rel military member could get an early release and if and after you fill out the paperwork for these scammers you will be asked to send money the REAL US Military members have access to their money at all times and they do NOT need your help for ANY reason only scammers overuse Military titles and find women on social sites claim they love them then beg for money REAL US Military has no time for this type of bullshit.Anonn

  141. I was sincerely moved with various stories of all you ladies ho have been scammed. I feel so much for you, for a man posing as someone he isn’t, the time spent and also the money asked from you. I am a very open person and will speak proudly of my country but not on issues that has to do with defrauding innocent people and not minding theirs feeling. I am a Nigerian, 35years of age, a graduate and have tried all possible means to help ladies who suffered from similar defects, cyber scams as well as emotional traumas. It is totally bad and will never be a party to all that. Please, i beg of you all to shun all forms of personal communication with all these fake military men, they are not real, and you also have the internet to get facts and use these facts to question them but you will only notice that they will always shy away from the topic or would runaway cos they just have no idea what there are all talking about… I have seen young guys and men making a living from all these in Nigeria, Ghana, Blacks in Malaysia and some other notable countries too.. Buying houses, living large, buying exotic cars, all on the bills of innocent people who knows nothing and have been a victim of scam.. Most of these boys, guy or men end up dying premature deaths, having very fatal accidents as well and various sicknesses due to the repercussion of them forcefully collecting money from these innocent women who are only online looking for a man to share their hearts and love with. But despite everything, you should just gather up yourselves and try encourage other women like yourself and educate them on the dangers of internet dating and trusting men you know nothing about , never seen on a cam or in real life. i could also help you out if you do wish for, you can get in touch with me on Face book: (Mike Johnson), E-mail address: hulkmike33@yahoo.com.. Kindly write to me and i wil help you out in whatever way i can. Please, remember to always make use of the internet to avoid being a victim, may God help us all.

    • @ Mike when I reverse email searched you it shows you are 33yrs old says you are in Virginia I don’t know exactly why you are here but MOST of the time when an African is here on this blog it is NOT to HELP anyone it is for their own Financial gain meaning they are trying to SCAM so why are you here again now? And how can you help anyone here when you yourself are Nigerian and also probably in Nigeria why should anyone here listen to or trust you in any way you CANT help them get their money back NOR can you stop the scamming thats going on in Nigeria you left your email address hmmm trying to catch a fish are you?Anonn!

  142. has anybody been scammed by a SSG James Dodson well i have i really fell for him i sent money thru western union for a lap top so we can talk im still talking to him waiting to see if he ask for more money

    • @ Sherry he has proven to you he is a scammer so why keep talking to him? Anonn

  143. I am chatting with Sgt. Lingo Ramson, supposedly in Libya. Found me on, of all places, iMesh, which is a music download web site. I was not going to give him my real e-mail address, so I opened a bogus one on yahoo. We have been chatting for a week. I ask questions, he does not answer them. Keeps telling me I am the love of his life, ha. I am 65 he is 47? Probably not his real age. Anyway, I Googled his name and guess what? Pictures of a soldier came up with a different name. Mr. Ramson is a scammer my friends. So I Googled that soldiers name. That poor guy is all over the internet, scammers using his picture and some of his info. I then went to Romance scams, the real soldier is there, he knows his picture is being used, has tried to stop these people. Then went to Scamwarners, same thing, real soldier there, pictures have been floating around for years for scammers to use. Scammers e-mail: sgtlingoramson@yahoo.com

  144. Hi all had the same problem met a guy on fb pretending to be a captain in the us Army and was serving in Afghanistan,He fell inlove with me and wants to marry me and have babies,He said that he was divorced with a 8 yr old daughter ,the reason for his devorce was that he wife could not stay married because of his career,Few days later he mentioned that is was really bad in Afghan and the only way was to buy himself out,but I never gave in to that ,then He came back to me with another idea where by i have to write to his colonel requesting to have him relieved from his Duties in Afghan,He used a very handsome soldiers pictures and I knew something was wrong,I ask him for his rank number or his number to call me and he said due to the security risk they cannot give any information out like that as it will put him into danger as well ass as his position in the Army Afghan,I told him that I was going to write the letter to his colonel and he must email me the colonels email address regarding his release form his position in Afghan so that he can go home,When I saw the email address ended with a gmail address I got suspicious and broke of all ties with him,He got very angry and sent me treatening emails and that he was going to hurt my family and contact my work place as most of my details was on FB,I even went as far as to contact me via cellphone,I treating him back and I deactivated my fb account and told him that i will sent the FBI to him and that I knew where he lives and what his IP address was,I kept his number in a safe palce and I got someone to call this number and it was a lady from Indianapolis,I told him that i was onto him and immediately he stopped calling and emailing me,But would still love to find the Captain in the pics ,

  145. I met a soldier on a site and we hit it off and he is a american and on his shirt it says Tom brown around 4 or so and he sent me another pic of him and a friend dresed in uniform and i noticed the name Condon who lookks around 5 years old and Tom in his 40′s and Tom and I hit it off then all of a sudden he said he had no access and needed money as he had no access and I relized i got scammed and asked him to join me on skype and never heard from him again as no reply again and if you know these real people I would love to talk MNS with them to tell them I’m sure some one copied and pated their pic’s and i did not send money as he asked twice saying he was a widower and again needed money for his son til he was back from Nigria-I was scammed.

    • If you know the real Tom/Thomas Brown and Condon who are both very nice looking in uniform and war gear please e mail me at sjeri@yahoo.com and my story is ubove.
      Thank You if any one can help.

  146. I have been writing on yahoo to a Sgt Scott Repetto. I googled his name and there were a couple pics that came up and not the ones I got sent from him. I confronted him and he said he real. I keep telling him bullshit. He hasn’t asked me for anything but im just trying to figure out why waste my time for a bogus scam. He even sent me a message as his sister and sent me a message as the general since he added me to his family list as his fiance. Be forewarned!!!!

  147. Ladiies BEWARE of Sgt. Sam Miller he is a scammer claimimg too be solider station in Kabul Afghastan with a 12 years old son name James Miller living In Ghana Africa. He also claims to be a widower of 2 years he said his wife died of Cancer 2 years this man is a SCAMMER! run and run fast HOLD on to your PURSES! He will appear on dating Websites like OurTime, mayve SeniorsMet, etc. that’s where I started talking to him he’s a very big talker and lair and he can not spell will use i instrad of I very bad grammer too. Whoever he is he will put himself on Webcan to try and deceive you and ask you to do the same please DONT. He will also ask for photos of you PLEASE DONT send them do NOT give him any of your personal information!

  148. Sgt. Sam Miller uses the email address sam_miller000@yahoo.com he’s a fraud and SCAMMER. This man is not a solider he will eventually want money for himself or his fake son I did not give him or his fake son any money or anything else he will want you to setup an Yahoo IM Messager account so he can send you Instant Messagers and ask to view you on Webcam PLEASE DO NOT do that after he see you have found him out he will block you from his IM Yahoo Messager account PLEASE don’t fall for his LIES he’s NOT REAL DOESN’T EXSIT!

  149. Just wondered if anyone has come across James Derry Lopez – supposedly stationed in Kabul, we met on Match.

  150. I met a military woman online that has sent me pictures that apper to be legitimate, all but 1. however she is asking for money and i can not verify her existance. i become leary to send anyone money after being scammed few times over the past couple years. i dont want to give her name in case its real, but i am still doubtful and embarassed to ask for help. PLEASE HELP! i want to know the truth

    Please can someone verify or deny this woman?

    • i forgot to mention that she is apperently in dijoubti and cant video chat or call me. Please help as i been chatting her for a month now and i really falling for her.

      Advance Thank You

      • @ Bryan this scammer cannot call you because he is a Man an African with an accent he cannot get on cam with you and show you who he is because he is an African NOT the Lady whose pics he has sent to you also be warned DO NOT cam with him he will try to blackmail you I repeat do not and do NOT send any pics of yourself that you wouldnt want your Mom to see or you could be sorry and find yourself on youtube or other sites YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Anonn

        • thank you for that advice but i do believe its too late to not send pictures of myself.. i wish i found this site before. now what can i do to make this end? she claims her name is christine concepcion and the uniform does say concepcion. i recently ran the ip address and it originates in kansas.. am i allowed to post pictures here? i truly believe that they are real but im not sure that the person sending them is her. i have spent over a week searching public military records and pictures to try and identify this photo.. now im at a loss. i do kindly thank you and i do hope that we can end the b.s. that is out there.

        • just to be clear about pictures i sent.. they were of decent exposure and i have nothing to fear that way..

    • if i post her name and she is real.. will that cause problems for her?
      please.. somebody say someting.

    • @ Bryan what exactly did you miss here???? I mean it is typed here OVER and OVER and OVER again if you are asked for money for ANY reason it is a SCAMMER and this she is really a HE yes it is a Man pretending to be a Woman and it is a SCAMMER! US Military will NOT find you on ANY social site and tell you they are Military and then ask you for money ONLY African Scammers pretending to be US Military will do that so cut this scammer off and block and delete him THE US Military takes care of its own they will NOT need your help nor money for ANY reason and anyone who finds you on any social site and begs you for money is a SCAMMER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..Anonn

      So feel free to shout out the name this scammer is using Im sure it is a made up silly Name since you cannot seem to find it

      • does the phrase too little too late mean anything?.. i only come accross this site after the fact.
        i did not send any money to her.. i am canadian and i do know some canadian military and i have also met many military people from around the world as i worked in cold lake alberta.. maybe maple flag rings bells.. but any way in 1 photo there is a fella with her and he does look familiar to me, but cant think of the place or time.. who can i turn to about picture identification? i come up with nothing

        • @ Bryan my apologies I thought maybe you had been here before but in any case from now on you know about these lying begging leeches you can find out more info on scamwarners.com and romancescam.com there you can share your story Anonn

        • she goes by the name of Christine Katerine Concepcion.. email is chriskaterin@aol.com.. where can i forward the correspodance we had? i even have a blacberry message from her.. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED!

  151. Also watch out for a Colonel “First Class” Chris Benson at email chrisroland55@hotmail.com . He contacted me on Yearbook then conveniently cancelled his account once we started emailing. Spoke to him once on MSN and there were too many inconsistencies. He has some poor soldiers pics, one in fatigues and 2 in civilian clothes taken via computer. He avoided some questions and like many others had the usual child in care of his mother State side. I asked where he was from and was told “Indianan Gaston”….um I guess that would be Gaston, Indiana to the rest of us. He also had poor grammar considering the rank. I found him pushy, desperate, and just couldn’t see a Colonel using Yearbook to meet his dating needs. I told him I was just interested in meeting friends and he pushed harder.

