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The Nigerian Leave Request Scam

Military Scams  January 11 2013
 — By CJ Grisham
The Nigerian Leave Request Scam

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

The Nigerian military scammers think they’re pretty smart. I guess they must be since I continue to get emails on a DAILY BASIS from women who have been scammed out of literally thousands of dollars. I tell you, I’m in the wrong line of work. I may have to move to Nigeria myself and start raking in the dough. But, my conscience and Christian beliefs wouldn’t let me.

Anyway, I got the following email forwarded to me by a woman who was being scammed. While I personally see the many flaws in this type of email, I can sort of understand how unsuspecting women could believe this was official. Let me reiterate something here: if they don’t send this kind of an email from a .mil email address, it’s not real. Plain and simple. Nothing official ever comes from leaveconsultant@armymail.com.

See? That’s a “.com” email address. Some scammers try to get sneaky and send something like leaveconsultant.mil@armymail.com. It’s still a “.com” email. The “.mil” need to come AFTER the “@” symbol. Anyway, this is what the email looked like:



We receive your request for an R@R leave on behalf of Lieutenant Rhonda, we already began the processing of the leave and we have contacted the Lieutenant about it and she has confirmed that she knows you.

Meanwhile, we will need to make a proper verification between the both of you to know exactly if you are truly close and related as you have stated and the one way to do this is stated below.

Verification of your address is in progress as we will make an available flight for the soldier to fly her to the nearest airport close to you after the leave has been approved.

Therefore, there is an ISAF number for every soldier which is a confidential number for every soldier on deployment so you are to request this number from the Lieutenant and which is the final step of verification, if it what we have from you match what we have in record then the approval will take place.

However, the leave request will incur some paper work, procurement and Logistic fees to hand the Lieutenant a liberty Pass for her to leave the camp and fly out to your provided address.

Below are the charges for paper work and logistics which must be paid before the leave will finally approve.

Below are the stated charges

Paper Work Fee : 221.03
Flight Logistic fee: 533.10
Procurement Fee: 103.00
Total 856.13 USD

Meanwhile the leave is in process and been verified so we request you to make the payment of the above name fee in care of The US.Army to the Logistic Commander in charge of of the leave request who is presently on an Intervention in AUSTRALIA

Therefore payment can be made via,Bank Transfer, Flit Cash,Money Gram,Western Union Money Transfer. Due to poor economic issues the payment should be made via Western Union Money Transfer which is the best and safest way to make the payment due to your location and the Logistic Commander’s Location as we could not establish a direct link for transfer with the banks available so preferable Western Union is the best required.

Therefore payment of the above stated fee are to be sent to the Logistic commander who will process the and handle the flight and logistic of the Soldier, after you have sent the fee reply this email with the transfer information as stated below.

Peter Wood
44 Auk Ave Burleigh Waters
QLD Australia 4220

Note: Please After payment you are to scan the copy of the receipt and send us a copy of the file or reply this email with the following information.

Senders name:

Senders Address:


Secret text:

Secret Answer:


Yours in Service.


Let’s not even worry about the grammatical and spelling errors. This is the number one tipoff that you are dealing with a scammer. No professional communication would ever come from an official military source like this. NEVER.

I just wanted to share this with you so it’s out there and searchable in case others are running into this. Troops DO NOT need permission from anyone outside their chain of command to take leave. I’m married and have been in the Army for 18 years and I don’t even need my wife’s permission to take leave. We DO NOT need money to travel back to the United States for said leave or at the end of a tour. All travel is taken care of by the Air Force and contracted airlines. We DO NOT get stuck in third world countries in Africa or anywhere else. We DO NOT need liaisons or other representatives to handle our finances. If someone is on a classified mission, they WOULD NOT be talking to you and letting you know about it.

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  1. Had I found this site earlier, I would not not fall prey to a professed US Army Col. Gareth Samuel w/ service # UN/AM/422, 57 yrs old, a widow, wife died on the 9/11 tragedy, with a 25 yr old son, working in a mining company in Canada, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana deployed in Libya as peacekeeper for 15 years, but claimed was with the army for 30 yrs..This scammer sent his 1st message thru fb Jan 25,introducing himself as a good but lonely man. Saw my profile, wanted to know me more. His words were so sweet, convincing.That was the start of the exchange of missives thru fb then to Yahoo messenger, professing his undying affection, desperately wanted me to be his wife and live with him in the states when he retires from service.I’m also a widow for more than 15 years, with 5 grown-up kids, all happily married, a pensioner from my late husband and myself, as well.

    I stopped communicating with him for more than 3 weeks Feb., for I was not really interested to be involved with a stranger, specially with a military man. But , 2nd week of March we start again to talk.He was more eager to get me thru endearing , loving words. Although there were doubts, I gave myself a try to a long distance relationship with him.I was totally smittened,

    On April, he asked for a moblie phone,9360 curve blackberry, which I sent him, brought thru my credit card,[I'm
    still paying ].Then he told me to apply for his leave of absence so he can visit me in my place.I mailed the army [infodeptusarmy@aol.com], made me signed an application form printed out from pc.I really believed this was true. I had a copy , stored in my documents, so with his photos. On fb he changed profile photos 4 times.I had to pay a refundable charge for the process, loaned from my insurance policy , sent thru Western Union to Roy John in Acorn petrol station opp Nigeria Brewery, Ife xpressway, Alakia, Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria.Although I had my doubts, I again sent$700 for airfare and $600 for. transit fee..All these money were refundable when he sets foot on my country. I had sent $3300 inclusive of the cost of transfers.

    But to my dismay, the 2 weeks that I was expecting of his arrival that was mid-August, was moved Dec28, more than 4 months delayed, due to the worsening crisis is Syria. This likely an eye-opener.Then, Sept he asked for a 3.2 gb ipad.I refused. Kept asking for almost 2 months.He asked again for a galaxy tab 2.I told him I will give it when he arrives as a present. He insisted he wanted it urgently for blackberry is not functioning well. Mind you, I’m still paying for that. We’re not in good terms for I’m already suspecting something fishy..He was mad ,said I’m treating him so low and degraded, bla, bla, bla., even creating stories so as to give in to his wishes.I’m determined to not complying. He was furious, told me to mail the army and withdraw my request for his leave, he was not anymore interested in meeting me..I mailed the army , replied that I have to pay $500 for the process. Was really frustrated . Not even revealed this to my family and friends. Was so heart-broken and crushed. W e ceased communications since then.

    So sorry for the real army man , who was used by this culprit , wicked , heartless guy for his evil schemes. Pls inform him,if you come in contact with him. I never expect that in my age. I will be a victim of this cruelty and abuse. i’ll leave everything to God.All are accountable to our deeds. If any one can help, please. My this be a warning for others who would be the next target of this bad man.

    • That is strange to me the fake colonel Brent gutierrez pretending to be peacekeeper in Dafur.Lost is wife in 9/11 tragedy.he supposedto coming back on dec 28/2012 on the States but,something happen……I paid the leave paper for him stupid me.He asked me also for Iphone and Ipad i didnt do it.After that he became sick and need money for meds.oh i forget he is not more on un/amid because the UN make mistakes right……he want to come home and want me to paid the ticket he will refund me as soon he will be on the States…….Oh i wish i never meet him he brokes my heart.
      he is devil….

      • Has any of this guys ever send anyone pictures of him in training or of there he station

        • I’m glad I looked up his (Spencer Richards) papers on google.
          I almost sent him $600.00 dollars today. As soon as I found out it was a scam.
          Messaged him back on yahoo this morning. Told him he was a scammer and thanks for breaking my heart.
          This is so sad how men do this. He was supposedly stationed in Nigeria.
          Thanks for this web Site.

        • I was contacted by a man named Tony Gonzalez claims he is master sergeant in the army. For week we talk and the next week he turned to sweet talking. I am not fooled by his act but started playing a long. I wantrd to see what hr was up to. The subject turned to the facy he needed money really bad. He said that he had froze all his accounts and now he was running low on money. Than wanted to show me pictures of his daughter Kayla, another fake person. Than talked about how I was really christian and that just made him fall in love with me. He even went as far as telling my sister that we were engaged. Wow he was trying to pull out all the stops that he could. I told my family no we are not. Than it all went back to the money again. All he needed was $2000.00 so he could pay off his debt and fees he had at camp. He needed to keep his connection sohe could talk to me and his daughter. The next lie to come was he was coming home in April from overseas and he wanted to come up and see me. He was so in love with me that he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Boy he was laying on thick as can be. It was enough to make ya sick. The last week he started lowering the amount of money he needed and asking just how much could I send him. I told him I would have to take out a loan to give him the money. I kept saying that I had to wsit on the bank to call me back not really. I never apply for any loans. He started calling me a lier. I was just leading him onand thst I was using him. I was using him really? I finally told him there was no money and boy did he go off. It was so sad. He kept up the act for 2 more days and he finally defriended me. I figured the more I him hooked the less chance he h a d to get a hold of a person whom he could scam.

        • I had a suppos.ed U.S soldier email me. I talked to him for quite awhile on Date Hookup.He wanted to have a
          leave to meet me in the state of Arkansas. He said he needed 50,00for a fincee form to get a leave of absence.
          He had his capt. email me saying I needed to send money and we would be married.
          I did not fall for it. It didnt sound right.
          He sent pictures and all of a us soldier. come to find out.
          It was a scam. i am sure. I told him no and he got really mad.
          Please ladies be careful. If they sound to good to be true. Usually they are.
          It is easy to say “I love you” continuously…
          You are not in love never meeting or knowing a person…
          Do not fall in love with kind words spoken…….

    • I have gone through hell n back at first with a so called Capt. That man played me like a fooln used me totally n completely . I apparently paid for a leave n he never came. Now i started talking to.another soldier n he is so different but i dont trust him at all.He wants to registrr me was his fiancee but now really i dont trust my own shadow now a days. Plz email me on what is real n whats not.


      • Ask for his military email address. Look it up by searching for how a military address will look….

        • Hello, how are you? all deployed service personal have AKL emails that end with @us.army.mil. Any email that ends with .com is not from any military personal. Do not contact them back. Remember that the email account should ALWAYS end with .mil. I have also been had by a so called military man but thankfully I did some research and did not send him any money.

        • Sorry AKO email not AKL

      • Don’t fall for it. I have been talking to a Swain Smith and he has asked me the same thing. He also requested I send money for a leave. I’ve told him off and reported him to Facebook.

      • HI Veronica

        Do not do this I have had the same thing in the last few days he wrote all these poems and sweet things and said to have leave he needs to register me as his fiancee and there is a fee of 300 which is payable which I will get back when he arrives, this is all fraud and has upset me deeply


        • Hi everyone. I have just left a couple of posts on here. Has anyone come across an Alex Diaz or Carlos Diaz claiming to be Australian serving with the US army in Afghanistan, bomb specialist and combatant. Claims his father was Spanish American and his mother was Australian. Do not converse with this guy at all. He is not military.

        • I have us army bf in kabul afghanistan and planning to take leave and meet me in personal but he wanted me to register first as his fiancee before getting married soon. I email his superior for the fiance form and i got reply and gave this email usmilitary.dept@usa.com, i sent an email and i got response asking me to send the payment (250 usd) first through western union to the free agent in USA before giving me the fiance form. Is there really Fiance Department US Army? i just sent the money, i hope i can still refund it, its not yet collected in the usa right now..

        • Cancel it immediately!

      • Hello,
        Don’t pay for anything. He is scamming you. I have someone trying to get me to do the same thing. The can send themselves home. They don’t need someone else too.

        • I was wondering if anyone has come across
          Seargent Williams Buckley from west palm beach Florida
          He his I Afghanistan and retires next year

      • Yes I had the same as u from a couple of guys. But like u I’m talking to one guy that so different in his way .. But again like u I not sure to trust him yet.. How to work out if his real or not

        • I have been talking to a army guy since December, and we meet on Facebook! He has sent me pictures of him and his kids, and he sent me a picture of him holding up a sign telling me he loved me! He is not asking me for money to come home. He stated that he don’t have much to eat there, which I haven’t sent him any money! He states that we he gets out he want us to get married! I have my doubts and I have tried to catch him in lies but I haven’t yet! I need some answer from someone!

    • I have fallen victim of this scam met a Sgt Hernandez Steven V on tagged. I ended up send money thru money gram for sponsor leave then his plane got stuck in Mexico, needed money for commercial flight which all were refundable when he land in the US. The last strawcwas when his passport expired just the day before. I am so disappointed that I fell for that. learning experience.

      • he did the same to me we need to get him arrested

    • my bad luck i have fallen of this scam met a woman soldier lieutenant rhonda balderas. and i have lost 783 euros before 2 days . i feel very bad . they are really very bad humans. God must punished them.AMEN. THIS SCAM LIEUTENANT TOLD ME SHE IS BRITISH ARMY OFFICER.AND WORK THERE IN AFGANISTAN. SHE TOLD ME SHE WILL COME TO ME . WHEN I SEND HER FLIGHT FEE AND ANOTHER PAPER WORK. THIS IS VERY FRESH ISSUE . COS OF THIS I AM VERY SAD AND I FEEL I AM DIEING COS OF THIS .GOD MUST PUNISH THEM.AMEN.

      • Ah…Lt Rhonda Balderas almost got me too. Two things wrong with her line of BS.

        1. It was suspicious that a college educated woman would type English so poorly.
        2. I asked her for an APO or an address to send things and she said there was none (REALLY?)
        3. Big give -a-way, she send pictures of her in a US ARMY uniform with US ARMY rank. Whoops…if she is a British officer why is she wearing US Army rank and uniforms?
        4. She’s in love and wants to give up her military career and come to see me? LOL!!!! That was the best one yet.

        Too much with young Lt. Balderas just didn’t add up and it only took 5 minutes of Google to find this site. I found her on Match.com. Beware guys!

        • Hi mike I was just reading your article about Rhonda Balderas. I also met her at match.com and as she stated she was going to close her site when i popped up. we have been conversating for over a week and i also received several emails from british command in regards to a compassionate leave. I also received several pictures while shes in uniform. Those scum bags are working overtime. Thanks for the heads up

        • hey mike same situation happened to me. i figured it out and she or it still persist did you get that reaction?

        • Hi Mike,

          Are you familiar with USAREUR? I met a guy on FB claiming he is a captain and planning to retire. He claimed he is receiving a gratuity from the army and would like me to receive it on his behalf since he has stated in his form that I am his spouse. I asked him if any fees is required he said he is not sure but aware that small fee is required from the person that is receiving it. Is this true?? I trace the IP on his email address but no indication of spam or scam but other IP address that has on its email header indicate so.

        • Ana YES he is a Scammer Military Retirement does NOT have to be paid for you are about to be scammed send NO MONEY Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Romancescam and Scamwarners for support Educate yourself As soon as possible delete and block this scammer and do NOT add or speak with People you do not know on Facebook or any other social site.Anonn

    • Hey i have a question i have met a so called soldier and he is supposable in Nigeria…. i havent sent money or any care package…… I asked for APO and he didnt give me one. When he messages me his grammer is poor but when I get emails they are actually spelled and spoken correctly… His new thing is he is wanting to go on leave but needs for me to send an email doing this for him… however the email is not a .gov or a mil account its a .com…. If anyone cant tell me anything i would appreciate it…. He says is name is SGT MAJOR RYAN HALMSTAD!!!!

      • NO THIS IS A SCAM!!! I have 10 years US Army. No one can request that you go on leave. To take leave he simply have to put in for it and if he is eligible for leave he will get it. The only exception may be if he claims that he must take emergency leave due to a death in his family, his commander may ask for him to provide proof upon his return…but HE must provide the proof.. There is no leave fee, or any type of fee for a soldier come home. Transportation is provided by the military and it doesn’t break down and leave him stranded and require that you send money. DON’T SEND ANYONE MONEY!!!!

        • Mike “You Rock” Thank You

        • I have a Sgt I met online who I text with and email through his gmail account. He says he loves me the day before he is to find out if his leave request has come through. Then next say he says he got six months personal leave granted but is “running a closed account” meaning he can’t access his pay and could I help him with the funds to return to California from his station in Italy. I asked him to send me copy of his military I’d, his base name and nearest airport so I could look up flights. He won’t send info. He says the us army granted him six months leave but won’t pay his fare back home to US.. I asked him why he went on 6 months of unpaid leave with typical you only get 30 days out of the year… he said he really needs it.

        • Mike I read your response. I am to talking to this soldier claiming to be Sgt. Lawrence Bowen. He is do convincing and is making me believe he I’d 100% him. I have been questioning him alot and doing some research of my own. He says he is in Nigeria on a peace keeping mission and lives in Milton, Florida. Wants me to send him $220 dollars through western union, so that we can meet. We have been texting each other, says he is using a text application to send msgs because he lost his phone. I am still having my doubts about him and need a soldiers opinion. His says the reason I have to send him money is because it is different in Akure, Indo and that’s why the military can’t pay for it. Says his commanders name is Philip Maquain and he will take care of the flight and leave. Please help!

        • He’s asked you for money he is a SCAMMER any time you are asked for money it is ALWAYS a scam and a scammer behind it in the War Zone US Military makes VERY good money and have access to their Bank Accounts at all times and NO ONE is in Nigeria on a peacekeeping mission except for Nigerian Scammers he lives there because he is Nigerian google it there is NO US Military base in Nigeria.

          NEVER send money to anyone you do not know trust your gut instinct and EDUCATE yourself about scammers if still in doubt then go to Scamwarners or pigbusters and Romancescam so they can pick this scammer and his lies apart.Anonn

        • Hi mike
          I have a question i met this guy couple months ago online, he said his in south africa us army.he asked me for money that he needs to pay a fee so he can come home to california. Is it true that they need to pay a fee for leave request?

        • hi my name is Debbie and I meat online military he’s from the Army and he’s a field agent for 24 years now he asked me to put in for his vacation he gave me an email to write for his request I did put in for his vacation but now they’re saying thers fees for different amount of weeks,could this be a scammer?

        • Debbie YES he is a Scammer any time you are asked for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer Vacation or Leave does NOT have to be paid for IF he were NOT a FRAUD he would not have to beg you for money and also NO ONE can apply for Leave or Vacation except for the Military member that is a Scam that West African Scammers have made up DELETE and BLOCK him DO NOT send him one dime you will never see him and he will only keep begging.

          Educate yourself go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams.Anonn

        • Thank you mike… You answered all my questions… It saves money to check things out!

        • Mike,
          I am also in a strange situation where this Army guy, supposedly in Kabul, Afghanistan is requesting that I register with Global Telekom so that we can get phones to speak to each other. That will cost money from my end and i’m not going to do that. What is the usual protocol if a Lt. wants to have a phone to speak with his loved ones?

        • Hi Mike, i’ve been exchanged several mails with a dr coleman richard working for the us army in syria when i search him on google i saw he has been reported however after all those months of talking he never asked me for money or help . he did asked me to marry him , lately he told me he had connection troubles and cant get online as he would like . what is surprising me too is his email adress: dr_rcoleman@yahoo.com.uk why from uk if he is supposed to live in illinois? thank u for ur advice … can u reply to me at my perso email adresse please? nterrier73@gmail.com THANK UUU

        • I met to men on “tagged” One was a Sgt Garrison Walker @ymail.com. He sent me a grammatically poor email. Expected me to open a bank account & he would wire some money to me. I don’t remember the gist of it but he got reported to tagged & his profile was removed. “Sgt Garrison Walker” sent me a picture of a very handsome African-American man.
          The next guy I met on “tagged” seemed genuine ( is that even possible anymore?). We became friends on “facebook” have exchanged dozens of emails I was really falling for him. I was wondering all along was he playing a longer game with me. Sure enough he asked me to submit a leave request for him. I have never heard of a person submitting a leave request. I thought they got two weeks of personal leave or what have you. Well Sgt Samuel May Jones of the United States Army Stationed in Afghanistan became upset that I would question him & not trust him. I had asked him to take a photo of himself right then & attach it in the message. He asked me which was more important what he looked like or his heart. I responded that he should erase my doubts. Long story short I ended our communication.
          This type of thing needs to stop because some people are really looking for a lasting romantic relationship.
          Please forgive all spelling errors. I am a real college educated woman.

        • hi mike wondering if you can help me i have meet this gentleman online saying he is in the usa army on deployment. he ask me to apply for permant phone request, which i did but this person who then contacted me asked for a 400 payment for it to be set up and then the money would be refunded. i havent sent any money but im asking you is this normal as you are a army man and maybe able to answer my question thankyou robyn australia

        • Dear Mike
          I have been communicating with a man named Lucas Monero who claims to be a U.S. army active sergeant stationed in Istanbul Turkey. He says he is with the 10th special missions unit. We met on zoos and now communicate via yahoo messenger. He claims he is unable to communicate on the phone for safety reasons and has to get permission from his boss to see if he can give me an address. Please let me know if he is even in the U.S. army.

          Thank you
          Tina Trahan

        • thank you i was about to be scammed out of $470 from a guy their will not send the money

        • Mike. What about sending money for a communication fee? This guy wants to join lines with me. He seems legit???


        • It looks like I may be a part of this scam. I haven’t been asked to send any money yet, but he claims that when he does receive his form for leave that he will need to email to me to fill out a portion on the form. When I asked what i would need to fill out he said as my wife, that I am coming home to. So, I said, but we are not married and he aid and the next of kin form too. I told him I did not get that, and he said he would know what to do about it….then said you just have to fill it out so they can know I am coming home to you. So, I asked why would they need to know where you are going and with whom….his response you don’t want them to know or what? I just replied with it doesn’t make sense to me. How can I find out if he is really enlisted in the US Army?

        • Hi hello I have the sme situation of any person who victim to scam I have meet in this site FB talking mre he love me he want to meet me. Bla..bla. After he ask me we need help regarding to he’s leave he want I talk to personel in after that he gve the email us military Dept. When I send MSG the are ply I want to send the amount of350$ for calling card access bfor he leave I send the money to this person Williams chidi country add Abuja Nigeria in direct to process he’s leave after the receave the money to miss sgt Armstrong .after that I talk to my bf I ask why I fee to ur leave I know we dnt hve viable payment if military we need to leave in he told me for calling card access to quick he’s leave bla..bla. He return my money back after leave he guaranty in I’m not be leave hem still I’m think he’s one of scammer now I need help to this person if real or not still now communication in Bamako Mali but the money he’s request still I’m not sent I’m search for hem bfor I’m one of victim to scam plz need help he’s nee is capt pant John walker brown. In camp Bamako Mali pls notify this person if real or no thanks.

        • Hi I have a question there is a man that claims that he is a captin of us army for 20 plus years hes 43.. which I think is young for any one to be captin.. but his name is Peter vewter but I saw on his name tag on his uniform its spelled vawter he said hes leaving to go to Nigeria for a who year.. and blah blah how do I check out out the info about this so called captin.. and no I didn’t send money.. even though he asked for $$$

        • I met someone online claim to be in kabul his name is stefan garrett but the name under the picture of the is he sent me says michael x garderobE was scammed in the pass out of $300 So when he asked me to open an acct in my name so that he can send a check to me to place in my acct and mail him the money to come home to me .I immediately told him that I’m not a fool of he want to come home he can get someone else to do it.He said he can’t leave unless he has the money to do so.

      • Do not do it Angie it is a scam. I have been through it a few times but luckily never lost money.

        • Someone please answer me this guy I met on fb.is now in nagiria is this for real? he seems to be don’t want to lose out in having to go though sometimes all alot of this women

      • I have been approached by named scapel Morgan . He is suppose to be stationed in Syria he has not sent a leave just an email stating why I needed him home. He has asked for money on phone privileges and help with a private charter. We have talked for awhile through fb then yahoo. Please I have fell in love with him how can I find out if he is real .

