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MasterPiece Arms Introduces New MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle

Information  October 10 2012
 — By CJ Grisham
MasterPiece Arms Introduces New  MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle

Most people when you tell them you own a couple of Masterpiece Arms pistols look at you a little weird. It’s not exactly a household name, in spite of the overwhelmingly great quality and pricing of their guns. I personally own an MPA57sst Pistol and MPA380B Protector Subcompact DAO Semi-Auto Pistol. MPA pistols come with a lifetime warranty that can’t be beat. So, it’s with great excitement I share the newest addition to the MPA family.

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new MPA570SSTSBR Short Barrel Rifle. Based on the successful MPA57SST 5.7x28mm Pistol, the new MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle features a ten-inch threaded barrel with ½ x 28 threads making it suppressor ready.

The MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle comes with adjustable front and rear sights, a sidecocker, scope mount, 20 Round Magazine, Muzzle Brake, Strike Industries Foregrip, MPA Short Aluminum Quadrail, Low Profile Buttstock and Side Folding Attachment. It features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the MasterPiece Arms Defender series. The weapon also cycles high velocity and subsonic ammo without the need for adjustments to the weapon.

Please note all NFA rules apply.

This gun is American Made, ships in its gun case and offers the MasterPiece Arms Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is $799.95. MasterPiece Arms is now on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MasterPieceArms. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

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  1. This seems to be a wonderful gun but theirs no way of getting ahold of one, because the masterpiece website page dose not show it.

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