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The Hard Right Over the Easy Wrong

Gun Rights  April 18 2013
 — By CJ Grisham
The Hard Right Over the Easy Wrong

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


Growing up, I was taught in life to always choose the hard right over the easy wrong. I was also taught patriotism, love of country, and respect for those that put their lives on the line both at home and abroad. I and my family always make it a point to walk up to police officers we encounter at restaurants or in the public and shake their hands, thanking them for their service. So, before I get fully into the story, I think it’s important that I note that I don’t believe all police officers operate in the fashion in which I was treated recently. I don’t think that there is necessarily an anti-gun agenda in Temple, Texas (although, I’ve heard from many people with similar stories of being illegally disarmed). And I don’t blame the entire Temple Police force for the actions of the few I encountered on March 16th. I blame the chain of command of Officer Steve Ermis – the arresting officer, the Sergeant on the scene, and the Chief of Police.

Contrary to some opinions, I didn’t set out to make a statement that day. If I wanted to make a statement, I would have marched through downtown Temple or a busy street with my AR (which is also legal). Instead, we chose a hiking route that was completely and totally in the country. In fact, after five miles of hiking before I was stopped, the only houses I passed were those belonging to my aunts and uncles. There was a point that I crossed a 4-lane highway, but traffic was light at that time of day. My intention on March 16th was to complete a 10-mile hike and enjoy some quality time with my son. Nothing more.

Grisham Family Shooting

I also want to address some of the conspiracy stories out there as I see things. I do NOT think this is a coordinated assault on the Second Amendment. There were no orders from Obama or DHS. This isn’t about disarming veterans with PTSD. As far as I know, the mayor didn’t send cops after me following my speech to the City Council and his paltry response to my 2nd Amendment resolution.

However, I do think there is a great deal of ignorance throughout the Temple Police Department about the gun laws in this city and state. I had a conversation with the Chief of Police after my council speech and had to explain to him why I wasn’t breaking the law when I attended the meeting with a concealed firearm. He didn’t call me to give me a hard time, but wanted to make sure I knew I couldn’t carry a concealed firearm to a public meeting. However, the law is also clear that CHL holders may carry a concealed weapon to a public meeting if there is not a sign barring them on the doors. There was not. Yet, slightly more than a week after my speech to the council and my discussion with the mayor and chief of police, I was placed in cuffs on trumped up charges and my guns and CHL were taken from me. Now, I can’t take a concealed handgun ANYWHERE.

Some people ask why I had to carry an AR-15 with me that day instead of a hunting rifle or something else. The simple answer is, “it’s none of your business what I choose to carry lawfully.” But, I realize some people wear really tight panties and want a less-confrontational answer. My AR is my hunting rifle. I hunt with an AR and I hunt with an SKS. But, let me be clear that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t written for hunters, so this is really another moot point. All my rifles are either .22LR, .223, 5.56, or 7.62×39 caliber. Even my .22LR is an AR-style rifle. I own ARs, AKs, SKS, and variants of each. I’ve been in the Army 18 years and was trained how to fire the M4 and M16 series of rifles. When I made the conscious decision to start buying guns, I intentionally chose to purchase guns that I was comfortable with and trained on shooting.

I think we are living in a post-Constitutional society. There is a large segment of the populace that believes that gun owners should be treated like lepers and kept out of sight. The problem doesn’t start with the way the police respond to individuals lawfully carrying firearms. The problem starts with the people that call 911 and complain about merely SEEING guns. As a society, we have been conditioned to just automatically assume that someone with a gun is up to no good. Our nation’s schools instill this fear of firearms at a young age. Then our colleges further indoctrinate our youth to oppose gun rights. Since FDR, gun rights have been under fire. The passage of the National Firearms Act was the cornerstone of the building blocks of further gun control. With the passage of each law, from the 1968 Gun Control Act to the 1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and assault weapons ban to current legislation working its way through the halls of Congress to restrict what guns look like or the number of rounds they can carry, the 2nd Amendment is further eroded one step at a time. Each time we are told that our guns are safe; that they’re only targeting “some” firearms. The law abiding citizen becomes less and less safe while the job security of criminals becomes more and more secure.

But, I digress.

Chris Hunting MOntana

On March 16th, my son and I began what would be the most interesting hike of our lives. The third requirement for earning the rank of Eagle Scout states:

Earn a total of 21 merit badges (10 more than you already have), including the following:
First Aid
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Personal Fitness
Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving
Environmental Science
Personal Management
Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
Family Life

My son has earned 28 merit badges, but was missing the swimming/hiking/cycling badge. After discussing which one he wanted to do, he chose hiking. In order to earn the hiking merit badge, Chris had to plan five 10-mile hikes and two 25-mile hikes, all on different days. The final requirement for earning the hiking merit badge states, “After each of the hikes (or during each hike if on one continuous “trek”) in requirements 5 and 6, write a short report of your experience. Give dates and descriptions of routes covered, the weather, and interesting things you saw. Share this report with your merit badge counselor.” Chris and I brought cameras with us to document the interesting things that would have happened or we saw while hiking.

Chris chose to plan routes that began and ended at our house, which is out in the countryside. I live on a family farm where the nearest neighbor (that isn’t family) is about a half mile away. He also chose less-traveled roads along the route because we always bring a gun with us when we venture far from the house on foot. Out here in the pastures, we have cougars, feral hogs, and coyotes. Not that I need a reason to legally carry a rifle, I wasn’t about to be unarmed in case we came across aggressive wildlife, whether on four legs or two.

“But, CJ, why do you need a rifle AND a pistol?” Again, none of your business. But, I always carry a concealed weapon on me. For me, it’s like putting on my socks. I put on my pants, tighten my belt, and tuck in my holster. Anyone that know anything about guns knows that pistols aren’t long-range, defensive weapons; rifles are. Rifles are also more accurate and easily aimed, especially my ARs.

“But, CJ, why did you have to walk around with an assault rifle? Don’t you understand that after Sandy Hook and Aurora that people are scared of these guns?” First of all, I don’t own a single assault weapon. I have a good number of weapons, but not a single one of them is an assault weapon. For you liberal gun grabbers out there, this next statement is going to offend you. Just remember that being offended is a CHOICE, not something someone can force upon you.

CJ Shooting4

I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE OFFENDED, SCARED, OR FRIGHTENED WHEN YOU SEE A SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE LIKE MINE. Your lack of ability to control your emotions is not my problem. The fact that a small fraction of gun owners commit crimes does not mean that I have to alter my lawful keeping and bearing of firearms. If anything, those shootings should make you feel more comfortable seeing lawful gun owners walking around to warn criminals that their actions will be countered quickly. Instead, society has been wussified into submission and cowardice. The mere SIGHT of a gun is now cause for diverting valuable police resources to respond to such nonsense calls.

Why aren’t we training our call centers to question people who call in people with guns?

911: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller: There’s a man walking down the road with a gun.
911: Is he pointing it at anyone or carrying it in a threatening manner?
Caller: No, but it’s an “assault weapon.”
911: The type of rifle is irrelevant. Is he threatening anyone or pointing in a threatening manner?
Caller: No, but I don’t think people should be walking down the road with a rifle like that.
911: Ma’am, this line is for emergencies only. Citizens have the right to walk down the road with a rifle if they aren’t threatening anyone. If you see him do anything threatening besides just walking down the road, then call us.
Caller: But, he’s got a gun!
911: Have a nice day. *click

Instead of hassling law-abiding gun owners, how about we start hassling morons that are afraid of guns?! Or, if law enforcement doesn’t want to take a chance ignoring moronic phone calls, I understand at least checking out the call. However, when you drive up and see that a man is simply walking down a road with his son in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, there is no need to succumb to morons that called. It should be obvious to any educated person that no laws are being broken and the citizen doesn’t need to be harassed. So, you get on your radio and report in whatever code means “unfounded.”

That didn’t happen. Instead, the officer pulled up behind and asked us to approach him. As he said that, he was already getting out of his car. As he approached my son and me he didn’t have his gun drawn or lights on which would have indicated he felt threatened. As we approached the officer, I ensured that I kept my hands off my rifle. The officer approached us calmly and asked us what we were doing. Whenever I have an encounter with a police officer, my attitude always matches theirs. If they are uppity from the get-go, I am uppity from the get-go. If they are kind, I am kind. I don’t work for the police; they work for me. So, I don’t tolerate rude police officers. No one should tolerate ANY government official acting in their capacity rudely, even Soldiers.

I replied to Officer Ermis that we were on a hike for my son’s merit badge. He then asked me what I was doing with the rifle. I politely responded, “does it matter? Have I broken a law?”

It’s important at this point to address this point, because it’s a point of contention for many people. There is a lot of case law that recognizes that citizens are not required to answer any questions if they are not accused of a crime. It is your right if you are not accused of a crime to just walk away from the officer and refuse to comply until he suggests that you are suspected of having committed, in the process of committing, or may be about to commit a crime.

One such case is Terry v. Ohio, which I’ve actually had many law enforcement officers incorrectly state that this case gives them permission to stop and search anyone for guns. Here is actually what the judgment said in the justices own words (emphasis mine):

We merely hold today that, where a police officer observes unusual conduct which leads him reasonably to conclude in light of his experience that criminal activity may be afoot and that the persons with whom he is dealing may be armed and presently dangerous, where, in the course of investigating this behavior, he identifies himself as a policeman and makes reasonable inquiries, and where nothing in the initial stages of the encounter serves to dispel his reasonable fear for his own or others’ safety, he is entitled for the protection of himself and others in the area to conduct a carefully limited search of the outer clothing of such persons in an attempt to discover weapons which might be used to assault him.

There is case law after case law both at lower courts and decided by the Supreme Court that make it clear citizens aren’t required to answer questions or submit to searches or seizures unless they are suspected of a crime. It is illegal for an officer to detain, arrest, search or seize property just to FIND OUT if a crime was committed. My refusal to answer questions when I’m not suspected of committing a crime in no way means that I don’t support law enforcement. It means I support my individual liberties and civil rights. No police officer needs to feel offended if I simply don’t want to have a chat on an official basis. I’m more than happy to engage them when I’m not the subject of a call, but when I’m the person being investigated – whether for a traffic stop or what happened last month – I prefer to keep the encounters brief and go about my business.

Hannah Shooting Montana

At this point, the officer decides he is going to grab my rifle without any indication, warning, or cause. At no time prior to grabbing my rifle did he asked me to surrender it, tell me he was going to seize it, or ask me to place it on the ground. He simply grabbed my weapon – something I didn’t expect to happen. Keep in mind that my rifle was slung in front of me and attached. My immediate reaction was to grab my rifle back and take a step back. I didn’t place my hands on or near the trigger. I did not aim the rifle at anyone. I kept the rifle slung and pointed at the ground.

Incredulous that he had done this, I asked what he thought he was doing and told him he wasn’t going to disarm me without cause. Officer Ermis then pulled his service pistol on me, ordered me to remove my hands from the weapon and move to his car. I did exactly as he said. As I approached the front of his car, Ermis came up behind me and slammed me into the hood. When he did this, the camera I had strapped to my Camelback fell in front me, reminding me that I had a camera. At that point, I turned on the camera.

The situation was calm until the officer escalated an otherwise peaceful stop. He could learn a thing or two from Klamath Falls Police Officer Mike Noor.

The reasonable suspicion in this video is that MP5 rifles are commonly automatic in police forces. The debate over why police departments have automatic weapons that citizens can’t is for another day. Personally, I think that an officer could easily call any military-style firearm potentially automatic, but what is important about this video is how the officer approached the individual and explained what he was doing to prevent problems.

The rest of what happened is already on video and I’ll share it at the end of this post. I was initially arrested and booked for “resisting arrest.” A few weeks later, the charges were downgraded to “interference with public duties.” This offense falls under Texas Penal Code Section 38.15 which states, “A person commits an offense if the person with criminal negligence interrupts, disrupts, impedes, or otherwise interferes with…a peace officer while the peace officer is performing a duty or exercising authority imposed or granted by law…” (emphasis mine)

I highlighted two areas there. The first is that I was required to exhibit “criminal negligence” to commit this crime. The question becomes what was done criminally. The second part is the most important because it hearkens back to what I said about reasonable suspicion or probably cause. Does the police officer have the authority to disarm a citizen that isn’t suspected of committing a crime, isn’t threatening the safety of the officer or the public, and is legally exercising his rights to carry under the law? I’m not a lawyer, but I think the answer to that is no. So, if the officer is acting without authority, there cannot be criminal negligence. It is the DUTY of the citizen to resist the illegal and unauthorized actions of any public official. If I saw a cop beating or raping a woman, would I be charged the same if I interfered? I don’t think so.

It would have been easy just to stand there and allow the officer to take my weapons without cause, warrant or suspicion of a crime being committed. I would have been there for probably no more than 5 minutes. However, in order to gain the convenience of going about my business I would have had to voluntarily surrender precious rights to the officer. I am never willing to surrender any rights. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I also believe that a right not exercised and defended is a right lost or soon to be lost.

To the sheep among us, this may seem like a trivial matter. Their time is important to them and arguing or opposing the micro-tyranny is just too much of a hassle. However, I respect police officers enough to remind them of their oath to support and defend the Constitution and respect my rights recognized therein.

Because of the nature of my arrest and what my son was forced to witness at the hands of these officers, we are fighting not only the charges against us but will be filing a civil lawsuit against the officers, Temple Police Department, and City of Temple. Had the officers not intentionally filed false reports in an effort to cover their asses, I may not be so resolute in my conviction to seek justice – and their jobs. I can’t help but wonder where I would be had I not been able to record that encounter. I think about how many people have been victimized by these officers as a result of filing false incident reports.

When you can’t trust the police department to do the right thing when you have them on record, how can you trust them to do the right thing when they think no one is watching? While I was in jail, there was a steady stream of “criminals” that were being checked in. It was a never-ending congo line of suspects. There were young girls, old ladies in wheelchairs, and what appeared to me to be businessmen. How many of them were in on trumped up charges and can’t afford to hold the police accountable? When the case is tried on merely the cop’s word against the suspect’s word, the cop will always win.

For this reason, I now carry a camera EVERYWHERE I go. Every encounter I have with police, no matter how trivial will be recorded. I don’t trust this police department not to target me for embarrassing them with their own actions. I don’t trust them to have my best interests at heart. How can any citizen of Temple trust these officers? They can’t. As a matter of fact, if I were the Chief of Police, I would go back and scrutinize every single report Ermis and Minnicks have ever filed and contact those that were arrested or read the case reports and trial notes. Every single report should now be suspect as fraudulent and manufactured. In the meantime, these officers should be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this case and fired if it rules in my favor.

Before I finish my post, I want to reiterate that the police at large are not the enemy. I know many great cops that, like me, value and exercise their oaths. This is not an indictment on them and I will NOT allow any comments on this post that are disrespectful to the profession. I will not allow any comments that call for physical injury or death. That is unacceptable and not my intention here.

As you can see, my family is very well trained and versed on the use and safety of guns from my youngest to oldest child. People ask me if I regret any part of what happened or if I would do anything differently. Yes. Next time, I’ll wear my reflective belt. No harm can come to any man wearing his reflective belt.

I will provide more updates as I have them as we work to have these fraudulent charges dismissed. If you are here because Michael Yon sent you, use the search bar above and do a site search for “Michael Yon” (or click here). All his lies are laid out with proof and sourcing.

Forgive any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I will edit in the morning. It’s late and I want to get this up. Since you’ve made it far, please read about SSG Nate Sampson. He was also illegally disarmed and arrested on trumped up charges and his case was recently thrown out.

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  1. Well Said!! Great article! I wish you the best. hooah!

    • Hooah!

      • Hooah SSG. You make us all proud.

    • I support you. I myself am a disabled police officer. I was hurt during an undercover narcotics investigation and the two suspects tried to kill me when they discovered I was a policeman. They stood their grounds with the intent of shooting me dead. I was able to shoot back. I survived and they died. I suffered life changing injuries to my lower back right shoulder and lower neck. This was in 2003. In 2010 a local police officer stopped my wife at night while she was driving to get milk in the middle of a bad snow storm. About a mile from our residence she was stopped because the officer observed an FOP sticker on the rear bumper of the car. After he stopped my wife, he learned that the plates were expired. The officer was out of control and used every profane language while my wife was on her cell phone talking to me to let me know what happened. The officer then ordered her out of the car and gave her a citation. I had no problem so far, until the officer told my wife she could walk back home at night during a snow storm with around 10inches at the time of the stop. he told her to walk home which was about a mile away. I was forced to keep the kids at home with my very ill mother. My mother was fighting ovarian cancer, with kidney failure and diabetes. For three years, we could’nt leave my mother unattended because of her sickness. That night I was forced to leave her with my three young kids to go pick my wife up. The next day my wife decided to file a complaint agains the officer for using profanity and making her walk home during a blizzard and did not care for her safety. What if I wasnt available? What would have happened to my wife? The police officer responded to my wife’s attempt to file a complaint against her by calling the local Feds, FBI, ATF, ICE, and DEA. The officer advised them that he observed several books and articles related to counterterrorism inside the my wife’s car on the front dpassenger seat.
      These book belonged to me. I am a Doctorate Student at Henley-Putnam University studying Strategic Security and Intelligence analysis. I served as a police officer for almost 20 years. I was assigned to narcotics and gang investigations unit and a Task Force. I was also a member of our high risk SWAT team. The feds came to my home the same day my wife called the police department with her intention to file a complaint against the officer. I did not have any problem with the feds coiming to my home. In fact I invited them in to my home and proved to them who I was and that I was not a threat to anyone. As the feds walked into my office, they observed one of my rifles simmillar to yours mounted on my wall in my office. The rifle was not loaded and it belonged to my partner, Anthony Samfey, who was killed in the line of duty on Oct 17th of 1996. The police department gave me the weapon to keep as a memory of my best friend and partner.
      As the feds left my home, they actually filed under the patriot act for a search warrant. About five days later the feds served the warrant of my home. They did not find anything against the law nor any material that could be used against me. I simply was not a criminal. After four hours of searching my home and forcing my sick mother out of her hosspess bed forcing her to walk and sit for four hours in the kitchen crying from pain. My kids were tramatized by their behavior. The only thing the feds decided to confiscate and use against me was my partner’s old rifle that was mounted on the wall in my office. The weapon was never used in any crime, nor was even shot or used since my partner was killed. It was simply mounted on the wall collecting dust for over 14years. The feds even confirmed that my immediate [police supervisor that the weapon belonged to my deceased partner and was given to me by the department in his memory. Apparently the rifle was one inch shorter than the 16inch rule. I was never aware of it. I expected them to fine me and ask me to upgrade the weaopn to a 16 inch barrel or even apply for the permit which I believe costs $150. I was wrong, the feds decided to charge me with unlawful use of a weapon without a permit. I hired an attorney, I spent all of my life savings around $65000 on my attorney. I was taking care of my sick mother during my case. The judge even asked the prosecutor to exercise her descretion and drop the case against me. The prosecutor refused the judge’s reccomendation and filed my case to another federal judge. The second judge also was not thrilled with the prosecutor’s actions. In the end the case was set for trial. I was given a choice of taking a plea agreament since the feds charged me with attempting to impersonate a police officer, Which I was but disabled, and the unlawful possession of my partner’s firearm. I had no choice but to take the deal. This is because I had no money left for my attorney, my mother needed me because she was dying and I didn’yt want to take a chance of being found guilty and sent to prison. I took the plea and became a convicted felon. What happened next was the biggest problem. Since I was a disabled undercover police officer and receiving duty disability income, the pension board ruled to stop my only source of income because I became a felon. My mother passed away about a month following my plea agreement and losing my only source of income. We lost our home, my wife and three kids were forced to move to Florida and live with her parents. I became homeless without a job, without any source of income, and couldn’t even continue my medical treatments becaus eI lost my health insurance. It took about six months where I washomeless and living and moving from one friend’s house to another. My father who was living alone was able to purchase our home and helped us reunite and helped my wife and three kids to come back to Ohio. My father is 74 years old and is taking care of us financially. Following my mother’s death, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is currently fighting for his life. If my father passes, my wife and I will be forced to become homeless again. I don’t know what the future is holding for us. I managed to hire an attorney to help me get back my pension. The judge himself learned of my losses and wrote a letter to the pension board adviseing them that I did not commit any crime, and the only thing was charged with was a minor status offense. The judge plead with the pension board to reinstate my disability pension. The pension board did not listen or consider the judge’s plea for my case. I pray everyday for a better future. In fact if I wasn’t a policeman, I would’ve never owned the rifle. So I kind of regret choosing a career in law enforcement. Since I was convicted, I was diagnosed with PTSD on top of my physical disabilities.
      I applied for SSI and was even rejected. I ask myslef why is it that my partner and I were allowed to protect and serve our communities using the same rifle and 14 years later I was forced to take a plea and lose everything? I share your feelings and would like to hear from you. i want you to know that my wife and I wish you the best of luck with your case. Thansk and be safe.

      Nail Majid and Family

      • Wow. Thank you for your service. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for sharing your story.

      • I am sorry for your loss and further pains. It is a sick world we live in, so called “public” officials that resort to this kind of behavior are despicable. The negative impact of the few do affect the way all of us view police officers, with some suspicion and distrust, not knowing how our lives will be impacted by any interaction with law enforcement. “Protect and Serve” in too many cases, pertains to the officer himself and whatever power trip he/she happens to be on for the day in question.
        I do know some really great police officers, stand up guys that truly do have the heart of a servant, but they are not always who you are dealing with when the blue lights come on.
        I love my country, but more and more, I fear the government.

      • I am so sorry you went through all that the illegal Feds charged you with.

      • It really pains me to read about such “legal” injustice. You are either forced to pay money that you do not have, or you get trampled on by immoral people in a position of power. I wish you all the best and I can only hope that everything works out for you eventually.

      • I went searching for you and I keep getting this about being a murderer ( http://nailmajidtruth.wordpress.com ) Would this be another Nail Majid In the police force?

        • Care to respond to this question Nail Majid? I to keep coming up with this link: http://nailmajidtruth.wordpress.com

        • The police officer story above from Nail Majid is troubling. The “feds” obviously knew that the rifle he had was illegally short, but that is not the real problem. But of course, how can an inanimate object be a criminal? Only in the mind of a corrupt people, a morally bankrupt law code of a nation that deserves to disintegrate for it’s lack of morality, its defiance to God’s order and a violation of human rights. The chicago police department as any other police department have been duped into creating SWAT teams and drug enforcement undercover operations, which have produced more crime then solved. They are roaming death squads that end up killing innocent and drug dealing people without due process of law. Entrapment is immoral, and so the cops are committing crimes against the natural law, and thus bring death and mayhem upon themselves.
          Law breaking by government induces more crime. It escalates minor drug activity into gun battles.
          The drug war is immoral, and thus has this unique ability to make things infinitely worse.
          Innocent officers are corrupted by immoral laws created by governments in rebellion to God’s right order.

      • I am aware of my young age (13) but i am still aware of the ammendments (this year i did a second ammendment project for social studies) i am extremely sorry for your losses. It is a shame that people such as yourself protect your community for years, are injured in the line of duty, honored, rewarded for your duty, but you still faced criminal charges. I find it to be outrageous that you were given your partner’s rifle as a way to remember him and you are charged with using it for a crime. The police department throughout this country are a discrace. You might not have served in my community, but you still serven and protected for more then 15 years. To me you are a hero, right along with my dad who is a fireman, cj from the movie, and members of the U.S. Armed forces. I am interested to hear more from you. Please respond.