        • Jessica, this just happened to me. i got super close with him too & am hurt. The guy that contacted me was Christopher Sparkman Army stationed in Kabul. i used google image search to find out his picture was used in a bunch of romance scams…If u go to his facebook & view his pic right click on it & copy the picture with the url then go to google images & click the camera in the search bar & paste the info there, click search & if it shows up a bunch of places then chances are he is a scammer. Hope this helps someone because I’m devastated…

    • This man is a piece of work , Jim S Dakota was the name he used . he said and did all the right things until he started asking for to much and didn’t make sence things the Military should pay for for leave . all I wanted to do was help get one of our service menhome over the Holidays . He even went so far as saying he was getting on the plane . Never arrived and haven’t heard from him since .However I have heard from the Boko Harem and they are demanding $50,000.00 in ransom for his being kidnapped on way to sirport in car bombing . can’t find anything on car bombing in Nigeria over the New year Holiday . they have tapped my phone and computer and seem to hac\ve someone following me ,have warned me no contact with anyone from the military.or they will kill him , me , and my dogs . I am scared to death but at the same time know deep down in I have been scamed . thank god I don’t have much money to give them . Beware they can make you feel so used and stupid ! You can’t trust anyone today and they wonder why people don’t want to help others or get involved !

    • I was sent friend request on fb by captain Daniel Beach, supposedly USA army in peace core in Syria protecting refugees, starts to say he loves me gets me to open a yahoo email to chat closes his fb or got kicked off. Wants to be home to me! Wife died in 2011 parents died no siblings. Wants to be with me, getting worse in Syria people getting shot, doesn’t want to die there, please pray for me, then says he told his commander about me and wants to take leave. He can’t access his account can I send $565.00 his commander has to send it to army head quarters. I thought it odd, and don’t have a lot of money, haven’t sent anything. I fronted him by text as a scammer he was defensive and then loving words. I was liking him, then felt really stupid. I am blocking him tonight. Yes his picture was handsome and he is ounger, which I mentioned and he said something about love blah blah blah. Rotten crap heads.

    • Dear Mam,
      My name is Patty and I have just encountered somewhat what you went through except I was much more cautious and knew not to send any money! This is all so sad, it dawned on me that no high ranking officer woiuld be professing his love to a woman who he had never met and who he had only written a few times! I was able to look through friends of this crooked military officers page and then his friends ect. and found atleast 20 different pages which I am pretty sure are all being managed by one person! One thing that I am very proud of is during my search I found a woman who had posted something that made me suspicious that the gentleaman that was trying to scam me was talking to her. I felt horrible telling this lady that the man she was talking to probably was not who she thought. After her and I talked I was flabbergasted at how this man worked exactly the same way with her as he had with me. I was able to warn this woman, as well as facebook and I am working currently at rounding up all the other facebook names that this man is in coltrol of! Again, my apologies but thing about the good you have done by telling your story in hopes that you can save someone else!

    • I’m so sorry to learn what you went through.. I encountered the same thing but ended up losing 10,000 that I still have to pay back and still paying for his iphone5. He posed as Andrew Roy.. But he didn’t show a temper but was calm.. Till here lately when he contacted me begging for money.. They are every where in all sites even the pay sites. What a lesson we have had to learn. I would really like to learn how to verify if their real or not. One I have been talking to now for 10 months says he can’t give me info over the internet cause he’s in camp leatherneck Afghanistan.. Don’t know what to think any more..

    • I was also taken for a lot of money. Now he wants 1500.00 dollars. To come home I paid for so much medical internet. 950.00 fir benefit. Forms. Medicine, omg these fakes are every where on internet…..it will take be a long time to get over this ,but he’s still begging for money to get home to marry. But yet found lately he talking to about 25 other women I saw every woman’s face. I found out by accident. I hate this mess

      • HOW DID YOU FIND THIS / I Would like to find out if I am one of them

    • omg i am glad i was given this page as i am in the same boat can i ask did you get your money back? i am so upset who did you contact to report this i am sorry this happened to you as it is happing to me right now what should i do i am not very good with computers how do i find out if he is for real before sending him 1800 to the transit department in united kindom

  2. I ommitted , I sent 1st was $800. Thank you very much for giving me the chance to air my frustrations and grievances against this good-for-nothing man. To the real Col. Gareth Samuel, sorry, Sir, your identity had been used to decieve and betray a poor widow. May this culprit pay for his crimes.

    • Hi Gloria,
      Me too, I just sent 650 to a so called us army ssergent it was my last money, honestly, now I have no money for food or for my children’s Christmas presents. I have changed my name because I am scared he is really one of the terrorists he claims to be fighting.
      God be with you!

  3. I’m keeping all the receipts and documents of my transactions with DHL and Western Union Money Transfer.Also the pictures he had sent.

    • I’m beginning to think that there is a case for a class action lawsuit against Western Union, DHL, MoneyGram and the many dating sites. You may want to consult a lawyer and steer him to this site to see how many people are affected by these scams. I bet that there is a case that could be made for millions of dollars in compensation.

      • CJ I bet you are right. that is why when a claim is filed with them they do nothing about it. unfortunately we all have our reasons. A lawyer? and what could he do? the last one of those I had representing me screwed me just as bad as the jack— who took advantage of me.

  4. I have a nice long email for you about a scam but am not sure where to send it. Any address I have tried says it is not an address??

    • CJ[at]soldiersperspective[dot]com

      • I was wondering captain Robert Bowe is real or fake? He told me his LPC has expired and is here in thestates.He needed $500 to renew this have not sent him money. he told me to send it to this Araromi Tosin
        lagos Nigeria.

        have been text him he said he is in Jordon??

      • I have a question about all this scammers from Nigeria can you please email me back please

        • I’ve been talking to this man was in kabul afg. Says he treaties an went to get his son in doha so now he wants me to sent money once again to nigeria . He says he cant get his mitary money till he signs off when he is back in states, reluctantly enough i hsv sent him thousands of dollars an an iphone, he swears he is coming to see me an will repay me, what i want to know if he retired an went to get his son , why cant he get his money from militsry even though he is in another country , send money for ticket flights for him sn his son, but when ready to board the plane they kept his son back for not paying a phone bill, i know that counrty u cant leave without paying all debts , i payed that so now its something else again , its gonna be hard to see the truth but m ready i need help , his account on fb has been blocked from h 3 times he says its other people usin his name which i did find one , that was using his photos , but he also sent me same photo thst was turned in to scammers this is his name sgtdaniel@thoo.com d.chris41@yahoo.com an d.daniel41@yahoo.com please i really need afvice i hope this dosent get me in trouble just need help please

  5. This is not new. It has been going on for more than a year. I was a victim of this scam. Master Sargent Jacob Johnson Wagner. and don’t forget his friend, Jax Wilson.

  6. I have tried this address. I keep getting a failure notice for this address. Host said no such user here?

  7. No meu caso o Scammer, usa o skype e depois o e-mail com nome e foto do Major General William Mayville, e pede dinheiro para para liberar box com dinheiro de fundos que não pode declarar por que sua “ex” esposa não deve saber que ele tem esse dinheiro. E que devo enviar dinheiro para Accra em Gana, para um agente seu amigo que é diplomata das Nações Unidas e está transportando os boxes sem saber que se trata de dinheiro. e que é preciso para o ministério da justiça de Accra liberar da carga sem inspeção. O scammer pediu $ 1200,00 dólares que deveriam ser enviados pela Western Union. Fiz algumas pesquisas e bloqueei as comunicações, então ele pediu por e-mail para que eu desbloqueasse e ficamos conversando em janeiro, e por várias vezes insistiu no pedido de dinheiro, mas então eu já sabia do golpe que aqui no Brasil chamamos de “conto do vigário”, e posso dizer que foi divertido ficar brincando de gato e rato com o scammer por que muitas vezes ele sabia as respostas corretas e tentava me enrolar, mas eu estava preparada e consegui deixá-lo sem saída. Apenas fico preocupada com o General Mayville por estar sendo usado para golpes assim. Tem inclusive duas páginas no Facebook com informações do General que acredito sejam produzidas pelo golpista. Mas devem ser melhor divulgadas estas informações para que algumas pessoas possam estar protegidas destes golpes, que não aconteceu comigo, mas li alguns relatos muito interessantes de senhoras que foram enganadas, é lamentável. Agradeço pela atenção. Alvanira.

    • Alvanira do you speek english? Please reply to me.
      I was contact by General William Mayville to. I’M So affraid it is a SCAM?


      • @ Jolanta YES he is a scammer delete and block him do not give him any personal information and DO NOT send him any money or any thing else for ANY reason.Anonn

        • Anonn -Thank you,but it is to late . I send him money in 2012.
          I’m desperate…!!!Where I can report this?Help me please.

    • The following above translated to English

      In my case the scammer uses skype and then e-mail with name and photo of Major General William Mayville, and asks for money to release box with money funds that can not declare that his “ex” wife must not know he has the money. And should I send money to Accra in Ghana, an agent for your friend who is UN diplomat and is transporting the boxes without knowing that it is money. and what it takes for the ministry of justice Accra release cargo without inspection. The scammer asked for $ 1200.00 dollars that should be sent by Western Union. I did some research and communications blocked, so he asked through e-mail so I unblocked and we talked in January, and has repeatedly insisted the request for money, but then I already knew of the coup that here in Brazil we call “tale the vicar, “and I can say it was fun to be playing cat and mouse with the scammer that he often knew the correct answers and tried to curl, but I was prepared and could leave him dead. Only I’m concerned about the General Mayville for being used for scams like this. Has including two Facebook pages with information that General believe are produced by the coup. But it should be better disseminated this information so that some people may be protected these scams, that has not happened to me, but I read some very interesting stories of ladies who have been wronged, it is unfortunate. Thank you for your attention. Alvanira.

      • he is still doing the scaming i though i had the realy one but i hear his voice and it is not what i have heard before on a video of him okay he dose want money and i can not give to so one who is not who say they are so watch out there women he dose good at getting you to fall for him but he is a lier and if not the right Major
        General William Mayville

        • this is about Major General William Mayville he is still doing the scame he got hold me at Christmas time and ask for money to send to his son and i told him no and then he just got hold me again and still want money i told him no again now he wont talk to me which is good .. We have been talking for over year and half now i know he is a scramer and i have delete him again in yahoo messager and here is the address that he is useing majorgerneralwilliammayville3@yahoo.com… he say that he is in Afghanistan but i know he is the not the real man beaware of me all women he can talk the talk but he lies to He has hurt me and now i have learn to be very carefull of would i talk to now

  8. ATTENTION EVERYONE! I’m looking for someone that lives in or near California that is willing to tell their story of being scammed to the media. CBS has contacted me and would like to bring attention to these scams. If you are in California and are willing to tell your story of being scammed, please contact me at cj@soldiersperspective.us. If you’re not in California, but would like to share your story with the media so we can try to stop these people, please contact me as well. Right now, I only need those who were scammed living in the United States. I need someone as soon as possible!

    • Not real sure I would like the world to know what a fool I have been. Actually I don’t think anyone would.

    • Me gustaría ponerme en contacto con Ud. por un intento de estafa hacia mi persona de un soldado destinado en Nigeria
      Agradecería toda la ayuda posible

      • Isabel,
        Es triste pero es realidad que hay defraudadores utilizando nombres y uniformes de soldados para obtener dinero de personas que se sienten solas y harian cualquier cosa por un soldado. No envie ni un centavo a nadie.

    • I have a story to tell and I am still talking to this person, Thank God I know he is a scam but he doesn’t know that I know It would be good to catch this evil people

      • Maria I too am still talking to A man who claims to be SGT,Frank E Smith. he is supposedly stationed in Nigeria and claims to be from Brooklyn New York. He also claims to be widowed with a 7 year old daughter Helen. He finds these women on Facebook and Meet me and POF and disabled dating sites. He hasnt asked for any money but has asked for packages to be sent to our home and then we pay to have them sent by express mail. Please beware of him. I dont know what to do or who to report this man too. He claims to tell multiple ladies that he Is in love with them and that he will be home soon. Dont believe him, Hes a scam.

    • Inwas scammed by a David Zeller… Sent him money to the amount of $3K and he would never show up. I know he is a fraud, he has 2 Facebook accounts…. I will do whatever it takes to bring this guy down.

    • hello i live i Mount Vernon.WA and i think i am been scammed but how do i know he is real because i won”t have a problem speaking out can you tell me if this guys are who they are Tom O Odoaughter his is a Major in the army and currently in Afghanistan his military picture on his helmet it say”S his last name so how will i know his fake and he uses the e-mails 10tomlovely@g-mail.com and smilingtom and there is another guy by the name of wisdomfrank147@yahoo.com and he is contractor chevron oil and gas company United Kingdom but he say he lives here in washinton pinger number is from pot angels so is he real he send me documents


    • hey Darlene , I think im being scammed by the same guy, do you have a picture ? my name is terri and I started talking to him for five months now.

      • Teri,

        I think we have the same experience with that scammer He also sent poems to my personal email,

        Do you still have his pictures?


      • E estate a brando con Un soldado que disease que esta en Afghanistan y que esta sick net money for the ticket he live in Santa Barbara c.a his name is Andre ribera hi want me to sent money to his friend in Kansas

      • Today is December 26, 2013, and I have recently found out about a man my best friend has been texting and emailing to who says his name is Joe Scheller, a sergeant in the US Army. He has asked for a phone. My friend almost sent it. I stopped her when she told me that and started looking at posts like these. He is a very attractive man in camo army hat and shirt. I want to see picture too. How do we get a hold of each other?

      • Hi Terri I think this is a Nigerian guy stop talking to him go to POWnetwork.org. They will tell you he’s fake
        Don’t sent money. He is In a dating network. Call badoo. And also has two FB pages. I have a lot of pictures of the soldier he’s using. I’m in california

      • did he use the name of Phillip joe Brian?

    • Email our investigation team on bans.linda@gmail.com and we will help you.

    • Have anyone come in contact with a soldier by the name: TD Turner stationed in Kabul Afghanistan! He has asked that I send him money but the odd thing is he told me that the money is no issue,he jyst wants to get out of there. He has been in for 23 yrs. And that when the Capt got kilked he was nxt in line going up against the Taliban, so I’m confused, can some enlightened me

      • I have been corresponding with a sargent in kabul who’s been trying to get me to send him money I will ask him simple questions about your penpal right now I’m having my soldier investigated

        • how do you get a soldier confirmed/investigated as I am corresponding with one. He hasn’t asked for money or for me to request leave for him, but he asked me to send a request to obtain his retirement / benefit paperwork so he could include it in his leave request so that his deployment officier knows that he will be putting in for his retirement when he gets back to the states. He said that I, being involved with him, would need to fill a part of it out and sign it. When I questioned how / why I would need to be involved in this paperwork work he said “nevermind”. Up until this point, he has requested nothing and all of the “red flag” boxes or warnings about a scammer have not come up. We have been communicating via cell texting(extremely good grammar and English as any US soldier should have) and have spoken on the phone several times…..

        • How are you having him investigated? I want him punched badly.

  10. I was contacted by a soldier by the name of fred smith from Asheville, nc. He wanted me to email his boss at Eraltasmith@yahoo.com to request his benefits so he can take leave. Once I receive his benefits he would then request leave to come be with me. I didn’t do it, it just didn’t make any sense to me. His email address is smithfred509@yahoo.com we meet on tagged. I should have known something wasn’t right weeks ago. I asked him what color was his eyes, he said black but the pictures he had they were green.

    • He also have me another email address when I told him that wasn’t a military address, it is gen.jamescox220@yahoo.com.

    • I met this guy (Tyler, 30, Aspen Park, CO;) on Tagged and he is going after the men too. He has a nice looking man’s photo, well hot looking, and after I commented that he was handsome he started calling me dear and honey. I knew this was not a normal response for what I wrote but I wrote him back thanking him for his service, he said he is a SGT in the US Army in Afghanistan and also told him I am much older than he is. He still wrote saying that he wants to meet sometime when he gets back, I said ok knowing it is BS. He sent me this message today 9/6/13 —- IF U CAN HELP ME , I HAVE APPLIED FOR A TRANSFER SO THAT I DONT DIE HERE, BUT THEY WANTED ME TO PAY FOR THE FEES, AND I DONT HAVE IT RIGHT NOW —— I am not sure what or how to report this. Do I tell him I am on to him or try to get more info from him to report it or should I just stop writing and leave it at that???? ….. I seem to be a scammer magnet LOL, although it really is not funny but I am very cautious now, I do not and will not send any money or personal info, I tell these guys that I always need to meet in person before I take a relationship any further and of course they don’t respond to any of that. I feel sorry for the guys photos they use to entice people. One thing I do notice, as they write long letters, is their grammar is way. I think we tend to excuse it on the internet because of typo errors or auto correct but there are errors that English speakers just don’t make….

      • Correction …… Sorry I put the wrong month. He sent the message today to me… October 6, 2013 not September……

  11. I sent the LEAVE REQUEST and received answer to it asking for some of my information. I sent them some information and today I received a second email I would like to share.

    Ref to the Transit processing of Capt Peter K Brown,

    Prior to the Defense Department reviewing of your leave request on behalf of your fiance, E03 Capt Peter K Brown and his eligibility, its authorize that You should also be aware that, during this transit process you are going to remit some amount of funds to our Finance department(DFAS). This will be returned back to you as soon as your fiance’s safe arrival is confirmed. it would be added to the leave bonus that will be sent to you by the DFAS on his behalf.

    Note: The Transit process is free for military personnel going for an official assignment or if their deployment is over, I want you to know that the Military and Red Cross will be responsible for this, but it is a different case if an individual is requesting for a vocational leave on behalf of a Military officer.

    However, the funds you will remit to the Military Transit Department is a refundable Military Notary Stamp Duty and Travel Insurance to attestate your request, to proof Guaranteed security of our amiable to live and stay during his Holiday in _____ Texas with you, as soon as this is done, the leave date as well as the flight routine will be sent to you and your money which would be added to his leave benefit/bonus will be refunded, within five working days after his arrival. I request that you reply with a note of acceptance to this policy so as to proceed to the next line of the process.

    Please bear with us, as i have to follow the normal protocol of the Military.

    Best Regards,
    Col. Steve Smith

    Processing officer,
    Head Transit Unit.
    US army.
    This E-MAIL may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution, copying, or use of this document is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by email at the E-MAlL listed above to arrange for the destruction or return of the original document to us. Thank you.

    © 2013 United States Defense Headquarters.
    Original Copy

    • @ Sophia this is a SCAM and a scammer behind this these scammers simply know NOTHING about the US Military Thank GOD!

      If you don’t know Leave can only be requested by the Service Member and it does NOT have to be PAID for it is like earned Vacation time retirement also does NOT have to be paid for

      Do not send them anymore information

      Cut off all contact with this scammer

      One more thing………this is NOT US Military protocol as the scammer typed it is the scammers made up protocol in an attempt to steal your money Any one that finds you on any social site then starts to ask you for money is ALWAYS a scammer I dont care if they ask for a penny US Military Members have access to their accounts at ALL times they NEVER need a strangers help for any reason.

      vocational leave does NOT exist it is a lie scammers have came up with and last but not least

      Scammers often use this below to try to make it look official it is all a part of their scam and attempt to steal your money

      This E-MAIL may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution, copying, or use of this document is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by email at the E-MAlL listed above to arrange for the destruction or return of the original document to us. Thank you.


    • Have been talking to a Sgt herry johnson, us military, he wants to visit me, but needs me to pay for his flight, he says he loves me, i asked him about the scams but he totally denies it when i ask. Help, angie

      • I have a Johnson I met in End march 2013 this year. HE was very sweet.. did not push.. one daughter. HAd several pictures, if I ask for another he sends another eventually. But then HE started asking for MONEy to GEt his STAmp for TRavel. Said it was because his papers were expired being in KAbul so long. 1200 was needed to update papers for him to travel on time for deploy. OF course trying to help a soldier with or without relation connection I sent money. THEn HE said he missed deployment, him an few friends that went to Kabul together missed it. Rest went home on deploy back to cali.. THen month later said They were told if they can buy their own ticket home $7000.00, that they could go ahead an leave. However if they do not go soon, they be deployed to HArem Boku.. which is even worst war. HE said his bro sent him $2000.00 however Little he could come up with , with soldiers broke, an same money troubles. I am not rich by far means, so sent 20 here, 50 there. An 100 or so when I had it. HE has half the money.. but far cry from whats needed. HE says he retires soon, an been in Kabul 13 months about july? so now what 18 months? I Want to believe HE is real.. But I have my doubts sometimes.. I Aksed many soldiers about timestamp? MAny said it was legit.. I asked many friends on fb do you get anything from this guy..They do not know him? HE only has contact with me, says he has no time with a lot of contacts. An that his family info is high secured that no one can contact them. An I feel like a HEEl when try to find these things out if Con, YEt I fELL DUMBER IF I DO NOT SEARCH TO SEE.. HE also says Army is not feeding them well, an could send extra money for food. HE said the enemy can get dropped stuff, as fast as the USA military can. Unless they land to supply, they do not always get supply, an rations are scarce. I thought the more PICtures HE sends, the better the chances he is real.. I have about 7 so far.. several of him, few of him an daughter, an one of his mom an daughter. HE came an said yesterday His mom is ill, his bro taking care of mom, an that he is worried about who is taking care daughter. Never hinted at money to help that situation.. I Also Contacted LEgit ARmy Mil addy.. I Was told Sounded like a scam to be safe. Told that they cannot look for every possible soldier, who may or may not be real. I Went to ar force base nearby.. Soldier at desk said MAam I Can tell you IT reeks of a scam.. But I can do nothing about it since you are civilian.

  12. Anonn, Thank you for your quick response. I have not sent any money and not planning on it. He is being really nice and trying to make me send it but all I can say is that he will be waiting because I was just testing him from the beginning to see how far he was going to take all this mess.
    I am a Psychologist and not easy to fell for it but wanted to see how it all works.
    To all women out there: These me can be very nice, sweet, and convincing but you all need to be alert and don’t believe in anything they tell you. This is just a business to them!

  13. 2 Months ago a “soldier” sent me a friend request on FB. Seeing his photo he seemed to be a kind guy, so I accepted the request. But now I have to accept I was fooled by a scammer.. It is the same story: his wife died years ago, his parents are dead too, no living relatives except his only child, and he is deployed. He was so kind and I kept chatting with him, but many things were suspicious:
    He knew nothing about his own child
    Had more grammer mistakes than me, though I learned this language only for 2 years in school many years ago
    He never answered my questions, etc.
    After a month or so he asked me to obtain a calling card for him, but when I asked for further information about the card, he refused to answer. Since then I found his pictures in Google and I realised he was used the photos of an existing Sergeant (of course the real soldier is married, not deployed, and has two children).
    I already deleted him from my Friendlist and his messages too, but I feel so helpless. Please someone give me advice: should I contact the real sergeant to tell him about this? Or let’s just forget what happened?

    • Hello Cat,

      The real soldier probably already knows about the scam. Photos of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009 (that’s when I first heard about it). Since then, I’ve received Facebook messages from over 300 women telling me about the scam. Many of them ask to be my “friend” on Facebook. For me it’s not a problem. I’m single. You can see how that might be a problem for a married soldier though. Clearly the women who contact the soldiers in these cases have seen their photos and are at least a little bit attracted to them. What wife would want her husband having such friends – even if it is just on Facebook?

      The other problem with contacting the real soldier is that even if he learns about the scam from you, there’s nothing he can do about it. Once his photos are on the internet, there’s no way to get them back or make them go away. The scammers will likely be using them forever.

      • Dear Gordon,

        Thanks for your response! Are you a military too? Your name is so familiar, maybe I saw it on a scam warner site. I’m starting to be paranoid, I sent him two photos and I just hope he won’t use it.. And yes, you are right, I was attracted to the man on the photo, but married people are a taboo for me, and after all this I’d never want to keep in touch with him. Probably you are right, his name was used for scamming years ago.. I just let it go then, and trying to get over it.