  152. Got a new name for you — U.S. Army Sgt. Mike (or Martin) James and uses email sgt.james14@yahoo.com. Met through Match.com, claimed to be widowed, wife of 20 years died in childbirth 6 years ago, retiring after 24 years in Army, supposedly stationed at Camp Patriot in Kuwait, supposedly from Coppell, TX…chatted for about two weeks, professing I was the one after just a few days. Wanted me to send some items (tshirts, underwear, body spray, etc.), was told I should email a third party for addresses. When that email did come in the mailing address was in Ghana. Needless to say I promptly sent this person an email letting them know that I would NOT be sending anything and that if he was for real he would provide State Drivers License number or other verifiable information. Haven’t heard a word since. Needless to say I did not and will not be sending anything. I would l like to let the real Sgt. James know that his image is being used by this scammer. Any suggestions

    • I was contact on Match.com by a man named Jim Perry, out of Ft. Worth, Texas…he claimed to be a civil engineer. Trying to win a contract which would be his last, and then he would retire, and open his own jewelery store. We talked for a couple of days, and I blew him off becuase I was seeing where another guy and I, that I was dating was headed. Note…he had bad spelling. I have two pictures if anybody intrested to see if they look like some that you may have recieved. April 7th, 2012 enter the picture…Bill James…He sent me 4 pictures and 2 were the exact same pictures of Jim Perry, and two in camos….nice looking man and we started to talk. Had long conversations and admitted that his boys ( he was an E6 staff sergeant based in Camp victory in Iraq) had set up a Match.com add and used his pictures, that explains why they can’t spell…schools have dropped spelling and alot of basic math and kids these days, so not know how to spell or count change. This man is an only child, parents both victims of the 911 attack, and wife of 30 yrs, died in car accident, no kids. I ask for more recent pictures which he sent, and I really liked them alot and felt in my heart that there was no way, he could be the scammer…and maybe he is not. That is what I want to find out, do you know of any way to get this answer. I did my homewok and found three people who died in world trade center named James and all 3 were black, I ask him if he was and I a have heard nothing from him. His so called birthday was Friday the 20th and I ask if I could him anything, because he is a soilder and serves our country. He wanted tee shirts,, bible and body wash. Then he ask for a blackberry phone and I told him that I did not even have one of those…lol. He just wanted to hear my voice, so I replied that I could not believe that a man of 51 yrs and E6 staff sergeant and making a very good salary could not get a new phone, he lost his on patrol…lol. He got a little cross with me and gave me the whine story and we moved on. The talks then started with bible quotes and haow much he like me and was coming home to meet and one day we would marry…lol. He too gave me a address that went to Ghana…I did not send him anything, but did email and ask if he was black, and told him that I was very intrested in the man in the photos but not the scammer that was using his pictures and me to get his laughs. If you want you can contact me and I will send you pictures and we can see if this is the same James, and I too would love to find the real Bill James. Thanks Theresa

  153. Has anyone heard of Sgt Clark Wentz is said is was from Kansas CIty and his wife had passed away and he was left to raise his 6 year old son. He is saying that is in fighting in LIbya right now and will be home in Nov. We have been talking for 3 months now. He has started saying he love me and wants to marry me. Told me to go to Zales.com and find a ring I like. He tell me is son is staying with a nanny right now and he male pitbull is at the vets until he gets back home. I can not find anyone by this name and when I ask him about it he is saying I will not find anything on him but he could not tell me anything about it until he get homes. So I am just wanting to know if anyone else has came across this man. He found me on myyearbook.com then we moved to yahoo im is address is wentzcl@yahoo.com. He had a fb page but he got mad at me and deleted it when I started asking question. I have been throwing little things out about his town and he is answering most of them right but I know it easy to look up stuff. Could it been is may be real I really do not think so but it would be nice if he was.

  154. Hi. I’ve started chatting to a ‘soldier’ in the US army on an online dating site. He has provided me with pictures of a soldier dressed in uniform.He has also been telling me stuff that is a bit suspicious.He hasn’t asked me for any money at this stage…Apparently he is an E6- staff sergeant.

    I just want to find out whether he is legit. Can anybody please help??

    His name is allegedly ‘Eric Scottson’.

    Please, I don’t want to be taken for a ride!

  155. I have been communicating on an online dating site with someone who says that his name I Mark James. He says that he is deployed in Afghanistan and due to come home in about 74 days. After about a week of writing back and forth and him being a perfect gentleman, he started asking me to send him certain things. First was an unregistered phone, which after doing my homework, I found out costs about 8 to 9 hundred dollars. He said he needed an Iphone4, and when I asked why he said that they seemed to work the best over there. I told him I couldn’t afford to purchase the phone for him. Then he started asking for T shirts, underwear, soccer balls etc. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable sending anything to someone that I have never seen or even spoken to on the phone. I told him I thought he might be a scammer and he got even more angry. He claims that he is from Laurelton, Queens, NY. His name on the dating site is 66justu. He also told me that he changed his name from Mark Colombus to Mark James. He also claims to be an E6 rank in the US Army. He told me that he was divorced and had an 8 year old son who died because of Asthma. I just don’t want anyone else to fall into problems with people like this. Remember, they’re very charming.

  156. Hi I read all the mails and very intersting story… I have a feeling that the soldier I am chatting is also a scam his name is Gabriel Miller email gabriel.miller91@yahoo.com. He saw me in skype I just wondered why he managed to get my account. He claimed that he got an adopted son in Africa who is sick his name is Geraud and another son his name is Alex Miller . He lives in Washington D.C. but he is stationed in Afganistan.He is a general he claimed. I asked him if he is a SCAM and I don’t want to involve any money and he said he is not a scam. I started to fall in love with him. His son phoned me at home and sending text but he is not asking any money his another son from America is chatting with me and he looks he is friendly. Gabliel got a very handsome photographs and I enjoyed looking at it. My husband is upset because he feels that our relationship will fall off due to him. please check for me if he is for real. I saw him in skype web cam and he looks the same as in the picture but I can see him only shortly. Please help as we chatted already for 5 days and my feeling for him starts to get deeper. Regards and Thank you.

  157. I am finally accepting that I was scammed. I have read all of these stories as well as everything on Romancescams and while mine has similarities, it has a lot of differences and I guess I just wanted to hold out hope that he was who he said he was…I actually have two names to report on. Once he had me hooked he started telling me about his buddy there with him, he wanted him to find his forever person, would I help set him up on zoosk, every time they get set up, because they are overseas, they get deleted. (Ha, I wish I knew then, what I know now. Scroll to the bottom for all of the names & info and what I’ve done if you don’t want to hear all of the details. :)

    Well I have to accept that he is not. It started back in November. We met on Zoosk. He told me he was a soldier in the US Army on deployment in Gaza. He had a son who was a freshman at San Diego State University where he was stationed out of. He was divorced. Talked about wanted to retire and have his own life and have someone to share it with. One of his favorite lines was I have so much love to give and share with you.

    He got me on yahoo messenger right away. His reasoning was because he was overseas, zoosk would block their accounts. Ok, fine. This was my first trip on internet dating sites too. Nice huh? I got to talk to him every day. He said what time it was and when I looked up the weather there, the time was accurate. I never thought to question who HE was.

    He sent me a two page letter, called who I am. I had never gotten a romantic letter. So on it went. Lot’s of talking, he had an old laptop, no video cam. They were not allowed to use their cell phones.

    He talked about being a sniper, he talked about his men, another friend of his, they had the same first name. I gave the friend a nickname so I differentiate. He would joke that I better not fall in love with “Mr Hottie”

    He would talk about movies that we both liked, games he played on his Ipod, he always went to the gym at the same time. He was supposed to come home on leave for Christmas. I stupidly sent money to help with airfare, he said the cost went up and I had no more money to send, yet the communications still continued. We always talked around the same time every day until he said it was late and he needed to get some rest.. which would have been around Midnight his time.

    He did call me honey in his emails, but frequently would use my name as well. He used my name a lot. Not once did he call me someone else’s name. As I told him about my life, he would always ask about my friends. How is so and so, did so and so get over their cold….. He is very smart.

    He never asked me to send him anything other than the funds, he told me he was a mechanical engineer. Now in hindsight, I see a lot of differences that I didn’t see then. He talked a lot about trust (I have a major trust issue, this has just blown it sky high), He also talked about going to church and praying for us.

    He didn’t make it home for Christmas. He did talk about getting some new uniforms from Uncle Sam. He just sounded so believable. When we would talk, he would say he was watching a movie, when I ask which one, I would be one I had heard of or seen.

    He even brought up the soldier who is accused of shooting the civilians in Afghanistan. He also brought up the tornados in Alabama, said he had friends there, but they were ok. He talked about going out on a peacekeeping mission in Cairo during the elections they had. Working on vehicles, daily convoys.

    I did start to notice he didn’t answer some things that I had asked and sometimes his grammar was off. I commented once and he said, baby I am so tired but wanted to talk to you.

    He knew 3/17 was my favorite holiday, so he chatted with me much later than usual (part of his plan I know), asked me if I would go hunting with him when he came home, if I would ever consider moving to California someday. He said he was thinking about getting a house in Florida for now.

    This all came to a head this past Wednesday. He had mentioned his jewelry business before, and said that he had everything he had invested in it., but I guess the “inventory” was tied up in Customs. He needed the money for that. He knew I didn’t have it. At this point I had already told him that I had no more money to send or give. (why is he still talking to me every day telling me loves me, and to remember that no matter what always keep this in mind??) Anyway, I could give so many details. He said he was contacting business associates to see if anyone could help him, loan him the money… They would send me the money and I would then send it to him. Well 4 months into this, I am pretty well hooked and I just want to see him face to face, he wants to see me, true love does exist, we are meant to be together, yada yada… So I gave him one of my bank account numbers and sure enough, almost $9k appeared… He was on late that night.. Seemed worried about etc, next day he was on too. I told him I had to work and he was like can’t you take leave or something, I said no. I got to the bank and thought all was going well. He told me the money came from Nelson Gonzalez if they asked. They did. The teller then said that she had to get the money from the back, she didn’t have that much in her till. Next thing I know the branch manager is asking me to come with her to her office, that Navy Federal (I LOVE YOU NAVY FEDERAL) security in Virginia has a few questions for me. I sat down with them and they asked me where the money came from, what it was for, how I knew James, had I ever met him in person. I was then told that the money was taken out of another person’s account. My whole world had just changed. WOW. I had just become a victim. Now I KNEW it… I found out about romancescams and checked the email headers and they either show up as Cairo or Secaucus, NJ. None in Nigeria or Ghana.. So looks like another playing field maybe?

    I told him, he said no no no, the money is legit.. he got a little mad…. but still, I love you and I am sorry I got you involved, I never should have. Later on he came back and said that he is talking with his superiors and maybe they can help. He should have done this from the beginning. I didn’t hear from him the next day, Then today I heard from him again. He loves me, he knows things are not ok. I told him that he could help with that. Send me an email from your military email address. He said sure. I am still waiting for it. In the meantime, here is what I have done:
    His name – James Bonenfant – email james.bonenfant@yahoo.com – he says he is a sgt is the US Army The pics show a man in an Army uniform with that name. The friend that I helped set up on zoosk is James McKay (funny they have the same first name and are the same age (wanna bet they are the same person???) His emails are james.mckay14@yahoo.com or james.mckay56@yahoo.com
    I found 4 profiles for my James on Facebook (he never did friend me on there) two had pictures that I had. One was under the name SgtJames Bonenfant, and one is under Bill Bonenfant. All have been reported. And I have BLOCKED HIM. Changing my email address and cell phone number even though I never talked to him, he has the number.