      • First of all my sincere sympathy for your loss and the heartache you and your family are enduring.

        The times we are witnessing are paved with a new age position of right and wrong for the peacekeeping honest citizens in our country.
        Your story along with the story at the forefront of this by Sgt Grisham prove the path is becoming a throwback to ages when governments were able to at will squash any type of freedoms.
        Then 1776, a new period and the “experiment” to allow liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be born as, yes the USA.
        But, unfortunately the past has caught up with us and the “big brother” of George Orwell has bloomed into an unstoppable juggernaut government and folks like you are the unfortunate that become casualties.
        Your story is so unforgivably sad that it makes one want to explode with fear for others who are being victimized by these runaway government actions.
        I cannot imagine the sadness you must feel at being a longtime servant and having your total career erased and the agony of losing all your memories because the system protects and believes the few (but many) bad servants in the system.
        Your hope of justice is FAITH in the Almighty God, the love of your family and the knowledge that someday soon the entire wrong you have been forced to endure will be supremely judged and the true guilty punished without any chance for pardon for eternity.
        Stories such as yours are so wrong that no words can express how sorry it is we cannot heal the pain and right the wrong for you. Just stay strong with your faith, you did not express it,but I know it’s there.

      • I see that some people are good in this world and some are just… I’m adopted and I’m so thankful to live in the United States, the best place I have ever known. But what depresses me the most. Is when our very own Constitution is throw out the window simply because we have a bunch of criminals located in DC. If this violated any of your rules. Do as you need too. Because I must have not read the whole do’s and don’t. I hope that every thing will be better for you and us all someday. May God Bless America!

      • Im sorry for what your going through, I myself am a retired deputy sheriff and then went on to work for the state prison system working in the Segregation unit for 10 years, I suffered a disabling back injury while attempting to extract a convict who had assaulted a nurse, during the course of the extraction from the nurse’s station I injured my back severely to a point where im pretty close to being confined to a wheelchair, and after all the operations I wanted to keep working but no those SOBs wanted me right out and was forced to retire again, It took me another 5 years before SSD awarded me benefits, which is less than working at walmart, it affected me mentally, Im close to losing my family due to my severe depression, there isnt a day that I dont think of taking one to the head. The system in this country that we call the United States of America has and will continue to bring down law abiding citizens any which way they can. So im with you brother, this country has to stop treating us this way…..A convict has more rights than a law abiding citizen. Take care and hope all goes well for you and family.


      • Hello. I am very sorry for all that has happened to you. I was a member of the US Coast Guard and all I would like to reveal about myself is that I lost my career to crooked police officers. In fact, I had to take a plea bargain for the same reason as you, lack of funds, or go to trial and face countless numbers of years in prison. I lost my career and my right to bear arms and many other rights. I have had to deal with this atrocity throughout the years and have difficulty finding work, due to background checks. My main concern with both of our cases, is that had we not taken a plea bargain, we would have had to 1) go to trial and 2) use a court appointed lawyer(who I truly believe works for the court in cahoots with the prosecutor, not for the defendant)-which usually spells doom, regardless. I wrote the FBI and Internal Affairs after my conviction. I don’t know at what point in time the arresting officer was transferred or left that station, but he was gone, nonetheless, soon after. I am a law abiding citizen, served in the military, like you served the people, yet was abandoned, falsely accused of crimes and have paid dearly due to corruption. My situation is nowhere nearly as bad as yours, so I sympathize with you for all the losses you have endured. if I could buy you lunch right now, I would. It’s the least i could do to help. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk. I cannot provide shelter, for I am struggling myself, but I may provide moral support, at the very least. best wishes, Paul J. Harris trinity11726@yahoo.com

      • Thank you so much for serving and I feel great sorrow for all that you have lost. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! God bless you!

      • Our federal government is just flat out evil, useless, and heartless. I thank you or your service sir, I hope God will protect you and your family. I wonder if that police officer who was so rude to your wife, and changed your life forever has any idea how much of a piece of dirt he is.

      • this is a sign of the times- to avoid a lawsuit when they realised they were wrong they built there own case… Take your family to the hills..build a log cabin and grow your own food and staya as far away from these idiots as you can..this is only going to get worse- allot of people will be joining you in the next few years.. They say the police protect you??Pleaseee

      • As divorced single mother with health conditions caused while working for a top medical facility located near by the surrounding towns I was raised in. I was injured while going to school by their companies assistance to get my RN and was a clinical technical nurse. and I had a injury happen while. working under the guidance and instructions of a nurse that they hired and I serverly injured my back causing the biginning of the onset of many medical problems do to stress over my job becoming an issue of being put in jeopardy as the nurse did not report. my injury she witness and was forced to work a double shift the next day even after I explain the situation and that I had a Dr. appt after my scheduled shift that I did appear for and informed them immadiately but fell on deaf ears until I said that I request to be seen in the er on my break and they let me leave the hospital I was forced to work over due to a girl that cakled in dye to snow conditiona and the other ctn hired the same day I was had also been working the same shift as i org. schueduled to work that day and she was released and u was forced to stay over will I had reported my injury and my appt before my shift began ….well to make this short…I was fired for being in my probationary period and I was unable to work because I had a stroke 3 days after this incident ….hmmm and to my surprise I already had been under their medical coverage and was never informed and I could have been seen in the er right their instead of driving 25 min in snow due to a girl who called in due to the snow but I was allowed after threatening to go use my employers er services …hmmm and after I called to inform them my situation. I was placed on probational leave left to be discussed with the hire ups …well. I was clear of my PTSD due to and injury I recovered from 2yrs prior and was hired yet,.well due to the mental and emotional strain my health has declined and triggered a blood condition that makes it impossible for me to carry a child past 6weeks…I could go on but I’m sure we all now how the story always ends…I am divorced because I couldn’t get sadistic or said because of my ex husband ownes an insurance agency and our insurance went thru the roof and so dis out debt and it all has destroyed. my life…well. I know qualify for sadistic due to mental strain and teams as a result of my job….etc so all that said I’m sure your wife is experiencing mental strain from all that your family has been put through and she has a right to collect for herself and your children hope if anything the tip helps your situation …before your family end the way mine did after our daughter I by a miracle concieved and carried with blood thinners but the damage was done to my marriage and our financial situation and I couldn’t see my husband lose his business ….so save your family and have your wife try to relieve the mental strain she must have endured from hers and yours …..I wish your. family all the best ln my hope prayers and dreams to save anyone from this corruption that needs to be stopped against the people who fight to work to care,protect and serve the people of the united states regardless of past present or future mistakes and wrongly treated.

        Blessing to you and your. family,

        • sorry for the typos I’m using my dumb smart tool ..

          PTSD and SSDI …not SEDISTIC …..Yicks

          your wife can at least try to apply for her and your children for the mental teams I am not an expert but experienced with penalty of trying to achieve the American goal …a dream
          pwags….I hope this helps and I wish your family the best and stay strong and hold on to the love you have don’t let anyone take the most valuable gift in life from you and family

      • Omg, prayers to you and your family. It sickens me that any of this has happened to anyone, futher more with all the drugs you’ve kept off the streets during your active time on the force. Words can’t express how many should be greatfull especially since it was undercover. All these stories have gotten me to tears.

      • Care to respond to this question Nail Majid? I too, keep coming up with this link: http://nailmajidtruth.wordpress.com

      • Mr. Majid,
        Yours is one of the most heart-wrenching stories I have read in along time. I am ex-LEO myself (20 yrs), and see the problem being officers ignorant of case law, particularly something as important as the 2nd Amendment. Hard to believe, especially with people who exist to FOLLOW THE LAW AND ARREST WRONGDOERS, that we have the society we find ourselves in today. Until law-enforcement (local, State,Fed) are trained to respect the rights of the people, we can expect more and more of this behavior, and much worse, I am afraid. This should scare the heck out of everyone.When the police turn against law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, we are heading for a point of no return, sad to say.
        People must understand that a violation of a single citizen’s rights is a violation against EVERYONE. Stand up for what is right, and don’t cower. Remember who is standing behind you, none less than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (not to mention James Madison). These brave men put their livelihood and property on the line to secure for the ordinary citizens the rights that we have today. Stand for liberty, and remember: No citizen wants to die,but … a hero dies once … a coward dies many, many times.

      • I don’t think I’d believe this guy. Was looking at the official court records on the case. He was not given the rifle by the police department and it was not his partners. http://oh.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.20101210_0001763.NOH.htm/qx

        His AR’s barrel was short but all he needed to do was get a permit or lengthen the barrel. As far as the rest of the story goes, I have no idea. But it sounds pretty darn fishy to me and I’m seeing a lot of information else where that really paints this guy badly.

        • Hunsicker,
          Are you serious? What are you trying to prove. I don’t care if you provided the actual court documents signed hussein obama himself in duplicate with the traitor agents notarized deposition. You are all lying traitorous criminals who do nothing but lie and violate the U.S. constitution. Without criminals like you America would be a crime free nation of peace

      • This is completely sick. Completely and utterly sick. I’m sorry you have to go through this. Thanks to all of these stories, I no longer trust the authorities. Do people pay their taxes so that some complete dumba**es can go around making people’s lives miserable and traumatizing children? This should be protested. I hope they fire all of these officers and make them pay for what they did.

        I assumed this was America, The home of the free, and the land of the brave.

        I was wrong. This is the home of many stupid, money-sucking police officers, and the land of the dumb.


      • Mr Majid, When I read your story my heart fell. To hear how a member of law enforcement who was injured in the line of duty be harassed like this makes me feel sad for what our county has turned into. It looks like the DA wanted to make an example out of you and that is not O.K. Just because you have book on counter-terrorism does not give the police the right to call the FBI or any federal agency. We have a right to free speech and that included the right to read what ever we want to read. I am sorry to hear about your mother and I hope your dad is doing O.K. I wish you and your family all the best.


      • please tell Alex Jones your story. Because of Homeland Security we have all become afraid of the government and police etc. Alex’s show is also on u-tube. Heartbreaking.So sorry.

      • Well simple stories like this tell you the truth about how people should feel about the police/government. You always treat them as the enemy unless proven otherwise. Simple fact. People in law enforcement are human, and have the same human sins and problems that other humans have, except they have a badge and the government behind them, which means when they do bad stuff, its much harder to stop them.

        If you take the simple truth, treat all police as enemies, you will survive such problems much easier. If they turn out to be ok, or good cops, nothing is lost, nothing is harmed. No problems will occur. If you treat them as enemies who will use their power to harm you, you won’t be suprised by such things. The government, the police, the justice system are NOT your friends. They are only each others friends. They are not the friends of the citizens. They watch each others back, they do not watch your back. Treat them as people who act in such a way, and your life will be much easier. They care about you as much as they care about the sewer they just drove past. Always treat them as the enemy. Do not ever help them, tolerate their methods, or mindlessly obey their orders.

        • “Do not ever help them”
          Look. We are on the same team, this is our country until we leave or kill ourselves. People governed by people can only work when we STAND UP for what is RIGHT. Not what your OPINION is. It is extremely idiotic (google the word idiot from its Greek origin) and irresponsible to make blanket statements and say “never help the police”.
          Shame on your laziness and prejudice. It is not police but ALL human beings who do whatever the fuck we want, period.

      • Damn dude appreciate your service and sorry for what you are enduring. That’s pretty fucked up. And you were a part of the fucking law enforcement. My best to you.

    • Reading your story and some others I am in aww. Excusse my ignorance for not being able to put int words how I feel that people of some authority can get away with just about anything. They say that this is all for our safty. Then why is it I do not feel safe. People that have never even so much as taken a piece of gum without paying get nervous around police because of things like this. If you are protecting us why are we scared. I agree its not all but like the saying goes , one bad apple.

    • let me start out by saying I agree with what you stand for, but not your individual cases. Even though you say that the officer approached you feeling unthreatened, you were imediently in the wrong by the way you responded when he asked you “what are you doing with that rifle?. You responded with “does it matter? Have I broken a law?”. By saying things like does it matter, or is it any of your buisness would not be the best way to respond to such a question. By the way you responded, could have made the policeman more suspicous of your activitys. I know if i was a policemen who was questioning a citizen about why they had a rifle and they responded with does it matter i would automaicaly assume that ther is some sort of hidden intentions. I beleive that you probably should have responded by saying somthing like “i am carrying it as defence against wild animals while me and my son are hiking” this would have ended any suspision and probably have had a better outcome overall.

      • The cop said in the beginning “Once we find out there’s no issue, you’ll be on your way.” If you just let him check things out without going off like a spoiled brat about being able to carry a gun, you would have gotten your rifle back and been allowed to continue on your way and kept your gun. All of this could have been avoiding by doing that calmly. If they saw there was absolutely no issue /after/ checking you out and continued to harass you and kept your gun confiscated and such, then you have every right to argue that it was wrong. But in times like these, with all of the bad events taking place lately, you can go ahead and call people cowards all you want, but they have a right to be alarmed just as you do to carry your gun. In response, they call the police, the police check things out, and then you continue on your way and that is that. It’s logical to act more cautious when shootings and such are occurring more and more. It’s better to be safe and check things out if possible than sorry.

        • CJ, first I would like to send my prayers out to you and your family in this difficult time. I agree completely what happened is wrong and I had to watch the video twice to believe it.

          Second, I noticed some people have been commenting on CJ’s attitude and how the police would let him go if he didn’t “go off”, this is horrible position to have. LEO are charged with staying neutral and calm in situations, filing false charges because someone mouthed off is not okay. I do career EMS and encounter rude and people with attitudes everyday but I treat every patient the same and with respect. Saying that CJ would have been let go if he had a good attitude is the same as saying nice patients will get better care than rude patients, I might be rude back to the patient but the care is the same. Point is LEO need to be professional like we expect people in public service to be.

        • Anon
          With all due respect that’s not how the law works. He was 100% in the legal right!!!! You are totally wrong. Although he didn’t break any laws whatsoever he messed up by allowing them to obtain his ID and the reason that happened was due to him letting his emotions take control of the situation. When that happened he started saying too much and lost track of his rights. This is what the criminals in badges do often, they are very good at getting people to let their guard down.

          As with the disabled former cop who lost everything and felt he had to accept a conviction rather than go to prison. He should have never invited the traitor agent into his home. He didn’t have to, and if he didn’t he wouldn’t be writing his story on here.

          Learn the law!!!

      • Love the “why couldn’t you be nice” responses. They miss the point of laws and rights.

      • Mike
        With all due respect, you are absolutely and legally incorrect in your view and opinion. Learn the law!!!!

      • “what are you doing with the gun?” “does it matter?” well yeah ya fuckin idiot if you cant respond with a more smartass answer trying to seek trouble. Might ass well further incriminate yourself with sarcasm and say “Well, I got bored and decided to walk around searching for a school bus full of children to shoot at” people don’t get these days that acting like a smartass all the time will just get more trouble why not just answer nicely and maybe the outcome might not be jail time and getting arrested in front of your son dumbass…

    • O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
      Between their loved home and the war’s desolation.
      Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
      Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
      Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
      And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    • Boy,OH, Boy……I believe every man, woman and child, should have their guns and be educated on how to use them, when to use them, and where they should be used. BUT LET ME TELL you!!!
      The PEN is mightier than the gun and legal education, is the only CONSTITUTIONAL key to unlock the door.
      CRAZY…maybe….But if you check out the Cases I have presented to the Federal Courts, both in the 7th Circuit and the 8th Circuit, you will see why…the BOP, DOJ, and the Judicial Branch run in fear when I write.

      I am an Irish/Italian mix of blood, who’s TRUE name means: “GOD’s Warrior”, My Sovereign Father created me a flesh & blood, human-being. I am a Sovereign child, whose fore fathers claimed in the Declaration of Independence, THAT I had rights to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness…..WHY, because they were and are today….”inalienable rights (God given).

      The USA (federal corporation under Title 26 of the USC) wants you to believe that they can take away YOUR rights. THAT simply is not true….but YOU have no rights under the Constitution !!!! That’s right?? The Constitution is merely an ORDER of Protection, for “WE THE PEOPLE” against the Tyrannical Federal Government. But, you all bought their BS and their ploy to make you forget about the True God Given rights, that our forefathers fought and died to extend to future generations.

      IT IS YOU Duty to take them back. If you want to hear how you can do the act of “Peaceful Redress” as per the 1st Amendment…then follow Ian Sovereign on Facebook as he educates the Common Man/Woman.

    • I say what you had to endure is so shameful. you are a good man and any American whom would say that your action were wrong would have to look deeply at their ignorance. this cop that attacked you cause that’s what i see a cop who thought he was better than you and decided that you were going to be his victim that day your son should have never had to see that. I am always out telling my brothers and sisters whats going on we must stick together united we stand or were just hung separate. black, white, mexcion(legal),blue purple and yellow.
      if you contact me i will launch a a lengthy complaint to that department and express to my highest capability that that man be fired he is a danger to other and his blatant disregard for his fellow American and his constitution but also shows the failure of his command and teaching. what ever happens always remain positive and know that this world is not completely bad and i you and so many others are collectively building a rejuvenation back into civil liberty but also constitutional awareness . i my self study for my planned future in politics i plan on changing this system i hope you continue to exercise your right to arms not only for your common defense but for the safety of those around you keep on fighting and loving i sorry that you had to risk your life for this illegal war but seeing you now and how you treat makes happy that of all the hardship and tribulation you came home a real hero a man of great character and i promise one day you wont have to worry about illegal police activity under my planned and thought out policies you will have all the protection you need from your civil servants not officials with none of the power grabs god bless you and my beloved republic witch is under god.

  2. best of luck to ya, i hate the way these country is going people just going with the motions not knowing the law

  3. I find it unbelievable that Temple police are going forward with this even with your video being made public. I’m afraid it’s a distinct sign of the current climate in our country wherein officials feel that their word is law. I really hope your public following translates to getting top rate help with the legal aspects of your case. Thank you, also, for brining public attention to SSG Nate Sampson. I think that many Americans don’t believe the breadth and dept of the problems of citizens being denied Constitutional rights, or how they are so easily railroaded by the threat of being bankrupted when situations such as your arise. I wish you great success in holding these individual officers accountable and bringing to light the extent of the erosion of our rights in the States.

    • Evil surrounds all of us, However, it’s an especially sad day when police officers make the CHOICE to leave the oaths of office that they swore to uphold and to deprive law abiding citizens of their civil and constitutional rights. What I witnessed in the video from these two Temple, Texas officers was nothing short of terrorism.

      Good cops are the best, but bad officers (that terrorize the public they are sworn to protect) do not deserve the right to wear a badge and/or a weapon.

      When I was younger, I believed and taught my children that police offers were the good guys and you could always count on them to do the right thing. Well, this is no longer true. ANY police officer that makes up their OWN laws on the spot, doesn’t care about what the real laws are, should be fired. He/she has failed at the job they were hired to perform. In any business, people that do not perform are fired. This case should be no different.

      I suggest that everyone that is disgusted by the Temple police actions, that they go online to the Temple, Texas police web page and email / call to express your disgust. You had better do this before this same situation happens to you or your loved ones.

      Evil succeeds when Good people do nothing.

      • Mike
        You are correct. If the masses, criminals with badges, and our military stand up and say no more to defecating on our constitution, all of this tyranny would stop immediately. We are the solution!!!!!

  4. Well written first off. Good things will come your way sir. It’s horrible you have to endure this situation, worse your son had to witness it however. People need to realize now more than ever that our rights can no longer be victimized by state or federal officials. There are many good officers out there however. I work at a corporate bank where just this week we have had an off duty police officer on guard. So today I finally chatted him up. He’s working 13 hour days figured he could use it. Asked him what his side arm was. My father was in the military and served as an officer here in Arizona for years. Although my opinion of police has been skewed over the years, mostly in my youth I grew older and wiser. Became more knowledgable and reached an understanding with the ones who truly want to protect and serve. None the less some co workers over heard and asked if I was crazy. Why I asked? All I did was chat the guy up and ask a few questions. Like had he heard the news that the gun bill was denied in the house today. What was his take on it. He thanked me for the conversation, he acknowledged I was obviously a lawful gun owner outside of work and went about his day. I truly hope these charges are dropped. I will continue to spread your story. God bless.

    • I have grown up around the Ft Hood area, and Killeen , Copperas Cove, Temple Police have always been a bunch of petty offfense minded police. We don’t get much real crime here, so they justify their existence by harrassing soldiers all the time. Ask anyone, DO NOT drive thru these towns with a headlight out , an inspection tag expired or other minor offenses, because THEY WILL SEE IT. And I have never received a warning for any of these minor offenses since I have lived here, since 1972. I guarantee you if you could pull their income reports at the courthouse, you would see how much they bring in from ticketing soldiers. As a matter of fact , Killeen and Copperas Cove have an unusually high ratio of police to population ratio. Law Enforcement is actually all these city’s big source of income that they depend on around these parts. I just moved back to Cove from Austin, and the change has felt by me immediately . In Austin, they don’t have time to ticket you for a tailight out, they have REAL crime to deal with.

  5. Thank you for fighting for us brother, over seas and here at home. May God clear your path to victory. To your son… young man your Dad is a hero to us all and I hope you know it respect him for it, and support him. He is doing the right thing for law abiding citizens.

    I heard somewhere there is proof surfacing that some police depts. are actually not hiring applicants who score too high on their IQ test. They want only the ones who are more likely to not think for themselves and accept brainwashing better.

    With all these similar videos surfacing, it would appear true that if you have an extra chromosome, you are a prime candidate for law enforcement. You can see it in the faces of many new officers.

  6. The debate over “assault weapons”? When drunk drivers are arrested as fast for far more dangerous actions will be a day for law enforcement to be praised. I’m very happy you received the funds to protect your rights, especially after “they don’t care about the laws” statement was said. The officers are sworn to uphold the laws not make things up to harass a legal carry. the fact they are clinging to any charges and holding your property shows their lack of duty and knowledge of their proper actions.
    This type of thing is caused by those who are ignorant of guns and rights which has been fueled by actions a few mentally ill people have committed. ‘m glad you are fighting for all our rights over the recent “gun control” efforts by scared people who have no knowledge of firearms.
    I can only see you winning your case but losing your time and freedoms to a few stupid officers. In my opinion they should be relieved of duty and suffer time and pay loss. My best goes with you.

  7. First I want to say ( thank you ) for serving our country. I have never served in any branch, but I am proud of those I know who have. As I watched your “unlawful arrest”, I found it very hard NOT to be angry. I respect your self-control under pressure. I don’t know if I could have been so calm. I live in a little town called Bucyrus, Ohio. I sometimes wonder if it’s not something in the water, or in this case coffee and donuts. The officers in this town could also use more education on the same freedoms / rights of the people. I have been searched many times over the years by different officers of the law, without ever asking my ok. I’ve lived here 30+ years and I walk where ever I go. We have alot of night time issues in our town when the bars close, and the police get used to just checking anyone they see. What ever your out come maybe, I wish you the best. Stay strong, and never stop doing the right thing, cause it’s the right thing to do. Me and my Brothers are behind you all the way! GOD BLESS.

  8. Great post, CJ.

  9. First I would like to thank you for your military service. I do know what it is like for military families I had 2 brothers over seas. I own a firearm and often thought about getting my conceal to carry permit.