      • Hi, Gordon!
        I am not a victim, because I figured it out when the “soldier” started a story about a parcel with money and jewelry for me, also US Army has no troops in Syria. I wrote a complaint to IC3 and I gave to them a lot of information: 4 tel.numbers, 2 e-mail addresses, 1 FB profile, pictures, e-mail correspondence, names and accounts of people who are waiting for my money. I have been sparing for time with this “relationship” and hoping they will catch him. And they didn’t. And you say that the real soldiers can do nothing about it?! And their pictures, there’s no way to get them back?! Why??????????? And one more thing: why they (I mean the receiving agencies from IC3) didn’t make public the picture of this profile? I didn’t find him anywhere, on any anti-scammer page. In the meantime, he makes more victims…

    • i think i have the same man do you have any pic

  14. i am still gating these type of mails i am in love with that girl, how can i lnow she is fake or not……i am sending u mail from his commander……..We received your request for leave on behalf of Sergent Monica Dray and the leave request has been initiated. We need a prove to show that both of you are committed and know each other. We need you to provide us with her military identification number for deployment . This number is confidential and only she can give it to you. So we want you to forward it to us to confirm that you truly know each other. Also, the leave request is going to incur some charges you will have to pay for to cover logistics, but all the charges are refundable. Knowing fully well that communication will be between the United States Army and British Army.So let us have the above number and we shall confirm the leave request.

    • Sukhminder, she is surely a scammer. No soldier needs a civilians help for leaving. The text you have copied here is a typical scammer message. Do not reply, and stop contacting her. Sorry, but it is possible she’s not even a girl.. type in youtubes search field “real face of scammers” and you will see who these scammers are. It’s really shocking.

  15. be caution the colonel Brent Gutierrez is scammer using the major general Michael Lennington pictures.He scam me with the papers leaves cost. I was in love with the picture.Not with some south african scammer

  16. BEWARE of Raymond Lopez uses raymondsoldierboy@yahoo.com. A fake profile was made of me on a dating site called Moco Space. I have been receiving numerous “I love you” emails from this guy, stating he is in the military as a sniper in Afganastan and will be out in 2 mos. States he owns a home in CA and has a 17 yr old son named Maxwell but wants to come and live w/me. He is widowed and says I am his only true love. I have not even conversed w/this guy and had to Google his email to find out what was up and low and behold!!!! Also, his grammar is very poor.

  17. I didn’t know this scaymming is such a business! My online ‘future man’ is called Maxwell Bans, but thank God that before I was planning on sending him a laptop, he came with a really strange story. I should contact some one (in Ghana), that some one would gave me an adress (also in Ghana) and from there, the ‘officer’ would bring it to Marjah Afghanistan! Luckely I got suspisious and I discovered the scamwarners site. They are really doing a great job.

    Needless to say, that my kids will be surprised with a new laptop!

  18. So sucks to see how many people are deceived… I signed up at the beginning of the year in various dating sites and honestly I have not met a real person. At first fell in love with a scammer but when he sent me an email that I had to boil my phone, to hear it, because he said that he was not allowed to became involved camera. I checked his email and found that the use of scammers. His name is sergeant Mateo Clyde James Still uses his messenger: clydejames208 I have found that changes its name, but uses the same pictures. You can see photos here: http://www.myspace.com/266931721/photos/2533393#%7B%22ImageId%22%3A2533393%7D

    I have many acquaintances with men posing as military but I thank God that even though I’m not American (My English is not very good), I found they are scemmers. I wonder how and where we can find really honest people???

    If you have a place to send photos, names, addresses of scammers I would have sent you what I have. Thanks for your site I learned a lot that will help me even better.

    • Hi Gayla,

      I found a site that gives you the chance to chose people to get to know who’s photos have been verified. (theusarmysingles.com) People who put their photo on the site are asked to verify they are who they say are by taking a photo of themselves with a card or paper with their membership number on it. I like this as I proves that the photo you see is of the person you are talking to.

      I wish all these sites would do the same. Would save us all the heartbreak and being scammed.

      All my best to you, Ann

  19. I’ve just realised that I’ve been targeted by a scammer too. He uses the name Sgt. Louis Morgan (sgt.louismorgan@yahoo.com or morganlouis01@gmail.con and sgt.louismorgan@hotmail.co.uk).

    Ladies if you are contacted by this man do not engage him in any conversation. He’s only after money for a phone connection and leave. He claims that he is based in Vicenza, Italy and has a 6 year old son named Ian, that his father has Parkinson’s and his mother is deceased. He claims that his ex-partner cheated on him before the wedding with her ex.

    I was contacted by him on Large Lovers and three of his photos are still there if anyone wants to see what he looks like (or at least what he claims to look like as I doubt he really is the guy in the photos) All you have to do is search for louismorgan and he’ll be there.

    Please don’t get suckered by this scammer. I was lucky enough to find this site before I made the mistake of sending any money.

    Thank you CJ. God Bless you and this site, saved me a lot of heartbreak and money.


  20. i havent heard from this guy but have heard from another guy sgt james handerson,i would like to find out about this guy but dont know how to so maybe someone can help,we started chatting a few weeks ago after a week he started telling me that he loved me,then asked me to send an email to the leave office to ask to give him special leave,i told him i didnt want to do it and he got a bit funny with me,he then asked me to marry him,i never heard from him for a few days he them messaged me saying he was busy with work,then came the bombshell he messaged me saying he had problems when i asked him what his problem was he said i dont want to bother you of course i asked again he then said that an helicopter bringing the camps food had been shot down and the pilot was killed and the food gone,he said all the other soldiers had got in touch with there loved ones to help but he didnt have anyone only me,he asked me to send him money but when i refused and said i thought it was a scam he went mad and was abusive to me,how can i find out if this guy is a scam .

    • Lorna if I have found anything out the last couple of days it is the these guys play on our sympathies. Don’t give in to it. This guy is scamming you. He doesn’t need food or money for food from you. Nor does he get leave approved by you or not have access to his own bank accounts back in the states. They are all scams. They know how to get to us and try to use it regardless of the damage they do. I spent three days crying my heart out over this Sgt Louis Morgan I was in touch with. Whoever he was he certainly wasn’t worth it.

      I’ve tried contacting the website that I was contacted on, Large Lovers, and he is still there, still winking away. I set up a fake account and winked him and he winked almost immediately. If the websites they crawl for unsuspected users then we have no hope of putting a stop to it.

      There just doesn’t seem any other way to get at these creeps other than to ignore them. We need to educate ourselves on what their tricks and scams are and realise that we have the power, the power to do what you did, say no. I applaud you for having the strength to do it. Well done. All we have to do it hang up on them and they don’t win, we do. Let them spend their time trying to work out why we are ignoring them, not the other way around. YOU have the power to make them suffer.

      If you need someone just to talk to, please contact me at ajm1966@outlook.com I can’t make it better but I can give you someone to talk to who understands and who will listen, for as long as it takes.

      Take care. Best wishes, Ann

    • Lorna you have been chatting with a Scammer REAL US Military members have NO NEED to ask you or anyone else for money for ANY reason the US Military takes care of it’s own he needs food because he is a lazy lying scamming BUM who is only after your money NEVER send money to anyone you do not know for ANY reason next he will tell you to send the money Via wire transfer Western Union or Moneygram or worse may ask for your Bank Account Info I can tell you right now the US Military does NOT work like this and they have access to their money and accounts at all times it is best to cut off all contact with this lying Poser but if he insists he is real then tell him if he is that hard up to give you his Bank Account info and you will take out the money he needs and send it to him via wire transfer and see how he takes that once he realizes he will never get money from you he will go away.Hope this helps Anonn

    • I have been talking to Sgt. James Handerson for about a year and a half. He gave me the same story about
      needing money for food. Then he gave me a story about his only relative, a niece, needing an operation for a hole in her heart. He wanted $3,000 for that. Now he wants me to get a leave for him. The price of that is $2,200. If you have looked at his face book page you see he is supposed to be from Kingfisher, OK. That is my hometown and he is not from there. I have been talking to a reformed scammer and he is giving me the names of a lot of scammers. Sgt. James Handerson is on the list. Stay away from him. Don’t tell him where you got this information because I am having a ball talking to him !!!

  21. hello i have been luck not to be caught by these scammers. i have been chatting to a sergent major that has “fallen in love”with me and asked me to request leave for him so he can come visit. when i received the email i relised it was fake. i would like to send the photos this scammer is using and the request form to you so no other woman can be caught. how can i do this pls let me know

    regards jodi

  22. Dear CJ

    Over the last few days I have been receiving e-mails from different females telling me that attached to the e-mail is a refund receipt from Western Union.

    Since I am not expecting a refund from anyone, and the e-mail address looks suspiciously like the one my scammer used, I am almost certain that he is trying to send me a virus. Luckily my PC and laptop have both have really good virus checker software and blocked these attachments as unsafe.

    I’m sure he’s doing this because I reported him to the two dating website that he is STILL on.

    Can you please warn people to be careful if they receive an e-mail telling you the same and they aren’t expecting a refund from anyone. I’m not a paranoid person, but this really does look suspicious. Have you heard anything about this before?

    Best, Ann

  23. Update on the e-mails regarding Western Union refund. I’ve had e-mails from a Adeola Tawo (adex4oshin34@yahoo.com) that has an attachment that is supposed to be a Western Union Receipt that I’m supposed to print off and use.

    The e-mail contained details of CC of other people the e-mail was sent to including the three e-mail addresses that my scammer was using.

    Luckily my PC had a good virus checker and won’t open this attachment as I’m sure that this is a virus he’s trying to send me. Did they really think I would fall for this?

    Please be careful. I think it is these scammers idea of getting back to those of us that smell a rat and don’t pay out or fall for their tricks.

    Hope this helps.

  24. CJ just wondering if you had come across this name in your dealings with Military Scams, David Castillo says he is a Lt Col in Afghan. But he doesn’t use Military terms which is raising some Red Flags after reading these stories & he uses a davecasy@ymail.com for his email. We have not spoken by phone only email & yahoo messenger, I just need to know if he is a real Soldier or is this a scam. Any suggestions on checking him out further? No money exchanged yet. Thank God. He says he is divorced & a single father of a 10 year old boy. Can you send personal emails from your military email?

    • Hello Terri -

      The U.S. Army encourages deployed soldiers to use their official AKO (Army Knowledge Online) e-mail accounts to communicate with friends and family. I’ve been in the Army for over 20 years. I’ve never had a problem contacting folks back home when I was deployed. Nowdays, soldiers are able to chat via webcam from Afghanistan and other hostile environments. The major who works down the hall from me says that he spoke with his wife twice a day via webcam during his last deployment to Afghanistan.

      Until you’ve met someone in PERSON, you can’t really know them. Even speaking with someone on the phone isn’t a guarantee that he’s not a SCAMMER. If you read through some of the posts on this blog, you’ll get a feel for the tactics used by SCAMMERS. If your Lieutenant Colonel DAVID CASTILLO is giving you a story similar to that of a SCAMMER, he most certainly is a SCAMMER himself.

      • Thanks Gordon,
        Finally got his military email out of him & as suspected it returned! So glad I found this site & you all are posting the truth. I have pics & details of this so called scammer portraying to be Lt. Col David Castillo if there is a way to put the up on the site let me know who to send them to. I am stopping all communication but also want to warn others as He found me on Christian Mingle, I am not going online again.

      • I think that if you have fun you can talk to these crooks. And I corresponded with one of them. I got the first it is not who he says. A U.S. General does not seek friends on social networks. No asked money before. I try to learn English and it is very good.

      • I think that if you have fun you can talk to these crooks. I corresponded with one of them, too. I got the first it is not who he says. A U.S. General does not seek friends on social networks. No asked money before. I try to learn English and for this he is very good.

      • Thank you Gordon, I had some suspicious when this Sergeant Nikolas Cuevas Skelton, station in Lybia, said to ask for his engagement vacation leave & his commandant uses cmdhumphrey12@gmail.com (Brian Humphrey). Everything I read sounds familiar, yet I saw in CBS a video from 2/2009 in Bagdah, where the american troops rescue a Dr.Quarish Fajir Al-kasir and the one who was interviewed was Sgt Nicholas Skelton. I don’t know what to say/think. I don’t trust him, although I told him I don’t have money, he says, his friend can help w/ the money but has to be transfer/deposit in my bank acct. He couldn’t do it (probably bec I had a theft prevention) & now they was asking for my information again. This time, I really wasn’t going to do that foolish thing again, and thank God I found you guys.It is heart breaking, but what about the video from CBS?

        • He also uses Nik Skelton, Niko Skelton,Nikolas Cuevas Skelton. I reported in Facebook. Says he is a widow and live in FL and that he also has a house in CA.

        • Just want to point out, that “Nikolas” sent email thru army ALWAYS SAYING IN THE END
          Sent from my US ARMY DATA NETWORK
          bec supposely it’s safer. Except for one time, I just realized asking, Can you come online now lets chat?, and no army signature.

        • i ran into him aswell. got scammed to.
          but now i try to warn other women from going thru what i did.
          every time he wright to someone new, i warn them.
          most times the belive me.

          tryed to find you Jeannette on Facebook ?

        • Got scammed by sgt. Nikolas Skelton also.
          Got a pic. Of him in uniform, with name Skelton on it.
          If the real person to be found ?

        • I’ve just blocked “sergeant” Nikolas Skelton on facebook, thanks to my common sence and this site. It was just to good to be true that this very handsome soldier in Libia found me on facebook and decided to fall in love with me so I could be the new mother to his 6 year old son Wayne, which I by the way called another name later in the chat without any respond. Hope other women does the same and dont pay him anything.

      • hello Gordon,
        i have been talking to this guy who claimed he’s a navy capt. currently deployed in capetown, africa. we started talking when we got friends on fb. his account in fb is Stockman Alex John. he said he’s a widow, with 3 years old son whom under the care of a nanny who work for the us navy back in the US. the pictures are no doubt believable. he’s got, a pic on his white navy uniform, he’s got this camouflage uniform, all got his name on it. i demanded pictures of him with his son, he’s got a lot of them, others taken from the US on his uniform with his son. he said his parents are both dead. a bunch of believable stories but i am not so buying his english since it’s so poetic. i am so transparent to him that i told him that i am in a relationship with my american boyfriend whom we met once a year for a sort of a quality time together on cruises. and i am very monogamous. he seemed not bother by that and to my observation, he is like someone who long to have a family. obviously, that’s what he said. since he is just so polite, so i talk to him in a nice way until he sounds so presuming that we can be together very soon and he can support me and my three kids by himself as long as we get married. wow! that is something that i never heard from my boyfriend though i know we both so in love with each other. to make a story short, he is just so inviting to those who is desperate to marry a man in uniform.
        then, later part of the conversation, he mentioned about taking a leave of absence from duty to come to the phils. and meet me because he likes me and i am the type of woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life(corny). so i told him straight, ” if you tell me i can help with your leave, no way in the world it’s gonna happen, specially when it involves money” and he said all i have to do is write a letter to their admin requesting him for a leave grant in order to be with me so that, he could be out of the camp. i kinda doubt it really but i just wanted to know how to deal with this scammer like this and how to let them pay the price.
        so, i gave it a try to write to this email add he has given me., info.militarydutyusa@mail.com. and why i’m not surprise, it demands $900 to process his leave.
        so when he asked if i got the answer from the admin, i told him i had trouble opening my yahoo account since my internet connection is so slow. but actually i’m trying to find a site where i could share all of this. and he said this morning, he is going to radio the admin about my letter..lol.
        another thing was he said he has no access to his bank account when he is on deployment, no access to cameras and telephone.. whatever.. he said he’s on 18 mos deployment. is there 18 mos.? that is more suspiscious.
        by the way, here is the name of the so called US military agent whom i am going to send the money through western union. John Dave Seyi, No.5 hope paper mill, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. and the letter is from a certain Major General Patrick J. Donahue, US navy Commandant. and the following information is referred to the said navy captain’s data info:
        Capt. stockman alex john; mos. no. PY191; ref. no. 292; SSN no. 5646 of 75th rangers
        and according to the letter, the said financial requirement is provided by a decree 204 of the US navy leave processing requirements which stipulates the ff;
        “it is incumbent on any applicant requesting leave in respect of any officer on an active duty to however, be ready to cater to every financial requirements vis-a-vis such leave processing”
        honestly, it doesn’t sounds right to me. however, i am leaving this information to you for future reference and to give further information to those who have vulnerable heart to be played by this scumbags.
        please give this information your preferential atttention to whatever means necessary to make everyone aware of this kind of activity on the net.
        thank you and more power!


  25. I ran into two guys but luckly I didn’t send them any money. Just recently i ran across a sgt Daniel Cook in Nigeria. He has played it off especially when I have talked to him about my previous experiences. He just told me he doesn’t have acess to his money due to security reasons but nephew who is asgt in the army says its not true.

  26. Thank you to all of you .

    A similar story happen to me . Thank you Sofia for making visible the letter regerding PETER K BROWN.
    That helps me stop in time .
    Is such a shame this kind of ‘ human being ” exist on this Word .
    But as I see there are also people of good hard .


  27. i met a guy on internet by the name GILBERT HENK, he claimed to live in Holland and is stationed at a training base in Malaga. he asked me as his girlfriend to send in a vacation leave form, and i had to pay € 1350 for travel and replacement. i didn’t pay it. The payment had to be made to Christian Bijl, Hoogstrate Belgium.
    i think this is a scam

    • Yvon you are correct ANY TIME you are asked for money from someone you do NOT know it is always a SCAM especially if he found you on any social site claims to be Military and begged you for money for any reason as REAL Military members will NEVER do such a thing they have access to their Bank Accounts at all times.Anonn

  28. Hey, I guess I got scammed because I already sent him $650 to Nigeria and I didn’t even bother researching about how to request a us solider leave request, what a stupid move I had ever done. He still needs $800 to get his arrival time, after I seem this site I feel so upset and I’m losing my mind.

  29. I almost became a victim of this scam. I think I am just lucky that I had this.gut feeling that something was wrong about this SGT.DANIEL MIKE. US military men are tough but not really bad at english gammar.. Im just so sad that we cant do anything about this cyber scam.. Lucky me I grew up in a military family. so i know Military leaves are the soldiers right. it is a previlige its not being purchased.. I hope The Us army can help their military men who have served their country well.. and for the victims.. learn from your experience.. and stand up from this fall.. stay strong. :) God bless!
    P.s. where do we report this scam?

    • Hello Joekolate -

      Reporting the scam to the U.S. government won’t do any good. They won’t do anything about it. I found out that my photos were being used by African scammers in 2009. I called the FBI immediately. The special agent told me that because the criminals are in Africa (Ghana and Nigeria), there was nothing they could do. The fact is, they COULD do something if they wanted to. But since these individual crimes generally only rise to the level of larceny, it’s not worth their time to pursue them. Tracking down a con man sitting in an internet cafe in Ghana would take resources away from solving bank robberies in America. So, the FBI chooses not to pursue these crimes. The U.S. military is barred by the constitution from engaging in civlilian law enforcement, so there’s nothing they can do about it either. Warning potential victims about these scams is really all any of us can do. I post frequently on this site as well as on Romancescam.com. Hopefully, our warnings will make a difference.

      • I been scammed and he wants more I don’t understand why we can’t set them up when they pickup the money. They could have a location were you can only pick it up at. It seems like a lot of things he is showing are the same as others on here. I am on a fixed income with my disability and he talked me into a loan I can not pay back. Now my account is over drawing big time plus fees. I want him caught. With help I believe it would be easy to catch him. We report a problem and to protect us and our government won’t help. I have anxiety these can be terrorist and I gave my home address. I can not change my address. The pictures I have seen the guys have a drippy right eye. Sure these guys could be missing in action or held in a camp? Makes me sick to think this could be a cry for help from a soldier needing our help.How are they obtaining personnel pictures. Is there anyone can help? Our government should help us before it is more then money.

  30. The nigiran guy who scammed me, which I sent the money to I wrote my house address on the form I hope he doesn’t send me anything in the mail, I’m so nervous, what should I do, please someone help me about this mess that I made :( I feel so bad and sad, I thought I was doing a good thing but i got played that is not fair. Thank you for your time :)

    • I been talking to a sargent Jeremy mark he works in Nigeria . I send a care package to him felt sorry . now for him to get it he needs the money so he can pick it up any one ever heard of ogundare Isaac .

      • We don’t have troops in Nigeria.

        • They should not let transactions happen. They should ask if it is for military going to nigeria then red flag no troop in nigeria. Note to all transaction agencies.

  31. I want to thank you for putting this information on this website I also almost fell victim to the scam I am a married woman and this man try to become my friend he pretended to be a Christian man he said he had a daughter and live in Texas City Texas and then all of a sudden he was deployed to Syria and after being there for two days he was shot in the arm . he called crying asking me to bring him home so I sent in a request and then I received an email in return asking for . 3000 dollars which would be refunded within 24 hours of work with friends this man even gave me his daughters phone number and she was even calling me and contacting me these people will go to the ends of the world to try to take your money this man’s was using the name of Jeremiah Zollman I just think that I check everything out before I sent any money … thanks again for posting that I pray nobody else falls victim to do scams

  32. Did they ever send you flowers?

  33. I have been experiencing many “military” men trying to contact me through skype. I got suspicious when they said they were Americans based in Kabul, Liberia…etc. and their grammer was so poor and they did not write like an American. I also noticed that after I blocked them they would send another request with the same photo but different name. I did, out of curiousity, start talking to Sgt. Steven Ramos…..his english was better but still suspicious so I started researching him on the internet. I confronted him with all of the photos and info on him being part of a scam. He denied that this information was true, he is honest, etc. So I told him to skype with me so I could see his face….he would do that, but the computer had no mic….so I told him that the Army must surely have a computer with a mic……he had an excuse, but begged me to believe him. So I told him there is no public record of him ever living in Galt, CA, where he said he was from. So if he could prove to me on the internet that he was who he said he was, I would believe him…. No response back. EVERYONE, IT IS STILL HAPPENING. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THEIR GRAMMER. YOU WILL SEE IT RIGHT AWAY! GOOD LUCK

  34. Can someone please answer my question, will the scammers use my mail address to send anything back to me ? Do they usually send anything to the people they scammed ?

    • Liz he won’t send anything to you he will try to use your Address to scam others he wouldn’t send you anything he is in the Business of begging and stealing NOT send People he scammed anything.Anonn

  35. just want to verify if paul smith who was assign in nigeria is a real army he ask me to send him coffee its weird not asking money but coffee i dont know if he is a scammer or real solider thanks

    • Antoniet unless you have met him face to face and he met you on ANY social site and claims to be US Military in Nigeria he IS A SCAMMER there is no US military Base in Nigeria and if you send Coffee he will beg for other things if he claims to be US Military he will not need anything from you because they take care of their own hope this helps Anonn

  36. I want to tell you all that this is also going on the the UK. I have been scammed by an susposedly American man calling himself Lt Col Peter Alvin Wood. Of the Logistics and Data Transferr Divison of the US army supposedly in Kabul Afriganstan. He contacted me from a singles over 60 website. He seemed very nice at first with a very sad story about being widowed 9 yrs ago and the loss of a son to a hole in heart operation.. He said he was about to retire and wanted to come to UK. To live because he liked I’d here and always had. He gave me information about his background. Parents etc. he called me his Angel because I rescued him from a dark and lonely place and a bleak future retirement alone. We chatted for about 3/4 weeks and got to know each other he sent me songs and poetry. And seemed very culture which I would expect from a high ranking officer with a long service records. He then told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me as soon as he came to UK and before we were ‘together’. Which deemed very respectful. I did wonder at this stage if he just wanted to Marry me to get into UK One day he told me that he had been part of an armed guard for the staff of a millionaire oil tycoon and that the mans car had been attacked by a suicide bomber which killed the mans family but they managed to rescued the man himself. Peter said he visited the man in hospital and when he went to leave the man gave him a package which later found to contain gold bars. Peter said he was going to send them to me along with his medals 9 in total via a diplomat. So asked for my address and contact number so the man could let me know when he would arrive. Next day he said the diplomat had been stopped by customs in the US. At Atlanta. And had to pay £7000 for the release of the package but then said that the US customs insisted that is continued via shipping agent who demanded. £17,000 for insurance. He was so adamant about selling the gold and paying me back. The money was to go to an address in Ghane. It was then tHat my daughter and son got very suspicious and we then found out it was a scam and that these dreadful,people are using the details,of dead soldiers. We found out that the REAL. Peter wood was killed inaction the 2010. And looked nothing like the pictures I had so there were infact involving two dead solider. Is ended up having to change all me contacts. Mobile phone. Home phone and email. SO. LADIES PLEASE BE WARNED ITS HAPPENING IN UK TOO. ANON.

