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 September 16 2012
 — By CJ Grisham


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  1. Hi everyone, I am glad that I found this website. I am a victim of fraud through the online dating, the person who I met online from Twoo had stolen Carson Morris’s identity. It is terrible, I found the real Carson Morris on the Facebook and I told him about someone stole his identity and used at Twoo.com . I did send him money, I thought I found my true love and soul mate. In fact, he is a fake soldier and I found it out on last Friday. The money I lost I can earn it again, but my heart broken. I lost trust, and don’t feel safe anymore. I wish we could start a war through the Internet to catch them, but I know the chance is rarely. He is name is Morris Johnson, and his email is Morris carson28@yahoo.com. Do anyone know him?

  2. Sorry his email is morriscarson28@yahoo.com

  3. hi miss Lisa Gates i just wanted to ask about Morris Johnson, because a met a man at two.com and his name is Johnson C. Morris, i dont know if he is the same with whom you meet, i just wanted to know please enlighten me if i will continue chatting with this person. thanks and regards.

  4. I met a man on Tagged.com named Christopher B. He said his full name Christopher W.Bennett. He said that he was a military contractor over in Syria. Im still icontact with him cause Im trying to get more info. He’35from Albany, New York and now lives in Converse, Tx. He is widowed with a son.After reading some of these stories I had to question. If there are anyone else who knows him please speak up.

  5. Tasha…

    Hi !! How long have you been talking to him? I have been talking to him for almost 3 months now. I didn’t meet him on tagged though.. I met him on another site, but bc i am a skeptic I made a fake profile on tagged with a fake picture to see if he would take the bait and he finally did. So do you want to be friends on there? Everytime I asked him questions he sometimes would avoid them.. But I have been digging a lot about him online. Did he give you his email or do you only talk on tagged.?? Maybe we can exchange info.



  6. Tasha…

    I don’t know if you check back at this but i have been going crazzzzyyyy finding things on the internet.. and I talked to him yesterday and confronted him. I thought that his wordings in email seemed foreign and my gut instincts were right i put in his email address in google and found this :

    I was friended online by a so called man contracted by the military who was deployed. After the trust was built up he started asking for money to get a phone, help with transportation, and jewelry. He claimed he will pay it back once he getd home. I did give him some money but didn’t like the fact that they wanted my bank acct. info so they can deposit the money in my acct. I told them they don’t need my access code, acct.#, passwords, and email passwords to do a deposit. Then I noticed the plane ticket was not valid. There was no flight number. I am still in contact with these men. There are five of them or so they say. Christopher Bennett who is on Tagged.com Christophet B. 35 from Converse, Tx, email christopherbennett78@yahoo.com. His pictures look American but is believed to be stolen pics of a US soldier. Ian Gray is the account officer. Damien Darby is a pick up at 101 west gonzales rd. #28 Oxnard, Ca. Alexander Itua is in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 33309. He is on Facebook and Black Planet. Opeuluwa Kuti Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. All transactions were made via WesterUnion. Some of them may be the same man. Their language skills were really good, hardly any mispelled words and a slight accent but he said he was from NY and used some of the dialect.

    Names used: Christopher Bennett, Ian Gray
    Phone numbers used: +2348083277430 and 803-997-0737

    Complaint resolution: Mainly to try and help other people not be scammed by them. If possible recover any money lost.

  7. Contact me ASAP !! Thanks

  8. WOW! I am so glad my friend told me about this site. Yes I have been talking to “Chris Bennett” for a few months, same story with me, he’s a widowed, has a son attending to boarding school, from New York, moved to Texas, has a brother Matt in Paris, not in good terms with his family. After trust was built up, he asked to pay to get satellite mobile to get “better” communication, he sounds in need to be love and get the right woman, i found him on hi5 website. Then he recently asked if i have a checking account which i decline to give out, he said his son’s guardian is in the hospital and he’s owing some money to him and he doesn’t trust sending money to the guardian’s friend because he may run away with his money so he asked me to open a new account with no money in it if i thought he wanted my money..then he’ll deposit money via online to my new account and he would tell me where and how much to send. Today he said i will meet this guy from Oxnard Ca. ….common sense people.. he can wire the money directly to the “hospital” if needed..I am in shock!! ladies out there need to be very careful. I asked him a lot of questions, he even said that i was asking too much, hello? my gut told me something was wrong a long time ago. I just played along. But whew i didn’t fall for it.

    • I am also very glad I found this site. Christopher Watson Bennett is someone who I found on a dating site. From the get go I noticed he did not have very good grammar at all and half the stuff he wrote was backwards or did not make sense. I never sent him money or anything like that. I did my research and knew he was a scammer about after a month of talking to him. Same story widowed, son in boarding school, lives in San Antonio, TX from Albany, NY, and bad terms with family. Asked me for a satellite phone, pay for his ticket home, etc. He also said he was stationed in Syria for a peace keeping mission. I’ve reported him on the site. It makes me sick that people do this for a living. Good luck ladies I am so glad we all found this website.

  9. KL
    I made that report on a few different sites. I didn’t know if this one posted so I tried others. He is a scammer. He is still on Tagged.com but I haven’t had any replies to the posts I’ve made about him. I’m gonna keep trying and posting on different sites in hopes that it helps.


  10. Well me myself I have been scam out of money big timeby two ass hole saying that they r the army johnny plate n tTaylor smith they r fake army please b aware pls.

  11. Hello Ladies,

    I too have been in contact with Christopher Bennett, 35 from Albany, NY who now lives in San Antonio, TX. He gave me the same story, widowed with a son in boarding school, brother Matt who just got married and moved to Paris, mother died of blood cancer and father who cheated on mother and left the family when Chris was young. He said he was Australian/American and didn’t have any family in the states. He told me he has a business in TX buying and redistributing cocoa to other businesses plus he’s in the military as a part time contractor.

    I had my suspicions from the beginning because he used two different names when he contacted me in a dating website (his username was different than what he signed). I should have known to stop then, but I rationalized it and kept on communicating with him. I saw his grammar was bad but not horrible. Then, I noticed he gave me two different job titles, another red flag. When we emailed, he was very vague about himself and didn’t answer too many personal questions. He also didn’t refer to the emails I wrote to him. At this point t really new something was up, so I did some research and found his exact profile with someone else’s pictures on a romance scam website. I confronted him about it and we had a blowup fight and he told me not to contact him anymore. A month later I get a message from him asking how I am. We start chatting again and he makes it seem that he was the victim and someone stole his profile. I, of course, being stupid believed him for like a day and then on a whim, I googled his email and found this site. Needless to say, I don’t believe that piece of you know what anymore.

    I wanted to add that he’s getting smarter. Towards the beginning of our communication, he was warning me about all the scammers out there and that I need to be careful. He never asked me for money or anything and the first time we talked was for about a month and then I confronted him. I think this guy has been around for a while and has multiple identities to appeal to different age groups. I dream of ways to catch him but I don’t know if there is anything legal we can do. Does anyone know if there is? Probably not because I doubt this guy is American based on the post above but just thought I’d ask. Be careful out there ladies!

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