    Second thanks for standing up for your rights we need more people to do just that. I think your charges were false and I wish I had the funds to help you out.
    I do not think anything of what you did was wrong. It was good that you shared the second video about proper police procedure. That is the way it should be and from your video the officer should take some classes on his own for proper police procedure. Kinda sad you got arrested for carrying a gun and I hope you get your permit back as well. Hearing your son get emotional shows the love you have as a family, I would be upset too if my Father was arrested in front of me on false charges and not knowing why exactly this was even happening. Oh and Chris keep working hard on those badges, you seem to be doing a great job with them. I like the comments on You Tube about your talking skills, really that is what you complained about kinda makes me laugh. So your a little bit redneck that’s all good, lol. I personally would rather be a female redneck than an officer who thinks he is above the law.
    Sorry to make this so long but I support you and I pray that your outcome is great. Thanks for giving me the chance to respond! All the best to you and your family.

    “We as a country need to educate our American citizens not disarm them” – Shanon Schmidt

  10. Great essay. Good luck and keep us posted! Hooah, brother!

  11. Thank you for standing up for your rights! This Nation has been pussified!
    Hope the charges are dropped and ams returned safely, disgusting how the libs are stealing our rights at every opportunity.
    We need better civil rights attorneys that can get CCLs back from corrupt,trumped and bogus charges made up to disarm the Consitution loving & Oath keeping Americans.

  12. Outstanding article and explanation.. Kudos to you, sir.. And I pray that your lawsuit is not only successful, but ends the careers of those officers who so blatantly violated your rights and their laws.

  13. WOW! I cant believe you had the nerve to walk down the street with that LEGAL “scary” gun. I can’t believe that you were standing up for your “natural right’,backed by the Constitution. The way you talked to the officer, the last time I checked was another “natural right”,protected by the Constitution. The same “goverment” that arrested you, had no problem training you had to use the same weapon. I bet the Temple police dept carries and uses the same “scary” gun that you had on you when illegally detained and arrested.

  14. I am from England. Here our rights are gradually beng eroded as people stand by and apathy takes over. Thank goodness their are people in the world who stand up for their rights. I hope I can do the same when the time comes. I am 58 and it has taken me all this time to see that the government tells lies. I am glad my father is dead as he cannot see that the country for which he flew 48 bombing missions in WW11 is gradually becoming a Big Brother state.

  15. Thank you for serving our country. Americans who haven’t served are more than likely not familiar with or empathetic with the toll that causes to the soldier and his/her family. Even though I have not served in the military, I interest myself in being informed about our protectors abroad. I was a police officer in Arkansas for several years and have encountered citizens who were armed. I’m appalled by the behavior of The arresting officer in your case but not surprised at the level of ignorance displayed by him and his supervisor. Second Amendment rights grant you the exclusive ability to be armed and to display those arms. According to my knowledge of laws and law enforcement policies, the officer did have the right to detain you on a reasonable suspicion based upon the callers alarm. Where he messed up is when he treated you without respect and attempted to disarm you without proper authority or explanation. AR-15 rifles could appear to be fully automatic and he could’ve approached you with that angle but he chose strong arm tactics over sensible intelligent reasoning based upon a strong knowledge of the law. He escalated the situation and put everyone in danger. He should be retrained or released from service. His supervisor also displayed limited knowledge and sensibility. It is sad that we are becoming a nation ruled by fear rather than a Country honed by courage. My prayers are with you and your family.

  16. Was a great article I have been in that position over my right to be searched. I also enjoyed the video of the police doing the right thing haha he taught those kids a thing or two. I wish you luck from all the guys like us in small towns

  17. You behaved like a trained soldier. Exhibited all the qualities of a military personnel. keep it up. To your son;your dad is a sound and intelligent man. Make sure you take after him. Hooha!

  18. This incident really doesn’t surprise me… I mean the City of New Orleans Police disarmed everybody they could get their hands on, in the middle of a bona fide disaster. So certainly any police department picking on one legally armed citizen shouldn’t come as a surprise. It seems that there IS a pervasive attitude among many Law Enforcement agencies, that they are the ONLY people that should have guns.

  19. I can’t begin to imagine how this must have shaken you and your family, especially after the stresses of having you gone for multiple deployments. Your son was, very, very brave. What a serendipitous education he had that day. Perhaps he will consider studying law? It appears he could have stable and lucrative career as a defense lawyer in Central Texas. Least of all it will make the earning of his Eagle Scout rank even more meaningful.
    As someone who grew up out in the middle of nowhere I completely appreciate where you were coming from carrying the weapons you had. Thank you for your service and, by releasing the video and this essay, advocacy for second amendment rights. I hope you and your family can take some small comfort in knowing that by doing so you may save someone else from experiencing similarly ridiculous harassment (with possibly tragic consequences).
    May your camera always have fresh batteries!

  20. Brother in arms I am sorry this happened to you. I think all cops should have to be x military so they can have a better understanding of what it is we fight for. Keep me informed an up to date. They should be held accountable for the actions an when they said the law doesn’t apply to them I was
    Discussed they are no better then you or I.

  21. I completely agree with everything the officer did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    • You are an IDIOT and do not deserve any protection. I want to hear you scream when your rights are lost and no one comes to your aid. Oh my mistake you never do anything wrong.

    • I would be interested to know why you agree with everything the officer did. Do you fear guns? Do you think that all gun owners are like the monstrous criminals responsible for mass shootings? Do you think that the actions of law enforcers and government officials should never be questioned? Have you read the laws and do you have a thorough understanding of what they state and how those laws are designed to protect law abiding citizens?

      I will not call you names or make derogatory statements like the other person who replied to your post. I will instead ask you to thoughtfully question your own reactions and discover if they are based in sound logic or emotion.

    • Dear Not A Fan, You are either a troll, or have no idea of what you are talking about. This man was violated both criminally and civilly. I am an ex law enforcement officer, so I speak with knowledge. If you are sincere then educate yourself, so that you can be a contributor and not just a consumer.

      • I am also an ex cop and you are correct this was handled totally wrong. Would not have even been an issue if it were deer season???

    • Not A Fan is simply trolling. He or she is an individual who swoops in, says one sentence to ruffle some feathers, and flies away. Ignore this person’s comments my friends.

      Good day and S/F,

  22. hey bro. love what your doing. we need more people like you. i think people just need to be more educated about gun laws and basically our RIGHTS. hope you the best, bud.

  23. If you’re going to do a search on Michael Yon, google “Michael Yon Meltdown”. It’s much more informative (and entertaining!). It took me several searches and an entire Wikipedia page read to figure that one out. Apparently, he’s had more than one (or six) meltdowns and it’s been an ongoing thing for many years. Also, I learned that Thailand is not just fun vacation spot for Mr. Yon. In fact, I’m learning all sorts of new things about him. Did you know he upset an Army dog, was bitten by it and then had to be subsequently removed from the compound? The dog now has PTSD and was treated for a disease it contracted from Yon (I made up that last part).

    From what I could discern, the reason the Army hasn’t taken anything Yon has said seriously, is because he’s made all sorts of wild accusations against several soldiers and officers over the years. Generally, whenever…well, whenever. And now, most blogs and news sources don’t take him seriously either.

  24. Correct me if I am wrong-Sargent –I think I heard a police Sgt. –not the arresting Officer,bu the supervisor–I believe I heard him attempt justify the “taking” of your weapons by asking how you would do it in Iraq? That dumb question suggests he has Never been in combat? It’s been a long time–but I seem to recall if a combat soldier attempted grab a weapon from an unknown in a combat zone they generally risked a ticket to either the hospital–or the morgue? Most combat trained soldiers I have known would Not just walk up and grab at an unknowns weapon.(Unless it was a free fire zone–or he was operating under strict orders from his superior.) Problem #2 the arresting Officer made a STUPID/childish Comment when he suggested you were a “poor example for your son” by carrying a loaded weapon. I grew up here in Colorado in a home that kept firearms.The arresting Officer–if he has children –I’ll bet they have seen their daddy with loaded weapons. When Only the police or the Government is allowed weapons that is by definition Slavery/Tyranny.The police are NOT exempt from the Law–and if they don’t Care what the Law is–they ought not be law enforcers.Guns are NOT the problem the problem is we are a nation of drug abusers and secularists divorced from our foundations.I showed the video to everyone here–because –except for the fact you are clean shaven and were carrying properly an AR-15–and a side arm –That could have been me in the video.Oh and you did not unwind nearly as much as I would have–and have done.

  25. Let’s not just talk about this. Send this video to the Temple area Texas state senators and representatives. Let the local chamber of commerces know you will not spend one dime in their comminities while passing through. Forward it to the NRA. Send it to Gov. Perry. The way to ferret out rogue police agencies is to expose them to public ridicule.

  26. So let me get this straight. The SS dept of the Temple Police arrested you for resisting arrest and formally charged you with that offense. But they did not charge you with the offense for which you were resisting arrest. When I was a cop a long time ago, I wanted to arrest a guy for resisting arrest and when I told my sergeant that He told me I had to have an offense for which the person was resisting before I could charge him for resisting. Seems to me the Temple SS squad needs to care what the law is. But, alas, they don’t care, along with busybody citizens, what the law says as they stated in the video. The officers also repeated they didn’t know what happened before they arrived. Well, seems to me they are negligent in their duty to investigate in order to gen up a little probable cause for the arrest. Did the PD require the offended/scared busybody to meet face to face with an officer so they could describe what the person carrying the gun was doing and then make a determination whether they had probable cause or not to hassle anyone? Apparently anonymous baseless telephonic reports to the police carry more weight than and are a substitute for good police work out there in the legal world of the Temple police department. The chief ought to be fired if this is the level of professionalism and expertise that his officers exhibit.

  27. Just wanted to let you know that I support you and feel that you handled that situation rather well. I’m sorry that your rights were trampled in that manner, there’s no excuse for behavior like that from a police officer.

    I suppose I’m what you would call a liberal. I’m all about separation of church and state, as spelled out in the 1st amendment, but I’m also in support of 2nd amendment rights. As a gun owner and a citizen of the USA and California it’s a shame to see people so eager to give up their rights. Where I live open carry is now illegal, and concealed carry is so restricted it’s virtually impossible to obtain.

    My point is that Conservative or Liberal, the line must be drawn when it comes to the erosion of our rights as citizens. The Patriot Act is responsible for what some might argue is the most egregious violation of our rights to date, and that was under a conservative president. My own father is a bible thumping republican and he is pro gun control. Liberal,or Conservative it makes no difference, our rights are important, thanks for standing up for all of us.

  28. Please correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you the same person that started a lot of trouble with a school at your last post. Seems like trouble and lawsuits follow you. I watched all 13 minutes of your video and I have to say I cannot support you. I come from a big family with service members in all branches but mostly the army. When you join the army you accept being held to different standards. Your attitude and tone with those officers was belligerent to say the least. I can only testify as to what I saw and heard on that video, and based on those observations I support the police in this. You did not cooperate, you were insulting, belligerent, and spiteful. Telling the officers to ‘shut up’ ?! Who does that. I’ve been pulled over a few times in my life (nothing ever as serious as this) and once was given a ticket for speeding that I did not agree with. Regardless I was respectful when stating my concerns to the officer. I ended up getting the ticket anyway but I went to court and appeared before the judge and again respectfully argued my case. My violation ended up being reduced. You basically threw a tantrum equivalent to that of a toddler. If my husband, or father, acted as you did in this video I would not be surprised that they ended up in jail. I would hope you are not that kind of person as a whole and maybe you just had a lapse of judgment in handling the situation. I also cannot see what happened before the video was recorded, but based on your actions in the video I would not believe that you were cooperative before the recording started. And just so I’m not passed over as another gun control advocate freak, I am Pro-gun. We have guns in our home, and in our vehicles. We treat them carefully and with respect. If ever I was stopped and a officer of the law was to ask for my weapon, My first instinct would not be to argue with him and insult him. I would oblige and unload my weapon before handing it over. If you’re cooperative and not breaking the law you will come out ahead.

    • You to are an IDIOT. Drink your liberal Kool-Aid and Shut up

    • Rachel, you are obviously not working with a full deck here. Nuff said.

      CJ, Thank you for your service to our country. Might I second God clearing your path to victory. Good luck to your son on working to Eagle. May he be one of the 3%. Obtaining Eagle rank by 15 is the best way to do it, I keep hammering that point home to all of my Scouts in my Troop. It avoids the many pit falls which waiting until later provides. To those who think 15 is too young, that is nonsense. 13 maybe but not always.

    • Rachel..

      Thank you for being ONE voice of reason in an otherwise sea of sheep who apparently are too busy to bother researching anything they see or read, before they jump on the bandwagon. I appreciate that you watched and listened to the video with critical eyes and ears and didn’t simply accept things at face value.

      It is extremely alarming to me to see how quickly people are to abandon common sense and reality, no less, if it supports what they think and believe in.

      When the filming started, the police officer stated that he only wanted to detain him to insure that everything was proper and then Grisham could be on his way. It’s not against the law to detain someone to insure the safety of others. It’s not against the law to disarm someone in order to safely detain them. It is however, against the law to resist being detained, and that’s exactly what the video shows, repeatedly.

      How many times did the officer have to tell Grisham to put his hands behind his back? Three times. He was told more than once to keep his hands away from his weapon. Grisham was more concerned with capturing evidence of him not breaking the law, that he actually broke the law.

      Grisham tells a great story in his blog, but fails to see how his very own actions and responses only made things worse. Perhaps by the letter of the law, you don’t have to answer a police officer’s questions if you feel you have not committed a crime.

      Think for a moment how that looks from the officer’s viewpoint. You have an AR-15 in a front sling position and instead of cooperating, you want to argue and be mouthy with the officer. That would send up a red flag in my mind if I were an officer.

      It’s unfortunate that we do live in a society where someone might be alarmed seeing others walking around in public with a weapon of that nature, but that’s not the case, amply demonstrated by the recent bombing in Boston. People do get alarmed and the police are sent to investigate and make sure there is no threat, and rightfully so.

      You made a lot of poor choices on that day and rather than just admit that you messed up, you want to cry wolf and declare to the world that your 2nd Amendment rights are being trampled upon, and sadly there’s a whole army of sheep who are willing to back you up, because of your claims.

      Me? I’m a Marine. I served honorably and while I think it’s a bit silly to use the 2nd Amendment, written hundreds of years ago, and try to apply it to this day and age, it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Unfortunately, this isn’t about the 2nd Amendment at all.

      You make yourself out to be a hero and that you gallantly chose the harder right over the easier wrong. You tried to demonstrate to your son and to everyone else that you are above the law and you are not.

      I found this definition for ‘criminal negligence’ in your query within your entry: criminal negligence is a ‘misfeasance or ‘nonfeasance’ , where the fault lies in the failure to foresee and so allow otherwise avoidable dangers to manifest.

      While I am not an attorney and certainly not skilled in law, I can see where you were criminally negligent in your resisting being detained by the officers. You failed to foresee that an officer of the law, who was dispatched due to concerns from the general public to your location, might take issue with you being belligerent when questioned and then physically resistant while being detained to maintain not only YOUR safety but theirs as well, while they insured nothing hinky was going on. This failure to foresee could have resulted in any number of bad things happening.

      Why would anyone think that because they know themselves and their own intent, that means others should as well? I don’t think you meant any harm to anyone. I think you made a poor decision in your choice of route for the hike as well as your choice to front sling that weapon, instead of slinging it over your shoulder.

      Any time I have an involvement with the police, I treat it as though my life could be endangered by behaving foolishly. I don’t make sudden movements, I don’t reach for things out of their sight, I don’t assume a threatening stance or demeanor. That’s called ‘foreseeing’ and making sure that not only my life, but others aren’t put in danger by my actions.

      Your offense didn’t take place out in the wilds (though the video area looks rather remote). A quick search of any mapping site online, shows that you were still in the city of Temple and not far from an airport, a college/school of some kind, as well as the surrounding neighborhood which also includes businesses. It didn’t take place 20 miles away, out in the middle of nowhere, where someone seeing you armed as such, would be considerably less alarmed.

      For that reason, I think the police did exactly what the tax payers pay them to do: serve and protect. They don’t know what your intention is. They can’t predict how you are going to behave or respond, that’s exactly why the officer said that anyone carrying a firearm is a threat and dangerous in their eyes. Damn straight!

      I didn’t necessarily like some of their responses, but things are said and done in the heat of the moment and overall, I think they handled things with a great deal of professionalism and courtesy.

      You aren’t thinking clearly if you think you chose the hard right over the easy wrong. You chose the hard wrong over the easy right.

      • When did you stop being a sheepdog and turn into pasture-grazing sheep?

        • Your response, to everything I wrote is to inquire when I became a pasture-grazing sheep from a sheepdog?

          I am not even sure how to respond to that.

        • How did you expect me to respond to ignorance and stupidity?

        • Hmm.. excellent question!

          Maybe start by asking/commenting about the things you felt were ignorant and/or stupid on my part? Maybe? *shrug

      • You have got to be kidding right. You obviously did not watch the video with a critical mind. This gentleman committed no crime to begin with. He exercised his rights as a law-abiding citizen should. A critical thinker would have evaluated this back to the dispatcher who obviously was also a moron. The police officer should have asked questions, certainly in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. Talk about sheep, you are a sheep who really has not done his homework, or considered the sources. In a country where you have to be afraid to eat because of genetically altered foods, water being transported over to China and water rights being sold to the wealthy, are you serious? No sir, you need to do your homework, you need to get with the program, and stop conforming to what the media tells you. Look up who they are owned by! I have done years of research and what I know would sicken you. I love this country, and I wish others would love it enough to make a stand like this gentleman instead of just being ignorant to truth.

        • Liberty,

          The problem is that Grisham doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Nothing supports anything that has been claimed thus far. You want to believe things are a certain way, despite there being no evidence to support that.

          I’m not saying that Big Government isn’t out to take away the right for people to bear arms. I’m simply saying this video doesn’t support that at all. As I mentioned, the officer even told Grisham that he wasn’t confiscating his rifle and that once he checked everything out, Grisham was free to go.

          The evidence in the video shows that Grisham was the agressor. We don’t know what happened before his camera started rolling. We only have what is there on the screen and all I see are extremely patient and professional police officers and Grisham being belligerent and resisting detainment.

          There is nothing to suggest that the officer was anything other than professional before the filming started. He didn’t roll in with his siren on or his lights flashing. He didn’t ‘spook’ Grisham by using his microphone.

          I don’t know what else to say.

      • Wow! It’s amazing how stupid you are! And Rachel your so stupid !

        (profanity edited by moderator. Let’s keep it clean, folks. ~LL)

      • TH….a Marine – seriously….and you make this comment – “Me? I’m a Marine. I served honorably and while I think it’s a bit silly to use the 2nd Amendment, written hundreds of years ago, and try to apply it to this day and age, it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Unfortunately, this isn’t about the 2nd Amendment at all.”

        Unfortunately, your claim of being a Marine, if you were one, enforces the old, sad stereotype that us Jarheads, lack the intellectual capabilities enjoyed by our brothers-in-arms. The 2′nd Amendment is just as applicable today as it was when written, if not more-so as the government is more well armed and organized and the general public more ignorant and spineless.

        Another scenario, same concept – if the police show up to your home and demand to search the home, your wife and children, without a warrant, if you protest the search will you be arrested for “interference of public duties?”

        MSGT Grisham, I apologize for my supposed Marine brother’s ignorance and fully support your actions in the video along with your lawsuits intending to educate these bureaucratic fools of the rights we possess as Americans.

        A True Former Marine

        • Jon,

          I think it’s your comment that would probably sway more people to thinking Marines aren’t that bright than mine would.

          There are lots of ways to fight. You can fight with words. You can fight with weapons. You can actually fight by not fighting, a la Ghandi.

          If a police officer comes to my home and demands to search without a warrant, I’m going to make my objection clear and then I am going to gather up my family and get out of the way and let them do their thing. After they are done, I will find appropriate and effective methods to fight against such a violation of my family’s rights.

          I could resist and make things as difficult as possible. It may get recorded it might not. Either way, it might very well give them something they can use against me at a later time, such as declaring me a crazed vet and the fact that I had to be wrestled down by three officers, would help support that.

          On the other hand, since I freely chose to not resist, then when I file my complaint and get my lawyer, I am going to be much more credible and thus a greater contribution to my own case. Others will be more apt to believe my story and support my claims because I would have done nothing wrong and won’t need to try and justify my actions by omitting information or making it seem like something it wasn’t.

          So in your pretend scenario, I manage to record half of what takes place with the police while they search my home illegally. I then file my suit with the courts and things go from there.

          Grisham is arrested and goes to jail. He faces criminal charges. His video recording polarizes many who would otherwise support him. His name gets drug through the mud as people pull up things from his past that lend credence to his ‘trouble making’ behaviors. People come to his defense and say some of the oddest unsupported things they can. The NRA doesn’t support him because it isn’t a 2A issue.

          I on the otherhand, do not go to jail. I do not face criminal charges. My video shows a rational man who while stating that the search was illegal, did not interfere with the police doing their job. My video has no one to polarize. Members of the police force come forward and say the action was wrong. The local community agrees. I don’t have a ‘trouble making’ past, so there is nothing to support that I might have instigated what happened. Lots of people come to my defense, including some of the best civil rights attorneys in the country. I eventually win my case and it drew so much public attention, that awareness of civil rights issues has been heightened to the point where action takes place within the government and change begins.

          In this fictional scenario, Grisham fought and I fought. Who do you think is more likely to come out on top?

      • “The easy right”? So if my wife is being beaten, robbed, raped are threatened in any way, I should do ” the easy right” and not intervene? Bad example let me try again…
        If someone walks into my house at 3 am while i am sleeping, I should do “the easy right” and ask him “what are you doing in my house”?
        This man is clearly a victim of what we called “pissed off the police” OR “you may beat the wrap, but you wont neat the ride.”
        The Temple Police Dept needs to train their Police Officers better.

        If I would have encountered this situation and I truly felt threatened, I would have drawn my service weapon and asked the subject to lay down his weapon.
        I would have never, never approached a subject clearly carrying a weapon and attempted to remove it from them. This officer wasn’t afraid, he was intimidated by the lawful stance this man made,
        GOOD JOB

      • You mention the “letter of the law” funny none of the officers followed the “letter of the law”
        Another question I have is
        who is or was the complainant?
        Did they file a complaint or an incident report?
        If it was December and he was dressed in cammo, had an Orange vest carrying a 7 mag with a scope would he have even been detained? This is clearly “contempt of cop”

      • TH, you make some good point and I would love to debate the whole thing with you however it would take to long on a blog. The one thing I would like you to consider is the big picture including taking CJ’s word for what happened prior to filming.
        Your walking along on a hike when a police officer stops you to investigate someone with gun. You say your on a hike with your son, right there the officer should start to see CJ is not a threat. Instead the officer asks what the gun is for ( reasonable, though its not illegal to have a rifle). Then because the officer doesn’t like the response he reaches for a soliders rifle and attempts to take it without warni g, I would be upset at this point as well if I was CJ.

        Just look at the big picture and watch the video of the other officer and the correct way to handle a civilian with a gun.

        • Shane,

          I think it would be a lot of fun to debate what happened. You are obviously intelligent and well-written and don’t resort to personal attacks to try and make your point as so many others feel compelled to do.

          If I believed what Grisham said occurred beforehand, it would be an entirely different conversation we would be having. But like so many other things you find online, people will say anything in order to make their position more believable. That’s what the government does, that’s what corporations do, and regular folks as well.

          The lack of anything prior to when the video taping began leaves a pretty big hole in things and while it would be easy to give the benefit of the doubt to Grisham, I think it would also be irresponsible to do that as well. We should question what the police did and we should question Grisham’s actions, and I do.