  37. I have been talking to a guy that says he’s in the army he says his name is Sgt Daniel Kramer sgtdanielkramer@yahoo.com is he for real or am I being scammed?

    • Belinda -

      We need more info than just his name and e-mail address. The name is too common for a search of AKO (Army Knowledge Online) to be worthwhile. What else has he told you about himself?

    • Hey Belinda!!

      I have been talking to sgt Daniel Kramer also, he says he is stationed in Afghanistan, we have talked on yahoo messenger, and the same email address you gave, he said that he cant talk on camera for ‘security reasons’, but almost immediately had feelings for me. He told me the only way we can talk is via a TS2 satelite phone and the only way to buy it is by Western Union to a Anita Ramirez in Stephenvile Texas, he wanted over $800 for it. Thats when my alarm bells rang and I investigated it. then I found an amazing amount of info on scamming for TS2 phones and even the company says they do not accept payment through Western Union. He was pressing me for it so much it became annoying because we just met. He even sent me a fake picture of him holding up my name and saying he loved me on it. too funny it was SO photoshopped. i would like to see if we have the same pictures and information. Im SO glad i persisted with googling his name and finally found this and thankyou because i had a small seed of doubt until I saw his name on here,

      • And just to add to this information, if it helps anyone, I met ‘Sgt Daniel Kramer’ on a site called Penpalworld.com, also and he wanted to get me offsite and onto writing emails almost immediately. I am a single mum with 3 children and couldnt afford to pay for such a phone, but even if i could, I wouldnt have because…..obviously a scam. If anyone else has info about SGT DANIEL KRAMER please post it here. Half way through our chats he upranked himself to LT COL DANIEL KRAMER lol thought that was funny too. Email address sgtdanielkramer@yahoo.com
        Mother Rebecca, Wife Helen died two years ago, says hes from Milburn Oklahoma and has a deceased father who was also in the army. Id really like to help anyone in this position now, I have loads of photos he sent me and am hoping they are not from a deceased soldier :( if anyone else has photos i would love to see them just for comparison, is there any way to post photos here?

        • I accidentally stumbled on this article, and it got my attention cos Lt Col. Kramer is a respected soldier in the US army, if you and Belinda ain’t sure of who he is and his personalty, why not find out first before you mess things up, he is a hero and a respected man, not your godamn article to discuss on sites like this….

        • Nicole, the scammers use real soldiers’ names but they are still scammers. CJ himself has had his pictures and name used, so I suggest you check your attitude at the door.

  38. All I had to do was google the name and address of where they wanted me to wire the money. The exact letter showed. Good job posting this. I’ve been skeptical for a while, “met” her on OK Cupid, and after I messaged her, she deactivated her account there, because I’m the one for her. Haha! We have been emailing since.

    She can be found by googling Rhonda Balderas – Linked in has her as being in the British Army, and on Facebook she is Rhonnie Balde.

  39. i have been talking to a guy called morrisonmichael from oasis to yahoo messenger he said he is l in the usa army and is in nigerian in the camp and back in 10 weeks i do not know if this is true or not he wanted me to ask for leave for him and a usa deference forms was sent by e mail to complete

    • Alison HE IS A SCAMMER cut off all contact asap no one can request leave for ANY Military member except for the Military member only scammers create these lies NEXT you will be asked to send money via Western Union to pay for leave,Leave and retirement NEVER has to be paid for also there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria he is in Nigeria because he is Nigerian and that is where he lives he is NOT a US Military Member also REAL Military Members have JOBS to do and will NOT be able to chat with you for Hours at a time or every 3 Hours only scammers have all the time in the world to chat because they consider it their job EDUCATE yourself about Scammers google Military Romance Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam that is the only way to not become a victim also it does not matter that you told him you don’t have money he will still keep trying he will even tell you to borrow it with the promise of paying it back they do not care they will even tell you to sell your belongings or ask you to take out a second mortgage on your home THEY DO NOT CARE I hope this helps Anonn.

  40. i said i cannot do that i do not have the funds to, he said ok and as not stopped talking to me so i do not what to think of this we talk every 3 hrs.

  41. I have been chat with this man i have fallen in love to fast .but he has told me that i he would give me the world and i believe him .. he told me that he is Afghanistan and wants to leave because he loves me and because his mother is sick he told me that i have to write a letter to his capt for request of leave i did that yesterday still waiting on something form his capt i don’t know if to believe him or not johnnybanny@yahoo.com he goes by the name john Barnes koppanerfer i have hear it all to be careful but i so in to him i dont know what do plzzz help how i chack if he is real thank you sandr

    • Sandra -

      He’s a SCAMMER. He’s running the old “leave request scam.” In the U.S. military, only the soldier can request leave for himself. No one else is allowed to do this. So, as soon as a “soldier” you’ve met online asks you to request leave for him, you know he’s a SCAMMER. In the next part of the scam, he’ll ask you to pay the “leave fee” or pay a bribe to his supervisor. There is no “leave fee” in the U.S. military. A soldier simply turns in a leave request form to his supervor. If the supervisor approves the request, the soldier goes on leave. Also, soldiers in Afghanistan are only there for 9 months at a time now. They don’t go on leave during those 9 months. Several years ago, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan lasted for as much as 15 months. Back then, soldiers were all authorized two weeks of leave during the deployment.

      If you’re still not convinced that you’re talking to a SCAMMER, ask him for his AKO e-mail address. That’s his official military e-mail account. Soldiers are encouraged to use these accounts to keep in touch with friends and family back home. My guess is that your SCAMMER will tell you that he doesn’t have an AKO e-mail address or that he can’t give it to you for “security reasons.” Neither of those answers are true for real soldiers. They ALL have AKO e-mail accounts and use them to write to friends and family.

      • I have request leave from us army base in Nigerai
        He tell to pay for leave to agent name : Adetunji Oluwatosin Daniel
        State :Oyo they ask to sent 750 USD for leave insurance for Sgt . Thomas
        Pay to money gram , I can’t send the money when read this comment

    • Hi Sandra,
      Gordon (message below yors) is right. I don’t know what prompt me to stop right on your message when I scrolled down but that’s where it took me. Probably to let you know also that indeed he is a scammer just like what Gordon said. I belong to a group who wants to put a stop to these FAKE SOLDIERS profiles. These scammers are mindless, thoughtless, disgrace, to our heros/soldiers that have dedicated their lives to fight for our country. PLEASE visit us at for more information on what to look for about this scammers.
      Thank you.


  42. Good evening,

    I’m from The Netherlands. And all of a sudden ” an American soldier” wanted to become fb friends. So we became friends. Just for 2 days. Today was the last day. We chatted and even though he’s 36 and I’m59 he did not care. So I played his game andasked him to pay me a visit here. Now he started
    talking about a leave form to send him money.

    And oc course I didn’t agree. Than je told m he was telling the thrth and I can google to look for myself. That’s how I found you. He hed send some pic

    tutrs of him training. Fake for sure. I’m sending this mail because I think its terrible how thrse people ise pictures of the us military. I hope one day it will end. I did not send him.nothing. He seems to br Nigerian.Thanks.

  43. I met someone claiming to be a sargent in the army he is 36 from Texas he Ims all the time though he has yet to ask me for any money, he has asked me to fill out a leave form I never did . He claims I have to fill it out and say ehy I want him home . Has any one run into sgt. princiotta yet

    • Hello Chelsy -

      If a “soldier” asks you to fill out a leave form for him, he’s a SCAMMER pretending to be a soldier. In the U.S. military, soldiers request leave for themselves. No one else can do it for them. Also, it’s completely free for a soldier to request leave. He simply fills out a form and turns it in to his supervisor. Con men use this “leave fee scam” all the time. After you fill out the form and send it to his fictional boss, they’ll ask you to pay the “leave fee.” The “soldier” will tell you that his bank account is frozen and he cannot get to his money. He’ll promise to pay the money back, but of course that will never happen. He’ll keep taking your money for as long as you send it.

      • @ Gordon as usual ” You Rock” Always on time thank You for your Service .Anonn

        • Thanks, Annon. I try to help when I can. Do you know if CJ is still moderating these blog pages? I haven’t seen a post from him in a while.

          - Gordon

        • CJ has taken a break from writing here on ASP. I do not know when he will return but I check comments every day to release them from moderation.

      • I found the real solider who picture he used he lives in vermont it was so crazy because he did not seem suprised when I told him

        • How did you find the real one and how did he get his personal picture?

    • He also goes by sgt smith too. Has a son in the uk.

  44. hi just thought I would add this….. my friend talked me into joining one of these sites which I did however I have my head screwed on. I began talking to a captain wesley johnson from new mexico based in kabul afganistan….. again I thought whats the chances of this being real ……absolutly zero!!! he was infact nigerian wanting money he didnt admit this first though I got the whole ” you need to email my commander to request that we can call each other but will be a fee” I actually said do you think im stupid….. he said “oh we are all aware of these scams so I understand you being cautious” ….. but then after a discussion he said “can I be honest” oh yeah please do…… what you said is true I am from nigeria and have to pay for my schooling as both my parents are dead. when I said he was an ass hole and would never get a penny out of me he said he was dying and needed my help blah blah blah…… to this I responded with a few choice words. so ladies please please dont fall victim to this! we parted with him saying he hopes I enjoy spending my riches alone to which I responded “I will, you’re dying” …. the only annoying thing is the photos of the lovely soldier he sent me had a little boy in them too…I just wish I knew how to make this soldier aware his photos are being used this way

  45. I meet someone to says hes in the military hes email is danielmarke510@yahoo.com is this true

    • No Diane it is not true it is a scammer and the name the scammer has made up if you give him time he will show you who and what he really is and I can tell you he is NOT in the US Military if and when he asks for money for any reason tells you his sob story claims to have at least one child with a caretaker and then claims he cannot access his bank account or he needs you to send him money via Moneygram or Western Union you know for sure you have a scammer on your hands which he is anyways please block and delete him asap.Anonn

  46. Thanks i thought he was iask him for a APO number and he gave me one i thought it was hes has sent me pic andihave even check him out on face book boy i was sure wroung thanks again

    • Diane No Thanks is needed PLEASE Educate yourself about scammers and what they do go to Romancescam Scamwarners and also Google and read about the MANY Military Romance Scams these Lazy Bums come up with Once you are Educated about Scammers leave them with nothing you will be able to spot their BS as soon as they type anything to you ALWAYS remember NEVER share personal information NEVER send Money to anyone you do not know and US Military ALWAYS takes care of it’s own.Anonn

  47. I met a guy on a dating website who claims to be a Sargent in the army that is currently serving in Nigeria. He has not asked for money but he asked if he could transfer.some funds into my bank account and asked me to send that money via western union to a gold smith in Nigeria. He claims that he wants to buy gold & diamonds there because they are cheap and wants to bring them back home to sell. I asked him for his military email address but he stated that it was confidential and was not able to give it to me. I also asked for his mailing address so I could write him as well, but instead of giving me the standard APO address he gave me a different address in Lagos, Nigeria. How do I know if he s for real?

    • Nancy -

      You already know that he’s a SCAMMER. You gave him two tests – AKO e-mail address and physical address – and he FAILED on both. There’s nothing confidential about an official military e-mail address. The US Army encourages soldiers to use those accounts to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States. He gave you a physical address in Ghana because he’s a young, black, male who has always lived in Ghana. He has no connection whatsoever to the US military. What more do you need?

      • Ooops. I meant to say Nigeria. Not that it matters. Nigeria and Ghana are the world’s leading source of internet scams.

    • Was his name by chance Richard Hills? I have been talking with a soldier, no rank given, he finally asked me for money for food, I only had 50.00 which I sent him Western Union through an “advocate” named Peter Thomas. He said he has put in for early leave, never asked me to do it and said he had money he wants transferred to my bank account. I did against my better judgement give him the info, but have taken all my money out and opened a new acct with a diff bank, he never asked for a pin #. I was skeptical about the grammar, but so many men (sorry)
      are terrible with spelling and grammar I kind of pushed it to the side. He has been so loving and awesome. The worst part for me isn’t the lousy money, even though I can’t afford it. It’s the fact that every fiber of my being was telling me it was a scam and to run, but he was so charming and said all the right things, I decided to take a leap of faith and trust him, I feel ridiculous, no fool like an old fool! No one knows about this but me, not even my kids …. too damn embarrassing.

  48. He claims his name is Sargent Dustin Ferguson and is currently in Nigeria on a special mission. The email address he is using is dustinferguson75@yahoo.com. He hasn’t asked money out of my pocket or asked me to request any leave for him,but his request for me to send money to a third person through Western Union was very suspicious. I asked him why could he just do it from his account and he stated that he was unable to. His grammar is very poor which is something that caught my attention. He always wants to chat after he comes back from his daily missions which I find odd because he had stated that he gets up at 4am to do training and exercise with his troops. I have asked him if he could do face time but he stated that his laptop did not have a camera. He has sent me pictures but ive asked for more and he keeps making excuses. I really hope you can shed some light on this. I would really like to know if he is real.

    • Nancy G you have been talking to a SCAMMER and he is in Lagos Nigeria because it is his home because he is a Nigerian NOT in the US Military there are a few things WRONG and simply NOT true that he has told you but first of all US Military DOES NOT use Wire Transfers Only Scammers do that he wants to put money into your Bank account it is stolen money he wants you to then send it to Nigeria tell me does that sound Normal? IF you had done that NOT only would you be his Mule but he would also steal your Money.

      The Military email address being confidential is a LIE
      They Can get on webcam
      They CAN give you their AKO and APO and it will NEVER be in Nigeria (There IS NO US Military Base In Nigeria) Google it
      Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams go to Scamwarners and Romancescam

      I asked him for his military email address but he stated that it was confidential and was not able to give it to me. …..LIE

      currently in Nigeria on a special mission…LIE

      I asked him why could he just do it from his account and he stated that he was unable to…Definitely a LIE US Military members have access to their accounts at all times HE IS A FRAUD.

      How do you know if he is real? his grammar is atrocious he has told you he is in Nigeria of all places where there is NO US Military Base he has also told you he was on a Special Mission which is also a LIE! Hope this helps Anonn

      Also the fact that he has NOT asked you for money yet does NOT mean he is Real and he did in fact try to play you for a fool if you give him your Banking info he will also steal your money if you transfer money via wire transfer to him he has used you as a mule hope I have explained it so you understand

      Scammers are after anything they can get he can use your pics to scam Men if you have sent him pics he can use your Home address to scam others he can literally steal your identity if you are not careful so please delete and block him and leave him with NOTHING. for support go to Romancescam and Scambusters and Scamwarners.

  49. Please be careful of a Ltc. Gregory Oswald, email address gregswald@yahoo.com. Like most of you, I was asked to file Leave Request Form. The thing is the reply was made on a UN letter head but the address was not correct. Neither were the telephone numbers. “He” said that his brother and mother had died in 9/11. Researched this too but I found only one Oswald who had died whose mother is very much alive!!!! I google everything about him and came up with nothing. He slipped up when in discussion he mentioned his little sister, when I questioned him he said she also died in 9/11. These culprits play on our sympathies especially single women. I’ve canceled my social network sites becausei could not comprehend the limits these creatures would sink to….. is there somewhere you post the pictures these culprits would have sent. To let the ‘real victims’ know what is happening out there. Thank you for this medium to educate and protecting one less victim

  50. thanks Annon for warning me. I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t 100% sure. People do need to be educated on this. Thanks so much!

  51. So, on Datehookup.com I met a man Srgt. Kough Ribers. From the jump, it sounded suspicious. After less than an hour of IM’ing on Yahoo, he’s talking about loving me, moving me and my child to his house across the country. But first I needed to pay his military leave. “Baby, as soon as I set foot on US soil, I will have access to my money again.” So, me being the cynic I am, and knowing enough about scams and what just doesn’t add up and sound right…. I Googled, and the first thing that popped up, IT’S A SCAM. I copied and pasted the search in our conversation, he immediately signed out, and that’s that. BE CAREFUL because these scumbags DO NOT care about you, they don’t care if you send your life savings! God bless our MILITARY, the men and women fighting for our country, our rights!

  52. I just received a leave request from someone I have been chatting with in the Army. I have read about all the scams going on. This request is from a website http://www.dod.gov, It is asking for information about myself; address, country of residence, occupation and date of birth. No request for money.

    Is this for real or a scam?

    • Wilma you have been talking to a SCAMMER NO ONE can request leave for ANY Military Member except for the Military Member and it does NOT have to be paid for it is like earned Vacation Time so the forms you have been sent are garbage from a Scammer out to steal your personal Information and your MONEY please Educate yourself about Military Romance Scams by googling Military Romance Scams and going to these two sites Romancescam and Scamwarners I hope this helps Anonn.

  53. I’m disappointed and heart broken by the words I read here about Nigerians. I’ve met and interacted with this fraudsters who cling to the excuse of the poor funding of the government to the youths which is affecting we the lower class and forcing people into terrible acts. I want to apologize to those who have lost their savings to these con artists and to advice those who are yet to come across them. They use personal information of innocent Nigerians and the world at large to deceive people. I apologize on behalf of the innocent Nigerians losing their dignity in your sight. I’m a Nigerian and I would never do such to anyone.

    • could you get help to set this scammer up with nigeria?

  54. Reading all the articles here i am sure i am victim of a scammer.i met this guy on
    site zoosk.he claims to be sgt Jordan Davis from black jack squad in air force
    He told me after six months of chatting on yahoo.he requested leave permit and
    Needed me to fill out special form.and pay

    lsix hundred dollars to process and also
    Needed 850 for bta basic travel allowance.the so called form had the insignia of us
    Armen forces.i fill out the form but gave all false information about me cause i was
    Suspicious and now he is pushing for bta money plus iPhone i am writing here p

  55. To help me uncover this sob so he wont harm anybpdy else.

  56. Please your reply about this will be appreciated.i also have plenty of pics from him.in his
    Case he claims to be divorced with single daughter.and born and raised in Texas
    And according to him he can’t have access to his acct and salary

  57. I can provide you his Yahoo acct and that funny form

  58. I juat started talking to a man his yahoo is armstrong_tracey and hestarts off with I’m looking for a serious relationship. Hes in the army stationed in djibouti. He goes on to say he makes 400, 000 a year and that military men do not have access to their money overseas. He goes on to tell me the procedures of emergency leave and that I would have to pay 2500 for a flight ticket. If I take out a loan the military will pay me back. I started doing reaseach because as soon as money popped up in the conversation I had questions. He also told me he is not allowed to talk to me on the computers where he is stationed they are not for personal use, anyways I did some reasearch and I also have a boyfriend that I’ve dated on and off since I was 18 23 now that’s in the military and asked him is what he’s saying true. He said no so I plan on exposing him tomorrow. I just wanted to hear his scam not laughing at other peoples experiences because I would be hurt if I gave money, but these scammers are funny. If you ever watch msnbc with chris hansen reruns he exposes scammers.

  59. I am a 73 year old lady who was on Facebook when this face appeared in front of me saying Hi thenI said hi first he told me he was in the US Army after so many question,which he told me he was 46 he had a 4 year old daughter called Jane he had been married for 6 years when he got back from his second tours he found she was on drugs and was not looking after the child he got her.He was sgtgrilliot (Ken)
    After a week of chit chat then it came out that he was falling in love with me I told him I was married for 50 years and a child older than him it was a silly thought he was having,then he said he need money to get a IPhone so he can chat to me in private or buy him a IPad and to send it to a Kevin Andrew he gave my address in Kala Lumpa so, I went along with this game so I said okay I will send the money then he said not $200 make it $800 but I did not send any money, but I lied to him and I told him I put a gold ring in a bag and post the money and ring together ,boy,did he get up set asked me to go to the post office and ask for it back then I told him he was not a US Soldier but a Nigerican scammer …so ladies watch out for someone calling himself Ken Grilliot I am Australian who won the war against these scammers hooha

  60. How does one go through with busting these people. I believe I am being targeted by this very type of scammer and have some serious doubt about the person. Do I just stop talking to this so called person, with blocking their addresses or do I continue on? I have no intentions on sending anyone any money but this person sure can talk the talk. I’d love to report this or have something done but wonder if it’s worth it.

    the email address is: alvaradorayce@yahoo.com And have been exchanging conversation through YIM and email.

    Thanks for the great site and info!

    • Kathy you are right just stop ALL communication if you have not done so already you can also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam as well as Pigbusters and post the pics he’s stolen as well the email Address he uses so when others google it he will show up as a Scammer.Anonn.

  61. Be aware of SGT. Mark Sanchez Owen, he also is a scammer, smooth talker, loves to make your evening with his txt, he is also on fb as Mark Sanchez Owen, also goes by Jordan Scott, and Carver Jordan. This man found me on fb, and stupid me fell for it, I also was a victim of sending money for leave papers 880.00, just right after I looked up military leave found out that money is not needed. I tried cancelling out, but the agent had already picked up the money. From there on I’ve tried to ignored but he keep bothering me, now am dealing with him again, he’s trying to have me pay for his ticket of 600, I told him he is out of his mind. I’ve send him proof of military leave process and how it done, but he insist that its all wrong. I was told to email a commander@usa.com, Commander Cruz, found out that the commander is Nigerian Nuri Aydin, I ran his email address to identify, all a lie. So I email this so call commander and told him, he was a fraud, that I would report him to the law enforcement, so far Nuri Aydin does not communicate but Mark does, when I ran his name he is listed as Mark Ojo from Lagos Nigeria…I eventually told them both off but keeps in contact of me, I just play with his mind…..be aware of this man.

    • I do have pictures of scammer Mark Sanchez Owen, nice looking enough to catch anybody’s eyes, I’ve been send a airline ticket from Afghanistan Airport, do they even have an airport? But I’ve been told numerous times of being a wife, children, and sex 10 times a day from Mark. This scammer is a smooth talker, says everything right, he claims to have a daughter name Hillary, and a sister name Brenda but still I question this man, then after repeatedly telling him he’s scam, he has the nerve to tell me I’m rude, that nobody in his life has called him names. He gave me a whole profile but still with expertise in weapons what is a special mission sgt giving me secret information? I just don’t know about this scammer. Please ladies be careful.