    James McKay currently has a profile under zoosk, that I need to get reported. I haven’t seen one for James Bonenfant. UGH…..

  158. Hello I have read through every one of these post and I am scared for my mom. We recently encouraged her to try match.com after having been divorced for almost 20 years. The man she is in contact with is John ‘Jeff’ Kump and things are moving really fast she says he is an E6 Staff Sargent in Afghanistan. He is deployed from Fort Bragg NC and he has no family to speak of. She has only sent him a care package with small items but he did have her send it through a diplomat again not really sure of the location she sent it to. And I hope she would be smart enough not to send him money but she does keep some things private about them. He is set to retire in April and wants to come to visit her in KS. We are all just really worried about her getting hurt. If this sounds close to a story anyone else has I have a picture she sent me of him please let me know. I would appreciate it.

    • Hi Tia,
      I am currently talking to a man of the same name also staioned in Afghanistan, said he is going to retire in Aug also staioned out of Ft.Bragg SC. Says he is in love with me and wants to spend his life with me ?! What did he tell yr Mom? Did she meet him? Said he was retiring in April???WTF?

  159. Hi all,
    I had been contacted by this military man who claims himself as being Staff Sergeant Steve Whelan of U.S. Army’s 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division based in Kabul, Afghan?? I don’t know if he’s been real in military or he just a fraud like others for he keeps lying me bout his family, his best bud and even his age. I did googled him and there’s indeed an army by the name as i mentioned and if he’s for real then what the lies were all about? He even got his own military email address –> sgt.meghan_whelan-military@usa.com…I don’t know what else that i can do to trace him down in order to reveal the real of himself. Don’t wanna be the next victim of love fool. We met at Asian Friends Finder and he was the one who contacts me first then we moved on to Skype and it was so sweet at fisrt but everything seemed so vagued after he’s backed from a mission. He did shared a little bit bout his military life with me but when i asked for a cam he told me access of webcam is being denied there at the base camp due to security reason for he can only received a video call from o/side the world without sending. Also that laptop is not allowed to bring along but he sneaked it for me. For God sake, i don’t know if he’s telling me the truth here. No money involve yet by so far. We rarely chat nowadays as he told me he’s having difficulty to get on skype. I did saw him sign in several times but sometimes my msgs went thru to him and sometimes not even get thru. I saw it was him in every pics even his wedding pics. He told me he was a widow and lost his wife in 2010 but to my surprised i still seeing his wife updating her own fb recently. He lied to me bout his age saying that he was 40 but instead he’s only 27..He also lied to me bout his best bud married with an asian but i accidently found out in her wife Myspace that his best bud was actually married with a non asian wife…Again, he lied to me bout his best bud name as being Dav but it was actuallt Shawn…Ghee, i just can stand the feeling of being cheated over and over again…..Even if he’s for real then why all the lies???
    I need help here to really identify him. Can someone tell me what to do???

  160. I was contacted by a Sgt (Gaytan) Justin Brook who was in Libya on peace keeping from Ky. sweet talker. Said Family had to as for leave and he wanted to get married sent followingI received the following contract/ agreement:
    1) Returning Officer requesting for leave required should have a reasonable motive for applying for leave request

    2) Experience has shown that vacation and shorts period of rest from duty as well as authorized absence to attend to an urgency invitation at home.
    Therefore, every soldier who is either eligible for leave or not eligible for leave are not authorized to request for leave by themselves.

    3) Returning officers applying for leave request will be liable to receive some amount of money as leave becomes and this will be claimed by his/her

    4) Short period of leave can be requested for soldier by his or her spouse. Family immediate or extended with genuine reason

    5) Maximum of leave period to be given to a soldier on deployment is three months.

    6) All soldier leaving the camp on a family or spouse request should have a liberty pass card with him or her at departure and arrival. Identification card shall
    surface to identify a service member on authorized absence not classified as leave.

    7) Paid leave should only be granted to soldiers who are eligible for leave

    8) [8)] Returning officer will be liable to leave to his designated country 72 hours after all processing is completed.

    9) Spouse or Family of employee who is requesting for a leave must pay all necessary charges accordingly.

    10) On no account should a third party irreverse with the whole processing

    Lt. Col. Robert Gonzalez
    Processing Officer.

    from this address u.s.army_military_zone@consultant.com using request for money for engagement rings said I don’t co mingle money and he had to talk to my son. Got really mad when I signed all accounts over to my son. With texting hacked my cell and sent 58 pages of texts and hacked Virgin mobile phone.

    • Contacted by gayton justin brook. From paris ky.,in libya. Sgt in washington national guard. Whats his story?

      • @ Lind didnt you read what she posted he is a SCAMMER from what I understand there is no US Military in Libya and why cant he CALL YOU have you checked his IP yet to find out what part of West Africa hes in yet because he is a FRAUD! Anonn

  161. I must have something on my CPU because they hacked it and Norton 360 and I have a memory stick with the information on my cpu and Norton back up. I am only assuming its a IP address.

    • Gaytan sent me another message with his phone #,wants me to call him.

      • I told Gayton that he is a scammer and not to contact me.

  162. Thank you so much for this website! I’m currently corresponding with a Chris Napier, widower, with two kids in Ghana, even though he himself is from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. Claims to be stationed in Kabul. He has sent many photos, but they are all old from at least 3 years ago. He said he told his kids about me and they asked him if I was going to be their “new mum”. Hmmmm.
    After 3 days of chatting, he proposed marriage. I told him I would marry him if he took a photo of himself in his uniform, holding up a sign with my name on it. Of course he was “very disappointed” that I was doubting him. I told him it was just “S.O.P.” and that he should understand that. There was a very long pause on the chat. I think he was ‘googling’ S.O.P. which, if he’s in the military, he should know.
    Can anyone tell me how to post photos on here and also how to see the photos that you have all posted? I can’t see any photos on here.
    Thank you again for this site. We need more people to post because this scamming is running rampant right now. I met this guy on seniorpeoplemeet.com. Thanks everyone.

    • Hello Dior

      I read more and more about this scammers. I had a Chris Napier, could we compare photos please. He had a different story but I think its the same”soldier”


  163. Ladies, I’m looking for someone in their 20s or low 30s willing to talk about their experiences being scammed by one of these guys for a major magazine article. The demographic is ladies between 20-35. If you’re willing to share your story, please send me an email or reply to this comment using your email address and I’ll contact you.

  164. Ladies you just need to be aware that any so called soldier calling himself “MILLER” is most likely to be a scammer. That name and “RAMOS” are the best RED FLAGS you can have. Another clue is that most soldiers are not hunting women via any website at all. They do not have the time for this when working away. In all the posts above I see not one real person in the military.
    Posted by
    Began Steele

  165. I have been talking with a sgt. Brian Hopper. He said that his girlfriend died, he has a son in Holland being raised by his girlfriends sister while he fights in Kabul. He has told me he gets to come home May 29th and can’t wait to start a life with me. The only thing he got was a care package cookies, t-shirts, boxers, stuff like that. I thought it was strange that the box had to go to a Noah Mends who is a real person. And another is Mr Roy Anderson. Has Anyone else been talking to this man or had to send a package this way?

  166. I think im trying to be scammed at the minute i heard something from a relative about it and things are dropping in to place. i have been speaking to a guy for a couple off weeks who says he in the us milatry in kabul and a 12 year old in the uk and his wife died 3 years ago off cancer . This morning he asked me for money for a log buissness in africa and his logs have been siezed on the way to the port and i needed to get money to him for the release of the logs. I have sent no money and he got really shirty when i said i wasnt going to send any his name is apparatly micheal boggs he might be real deal but i think he is a scammer

    • @ Lorraine YES he is a scammer and he needs money for logs in Africa because thats where he lives he is a lying begging African plain and simple and US Military will NOT need your money nor your help for ANY reason because the US Military takes care of their needs ALL OF Them only a scammer will find you on ANY social site claim to be US Military and then invent some assinine story about needing your help SCAMMER block and delete this beggar and check your security settings on your computer.

  167. how do u find out if a person is at camp dwyer. I have asked him a lot of questions and he seems to be able to answer them all. the only thing that doesn’t sit right with me is the fact that he told me he has no access to his bank account while he is in Camp dwyer. He told me the only way he can have leave is if I emailed the leave Commander and apply for it on his behalf. And once it was approved I was asked to “take charge of the cost of his leave” those costs are for flights and visas.
    Ticket-Exchange fees…….$2350.00 AUDDay-use fee…………………………$400.00 AUDBase fare……………………………..$ 350.00 AUDTax/Fee/Charge………………$650.00 AUD XT{Federal Excise Taxes} Total……………………………………….$3750.00 AUD

    This guys names is (well he told me it was) SSGT Jeremy Reece. I do believe it is a scam as both he and the “Leave Comd” have asked that I send the money via Western Union to a Woman (Amanda Simpson, in Western Australia) who – strangely enough is the “Bases agent for payments of this kind”
    I hav even asked if I could send him a care package and he told me i could but I would hav to send it to his sister and she could send it on to him.
    Is there someone I can report this to, or at least tell me if he exsits………………………….
    he has sent me pics of himself and his son (who lives with his sister in Canada – supposedly

    • Lisa it is absolutely a SCAM US Military leave NEVER has to be paid for as CJ has said if they claim to be US Military and they ask for money for ANYTHING or electronics they are SCAMMERS REAL US Military will not need you nor your money for ANY reason Anonn

  168. I just confirmed in MY mind that someone who contacted me on Facebook is running a scam. I didn’t even know about this until some things he was typing just didn’t seem correct. I started looking for similar situations and was led to this site. Thanks for what you are doing.

    The information I have is as follows: Facebook account name is Gray Christian. Pretends to be US Army, Colonel, stationed in Baghdad. Soon to retire, deceased wife, 18 y/old son living in CA with his “auntie.” Says he has a house in O’Fallon, MO. He gave me the address and the house is a condo, but not in his name. Of course, that was to be explained “later.” Purports to be starting a new business … gold broker. Has the opportunity to buy an amount but is 5,000. short. He hadn’t asked for the money until today, and then proceeded to tell me I would have to send to 3rd party and the gold would be sent to me. I wanted NO part of any of it, and THAT was the confirmation I needed to have. I immediately “unfriended” him from Facebook and expect no further contact.

    He did give me an APO address, but since I had no intention of sending him any mail, I didn’t pay much attention to it. He used the name Col Chris H****. I’m sure when he told me what the H stood for, it was a lie. Should you need any further information, email me and I will supply.

    Thanks for your efforts! Good luck to everyone out there!