          Grisham may have been completely pissed off because an officer reached for his rifle and tried to disarm him. He may have felt that his rights were being infringed upon. The problem is that he didn’t exercise much common sense in his approach to things and based on what I saw within the video it’s not difficult for me to surmise that Grisham intentionally is provocative.

          Provocative in that he made the conscious decision to do the hike in what is obviously not as rural an area as he would like for us to believe. Provocative in that he made a conscious decision to front-sling his rifle, rather than sling it over his shoulder or across his back. Provocative in that his immediate challenge to officer’s question about why he had a gun was “Does it really matter?” Wouldn’t a better response have been something like, “I am going to exercise my rights and not answer your question.” Provocative in that he is trying to make this an issue about the 2A, when it clearly isn’t. If it were, don’t you think the NRA would be all over it, supporting him and rallying to his defense?

          I’m not Grisham. I don’t know what was going through his head. I don’t know if he left his house thinking that he was going to stir up trouble or not. From what I saw in the video, it really looks like he wanted a confrontation.

          Yes, there are uncomfortable questions that all of this brings up, such as at what point are you supposed to fight back against injustice? I would challenge that a really good time to fight back is when you have proof that your fight is just, because once the dust settles, if you don’t have that proof, the system is going to grind you into dust and you will suffer needlessly.

          This is another area where Grisham didn’t exercise good judgement. The moment that video started recording, all it does is paint him in a negative light. It is a bit disturbing that police made some of the comments they did, but who hasn’t said something in the heat of the moment that they really did not mean or intend? I know I have.

          I didn’t focus too much on the narrative. I focused on the actions of everyone involved and I saw officers who were calm and collected and treating Grisham as respectfully as they should have been. I saw them try to reason with him (to a point) and explain to him why he was being detained, but Grisham refused to hear any of it.

          I saw Grisham telling a police officer what he was going to do, when the police officer was giving the instructions. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do once I give my son my camera.” is not an appropriate response when an officer is telling you to put your arms behind your back. You put the camera down immediately and put your arms behind your back and THEN ask the police officer to allow your son to grab the camera and continue filming.

          Simply having his son come get the camera from him, could have turned deadly in a moment’s notice. It’s all well and good to look back on the situation as we have, with all the extra information we have now, but what if it were a situation where the kid freaked out and tried to help his dad? Think an officer has never been assaulted by anothers loved one as the officer was arresting/detaining them? Yes, that’s a pretty ugly scenario, but it isn’t that far outside of the realm of possibility in situations like that, especially with multiple people being in such close proximity to the officer. Just because someone interacting with the police say one thing, doesn’t mean that’s the truth or their intent and there is zero hindsight available at that precise moment in time.

          From everything I saw in the video, Grisham did nothing to try and defuse the situation. He did nothing to contribute to the officer’s feeling safe around him. He is/was a MSGT in the army, an experienced Staff NonCom and he behaved like a punk E-1 with a chip on his shoulder instead of a leader of men.

          As RangerSkippy so eloquently pointed out on another forum, having the right to bear arms doesn’t mean you also have the right to do so without any responsibility in what you are doing. That responsibility doesn’t extend only to knowing and understanding the law and muzzle awareness and the like. It extends to being responsible enough to understand that at present, we live in a country that has recently dealt with some pretty atrocious events involving guns.

          That responsibility extends to understanding and appreciating that there are going to be citizens who are going to become alarmed when they see other citizens walking around bearing arms so openly. And that comes with an understanding that at some point, there will likely be police involvement because of this prevalent paranoia.

          The responsibility then extends into an understanding of what the police’s responsibility in that situation then becomes, and it’s not the police’s responsibility to tell a distressed caller, “If they aren’t waving their rifle around, don’t worry about it.” as Grisham himself advocates.

          And when that moment with the police finally comes, as it inevitably will, the right to bear arms includes behaving responsibly with the police who have a responsibility of their own: to serve and to protect. That means no matter how you feel about the police or their intentions, you don’t try and hold court on your rights while they are trying to do their job.

          That’s one of the things that so many seem to miss based upon their comments. Yes, you do and you should have the right to bear arms and bear arms openly as the law allows, but just because you have that right, doesn’t mean that others aren’t going to be alarmed depending upon how you exercise it. It is not commonplace to see people walking around in the city with AR-15′s. So every instance where you have something like that, people are going to become alarmed. Alarmed doesn’t mean panicky or scared, although I’m sure some might experience that. It means they are concerned because something out of the ordinary tends to draw attention.

          Once people understand this and start to use it in practice, your arguments will grow much stronger and perhaps popular opinion will start to bend more in your direction. Grisham’s reaction to what happened most likely polarizes people to your position, and that’s why the NRA hasn’t jumped in. They know it makes all of you look bad and detracts from what you claim to be fighting for.

          In contrast, if you have citizens witnessing responsible exchanges between carriers and the police, such as the one with Officer Jim Estes and the trio trying to make an educational video on open carry stops in Oregon, then you help contribute to educating the public as well as removing the ‘crazed gun freak’ stigma that videos like Grisham’s tend to engender among the public.

    • You obviously have no sense of the word CONSTITUTION, and regardless of who your family was, they did not teach you a darn thing about rights. You better wake up and smell the coffee and see through the smoke screen. Our rights are taken away every single day because of ignorance. Because you conform to what the socialists want, instead of doing the proper research and thinking for yourself. You are a sheep, and the wolf is at your back door and you do not even realize it. If someone does not stand up against this type of tyranny then we will all be disarmed when they finally decide to carry out their plan of globalization. Do the research yourself instead of just listening to what the media tells you, and by the way who are they owned by? Do not show one ounce of disrespect for this man who should belligerently fight for our rights as law-abiding citizens. His day was interrupted because the dispatchers had not asked the right questions to begin with! Now is not the time to let these things slide right by, get educated!

      • Liberty,

        I agree with you completely. The problem is that this particular incident isn’t the issue a lot of people are trying really hard to turn it into. It’s not about 2nd Amendment rights being trampled on or Big Government coming in and seizing weapons so that you are unable to defend yourself when globalization takes place.

        Just as an aside, the 2nd Amendment was written at a time in our history when the common man was not that far distant from the government, when a musket in either hand, was pretty much the weapons of choice. Citizens are never again going to possess the physical weapons to affect any real change through that means. Do you own any predator drones? I don’t. I don’t know of anyone who does, either. That gap is only going to continue to increase with technology.

        I do believe everyone should have the right to protect themselves and their property.

        You don’t believe that police officers should inquire about anyone they see walking around with open fire arms? No one should be alarmed to see others carrying weapons around in a front sling position in a city, close to business, schools, and airports? C’mon.

        There is no evidence that the police acted improperly. The only evidence is what is on the video tape and aside from a few misplaced comments, I can’t for the life of me see where anyone would find fault with the officer’s actions. And if the officer was at fault and I witnessed Grisham not resisting and not being belligerent on the video, I would absolutely cry, “Foul!” in his favor. But that isn’t what happened.

        • why dont you just congratulate your buddy in washington for his big victory on the gun control bill??? The american public are not for sale!!

        • Dear TH, You do not understand what you are talking about, I do because I am an ex law enforcement officer. He was not resisting arrest. Also,so that you know,you have to be charged with a crime before you can be charged with resisting arrest, (by it very nature, resisting arrest is a secondary offense) does that make sense to you. If you think about it, the following question will make sense to you. How can a person be charged with resisting arrest if there is nothing to arrest a person for to begin with? It cannot be done. It is the proverbial putting the cart before the horse thing. With all due respect, it don’t take much brain work to see that.

          Also, your argument about the 2nd. Amendment is false. Please read history and what the founding fathers said about bearing arms.

        • How can he be under arrest for resisting arrest when he was never arrested?

    • Sorry lady, but you have no idea about what is being dealt with here, you are way outside your league. You do not understand that the language used by the police to justify their actions is clearly unwarranted and unconstitutional. This soldier handled himself just fine, being placed in handcuffs for exercising a constitutional right is no slight matter, on the contrary indeed. This man was violated both civilly and criminally on trumped up charges. I cannot hardly believe that these jokers are charging him with resisting arrest. Fact is mam, you have to be charged with a crime before you can be charged with resisting arrest, (by it very nature, resisting arrest is a secondary offense) does that make sense to you. With all due respect, it don’t take much brain work to see that. I am an ex law enforcement officer so I know what I am talking about. If you don’t think I know what I am talking about, stay tuned for the rest of the story because I can tell you this; Boss Hogg and his posse are about to get an education. By definition these officers should go to jail for blatantly,willfully and maliciously effecting an illegal arrest,period. PS. I have respect you for you that you respect military and law enforcement.

    • Being respectful doesn’t always get a thing I got assaulted by 2 women and choose not fight back and was respectful to the police told the truth about wat happend and they still treated me like crap and arrested when I didn’t do anything they evenly put it in their report that they arrested me because I was bigger than them and was crap being nice gets u ran over sometimes.

  29. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I do hope that everything works out and that these officers are reprimanded and duly disciplined for their actions. As a former member of the Air Force, and the mother of a just returned soldier from Afghanistan I am truly grateful for you as a soldier in defending our country and also standing your ground when falsely confronted. Thank you for your service. May God bless you and your family.

  30. Can the police get any lower. This is an injustice not only to you but your son and family. I’m 20 year caring gun citizen. You will get this dismiss. Time is on your side. These “police” officers are idiots. Please keep us updated as things progress.

  31. First of all, I believe your post was very well stated. Secondly, I’m very glad that you stood up for your rights and gave a great example to your son. I wish you the best and am praying that this goes well. The officer was obviously making poor decisions and this should not be allowed. I’ll let everyone I know about this… Please keep us updated and we keep you in prayer.

  32. Here is a copy and paste of the email that I sent the Mayor of Temple:

    I find the latest actions by YOUR city police department to be appalling. I do not personally know anyone involved in this incident. However I have been harassed by your department personally as an American Legion rider while riding my motorcycle. No charges, no reason for my being pulled over. The only reason I could come up with is that I was wearing my vest aka cut. So I do not find this service members claims to be false or that far off of the truth. The video says it all.

    I will help fund the legal suit if he so desires to file against your city, you personally, and the police department. This is how passionate I am about this. I hope you are doing a full review of this incident. How CLEAR it is that these officers MADE up charges of resisting arrest. He clearly asked if he was being arrested and they said NO. Then when he took one step backwards they are going to say he was resisting arrest? I mean how do you not see this as an abuse of power? Abuse of the badge.

    We the people demand that you give an honest FULL investigative review with full transparency. If there is dash cam this needs to be released to back the officers statements. However the officers statement STILL DOES NOT validate his actions.

    You do not have a right to harass an American Citizen exercising his fundamental Constitutional rights. The SM asked several times, “was I doing anything illegal? Was I pointing my weapon in a threating manner?” and no was given as a reply. So tell me again WHY this person was even approached by the police other than the harassment of an American Citizen exercising his rights of being an American.

    Do the cops harass every person holding a sign on the side of the road? Do they stop and question someone going into a church? No, now why is that? Because it is not illegal to do these actives, just as it is not ILLEGAL to open carry in AMERICA.

    I deserve better than to be put under a microscope and be harassed because someone calls and stats they don’t like seeing me exercise my rights give to me by God and the US Constitution. All in the name of public safety? Right. I was injured in Iraq and have a Purple Heart, I was a millimeters of laying down my life to defend our rights to be a free nation. All I ask of you today, is a simple reply and a promise to ensure these officers are retrained about the fundamental rights given to us by our Constitution. The same exact one that is referenced in your Oaths of office!

    Kevin McMains
    SGT(RET), US Army
    Combat Wounded OIF 06-08

  33. i wish this cops would be arrested . They made your son cry . cops can be stupid sometimes

  34. I saw the video on YouTube last night and I went googling to see if I could find anymore information about it. I’m glad I came across your article regarding your case. I have the opportunity to work with both local police and military police as a part of my job. Most cops are stressed but fairly honest even though not well liked. When I saw this video my intution was anything but fairly honest. It brings me to a concern I have about something recently passes in my state of wv. A drugged driving bill on which by just mere suspect of a traffic officer that the drivers is on drugs is automatically arrested and has to submit a blood test at the station. If the driver refuses he or she is charged with a criminal misdemeanor and a 45day suspension of their drivers license. I know that most cops are honest but this encounter fuels the flames of fear in my eyes as to be subjected to a blood test from an officer without due evidence. The gov of wv has been bragging about this bill saying its not mandatory for a test…but if you drive to work and work well outside walking distance like most people in wv loss of drivers license can be the loss of their homes cars lives ect.on a refusual of a blood test based on ground of the potential for sharing needles by the Dr or nurse at the wv police station. I’ve never seen anything like this in the almost 32yrs I’ve been alive. Post Constitutional world is absolutely correct. Thanks for your article and the time to stand up for others not only in Texas but other states.

  35. Saw the video.
    I guess the only question I have for you is from what I saw, the sergeant was leaving things up to the cop. He said he came later and didn’t know what happened. I can’t really fault him for that.
    Having said that, I don’t know what was in the police report he filed that is upsetting. It certainly doesn’t seem he could support a crime having been committed.

    I certainly didn’t see anything but a good man working with his son to get a merit badge.

    And I lived in central NY State for most of my years!! I saw folks walking down our country road many times with a gun. Hunting woodchucks of whatever. Never had a problem or reason one to call the cops.
    You did mention I believe that you crossed a 4 lane highway? I would think it easy for some liberal , make that citizen, who doesn’t know crap about guns to call the cops. But anyway. It takes all kinds.

    As to the cop, he should be fired and should seek work at the local mall to sharpen his skills with the public.
    Good luck with your lawsuit. I can’t believe you won’t win. Too bad the lawyers are the ones who will make out on it.

  36. I cannot believe it. Where do you live? I do not want to go there! the School thing was bad enough, I will never be able to get the image of you being treated so shabbily out of my mind. It’s a darn good thing that you are a gentleman and I hope your kids know it!

  37. I have posted this comment everywhere you have any presence that I can find:

    Post this at “copblock.org”. You will cry when you realize how “not alone” you really are.

    To that I ad here these bits of advice.
    1) Check out “photographyisnotacrime.com” You will see people that were treated as you were just for using CAMERAS.

    2) File a freedom of information act request for the footage from the dash cam(s) involved. This is in addition to any subpoenaed. make sure they match.

    3) Look into the rest of the cases that the officers are involved with to establish a pattern or be ready to refute a non-pattern of , problems with arrests. If the majority of the encounters are such arbitrary “officer opinion” charges there is something wrong.

    4) STOP being naive. The majority of police are corrupt. If not by deed then buy inaction. The “thin blue line” is a bad thing. It is a corruption in it self. It allows for this sort of (and worse) thing(s) to happen. It is then reinforced buy the courts that uphold such bogus and subjective charges. If you have ANY doubt as to how corrupt the whole process can be, investigate the “Little Rascals Daycare” case. (see http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/) Total railroad.

    • I am a Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Texas I have attended a police academy in the state of Texas and now work for a federal agency. In both the state of Texas,and for the Federal agency I work for you are REQUIRED to know the bill of rights and are tested on knowledge of them , another thing they both stressed is that YOU as an LE Officer can and will be charged with a crime if you commit one. Oh, and by the way its a federal charge as follows:

      If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
      If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—
      They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

      Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.
      So don’t tell me that Police Officers aren’t trained and taught about the Constitution, and the Bill of rights, it is merely that officer choosing to disregard them, and in some cases their chain of command doing so to cover those officers. In the end Hopefully the full truth will come out and the guilty person(s) will be punished.

      • Don’t forget 42 USC 1982, 42 USC 1985 (and my favorite) 42 USC 1986 – that’s right you can sue them, and their chief for being their boss, and the mayor for being HIS boss on the civil side as well.

  38. These ignorant idiots should be arresting criminals, not one of the defenders of liberty.
    Mr. Grisham, Thank you for standing up for our rights, May god bless you and your love ones.

  39. I saw your video when I watched the bruin’s game national anthem for the Boston Marathon victims. I was intrigued and watched the entire thing. Shame on those policemen!</strong?! I felt incredibly bad for your son.

    Funny – I'm one of those "liberal ban large capacity magazines, do background checks for ammo" people. I think there should be tougher background checks, including proof of fire-arm training, in order for someone to own pistols (they kill more people every year than rifles). I certainly don't think we should ban gun ownership; target shooting is fun! I believe strongly that we need responsible hunters to control some animal populations & help people put food on their tables – venison is healthy, free-range meat.

    You are the type of person I would WANT to be able to carry firearms, not those police officers.

    You remind me of my favorite uncle, who was long time active duty/special forces/natl guard and always concealed carries. Like him, you are trained, educated and responsible; obviously you have passed background checks for your permits. You were modeling good behavior for your son; I disagree with Rachel above who clearly thinks cringing deference to bullies is fine. It is not yet illegal to question “authority” and assert your rights, as much as some would like to think. I’m glad you were able to video this encounter.

    I was surprised this occurred in Texas; the stereotype of the state is very pro-gun. It made more sense when I heard it was a military town. Here in NC, corrupt cops are known for going after soldiers & marines around our bases, even though most service people in our communities are incredibly nice, helpful and would give you the shirt off their backs in a heartbeat.

    I hope you will prevail in both your criminal and civil actions. Good luck to you , sir!

  40. Okay, i’m actually a supporter of increased background checks and such and try to prevent the mentally Ill and criminals with violent records from getting guns. Having said that. These officers were morons and you have every right to be outraged.

    So much bad judgement.

    1) You were with your son and therefore probably not on your way to a school shooting.

    2) They never seem to have uttered an Uh, excuse me sir might ask what you are out doing today?

    3) Once they spoke with you they could have ascertained where you were going. Whether you were likely a threat and moved on Even at your most pissed you never seemed close to being ready for violence.

    4) it’s rural texas, not inner city L.A. in the middle of gangland, why the paranoia?

    Look, I know since this a place gun rights folks congregate my views on background checks will offend some. Sorry. My beliefs and I don’t wish to debate. I do see the dangeer of demonizing guns though. So I hope whatever legal action you take against them works.

    • I should clarify last sentence by them I mean the police.

  41. I want you to know that I support how you handled yourself with those officers. It seems that some officers are used to people backing down when confronted by them. This incident is in such contrast to how the police officers in the first video acted, and how they treated the people in question, and how they explained themselves. Your statements echo my thoughts as I watched the events unfold.

    To john above, I also feel that some action needs to be taken to prevent the mentally unstable and felons from obtaining firearms, and I feel that there is a lot to discuss on that issue. For example, how do we decide what is and isn’t mental, who decides then who is actually unstable, and so forth, but my emphasis is that it must be properly discussed, not to have legislation proposed by a group of people in Washington who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

    What really bothers me on the issue of mentally unstable people with guns, is that if another mass shooting occurs in the near future, and the perpetrator has a history of mental issues, then the gun control lobby is probably going to prevail with their measures that were recently defeated, even though their proposals don’t actually address the problem.

    • Paul-
      You will never get the weapons out of the hands of criminals. You may have some effect to the mentally ill obtaining weapons but that is a slippery slope if there ever were one( who decides what mentally ill is? ). Felons and or criminals will always have their weapons, the only people effected by gun control laws are law abiding folks. It’s a simple truth. Felons already can’t buy firearms. It’s extremely naive to think you can legislate violence out of this world. All people are doing is trying to make it harder for us to protect ourselves from criminals. I don’t know about you but I’m not very fond of the idea of becoming a victim and calling the police after the fact.

    • Paul,
      Reference to your comment above, it is a dangerous path, indeed, when the government gets to decide who is mentally stable enough to own a weapon.
      First point of reference: You must know that our soldiers coming back from the world’s hospots (Iraq, Afghanistan) are trained in carrying and firing these weapons.
      Second point of reference: When you have the government spying on its citizens, ignoring basic rights handed down from God, you make it very tempting for the government (MD,psychologist, psychiatrists) to declare these people unstable. Once characterized as such, they will lose their guns, and their ability to carry long guns in plain sight.
      Don’t think for one second that this Administration is not wondering just how they can disarm ordinary, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, the only thing keeping the barbarians out of the house. It is very easy to control people who can’t defend themselves.
      Further, everyone should take with Ronald Reagan said a long time ago, well after the founding of this nation. Please take the time to read and understand this:
      “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
      I rest my case.

  42. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. How many times a day do police who don’t know the law violating laws that they should be aware of? Sad … good luck with your case, we need to show police who violate their oaths that they can’t get away with it.

  43. Nice article, wish you lucky my friend! Ooh Rah!

  44. Thank you for standing up for your rights and by doing so, for the rights of all of us! I too have great respect for police officers, but I have also seen the abuses of power when my own father was illegally arrested by an officer on false charges. The charges were thrown out and the officer was eventually fired for misconduct (although not related to my father’s case). And thank you for your service to our country in the armed forces. It will be citizens like you that carry our rights and constitution through this dark time.

  45. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you, for the video and the blog. I am rather surprised you are still alive. Believe I know VERY well “resisting arrest”, when you did no such thing.

  46. I hope u own this police station and run for sheriff ….if u only knew how many dirty cops there are and with u living n the country surprises me this has happened……Im not gonna wish u luck because i dont believe u need it…..but i do wish u luck on them losing there job….i just hate how dirty cops get put on leave with pay that has always upset me……not that the cop is dirty as far as bad…but to false report something like this just raises red flags on everything else like u said…..im currently charged with no probable cause and was pulled out my apartment with no search warrant…..denied my phone cuz i might destroy evidence lmmfao……anyway 2 hours later there was a manufactured search warrant……though u might not agree with what i do which is smoke weed…..i havent smoked for 4 days at that time……if there was a filed complaint okay then why didnt they have the warrant n there hands prior to holding me against my will 2 hours and deny me even a drink of water with no probable cauze……just cause i didnt allow em n my house? that not a crime…..to not talk to police cuz they wake u up while ur sleeping is not a crime……n fact right to remain silent is not a crime…..putting a foot n my door and not allowing me to go back to bed is……Im highly upset…..i chose not to own a gun cuz i smoke weed wouldnt want any enhancement charges lmmfao what a joke…..just a gateway bust sure they will come up with a story saying they smelled it ….even though its all misdermeanors i have no desire to pay fines or a lawyer…..i will take the free one and more than likely lose and fined even more…..but i being stubborn will rather do jail time for whatever the outcome is……glad the jail dont let u smoke cigs no more…..rehab jail here i come lol……BAN TOBACCO legalize freedom of CHOICE……

  47. Thank u for serving our country…….we need more people like u,,,,,i hope u find peace from this and get the outcome that makes u feel free again

  48. Your first mistake was not keeping your big mouth shut! But the cops are big time wrong. So, file the suit and watch the sparks fly.

  49. CJ,
    You are about to hit 2 million views on that video on Youtube, I hop the pressure comes down from higher for the Temple PD to drop the charges as well. Glad that you are dual hatting defending the country both at work daily and when out on family time. We’ll be praying for you.

  50. i have a question – did you pull the initial call? it usually says where/who the person was that placed the call – it could be important to your case – also you might want to look into hr files for those officers – if they have a history

    you’re right – there are some really great officers – unfortunately there are becoming more and more bad ones as we become a police state

    • Yes, we have requested all discovery, including the 911 call.