    • Pamela cut off all contact if you have not done so already yes he is a fraud but you sent money once and they are like Roaches they never go away BLOCK and delete asap do nOT speak with this Scammer any longer for any reason because eventually he will admit he is a scammer and tell you how hard it is there and tell you how sorry he is and he really has fallen in love with you and then beg you for more money or he will try the recovery scam Please Educate yourself asap go to Romancescam and Scamwarners and also Google Military Romance Scams and never send anyone money you never met or do not know US Military takes care of its own and they have access to their Bank Accounts at all times I’m sorry you lost money and wish you would have found this page sooner but since you sent money once they will keep trying you DO NOT Talk to them nor accept friend invites on Social media from anyone you do not know and anyone that finds you on any social site and claims to be US Military in any war zone is ALWAYS some Scammer in a third world Country Anonn

  62. I too was almost scammed by a supposedly U.S. soldier Sgt Rieck Brown in Afghanistan. I met on mocospace not even a week ago an already he is in love, sends me poems, via text, and wants my banking info so he can transfer all his money from a benefit fund. Calls me his wife. Uses the word Am alot, and let me not forget to mention our new found love, and family projects are supposed to be a secret. Until he arrives. He was requesting a 30 day leave, but the benefit form asking for my banking info has to be turned in before he can come here within 3 days. He avoid all personal questions, and just changes the subject by mentioning sweet nothings.   His grammer wasnt too bad, but he types money in as n875,000 so I thought that to be strange, or uuncommon in the U.S.He also states his wife, and child died in a terrible accident 6yrs. Ago. And he has no other survivors so he Sgt. Rieck Brown, and his secretary sends me an unofficial form from scottgina679@yahoo.com. I thought that strange coming from yahoo, and not a military email address. And to.top it all off I believe the real sgt is on Facebook with a profile picture of he and his wife. When I brought it to his attention he lies, and says that Torres his buddy was using his page. I have caught in more than enough red flags to know that I should stop the communucation. And I recived an email.notification today of a phone number request change on my account. That I did not authorize. I hope this can help someone into not falling for scammer traps. I have pictures in my phone if needed to.post. Ladies beware, and Real love doesnt cost a thing…

    • Almost Scammed glad you realized it was a Scam and Scammer behind it you cant post pics here but you can post the pics at Scamwarners and Romancescam also Google Military Romance Scams and Educate yourelf as much as you can and the email address he gave you leads to a Woman’s profile I assume he’s using this profile to try to scam Men…….https://www.facebook.com/scott.rose.92560….Anonn

      • Anonn,
        Hello, I am very Leary of this Army guy that I am talking to. We have been talking since August through yahoo messenger. He’s told me that due to the security of his location and job I cannot see him on the webcam (he showed me a black screen once) and that I can’t tell anyone about him. He’s been very sweet and loving, then one day he asked if I would open a bank account for him because his was frozen because someone tried to get into it. He has a friend that owes him money and he needs this money for his kids that are in the UK with his mom. I told him no and he said that he would send me his military ID and a letter from his commander to prove to me who he is. I of course told him that I wouldn’t know what an official letter from an army commander would look like so that’s not gonna convince me. Today he asked me to send his kids some money until he gets his leave and then he’ll pay me back (also he said that he was approved for leave but there are some things that would need to be done and he’s not sure I would do it because I said no to opening an account, I didn’t ask him what exactly). He’s in Afghanistan, so he says. I’ve asked him to have his friend send me the money and I will forward it to his mother and he replied that his friend insists on putting it in his account. I know that there are a lot of red flags here and I am really a very smart girl, just not sure of the Army do’s and don’ts and it sounds like you do. What do you think of this mess I’ve gotten myself into.
        Thank you for your time

  63. Same situation… But i didnt send money… Yet…
    I dont know believe him or not… All same…. Yahoo massenger… Transit leave… Payment …. Western union…. Agent in Nigeriya……

    • Simmy DO NOT send money it is a SCAMMER he is in Nigeria because that is where he lives he IS A Nigerian there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also Visit Romancescam and Scamwarners US Military Members are Well taken care of and will NEVER need your money for any reason and LEAVE does NOT have to be paid for and cannot be requested by anyone except for the Military Member Anytime you are on any social media site and someone finds you and claims to be US Military and ask you for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer cut off all contact leave the scammer with nothing get the picture if they ask for money for ANY reason ALWAYS a Scammer US Military Members have access to their own Money and Accounts at all times NEVER send money to People you do not know.Anonn

      • Tnank you Annon.

        • Simmy No Thanks needed just please Educate yourself and others around you about Scammers and that way you will be able to recognize them before you waste any time on them NEVER tell them they are frauds just delete and BLOCK and never speak to them again be warned though they will try under a new Name There is No Vocational leave and No such thing as Transit leave request that is only in a scammers sick twisted small mind they know nothing about the US Military which is great Thank God.Anonn

  64. Hi, Anonn!
    I sent a replay to Gordon for what he wrote on 05/13/2013, Gordon didn’t leave me any answer, maybe he didn’t see it, so this is what I wrote:
    ” Hi, Gordon,
    I am not a victim, because I figured it out when the “soldier” started a story about a parcel with money and jewelry for me, also US Army has no troops in Syria. I wrote a complaint to IC3 and I gave to them a lot of information: 4 tel.numbers, 2 e-mail addresses, 1 FB profile, pictures, e-mail correspondence, names and accounts of those people who are waiting for my money. I have been sparing for time with this “relationship” and hoping they will catch him. And they didn’t. And you say that the real soldiers can do nothing about it?! And their pictures, there’s no way to get them back?! Why??????????? And one more thing: why they (I mean the receiving agencies from IC3) didn’t make public the picture of this profile? I didn’t find him anywhere, on any anti-scammer page. In the meantime, he makes more victims…”
    Maybe you tell me what should I do…

  65. Thank you for this site it’s great to see someone trying to do something about these scammers. In the last 12months or more, I have had so many scammers friend me on Facebook and all suppose to be American soldiers. But you know as soon as they ask for money I know I have another one. And it’s always Nigerian addresses that they want the money to be sent to. I’ve just started talking to another soldier at the moment but my gut feeling is telling me he is also fake, time will tell. But once again thank you for your help.

  66. I had a sgt Benjamin William Johnson met him on zoos dating site :) but I knew from the get go he wasn’t who he said he was but to all you that have been scammed I played his little game & googled his so called commanding officers name Philip maquain & sent him this link lol but didn’t cost me a dime but I’m so sorry to all the women that’s been vulnerable & hurt by scum like this god bless & live & learn :)

  67. I had a Sgt Benjamin William Johnson also met him on zoosk , he ask me to send him money , his commander officer Philip maquain was going to get him the money…..they are in a military base in Nigeria……. Ladies please don’t believe anything, and whatever you do don’t send any money

    • Kim, I have been talking to a Sgt. Lawrence Bowen as he goes by and his commander’s name to is also Philip Maquain. Email address he gave me was sgtbowen_66@yahoo.com. He’s slick, using all these different names.

  68. I met a guy called Sgt noble david, i knew he was a scammer as soon as he asked me to pay his communication nill so he could get a phone so we could talk, also said he was in tripoli except at the time there was no US troops there i rang the US army asked questions and kept them informed, they have a section you can report these people to……….. so i played along with him and then made a yahoo name up and pretended to be a friend and he thought i was 2 seperate people he asked the other me for 1500 and again i went to the army site and they have a list of all fake paper work you can look at but also if you get an email use this site to check where the ip comes from http://www.iptrackeronline.com/email-header-analysis.php# it will tell you exactly where they are

  69. I met a guy called Sgt Adams Johnson, he is on a Pease mission in Tripoli for 11month now he said that he signed up for 3years. He is coming from Arizona City AZ has a 9year old son who lives in the UK with a trusting person who take care of him while he is gone. He’s wife died 5years ago also his parents in a car accident.
    We communicate over facebook for about 2month it started with poem’s then love poems until I did say to him that I don’t won’t to hear his poems and he need to express him self with his one words. He always say that he loves me I am his Queen Princess etc. I am his world bla bla bla. …….now he wants to call me just to hear my voice. So here it comes: he says he need a military CALLING CARD to be able to make calls also to call the headquarters in Washington DC to request emergency leave to see me. He texted me exactly what I have to request. I is Re: US MILITARY DEPARTMENT APPLICATION FOR MILITARY CALLING CARD. What I did.
    Two day later I got a very nice perfect written letters back from a sydney Sam <military_call_cards@mail2usa .com
    It is a 6page letters what I print out. The cheapest price is $300 for 8weeks so what is after 8weeks????
    I have not send any money jet and I'm not willing to. I did tell him that and more……he says that he have only me to talk to to help him out so he can chat with me legally and make calls. He is afraid to get punished when they fined out that he is texting illegal. Do I should believe him ? After I read all the comments I'm suspicious

    • Rosie he is a Fraud delete and block him NEVER SEND MONEY TO someone claiming to be US Military it’s ALWAYS A Scammmer.Anonn

  70. wow…$4,250.00…no I don’t think so..nice try…I’m an army brat…you don’t pay for leave..you don’t request a leave for a soldier…the soldier has to do that him/herself…I don’t believe that the rules have changed at all..the army pays for it…or it comes out of the soldiers pay…way to go Nigeria …us Canadian girls aren’t that stupid

  71. imet this guy in FB his name wade braxton george ,he said he is a doctor from colorado USA AND GOT DEPLOYED IN SOUTH AFRICSA ,SOMEWHERE IN JOHANSBURG ,.coz I am a registered nurse. from sydney australia. at first he was asking to send a 130US$ for the repaired of his mob phone ,i did not send, then he asked me to pay his liberty pass of 350us4 SO WE CAN MEET HERE IN SYDNEY PERSONALLY ,HE BECAME vebally ABUSIVE WHEN I told him i dont have credit card .then i stopped chatting with him.I told him he needs counselling.

  72. I too have been scammed by a person claiming to be in Afganistan his name is Thomas Brown claiming to be an eginneer currently serving in Afganistan. I checked the internet as soon as he said a fee was payable to the Army for him to take leave to see his financee.

    He said the sweetest things and nearly got me the money thing always should ring a bell

  73. I met a guy Name sgt Edmond James who been saying similar things what other gentlemen been saying to these women on here we met on mocospace 1/26/13 like what he seen and told me how he would like me to be his wife never seen me we talk for about 10 months being the type of woman I’m kind heart willing to help out that special someone I wind up giving him 1200 dollars to get here I believing him when he said the army wouldn’t pay his leave home it really started getting weird when he said he couldn’t come up with the form money I just cant believe men and women would use the army like that he’s over in Nigeria . I ask him for his ss number he tells me I will get that when he get here

  74. I met a solder my the name Micheal Benson Still. If anyone knows of the name please let me know.

  75. this guy name Sgt.david Thomas said he was a us solider and order for me to have phone connection with him I need to send money through western union .he is on a dating site so beware scam

  76. I met a soldier online he has asked me to request leave for him which I’m responsible to pay,he also helped to pay for some of that,now i am being hassled by his commander to pay for his internet,this was not made clear to me at the time that i would be responsible for his internet charges I feel like I’m being bullied and threatened,he is saying to me that he will come to london and have me arrested can he do this legally,I’m beginning to wonder if I’m being scammed because initially he was saying just pay what I can now he’s acting as though I should be paying the whole amount,where do I stand from a legal point,can I use his own emails against him,this man is a commander and appears to have quite a lot of leeway please help

    • Marlene put your mind at ease they are FRAUDS in West Africa somewhere they are NOT in anyone’s Military and they have no power STOP talking to them in fact delete and block if you have not done so leave the scammer with nothing they have NO POWER unless you give it to them NEVER talk to anyone you do not know and NEVER send Money to someone you don’t know please Educate yourself as soon as possible Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam for support and help you will find that the threats are the Norm when they can’t get your money but again they have no power and why would the Police arrest you for NOT giving a stranger money does that even sound right? like I said the scammer has no power he needs papers and money to get out of west Africa as well as Passport and Visa hope this helps Anonn

  77. I am also a victim for this scammer person saying that he is a captain i send mony for transit leave,passport becouse he renew,hotel,travel ticket to meet me but still asking now. Saying that he love me so much i believing to much for this person with his friend i meet in zoosh.Now still asking mony

    • Gina do NOT send this Scammer anymore money there is no such thing as Transit Leave only Scammers made up lies Never send money to anyone you do not know so sorry you lost money but once you send it they will continue to BEG you for more.He does NOT Love you he doesn’t even know you.US Military members will NEVER find anyone on ANY social site and begin begging them for money because they have access to their own Bank Accounts and never need your money for any reason so any time you meet a Man/Woman online claiming to be US Military in Afghan and they ask you for ANYTHING outside of what goes in regular care packages they are ALWAYS Scammers no exceptions ALWAYS Scammers who claim to be in Afghan but they want you to send money or care packages with outrageous stuff in it to guess where? West Africa or Malaysia it is not his Friend it is him he is the Scammer

      Leave NEVER has to be paid for
      Retirement does Not have to be paid for
      Phone Lines NEVER have to be paid for to speak with a Military member because they use calling cards and many can call their loved ones for free
      Flights back to the US NEVER have to be paid for
      ONLY the Military Member can request his/her own leave it is like earned Vacation time (There is no need to email anyone to request leave for a US Military Member that is always a SCAM and Scammer behind it)

  78. I have just recently been getting a ton of friend requests on fb- Rosco Smith ?? Bobby Balan?? I have not accepted any of them or fb messaged them back.. seemed a little off but you know with the online dating sites its hard not to know truth and scam.

  79. If you believe you have been scammed and need an investigation underway specifically in Ghana then contact our management team and we will help you recover your funds by the valuable information’s you have about this scammer, You can also contact us if you need to make enquaries on someone you met online, we can help you identify if this person is real or not. Contact us on bans.linda@gmail.com
    Thank you.

    • Linda you are a LIAR you cannot help anyone that has been scammed get their money back what you can do is SCAM them again making promises you know you will not keep and then beg them for money called the RECOVERY SCAM go away and STOP Phishing on this Blog all here are on to you LIAR! Anonn

  80. I was invited on chat from lexa.nl Holland , and i was wondering why someone from New York was looking for a woman in Holland, so i decided to ask him, and then we started mailing and he used the name Marvin Greenwood, said he was a soldier and soon going to be retired, he was a widower and only had a daughter, called Jackie, and a dog called Amber, as a boy from five years old he was adopted and moved from Germany to The States, He said he was the only child in that family and his adopted parents allready died so he had nobody as his daughter and she was in a boarding school. And he wanted to move anywhere , he wanted a woman for spending the rest of his life with. And he was so polite and was very convincing , he sound so very nice and he was very interesting in writing, so we mailed and we had contact on chat, and he was very entertaining and never used dirty or violent words. Sometimes his english was a bit strange , but as i am not english , i thought it was a habbit or dialect, you know i have writing errors as well. So i have to admit he touched me in a way , though i had some doubts, the feeling wasn’t right, and he also send me pictures from him, that’s what he made me believe,and i found him on facebook, yes the picture matches with his picture he send me , and i thought that he looked very trustworthy, a kind of lovely and sweet , so his picture touched me. But something in my heart told me that it wasn’t right and i continued mailing and chatting just to know where this would end, and i received every day a mail from him, and he was planned to visit me in Holland. so i was thinking of i want him to meet, because his picture was in my mind and i feld romantic feelings for him. Then came the day that he told me that he had a very importnat package that he was not allowed to keep overthere and i said to him that i didn’t want to be in any danger because of that, and than he told me that he got a lot of money from a minister there because he helped him with an oil drilling and i would send a diplomat to deliver the package. And there were these alarmbells ringing, so i decided to co operate with him because i wanted to meet the man, and he still had not ask me for money , because i thought , when he does then i know what to do.
    And this diplomat was named Mr .Hassan Moro. so he would contact me when he was in Holland, he had my mail adress, and Phone number. And this diplomat had to fly trough Ghana. When he was there he mailed me that he had an issue and he needed money for changing stamps, 3800 euro’s ,so i asked “Marvin” what to do and he asked me if i would pay him, and he would pay me back, and i said that i couldn’t and i said to him that i would see what i can do , so i googled him and saw all these stories and i knew enough. So he still was sending me a mail, and phoned me and all this happend yesterday , so i hope that he knows what happend and stop contact me, i didn’t pay him, and i have send a message to Marvin Greenwood on facebook , and i apolygised for sending him a message earlier .

  81. I want to get the name my scammer is using out there. Hopefully it will save someone some heartache. Sgt. John Childress claims to be a soldier in Nigeria. He messaged me for nearly four months before asking for money for a leave to meet me. I told him I didn’t have that much and suddenly the price went down! I still said I couldn’t so then he wanted an IPAD so he could see me in the web cam. Soon he needed money to send to his sick son. Always hundreds! That didn’t work so he tried the leave fee again. This time he only needed $500, half of the total fee. He tried several other tactics to get money. When he realized I wasn’t sending him money, he got mean. I blocked him from my Facebook page. I had checked for his name on several scam sites, but didn’t find it. I just wanted to make sure the name he is using is out there!
    If there are any other places I can post his name, Sgt. John Childress, I would appreciate it.

  82. Boy oh Boy I just got email yesterday by a guy claiming to be in the army as a peacemaker. I knew right away it was a scam by the way he wrote. According him he is Sargent Ryan Sherman age 41. He is a collage grad. bla bla bla he sent me all sorts of pics and said he loved me and that he would love to marry me … mind you we just met . When I asked if he had any children he produce a fake Google pic of a lil girl. But I knew right away it was a scam once he told me that he wanted to some to visit me and I needed apply for his leave of absence. Mind you I told him he was full of it because my sister is in the army and there is NO SUCH THING!
    Please ladies I know some of us get lonely and we want to meet new people but please don’t fall for scams like this.

    Sargent Ryan Sherman from Afghanistan is nothing but a FAKE LADIES DONT FALL FOR IT!

  83. I am so lucky to have found this site. I just contacted via DateHookup.com by Lt. Gen. Andrew Smith, every single post in this site sounds just like everything he said to me last night.

    He is asking me to request his discharge and gave me Usarmydischargedepartmentheadquarter@mai.com to send a letter and then I will be instructed on what to do.

    He quickly sent all this information – Lt. Gen. Andrew Smith from 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry regiment font eh 10th Mountain Division, Branch Afghan national Army (ANA) Unit 001, Pay grade – EL-3W, E1 Officer, One Arcom, Mos-military occupation, specialty code-42A

    My 6th sense told me there was something wrong, and began the research as I spoke to him. I got scared and cancelled my account on the dating site, but I will reinstate it so I can get his picture.

    Let’s shine the light on this scammers!!!

  84. ok can any one help me please one mind told to to goggle if men in the army have to pay for leave form just to make sure and this site came up ….i been talking to a man by the name of Oliver Kahn that is in nigera thats all the info he give me, i went to to read my email that the send from oliverkahn@2015.gmail an said he put in for a leave request but his commander said he has to pay 1,000.00 but like he told me before his account are all frozen because his friend take more money out than they were suppose to…now i was goin to send it to western union but im happy i didnt.I thought this was real we talk online everyday he send me pictures…WOW IM IN SHOCK HELP

    • Troyanna He IS A Fraud leave NEVER has to be paid for it is like EARNED Vacation time and fyi there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria he is in Nigeria because that is where he lives he is a West African,Nigerian to be exact or maybe even Ghanian.
      Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams also you can go to Scamwarners and Romancescam there you will find a lot of help and support NEVER send money to anyone you do not know and now that you know this is a Scammer delete and block him ASAP do not talk to him nor tell him you know he is a Scammer or he will reinvent himself and try to Scam you again using new pics and another silly made up Name hope this helps.Anonn

  85. Women beware of Smith Michael David from DateHookUp.com. I have corresponded with said Army Ranger Captain since September 9, 2013. He is davidmicheal281@Yahoo.com and his phone number is (484)896-9822. He says he is in Aftganistan and eligible for retirement. I mistakenly gave him my account info so he could deposit checks supposedly hazard pay checks into my account and then I was to Western Union these monies to army representatives specifically a Cynthia Lotfe, Rialto, California and also a Patricia Mason, Shelby, Indiana. All the various transfered funds and checks were returned unpaid. Once he learned I would not send him any of my own money to help him come see me he stopped all loving correspondence. He is slick and needs to be stopped. I wish I could post pictures so when he is searched for he comes up. Am wanting this man stopped will be going to Pigbusters.com to file with them too. Hopefully now when his yahoo address is googled this will come up.

  86. Hello
    I’m from Bulgaria
    . The last two or three months these Nigerians and here try to do the same.Declarations of love, marriage proposals, they then finding money and want to send them to me
    To get a box i have to pay around 1000-1200 Euro charge in Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai but not bank transfer with a money gram or Wester UNION.
    I refused to pay after threatening to submit the case to the police.He threatened me that he would kill himself, then i do not love you, you’ll go to jail if the box return to base.I asked his military calling card and military email address
    but he avoided answer and then gave me other invented telephone and address.He wiped his Facebook profile, then make another with a different picture .when I told him I did not believe him and i sent him articles about Nigerian scammers called me stupid.another asked for my money for retirement, while others wanted me to send me 65,000 dollars, but i have to pay tax paperwork.https://www.facebook.com/scott.spencer.5249..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq2dtj4R-VQ https://www.facebook.com/#!/butner.adams?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/walton.richard.5?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/#!/spencer.scott.12979?fref=ts .https://www.facebook.com/#!/frank.milly.33?fref=ts…this is scamers

  87. I had a few scammers that asked me to request a R@R leave request form and I didn’t by it one bit. I knew it was a scammer because real military wouldn’t say you have to pay a large amount of money for the so-called soldier to come home and request your full mailing address. I never gave any money nor my mailing address to anyone. I do get a email from this one guy claiming he is a soldier in the military in Libya and he goes by the name Noah Roy and he is also on Facebook. His email address he gave me is noahroy77@yahoo.com. I don’t know if he is real or a scammer but I believe he is a scammer because he asked me to help him come home by asking me to send money and I told him I don’t send money to nobody. https://www.facebook.com/noah.roy.58?fref=ts.

  88. Well I too just got sucked in at a vulnerable time. I had just lost my husband for real when I felt lonely and joined a dating site and up comes this good looking soldier born in Australia but lives in the US since he was 17 and now is 49. His name is suppose to be Wesley Murphy and I should have realized some of his emails with the broken English but I thought it was just nerves when typing cos other days it was almost perfect until tonight when he asked me to accept a delivery he got from the minister in the peace war or whatever. gold bars etc well I knew then he was fake and now his emails are angry so I know he is not who he says he is. pity the person in the photos is hot but oh well lesson learnt. No money exchanged and nothing lost just my time and well the fantasy was good while it lasted lol..

    • Sweet words do wonders to the heart when we are vulnerable…. as i now so well know…. im glad you didn’t get caught up in the scam…it took a few for my heart to start listening to my head, but thankgoodness i didn’t get caught in it….. even if i miss chatting and the sweet words….

  89. I’m currently communicating with Roger J.Smith though FB. He asked me to fill up leave form so that he can come and visit me. Asked for US1500 to the fake address. I knew this is a possible scam, so I contacted the US embassy in my country asking for a person’s name that I was supposed to deal with. There was no such person. I’m still communicating with him and he said he didn’t know the address was fake. How do I make sure that this person is real? He claimed he’s from South Carolina and he sounds like he’s from there. English is very good too. A very handsome man indeed…Claimed his wife passed away and looking for a new wife. The funny thing is in the picture he’s still wearing his wedding band. How can I make sure that this person is the real man in the picture. I feel sorry for the guy in the picture if this scam is just using his personal information to scam others. i never paid anything yet. I’m still investigating. I must admit that I really like this guy and falling in love with him…but I’ll never pay anything for him until I’m sure he’s real.

    • He’s asked you for money he IS A Scammer anytime you are asked for money it is always a Scam and a Scammer behind it so he is a FRAUD Please Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and for more information go to Romancescam and Scamwarners.

      Delete and Block him ASAP if you have not done so already he’s NOT the Man in the Pics he is an African After your Money and once he gets it you will not hear from him until it’s time for him to beg for more money


  90. Hi!
    I’ve been talking to a guy who says to be in Kabul
    He Always says he wants to see me and told me he filled a form for a redeplyoment.
    Also he told me he would have to pay 3000 US dollars for that. He didn’t ask me for Money, just said that’s the amount he has to pay when the papers get ready. Is that truth? Do the soldiers have to pay for a redeployment if their due time in a Peace mission is not over yet?

    • Sandra NO it’s NOT true you are speaking with a Scammer that knows nothing about the US Military NEVER send money in fact anytime you are asked for money for ANY reason it is ALWAYS a Scammer NO Exceptions Google Military Romance Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Educate yourself about Scammers and the different Scams

      NEVER send money to anyone you do NOT know no matter how much they claim to love you,you will NEVER see them and REAL Military Members will NEVER ask you for money nor will they need your help for any reason only Scammers do that

      Delete and Block him ASAP if you have not done so already

      Deployments do NOT have to be paid for
      Leave and Retirement does not have to be paid for
      They CAN get on Webcam and they CAN give out their AKO and APO and they are allowed to call and it does NOT have to be paid for by a stranger there is no such thing as Ts2 Satellite Phone.

  91. He claims to be Sargeant Stephen Knight and here’s his facebook profile:


    Is he telling the truth?

  92. I visit this site and believing i am the victim also of scamm military. I ask him the website of military email to control if real military. He give me this: Usaarmywelfare@mail.com thy refly me confirm those men i help for transit leave,documents,tranportation is real military but i doubt if that email is complot. What email i can check if real military? Please you can help me becouse thy ask mony for latest but this words i heared many time.Thy show me visa,ticket but not booking. Please refly me soon where i can email if real military?
    Respectfully yours.
    Gina Palomo Igdanez from Italy

  93. Hi this is a message for Lynda regarding her comment about a person going by the name of Alex / Carlos Diaz claiming to be in the Military on deployment in Afganistan. I have also had conversations with this person, who is he and why would he go to great lengths to lie. How did you find out he is not Military I would really like to know.