  169. hi trying find out if staff seargent edwards moore is genuine, says he isab american soldier from n.y.c divorced been in kabul 3 years wants to leave says 54 has house in london in chelsea, 1 son in school i n.y,c. spoke to him on msn now says wants me send a phone, told him no money says ok, showed pics but hes in a navy uniform and also sure a british badge on left arm. said i thought it suss about him and he isists genuine and if i’m not would i let him no as wants relationship someone. asked himwhat time out there says only 2hrs in front. keeps just saying ooh ok. anyone else come across him. should i just shut him down from my yahoo.

  170. I have read alot from this forum. I am very happy to know a lot more now. Just wanna say we all should be very careful. Some stories here looks phising but might not be. Do not call everyone scammer when you are not absolutely sure, because you could destroy a good future for others. I am not trying to protect any bad head, but we have to be absolutely sure before we conclude

  171. I was able to identify and alert the gentleman through his employer that his photo was being used to scam women out of monies, he was shocked and unaware, but very thankful. beware of

    jamesparker43@rocketmail.com and also keith.engle@yahoo .com

    they use militaryleavesectiondept@consultants.com to send forms for leave paperwork

    I was only victim of the heart not $$
    he is still attempting to contact me i have blocked and closed many accounts online . he must be in trouble for not meeting quota.

  172. do anyone know about sgtbowen mick? he told me he has twin boy he deployed to afghan he said his wife pass away cause child birth he sent me pic did anyone have his pic let me know.

    • Yes Sally, I have been chatting with Bowen since June. He told me the same story. I have pictutes of his deceased wife and of his boys.

  173. Rolland Robert James, Has accent, and states he is a captain in the us army, secret agent apparently :) and been to havard university.

  174. Hi,

    My name is Jason and I am casting for a television show currently being produced in New York City. We are looking for women that have been scammed by soldiers or men in any capacity, and women that are willing to share their story with us. The network that the show will air on has strong ties to the African American community and in turn we are only looking for African American women. If you have been deceived either financially, emotionally, or physically and would be interested in telling your story on our show please contact us. In the email, please give us a description of how you were scammed, the alleged con-artist, the main way you were deceived, and any other details you think we would need. Please send all inquiries to newstvcasting@gmail.com. Thank you very much!

    • @ Jason why do I suspect that You ARE A Troll trying to catch a fish on this blog how convenient you left your email address and funny how you just want African American Women why dont you try going to facebook why would you advertise this BS on this site???Anonn

  175. Hi
    I have been contacted by a Jeffrey (Jeff) Bowen E6 Staff sargeant on his 5th tour now in Afghanistan. This guy claims to be divorced for 4 years, sold his house and bought off his ex. Both parents died 8 years ago and he is an only child. Strangely after doing my own investigation I find that there is only one Jeff lived in this town in GA, is not divorced by any records I can find. And the house has not been sold in 20 years. The red flag was when he asked for an iphone4, I had to laugh. Why would I send him a better phone than I have?
    I would love to catch these loosers but there are too many of them and too many of us “trusting” women. I’m going to look into opening a facebook page where we can post these men and hopefully help future women from being scammed.

    • He contacted me as well – sent me three photos… do you know anything else about where he is from?

      Thank you

  176. Hi can someone help me please. I have been approached on skype by this gentleman who calls himself A General of the US Army based in Eggers Afghanistan. I avoided his call for contact several times but thought i would give it a try so we got talking and he sent me pictures of himself one in Uniform and the other casual.
    His name is Franklin Miller. in our conversations he avoids a lot of personal questions and after chatting for two days i sent him a picture of myself and my two daughters. Why i did this haven knows. But he claims that i am the woman of his dreams and wants to marry me and is even going to come to London to see me. I am now a litle scared if this man is genuine and more so he has photos of me and my daughter and i am scared that they might get used in bad taste,(my daughter will kill me) how do i find out if this officer is genuine. some one please help.

    • @ Bali this part…..A General of the US Army IS SUSPECT to me it looks like somethins an African would say and also think about it why would a General in The US Army have to find the love of his life on any social site tell this lying Scammer to get on cam and prove who he is in other words shit or get off the pot do not take his word for it and NEVER send pics to anyone you do NOT know the scammer will only pretend to be you or your daughter to scam men yes they do this often.Anonn

  177. Hello I am 90% sure I am bieng scammed I am a little puzzled though as this US sgt is sharing personal photos with me… anyway I can find out who this poor solldier is and let him know? I have his name etc

  178. his name is Maxwell Cole

  179. I have received messages from someone claiming to be Staff Sargent Bryan Smith Miller. He says he is stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. He has sent me 3 photo’s and now has a 4th posted. The solder in the uniform does have Miller on his name tag. He hasn’t asked for anything. I asked a few minutes ago for a email from his military email address (I will let you know what he says). The solder has a large brown birthmark on his right cheek. So all the pics are of the same guy. Do you have any info on this? Thank You for all you do.

  180. Decker Green is another scam artists that has recently contacted me. He uses pre-written emails and adds in some info. You can tell the parts of the emails he writes. To test him I told him I was a seal poacher in the North Pole and I loved to club baby seals in the head (which I DO NOT) and some more obviously fake information. I got an email back and it never mentioned anything I wrote.

  181. I am absolutely horrid by reading these postings, but I am so happy to have stumbled upon this blog. Does anyone know if SGT Raymond Lionel is real? I tried looking him up with Google, but had no luck. We met through Zooks.com and began chatting thou Yahoo Messenger. Although he has not asked for any money, he says he is in love with me after some emails. He has sent me pictures of himself in uniform and without his uniform. He says he has a 16 yr old daughter, divorced and has no parents. He said he was born in BradFord, Pennsylvania got his BA in Mechanical Engineering from Carlow University in Pennsylvania. I have a son, so I try and screen or do some investigations of my own with the internet, and have not been able to find anything on him. I am trying to keep my child away from creeps and weirdos. The odd thing he asked me to do was to write a letter to his commending officer at c.dbosy@rocektmail.com and ask if he was able to go on leave back to the US. What does that mean? I have never heard of some else asking for leave for a man in the military. Sad to say I did, but was very vague in the letter and did not give my address or more personal information. Is he a scammer? Please let me know. I am on my way to the other websites on scammers to try and find him. Please inform me.

  182. Does anyone know Sgt. Omohundro John Anthony with email of sgt.johnanthony@yahoo.com? He says he’s E9 Sergeant Major. He contacted me on Mate1 website and a few days later proposed marriage. Asked me for money ($450 1st time & $400 last time) for a leave to come and see me. Says his home is Colorado Springs, CO, has a 7 yr. old daughter who lives with his grandmother (calls her “mom”), wife died of cancer 3 yrs, agi, in US army for over 20 yrs., in Afghanistan for 7 mos, retiring soon: maybe 2-4 mos., says owns 2 homes in Colorado Springs as well as 2 autos, 1 truck, a bike, swimming pool/jacuzzi with hot tub. He is on Facebook & Myyearbook under the name Omohundro Anthony including several pictures on Facebook. On his uniform the name “Omohundro” is shown. I thought the military took care of any expenses for a leave but I’d appreciate an answer. Carol

    • Hello, I am of Polish (I do not know English / I am using Google translator, sorry).
      hm …. These same people attack Polish Women. I personally had contact with six cheaters on the site dating PolishDating. I can send pictures of these men …
      My email; gosieks32@hotmail.com
      Skype, gosieks36
      I sorry for the English language

    • @ Carol please google the name this SCAMMER is using and you are right the Military takes care ALL of their needs they will NOT need your money for any reason he doesnt even live in the US nor is he American he lives in West Africa and the things he says he has is all a BIG LIE if he were a real Military Member he would have access to his account no matter where he is and claims to be an E9 yet begging a complete stranger for money BS if her were REAL there would be NO reason that he should ask you or anyone else for money they are such IDIOTS that know NOTHING about the US Military Thank God,If any Man meets you on ANY social site claims to love you then asks you for money or personal information or to help them in any kind of way is indeed a scammer

      Real Military members have no time to get on any social site meet a stranger and within days is in love and then invents silly ass stories and reasons to beg for money Mail can be sent directly to them ask them about sending a care package if they cant give you a direct address to where they are or if they claim nothing comes in or out SCAMMER

      If they do NOT have a Military email address SCammer
      If you have NOT seen them on webcam out of uniform or they claim they do not have one or web cam is NOT allowed SCAMMER
      Do Not Send Money Nor give your personal information to anyone you do not know and that includes pics.Anonn

    • While deployed in Afghanistan he gets a 21 day R&R, for which the government hops him back stateside or to another location for R&R… No money for flights needed… he will be riding in a c130, which is free of charge.

  183. I have been talking to an army soldier based in begram afghanistan. He says he is 41 yrs. old and divorced with 1 14 yr. ols son who lives in Miami with his ex-wife. We have been chatting via yahoo messenger and he is asking for 600 to process documents to come home. His name is sgt. john scott. Has anyone heard of him and how can i find out if he a real military person? He has sent pictures but they could be fake! Please help I dont know what to do!

    Thank you!

    • @ Kim the answer to your question is he is a FRAUD if they ask for money for ANY reason they are scammers he has asked you for money which is proof that it is a scam and he is an African pretending to be Military DELETE and block this lying poser.Anonn

    • Processing documents is a free function of personel. Any paperwork, flights, medical ect is free in the military… Just an FYI…

  184. hi ! my mother is talking to a us soldier , we are from mexico , he says that he is a Mayor Jonh Bill and that he is living in SUDAN and that he needs my mother to ask for permission to come to mexico and visit her, I’m afraid of her and her feelings can you help know if is a scam ?

  185. his email is johnbill700@yahoo.com and he has now ask for money so the UN can realise him from Sudan and i think is a lie from what I’ve read in here my mother meet him from the dating site badoo.com so plis beware

    • @Ale yes your Mother is being scammed tell her to delete and block him and NEVER send money to anyone she does not know for any reason.Anonn

    • I’ve met the same one I believe, under the address johnbill700@hotmail.com, on the website WAYN.
      The procedure is the same, asking to proceed to vacation. You have get documents to fill in and send money to
      Dare James in nigeria and there you are. You have to pay for transit leave authorization, for the flight, and then,the day before departure they send you the killing bill: no less than 7 500 uds . Yes! as for the “clearance Certificate” . I also found that his supposed wife was not on the victims list.
      The more you try to put them with evidences that the story doesn’t stand, the more they repeat that I are misinformed, that the mission is secret,..bla..bla..bla. that you have to listen to your heart
      That they love us so much…bla bla and they cry so much when we doubt of them.. poor darlings. First class comedians. The victims of the scam is there wishing to know where is the real John.
      Perhaps there is not such John, or his name is not John and he is not a military.

    • I rectify my comment.
      his wife is supposed to have died in the 9-11 .
      I’m not in New York to see the list of victims but at first site she does not appear as such.
      What victims of crooks need are means of investigation and cooperation from institutions rather than having to feel guilty and ridiculous.