  51. We should all contact the Chief of Police in Temple and let them know how corrupt they are. The officer Ermis is a disgrace to the city of Temple, and the state of Texas. He even shows how out of control he is in the video. I will not be visiting Temple again. I will also contact the Governor and Greg Abbott. Does the Chief work for Obama ? I hope Mr. Grisham sues the City of Temple, the Police Department, and the City Council. Maybe the fat cop is dirty, so he felt threatened. I am sending a donation, and good luck with your case. Here is the Temple Texas website.


    • Please don’t. Read this for why I say that.

      • Funny!! just checked out Temple’s police website!! “integrity honour and dedication” What a joke!!

        • Whats a bigger joke is your lack of respect!!! As well as you support for the moronic actions of this so-called soldier. Disgusts me to think you represent my country by the way you acted during this incident. You should be dishonorably discharged!!

      • Is there any updates since thursday?

    • Mr. Smith

      You are an absolute idiot. I m sure the Police Officer did all of this because he is corrupt. Yeah that’s the ticket the cop was corrupt!! Makes complete sense.

  52. I am so sorry for what has happened to you and your family. I also was in the service many moon ago. Things have changed before my eyes. I nevet thought the american people would give up their rights so readily. But they are being offered all these freebees if you do not work, or if you ate illegal alien in traffic accidents or arrests they walk awsy because it is to much paperwork for the officer. Things are a changing. And it is appauling what I have seen and hesrd of in austin. My best wishes and hopes go to you and your family. I have two kids I am trying to put through college, I am a white male and married. Unfortunately that disqualifies our family for any assistsnce. We will be paying on this to the day we die. But if you are spanish it is all free. No payback to the gov. Things are a changing. I am at a loss while our freedoms are being taken away snd our taxes keep going through the roof for ptjings we do not want to pay for. I only wish I were rich, I would cover all your expenses. Sincerely sorry for what has happened to you and yours

    • Steve, from your stupid questions, it appears that you are a typical liberal with no backbone and afraid to stand alone. You won’t learn your lesson until someone abuses whatever right your moronic and selfish liberal brain dreams important. Like many people in to day’s America, you only live for today and only care about what affects you. This country is crumbling from within, because of people like you!

  53. Thanks for sharing your story n mentioning Nate’s story and most of all a big thank you to you and Nate for serving our country over seas. I really wish you luck and will continue to follow it. I live in a suburb of chicago in one of the most anti gun states in the country. It is also one of if not the most corrupt states in the country. We will be the last state in the country come June to have the right to conceal and carry a firearm. I feel in this state there will be heavy resistance to this and a lot of trouble coming for good honest law abiding citizens. It was disheartening to see these 2 police officers act in this manner when dealing with a law abiding citizen and reading you are active duty is an even bigger sock in the gut. I learned a lot from your story and will share it. Again thank you and best of luck!

  54. You are clearly in the wrong here. I think this Officer showed entirely too much restraint. The issue here is non compliance. A non compliant individual with a weapon. Open carry law or not you are going on the ground until another unit arrives. Cops that take chances end up dead cops. You put yourself in danger, as well as your son to try and prove a point. Using your position as a US Army soldier to solicit funds for your defense is pretty sad, and disgraceful as well. I wonder what your CO’s thoughts are on this matter.

    • Wrong. Only .01% of police officers are killed in the line of duty and that includes accidents, heart attacks, and negligent discharges. Police work isn’t the dangerous profession everyone males it out to be. The majority of police officers never even have to worry about ever unholstering their firearm before They leave the force.

      • Grisham..

        .01%, eh? Mind sharing where you came across that particular factoid? You know, so we can actually verify its validity and not just take it at face value. I’d certainly like to know what you are basing that information on. Do share!

      • CJ Grisham go to the Officer Down Memorial Page for true stats. 15 Officers lost already this year to gunfire.

        • CJ,

          That crap you just put out there just adds to the fact that you have no respect for Law Enforcement or the job that they do.

        • Turn on the news CJ you clown. Two Officers down just since this thread started in Boston.

    • Obviously you are a lib. This man did not a thing wrong. That cop wanted a power trip and he is not going to get away with it. CJ exercised his rights and broke no law. He cant be arrested for resisting arrest because he was never arrested. Those cops are jokes and should be expected to pay for denying a american of his rights. You obviously dont care about abiding by laws since you think CJ should have been “on the ground” until someone else showed up. That would have also been against the law. Libturds like you are ruining this country, you should be ashamed.

    • Perhaps you should not be a cop! It appears that you do your job with a strong fear getting hurt or dying and your view of the citizens that you swear to serve and protect is non-existent. I’m a retired prison guard, just south of you, and the only time officers were initially disrespectful to an inmate was when they wanted to get him fired up. Is that what they teach in the police academy, that every citizen is a perp.
      Furthermore, you are applying Mass.’s liberal views about guns to a situation where cops should already be used to citizens carrying weapons. If cops condone the violation of the average citizen’s rights, it makes one wonder what is condone when dealing with the real bad guys. In my line of work, i recall that most of the officers that got assaulted and/or involved in inmate altercations were the ones who dehumanized inmates and who allowed the authority go to their heads. Correct me if I’m wrong, but cops are supposed to be highly trained in every aspect of law enforcement, yet there are many here who make excuses for the cop and blame everything on the private citizen. There are many approaches the officer could have used to defuse the situation, unless CJ was already a target. We, as law abiding citizens, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

  55. I want to start by saying Thank you for your service to our country. We stand with u and what was done to you and your child was wrong.I wish you luck in your trial and pray u win.

  56. While the officer was a jerk from the point of the video starting, you were a jerk too. All officers have a right to secure a person for the officers safety. It does not matter if the gun is legal or not. Officer safety first. Then they check further into the situation. Yes, it is legal. Had you not been an asshole, I doubt you would have been cuffed. Since you continued to be obnoxious, you remained cuffed. As a veteran, you should know that any situation can become deadly. Respect authority. If they violate your rights, then file your complaint. You did a great job of teaching your son to be an ass. You did a great job of making people hate military people more. If you were active duty you would be reprimanded accordingly for this. Yes, ignorant people are afraid of guns so if they call in, respect that. They need to be educated and some wildcard nut like you gives them more reason to be afraid. I won’t give you a dime for your cause. Officers can stop anyone carrying a rifle. It is their job to investigate the situation. I think this officer should have waited for backup and then approached. I am retired police and dealt with many like you who think they are above the law. Next time stop, follow orders, let them do their job and you’ll be on your way. And announce that concealed weapon before they shoot your stupid ass. I hope you lose your case. Case titled: asshole who disgraces military vs. local pd with no charm school degree.

    • Mary, how is the officer’s safety more important than CJ’s rights? CJ was not breaking a law. He was an honest, law-abiding citizen. The cop was not in danger from CJ and when he rolled up, he had no knowledge of any “danger” other than a person called and said a guy was walking with a gun. Guns are not inherently a threat or danger to police officers. It is the people BEHIND the gun, and if the officer had not grabbed for it, and almost anyone on this earth has an instinctive reaction to someone grabbing at them with no warning, this whole thing would have never happened. That is on the officer, not CJ.

      • LL, did you not read that I am a retired cop! Everyone is a threat until determined otherwise. Guns are not the danger but people are. People don’t have hats on that say I’m A Law Abiding Citizen or I’m A Criminal. If it were all so simple. And yes, the officers safety ALWAYS takes priority. Be a cop for one day and get back with me on that! Also, we did not see the entire incident, only the part where your precious CJ was being a jerk.

        • Amem, Mary.

          LL, you need to get a clue dude!!

        • Well, Mary. I am an officer. Perhaps, I am less paranoid and more confident in my abilities than you were. The real issue here is “did the officer feel threatened when he went to confiscate his gun?”. This is a case of illegal search and seizure. Take it to trial. Win. Start a citizens watch committee to review police actions in Temple. Start a PAC. Hold your local elected officials accountable.

        • Being a jerk is not illegal, but what the cops did is illegal. He cant be arrested for resisting arrest when he was never arrested.

        • Respectfully, that door swings both ways.

          If you deal with everyone in a threatening and hostile manner, you can damn well expect people to return the favor. More and more people view the police as a threat precisely because of things like this. Treating everyone with immediate hostility and suspicion will damage the public trust, and without that public trust, your job will quickly become impossible.

          Nobody forced you to become a LEO, you knew the risks going in, and chose to accept those risks. If you want to feel safe on the job, you should pick a job that isn’t inherently unsafe – how you choose to deal with that insecurity or outright fear is what makes you a professional, or not.

          It’s irrelevant if you would potentially have felt unsafe with CJ standing there with his rifle – you accepted that risk by putting on the badge and holding up your right hand when they swore you in. Your rights always end where another’s begin, especially once you take that oath.

    • You are stupid for saying your just making everybody hate the military more how could you hate the military it protects this country it’s why we are free it’s why we have rights so don’t go and try to say your making EVERYONE hate the military it’s just you Mary.

    • CJ has every right to be a asshole if he chooses, thats not illegal.

  57. A truly sad video to watch.

  58. Forgot to say, based on your skewed understanding of the law, anyone carrying a rile should not be stopped. Following this theory, how many people will die each day due to this approach. I can see it now, but it was just a rifle so we didn’t stop and check things out. We are so sorry that guy shot a bunch of people but hey, we did our job and ignored him cause he can carry a rifle. Damn people, decide what you want the cops to do. Protect or not. I doubt you’ll post my comments anyway since I don’t agree with you. These officers may be from the country but officers across our Country protect and sacrifice like our solders. Show some respect people. No rights violated here. Don’t waste your money.

    • My son is a police officer!! But he is not stupid or ignorant!! He respects all citizens including criminals until they screw up!! But i am talking about the criminals!! Not law abiding citizens!!

      • John, ask your son about this. Like I told LL, people don’t wear hats saying if they are law abiding or not. Comply with all officer requests and you can easily make the visit short or not. It’s your choice.

        • Officer had no right to cuff CJ for no reason, He broke no law.

    • Yes queen Mary!! You may go have your tea now!! And then go to bed!! Sweet dreams!!

      • Hey John, carry a rifle around all day and see what happens. Support our police or don’t you EVER call 911 for help. I recommend all of you ride out with your local,police department and get a different view of life behind the badge.

        • I have seen what officers have to deal with and that’s why I’m not one, however, that does not infer that a police officer has any more rights than I do nor are they above the law (see color of law). Nor do they put their life on the line anymore than I do, as you don’t know what I do so to infer that you are greater than I is in fact where YOU are wrong . If you are at any level of LEO then you know that LEO has a much greater problem of breaking the law than the average citizen, so maybe you can explain why I would NEED to respond to every “command” that LEO gives and not use brain to examine every order to see if it’s LAWFUL? Are they all legal in your eyes? At any time has any past or current officers given commands that are illegal? Or if they do, just submit a complaint as most LEO states (where the complaint is only given to Chief or capt)? Do you think that all citizens should give all officers the benefit of the doubt and allow chain of command to handle all “personnel” issues or just “tell it to the judge”, because officers never file a false report and other officers never cover their own? Please, do not take me for a fool or every citizen you meet.

          People who are aware of LEO and statistics know that usually it’s only the dumb criminal that is caught and that REPORTED violent crime to court is extremely dismal, so much so that we hide it from the public in fear backlash.

          Yes, police are a necessary evil, however, as you know, LEO has NO responsibility to protect and vary rarely prevent crime (arresting a criminal for a crime does not mean that you personally are preventing a crime). So the question is, who is responsible and better equipped to protect my family, LEO or me. Who do you think I’m going trust when I KNOW that on average a police officer infringes on the law with more frequency than the average citizen? Who do you trust with you’re family? LEO carries a gun to protect themselves, why should I be any different? Because you don’t know me? I’m fairly sure that I’ve had more training and field experience than most of LEO, however, I do not “NEED” it to carry, now do I? How about the reason for the 2nd amendment, what say you?

          One other point I would like to make, if you even touch an Israel LEO weapon you would be shot, no question. So before a person lunges or grabs at a weapon without cause, they should know that it might be the last thing they do. If I was on the jury, and the video evidence showed such an act, I would have to reject any and all state’s attempt to prosecute on ANY charge. Would be justified. Before you respond, you must know that because of this and other video evidence, it would not surprise me see a hidden video group setup the same scenario to catch it all on film. You will have to admit that video evidence of this nature released to the public would damage LEO and the public as the loss of trust would ensue.

          May God bless you for your faithful service, both military and LEO that stays true to their oath.


      Mary thinks you should be stopped and disarmed because people will die each day if you are not, because you are carrying a rifle out where people might see them and you are a danger to society.

      According to the FBI statistics for 2011 (the most recent full year of data), a total of 323 people were murdered by rifle. And yet hands/fists/feet, 728 people were murdered by them. By your logic, ANYBODY except quad amputees should be stopped because almost TWICE AS MANY PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY from hands and feet.

      Do you understand how illogical your stance is?

      • “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner, concealed on or about the person, is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” (Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th Ed., Vol.2: Judy v. Lashley, 5 W. Va. 628, 41 S.E. 197)

  59. I never said disarmed. I said, stopped and investigated. If you are not breaking the law, then you go about your business. They were within their rights to investigate the situation. If CJ would not have been a jerk, he would not have made a video and gotten all this attention. I support the 2nd amendment and the right to keep our weapons but you still have to respect the law and our officers. They don’t have to be kind or sweet when doing their jobs.

    • What do you consider “investigate?” According to the Temple PD spokesperson in a Temple newpaper article dated 4/16/13:

      The Temple Police report said Ermis saw an assault-type rifle slung across a man’s chest and could see the magazine was loaded. Ermis decided to take the man’s weapon instead of talking to him first, thinking he or others could be in danger.

      That is not investigating. That is disarming.

      • You really need to study the law. To investigate can include temporary disarming of a person for the safety of everyone involved. After investigating the situation, then your firearms may be returned. Oh heck, screw investigating, just ignore it and let some SOB kill somebody. Then all of you whine about why the cops didn’t do a damn thing. Please take time to study and understand all laws, not just this that suit you. And try that ride along with a local police department but wear your diapers for when you crap your pants. I’m done. I’m sending my money to the NRA, not this nut.

        • Actually, in Terry v Ohio, an officer must believe that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed to search and seize.

          “In this case, for example, the Ohio Court of Appeals stated that ‘we must be careful to distinguish that the “frisk” authorized herein includes only a “frisk” for a dangerous weapon. It by no means authorizes a search for contraband, evidentiary material, or anything else in the absence of reasonable grounds to arrest. Such a search is controlled by the requirements of the Fourth Amendment, and probable cause is essential.‘ ” (392 U.S. 1, at 16, Fn 12, quoting State v. Terry, 5 Ohio App. 2d 122, at 130) (emphasis mine)

          Try again.

        • LL..

          Seriously? You just take whatever information you find that supports your view, regardless of whether or not it actually applies?

          The case you are referring to involves frisking, which wasn’t the intent of the officers, nor what actually took place. Additionally, does it not make a difference to you that states have their own individual laws and the offense was committed in Texas, and not Ohio, where the precedence was applied?

          Grisham wasn’t frisked until he had resisted and was in handcuffs. I do believe it is standard police practice to frisk to insure no dangerous weapons are going with the defendant to the police station.

          That’s part of the problem with all of this. Many of you who advocate what Grisham did, see something on the news or read something online and you take it for gospel and don’t appear to question its validity for even a moment.

          Someone yells, “My 2nd Amendment rights are under attack by the police!” and you folks just pile into the wagon, without a clue where you are actually going or why. The truly saddest part about all of this is that by doing so, you only undermine your own positions when it comes to the really important things. You repeatedly demonstrate that logic and common sense and understanding have no place in conversations of these natures and thus no one but your own kind, take you seriously or even give credence to anything you have to say.

          The majority of you resort to name calling and trying to belittle those who offer dissenting views and opinions and I can only assume that is because you have no other recourse because your argument has no real substance.

          I’m a smart, reasonable, logic-driven man. Convince me with facts and evidence that Grisham wasn’t in the wrong. Demonstrate to me how the police over-stepped their boundaries and violated his rights as a citizen. Show me why it’s silly for the police to respond to concerned citizens alarmed by a man in town with a front-slung AR-15.

          I am all ears.

        • No, actually, the officer grabbed the weapon, unannounced and tried to removed it from CJ. That is not only violating Terry v Ohio because he had NO PROBABLE CAUSE, that is a very dangerous way to approach someone. Did you even read the quote I provided from the newspaper about the police report? I am waiting to see the dashcam footage. If he could see that the magazine was loaded, and felt that grabbing a weapon before even TALKING to someone is legal, he needs to be schooled. And if you think that is ok, you are more than welcome to let cops disarm YOU without talking to you first. I will not submit so easily and CJ did not either.

        • LL,

          Again, the problem is that you don’t have any proof of what is being claimed, actually took place. Yes, if an officer tried to grab a weapon from anyone, that is seriously bad juju as well as bad technique. The video in question, doesn’t show that, so it’s basically Grisham’s word against the police officer’s, and the video makes Grisham out to be the unprofessional one and the aggressor. Who do you think comes off more believable? Hint, it’s not your guy.

          I can only go by what I have seen. I haven’t seen an officer trying to grab another man’s gun, except once he had been detained and was handcuffed – well within his authority as a police officer at that point. Sorry.



          It’s 0.0156% for federal, state, and local officers, lower than the 0.035% for the national average of all jobs and here are the statistics http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/i/MSNBC/Sections/NEWS/AJDocs/121227_PoliceDeaths.pdf

          I scoured that PDF and didn’t see anything that mentioned an actual percentage akin to what Grisham suggested. Maybe I’m blind?

          I did however see this particular tidbit, “Texas, which has more officer fatalities than any other state throughout history, once again led the nation with 10 deaths this year (2012).” I think that alone, would call for police officers to be a bit more careful and more diligent in inspecting people with guns.

        • TH, you are correct & the dashcam video has been requested, but the prosecutor hasn’t seen fit to release it publicly nor to CJ’s attorney. We’ll see eventually. As for the stats, see my most recent comment

    • do you get stopped and cuffed because you could kill somebody with your hands? then how is it right to stop and seize a gun that is legally carried?

    • They dont have to be kind or sweet, CJ does not have to be kind or sweet either.

  60. Iraq War Vet here, I am proud to see people standing up for the 2nd amendment. Keep up the good fight!

    • I agree Brian, but in the right way. Lets not all get crazy and stupid about it. This only gives power to the liberals. Cops, in general, are very pro gun rights. As with any group of people there are always a few who are not.

      • Mary B your attitude is what makes people lose confidence and respect for police officer. You are a disgrace. Apparently, you and many other police officer forget that you work for the public. What happened to “protect and serve”. People like you should never be given and/or placed in position of authority. Your types are what make life more difficult for the good people in any profession. Don’t think that I’m talking out of my backside, I had the misfortune of dealing with people like you, both as a Corrections Officer and an Army Reserve Officer. I can honestly count on one had the time I had serious issues with prisoner and I worked in all types of prison and levels to include the state’s women’s prison. And you know what, you sorry excuse? It was not because I smart, was good at my job and/or was a big guy, but because I showed the inmates respect. Understand, I did not respect them, I just showed them respect, was fair and/or not afraid to admit if I was wrong. So yes, it is part of a PO’s job to be respectful and curtious, contrary to whar you beleive. Just because one wears the uniform and badge does not gives one the right to be an a_ _ hole. Another rule i always followed, was not to bring my personal issues to work and/or take it out on the inmates.
        Furthermore, if anyone finds that being a PO, too stressful, dangerous or any other kind of BS that I’ve heard, they should quit. They should turn in their badge & gun and find a less stressful job. I could go on, but sadly you come across as a hopeless case. Sorry if I rambled on, but people like this are so aggravating.
        On the other hand CJ and Nail, my condolances on you terribly negative experiences. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotional trauma you guys have gone through.

  61. TheBlaze, a media outlet who posted this story, “is aware of accusations that Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham has a controversial past, but the video is — at the least — curious, and deserves to be fairly debated. TheBlaze is working on getting more information on all facets of the story, including Grisham’s past, and will keep you posted.”
    Perhaps you will all follow this and see what all comes out. I’d go to Vegas and put all my money on the PD and make a fortune. It’s about the law, not what you think the law should be. Hey,reach under your seat during a traffic stop and see what happens. And stop using ” veteran” to get sympathy. It’s dishonorable.

    • Im glad you are retired because you are a idiot…LMAO at you

  62. The current crop of police, are in the job for all the wrong reasons. The good police need to police their own ranks, and take out the trash. A local cop in my home town was recently busted for stealing money from the township. Another nearby town, their police chief was busted for having sex with a 16 year old girl and fired. Pa. State Police brutally beat and tazed another young man for not stopping his car soon enough when followed. WTF is wrong with these cops,are they insane?

    • Gee, you must be one of those types of people who think if one person in a group is bad they are all bad. I agree there are bad ones but most are good. Sadly we never hear about the good deeds. God bless those who have been working over 24 hours in West, Texas today, and God bless the officers and firemen who lost their lives trying to help people.

  63. Mary, I think you have proven to us all that you are as argumentative when defending your point of view as you accuse CJ of being. You were a good cop, thanks for being a good cop and serving your community and your precinct. Enjoy your well deserved retirement. To my point, there is no us and them in this country and CJ goes out of his way to explain that both in the video and at the beginning of the blog.

    I’m retired Army, enjoying my well deserved retirement also after policing the world alongside America’s best and brightest such as CJ. By the way, you could benefit from your own advice and do a ride out with the Marines in Fallujah or the Army in and out of the Green Zone, preferably back in 2004 when the deal was going down. Even in the middle of all that we had rules of engagement. Just having a gun doesn’t make you a bad guy and it doesn’t make you a dead soldier for developing the situation. That’s exactly why CJ tells him he is a sorry excuse for a police officer when he starts his “I felt threatened..” Shtick. You can tell that the officer doesn’t even believe it when he says it. You can read that all over his face. CJ had an expectation of what his rights were and what proper police protocol would be. Unfortunately, that went sideways when the officers failed to act according to his expectations.

    As for the question of what CJ’s CO thinks about all of this, I wish I could speak for him. I’d say to him, “thanks for being a great American and for believing so strongly in the values and ideals that this country was founded upon that you would take up arms and defend us against tyranny, oppressive governments, and those who would infringe upon those rights.” I would also thank him for raising a new generation of patriotic Americans who will follow proudly in their father’s footsteps, and especially for keeping that family together.” Most servicemembers with PTSD can’t do that. It’s a sad truth.

    “These days…” Doesn’t make it ok to throw the constitution out the window or conveniently overlook the ones that are threatened politically. “Shall not be infringed” is pretty clear to me. This is about so much more than a routine stop or a rollup. There is global focus on this topic. Just like cops carry guns for their own protection, so can I thanks to the Statesmen’s efforts who, with the inspired assistance of the Almighty, penned those guarantees to us.

    Soldiers are citizens too, entitled to those same guarantees.

    Lastly, I recently read a book entitled “arrest proof yourself” which I highly recommend, since we don’t know who the good cops vs the bad cops are. It was an intriguing look inside the mind of the way cops act, think and operate.. It shows the chasm between what they swore to do and what they actually do. I got mine on Kindle for pretty cheap. PS, written by a retired cop who believes in the Liberty of citizens.

    Hang in there CJ. You did as well or better than anyone could have done in those circumstances.

    Hooah Sheepdog!