  94. Gina run away FAST that email is NOT a US Military email or AKO address they end in .mil only you are talking to a SCAMMER once they ask for money it is ALWAYS a Scam and Scammer behind it.Educating yourself about Scams and Scammers is the key please Google Military Romance Scams and go to Scamwarners and Romancescam there you will find a lot of information about Scammers and the lies they tell.

    Never send money no matter how much they beg for it or invent lies EVER if you are asked for money or anything of value it is ALWAYS a Scammer

    Never accept Friend invites from People you do not know

  95. Ladies please read the other posts. You are telling the exact same story and then you ask how can you know if he is real. I feel sorry for Annon every other post he is telling you if they are asking for money its a scam and military don’t need to get outside help to request for leave and all military travel is paid for we don’t even have to get reimbursed no cash transfer at all we just show up and get our tickets. Stop falling in love with scammers. They are making 3000 dollars off each one of you just by typing what you want to hear and sending you someone else picture.

  96. Soldiers make good money for their service and we make twice as much when we go over seas and everything is paid for the travel the food the place to live. If they are asking for money they are scammers don’t send money. I hate to see all these post of so many of you getting tricked robbed and heart broken.

    • Roger Thanks for your Service as well as CJ and Gordon and also Thanks for posting here about Military Frauds you were right to the point You Rock.Anonn

  97. I sent a message comment to a friend of a friend…. who replyed back and began talking , they were very polite and finally told me he was stationed in one of the African countries, investigating issues, that he was recently divorced with three kids, that his wife had divorced him after he rec’d a army honour… when asked about the honour he said to go online and i would find the answers.. comes to that he is using SGT Ty Micheal Carter identity… since i didn’t know anything about Sgt Carter..( my apologies to the real Sgt Carter) i con’t to chat… then the i loves you started coming…i admit i would get like a school girl hearing the sweet words…but, then started noticing very poor english, and contradictions to prior chats, and then asking me to send a request for leave… a letter to USA_MILLITARY_ARMY@yahoo.com….now i knew no gov office’s email is without “.gov” ..by now i was very curious.. i opened a new account in email…and did as he requested…and they responded back within 8 hrs…and again after 24 hours, asking me to confirm the information..including his ” force number” which is for next of kin…( I’ve Never seen so many typo errors and poor english in a gov’t letter) by this time i rec’d yet another email stating his leave required 2500 usd ….haha right…. i told him i had no money…and no way to “borrow” any…. can u believe they’ve not contacted me since…. i’ve closed out the account…and blocked them….. but am VERY upset that someone would stoop so low as to use SGT Ty Micheal Carter’s name in a scam…after all he’s given to our country……

  98. I’ve been communicating with a man named Major Tom D. O’Dougherty for a few months now. He says he is currently stationed at a camp in Afghanistan. Yesterday sent me a form to approve his leave so he could come see me. I told him I couldn[‘t do it right away and he got very frustrated and angry with me because I wouldn’t do it right away. Keeps saying he loves me and wants to come see me. Is very persistent.

    Anyone else talk to this person using this name?

  99. Olga please Read some of the other Posts here you ARE talking to a Scammer you cannot request Leave for ANY Military Member Leave can ONLY be requested BY The Military Member Him/Herself it is like EARNED Vacation time and it does NOT have to be paid for,Now that you know he is a Scammer cut off all contact and EDUCATE yourself ASAP Google Military Romance Scams and go to Romancescam and Scamwarners because it looks like this Scammer is trying to hit you up for money using the leave Scam

    Leave nor Retirement does NOT have to be paid for
    Never send money nor give your personal information to anyone you do not know.

  100. as with many of the women, i too was ‘approached’ by someone claiming tobe staff sargeant mark benson. he was a very NICE guy. after about 3 weeks of talking, he said he wanted to meet me when he came back to the US at the beginning of november. he started saying he needed money for a leave fee, no..i sent nothing. as with the others, he alledged he was a widower with one son in a boarding school. again, on facebook- his name is mark benson, claims to be a staff sargeant. they have pics of him serving in afghanistan.

  101. i neglected to mention that since i wasn’t sending money for this guy’s ‘leave’, he started asking for money to fix his keyboard on his computer.

  102. I am writing to see if someone can help me find out if this man staff stg. Thomas Kelvin Smith is a real army man from the KY base… he tells me he was deployed to Nigeria and I have been paying for all of his things like phone internet food… when asked if I can mail him care pakages he give me someone elses name to but the pakages in because he tells me he is a boss so he do not have permission to leave the camp see I am a little confused here because he was suppost to be helping me catch they last man that say he was brittish and in the us army that had scammed me out of thousands of dollars and that mans name is Richie frank smith … and I really want to know how military leave works do you have to pay for a visa if they take leave from military …. I am asking all of this because this is what I have been told by both of these men

    • Deborah you are being Scammed probably by the same Scammer first of all he is in Nigeria because that is where he lives he is a Nigerian.

      Military Leave NEVER has to be paid for it is like earned Vacation Time no one can request leave for any Military Member except for the Military Member

      You have been paying a Scammer you are talking to a FRAUD US Military members are well taken care of they have access to their own Bank Accounts they NEVER need you to pay for anything for them ONLY Scammer BEG strangers for money PLEASE go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Google Military Romance Scams and Educate yourself ASAP



      CUT off all Contact with him ASAP Block and delete.


  103. Thomas smiths email is kcrandall174@yahoo.com and he say he is part of the 174 battalion out of KY

    • Deborah I’m sorry you have been scammed and lost money but know that no ONE can help you get your money back once it is gone it is gone for good please read as much as you can about the recovery scam Google it Educate yourself Anonn

  104. Greetings …. THROUGH writing this forum, because there were two people who tried to cheat me. These two persons known by the social network Badoo, the first person is Johnny Collins, known as SGT.JOHNCOLLINS @ YAHOO.COM, American Military Michigan, 41 with 15 years of service working as a soldier on a mission of peace Africa this he asked me to send $ 500.00 to cover personal expenses because your account was frozen by being in that country. The second person is Jack Hall, known as sgtjackhall@yahoo.com and commandantsmithdonalds@live.co.uk, 41 years of Atlanta Georga American, and based in Kabul Afghanistan from 2010 to the present on a secret mission of U.S. Army, this I sent a letter for me I solucitara his R & R and the resends its commander, then received a form Vocational Leave Form to be filled and sent along with a $ 675.00 THROUGH Western Union in Nigeria within 48 hours. I realized it was all a false and sought information about romance scammed THROUGH page of google and this was where I confirmed fraud. I had to block my email accounts, facebook for these two people do not have access to my. Never send money thank God. Conclusion John collins and Jack Hall are the same people! Request permission to publish photos of military person is using it .. Thanks

  105. well well my friends i know how you all feel I myself have been sooo lucky to meet not 1 but 2 in one month!!!! so i have to lol at this. because these guys think they are soooo slick!!!! i have not sent any money and i will never do something like that but what i will do……………. I will play there game i will let them say all the sweet stufff and all the ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs and i will give it right back and when they think oh yea i got her now lol she gonna send me some money rotf i drop the bomb and watch them try to explain something they dont even understand… If a man in the ARMY a real man a man with pride he will never ask you for anything but your time and love.. Sorry to the ones who truly got hurt and lost money.

  106. Nina I understand but what you are doing could become dangerous leave baiting to the professionals unless you know what you are doing please understand that they could find your IP and also where you live and also they could send your PC a Virus or worse try to steal your personal Information so again be very careful or leave what you are doing to the Professionals like Scamwarners but it is best to cut off all contact and leave the scammer with nothing.Anonn

  107. Collins Mccabe, 321 EOD Squadron, US Army from Cincinnati Ohio, age 39, with a daughter 12 years old, trying to get women to apply for leave for him through email usarmymil.enquiry@usa.com. He has a facebook account under Collins Mccabe from USA, Ohio Cincinnati University graduate. He has alot of pictures of army personnel with last name Mccabe.

  108. Gm i do believe that i am being scammed to… fortunately i was scammed once b4 so this time i did some investigating and i kno he is fake anybody currently chatting with alvarado rayce@yahoo.com if so he is not real. Plz b careful everybody he also said he is in the US ARMY, STATION IN AFGHANISTAN and is a Sgt.

  109. I have also been scammed by Sgt James Adams, also Sgt Jameson Adams has tried, both these men have the same profile pics but different stories. Jameson said James stole his identity when he was in hospital for two months after being shot, providing s photo in hospital which the other claimed was him.
    I have contacted 3 women so far, another lady I tried to contact passed last week, I found this out when I tried to contact her…
    I was so hurt but strangely feel empowered to contact as many women as possibleto warn them of thesesweet talking douchebags


    • hi my name is Maricelis, my mom is going to da same situation…the name is Adam James. and im think is da same person as u..i have pictures can u be able to send me pictures or i can send u mines to confirm if is da same person..i want to know more information my email address is maricelis85@hotmail.com…My mom is still blind and she dont believe and i want to proof to her that is a scam..thanks :)

  111. I thought this hadn’t gone through, sorry

    Military Calling Cards – stay in touch when deployed to family and friends.

    DISPATCHED 02.12.2013

    Attention: Laura Zanely

    We are in receipt of your inquiry message for the purchase of our military call cards due to the Season bonanza here in our camp, cost of cards has been reduced.


    1. FULL NAME:
    2. CAMP BASE:

    Below are the lists of call cards available:

    (1) EASY FLEX MILITARY CALL CARD= $380 USD- for duration of two weeks

    (2) PREMIUM SIZE MILITARY CALL CARD=$575 USD- for duration of one month


    All cards connect to over 130 countries of the world with low tariffs and all cards are valid depending on the card bought, minimum of two weeks.

    Payment for any call card should be by Western Union Money Transfer or money gram with the details below:

    The amount of money to send through western union money transfer or money gram agent will be determined by the card you have chosen as indicated in the card types.



    NAME OF SENDER………………………………….

    AMOUNT TO SEND……………………………………

    ADDRESS OF SENDER……………………………






    Hello! Thats the mail i just bekome from a capitan Tommy Chucks ! :))))

    Thank You for your request of patronage while we look forward to serve you better.

    Commander Daniel Ochiegbu.
    US Army Calls Card sales representative.

    • Laura he is a FRAUD there is NO US Military Base in a shithole like Nigeria Educate yourself Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams and READ don’t stop until you get the facts Cut off all Communication with this Scammer delete and block him ASAP.Anonn

  113. It is regardingwithsgt.boyle hursey.who ask me to send a request for leave where in behind this is a scam.anybody knows him.pls reply to my commment.thanks

  114. Hello everyone,
    I also join a social site and had a very handsome military man chat with me. He too wanted to private message me and after the first day loved me, sent me poems, told me he was gonna make me happy, and etc. he told me I couldn’t socialize anymore he needed my full attention. So I deleted my profile, then next day I created another one on the same site and he was telling me (but I using different name and profile) he was only in love with me and blah, blah, blah. Anyway he also wanted me to register myself as his fiancée. I NO THIS IS A SCAM, but I don’t want to see other women be taken advantage of. Where can I report this?

  115. Met a “Soldier” from a dating site talked to him through yahoo messenger. After short time talking, said being deployed to Nigeria. Now he is trying to get me to pay with promise of reimursement for him to come home for Christmas vacation. Says that’s the only way he can do it. Which sent up red flags for my way of thinking. Asked why his brother couldn’t help him, said Army would know he wasn’t spending Christmas with his brother. More red flags. Believe, hadn’t come to that explanation yet, he wants me to pose as his wife/girlfriend/fiancee. Also says he can’t access his money for necessary things he needs like toiletries, coffee and personal items. Doesn’t the miitary provide these? Especialy coffee? No military in my family so I don’t know, just that he makes me feel bad for him especially at Christmas and the fact he said in the short time he has been there, just before Thanksgiving, 3 of is friends have been killed. Please, can someone tell me if this is a scam? If it is want to delete and stop all contact with him even though he has told me to that he loves me, wants to marry me when he gets back, doesn’t want me talking to any other men on the dating site now that I have him. We have talked 12 times on messenger, exchanged what’s suppose to be his picture, and mine but never actually met, now he wants me to pay for him to spend Christmas with me from Nigeria. Help me someone. Thanks

  116. Met a “Soldier” from a dating site talked to him through yahoo messenger. After short time talking, said being deployed to Nigeria. Now he is trying to get me to pay with promise of reimursement for him to come home for Christmas vacation. Believe, hadn’t come to that explanation yet, he wants me to pose as his wife/girlfriend/fiancee. Also says he can’t access his money for necessary things he needs like toiletries, coffee and personal items. Doesn’t the miitary provide these? Especially coffee? Please, can someone tell me if this is a scam? Says he wants to spend Christmas with me even though we haven’t actually met . Please can someone help me know if it is a scam. Thanks

  117. I, myself met a Army soldier that is stationed in Syria & we have e-mailed & texted back & forth for a month & then he asked for a M3SAT Network provider cellular phone, which cost $500.00 for phone & $350.00 for one month subscription & moneygram fee of $57.50, which he got the phone number for me from another soldier so I could text to order & when I ordered it by texting, the text came back saying that Sgt. Hall Maxwell receive phone in 3-5 working days. Supposedly when he received it, he e-mailed me to tell me he received it. He wanted it so he could hear my voice, called one time as I asked him to call me instead of e-mailing or texting. He said he wanted to keep contact with his son that’s 11yrs old, living in Calif. & a Nanny taking care of him, since he lost his wife 6rs ago with cancer. A week later, he said that he wanted to come meet me & told me that he went from Sgt. to Lt. & that they were having a party for him the day before he flies out & will fly from Syria to LAX airport, Calif., which he said it’s an 18hr flight & then go get his son & pack some things & come to my resident till he had to fly back end of Jan. 2014 & his son would stay with me ,transfer to the school here until he retired end of April 2014 of 27yrs., which I said that’s fine. He said that he had military affairs man working on his Festive Leave & the flight would cost $6,000.00, which I told him I didn’t have that kind of money, so I took cash advance of credit card & wired money from my bank account to 3rd party(military affairs). Military affairs man texted me, saying informing me of the flight information & Lt. Hall Maxwell texted me right before his flight left, telling me he would text me everytime he had to change planes & that his first distination would be a 4-5 hr flight & never texted me till a day later, saying that he’s detained in Dubai Immigration, UAE for carrying his military gun & ammunition & large quantity of diamonds he & others found a day before he left on patrol duty. I got a text from Lt.. Hall Maxwell & military affairs man telling me that I needed to send $10,050.00 for a lawyer to clear Lt.. Hall Maxwell of everything & if I didn’t, he would lose all years of military service of 27yrs. & will be prosecuted. Said he didn’t know that he couldn’t have military gun & ammunition. So, I went to bank to take out $6,050.00 from another credit card & wired the money & then texted them both back saying I don’t know how I’m going to come up with the rest of the money & the military affairs man told me not to back down with the Dubai Immigration people, as they don’t like us Americans. I called my bank today to cancel the $6,050.00 before the send it out & due to it being a Sunday, I have to call first thing in the morning when they open to canel before wiring money. I called my 2 credit card companies, told them the situation & going to investigate & they said that they may need more information a in week. For the month that we have been texting or e-mailing each other, he too sends poems, calls me angel & sweetie or my love & wants to marry me & has sent photos of him from Syria & wondering if it’s really him. Has anyone heard of this Army soldier, Lt. Hall Maxwell?

    • Anonn not sure why you chose to use my Name but your guy IS A Fraud.

      Educate yourself ASAP Google Military Romancescams

      For support go to Romancescam and also go to Scamwarners

      Sorry you lost money but please Never send money to anyone you do not know for any reason.

      Hope this helps signed The Real Anonn

  118. I have one man from UN peace keepers stationed in Syria he is called Klar Orban he needs money to get out of his position and is asking me to deal with a lawyer firm in Africa so they can pay to me his remittance of ” thousands of $$$$” but I need to pay 900$ first.

    This is the email address they are using for the lawyer UNITED NATION”

    Clearly a Scam so look out for this clown also.

  119. This is another Scam from a guy calling him self ”Roberts Key” steer clear of this clown also

    My Love,

    Now we are working on the Mexican sea everything is fine but we need some lubricant for our ship . And our boss is about traveling to Norway for this lubricant because without it we are not going to work much here in South America.

    Honey now this is where we will show our trust to each other now, i want you to do something very important for me.

    My boss is about going to Norway for this lubricant but i told him wait, that i have somewhere they sell the Lubricant.

    The company in Norway has closed down because of the financial problem in Europe and now the people selling the product in Norway do not have much in their store. my colleague gave a contact in your country Thailand.

    One if my colleague gave me the contact because he buys from the company in Thailand . He told me they are selling it cheap but when i called them yesterday i could not understand their language.

    Honey in Norway my boss bought one packet $2,200 US dollars, but the person that gave me this Thailand contact told me that they are selling $1600 United state dollars. So me and you can have the profit of $600 US dollars for each packet.

    And my boss need about 80 packet. So 80 divided by 600 is about $50,000 US dollars, so we can make profit 50,000 dollars for 80 packet. And my boss need this product at least every three months so honey if we can win the contact as the suppliers it will be good for our life in Thailand together once i come over there to meet you.

    Please i will like to give you the agent’s number so that you can call them for me, since you can speak Thailand language. You will ask them if they have the product and how much they are selling a packet of lubricant from their agency.

    I want you help me contact the agency.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Roberts Key

    • Did anyone talked to sgt.james miller
      He said he’s from afghan…we’ve been talking for over a month and at first he ask me to pay a phone subscription and made an email to FASTLINKCOMMUNICATION and an WILBERT ODOM replied from LAGOS NIGERIA
      Now sgt. James miller is sling for my bank account and asking for a payment for he’s leave…
      At first I already sent $260.00
      Help pls…

  120. J Mendoza he IS A SCAMMER you CANNOT ask for his Leave only the REAL Military member can do that LEAVE is like earned Vacation time and NEVER has to be paid for EVER you already sent this Scammer money in Nigeria if he were REAL why would you send money to Nigeria it is SCAM Central DO NOT give him your Bank Account details or your money will be stolen DO NOT send more money for any reason.

    Educate yourself go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams and Read and read and read some more REAL US Military members will NEVER find you on any social site and beg you for money for any reason you do NOT have to Pay to speak with them they use calling Cards you are speaking with an Ugly West African both inside and out from Nigeria.Anonn

    • I met this guy named alex nicholas owen through online dating. He base in kuala lumpur now. He seems nice but I became curious when he asked me to pay USD248 for his R&R form. I do research and found this discussion. He sent an email to Mayor Roy Miller in texas and soon Mayor Roy emailed me with those information I read at army website but he’s using army.boy62@yahoo.com. he explained that I just need to send money through western union with the details given on that email. And alex would be entitled for 3 weeks deducted from his current leave. Everything that he says is exactly what was written in the official website except the paid leave. When I asked alex to call me he said he doesn’t have money to subscribe calling card which is cost USD88 for one time registration. He didn’t aske me to pay for that. What he asked just pay for bis R&R leave and he would be able to pay me back when he meets me in person. Should I trust this?

      • Annie YES he is a FRAUD do NOT send him any money for any reason go to Romancescam and Scamwarners and Educate yourself and also Google Military Romance Scams in the meantime cut off all conversation right now leave the scammer with nothing.


  121. I waa about scam maybe. I met this guy just few day he love me as he said ans believe that. More sweet talks then i fall inlove with him. He didndt aak money at first. He send me his pictures wearing uniform of military dro US and with Id pictures and the statement account of his money . Later on he send on email his letter telling that he include me aa his beneficiary fiancee. He give me his brother number from London. I dont know if its scam. He send all documents from his work in Nigeria. After few days he ask me 100dollar for leave form so he can leave military. I do believe him and i send him money. Then that day when he receieve the money he send me the leave form stated from USA MiLITARY form Telling me that ur husband has got the leave form to filled up. I need advice do i victim of scam even he send all his documenta on army. He ask me again 100dollar for processing his leave and after paying no more pays ans he can leave army. I dont know if hia telling me true. Scam or what.

  122. Was ask to mail him a iphone 5 and he was going to come to live with me too? WOW! all I have to do is send him a phone and I get a Army man!


  123. @ Libra YES he is a Scammer Stop all contact with him if you have not done so do NOT send him anymore money for any reason.Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and also Romancescam and read and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    Know that Military Leave is like earned vacation time you do not have to pay for it and you cannot pay for anyone to leave the US Military Only Scammers tell those types of lies you cannot BUY your way out of the Military.

    NEVER send money to anyone you do not know for any reason.Anonn

  124. Can u please answer me is he s romance scammer? I mean he never asked me for money , said he is working in syria as a physician but as soon as i told him i found his email adresse in pig busters he get angry and shut me down because i doubted about him . is it a way for romance scammer too to act like that?

  125. Nathalie if you found him on Pigbusters YES he is a Scammer Pigbusters Verified him so again yes he is indeed a fraud it does not matter if he hasnt asked you for anything that does not mean he is real perhaps you should Educate yourself asap go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scammers they always play mind games and give you a sob story they are so hurt because you do not trust them they are Scammers period.

    If he found you on any social site and claims to be in the US Military he is a FRAUD No Exceptions and he will ask you for money if you give him the chance cut off all contact asap and as I said Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scammers and see some of the lies they tell


    • thank u for ur answer, i did educate myself i read a lot about romance scam, military scammers … but as he didnt ask me for money i wasn’t sure. now it’s cristal clear

  126. Thanaks! This morning they send me email that by January 4 that military is the leaving the camp bcos before i send him 200 dollar.its too late when i discover this site so i dont know! The email is telling me that his leaving that day. And they r asking me to send 500dollar again so they can process the money by transferring to my account ! They want to send me money in behalf of that US.

  127. Stop talking to him he and his Friends are all Scammers trying to steal your money NEVER send money to anyone you have never met face to face or do not know EVER especially if you met them online they are absolutely scammers.


  128. I also am being scammed by Maj. Gen. Scott Grinie .he uses the Yahoo email of sgrinie@yahoo.com. He had asked for $1600.00 in US dollars which I’m of course not sending. He also says the i love yous, the i want yours, i can’t wait till we are together. He claims his wife died 5 years ago car accident, parents both died 13 years ago, had 2 daughters that live with a nanny at his home in California. When i look at his picture his rank is only a staff . Just beware because he’s a smooth talker like all the rest.

  129. I received a “friends request” on Facebook from a Richard Scott who stated he was in the US Army stationed in Lagos Nigeria We kept up a conversation for about 7 months He had asked for money on several occasions starting with his son Adam had broken his leg and his credit card was not good in Nigeria To make a long story short he asked me to marry him and like a fool I sent him almost $900 before I finally started telling him I didn’t have any more money to send him. I even had a couple of emails in answer to mine from his “commanding officer General Samuels” telling me what a fine soldier he was. I have now reported these two people to the Department of the Army I was out $900 (I’m on Social Security) but I’ve learned my lesson.

  130. I was sent a request on Facebook a few months ago. The gentleman in Austin says he is in Afghanistan he wanted money so he could come home and visit. I knew it was a scam from the start. I still talk to him but refuse to send him money. He has asked several times I say no. His name on facebook is Shawn Defelice. He sends pictures of him in fatigues and hanging out with other soldiers. I do not normally add people to my account that I don’t know personally. I decided that since it was a soldier what could it hurt. He writes poorly over yahoo messenger but the emails are written correctly. I have flat told him that he is a scam and he denies it. If anyone comes across this guy abdominal would like to exchange pics to make sure it’s the same guy please feel free to message me. I dint do dating sites so he found me on Facebook. I believe he looked through till he found a picture of a woman and child. He has also tried calling me and is always an Illinois number if that helps anyone out. I’m not a trusting person so he is having a hard time getting anything from me. He also gave me an address in California where I can send him things. I have yet to send him anything. Just wanted other women to know that there are thousands of there. SHAWN DEFELICE is one.