  186. Im talking to a guy his name is SGT.Smith Caddell I feel if they are in the service they dont need our money the goverment will help them with what ever they need. Thanks for all the information because i beleived he really loved me tell he wanted money. Bonnie

  187. Hi,
    I’m Margaret …. scammers with whom I come into contact, Robin Young, John Schuster, bert elofson, philead foog … I suggested everyone that I paid my money for them to leave ….. They claimed to be in Afghanistan for misjii-lied. Their IP messages came from Nigeria or Ghana.
    I have pictures of them …. like someone needs photos can send …..
    my email; gosieks32@hotmail.com
    Con artists know the psychology of women very well …. They are able to manipulate the word …..
    Sorry for my English

  188. I have almost fallen for a “soldier” scammer. He wants to see me but he wants me to pay for his vacation leave. I am also an employee for a semiconductor company and i know our labor laws here in the Philippines.
    We are not required to pay for our vacation leaves. It is but part of our benefits while working in a company.
    As I have researched on google about nigerian men using military mens pictures to lure their victims, real military men does not need permission from their wives to take vacation leave and they are not required to pay even a single penny for their leaves because leaves are with pay. I’d like to post the pictures that he sent me and I want to apologize to the real owner of that picture.

  189. I would like to meet the real owner of those pictures. How can i post those pictures?

  190. The following are scammers found on dateing site called skout all say their madly in love few have just wanted money and letters sent to they can talk on phone others want an acct so they can put their money into it cause they claim to have no access to theirs but that the military bank manager will handle it following scammers are Marty Chen email martychen64@yahoo.com ……… Peter cloft email petercloft83@yahoo.com………kloete valencial email vkloete@yahoo.com………. Jordan crone email sgtcronejj@ymail.com……….. All have the same story line their all widowed wife died car accident one at child birth have one or two children that a nanny or teacher takes care of they need money one said for a tool he lost other has been for a.phone card i would.have to write a letter requesting permission to talk then send 250 to them to be able.to.talk some.ask for.both money to talk and bank acct info usually a checking acct

    • Hi

      Yes I have been talking to Jordan Crone. sgtcronejj@ymail.com.au . Thanks so much for the warning. Never have been asked for money!! Just been chatting, told me he has 2 children, and the Nanny looks after them. His wife died of Cancer!!!
      He is also on a chat site called Skout.
      Becareful everyone!!

      • A Sgt that has a nanny??? Come on folks!

  191. I am once a victim of scammers, thank God for the efcc who help me catch this guys and have my victim restitution send back to me . if you have been scammed and need your victim restitution back and also want the scammers caught , you can let me know i will give you their contact details. Casey .

    watch out there are so many of them out there.

    • Casey so why are you here???? and are you suggesting that the efcc got your money back because if so you and I both know that is a BLATANT LIE which means you are a TROLL/Scammer yourself and seeking attention and show me one African with the Name Casey so please enlighten us SHOW US THE Proof in other words PUT UP or SHUT DA F**K up you LIAR everyone here knows that once you and your scamming friends steal their money there is no way to get it back and when and if the efcc catches up with you maybe they will finally do something about you stealing.Anonn

    • victim restitution ……… All do NOT fall for this crap the efcc cannot help you get your money back this is a scammer and ANYONE can go and check out the efcc website there is not one incident in which scammers returned the money there is NO Victim Restitution…Anonn

    • I was scammed, need that info please. Thank You

  192. I have been contacted by eleven Generals in the army asking to be in a relationship with me and trying to get money from me. These people need to be locked up and the key thrown way.

  193. My love,

    How are you doing? the doctors have finished treating me. I am still very weak but have to write you this email. sweetheart, there is something I need you to do for me. during the mission, we had a serious shoot out with the terrorist. we managed to overcome them and we broke into where they were hiding. when we got into the building which the terrorist were staying, we found weapons, money and some treasures in the building.

    I informed my superior officer and he asked us to bring whatever we found back to the camp. We took the weapons,money and treasures back to the camp. My superior officer informed the Afghanistan Government about what we found, and the Afghanistan president asked us to keep it as our reward for helping his country. We divided the money and treasure amongst the soldiers that went for the mission and My share of the money is 2.1 million United states dollars.

    My superior officer advised us not to keep the money in Camp because the American Government would want to take it away from us. The American Government owe us a lot of money and they keep lying to us that they will pay us but they never do and now, if they know that we found some money and treasures, they would want to take it away from us. So I packed my own share of the money into 2 boxes that the doctors used in bringing in drugs for us and gave it to the doctors to help me deposit them in any safe security company around. The boxes have now been deposited in England with a security company Global security company.

    Now, honey, I want you to help me contact the security company in UK. Tell them you are my wife and you want them to transfer the boxes to you in your place. honey, please do not tell them that there is money inside the boxes. do not tell them. just tell them you want them to transfer the boxes to you. ((tell them that you are writing on behalf of Mr Matthew Faries and that you are his wife and you would want his boxes transferred to you)). Below is the security company’s Information.

    Company website: globalsecshipping.com
    Name on Boxes: Mr Matthew Faries
    Box Code:AFLC00221
    Company’s email: info@globalsecshipping.com
    Phone Number: +447935509911

    My love,contact them and please do what you can to work with the company and get my boxes transferred over to you. Baby, I am still recovering from the injury and I am getting better and stronger than yesterday. I just want you to know that I love you and this will be my last time coming to Afghanistan or any Mission. I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. send me an email when you write to the company.





      • Hello Jazz..I am talking to the same guy too.We met on CherryBlossoms,so far he hasn’t asked me some money yet but I know he will after few emails coz I already figured out that he’s a scammer thru his emails.hehe

    • Jazz LOL Great job this had me lmao especially this part….. The American Government owe us a lot of money and they keep lying to us that they will pay us but they never do and now, if they know that we found some money and treasures, they would want to take it away from us. This scammer has lost his little mind and the sad prt about this is in his mind he really thinks he’s in the US Military and in his mind he thinks he is the guy in the pics he’s stolen these scammers are so out of touch with reality they really consider scamming a job and an honor lol what a LOSER Anonn

    • who says “we divided the money and treasures” anymore. Sounds like a bad pirate movie…. arrr…. we divided the treasure…. arrr….. This letter is funny, in fact i enjoyed reading it but it’s complete crap…lol

      • well I think I got scammed by someone calling themselves Philip G Elofson, stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. I wish I knew for sure, how do I found out if he is real?

        • Philp G Elofson is a scammer he got me.

  194. I wanted to let everyone I could that there is another scammer out there. The person that is posing as a army military staff sergeant by the name of Raymond Jim Arnold. He has had several different match.com ID’s as well. He usually uses his email address as jim_10_ray@yahoo.com or jim_04_ray@yahoo.com. Ladies please be aware that he is not what is says he is. He sent me a fake military ID and I emailed it to someone in the service that said it was a fake. Be viligent. Ask lots of questions and be alert if you go to match.com

  195. I would like to know if you have anything on a Richards Charialle…..He has not asked me for anything ,,,,,,,,yet. But his story is starting to come apart.He says he is a 4star General serving in afganistan…He is retiring from the service in Sept .After 30 years. He says he is fr9om iowa,His webpage says Miami Fl. But his family all lives in Australia, Things Do not add up. He says he is 60 years old. My gut was telling last night that this guy was just to goiod to be true.
    Any help with this would be welcomed………….Hugs Martha

    • Dear, currently there are no US generals of that rank in country.

  196. I am currently talking to a soldier in Afgan he is 46 years old, he has sent me four pics of himself on two seperate occations. He says he is a widow and has a daughter named Mary..His name is or possibly is John Knight..he goes on to say he is a COL in the US Army.We have been talking for about a month, he hasnt asked for money or anything of the sort. But, as of yet he hasnt given me his Unit or Company which i just asked for in an email. Alot of the things he has told me i googled and they were true, but hey you can get anything of the internet..so if anyone wants to see his pic email me and we will see if he is a scammer. Again his name is John Knight serving in Afgan.

    • Bryttany tell him to get on webcam and prove who he is also tell him to email you from his AKO and dont just assume he is real send an email to the .mil email address he sends you if it comes back to you undeliverable then he is a scammer have you tried to google his Name the best way to get your question answered is to go to scamwarners.com or pigbusters.com they have their ways if he found you on any social site and told you he is Military in Afghan,Iraq or Libya or West Africa yes you should absolutely suspect him of being a fraud especially if he has time to chat with you thats a dead give away also scammers have all the time in the world also they know better than to ask for money right away now hope this helps when I googled the name I came up with this which is the REAL Service members name and he is deceased so YES you are talking to a scammer see below…..the scammer used this mans first and middle Name delete and block him.

      Remember the US Military takes care of its own and will NOT need your money for any reason they always have access to their accounts at ALL times leave and retirement and return trips to the US do NOT have to be paid for Only a scammer will beg for your money do not give out any personal info nor send pics

      John Knight Waters (December 20, 1906 – January 9, 1989) was a United States Army four star general who served as commander, U.S. Army, Pacific from 1964 to 1966. He was also the son-in-law of General George S. Patton. During World War II, he was taken prisoner while fighting in Tunisia in 1943, leading Patton to set up the controversial Task Force Baum to break him out.


    • Gen. John Knight Waters, 82
      Captured By Germans In Ww Ii
      January 13, 1989|By New York Times News Service.

      Retired Army Gen. John Knight Waters, a highly decorated veteran of World War II, has died at age 82.

      Gen. Waters died of heart failure Monday at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

      A 1931 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he was a son- in-law of Gen. George Patton. In 1943, as a lieutenant colonel commanding a tank unit in combat in Tunisia, he was taken prisoner by the Germans.

      In the closing days of the war in Europe, Gen. Waters, still a prisoner of war, was one of several hundred Americans at a prison camp near Hammelburg, Germany.

      As the Allies advanced, he was sent out with other officers to negotiate with an oncoming American tank unit; German soldiers shot and severely wounded him.

      The American force was routed, but a week later another American unit captured the camp.

      Gen. Waters spent a year recuperating from his wounds.

      After returning to duty, he served as military aide to Secretary of War Robert Patterson, commanded various armored division units in the United States and Korea and was commanding general of the Continental Army Command, responsible for ground defenses across the nation.

      He retired from the Army, a full general, in 1966 as commander of the U.S. Army of the Pacific.

      His first wife, the former Beatrice Patton, died in 1952. He is survived by his second wife, Anne McKinley Waters, of Potomac, Md.; two sons; three stepdaughters; and five grandchildren.

