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Palin Open To Leaving GOP

Perspectives  June 29 2013
 — By CJ Grisham
Palin Open To Leaving GOP

I’m an independent and don’t belong to any political party. Because I’m a constitutional conservative, I more closely identify with the Republican and Libertarian parties. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat with a gun pointed at my head and electrodes attached to my manly parts.

Lately, I’ve been finding that I’m increasing finding myself further and further from identifying with the Republican party as well. I feel like I would need to hold my nose to pull the lever for almost everyone with an (R) after their name. I can count on one hand the Republicans that I identify with: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul (most of the time), Alan West (most of the time), and Sarah Palin.

Palin has signaled that she is receptive to starting a new party if the GOP continues to abandon its principles. Once-relied upon stalwarts of conservative ideals like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan have backpedaled on such issues as immigration and taxation. At a time when our nation is struggling with high unemployment, explosive debt, spiraling terrorism and a decline in American exceptionalism, one would think that giving more attention and money to people who aren’t even citizens would be low on the importance scale.

The American people do NOT want amnesty, no matter what it is called. When our government wants to legalize people already wrongly in this country, it’s nothing like immigration reform. It’s rewarding illegal activity. Immigration reform means securing the border, creating a demand- and selective-based entrance requirements, and kicking out people here illegally.

We hear about all the talk of how financially prohibitive it would be to just deport millions of illegals, but we ignore how economically prohibitive it would be to legalize millions of people that rely on government assistance for their survival.

The majority of the illegal aliens in this country are low wage, low skill laborers. Under our current tax system, these people would immediately take in billions of dollars in tax money and put nothing back into the system. Sure, there will be some that will contribute to the pot of public money, but nowhere near what is needed to balance out the scales.

Unfortunately, we have a spineless Republican party populating the halls of congress and they show it through their repetitive votes for things like the NDAA, Patriot Act, and other unconstitutional legislation.

That we are hearing people like Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and many others talking about abandoning the GOP should raise eyebrows throughout this country. While a split of the Republican party would give millions of Americans a home in a party that shares their beliefs, it would practically ensure that the Democrat party wins at least the next two election cycles. There wouldn’t be enough conservative independents like me to sway the political wind towards a Freedom Party sweep. Sure, we’d win some districts and get some candidates into office, but with whom would we caucus? And can we afford to have Democrats in control of our country for the next ten years?

Unfortunately, I think that’s the unfortunate price we’d have to pay to right this ship that is so far off course. We have to start somewhere. The Republicans are lost and we can’t change it from within. Again, there are people that sound good and vote right, but there aren’t enough of them. I personally can’t wait for the opportunity to jump onto the Freedom Party ship.

(4) Readers Comments

  1. The problem, C.J., is that the people you mention do NOT represent the vast majority of the Republican Party. They kidnapped our party because they could not get elected had they formed their own party or represented a party suitable to their right-wing (I dare say “extremist”) ideology. Republicans primarily are fiscally conservative, socially are spread (for/against abortion, for/against LGBT equality), know that an immigration “path to citizenship” that lasts 13 years is NOT amnesty, and we put America, and NOT our political ambitions, first.

  2. I agree with CJ. It is a very well thought out article. Yes we have put ourselves between a rock and a hard place and we’re all gonna have to pay the price but the Republican Party and its members are just not dealing with reality. The only way you can take over a party is if you can do it on the sly like the Socialists did to the Democratic Party . The Republicans will never allow the patriots to take over even if they are better for the country. They’d rather go down in flames and unfortunately take the country along with them. We must look for alternatives and starting another party may be the only way. I do like that Pain may be the one to create it. She has proven that her motives are patriotic over greed. That is what happened with the United We Stand Party…greed took over and the candidates they were running wanted to be elected for all the wrong reasons. People elect representatives to go to Washington. …they pay them big money and give them great benefits. Is it too much to ask that they ask their constituents which way they want them to vote? Both obamacare and the immigration bill has over 70% of the people against it yet they either already voted for it or are entertaining the idea of voting for it. I totally agree with CJ about the Immigration Bill. The problem with every bill we pass, the Democrats only enforce the portion of the bill that they like anyway. So why do we need to pass a new bill that they wont enforce….we already have one of those!

  3. I liked your article. U hits some points on the downfall of starting a new party. I am not sure if it will work. i think there is going to have to be an uprising of some sort and out of the uprising a new party is formed. More eyes need to be opened and awakened. People wont wake up unless something major happens in peoples lives.

    not sure who would be best to lead this new party. Palin? How about jesse Ventura? Ted Cruz? It needs to be someone who has been on this new awaken/eyes open path for a while. Don’t want the chance of flip-flop.

    It is going to be a painful time for all of us but it is needed.mdurong the depression era people still lived off the land and were self reliant. Today most Americans don’t know how to do this. It will be tough times but there will be a new beginning.

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