    • Marcia he’s asked you for money he IS A Scammer stop talking to him and Educate yourself Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and romancescam and Read and ask Questions there you can even post his Pics and also at Pigbusters they can and will verify where he is located which won’t be in Afghan hope this helps.Anonn

  131. My questions is this do we have men an women Army in Nigeria.

    • Pamels NO there is no US Military Base in Nigeria he’s in Nigeria because that is where he lives he is a Nigerian.

  132. Hi.. recently a soldier name Captain Donald Miller become my Facebook friend.This guy from Dallas Texas. His wife dead 7 years ago while gave birth to their son. Now he is in Kabul Afghanistan… he told me that he waiting for his Leave to be approve.. He is not yet saying anything about sending him money… He is a scammer

    • I had someone also add me as friend on fb saying his wife died giving birth of their son. His name was Tony Allen in the begging he wanted me to send money an I said no. Then he wanted me pick up money from Wester union that was sent to me that I had no clue why either. Not sure what to do either in m heart it feels like a scam.

      • Pamels do not send nor pic up Money from Western Union he will then ask you to send the money to him making you his Mule and the money is stolen from someone else PLEASE Educate yourself Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and read and ask Many Questions and also Google Military Romancescams at this point you need to cut off all communication and know that the US Military Does NOT use Western Union nor Moneygram only Scammers do that to steal money.Anonn

  133. Iv been communcating with a sgt kyle burnsworth us army deployed in amsterdam holland he ask me to write a letter to request leave to texasveteranscommission@usa.com i received a scan download request form back stating the leave policy department of defence said i had to sign the leave document help is im being scam need a response as soon ss possible

    • Yvonne YES you are being scammed you CANNOT ask for leave for ANY US Military Member Do NOT Pay because Leave NEVER has to be paid for and Leave is like Earned Vacation time only the military member can request Leave.

      Please Google Military Romance Scams also go to these sites for support and READ and ask questions but the best thing to do is stop all contact with the Scammer.

      Romancescam and Scamwarners are the sites the best thing to do is Educate yourself ASAP Anonn

  134. I have been talking to a man for the past four months to six months that had found me on a dating sight called skout he goes by the name of Lawrence Bowen he tells me that he loves me all the time that he can’t wait to leave the army to be with me tells me he wants to marry me and that he’s been looking for a loving caring women like me for a long time he is ranked sergeant in the army and now he wants me to send him money to come home to me and that he needs money for a bta for being in the service for when he’s at the airport he had also asked me to send him money to buy him things while he is in the service over there because he can’t use his money over there he can only use it in the states he makes u think that he really wants to be with u and that he’s actually doing to come and be with you he calls u baby honey darling all the nice things u want a man to say to u one time he asked me to send him 300 because he needed it for his flight then another 250 for traveling expensives which would be for the bta last time I knew when u was in the service they paid for ur flight home and pd for ur food and what not this man had u so convinced that he’s madly in love with you that u will do anything for him his email is lawrencebowen_66@yahoo.com says he’s in Nigeria in the service but has a Florida phone number who knows how many woman he has done this too

  135. I met a guy on badoo.com, and he goes by the name of Clinton J. Alexander, claims he’s a Sgt in the Army based in Africa, on the Nigeria/Camaroon border. Says he’s in the Military of Defense. He also said I had to fill out a “Vocational Leave” request form. this is the website he gave me. http://army-mil-leaverequest.6te.net/ Well, good news/bad news. The GOOD news is I did NOT send any money. The BAD news is I filled out the form with all my information on it, Name, Address, phone number, email address, occupation, DOB. He did ask what bank I use, but did not ask for my bank account number. I’m sure that was coming. I have blocked and ended all communication with this scammer, I just wish I would have done this research before filling out those stupid forms….Ugh!!! Anyways to put him out there, I found him on http://www.badoo.com, yahoomessenger ID is:alexanderclinton83. I hope this helps anyone else who is being used.

  136. Met a man by the name of Micheal Pedro Chavez on a dating site says his in stationed in Africa Nigeria he says his in the Army of course sent me pictures with Army Uniform.

    He has started asking for money is it true they havent’ gotten paid for a while and also he said he requested for a benefit fund but needs to pay the clearance tax of $250 to receive it Iv’e been scam before and know this is scam am I right.

    • Terry YES you are right it is a Scam and he IS A Scammer and there is NO US Military Base in Nigeria he is in Nigeria because he IS an ugly lying begging Nigerian.Please Educate yourself ASAP Google Military Romancescams and go to Scamwarners Romancescam Read and Read and ask questions these sites are filled with Professional Scamhunters and they know what they are talking about.

      Clearance Tax=SCAM
      Haven’t been paid in a while =HUGE LIE what he means is he’s not been making any money because he hasn’t been able to get anyone to fall for his BS

    • Omg I was speaking to the same person I told him he was a scammer and I told him that I caught him and he said everyone was a liar no he is a liar omg

  137. I recently met an American “soldier” who said he was in the Afghan mission. When he sent email requesting a letter of release i suspected the same time.
    They are beginning to apply the coup in Brazil meeting girls through social network Badoo. But in Brazilian sites I di not find a word about this scam, only on American sites.
    I think, as soons as possible, the Brazilian authorities should be warned.

  138. gente esse e um e-mail de vigaristas não adicione nem caiam, e tudo falso, novo golpe do facebook, ele te manda uma msg e conta essa historia. mulheres cuidado.

    Major General William C. Mayville

    Eu quero que você saiba que estamos sendo atacados por insurgentes diárias e carros bombas. Durante uma de nossa missão de resgate nos deparamos com um cofre de metal tronco que contém grande quantidade de dinheiro que pertence aos revolucionários , que eu acredito que usá-lo para comprar armas e munições , e foi acordado por todas as partes envolvidas em que o dinheiro ser compartilhado entre nós. Fora do total do fundo a minha parte foi nove milhões de dólares norte-americanos (nove milhões ) ( 9.000 mil dólares americanos ) . Estou buscando sua ajuda para evacuar a minha parte do dinheiro para você como meu parceiro e você tem que me garantir que a minha parte estará seguro em seu cuidado até que eu terminar meu serviço aqui. Isso não é dinheiro roubado , e não há riscos envolvidos.

    Este é meus planos que eu fiz arranjos com um diplomata da ONU , que prometeu entregar o fundo para qualquer destino da minha escolha , eu estarei compensando -lo com 20% do total do fundo na conclusão final deste projecto , enquanto que o saldo remanescente será o meu capital de investimento. Um apelo apaixonado que vou fazer para você não é para discutir este assunto para um terceiro , se você tiver razões para rejeitar esta oferta , por favor, destruir este e-mail como qualquer vazamento desta informação será muito ruim para mim por causa da minha posição como um general do exército .

    Eu escolhi entrar em contato com você depois de minhas orações e eu acredito que você não vai trair a minha confiança.
    Sinceramente in Love
    Major General William C. Mayville

  139. Translated…

    We the one and email scammers do not add or fall , and all fake , facebook new scam , he sends you a msg and tell this story . care women .

    Major General William C. Mayville

    I want you to know that we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs . During one of our rescue mission we came across a safe metal trunk containing large amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries , I believe they use it to buy weapons and ammunition , and it was agreed by all parties involved in the money be shared amongst us . Out of the total fund my share was nine million U.S. dollars ( nine million ) ( $ 9,000,000 ) . I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money to you as my partner and you have to assure me that my share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here . This is no stolen money , and there are no risks involved .

    This is my plan that I made arrangements with a UN diplomat , who promised to deliver the fund to any destination of my choice , I will be compensating you with 20 % of the total fund on final conclusion of this project , while the remainder will be my investment capital . One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party if you have reasons to reject this offer , please destroy this mail as any leakage of this information will be too bad for me because of my position as an army general .

    I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe you will not betray my trust .
    Sincerely in Love
    Major General William C. Mayville

  140. I am being asked by a man to email militarysectionbase@us.com its fake isnt it

  141. I am presently in contact with a fake military man who the only reason i am in still contact with is because i am try to find out who’s info he stole…he found me on FB he even sent me pics of the kids & himself with his kids which to me make it not ok… I already called him out by letting him know i know he is not who he says he is 1 US military men know how to speak & write & understand English. At times i feel i am talking to 2 different people…His claims are that he is a DOD officer who is here
    Apake ogbomoso , country: Nigeria , state: Oyo state ogbomoso…Problem is I come from a long line of family with military back ground and have lots of friends & some family still in it…

    • NEVER MIND as soon I I posted he asked for money haahahahaaha

  142. I feel so sorry for Aaron Ramos! Please watch on YouTube Aaron Ramos Video Scam released by Snuble1976.
    I have been scammed till 01/30/14 with next/new identity VICTOR J. RAMOS but didn’t pay money to Ghana. Skype account was still online yesterday (victor.j.ramos418) and mail account is vic.ramos7691@gmail.com. It took me some time to recover from a broken heart and find all these infos, I will release on every scam-forum I find and also will report IP addresses and phone numbers to http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/ as well as to the German police. I hope for Aaron Ramos that my efforts help in any way to stop these nasty stealing bastards and destroyer of life’s. Uli from Germany

  143. okay I have some questions I met this man 2 years ago he is British man I have spoke with this man everyday on the phone and online for the last 2 years.. his name is Richie Frank Smith he tells me he is in Ifako-Ijaiye Lagos Nigeria on a us army air force base there I know for sure he is a white male and his name is as he say I sent him money in someone elses name because he said that he cant pick up the money in his name so when I sent the money I put a test question and answer and they also allowed me to have Richie ID as well as the man picking up the money for him… I have pic of this man he says he is in us army and he was to leave Africa back in march to go to water town south Dakota…. so can you tell me how this works getting him to the states because he send me some paper work from a travel agent where he had payed 850 dollars to his flight and passport and Visa because he said he have never been to the usa the remaining amount owed is 3000 dollars… if someone can explain military leave to me and military men who are in us military but not us citizens yet ….. if this man is real I would really in the us military and has never been to the states I would like to bring him to the us I do not think this man is scamming me for everything I have sent him money for he always sends me pic’s of and calls everyday around 3am my time and 5pm my time or is online with me can someone help me understand have leave works he tells me he will be allowed 6 months then he will have to return to Africa base where he will take leave from yes maybe I have been stupid and maybe he is just after money I don’t know will someone please check this man out and explain to me how military leave works

    • Deborah you have sent money to a SCAMMER he’s not US military and there IS NO US military Base in Nigeria you cannot request Leave for ANY US Military Member and Leave is like Earned Vacation Time it NEVER has to be Paid for please stop sending this Beggar your Money he is in Nigeria Because that is where he lives he IS A Nigerian and he is NOT White.He’s absolutely after money please Educate yourself ASAP and NEVER send money to anyone you do not know in fact if you meet any one online on any social site claiming to be US Military and they find a Way to ask you for money it is ALWAYS A Scammer.

      Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and also Google Military Romance Scams.Hope this helps Anonn

  144. I think someone trying to scam me. Scottgrinie@aol.com. he said he in Afghanistan. he want to come home on a leave . but he need money. he even sent picture to me of him and his kids. . how can you found out who is in the picture. I’m so confuse. cause they seem so personal.

    • Brenda hopefully I can help end your confusion ANY time they ask for money for ANY reason and you do not know them NEVER met them face to face it is ALWAYS A Scammer no Exceptions the US military Takes Care of it’s own and they will NOT ever need to beg someone they met online for money for ANY reason only Scammers do that cut off all contact with this Scammer delete and block him and Educate yourself ASAP.

      Educate yourself Google military Romance Scams

      Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Read and do not be afraid to ask questions.Anonn

      • Thank you so much for your help. I just like to find out who in these picture that he stole. this is so sad .that there people out there . Thank ‘s again God bless you

  145. anyone come across colonel clark waller, supposedly from addison texas, and serving in afghanistan

  146. I”m so confused by all this. I’m not sure if im being scammed or not, please help. His name is Sgt Patrick Wilson. He said he is 82nd special forces rank sergeant e6. we have been chatting for month or so and he says he wants to take a compassionate leave to come home. He said it costs $4000 but he is paying for it all. He said he needs to put the money into a paypal account and then I need to send the money western union to Marsha Bicknell in west palm beach florida. The Marsha Bicknell name comes up on scambook.com. He hasn’t asked me for any money, he is putting the money into the paypal account. He said he has to pay for the leave and flight home from Africa though. Is this real??

    • April he IS A FRAUD and YES you are being Scammed

      Leave is like Earned Vacation Time and it NEVER has to be paid for.

      He wants to use you as A Mule to send money that he has stolen from Others this Woman he wants you to send the money to is also in on the Scam or she’s being used as A Mule also

      Flights Home do not have to be paid for if the US Military sent Military Members to a Location they will return them.

      He has told you where he is and who he is He IS in Africa because he is an African that is where he lives Cut off ALL Contact and delete and Block him

      Educate yourself Google military Romance Scams

      Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Read and do not be afraid to ask questions.Anonn

  147. I met a man on OKCupid, SFC Edward Camp ARMY, deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan. He will regularly send me photo’s of himself and his unit. I’ve been able to see his name on his uniform. Now he’s asking for money to be sent home to the USA. We do have contact re: personal e-mail addresses and Yahoo IM chat on a almost daily basis, also I phone call several months ago. How do I find out if he’s who he says he is? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Donna -

      You’re dealing with a SCAMMER. Getting a victim to send money to another person in the U.S. is an old scam. The money is going to a “mule.” This person is probably another victim of their scam. The SCAMMER tells that person that HE is sending money to her (when the money is coming from you). He may describe the money as a present for her. In any case, the purpose is for him to gain that person’s trust (using YOUR money). He’ll eventually spring a big money scam on her – perhaps stealing thousands of dollars.

      If you’re still not sure that he’s a SCAMMER, I can suggest two sure-fire tests for your “soldier.” First, ask him for his physical address. Tell him you want to send him a card or letter. No soldier (far from home) would turn down a card or letter. Real American overseas military addresses end with APO, followed by AE, AP, or AA and a five-digit zip code. The APO stands for Army Post Office or Air Force Post Office. AE stands for Armed Forces Europe (including the Middle East and Africa). AP stands for Armed Forces Pacific. AA stands for Armed Forces Americas (covering Central and South America). The actual country is NEVER listed (for security reasons). My guess is that your “soldier” will have a physical address in Africa – Ghana or Nigeria – with no APO, AE anywhere in the address. Or, he will tell you that he cannot receive mail – a straight up lie. Real soldiers can ALWAYS receive mail when deployed overseas.

      Finally, you can ask your “soldier” to send you an e-mail from his official Army e-mail account. If he’s real, the e-mail address will end with .mil (example: john.t.doe.mil@mail.mil). If you receive such an e-mail from him, be sure to reply by typing the e-mail address into your e-mail browser. DO NOT simply hit reply. It’s possible for scammers to fake an e-mail address, but not if you type in the address yourself. If he’s a SCAMMER, one of two things will happen: he’ll say he cannot send you an e-mail from his account or your reply e-mail will be returned to you as undeliverable. When deployed, soldiers are encouraged to use their official Army e-mail accounts to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States. Good luck!

      - Gordon

  148. So how do we verify a soldier is genuine. Ive been in contact w a Sgt. Andrew Romero who says he tracks bombs so he has no specific unit. He wants me to request his r & r to his base. He is supposed to get me the address.

    • Amelia he is a fraud no one can request r n r except for the Military Member and it never has to be paid for it is like Earned Vacation time he’s about to send you fake forms have you fill them out and tell you there is A refundable fee it is A lie.
      Cut off all communication

      Go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and Educate yourself also Google Military Romance Scams.

    • Hello Amelia,

      If a “soldier” asks you to request his R&R (also known as “leave”), you will know for CERTAIN that he is a SCAMMER. This particular scam has been around for several years. When a real American soldier wants to go on leave (or R&R – Rest and Relaxation), he simply turns in a form to his immediate supervisor. A third party cannot request leave for him. If his supervisor and commander approve his leave request, he goes on leave. It really is that simple. But, SCAMMERS can only make money if they create lies that involve fees or costs for you (the victim) to pay.

      If you fall for this scam, he’ll send you a form to complete. Of course, he created the form or obtained it from another scammer. Once you return the completed form, another person will send an e-mail to you requesting that you pay the “leave fee.” By filling out the form, you’ll be giving them your personal information. Later, you’ll be asked to pay for his airline ticket. Real soldiers deployed to the middle east and Afghanistan do not have to pay for a flight home. The U.S. military covers this cost. If at some point you stop paying them, they’ll try to blackmail you by threatening to make your personal information public.

      Finally, every American soldier is assigned to a “specific unit.” Your SCAMMER told you that so you couldn’t contact an Army unit to see if he’s a real soldier or a SCAMMER. Good luck!

      - Gordon

  149. Hi, My name is Marilyn. Im a 36 year old single mother of 5 kids but I only have one in my care and that is my little boy, age 3 years old. I think I have fallen into scams here. I met this guy on on facebook back in 2012, October. He was a model out in U.S. Los Angeles. I was so so happy when he told me he was looking for a soulmate. We started out as friends first, like real slow, nothing unusual was happening or strange yet. We chatted and chatted on facebook for hours, he then gave me his mobile number so I started calling him but I couldn’t always talk to him long because he was either too busy or he couldn’t talk to me for whatever reason. So I began to suspect him every time we talked on our mobile phones. January came 2013, that was when he first asked me for money, which i thought was unusual because i thought models made a huge amount of money, but it turns out he was only a trainer, he would tell me how hard it was to train young girls. The first time i send him money was about his medical condition, he said he had to pay doctor fees. All I know is, this man really ruined my life and son’s education funds. He got a hold of my son’s Education saving funds. You, see, how he knew about all that was, when he asked me to create a Paypal Account for him, that was how he got access to all my funds. I lost over $3,500 dollars because of his stupid scams. He even got others, to send money in to my RBC account and I was charged for that, but managed to get out of it because I talked to the head Director of RBC, he just told me not do it again or I would be send to jail, so I still owe the $1,000 dollars, I stopped talking to this fool, we longer talk or even chat on facebook, ever since he finally revealed himself to me, he was a black man! he was no white hunk!. he was a black man who was just looking for some attention and some lovin, well he got it alright. I was really heart broken when he revealed himself to me, it turns out he knew the white man, i guess he use to work for him or something but not anymore, they lost touch ever since. That was my first experience with a scammer, I’m still going through with it all. But only with a Army Captain this time, I been talking to him since April 2013. We connected like real close. It was about a month later when he started asking me for money, it was for not wanting to go to war or something like that. I send him money, and he was marked off the list, he didn’t have to go for that war out in Berlin or Owerri. Him to was suppose to come and see me in December, 23rd, just before Christmas. I paid for his leave for $745 dollars but nothing happened, he didn’t show up, I was really disappointed in him and so hurt. I got hurt twice, I guess you can say. He then made another promise for January 22nd 2014, he said he was on the plane but he got stopped and held back. Something about he owed fees, like a lot of fees, I can’t explain it or say it why, but a lot of money anyways. Yeah, that is my story for now, let me know what you think and get back to me. Thank you….Marilyn.D

  150. David Bronson (imposter) contacted me via LinkedIn, he indicated that his wife had died, he had two kids and that he wanted to get to know me. We started to communicate daily (this all started January 4th). He was an Oil Engineer.

    I spoke to him – email, text and on the phone daily.

    At the beginning of January he indicated that he wanted come see me but suddenly he was sent on a trip to Nigeria.

    He has used several means to contact me – email address, Skype and phone

    Email Address: davidbranson101@yahoo.com
    Email Address: davidbranson@gmail.com

    Skype: davidbranson231 or davidbranson5059

    Phone Number: 703-249-6998
    Phone Number: 325-261-5310
    Phone Number: 740-617-8805

    The iPhone was shipped to Nigeria.

    He then wanted $5,000 or more sent to him, when I didn’t send the funds he got extremely upset. It was at that point that I understood he was a fraud and trying to scam more from me.

    He erased his Facebook, his Yahoo messenger etc.

    I am assuming that he is doing this to several other woman right now and I would like to find him to get my funds back and to stop him

  151. I have been chatting to someone called Kevin Bush who said he is in Tripoli, Libya and he hasn’t asked for money but just said he is very sick and the US Military Army don’t pay medical expenses and we need to talk as he has to get to hospital in Johannesburg, if he was sick wouldn’t the US Army help him and pay? Bit worried.

  152. Hello, I just want to advise that I have received another email from Kevin Bush. I have a terrible feeling I have been scammed, I will not and haven’t sent any money but I feel very upset and let down by somebody who has been pretending to be someone else. The email address they have been using is smgkevinbush@hotmail.com this is the first time anything like this has happened to me and whilst we have been chatting online I fell in love, I know it sounds silly and I am not stupid, I hold down an important job in London but how can somebody pretend to be this US Soldier especially if he is no longer alive, I feel like crying and also very angry. Please can you track this person who advises me he is Kevin Murdoch Bush sometimes known as Kelvin apparently based in Tripoli, Libya and know wants money sent to Germany not South Africa to an agent there so he can fly there for medical treatment, this man has even proposed to me over the internet, how can someone use another mans name like this. I will not be sending money, I have read your advice on this site and it all seems to relate to what has been happening to me, I now realise he doesn’t seem able to provide me with a military email address, he wants money sent to an agent in Germany, and he advises the US Army cannot help him medically. I realised I have been tricked, this is fraud and I would be grateful if you can look into this for me. Thank you Millie.

  153. I became this from Cole Robinson, he said: Please wright this to my commandant…


    Is this real or fake please help me, iam from germany an iam afraid of a Fake man… ???

    • Hello Romy,

      This is an old scammer’s tactic. It’s called the “leave request” scam. Real American soldiers apply for leave on their own. No one else can do it for them. A soldier simply fills out a form and hands it to his supervisor. There is no fee associated with a leave request and no one ever has to pay a bribe. The scammers will ask you to pay these fees that they have created. It’s a scam. They will take all of your money if you let them. Good luck!

  154. I am telling you I have been on several of those dating sites and everyone of them are full of scammers. My son educated me before I went on and it is a good thing he did. One site I want to warn evevyone about is badoo I posted my profile and in30 min. I went back to find over 50 hits. As I started weeding them out I found everyone of them were some type of scam and they all declaired there love for me in a very shor interaction. Stay away from this site, or be very careful. one email address they all wanted to use ends in military.usa not ours either.

  155. A man posing as Cecil Giniewicz in the Texas military is now using this name to con women that he is a military officer. He is using Wilson Glini. https://www.facebook.com/wilson.glini
    He also uses the name Cecil Gliniewicz.. Different photos, but same man. I suspect he has many other aliases too.

    Watch out and be careful.

  156. Hi!.. I understand about all of you ladies who got scammed. I have been scammed and left with no money, and yes i was stupid because i feel for it for 23 times, and other times i got scammers of course fid not send money. Now i’m talking with this man who says he’s a US Soldier, things went well for 2 months and now he said he’s transfer into a new location…i’m suspicious….after a few weeks, i guest where he was because he wouldn’t tell me.. When i asked him if he was in Nigeria he said yes,and didn’t know for how long. Last week he sent me an email saying that he had no choice but to ask,i knew it was about money, he asked me money,but no certain amount, he claims it was for food….i know that the Military don’t need any money…he still talks to me,but i haven’t send him any money and won’t! I did ask him for his APO and he said it can’t give it out….i’m not so sure about that. His name is Sgt. Andy Kerry, If anyone can help me out, please do!! And Ladies BE CAREFUL of John Lauseng Calitri he’s special and very convincing, he was my first scam! Thanks!!

    • Hello Foxy -

      Don’t fall for it 24 times! You’ve been dealing with another SCAMMER. Real American soldiers are ALWAYS able to receive mail. They can ALWAYS give out their APO physical addresses to friends and family. The Army encourages soldiers to stay in touch with the folks back home by way of cards, letters and packages. In fact, it’s FREE for a soldier deployed overseas to mail a card or letter back to America. Your SCAMMER won’t give you his address because he’s located in Ghana, Nigeria or some other African cesspool.

