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AK vs. AR

Gun Rights  June 25 2013
 — By CJ Grisham
AK vs. AR

Most people don’t realize how accurate – if handled and used properly – the AK47 is. What makes the AK so dangerous is the muzzle velocity and size of the round using it. At just a 30% difference in accuracy, you get a rifle with the same rate of fire, at a nearly identical effective range, but for over half the price on average. And the weapon will seemingly last forever. That being said, I like my 30% greater accuracy and the AR is easier to customize.

When I was in Iraq, I was with 3/7 Cav and we tended to outrun our supply chain. There were times when 5.56 ammo was hard to come by. After one battle, I grabbed an AK from a guy I had killed since there was plenty of 7.62 ammo around. I quickly zeroed it and used it as a secondary weapon. It quickly became my primary weapon when I couldn’t get ammo for my AR. Throughout the six weeks of intense combat fighting my way up from Kuwait into Baghdad and then over to Fallujah, I shot more enemy troops with my AK and pistol that my AR (suppressing fire eats ammo!). That AK is now is a showcase on Fort Stewart.

I’ll have both, please.

TacticalGear.com created this great graphic that I wanted to share with my readers. It’s a great, inclusive analysis of the two most popular weapons in the world.

AK-47 vs. AR-15

(8) Readers Comments

  1. Dear Sir, to whom it may concern.
    The Defence force of Finland do not use AR-15 assault-rifle like your usagechart implicates. We use a greatly improved copy of AK-47 , called ” rynnakkokivaari” type 7.62 rk 62 , which is made in Finland in many versions.
    Kindly, Yours Esa Nykanen OULU, Finland

  2. I have both an Arsenal sgl21 a Colt m4 and m4a1.Ar more acurate and just as reliable as Ak if you know how to run it.Run the Ar wet with real lube not c l p and it will function flawlesly.Ak will run wet or dry but if something breaks good luck repairing it in the field.I prefer the Ar,mil spec parts are everywhere and interchangeable.Ar multiple caliber with upper change,so many mods for the Ar,Ak not so much.Get both,mod Ar keep Ak simple and enjoy each one for what they are.

    • I have the same type of rifles that you described the ar’s are more accurate but not by much.All three are very reliable but I’ve had three malfuntions from my arsenal and none from my ar’s.As to your comment everthing you said is correct.

  3. I just read the article and noticed the glaringly inaccurate claim about which rifle type (AK or AR) is used by the Finnish Defence Forces. The whole article now lacks credibility….

    • yes, because one flaw means that everything is wrong. What kind of fukin idiot are you. I n law school we call that a logical reasoning flaw and people like you are shot and their family is killed because how stupid your seed is

  4. Two rifles for two different types of shooters.
    Ak rifles are for the unconventionalist.
    While the AR seems to be the group thinker’s
    Top choice. It is highly customizable and innovative
    Rifle and due to our consumer culture it is endlessly improved
    And accessorizeable. It’s an “american rifle” in the best and worst
    sOf the word. I say worst because of its over exposure, and a definite
    Need for retailers to squeeze every drop of green blood from
    American’s wallets on the latest, greatest, gimmickery. Its no fault of thebrriflesle
    I find the fault in our perception of what a rifle does
    And what it needs to be. The ak is a super system in my own opinion
    A super system is a device that has reached a point that no significant improvements can be made to it. While the AR is not
    Far away from this it has allot of room to grow
    Simply because it’s a newer design that began
    Its evolution as a total lemon. But, if Darwin said anything I agree with
    It is that it isn’t the smartest or strongest species
    That survives, it is the most adaptable to change, and the AR system certainly is.

  5. E-6 Staff Sergeant Jose Jayden is this person real. He has not asked for money but still seems to good to be true

  6. Colt m4 with aimpoint pro Colt m4a1 with trijicon ta31 Arsenal sgl21 with ultimak and bushnell trs25.All three hit clays easily at 200 yds.The difference is the colts hit them 90% of the time the arsenal about 40%.All three are great and reliable weapons.

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