  197. So i was surfing for camp eggers moral badges and I came accross this post. One, thank you for supporting our troops! Being deployed three times and getting ready for my fourth to “the sand box” isn’t easy. When we do have down time, contact with the “world back home” is a welcome escape and at times much needed. That said, please keep one thing in mind when talking to these “service members”. We are trained over, and over, and over and over in OPSEC (Operations Security), Information assurance, counter intel, network security, the list goes on and on. Service members giving vital information is against OPSEC, so if his story contains where he is at, his mission, his rank, specifics on when he’s leaving country, and if he’s telling you he loves you… There are two possiabilities, he has trematic brain injury or he’s a fake. I am amazed at all the ladies looking for a service member as a companion though, its a hard life for sure and I wish you luck. P.S where are all of you at? Everytime I am state side and I tell people what I do and how often I deploy they run…lol

    • Major Ross, USAF Thank You for your service.Anonn

    • I read your comment, and it makes so much sense. I have been talking to a Captain Brian Witt and he has not release any information to me. But I have a feeling he is not real. I want to beleive he is. He has asked for a video phone and I told him I wasn’t sending anything to anyone. He won’t let me know what his mission is, just that he is military police. And if you are state side and need some human to talk to I would be gald to talk to you.
      Sincerely Patty in Allen Texas I am real

  198. I am afraid I have been in contact w a scammer too, he claims to serve in Kabul, Afghanistan and he is a widow and
    uses the name Witt Scott, 49 years old. He told me he was so in love w me and all that crap. Never asked me for money though but there was something about his bad spelling that made me suspicious. he uses the email wittscott1@yahoo.com

  199. I am being scammed by a man who says he his Sgt. Jason Patrick….I have over 10 pictures all from afgan.
    But he is saying I love you afyer two weeks and asking 2000.00 for him to come on leave

    Who can I send the pics to? I want the real man to know this is being done!

    • Melody you cant post the pics here but you can post them on scamwarners.com and romancescam.com and I am sure Maj Sgt Patrick knows his name is being used since I do know him if he does not know he will now great job realizing this is a scammer any time they find you on any social network and claim to be Military they should ALWAYS be considered a scammer real Military members have no time to troll social sites all day and night but scammers have nothing but time on their hands they consider it a job.Anonn

  200. I have been talking to a guy SGT. Clark Lugas also known as Capt. Harry Swain. I met him on tagged.com and he told me that his wife died 5 yrs ago from cancer and his 10 year old son Kelvin lives at a boarding school in Diamond Bar California. This school took Kelvin to Africa on a field trip which i thought was odd but then Kelvin became real sick and needed medical attention. He went as far as having to doctor email me and telling me that Kelvin need surgery to repair a hole in his heart. After that episode he said his partner could send money but needed my banking information and when that didnt work he want me to email a color copy of me drivers license and passport to his barrister in Malaysia. His Barrister even emailed me telling me that Clarks inhearidence was worth 4 millon dollars and he needed my information to change the information on the paperwork so the money could be sent to me. When that didnt work he became angry and started staying you dont love me anymore and i cant talk cause im so weak now, im crying like a baby. I hope women checks into things before sending their information im glad i did. I found his pics online under this website….http://militarygear.com/asp/2010/07/28/the-wall-of-shame/

  201. Hi recently found another scammer on the passions website. His email address is checkmeout963@yahoo.com. He’s a “charmer”, for sure!.

  202. I have been talking to a person since April 2012 claiming to be a Sergeant Major serving in afghanistan.He says he is waiting for his retirement letter so he can leave, and come over to me so we can get to know each other more with a view to marriage. He has declared his love for me and we have spoken quite a lot. He has sent me some photos of a man, but they are ones he is using of someone else. I found this out after having done some research. I beleive the man i am talking to is really a scammer. I would love to find out who the real person is in the photos that i have got. The real man is in the U.S Army, and has certain distinct features about him that might help to trace his real identity. And, his real surname is Lopez. I really want to tell him everything about how this man is using his identity, and making out that he is the one talking to me! Please if someone can help me, i have photos i can send! I really want to find him, and contact him, please help?

    • Jayne you are right this is a scammer……….He says he is waiting for his retirement letter so he can leave, and come over to me so we can get to know each other more with a view to marriage. ………why does he have to come to you does he NOT have a place of his own? that is the scam by the way he will tell you he needs money for his retirement leave and then he will beg you for money for a flight to where you are he will invent any story to steal money from you BUT if he were real Military he would NOT need you money for any reason as he would have access to his own money at all times and scammers know not to ask for money right away many will wait for Months before they ask for money now they have plenty of time on their hands questions?????

      Ever seen him on cam for an interactive chat
      Ever gotten an email from his AKO it should end in .mil nothing else
      Ever asked him for his AKO and googled it
      Does he have a sob story like most other scammer no family wife died leaving him with or without a child that a nanny or maid or caregiver is taking care of
      Ever checked the Ip on the email addresses hes sending you remember sunnyvale california is where yahoo is located

      did he meet you on a social site and then told you he was Military and then asked you to leave the site to chat with him somewhere like yahoo messenger SCAMMER

      go to scamwarners.com and romancescam.com there you can share his pics and your story because he is a scammer no doubt Military leave and Retirement does not have to be paid for under any circumstances hope this helped Anonn

    • Hi,
      I believe our stories to be very similar…and the part that really caught my eye is the fact that the photos you received were of a soldier with the surname Lopez. My scammer claimed to be Capt. Kevin Lopez, US Army, in Afghanistan, getting ready to retire the end of September. The pics are of a very handsome soldier, and I would be curious if we have the same guy in the pics. Please contact me back if you get this.

  203. I met a sgt Bowen Mick. He recently told me his ne was Michael Bowen. We have been corresponding for some time. Does anyone have info about this guy?

    • Lucy google the Name this scammer is using also if you met him on any social site and he told you he is Military he is absolutely a scammer as real Military Members have no time for this type of nonsense have you seen him on webcam?
      did he ask you to leave the site to chat with him somewhere like yahoo messenger?
      Has he emailed you from his AKO? it should end in .mil only
      Ask him for his AKO and google it
      check his IP remember Sunnyvale California is where yahoo is located
      Do not give him any personal information nor send him pics DO NOT send money nor accept any from him the US Military takes care of its own and they have access to their money at all times

      When I googled that Name I saw a Soldier with his Wife and Child and that name also belongs to a State Trooper go to scamwarners.com and to romancescam.com there im sure you will see the pics the scammer is using.Anonn

      • Typo ask him for his APO there is NO reason that he cannot give you his AKO and APO or show himself on cam any excuses =SCAMMER hope this helps Lucy

  204. Perry Simones monray US army assign in abuja jos Nigeria
    date of birth July 20,1965.al
    most one year r working in jos is coNigeria for mission this is contact number +2347036304040

  205. 1st Victim…. Soldier in the pics named “Smith”
    2nd victim… foolish woman typing
    I am so ashamed of myself. I kept telling myself this is not right things are wrong .. but my pathetic self wanted someone that desperately…
    Goes by the name of SSGT John Smith, little boy “Jack” 5yold going on 6 in Sept…. claims his own birthday is in November….. I noticed he closed his profile down on match.com the next day…. red flag #1…… communicates through yahoo
    Talks and charms your senses to foolish……. very thorough…… same as most….. parents both dead, no siblings, divorced…. at Camp Eggert…….. retiring and coming home in less than a month……loves me so deeply, cant explain it…… blah blah this one is areal charmer… and yes I am a lonely hearted fool…….. I wonder how many people have been so hurt and traumatized by this type of thing.. what is wrong with people?

    • He doesn’t want anything sent to him and has not asked for anything in just short of a month…….

      • IP address is in
        Home, Ghana

        I dont think that spells Afghanistan………

        Foolish me………. be warned ladies SSGT John Smith

        • Foolish Me, what email does he go by?. The guy that emailed me, his email address was checkmeout963, and his screen name was also John Smith. I think we might be talking about the same guy. My guy was in the Army, 25-26 years old.

  206. i also was scammed by this sgt donnie hunsucker who tried at first to get me to sendhim 160 for his son for school supplies he wante to marry me and be with me and everything in between and then said i had to send him 500 to come home to me on so we cold get married and was trying to tell me he loved me for eternity when my family finally got me to realize he was just a scam artist think this man should be punished for his actions in some shape form or fashion

  207. I am sad to say, I have had one with the same line of BS, saying his name is Tyler James
    I got it bad!
    “Anyway You already know my name as Tyler James…lol, I was born on the 21 August, 1961 at Baptist Hospital of Bedford..I started A & A Children start 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools, I joined the Military academy at the age of 25. .. My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field of the army and later worked with the UN and later work with this Mining Company as Manager before he pasted away.

    I am an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the UN.I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer and I work in the junior management of the military..I’m on a Peace Keeping Mission and I’m stationed in Iraq and i have been here for 1 year 6months now and I’m left with weeks to return home and this is my second time here, ….. and i have one son who is 11years old.

    I feel so sick to my stomach, I should have stuck with my gut instinct!
    I fell so bad for the 8 pictures that were, sent.
    What I don’t get, is I did get him to go on webcam, and it looked like him.
    But all the words, have been copied and pasted from so much……

  208. Am talking to a “SOLDIER’ right now, got picture.. he is not asking for anything.. all i want is a verification…. where can i send you the picture? i don’t want here published for now… thank you…

  209. Please if you see this email…you need to be carefull..this guy said his a soldier…fake soldier…his name is Joe dodson..

  210. Anyone hear of Randy Mills Smith…randy_smith2012@hotmail.com
    In Afganistan, retirement in 4 weeks, from Florida, 54 years old. Interested to know if he’s chatting it up with others. Met on Okcupid.com

  211. Foolish Me, what email does he go by?. The guy that emailed me, his email address was checkmeout963, and his screen name was also John Smith. Same guy?.

  212. LOL! No worries about randy_smith2012@hotmail.com, PigBusters busted him, he’s a scammer. Watch out ladies! It took me only 2 days to get this little african figured out, then came here and signed up for Pig Busters. Really thankful I stayed smart and didn’t fall for it.

  213. Would anyone happen to be contacted by a US Military name Bates Jennings. He claimed to be in Afghanistan but his IP Address places him back to California. He refused to give out any information as he claim that it is a Army rule not to give out personal information because of the risk. I have photos and would like to know where to send them for verification. Also he is on tagged as Batexx J.

  214. I was scammed by someone claiming to be: E-6 SSGT Michael Sinclair, email address = troopyland4us@yahoo.com. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He scammed me for a lot of money.
    He said he has a son age 16, wife died in car accident, was coming home to retire this past February. Kept telling me that he was 2nd in charge of the troops in Afghanistan (Kabul) when his commander is away from the camp.
    First few weeks was getting to know each other, then he started to ask for money, small amounts at first, then bigger amounts.
    I lost my job because of him. I am in dire straits with no money.
    He took advantage of me because I told him that my Mother died August of 2011. I was truely vulnerable. People kept telling me that it was a scam. I didn’t believe them.
    I learned a very expensive lesson.
    He picture was nice. I reported this scam to the FBI, FTC and the PA Attorney Generals office.