    • PDQ
      Please don’t give, a poor excuse for a PO, like Mary any credit. Even idiots/cowards can make it to retirement hiding behind the badge and uniform. From what she has written here, it’s easy to tell how she approached her job. She had “the us against them mentality”, where every citizen became a perp. and posed a danger to her. Its obvious that she became paranoid. According to her, cops are always right, but if they are not one can always file a complaint.
      Seriously? I came across quite a few like her, as a C/O (prison guard). The descent C/O’s who did not allow the negative environment and danger skew their thinking, disliked working with officers of her likes. So even though she wore the uniform, it does not mean that she did her job, “to serve and protect”. She stated, something to the affect, that if CJ had not been an asshole. . . .. What happened to professionalism and respect on the side of the officer from the start? The likes of her, appear to believe no one knows the law better then them, but when called on it they get offended and hide behind the power of the authority the position provides them. Just wondering, do cops get trained and/or refresher training in professionalism, dealing and handling an individual, levels of aggression, deescalating/defusing a situation, reading body language, etc?
      As much as I hate it, experience has taught me that the uniform does not make a person a good guy. I have personally seen how power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, both as a C/O and in the Army here in the U.S. and while serving in Iraq. People like Mary and a few others here, allow power and authority to go to their heads, ignoring how their attitudes and actions reflect on the descent people in tthose professions. Even worst, how it taints the public’s perseption towards P/Os and the law.

  64. Mary, get off your soapbox and come down to a little place we call reality, This man did nothing illegal the policeman made mistakes you just don’t walk up and grab a rifle off someone if he was so worried about him shooting why did he not pull out his pistol and disarm him? He new darn we’ll that this veteran was not doing anything illegal I have the upmost respect for the law and the majority of police officers but there a few out there that think they are above the law just because they are the law. HOOAH

  65. I have been a cop for 20 years, I live in ruarl area just like this one . In the time I have served I came across many individuals carrying rifles , not one time did I try to disarm the person , I simply pulled along side them and ask what they were doing walking around with a weapon they responded and I went on my way this is ridiculous how the officers handled this situation I am embarrassed for these men .

  66. You really need to file suit against the officers for malfeasance of office, may cost ya some attorney fees but they have deffinatly over stepped their bounds and need to be made aware of it and the video shows it all!

  67. I applause you and thank you sir for your service to this country, both foreign and domestic.

  68. Dude, you got what you deserved. What knucklehead needs to be carrying around a semi- automatic rifle on a local hike. At a stretch maybe hunting rifle but you were just trying to provoke trouble. Do I feel safer knowing people like you are roaming the streets, no way. You are no longer in the service, stop playing soldier.

    • Wow, way to diss any veteran who has ever fought for your freedoms. (Such as your freedom to express idiotic opinions.) I’ll bet you $100 you have never put your life on the line to defend your country.

      We should no more be alarmed at an American citizen lawfully carrying a firearm as we are alarmed at law enforcement carrying guns. As someone who has lived in central Texas, even in some populated areas there are coyotes, allegators, and hogs that look like the ROUSes on Princess Bride. If I went on a 10 mile hike in rural Texas, I’d probably be wise to take something more than a pistol.

      But the issue is not whether one might use a certain type of weapon in a certain area, but that the CONSTITUTION and LAW says he was not doing anything criminal. Was he irritated at police officers for illegally taking his weapon? Yes. What would your attitude be if a policeman took your car or duct-taped your mouth shut when you had not broken the law?

    • DB, do your initials stand for bouche bag? Seems like it. Your knowledge of the law and constitution is completely lacking. Perhaps you should enroll is some basic grammar and english lessons at your local community college. It would greatly assist you in learning to write a properly formatted sentence and response before trying to dissect what is correct law and constitutional right. Your logic reeks of the ignorant bliss that you so clearly have been bathed in. What is the most troubling is that people like yourself are roaming the streets in the grey twilight of ignorance.

      You sir have clearly never served in the military or in any police force. You don’t know the physical and emotional long term effects dealing with war. I could say that I hope that you never have to see or experience that, but the fact is, I hope that you do experience war. Perhaps at that juncture in time, you would be less inclined to insult one of our veterans and to tell him to “stop playing soldier.” Step off your high horse DB and go read something rather than post your filthy bile word vomit that you peddle as knowledge. You have wasted everyone’s time that had to read your insult and poor excuse of a response.

  69. I am glad there are people who know their rights! I only hope I have the guts and composure when I am confronted.

  70. I want to say thank you for your service to this great country of ours now lets remember all the men and women that have died for us to be on the computer and give our opinion. If you are for or against this man just remember they died for you to have that right to voice your opinion, not all cops are power hungry but there is a big percentage that is. I’ll give an example of what happened to my family my uncle was jumped by 3 men in his own driveway in his car they pulled him out and started beating him my other uncle jumped in and helped his brother fight them off he broke one of their ankles. My uncle that was jumped got up and said he had a gun then they ran they were under the influence they wrecked in a ditch about 50 yds away from his house my uncle called the cops one came out and talked to the guys who did the bush wacking and my uncle came over to talk to the cop and the cop told him to get back to his house well the ambulance came to get the guy whose ankle was broke it was so obvious they were intoxicated. The cop knew the people that did it and he kept telling the cop to take care of it or he would well out of all what they did they got ticketed for trespassing and the judge threw it out my uncle called the police station to see why that happened just trespassing they said it was up to the discretion of the officer to charge them my uncle couldn’t afford to hire a attorney. So I don’t trust cops because its about who you know sad but true, by the way the reason why they did all that was because his ex was mad at him cause he wanted his kids for the weekend and she didnt want to pick them back up, keep us informed with what happens to you its sad when cops to this they should be held accountable for there actions
    God Bless

  71. DB : your comment doesn’t even merit a response. I personally know what it feels like to be harassed and falsely arrested. Despite this I am a concealed carry holder, proving I am upright citizen. All my charges, from two separate instances, have been dropped. Just goes to show you that there are some real sorry LEO’s out there. I don’t know that I could have been any calmer if some cop came at me like that, with lack of respect and regard for my rights. I hope things work out for you CJ. Many of the negative comments listed come from people that have never been on the business end of a bad cop or are just too ignorant to know when their rights are being abused!
    Best wishes to you.

  72. As the wife of an active-duty NCO and a Texan Baylor Alumn, I appreciate your fight for our Constitutional rights. People’s attitudes about weapons being “evil” and “threatening” need to change.

    We were stationed at Fort Hood during the November 2009 shooting, and when cell phones had no service, all police and FBI were at the crime scene, but we still didn’t know that the shooter was in custody, I felt a lot safer sitting at home with my Glock. I had no one else to protect me, but was confident that I could defend myself.

    Thank you for your service, overseas and at home.

  73. Also, have you requested the police cruiser video? Because I think that would be critical evidence for their case (or lack thereof).

  74. You sir are an idiot and got what you deserved. If you would have simply complied then nothing further would have happened. You created that situation. Those police officers were simply trying to do their job, but it’s guys like you that make it even harder for them to do it.

    After reading more about you, I see that their is a lot more to this story than the one you are putting out there for the public to see.

    Thanks for your service, but if this is what you intended to do with your service then you have done a disservice to yourself, your community and this country. Shame on you sir!!!!

  75. First, I am proud to have met you and commend you on your service. I am not be a fighter, but I did serve proudly in the United States Coast Guard. Thank the maker that there are people like you still out there. I fear for my life all the time, not because of nuclear threats, uni-bombers, war, maniacs, people walking down the street with AR15 rifles, nope. I fear for my life because of police officers. I moved to New York in October 2005 and all I have found is menacing, threatening, over the top police who ticket people for a failed blinker light(me) over drunk drivers, heading the wrong way on highways! I have been driving for 26 years now since I was 16 and have gotten more tickets in New York in 7 years than my whole life. 3 times the police told me the insurance card and registration are “no good, not in your system, your truck doesn’t ‘exist’ at all.” Am I serious, yep. I have had to go to court 3 times now, to show the prosecutor, then they dismiss it, but along with this, they impounded my vehicle and made me pay $125 to the police for a “release” document, then $980 to the impound lot and have had to pay to have my license re-instated $175 twice already :( They keep making more and more money from fatally flawed tickets and crooked cops issuing such tickets from law abiding citizens like you and me. I am most confident you will win your case and successfully sue the people involved. I cry when I think of all you have fought for and they don’t care. The very laws you, your brothers and sisters, died for are being neglected and shoved down our throats. The officer is lucky you are a calm, reasonable, free thinking soldier. Had the officer stopped some maniac, no long able to properly function or process sane thoughts, they would all be dead. The officers should be stripped of their badges and the right to bear arms, because they are dangerous to civilians. May the wrong be righted today!

  76. It appears you were disarmed during a Terry Stop, and were argumentative and noncompliant with the officer’s legal orders. While not resisting any arrest, you impedided the officers from efficiently conducting the legal stop and then sending you on your way. If an officer were talking to a chef holding a knife, the officer gets to disarm the chef while they’re talking. Comply, then sue the officer if you feel like your civil rights were violated. The street is no place to have mini-court, which you were good enough to video tape.

    In short, your actions created your problem, not the Second Amendment or the officers legally stopping you.

    • Wrong, the officer did not clearly place him under arrest! Arguing with a cop is not a crime (1st amendment). Carrying a firearm is not a crime (2nd amendment).

      • Which is what I said. He was stopped legally as a suspicious person. The officers were clearly within the law. His mouth and NONcompliance got him arrested. It happens.

        • Marterburn, anyone can be a “suspicious person” in the eyes of a cop. Perfect example, my daughter was about 13, junior high age, and she saw some boys she knew from school tagging gang symbols around the elementary school. She came home and told me about it. I called the non-emergency line and reported the incident. Seems pretty simple and non-threatening, right? The officer came into my home, stood in the doorway and his body was tense. You can tell when a person’s shoulders are tighter and not relaxed. He asked my daughter if she was friends with these kids, was she with them, what did she see. He did not ask her to just tell him what she saw and then ask follow up questions. It was more of a grilling than anything. Both my children and myself were really intimidated by both his body language and his tone. She was a “suspicious person” because she reported the incident. Funny enough, a week later, I saw on the electronic billboards around town a solicitation from the local PD to report any gang tagging and offering a reward. Yeah, like we’d ever call again. No, thank you to that 20 minutes of really uncomfortable, vaguely accusatory questioning.

          Tone goes BOTH ways, between cops and between the public. I have always, ALWAYS taught my children that the cops are the good guys. That’s who we turn to for help. After that small interaction, I don’t mention it anymore. We know we take our chances and when I witness something blatantly illegal, I call, but I expect attitude from the cops now. And that’s just sad.

  77. So, I’d really like to know updates on the case. It seems, all too often, injustices such as these get posted up and go viral, but we never seem to hear the end result. What, if any, site will you use to post updates of the court case? Obviously, as much as your attorney will allow as I understand a certain amount of information cannot be divulged until the verdict is released. I’m chomping at the bit to know what will become of this. Knee-jerk reactions to shootings all of a sudden causes an Amendment to the Constitution to come under fire?!

    “We don’t have near enough research to formulate an educational opinion, but those poor, poor kids – we gotta do something to oppress COUGH, er uh, restrict the people.” So says the prez and the congressional crooks.

    Please, post updates to this when you can. If it comes out the way it ought to, e.g. charges successfully brought against Temple PD and/or the county, then it would be another case to reference for all future encounters. I’m hoping justice is served and you’re rewarded, monetarily or otherwise, for standing up for your rights.

    I’d say stuff is getting ridiculous, but, unfortunately, it’s beyond that now.

    Best of luck to you sir and thanks for your service. 6 years active duty ex-Navy hospital corpsman here.

  78. make sure you show the part at like 3:01 – 3:02 .. the officer takes your gun and points it right at your head before giving it to the other.. not very cool at all!!

  79. I’ve been certified in law enforcement and have held many titles, with that said and if I judged to video on its merits, I would state. 1. You should never been arrested. 2. Thank you for your service. 3. Your deminor could have been better. I have seen this before, but I and others never arrested. This is where common sense comes in play. Now for there safety I can understand securing and checking, however by law, I feel you were in the right, and rod over reacted. I’m sure u know now cops have a big issue admitting there short commings. Why is it Texas I always here of cops over reaching? I feel the state law of Texas firearms is treding the line on the 2nd amendment. I agree people over react when they see someone with a weapon. Good luck and god bless you and the family.

  80. Temple police have always been problems. How can they be police officers who are to enforce laws when they don’t even know the laws. I was pulled over in temple and had my drivers license with my parents address on it. I had my military Id and told him while on active duty I do not have to change my address. He told me I was wrong and gave me a ticket when I went to court the judge told me I was right and threw it out. This was in 2005 only goes to show that Temple police officers still don’t know the laws.

  81. To those questioning CJ’s statistics.

    The FBI reports that in 2011, 72 LEOs were killed and 3 federal were killed. I am using 2011 because that is the most recent and complete database available. According to the BLS, there are approximately 632K in law enforcement, including all the way down to schools (I assume something like resource officers).

    Now picking apart those tables, on the straight LEO (non-federal side), officers killed by firearms was 63. All 3 federal were killed by firearms. Total is 66.

    66 / 632,000 = 0.0001044 which is 0.01%

    Now, each officer’s death is a tragedy because they have a very tough job and have to deal with some truly unsavory characters. I understand that. But because they deal with the public at large, both good and bad, they cannot assume every single person they come in contact with is out to kill them with firearms. There are laws and statutes and ultimately Supreme Court decisions that cover how police can conduct themselves in regards to people legally carrying firearms. The police have to work within that framework. I appreciate their willingness to “protect and serve” the public, but that also covers innocent, law-abiding citizens and they should treat all of us as such unless they have true concern and probable cause to believe otherwise.

    • That’s a great statistic and I’m sure everyone appreciates you providing the sources and how you got to the number you did.

      You didn’t mention though that the survey only covers 80% of the US and therefore another 20% is unaccounted for, which would raise your number a small amount. Also, you took statistics for the number of deaths from 2011 and used it with statistics for employment from 2012.

      That’s not really a huge deal though (it can be difficult to find things online). The thing I found the most interesting is that the same site states the following and I’m going to use your stats from the two different years:

      In 2011, 54,774 officers were assaulted.

      91.3% of those assaults were cleared by the respective departments.

      That means that over 50,000 officers were assaulted in 2011.

      Using your math, 50000 officers assaulted divided by 632,000 officers = 7.9% of all officers were assaulted in 2011.

      Bearing in mind that 20% of the US was not surveyed, that means that 1 out of every 10 officers was assaulted in 2011.

      Just something to think about.

      • I’m not quite sure what you mean by it only covering 80% of the US when this table shows all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the US territories, and the total number of 72 in the last column for 2011 matches the same 72 as the other tables. The methodology of how the information is gathered is outlined here. I did a deeper search on BLS and found the 2011 number, which is 636,410 (all my surface searches only turned up projections or 2012).

        So again, if you want to use the general raw numbers, 75 (ALL officers killed, regardless of firearm use, although this discussion is about officers’ risk of firearm death because CJ was arrested because he was openly carrying a rifle) divided by 636,410 still only yields .000117, which is again, 0.01%.

        And as I ended my comment before, I am well aware that officers come in contact with the worst of the worst and they also come in contact with every day people. Normal people who were speeding, Joe Schmoe who had a headlight out, Suzy Homemaker who called to report that her car had been broken into, a guy openly carrying a rifle in an open carry state, on and on. Any of those could be good guys and any of those could be bad guys. The statistical chance of an officer being shot is very small, as show by the simple math above. The FBI has done Police-Public contact surveys, but the most recent, which was in 2011 and details the 2008 survey (it is done every 3 years so it has 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2011 probably won’t come out until 2014), it shows an extrapolated contact between officers and the public in excess of 45 million (and that 45 million is a declining number from the previous 2 surveys). Out of 45 million contacts with police officers, very few Americans just up and shoot a cop. That is the point of all of this. Most people who DO shoot cops already have some sort of criminal record. What I’m trying to say is that there is a significantly greater chance that when an officer comes across a person openly carrying a rifle down a back country road, the person he is coming in contact with is not a statistically significant threat, and if the officer is not observing a crime he cannot disarm him, and the officer’s safety does not trump the rights of the citizen.

        I’m sorry that you feel you don’t want to comment anymore because you believe this is some sort of rhetoric. I hold a degree in mathematics and economics, both heavy in statistical analysis and my points here are not meant to be dogmatic, they are meant to be analytical and logical based upon available data.

        EDIT: Technically, depending on the job, time spent around bad guys, all of those factors, the odds increase or decrease. A desk clerk has lower risk than a SWAT officer. That being said, within the US, in the year 2011, 0.01% of the total number of law enforcement was shot and killed. That’s a more precise way of analyzing the stats and data I used.

        • O loved an informed American as our forfathers knew that the only we would remain free is by having a well educated populace.. you have served our country and you support your famil and a great Dad- you are the epitomy of what everyone should strive to be in a man in america- my husband is a vietnam vet- they were instructed to take off their uniform when they came back- he has tought myself and children proper use of firearms and he is always making sure that we operate amd maintain our guns legally- he is all about saftey- i cannot beleive you cannot find a lawyer to sue them for what they did…the saddest part of this story is it happened in texas- my husband and i are planning to move to texas because of its patriotism..are we making a mistake- i hope not.. God bless you and all that serve our country whether home or abroad including DECENT policmena nd women- which has been th majority that I have met-which is limied as I am law abiding and to firefighters and to patriots.Godb Bless you all

        • The stats are great. I didn’t really have an issue with them, since you simply gathered them from a site and reported them here. Same thing I did. I pointed out the omissions so you could update your stats and then used the same formula you did for my response.

          I think it’s great that statistically, an officer has little chance of being shot and killed by an open carry. But you can’t really expect them to not inquire about one when concerned citizens call it in, do you? Also, I’m willing to bet that one of the reasons officers aren’t shot and killed as frequently has to do with their high levels of training and the fact that they wear body armor. That is why I chose to show case the assault statistics rather than the deaths. And just because a person is exercising their right to open carry, doesn’t mean they can’t still injure the police officer.

          Someone made the comment about what if Grisham had been up to no good and had taken the boy against his will, but because he wasn’t waving the rifle around and acting like a loon, the police should just look his way and then continue on with business as normal and then days later the kid’s body shows up in a dumpster? That’s a realistic scenario in this day and age. What then?

          One of the points repeatedly getting missed is that having the right to bear arms, doesn’t excuse you from the responsibility that comes with bearing arms. With the violent climate as it is in the country at this time, that responsibility extends to understanding what is likely to be alarming to others and mitigating it as best one can.

        • I know why you supplied the assault statistics and I did not address that because there were many, many, many more armed officers getting assaulted, without guns involved and as you pointed out, they’re supposed to be highly trained (and some wear body armor). But the same can be said for every day citizens, that they go out, and in a state where they can legally carry, both openly and concealed, they too can have something bad happen to them either by bad people or in CJ’s case for carrying the rifle, from wildlife. Both police and citizens have to work within a legal framework, the police moreso because they have the power to file charges, shoot someone, taser them, whatever, because of their duties. There are limits placed upon officers to protect us from abuses of that power.

          Someone made the comment about what if Grisham had been up to no good and had taken the boy against his will, but because he wasn’t waving the rifle around and acting like a loon, the police should just look his way and then continue on with business as normal and then days later the kid’s body shows up in a dumpster? That’s a realistic scenario in this day and age. What then?

          That is covered under probable cause. Was CJ acting in such a way as to create that suspicion? Was his son in front of him, looking under duress? These are all questions that can be answered by the dashcam but as stated before, although CJ’s attorney has requested the evidence, the prosecutor has not seen fit to release it yet.

          As for your last point on responsibility in bearing arms, the state of Texas says you can openly carry a long rifle and you can concealed carry handguns. CJ was openly carrying the long rifle and had his pistol concealed and was carrying his CHL. He was within the laws of his state. How more responsible can you be? Are you meaning that he should defer to the officer’s authority (or lack thereof) to question him on why he is carrying the rifle?

        • LL,

          That’s the problem. The responsibility doesn’t cease at obeying the laws through having the necessary permits and operating within the laws of the individual states. It extends to the responsibilities I mentioned in another response.

          Should he defer to the officer’s authority? Not necessarily. Having not committed any crimes, he doesn’t really have to. He can just refuse to answer and continue on his walk. But that wouldn’t be the responsible thing to do. The responsible thing to do would be to try and defuse any tense situation, if you have the means to do so, and regardless of what happened before the video started rolling, Grisham had the means.

          You guys keep going back to hearsay to support your comments and it doesn’t really accomplish anything but weaken your positions.

          Here’s a list of responsible things Grisham and others could do:

          1. Notify the police that you are going to be out walking around with your son carrying your weapon in a front sling. Tell them your planned route so they know how to handle concerned calls.

          Imagine what the caller’s response would be if they heard, “Thank you for notifying us, Mrs. Smith. The gentlemen in question is actually out on a hike with his son for a scouting project and is carrying the firearm for additional safety from wild animals. He called us before the hike and let us know he would be in the area. If you are still concerned, we can certainly send a unit out.”

          2. Carry the weapon over the shoulder or across the back. That alone would make me more comfortable than seeing a weapon in a front sling. Don’t forget – people don’t know who he is or what he may or may not be up to.

          3. Cooperate with the police when they do investigate. Cooperation doesn’t mean that you have to give them all of your information, but let’s use common sense and do what we can to make the jobs easier for the police and thus safer for everyone involved, including ourselves.

          4. Education. Education for ourself as well as for others. Make sure you KNOW exactly what your rights are and what the police can and can not lawfully do. The number of people who have responded here stating that police can’t do this and can’t do that, when in fact, they CAN, is pretty scary.

          The law requires that Grisham immediately declare he has a concealed gun and permit, but he didn’t do so right away.

          5. Just as officer Jim Estes of Oregon stated, (paraphrased) although you have the right to bear arms, you have to understand what is and is not normal and thus is very likely to draw heavy scrutiny. It’s not normal to see people open carrying all over the city. Because it is not normal, any time you do that, you are going to draw attention and you should be prepared for police involvement. That means while yes, you probably can open carry as you walk right past the county courthouse or a school yard, that doesn’t mean it’s the responsible thing for you to do.

        • Are you honestly advocating that CJ inform the police of his movements as a free citizen who is abiding by the laws of his state? He went to a city counsel meeting a few weeks before his arrest and he was carrying concealed. He checked for the 30.06 sign outside the meeting place, saw none, and carried into the meeting (where he advocated for city legislation supporting the 2nd amendment right to carry). The police chief later tried to tell him he was in violation of the law for carrying into a public meeting like that, but the state statutes say that there MUST be a 30.06 sign. That is how SSG Nate Sampson got arrested in a hospital and had the charges dropped against him 10 months later. There was no 30.06 sign outside of the hospital. What is supremely ironic is that the officer who arrested him for resisting arrest with no original charge is also a gun instructor. It’s been around in comments, so this is public information, but the arresting officer teaches a CHL class. So he should be well aware of the laws covering concealed carry and open carry. And yet this happened. Either way, again, I want to see the dashcam. I think that will really clear up how the officer approached CJ and how CJ reacted to the officer.

        • LL,

          Yes, I am honestly advocating that Grisham and other gun owners should notify the police when their presence might very well cause an alarm. That’s not infringing upon your rights, it’s be proactive in insuring that situations like this one, do not continue to happen.

          That’s where part of the big problem lies. Some of you folks, have a pretty big disconnect between what the law entitles you to do and what would be the responsible thing.

          RangeSkippy commented on another forum that the law probably allows you the right to walk around with poop on your head. That’s your right, to do as you please. Are you endangering anyone? Most likely not. Are you likely to raise concerns from those who see you or cross your path? Absolutely and the police will most likely to be sent to investigate to make sure everything is okay.