      Just for fun, you should ask him for his official military e-mail address. Soldiers are ALWAYS allowed to use these accounts to contact friends and family. The e-mail addresses (for the Army at least) end with .mil (example: john.e.doe.mil@mail.mil). Since your scammer is not in the U.S. military, I’m sure he’ll make up an excuse for why he can’t give you the e-mail address. Good luck, Foxy!

      - Gordon
      (a real U.S. Army soldier)

  157. Note: i got scam 23 times but did not send money all those times…stupid me 3 times. Still one time too many! thanks

  158. Gordon, Mr. Real U.S.Army Soldier,
    I thank you very much.
    I know he’s a scammer…i felt it and sometimes when we chatted …well, they all say the same things.
    They are getting better at “there jobs”… this one writes very well,but he’s a Nigerian man,a scammer,
    we just had a conversation on the phone and i know he’s not a Texan like he said he his…very low and soft
    voice ……….So, thanks and keep up the good work!
    Not falling for this one either!
    Hope My real Military Man will show up!

  159. I believe i was almost scammed. the person ken dallas ask me to help him get leave to come home and had me email a LT.COL Richard Gonzalez. than i was told i had to send $860 for him to come back to the state and was told to send it to African .

  160. Please help me i think im being scammed by a person who claims he’s col Robert Sinkler.
    he claims hes in Benghazi Lybia. he states hes a commander. he told me hes divorced and has two kids. he asked me for $315.00 for radio communication and then another $210.00 for internet connection and also wants a loptop (apple) and an iphone….please help me im getting scared

    • Kim -

      There’s no reason to be scared. You realized that he’s a scammer before he stole your money. That’s good. He probably lives in Africa. You probably live somewhere else. He can’t do anything to harm you. Now you know to be more cautious when dealing with people on the internet. Anyone who claims to be in the military and asks you for money is bound to be a SCAMMER. It’s that simple. Don’t waste your time talking to these people. They can be very convincing when they beg for money. Good luck!

  161. Hi Kim, I know how you feel, I typed my message here last week I think and since then this person called Kevin Bush and who originally contacted me via Facebook a few days ago said to me he forgave me for not sending him any money for Medical help as he is very ill but that I still hurt him but could I find it in my heart to send him a brand new Apple IPhone so he can communicate with me better. After coming across various sites like these I started to get worried even though I truly fell in love with this man but I haven’t got money to just give away like that as I am a single parent. I considered buying and sending the phone he wanted as he said he would give me a red cross contact but then he said the red cross couldn’t get into Libya so he said to send it to his friend called Stanley Odom in Nigeria, he gave me the address and everything, this man Stanley Odom is a black man in Nigeria as I googled him and he is on Facebook and he has lots of messages on his Facbook bragging about how much money he is making, it made me feel ill. I was still chatting to this man who said he was Kevin but when I said I will not send the IPhone he started to get very abusive and threatening via messages on Facebook so I deleted him as a friend. I am still very upset and heartbroken but just glad I didn’t send any money or IPhone, I hope somebody looks into this person on Facebook called Stanley Odom from Nigeria, I have his address and everything but I don’t really know where to go from here, he brags on his Facebook page with his Nigerian friends that he is at home counting and chopping up his money, not sue what this means but he makes me feel sick as this is fraud and he needs to be stopped. I still don’t know if there was a real US Military army man called Kevin Bush, its sad as I was being sent pictures of him in the army and chatting via Facebook and Email and fell in love but to think somebody is using his name is terrible. Good Luck.

  162. I am being scammed also the guy wants me to exchange his money to USA money and I will not do this. where do I go to report this person for trying this? I dont want him to hurt no one else please where do we report these people that are doing this to us???

  163. I am in contact with someone claiming to be Admiral William Harry McRaven recently I send $750 for leave application to Nigeria to their receiver name Atitebi Ahmed he even have a friend name John F Campbell of the army. I also was involve in getting a facebook winning by a woman claiming to be Sheryl Sandberg. last around December the 6 I send $500 to pay for the delivery or security but then I was told that IMF wanted me to pay $2,550 II told them that I was not able come up with that amount . so I gave Sheryl Admiral William Harry McRaven email address and I was told that his client pay 2,000 toward the delivery of my winning so I send the remain 550 last January, now because so much time have passed the box was send to France so when the box landed in the U S by cargo plane there was illegal Items that was on the cargo this cause custom to put a hold on all of the items including the box that was to be delivery to me. okay now I was told that the IMF seal was needed to get the box release so now John F Campbell offer to help me with the large part all I would have to do was just send 250 To Atitebi Ahmed in Nigeria I did ask how Atitebi was going to get the money over to Sheryl so that she could take a flight to France to get the seal send Christine Largare would not make the delivery anytime soon only on her schedule would she have come. so I ask you does this sound like a big ols scam to you

    • Hello Jean -

      Is it a scam? You had me at “Nigeria.”

      If someone you’ve never met suggests that you send money to Nigeria or Ghana – it’s a SCAM. If you read through the posts on this website, you’ll see pretty quickly that Nigeria and Ghana are the home of most internet scams (especially romance scams). You should educate yourself on these scams so you won’t become a victim in the future. Check out romancescam.com. They have lots of good resources.

      Good luck,


  164. There’s this 46-year-old Captain Scott Knight Roger of the US Army who asked me to add him as my friend on Facebook. After two weeks of online communication, he said he wants to meet me and asked that I write a request for a leave of absence on HIS behalf!!! Now, that didn’t make sense at all. That had me doubting. No mention of Nigeria or request for money yet. I goggled how such a request would look and found your site. Thanks a lot.

    too bad. too sad.

  165. Recently got a request from facebook from a certain woman Traci Denis (kabul Aghanistan. Nice picture. Lots of talking. Then the money thing came along. First she needed 300 euro for drugs for her mother. Nobody had the money of course. Then she needed 2000 euro for a leave request to be with me. The man of her love. Being causious i told her i have to save money. Told it like i was desparete. The money thing is put to the back. Before ending the talk it comes up agian, and it will cost no more of 1000 euro to join me in country. I feels like a scam to me. No money has been send, have read to much about. Yust teasing the person at the other side of the line. Ofcourse no webcam present, so you’re never sure how to talk to.

    • Hello Marco -

      If a “soldier” (male or female) asks you to request their leave, you know for CERTAIN that he or she is a SCAMMER. This particular scam has been around for several years. When a real American soldier wants to go on leave, he simply turns in a form to his immediate supervisor. A third party cannot request leave for him. If his supervisor and commander approve his leave request, he goes on leave. It really is that simple. But, SCAMMERS can only make money if they create lies that involve fees or costs for you (the victim) to pay.

      If you fall for this scam, she’ll send you a form to complete. Of course, the scammer created the form or obtained it from another scammer. Once you return the completed form, another person will send an e-mail to you requesting that you pay the “leave fee.” By filling out the form, you’ll be giving them your personal information. Later, you’ll be asked to pay for her airline ticket. Real soldiers deployed to the Middle East and Afghanistan NEVER have to pay for a flight home. The U.S. military covers this cost. If at some point you stop paying the scammer, he or she will try to blackmail you by threatening to make your personal information public.

      Good luck!

      - Gordon

  166. I met a soldier on Facebook. Started off as casual conversation here & there then became more & more. Talked a lot about his upbringing, family, religion & even music& movies. All American related. He did he was stationed in Afghanistan & was due to come home in December. Then their base was attacked by taliban & he couldn’t come home til end of January. His grammar was not bad. I truly believed he was American. I became suspicious because of his pics so I emailed him at his military email. Well come to find out that man really did exist but he was stationed in New Mexico. The only thing he asked me for was $300.00 for he claimed to be roaming internet. He wanted me to send it Western Union to an address in Florida. I didn’t send it. He got upset with me supposedly for doubting that he was real & deleted his Facebook. I haven’t heard from him since January

  167. I just posted about meeting a soldier from Indiana. I just wanted to add: even the things he talked about were American. The music& songs, the movies, even the cologne he talked about. Also discussed cities & States in the US. He had me totally convinced. He appeared to be nothing but American

  168. Has anyone heard of Scott Adams who has been in the Army for 22 years and is in Ibadan, Nigeria on a peace keeping mission? He and I have been texting each other for about 4 weeks now. He has not asked for any money because if he did I would tell him no. I do not give out money to someone I have never met. If anyone has heard of him please let me know. He said he is from Newark New Jersey.
    Thank You.

    • Hello Bonnie -

      He’s a SCAMMER. The United Nations is the only organization that runs peacekeeping missions. Currently, there are 15 of them going on around the world. There is no peacekeeping mission in Nigeria however. See United Nations website below:


      Generally speaking, the United States does not contribute soldiers to these peacekeeping missions. The U.S. contributes money. Countries such as India and Nepal contribute troops. Your SCAMMER told you he’s a soldier stationed in Nigeria so you won’t be suspicious when he asks you to send money or items to Nigeria. He’s actually a young, black male who was born and raised in Nigeria. He has no connection whatsoever to the U.S. military. Good luck!

      - Gordon

  169. His name is Nicholas Fortler …SSg in US Army
    We meet through Facebook – thought we went to High school together. I did too at one time. We have spoken now for 2 weeks … I felt bad that he was station over seas – son at home. Lost wife to Lung Cancer 2 years ago. All was fine until he asked to come home & meet me. Wanted money for the trip since all his funds are tied up being stationed overseas. I know this is not the case – so I have had him talking for the last couple of days regarding this so called payment we wants me to make. I was given an address and from the original money he wanted to the flight he has scaled is back to only $520 when I told him I could not get access to $1650. I am Not sending the money but how can I report him??

    The photos he is using is of a solider in an US uniform.

  170. I have been talking to a a man that claims hes a sgt over in Nigeria for a while now he has asked me to send me money but I havent but he has sent me money but I have sent it back to him and in some of the pictures I see on here It looks like the same man I have been talking too. He goes by the name of lawrence bowen and his email is sgtbowen_66@yahoo.com

    • Felicia, the guy that says he is from Nigeria – Sgt. Lawrence Bowen, is a lie! The same guy you are claiming has Been talking to has been talking to me also since August. I have the exact same email address. Says he’s a widow with twin boys and his parents are deceased. All lies. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. They say what every woman wants to hear because they are trained to say those words. Its heart breaking to hear but its true unfortunately. Listen to Gordon, he knows the truth when it comes to military. Good luck to you!

  171. I got screwed and he don’t know that I am a where ,but he wants to put money in my account I am really. Thinking about doing it and once he send the funds I will get mine back like dome one said that would make me a mule but it would end that one day ,if it’s a lot of money I will share the rest will everyone one please tell me what you think

    • Be careful Joanne they also ask for your bank account details to hack your account and clean you out….it would be safer to ask him to send you money order or bank check…

  172. I met a man about 6 months ago on a dating website. We talked through personal email a bit then went onto yahoo messenger and now texting. He is in Iraq and Afghanistan and was supposed to come home in December for a leave. It was cancelled. Then he told me that he was coming home in March and this was different because he was retiring so for sure coming home. He wanted me to call him but I told him it was too expensive so he called me. We talked a couple of different times over the phone but only for a few minutes at a time. He has sent me pics of him in uniform and of his kids too. He is widowed. Now, come time when he is supposed to be home and wants me to pick him up from the airport. So I’m thinking legit. Then about a week before he’s to come home he says that he is short of money and not sure what he’s going to do. So now I’m waiting for it, the scam. I ask what he’s going to do and he says that he talked with his dad and that his dad is sending him $500 and he’s going to try and sell what he has and raise the rest of the money for his ticket and BTA for home. I looked up BTA and every website told me that that does not exist and is a scam. I called him out on it and he said that he is for real and that he was not asking me for money and that he was going to figure out how to get himself home. Come today when I’m to pick him up from airport and haven’t heard from him. Finally I hear and he is still in Afghanistan. Says still short $950 for ticket home. I make several suggestions about how to get the money or how to get home. He says “let’s just drop it all, when I can purchase my ticket then I will come home. For now let’s stop chatting.” He still has not asked for money. But I still can’t help to wonder why the Army won’t fly him home. He says that he needs to pay for his expenses up front and that the Army reimburses him for it. He can not get money out of his bank because he is in a terrorist country. Oh, and when I offered to send him a care package in the beginning he said he’d get back to me and never asked for anything. So, is this a scam? A lot of what he says is legit sounding. He’s never asked me for money. Is he just building up to it? All his pics have him in uniform with his name on them. But all my friends who’ve been in service tell me that the Army would send him home and that he doesn’t have to pay. He says that it’s different regiment and different protocol. He is in the special forces sector of the army.

    • Hello Andrea -

      It’s funny how these African scammers all want to be Special Forces soldiers. I guess they think they can pretend the rules and regulations of the U.S. Army don’t apply to those troops. But, they do. The U.S. Army provides free transportation to deployed soldiers back to the United States when they go on leave and when their overseas tours come to an end. The soldier doesn’t pay a thing. Also, real soldiers ALWAYS have access to their bank accounts. All U.S. military personnel are paid through direct deposit – no checks are ever involved. It’s been that way since I joined the Army in the early 1980s. Soldiers do very well financially. Deployed soldiers don’t even pay taxes on their income. So, if a “soldier” tells you (someone he’s never met in person) that he needs you to send him money – you know for CERTAIN it’s a SCAM. See my comments to Deborah below for a couple of test for your “soldier.” I’m sure he will fail and you’ll see he’s a scammer. Good luck!

      - Gordon

  173. Recently on a dating website. Met a guy who said he lives in the Bay Area. Has been in the army for 15 years. Said he is ready to retire from there. His name is Hudson Gary Blair. Suspose to be a major. He hadn’t ask for money just stuff he missed from home. I said ok what’s the afo address he said has to use dhl cause he is in a undisclosed location. I told him no when I found out the address. He didn’t get upset but still Leary. Here is the address he gave me.

    Name : Henry John
    Address: 101 ondo bypass akure
    City: Akure
    State: Ondo State.
    Country: Nigeria
    C/O DHL Office Akure

    Again his name is Hudson Gary Blair
    Email hudsongaryblair1965@ yahoo.com.au

    • Mary -

      He’s an African SCAMMER. Real American military physical addresses (for deployed soldiers) end with “APO, AE” and a five-digit zip code. Your SCAMMER gave you a CIVILIAN address in Nigeria. That’s because he’s a Nigerian man living in Nigeria. He has no connection to the U.S. military whatsoever. See my response to Deborah below for two tests you can give your SCAMMER. My guess is that he will fail them both. Also, no on can retire from the U.S. Army after just 15 years of service. There are exceptions to that, but I won’t list them here. The scammers have access to this website too. They read it looking for clues about how to become better scammers. I won’t help them.

      - Gordon

  174. ihave some questions about two men saying they are us soldiers in Africa one’s name is Thomas kelvin smith and the other is Richie Frank smith I have sent them both money through western union and from money gram they both are asking for 3950 for them to beable to leave Africa and come to the states one say his home base is KY the other one say his home base is in SD how do you know if they are telling the damn truth

    • Hello Deborah -

      You’ve been talking to SCAMMERS. Real soldiers don’t need money to leave their deployed locations. When a soldier’s overseas tour is finished, the military sends him back to the United States. There is no cost or fee for the soldier. Also, there are very few American soldiers stationed in Africa. There are NO American soldiers stationed in Ghana or Nigeria. However, Ghana and Nigeria are loaded with young, black males who work as romance scammers. You’ve been talking to two of those individuals.

      If you don’t believe me, there are two tests you can do to see if they really are American soldiers. First, ask them for their PHYSICAL ADDRESS. U.S. soldiers are ALWAYS able to receive mail. Real American overseas military addresses end with APO, AE and a five-digit zip code. My guess is that your SCAMMERS will tell you they can’t receive mail for “security reasons” or they’ll give you civilian addresses in Nigeria or Ghana. Second, have them send you their official military e-mail addresses. Real military e-mail addresses will end with .mil (example: john.e.doe.mil@mail.mil). You’ll note that the last part of that address is .mil (not .com). Your SCAMMERS will probably have e-mail addresses that end with .com. Good luck!

      - Gordon

  175. I blocked someone today by the name of Nikolas Skelton supposedly in Lybia, biggest warning sign is when they say they are a Widow & also the poor grammar of their messages…sad that they use pictures of US soldiers without their knowledge, how they get hold of their pictures..

  176. Hey! I have a question about this person i met on datehookup.com his name is major andre cole also befriended him on facebook. I’ve seen pictures of him in U.S. Military Uniform with his last name on it. I really need to know if he is the real thing or a fraud. We’ve been talking for about two months now. He says he’s a widower last his wife to cancer two years ago and has a daughter she stays in a cathlaic school. He says he’s stationed in nigeria until his mission is over with. Tells me that he loves me wants me to be his wife. Wants to come home to see his daughter and to meet me. But he has no access to his bank cause the have no banks over there to transfer the money. Well i’m a stucker for wanting to help someone out an i really him. we have been chatting for awhile on yahoo messenger. i opened up a savings account only with 25 dollars in it cause he was gonna wire me the money from his bank account to my account.. he has my account number. what should i do about this problem.

  177. To everyone asking folks on the thread to verify if their correspondence is part of a scam – you can answer this for yourself pretty easily.

    The only question you need to ask yourself is: Did someone I’ve never met in real life ask me for money, for any reason?

    If the answer is “yes,” it’s a scam.

    It doesn’t matter what email address you think the request came from, if they offered to send you a check for the difference plus change, if they claimed to work for Amazon, if they claimed it was for a processing fee so your one-true-love that you met 2 months ago on Match.com and have never met in real life can come to meet you in real life, if they send pics that make them look really good in a uniform, if they claim their bank accounts are frozen, if they claim you won the lottery, if their doctor claims they are hospitalized in critical condition, if someone claims they need to pay a fee to leave the country, if they say their kid needs money for chemo… if they contact you on the internet, and the relationship somehow leads to a request for money *for any reason* …?

    IT’S A SCAM.

    Trying to rationalize a way it might not be a scam after all is pointless. They’re all scams. Seriously. Especially when they claim to be deployed service members. Service members have families, friends, battle buddies, computers, cell phones, debit cards to accounts with direct deposit, and the ability to apply for advanced pay and emergency loans through their service charities when they suffer legitimate tough times. They don’t need your money for airfare, processing fees, internet… the details change, but the one constant is, at some point – they will all ask you for money.

    If you haven’t figured it out before that, take that ask as what it is: A giant blazing neon sign telling you to walk – no, RUN – the other way.

  178. I have someone meet in pof hes name is alex guthrie, he said is a u.s army deployed in lagos negiria for special mission
    The month ago he need my help cuz he dont have food anymore. How can i prove that he is a real soldiers of u.s?

    • Hello Percy -

      I can already tell that he’s a scammer. In fact, I can tell you that he’s a young, black, male who has lived his entire life in Nigeria. First, there are no U.S. soldiers in Nigeria. There are however thousands of romance (and other internet) scammers in Nigeria. Second, the U.S. military takes very good care of its soldiers. They NEVER go without food. Only someone from a third world nation would think of something like that happening in a country’s professional military service.

      If you don’t believe me, ask your “soldier” for his physical mailing address. Tell him you’d like to send him some food. Mailing addresses for real deployed American soldiers end with “APO, AE” and a five-digit zip code. Mail for soldiers goes through the U.S. military mail system – not the mail system of the country to which they are deployed. My guess is that your fake soldier will give you a civilian address in Nigeria.

      Second, ask your “soldier” for his official military e-mail address. Real American military e-mail addresses end with .mil (example: john.e.doe.mil@mail.mil). Deployed soldiers are encouraged to use these e-mail accounts to stay in touch with friends and family back home. I’m sure your scammer will come up with an excuse for why he can’t give you his official military e-mail address.

      Good luck!

      - Gordon

  179. Hello there,

    I just got approached by a lady named “Kathy Snow” captain in the US Army in Afghanistan. Asked to help process her leave for $700 haha yeah okay … Thank you to this site I have learned that you do not pay for this processing. She said it was because she wasn’t going home. I said okay lets video chat … which she refused to … so no face to the emails. Be aware she is a new scammer

  180. Hi I just met a Kathy Snow from Afghanistan a captain actually …. so I think it is a scam … $700 to have her come to me instead of her “home”

    I hope I am right she seems so nice

    • Hello IAN -

      When a deployed American soldier goes on leave, he or she is allowed to go anywhere in the world for free. They don’t have to go home. I’m an American soldier stationed in Kuwait. One of my soldiers went to Germany on leave last year. Another is thinking about going to South Africa this summer. The Army pays for their flights regardless of where they go. However, they’re only allowed 15 days of leave per year when stationed in Afghanistan or Kuwait.

      Also, there is no fee associated with requesting leave. A soldier simply completes a form and hands it to his or her supervisor. If the request is approved (and it almost always is), they go on leave. If the scammers told the truth about this, they wouldn’t be able to steal your money.

      - Gordon

  181. Scammed for 580.00 now wants 1800.00 i am disabled and on a fixed income now my bank account is bouncing big time . He only cares about more money ya its the leave form bullshit. which ask for your mothers maiden name address why can’t we set him up? and catch him. this is a growing problem and why can’t our government set this up with the transferring agency, This can be to late when they carry this further . I have anxiety due to him having my information. claims to be Daniel Jackson. sgt_danieljackson55@yahoo.com His commandor Terry Zoltan money went to the name of Franklin Daniel.

  182. Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen),

    Below you’ll find a link to an Australian television program called “Insight.” This particular episode is called “Love Bait.” It deals with the issue of romance scams. I was a guest on the program (via Skype).


    If you’re nervous about clicking on the link, you can do a Google search for “Insight” and “Love Bait.” That should bring you to the show’s official website (www.sbs.com.au/). Portions of the show have already been posted on YouTube.

    - Gordon

  183. i have a guy by the name of Rossler Smith in Afghanistan on chat that i have chatted with him first he wanted a relationship , now he wants $ 300.00 so he can get a leave form to get out of army, and come home to stay. he wants the check made out to Marsha J.Ray.country .u.s.a. state north carolina city….charolette…..zip……28373. e-mail address info.dod.mfo.@gmail.com He wants the money to be sent by western union. I tried to get him to use f/b, but he never wanted to. But i figured him out first. Thank God.

  184. Hello, Ladies, Does anyone out there hear of Sgt Nick Coster, He is a very loveable sweet talker, He will have you beleiving every thing he say’s. He Claims his wife died. When you ask, he will tell you he don’t like talking about it. He is a single Dad of a son. One time the boy was 12, then another time 7. Anyway he even has went as getting on line. acting like he is his son. Wanting too know will you be his Mom. Very sad, He claims he has a home in Houston Tx, I have looked into it on every search, sight an nothing shows up. He now he is in Nigeria for Peace Keep. He want’s to come too me wanting 3000.00 at first then he went down too 500.00. When i did not send it he cussed me bad. He will be deployed to Syria for 8 yrs if he can’t get home , He will tell you his commander will let him come, Without the other soldiers BS. He Can’t reach his acct a lie an Yea Ladies he is using an Address 101 Hananka Nigeria. Know such Address. Know matter how much you tell him its not Legit, He Has so many stories, He is on Tagged, Facebook an other dating sites an likes women 40- 80 yrs old. I never sent him nothing, He still tries too stay in touch.So Look out for this Romantic Charmer, He is Good, An Gourgious. Sgt Nick Coster, He is on a site called Romance scamers, you will be surprised the people you see.. Just watch..

  185. Hi..my mother has been online with her supposed romance with a navy seal..He has requested early retirement from active patrols and had 2years to fullfill his duties,so for him to leave it cost her god knows what she paid?,now he has been to a LOC camp for few weeks has passed them stages he,has flown to Pakistan too come home has left Pakistan and now is in Dubai.all was good so hes on way home,then hes been notified he must have a notary stamp order to pay before can get out from Dubai..im convinced its a scam 100%,yet she wont listen as 2 them in love.its makin me sick the thought of her having paid roughly 10 to 20 thousand,and wont tell me how much has to be paid for that notary order.probably more thousands,, his name is david andrews

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