  215. i would like to know if this person who i am friends with is a real soldier and is over in afghanistan he keeps askin me for money and i dont do it i used to be in the military at one point now i dont work so i live on a fixed income but i want t get more information on this guy before i decide to do anything he makes me woried can someone help me his email address is prince.eric95@yahoo.com now on the pictures on facebook it says his name is Morgan /eric and he is a SGT but on his uniform it says Mateo can someone tell me what t do

  216. Hello ladies,
    Sorry for my english.

    I have been in contact with someone named Kenny Lopez at yahoo (lopezkenny08 ….) since 08/2012, claims to be widowed for 4 years and works for SHELL-Beatrice Oil Platform Scotland (a project that ends 09/2012) he sent me a copy of the contract, has a daughter (Sharon) studying in a boarding school in England. Says went to Malaysia for few days to buy material to finish the project and in the meantime asked me money to buy all the stuff. This money (1000 €) should be sent by Western Union-Michael Kroon, Jalan Cheras Mohkota-64B, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I met him on Christian Mingle 8/15/2012, this member was removed by a member of the staff for violating the terms of use agreement (ChristianMingle Support). However I sent an email to the Webmaster of Shell UK to confirm if the contract he sent me was true but so far I have not received an answer from Shell. He gave me a mobile number that says belongs to the company (004479245222) and photos of him and his daughter??????

    Someone can help me find where does this phone number come from and if you were in contact with this man?

  217. Just to correct the address which stated 09/26/2012: Michael Kroon, Jalan Cheras-Mohkota-53B, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  218. I have definitely seen a lot of soldiers writing back which are known are not the real thing, but I usually block them before being asked for money. Today, I received a new one Michael Witt, Ltd in the army who has all the ingredients of a scammer. When I went to look him up, I found the real Michael Witt shaking hands with his son SGT Dave Witt back at home, and I sent him a note to his facebook about who was using his name. I rapidly blocked him and reported to a website meet up site called 50+ singles which I’m a member of, so that they can warned members. Yes, they all will be back in two weeks, can’t communicate with you, you are the love of their lives as soon as they see you, widowed, son or daughter live out of the country, etc.
    It’s disgusting to see how our soldiers use their free time to steal from the people who support and worry about them.

  219. chris morgan is on meet me . com……i have investigated and he is full of crap. hecant answer any questions and i even joined spokeo. his number goes to a old man in georgia … how can we stop this . i just want to write our troops

  220. hi janice, i live in Germany, a guy he call himself Daniel Michael Stennberg has wrote me on the partner-internet-plattform in Germany. He say, he is a widower, has one daughter named Karen, an ill mother with SM lying in bed an a maid looking after his daugther. he is retired after 20 years from the US army and lives now in UK, Southampton. He is looking for a wife for marriage. He is very nice, and chatts with me several times a day, but once he wrote me he has a son, after i asked him why son, he allways talked about daughter, he wrote back his uncle has a son (he has an uncle in USA) he didnt asked me about monney, but he asked me several times what my job is, if it is good monney and if I have a house. Unfortunately I gave him my telephone number (he did´nt call yet) Now I´m afraid. I have Pictures of him, can we compare? How can we do this? Maria. Please help me!

    • Hello Maria,

      Let him go, it’s a scammer. Never sent money to anyone you don’t know personally, that’s how I was scammed.


  221. i found a link http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-stennberg/54/489/20
    its a professional business network, he is there as a soldier or employer of US Army. Does it make sence to contackt him there. I mean he didnt ask me for monney untlil today, maybe he is not a scammer?
    who know this guy: Michael Daniel Stennberg??????

    • Maria,

      He didn’t ask for money yet but he will soon. The scammers never show who they are and the photographs and or identities are always stolen belonging to people who don’t even know that your photos are being used in fraud. I advise you to do more research on the internet.


  222. This guy found me via SKYPE, he goes by commander anthony miller, after getting to know him for several weeks chatting via skype chat, he sent me pictures of himself in full body armour and weapons in Afganistan, in the US.MS for peacekeeping. He said he found a treasure of money while hunting for taliban terriorists under a cave, and his share/ consignment of it was 16million USDOLLARS, he was going to ship it via a embassy diplomatic, and I did Not want anything to do with that. Too Weird. Too many red flags . so I called the local authorities, and they laughed, and told me it was all a scam.,,, well it ends up that commander wanted me to open up a bank account in my name in London to deposit the 16 USD (MILLION) and wanter 500 euro for warehouse payment becuz they were storing the money in a warehouse, as soon as I said NO, he wanted to completly end our “”Romantic”" relationship,..After doing some research on my own ,… I have come to figure out that he has ! 18 skype accounts, and 79 email accounts under the same name. Is he lying to me. I think yes.
    So just a fair warning, even skype has liars who are out there to foola and scam you, and now I have come to find out that “”"SOMEONE”"” opened up a dating profile on Zoosk.com with my pictures I had sent him and I was getting lots & lots of hits, and chats, with someone else chatting for me,…alll too strange. Beware. These guys are willing to do anything. I know it was him becauz of the photographs I specifically sent only to him via skype. Now I blocked him from skype, and my email, but the strange thing is a part of me still misses him.

  223. OK, I believe I’ve been scammedf. Goes by Sgt First Class Philip Grey Elofson, widowed with 5 year old son named johnny. Says his from Greensburg IN. Says he is in Kabul Afgn. email address philipgrey39@yahoo.com. Thank You

  224. please if anyone knows of Philip Efloson let me know, I do have pictures.

  225. It is late, 2012 and the Military scammer is hot and Heavy!! I work along side a company–Scamsurvivors.com tha commits our time to reporting, locating, and posting all of the scammers information. The profiles are all over Google–there is no way for the scammer to continue with the profile posted. If anyone here has ever been scammed or if your photos were stolen by a scammer, go to the website, we can help. The staff is highly trained and are themselves survivors of scam. My just so happen to be a Nigerian posing as a USMC…I caught on to him when I knew more about the MC than he did…hmmm

    Please visit us, we post stolen pictures there as well…many are of our troops, some of troops who were KIA…Makes me sick to my stomach how they are exploiting our Military. My user name is vexed. Thanks for everything, and Semper Fi…

  226. I need to know if anyone has heard anything from a Philip Grey Elofson please, I so want him to be real.

    • Hi Christina, he is emailing me too. Let me guess, has a son named Johnny? His wife was killed in an auto accident?

  227. OMG, how long have you been communicating with him? I feel so foolish, he is good. Do you have pics yet?

    • We have been talking for about a month. Yesterday i asked him, do you know a Christina, of course he said no. He was like, i need to check with my commander about this, she is blackmailing me. And i haven’t heard from him since. We talked twice a day. And yes i have photos from him. They are the same ones that are on zoosk plus one of his son fishing. Ask him if he knows a Jen. Haven’t you noticed his bad grammar? Let me know!

      • well thanks, we have been chatting for several months and i wanted this guy to be real. I have the pictures of the boy fishing, and a few of the so called solider. I ask him about Jen and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about ask if I as trying to blackmail him, which I’m certainly not. Yes I fell for all the words, and an and lost alot. Thanks Again

  228. I got another one for you ladies. He says his name is Gary Stanner from San Francisco, CA. He’s at Camp Eggers working as a firefighter for the military. I got pictures but I smelled a rat. He couldn’t video chat because camp wouldn’t let him and his accent was so obvious. His email address is gary-stanner@yahoo.com and he contacted me first on POF. I would never send money to a stranger so I’m not hurt or anything but I just wanted others to know.

  229. Philip Grey Elofson is a scammer, I’ve been talking to him for since september and now he needs 250 dollars for a computer. He’s from greenburg indiana. He will be out of the military in 6 months. His wife was killed in a car accident leaving him with a 5 year old son. i have pics of both him and his son. If anyone is feels that they are being scammed by this guy. Let me know and I will send them.

    • please email at cwest1562@yahoo.com so we can go over things, and please forwarded me the pics you received from Philip Grey Elofson. Thank You

  230. Rita, I’ve been chatting with philip for over 6 months, states from greensburg indiana, has a son names Johnny 5 years old, and wife killed in car accident. I have pictures also, but I would appreciate it if you would email copies of the pics you have. Can you tell me about what time of day you speak with him, and did you give him the 250 dollars, sorry to ask but this is very important. Also Rita where do you run across Philip at, and have you been able to see him on comp? Thank You

    • I spoke to him at different times but mostly late night. I didn’t give him any money. I meet him on zoosk. No I haven’t seen him on the computer he said his computer didn’t have a web cam. Let me know your email and I will send you the pics.

  231. I have recently fallen into the army scam trap…the guy contacted me on Facebook using the name Napier Anderson, has pictures with the last name Napier on his uniform. States he is stationed iin Afghanistan with a son living with the grandmother in Nigeria as he is widowed. States his mom had some kind of throat condition and needed surgery and money for medicine, the condition didnt even Google. He asked me on several occasions to send money to Nigeria for his mom and son. I contacted someone from his page asking if she knew him as I thought he was a scammer and she confirmed that he was as she had been played big time by him. His real name is Dickerson Leke and has started to come forward telling me some truth about himself. This is wrong and a disgrace to our soldiers, living and deceased. I would hate a family member to stumble across a profile of their dead soldiers pictures or something… And the sad part is, not much can be done about it.

  232. Think this might be a scam…..Gary James e6 in afganastan, doesn’t know the exact date he is coming back state side, grammar is sometimes way off, quotes lovely things, talks of love and marriage, sent pics of someone,sometimes writes in another language……..sounds too good to be true

    • John Castillo U.S Army is he real or fake? first Sargant….

  233. I have been texting to a freeman james.. or james freeman..white guy with photos in military gear with james on uniform and in a private home in civilian cloths… photos appear to belong to someone else.. and he will doctor them when I requested further proof of him.. says he is a us soldier in asia. wants me to send an i pod 5 to him so that he can video and show me he is REAL.. as the computer he is using does not have a web cam.. anyone else recognize this guy

  234. anyone heard of jossie santiago very handsome guy saying hes in kabul with military asked me to get telex service just wish i could find the real jossie santiago and tell him about this does anyone know how

  235. Has anyone been scammed by Bill Guirao? I was scammed out of $3800 sending money to Ohio and Ghana. He posed as a Staff Sergeant E8 stationed in Afghanistan retiring after 30 years of service. Received gold medals and $200000 bonus. He supposedly paid $100000 for some gold bars that was being held in customs in Ghana. He needed money to get the certificate from customs and have the airways bill paid to ship the gold to the states. He also claimed to own a home in Ohio that was on the market. The house needed repairs and he had a live in family taking care of the grounds while he was deployed. He was going to relocate to my area once he returned to the states. He hurt my little boy and I and scammed me out of $3800. He sent me 3 picutures – 2 of them in a US Army uniform – one holding a semi-automatic and the other standing in front of a military vehicle which appeared to be in the dessert. The 3rd picture he was in civilian clothing with a black cowboy hat. Met him on match.com. Anyone posing with the name of Bill-William Guirao is a scammer.