          If you are snotty and belligerent and difficult when the police ask why you have poop on your head, don’t you think it is probably going to set off warnings with the police? They will probably attempt to detain you while they determine your level of sanity and thus your threat potential to the local population.

          So let’s re-examine that. You have the right to walk around town with poop on your head and you choose to do so. The police are notified and they come to check you out. You haven’t done anything wrong.

          They ask why you have poop on your head and you tell them, “Does it really matter?” While it’s well within your rights to respond in that manner, that isn’t really going to set the officer’s minds at ease that you might not be a bit unstable. However, if you were to say, “I know. I have poop on my head and I appreciate your concern. I’m actually exercising my rights as an American.” They might still think it’s a bit odd, but you aren’t being combative, you aren’t being belligerent, and you aren’t making the situation any more difficult than it might be.

          Congratulations! You can finish walking around town with poop on your head and it doesn’t get shorted by an unplanned trip in a police car!

        • You seem to have a disconnect between what laws are for. They are for restriction not allowance so your statement, “Some of you folks, have a pretty big disconnect between what the law entitles you to do and what would be the responsible thing.” Laws are not for entitlement to move freely, to associate freely, to communicate or not communicate with police officers (and the “right tone” to use when choosing to communicate). I am a libertarian (the LL stands for loopy libertarian) and I am a firm believer in free exercise of ALL our rights (not entitlements or allowances as given by the government). Yes, one can be “polite” to the police but it is not necessary and should NEVER be an expectation as some sort of way to peacefully exercise rights. It is sad that you think calling the authorities to inform them of your movements and intentions is a solution to avoid being questioned or detained by those same authorities. We should not have to ask permission from them (even if that asking is couched as “informing” them of our intentions).

        • LL,

          I know. Pretty crazy of me to suggest a course of action that might allow you to do as you would like with a great deal less interference and help to ease public concern at the same time. I am such a fiend!

          I would love to comment on the first part of your response, but I really didn’t understand it at all. You mentioned that I had a disconnect between what laws are for, and then unfortunately, you never said what the other element was.. just sort of rambled on, so you totally lost me on that one.

          Why are you so married to the idea that responsibility shouldn’t factor in to you exercising your rights? Is it because that might infringe a bit upon what you would like to do?

          Why doesn’t it stick in your head that just because you have a right to do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it? Hell, Peter Parker’s uncle understood that and he passed that understanding onto him with the phrase, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

          Why is this concept so difficult for you and others of your ilk to grasp? You guys just seem to want the great power with none of the responsibility that comes with it.

        • I think what you are missing is that CJ took responsibility to take a CHL class, to get his CHL, to obey all current laws in Texas. Beyond that, what I gather you are saying is that there is an expectation that anyone who wishes to carry a gun should take into account how fearful the public has become of weapons and to try to mitigate that fear. But it is not our responsibility to make people feel good or safe or better. That is on them to realize they have irrational fears. It is our responsibility to obey the laws of our state and enjoy that whole “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” thing. That is what CJ did. He obeyed his local laws and beyond that, he or I or you do not have to answer to the police or scared people when we are not breaking any laws.

        • I was tired, and am still tired, but if you want point by point-

          1. No one is required by law to make anyone else’s life easier, not even the cops’ jobs easier. I have been pulled over for exactly two things. One a speeding ticket, I was speeding (breaking the law), I took my medicine and we moved along. The second time, I had a headlight out, again, technically breaking the law. I was aware of it, I had replaced the bulb, there was a wiring issue. I could have lied, the cop could have ticketed me, either way, it was what it was because my car was not in working order. I got a warning. On the flip side, as I stated before, my daughter witnessed tagging, the officer was aggressive and grilled my middle schooler and I am much more leery of contacting the PD voluntarily because of that one officer’s interaction with us and I will have no issues with being uncooperative in the future.

          2. I’m sorry you don’t understand that laws are written to restrict behaviors, not to allow them. The Constitution restricts the behavior of the federal government and reserves all the rights to the people and to the states. The states enact laws to restrict behaviors within the state. The 2nd allows free exercise of gun rights. The states restrict that free exercise through laws, ie requiring licenses, requiring classes, etc. Laws are not permissions, they are strictures. If you cannot understand that concept, I cannot explain it any further for you.

          3. I am only married to the concept of responsibility in the sense that CJ did his due diligence, he researched his state laws and he was in compliance, so he met his responsibilities. In the example of the headlight issue above, I met my responsibilities of first replacing the bulb to see if that resolved the issue, and then after I got the warning (I could not get my car into the shop by that evening), I had my car rewired. If I had gotten a ticket, I would have paid it because my car was not in compliance even though I tried to make it so within my abilities.

          4. Our rights and whether we exercise them are not for you to determine on whether we should or should not exercise them or how we should or should not exercise them unless they are outside of the law. Again, CJ was carrying legally, so just because you disagree with the method of his carrying does not negate the fact that what he considers a proper way is just as right as what you think is wrong. That is subjective, not objective.

          5. There is a difference between power and rights. Going about your life freely is not “great power.” It is living within a country that guarantees rights for people to live their lives unmolested by those who have “power” to take away freedom, to lay charges, to impose fines. Your last sentence should be applied to the police, not to the citizens.

          I’m done with this discussion. We obviously don’t agree on any points, and although you tried to lay the charge of rhetoric at my feet when talking about statistics and tried to imply that I was being dishonest in the math when in the end, even being overly generous with the number of officers killed by gunfire (did you see the table where it delineates that out of those 72 officers killed in 2011, about 1/3 of them were off duty therefore negating the whole concept of them being in danger because of their jobs?), I have entertained your questions and points sufficiently for everyone here to judge which is the more reasonable position. Take care.

  82. All I want to say is, SOME police abuse their authority and believe they are the law. Reality is they should enforce the laws. I don’t personally own a gun but support the 2nd amendment and fear that we will lose it. I don’t have any money to donate but feel free to contact me if any help can be done from here. My family are return war vets MARINES. Thank you for your service.

  83. I won’t be responding to any further comments. No one seems interested in having an actual discussion about what took place, just lots of name calling and dogmatic rhetoric, no doubt regurgitated from your favorite news or radio programs.

    • As LL stated:
      “There is a difference between power and rights. Going about your life freely is not “great power.” It is living within a country that guarantees rights for people to live their lives unmolested by those who have “power” to take away freedom, to lay charges, to impose fines.”

      Responsibility for any and all actions taken by an individual belong to that individual.
      Yes there are crazies walking around with guns.
      If it makes you feel any better, there are crazies walking around with nukes. :)
      Learn to recognize when you are reacting out of fear, everybody dies, strike your fear or it controls you.

  84. I agree with you that you were detained and had your rights violated. However, someone typed above that you could have responded to the police officer differently by telling him that you had the guns for protection from wildlife, not by stating “am I breaking any laws” (That is a bit of a cue to tick an officer off). He may have then asked you then, like the police officer Mike Noor in the youtube video (extremely professional by the way), to look at your weapon, to make sure that indeed it isn’t a full automatic. He had reasonable suspicion and wanted to make sure because it looks like an m16, especially to people who do not have the training and experience you have, even for a cop. You, fussing and getting angry doesn’t help much either. The police officer definitely overstepped his bounds, but if you were a little more cooperative, the charges they have levied against you would be less severe.
    I hope you case goes well and you get the charges dropped for you and your families sake, but next time, taking the high road doesn’t always work. Sometimes being the sheep, sad to say, will keep you out of trouble.

  85. unfortunatly the gov has deep pockets, and their lawers love to argue what the defenition of is is, at a 100.00 dollers an hour, they will just wait till you run out money, and your forced into bankruptcy. good luck

  86. I am extremely proud of you for the service you give to your family and our country. I too have served in the USAF for 7 years honorably and the Austin Police Department as well. This type of abuse of police authority should and shall not be tolerated. I commend you for maintaining your second amendment right and for holding firm to what it true & just. This must be stopped. Abuse of power an the ignorance of law is unjustified and ludacris. Your in my thoughts, prayers, and support. The truth stands on it’s own merits. It needs no defense. In this case however it obviously does. My dad and my mentor taught me that. Keep us all posted on your results as they come. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime. Your fellow CHL, Law Abiding, Gun Carrying, Patriot Friend- Trace Dean

  87. On the face of what is shown in the video, the police not only overreacted they had no legal cause to take you in.
    Few sheep understand until they have been subject to Big Brother police tactics themselves and often that is too late.

    The cry, “Liberty or Death” has NO meaning to spineless sheep…Just follow orders and bow and kiss butt and you may be allowed to live.

  88. so I watched the video about CJ Grisham and seems legit read the blog and the other one about Michael Yon… My opinion may not matter but people need to get a life…why creep on someones facebook to take something out of context and make a man who has done no harm out to be a lying scum bag. If you watch the video you can hear his son crying in the background its not staged. For all the people commenting negative and violent things need to stop. I am sure for those who doubt it will one day be in a situation maybe not like this one but where there is an authority figure abusing their power and your civil rights being thrown aside wishing people would help you or just believe you. No offense but even cops can let their EGOS get in the way of proper justice

  89. Hi CJ,

    You kept calm and reasonable and gave a good example for your son. Unfortunate events all around, and I think the video shows what really happened. Best of luck with everything.

  90. I tend to fall on the Liberal spectrum but when it comes to guns and gun rights I’m alone in that crowd. When I was 4 I was firing a Daisy bb gun with my Grandpa, years before I was ever allowed to handle “safer” knives. I went hunting or target shooting with my Dad many times as well. I do not fear guns, and I don’t automatically fear the idea that my neighbor may have guns, or that the person I’m talking to may be carrying. I can’t understand why after a shooting these people blame guns in general but during this week that Boston’s gone through they only (rightfully) blame the bombers and not the legal tools they utilized.

    I don’t own a gun and don’t think it’s a good idea having one in my house. That’s my personal choice and I’m not forcing it on anyone else. If only others would stop quivering and have the same respect for responsible law-abiding citizens.

    Good luck in getting this dealt with Sir.

  91. I seriously cannot believe some of the stupidy I’ve read throughout this. Yes CJ became angry and he had every right to become angry given the way the officer started the whole thing out in the first place. Someone needs to grow balls and stand up for our rights even at the slightest infringement. Did anyone happen to see how the Klamath falls officer handled the situation ? That went well because of the cops mannerism and respect to the person. The cop in CJ’s video is your typical “im above you” a hole that believes he deserves respect because hes a cop but doesn’t give it back. He is the problem, he started the situation off to what it became. CJ had every right to be pissed and angry at the officer whom was breaking laws himself. Mary, Racheal, you are freaking morons, mary I believe you stated you were an officer and by your tone you have the “above you” attitude mixed with im a badass “woman cop” . You chose to be a cop correct ? you new the risk? still chose it?…. so quit whining about it. My entire family is in the police force one way or another and they took an oath to protect, but to do it without breaking laws themselves. I hear all the time from my family members what a joy it is to work with these the self righteous, power trip jackasses, They hate it. There is a fine line between protecting and severing lawfully and those power trip cops whom “are above you”. A good cop like in the K falls video for instance….. Defused the situation quickly (even though it seemed the guy was wanting to argue) the officer kept things calm, respected the persons rights and did his JOB. The small town chump cop needs to learn a few things. Hopefully this will happen as a security officer at the local mall as someone stated.

    And last but not least as far as I’m concerned anyone whom refers to the second amendment as “SILLY” should shut their mouth, take an idiot pill and go away till it kicks in. TH you state this and then keep posting on here like your some expert on the subject, do you perhaps have any credentials about the law ? you stated at some point you by no means knew the law or something along those lines so why are you still posting? More power to you CJ, if the second amendment falls all the rest go with it ! little things like this are the beginning of that right falling props for standing up for all of us !!!!

    • Derek,

      The issue I have with the 2A, doesn’t apply to citizens being allowed to protect themselves. The issue I have is with those people who believe that having firearms is somehow going to protect them from Big Government. “If we don’t have our guns, then the government can do anything they want.” That type of mentality is what I rail against.

      At the time that Amendment was created, it actually had merit on that level, because the common man wasn’t sorely outgunned by the government and should the citizens need to arise and resist, they were on fairly even footing with one another.

      That simply isn’t the case any longer. The government has the population crazily outgunned. You try to fight off the government with your automatic weapons and whatnot and see how far you get.

      So in that regard, in that particular instance of why we need the 2A, I do think it is extremely silly.

      As for my background? First and foremost, I have a fair amount of common sense. Following that, I spent six years in the Marines and served during the first Gulf War and was honorably discharged. I have no official knowledge of law beyond what I read and comprehend when I research in order to speak intelligently about my OPINIONS, and I state that when I do reference laws.

      I don’t need a law degree in order to understand why police need to investigate when someone is concerned. I don’t need a law degree to understand police have a lawful right to detain and secure someone for the safety of everyone while conducting their job. I don’t need a law degree in order to understand WHY Grisham was rightfully arrested for impeding an officer.

      This is the usual tactic when a person doesn’t have a way to dispute what is being said. Either they are attacked personally or people want to know what qualifies them to make such comments, rather than addressing their comments and debunking them one by one, as we nay-sayers continue to do when someone pops up spouting half-truths and flat out lies and misinformation.

      Notice, I haven’t once asked for your credentials or what entitles you to speak about the same issue? I haven’t asked that of anyone, because the only credential I bother looking for is whether or not you can express your view intelligently and are willing to provide details to back up your findings when providing stats, etc.

  92. Dear CJ, Your story is so very hard to believe, that I am glad you taped it. Thank you for standing up for all of us who love Liberity. Just remember that in this world no good deed will go unpunished. Your reward may come when Jesus says to “Well done good and faithful serivant.” I will pray for all of us justice for you will come soon. I would like to send you help. How can I send you money to help with your expences. I could send it through paypal if you give me you email address.

  93. Bravo SSG hooyah! Keep fighting the good fight your gonna win this for sure

  94. I stand behind you and this very well written article all the way. I was an active soldier and I don’t think I would have the calm demenor as u had with those officers breaking the law. of couse I don’t have kids either and have to worry about permantly scaring them for life. Thanks for your service and your life changing article.

  95. While not a LEO, I am a first responder with the unwavering desire to do my part in the protection of life and property. While not getting into specifics I will tell you that there are only around 100 of us scattered throughout this country who do what I do. Even with that number being really low, we average 2-3 deaths per year. I’m sure you can figure out the percentage. But you know what? Even though I know every time I step foot on the “battlefield” it could be my last, I still do my job professionally! Therefore, what REALLY has me frightened is the comment made at 03:55 when the SGT says “WE ARE EXEMPT FROM THE LAW!” That is so disturbing on so many levels it is not even funny. He effectively is saying, whether he thinks so or not, that his mentality is one of “I’m above the law and you are going to do everything I say.” This is getting out of hand. I was visiting California during that rogue cop’s (Dorner) shooting spree and agree what a disgrace and how horrible that man was. BUT, the little reported side story of the unwarranted shooting of those 2 poor women who were shot at 40+ times while delivering morning newspapers has me most worried. Are cops now allowed to shoot first and ask questions later? Luckily both women survived. Oh, and I’m so tired of hearing “In this day and age” from police. We still have a Constitution and laws that protect our rights. If you all feel threatened “In this day and age”, you need to find another career field.

    CJ, good luck with your case and I certainly hope you prevail. Those LEOs need to know they’re not judge, jury, and executioner.

  96. First off i would like to thank you for serving this country Sir and i wish i had money to support you but i do not, however i do support you in my heart, mind and gut. My uncle was a Sergeant in the Green Berets 101 Airborne Division Master Parachute that served in Vietnam at the age of 16 and died in his late 40′s by the hand of a drugged up citizen having a fight with another citizen and he was trying to help , He was a good man. but got stabbed in the heart by the drugged up citizen, my uncle was not carrying a weapon. I know this has nothing to do with your case i just wanted to share. as for the first video you posted on this page it was very good and comforting, i wish it was that way all the time with law enforcement. ( For The People ) and use common sense and should be WELL educated on the law not making it up as they go along. peace to you from Florida and i would say good luck to you but you deserve better something along the lines of RIGHTS!!!!

  97. I don’t think you understand how capitalism works, CJ Grisham:

    Suppose tomorrow a law comes into effect where officers are fired the moment they fail to interpret the law (for example, your video is very clear, so we say the officers failed to interpret the law).

    90% of officers will lose their jobs. 10% will be an insufficient remainder. Now the city has a crime problem. Now the city is forced to raise paychecks to over 75k starting salary. But the city can’t afford this. Now we have a catastrophe.

    If you want to deter criminals by flashing your gun, start a militia, and give your town a heads up you will be patrolling. Let the cops know you’re going out for a walk with your gun before you do. Don’t look a this like a Cereal box and point to the chart that says “ITS ONLY 1% SUGAR, WHY AM I GETTING CANCER?” How about some financial consideration; this whole country has never been able to afford a police force. Only half-baked half-crooked cops.

    • Irrelevant

  98. Unfortunately in this day and age us rightful gun owners are being targeted by everyone who is scared of not knowing the truth about our rights as a citizen of the USA to be able to arm and protect ourselves and our loved ones.the media has just blisters into everyone’s head all the gun violence everywhere but yet they refuse to share stories of when a licensed right to carry individual used his gun to save lives of others who were in desperate need of help.NO!we never hear those stories,with this situation unfortunately it will be up to a judge to say who was right and who was wrong,I don’t know I wasn’t there yes theirs video but we really don’t know the full story.gun owners were in a battle for our life here and this doesn’t show good press even tho the officer’s weren’t threatened,only thing I did see wrong was he didn’t tell the cop that he had a concealed weapon on him.That was wrong!God please help this world from stupidity that starts from the top down to the bottom of humanity!

  99. Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our rights over seas and here at home.

  100. CJ…Thank you for protecting me, my family and my country! I can not believe how these jerk cops treated you. I am so glad you taped it or you could be up the creek with their lies. I do hope the cop is reprimanded in a severe way. He has no place being a cop, he is a pompous jerk. I know you will win this. Keep us all posted.

  101. CJ… I want to know two things!
    Why isn’t the military standing up for your rights!!!!!
    Why are they not pip

    • The Army hasn’t, and will not go to bat over this because he is wrong for one. And a disgrace to the US Army, and his unit

  102. Sorry to hear that CJ. I hope that the government will brought down the officers’ (that illegally arrested you) post.

    Much respect to you because you are a soldier who protects the country.

  103. I’m active duty Navy and I’ve learned to see my fellow sailors, soldiers, airmen, marines and guardians as brothers and sisters, family. You mess with one, you mess with all! Yes we have had some of our own cause harm, but that is not even a 1% of those who have served this great country. If we were entrusted to protect this land, don’t we deserve a better treatment than that was received by CJ?

  104. Your behavior on that video is an embarrassment especially to your son. Had you not shot your mouth off you probably would have been let go to finish your hike. I think you’re a dumb shit!

    • Why do you express an opinion offending people? Earn respect to be respected you dumb loser.

    • The only dumb shit is you shawn. Everyone should stand up for thei rights. Not let them be walked all over. I hope you are not breaking the last thing we need is more mindless sheep on this planet.

  105. Our police officers: breaking people’s rights one day at a time.

  106. My family is praying for you. Keep up the fight. Don’t let them win. When you swore in You fought to protect the 2 nd amendment as did I when I shed my own blood outside Abu graib. We can’t giv up the rights that make this country free. Or it and everything our for fathers accomplished was all in vein. Every soldie slain in all of our wars will have died under tha American flag to nothing. God bless you.

  107. This officer could use some firearm handling safety training. Watch at 3:00 how he sweeps your entire body AND his partner with your pistol after pulling it out of your holster. He could have had an ND and shot either of you.

    • Mike,

      This is what I have referred to previously. You see something and you don’t really bother looking closely. I agree, he shouldn’t have swept the body when he handed the gun to his partner, but it’s going to be really difficult to have a negligent discharge while holding the gun by the handle only.

      The only instance I know of where a gun fires on its own involves a round that is cooked off from being in a chamber that is too hot and the intensity actually ignites the gunpowder in the bullet or when a gun in poor condition is dropped and it discharges a round. I don’t believe either applies to this situation.

      Quit manufacturing things that never happened. You lose all credibility when you do that.

      • TH:
        I did notice that the officer was holding the pistol by the grip. That’s not good enough. The rule of not pointing at anything you don’t mind killing or destroying attempts to cover mistakes.

        The officer was doing this one-handed, while holding on to CJ, handing CJ’s pistol to the other officer. There are plenty of opportunities for a mistake. He could have bumped CJ’s head and his grip slip, caught on CJ’s jacket, fumbled when CJ moved. Officer #2 when grabbing the pistol could have bumped the trigger. I’m sure you could come up with even more possibilities.

        This was taught in every training session I’ve attended and the officer broke that rule. I was next to a person who had an ND indoors once and because he was pointing in a safe direction, nobody was hurt except a wall.

        I point out this one thing about the whole scenario and your response to me is “Quit manufacturing things that never happened. You lose all credibility when you do that.” If you were at a range and someone held their loaded, condition-0 (or 1) firearm by the grip and pointed it at you, would you be OK with that?

        It seems to me that you’re really trying hard to defend the officer on this point. And why do you have to be so rude to other posters? You seem to be looking for a fight. I think your credibility is in question…

  108. TO TH: Please get a life! You obviously think you know everything. Your opinions are just that. I have read all of them and you seem to act like an expert. The posts are meant to support CJ and not have your own little debates of who is right or wrong. If you don’t have a supportive comment to help CJ then please shut up. You and Shawn both. How amazing and refreshing it is to see people like you on here. Daily comics who have nothing else better to do. The police totally overstepped their authority and clearly violated CJ’s civil rights. He completely had the right to open carry. I am sure you will regurgitate another stupid post to defend your “expert opinions” so let me save you the trouble. I will not be engaging in any back and forth with you. I simply wanted you to know your “paragraphs” are not helpful to CJ but only serve to showcase your massive ego! Good day to you…….

    • T2,

      I appreciate the comment and I understand why you believe this site is specifically to support Grisham.

      To quote my beautiful girlfriend, “That’s absurd. A 10 year old might do that to gain support. A 40 year old needs to pull up his panties and toughen up. A site like this should be expected to garner opinions and thoughts and not mindless back pats and support. Grisham didn’t survive cancer. He didn’t lose a child. He was a belligerent douche bag and now he has to ask people to weigh in on that.”

      There was something else about she and I knowing that I needed to work on growing my ego, but I pretty much glossed over that.

      • Actually, he DID survive cancer, but that’s neither here nor there.

        • LL,

          I assume that since you didn’t dispute the other two things I mentioned, they must be true. I knew you had it in you!

        • Ahh, you meant on this comment. I can’t see the exact thread in the dashboard, I thought you meant a different comment that I could not address the other points. You can believe he’s a douchebag, as you can see, we don’t censor on this site except for extreme attacks, profanity, calls for violence, etc. Your opinion is exactly that, and we all know the old cliché about opinions and buttholes.

          No, he has not lost any children either.

          And I don’t see anything in this post calling for your opinion, although you could say that by default, by not closing comments, he is inviting or allowing them. But I must correct you, this site is not for supporting CJ, this has been his blog since he was deployed in Iraq and you can check the archives for how far back it goes, almost 10 years. He has expressed his opinion on many topics.

          So basically, I addressed all your points but the amusing thing is that it added nothing to the debate here because your points were non sequitors.