  236. Hello, and how are you. Here is some information that i hope helps out there also. I have been talking to a supposed soldier, by the name of Clark Wentz. He says he lives in kansas, divorced with one 10 year old son. I have. been talking to him for few months now. He says he is in the Army, deployed currently to lybia as a military medic. He says, when he is home and not deployed, he then works at the military hospital. I have not talked to him/ whoever, much at all in the last month however. He said he had gotten shot and had been recovering in the hospital, told me was going home. I have not heard anything since. He has told me he wants to meet me and make plans for our future. He says his son lives with his ex-wife, sons. mother. He has mentioned taking leave, and mentioned selling his ipad to get some $. Said if i wanted to help with a couple hundred, he would have enough. But soon afterwards says had gotten wounded supposidly, now says coming home. I have not heard anything from him since. I have never recieved any forms of documents of any kind at all. I do have pictures. Smoking a cigar in one of them. He has scars on his bottom chin area, looks like burn wounds maybe. If you need pictures or copys of emails, i will be happy to assist. Thank you for your devoted time to all of us, and God Bless.

  237. Hello again, and how are you. I hope to find life is treating everyone well out there.
    I have a bit more information pertaining to my first statement written, comment, hope will also help.
    This supposid “Clark Wentz”, using (wentzcl@yahoo.com), i had met on chat site (Badoo). I have talk to at
    least 6 of these supposid “military men” on date sites, (Skout and Badoo). Every single one of them are fake. I have seen almost all of they’re pictures on scamwarners and such. If not for these wonderful people working hard to catch these frauds, we would really be in trouble. I want to really thank these people who care. I think almost anytime you come across a military soldier- 99.9%, if not 100% of the time, will more than likely be a scam. I will never even go on a chat line again. SCARY!!! God Bless Everyone

  238. P.S…….In one of the photo’s of “Clark Wentz”- he has “WENTZ”, on his military uniform.

  239. I have recently had requests from Military Personell on Skype. I responded to one that did not initially state military but in first email claims to be General William Dryden in Afghanistan. Since I can find no record of a General by that name I assume it is the beginning of a scam. Is this a new name? Or one others have heard of. He claims to be from Albany, NY , widowed, son in London getting ready to retire. I was scammed a while back by a non military situation so want to be cautious, souonds similar to many of the other stories.

  240. I think I am communicating with a scammer…he has not asked for money yet. It has only been a week. But, here is what I know and his communications thus far:He says his name is Kelvin Schmidt (part German, Indian and lived in Zambia) living in Miami -, his wife died in a targic accident in 2003. His says he daughter is in India with his ill mother. He claims to be an engineer and a part time antique dealer. Note: I used to live in Miami. So, when I asked him what part of Miami he lived, he said Miami Beach. Anyone that has lived in Miami, does not refer to Miami Beach that way. Miami Beach is Miami Beach…not the city or surrounding burbs of Miami.

    Right of the bat, he started calling me honey, baby and sweetheart. He has professed his love and adoration with in 1 day. He communicated through the dating site, them Yahoo Messgenger and now is taking to texting me. He claims that he has a heavy German accent and is shy. All or most of his emails are in broken English.

    What was suspicious or relevant to the topics above is that mentioned taking me to a military ball. He has never been in the military and neither am I. He conact me and writes these extremely long emails that profeses his love and admiration for me. His email last night indicated that he was so happy that I chose him to be my “husband”. What? When did I do that? So, I indicated that if a relationship were to begin, I would like to first talk to him to see if there was a connection. He indicated that he would call in the AM and quickly ended the chat session. Not sure if I will hear from him again…but, I thought it was odd that a man, with his own business, would only send me emails at 2 or 3a in the morning. If love was what you are looking for and you live in the same time zone/the next state over from me…why not call? You are madly in love but you have never spoken to me or met

    Anyway, never had a scammer contact me…almost sure this is one…I will check out the scammer sites that have been mentioned. But, he did ask is I lived alone and or apt/house. Here is a sample of his swet nothings (haha):
    “You sound so passionate and very loving, I speak good English but i have a great accent when i speak. my mom is from india. dad is from germany, berlin but his mom is from Zambia, so you can say my race is Mixed. india, germany and zambia, We need time to talk to each other and get to know much more about each other,We have to be so sure and certain of ourselves about making sure that this relationship is what we want out in life, Everything in life happen for a reason, my being lonely for a very long time makes me want a companion and a woman to share my feelings with, I’m in search of a soul mate to spend the rest of our life’s together.

    The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody’s life. The excitement which tortures me while waiting for you to send me an email, the sweet emails that keep me awake even when I’m exhausted to death, because I wouldn’t miss a thing. The feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you.every single word you say is a part of my soul,when I am writing to you; you always make me feel needed.most of all you make me feel safe, emotionally and mentally.Thank you for being part of my life. I’m very happy with you and I could not ask for a better woman than you. Thank you for being an exceptional woman – you are one of a kind .There is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately. I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this.I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it’s what I want out of life.

  241. By the way, the Scammer sites…Romance Scam – both are hard to navigate and does not really give you specific information.

  242. i just chat this general alvin donald he told me he is from ukraine and now he is in afghanistan for peace mission.that her wife and daughter was died in car accident and left 2 sons name kelvin and law,age 14 and 10. i was so curious why he is not talking and not seing by cam. he told me its not allowed in their area. the after 2 weeks of chating he asked me to send him money for his box that contains his important documents and money inside.then from UN office send in my e mail the amount i must send it will cost 850USD to bring here the box of general alvin.by the name of ms.doris hills from UNITED NATION OFFICE 17, Kings Way Road,Ikoyi Lagos,Nigeria. i was just send the money but my frend told me that is scam that she experience also that thing. thank God my frend save me and my money..hope some ladies read my experience and not believe in their loving thoughts and caring..thanks and.God bless.

  243. Does anyone know the name captain Pedersen G ,Marcus
    he wants me to pay for a TS2 phone $500.00

    Thanks Alice

    • Alice he is a Scammer ANY time you are asked for money for ANY reason from a man who claims to be US Military it is ALWAYS a Scammer the Ts2 thing is a FRAUD made up by Scammers US Military members use calling cards to call their loved ones and Many times they are free this scammer is begging you for 500 so he can buy the latest cellphone and add credits to it you know like a prepaid cellphone REAL Military Members have access to their bank Accounts at ALL TIMES so this is a beggar trying to steal your money walk away cut off all communication with him and Educate yourself about Military romance Scams you will find that this is a common lie Scammers have used.

      NEVER send Money or personal information to anyone you have NEVER met face to face
      The US Military takes care of it’s own they are paid very well in the Hostile Fire Zones.Anonn

  244. Somebody knows Sgt …Doug Eric albey he ask for money to get a phone also money to get a plane ticket he make fall in love…….

    • Minerva you are also talking to a Scammer ANY time you are asked for money or anything of value from a US Military Man it is a fraud they are paid very well and have access to their own bank Accounts at all times and will NOT ever need your money nor assistance for ANY reason the US Military Takes Care Of It’s own ALWAYS delete and block this scammer if you have not done so and Google Military Romance Scams and Educate yourself on these types of Scams as well as others go to Romancescam and Scamwarners and Pigbusters and share your story as well as the email address so when others look it up they will know he is a FRAUD Anonn

  245. hi was wonder if anyone has come in contact with a Kelvin Bert, he proposed marriage and when he plans to come down here it gets postpone. and his commander asked for money for his plane ticket, any advice?

    • Yea, kelvin Bert, kev_bert@yahoo.com wants to marry everybody and always in need of money and his lovely commanders are even pleading on his behalf to gather enough money for him to leave.. Also there’s stalling he lost a gun, he needs a plane ticket.. So on an do forth I know this a scam!!

  246. I was scammed by a sgt Philip Elofson from lybia military base. He said he has a 6yr old son named johnny, and a nanny is raising him in Greensburg Ind. I have alot of pics of him if anyone would like to see them. Women, be aware of these romance scams. I met him on Datehook up.com

  247. I have been contacted via Facebook by a Desmond B. Wells who says he is a Master Sargent in the US Army. He is in Kabul, Afghanistan. He says he has a daughter named Nayleen who lives in Phoenix and he says he lives in San Francisco. He has not asked me for any money, but I am skeptical. Has anyone been contacted by him? He has several pictures and one of him with a little girl he says is his daughter. Please respond. Thanks.

  248. is there a general richard bravescott serving in kabul at the moment with a son looked after by A lady in aberdeen in the UK? i have photos of him He’s on facebook under this name.

  249. Has anyone had contact with a Sgt George Paul Reynold serving in Eggers camp ,originally from Bolton ,England divorced but has a son called Daniel living in Texas with his mother ?

  250. I have been talking with someone named Napier Lopez. He has sent several pictures that have Lopez on the uniform but something just doesn’t seem right. After reading the other comments I believe that Napier is a commonly used name. If anyone would like, let’s exchange photos to see if we have the same guy.

  251. How about Scott More. He says he can’t get APO because something happened at the base that prevents them from getting it. and he can’t give me his AKO address because it is secret.

  252. I have been talking to a guy who says he’s been in the army for 25 years. wife died he has 2 boys. He is presently in Lybia. His name is Sgt Delarcruiz Napeir.

    • I’ve been talking to a David Napier in Afghanistan. 2 boys, ex-wife died…have pics soldier Napier with his boys and one even with General Petraeus.

  253. Hi,am from Norway and am really curious about a guy that contacted me in august last year.
    He contacted me on facebook and when I asked him how he found me he said he found me on Friendfinder.
    His name was Sergeant David Gillis Jonas,claimed to be stationed at camp Eggers,from San Bruno,Calefornia.
    His wife had died of cancer 2 years ago,his daughters name was Lillian,and she was living with his grandmother?
    He told me his birthday was the 22nd.of september,he turned 49 last year.
    Well I found out too late that he was a scammer,I do have some photograps of him if there are someone else that has been in contact with this guy.So please contact me if you have been intouch with this man.

  254. im talking to a soldier he said his name is Johnson mata, he said he were Kabul afgansitan but it so many picture of him on other profiles he use name like john mata. Johnson Gipson. please help me

  255. I am been scam by man he to be united states army in Kabul afg. he goes by many names john mata, Johnson mata, mata Johnson, Johnson bryr, eli Johnson,johan mata, joe Davidson,, please be aware of him he send me pictures of a united states soldier he very handsome..

  256. Has anyone been scam by Nelson Bowen or Nelson Bowenn e-mail address Bowennnelson@yahoo.com found him on Date hook Up. frst he lived in Mayville WI now has moved on to Burlington Vermont, Be careful ladies he good in what he says

  257. Does anyone know a Nelson Bowen, e-mail address Bowennnelson@yahoo.com? found on Date hook up screen name luis356..Also on facebook as Nelson Bowen

  258. says he in the army 88b 11m waiting to get his E-7

  259. Could u check this name for me? Sgt Daniel Serowka. He says he has a 12-year old son, and a mom by the name of Ramona Baker. Thanks.

  260. Iam talking to a guy that found me on Tagged and started talking to his name is Jeremy Mike Nash, he said that he serves in the US Army but, is in Africa and asked me to send him 100.00, I told him I don’t have it and kept asking when I could. My gut is telling me he is a scammer has anyone talked to a guy by this name?

  261. Has anyone been contacted by E6 staff sargent Ben Harris (Cone)? Supposed to be in nili afghanistain

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