  109. Just a word of support from a fellow law abiding legal gun owner. You are in the right, both legally and morally. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be respectful or ‘nice’ to someone who is violating your rights and the law, even if they are police officers. Broken down to basics what the officers told you was they are above the law and can do what they want. Wrong! They can enforce laws that are on the books! They are not allowed to make up laws to suit themselves or anyone else, such as the person who called in the man with a gun report (otherwise known as a MWAG report). If we legal gun owners don’t stand up for our rights, who will? The liberal anti-gun zealots? Not on your life! So hang in there, fight like hell and win! Win not just for yourself, but for every other law abiding gun owner who otherwise may find themselves in the same situation someday. Best of luck!

  110. I’m a liberal. I’m not a gun owner. I used to be because I had a .22 rifle my father gave me when I was a kid. However I turned it into the police years ago because I don’t need a gun and I didn’t want it in my house because I have kids around. (I know you probably think if properly trained it would make them safer. I think a gun in the house makes it more likely that someone in the house will die from it. The numbers are on my side on that one.)

    I also think the five members of the supreme court got it wrong when they interpreted the 2nd amendment recently (DC v Heller, I think). I believe the right to bear arms is only as it pertains to maintaining a well regulated militia and it’s not an individual right to bear arms. Nonetheless these five guys disagree with me and their opinion carries a little more weight than mine. So if the crazy folks in Texas want to allow people to openly carry firearms while they’re walking down the street then that’s their choice. I choose to live a a state (Maryland) where that is not legal.

    Now on to the issue at hand. If the Texas law is as the guy in the video (Grisham) says it is, then he shouldn’t have been arrested. He wasn’t resisting arrest or “interfering with a peace office”. He was mouthy and a pain in the ass but I don’t think that’s illegal, not even here in liberal Maryland. I do think the cops were right to check him out following the call I received though. I also agree it would have been better if the Texas cops handled like the Klamath Falls cops did. Very professional.

    Oh and I know pretty much everyone here is going to disagree with me on the second amendment and the gun in the home thing so don’t bother making any arguments against how I see it. You won’t sway me. I won’t sway you. Let’s leave it at that.

    • No argument. You are simply wrong.

    • It would be hard to maintain a militia without private gun owners. A militia has historicly been comprised of citizens, mostly uneducated farmers, showing up for military service with their own guns, ammo, and equipment. In other words a federally funded Army, Reserve, or National Guard is not a militia. At the same time, things have changed quite a bit since the constitution was written. That said, I see no need for automatic weapons or high volume mags in the hands of private citizens. A bolt action or single shot is more than sufficient for hunting or militia service. Our forefathers bravely served in militias with blackpowder rifles after all.

    • Funny how anti 2nd Amendment folks use their 1st Amendment to vent that opinion, yet completely don’t get it that the 2nd Amendment protects that very opportunity, and the exercise of all other rights.

    • It is good that you gave your .22 rifle to the police. You clearly are not qualified to have any weapons in your possession, so thanks from all of us for your thoughtfulness. And please do stay in Merryland. We are all happy you are there and hope you remain there and do not stray far. And by the way, the Supreme Court got it right in the Heller case (albeit with fewer numbers than they should have), and the Senate got it right in their recent votes against new anti-gun legislation. We will continue to work long and hard against the anti-Constitutionalists in this Country, dedicating out time, energy and money to support the pro-gun entities here.

  111. I stumbled upon your blog after seeing the video online and I must say, I’m very curious to see how this all pans out. I grew up around guns my whole life and although I currently don’t own one, I feel that it is my right, anyone’s right for that matter, to decide if they should own a gun or not. Now, those people who feel that guns are not necessary, that is their right, to express their opinion, and to not own a gun. However, what they fail to realize is that this isn’t just about taking away something they deem unnecessary, this is denying rights set out by the Constitution of the United States of America. However, if they had infringed on a different right, those deemed “important”, I’m sure they would feel quite different. But the fact of the matter is that, infringing on someones unalienable rights, regardless of which one it is, is reprehensible. It doesn’t matter if a single individual, or group, feels as though that right is not important to them. As soon as we allow a single one of our rights to be diminished, others will follow. Despite myself not currently owning a gun, it is my right, and I praise those who protect it and uphold that right, as it is no less important to me than my right to free speech or any other right, for that matter, stated in the Constitution. I commend you for your efforts and taking the long hard road to withhold what has been given to us as American citizens. I’m glad to know that at least some people in this world still care about our rights as citizens of this Country.

    All the best!


  112. This is what happens when a small-town policeman doesn’t have enough to do. I live in a small town in Indiana and I got a seat belt citation when I was wearing my seat belt. It was my word against his and we all know whose word is law at that time. I chose not to argue with him since the ticket was for $25.00 and, if I had argued with him, he would have raised the ante to whatever he saw fit. It is true that these few cops make their own laws so that they suit their purpose. There are some very straight shooting, honorable officers out there. It just so happens this military man and his son didn’t encounter any that day.

  113. The Temple cops are jerks who abused their authority, illustrating that the Chief of Police is ALSO a jerk because if he wasn’t, he’d put the quietus on that bad behavior as subordinates routinely behave in ways approved by management.

  114. As a former active USARMY SGT who served three tours and 6 years of faithful service to this country I am ashamed of the conduct of our countries police force. I had a similar experience in Wimberley, Texas which is west of Austin. I was hunting crows outside of city limits and on private property with an airsoft pellet rifle with a 8x scope. Sheriffs came out and harrased me and my coworker and threatened to call the game warden. They also called me childish and belittled my years of service. They couldn’t cross over the fenceline so they harrassed us across the fence, eventually having to let us go because we hadn’t broken any laws. I support you and your cause. Hooah!

  115. Okay, I’ve taken a few days off and I’m trying to get caught up on comments and emails. Are there actually still uneducated people out there that disagree with how I handled myself?

    • The frontier days are over I’m afraid. People want safe, clean, and polite existences. So they will cheer you as a soldier who goes to war and carries a weapon for them ‘over there.’ They will worship you for providing what they want. Yet, if they see you on one of our highways carrying the same weapon its just too messy and scarry. Fact is they need you but don’t want you. And so they call the cops who take you to jail, thus restoring their precious cultural allusion of safety, neatness, and politeness. My point is that your adversary may not be the two Temple police officers, seeing as how they did exactly what the 911 caller wanted them to do. Rather, your greatest opponent in this legal battle may be a frightened and highly reactive American culture that needed a frontiersman to go to war, but now that he is home, calls the police at the mere sight of him. Laws change my friend. I’m afraid you’re on the losing end, even though the law is presently on your side.

  116. The direction Sgt Grisham and family are forced to travel bring them in the path of many people with many opinions.
    Winners take a path that I have been reading from Sgt Grisham.
    EVERYONE needs and must support the principals and logic of right and wrong.
    So many “causes” seem to include the opinions of people who do not know what sacrifice and suffering entail.
    I ask that all (including myself) approach the situation he is in with one notion…Maintain our freedoms and prevail with honor and dignity that will shine proudly on he and his family.
    A hero is not born, they develop over time and for many reasons. We are witnessing a development.

  117. I respect the fact that you didn’t back down and cower like an under educated sheep. Some say that you should have just respected the officers wishes and gave in. But the second he tried to just grab the rifle from you, I can understand any lack of respect from that point on. Keep up the fight for your well earned rights my friend. Ps I’m posting this video on my Facebook . I have friends in3 police departments and the Sheriffs dept. it will be interesting to see what they say about this video.

  118. Sgt Grisham, I will send a monetary donation but this is something that you really may like to read and review. First my disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice in any way and I am not an attorney, my opinions are only for your reading entertainment and you should discuss you case with your attorney.
    #1 “When a person being without fault is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted he may, without retreating, repel by force…..”. Runyan V. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. state, 74 Ind.1.
    #2 These principals apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends his bounds…..,” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. APP. 1 75; Skidmorev State, 43 Tex. 93,903.
    #3 “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempting to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77,72 ATL. 260
    #4 ‘Each person has the right to resist unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).
    #5. “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested…..” (Adams v State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).
    #6 “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest…..” Palmer v State, 136 Ind. 306. This was upheld by the Supreme court of the United States in the case of: John Bad Elk v U.S., 177 U.S. 529.
    I am not offering legal advice in any way and this reading is only for your entertainment and you should discuss you case with your attorney.

  119. I wish you all the luck and my prayers on a successful outcome. I wish I did not have personal experience with law enforcement that was so similar in nature. It was a difficult and painful day for me when I realized that justice no longer belonged in the term “Criminal ……. System” . Lady Liberty is no longer balanced. Justice no longer exists. The law is now very simply the police are right and you are wrong, regardless of the written law. Their personal skewed opinion is fact and all else conjecture. I was amazed at first to discover that their own video could just disappear if what it recorded did not coincide with what the police decided had occurred. And, yes, I do know some officers who I would trust with my kids lives. Unfortunately, they are becoming an extinct breed. I thank you for your service to our great nation, and more for standing up for your constitutional rights – you are standing up for us all here at home.

  120. Regarding whether the police are the enemy or not… Since you said you won’t tolerate positive answers to this question, let’s just say, let the outcome of this incident show whether they are, or more accurately, whether their system is the enemy or not. If not, and if at large they are as good as you believe they are, then we certainly can expect that this sad aberration will be promptly dealt with, the police chief, indeed, as you suggested, will scrutinize all past reports of the duo, and that the system will restore the justice. There will be internal investigation that will find them in violation; and after that happens, arbitration won’t restore their jobs, complete with their pay and even overtime. Agreed?

    Now tell, do you believe in 1% of this yourself? You made excellent analysis of the statute re. interference. Do you think DA is less familiar with it than you are? still, he has brought the charge. Explain.

  121. I’m a California liberal. Or, in your parlence “a pinko commie socialist pig”. Regardless, I was completely behind you until I ran across 2 things – 1. this paranoid belief too many on the Right seem to have that colleges are brainwashing our kids, and in your case specifically that they are brainwashing our kids against guns. It makes you look stupid to say such ignorant things, and really undermines your credibility when you are otherwise a very well written gentleman, who’s making very valid claims and expressing honest concerns about gun rights in the US. The second issue I have is your broad sweeping statements regarding liberals. I’m in the land of liberals, between Berkley and San Francisco, and I don’t personally know a single person who’s behind draconian gun restrictions (especially stupid ones like our Senator was proposing). I don’t claim to know every liberal in America (!) but your might want to ratchet down the rhetoric a bit. Would you think if right if I said all conservatives were uneducated, backwards, sister-humping rednecks? Of course not, because that’s not true (except for Mississippi of course =P).

    Anyway, good luck, I really hope you kick their ass in court.

    • @Dave. You are a typical ignorant liberal. Two lines of claiming support does not cover the rest of your liberal B.S. and insults. Btw, is your family originally from Miss.? Are your parents, siblings and/or cousins? The only reason I’m asking is because you sound so sure of this about Miss., so I figure you must have first hand experience. Does your claim include everyone or just white people because last time I drove through that state there were plenty of black people? You ignorant fool!
      Also, I live in New England, a hotbed of liberalism and know plenty of liberals like you who claim to be pro guns and freedom, yet vote for hyper liberals, who continuously restrict our constitutional rights.

  122. @Dave, simple Google search for “colleges brainwashing kids anti gun” returns pages and pages of results; regardless of how broad a generalization that is, such a view is more than widespread and definitely shouldn’t be dismissed. More generally, without the guns, “american school system brainwashing” also returns numerous results, serious articles and books, such as “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” by Ben Shapiro – only one example. While, certainly, not each and every school without exception is doing that, the problem is very real.

    Regarding your #2, the very fact that your Senator is proposing exactly that, should tell you that since he is a politician, he definitely has some strong base supporting him. If you don’t see anyone, well, maybe you should simply look around you…

  123. I just wanted to let you know the Klamath Falls Police Officer is Mike Nork, not Noor. He is a great cop here in my town.

    • I wonder if Klamah Falls PO, Mike Nork, had extra specialized training in how to deal and/or handle an openly armed citizen practicing his 2nd Amendment Rights in plain sight? Mary and a few others here, take note of how this officer controlled the situation. My hat is off to PO Nork, if this is the way he does his job on a daily basis. I wish him the best and may he move up the ranks so that he can train and pass on his approach to policing.

  124. Steve, do you have any statistics to prove you’re not a moron?

    • My family came to America from the Middle East back in the late 1950′s and I still have memories of the bodies in the street, the result of unarmed citizens killed for what they said about their government.

      I personally hate guns. Don’t like the look and I hate the smell. But in America, it’s the rights you like the least that you should support the most. I write for a living and one day, they are going to come after my freedom of speech. Until then, my bullets will be my words, my gunpowder my intellect. Let ‘em try.

      And thank you for protecting me. I was part of a Russian linguistic unit in the Air Force in the 1970′s, when I protected you. and one day, perhaps our sons will protect the next generation of Americans.

      Here’s hoping they deserve it.

      Good luck to you, sir.

  125. I think, maybe it may be useful to request from the police department the copies of the procedures they have for interacting with armed citizens, and records of the training these police officers have received. The video of Klamath Fall Police that you posted suggests that these procedures and that training do exist, and I’m sure that in the state with open carry right, there’s a ton of procedures and training of the police about how to deal with that.

    The goal is to show that their attempt to disarm you by grabbing the gun deviated from their own standards so far that reasonable citizen, even aware of their right to disarm, wouldn’t recognize it as such; and that the officers did this differently on purpose, contrary to the training on how to do it properly.

    These records may also show that when the officer admits that he is threatened by you carrying the gun, this is also in gross contradiction to the training he received.

  126. I also am a veteran,I feel your pain. I was always taught to respect police growing up, and I did but after the army and joining civilian life I find myself feeling less respect and more suspicion of police more and more. I think under the circumstances you handled yourself quite well. hope you win, and the good ole boy club gets sued real bad.

  127. It was unfortunate that the officers who responded to the 911 call happened to be Barney and Goober. I worked in the criminal justice system in Texas for over 25 years and was continually amazed at some of the individuals who worked as Police Officers, Correctional Officers, and Assistant District Attorneys. Of course the lower the level in the system (County or city – the city employees were without a doubt the worst qualified of the criminal justice staff I came into contact with) the worse they seemed to be. When you give a badge and a gun to someone you just never know how they are going to deal with that new authority (an authority by the way, that is given “By the People”). You case, however unfortunate, is one more “wake up call” for all of us to once again go to our elected representatives and demand legislation which will protect us from overzealous or simply poorly trained criminal justice employees. Additionally, one thing we can all do is to take our money elsewhere – stop shopping in Temple, go to Belton or Waco or other communities. They will appreciate your business. Let the Temple merchants feel the squeeze and maybe they will put the necessary pressure on their city officials to stop this second rate, amateurish abuse of citizens’ rights.

  128. When is your trial? I am very interested in the outcome of your case.

  129. you’ll win your case- US v Black http://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/opinions/Published/115084.p.pdf

    Thank you for standing up for your Rights!

  130. Too bad that happened. Educate yourself and you will understand how and why. Watch Dean Clifford and the Season of Treason and you may begin a journey to better understand why these incidents CAN happen to you. I won’t say thanks for your service, because I gave my service as well. Now that I know what I was serving, I wish I could take it back.
    Good luck. (never should have gotten a lawyer, they have taken an oath to protect the STATE’s rights, not yours).

  131. Perhaps you can run for mayor of Temple and find a good chief to run the police force there. I will move to Temple just to vote for you (I work from home)!

  132. I saw your video, I read your statement, I mapped the location of the incident. I don’t believe a word you said in this post Mr. Grisham.

    Here’s why:

    1. If you did not want a confrontation why did you keep the weapon strapped to your chest?
    2. Your video does not begin at the beginning it was edited and starts in the middle….why not show the whole exchange?
    3. The Police told you during part of the video you posted they were investigating a call and asked you (politely given your actions at the time) to put the gun down or hand it to them.
    4. You clearly resisted their orders (illegal or not it should have been confronted later with an attorney doing the talking not then).
    5. YOU had numerous opportunities to de-escalate the situation and instead you choose to make the situation far worse.

    I could have supported you had your actions been civil to the police and respectful of the position you put them in merely by being armed. I’ve been pulled over with a rifle on the seat of my truck…..I turn on the overhead light in the cab (if at night) and the first thing I tell the officer is there is a rifle and where it is….if he asks for it …I give it to him and I have always gotten it back.

    In case you are wondering I’m a veteran I served 8 years in the Air Force and 2 years in the Army National Guard…I respect our service members. I also worked for the Dallas County Sheriff for 8 years and both my Son and Son-in-Law are police officers. I support the right to keep and bear arms and have no problem with you carrying an AR-15 on a hike with your son. My problem with you is the manner you tried to deal with this problem. First you were inconsiderate in the fact these officers were confronting an armed person who had his rifle slung in a manner that it was always at the ready position. They had a few questions to ask you and needed to complete an investigation to a call that was a legitimate action for them to take. For just a moment forget about legality of what they asked you to do with your rifle and think about the situation YOU place them in and look 10 years down the line and imagine your son in that position.

    Your arrest, Loss of your rifle and expensive defense (not to mention repercussions from the Army) over all of this is YOUR fault.

    • I am sorry Martin Peterson, but just because you give up your rights, doesn’t mean other people should.

      It is incredible that people like you open your big mouth and sound like a liberal or a democrat.

      You do what you want to do, but don’t be handing out advice when you should know that he has the right against search and seizure without due cause.

      It doesn’t matter what the police asked him to do, they have no right, unless the suspect him of a crime and they must articulate it.

      Sorry Martin, you fail the “know your rights” test. and Martin, that is YOUR fault!

    • So Martin….

      You’re calling this Faithful LDS man, AND his son “liars”?
      You’re saying he’s “lied” when he said the cop came to him and didn’t say a word to him but asked him what he was doing and he said he was hiking with his son, and THEN the cop without any statement or warning just ATTACKED the man, trying to take the gun away from him etc., and that’s okay to you?

      Didn’t you notice even that in the video the father asked the son if the cop asked for his gun, and the son said no???

      You need to get your facts straight buddy before you judge people.
      Further, even if he was asked, which is wasn’t for a gun, he has no legal OR moral obligation to give it.
      Unless there is any “reasonable” cause of a crime being committed, or the witness to a crime, no one has the “right” to touch you or your property in any way.

      Walking down the road with a gun strapped on you is not reasonable cause” moron.
      Yes, it is reasonable for the cops to just come and “check”, but unless they are seeing anything “illegal”, you don’t have to do or say a damn thing.

      The Constitution means something, and this kind of Fascism is unacceptable in America.
      If you like it, then go to another country which still has this kind of Fascism as a general rule.
      See how much you enjoy your God given inalienable rights then.

    • I agree with you martin and I agree to what Mr. Grisham has said. He could have gone about it in a much more civil manner, yet, the police could have been more professional.

      Grisham had his gun out in plain view walking down a practically deserted area and someone who happened to live in that area saw him with his gun (which looks like an automatic machine gun, by the way, to people who are not properly trained) and called the cops. That is a legitimate excuse for police to respond to the scene and investigate. Police show up and they question him about it. Yes, the police were quite unprofessional. Yes, Grisham could have been more cooperative.

      As for the 2 other people who have responded to you, just because you don’t agree with Grisham automatically makes you a liberal or a democrat? That is not the point here, moron. The point is that Grisham believes he had his rights violated (which they were), not the fact that the people here in this post are dems or repubs. The cop was wrong in his actions to try and grab the gun, but Grisham, knowing he wasn’t breaking any laws, should have cooperated. Usually when people do not cooperate, police find that they are guilty of something, and in this case, possessing an automatic weapon.

    • How ironic, Mr. Peterson, that you do not believe a word of Mr. Grisham’s story — inasmuch as I do not believe a word of yours. Your numbered points show a lack of focus on the details of Mr. Grisham’s story or the video. But you couldn’t resist dropping credentials and associations to make your indignant rant “feel” more legit…. nice try.

    • Most of you have never lived in the that area, so you don’t have a clue, (doggies) Solders are automatic targets for most leos. The town hates solders, but loves the money they bring it. look up and Read about
      Bell County prosecutor Ken Kalafut. Also Grisham was correct on the law, Now turn off the sound and watch the arresting officers face, guilty and knows he is wrong. SGT has to cover for him. IF the police want more respect kindness and Epiphany they need to police their own people instead of covering for them. One bad cop in the department makes the whole department corrupt


  133. First of all, Thank you for your service to our country & freedom. These anti gun Nazi’s have no idea, let’s take Chicago, if gun control worked it would be like Disneyland instead of Thunderdome. Someone emailed me the shooting statistics for the city of Chicago, unbelievable! I applaud your stance, as I grew up in Cuba as a young child and watched the Castro Gov’t take everything from my grandparents, real estate, pineapple & tobacco farms, only to end up in the US penniless. So I see where this gov’t is headed. You will take my pistol or rifle when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. “Don’t Tread on Me”

    • Well, our govt will never be brought down to the likes of that God awful spit of land you call Cuba. Secondly, I don’t think you have any right saying anything about what is going on here. You came here on a boat and set foot on america and boom, American Citizen due to the stupid wet foot dry foot policy which need to be repealed. I don’t consider any Cuban an american citizen unless they went through the proper channels of applying for it, not by getting it because your country is oppressed and you set foot here. There are other countries out there that are worse off than Cuba and they cant just come here, so why should you!

  134. What a great read. I’m very sorry you had to go through that humiliating nonsense with your local police department, but if any kind of positives can come from this, it’s making people aware of the rights we are slowly but surely losing. I live in Portland, Oregon, and let me tell you, if I was walking around with my rifle, the police would shoot me in the back first and ask questions later. This place is so liberal, it’s thick in the air like fog. I Am particularly happy that you shared the Klamath Falls video. Klamath Falls is my home town, it it makes me proud to see the police handle that situation calmly, politely, and professionally. Every police officer should be required to watch it. Thank you for serving, and thank you for fighting the good fight for lawful gun ownership. I hope all criminal charges are dropped, and I hope you win your civil case.

  135. Your incident reminds me of what it was like growing up in Salem, Oregon. My brother and I were constantly being harassed by the police. They did not need a reason and did not need to be dispatched. I now live in a red state and have discovered that police officers are a cultural by-product of the communities they serve. The police here do their jobs, nothing more, nothing less. Meanwhile, my second-born son, who still lives in Salem, Oregon, was having lunch at a downtown mall when he was approached by two officers who suspected him of being a truant from high school (he was actually home-schooled and was having lunch at the food court with his mother’s permission). Rather than sorting out the situation, the officers became rough with my son, he pulled back, and they tased him— twice. Although he had done nothing wrong in the first place, the typically fascist tactics of the Salem Police Department resulted in my son going to jail and a judge finding against him merely to “put him in his place.” I know well what you mean about these types of police officers and everyone up their food chain trumping up a matter that they themselves provoked just to save face… My thoughts and prayers are with you, and God Bless You for serving our country to protect the rights some people neither understand nor appreciate.


  136. I apologize that I’ve only came upon your situation at this late stage. I will be following from here on to see the outcome.
    I agree completely with you and it’s encouraging to see another willing to stand for their rights.
    In all fairness, I’m sure the officer was doing what he THOUGHT was right, but there in lies the problem. We need more education in not only the public but our law enforcement as well.
    How disappointing it is in todays times that people have become afraid of an object they’ve chose to learn nothing about.
    I wish you the best and best wishes to your son on his merit badge.

  137. My homeland has turned into (Stasi USA) Tyrannical states of America

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